Terrifying TERF

December 29, 2015

trans pretending to be terf reddit


18 Responses to “Terrifying TERF”

  1. lovetruthcourage Says:

    Gotta keep your private life off the internet! Adjust your FB settings, if you do FB.

    • Juniper Says:

      What a tangled web the radical transgender narrative weaves.

      The language used to describe gender has changed dramatically under the pen of transgender activists. Academics and activists coin phrases and new definitions for gender. Terms like “cis” “gender-noncomforming” “non-binary” are used to describe gender even though the great majority of people in society do not identify as transgender and may not subscribe to transgender perspectives on gender identity. People who are not transgender may define what it is to be a “male” or “female” quite differently and consequently, their definitions are marginalized and are often rejected as “transphobic.” Why do people not have the right to hold differing opinions with being called “bigots?” What is wrong with respectfully sharing different perspectives? Does one perspective necessarily negate the other?

      Transgender activists say that language choices support respect, personal expression and freedom. Yet, transgender activists step over other people’s freedoms in various ways all the time. For example, transgender activists seek out blogs or YouTube accounts that support different perspectives on gender and launch campaigns to shut these blogs down. The same is done to academics and even religious groups who are threatened and/or whose venues are threatened and pressured to cancel speaking engagements brother events. Radical transgender activists do not allow “natal” women to peacefully gather without including transgender women. This challenges womens’ right to privacy and to peaceful assembly under the guise of claiming “discrimination.” The great majority of women’s gatherings and gender specific spaces are welcoming to transgender women. Yet, on the rare occasion that “natal” women wish to be allowed their own separate space, they are harassed, threatened and called “TERFS” (or profane slurs.)

      Events like the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival have essentially been shut down. I have heard of only one other such festival … in Australia … and it is also experiencing extreme pressure. I have never attended an event for “natal” women only. This is now a privilege that very few women will ever have. I can’t think any other minority group in the United States that does not have the legal right to meet in peaceful assembly, free of harassment and infiltration by uninvited, disruptive and hostile groups.

      Imagine what it would be like if transgender activists wanted to gather but “natal” people insisted on being included – even if they didn’t understand how to be respectful in such environments? What if a “natal” female kept using the phrases like “Women born women,” “Tranny?” of “He-she” while attending gatherings intended to be healing and restorative to transgender people? The word “tranny” can’t be even be used by Ru Paul to describe transvestites without an uproar from transgender activists. Transgender activists say that is totally different – but look how many times transgender people use terms like “cis” or “binary” or “TERF” without respecting the fact that these terms are seen as nonsensical or even as derogatory in many circles.

      Most people (like myself) try to be as respectful as possible in communicating about gender as we learn quickly that to use terms like “natal” or “birth sex” may have us quickly labeled as transphobic or worse, may trigger a rant form a transgender reader about the rates of suicide in the transgender community. Believe me, we don’t want any more of gender questioning teenagers jumping off cliffs. We try our best to be sensitive and respectful but this generally gets us nowhere as it inhibits our ability to communicate openly and honestly about transgender politics and medical ethics issues. Not to mention, when we use words like “cis” in an attempt to be sensitive to transgender readers, we inevitably insult and alienate those who find the term derogatory.

      These conversations are not easy for any of us. And the fact that transgender advocates have created ideologically restrictive and biased language makes clear communication even more challenging.

      I am coming to believe (after years of trying to reach across the aisle on only have by hand burned) that compromising my own experience and perspectives to support transgender people by recognizing transgender theories is actually enabling a dysfunctional culture. (I know, give me an award – I guess I am a slow learner.) This process has been complicated because I have wanted so much to be supported of friends who identify as transgender. Those of us who identify with our birth sex (often) feel pressured to deny our own reality in order to support the unscientific and dangerous transgender narrative.

