Michelle Goldberg: The Trans Women Who Say Trans Women Aren’t Women

December 9, 2015

michelle goldberg slate From Slate:

The Trans Women Who Say That Trans Women Aren’t Women

Meet the apostates of the trans rights movement.

By Michelle Goldberg

Last month, a 42-year-old English accountant who goes by the pseudonym Helen Highwater wrote a blog post disputing the idea that trans women are women. Helen is trans herself; in the last few years, she says, she has taken all the steps the U.K.’s National Health Service requires before it authorizes gender reassignment surgery, which she plans to have in 2016. Yet she has come to reject the idea that she is truly female or that she ever will be. Though “trans women are women” has become a trans rights rallying cry, Highwater writes, it primes trans women for failure, disappointment, and cognitive dissonance. She calls it a “vicious lie.”

“It’s a lie that sets us up to be triggered every time we are called he, or ‘guys’ or somebody dares to suggest that we have male biology,” she writes. “Even a cursory glance from a stranger can cut to our very core. The very foundations of our self-worth are fragile.”

From the perspective of the contemporary trans rights movement, this is close to blasphemy. Most progressives now take it for granted that gender is a matter of identity, not biology, and that refusing to recognize a person’s gender identity is an outrageous offense. Highwater herself long believed that: “I came from a point—and I think most of us do—of really, really low self-worth and deep shame about who and what we are,” she tells me. “And when people started telling me that trans women are women, you’ve always been a woman, you have a woman’s brain in a man’s body and all this kind of stuff—it’s a lifeline. It’s something you can hold on to. It really helps you to come to terms with things and move beyond that shame.”

In radical feminist thinking, there’s no such thing as a “woman’s brain.” This year, however, Highwater joined Twitter, where she began to follow the furious battles between trans rights activists and those feminists derisively known as TERFs, or trans exclusionary radical feminists. The radical feminists—who, to be clear, don’t represent all feminists who think of themselves as radical—fundamentally disagree with trans activists on what being a woman means. To the mainstream trans rights movement, womanhood (or manhood) is a matter of self-perception; to radical feminists, it’s a material condition. Radical feminists believe women are a subordinate social class, oppressed due to their biology, and that there’s nothing innate about femininity. They think you can’t have a woman’s brain in a man’s body because there’s no such thing as a “woman’s brain.” As the British feminist writer Julie Bindel—a bete noire of many trans activists—put it, “Feminists want to rid the world of gender rules and regulations, so how is it possible to support a theory which has at its centre the notion that there is something essential and biological about the way boys and girls behave?”

At first, Highwater felt incensed by these radical feminists. But she also wanted to understand them, and so she began to engage with them online. She discovered “people who had a pretty good grasp of gender as an artificial social construct—the expectations of what females are supposed to be, the expectations of what males are supposed to be, and how much of that is socialized,” she says. “What I started to find is that the women I was talking to actually made so much more sense than the trans people I was talking to.”

Earlier this year, Highwater attended a talk by Bindel about radical feminists who have been banned from public speaking due to accusations of transphobia. There she met one of the organizers, the provocative trans writer Miranda Yardley, who likewise rejects the ethos of the contemporary trans movement. Transitioning, Yardley tells me, improved her life immeasurably. It eliminated the gender dysphoria—the strong desire “to be treated as the other gender or to be rid of one’s sex characteristics,” in the words of the DSM-5—that once plagued her. But it didn’t, she says, make her female. “I’m male, I own it,” she tells me. Soon, Yardley and Highwater began dating. “We identify as a gay male couple,” Yardley says. “We don’t identify as lesbians.”

* * *

Every communal movement has its apostates: people who reject the ideas associated with their identities. There are ultra-orthodox Jews who burn the Israeli flag, black people who oppose affirmative action, women—lots of women, actually—who are hostile to feminism. Yardley and Highwater are part of such a dissenting faction of trans people, one that’s often described as “gender-critical.”

To be gender-critical is to doubt the belief, which its critics call “genderism,” that gender is some sort of irreducible essence, wholly distinct from biological sex or socialization. Gender-critical trans women have different theories about why they were driven to transition, but in general, they don’t think they were actually women all along. (There appear to be few if any gender critical trans men, though there are gender-critical lesbians who once identified as male before reassuming a female identity.)

Gender-critical trans women are a uniquely despised group: They experience the discrimination all trans people are subject to as well as the loathing of the trans rights movement and its allies. “I am more afraid of my community harming me than I am of society harming me,” says Corinna Cohn, a 40-year-old libertarian from Indianapolis. In 2012, Cohn founded one of the first gender-critical trans blogs, but she shut it down last year when the online harassment became too overwhelming; she is still afraid to be publicly connected to it. (Before agreeing to use her real name in this piece, Cohn warned the human resources manager at her company that she might hear from people trying to have her fired.)

Cohn estimates that there are about 20 gender-critical trans bloggers, though their Internet presences tend to wax and wane; some who were active just a few months ago have pulled back, while others have just begun. Among the most prominent are Snowflake Especial and Gender Minefield, as well as Gender Apostates, a group blog run by both trans and cisgender women. Like many other trans people, the trans writers behind these blogs have experienced a searing conflict between their physiognomy and their self-conceptions. Like the broader trans rights movement, they believe in fighting violence and discrimination against trans people. But they reject the idea that biological sex is mutable, though sex organs obviously are. They see a difference between living as a woman and being one. Perhaps most of all, they object to the strain of online trans activism that seeks to erase sex distinctions through language alone—for example, by designating the penis a female organ, or by removing the word “woman” from reproductive rights activism.

“It is empirically unreasonable to expect that someone who has been socialized male, has undergone a male puberty, is in all sense of the word anatomically male, can simply say, ‘I’m now a woman,’ and have the world recalibrate all of its autonomic algorithms about sex and gender and say, ‘Yes, you’re a woman,’ ” says Aoife Assumpta Hart, a 41-year-old trans woman with a Ph.D. in gender and psychoanalysis who blogs at Gender Apostates. “Reality doesn’t work that way.”

This can seem threatening and exclusionary to trans rights activists, who largely believe that it’s never legitimate to question someone else’s gender. Trans people have fought for decades against those who call them dangerous or deluded. The belief that trans women are men disguised in women’s clothing was behind the recent repeal of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance; Christian conservatives rallied voters by stoking fears about men in women’s bathrooms. “It is incumbent upon us, to create a more loving and compassionate world, to accept the fact that people know themselves, and that they are not here to hurt other people’s feelings, or to get away with something, or to perpetrate some sort of fraud,” says Jennifer Finney Boylan, the best-selling author, trans rights advocate, and co-chair of GLAAD’s board of directors. “So if someone says to you that they are male or female, and you don’t believe it, I would say the first thing you might want to do is ask yourself why you don’t believe it.”



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  1. easilyriled Says:

    Not bad. She still kinda has it wrong though. There is a subtle condescension toward radical feminists — she seems a bit perplexed by the argument for the abolition of gender, so she dismisses it. Also, women who were once claiming to be trans who become gender critical either de-transition or don’t begin in the first place — that’s why she couldn’t find any gender-critical “transmen”. Also, they’re women, so they’re not so visible in the first place. This is an unsettling article, she describes the dissenting males but still fails to challenge the dominant “transwomen are women” ideology. I hope it does something though to shift the discussion.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I thought the complete absence of Gender Critical women/Transmen voices was shocking and jarring. Total sausagefest.

