Transwoman Stefonknee Wolscht Lives Life “as a Six Year Old Girl”

November 29, 2015


This six-year-old girl has some issues.

Before coming out as her true authentic pediatric female self, Stefonknee (“Steph on knee”, geddit?) was a 53 year old man named Paul who was living his inauthentic life as the married father of seven children. According to him, he looked after the kids while his wife worked as the principal of an elementary school. He was also self-employed as an auto mechanic who worked on cars in a garage on the family property “mainly overnight” after his wife got home.

In 2009 he was charged with 14 criminal offenses of assault, uttering threats, criminal harassment, and criminal mischief. His wife and their two oldest children- then in their late teens- testified against him. He was found guilty of assault and uttering threats. The court also issued a two-year restraining order against him that applied to his wife and all seven of his children. He and his wife divorced.

He moved to Toronto on parole and became a “transgender activist”. He was employed, apparently at The 519 Community Center  as a “trans consultant” until, according to transactivist Justin Travis “Julienne” Goins  now Patience “patienceinbee” Newbury he was terminated:

“[–]patienceinbee 0 points 10 months ago

She has demonstrated herself as deeply narcissistic and self-absorbed, putting her own struggles as a white trans woman ahead of the struggles of trans women of colour in Ontario, of putting her own attempts at suicide in front of murdered black and brown trans women at TDoR gatherings.

This would otherwise seem like a quibbling over her character. When she was employed, however, as a trans consultant for a queer-focussed community centre and assigned to work alongside a few trans women of colour, she had a tendency to hijack client/community presentations and redirect these back toward herself (implying that she was the most oppressed trans person there was). Eventually, this cost Stefonknee her job.”

Paul/Stef became active in the Occupy Toronto encampment, then cashed in his resulting SJW bonafides to organize the first “alternate trans pride” march in Toronto, in protest of the high cost of beer at the main event, and the failure to of the planners to center attention on individuals named Stefonknee.

MPP Cheri DiNovo  thanked our little girl by name in testimony at the passage of Bill 33 which stripped Canadian women of legal sex status, and all rights therein, replacing protections for women (to be housed separately from males in prison, etc) with the rights of men like Stefonknee to wag their dick around the women’s locker room, women’s domestic violence shelter, or women’s prison. (I tweeted at MPP DiNovo inquiring whether she would be introducing a bill to protect Stefonknee’s rights to have his age identity protected in public accommodations such as children’s tables at Chuck E Cheese, access to height and weight restricted amusement rides, and incarceration in the juvenile justice system if convicted of another assault. MPP DiNovo had not yet responded for comment at the time of this post).


stefonknee dinovo twitter

Eschewing any transgender hormonal or surgical modification “treatment”, Paul utilized his newfound rights as a male under DiNovo’s Bill 33 and took a spot in a women’s homeless shelter on the basis of his gender feels, and began attending services at the MCC Church. There he spouted tales of his abject transgender transchild existence to kindly folks who put love into action (and who turned a blind eye to his simmering rage, manipulative lies and compulsive autogynephilia). “I have lost my children, have been disowned by family, church and friends, been homeless, I’ve lost all I worked forty-six years to achieve, I am unemployed for the first time in my life, I am now a convicted criminal, I suffer from PTSD and am constantly thinking of killing myself…”

Incredibly, his children attempted to stay in touch with him but he responded with horrific abuse. His eldest daughter tried to have him at her wedding, with the caveat that he tone down the lolicon/brolita gear and not make a scene:

“I don’t want a commotion started or anything. I really want the focus to stay on me and David. Would that be okay?” She texted.

He waited until the day of the event and then on his daughter’s Big Day staged a dwamatical “suicide attempt”.

After that ugliness, a group of folks from the MCC church started a “support group” for him. Not a group of folks who join together for support but a group whose goal was to support him, singular. Like a team: Team Stef-on-knee. Team Let’s Sit Around A Table Wasting An Hour Every Week Giving Attention To An Unrepentant Violent and Abusive Able-bodied White Male Porn Addict. Looks like that project hit the end of the road when one of Steffie’s younger (in biological, cis-chronological age) daughters took a chance and texted the Raging Abusive Pervert Psycho Dad on Father’s Day. Rather than graciously accept the gesture, Paul unloaded with all sorts of abuse.

Her last text: “Please text me if you want to, but I’m not ready for a call. Happy Father’s Day.”

His response: “I’m going to kill myself. Bye.”

Former Team Stefonknee, the nicest folks ever, recoiled in horror at his calm recitation of the messages off his phone. But “I literally was ready to slit my throat”, he relayed.

“Yeah. Well, keep it to yourself,” snapped church deacon and Former Team organizer as the rest of the participants averted their eyes, speechless.

If you want to get rid of those last few guests at the end of a party or if you want to see what a 3am Todd Haynes drug company infomercial for assisted suicide might look like you can watch this all play out in gory detail in the video ‘Paul Wears Dresses’ at the bottom of this link:!stefonknee-wolscht

[Or you can just be grateful that GenderTrender took the hit for you. Don’t forget the tip jar! 😉 ]

Apparently Stef on knee was arrested again this March for god knows what: stefonknee  

Enter FetLife, the final chapter, and the total immersive realization of Paul/Stef’s truly superauthentic True Self as a trans-pedo transgender identified “six year old girl” sexually partnered to a similarly sketchy kinkster pair of polyamorous nudist inhabitants of Unsexy Erotic Lifestyles in Peterborough Ontario.

Fire up the cameras because this is one lady- I mean girl! – (and by that I mean middle-aged deadbeat father of seven) who really wants the world to know how Brave! And Heroic! It is for men to embrace and devote their whole life to their sexualized embodiment of what they see women and girls as.

“I felt like a woman!” reports Stefonknee of his “adopted dad’s” penis inserted man-on-man into his “six year old girl” rectum at the Oasis swingers club. “I was surprised I didn’t think I was going to be pregnant, I was so much a girl. I actually have an erection right now from it so I’m just going to pull my dress down a little bit,” he told the journalists who were covering his journey to girlhood.


stefonknee instagram

Stefonknee fighting for girlhood on instagram

477 Responses to “Transwoman Stefonknee Wolscht Lives Life “as a Six Year Old Girl””

  1. Meester Sneeky Says:

    Best midlife crisis evar!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Livin’ the Dream!

      • me Says:

        I feel sorry for these pathetic, obviously mentally ill people. It is a shame that society approves of such perversion. When society rejects God, society rejects the reality which God created.
        This will cause so much suffering for his real children.

    • MsD Says:

      Wow, just found this site. I’m married to a fetish crossdresser and I’m sure the guy in this post is not dissimilar – he’s just the extreme version. Men are always seeking the extreme so it never surprises me when they decide to transition.

      Anyway, I’m angry for his family as they must be utterly heartbroken, but part of me is also angry that human life is so rigid for men and so confusing (I’m raising a young son so I see this firsthand) that this type of mental illness even exists. Modern life is causing these gender conditions, of this I’m certain. These guys, and yes they’re guys despite what they say, are overly defensive in their arguments because they receive none of the social compassion for men’s issues as do women’s. They really don’t. (Compare anorexia to crossdressing if you need an example) They’re swinging lost in the wind here, and all we do is give them an extra shove. We almost gleefully push them over the edge.

      And don’t get me wrong here, my husbands proclivities make me gag. But I’ve also taken the time to understand where they come from (absent father, domineering mother) and many years of experience later and my realization at how hard it is for male humans to feel whole and happy has also made me infinitely sad at how we women deal with all this. Where has our compassion gone? Do we really hate men so much we can’t try and understand their conditions? They’ve done this for us, haven’t they? This is a male condition that they obviously don’t understand or see clearly because they’re too close to it, but with our help they might. But instead of helping, we hate them.

      I don’t hate this man. I want this man’s condition to have never existed. I want this man to live the life he wants without hurting others. Until these male conditions are cured, that means removing the social stigma so men like this never get married in the first place.

      Hate doesn’t make this happen.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Ridiculous. You sound like a battered wife who thinks he will stop if she just loves him more.
        Women can’t stop men from raping and killing us in epidemic numbers- what makes you think we can stop them from perving? Also LOL with the domineering mother. Do you hate women? It really sounds like you do. Where is your compassion for women? Hating women won’t “cure” men of hating women.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        But they’ve “done so much for us”, Gallus! Where’s your compassion, ya big ol’ ungrateful meanie?!

      • LC Says:

        Men taking advantage of women and ignoring women’s concerns is not fixed by love. When I was harassed by men on the street, or whined at repeatedly to just give in and try having sex with a man I knew, loving him did not make him stop. When men accused me of making up my claims of being threatened by transactivists, loving them more did not change their minds. If you’ve really been so abused and degraded by the men in your life that you believe this, I pity you, but your words are still incredibly offensive to women who know better.

        Your husband’s interests make you gag? That’s a horrible thing to say about someone you supposedly love. Why are you ignoring your perfectly reasonable instincts about what he does to insist that everything’s fine? That’s not love, that’s self-destructive enabling. Your husband needs real help, and so do you.

        Also- Anorexia vs crossdressing? Anorexia LEADS TO DEATH. Crossdressing leads to other people gagging about it. Get your head out of your husband’s ass and learn some sense and compassion for what’s actually important.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        “They’re swinging lost in the wind here, and all we do is give them an extra shove. We almost gleefully push them over the edge.”

        “We”?! They do this to themselves. Get that straight! These men clearly don’t take their marching orders from women. Not everything is the fault of real women, believe it or not.

        “Hate”?! That too, is theirs. Male-to-trans frequently tell normal women to “die in a fire” or worse, and they use intensely misogynistic language.

        You need help. You allowed yourself to be used and abused by a misogynist, who according to you, entered a sham marriage to achieve financial independence to pursue this insanity with. Then you blame women?! Seriously?!

      • morningsdaughter Says:

        I feel like people are responding to you unfairly. I agree with you, I think. Men today are told to never show emotion, not even kindness or joy. If anything happens to a man it’s his fault; if the same thing happens to a woman then she’s a complete victim.

        A better example, in my opinion is rape. If a woman is raped then every one will agree that she is a true victim, even if they believe there is something she could to to prevent it(ie, not hanging around sketchy areas of town alone, leaving an abusive person, etc…) But if a man is raped then he is mocked. He told to suck it up. Often times he is told that he should have enjoyed it and that he should be glad about it. We know to take care of women who have been attacked, why can’t we also take care of men.

        But we do this with more than just rape. If a woman loses someone close to her, she’s allowed all the time she needs to grieve and cry. Men are not afforded the same privileged. They are told to “be a man” and to “be strong.”

        When a woman goes through a break up, she’s allowed to cry and be upset for a time. If she chooses to stay single for a time, then that’s understandable. But for a man, they’re expected to get back out there. Many are encouraged to go find a new woman to sleep with ASAP.

        Young men are made to feel ashamed if they haven’t had sex by a certain age. They’re told off if they don’t masturbate or look at porn.

        No wonder some men become such pervs, society practically encourages it.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Irony Award Winner of the Week ^^^

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Oh, thank you, GM! I did not realize that this post was ironic / jesting.

      • GallusMag Says:

        The poster’s irony is unintentional I’m sure.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        I do not agree with this post at all. It is pretty much the polar opposite of what my life experience tells me.

      • S N Says:

        Men have been cross dressing atvleastvsince biblical times and I suspect as long as gender specific clothing existed. It has nothing to do with modern times.

  2. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  3. stchauvinism Says:

    This is how one becomes a dreaded “TERF”, by actually reading and listening to stories that trans advocates are putting out there to educate us muggles about the magic that is transgenderism.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Yup, this shit right here is what led me to this site. Thanks, Stef-on-knee!

      It sickened me how, in the video, he goes on and on about his “new life” and “fresh start”, never thinking about the SEVEN children he left his wife to raise and pay for. All the tranny shit aside, this guy deserves to rot in hell for what he’s done to his wife and kids. I can’t imagine the psychological abuse this narcissistic shitstain inflicted upon his family, even waaaay before he found his true autogynephile self.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Ashland Avenue: I’ve generally found that when someone talks of having gotten a “fresh start,”‘ they tend to mean they’ve dumped their responsibilities on other people.

      • Oh my did I miss something while I was sleeping with Hava and Pooh bear? Big people are silly.

      • Meg Says:

        “Big people are silly.”

        You weren’t saying that when you tried to send your brute squad to doxx us all here. You sounded very much like the pissed off 52 year old MRA you really are.

        Oh and did you MISS anything? Surely not the woman you abused and made seven kids with, or the seven kids you tried terrorizing into submission with your threats of suicide. You can’t miss anyone you never actually cared for. Hava and Pooh Bear will find that out soon enough when you dump them and create a new persona complete with a new supportive family of people dumb enough to support you.

  4. Kathleen Says:

    This is utterly horrifying. I’m a trans woman (and a mother), and even before I got to the part at the end describing the explicitly sexual age play, I was very upset. The fact that this person is “playing”/coloring/whatever with actual children (who are being encouraged to play along with any of this!) is so saddening to me. 😦

    • cerulean blue Says:

      Nope, just like steph on knee, you are a father, not a mother. If your genetics say “sperm producer,” you are a father by definition. Stop colonizing motherhood and womanhood.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      Posts like these are always my favourite on here: “I’m a guy who calls my hairy man-ass a woman but I’m nooot liiiiike thoooose wierdos. Heavens!!!”

      None of you are women.

    • stop the madness Says:

      You’re no mother. I would hesitate to call you a father either, and rest assured your poor child(ren) feel the same.

    • Biscuit Says:

      No. You are not a mother and that is a horrible insult to the actual mother of your children.

    • kesher Says:

      If you’re that concerned, you will pressure trans advocacy organizations to stop demanding that “trans women” gain the protected class of “women”. You can’t keep pedophilic freaks out of your community, that much is clear. But what can be done is keep these pedophilic freaks out of womanhood, out of women’s restrooms/locker rooms/shelters/prisons.

      That would require you to make sacrifices for the greater good, so I won’t hold my breath. You are a man after all.

    • Bea Says:

      Stop erasing women. You’re male. You sire children, you’re not a mother.

    • I think people were overly harsh to you but I think they’re just fed up and I can understand why. However, one of the things I loathe about the unhinged trans folk online is the vitriol. It’s not helpful from anyone to anyone.

      The fact that this sicko sickens you is a positive.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Age play, needle play, suffocation play. Seems like every dark and unhealthy sexual hobby gets classified by its enthusiasts as “play.”

    • Mo Says:

      Why is it horrifying? You are doing the same thing. You’re a male pretending to be a female.

  5. juuu Says:

    “I was surprised I didn’t think I was going to be pregnant, I was so much a girl. ”

    Can someone explain to me what he means?

    • dejavublonde Says:

      it means that despite fathering 7 children he’s confused about the specifics of not being able to get pregnant by a dick up his ass just because he feels like a woman. o, excuse me, I think rather he’s confused that six year old girls aren’t biologically capable of getting pregnant even though they’re really grown ass men. I don’t know, I just know this guy brings out my rage (presented as sarcasm online – you should hear the vile crap I say as I’m typing) like few others have. Pure, unadulterated rage.

      • stchauvinism Says:

        He thinks being fucked, penetrated, is what women are for and he gets off imagining himself “being a woman” and getting fucked as that is what women are for in his porn sick, homophobic little mind. Admitting he’s a man who likes to get ass fucked while dressed as a pedo clown ruins the fantasy for him and is an insult to his ego.

      • sophie jameson Says:

        “Admitting he’s a man who likes to get ass fucked while dressed as a pedo clown ruins the fantasy for him and is an insult to his ego” Spot on, stchauvinism. This guy seems extremely disturbed.

        I find the fact that he’s role playing with actual children very worrying indeed. Isn’t this the sort of thing that child protection services need to know about?

    • born free & female Says:

      He thinks that being penetrated makes him a girl, so he’s surprised that he couldn’t imagine himself getting pregnant – because that’s how he thinks girls think; he expected that being penetrated would make him experience life like a girl

  6. sellmaeth Says:

    “I was surprised I didn’t think I was going to be pregnant” … most women don’t think they are going to be pregnant from a penis in their rectum. All women with an understanding of basic biology, that is.

    Though I suppose some six year olds really don’t know.

    But … if his real identity is that of a six year old child … shouldn’t that man who had sex with him be persecuted for child abuse?
    If men who say they are women are women and therefore get access to all legal protections women get, then why are trans-children not protected from sexual abuse? Isn’t this transphobia?

  7. Nienna Says:

    Someone who’s lost the plot completely, surrounded by all the endlessly loyal and devoted supporters that most men with a repertoire of sob stories get.

  8. Smits Says:

    Now seeking donations towards founding a female-only colony on Mars, because I am officially done with this planet.

  9. Nienna Says:

    If Stefonknee was a trans man, would he be running around behaving horrendously to everyone while getting tons of support from romantic significant others and busloads of other people? I suspect not. Sounds very ordinary heterosexual man to me.

  10. gaydude50 Says:

    Someone needs to start the Transgender Onion.

    It’s hard to pick out my favorite part but I think it might be that Stef was so over the top that the other tranny activists kicked him out for acting like the most oppressed trans person evah!!

    The gross paedo stuff was just that, gross. But this quote was creepy on so many levels it is hard to dissect: “I was surprised I didn’t think I was going to be pregnant, I was so much a girl. I actually have an erection right now from it so I’m just going to pull my dress down a little bit”

    I was so much a girl…I have an erection right now from thinking about it. I know all you women reading along can relate, right?

    • Willow Says:

      The Onion operates on a basis that it can provide stories that are more ridiculous than real life…I don’t think it can compete with all of the crap the trans brigade spews on a daily basis

    • stchauvinism Says:

      All the news in the Transgender Onion would be true. You can’t satirize the belligerently absurd.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      Re: that opaque bit “I was surprised[,] I didn’t think I was going to be pregnant, I was so much a girl. I actually have an erection right now from it…” –

      I think it makes more sense if a comma is inserted, bc then it’d create 3 similar masturbatory declarations around a fantasy scenario in which an inexperienced and naive 6yo girl is penetrated and impregnated.

      That is, his AGP erection-inducing fantasy seems to revolve around being “so much a girl” in terms of inexperience and naivete, and he seems to dwell on that one reality-stretching pregnancy detail in order to get himself off.

      From the case histories in Lawrence’s “Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies”, AGPs can have the oddest, most specific fetishistic associations with women (e.g. snapping gum in a certain way).

      This particular fantasy is extremely disturbing to discuss, but I think that’s what’s happening.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Your comma changes his intended meaning: “I was surprised [that] I didn’t think…”

      • gaydude50 Says:

        I agree with Gallus. I think what he meant was that he was so caught up in with the lady feels that he is surprised that he didn’t wonder about getting pregnant. That’s how much of a girl he became.

        I’m probably not explaining it well, but I don’t think it was as much about the pedo fantasy as about him being a fully actualized girl.

      • GallusMag Says:


      • ephemeroptera Says:

        OK, that grammar and content interpretation makes sense.

        I listened to that audio cast twice and that particular bit a few times. His voice gets so rushed and breathy it’s hard to tell if he pauses there or not. :/

        He seems to try to behave like a teenager sometimes (like with certain play with the wife of the kink couple).

        Could he maybe have been in early teen persona when he got penetrated, then?

      • gchild Says:

        “… then it’d create 3 similar masturbatory declarations…”

        I like the term “masturbatory declarations”. And, I think the statement “I am a woman” by every Autogynophilic male is both a masterbatory and PREDATORY declaration.

        That’s why their #1 demand is to be let into spaces were vagina is plentiful. Not just plentiful, but exposed (and the absence of other “males” makes it all the better). No never means “no” to males when pussy is in close proximity. No means try in a different way…like saying “I am a woman”.

        As for Stefonknee…This man is an absolute pervert. He wants to be fucked as a six year girl, which means he wants to fuck one. Even his name tells us this. He’s like an old man who sits little girls (STEF) ON his KNEE and fondles them.

    • Jim Smith Says:

      They are their own Onion.You can’t make this stuff up.

  11. This one brought up some bad memories. My father wasn’t trans but he would try to pull the suicide card whenever he wanted to shut down an argument. The truth is people like that are too narcissistic to ever harm themselves. Transgenderism for these men is just a new way of making people dance to their sociopathic whims.

    I had a genuine girlhood in the 80’s and it certainly didn’t resemble this farce. People have to stop pandering to every whim of a dude that decides to put on a frock. It’s ludicrous how much bad behaviour is overlooked the second the second they identify as a laydee.

    I certainly can’t fathom why any parent would let that man into their home around their children.

    • kesher Says:

      Some parents explicitly pimp out their children to adult perverts. Even when explicit trafficking isn’t going on, sometimes parents will look the other way while the family’s financial patron rapes the kids — with serious consequences for the children if they ruin the setup by reporting to authority figures.

      Despite this guy’s claims of unemployment and poverty, I wonder if there’s a financial angle.

  12. Janetwo Says:

    We will need to challenge all these new horrific provincial tranny laws in the supreme court of Canada and get them repelled as unconstitutional. I just cant believe they just can go and change the definition of woman as they please. Not enough people realize that these dudes are far from harmless.

  13. Artemis Jade Says:

    I watched the “Paul Wears Dresses’ and listened to the soundcloud about his current life. It’s terrible how his young children are vilified as bigots for their discomfort. Also his claim that his wife knew about and supported his cross-dressing since high school but then inexplicably cooled to it 20 years later doesn’t add up. His supporters—especially the ‘journalists’—are absurd in their need to keep a straight face and act like they are so progressive and cool with all this even as the story gets more and more unsavory.

  14. lovetruthcourage Says:

    So typical of male-to-transgenders— a sick, sex offender, pedophile, deadbeat dad who revolves his life around anal sex and dramatic, faux “suicide” attempts on the day of his daughter’s wedding. Charming.

  15. Kitty Barber Says:

    Just when you thought you’d seen how low they’ll go…some dude goes lower still. And gets a support group for it. I think I’ll go kill myself.

  16. Janetwo Says:

    The end of the video where he talks about playing with little girls is making me sick to my stomach. Just thinking of all the children sexually abused, of this perv history with his own children. It takes only minutes without supervision for a defenceless child to be sexually abused and they are usually by people whom they trust. This cant be for real: celebrating the grooming of chidlren to make them more vulnerable to these sick bastards. When do people will get that these dudes are not harmless? And his own family is vilified for throwing that sick fuck out of their life. Its hard to see the party I supported for years, the NDP’ supporting this kind of insanity.

  17. Freyja Says:

    Vile, vile, vile. Have “progressives” completely given up their willingness to think critically? They are NOT heroes of open-mindedness. They are cowards. And they don’t give a fig for the humanity and safety of women and girls.

  18. Lissa Says:

    Jesus fucking Christ, this is a really rough read. This narcissistic infantilism with a sex fantasy thrown in wouldn’t become anyone. Even if they identified as a 6yo boy, this shit would still be fucky. I bet the only reason they were even included in the trans project was their own narcissistic attention-whoring pressure tactics to be included. Because, you can be sure, the overwhelming majority of trans people want nothing to do with this…. person.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Hmm. But you’re a 6 foot 6 inch man who considers himself a “girl”, right?

      Where do you see a distinction.

      • stop the madness Says:

        It tickles me when trans come round with their #notalltrannies crap. Hey guess what? You’re all deeply disturbed, whether or not you’ve added age “play” to your list of paraphilia. Fuck off.

      • Lissa Says:

        Lol wow, someone does her research..!

        I’m in my 20s, and if I wasn’t trans, I would call myself a 25*-year old boy. I generally call my peers “boys and girls” (as I said in the post you linked) and only once have I found someone my age who said, “can you call me a man, instead of a boy?”, and of course, I respected that.

        The distinction is in all of this, I’m not denying my age, or the age of my peers. While I believe there’s a distinction between sex and gender (and that my body is almost entirely male-sexed), I don’t think there’s any such thing as “age identity”, or whatever thing this person’s dealing with besides being trans. Then, beyond even the age stuff, there’s just the things you shared about their personality. Seems like a really unsavory person. I’d like to think the only thing I have in common with this person is being trans.

        *not exact age, because internet, lol

      • dejavublonde Says:

        O my, you, like all trans, think you are one of the cute, exception to the rules ones. Guess what? None of you are.

      • anomie Says:

        Lissa, I don’t know if you’re here in good faith, but…

        calling adult women “girls” is not the same as calling adult men “boys”, due to a patriarchal culture that sexualises girls and infantilises women. Here’s one article which talks about this culture—I’m sure there are many more

        Read it, then tell me honestly if you still think referring to women as girls is a totally normal, value-neutral thing to do.

      • Lissa Says:

        @dejavublonde: I don’t think I’m an exception. Certainly an individual, like everyone, but I *think* I’m a fairly average trans person. I feel like this “Steph” person is an exception, though. Like, that’s some out-there stuff, you know? I don’t really know any trans people besides myself, but I’m thinking most of them aren’t like that! If they are, I don’t think I’ll find many friends in the trans community.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Lissa you’re not even “out” as trans. You don’t know a single trans person. You are a porn-sick misogynist gender conforming heterosexual white male fantasist. You should really just shut up now I think. Do you even listen to yourself? Dear lord.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        do do you think you have to use the ladies room?

      • gaydude50 Says:

        The reddit link is awesome.

        Trans 1: Oh, this person is an outlier, of course the Terfs would jump all over this.
        Trans 2: But I AM a GIRL!!!! I’m sure if he could put hearts over the i’s he would.
        Trans 3: What’s wrong with age play
        Trans 2: I AM A GIRL!!!! (more hearts)

        Yes, Lissa, just an outlier….

