From Liberation to Censorship: Feminism and Free Speech

December 22, 2015

68 Responses to “From Liberation to Censorship: Feminism and Free Speech”

  1. GallusMag Says:

    First twenty minutes are men. Julie starts after that.

  2. river Says:

    Is this a joke??? He’s KNITTING. Oh and the clumsy way that little kids do. Six year olds maybe?

    • GallusMag Says:

      I laughed my ass off when Julie talked about trans being gender stereotypes and John “Jane Fae” Ozimek starts knitting a pink sweater!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!
      Is this the Onion?!?

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Isn’t that pathetic?! He knows it’s distracting to the audience and disrespectful to the other people speaking. Hell, it’s disrespectful to the audience as well.

      What. An. ASSHOLE.

      • Em Says:

        You bet he knows what he’s doing. He’s doing it maliciously and with the intent to let everyone know that he has no interest ih the silliness being presented.

        I once did something very similar when forced to attend a series of seminars that had no interest or use to me. Except I know how to knit–I made an elegant pair of lace socks during the ordeal–and unlike some of these clowns I don’t find knitting arousing.

  3. Freyja Says:

    I looked and looked for a statement identifying “Jane Fae” as a “trans woman,” but found none. Maybe the information can be dug out of his previous writings. But the Guardian doesn’t mention any of that in “Jane Fae’s” bio. A good liberal outlet, the Guardian has agreed to censor itself. God it makes me sick.

  4. Sketcher Says:

    At this point, I feel very proud of my Brit heritage. Well-said everyone, the new Left has strong elements of authoritarianism and bullying and bears no resemblance to classical Liberalism.

    Thanks for the vid, Gallus Mag, shared on

  5. mizknowitall Says:

    Jane Fae! What a choa! First off, gotta love the constant male posturing, manspreading under the table like a dock worker, and claiming the surface of it like a conquistador… not a clue about the grooming standards expected of women, and clearly lacking in even a rudimentary fashion sense… mumbling like a boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar… But… because he’s wearing jewelry, and dollar bin thrift shop women’s clothing, clearly, he’s qualified to speak to the issue on feminism… At least the unrepentant MRA was capable of making a point and doing so in proper (and audible) English

    • ShipRat Says:

      ” not a clue about the grooming standards expected of women, and clearly lacking in even a rudimentary fashion sense . . . dollar bin thrift shop women’s clothing”

      Hang on. So genuine women are well groomed and wear pricey fashionable clothing? Sorry, couldn’t let this bit pass.

      • Just a Melissa Says:

        I can’t speak for mizknowitall, but my own impression is that most women know *how* to do basic femininity for their native culture, whether they choose to do it or not. These dudes don’t have a clue.

        They seem to just sort of toss jewelry and accessories at themselves to see what sticks. They think this frippery is a vital part of womanhood, yet can’t be bothered to learn the rules before flailing away at it. It’s a very, very masculine attitude.

      • kesher Says:

        Just speaking for myself, I don’t think genuine women are always well groomed or well dressed, but genuine women would be hard-pressed to leave the house looking like that. He didn’t even brush his hair. It demonstrates a number of different things: First, there’s no ladybrain that makes women want to be presentable (or, if there is, Ozimek clearly doesn’t have “ladybrain”); second, Ozimek is still falling prey to male entitlement that says he’s a ten even when he looks like a train wreck; third, Ozimek doesn’t have to worry about people judging him for looking like a train wreck because everyone knows he’s a man.

      • mizknowitall Says:

        Spot on Gallus Mag!

        I’ve bumped heads over the years with that fool trading as “Jane Fae,” And to hear him say it, the only reason he’s not “deep stealth” is his “activism…”
        Hummmmm… Funny that… Because the person in the video reads to me entirely as a dood in a dress, and me thinks, would still be read as a dood in a dress by a blind man half a mile away at midnight on a moon-less night.
        And that’s what I was getting at ShipRat… He, like the entirety of the “transactivists” seem to think themselves exempt from even the most basic grooming / dress standards expected of the subordinate 51% of the human race… In fact, they seem to be (self)exempt from every constraint laid upon the women of the world, but despite this, magically, their having put on some frock pulled (seemingly at random) from the bargain bin, somehow confers the hard won knowledge gained by women who’ve spent a lifetime living under those constraints!