      Still, like yourself I am hopeful at any attempt (however flawed) by the mainstream to cover this issue objectively. And I do think it is enormously brave of these men to speak out when they know first hand the level of hostility, stalking, doxxing and harassment that distinguishes the “transwoman community”.

  2. Kitty Barber Says:

    It’s something, anyway! I am more and more encouraged; this is only a question of time, it always has been. We do have basic biology, the actual oppression of females around the world, and sanity on our side. With luck, we might get out of this somewhat intact. And when I say “we,” I mean everyone.
    It IS better than nothing.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Hahaha I had to laugh at loud at this. “Better than nothing”: the perfect summation of gender-critical transgenderism. LOL.

      I do see continued progress though. 🙂

  3. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.

  4. Oceans Says:

    I’m in the “it’s better than nothing” camp, but it was pretty condescending. I lol’d at the goofy false equivalencies to self-hating other groups.

    Too bad the author didn’t look at sites like this or transgenderreality.com. Wow, once the lid is lifted off the trans pot “progressives” won’t be able to continue seeing poor, widdle twanswomen as women. But at least it’s a step forward.

  5. Magdalena Z. Says:

    Yeah Helen Highwater almost gets it, but still calls himself “she” and is still considering surgery to mutilate himself. He needs to go deeper into why he is rejecting maleness and why he feels “shame and low self-worth” and how he thinks these feelings will be alleviated if he has his penis removed even knowing that he will not be female having done so? Will he still expect people to call him by female pronouns and to be accepted in female only spaces? If so, then he really has only raised the question if he knows he will never be female, why is he still living this charade? But it’s a start, it’s like someone finally admitting to something you know was true all along.

    • Hedda Gabler Says:

      There are quite a few people out there who are into rather crazy body modifications and/or self harming behaviour for whatever reason. But that aside, while I do appreciate that some people in that particular echo chamber are finally willing to make the first step towards a more sane approach to transgenderism by ditching the silly trans women are women equivalence, I can’t help but wonder whether this will end up merely being a re-branding (a la Trans Mk 2, now with 50% more sanity!) of the same old behaviour patterns or whether it could really be the tender shoots of a movement that truly questions the rigidity of the artificial masculine/feminine dichotomy and its conflation with sex from the “other side” so to speak.

  6. linda Says:

    At least these people are thoughtful and they use words to critique, debate, and reflect (not to harrass, threaten, and intimidate). Also, this kind of flat-earth statement is the prevailing, uncritically accepted model of transgenderism…. :

    “So if someone says to you that they are male or female, and you don’t believe it, I would say the first thing you might want to do is ask yourself why you don’t believe it.”

    In light of that, people like Highwater and Assumpta and Yardley and Cohn are beacons of logic and sense. They are people that feminists can work with.

    • stchauvinism Says:

      ““So if someone says to you that men were made in the image of god, and you don’t believe it, I would say the first thing you might want to do is ask yourself why you don’t believe it.” Transgenderism reminds me so much of fundamentalist Christianity

      • KgSch Says:

        Yeah really. It is fundamentalism. I don’t believe a man when he says he is female because I live in reality and I can tell the difference.

        You know what happens when you play the good little trannie ally and pretend that man is female and therefore not a threat to you? He might try to rape you to fullfil his sick delusion that he is a lesbian and your “progressive” friends will focus more on making sure you call him “she” than the attempted rape. I speak from experience!

        I am not a progressive or a liberal because they are other forms of lesbian and women-hating.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      Ha, ha. You’re right. Ignoring what was said right before and by whom, I took that statement at face value, to mean ‘if you don’t believe a trans person is really what they say they are, because it’s obvious they aren’t, you should pay attention to that feeling and figure out why it’s so incongruous. There might just be something to it.’. I mean, why stop at gender-fluidity if we can change anything we don’t like by having meaning and interpretation-fluidity as well, right? And please don’t laugh or I might have to off myself.

      I think they ended the article on that note in order to lend a voice of authority to the dominant trans position. It’s supposed to take the punch out of the veracity of some of the things that are stated therein.

  7. hearthrising Says:

    Well I also don’t want to knock it too much, because I would have thought Slate would be the very last to publish this sort of thing. And I do appreciate the outspokenness of these trans women. But I still have to say, she could easily have found a trans man who is somewhat gender critical if she had tried. Obviously, she didn’t try (or didn’t like what they had to say). Also, why would the perspective of detransitioned women be irrelevant here? Because Goldberg buys the line that if you detransition you don’t have gender dysphoria and never did? I know that’s the dominant belief, but with any other mental disorder, using success of treatment to confirm or rule out a diagnosis is considered screwy. I’m glad liberals are moving toward questioning trans narratives. I kinda thought that acknowledgement of how these narratives have hurt women would be part of the questioning. I guess that’s too much to expect.

    • anomie Says:

      Agreed—I appreciate that they are spotlighting that not all mtfs endorse trans ideology and ‘gender identity’. As far as mainstream articles on transgenderism go, it’s a step forward. But it’s unfortunate that gender-critical ideas only seem to get this kind of platform—and respectful, even-handed treatment—when they’re being spouted by males.

  8. CindyBaker Says:

    GallusMag, why do you seem so content to just ramble on about these things in a tiny corner of the internet? This is why trans bullying is getting it’s way. Extreme opponents decide that name calling and violence are the answer, when it only gains trans people more sympathy. The ones who might have a chance at changing things like you and the people at transreality.com choose to just sit back and let it happen while you gain a few hits on your site. Instead of doing the smart thing and taking this to the media. I know, I know, this is the part where you cuss at me and tell me I’m nothing. Fine, I don’t think you really hate trans people. I think you’re just playing devil advocate. Why else haven’t you tried taking this to the media?

    • GallusMag Says:

      I never thought the day would come when a male autogynophile would come to my blog and handwave away five years of my labor as worthless, dismiss my entire body of work (none of which he has read) as “rambling”, hold me personally responsible for male violence and bullying, call me stupid, imply that I “hate trans people”, and suggest that I quit and do something else (rebrand myself as a media personality, in your case- like there aren’t 52 million other women around for that task). OH WAIT. THEY DO THAT EVERY FUCKING DAY. Thanks for your advice, “Cindy”. I think I’ll go right on ahead and keep doing EXACTLY what I’m doing, but thanks EVER SO MUCH for stopping by.


      • stchauvinism Says:

        that was depressing. what a boring, tawdry, self involved fetish these men have, he probably came here trolling hoping his youtube channel would be found. stupid wanker.