      • Oceans Says:

        OMG, those comments in that reddit link. LOL. The male entitlement just oozes off the page. They completely don’t get it, do they? The narcissism, the utter disdain for actual women. Ugh.

  19. Bob Doublin Says:

    Thanks for explaining the name. OMG. Steph on knee.Never saw that one coming. Heavens, I just spent 2 seconds regretting not getting it. Billion times more than I originally intended. Sigh smh

  20. Em Says:

    Just when you think it can’t get worse …

  21. stop the madness Says:




    This story needs to be flooded EVERYWHERE. I guarantee it will bring all but the very most hopeless, brainwashed funfem sheep to peak trans faster than you can say “pig in a wig.”

    Hoooooly fuck. What an absolute piece of shit, literally garbage in human form. And so-called “lgbt” sites are trying to paint this creep as sympathetic and bash his poor family, to them I say, fuck lgbt. Drop the T ain’t over!

    • anomie Says:

      I don’t know. I thought the Salon articles defending paedophilia would be peak libfem for a lot of them, but they seemed to just eat those up. So autopaedophilia—and overt grooming, from what it looks like—isn’t that far of a step.

      I am so worried about any actual, “cis-chronological” kids this person gets close to. I wish there was some legal way to keep him away from them instead of having to wait until he actually harms a child. 😦

      • friend Says:

        can you link to one of those salon articles defending paedophilia?

      • Just a Melissa Says:

        Here are a couple of Salon articles encouraging us to sympathize with pedophiles. An earlier one from 2012 . . .

        . . . and a more recent one, September of 2015.

        There are others. Those are just the first two which popped up from a simple Google search.

        If it really stayed at “don’t hate me for my thoughts alone” then I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but I know from experience that sympathizing with these guys’ struggle is not going to end up anywhere good. It only took the trans crowd about 5-10 years to go from “My life is hard” to “You have to have sex with me or else you’re a bigot.” These guys won’t lag too far behind.

      • sophie jameson Says:

        Where I live, in the UK, something *would* be done about this man’s behaviour with children. It would trigger Child Protection proceedings. Can the same not be done in Canada?

  22. ‘I’m going to kill myself now. Bye.’ What a fucking terrible thing to say to his own daughter, especially since he was insinuating that she was the reason he was intending to off himself! And ‘attempting suicide’ (yeah right! Like he was actually intending to succeed. Pfft!) on his daughter’s wedding day??!! Ruining her big day was exactly what he wanted, so I hope she didn’t find out until after her honeymoon. What a selfish, petulant brat he is! Typical male.

    And the whole ‘ass sex = womanhood’ thing… jesus fucking christ. When will everyone wake up and see these fetishists for what they really are? And when will libfem women realize how these fetishists really view us? We’re not humans to them. Our existence is just a thing they can buy into and warp to suit their perverted desires – or at least their shallow, sick, porn-instructed version of what they think we are.

  23. Willow Says:

    This entire video freaked me out. On top of all of it, the nonsense said throughout-where he says that he engages in “play” therapy with his adopted parents’ little daughter…Absolutely not. As someone who has professionally supervised play therapy, what he’s doing with that child is not play therapy. Real play therapy is for kids, to allow kids to actually be kids and express their emotions naturally. It’s not meant for screwed up adults to have unsupervised access to little kids. It can be for adults, but is done with OTHER ADULTS. I feel so bad for his ex wife. No wonder she left, if her husband was dressing up in child-like clothing and insisting that “she” be allowed to play with little girls. All of this nonsense, along with the abuse that he inflicted on his family (as shown by his arrest record) is disgusting.

  24. Double X Marks The Spot Says:

    I am actually facebook friends with MPP Cheri Dinovo as she is my member of provincial parliament. She does not respond well to opposition or logical thought, even after the passing of Toby’s Law (Bill 33) resulted in allowing a transwoman Christopher “Jessica” Hambrook to get into two woman’s shelter and sexually assault two women, including a deaf woman from Quebec. I wrote posts on her wall opposing her later bill, the one banning “conversion therapy,” and she wouldn’t respond to me either.

    But she continues to say, “Transwomen are the most oppressed people in Canada.” Really, Cheri? More oppressed than native women, who in recently-released statistics were revealed to be seven times more likely than non-native women to be murdered by serial killers? More oppressed than that homeless deaf woman from Quebec who was raped by Chris Hambrook as a direct result of Bill 33?

    But I didn’t know about Cheri’s connection with this sick fuck. Jeebus.

    • radfemunite Says:

      It’s very disappointing how Cheri Dinovo consistently sides with men’s rights at women’s expense.

    • morag99 Says:

      “It’s very disappointing how Cheri Dinovo consistently sides with men’s rights at women’s expense.”

      Yes. Looks like she has a soft spot for convicted killers, too, as long as they are — well, you know …


      Cheri DiNovo

      Living nightmare for transgender inmate at all-male prison via @torontostar Trans rights Cda now! #onpoli#parkhp
      2:14 AM – 14 Dec 2015

      The poor man she’s referring to is Larry Donald King who in 1986 strangled a woman with a towel and then shot her twice in the back of her head. Or, as the Toronto Star puts it: “She has been in prison since 1987 serving a life sentence for second-degree murder after a house robbery she took part in led to the death of the female homeowner.”

      Now, 30 years later, and Larry’s become a lady called Laura Bilyk. So, naturally, when prison staff refer to him as a man, he says: “It makes me want to cry and scream.”

      Not to worry, though: I’m sure Cheri DiNovo will work tirelessly to get him, and other criminals and woman-killers, locked up with real women.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “…a house robbery she took part in led to the death of the female homeowner.”
        So a house murdered a woman. Or was it a robbery that murdered a woman. HOLY SHIT. DISGUSTING FRAMING.

      • morag99 Says:

        It is disgusting, the entire passive construction. And the revision of a horrible crime into a misty event of no importance, complete with retroactive pronouns.

        The robbery was just “there” I guess, a thing “she” bumped into and “took part in” and the next thing you know, this accident of fate “led to” a woman being dead from strangulation and gunshot wounds to her head. No human agents were involved — like you said, it was the house robbery itself that produced a murder victim.

        These people are not journalists or reporters. They deliberately obfuscate and they tell bald-faced lies. Cowards and liars. They degrade or erase victims to put sociopathic men in a sympathetic light. Unforgivable.

      • kesher Says:

        I can’t think of a better example of how MTTs are teflon.

        Add this to the endless list of reasons why they shouldn’t be included in our spaces: No matter what they do, they will always be painted as the real victims. An MTT pervs on or assaults a woman in *her* space? She will receive no justice whatsoever, and he’ll continue to get his freak on at our expense.

        Trans is a male supremacist movement.

  25. anon A. Says:

    I would like to leave these two links here, I find them even worse than this article, since in it trans women are harming traumatized women in large scale in a therapy group for victims of childhood abuse… And the group is a national reference in Canada.

    And here, part 2, where women getting angry and trying to heal from their abuse are viewed as ‘really just man’:

    • dejavublonde Says:

      I believe we have seen that here before and it’s just as gut wrenching a read seeing it again. Thank you for reminding about this, after seeing Paul it really is more tragically disturbing. An excellent flip side of the coin to read after Paul’s sick shit.

    • Janetwo Says:

      I remember reading part 1 which was heartbreaking. I never saw the second part before. So thanks for posting. If nothing else, this emhasizes even more the needs for women spaces only far away from the Ts. Group therapy for women survivors of childhood abuse is the last place to do social experiments.

  26. Siobhan Says:

    He is playing “little sister” fantasies with the granddaughter of his “adopted parents.”. Do the parents of this minor female child know that their child is being prostituted out to this pedophile to satisfy his kinky fantasies?

    • Meg Says:

      One more thing:


      It can’t get any clearer that these men believe being female means being submissive.

      It’s blatantly sexist and mainstream progressives don’t seem to notice or could care less.

    • Meg Says:

      I wanted to post that as stand alone, not under your comment. Sorry about that.

      I agree though that throwing their granddaughter to this guy is up on par with trafficking kids for sick men.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      And it sounds like he’s projecting when he relates that “conversation”.

      I highly doubt that his playmate set up a conversation where he got to negotiate his age down to six.

      What a sicko, to conscript children into his sexual fantasies.

  27. storyending Says:

    I smell a future lawsuit wherein children’s clothing companies get sued for not making 6-year-old-girl clothes in appropriate sizes for ALL girls.

  28. Meg Says:

    Welp, for once I am virtually speechless. I have only seen this kind of thing one other time, on that show “my strange addiction” where a grown man believes himself to be a female toddler. The gross factor is repulsive and through the roof. There is no end to these men’s bizarre fantasies and identity disturbances, is there?

    One of the most disgusting parts of this whole mess are that there’s people who are enabling his depraved fantasies and normalizing them. The man is pathological and grown people have chosen to coddle his warped viewpoint rather than support mental health or the rights of women and girls.

    Transpolitics, especially this situation, absolutely reeks of extreme male privilege. This dude can get married, create seven kids, abuse them all and suddenly become a special snowflake star by reinventing himself? Bullshit. No, I don’t buy it that he was “always trans.” He is not the first man to get dissatisfied with life and get a makeover to escape his responsibilities and obligations, and he won’t be the last. He’s like so many other abusive manipulators that dumped his family once they could no longer give him his narcissistic supply. His “new family” will be treated the same way once they have nothing left to give him.

    • dejavublonde Says:

      that episode- if it’s the same one I am thinking of, what they didn’t show is that the adult baby featured is trans also

  29. Larichus Says:

    So, when’s the guest appearance on Bruce Jenner’s show … ?

  30. Rosemary Says:

    To any Genderists reading this who believe that saying you’re a woman makes it so: this is not a hypothetical, this is not a straw man. “Stefonknee” is a real human being, who calls himself a girl, and has actually interjected himself into community activism. While he might be an extreme case, he is far from the only “trans woman” who is clearly a mentally ill fetishist. Do women and girls have any rights at all to protect ourselves from men like him?

  31. atranswidow Says:

    Even if the video by itself wasn’t bad enough to make a sane person want to vomit your excellent reporting Gallus shows how these ”oppressed of the oppressed” are fawned after and their every word believed, just because they manage to hide their fetish under the all protecting ”trans umbrella”.

    He ends his interview for the Toronto Media Co-op with ”And… if you see my kids hug them and tell them I love them.” These men don’t care who they use; their own kids, their church community, naive interviewers and local politicians. Then, most disturbingly of all, when he’s got everyone crying tears for how badly he’s been treated by his family, lost his job……blah,blah……attempted suicide…..blah, blah……, he gets to feature in a television video featuring him talking about ”role-play” with 8 year olds!!!

    FFS get real people. I would like every person who was present and laughed when Bruce Jenner thought it was appropriate to joke about getting caught with his 10 year old daughter’s clothing to watch this video. This is autogynephilia peeps (albeit with an added twist) and no laughing matter; especially not for those who have the misfortune to have had their own lives trashed by these men.

  32. linda Says:

    What. What what what.
    That radio piece is about the sickest thing I’ve ever heard. Mommy and Daddy are even sicker than Stephonee if that’s possible. I can’t get over that journalist listening to that stuff about the first date, and giggleing about this guy’s graphic description of having anal sex with his ‘daddy’ while pretending he’s a little girl, and then the journo thinks it’s ok to publish on the internet. I want to fucking throw up, and I’m 100% atheist but I now think I might want to join the Carmelites or something.

    • prozac Says:

      The description of the first time sex at the club was disgusting but I did laugh at the part where the older man had to tell him he was already in. In what world don’t you know there is a dick in your ass??? Oh, right, in this man’s sick fantasy world. I took his pregnancy comment to mean in his fantasy world, he thought he was too young to get pregnant/think about babies (EWEWWW!) but he did because he probably has a fantasy about being forcefully impregnated because of course, that’s every woman’s dream. I feel so badly for his seven children. There was obviously a million reasons why they didn’t want any contact that wasn’t texting.

    • Desertplaces Says:

      I hit peak trans a while ago, so that radio piece just seems like absurdist comedy to me. Two young, ostensibly well-intentioned aspiring journalists take a road trip to small-town Ontario to make an earnest “This American Life”-style segment, complete with a half-decent Ira Glass impersonation, about a middle-aged father of seven who abandoned his family to pursue an extreme sexual fetish? Hilarious. Trying to put a bow on the whole thing by claiming this is living life with “a grace that is totally unparalleled”? High comedy.

      If there’s any value in that radio piece, it clearly exposes the motivations of these AGP men: forcing their sexual fantasies on unwilling participants. It aroused him to tell two actual, real women that getting fucked in a seedy motel room by a married man made him “so much a girl,” and, the cherry on the fucking sundae, it aroused him even more to explicitly inform them just how much he was getting off on telling them about it. It’s not often so explicit, but the same thing is happening when we’re asked to indulge and validate a straight man’s insulting and degrading pantomime of women: any person who witnesses the performance is an essential part of his sexual fantasy, whether or not we give our consent to be involved.

      • Oceans Says:

        That’s the heart of fetishes, though, isn’t it? Making other people approve of your boundary violations.

        So disgusting.

      • Janetwo Says:

        “any person who witnesses the performance is an essential part of his sexual fantasy, whether or not we give our consent to be involved.“ Very astute observation! This is exactly what this is. Its exhibitionism on a grand scale involving non concensual partners. The S&M community used to be very discrete and underground and had some rules. These people just want to force feed it to everybody.

  33. Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

    “I literally was ready to slit my throat.” Well, why didn’t you, you POS? How can we miss you if you won’t go away? Holy mother of molluscs, that just takes the heavily-frosted cake, doesn’t it?

  34. ephemeroptera Says:

    Sorry to post so much but I’m trying my best to parse Stefonknee’s sexuality from the scattered details.

    Could he be an autopedophile (vs autogynephile; GM said “autopedogynephilia” above)?

    Lawrence’s free lit review pp. 24-25 describes AGP as a target location error where men want to resemble their sex object, and even mentions a couple cases of autopedophilia:

    Though occasionally attempting a teenager, Stefonknee primarily tries to dress and behave like a 6yo girl.

    That said, one possible gap is attempted sex w minors (has he molested any? did he ever ask his wife to roleplay a young girl?).

    It’s simply astounding how little scrutiny men get as soon as they’re “trans”.

    • MAU Says:

      Thank you for the interesting link. While reading the text there were two things i think i disagree with or maybe didn’t understand correctly.

      You already said Lawrence describes AGP as a target location error.
      The word Error to me implies a mistake, something being unintentional.
      When we take Wolscht as an example, he seems to have a desperate need for attention. He wants to be desired (by himself a/o others?). So to become desirable he turns himself into whatever he finds most desirable according to his paraphilia. In this case a young girl. Pretending or identifying as a girl doesn’t look like an error to me and more like an action that fulfills a specific function.

      The second thing i disagree with is on page 30 where he said MTT love women and therefor want to become women. The first thing i thought was how in pop culture men write about how they love women as a category and women write about a specific person they love. The question for me is, can you love a category and what exactly would that mean?
      To me it doesn’t seem like Wolscht loves girls (as evident in the relationship he has with his daughters) but he desires the idea of what he thinks a girl is. And he wants/needs to be desired like that. He might romanticize and idealize it and probably finds comfort in that. Lawrence uses those words as the reason why he calls it love. Personally i would call it the exact opposite of love since it needs to obscure reality and is dehumanizing.

      I agree with you ephemerotera, men get very little scrutiny. Even when someone says the Ladybrain stuff is ridicules they still try to make these MTT look „harmless“ by calling it a error made out of love.

      When it comes to the age thing it seems to me that it is mainly functional for Wolscht. It frees him of his responsibilities and entitles him to objects and behaviors he is fetishistic about. If he was more of a pedo I think the age wouldn’t be so flexible. He is an adult, teenager, child whatever serves his purpose. Again I think it is mainly about being desired, having attention and not being responsible for his actions. As a little girl getting raped/groomed (which is a disgusting pedo fantasy but he wants to be the one being wanted), as a suicidal, homeless MTT etc. He cant be asked to consider his role in not being invited to weddings, being a convicted criminal, etc. I still wouldn’t let him near children since he seems to have no empathy, is very aggressive and has those fantasys.

      (I apologize for any mistakes. Its my second language)

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        @MAU from what I’ve read, your description is correct in terms of their thinking about themselves, that men who have these types of attractions love the category as *as they understand it*.

        Besides the Lawrence book, which is worth reading in full, I’ve also read this Bailey-Kiira article “What Transgender Activists Don’t Want You to Know”:

        Depending on its manifestation, autogynephilia can coexist or compete with or even replace a relationship with an actual woman.

        In terms of self-love, men see the category “woman” differently (clothes, breasts, genitals, pregnancy, lactation, intercourse with men, giggling, even snapping gum), and try to make themselves match their definition, even if it’s just plain erratic and very loosely connected to the reality of any sort of actual woman’s experience (snapping gum?!).

        If this guy is an autopedophile – and thanks so much for your point! – his definition of “girl” is an erratic, loosely-connected-to-reality fantasy mishmash of princess clothes, pacifiers, and sexual innocence.

        It seems that before he met this kinky couple and “age play”, he was into self-image as a girl (he claims that his wife gave him space at home to act as “her”, and that he had dolls in his homeless shelter).

        That said, I can’t figure out his relationship with his wife and his occasional acting as a teenager or adult woman, unless that’s social pressure or non-erotic behavior in an attempt to behave like examples of transvestites or trans women with which he’s familiar.

        (Thanks for this forum to work through these ideas, GM; I’m trying my best to be as concise and accessible as possible.)

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        @GallusMag Just sent you some $ out of appreciation for this forum. GenderTrender is a public service and functions like a magazine in my life, so I figure I owe you at least the cost of an annual magazine subscription!

        Thanks very much for the thoughtful curation, always.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Much appreciated! 🙂

    • sellmaeth Says:

      “It’s simply astounding how little scrutiny men get as soon as they’re “trans”.”

      Yes. And they don’t even have to prove their transness in any way. (Because penis is female. Surgery is therefore not required.)
      A man only has to claim he is “trans” and that’s it – he gets access to all women’s spaces. It is like something out of a dystopia.
      I thought they’d realize how wrong it is now that an adult male wants to get into children’s spaces … maybe if he claimed to be a six year old boy, that’d be different.

      • MAU Says:

        @ ephemeroptera thank you so much for your response.

        So an autopedophile is someone who desires himself -as his pedophilic fantasy of his idea of the category girls- which he therefor performs?

        If he is interested in himself as a child and Wolscht obviously sexualizes that fantasy and has sexual relationships with adults (in his fantasy these are pedophilic relationships) does that also make him a pedophile in the classic sense? Is there an actual attraction to girls when he sees himself as his idea of a girl?

        To me it looks like it is less about the body and more about the fantasy and the function that fantasy serves. i.e. how other people treat him and how he can look at and judge himself. As a result he would be more flexible in his performance of age.

        The effect of his age-play is normalization of pedophilia. It is extremely dangerous as Dines explained.

        When it comes to his earlier life I was under the impression that he wanted to be a teenager (the type that is represented most in pop-culture). Getting attention, being playfully demanding/submissive and most important, getting stuff that he fetishizes.

        When he talks about having sex with his male partner, he talks about himself as a teenager. So I am assuming that is his fantasy.

        The child persona, at least to me, seems more like a reaction to his loss of power in his life and a meal ticket. He wants to keep being attractive to his partner who likes Wolscht performing as a submissive child.

        The ex-wife seems like a well educated liberal women who didn’t mind his fetish until he wanted to make it public and her children started to suffer. It is impressive that she took a stand and threw him out. Economically she was in a more powerful position. Maybe she liked the subverted power dynamic (Wolscht as a weak therefor feminine man)?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Please don’t speculate about his poor ex-wife. Or your comment will not be approved. We know nothing about her except the legal proceedings and the bullshit emanating from this man, which leads me to believe she would like her privacy in this matter. You know nothing about her.

      • Meg Says:

        Women are harmed by these men and the first conclusion some people want to draw is that they are bitter ex-wives with too much financial power? Really? Especially since there is a documented history of this man abusing her?

        If she complained he was abusing her, she would have been told “just leave him.”

        So she “just leaves him” and now people are *still* trying to pull something out of their ass to condemn her for? Really? REALLY? These same people would jeer at her for staying with the bastard.

        Women just can’t win, can we?

        FFS. I just can’t even anymore.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        @MAU I’m not a sexologist, but bc of insights raised in this developing thread (e.g. you on his age flexibility, @gchild on his insistence on child playmates), I am going to revisit all sources to identify knowns, unknowns, and ambiguities about his case history (and I will share it when I’m done, if it’s not overlong, GM and G-dd-ss willing).

        In regards to your specific point on the functional benefits of age play:

        1) His attempts at acting like a child pre-date the kinky couple (he had dolls in the shelter).

        2) Though the couple are generic dominants and kink like puppy play could provide the same “let go of it all” submissive benefits, this man only seems to want to be a child.

        There’s definitely something else going on here, and I’m thinking more and more that it’s a rare case of autopedophilia (found under the trans* umbrella!).

      • GallusMag Says:

        The desire to regress to a childlike state is a key characteristic of those individuals most susceptible to totalitarian and cultic social movements.

        Pedomorphism is a key component of the transgenderist movement:

        and also a factor in the promotion of “transgender children”. While children are used politically to “take the sex out” of male transgenderism in the public mind, the projection of emotional longing towards an infantile state clearly fuels the intensity of adult male transgender investment in the “transgender child” concept.

    • gchild Says:

      I don’t think there is a gap.

      He wants to be fucked (raped) as a 6 year old little girl under the guise of harmless “age play”, Which means he wants to fuck (rape) a six year old little girl. Autopedophilia. And this desire to rape a child can be excused now thanks to “virtuos pedophiless” who say there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to fuck children. So long as you don’t actually do it.

      BUT we all know that the more this perverse lie is validated, the more he will need it to be a reality. He already uses real little girls to “play” with. Adult age play isn’t supposed to involve actual children. But Stefonknee needs them the same way many transwomen need females to fuel their fantasy.

      Trans + pedo activism give males a way to sexually use/abuse women and children without being held socially and culturally accoutable for it.

      • Janetwo Says:

        ”Trans + pedo activism give males a way to sexually use/abuse women and children without being held socially and culturally accoutable for it.” Amen!

  35. CKDexterHaven Says:

    The police need to be investigating what kind of porn addiction has led this man to play at being a sexually-abused, six year old girl. They need to seize any computers he has access to and investigate before any more children are left alone in his company.

    • Livvie Says:

      I agree with what you’ve said one hundred percent. Children are not safe around this freak. Odds are he has child pornography somewhere on a hard drive.

      No one willingly plays at abuse to the point where it gives them an erection without the visuals to spur them on. His psychosis is the sexualization of children. He is a danger to women and particularly women children, moreso now that his freakish fetish is being indulged by his ‘mummy’ and sick pervert ‘daddy’. There is no ‘play’ therapy happening here. He is grooming children.

      Are there any users in the Ontario area who can summarize the situation and pass this information along to child protective services? Are we still able to do so, or is pointing out his sickness considered ‘hate speech’? What will we do as women when speaking out against this IS considered hate speech?

      I cannot say how deeply this thing disturbs me.

  36. keeva99 Says:

    the sass gallus the sass!!!…lol…i seriously laughed out loud.

  37. Rick Santos Says:

    Hello Gallus, im just a regular hetero male (I kno weird right) and I’ve been lurking your blog sometime after stumbled upon it researching lgb and trans issues.

    I know this is a women’s space so I’ll keep it brief. As an outside observer I’ve noticed that the trans movement is often a to abrasive sexuality movements that often promote them but I thought as an outsider looking in, I just did not have an adequate understanding of the issue but now I see I can actually trust my “lying eyes.”

    I just want you to know you’re doing a very brave thing by shamelessly speaking out against an harmful facade that for some reason people are taking as truth. I know you do what you do in the defense and pride of women, but I just want to let you know that there are many people outside your demographic who are listening and are sympathetic to your cause.

      • Sine Rose Says:

        I’m a “cis” (and do I ever hate that stupid word!) straight woman who lurks here and I often share your articles on facebook to try and get people to really think about this stuff and how harmful it is to women. So thanks for a great blog!

        I’m actually in Ottawa Ontario and if this autopedophile is in my province I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to bring him to the attention of police. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t have proof that he committed a crime so I don’t see that going into a police station and telling them about him will help…

      • RR Says:

        Hey there! Cis is a term that men like Stefoknee made up to suggest that women are comfortable/enjoy the gender role (clothes, behaviors, attitudes, etc) assigned to women because we are women. It is one more way for men to try to define womanhood. You are not “cis”, no woman is.

        The Canadian Centre for Child Protection operates, which since 2005 has served as the 24/7 national tip line for voluntary reports of child pornography and other child sexual exploitation content on the Internet. The Centre has been a partner of the federal government for many years in the implementation of the National Strategy for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation on the Internet, which is administered by Public Safety Canada.

        This man is very likely involved in child pornography and even more urgent is that he and his “mommy and daddy” are subjecting a 6 year-old to participate in this sicko’s sex fetish, which is sexual abuse. The tiplne does say it is for child pornography and other exploitation of children online and I think this qualifies.

        A “3am Todd Haynes drug company infomercial for assisted suicide” (lolbtw) was too much for me to handle, so I don’t know if they mentioned the couple by name who are exploiting their grandchild, forcing her into sexual roleplay with this creature, but if they did or if anyone see this that knows them, they can be reported directly to CFSA in Ontario:

      • RR Says:

        There is plenty of room in this online form to attach any audio, video, or text where Stefoknee discusses involving a child in his sexual roleplay. I don’t have the stomach for this guy, but if you let me know which links to paste in, I will send a report as well.