      • ShipRat Says:

        Thanks everyone for all this nourishing food for thought (as always)

    • Janetwo Says:

      Call me old fashioned, but I expect that anybody doing a public presentation is respectful enough of the audience to dress professionally, to be groomed, to give an undivided attention to other speakers and to communicate clearly. Jane Fae is a fail in all accounts. He looks like a slob and clearly try to be the center of attention even when not speaking by invading the visual space with that awful and ridiculous knitting. Its profoundly narcissistic. The only one who is collected and professional is Julie Bindel.

      I dont know anything about Milo, but a brief search of where he stood in the Gamergate debate tells me enough for not having any interest in his opinion. He defends the unconscionable, period. Very few issues in the past few years demonstrated the ugly misogynistic underbelly of the internet like gamergate did. The campaign was terrifying and stripped the women targeted on any sense of security. And it is still going on. His success seems to be due to catering to the rage and rampant sense of entitlement of the angry, socially inept while male a la Roger Elliot.

      • endthewoo Says:

        His success seems to be due to catering to the rage and rampant sense of entitlement of the angry, socially inept while male

        Yes, he did an “Ask Me Anything” on reddit redpill recently. They absolutely worship him and his deeply woman-hating views. Not going to link, but easy to search for anyone who wants a bit more background.

      • ShipRat Says:

        yes, after I posted my comment it dawned on me that his slobbery was in itself a statement.

  6. Mortadella Says:

    He’s LARPing womanhood. LARPing, for god’s sake. Somewhere he got it in his head that any professional woman would think it’s OK to knit a fucking pink sweater in the middle of a informational forum. Disrespectful, regressive asshole. These men, do they know women had to go on hunger strikes before they got the right to vote? (USian reference, I know)

    Does he realize all of the bullshit some women have to wade through just to be taken seriously — because some male assholes think our brains our pink and covered in glitter. He’s hideous. Do I actually see his gut poking out through his shirt? Is this bad performance art that’s doesn’t know it can pass as satire of the sexist male mindset.

    Holy shit, these men are such jokes — and insulting as hell. What a combo.

    • gunnhild Says:

      Just a few moments into the video and my impression was: Poor Bindel, actual woman, sitting between to sneery misogynists men – one actually acting out a mockery of women by imitating us. Or what he thinks women do.

  7. Mortadella Says:

    Oh, and hey, look at the end of the table. It’s a member of Flock of Seagulls.

  8. Sketcher Says:

    Yes, I couldn’t hear what he was saying either.

  9. Sketcher Says:

    Hi GallusMag, the clip you showed me went to a ‘Hanging Perverts’ vid which said the receipt of which could result in .. so I deleted it. Is it the right one?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Result in what? It’s a link to IMDB. To a documentary on John/Jane’s campaign for “extreme pornography” (that which depicts grave injury or torture) called “Hanging Perverts”(2010). Nothing wrong with that link.

      You can also see him speaking normally here:

      • Sketcher Says:

        Result in what? I don’t know -it was a blank, fluffy black screen which said ‘hanging perverts’ and then ‘if you link on to this screen this will result in .. and at that point I exited it as I didn’t want to see what it resulted in.

        Anyway thank you for this other link. Hmm! There are some interesting studies in male/female speech. language and discourse analysis in legal situations which put women at a disadvantage:
        It’s basically taking on a submissive tone and intonation, questioning instead of making a statement, and qualifying what you’ve said. I notice Jane has gone to a private speech therapist in the very expensive Harley Street medical area of London instead of NHS Charing Cross Hospital in London which specialises in transgender speech and language therapy.

        Jane’s speech here is certainly a lot more intelligible than it was in the video. Jane should prob go to Charing X or back to the speechie for a top-up, as he’s taken on a whispering, soft tone which isn’t very convincing or audible.

  10. endthewoo Says:

    Milo might be polished but he is a nasty shit. Why is it that these “freedom of speech debates” always fall into the same old tabloidy trap of finding some celeb shock-jock type and claiming that as something edgy, rather than going and finding people who rarely have a voice, people who are in practice made silent rather than someone with the international platform and following that Milo already has.

    As to the whole Ozimek-Fae performance … WTF ??