      • Magdalena Z. Says:

        This reminds me of that movie “Dressed to Kill” with Michael Caine, except really really scary. Does this dude think he passes as a woman? If he does that tells you what trans think women are, blow up dolls or serial killers, bleh. Now I need a psychiatrist after watching ten seconds of that. So when Mr. Jennifer Boylan says he doesn’t think anyone has a right to diminish his “womanhood” because everyone does “womanhood” differently that is offensive and a slap in the face to females if this is how men see us.
        Also this gem, “But what I don’t want is to take anything away from someone else, and I don’t want anyone else to take anything away from me. If your thing is saying that a transgender woman who has been through transition is not a real woman but some other kind of woman with an asterisk, then you are taking my womanhood away from me. I’m fine with people living their truth as they see it. But don’t ask other people to see me as something less than as I see myself.”
        This is what you do when you call us “cis” Mr. Boylan, so stick it in your eye. A woman is someone who was born female, went through girlhood and all that entailed and made it to womanhood, or female adulthood. What you’re doing is a performance, an act, a simulacrum of womanhood, seen through a male lens and performed by a male. No one can take away from you what you never had or who you never were.

      • Bea Says:

        Wow. Whenever I see these guys, I think about how sorry I feel for their families. This guy is clearly seriously demented. It amazes me, having grown up with normal, healthy males… that there exists guys like this who have such an inhuman view of what being a woman is…that there are men who are full-time actors in a sex fantasy that they want to display for everyone else. I feel very sorry for them. I feel bad that they can’t have normal lives. A healthy man would just say that his little fetish fantasy game is a part of his male personality/sexual desire, not that it makes him an actual female. How do you live in entire lifespan carrying a rooster around and trying to convince everyone it’s a hen? And why?

      • Oceans Says:

        Lol. He thinks he passes?

      • Bizarre. Creepy but pointless. Maybe it’s creepy _because_ it’s pointless. And the mask/wig… I find the mask very disturbing. Expressionless and flat. Right up to the end I thought it was a stocking mask.

        He’s tried to change his shape with a corset, but he has that archetypal Oscar-shaped male silhouette with huge shoulders and his walk is utterly blokey. I hope he’s interested in men, as I can’t imagine women going for this look. Some men, otoh, will shag anyone who’s up for it.

        The man at the end of the video is exactly the shape of the woman at the beginning. Are we supposed to be surprised at the reveal? No surprise at all. Poor guy’s completely the wrong shape ever to pass. Shame he’s not happy being a man, as he’s got a great physique for a guy.

        I find myself wanting to offer advice on clothes… Comments like “Don’t wear biker jackets like that with your shoulders. Something floaty with a peplum might be more flattering.” And how he gets undressed made me chuckle. It’s funny to watch someone remove sexy fetishy women’s clothing with all the grace and sophistication of a bloke shucking off overalls. The boot chucking was particularly unladylike…

      • mizknowitall Says:

        Please! Tell me how in the world I can unsee that? Ewww!

    • Janetwo Says:

      This is one of the very few places left on the internet where women are not bullied and silenced. One of the few places left where we feel safe from being stalked by the transcult. Where we know our privacy will be respected, where Gallus is the gatekeeper protecting women from receiving death treaths, being harassed, insulted and bullied by the dress wearing pigs. Where we can discuss women issues. It must really enrage you that this blog still exists and the transcult has found no way to shut it down and control the narrative like you have done with most everything else. Posts like yours smell like desperation.

      • Yes. Yes. And yes again. I have been happily and constructively posting on The Guardian website (http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/) for years and years, but now my comments are being pre-moderated, and I’m under threat of banning, simply because I made 2 short and very polite posts pointing out that transwomen are male, and that women had a right to safe spaces.

        There can be no dissension in liberal circles, it seems. It’s only The Guardian in the UK that takes this line, but as The Guardian is the most liberal of our national newspapers and I used to post quite often it’s a bit sad. It seems it’s what used to be the most progressive circles – like our universities – that are most influenced by transactivism. There are fewer and fewer safe places to discuss female-first beliefs.

        But things are changing, slowly – or at least I hope so. Caitlin Jenner got a lot of uncritical adoration, but since then there’s been the Planet Hollywood guy and now Stephonknee. Looking at mainstream sites, there’s a lot of kickback coming through from a wide range of posters.

        It seems it’s often parents who get mad. They agree with feminists about the risks and injustice when male-bodied people gain access to spaces reserved for women and girls. If I had daughters I would strenuously object to them having Lila Perry in their changing room.

      • drycamp Says:

        Thank you for standing up for good sense. Transwomen are men. Women have a right to safe spaces. These things are so basic that it’s embarrassing to have to state them.

        I think the Caitlyn Jenner thing hit a lot of people sideways; we hadn’t given it that much thought, and off the top it sounded like more gay rights, which most sensible people favor.

        This is the genius of tacking that T at the end of LGB! But it’s not at all the same kind of thing! A woman who is sexually attracted to other women is a lesbian. She is not claiming to be anything but what she is. A man who claims to be (or to have become) a woman is on a par with a man who claims to be an elephant. The kindest word is delusional.

        Foisting this kind of thing on high school students is madness. If I had a daughter in high school I would object in the strongest possible way to allowing males into the locker room, however delusional they might be. I am not advocating mistreating trans people. They are entitled, as we are all entitled, to be treated humanely and with respect.

        And so is everyone else, including women.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        The Guardian heavily censors comments. I believe I was banned from commenting there. So do blogs like Daily Kos and boards like Democratic Underground. It is just ridiculous people cannot even tell the truth any more because of fear of offending some loudmouth crossdressing fetishists.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        …don’t forget that vast bastion of hypocrisy known as the Huf Po. I made ONE, respectful, simple statement that “transwomen” were really biological men and that was enough to get me banned for life!

  9. Meg Says:

    “So if someone says to you that they are male or female, and you don’t believe it, I would say the first thing you might want to do is ask yourself why you don’t believe it.”

    I can tell you why I don’t believe it: because science. Men are not women and women are not men. Women are not castrated versions of men. You don’t have to be an essentialist to understand the basic history of female sex oppression: that sperm producing people (males) have held disproportionate power and privilege over ova producing people (female), and that men have used biology to justify their hatred of women (as they do now in the transgender movement).

    It’s really not that complicated to understand, nor is it terribly difficult to deduce that male privilege is still a problem even among transwomen. The ongoing pathologizing of women’s bodies and minds (“We’re more woman than you are!” or “talking about your period is transphobic because it triggers my dysphoria”) is sexist and discriminatory against female biology.

    Even if transwomen aren’t identifying as women to perpetrate fraud or commit crimes, there are plenty of rapists who would. That’s the whole point – the human rights of women and girls shouldn’t be up for debate, and the emotional problems of men shouldn’t be more important than our collective right to female only spaces.

    • Janetwo Says:

      Women who hate their own sex to that extend are to be pitied more than anything else. Its a pretty sad mental space to be when you need validation from a male. Just makes me want to ask that twat if she does have any self-respect left.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I’m not really big on publishing women using slurs against other women based on their female genitalia, so could you not?

      • MaryMacha Says:

        It’s hard to not to have more contempt than pity.

      • Janetwo Says:

        Oh! English is not my first language, and I honestly did not know it was a term linked to genitalia. I thought it was the same as twit or twerp and pretty much interchangable with them O.o English have really a lot of insults which refer to genitalia.

  10. drycamp Says:

    “So if someone says to you that they are male or female, and you don’t believe it, I would say the first thing you might want to do is ask yourself why you don’t believe it.”

    The implication is (I guess) that I ought to go off and examine my conscience to discover why I am such an incorrect bigot. And also correct the situation, do penance, apologize, acquire the “correct” attitude, under which I believe any sort of nonsense anyone puts out about themselves.