        The delivery on this piece was so disturbingly funny (and those tweets), great reporting as usual, GM 🙂

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you dear. 🙂

  38. Leader Says:

    Hang yourselves.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Why? Because we’re pointing out the damage that these pervs are doing? Too bad, so sad. Get used to it.

      • Meg Says:

        I had a much less charitable response for this male, but I decided not to sink to his level. I’m going to let him imagine what I would say, so he can see his own self-destruction mirrored back at him properly.

    • radicaljane Says:

      Nah. Autoerotic asphyxiation is your thing.

    • Bea Says:

      Why are trans people so death obsessed? It’s death threats, suicide threats, the whole ideology revolves around morbidity. “Hang yourselves,” “I’m going to slit my throat.” Like you said, Gallus, they are ghouls. Vampiric.

  39. GallusMag Says:

    • It’s 2015, make sure to treat the delusions of the insane with the utmost respect!

    • LC Says:

      …Not that this is the only creepy, wrong thing to point out about all this, but… six year olds do not suck on pacifiers, except in cases of developmental/emotional delays. Intentional? Why six?

    • cerulean blue Says:

      Because all 6 year olds still suck on pacifiers… I feel so sorry for this perv’s kids– for whatever he did to them in the past, and for the public humiliation he is currently subjecting them to.

    • Livvie Says:

      Six year olds don’t use pacifiers.

      This entire article, the accompanying video, and now looking at this sick tweet makes me so afraid that I never want to leave the house again. I’m just sick over all of this. How can people look at this man and see anything other than mental illness? Maybe I’m the one who’s mentally ill because I don’t buy into it? Honestly, I don’t know what’s up or down any longer.

      All of this genuinely scares me. This image frightens me to a point where I can’t even get angry because it is psychotic. And they are letting him play with children.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        Six year olds who have been sexually abused may be developementally delayed because of this. As he has sex with adult men … at least he is consistent?

      • Biscuit Says:

        I agree – this guy is legitimately scary. You are not mentally ill for thinking so. It’s only a tiny section of society that would think this is okay.

        His constant suicide threats also seem to be a manipulation tactic. He has to know that people are going to view him as being deranged, but he likely also knows that no one wants to be accused of contributing to a suicide. He can use that tactic to silence people.

        I think he needs to be kept away from children. I wasn’t able to get entirely through the video but it sounds like someone is letting him play with a six-year old girl? I do not get that. It sounds like child protection services need to be involved here.

        I feel so bad for his children. I cannot imagine having someone like that as a father.

    • Oceans Says:

      What the actual hell does this creature have to do with the LGB?

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Fuck, Gallus, I just ate! 😉

      Also, as the parent of a young girl and therefore someone who regularly shops for girls clothing, dresses like that currently exist only in this pornsick monster’s mind.

    • Magdalena Z. Says:

      Gahh! Where’s the eye bleach? Hell, is there nothing good and wholesome these perverts won’t try to defile? This is beyond the pale, and it sickens me that the first thing out of transactivists mouths is to have us feel sorry for these pedo creeps that they are estranged from their family, lose their jobs etc. Usually there is a good reason people run away from this disgusting behavior! And what really makes me mad is when people say about trans people, “but but would people really put their lives, their jobs, their relationship with their families at risk just for a fetish?” YES!! YES, obviously their perversion is what takes precedence over everything, even the needs of seven children.

    • Trish Says:


      Soooo not ok.

    • jummy Says:

      I can’t … even …

      If a real six year-old is still attached to her pacifier, you take her the psychiatrist, right? Or am I nuts?

  40. In the immortal words of Kitty Pryde:


    I’m glad this very obvious nutcase has popped up. If he can be a she, why can’t she be 6 years old, why can’t Rachel Dolezal be black? Why is one ok but the other’s verboten? These are great questions.

    Genuine trans folk must be mortified at this pedophile, even though it’s not their fault that he identifies as Shirley Temple. Bad apples are bad apples.

    It does just seem that this group has a particularly larger share of bad apples, no?

    • Larichus Says:

      It does seem that this group has a larger share, yes…

      Googaly Moogaly, I’m a big documentary film watcher and stumbled across “Trinidad” the other day. I mean, these are the ones actually getting “bottom surgery”, and the film-makers are bending over in the twanzally yoga position (GM– do you still have that picture…?) and beyond to make them seem sympathetic and they’re still coming across as cuckoonuts.

      I can only imagine what it’s like now that they’re going to SF to see Mark Bowers and don’t have at least some pressure on them to behave like they did when he practiced in a small town in southern Colorado …

    • There aren’t really any “genuine” trans folk, are there? They’re all fakers… That’s my impression. If they don’t see themselves when they look at this man – then in my opinion they’re in denial about their own motivations. I think EVERYONE has trouble (at times) being honest about motivations…why are trans somehow the only people on the planet with “pure” motives, just exactly what they say they are…and nothing else?

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        I think the Lawrence book and a sexology study cited there attest that *some* autogynephiles honestly don’t seem to perceive a sexual response (don’t quote me, but I think it’s a minority, and they report a rush or sense of general well-being when doing the things that they identify with womanhood).

        That said, it’s majorly offset by the ones who dress up and pop a woodie every time they’re called “ma’am”.

        If AGP ever gets the publicity it deserves, I’m guessing it’s a matter of time before some men start claiming no sexual reaction to their knowledge in order to preserve restroom and locker room access and keep getting their pervs off.

  41. Siobhan Says:

    The horror of this man is only evident after you sit through not only the featured video, but the “How to Be A Princess” audio from Heart Radio and the “Paul Wears Dresses” video from The Transgender Project. Thank you Gallus for finding them and putting the links here! While some transwomen are quick to distance themselves from this person, it is important to note that transgender organizations are the ones eagerly publicizing this person’s story, especially the drama of his repetitive suicide threats, and apparently without any awareness of how creepy and abusive his behavior toward his own SEVEN children and also the grandchildren of his “play parents” really is.

    • GallusMag Says:

      You’re welcome.

      I call bullshit on any transwomen wanting to distance themselves from their “little sister” Stef-on-knee here, including the ones commenting in this thread. I haven’t seen a single one propose that his perving on women and girls should not be fully enabled under the guise of Gender Identity laws. Not a one.

      • Meg Says:

        Yes, I’m not buying it either. These are the same dudes who could care less that their politics would give sexual predators even more access to female victims. None of these dudes have protested the idea of women and girls shouldering the consequences of their identity problems. None of them are interested in passing laws creating third gender bathrooms or requiring businesses have at least one single stall bathroom. None of them are remotely interested in figuring out ways to tell people with genuine gender dysphoria a part from the fetishists who just want more access and proximity to female bodies. There is a cold disregard for the rights of women and girls, female biology and sex oppression related to our biology, and the realities women and girls would face if males are allowed into female spaces. The selfishness of this movement is pathological and sexist, yet I’m supposed to believe that some of these dudes are less sick than other dudes? Yeah, even if that were the case, it doesn’t change the fact that they are still sick and view my existence as something reduced down to infantalization and submission.

      • Thanks for this comment, Meg. You nailed it. The whole point is to silence ANY discussion of women’s rights and boundaries. Their credo is “Whatever a tranny wants from women, a tranny must get, or else we’ll kill ourselves and it will be all your fault”. It’s abuser tactics all the way down.

        Other left/liberal men have made it clear they don’t have a problem with this. On the contrary, they happily weaponize trannies in order to channel women’s energy and sexuality toward male interests instead of our own. Women’s liberation to them means the freedom to be sexually available and play doormat to whatever scumbags they shove our way.

  42. When will people wake up? These men are just using transgender, “gender identity” bullshit as a means to justify their sexual fetish. A grow man, father of 7 kids dressing up as a 6 year old girl is just plain freaky. It doesn’t surprise me that he found some couple to help him get his freak on.

    A couple of years ago, Riley, the trans identified man who likes to wear diapers and wear pink baby clothes was in several videos.

    Apparently, Riley went from wearing diapers to making kinky porn videos about wearing diapers. If there wasn’t a demand for this kinky fetish, then why would they make videos about it? I’m sure this kink is all over the internet.

    It’s politically incorrect now to a mis-gender an adult “transgender diaper enthusiast”. GLAAD and the HRC might pitch a fit if “her” rights are violated.

    “Besides being a transgender diaper enthusiast who is into sexual adult play, Riley is also a pornographer who goes by the alias Sadie Hawkins. She was nominated for an AVN Award last year for one of her hardcore scenes and also scored a Tranny Award.”

    Hell, yes it’s a fetish. For most men, this is how they get their freak on. Whether it’s Jenner sneaking into his 10 year old daughter’s bedroom to play with her clothes to this freak with 7 kids who likes to pretend that he is a 6 year old girl, it’s an expression of a fetish. A man’s sexual fetish is now considered some kind of human right. What happened to common sense? What happened to the rights of girls and women, and how did it become so insane? These men are probably laughing at us behind our backs. They get to get their freak on while pretending that they are poor, misunderstood members of an oppressed minority.

    @Gallus, those photographs of this father of 7 children sucking on a pacifier and wearing little girls clothes is enough to turn my stomach. You should send those photos to the HRC and GLAAD.

  43. stchauvinism Says:

    Did you see this? Department of Justice is saying that GID should be covered under the American Disability Act. Wonderful! Men like Stephenfrillyknickers can soon sue for not being allowed in the day care.

    There’s no way to be trans except by self diagnosis, no one gets a blood test and finds out they are trans positive, it’s entirely subjective and there are no restrictions on who can be trans. Man who raped a child or was a serial rapist killer? No, problem mam, we will be glad to accommodate your claim that you are now a woman and here’s your right to sue your way into female sex segregated spaces like jails and homeless shelters where women can’t run away.

    When I heard about this stuff way back when, like the late 90’s, I was so dismissive and thought predictions that shit like this would happen were pure exaggeration, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong

    “The ADA protects persons with disabilities from discrimination in private employment, public accommodations and governmental services. But it excludes coverage for GIDs that have a mental cause.

    The ADA doesn’t specify the types of GIDs with a non-mental cause, but legal observers generally agree that hermaphroditism would be included in that category.

    In a seven-page filing Nov. 16, the DOJ said gender dysphoria also would be covered by the ADA, since it appears to have a physical cause, according to recent medical literature.

    “Numerous medical studies conducted in the past six years point in the direction of hormonal and genetic causes for the in-utero development of gender dysphoria,” the DOJ’s filing states.

    • kesher Says:

      I kind of don’t mind the idea of transgenderism being equated to a disability, rather than the 100 percent authentic lifestyle choice/life calling that trans activists try to pretend it is. If it’s a disability, then it has to be accommodated to some degree, but not to the point that it unfairly disrupts other people.

      Disabled people in wheelchairs are entitled to new buildings being constructed to have wheelchair-friendly entrances, bathrooms, and elevators, but what they’re not entitled to is whatever accommodation that they would most prefer. Disabled people often have to use the single-use family bathroom if the existing sex-segregated bathrooms can’t be easily renovated to accommodate them. Under the law, this is an acceptable compromise, and I’ve never seen disability rights activists screech about this like trans activists do. I’ve actually seen disability rights activists call out trans activists on their bullshit — that they don’t have an inherent right to be treated “equally” on the exact terms that they demand.

      If a femulator is uncomfortable using the men’s restroom, under a disability accommodation policy, he can’t demand just any accommodation he wants. If a single-use family bathroom is what the facility decides is fair for him, then that’s what he gets.

      Also in employment, treating transgenderism as a disability means that employers have to accommodate trans employees and not discriminate against them, up to a point. If a trans employee’s behavior is disruptive or if the accommodations he demands are disruptive or too expensive, the business is free to fire him. This would be a welcome change from what I’ve been hearing about lately where workplaces with femulator employees have to tolerate disruptive, attention-seeking, narcissistic, overtly sexual behavior from the pig-in-wig employee lest the employer be accused of discrimination.

      And, given how unstable so many femulators are, I’m pretty happy letting them get on SSDI so the rest of us can be spared their drama in the workplace.

      Treating transgenderism as a disability would also require some degree of a paper trail of doctors’ “diagnoses” of transgenderism in order for supposed trans people to gain these protections (especially in employment), unlike what trans activists are pushing for — any man who claims ladybrain gains all the protections of being classed as a “woman”.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Very interesting and thoughtful analysis…

      • stchauvinism Says:

        There’s no way to prove that anyone is transgender, it’s entirely subjective, if transgenderism becomes protected by the ADA, it’s going to be the same flakey , consumer driven model of diagnosis. It will just give men who identify as women more legal leverage over women and it will allow trans to take over disability advocacy groups and use their organizations for their own trans agenda, just like they did with gay and lesbian organizations.

      • kesher Says:

        I agree there’s no way to prove transgenderism, but you can say the same thing about a number of other mental illnesses. Theoretically mental illnesses receive coverage/protection from disability law.

        It’s certainly possible/likely that I’m overly optimistic about how such a move could affect the disability rights movement, but disability is still something that’s stigmatized, and I’m sure pigs in wigs would really hate bearing that stigma. They already chafe under the stigma of “trans”.

        Another thing that this model would do is rob them of the legal claim of real authentic womanhood, which the PIWs would also hate. What’s the point to them if they can’t legally and socially steamroll over real women and are consigned to a stigmatized social category of “disabled”?

      • GallusMag Says:

        I think the Religion model of legal rights and protections is likely to have less unintended consequences, but I’m finding this discussion fascinating.

      • janetwo Says:

        I think the resources are scarce enough for people with real disabilities to not have any of these wackos to be given the opportunity to access more. And on the top of it, to have extra protection from human rights because of a disability status. What they have does not even really fit under mental illnesses, its more under personality disorders of the B cluster. They are more a problems for others than themselves. The family of this loonie is a lot more in need of care and protection from him than he needs care and protection from the rest of us.

        I am still shocked from another poster links about trannies having access to women group therapy for PTSD in Canada. With the waiting lists in most provinces for mental health services, its unconscionable to spend one minute or one public dime on fetishists. If they want MH services, they can do like the majority of the population, work their asses off until they can pay somebody in private practices to psych them up to their heart content. People with real disabilities do not make themselves unfonctional because they dont wear what they want. They have genuine physical and mental bareers which can be alleviated. How can we even remotely put at the same level somebody with dyslexia or in a wheelchair than some dude having a shit fit over being ridiculed for wearing a pink frily dress? Here is your accomodation: dont wear the fucking dress asshole. A dress is not a hearing aid or a ramp. Nobody is functionally impaired by clothing matching the requirements of their job.

        Being unacceptable to dress in public like a sex worker, a French maid or some nazi leather dominatrix is not an issue that deserves the status of disability. The rest of the population deals with the dresscode appropriate for their work, being men or women and leave their sex fantasy at home. The little blond woman working in a garage does not feel any less a woman because she wears coveralls. Here is a clue, if you need paraphenelia or surgery to make yourself and others believe you are the other sex, you aint it. This is porn invading all aspects of our public life and its totally getting out of hand.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi stchauvinism: The ADA exempts several mental conditions from protection, including diagnosed kleptomaniacs, who generally have OCD. I am unsure why GID might be getting a pass.

      • stchauvinism Says:

        The DOJ is saying that GID has physical causes and is not a mental condition. They cant cite conclusive proof that GID is physical in nature, but the state it should be treated as a physical condition anyway. Guess we will see what happens.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      Gee, what’s next? Pedophilia, BDSM, bestiality, necrophilia covered by ADA? This is just crazy. Sexual perversions and fetishes are not disabilities. Obama left his brain somewhere, if he ever had one, to push for woman-hating garbage like this.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Employer: Trans litigant hasn’t proven physical cause of her disability
      Tim Cwiek December 9, 2015 0 Comments

      Cabela’s Inc. says Kate Blatt hasn’t proven her gender dysphoria has a physical cause, so she shouldn’t be permitted to pursue a federal disability-discrimination claim against the company.

      In a Nov. 30 filing, Cabela’s reiterated that the Americans with Disabilities Act only covers gender-identity disorders with a physical cause.

      Cabela’s contended Blatt’s gender dysphoria may have a mental cause, thus it wouldn’t be covered by the ADA. Cabela’s also refuted the U.S. Department of Justice’s position that medical literature indicates gender dysphoria has a physical cause.

      “The DOJ’s argument that Ms. Blatt’s gender dysphoria may have a physical basis is rooted in guesswork and surmise,” Cabela’s filing states. “Indeed, Ms. Blatt does not allege, and cannot establish, that her gender dysphoria stems from a physical etiology as required by the ADA.”

      Cabela’s brief contends that it would be wrong to accept “rank speculation” and “still-unproven and contested hypotheses within the scientific community” that gender dysphoria has a physical cause.

      “No party to this litigation, including the DOJ, Ms. Blatt and [LGBT advocacy groups] can state conclusively that gender dysphoria has a uniformly physical etiology or that this phantom etiology is in and of itself an impairment, as required by the ADA,” Cabela’s filing adds.

      Six advocacy groups support Blatt’s right to pursue a disability-discrimination claim against Cabela’s. The groups are Gay and Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, Mazzoni Center, National Center for Lesbian Rights, National Center for Transgender Equality, National LGBTQ Task Force and Transgender Law Center.

      The groups note that the ADA doesn’t specifically exclude gender dysphoria. Instead, the 1990 law excludes gender-identity disorder.

      In a recent filing, the groups stressed the alleged unfairness of requiring Blatt, or any trans litigant, to prove a physical basis for their gender dysphoria in order to pursue a disability-discrimination claim.

      “[Although] numerous recent medical studies support the physical etiology of gender dysphoria, the burden of proving etiology would fall on individual plaintiffs, consuming a substantial amount of attorney resources for discovery and the preparation of expert reports and requiring courts to delve into a thicket of medical evidence and opine on etiology, with the attendant risk of different courts reaching differing results in similar cases,” the groups’ filing states.

      U.S. District Judge Joseph F. Leeson Jr. was scheduled to hear oral arguments on the dispute 2 p.m. Dec. 10 at the Edward N. Cahn Federal Courthouse in Allentown.

      Blatt, of Pottsville, filed a federal lawsuit against Cabela’s in 2014.

      She claims Cabela’s discriminated against her on the basis of her disability — gender dysphoria — by denying her access to a female restroom and a female name tag.

      Blatt wants the ADA’s GID exclusion declared unconstitutional, regardless of whether gender dysphoria has a physical or mental cause. She claims the GID exclusion is based on anti-trans animus, and violates her constitutional right to equal protection under the law.

      Blatt worked as a seasonal stocker at Cabela’s outlet in Hamburg between September 2006 and March 2007. The retail chain specializes in outdoor sports items.

      In addition to her disability-discrimination claim, Blatt is also pursuing sex-discrimination and retaliation claims against Cabela’s.

      Cabela’s denies any wrongdoing in the matter. The company claims Blatt was properly dismissed after threatening a coworker’s child — an allegation Blatt vehemently denies.

      The ADA protects people with disabilities from discrimination in private employment, public accommodations and governmental services.

      • stchauvinism Says:

        All these legal aid organizations that supposedly represent the interests of lesbians arguing that a man’s desire to wear make up, have artificial breasts, wear clothing culturally associated with the female sex and occupy female sex segregated spaces is all because he has a congenital case of laydee brain, is depressing.

      • kesher Says:

        “Cabela’s denies any wrongdoing in the matter. The company claims Blatt was properly dismissed after threatening a coworker’s child — an allegation Blatt vehemently denies.”

        It feels pathetic that I find this heartening. The trend, in workplaces that are trying to be non-discriminatory, seems to be to let MTTs get away with murder.

        In my own workplace, I wouldn’t be worried about getting in trouble for “misgendering” an MTT coworker; I know how to keep my nose clean in office politics. My worry is an MTT coworker harassing/threatening/stalking me and mine, and HR refusing to do anything about it because “oppression”.

  44. CisWomanPrivilege Says:

    So an adoptive father having anal sex with his 6’0” tall 6 year old ‘daughter’ and the police does nothing?! This world has gone insane!

    (On a serious note, this truly creeps me out.
    If this doesn’t make people reach their peak trans I don’t know what else is needed to see to realize how much of an insanity this “trans/muh true zwelf/I has a laydeebrainz” thing is).

  45. Bev Jo Says:

    I wish they would read this blog. The women in the RF facebook groups I moderate were all in horror at this dangerous prick.

    But women who think he’s unusual need to know he’s not. They are all fetishizing females, even if they do it in different styles or the worst they do is kept secret. Every single one I’ve met (and I am rarely around these men) is disturbing and creepy. A neighbor, the “nice” middle class father of two suddenly was stalking my ex and I when we went out for midnight walks –when we looked around to see who was following us, he began twirling around in his dress. Then he was going to Lesbian community events. (Last seen he was back in male drag in his job at Whole Foods though.)

    If only all women would realize and stop calling these creepy men “transwomen” and “she” and “her. It’s heartening that most women are starting to say no to the cult.

  46. cerulean blue Says:

    I find it interesting that despite the ridiculously deep pockets of the transa lobby, they produce dreck like this in their attempts to propagandize the unsuspecting public.

    For a while I was almost (but not quite) willing to believe that the promotion of child murderer/corpse abuser “Synthia China Blast” was an ignorant mistake on the part of “Laverne” Cox or his publicist. After all they trans organizations been very smart in using attractive gay men of color as their mouthpieces, and surely they would stay on message so that the greater public wouldn’t find out that the vast majority of trans males are white, late transitioning middle class pigs in wigs who do NOT have dysphoria.

    But stories like these make it ever so clear that Trans, Inc. has no freaking clue that the perverted, offensive behavior of the larger portion of the MTT population is something the general public just will not stomach, once they learn about it. It seems as though these orgs think that because some women have tolerated the tip of the trans iceberg– to the extent of using pronouns and telling pigs in wigs that their cakey makeup makes them ever so feminine– that somehow that means that society will accept the shove of the larger, hidden ice mass floating just under the surface, no matter how corrupted and polluted it may be. It’s wedge politics of a new type, but still a very male idea, as it’s all about forcing your way in.

    Stef-on-Knee and the like are what Trans, Inc. is now presenting to us as normal, healthy behavior, and they really don’t see that in doing so, they are their own worst enemy. I say BRING IT ON.

    Brucilla, keep on telling the world just how much you loved your ten year old daughter’s clothing. Ignore the palpable feeling of squick from your next interviewer, who like the rest of us is not an autogynephile. By all means, tell us about the panties– not your wife’s, your daughters’. Tell us all about your 24/7 fetish.

    Paul Wolscht, be completely honest with your next super-special support group, and ignore the scales that fall from their eyes as you read them the text informing your kids your plans to kill yourself on some big occasion that is inherently not centered on you. Tell them all about your erections, too. It’s what they are there for, after all, to support you and your sexual fetish.

    Trans, Inc., keep producing documentaries praising the “grace” of 50-year-old first graders who like it in the ass from their “daddy,” and who “play” with true 6 year olds. Keep at it, and we’ll finally see the tide turn. Because while it is true that people will tolerate a lot out of either simple politeness or the desire not to create a ruckus, they will NOT stand for glorification of child sexual abuse. It’s why HERO failed and it’s why trans will ultimately fail. They simply won’t be able to stop themselves.

  47. GallusMag Says:

    To the person who wants to share screencaps: If you upload them to an image hosting site (like imgur or similar) and post the link here in comments, we can have a look. Thanks! x

    • dejavublonde Says:

      I have 33 screen shots, I’m not sure if you want individual links to each photo or if the album will suffice? I put it password protected only because I didn’t want any of the photos to wind up in photobucket’s ‘feed’. The password for the album is: Stefonknee

      It’s a lot to go through but my first thoughts: LOVE how he rails against his wife for wanting to know his finances, cries poverty etc. Right after he bought a building to have as a fetclub. LOVE how he’s been court ordered to keep his kids out of ANY discussions- even talking about them in email and yet- every single video has shown their faces in pictures. Parce out his interests- voyerism, Autogynephilia etc. Boy, I want HIM in my ladies room! The boxing blog post was disturbing. There’s just SO much in there. I haven’t closed the account I made yet but I have to tell you, I had to restrain myself from clicking on any of the ‘friends’ because it’s disturbing how MANY of these guys there are. Paul isn’t the worst I saw on there- I’m not talking ‘kink’, I’m talking men who like to dress like, well, baby girls, and have their leaky cancer butts show (real guy, real problem).

      Anywho: password Stefonknee

      • dejavublonde Says:

        yes, exactly that! I was wondering if it should be its own post because I, myself, am not prepared to pull out all the most incredible parts (it’s like having a really really stinky room- you plug your nose, hold your breath, run in, run out, breath, do over). I must be incredibly sheltered because, I can NOT believe people just put this shit on the internet. If you want my Fet Life login let me know. I can’t do it- looking around. But, he’s not the worst man in a dress on there.

      • gaydude50 Says:

        Well, that is hard to unsee. And here I thought I was pretty kink positive or at least non-judgey. Wrong again.

        The more you read about these creeps and visit the sites where they congregate, they more you see recurring patterns too. Why do they all do that {{{{{{HUGS}}}}} thing? Is it really because they think women think/act like that or are they all at heart really wanting to be little hyper-sexualized ‘girls?’ It’s hard not to think it is the latter at this point.

      • Is his fiction piece all about using an unsuspecting woman to fulfill his sexual fetish by pretending to be into boxing? Sick fuck!

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        While he’s crying poormouth, he’s also busily buying a building to open a fetish club.

        Honest to Maude, you can’t write this shit.