      The limiting transgender narrative that is supported by most transgender activists affects not only people in the transgender community but children and gender questioning adolescents. Many people experience gender and body dysphoria as a response to trauma or as the result of societal pressures to adopt restrictive gender stereotypes. Contrary to the dominant transgender claim, not everyone who experiences dysphoria is transgender. Children and adults may also experience extreme discomfort with their bodies for various reasons that have nothing to do with transgenderism (but often a lot to do with sexism and/or trauma.) Many people express their gender differently than what is expected under the cultural norm. Children may may question their gender identity as a natural part of their self-discovery. Most young people will naturally progress beyond dysphoria if their exploration of their personal identity is not disrupted as they are bombarded overwhelmingly by societal messages (that have arisen through the proliferation of transgender ideology.)

      Gender questioning children, teens and young adults are often made to feel that their gender expression is somehow abnormal. Overpowering transgender politics support the idea that the only solution to cure persistent dysphoria is to find a way to make their “brain and body” match up. Unfortunately, the path to transition is often pursued before one can unearth the root cause of dysphoria. What WPATH guidelines promises a “watchful waiting” approach but seems more like affirming and validating until hormone blockers and hormones/surgeries are approved and then “watchful waiting” with fingers crossed that these kids live to be adults.

      A gender questioning kid gets the message today that something is pathologically wrong with their expression of gender if they do not meet gender stereotypes.
      Conversation about gender can be a good thing. But conversations are meant to go both ways an the transgender narrative is riddled with lies of omission.

      People who identify comfortably with one’s birth sex – including those of us who have experienced severe dysphoria – should have the right to be equally heard and respected. Our stories should not be erased from social media, marginalized or labeled as “transphobic” simply because we use words that resonate best with our experience and were not coined in the last few years by transgender theorists. We should be free to express ourselves and our identity even if our language and history cannot be found in the transgender “dictionary” or “trans-encyclopedia.”

      Some of us have tried to adopt transgender terminology in an attempt to be respectful but to transgender readers but even when using all of the politically correct terms, we are not allowed to ask respectful medical questions without being seen as the opposition.

      Many people have worked as allies to the transgender community and support equality and human rights. Many people are very concerned about the lives and health of gender questioning children and adults and value all human life as worthy of safety, equality, dignity and respect. Many of us have children, friends and family who have been diagnosed as transgender. We are not the enemy. But I am wondering if my past allegiance in supporting transgender rights has caused more harm than good and to be honest, I am ready to walk away. There are so many people that I can help – without getting burned.

      I would love to see some reciprocal respect. The word “cis” is as offensive to some as the word “natal” is to others. I respect the right of transgender groups to exclude non-transgender participants. There are times when it is healing to meet with people who share a similar past and similar experiences from childhood. People can feel at ease an dare able to make themselves vulnerable in these environments knowing that they are understood, not judged and that everyone present can relate personally. Most underrepresented groups have restorative places to gather. Such gatherings are not about exclusion – they are about healing and personal integration.

      Women today have very very few places where we can speak without being silenced, shunned, marginalized, humiliated, objectified, discredited or spoken-over.

      This is true on-line and in real life.

      Ironically, the great majority of violence that is directed toward transgender people, the attacks, the rapes the murders … these acts are almost invariably committed by men. But where are the transgender activists during these discussions? Are they picketing the battered women’s shelter? One has to wonder.

  2. LQ Says:

    I thought being a REAL woman was all about getting mascaraed… and eyelinered and nailpolished and waxed! :confused:

    • morag99 Says:


      Mascaraed, masqueraded, misgendered, massacred — what’s the diff? They’re all equally violent when there’s a terrifying, imaginary TERF involved.

      It’s all so mythical and almost supernatural, isn’t it? TERF is a type of bogeyman, a bugaboo, used to frighten impressionable MtFs and the “feminists” who love them.

  3. southwest88 Says:

    Is this guy saying masqueraded or mascaraed? He is saying another trans claimed to be a TERF and did all this just to 1)mess with him or 2)as a way of breaking the ice or 3)as a lesson in locking down his on-line personas or 4)WHAT? Is this a look at the strange dating habits of men who claim to be women? Guess I am just too tired to decipher what this guy is saying!