    My position is, if someone who was born male (leaving out someone who is genuinely intersex, which is vanishingly rare) tells me that he is now a woman (or worse, that he has “always” been a woman, because ladybrain), I don’t believe it because it is not true.

    If he told me that he is an elephant, do I need to turn inward to discover why I don’t believe him?

    I’m waiting for an outbreak of common sense in this area. And getting impatient.

    • FedUpAnonbian Says:

      Yeah, when I hear that line, my first thought is that the person writing it is living in the wrong country and century and would have been far more happy running a Soviet or Maoist re-education center.

      • Charlotte Says:

        As a socialist feminist I need to bring up that the Stalinist and maoist ideologies both hold the position that transgenderism is a bourgeois decadence, a sickness of consumerism and seeing all material reality as something to be bought, as identity interchangeable with the material one owns rather than the material one IS (ie: I am a woman because I purchased heels and a skirt n I think because I was born a an actual female. And: the culture of capitalism which commodifies and thus reduces the value of human beings encourages the development of these gross fetishes.)

        So no, he wouldnt be happy in a communist re-education center.

    • gchild Says:

      @drycamp ” Im waiting for an outbreak of common sense in this area.”

      Yeah. I waited too. I waited and wondered. Why would people be so quick to accept something so absurd, ahistorical, anti intellectual, contradictory, and at times perverse?

      Because it is coming from MEN and for thousands of years we have accepted something similarly perverse and nonsensical from men: Patriarchy and male dominance.

      Despite a somewhat though provoking hopeful theme, this article still scores one for patriarchy with that question: “…if someone says to you they are male or female…ask yourself why you don’t beleive it”

      Because even if men aren’t women and can’t be women, transwomen still want you to do what patriarchy has conditioned you to do–stoop, bend, and break your back to please males. To me, that question really means “Whatever you do, DO NOT follow this thought to its logical conclusion!” Cause then you might not give men (transwomen) what they want/need.

  11. lovetruthcourage Says:

    I agree. Transwomen aren’t women.

  12. I believe it’s a step forward, and slowly but surely some people are starting to wake up. Sometimes people have to have faith that things will get better, and no one will ever be forced to live in another person’s Orwellian fantasy world. The quote from James, Jennifer Finney, Boylan doesn’t have to make sense, but we all have to nod our heads in politically correct agreement.

    “So if someone says to you that they are male or female, and you don’t believe it, I would say the first thing you might want to do is ask yourself why you don’t believe it.”

    Boylan said, “ask yourself why you don’t believe it”, so here is my answer. It’s not complicated.

    I don’t think that James, Jennifer Finney, Boylan is a male. I know that he is a male.

    Boylan is a heterosexual man and father of two children. He didn’t give birth to his biological children. He impregnated his wife twice. He is not a “mom”, and it’s an insult to the entire female sex to call a father a “mom”. Besides impregnating his wife twice, how else do I know that he is a male? Well, there are the photos of him towering over his wife, and those large manly hands and all. Damn my transphobic soul for typing these horrid words!

    “A Transgender Mom Shares Her Journey with PEOPLE”

    “We were husband and wife for 12 years, and we’ve been wife and wife for 14 years now.


    In other words, he has been with the mother of his children for 26 years.

    James, it’s okay for men to wear dresses if that is what rocks their boat, but it doesn’t make dads “women”. What married couples do is their business, but I don’t like being dragged into someone else’s reality. Forcing me to accept a father of two kids as a “mom” and woman is something that I refuse to do.

    GLADD celebrates Mothers Day by calling a father of two children a “mother”. Maybe HERO failed because people are fed up with this p.c. insanity being shoved down our throats.


    Hart is just saying what most rational people know, but were too afraid to speak openly.

    “It is empirically unreasonable to expect that someone who has been socialized male, has undergone a male puberty, is in all sense of the word anatomically male, can simply say, ‘I’m now a woman,’ and have the world recalibrate all of its autonomic algorithms about sex and gender and say, ‘Yes, you’re a woman,’

  13. In case anyone is interested, Julia Serano thinks Michelle Goldberg’s explorations of gender criticism mean she’s such a TERF!


    It’s the usual “how dare you put science over my feels” stuff, which is pretty funny coming from a biologist, but I LOL’d at this melodramatic comment by one Debora Simon:

    [i]Michelle is clearly capable of understanding the difference between dissent and hatred, but she is too irresponsible to examine her own biases towards women who are trans (of whom I am one.)

    [b]My lived experience is that I am a woman assigned male at birth: my biology is a clear path to the existence of women who are trans, who in turn are clearly women.[/b] I experience much of the same distress and trauma as others who are denied their existence for similar reasons of “dissent”, for reasons of skin colour, gender (the basic rights of women), religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, body shape, and others. But will I *ever* be a woman in the narrow, biological definition of woman provided by some people? No, but neither will many cis women I know, some of whom express their discomfort with what is and isn’t considered a woman every day. [/i]

    Many actual women aren’t considered women? Sure, bub.

    “Clearly women”??? Well it’s clear enough to me, Cissy!

    Debora would need some lived experiences he’s incapable of having to know how his distress compares to that caused by racism, but these are male feelings we’re talking about here.

    I also thought you’d enjoy this:

    • kesher Says:

      That claim comes up often, that our denial of their “womanhood” means that we won’t allow them to exist. Typical male testeria.

      • morag99 Says:

        Who knew that bleeding, sobbing, panting, shaking, crying, rending, grasping, and falling into the void (all over pronoun usage, apparently) could be so, so boring?

      • Meg Says:

        “Trans exclusionary feminists cannot exclude my humanity”

        But transwomen are free to exclude ours, now aren’t they?

        They can inflict as many threats to doxx, rape, and murder us, to “other” us for simply choosing to not be around them and support our right to female spaces.

        “Do you know what it feels like to be othered?”

        Yes, and the people doing the other is YOU.

        YOU pathologize female biology by calling it transphobic. YOU claim to be the “real women” whereas “genetic girls” are failures at femininity. YOU uphold yourselves as the default human beings of feminism to the detriment of women and girls everywhere. Yeah, I know what it’s like to be othered, because YOU are the ones doing it.

        These people make me sick with their condescending bullshit.

        They were NOT born female, and they have NO idea what it is to be treated like less than an animal their entire fucking lives.

        Oh, they’re transitioning and men are treating them like women. Men are targeting them for violence of all kinds, just like they target women and girls every goddamn day. Gee, sucks to be a woman doesn’t it?

      • GallusMag Says:


      • Franklin Says:

        He actually has a decent voice and is reasonably good looking. If he would just drop the gender crap and focus on his music he could probably have a nice little thing going doing gigs at local bars and pick up a nice boyfriend. Instead he has somehow gotten sidetracked into making himself and other people unhappy through self-dramatizing ‘trans’ theatrics. Oh well.

      • Jove Says:

        You’re all being so violent towards meeee! You having an opinion that is different from mine is a form of violence!

        You taking away the victim spotlight from me is violent!

        Auugh. The only thing that made sense in that self-absorbed navel-gazing was the last line:

        “But I am real. I am human. And my existence will never be up for debate.”