  48. weirdward Says:

    Hmm. I’m actually wondering if this guy is a self-hating and deeply misogynist gay man underneath all that crap. He had that feminine gay-guy voice thing going on, which, granted, might just have been him trying to ‘be womanly’, and then there’s the obvious enjoyment of the anal sex.

    Plus in the video his eyes lit up when he was talking about the hairy bikers wanting to try on his dresses (although who knows if that’s real or another fantasy, this guy’s grip on reality is clearly none too strong).

    • Bea Says:

      I’m going to address your comment and say with about 98% certainty that no, Stefonknee is not homosexual. He is a typical autogynephile. Other men are only actors in the sick-fuck validation of his fetish-identity. Autogynephiles believe that being “penetrable” is all it takes to be a woman, hence his penchant for anal sex.

      Stefonknee may enjoy playing dress-up with other autogynephiles since they seem pretty keen on stroking each other’s “laydee” egos.

  49. ByJove Says:

    But look at this moving documentary from last year! Don’t you feel for “her” and all “she” has endured? “Her” church, “her” wife, “her” kids…everyone turning against “her”?

    Honestly, though, people are for the most part good-hearted and compassionate. You can see how a documentary like this, on “Stefoknee’s” youtube channel, can cause caring people to suspend common sense and buy into this lunatic version of reality.

    • ‘She got tired of it after 21 years’ Nah, mate, It’s evident from the fact that she was supportive while it was confined to the bedroom; she just didn’t want you dragging your kids into your sexual fetish. Rather understandable, considering the pedo nature of said fetish.

      • GallusMag Says:

        What did I JUST. FUCKING. SAY.
        Holy shit.
        I find it quite interesting that you all buy into his narrative when it involves the things he made up about his wife. Very interesting. PUKE.

      • I’m going to have to reply to my own comment because it wont let me reply to @GallusMag for some reason.

        Let me just start by saying that I don’t believe a single bloody word that comes out of this abusive weirdo’s mouth, and probably should have made myself clearer by putting quotation marks around the word fact in my above comment.
        What I meant was, if I was to take his version as fact, then that would mean that a) she didn’t just put up with his fetish, but actually encouraged it, since before they were married, and b) she only put a stop to it after he decided to drag his kids into it.

        If I was one of these cretins who was sympathetic towards this man, the ‘fact’ that his wife went along with it for years, and only stopped him when the kids were dragged in, would raise alarm bells for me. It would make me suspect that his wife knew the depths of his perversion better than I do, and that there was a VERY good reason for her to put her foot down – a truth that we won’t get to hear from his mouth.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Okay, thank you for your reply.

      • atranswidow Says:

        THANK YOU Gallus. I’d just like to remind folks that wives/partners get ZERO support. Practically nothing from any official source.

        If you think it’s appropriate, I’d like to link to the only review that I have come across that begins to study the psychological effect on wives of having a husband who is a cross dresser or trans. Please note the date is 1998 and despite the writer’s rosy outlook I have yet to find any follow up.

        The Beaumont Society does have an email for partners to write to but when I contacted them several years ago they didn’t reply. Maybe it’s because I mentioned that I was beginning to understand autogynephilia after reading Lawrence and Bailey and was finding support and information from noted radfem blogs!

      • kesher Says:

        These perverts seem to have a pattern of escalating over time. Give a man an inch…

        Anyone who’s had experience with a man saying “I just need this”, “Oh, actually I need this too”, “Wait, no, that’s not enough. You have to let me do this now” *should* be able to see through this guy’s lies. Perversions aside, I’d wager that most women are familiar with male entitlement escalation.

      • Jove Says:

        When posting that “moving documentary” yesterday, I meant to put *sarcasm* after my first paragraph, so that would be apparent, in case it wasn’t.

        Part of the effect of narcissism is to manipulate, and portray that THEIR self-glorifying version of events is THE version of events, such that if you only saw this video of this person’s “sad travails,” a compassionate person might take pity.

        Jummy said below, ” ‘Stephie Wears Dresses’ really speaks to the power of cinematic language. I’m convinced now a documentary style treatment of Randy Quaid’s character from the National Lampoon franchise could be done in a way which evinces pathos and tenderness and leaves the viewer sympathising with his struggle.”


        I do think the narcissism angle needs to be considered part-and-parcel of this issue. It is certainly clear that many of the husbands who are “MtF,” discussed in the “So your Husband is ‘Becoming a Woman'” thread, are narcissists to a clinical degree. Narcissism is still not very understood, nor is it an oft diagnosed condition (since clearly, most narcissists don’t understand or accept that they have issues!) It seems very prevalent in this trans phenomenon.

        I thought this site had some good detail on all that is encompassed in narcissism:

        (…I couldn’t believe this ‘Stefonknee’ story when I saw it on DL yesterday. A link there is what led me to discover gendertrender–and what a blog it is. I spent all day wading through it. Thank you, Gallus and contributors.)

    • Zemskull Says:

      That guy reminds me of SNL’s Chris Farley in drag.

      • marm Says:

        Hey Jove. I agree that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a BIG part of most MTF’s motivation to transition, and that NPD really has a specific pattern of behaviour that is so common with these dudes.

        The link you posted was okay, except for the author’s reliance on the concept of co-dependency. Co-dependency is a really problematic perspective, that blames the victim for being hurt or affected by an abusive person.

        The experiences of the wives and former partners of men who who are midlife transitioners are identical, from the many accounts I have read. The fallout on the family can be extreme – between social humiliation, the pressure to support a delusional and self centered partner, no matter what the personal cost, as well as other things like poverty due to the MTF becoming unemployable (due to their new hypersensitive and entitled behaviour), depleting the family’s savings to spend tens of thousands of dollars on surgical procedures, and the chaos wrought on the children.

        This is an excellent paper on what is wrong with the concept of co-dependency, particularly when applied to domestic violence:

        The more I read, the more I believe that late transitioners are absolutely psychologically abusive to their spouses and family. Their fetish takes priority over anything else in their life, and those around them are forced to participate in the delusion or else will suffer the consequences. This is a strange dovetailing of fetish and psychological coercion/abuse that has somehow become socially sanctioned.

        I expect in the next few years, as the children of this new mega wave of late transitioners reach adulthood, that there will be many books written by the children of these sick dads, and they will all be similar.

      • Jove Says:

        Thank you Marm, for the reply and link to more info. I find the over-the-top narcissism that is evident in the few cases on that other page beyond belief.

        While the average woman’s socialization might be to “keep family together,” “make things work,” “put others first,” etc., I do think that any person in relationship is responsible for being honest with themselves about just what is keeping them in a relationship, if they are unhappy with it. However, with narcissism, we see how incredibly insidious it, even perhaps to the point that we could say that narcissism is rarely diagnosed, nor its traits understood by the average person, because it is actually what still passes as an accepted M.O. for the “average male.” Put that together with the social training of the women, and you’ve got one long-suffering wife, indeed.

        As well, unlike mental disorders such as depression, for which someone might seek help; with issues like Borderline Personality Disorder or NPD, it is rather those closest to these mental cases who are suffering in silence in their path of destruction. Those with BPD or NPD think the problem lies with anyone else but themselves, and are unlikely to seek treatment. I can’t believe how lacking our mental health “professionals” still are in being savvy about recognizing the existence of these destructive personality disorders, especially when hearing about these trans cases. It seems a real failure on their part. They are truly supporting the delusions of these people.

        I am drawn to ponder cases of narcissism because I understand my own past tendencies to be narcissistic; not pathologically, but it was among the aspects of my character that I’ve worked on over the years, in an effort to be a contented person in this world. (I am lesbian, btw). I had to make conscious to myself traits such as arrogance and entitlement that I harbored. Though, it was nowhere near the scale of these current special snowflakes. I marvel at the unbridled selfishness and self-absorption of these men. How can no part of them feel guilty or regretful to realize the unhappiness they are dumping on those closest to them? That is certainly what motivated me to do inner work in that area–I didn’t want to keep feeling like an asshole anymore.

  50. Trish Says:

    To me, this looks like a logical sequel to allowing people to claim that the fact of their biological sex is irrelevant and “feeling” oneself to be something else trumps actual physical reality.

    Why is our society – especially schools – cooperating with these attempts to make reality legally/socially irrelevant?

    • Sketcher Says:

      DSM V – the diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders has an answer to that: (from Dirt’s Blog – thank you Dirt)

      Basically it’s saying that boys and girls, men and women who do not behave in traditional masculine and feminine ways are gender dysphoric. (Mentally disordered), because of a different feeling they have about who they believe themselves to be, gender-wise, in their otherwise healthy, biologically sexed bodies.

      For the observable, clinical signs, of this ‘mental disorder’, they state the above, (I’m summarising), boys playing with girls and doing ‘girl’ things, girls playing with boys and doing tomboyish or boy things plus they need to be emotionally upset about being a boy/girl. They also might want to pee standing up (girls)/sitting down (boys). A sure sign.

      DSM V states this is a mental disorder and these boys/girls, men and women therefore need to have chemical, psychological and surgical treatments to turn them into the opposite gender – or what resembles it. This can be identified and treated, they say, from as young as aged 2 years old. The earlier the better so they can have hormone blockers. There is no longitudinal study on the effects that this has on young boys and girls, plus also the fact that they will be, effectively sterile and not have fully functioning sexual feeling.


      I’m really surprised this got through – there must be thousands of psychologists and medics who can see through the sexism and homophobia.

      • Valkyrie Says:

        Amazing. They can’t for the life of them figure out why a girl might not want to be a girl- mayeb it’s because they get treated lke shit? Maybe boys don’t want to compete with other boys because it’s dangerous?

        Maybe girls do boy things and boys do girl things sometimes not because they are making a genderqueer statement, but just because they happen, by chance, to like things that arbitrarily happen to be considered natural to the opposite gender.

        When I went around wearing a firefighter helmet, I wasnt thinking “be a boy!!” I was thinking “firefighter helmets are cool!”

      • Janetwo Says:

        I miss this reply when sketcher posted it. Honestly, its scary. I guess the idea a woman could be comfortable with her sexuality and enjoy fixing cars and fly flishing is so scary they had to pathologize her. I honestly pity kids and teenagers and count my blessing being born in the late 60s.

  51. Trish Says:

    “Am I a boy or a girl?”

    You are a man, mister.

  52. Whatever happened to being you regardless of the body you have? If you want to be a feminine man, or act 18 in a 60-year-old body (as long as you are capable of being adult when you need to), why not? You don’t need to change your body for that. And how can anyone not see that this man is disturbed. Liberal eminists that are so quick to call out rape culture (whether their criticisms are legitimate are another story) and sexist stereotypes don’t see the problem with a) a man playing at sexualized stereotypes of girls and b) acting out the rape of female children. I want to believe that they just don’t know but…I’m not so sure I can give them that much credit.

    I honestly don’t think the college-age Tumblr denizens know anything about these people. Very few SJWs on Tumblr read sources of information other than Tumblr, Buzzfeed, or a few carefully selected sources that feed into their pre-existing opinions. A story like this might (might, and I’m being generous here) cause some of them to reach peak trans. I used to have the super-PC, SJW attitude when I was 11, but I grew out of it pretty quickly. I’m just glad that when I was growing up and first learned about trans, it was the early 2000s and I still had access to ’90s sources of information that talked honestly about transgenderism and about homosexuality. There also was not the same onslaught of social media that enabled SJWs and transactivists to harass “heretics.” I avoid Tumblr like the plague but I dare transactivists to threaten me on my blog,

    • Meg Says:

      (whether their criticisms are legitimate are another story)

      Men aren’t entitled to women’s bodies, period. It’s not a criticism, it’s a fact.

      • I never stated that men were entitled to women’s bodies, because they aren’t (although I do understand how it could be read that way.) What I meant was whether *libfem* criticisms of rape culture were legitimate. Libfems may agree with other feminists that rape culture exist and agree on many of its features, but libfems are awfully tolerant of said when it comes to transactivism. They also seem to think that the pornification of women’s bodies and sexuality is part of the solution to rape culture because choices! Agency! That’s why I don’t take libfem critiques of the rape culture phenomenon seriously and made the suggestion that their criticisms of a culture they enable were questionable.

      • KgSch Says:

        I see what JoannaDeadWinter is saying and I agree with her. I really only see hypocrisy when I see liberal feminists criticize rape culture and then immediately turn around and compare women and girls wanting to be away from men to bigotry. The only logical conclusion I have from personal experience and reading this website is that men pretending to be women are even more dangerous to women and girls than garden variety men because they are more consumed with their sexual fetishes than regular men AND because the have more access to women in the name of “open-mindedness”.

        You can’t fight rape culture if you support the worst men over women and if you preach cotton ceiling (corrective rape) rhetoric to lesbians. Guilt-tripping someone into having sex with you is rape.

        When I used to have a tumblr, I saw a lot of liberal feminists would post porn on their blogs, including “erotica” that was rape porn, and talk about how empowering it was, and they seem to think that being pornified and sexually available to as many men as possible is empowering (and not something that will put you at risk of murder, rape, STDs, and unwanted pregnancy).

        It is rather ridiculous. What is really empowering is not doing what patriarchy tells you.

    • “…’90s sources of information that talked honestly about transgenderism and about /homosexuality/”???

      What about homosexuality?

      • The idea that homosexuality is about sex and not gender. In my circle, at that time in my life, it was still acceptable to state that transgendered individuals were not biological members of the opposite sex and that being homosexual meant being attracted to sex. Now we are expected to play into the fantasy that transgendered people are no different from their “cis” equivalents and that sex and gender are the same, ergo lesbians should be expected to have sex with men that identify as women despite the presence of penis.

    • Ah, I see. Yeah, I’d heard about the cotton ceiling and was disgusted, but that wasn’t what sent me over to peak trans land (despite being a lesbian). I think this is because in the beginning I didn’t see all the biology denial (‘TW are female!!’), harassment (‘lesbians are bigots for rejecting dick!!), plus all the outright violent misogyny and male entitlement to female bodies (there’s a post on Tumblr where a ‘lesbian’ mtt actually complains about being turned down by 3 actual lesbians, stating about one of the women; ‘one of them had the fucking nerve to say “I’m not into dick”‘).

      For me peak trans came after I saw how relentlessly the trans activists and their libfem fangirls were pushing for males to be housed with women in prisons – in other words trapping women in cages with potential rapists – and how they celebrated after succeeding. It’s a sick movement that is all too willing to throw women under the bus so that /males/ feel ‘validated’ in their sexual fetish.

  53. I miss the days when perverts had to keep this shit to themselves and lived wallowing in their own grossness. Part of their gross fetish is letting everyone know about it.

    I’ve always subscribed to the philosophy of do what you want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. These guys leave devastation everywhere they go. That’s just not on.

    I’ve gotten to the point where I refuse to pander to their delusion in anyway. The pronoun thing is ridiculous and controlling. They shashay their way into our shelters and bathrooms telling us how to woman like they’re some sort of authority.

    They can never pass because they walk, talk and even smell like the men they are.

    • Teleope Says:

      “I miss the days when perverts had to keep this shit to themselves and lived wallowing in their own grossness. Part of their gross fetish is letting everyone know about it.”

      Here’s my theory on this–in the old days the het male pervs actually acted privately, in a decent manner and transacted with a sex worker for this stuff. I used to serve these type of client as a sex worker eons ago.

      One irritating part of sex work is that (at least back then) were the “fetish lifestylists” these were men that felt they were entitled to a sex worker time for free. And if you were working fetish they would try to hold you to some standard of “being in the lifestyle or are you just doing this for money?” These guys were cheap, mean, rude, and often just wasted time and never showed up for a paid appt. They had “rights” this was a “lifestyle” and they were “for real” and you were not. lol.

      After a while of working fetish you would develop a skill for filtering these calls out and getting to the real fetish clients–the ones that paid to have some twisted sexy fun. It was always clear to me who had the more stability–the dude that kept this private and paid. The lifestyle fetishist was always the one to get angry or violent with sex workers.

      Nowadays, for some odd reason, these guys have rights groups and political action orgs advocating for their “right” to force women and girls into their fetishes?

      I do believe that there is such a thing as a misgedered person–I’ve known people like this and it’s so far removed from fetish behavior the difference is huge. Most of the transwomen I know were gay men before the operation and still interested in men afterwards. But what do I know..I am not an expert in this, just my observation.

  54. Meg Says:

    A man lured a seven year old girl into a porta potty and sexually assaulted her.

    I don’t think I even have to explain how this relates to transpolitics. Men will say this barely ever happens, but they know that not all victims of sexual violence report what happens to them. They are using the silence and shame of rape victims to justify allowing rapists access to women’s bathrooms. Disgusting.

  55. Katherine J. Lecroy Says:

    Damn Gallus, I nearly lost my dinner over seeing that. If that doesn’t bring peak trans to society, I don’t know what else will. That alone should be enough to bring massive amounts of peak trans to people.

  56. jummy Says:

    “Stephie Wears Dresses” really speaks to the power of cinematic language. I’m convinced now a documentary style treatment of Randy Quaid’s character from the National Lampoon franchise could be done in a way which evinces pathos and tenderness and leaves the viewer sympathising with his struggle.

    Same goes for the PRX piece Gallus linked. What I don’t get is how these people complete the research and interviews, review the raw footage and not pause for a moment before assembling it all together and ask, “Wait. Am I actually going to spend the next thirty hours using my talent and skillset to valorize the experience of a narcisistic wife beater who pretends to be a little girl in bed with pair of closet pedophiles? Is that socially responsible of me? Am I also a sickfuck?”

    But then I suppose they instead purge the ungood judgy thoughts by externalizing them and imagining them being spoken by a rightwinger.

    “Rightwingers will be afflicted and discomfited if I make this and I must make this because I give voice to the voiceless.”

    And then they proceed to produce a piece of media which valorizes the experience of a narcisistic wife beater who abandons his family to play as a little girle in bed for a creepy peso couple.

  57. pantypopo Says:

    Reblogged this on OUT of My Panties, Now!!! and commented:
    THIS is transgender

  58. I found his Tumblr, which hasn’t been updated since 2014. Here’s an incredible drawing he reblogged, which I don’t recommend you look at if you’ve eaten recently:

    Oh the heartbreak of a balding middle aged man who is really a Keane-eyed dolly on the inside! I love how these ugly mugs lack the humility to identify as average or even remotely realistic-looking women.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      A box of Froot Loops instead of a female would be more appropriate.

    • Magdalena Z. Says:

      So he was a dead-behind-the-eyes Barbie-with-bangs inside Alfred Hitchcock? And people say the trans are not mentally ill.

    • Bea Says:

      OMG, that drawing gives me a deeply disturbed feeling inside. Like, this Ed Gein-looking fucker is entitled to be the 16-year-old, doe-eyed princess of his porn-sick fantasies.

      Before the whole trans trend picked up, I remember belonging to an internet forum with a man who wanted to look like a young, thin female…and he would routinely spew his mental illness all over with details of how he had sliced his face open with glass, how he hated his female co-worker for getting bariatric surgery, constant suicide threats. Some people suggested he might be trans at the time. Now I realize he’s a textbook case. His whole life was consumed by envy, hate, and this black hole style narcissism.

      These middle-aged, envious, mentally ill white males give off strong serial killer vibes. Thanks to Gallus, women can resist the propaganda that we’re required to coddle these freaks, and stay far, far away from them.

      • Mortadella Says:

        I’m starting to think these guys are cannibals, in a psychological sense. vampires maybe.
        Female is something you can consume then become, they seem to think.

    • Shalashaska Says:

      God, that takes me back to when I was young and was basically the only game in town, and most people thought the website owner was just a mentally ill man for writing stuff similar to this.

      Why is gatekeeping a bad thing again?

    • kesher Says:

      What’s really weird is that Jordan Howe was a young transitioner who didn’t necessarily look all that bad as a “woman”:

      So what’s with the drawing? Did he actually conceptualize himself as an ugly, middle-aged man? Or was he just that sympathetic to the plight of his PIW brothers?

      • born free & female Says:

        I remember seeing Jordan in the news – he said Lady Gaga had inspired him to tradition, and the coverage was all about the usual trans narrative: his “true self” was female, and a celebrity gave him the “courage” to express it, etc.

        It sounds as though he was a star-struck kid – which is normal when you’re a college student! – but it’s troubling how willing the media was to take part in this tragedy. They presented a young man’s mental troubles as an inspirational story for us all – and free publicity for Lady Gaga.

        His suicide wasn’t covered nearly as widely – there’s nothing inspirational about that, after all – and even the article kesher linked doesn’t seem to want to raise the obvious question: “We’re told these kids will kill themselves if they don’t transition, and that transition will cure all their problems. But transitioners actually have higher-than-average suicide rates. Could the narrative be wrong?”

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Apparently the person inside is a porcelain vampire that never ages.

    • Meg Says:

      There I fixed it:

  59. Daughters of the Flames Says:

    Hello my beautiful sisters. Gallup, not sure if I could e-mail you personally and link this, so I thought I should just post this here.

    There are surprisingly no comments on the article from the normally very vocal, rabid, tranny pandering, lefty, funfems. So this officially and scientifically proves that “lady brains” or “gendered brains” is complete bullshit and that “transgenderism” is nothing but a grand farce. The tranny brigade is surprisingly quiet on this. What’s wrong trannies? Afraid your little house of cards is tumbling down around you?

    • Some Twitter libfems and tyrannies claimed that the study proves “essentialist TERFs” wrong (!), rather than vindicating radical feminists as it clearly does. When presented with evidence they can’t dismiss, they just pretend it means something other than what it shows, or claim it was they who were on the right side all along. Here’s one:

      • But…but… THEY are the ones saying shit like ‘girl brain’/’boy brain’??? From what I’ve seen radfems say that the ONLY thing that should define ‘womanhood’ is being an adult, female human, and that everything beyond that – hobbies, interests, abilities, etc. – is just individual people BEING INDIVIDUALS and having individual personalities. In other words ‘womanhood’ should not be tied to any gendered expectations, and women should be free to do as we please with our lives, without having to conform to any preconceived societal bullshit (that, fyi, was invented to keep us under the proverbial – and often quite literal – male boot). THAT is gender abolition.

        Biological determinism is; ‘you like pink, dolls, wearing makeup, dresses, and being walked all over because you’re a girl/therefore you must be a girl’, which is what the genderists say ffs (‘I knew I was a girl because… [insert nauseating gender stereotype here]’)! Like??? Wtf? Are they just trying to fuck with our minds here? Isn’t that called gaslighting?

        Saying that there is no difference between male and female brains means that the only thing that makes a female a female… is BEING BIOLOGICALLY FEMALE!! The only reason women historically haven’t been a part of ‘male dominated areas’ is because the implementation of a violent gender system has forced us down to a servant class, as men wanted to have control over reproduction, which meant controlling WOMEN, aka the half of the species that gestates, births, and breastfeeds the next generation. Why don’t they get this?

        The article proves that gender is bullshit. Then again, the fact that gender is expresses differently from culture to culture, and changes over time, should have been enough proof that gender is made-up anyway, but working that out would take the ability to think critically, which is probably why they haven’t figured it out yet.

      • Meg Says:

        They’re delusional. I support female only spaces because of differences of reproductive anatomy and sex based oppression, not whether or not someone thinks their brain is female. Duh.

  60. radfemunite Says:

    I’d like to thank you on behalf of Radical Feminists Unite of Toronto for exposing this pedo pervert for who he is. We are appalled at the state of the “progressive” community here in Toronto and how they are promoting abusers and gaslighting victims. If anyone reading here is from Toronto and would like some peer support from other gender critical women, please do contact us (just click on our name to go to our site.)

  61. Brian Sheller Says:

    Hello, Gallus!

    For some time I’ve felt like people are sinking into this bottomless sea of trans-madness.

    Finding your site was a real breath of air!

    What I like best is that your approach to the topic is based purely upon reason around facts. No feelings, no subjectivity, just a firm accounting of ‘what is’ (and ‘what is most-certainly not’)

    Reading the comments section of the NYT or Washington Post leaves the impression that the public has accepted the ‘lady-brain’ narrative without much skepticism, and it’s tough to read. Here, however, the comments are thoughtful, rightly aggressive, and generally bullet-proof.

    I love the conversations as much as your posts. The best effect I think your site has is bringing together the right group of interested individuals to discus and refine the reasoning and arguments countering the trans-narrative of ‘lady-brain’, etc.

    Reading here as exposed me to a number of considerations that I had not made in my own reasoning on the issue. The GenderTrender community has a great thing going on.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I couldn’t agree more. 😉

    • LC Says:

      I completely agree with this! I don’t comment all that often, but I follow all the discussions and keep learning more things and get perspectives on things I’d never thought about. You do an amazing job with the site, Gallus.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you LC, and as you know, your contributions have been invaluable. ❤

      • Freyja Says:

        I want to second (third?) both of you. I have to deal on a daily basis with a man who claims to be a woman. At first, I was totally affirming because I assumed that he was of course a saintly victim. But over weeks of listening to him, I developed an entirely different understanding and gradually became disgusted and outraged. I went online and at first found only “trans” activists’ and supporters’ sites. I couldn’t believe that feminists were buying this poisonous crap. Finally I found this site and breathed a huge sigh of relief. I learn more every day from the discussions here.

  62. Just a Melissa Says:

    I was reminded of this earlier, and I realized something. This clown bought a four-story building to turn into a fetish club, which almost certainly means that he didn’t actually *have* to live in a homeless shelter with five real women . . . so why did he choose it?

    Maybe it’s just some other part of his fetish myriad, but maybe it isn’t. Maybe he sought homeless women for sexual use, like that other transwoman in Vancouver.