  11. naefearty Says:

    Ozimek looked extremely uncomfirtable in his skin. And couldn’t stop fiddling/shuffling paper/checking his phone (!)/faffing about. What a ludicrous display of faux “womanhood”. So much for transition making these men “more comfortable” as their “true selves”. He looked like he was about to be un(woman)masked at any moment. Has anyone seen that Woody Allen film “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know…”? He reminded me of the crossdresser being caught in his wife’s clothes by the police officer and has to blag his way out of it by covering his mustache with a handbag and simpering in a daft falsetto voice. And I couldn’t make out a word he said either because of his laydee voice. Hahahaha @ the knitting while they were talking about stereotypes. Has he zero self-awareness of what a gruesome parody he is? Ugh.
    My phone died half way through, but did anyone else think the “moderator” in the skimpy frock was all over herself for Milo?

    • GallusMag Says:

      She looked like she was dressed for the club. That was weird. Still, she didn’t “take no guff” and did a good job moderating, even if she did say “I’m sorry” excessively.

  12. Ashland Avenue Says:

    I could catch barely a word of what Ozimek was mumbling about in that ridiculous voice he uses. Between that and his constant and bizarre shuffling about, he came across as a pathetic joke. (I like what Naefearty said: “A gruesome parody.”) The trannies in the UK should be outraged that this wanker is representing them, but apparently they’re not.

  13. sisgendered Says:

    wage gap narrows to zero….men pay more in tax then die earlier….what is he on? and the presenter is dressed like a MTV pop star….narrow waist, short shorts, long hair, shoulderless top….this has got to be a joke!!

  14. hearthrising Says:

    Didn’t have 2 hours for this, but I did listen to Julie Bindel’s speech. She’s always worth your time.

  15. GallusMag Says:

    Photo from John “Jane Fae” Ozimek’s website. Caption:

    “The latest pic, one year on, and i am definitely becoming, if not quite twin to, at least decidedly closer in appearance to my sister. A younger version thereof, too! I don’t think that will please her.”

    • Magdalena Z. Says:

      Is his sister Eric Idle?

      • atranswidow Says:

        Eric Idle’s sister! Now I have “Always look on the bright side of life” going through my head. Kind of appropriate.

      • morag99 Says:

        Ha! There IS a resemblance — except for the complete lack of Idle’s normal and pleasant expression of quirky good-humour. Ozimek’s face, on the other hand, bears signs of the porno-blight, and is sagging under the weight of his many delusions.

        I mean, honestly … this fool is boasting that not only does he look like his sister — a real woman — but that he looks better and younger than she. Sheesh. In that picture, we can practically hear him assuring himself that what he feeeels himself to be (a sexy lady) will become manifest and will show up in the photo. But all we see is an older man posing in a bra, and it’s pathetic and creepy.

        God, I hope his sister has found a way to avoid him. He just cannot be good for her health.

      • EdBalls Says:

        HEY! (Eric Idle in drag is MUCH cuter than that!)

      • Anne B Says:

        Soooo nasty! I loved it.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        Love that!

        The narcissism of these men is astounding.

        But, if only women stopped looking like drag queens, the men would be on their own with looking bizarre.

      • “On their own with looking bizarre” ? Maybe that should be, on their own with looking brassiere….sorry couldn’t help the pun LOL.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Can’t do much about the male pattern baldness, though. Sad, really.

    • Mortadella Says:


    • anomie Says:

      Does he think he passes as 20-something, or does he think women in late middle age actually post lingerie pics online and get compliments for doing so? I can’t decide but either way this is an incredibly bizarre decision for a mature adult

      • drycamp Says:

        Maybe he thinks he’s 20 just as that other guy thinks he’s 6. (And the Jenner person, who is in fact 65, apparently thinks he’s 30.) When these men get loose the sky is the limit for delusions. Gender, age, color, it all dissolves. You can be anything you feel that you are and you can force everyone else to play along with it too.

        I’m waiting for the Olympic Committee to revoke Bruce Jenner’s gold medal on the ground that “she” had no business competing in the men’s event.

    • Magdalena Z. Says:

      The thing is if someone called him gorgeous and stunning he would actually believe it. He looks like he was wrapped in a rug and rolled downhill but he obviously thinks he looks like Rita Hayworth at least.

  16. mon Says:

    John “Jane Fay” knitting is just too much. The constant fidgeting, including with his microphone early on attached to his “blouse.” He probably requested it, then realizing he didn’t like it, got super grabby with Bindels. He took it away, constantly depriving her of being able to freely comment, until he was ready to pass her mic back. Silence a woman? It was so obvious it made him look ridiculous. I couldn’t make out what he was whispering about, even with two mics on. Bindel was logical, prepared and interesting.