        The rest of that special snowflake soliloquy might best be turned into more ponderous songs in which he works out all those super deep, super important feelings, a la his childhood idol, No Doubt. But don’t you dare say that he’s “Just a Girl,” because now he’s an extra-special non-binary person!

      • Janetwo Says:

        Gawd….raise your hand if you have ever said that men are not humans? In a way, its really funny to see a white male, a member of the class who was fought tooth and nail to deny women and people of colors equal rights come up with that one. The only relevant issues white men can have are economic class ones, so they should talk about poverty, labor rights, the 29 miners killed at the Upper Big Branch coal mine….But lets the whole public discourse get bug down on sex segregated bathrooms and clothing and have priviledged white dudes like Jenner, Serano and Lawrence Wachowski steal the soapbox for their freakshow and tell us about oppression. The whole Oppression Olympics is their invention. I never met a white woman in her right mind debating her life was easier being born white rather than black, all other things being equal. For sure my life is easier being born woman in a white middle-class family and having a good education than being born in a black ghetto. The pompous arrogance of these idiots claiming to teach every body else about oppression and intersectionality grates me in the worst possible way. Transgenderism is fundamentally a navel gazing movement where dudes elevate their mostly imaginary woes to worthy social cause.

  14. lucyfirre Says:

    I agree with the commenters here who question the gulf between these transwomen talking the talk and walking the walk. Though at the same time (the probably female socialised part of me) wonders whether this is an insight they’ve come to later in life and they feel they can’t go back… or the personal price is too high to prioritise their politics. (given the damage done to women by their choice I’m not saying I agree).

    I’m also deeply concerned to hear about the rejection of female/FtT voices in the article and in the broader GC trans groups. It does very much make it a male dominated space. My understanding is that the Gender Apostates blog was set up by a woman who believes that trans is a ‘rare medical condition’ and who frequently prioritises male trans over other women. (I could be wrong but I’ve heard of a number of examples that lead me to believe this). So, I’m largely unsurprised that’s a male orientated space.

    However, the other day on Twitter my TL was full of women stating how wonderful ‘Gender critical’ transwomen are and how they’d switched them on to critiquing gender. I asked them why this was as I was horrified that women’s voices were not enough. Their response was that they’d been socialised to be nice, to put not offending people first and to listen to men. Though sad to hear, obviously it’s something we all know is true for most women. So, though I wish with every atom of my body it wasn’t necessary, I do believe that transwomen speaking out is politically essential and I do not doubt that they can achieve a reach and a change that women simply do not have the power to achieve. Radical feminists would never have been given a platform on Slate, that’s for sure, and there’s many heartening conversations in the comments. With that in mind, I’m deeply grateful that these transwomen have spoken out publicly.

    • Meg Says:

      Wow this is disturbing. So people are willing to listen to MEN aka transwomen when they are gender critical, but refuse to listen to people born FEMALE when they bring up obvious human rights issues like allowing males in female spaces?

      Really? And yeah, I agree that Slate would have never given WOMEN a platform to speak about an oppression that distinctly targets us for being FEMALE.

      So when are social activists going to whip themselves into an outrage for this flagrant display of male privilege? Oh right never. Back to your regularly scheduled program.

    • Janetwo Says:

      I agree with Meg. Who knew? Some women are sexist to the point of dismissing what other women say and prefer listening to men wearing dresses. Somehow it reminds me of so many women who can’t say fast enough that they are not feminist, like it is something to be ashamed of. I find this pandering to men quite sickening. As for women not having the power by themselves, I say bollock. Power is never given, its fought for and thank goodness it is a truth our grand-mothers understood because we would still not be even considered people with equal rights in front of the law. Its positive some transwomen speak out, but I dont feel the need to be grateful for anybody stating the obvious truth that men are not women. I recognize that it took some courage for these transwomen to go public, but more importantly, we should be furious at Slate to not publish radfems. I will never accept any kind of male moral leadership in a movement for women liberation. I would ask to women who are not willing to listen to others women but are fawning over transgenders where their internalized sexism comes from. We dont need validation or permission from men to know who we are and define who we are. Its nice to have allies but its not necessary. We should strive to stand on our own and celebrate our own. Personally, these days, I find much inspiration from develloping countries feminists. Transgenderism is of interest to me to the extent it is a deeply regressive movement which needs to be stamped out . It reminds of the era where women were so repressed that men were impersonating them in theater plays and operas because it could not be allowed to give them a public voice.

      • Meg Says:

        Thanks Janet and I agree that we shouldn’t have to be grateful to have simple biology pointed out. The difference between males and females is something most people learn before kindergarten. It’s setting the bar very low nod and clap when the barest of bare minimums is achieved. This isn’t the only article I’ve seen where Slate has been completely sexist, sadly it won’t be the last. As an American e-zine goes, it’s pretty typical in that it gives the impression of giving a shit about bigotry and oppression, but doesn’t care when it happens to women, or when women’s experiences are co-opted for the personal enjoyment of men.

    • kesher Says:

      I couldn’t get through all of it; the New Yorker’s habit of stretching out a one-page piece to several pages does me in about halfway. But I thought the retroactive justification for Soloway’s father’s transition is as interesting as ever. Why does he become withdrawn when his wife becomes successful? What impact did that have on his delusion of being a “woman”?

      I also think it’s funny that Soloway et al. think that Transparent is a positive representation of MTTs. It’s not as bad as it could be, but any sympathy I feel for “Moira” and the friend played by Bradley Whitford is due to my thinking they’re pathetic, not that they’re women. But almost all of the other inconvenient-for-MTTs tropes are there: misogyny, homophobia, the male-pattern laziness and foisting household tasks on actual women, the donning of family “matriarch” despite having no involvement in the children’s upbringing and despite the actual mother still being alive and present. I was actually shocked by how negative the actual portrayal is. I’m surprised trans activists haven’t yet crucified Soloway for this, although I think they have gone after her for other things.

      The only sympathetic trans characters on the show are the gay ones who don’t get nearly enough airtime.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Soloway seems asleep at the wheel. But maybe she’s in egg mode. 😛

        Levy is a great longform writer, always worth a read in my opinion.

  15. Sondeguerra Says:

    Off topic: in the Schooled blog on slate there is a post about the transgirl forcing teenage girls to accept him in their locker room. Commenters, I’m sad to say, women, are saying that since most girls over the age of ten have seen a penis on the Internet, what’s the big deal? There is a poster who agreed and said even if girls over ten haven’t seen a penis, having a nude transgirl in the locker room will be educational. I feel sick.

    • Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

      How is this not completely missing the concept of consent? Sure, lots of young women have seen penises on the internet. Lots of them probably go looking to see penises on the internet. But in that case, they’re actively seeking out that experience. If some random guy comes up to a woman on the street, and whips out his dick at her, that’s considered sexual assault where I live, anyway. It’s not “educational” to have an unwanted view of a penis; it’s assaultive.

      Personally, I happen to like looking at penises, but on my terms, not because some be-penised person flashes me somewhere, and I know that some women don’t like looking at penises at all. And some women have religious restrictions against seeing random penises. Which is also fine. And that’s the crux of it. Unless each and every one of those girls is personally okay with it, the penis should stay out of eyeshot in the locker room, thank you very much.