    What did this guy do to the vulnerable women who literally had nowhere else to go? What do the women forced to live with him have to say about darling little Stephonknee?

    • kesher Says:

      I’d definitely love to hear from these women. Even if he didn’t sexually assault them, I’m sure he tried to use them to witness his perversions and validate them, which I think is still a form of sexual assault. Involving bystanders in your kinks without their consent is a violation.

      • Livvie Says:

        “Involving bystanders in your kinks without their consent is a violation.” So true, and so rarely discussed. I wonder that Stef’s new ‘mummy’ isn’t perhaps being victimized by the two sick freaks in her life and is trapped there. I’ve never heard a word from her.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        I am even more interested in hearing their side:

        A 2013 radio show from The Eyeopener about Stefonknee, transcribed, with just the Stefonknee parts quoted:

        Lost in trans(gender re)lation By Colleen Marasigan

        Stefonkee Wolscht was still called Paul when she first met her wife. It was only when her then-girlfriend, Claire*, caught her eying the women’s section in a Sears catalogue that she fully opened up about her sexual identity. The next day, Claire bought Wolscht some women’s clothes. “It was nice to go on dates and be the girl — to have somebody with me, who shopped with me and who did each other’s hairs and just got to talk to.”

        In 1986 they got married. While Claire wore the dress at the wedding ceremony, Paul had his turn afterwards. “We brought the dress with us to the honeymoon and it fit me,” says Wolscht. “In the bedroom I was Stefonknee.” Throughout 23 years of marriage — which included seven children — Wolscht balanced life as both Paul, the auto mechanic, and Stefonknee, during dates with her wife.

        At 6’3”, Wolscht was sometimes questioned for her long hair and effeminate ways, and was occasionally seen wearing nail polish or eyeliner. But she says she never experienced problems in her marriage until November of 2008, when their daughter was a guest on the Maury Povich Show. The appearance was a great source of embarrassment for Claire, the principal of a local private school. “That really hurt her,” says Wolscht. “And the fact she was married to a trans person…
        didn’t help.”

        Wolscht believes that gossip surrounding their daughter, and rumours circulating within their tight-knit community of Sutton, Ont. (population 5,000) about Stefonknee’s supposed infidelity led Claire to give Stefonknee an ultimatum: stop living as a trans woman, or leave. She moved to Toronto two months later. “I did leave her for another woman,” she says. “But I am that other woman.”

        Blonde hair frames Wolscht’s face as she pushes through the Starbucks at the corner of Gerrard and Church streets. Filled with jitters, she scans the room for her date. Feeling selfconscious, she opted to wear pants tonight. Her date notices. Even in a city with a large LGBTQ community like Toronto, transgender dating can be difficult

        “Why aren’t you wearing a skirt?” The question catches Wolscht off guard. “When you called I thought you were asking me out on a date and I just didn’t want to blow it,” she says. Her date looks at Wolscht with a smile and says, “No, no! Next time wear a dress or skirt! You look good in them.”
        Sometimes it still comes as a shock to Wolscht that heterosexual women can be attracted to her. In a city much more open to her lifestyle, Wolscht says she still struggles being a trans woman. In the past eight months, she has been in three relationships. She’s also become accustomed to various advances from other women, especially from her experience in a Toronto women’s shelter. “I remember this one girl and I turned to her and asked, “Do you think Janice is flirting with me?” and she slapped me and was like ‘I’ve been flirting with you for months and you haven’t even noticed,’” Wolscht says.

        Wolscht says she tends to attract mostly heterosexual women, but would prefer to be in a lesbian relationship. “I would like to have a real relationship with a woman who is attracted to women. In my last relationships, they were attracted to me because I was an effeminate man, so they would want me to stay a man,” says Wolscht. “If I were to get a lesbian girlfriend we could be a female couple.”

        Wolscht applied for Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) in 2010, but was deemed an inapplicable candidate for the operation. She hopes in the near future she’ll be able to undergo the physical transformation, and is currently taking anti-androgens, or testosterone blockers. These in turn have enhanced her upper body, prompting her to recall a time when a classmate at George Brown complimented her now-D-cup breasts.

        “I wore this dress to class one day, and she’s just staring at them,” says Wolscht. “She just goes and gestures her hand at them and says, ‘They’re looking really good.’” While Wolscht says that situation was awkward, she’s gotten used to — and even embraces — the extra attention. And though she carries the memories of her life as Paul, Wolscht will be going out as Stefonknee, and only Stefonknee.

        And she couldn’t be happier.

      • Just a Melissa Says:

        >>>She’s also become accustomed to various advances from other women, especially from her experience in a Toronto women’s shelter.<<<

        That did not happen. I'm calling BS. I simply don't believe that WOMEN IN A HOMELESS SHELTER are trying to seduce this . . . person . . . who is very obviously male and wore pinafores and played with dolls IN THE SHELTER. That's crap.

        If I were a journalist, or even if I just had a popular blog or twitter feed or something, I would be trying to find these poor women who were forced to live with this sick freak and are now being defamed by the same sick freak.

        Good grief. Just good freaking grief. WHY DO WE HUMOR THESE PEOPLE?!?!?!

      • Biscuit Says:

        @ “Just a Melissa”

        I call bullshit on him too. He’s very VERY OBVIOUSLY a man. He’s presenting his fantasies as reality.

        And what was he doing in a woman’s shelter? He’s an abusive man. This whole sordid thing keeps getting sicker and sicker.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Yeah, that article is lies upon lies. Besides what Melissa pointed out, the part about how he got D-cup breasts from hormones is straight-up bullshit.

      • drycamp Says:

        Paul. You can’t have a “relationship” with “a woman who is attracted to women” because you are a MAN. This is something you are going to have to get used to. If women in the shelter were attracted to you (something I have grave doubts about) of course they were women who are attracted to men, for that very same reason.

        See how easy this all is? This isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is acknowledge very simple facts and everything falls neatly into place.

    • Meg Says:

      I am beyond disgusted to learn this. Battered and homeless women have had to sleep on the floor of movie theaters, empty apartments, and in the doorways and lobbies of businesses and a woman’s shelter rolled out the red carpet and gave this guy a cot for five months? Really? I feel sick wondering how many women were turned away over the course of five months because a male real estate owner and his fantasy of womanhood was more important than destitute women with literally nowhere to turn.

  63. Daughters of the Flames Says:

    See why is anyone surprised that when men are given the social and cultural opportunity to let their true, sick, male sexual, fetishes come out – they are just as horrifying as we RadFems imagined and worse. Case and point is Stephonknee. Any female sex worker could have told you how sexually sick men truly are. Women have always been the guinea pigs and trial runs for men’s sick sexual fetishes – BDSM, Porn, Group Sex/Swinging (research has shown that the idea for group sex/experimentation is driven by the male in the relationship 75 percent of the time), Incest/sexualization of girl children (can anyone say the pornification (by males of course) of the daddy/daughter relationship?), voyeurism, exhibitionism, “play rape/rape fantasies”, roleplaying (school girls, cheer leaders, dolls) again with the sexualization of girl children, and the list goes on and on and on – transgenderism is just another sexual fetish, trial run on women/girls (for the trillionth time) for men to see how socially and culturally acceptable their sexual fetishes are. Testing the waters if you will to see how much they can get away with and how open they can be with their porn sicknesses and sexual degeneracy. It’s all a sick game to these fuckers. How many female boundaries can they can break, tear down, violate, and trample on – all whilst smugly wearing our chains of female oppression (heels, make up, dresses) like play costumes in a grand fucking gender masquerade. It is nothing but a game to these men. Nothing but a costume. A mask. A past time to tinker with and play with. Our identities, experiences, and lives as women, mothers, sisters, friends, lovers,and human beings is nothing but a glittery costume for these men to try on and dress up. Lesbians, women, girls, womanhood, and girlhood is all effectively erased. This movement is so so so so sick. Transgenderism is and always has been – nothing but a farce, masking something much much sinister lurking beneath it (again case and point…..Stephonknee). I am not shocked at all that so many men are “transgender”. It never ends with men does it? Nothing and I mean nothing…..that men do surprise me anymore.

  64. Peachyoghurt Says:

    I made a video about Stefonknee, starring Ashley. 🙂

  65. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    At first glance, I thought this was someone doing a parody of Stefonknee…but apparently this is the man himself, educating people about his experience:

    “…in my mind I’m a babe
    and to me I’m sexy
    wow wtf, did I just fall in love with me?…

    …made the T-girl from a dude
    yeah exactly what you see
    went from jeans to pretty dresses
    just to set this girly free
    and no you can’t have my dresses
    cuz they all belong to me…”

    Hope he didn’t wear that to a job interview.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I’m shocked that his ex-wife and the judge don’t want him contacting his kids. Shocked, I tell you.

      Seriously, those poor kids and ex-wife. They must be absolutely traumatized by this bastard.

  66. Joe Clark Says:

    Now he’s threatening suicide on Twitter, which is exactly what one would expect him to do and the exact venue where one would expect him to do it.

      • GallusMag Says:

        And he’s blaming GenderTrender! Interesting, because I thought the responses posted on the Xtra piece, YouTube, twitter, etc. were much stronger than anything posted here where I’ve merely covered his own public statements of his “media campaign”. But of course he blames women. I hope he gets help, and I especially hope he doesn’t do any harm to others, especially women and children or his family.

      • Janetwo Says:

        What a bunch of cowards blaming this site simply to just put out the truth out there and let people make up their own minds. If they are that concerned about the wellbeing of the freak, instead of calling on doxxing the people here, they should just call the police and say the dude is a danger to himself and have him committed for a while at the psychward until he gets his head straightened up. So fucking fedup of them making a spectacle of their shit. Its all a show for attention, and if they had him dragged a few times at the psychward after he threatens to off himself, either he would get the right medical treatment or he would stop the attention whoring behavior. Either way it would be a win. Retweeting his crap is not a medical treatment for somebody who is serious about committing suicide. Layoff the social medias, grab a phone and call the Ontario police saying the guy is a danger to himself. They will know at what hospital to drop him for evaluation and treatment.

      • Biscuit Says:

        So, ultimately, they just want people to sit down and shut up when a person who very much seems like a pedophile gets access to a young child. Because suicide?

        Paul admitted to being turned on sexually while acting like a six year old girl and he admitted that he gets an erection even thinking about it. And then, he gets to ‘play’ with a real young girl…

        Well, anyone with half a brain can see where that can lead.

        And yeah, there are loads of comments on the youtube video about how awful this whole thing is, and Paul is arguing on youtube with some of them.

      • morag99 Says:

        The Toronto police are looking for him now:

        Toronto Police OPS
        MISSING: Stefonknee Wolscht, 52 -Anyone with info call 416 808-5100 ^dh

        And, when they do find him, I would hope they’d have a little time to ask him a few questions. Questions about his “play therapy” with an actual little girl while he pretends that he is also a little girl. Questions about how the thought of himself as a 6-year-old girl, being penetrated by an old man, gives him an erection.

        Stefonknee has been VERY public about his sexual activities, thoughts and feelings. And he’s been featured in several short documentaries, all of which are available online, so why should he be so surprised when others take such a keen interest? Weren’t those candid interviews he gave meant to be conversation starters about transgenderism?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yes and maybe they could investigate his multiple public threats to stalk and harass women who don’t believe he is a six-year-old girl.

      • GallusMag Says:

        That time GenderTrender continued to publish feminist critique of trends in gender regardless of violent threats and relentless harassment from men.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        apparently he wants a show-down ok corral style:
        Stefonknee Wolscht
        1 hr ·

        Later today I will post the location of a park I’ll be waiting at that to meet the people that want to kill me. Wear warm clothes as it is chilly out. I will offer to clarify the information that you have received, or bring your bricks and bats and teach me a lesson for being Trans.

        were I local to him I would go and just stare, with a smirk, into his face. That drama queen doesn’t need to be engaged with, it fuels his fire but it burns my ass that he’ll give an hour’s head’s up and be all ‘o, the scaredey cats will only say stuff online’.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Wait I thought HE was the person who wanted to kill him(self), after he Doxxed and threatened a bunch of women to punish them for not pretending he is a five year old girl.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        no because clearly compiling stuff into one place that HE HIMSELF POSTED ALL BY HIMSELF ALL OVER THE INTERNETS means we want to kill him.the cognitive dissonance is strong with this one. I mean, obviously a 6 foot 4 inch, 275 pound man is living in terror in real life. don’t like it compiled? stop posting the shit idiot (that was a suggestion, not a ‘i’ma kill you sucka’ threat because clearly you have problems telling the difference)

      • dejavublonde Says:

        the you being him reading this, not you you. ahem, this whole thing is making me lose iq points apparently.

      • Meg Says:

        tsk tsk tsk

        Doxxing isn’t a habit of six year olds, Stef-on-knee.

        Just admit you’re a fake with a fetish and mental health problems.

        Oh, and here come the suicide threats. Like always, nobody else is allowed to have their own opinion without you going ballistic on them.

        I’m so done with these wretched and loathsome abusers. Lock these people up and throw away the key – they have no business in civilized society if their only response to negative opinions is violence.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        Love how he tweets your handle a bunch of times but misspells it EVERY time. sums up the trans issue nicely- close, but not quite. and I’ve taken baths longer than he went missing for. Fucking attention whore.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        if could edit/would add: lololol, the mean gay man is being MEAN a big MEANIE to the poor lil girl in a man’s body. wait, man in a lil girls body. that sounds worse. anyway:

        Pls RT #LGBT ppl can be #Transphobic too. #Gay man “Barndancer61” was really mean to #Trans woman @Stefonknee today.

        SO MEAN!/s

      • morag99 Says:

        ” … and I’ve taken baths longer than he went missing for.”

        Snort! I know, I know. I’m sure he was holed-up somewhere, having a snack, and watching #findstefonknee trend on Twitter.

        And you are so right, dejavublonde, about the many, many people who find Wolscht’s “true self” pretty repugnant. And all those people are being pretty “mean” — some even quite crass — about what they think of his autopedogynephilia, and that includes non-feminits, MRAs, gay people and, yes, even other trans people.

        Yet, in anticipation of this abuser’s demise, many of his fans and supporters, including an NDP executive, were calling Gallus and we feminists commenters “killers.”

        Killers! It’s all backwards with them, completely turned around — which is the very dictionary definition of “perverse.”

        Gallus is the hero, here. By using his own words and actions to connect all the dots, and revealing the truth about a malignant narcissist, who is otherwise being protected and enabled by his society, this blog post is act of validation and compassion for his victims and a warning to potential future victims of men like him.

        Thanks, Gallus. You’re stunning and brave!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you.
        My heart goes out to all of his victims, like his family whom he has threatened in writing to burn down their house as they slept. How many good people wondered not if he was safe, but if he was coming to make good on his violent threats and go out in a blaze of horror? Many, I’d bet.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        he LITERALLY went somewhere and had a nap.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “I have a terrible headache so I’m just going to lay down for a quick suicide for half an hour or so. I’ll call you when I’m done.”

      • morag99 Says:

        “ … I’m just going to lay down for a quick suicide for half an hour or so … ”

        Okay: my shoulders are shaking and a single tear escaped from the corner of my eye. This is too funny. Please stop!

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Killing yourself when you’re tired from work sometimes gives you a second wind for the evening.”

      • morag99 Says:

        “True. But while a quick suicide in the afternoon can feel luxurious and quite refreshing, it’s important to remember this general rule: no more than 20-30 minutes. If you kill yourself for any longer than that, you can end up feeling much worse.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        lol so true! And you don’t want your suicide to get in the way of a good night’s sleep.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        he is losing his everloving mind on twitter currently. I would likely feel his distress more if EVERY post wasn’t self promotion to get followers ‘halp me, I’m victimized- follow me!’, ‘the terrible terfs are going to kill me- get live updates by following me’. A-T-T-E-N-T-I-O-N WHORE.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        O, and literally threatening anyone who showed up (and then promptly cancelling the park rondezvous. He’s now going to sue)

        Later today I will post the location of a park I’ll be waiting at that to meet the people that want to kill me. Wear warm clothes as it is chilly out. I will offer to clarify the information that you have received, or bring your bricks and bats and teach me a lesson for being Trans.
        10 people like this.

        Neil James Nugent
        Neil James Nugent lemme know stef!! ill bring the dingo!!! im on yourside!
        Like · 1 · 5 hrs · Edited

        Darryl Richardson
        Darryl Richardson It’s my understanding that the Gender Trender guy lives in Europe? Either way I will be there for you.
        Like · 2 · 5 hrs

        Stefonknee Wolscht
        Stefonknee Wolscht Yes! This will be a real barn dance. But I get to fuck with the first three haters alone. You can feed my sorry ass to your dogs if they knock me out.
        Like · 3 hrs

        Neil James Nugent
        Neil James Nugent ill bring nez so u can feed whom ever ya pound out
        Like · 3 hrs

        Janet Bridget Fitzsimmons
        Janet Bridget Fitzsimmons I’m with Cathy and Carmen…there’s no safe way to engage with these people and your safety is critical! Let’s all get pedicures!
        Like · 2 · 2 hrs

        Keira Grant
        Keira Grant I know we don’t know each other very well, but please don’t do this! This sounds very dangerous, and not at all worth it. Is someone with you?

        Like · 3 · 1 hr
        Maurganne Mooney
        Maurganne Mooney Post their names so we can all put a stop to the violence
        Like · 2 · 1 hr

        Stefonknee Wolscht
        Stefonknee Wolscht OK, change of plans. I’m going to lay low until we can start our legal defense. Thank you all for your support.(((Hugs))) Stefonkned
        Like · 1 · 1 hr

        Stefonknee Wolscht
        Stefonknee Wolscht Here is their creepy leader
        Stefonknee Wolscht’s photo.

        Evan Smith
        Evan Smith Goddamn
        Like · 11 mins
        Maurganne Mooney
        Maurganne Mooney I just posted the identity of the hate criminal on my wall
        Like · 55 mins

        Paula Kotva
        Paula Kotva I am glad you are going to lay low and get legal help with this Stefonknee.
        Like · Just now

      • GallusMag Says:

        Violent six foot four 300 pound man is scary. Man convicted of violence, threats, posts violent threats. Didn’t see that one coming.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Yet, in anticipation of this abuser’s demise, many of his fans and supporters, including an NDP executive, were calling Gallus and we feminists commenters “killers.”

        The female gaze. It’s a killer.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        I found a reply on his facebook from one of his children (not linking as it has child’s real name) where the child states ‘we didn’t even need you to be a father, just a parent. like, not threatening to not help me with my homework unless I painted your fingernails’.

        I’m not even going to comment on that because it pretty much involves not caring if Paul kills himself- which would affect his children who have lived through him threatening to kill himself over their feelings before.

      • LC Says:

        “Teach me a lesson for being trans?” Why do I get the feeling that this is related to his boxing fetish?

      • GallusMag Says:


      • morag99 Says:

        “Later today I will post the location of a park I’ll be waiting at that to meet the people that want to kill me. Wear warm clothes as it is chilly out. I will offer to clarify the information that you have received, or bring your bricks and bats and teach me a lesson for being Trans.”

        It’s so hard not to laugh. Will he be wearing his pinafore and ruffles and clutching his dolly for this festive bricks-and-bats occasion? Will there be hot cocoa served in paper cups?

        But it’s actually not funny, except in dark way. The man is stark raving mad, and obviously a danger to others (I really doubt he’s a danger to himself).

        Can’t he be arrested for planning a murder, even if it’s his own? Seriously. I think it’s time for his support team to call the Toronto police again, or a mobile mental health unit. He’s on the edge, and he’s threatened and hurt his family before …

      • kesher Says:

        If anyone’s looking to teach Wolscht a lesson it’s for his being a pedophile, not for being “trans”. White PIWs don’t face the violence that they co-opt for their political benefit. Everyone knows they’re men, and they get at least some deference on that basis. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: The biggest “oppression” a white PIW has ever had to face is some teenagers making fun of him.

        But pedophiles love to make themselves out to be harmless victims, and this is where I wonder how much of the vaunted trans homicide victim rate is due to something like this. Sure, some of them are targeted for being gender non-conforming men of color or for being prostitutes, but are any targeted for being creeps? Or how about just for being violent men? One reason men are more likely to be victims of homicide is because they’re more likely to pick fights and less likely to walk away from a violent confrontation.

  67. terriergal Says:

    Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to be charged as an adult for his crimes?

    • GallusMag Says:

      What a letdown that must be for Daryl Banks et al.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Speaking of the twisted Daryl “sophiaphotos” Banks:

        This is very interesting because I know nothing about Daryl or his family or his uncle, and I’ve never posted on him, even though he used to run a Cathy Brennan impersonation account which he used to harass myself and others.

        Pure libel and slander. I know nothing and care nothing about this man and his life. Lying Pig in a wig.

      • Biscuit Says:

        Dear God – he (Daryl) is now accusing people of ‘kink shaming.’

        Yeah – being appalled by a 52-year-old man who brings an actual child into his fetish is now “kink shaming.”

        Pedophilia is one ‘kink’ that cannot be tolerated.


      • GallusMag Says:

        Seriously considering suing him.

      • Peke Says:

        Ugh Daryl Banks went full Nancy Grace over this.

      • It sounds like your case against Banks would be a slam dunk in Canada, Gallus:

        To prove defamation in Canada, you only have to show three things, as summarized in one of the Supreme Court’s most recent pronouncements on defamation, Grant v. Torstar:

        1. the impugned words are defamatory, in the sense that they would tend to lower the plaintiff’s reputation in the eyes of a reasonable person;
        2. the words in fact refer to the plaintiff; and
        3. the words were published, i.e., that they were communicated to at least one person other than the plaintiff.

        That is a very low bar to clear. Once you show these three things, the Court just assumes that the words were in fact false. It would be up to the defendant at that point to prove they are true, which is a defense to defamation.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Anyone know an Ottawa based defamation attorney? You can leave tips labeled “Not For Publication” if you’d like. Thank you.

    • Magdalena Z. Says:

      Woman? What woman? This is a dude with a giant ego problem. I wonder if any of us would have a blurb if we went missing for half a day, nah not penisy enough. I really hate it when these gross men are called women, grrrr

    • Meg Says:

      Of course he’s been found safe. Did anyone have a doubt? He only ran away long enough to get people upset and worried. He’s like any other manipulator that creates chaos to try to control people.

      Oh, and kink shaming isn’t a thing, because that’s something nobody else needs to know about. Your sexual practices are none of my business and if you choose to make it my business you’re damn right I’m going to call you a disgusting shithead. Don’t force your sicko lifestyles on me and demand I nod and smile, that’s called sexual harassment.

      • Janetwo Says:

        Nope, no doubt at all this shitbag was just looking for attention. People serious about suicide typically dont plaster it on social medias. They usually become socially withdrawn or call anonymous helplines. If their love ones are lucky, they will give some signs that will allow their family and friends to intervene in time and get them professional help. But when can any kind of truth been expected from the trannies. They lead high risks life as sex workers, get beat by het men enraged to have been fooled into flirting or having sex with a man and call that hate crimes. Not that it excuses the het men behaviors but certainly give them mitigating circumstances and does not fall under hate crime. They mindfuck kids with serious pre-existing mental conditions like Joshua Alcorn, alienate them from real life friends and family than blame the family when the kids off themselves. What is absolutely hilarious is that there is no way they can spin that one off once reasonable people watch the video of little Stefy explaining he plays dolls with a real little girl. This is straight up fetishism in all its twisted, hideous glory and it involves an innocent child. If anything validates what the radfems have said about the sexualisation of children and the trans preying on kids, this is it.

  68. “Toronto Police OPS
    MISSING: Stefonknee Wolscht, 52 -Anyone with info call 416 808-5100 ^dh”

    52?? But he IDENTIFIES as a 6 year old girl! Transphobia! Where is the outcry? A trans child is missing!

    • Rosemary Says:

      I guess trans-children don’t get Amber Alerts like cis-children #cisprivilege

      • Just a Melissa Says:

        I died of laughter from this comment. I am now a zombie and it’s all your fault (but it was worth it).

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Dispatch: All units, be on the lookout for missing six year old girl.

      This little girl is approximately 52 yrs of age, six feet tall, 300 lbs.

      Answers to the name of Stephonknee. Get it? Steph-On-Knee? May have a raging boner and need treatment for an enlarged prostate.

      Officer: What?!?

      Dispatch: She’s just a little girl! Don’t you oppress her!

      • I think Stef-on-knee needs to file a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission because the TPS mis-aged her. I mean, this might make her suicidal again. What a bunch of TERFs.

        Seriously though, try reporting an 18 or 19 year old to the Toronto Police Service with less than 24 hours missing and watch as they laugh at you.

      • Meg Says:

        GrumpyGirl exactly. Had it been a young woman/lesbian nobody would have cared if she had went missing. There would be no tweet or concern from the transcommunity whatsoever.

  69. Towanda Says:

    For the sake of credibility, please provide the name of the MCC Toronto deacon who is quoted in your original post.

  70. CaoCao Says:

    I just saw this circulating on my Facebook- framed as ” OMG this poor Trans woman is a victim of vile feminists!” .. But I ALSO saw this Trans woman on TWITTER all day today ( while she was supposedly missing) calling everyone she knows to DOXX feminists.
    I fucking pray for the world, that people can actually read through material coherently and form their own opinions, because this trans woman is no victim.

    • morag99 Says:

      “I fucking pray for the world, that people can actually read through material coherently and form their own opinions, because this trans woman is no victim.”

      Yes. There’s a huge comprehension problem, or a refusal of coherence, with many people on the Left right now.