    • Bea Says:

      He is saying that another tranny, pretending to be a radical feminist, dug up his personal information and used it to harass him and tell him to kill himself. In addition to hating us, they tend to hate each other, and themselves. Their friendships tend to be pretty flimsy and fraught with drama, jealousy, and sometimes assault (they accuse each other of in-group rape quite a bit). The surface-level crazy of getting tons of surgery is just the tip of the iceberg.

      • kesher Says:

        It seems like they do assault each other quite frequently though. I don’t know about the accusations made on social media, but I’ve seen some anecdotes about real life assaults. There was a woman who commented here a while back about a women’s shelter where she worked becoming trans “inclusive”. The very first rape ever recorded at the shelter was an MTT attacking another MTT.

      • Siobhan Says:

        This for example: http://www.washingtonblade.com/2016/01/30/trans-women-charged-with-assault-in-casa-ruby-incident/

        Casa Ruby is a shelter and service center that specifically provides services to transgender youth and adults. This story describes two MTT adults attacking a MTT staff member and destroying property. Apparently at least one of the MTT has attacked others at the shelter before.

  4. Janetwo Says:

    Seems the tactic in itself was spelling tranny in big large neon flashing letter right from the beginning. Radical feminists typically dont do stalking, doxxing and general harassment. Obviously the title of the post was highly misleading and should have read “Tranny harrasses tranny while pretending being a radical feminist”. They cant help blaming women, even when its their usual ” Male badly behaving self” doing the deed. That is of course if I understood the post correctly despite the weird syntax. At least I learn a new word, deadnaming.

    • Meg Says:

      I agree, we need to be clear about WHO is doing WHAT. It’s not a radical feminist doing this, it’s a transwoman doing this to another transwoman. TERF is a slur used specifically to refer to women.

      This is one of the days where I’m thankful I’ve never stepped foot in Reddit except to lurk. Way too many psychos.

  5. Franklin Says:

    Don’t know where to put this but check out this article from England — dozens of elementary school students ‘transitioning’, ‘8 is not particularly young to decide to do this;.


    • Janetwo Says:

      That makes sense, encouraging kids, who are not old or barely old enough to discover Santa is not real, to change sex. Is it not the parents and school responsibility to instill them some sense of reality? Organisations like Mermaids should be considered to the same level than criminals who push armful drugs on kids, which is exactly what they do.

    • gchild Says:

      I understand why these parents are desperate to gender transition their kids. It is horrible to endure watching your child suffer because they long to be someone/something else so much that they hurt 24 hours a day.

      I don’t have a trans child, but I know what it’s like to watch a 3 year child staring at herself in the mirror crying inconsolably because her hair wont “lay down” and because it isnt “yellow” and because her skin isnt “pretty” like the other kids at school (the white ones).

      Should we let 3 year old black girls wear blond wigs to preschool because it will ease their suffering? Should we bleach their skin? No, of course not.

      Black/brown mothers could tell the same exact story–“from an early age… only white dolls…only white books…only white hair…depression…self harm…” and nobody would bat a fucking eye. Because black/brown girls are SUPPOSED to desire to be white, but “make do” with the fact that they are are black/brown. Hell, even “white” girls are supposed to desire to be “white” (blond, blue, thin).

      I understand. A distressed child. It’s unbearable. But, it does not escape me that in the case of race (from black to white), biology fucking matters, doesn’t it? Even for ftm’s. Ultimately, biology fucking matters there too, doesn’t it?

      Another thing that doesn’t escape me is the fact that in these stories, they have given up all pretense that the “evidence” of trans in children is about anything other than toys and clothing. And they state that a preference for toys and clothing is “biological”.

      They are LUNATICS!!!!!

  6. hearthrising Says:

    Mascaraed. I like that word. I’m going to find a place to use it. Thanks.

  7. Rosemary Says:

    Whenever I hear about terrible things that ”TERFs” are supposedly doing, I assume it’s actually M2Ts or the occasional testosterone-poisoned F2T. Feminists don’t need to doxx or harass to make a point- reposting the M2Ts own words are enough.

  8. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Life is a mascaraed.

  9. Damn, I read this thing five times before I realized he meant MASQUERADE. Geez, spellcheck is your friend, dude.

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