      (Personally, I don’t have a problem with mixed-sex nonsexual nudity as long as it’s all consensual among all the participants, but you can’t assume that in a semi-public space like a gym locker room.)

      Liberal feminists seem to be all about the idea of sexual consent, but consenting to view what in the dim dead old days used be called “private parts,” not so much.

      • drycamp Says:

        Totally agree Sophie, it’s all about consent. If I consent to going to a “clothing-optional” (clothing wasn’t really optional, it was next door to forbidden) hot spring (which I have done a lot of) then there is absolutely no harm in viewing penises. If I am troubled by the sight for any reason I am perfectly free to go home.

        A gym locker room is quite different. One attended clothing-optional hot springs back in the day (also, hot tub parties) quite deliberately. The whole thing was a quasi-political statement. (Also, we were all in our early 20’s when everyone looks fabulous nude.) The clothing-optional part was sometimes the main event. Strict community mores pretty much guaranteed that there would be no or almost no male misbehavior.

        These days, however, I go to the gym at the Y in order to exercise; changing clothing and showering are merely accessories, necessitated by the main activity, which is athletic. I emphatically do NOT consent to having a penis waved around in my vicinity while I am in the locker room. Furthermore, the social restraints which were reliable in the context of small “hip” gatherings back then are not so available in a big urban gym with membership spanning all ages and races and political views. The chance that such an assembly would include men with unsavory motivations seems much larger.

        My anxiety is that this madness will become so well entrenched (I am in the liberal SF Bay Area) that viewing such things will become unavoidable if all gyms take up the fad. The gym offers equipment (like, a pool) and other amenities which are hard to access elsewhere.

        Since this whole business seems to have become a matter of politics rather than common sense and good manners, I hold out some hope that the demographics may work for me rather than against me. We have a number of members who are Black Muslim (or just plain regular Muslim), and these people do not appreciate the kind of displays we are discussing here.

      • Meg Says:

        “Unless each and every one of those girls is personally okay with it, the penis should stay out of eyeshot in the locker room, thank you very much.”

        But that’s the problem with sexism in the first place: it assumes that all females everywhere want to be exposed to penises, aka rape culture. It’s not just the liberal feminists, there’s also conservative women who oppose lesbianism on the grounds that it’s the natural order of things for women to be receptacles for men’s penises and make lots of baybeez.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        It is about sexual harassment, and it is illegal. Men infiltrating women’s spaces such as restrooms and locker rooms is the very definition of sexual harassment. This trans garbage needs to be kicked to the curb.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi drycamp: Unfortunately, I can tell you firsthand that the “clothing optional” scene of the past and present has plenty of predatory male-on-female conduct. Those who report he problem are the ones who were run out on a rail. Alas, I suspect that many women will either be so embarrassed or feel politically and socially pressured not to report predatory MTT behavior in locker rooms, homeless shelters and bathrooms.

      • drycamp Says:

        Well Zemskull, as to male misbehavior back in the day, I’m sure on general principles that there was some. (What human condition has ever been free from misbehavior?) As for present tense situations like that I have no idea. I don’t run around doing stuff like that any more, or not usually.

        But I was there back then at the hot springs, and I was there a lot, and I never witnessed any, nor did I ever hear about any. My point was more that I was there VOLUNTARILY. I didn’t go to the gym thinking “workout” only to have the person at the next showerhead over wave a penis at me. Women who consent to view penises…well, they consent. (Just to viewing of course, not to misbehavior.) Under these conditions, I most certainly do NOT consent. And involving female children in these displays, as in high school gym classes, is beyond disgusting.

        It may well be that many victims of this new “policy” will be too intimidated to object, but I can assure you that I personally am not and will not be intimidated. I will whip out my iPhone, take pictures, and object loudly to whoever can hear me.

    • Educational? Yeah, right. And even more educational if he’s got a boner.

      No one has the right to show me their genitals. That’s a basic consent issue.

    • gchild Says:

      In what way does having a penis in their locker room “educate” them? They know what penises are. They know by age ten how they function (more or less). What do they need to know that can only be learned by having a naked penis in the presence of their naked vaginas? What kind of “education” are they referring to?

      How to look at a penis? How to handle one? How to tell the difference between a boy penis and girl penis?! Or is it about being generally comfy penises? Getting used to them? Not freaking out when a penis is thrust into their faces?

      And it doesn’t ocurr at all to these people that the high rate of sexual abuse/assault of little girls (by both men and boys) would be a factor in why teaching little girls to snuggle up to dick isn’t a good idea. Because when that pervert flashes his penis at them in the park (this has happened to me and EVERY woman I know at least once), instead of running away, little girls who have been groomed to be friendly with dick might smile and wave at him.

      These people don’t give even the smallest fraction of a fuck about little girls. The only feelings that matter are that of the male child who is entitled to have as many little girls as possible–all the little girls on earth if necessary– validate his “girlness” by making his penis a part of their daily lives.

    • Zemskull Says:

      The problem isn’t with teen girls seeing a penis, the problem is when the hormone-addled teen boy tries to use it.

      • drycamp Says:

        Thank you Zemskull you have put the entire matter into one sentence!

      • gchild Says:

        “The problem isn’t with teen girls seeing penis, the problem is when hormone-addled teen boys tries to use it”

        It is a problem because girls don’t want to see them. Ask them.

        And if we start girls as young as 10 accepting boys (and their penises) into their private spaces, we are conditioning them to comply with their own sexual victimization. It is because they are FEMALE that they are forced to see penises in their locker room.

        This is sexual exploitaion. In this regard, seeing penises IS a problem.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi gchild: I didn’t mean to imply that teen girls want to see penises in their locker rooms. I was attempting to address those who minimize the danger of MTTs in girls’ locker rooms by implying the girls are only going to “see” a penis.

  16. Freyja Says:

    Here is another article that breaks the trans enforcers’ rules, in case anyone is interested. It is by an FTT who has detransitioned.

    Quote: “I told so many people about the wonders of testosterone morphing my body but I’ve told far less people how taking t now seems like damage I’m still recovering from. In some ways it was easier to take t and live as a man than face just how much other people and this culture fucked me up and got inside my head. ”


    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Yeah, these glowing articles on transgenderism never mention anyone who comes out the other side feeling tricked, manipulated, confused, or regretful. Now why is that? It is a common enough narrative. Many (most?) people eventually resolve their gender dysphoria without drugs or surgery. They realize that nearly everyone has existential angst. Gender dysphoria is how their’s manifested. Then they return to accepting their native gender. Or worse, they complete their transition just to realize it is all a sham and one can not be what they are not.

  17. gaydude50 Says:

    I admit, I didn’t click through to read the whole article. I think it is actually amazing as another commenter noted, that Slate – home of some of the most annoying and screechy gays on the planet – published this.

    The question that I have relates to the opening paragraphs and the disconnect in trans logic. They all talk about horrible self esteem issues or as the author puts it – “The very foundations of our self-worth are fragile.” The ‘solution’ is to transition but there is no peace post transition either. A sideways glance, misgendering, etc. are all equal to ‘worse than murder.’ The rest of their lives becomes a complete and total obsession with passing which, in typical male fashion, means that the rest of us have to play along with their delusions at the expense of women. Because they aren’t women. I am grateful to this site and to others for helping me see the harm done to women and especially to lesbians by these narcissists.