      Just last week, an Iranian-British feminist and ex-Muslim secularist named Maryam Namazie spoke at Goldsmiths University about the horrifying oppression that girls, women, gays, ethnic minorities, journalists, bloggers, and other Muslims are suffering under the enforcers of Sharia law.

      Some men from the university’s Islamic Society had tried to have her no-platformed, and when that didn’t work, they showed up at the lecture hall and sat in the front row to shamelessly heckle, harass, intimidate and threaten her.

      If she was terrified, she didn’t let that stop her. She was very brave, did not back down for one second, but instead raised her voice louder and louder.

      All of the chaos and shouting, by the way, was recorded and posted on Youtube, so anyone who cares can see and hear for themselves exactly what happened.

      Did the university’s Feminist Society come out in support of Namazie? Nope. Incredibly, they, along with the LGBT Society, issued written statements of solidarity with the men who had heckled and threatened her. Men who harassed and threatened her in PUBLIC! It was recorded!

      It’s the same with our supposedly poor, victimized Stef-on-knee. All of his sickness, misogyny and pedophilia, the battering of his wife and children, his arrests and incarcerations, are a matter of public record — from his own mouth! And, yet, the big bad feminists are to blame for his suicide stunt? Killers!

      I see many, many parallels.

  71. Margie Says:

    This Stefonknee thing has been an amazing story. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more bizarre, here comes lil Stephie.

    The comments on Youtube were magnificent. A number of them were from gays and lesbians. Not “LGBTs” but actual gays and lesbians, just like we used to be called before the arrival of the trans mob. They were calling out Xtra! for running with this story, and for assuming that any gay or lesbian reader of the paper would be interested. Not surprisingly, Xtra! has deleted all comments on the Youtube page. This is the standard operating procedure that “LGBT” uses to silence dissent. Just delete and problem solved. However the transjacked idiots left the ratings up, which show something like a 15:1 thumbs down/thumbs up ratio.

    • Janetwo Says:

      They want them deleted so that people dont realize how many people from all walks of life have the exact same opinion about the tranny insanity. And its building up fast into a strong opposition movement. We cant thank enough bloggers like Gallus, a transwidow and all the others activists who hold the fort long enough for a critical mass of people to get educated on the topic. At first, Gendertrender was the only place on the internet I could find that cleared the confusion and convinced me that I was not alone. These parasites literally invaded every blogs, every websites, every feminists and gays outlets they could and silenced every single conversations on gay or women issues and slowly are doing the same with race discussions with the trannies of color. They have deep pockets and connections to academia and mainstream medias where they push their propagenda. They used social medias and the internet to terrorize and harrass people. But the net is not the real world and while you can build the illusion of a conscensus by controlling to an extent the net, it does not mean it results in the same in the real world. But its not a battle they can win in the long run because they cant change biology and they cant convince 7 billions people that men are women and vice versa. They cant change history either and the oppression of women and gays cant be erased from all the history books in the world. We just need to do outreach in our communities, schools, local associations, businesses we patronize and simply say that we will never accept, for any consideration, that biological sex is not real and our laws need to be grounded in reality. And intersex need to be considered separatly from tranny bs. As a leftie, I have found this a good exercize in self-reflection and allowed me to look critically at what the left had turned into and how far away it has drifted from its roots. When we spend more time talking and defending porn, sexual fetishes and trannies than labor rights, poverty, the environment etc…something is completely wrong. We have become truly irrelevant. We have a whole generation of kids and teenages which will have to face unprecedented social and environmental challenges which needs nothing less than looking at their genitals all day bogged down in a totally media engineered identity crisis. Like it or not, your sex is not something you can change and that is all that you need to know and accept. I personally assumed for the past 20 years we were mostly over that whole gender shit in developed countries and now we have to waste time and energy fighting the pink tranny pervy barbarian hordes of the fucking bathrooms. I am pissed.

      • Barndancer61 Says:

        Well said! Janetwo is right on. Another up-and-coming LGB blog started especially by the individual who started the marvellous “Drop The T” petition on last month, can be found at . It is gaining steam & members, with a great deal of commentary and info regarding the trans tyranny.

      • Sketcher Says:

        Excellent comment! I thought we won this fight 15-20 years’ ago too, and now we’re being dragged back into it via another route. Same old shit, different day. Go to who won’t be shut down.

  72. charlies59 Says:

    Saw the comments deleted in mid conversation between 2 people who are detransitioning. One posted on FB what happened. It was a public post.

    ”So the Trans woman lives as a 6 year old girl video has been live in the comment section till a few minutes ago, when it got real. Another detransitioner, who is not your average detransitioner but a person who is a neurological researcher and has done much work and research on the brain. Has lived with and studied trans people as well. We were engaging in a very interesting and enlightening conversation when all of the sudden the comments where disabled. Coincidence or Trans Advocates on damage control? Here is a screen shot from my email notification that I manage to be able to save, since they pulled the plug.’

  73. Margie Says:

    This is not about Stefonknee, but it is germaine to the topic of generic trans vileness. I just discovered this unfolding on twitter, where a tranny named “Tiffany” has been boldly supporting corporate abuse of animals. You may be aware of the horrifying revelations about SeaWorld’s abuse of killer whales, which were exposed in the documentary, Blackfish. SeaWorld rips these whales from their mothers, with whom they would ordinarily spend most of their lives. It does so when they are infants. The captives are then kept in small tanks, where they suffer for decades, for their entire lives. No one with a heart could be aware of this and treat it cavalierly. Even those who side with SeaWorld acknowledge that the treatment of these intelligent beings raises serious moral issues. But the only thing that matters to “Tiffany” is his own enjoyment and his precious childhood memories. BTW, Tiffany was, until August 2014, a fat dude with a beard. But then Laverne Cox inspired him to come out as trans:

    Tiffany ‏@happysad1234567 6h6 hours ago
    @orneryoh @SeaWorld I quite frankly give no fucks I just wanna be able to see the same shamu show I grew up with so I will be in #SanAntonio

    FreeCaptiveCetaceans ‏@orneryoh 6h6 hours ago
    @happysad1234567 @SeaWorld about cetacean intelligence, size of brain, sentience, family bonds, etc? Wait, u might not even care?

    @orneryoh @SeaWorld I really don’t. There are plenary in the wild. If a few are captive for memories so be it. #TopOfTheFoodChain.

    Tiffany ‏@happysad1234567 6h6 hours ago
    @orneryoh @SeaWorld I bath in blood. I roll with #Cthulhu

    • Bob Doublin Says:

      He rolls with Cthulhu. Oh there’s a real winner you should want to spend time with. Worships a fake deity from a horror story (well,other than the Bible.)

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Typical selfishness. Not surprised at all. I hope karma bites him in the ass, big time.

    • Janetwo Says:

      To me its very representative of the exploitative death cult of the trannies. They dont care who or what they hurt, as long as they have their fun.

    • Janetwo Says:

      ps Tiffany must specifically hate orcas because they are matriarchal. He gets his jolly seeing them confined and performing under inhumane conditions. That`s a heck of a metaphor for the whole tranny culture.

    • Meg Says:

      Is anyone else tired of men referencing Cthulhu like it makes them badass or something?

      That’s so 2005. lol Grow up already.

      as far as #TopOfTheFoodChain – pretty callous attitude for someone pretending to be six years old.

  74. drycamp Says:

    Sorry, I didn’t read the whole thread before posting that he went missing. Probably best to delete that comment, and this one.

  75. Janetwo Says:

    Well, at least we have definite proof ridicule dont kill. The whole thing would be a comedy if it was not hinting at the level of emotional blackmail his wife and children have been submitted for years. You cant approach this dude safely without a hazmat suit, earplugs, a stunt gun, a good lawyer and a psychologist to debrief you after. I feel bad for the police officers who had to deal with him and that he now blast on facebook:
    “Why give us human rights if we’re not going to live long enough to use them? No one cares if we live or die. Fuck You York Regional Police, FUCK’N YOU TPS & OPP.“

    Of course he would be mad the police actually was called, investigated and blew the lid on his fake suicide: `”Oh lookie! who’s not deady?! That would be little Stefy!

    and for some laugh follow tweets between phishie and our six years old little girlie girl. Sorry in advance for the vulgarity:

    “Stef-on-knee Wolscht ‏@Stefonknee

    @anonymous_phish @c_9 your blow jobs are sooo good, shooting my load down your through Sent me over the moon bitch. 🙂 Thanks baby”

    Maybe somebody with a twitter account could retweet this to Cheri Denovo 😛 and ask if in her experience, shooting your load down somebody`s throat is proof positive of having a female brain.

    • morag99 Says:

      “Maybe somebody with a twitter account could retweet this to Cheri Denovo 😛 and ask if in her experience, shooting your load down somebody`s throat is proof positive of having a female brain.”

      Yes, he’s in full decompensation mode now.

      What do you want to bet that his ex-wife, and probably other girls/women close to him as well, have been subjected to the very same misogynist, rapist and threatening abuse that he’s now spewing all over social media and against Gallus/this blog? It’s quite possibly word-for-word, and worse, what she endured whenever his mask fully slipped off.

      What a woman-hating, repulsive and dangerous man. And whoever supports him is complicit. I don’t really understand how women like DiNovo resolve their cognitive dissonance.

    • Meg Says:

      Well said would be an understatement here.

      Love your comments. 🙂

    • morag99 Says:

      P.S., I wonder what the police did that he’s now raging against them, too. Did the cops give him a narcissistic injury? By, for instance, telling him to behave himself and not threaten suicide in public before taking a nap?

      I hope it’s because they have a warrant to search his computer or, at least, because they are now watching him — a man with a criminal record, restraining order, and (multiple?) incarcerations — more closely. I hope, but I’m not holding my breath, either.

  76. charlston Says:

    Um, just came across this and I think it fits here…sort of from the horses mouth.
    HOW I TOLD MY WIFE I WAS TRANSGENDER. If you watch this vid I think this is pretty obvious and makes the point to anyone who thinks Greer should not be mentioning family finances and family being breaking down .

    ‘ The reason I DON’T have to pay ALIMONY is I told my wives before we married ..’
    ‘ We didn’t divorce due to who I was but due to my indiscretions’
    ‘ I moved out because I fell in love with another…’

  77. bluepersuasion Says:

    “This six-year-old girl has some issues.”

    More like, “This grown-ass man has some issues.” There, fixed it.

    Seriously, people, entertaining mental illness this way is borderline criminal.

  78. TransHurtsLGB Says:

    Hi Gender Trender. I am a concerned gay man who wanted to give you a heads up that Stefonknee has been broadcasting the identity of the person who he thinks owns this blog in attempt to get people to harass her. You might also want to check out his Facebook where he, not surprisingly, wrote a misogynistic and homophobic poem about you. I took a screen capture in case he deletes it.

    This is what he wrote:

    Gender Trender
    Gallusmag: Ode to .
    Oh! A bed, for Gallusmag to lay a head upon.
    Don’t sleep tight, keep on a light, by morn your ear be gone.
    It’ll be beer with ear and a round of cheer,
    Til her parched pussy box dews drop, with smells fish those liver lips that’s never seen a cock.
    Oh! A bed, for Gallusmag to lay her dead upon!
    By Stefonknee Wolscht

    Here is Facebook:

    Someone also took screen captures of his entire FetLife profile that includes disturbing pictures of him in a dog collar on his knees with his “mommy” and “daddy.” As well as a list of offensive misogynistic terms as it relates to his view of what a women is.

    Keep up the good fight.

    A concerned gay brother.

    • GallusMag Says:

      He’s like the uninvited guest that never leaves. How old is this post now? He reminds me of a criminally violent version of Perduta. Ah, I guess there’s a million of them…

    • gaydude50 Says:

      “Til her parched pussy box dews drop, with smells fish those liver lips that’s never seen a cock.”

      Well that settles it. Obviously written by a woman. Eyeroll

    • Meg Says:

      Am I the only one who is not buying his claim that his wife told him to “stop being trans or get out”?

      It seems suspiciously convenient that he had a “new mummy and daddy” waiting in the wings for him to start his “new life.”

      I have no reason to believe anything he says. He went ballistic and lied about people here when we expressed negative opinions. He wanted to sick the trans brute squad on everyone here for not pandering to his insanity. I have no doubt he treated his wife the same way, and will say anything about her to make her look bad because that’s what abusers do (when they aren’t threatening suicide to get their way).

      • Biscuit Says:

        His wife and kids have or had a restraining order against him and he’s been convicted of assaulting and threatening them. If his wife told him to get out, she had a very good reason.

        He also has a pinterest page, and believe me, it’s sick. The words “Lolita” and “Sissy Boy” come up quite a bit, which makes it abundantly clear to me that his “age play” thing is a sexual fetish and that he sees young girls in a sexual way (=is a pedophile). If anyone doesn’t know, “Lolita” is a novel about a man who sexually abuses a twelve year old girl.

        The fact that he has other adults supporting his behavior makes me feel like I’ve been teleported into some sort of screwed up bizarro dimension. How can anyone in their right mind think this is okay? He clearly has strong pedophilic tendencies and anyone validating his “identity” is complicit in encouraging them.

  79. mmuuduri Says:

    It’s the laws that allow individual to take advantage of a situation when they are tired of a part of their life.

    This man might have been tired of the family responsibility and didn’t have a strong backbone to resist the temptation of going back to mum womb so to speak.

    As long as laws of nations don’t allow individuals like 6 year old to take advantage the 6 year old of this world will keep on trying to shine.

    • stchauvinism Says:

      Paul is an amazing trans activist, look at him getting the word out about the good news and educating the masses about the magic that is transgenderism.

  80. bluepersuasion Says:

    What a a freak. And, honestly, anyone who entertains this flaming mental illness is not right in the head, either. I can’t believe what this country is becoming right before my very own eyes.

  81. Ssssd Says:

    So this man is now living with his “adopted parents” where he acts as 6-year-old girl (that is how he identifys himself) These adopted parents have actual young children of their own living in the same house…and Paul/Stef has sexual relations with the Father. Then “plays” with the little children. Those children no doubt have been emotionally, mentally, and I’m sad to say, but probably sexually abused by this man as well.
    I just want to know when enough is enough? Don’t get me wrong, I myself, am a very open minded person. I support the LGBT community and the way I see it, if you’re happy and not causing any harm to anyone or yourself, than live your life.
    But first you have a male who identifys with being female ( or vise versa) So we have Transgender. Then a white person who identify as being black.. so then we have Transrace. Then a Human who identifys as an animal…Transhuman? A grown man identifying as a 6 year old girl…Transage. At what point do we stop being so passively accepting and get serious about Mental Health? I’m sorry but if you think you’re a horse or a little baby girl when you are indeed a grown man, then there is something wrong here…you are not well, and need some psychological help. But instead our society is so easily offended these days, that if you even utter the words “insane” you’re a horrible person who doesn’t want equal rights for everyone. But my question still stands, when is enough, enough? Because to me, all of this crosses the line. And this psycho needs to be locked up.

  82. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    How obvious does a pedophile need to be?
    Anyone who wants to play with little children is suspect. Since when did we privilege the wishes of an unbalanced adult over the protections extended to children? There is no right to association with children.

    • gchild Says:

      “Since when do we privilege the wishes of an unbalanced adult over the protections extended to children”

      Lol. Since, after decades of intense and pathological porn addiction and the passive cosumption of rape culture, many males have become distressed, dysphoric, and depressed about not being able to sexually act out, violate, terrorize and possess the objects of their sexual obbssessions (women and children mostly). This has led to the belief that allowing men to do whatever the fuck they want is the only way to end their psychological suffering.

      Not allowing men like Stefonknee access to children for “play therapy” is a violation of his human (male) rights. You see “play therapy” (sexual access to children) cures his unhappiness (gets him off).

      Or so says trans, pedo, and MRA activisim.

    • kesher Says:

      Since forever.

      Children have long been viewed as the sexual playthings of men, particularly the men who own them. It’s really a modern phenomenon, this idea that children and women have rights independent of their male caretakers and that abuse of both is no longer a private family matter.

      Even today, parents are far more incensed by the idea of a stranger attacking their children than a relative or family friend, even though, statistically, the relative or family friend is the most likely culprit. Confronting a relative or family friend is just so uncomfortable.

  83. Joe Clark Says:

    Something I’m concerned about here is the lack of sourcing for Mr. Wolscht’s criminal admissions and convictions. Gender Trender is usually highly reliable at linking to, or just publishing for the first time, proof of such malfeasance by MTF transgenders and others.

    I believe it would strengthen this posting to have somewhat tighter sourcing of those facts.

    • GallusMag Says:

      The sources are presented as highlighted links in the text. Click on the highlighted portions of the text to see the source material. EVERYTHING REPORTED HERE IS SOURCED IN THE TEXT.
      In fact, everything reported here is sourced from OBJECTIVE sources (example: photos of his indictment broadcast on news programs) unlike SEVERAL reporters who report his own statements as factual (example: unverified statements he has made about his wife.)

      If an individual cannot take the time to click and view a source, I find it remarkable that they would take the time to complain that clicking on sources is too much work.

      • Joe Clark Says:

        With 24 years online and after writing a book on Web development, I take due care in offering criticism. There are no links in this paragraph (and I also viewed source to double-check that):

        In 2009 he was charged with 14 criminal offenses of assault, uttering threats, criminal harassment, and criminal mischief. His wife and their two oldest children- then in their late teens- testified against him. He was found guilty of assault and uttering threats. The court also issued a two-year restraining order against him that applied to his wife and all seven of his children. He and his wife divorced.

        It is these allegations that do not link to or present sources. I personally find that remarkable. I do not think my closing statement (“I believe it would strengthen this posting to have somewhat tighter sourcing of those facts”) merits escalation of tone.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “…you can watch this all play out in gory detail in the video ‘Paul Wears Dresses’ at the bottom of this link:!stefonknee-wolscht“.

        Seriously you’re complaining about where in the piece I cited the source? Fuck off now.

    • Another IT guy.
      What color panties are you wearing Joe?

  84. GallusMag Says:

    Looks like The Transgender Project is funded by the Canadian government:

    “The Transgender Project was produced with the support of the Canada Media Fund.”

    “The Canada Media Fund (CMF) fosters, promotes, develops and finances the production of Canadian content and relevant applications for all audiovisual media platforms.
    The CMF receives financial contributions from the Government of Canada and Canada’s cable, satellite and IPTV distributors.”

    • Joe Clark Says:

      The CMF is not in any respect a branch of the Canadian government. Nor is it an activity of same, nor does its funding represent the choices or policies of government.

      The CMF is merely the latest instantiation of the tradition in Canada to allow oligopoly broadcasters to rake in cash while tithing a portion of it to an ostensibly third-party agency to issue grants. Historically, you couldn’t get that funding without a broadcast commitment from one of the oligopolists. That has changed with Web-only projects.

      CMF is partially funded by the Canadian government. No one in government chose to hand money to iChannel, a tiny specialty broadcaster, to produce the Transgender Project.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “The CMF receives financial contributions from the Government of Canada and Canada’s cable, satellite and IPTV distributors.”

        Yes, that is what I posted.

  85. Sine Rose Says:

    He should change his name to Ste-phony LOL.

  86. Tye Teeva Says:

    I was wondering if all this is true where do you get all this information from?

    I was also curious how you feel, or where you stand on other trans as I could find very few articles on female to male trans.

  87. drycamp Says:

    Clicking links (thank you Gallus!) I see that some of the trans activists, having perceived how damaging this story is to them, are accusing unnamed people of cooking this story up just to embarrass them and the Cause.

    Well, conspiracy theorists are always with us I suppose. Luckily for those of us who are more realistic, Stef is an exhibitionist who gets off on telling the media all the nasty details, including how he felt having sex with “daddy.” When you throw the door open to the “feels” and leave common sense behind, anyone can be anything, male, female, black, white, old, young, it can change from day to day, and we have to take the word of mentally ill individuals at face value.

    Look, I kind of feel sorry for the guy and other people similarly situated, and I certainly don’t think we should be punitive, but I’d also like to limit the collateral damage here. The grandkids of the enablers don’t deserve to be exposed to this person. And I do NOT want to find him in spaces reserved for real women.

    • morag99 Says:

      There’s no need to feel sorry for him. Not even a little. Even if he (technically) has a mental illness, it’s the type of illness which makes other people sick while, meanwhile, HE (rather than those he has hurt) gets all the care and attention.

      His family sought legal/law enforcement protection from him, and it was granted to them — which is really saying something: oftentimes, men aren’t considered dangerous until they rape or kill someone.

      He hates women (apparently with a particular violent hatred for lesbians), and he hates children. And he puts that hatred into action. In fact, he’s been praised, and called “brave,” for showing off his hatred and contempt for women and girls in public, on film, and on other forms of social media.

      So now, while he still has a few idiotic admirers and fans, his massively growing audience is turning against him in disgust and with very harsh judgement. Is that punitive? I hope so! He’s gotten away with an awful lot he shouldn’t have.

      Most abusive men, like Paul Wolscht, get away with it and will continue to get away with it. The fact that men have to be extreme in their violence, that their victims have to pile up into a heap, that they have to be audacious, outrageous and obscene in public before anyone takes notice is a testament to how much sympathy societies have for bad men. And that sympathy is at women’s and children’s expense.

      Fuck it. I’d be happy to see Bill Cosby thrown into prison. I’d do a jig of glee if Jian Ghomeshi was locked up for a few years. Same with Paul Wolscht or any other abuser who makes a public spectacle of his abusive self. Let them all cry in their grey bunk beds, behind bars, and let them be ashamed if they can feel shame. Women will STILL have to continue running the hell away from the rest of the “ordinary” abusers. Every single day and hour. None of these men deserve sympathy! Sympathy for abusers is a big part of why it never, ever stops.

  88. Teleope Says:

    I’ve been reading this thread with morbid fascination since yesterday.

    I’m an old sex worker that specialized in fetishes at one time. Let me be the first to tell you that back in the old days this jerkoff would have either paid for his playtime (with adult women or men) or he would have to play ALONE. There were no “rights” to anything. There was PAY for your fetish services or go the fuck away.

    I’m no expert in transgenderism and I probably don’t hold the same beliefs as everyone here does–but one thing I can tell you that I am very very sure of, this guy is a crossdresser fetishist. End of story. And he’s involving everyone he comes into contact with in his fantasy instead of paying a sex worker. Back in the old days, this guy would have been no hero, he would have been classified as a non-payer, and sex workers would have blacklisted him for going around trying to get free sessions out of working women. He’s just an asshole that can’t or won’t pay for fetish services and pretends it’s some sort of grand freedom-fighting lifestyle. He’s a sexual harasser.

  89. Teleope Says:

    And he has a boxing fetish. Which is an actual fetish, not a disability or gender rights issue.

  90. Noodles Says:

    This is all rather disgusting, in regards of this Man who thinks he’s a little girl ?
    I mean I can’t wrap my head around it, and frankly.. don’t want to.
    What I do notice is the odd “HATE” for men on this page , is that just the premise of this outlet or am I missing something?
    Either way, there’s women who pretend to be men/butch is that a consequence due to men as well or something else all together?

    Regardless, I do have a couple theories in regards of the trans stuff going on lately.

    For children is rather easy , boys who think they are girls are usually validated and pushed into conclusion by their liberal mothers and in often case have a absent father, or a father who presents himself as weak and a beta next to the mother. The son then looks up to the mother and female figures within the family as opposed to the father , and fancies himself to be more like the mother.
    Much like how BIID’s fancy themselves to be disabled person via adoration of someone with a disablement.

    Little girls on the other hand from my own experience with a friend I have and the direction her daughter was going (before I intervened) was that the father figure was overly abusive and put down her mother directly and would say incredibly sexist things all the time about women , making the little girl feel like it was shameful to be born one.
    So she started wearing a’typical boy stuff and didn’t want anything to do with girl things, and wanted “boy hair” as she would put it.
    That is until I showed up and showed respect to her and her mother , and helped her see the beauty of being the girl she is.

    Now for Adult men who fancy themselves a woman (excluding women who fancy themselves a man) as I don’t have any experience as to what goes on with women , but will look into it in the future. I notice something interesting, PORN is always in play, but never spoken of.
    Why is that? Same reason coffee isn’t brought up when it comes to sleeplessness , society sees it as a harmless benign thing that everyone partakes in.
    The problem though , is that it’s not… it actually corrupts your reward circuitry and makes you dopamine resistant.
    Which means that over time you become less excited over normal things and more excited from novel/taboo things.

    I think this fetish (which is what I see it as) is an offshoot of people who eventually got to the point within their porn habits of watching sissy/transexual/bdsm/etc type pornography. You eventually hit a wall and find that the only way to keep your dopamine addiction flowing is to fuel the excitement with something novel… novel being a whole new person , and the only reliable source of which comes close to being a new person is within the realms of being the opposite sex.

    Now here’s what’s interesting. This dopamine resistance also happens with having sex too often as well.. because now that condoms/birth control/ and other contraceptives are effective in the modern era , we can have sex all the time with many partners with very little noticeable consequence… aside from our every growing need for novelty in the bedroom “hun are you going to put on that uniform/outfit/slutty nurse/etc on tonight?
    *catch my drift?*

    Ask yourself this, how many people do you know are in fact 100% celibate, no porn, no masturbation, no sex?

    I’d say within my city limits.. maybe a couple hundred people ages 18-60.

    The problem here , is that this sex positive notion is actually a sex negative, and we may think it has no consequence from doing something unnaturally more than what we used to with endless novelty… but there is, and it’s all been planned out.

    Also fun fact : If you’re dopamine resistant, it makes EVERYTHING less enjoyable.

    Go celibate for a while , become dopamine sensitive again , and you’ll realize how enjoyable the smaller things in life can actually be, and perhaps interesting midlife crisis’s/perversions like this won’t be such a common place in our media.