  17. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism and commented:
    GallusMag Says:

    First twenty minutes are men. Julie starts after that.

    • Janetwo Says:

      Julie Bindel is an excellent speaker, no doubt. The vid seemed like a joke because the two others are not remotely of the same caliber. Everytime she was speaking, she was packing punch. By comparison, she made the two others sound like mumbling baffoons.

  18. Anne B Says:

    Sooo nasty! I loved it.

  19. Erica Says:

    GallusMag —Interesting when transgender women are killed by straight men when trying to pass as female, some still with penis intact. Trans women don’t publicly give death threats to all straight males. But when women born women form their own exclusive events, websites, or discuss transmen detransition we get death threats. How can we fix this>

  20. Lauren Says:

    With some trans men and trans women de transitioning. Men and Women who want to transition to the opposite sex should get special counseling to learn how to live authentically in their own body. Those who don’t meet the criteria should be considered third gender, since neither should be considered fully male or female. What say you, anyone………….

  21. Tiffany Says:

    New Topic GallusMag?????

    How should women born women lesbians create and protect more private social events and web sites without the rest of the GBTXYZ alphabet forever intruding. Without bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, queer, intersex, transexual, transgender etc. intruding in our space.

  22. lovetruthcourage Says:


  23. Bev Jo Says:

    Glad you spot them.

    But to answer the troll, it’s so clear to me that most Lesbians do not want to be around men. In my non-feminist community, there are so many Lesbian groups, and though we have no women only space left at all, we keep meeting in public places to eat together, dance, party. We don’t even have our bars that we had before Lesbian Feminism, but we have a lot of lists and meetup groups to find each other. Never do any of the Lesbians say they’d like to include men. Some will bring het women friends, but most, from so many different backgrounds, just want to be with Lesbians. And we continue making community as we always have. They can never stop us.

    Since the events are in public, we usually don’t have to deal with trannies showing up either.

  24. Valentina Says:

    I’ve find this website today because of the creepy guy who think he is a 6 yo girl and after read a few posts and I liked the website, it match with some of my ideas but my first language is not english and some comments and other things made me confuse about your opinion about society, its a feminist or equalitarism site?. I think its a offense someone say they are a woman like me, I’m brazilian and in brazil its easy a transexual or even a woman do some surgery to change sex or get curves and boobs, the way people say as defense of the trans is that “they can look better than the natural ones”. Very superficial to my opinion.
    I would not say I hate they but the way society,mostly feminist says, its that they are equal as womans, and I dont say nothing, I believe in equalitarism (I hope people can understand me, I know a lot of english but wrote a big text is not easy to me, only talk), so its hard to me listen I’m less woman than a guy who want to be a woman and just because I believe we are equal and not black I’m kind of a monster.
    I’m only 20 yo (and to some people this is quite old and I should be more mature, but I’m not, I’m young) and its confuse to me live in a society where they think I must accept everything they say, when I dont want to accept, just be a normal person and live my life. I dont want to be rude to anyone but this year, the year of the rights of gays, lesbians and transexuals, who were not one of those 3 needed to be careful with the way we talk, acted, everything could be offensive. I’m a young straight, white female from a middle class familly ( not so well now but I’m not the victim type) and its like to feminists I’m a monster to being born like that and like to be that way. I’m not even religious, I dont tell how to people act but its like just because I am who I am, I was born with too much leverage, so I deserve be hated. Its like the only way to you be a nice person those times is being transexual, extrem poor and black. Maybe society want us to be all transexuals? I dont want to be but it seens people only like you if you dont fell confortable in your own body.
    I hope I was not a extremist, it was really a confession and my question if you could tell me more about the website and if you can tell me how it started, I dont see a lot of websites like this one.

  25. Siobhan Says:

    Ozimek’s grimacing and eye-rolling during Julie’s introduction are extremely insulting and unprofessional. The pretentious knitting which starts by spreading all his stuff over the table is just another form of manspreading, and what is with the weird breathy unintelligible voice? Why would anyone invite this person to speak on anything?

  26. OldPolarBear Says:

    It really does look like the setup for a Monty Python sketch. Besides everything else, note the spacing at the table. Julie and Milo are sitting pretty close together, and then a big gap and “Jane” with her knitting at the other end.