    If they are miserable as men and then miserable as trans, why aren’t they dealing with the root causes of their misery?

    • Meg Says:

      This has always bothered me too. If transgender identity is static, unchangeable and unmovable so that it needs no psychiatric treatment – why do transgendered people *require* the validation of others to maintain emotional stability? Why are there so many regret stories, or going back and forth sometimes?

      It’s kind of like someone who converts to another religion but can’t/won’t be happy with it until someone else validates them by reassuring them that their new religion is the true and correct one. If it’s really the right religion, then other people’s opinions shouldn’t matter. Demanding that others embrace and validate someone’s beliefs (including gender identity) sets a dangerous precedent to be abused by far-right fundamentalists.

    • Charlotte Says:

      It’s true that the T community fucks with the lesbians a great deal, but if we want to use words like “especially” in regards to who they victimize most, I hold that term for the poor wives and daughters of these idiots.

      To enter marriage, give up decades of your life, birth children for these liars whom led secret lives, spent thousands of dollars on their fetish, taking resources from the family, gas lit, cheated on, only to leave the family in a lurch financially after the wife has lost all her “prime” years to start over, only to be told how unsupportive, selfish and mean they are to not whole heartedly accept their own marginalizing for his “happiness”?

      Those are the folks whom are especially victimized by the T community.

  18. Hi Gallus. Did you know this happened?


    espa got transjacket and the donations dried up. Now it dispands after 25 years.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Yes most formerly LGBT orgs are now trans (HRC, GLAAD, NCLR, etc.) or disbanded (Outserve, SLDN) or facing bankruptcy (Task Force).

      • Dear Gallus, I love your blog. Vibrant, skilfull, fluent,pertinent… It’s so impressive. This week I have been reading it in between online shopping. The combination of activities prompted the thought that you don’t actually have to know someone to give them a Christmas present.

        In this spirit I have just made a small donation. It would be more if I had any money. :-).

        Merry Christmas from England, Gallus, and many thanks.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Merry Christmas dear, and thank you. x

  19. CoolAnonymouse Says:

    Do you know of an article addressing: — http://somicom.com/media/2015/06/05/bpa-and-other-chemicals-causing-transgender-craze-your-hormones-are-being-replaced/#.VmtW-OMrKyC — ? It was linked to me in this comment…

    “Right. However it’s been proven that endocrine disrupting chemicals can change gender due to the effect it has on hormones. It’s not only humans, either. This isn’t to say that every trans person is trans because of this, but it is to say that it can disrupt gender.

    Another source focusing on BPA in specific: http://somicom.com/media/2015/06/05/…/#.VmtW-OMrKyC

    BPA is contained in plastics. Coincidentally, my mother and my dad worked in a plastic company where they had unsafe exposure to BPA and my mom was pregnant at the time meaning I was in the womb. Now I’m trans.

    Side offtopic note about this: This is part of a court case my parents are working on and a lawyer who has won hundreds of millions from court cases before with huge companies thought our case was strong and took it on.

    This isn’t to mention the proven brain differences in trans people either.”

    I’m looking for articles as well, just wondering if maybe you know of one I don’t, and if there’s not one, could you write one?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Trans activist and ex-physician Dana Beyer believes trans is a birth defect caused by environmental pollution. Maybe read some of his stuff.

    • Meg Says:

      I had no idea that the lack of respect for radical feminists ran so deep that people assume radfem bloggers took requests from “anonymous” peeps that might actually be working for the transactivists. It’s almost insulting that people trying to spread antifeminism think it would go unnoticed.

      The theory about BPA stealing away men’s power by making men more like women (OH MY GOD, CALL THE MARINES) has been circulating antifeminist conspiracy theory websites for a long time.

      However, BPA doesn’t explain why transactivists have an unstable sense of identity and are constantly silencing radical feminists with death threats. If transwomen really did have ladybrains, why do they resemble their male counterparts so much by resorting to abusive, violent and suicidal threats when they don’t get their way.

      • Zemskull Says:

        While it’s certainly more common for men than for women to be “abusive, violent and suicidal,” it’s still only a minority of men who behave this way. It seems that the angry MTTs online take the worst stereotypical extremes of each gender–violent male behavior and Mean Girl behavior–and use both as weapons.

      • Meg Says:

        Funny how “mean girl” behavior doesn’t result in three women per day being murdered or systematic rape.

        Your argument of “extremes of gender behavior” is just another way to recast plain old male violence as a “mean girl” stereotype that is both misogynist and based on the bullshit fantasy men have about women.

        The statistics are clear: men commit almost all violent crimes, some 90%. So much for only a “minority of men” being violent abusers.

      • Meg, although I totally agree with the rest of your post, your last paragraph:

        “The statistics are clear: men commit almost all violent crimes, some 90%. So much for only a “minority of men” being violent abusers.”

        Exaggerates the truth. It is indeed almost exclusively men who commit violent crime but it is only a minority of men that do so. Most people, male or female, never commit any sort of violent crime. However comparing “mean girl” behaviour to male violence is, as you say, totally ridiculous.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      “…and if there’s not one, could you write one?”

      In other words: “Hey woman, do my work for me, and without me making even a tiny donation toward your work!”

      I mean, seriously?! Fuuuuuuuck you, you deluded, pompous asshole. Nothing more tranny than this, really.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Meg: You’re correct that the majority of violent crime is male-caused. This doesn’t necessarily mean the majority of men are violent; it could mean that a minority of violent men cast a wide net. Think Bill Cosby: one man with at least 50 alleged assault victims.A young man in my hometown had similar numbers; nobody wanted to take him on due to his social status and size, until one underage victim’s parents finally did. Angry MTTs are a minority of men online but they seem to cast a wide net of victims to stalk, dox, threaten and bully.

        As for MTT’s using stereotypical Mean Girl behavior, it’s generally not physically violent and I agree that it does not equal the severity of male violence. It does, however, do its own mental damage with the MTTs’ group bullying, and insults about their female opponents’ appearances, clothes, weight, and so on.

      • Meg Says:

        Zemskull, I don’t think you understand. All people have to do is google rape, war, terrorism, domestic violence, and gang violence which are all euphemisms for male violence. Who is perpetrating this violence across race, ethnic, religious, and national boundaries? Men are.

        Not only are three women per day dying as a result of intimate partner violence, but women are being systematically murdered for being prostituted. In America alone, the FBI has discovered more than 161 cluster killings indicating serial killer activity. These clusters are made up of at least 3+ women, according to their own standards of what constitutes a serial killer.

        Part of the reason this blog exists is because of the very real danger men to pose women and girls in female bathrooms.

        If you (general you) can’t muster to give a shit about women’s bodies or lives, then maybe you’ll care that men also perpetrate violence on other men. I straight up asked a man yesterday if he thought men are violent as a class. He said “yes” without hesitation.

        Men also perpetrate violence against children.


        In the end, it’s *male violence* because men are the ones perpetrating it. If men aren’t violent, why do they keep perpetrating violent acts?