    • stchauvinism Says:

      trans kids are because of liberal mothers, absent fathers? where are your sources for that? I keep seeing young trans people cite religious backgrounds of families and coming out as gay and being rejected for it.

      • talbotfish Says:

        Yeah this guys comment has red pill/MRA buzzwords “the father was beta” “man HATE” etc

      • gush gosh Says:

        He’s wrong about trans stuff.
        Being trans seems like something of a random chance, like being gay. Being gay or trans seem to be our epigenetics somehow making a featus be gay or trans or straight or cis, you get the gist.
        Why? Who? I don’t know, seems random, maybe it’s supposed to be. Might be something that wasn’t selected against because it wasn’t detrimental. Might be necessary for another function, like goal/task orientation that somehow bled out to gender identity or sexuality.
        Who knows?
        But he’s kinda right when it comes to fetishism.
        Million of years ago we wouldn’t ever come by so much stimuli and now our brains are going crazy over it.
        Fetishes like this are supposed to be play, not life, he turned his life into play.
        Not going to judge him for that the same way most here wouldn’t if he were a woman.
        His kids seem all grown up so he doesn’t seem to have any legal responsibility there and wives aren’t legal responsibilities.

        Honestly, as long as he’s not committing any crimes we all should just stop giving this attention.
        And he’s not different than most here, just want to step away from reality.
        I find it stupid, self detrimental, a shot in the foot, but hey, not my problem.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Lots of pseudoscience gibberish in your reply. Evolution doesn’t account for the recent trans fad explosion any more than it accounted for the pet rock fad. Social contagion and ideology account for it. This is definitely more nurture than nature. It is also a backlash against the progress women have made. How do you know that all of Stefonknee’s kids are adults? This seems highly unlikely. Also, if he engaged in pedophilia, he is committing crimes. And you think a woman wouldn’t be judged for doing this? You must be joking!

    • dejavublonde Says:

      um, hate for men? no, straight, dick loving real woman here. Hate some of the shit men do but I hate a lot of the crap women do too. One CAN look out for their own rights while at the same time respecting others’ rights. Likely what you are seeing is our disgust at those that can not do the very same.

      • I don’t hate all men. He died, but I was very happily married, I have two young adult sons, and my dad and brothers are an example to any man. Kind, honest, humorous and affectionate. Oh — and feminist too, surprise surprise.

        But some of what men do is loathsome and, although not all women are lovely, it’s men who kill us and rape us. I’ve been raped twice, had a violent relationship, and vividly recall the near constant sexual harassment I suffered as a younger woman.

        I love some men very dearly, but it is men as a group who bring violence into women’s lives. Male entitlement is a burden we all carry. The ugliness of Stefoknee’s story is patterned through with a belief that he’s OK to behave like this. A woman who deserted 7 children would be riddled with guilt rather than seeking publicity. The man’s repulsive.

    • kesher Says:

      Nicole Maines, among others, was consistently punished by his macho father for being an effeminate male child. Your hypothesis for what’s behind MTF child transitioning is incorrect.

      And I’m sure you will see consistent hate of men in the comments. The reason why I “hate” MTTs is because they’re as abusive as men, they’re as woman hating as men, they are men. Even just your comment blaming women for feminization of boy children is a prime example of why men in our culture are so hateable.

    • Butch Lesbians are not trying to be “men”. You have no idea what you are talking about. You are just making a fool of yourself.

      Hating one’s oppressor is ethically right. Women are the only oppressed group who are supposed to be nice to their oppressors. And, unfortunately, many women buy into this. There is way too little meaningful opposition against men.

      As for your theories re: trans genesis, again: You have no idea what you are talking about. I deleted a lengthy paragraph of rebuttal because you are quite literally sitting on a mountain of excellent, gold-standard research and publishing work by Gallus here who writes and explains better than I ever could. Read if you are truly interested.

      Also, I’m going to need your data regarding ‘people had less sex in the olden times’, specifically data allowing me to compare the total number of orgasms of males today and, say, in 1378? Or 1722? Or 345 BC? In the Magdalénien? Heck, I’d take data from 1950. I bet you can’t, since your theory doesn’t hold any more water than the old joke about people in earlier times having more children because they had no TV.

      As for you celibate theory (by the way, do go celibate, that’s about the only good idea in that whole thing you wrote) – we are not interested in information about people like this man or other trans cultists because we like the boulevardesque thrill or have some twisted interest in other people’s dirty laundry. As women we are encroached by these people. They are undermining our rights and spaces. They are trying to undo decades of feminist work. For us, information is crucial to the fight for liberation. Delicately and discreetly casting down our eyes in the face of the male ugliness won’t get us anywhere.

    • Meg Says:

      To male supremacists, anything less than love of men is “hate.” No matter what we say, we’ll be labeled man haters, just like you did now.

      So I’ll take your concern for Nigels with a grain of salt.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      “What I do notice is the odd “HATE” for men on this page”

      I don’t find that odd. As a group, men are very hateable. Perhaps they should change their behaviour.

    • drycamp Says:

      I’m a straight married woman with two grown sons. I don’t HATE men, whatever gave you that idea? That I think Paul Wolscht is a freaky pervert? That I think that the society gives him all kinds of publicity and strokes because he is male and whatever men say tends to be venerated? That supposed “liberals” who are so interested in “safe spaces” have no regard for MY safe spaces, as in, restrooms and gyms, to keep freaky male perverts, indeed, ALL males of whatever sort, out of them?

  91. Teleope Says:

    What the hell ever happened to the man of yesteryear who, when faced with the midlife crisis, would buy a sportscar and have a young trophy wife to replace the old model? lol. Now they all turn into lifestyle fetishists who force everyone they come into contact with into a fetish session with them. Because transgender rights.

    There has got to be a way to keep the fetishists out of genuine gender dysphoria/trans spaces. Even if you don’t believe in transgenderism wouldn’t it at least make things better if there were a way to exclude obvious fetishists like this guy? Fetish is a choice, sexual orientations are not.

    • kesher Says:

      It’s up to trans people to keep these men out, but they won’t for myriad reasons, the main one being: men will always support the “rights” of other men. It’s an unspoken fact in the trans community that the fetishists are often predators and prey on young, vulnerable MTTs, but, as with any other male-led movement, it will always be the sexual assault victims who are drummed out, not the perpetrators.

      • stchauvinism Says:

        True, just like the way men keep child rapists safe in Vatican and other places of man-god worship. Trans is just secular man-god worship, the belief that the man has the power to create and science-magic men into women.

      • Teleope Says:

        It’s misplaced compassion. What really needs to happen is that someone from one of these trans orgs needs to tell widdle steffy that he’s a crossdresser having a midlife crisis and to get some therapy–simple as that. Let’s use some Occams Razor on this–there’s no complicated mystery or tragic transitioning to this–Steff is a crossdresser having a midlife crisis.

  92. dejavublonde Says:

    never let it be said a trans isn’t opportunistic. NOW he’s selling nasty looking ankle garter belts. it’s like he looked around his room and said ‘whoa, I have all this attention now (MORE!!), how can I make a buck off it- wait, I have some (likely cum-stained) sissy girl garter belts. Lemme cut them in half and make two so pretty boys can wear them on their regular socks. and surely everyone will buy them if I couch them in terms of trans speak- ‘support trans/wipe out transphobia’.

    Lol, when questioned (by a SUPPORTER of him) as to where the money would go he just spouts more drivel in pc-speak ‘wipe out transphobia, support trans causes’. when pushed further he admits it’s for unmentioned (but surely not HIM) trans ‘bus tickets etc’ just little things, harmless things- just like him! Dude, just say it’s buying diapers and strap ons.

    • Meg Says:

      By “supporting trans causes” he probably means supporting himself.

      Can’t he be honest for once? Is it really too much to ask?

  93. anonymous Says:

    If this guy wasn’t such a fucking psychotic super narcissist he would be a pedophile molesting kids right now. Straight up. Thank goodness he wants to be the little girl he’s masturbating/cumming to, not have one to do it to. Just because you decide to live inside your sexual fetish 24/7 and it so happens to do with gender (feeling like a young adolescent female for sexual arousal not for identification purposes) does not make you any type of fucking hero. Don’t get it fucking twisted just because we live in the hyper tolerant/”positive” movement world right now. But you’ve got to give it to him, guy learned how to work the system we’ve set up in this overtly politically correct sugar coated place. Like for fucks sake people finally try and start to care and do the right thing and be empathetic and we can’t even do that right. Humans have fucked up and made a mockery of empathy and compassion within mankind. If we actually knew what those things were or right from wrong and didn’t just try to show off and prove that we do to each other that we did than maybe everything wouldn’t be such a blurry lined jumbled up cluster fuck.

  94. M Says:

    Please do not let this one individual represent the entire trans community.

    Transgender people are real, are not jokes, and live regular lives. One trans individual does not represent all trans people, just as one Cis person does not represent all Cis gender people.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Do you believe this man is a six year old female or do you fail to respect his gender and age identity? That is what is under discussion here.

      • M Says:

        Support/believe or not, one individual and their public experience is not the face of an entire community. It’s just something to keep in mind.

        Most transgender people live their life as their chronological age and do quite boringly ordinary things.

        Support this person or not, but remember their experiences do not define the transgender community.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Your sole contribution to this advanced discussion is to point out that not all transgender people also identify as trans-aged? You must be daft.

    • Willow Says:

      Except that the Transgender Project wants this person as one of the faces of the trans movement in Canada. You can say that this scumbag doesn’t represent all trans people, except that the Transgender Project is saying that he does. That’s literally what the face of a movement is for. Wolscht’s face and actions have been videoed and projected as normal and “right” by this group.

      So when you essentially say “not all trans people” in response to “Stefonknee’s” actions, you’re lying to yourself and others. There are dozens of trans people on Wolscht’s Twitter and Facebook who tout him as an actual 6 year old girl, who say that Wolscht is free to live however he wants, even if how he lives glorifies pedophilia, rape, and incest. Get off this blog with that “not all trans people,” you sound just like an MRA.

    • morag99 Says:

      “Please do not let this one individual represent the entire trans community.”


      Over the last couple of years, I have heard this refrain hundreds, if not a thousand, times. Seriously, we all have.

      Every time yet another “transwoman” gets his mugshot taken, or otherwise gets himself in the media with the outrageousness of his unsavoury or downright dangerous behaviour, it’s always the same: “one transgender person does not represent all!”

      I propose that the next time someone wants to write this thought-stopper on this blog, that he be charged one dollar. If he feels it’s really, really important to get that not-all-trans message out there, then one dollar isn’t too much to ask.

      If these ostensibly non-representative transgenderists keep up their very manly, dishonest, misogynist, sexually deranged, and criminal behaviour, that small surcharge could lead to a tidy sum in no time, yes?

    • Meg Says:

      “just as one Cis person does not represent all Cis gender people.”

      Oh bullshit. Bullshit bullshit bullshit. The transmovement has hardly exhausted all the criticisms against “cis” women, and they are so numerous I couldn’t list them all. It’s all just misogyny, though, re-packaged conservative gender beliefs where ova producing people sit down, shut up and listen to to sperm producing people who then dictate everything. Same sexism, different day.

      And stop pretending that Stef-on-knee doesn’t represent the vile underbelly of what the transmovement is really about. I’ve seen far too much misogyny and death/rape threats from these men to presume that Stef-on-knee is just an extreme outlier. There are so many abusive men in the trans movement and if they treat radical feminists with heaps of scorn and violent threats, I have no doubt they’ve treated their ex wives and children the same.

      The only thing shocking about Stef-on-knee is that his fantasies involve children. Transactivists who claim that he is an extreme outlier are obviously oblivious to the destructive aspects of domination/submission present in their own movements and BDSM lifestyles. I have no doubt that transactivists will demand that autopedophiles should be embraced under the pretense of protecting real children from their warped pathology. Isn’t that why women are encouraged to embrace transwomen – that the misogyny of transwomen is inflicted on themselves rather than women? But we all see how that’s working out, or rather isn’t work out as far the human rights of women and girls go.

      • Brilliant post, Meg.

      • Meg Says:

        Thanks, I’m just so pissed that this manipulator thinks that posting a comment that’s meant to strategically give the benefit of the doubt to “cis” women (god I hate that term) as a way to elicit agreement from us is beyond transparent and insulting.

        This person is implying that “cis” women and transwmen are equivalent to one another. Transwomen will never be equivalent to women, it’s a matter of biology not personal opinion. How else can these bastards send out rape and death threats without blinking an eye?

    • kesher Says:

      Sure, but a considerable issue here is that men, as a class, are more likely to be perverted freaks, and that “Stefonknee” is a perverted freak is a damn good indication that he’s a man, not a woman. And since there are a considerable number of trans “women” who are perverted freaks in the 100 percent *man* mold, they have no business being considered women or having access to women’s spaces.

    • drycamp Says:

      Can we stop saying “cis” now? That term lays eggs under my skin. It’s ugly, and what it implies is worse. That there are two kinds of women, women who were born that way and men who think they are women.

      Men who think they are women are male insane people. Men who pretend to be women are male con artists.

      I’m a woman. Born that way, can’t change it (don’t want to). Paul Wolscht was born a man and surprise!! he’s still a man!! He can’t change it either.

      No one is “cis” anything.

      • Totally agree and love your phrase “lays eggs under my skin.”

        I always use transwomen because separating it — trans women — indicates that it’s just an adjective, like young or French or tall. Transwomen are male. Women are female. Cis is nothing to do with me or any other woman.

        If woman stops meaning adult human female, we’ll need another word. I reject cis absolutely.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      There is no such thing as “Cis gender people”. No. Such. Thing! That is just a qualifier degenerates, like yourself, have assigned to regular women and men. Shove it.

  95. @M, “Most transgender people live their life as their chronological age and do quite boringly ordinary things.

    Support this person or not, but remember their experiences do not define the transgender community.”

    Paul, “Stefonkee”, Wolscht was in a video from the Transgender Project in Canada. Five minutes of googling could have revealed all his fetishes.

    Scroll up and watch the video of proud transwoman Riley Kilo (porn name Sadie Hawkins). This is a what a “transgender diaper enthusiast” says,

    “I am pretty damn passionate about how the world treats transgender women”.

    Equality Michigan wanted to give Planet Fitness a pat on the back for supporting pee on me and lead my around on a leash, male slut Carlotta Sklodowska.

    This is the truth they won’t admit. Kink has never been problematic in queer and trans circles. If they were concerned about it, they would have done something about it years ago. About the only people who have consistently spoken out against the neoliberal post modern explosion in porn, kink, BDSM, etc. are radical feminists, and we know how much transgender activists love “TERFs”. I’m not saying that all trans people are into kink. What I’m saying is that transgender activists have no intention of weeding out the kink. In fact, they consider doing so “kink shaming”, and they extol the virtues of all things “sex positive”. Trans and queer can’t worship at the altar of everything “sex positive”, etc. and then refuse to acknowledge all the kink and fetish in their own community. Trans and queer are quite comfortable with porn and fetish. Every year at the large Philly Trans Health Conference there are representatives from the porn industry.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      Take away the kinky types, and you have virtually NO “transgender” movement at all. Few are people with body image disorders these days, and the vast majority of that minority are the relatively few women who become trans. The movement is almost entirely about the dubious “right” to practice a sexual kink in public, to push boundaries. To hell with women and their rights.

    • Meg Says:

      “I am pretty damn passionate about how the world treats transgender women”.

      But never passionate about all the ways women and girls have been brutalized at the hands of men.

      So much male privilege, so little time, eh dudes?

    • Mortadella Says:

      Refreshing! I hope the host gets away with his critique. It’s pretty funny shit based on common sense.

    • cerulean blue Says:

      I hope the host digs a little further and spreads the fact that 6-year-old Stef-on-Knee likes it up the ass from his dear old adopted dad.

    • Meg Says:

      This video should come with a full disclosure warning that the man in it is an antifeminist who hates fat women and rails against responsible gun laws.

      That being said, the only interesting thing he points out is that the transgender movement promised that it would not be a slippery slope to normalize other pathological behavior. Yet here we all are, talking about a grown man identifying as a six year old girl.

      This is the boiling frog situation all over again. Abusers don’t always take a wrecking ball to people’s boundaries, they often chip away at them, testing their victims to see how much they can get away with. There’s also the gaslighting where abusers make their victims doubt their own perception. The whole “female penis” and “cotton ceiling” stuff is reality bending and crazy making. It doesn’t matter to me if they are doing it on purpose or not – if the point is to wear down women’s boundaries, it’s abusive.

    • Sine Rose Says:

      That’s a great video. Here’s another one where someone gets it. I’m glad more people are talking about how wrong this is.
      People are also blogging about this and it’s all over the news sites and forums. Mostly it’s nonsense pandering to his mental illness, but there is some good stuff.
      This ones the best:

      • Just a Melissa Says:

        I finally got around to watching this, and I’m so glad I did. There are so many great lines. “Do you want that for your little granddaughter? Or just the one with the penis and the wig?” I had to pause it because I was laughing so hard at that.

        There are good serious points, too, like the focus on the selfishly abandoned family and the straightforward acknowledgment that this guy’s a perv who thinks only of himself.

        This seems like a good video to show people who support trans because they think they have to support trans to be “nice.” It can be forwarded with “This guy’s commentary is funny!” to reduce risk to the forwarder, and it will still make the point that the trans tot is not someone worth supporting.

        I keep thinking about dear little Stefonknee for some reason. I thought I’d already reached #peaktrans, but apparently there are multiple peaks.

      • Sine Rose Says:

        One thing he doesn’t mention is about the fetish he has of being collared by his “mommy and daddy”, and how he is probably molesting their granddaughter, but I mentioned that in my video on trannies –

      • Sine Rose Says:

        Oops sorry, I thought this notification was for my post on this creep, not the replies on this blog, that’s why I responded with my video. How do I embed a video in a response though, since it didn’t work above?

  96. Margie Says:

    He’s back! Stefonknee is back! Apparently, his being “missing” was just another misunderstanding. Xtra! has posted another video, an extended clip from the original interview in which he discusses how uses “play therapy.” Stefonknee shows up in the comments in the following exchange:

    I used to love Xtra! Got the paper every other week, then followed online. Now since it’s been thoroughly transjacked it has little relevant value to our LGB community.
    Reply · 2

    Stefonknee Wolscht
    … and you said I wouldn’t be part of LGBT history? Well the whole world can see you’re nothing but a troll. Of the 1.2 million views in four days there are but a few haters that are up in arms. The international media has now woken up to how transphobic you and few of your privileged posse can be. You are being judged!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Stefonknee, celebrated trans rights champion, beloved leader of the Toronto trans rights march, personally thanked by MPP Cheri DiNovo for passage of statute allowing men like him to override basic human rights of women. Stefonknee represents the mainstream of the trans rights movement. Trans rights are Stefonknee’s rights. LGBT history.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        Stefonknee Wolscht
        9 hrs ·

        Since everyone is spreading hateful lies about me that were started by my ex wife’s Radical Feminist Dyke friends at Gender Trender, [SNIP]

        [I’m not interested in supplying Paul with a platform here to abuse and harass his ex-wife. Moderated. -GM]

  97. coelacanth Says:

    I cut and paste some of the comments since they vanished last time. Note the list of rules posted by xtra online to police responses. All the comments are as negative as the ones that were censored last time except the very last comment below that canonizes Saint Stefoknee.

    “Exclusive: Stefonknee Wolscht’s controversial interview uncut

    Published on Dec 14, 2015
    Transgender activist Stefonknee Wolscht set off a media firestorm last week when she went public about her life as a six year old girl. People accused her of pedophilia and threatened her life. The stress got so bad she was hospitalized.

    Daily Xtra has decided to run the original interview uncut where Stefonknee explains what she meant by “living as a six year old girl”, how it helps her cope with the pain of losing her family and the time she spent in jail and the acceptance she has found from strangers.

    If you would like to comment on this video we ask that you use the following guidelines:

    • No personal attacks or defamatory comments.
    • Comments should relate directly to the content of the story.
    • Treat each other with civility and respect, even as you challenge each other’s politics and perspectives.
    • No advertising, “spam” or other commercial posts.
    • reserves the right to remove any comment that breaches these guidelines. Repeat offenders will be considered unwelcome and may be blocked or banned.
    • Comments go directly online, without being seen by editors. If you see comments that violate these guidelines please report them to our moderator, who will investigate within two business days.


    Add a public comment…
    Top comments

    sonoki82 6 hours ago
    Hey Xtraonline, you’re supposed to be a news site, right? So why don’t you interview the wife and 7 kids? For that matter,why don’t you interview the parents of the little girl with whom this guy does his “play therapy”? And after you’ve posted those interviews, get back to covering news of relevance to gay people. That does not include stories about heterosexual, crossdressing, transsexual, ex-con, age-play fetishists.
    Reply · 1

    TheTundraTerror 13 hours ago (edited)
    This is fucking gross. A grown man abandoning his life and responsibilities to act like a 6 year old girl. This is the kind of shit that’s only going to further demonize trans people. Do you honestly think this video is going to do more good than harm? Did you, at any point in this video, think people would consider it creepy that this grown man hangs around a young girl while pretending to be 6 years old?

    What in the high holy hell was going through your mind? Do you think people would be okay with this? Is this what you’re really going to put out there to further trans acceptance. All this is going to do is further give credence to the people who think trans people are mentally defective. Congrats on setting back the trans rights issue by 20 years.

    To you people who think “what business is it of ours?” when it comes to this, read what I just said. A grown 40 year old man who abandoned his family to pursue his desires to be a young girl while hanging around a child. Do you want this fucking weirdo end up as the poster child of trans rights? Especially when this whole thing is nothing but a fetish to this creep?

    Don’t believe me? Google “The heart radio How to Become a Princess” and listen to how the two “adopted parents” found this weirdo on a fetish site. Have a bucket. It’s clear that none of this has anything to do with “transexual” but everything to do with this being a fetish. The jig is up.

    But go ahead and delete this comment. Better to hide the reality than face the truth.
    Show less
    Reply · 10

    View reply

    morgan noland 15 hours ago
    I mean, I don’t mind if she’s trans… but the whole 6 year old girl persona it’s, it’s odd. But I mean if she’s happy, she’s happy
    Reply · 2

    SmarkBusters 6 hours ago (edited)
    I guess the happiness of his seven kids doesn’t matter at all.
    Reply · 1

    Raine Parker 5 hours ago
    +morgan noland Stupid liberals
    Reply ·

    Alex Boston 14 hours ago
    I think this has gone from transgender to mental illness.
    Reply · 2

    View all 3 replies

    Topsy Kretts 11 hours ago
    +Alex Boston Same thing.
    Reply ·

    ᅚ 10 hours ago
    +Alex Boston It began as mental illness, it’s still mental illness.
    Reply · 1

    Cizzymac 12 hours ago
    Inb4 comments deleted and disabled.
    Reply · 4

    MakaraTube 12 hours ago
    I don’t mind trans people. I don’t even mind her playing a six year old (though I probably don’t want to have much to do with her). But the fact that there is an actual kid involved and that she and her ‘parents’ met through a fetish website, that makes me sick to my stomach, as well as worried for the kid she is interacting with.
    Reply · 3

    Aldus Valor 17 hours ago
    When does having sex with her “adopted daddy” come into the play therapy?
    Reply · 8

    cuntpaggot 17 hours ago
    +Aldus Valor exactly, fucking idiots. Why is this motherfucker getting all the press. So much wrong with this world. How is this man a role model???? the fuck?
    Reply · 4

    Harmful Opinions 12 hours ago
    A week in solitary?
    I believe it.
    Reply · 7

    Bioshyn 12 hours ago
    a role model? this guy is a crossdresser with a weird fetish not a trans
    Reply ·

    John Gibbons 11 hours ago
    What? She is brave. She is transgender and trans age, This is transgender. Grow up and be tolerant.
    Reply · 1

    Trickier Hades 12 hours ago
    Let’s all be honest here. This isn’t someone who’s trans. This is someone with a pathological need for attention.
    Reply · 2

    SmarkBusters 6 hours ago (edited)
    This is what happens when you accept even the slightest bit of deviant behavior. Everyone who said outcomes like this were a “slippery slope fallacy” should be bitch slapped repeatedly. Gone are the days of the nuclear family. This is 2015.
    Reply ·

    Vee 12 hours ago
    The sadest part is that out there, on the internet, there are people willing to call your boss and get you fired, if you don’t play along with this delusional persons “reality”
    Reply · 2

    gannucard 10 hours ago (edited)
    This man, woman, person, whatever you want to call them, is disgusting. Not because they want to be a woman. I have quite a few trans friends and am generally accepting. Not even because they want to be a child (who doesn’t want to be a kid with no responsibilities). No, this person is disgusting because they are leaving their family. This person has CHILDREN who they CHOSE to bring into this world. Once that happens, as an adult, your wants take a backseat to the needs of that life that you helped bring into this world. Anyone who enables someone to LEAVE THEIR FAMILY to chase a WANT (not a need) should be ashamed of themselves.

