Ashley has a new shero!

December 4, 2015

17 Responses to “Ashley has a new shero!”

  1. ftmskeptic Says:

    Ashley is awesome but her name is much too cis and pedestrian. To fit in better as a transwoman, she needs to change it to Ashleeigh Zabrinna Veronnika Skyye or some other more feminine, romantic, oddly spelled name. 😀

  2. Rachel Says:

    Peachy, you are naughty, but so funny…
    This is going to sucker a lot of MTTs.

  3. OldPolarBear Says:

    Ashley, both you and your alterego Peachy are adorable; I would adopt you in a minute! Have to check with my partner first. That is, if you would like a couple of older, gay, bearish daddies.

  4. Elle Says:

    Peachy, I am glad you are in the world!

  5. sellmaeth Says:

    I must say, Ashley is waaay cuter than Stef.

    @OldPolarBear: If you treat little six year old Ashley like Stef’s “adoptive daddy” treats Stef, I will call child protective services. I mean, trans-children are children, right?

  6. morag99 Says:

    The close-up on the folded-hands-on-lap is genius!

    Oh, the sad, shy, folded hands signifying the injury and grief of rejection. How could anyone look at those defeated hands, and not be moved by the plight of this man who gets off on imagining himself as, not only a female sex object, but a molestable little girl-child?

    We know the answer: only a cold, heartless woman like PeachYoghurt would not feel sympathy. Ha! Only a feminist and/or a lesbian would make cruel fun of man who has suffered so much for his identity as a wife-battering, child-abusing, cross-dressing, fetishist LADY.

    Lucky for him, though, he and his brothers have melted the hearts of many real, nice women — liberal and spiritually generous women, including a former United Church minister and politician named Cheri DiNovo — who have championed their cause.

    In men like Stephonknee and Toby, they apparently see something that could be — if one is careful and subtle — described as Christ-like. That is, these are men who undergo metaphysical transformations, who die (or threaten to, anyway) and are resurrected in a new form, into a real girl, into a feminine stereotype … er, I mean archetype!

    It’s positively DIVINE, this transition. Immutable. Eternal. In fact, DiNovo described, right there in Canada’s House of Commons, and in lyrical, religious, enraptured detail, how Toby’s corpse (suicide) was lovingly dressed up in “mini skirt, high heels and full make-up.”

    You see, it was only in death, she explained, that Toby could finally complete his transformation and become, fully, the real woman that he was all along. Which makes a lot of ghoulish, sexist sense, actually.

    • kesher Says:

      All this time, I assume “Toby” must have been someone who died from lack of trans-specific services, maybe a “trans” teen who died of exposure on the streets. But all along he was a very troubled PIW who overdosed on drugs? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    • prozac Says:

      Thanks morag, I read the link to the Canadian house of commons transcript of Cheri DiNovo’s self-congratulatory speech regarding Bill 33 in the previous post on stefonknee. I was thoroughly reviled and was going to comment but ran out of gusto.

      I strongly urge my fellow Canadians and especially those of you living in Ontario, and ESPECIALLY those of you in Parkdale/High Park in Toronto, to read the link Gallus has provided in the last post. We should all know just how hard our representatives are pandering to these men. As an aside, she won by only 525 votes, out of 45,000 in this riding. Perhaps by 2018 it will be a different story. Sigh.

  7. endthewoo Says:

    This is so funny, thanks Peachy for the seasonal laughs.

  8. charlies59 Says:

    Peachy needs to comment on this story.

    “I only have a couple of these and I’m going to give one to you,” Caitlyn tells Kylie. She then presents her daughter with a bra and panties set emblazoned with her face.
    “This is way too inappropriate for me to wear,” Kylie Jenner says after looking at her bizarre gift. “I have my dad on my underwear.”

    Kylie Jenner posted an up-close photo of the Caitlyn Jenner underwear on her Instagram page back in September, but she deleted it.
    “This is getting out of hand,” Kylie captioned the photo.

    I broke the link for safety reasons.
    ht tp://

    Didn’t Cait show one of her sons his new breasts earlier this year ? Brandon said he was a little taken aback when he saw Caitlyn for the first time after surgery and she pulled her top up to reveal her new breasts. ‘Whoa, I’m still your son,’ he gently reminded her. ? A parent has boundaries

    • Magdalena Z. Says:

      How is this any different than a flasher wearing a trenchcoat? Except that Bruce is a rich old white man so I guess that makes it cute and adorable that he’s also a pedophile that pushes his sickness onto his kids like they are more unwilling spectators for his fetish performance? Or maybe it’s that autogynephiles don’t seem to think that their “female” personas are really their own bodies but like a skin dress that is ok to show to people, I don’t know. I saw that Kylie Jenner story on the Daily Mail and it made me sick.

      • katiesan Says:

        Jenner is not a decent human being. He abandoned his previous children when each previous wife wouldn’t accept his condition. It is a testament to their mothers that they were kind enough to try to reconcile with him — and the way he abused them AGAIN is proof that he’s just an attention-seeking fetishist.

        And, don’t forget, the person who wrote the hagiography in Vanity Fair, Buzz Bissinger, spent a lot of money, energy, and time trying to force his desire to wear expensive lady garments out and about in the world, too. He has his own congruent issues. But, you know, he once wrote about football, so there could be no conflict of interest there. Nothing to see.

      • marm Says:

        Whoa ! I remember reading that horrorshow of a story about his shopping “addiction” several years ago. It is extremely telling that this would be the person who would sing the song of former Bruce. NPD pathology + wealth + privilege = vile.

  9. I think this is devastating and painful, in a way the actual Stephwhatever interview was not. It’s so painful to think of the grandchildren being mixed up in this – they are TOO YOUNG to give any kind of consent. MORE CHILD ABUSE!!!!! I wish this video got more airtime – I wish they would show it in women’s studies classes and other university settings. AND DISCUSS!!!!!!!!

  10. AnnoyingPossum Says:

    I was wondering if anybody had seen this episode of “Robot Chicken” called “Spring of the Drowned Girl”? It looks like the writers understand all about autogynephilia, so I wonder if THEY’RE getting harassed (I would bet NOT since it’s presented as sort of guy humor!)

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