        Putting violent acts aside, why are men hell bent on reality-denying and making women doubt their own perspectives, which is an act of psychological violence? Why are men allowed to call women derogatory words which are verbal violence against women as a class? Why are men trying to pass legislation to force women to give birth to babies without consent, which is physical, economic, and sexual violence? Why are men constantly arguing the age of consent, arguing the evidence submitted in rape trials, or engaging in nonconsensual violent acts with women after they’ve only consented to regular sex? Why are men allowed to bully women in the workplace, in politics, in social justice movements, and even in the home?

        By all means, keep pretending that men aren’t violent, or parse between verbal violence and physical violence as if both don’t produce the same feelings of intimidation and fear. Either way, I’m not interested in debating this issue with anyone. It’s like debating whether the sky is blue or the grass is green. I *suppose* you can debate it, but in the end it’s a waste of time and energy. Men are violent, and the only way to end male violence is for men to choose to stop being violent. If I can’t even point out the problem without it being argued about, then obviously I’m not the one who can solve it. Men can.

  20. I’m always happy to see people coming to our aid, speaking truth, taking the risks. I’m happy to see people being self aware, especially people of privilege. With that being said, I can’t help but be frustrated. It reminds me of every other incident where a group of people works tirelessly for years, decades, centuries on developing and promoting an idea, only to be ridiculed or ignored. Then someone with power and privilege comes along and spouts a (usually) watered-down version of the same, gets all kinds of accolades and is treated as though they invented the idea. It happens to feminism all the time. It happens every time a wealthy, usually white celebrity female bandies on about “choice” feminism (fuck your choices, they all suck). At least these “transwomen” aren’t getting celebrity accolades for stating a basic fact. They are facing the same risks that women are, although probably to a lesser degree.

  21. i realise its politically useful to have men/trans taking this position, but i have sincere doubts as to their motives. for one thing by politically aligning themselves with radical feminism they’re being partially accepted by the group most hostile to their their identities, which is probably massively affirming. the only downside is that online at least they have to put up with some women (but definitely not all) calling them men, while in daily life continuing to make use of all the ‘rights’ trans have gained at womens expense.

    also aoife is positing himself as having a phd in gender and feminism when its actually in fucking poetry. talk about a dude trying to claim authority over women.

  22. Freyja Says:

    Hi, Gallus Mag.

    Here’s another one. It occurred to me to look this guy up because I’ve seen him at his garden center. This article is pretty clear about the wife’s suffering, and gives her the last word. You have to go through some ad crap to get to the article, but it’s a long one that covers a lot of ground. Still pretty fawning, though, overall.

    I hope she realizes he’s destroyed her marriage and she is not obligated to stick with him. http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2015-08-20/story/couple-struggles-after-husband-comes-out-transgender-after-three-decades

    • Artemis Jade Says:

      Interesting article about this still married couple. The sister’s testimony appears to support what the psychologists say—that autogynephilia develops in adolescence, not earlier. She says about her brother-now-‘sister’: ““Around adolescence, she just withdrew from the world”. This is in contrast to transactivists who insist it starts at birth and they always ‘knew’ they were female, blah, blah.

      • Reader Says:

        My autogynephilia came in my early twenties. For me it felt like a punishment from my irresponsible hatred towards women. I was always shy and sensitive, and one of those mother’s boys who were assured that our sensitive nature would be of high value to girls and praised for intelligence, personality etc (which of course created unreasonable expectations from life). I also was praised for being different from other boys.

        However after some rejections and difficulties in dating I developed a huge hatred of women. Later this developed into worship and worship into envy (even if I didn’t exactly want to be a woman). In my mind women could be expressive, feeling, helpless, demanding, irrational, passive while I had to be a stereotype alpha-male to get anything. This was the level of thinking at which I operated and I really thought men and women in terms of ‘men’ and ‘women’, as essences or types of some kind. And I also reinforced this typing all the time.

        At some point women even disappeared from my world entirely (I think I somehow closed up to them) and I couldn’t see them as human beings anymore and progressed to view tranny porn (because I thought that trannies are somehow male and thus exist as persons). I talked to my friends about how I hated women etc and sought sensation in that hatred and because of that hatred abused women through PUA-crap. That time I also developed crushes into other males and I thought I was gay but I couldn’t handle it.

        Then after a while came strong autogynephilia and dreams of being a woman. Women again existed as in my earlier life but only in my own solipsistic dream-world where I could be the woman. Then I read about trans stuff and had a mystical awakening to my femaleness and had a “rebirth” experience and started to have serious dysphoria. This time men disappeared from my world as real identifiable human beings.

        The trans-theory says that this all happened because of “always really being a woman” or some other crap. Would be a nice getaway. So either I’m going to Reddit and dramatically write a message how I’m really a female and how my life as a male wasn’t the real me and that I’m just finding myself, or then I’m going to believe what my own mind tells me and try to work this in some other way.

        Because whenever the trans-paradigm looses up a bit and I think myself I discover that I very well could get back in my body and that I never even had tried to be myself as a man (not as that image which may spring to mind of the word man, but as a male-bodied person) in my own terms.

        I don’t know what the hell is happening to me. I know for sure that this isn’t as cut and dry as is thought in subreddits. It doesn’t even need any kind of Freudian theorizing, just basic feelings, their mechanics and a cult experience. Of course I also have OCD as is customary.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Then I read about trans stuff and had a mystical awakening to my femaleness and had a “rebirth” experience and started to have serious dysphoria.”

        This is classic. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Well, Gallus, I’m glad YOU could keep a straight face. Over here, not so much. *smirk*

      • GallusMag Says:

        I think it’s an excellent account of M2T conversion, and a classic narrative. I do appreciate the honesty of the poster. (Also I did take a moment to check them out and they are for real- not a troll).

  23. TERF pride Says:

    I guess I saw this article in a positive light, but not because some men have wised up and are siding, however mildly, with reality.

    The fact is if you are saying anything important, you will never be the one to get credit for it in mainstream media — triply so if you are a woman speaking the truth.

    But there it was, in print: these defectors from trans defected because of what radical feminists (no names of course) said. This is far more credit than ordinarily is given to radical feminists in mainstream media, not to mention an unusual break with the transing of the world.

    This is a sign of change — no, not that some men have said they are men, which, well… *shrug*… but because it’s a hint that the media, ever sensitive to which way the wind is blowing, is starting to walk back the transathon. The mainstream media is always more interesting for its subtexts, like this one, than for its artful blend of insipid truths, omissions, and lies.

    When the trans is back in the misogyny bottle, a lot of people who did little to nothing about it (and some who helped create the problem) will be giving themselves credit. That’s why it is important that we remember and tell the stories.

  24. Peggy Luhrs Says:

    In response to the BPA discussion. When I worked in my local LGBT center, one day we get a memo from NGLTF which said we don’t usually send out stuff like this but there is a study that says there is a higher than average rate of transgender people among those whose mothers were taking DES during pregnancy.

    • sarineal Says:

      Except that the usage of DES in pregnant women stopped in 1971, and was lessened by around the 1960’s when they found it didn’t prevent miscarriage. It’s insufficient as an explanation for current trends like with trans kids, and we don’t know how many are trans really, especially as they certainly don’t act like women even if they “identify” as one. I’m estimating it’s near zero.

  25. Newbie Says:

    I just saw this Yardley article from March in the socialist daily. Getting real.


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