    But let’s be real here, this doesn’t seem trans-anything. This seems like an ageplay fetishist.
    Reply · 1

    Nordiskwizard 17 hours ago
    it’s so fucking bizarre.
    Reply · 2

    dreihaddar 9 hours ago
    brb, flushing my psych meds and heading for the nearest kindergarden.
    Reply · 2

    DavidGX 12 hours ago
    Stop coddling these deluded people.
    Reply · 1

    Salvatore Shiggerino 1 hour ago
    He’s a pervert, dude.
    Reply ·

    dee capybara 13 hours ago
    And if this man is mentally 5 he should not be driving
    Reply · 1

    Krissj100 12 hours ago
    He’s just a sick freak, the real scum are the people Enabling this.
    Reply · 2

    dee capybara 13 hours ago
    This person is not trans and gives tran people a bad name
    Reply · 3

    Barndancer61 12 hours ago
    +dee capybara T’s were earning a bad name loooong before this, my darling.
    Reply ·

    sonoki82 6 hours ago
    +dee capybara Trans people give trans people a bad name. The sad thing is that LGBs have allowed themselves to be tarred with this garbage.
    Reply ·

    Reply ·

    Yup Yup 11 hours ago
    “play therapy no medication” well I’m sold play therapy obviously cures mental illness way better than those dirty pills
    Reply ·

    Evgueni Mlodik 10 hours ago
    Tranny Boo Boo.
    Reply ·

    Allison Luzasky 9 hours ago
    What’s sad is that while she’s living her dream as a 6 year old girl, there are 7 children that were abandoned by their father out there. She’s happy playing all day while they deal with how to move forward after such a heart wrenching change in their lives.
    Reply ·

    wargarurumon 12 hours ago
    she’s not a transgender activist, she’s a deluded fetishist who engages in ageplay

    Reply · 4

    Venetio Zograf 13 hours ago
    There is nothing exciting about transgender stories anymore. Everything’s been done before. To even have any sort of public attention in this post-CaitlynJennerism era, you really have to take things to the extreme, such as claiming that you’re a 6 year old girl trapped in a middle aged man’s body. Who knows what’s next?
    Reply · 1

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    GOffUnit 4 hours ago
    Stunning and brave.
    Reply ·

    Ashley Livingstone 6 hours ago
    he should be cured
    Reply ·

    Barndancer61 12 hours ago
    I used to love Xtra! Got the paper every other week, then followed online. Now since it’s been thoroughly transjacked it has little relevant value to our LGB community.
    Reply · 2

    Stefonknee Wolscht 10 hours ago
    … and you said I wouldn’t be part of LGBT history? Well the whole world can see you’re nothing but a troll. Of the 1.2 million views in four days there are but a few haters that are up in arms. The international media has now woken up to how transphobic you and few of your privileged posse can be. You are being judged!
    Reply ·

    Jane taylor 11 hours ago
    Stefonknee is using the Trans shield for her life of fetish and perversion. It’s deeply disturbing she is allowed to play with Children
    Reply · 2

    BeamingSplendor 11 hours ago
    Reply ·

    F Late 7 hours ago
    I wonder how she’s going to look like when she grows up and goes to college.
    Reply · 1

    isisbybobdylan 11 hours ago
    This is amazing! I’m so happy the tides are shifting and transgender people don’t have fear to express who they are on a biological level. It’s refreshing to imagine the world less filled with hatred and to know a place exists even for this soul to find acceptance, love and happiness- even if their preferred methods of going about don’t necessarily match mine. Transgender is a biological occurrence inside the brain structure and to put any more hate fuel into it than that is just showing your ignorance. I would suggest educating yourself on the subject so as not to come off as an undereducated neanderthal if you take exception to this statement, which happens to be hard won knowledge on my part. It’s my dream to one day be a whole person again, like I felt in childhood. I can sort of relate to this person’s ideal here.
    Reply ·

    • Meg Says:

      “This is what happens when you accept even the slightest bit of deviant behavior. Everyone who said outcomes like this were a “slippery slope fallacy” should be bitch slapped repeatedly. Gone are the days of the nuclear family. This is 2015.”

      Spoken like a true antifeminist on an agenda, “smarkbusters.” Your choice of words in “bitch slapped” shows what an abusive woman hating sociopath you are.

      The nuclear family is responsible for more human rights abuses than any other cultural institution. The misogyny, homophobia, domination/submission, beating and sexual abuse of children, and child labor has damaged people and society at large. Go take a trip to a fundamentalist commune to see what the nuclear family is really about. To say that anything less than a 1950s arrangement complete with wife beating and silencing victims of child molestation is somehow deviant is ridiculous. There’s a reason why people rejected the “good old days” because they weren’t good at all.

      Look, “smarkbusters,” nobody cares if these men want to wear dresses. Most people here agree that people shouldn’t be harassed or assaulted for wearing the wrong clothes. What people DO care about is these men forcing their fantasy world down everyone’s else throat and asking us to smile and swallow it without a second thought regardless of biological and sociological facts of violence against women.

      Gender critical politics aren’t about defaulting back to the misogynist, heterosexist Patriarchy of yesteryear, although I’m sure you’d love to use Stef-on-knee as an excuse to do it. Being LGB isn’t a “lifestyle,” it’s a biological state found in many other non-human animals. Gender is a human construct that has been used as an excuse to abuse women and girls. Note the difference.

    • drycamp Says:

      If Mr. Wolscht, or any other man, wants to wear a dress, that is perfectly fine with me. No one here is the Dressing Police. If he thinks he is a 6 year old girl, he should be treated with the same compassion we use on a guy who thinks he’s Napoleon or a boiled egg or an elephant or whatever. He’s mentally ill, and this is almost certainly not his fault.

      What I am not prepared to do is to go along with his delusions, refer to him as a woman (or girl) or allow him in my safe places (like gyms and rest rooms). He’s a deviant and I think he’s dangerous. And I also think that men who father children should stay around and take responsibility for those children instead of cavorting around on the media and displaying their illness for all to see.

      Finally, sexual perverts of any kind (and this man is without any doubt at all a sexual pervert, he admits it (advertises it!) himself) should be kept away from real children. CPS should be called to investigate the parents and grandparents of the little girl Mr. Wolscht hangs around with.

      I am not a lesbian, I am a straight married woman. I don’t know if I’m a “feminist” or not, that would depend on the definition. This is all just common sense, which should be accessible to anyone, male or female, gay or straight, old or young.

  98. Jennifer Says:

    If you are going to forward comments to the police I would start with the vile poem he posted on FB where he threatens your physical safety.

  99. […] we did recently have the 52-year-old father of 7 who has come out as a 6-year-old girl, featured on a Canadian documentary about transgender heroes and lauded by a Canadian politician as […]

  100. Joe Says:

    – refers to the gaining of sexual pleasure from dressing as a child, pretending to be a child, or having a sexual fantasy about being a child.

  101. Carrie-Anne Says:

    This pervert and his story just keep getting creepier and more disturbing. How society has deteriorated when this person is seriously celebrated as a hero instead of regarded with pure revulsion! Before I knew any better, I joined a group called The Facebook Transgender Alliance, and recently Stefonknee was reverently discussed there. Anyone who dared called him out as a kinkster, criminal, pervert, etc., was banned or compelled into leaving, and several people were calling for admins to help. It was nauseating how everyone was using feminine pronouns, as though throwing on a bad dress to play a 6-year-old instantly turns a man into a woman. This is a story worthy of Jerry Springer, not serious, mainstream news!

  102. What the actual heck? I thought this story was bad enough when I read about it before, but this… I just can’t even explain how incredibly messed up all of this is.

  103. stchauvinism Says: Stefonknee Wolscht, best trans activist ever.

  104. @stchauvinism

    “Stefonknee Wolscht, best trans activist ever.”

    Yea, I watched the youtube video of trans activist Stefonknee “I just gotta pee” in which he makes a video in support of men like him sharing a women’s restroom with some woman’s daughter or grand daughter.

    “I just gotta pee with Stefonknee and Strawberry”.

    Among his kinky fetishes, he lists “age play” and “school girl uniforms”, and he is in a Leather Family. This is what gives him a boner. Scroll on up and look at it all. He looks like a hulking 6′ 300 lb. linebacker in funny little girl’s clothes, and like most transgender identified males, I’m sure he still has his male genitalia. This is really spooky stuff because we know that he has some pretty kinky fetishes. This guy wants access to women’s restrooms. Even if he never sexually molested a girl, he is using little girls as unwitting props in his sexual fetish. He gets off on “age play” and “school girl uniforms”, and he wants to be in the same restroom with your daughter or grand daughter. In the Transgender Project video, he talks about playing with his “daddy’s” grand daughters.

    Besides male access to women’s restrooms, what other transgender activism has Stefonknee been up to?

    Barbara Hall and Stefonknee Wolscht | WPHRC

    Barbara Hall and Stefonknee Wolscht | The WorldPride Human Rights Conference 2014
    June 25-27, 2014 | Toronto, Canada

    • morag99 Says:

      ‘Among his kinky fetishes, he lists “age play” and “school girl uniforms”, and he is in a Leather Family.’

      To his many infantile/pedophilic/incest fetishes (did you see his aggressive tweet about having a go at someone’s “virgin pussy”?) obviously we have to also add public/exhibitionist urination.

      This is pretty much well-established, though, with the autogynephiles as a subculture, right? They often threaten to piss all over everything, like dogs, if they are not legally permitted to violate girls’ and women’s boundaries in sex-segregated spaces.

      And that’s exactly what the disgusting Paul Wolscht does in his disgusting video: if you don’t let me eliminate wherever I feel like it, I’ll just eliminate wherever I feel like it anyway. Either way, I’ll be sure to get off sexually, as breaking the social contract — and inspiring fear, loathing, and revulsion in others — is my raison d’être.

      That’s what the constant refrain of “we just need to pee!” is all about. There are plenty of men’s washrooms available, but there’s just not the same prurient thrills involved using facilities designed only for males.

  105. occupy movement – creating an alternate trans parade – soliciting donations , this man is a secret agent, probably working for CSIS

  106. ephemeroptera Says:

    2 resources for people interested in how sexologists might think through a case like Stefonknee’s:

    1) Anne A. Lawrence, “Erotic Target Location Errors: An Underappreciated Paraphilic Dimension,” Journal of Sex Research 46 (2/3), 2009, 194-215; and

    2) Kurt Freund and Ray Blanchard, “Erotic Target Location Errors in Male Gender Dysphorics, Paedophiles, and Fetishists,” The British Journal of Psychiatry 162 (4), April 1993, 558-563.

    Lawrence’s article seems to better articulate the conceptual frameworks, but the Freund/Blanchard article gives a number of mini case histories that are really worth reading.

    Both articles raise the possibility of 2 different causes for adults who somehow try to resemble and sometimes even claim to be children: on the one hand, autopedophilia, but on the other hand, masochism (that is, the child-like behavior is primarily associated with submission or humiliation, and children aren’t erotic objects per se).

    I’ve been meaning to sort through Stefonknee’s case history to figure out which classification seems most correct, and I’ll post again if I do that.

    Much apologies for the lateness of this post!

  107. coelacanth Says:

    Now Stefoknee/Paul has posted a comment on the video linked below where he claims to doxx another commenter (who posted comments on the video about Stefoknee/Paul and who has posted comments here on GT on the topic).

    Stefoknee/Paul also trashes Gallus and GT in the doxxing comment where he presents the name of an actual person. I have screensaved the full doxxing comments in case they get “deleted”. If the person named is not the commenter (or even if he is), there could be a huge law suit waiting to happen here.

  108. May Loo Says:

    This man has serious mental problems. Why is he not being treated for that? Oh yeah because he’s trans! And of course the DSM has delisted transgender as a mental disorder which was a serious mistake. All those SJWS are doing so harm to society. The sad part is they actually believe they are being caring and progressive! NOT.

  109. […] all the fuss, daddyo?” one might ask Paul Wolscht. All that happened is a (presumed) lesbian published actual facts about him after he made himself a public figure. But because this presumed lesbian did so at the blog called […]

    • Janetwo Says:

      I really like the idea of the Stefonknee units. I think the calibration would work better this way:

      Pure Stefonknee: 100 000 soxes
      Run of the mill tranny: 50 000 soxes
      Tran enabler: 25 000 soxes

      My big question is if Paul will ever be surpassed? Well, to be honest, there is always Donna ”Doug” Perry, the serial killer who now pretend Donna never committed the murders. So he has to be 150 000 soxes.

      The rest of the post was a very good read as well.

      • kesher Says:

        The violent ones, especially the rapists and murderers, need a much higher sox level. I’d give Doug 1,000,000 soxes. Or one Buffalo Bill.

      • Freyja Says:

        Janetwo, thank you so much for the mention of Joe Clark’s blog. I don’t agree with everything I’ve seen on it, but I clicked on his category, refreshingly called “Trannies,” and I’m reading through it. He was an early voice against this nonsense, and some of what he writes is a hoot. The link is

  110. threebabies Says:

    This man is seriously fucked up. Beyond fucking gross.

  111. So to sum up this episode of #TeamTrans Theatre, as my mama used to say, dude decided to air his dirty linen, then had an spate of testesterics when folk told him his draws stank.

  112. Juni Says:

    Stefonknee Wolscht sounds more like a man with transvestic feitishism than a real trans woman. More akin to a form of BDSM role-play than an actual case of gender dysphoria. There are actual reports of him having sex with his “adoptive” parents, and he was not diagnosed with gender dysphoria by a qualified and experienced gender-psychiatrist.

    Just because someone wants to play dress up in the ‘preceived’ opposite gender clothes, does not make her or him a real trans person.

    Yet another reason why a clear distinction between normal hobbyist CDs, fetishistic transvestism CDs, and real trans-people is so crucial.

    (Quote) He is a sissy (his own words – using the pronoun he), in a sexual relationship with mommy and daddy. Fetlife profile says so. Pictures of them together with a collar and leash. Pictures of stefonknee using a breast pump to induce lactation. What six year old lacates? (/End Quote)

    • morag99 Says:

      I don’t know what a “real transwoman” is, but it would seem that anyone who identifies as whatever-flavour of trans is, categorically, included under the transgendered umbrella.

      All that person has to do is say so: “I am trans.” Identity is the ticket, right? Identity is always legitimate, so it can’t ever be questioned, correct? Lots of fetishists, or, for that matter, rapists and murderers, have their trans identities validated and respected. Why not Stefonknee Wolscht?

    • Rod Fleming Says:

      There is such a distinction, and it is robust, clear and verifiable. It is the typology described by Dr Ray Blanchard, HSTS and autogynephilic. Every single one of the ‘trans’ people I have noted being described here (I may have missed some in the past) is readily identifiable as autogynephilic; displaying ‘a man’s propensity to be sexually aroused at the thought or image of himself as a woman’. This often appears in co-morbidity with other paraphilias. IMO these are indeed just fetishistic crossdressers, even if they are ‘full-time’. GRS is a cosmetic surgery and they wear it like a new dress.

      HomoSexual TransSexuals or HSTS bear no similarity to these people at all, other than having been born male (we’re talking MtF here.) That’s not me saying so, it’s the established science. But I do have to say that this distinction is fully borne out by observation. In personal terms there is no similarity between HSTS and AGPs. Even in parts of the world where they can be extremely attractive, AGPs are guys in a woman suit. HSTS…well they are just not like that at all.

      Sexually, HSTS are, by definition, exclusively attracted to men: not kids, not women, not furry animals or goats. Just men.

  113. red Says:

    No distinction as far as I’m concerned. They’re all men. Sick, perverted, abusive, dangerous men. Women are being asked to wait until we can prove each individual case, as we must do with rape.

    Re this particular pervert: drop a line to Cheri and give her your thoughts. Mail it to her legislative office. Put it on her public page on FB. with a :share: link to your site, that way it will stay there until they’ve all shit themselves trying to get rid of it and her followers can read it. Send all the info you have to the Toronto Star, the last reporter did a story on her. Put it in the comments section too. Oh yes, it will be removed, but people will read it before they do.

    We know what Stef on Knee has done. The general public does not. You be the one.

  114. This dude is a creep with a dick, not a 6 year old. Even if you cut your dick off it doesn’t make you a woman, it makes you a dude who cut off his pecker. Stupid mother fucker

  115. Bella Says:

    This man clearly has mental health issues and is very confused about earlier incidents in his life

  116. I live at 138 Pears Avenue. 138 Pears St Clare’s Multifaith Housing Society. Stefonknee Wolscht is my nebour

  117. We got Riley the “transgender diaper enthusiast” porn star and Stefonknee the 50 year old divorced father of 7 kids who says he is a 6 year old girl who met his special “daady” in a fetish club. I ran across this link on the reddit gender critical blog.

    “How I Explored My Gender Identity Through Pony Play”

    I googled “pony play” and transgender, and sure enough I got 242,000 hits.

  118. Justin taylor Says:

    Nothing but a joke ooooohhhh im a 6 year old girl but really im a 46 year old male. Grow up

  119. After doing intensive research about Paul Wolscht, I can safely state that he IS a pedophile. Looking through his recent Twitter postings, he is obsessed with sharing Japanese manga images of young schoolgirls engaged in lesbian sex. This man does not THINK he is a 6 year old girl; he is OBSESSED with sexualizing very young girls. After reading that he assaulted his wife in their home with the children present and threatened the children, I believe he belongs in a MEN’S jail, where he cannot have access to children. He is a very, very sick and disturbed individual and the way the Transsexual Gay men hold him up as a hero to be pitied makes me realize they are equally ill.

    • Kim Says:

      I do think porn does in fact encourage this behavior. I can’t help but to notice the anime pictures that many transgender seem to love. Why is that a common shared interest? Is there some kind of brainwashing going on? That is a very strange don’t you think?

  120. […] duplicated by mutilating a piece of scrotum or rectum and fashioning it crudely. I am not a hole. Woman is not a collection of holes. The natural sway of our hips can be mimicked with practice (I was mocked for mine, call it cis […]

  121. rheapdx1 Says:

    Our local ABC station posted this…..and it dovetails not only on the above….but shows that the illness is spreading.

    The fact these scum are not in jail is scary as well.

  122. A.A Says:


    I’ll address this to you as you appear to be one of the ones in charge here…

    Full disclosure: white, heterosexual male. Having said that, onto my remarks.

    First of all, count me among those that view transgenderism as being suspect, for many of the reasons that have already been detailed in this blog post. Actually, color me highly skeptical. There is simply too much ambiguity and not enough certainty in my eyes to treat this as anything other than a mental disorder currently. If someone is unable to decide or choose if they are a man or a woman, to my mind it speaks to having fundamentally larger problems that simply won’t be solved by wearing dresses.

    One thing I should be make clear: as someone who considers himself left-of center politically, I feel the current crop of individuals who are masquerading as socialists are doing socialism/social democracy a great deal of harm by not taking a greater stand against gratuitous individual narcissism being passed off as collective inclusion for the benefit of all.

    I was traveling in the Philippines a couple of years ago, and after being there I began to wonder about things. Life there for a vast majority of people is one long vicious grind. Every day is a struggle to survive. One day I was walking on a bridge over the Pasig River, near the central post office when I spied a man clamber down the banks for the river, drop his trousers and take a dump in broad daylight with three girls-none who could have been more than 13 or 14-not ten feet away scrounging for something. In the Phillipines it is not an unusual occurrence because 7% of the population-that’s 7 million people-engage in open defecation due a lack of proper sanitation facilities. In India, it’s about 50%.

    My point? Arguments such as the transgendered community or current “progressives” are making with regards to rights are essentially arguments only citizens of wealthy, developed countries can make. I am quite certain that a transgendered person in a place like India, having the choice between using a men’s toilet or taking a dump alongside a busy street in Delhi during rush hour would probably have no problems using the men’s toilet. It’s only in countries as wealthy and as secure as ours do we have the time and resources to sit around dreaming shit up to be offended, outraged and disenfranchised about. I doubt many the Stefoknees (or many of the SJWs) of this world have ever really been hungry. Or homeless. Or poor. Or absolutely without hope. If they were, that which is truly important and worth fighting for would be made crystal clear to them.

    Another point: I will never, despite having resided here for 13 years, gain citizenship in the country where I currently live. I am an immigrant, and all told all of us make up somewhere around 3% of the population. I am excluded and marginalized from much that goes on around me; I have been subjected to random police stops simply because I am a foreigner. I cannot vote. Yet, despite this I am happy here because I have fashioned a quality life for myself; I have a decent job that pays, I eat well, have health insurance provided for and am in a stable relationship with my partner. I have a quality of life I could have never hoped to achieve in my home country. The point? Nobody ever gets everything they want-there are always choices and compromises to be made. Yet the transgendered (and the progressives and SJWs) seem to think they are entitled to EVERYTHING they want, and usually at the expense of someone else. Unfortunately, current Western society seems to encourage this sort of belief.

  123. Jeanette Cole Says:

    He just said in his interview I dont have to stay in the closet. Interesting! He would not come near my family. His wife is wise and a good mother what a shame for the children.

  124. ephemeroptera Says:

    There’s a new study out on autopedophilia, Kevin J. Hsu and J. Michael Bailey, “Autopedophilia: Erotic-Target Identity Inversions in Men Sexually Attracted to Children,” Psychological Science (November 2016):

    I’m not a specialist, but I read this article and discovered 2 major pieces of information:

    – the study’s new online survey shows that autopedophilia is common among men sexually attracted to children.

    – male sexual attraction to children and thus autopedophilia exists as part of a larger male sexual attraction continuum known as the “stimulus generalization gradient”.

    Essentially, the stimulus generalization gradient extends from adults females through adult males, that is:

    1) adult females
    2) late adolescent females
    3) pubescent females
    4) prepubescent females
    5) prepubescent males
    6) pubescent males
    7) late adolescent males
    8) adult males.

    Within this gradient, men are most aroused by one category and then adjacent categories (e.g. a typical straight man would be most aroused by adult females, and then late adolescent females).

    As expected, the study indicates that autopedophiles are both aroused by their desired age group and by thoughts of resembling their desired age group (and then to a lesser degree with adjacent age groups).

    Furthermore, the last half of this participant narrative quoted in the study sounds a lot like some of Stefonknee’s behavior (getting penetrated by a fantasy father):

    “Sometimes I fantasize about being with a child myself, but then I end up thinking about it from the child’s perspective, being sexually active with an adult.”

    From what I’ve read of autogynephilia, these erotic target location errors can co-exist *or* compete with the typical manifestation of the desire, and sometimes, too, arousal to the target doesn’t rise to the conscious level.

    Thus, I’m assuming too that autopedophilic behavior by someone doesn’t necessarily imply that they consciously know that they’re aroused by children.

    Just wanted to update everyone, or flag this study for any new readers of this post.

  125. kesher Says:

    That gradient rings true to me with the way that many men who molest children are fairly indiscriminate as to the young child’s sex.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      Another recent article that I found (Bailey/Hsu/Barnard, “An Internet Study of Men Sexually Attracted to Children: Sexual Attraction Patterns,” Journal of Abnormal Psychology 2016) described and documented a little bit of a gap between the sexes on the gradient.

      So, there’s apparently a little more fall-off crossing that line (e.g. someone attracted to prepubescent males has adjacent attraction to pubescent males on the one side and prepubescent females on the other, and there tends to be a bit more falloff in arousal towards the latter because it crosses the sex line).

      With Stefonknee, I’m guessing main erotic target is prepubescent females (adjacent categories of pubescent females and prepubescent males, the latter likely being a bit less because it crosses sex divide on the gradient).

      I don’t know kids stuff, so I’m unclear if any of Stefonknee’s behavior imitates pubescent female age ranges (the teddy bear etc. seems like very young kids stuff).

  126. Rebeka Carroll Says:

    Wow, just wow!!! If there was ever evidence of just how broken and pure evil this world has become, here it is. Satan doesn’t sleep or take breaks. He will go to any lengths to take as many away from Yahweh as possible! It is very sobering to realize that Jesus went to the cross for this individual as well and so many more who are just the darkest form of evil…

  127. Accused of assaulting 3 young girls, man says he’s boy trapped in adult’s body

    Stefonknee can’t help that he is a creepy ass old man with an age play sexual fetish. He is a 52 year old man trapped in a 6 year old body.

    The pervert accused of assaulting 3 girls really isn’t just some sick pedo. No, it’s not his fault. He is a boy trapped in an adult body.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      So his defense against accusations of CSA is that he doesn’t identify as an adult. Right.

      Did anyone who posts here NOT see this coming? #toldyouso

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Sick! I am glad our state, IL, still gives out harsh punishments. This is in sharp contrast to Canada, where Stefonknee is still going strong, enabled and coddled by confused Canadians who think letting him off the hook is “liberal.”

      • Stefoknee hasn’t committed any crimes, though. Being a repulsive creep and deserting your family isn’t illegal and there’s no suggestion that he’s a paedophile. I’d imagine he’s been left in no doubt how most people see him. What would you suggest he be charged with?

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Actually, Stefonknee did make concerning remarks about things he did to a friend’s young daughter. Obviously, we aren’t there and don’t know if he actually molested her. I read this story very far back and from additional sources, so perhaps those details aren’t mentioned here. It seemed worth investigating.

      • Marm Says:

        Sophie I Jameson: it states in the article that Stephonknee was charged with uttering threats, assault, criminal harassment and criminal mischief. His ex-wife and ALL of their 7 children had a restraining order against him. Doesn’t this suggest a pattern of abusive behaviour ?

        Dad says he wants to be a woman, except that really this woman is a little girl who has sex with her role playing pervert “parents” with bad boundaries, who let Stephonknee play with their actual children ? That doesn’t set off some alarm bells for you ? In a self centered volatile individual who continues to have scrapes with law enforcement ?

    • Sorry, Lovetruthcourage and Marm, you’re quite right. I’d forgotten about sweet little Stefoknee’s crimes. I just remembered the general picture of narcissism and neglect, in particular his attempt to ruin the wedding of one of kids. What I was trying to say – badly – was that I don’t think there’s any suggestion he’s a predatory paedophile. Unlike the guy in the Chicago Tribune, Stefoknee wants to be the “victim” in a child rape fantasy.

      It really is revolting if you think about it for any time.

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