    The knitting … it brings up a funny association that is kind of OT for this, but might be amusing to some. I have been a librarian for almost 30 years, having gotten a Masters in Library Science in 1986. The field seems to always have been in a constant identity crisis, and one debate that has raged off and on is whether librarian is a real “profession” or not. This debate waxes and wanes; the thing I remember is from the 90s sometime. It may be still going on, but I stopped giving a shit about the question long ago and just try to do my job.

    Anyway, someone wrote an article that got published in American Libraries or suchlike by someone who took the “no” position on that question, and one of their (maybe partly tongue-in-cheek?) arguments was that professionals do not knit during programs at their professional conferences. There are actually people who will bring knitting, crocheting, etc., to library-conference programs and sit there knitting. LOL

    But not even at library conferences do you see program panel participants or presenters knitting on the dais at the speakers’ table!

    • Kalmia Says:

      Monty Python is exactly the vibe I got, he really wouldn’t look out of place in between Eric Idle and Michael Palin in their “housewives” costumes. The knitting is truly bizarre, how on earth does anybody not look at that and call bullshit?

      I admit I was also kept expecting Milo to break into song with “Tomorrow Belongs to Me.” How Julie Bindel manages to hold it together between the two of them is quite a tribute to her.

  27. tricheuse Says:

    @47:10 “What’s wrong with patriarchy? Nothing!”
    Alright, I’m well done with this video. Ca suffit!

  28. Teleope Says:

    lol, I got to tell ya’all as a fetish sex worker these guys are just using these feminist and liberal spaces to get their fantasy and fetish kicks for free. Years ago, this was confined to my places of business–you ladies would never have to put up with it and we sex workers got paid to deal with it. Now you get to deal with it for free and there is less work for us. Because transgender rights. I do believe in the third sex and gender dysphoria but these crossdressers ARE NOT THAT. They are fetishists, nothing more or less. Since when is fetish a human rights issue?

    The key point made by another poster here about the manspreading and general man stuff was right on target. This is stuff fetishists do not genuine third sex people. These guys are fetishists getting off for free! Gaaahhhhh! I hear dollars flushing down the toilet everytime the SJWs entertain this bullshit.

  29. We have two men and a woman and the subject is “feminism and free speech”. Why not two women and one male?

    If people added up the minutes in which the two males spoke, it would be more time than what Julie Bindle spoke. It sure looks like the two men spoke more than Bindle.

    The large male on the left constantly knits while the male on the right speaks more than Julie.

    As to “free speech”, there has never been a level playing field, and some people have more free speech than others. Women don’t control major media.

  30. I watched a little under an hour of this video. I could not make out a word “jane” said. What is the point of voice lessons if people can’t understand what you’re saying? Not to mention, if one is “really” a woman inside, or was “woman born in a male body” wouldn’t the person already speak “as” a woman? It infuriates me that these men want to study and LEARN female speech socialization, when this female subordination through speech (and every other means) is what feminism is about ending!! Not to mention, acting out femininity is a major sexual fetish for these men, as other commenters have touched on in the comments to this post and elsewhere on this blog.

    I also found it irritating that “jane” was the only speaker to stand, but then couldn’t even stand in one place. I couldn’t help but think he was trying to imitate the lack of confidence some young and/or beginning women speakers display. Except that any woman would be told real fast to stop stumbling around and gain some confidence, or at least, fake some confidence. But what are the chances “jane’s” supporters pointed this out to him?

    And the knitting thing…omg. too much. just. too. much.

  31. Aine Says:

    “Jane” was a laugh. Ultra embarrassing in every way — and this unintelligible old man is supposed to represent The Guardian? How dreadfully embarrassing for that newspaper.

    I enjoyed the repartee between sharp Julie and Milo. At the end, the announcer went into a long speech about campus politics and free speech, and I noticed that the two men tuned her out pretty immediately, and then Julie, too, opened her computer to tune out the moderator. It did seem strange that the moderator used the end of the debate to platform her own opinions, as normally the moderator wraps up the debate and sends everyone home. Strange all around.

    I couldn’t help but notice that Julie and Milo were camped out a bit together at the end, and kept their distance from the tran-woman. It is like that at a meeting I go to where a tran-woman who really is simply a man in a red wig with a little makeup, that’s all, shows up. Everyone keeps their distance. No one wants to sit near him or associate with him. It’s sort of sad, but let’s face it. It’s freaky and creepy — people instinctively don’t like hanging out with men who are dressed as women. Maybe because it evokes the “Psycho” shower scene? Or maybe because on a deep level, we all know it’s a psychosexual illness.

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