Trans Women DON’T Belong Here: Head of Smith College Campaign Reverses Views

January 18, 2016

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Megaphone: Sarah Barr Fraas

“As the person who made this policy change happen before I hit peak trans I know first hand that it will be horrible for womyn”, says Sarah Fraas, the student leader of the Smith College campaign which forced the historic women-only college to admit males who “identify as” female.

Fraas created the “Trans Women Belong Here” group and ran their “Smith Q&A” website and twitter account. She organized the public protests, and hand-lettered the signs for the attendees herself. “Look at me on the far left before I woke up/shaved my head. So surreal to see my handwriting on all of these stupid signs” she says in hindsight in a recent post on her new blog.


sarah fraas


The “Transwomen at Smith Q&A” Facebook page, modeled after Sarah Fraas’s website but apparently managed by another student who still supports men at the school, posted an advisory on December 17:

“Dear Q & A supporters

It has come to our attention within the past few hours that both our tumblr (formerly and twitter (@transwomenatsc) have been edited by an outside source to reflect trans exclusionary and transmisogynist views that this organization does not hold, and actively opposes.

We have confirmed that these pages have been accessed by someone who used to be involved in our organization. This person has changed the passwords and these outlets are no longer affiliated with Q&A.

You can access a preserved copy of our tumblr here:…/…/ 
If anyone with web expertise knows something about transferring this data to a freestanding, new tumblr, please get in touch (though it is finals- we will do our best to respond). We do not recommend accessing these former accounts.”


fraas smith college facebook


Sarah Fraas’s original campaign was sparked by an autogynephile Connecticut male high school student named Calliope Wong who demanded the right to force women to play along with his sexual fantasy that he is female. Wong has since declined admission to Smith and now runs a loony blog where he repetitively posts demands for an honorary degree from the women’s college for hurting his feelings juxtaposed with pleas for his various GoFundMe campaigns:

“Now, I get that I’m 20 and that most Honorary Degrees are conferred upon people who’ve done decades of work in their respective fields. But trans women facing these compounded forms of violence, in general we don’t have a record of living very long or with very high standards of living. There are few remaining trans elders beyond the age of 40, as it is. We must account for why.

This is why I think we should make this plan happen.

Please share this plan with Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, Mills College, Wellesley College, Barnard College, Bryn Mawr College, and other women’s college alum and current students.

Let’s discuss strategy.”

Not only did Sarah Fraas Spend three (very expensive!) years  at Smith spearheading Wong’s womanhood project- she went that extra distance and targeted Lesbian Feminists and gender critical women who published opinions which contradicted his. She obsessively stalked women who disagreed online and tracked down their personal information, including their employers, whom she then contacted, over and over, sending them falsified claims of wrongdoing in ghastly letters, like a crazy person, and she used the upper class cache of the Smith College reputation to do so. For three years.

Now, she says “radical feminism saved my life”. Male individuals are no longer female,  and that “ I may also write about going down the male-approval trans BS “transwomen deserve to be in women’s spaces” rabbithole thing at some point…”

O-kay. That totally fucked up -arguably criminal- “thing” she did for three years might someday be redressed.

No urgency there. No apparent obligation to undo what she has done. No dashing off apologetic letters to women’s employers. No consciousness of harm done by her real-life stalking of regular working women she disagreed with. No apology to lesbians. No campaign- or even a note- sent to the Smith College board that she lobbied passionately and urgently for years on Mr. Wong’s behalf. She still cites her trans social justice award nomination on her LinkedIn. But hey. She might write about that whole male-approval  “rabbithole thing” that she did.  At some point. Maybe.


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115 Responses to “Trans Women DON’T Belong Here: Head of Smith College Campaign Reverses Views”

  1. Hmmm. This is a pretty significant viewpoint change. I wonder what happened?

    • GallusMag Says:

      I don’t know, and you know, I’m all down for change and I know this woman is young, but some behavior is so outrageous and egregious that it can never be undone. Not that this individual is trying in the slightest.

      • LC Says:

        I’m all for forgiveness, but there is a definite lack of self-reflection or explanation for why she did what she did before and why she’s different now. The impression I have is reading the words of a former cult member who is looking for a better fit. She says the right things, but it’s disconnected and her change too sudden. That, and I am skeptical of anyone who turns against their former allies and tries to cause them harm.

        Still, she is young, and maybe there really was a defining trans moment, and maybe she will reflect at some point and remember the harm she caused women. I’m hopeful.

      • Exactly. As most of us know that old chestnut “familiaritas parit contemptum” should be the #TeamTrans motto. I’m just wondering if her mindset changed after getting a big dose of trans. I mean, most young women dream of a space where they can go and get educated at a top-notch school safe away from men, and these silly twits threw it away. And you just know that such a hastily implemented change was probably not well thought out. Did she have an experience like those poor idiots in Washington with their “gender neutral” showers? I’d just love to know what was her wake-up call?

        I think a lot of these people see themselves as some type of civil rights icon. Unfortunately, the establishment is so busy accommodating them (because they’re white men), they don’t have a real opportunity to get their rage on so reality will be biting them in the ass far more quickly, especially since they’re dealing with people who are generally obnoxious.

      • GallusMag Says:

        She seems open to answering questions. Maybe she will respond.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        Sarah, calling herself Dworkin Andrea, trolled our Radical Feminist Coffee House and other groups I moderate a few months ago until I had to remove her. She was all over the place, trying to pretend to be a Radical Feminist, and then revealing the many ways she’s betrayed us.

        She couldn’t really explain anything, kept changing aliases and trying to get back into our groups. We tried again with our more liberal group, The Harmful Transgender Agenda, and even there she was called out on posting pro-trannie propaganda on her page.

        She’s not that young. Courageous, young real Radical Lesbian Feminists across the earth are my dear friends and in our groups, including those who found and screencapped Sarah’s gaslighting, often alone in their countries with little support.

        Sarah has been too dishonest for too long and, as you said, she doesn’t seem to be trying at all.

  2. thistlespace Says:

    This is a fascinating story.I hope reporters get a hold of Fraas and do in-depth interviews with her. I also hope she is in touch with some radical feminists who will open her eyes to the harms she did and lead her to ways she can now do some good. Wow. I mean…I don’t trust her, but I also think it was like she was a member of a cult and has now broken free. It will take a little while and some good mentoring, for her to try to right her wrongs.

  3. SkepticalMom Says:

    I also find this story fascinating. Thanks to GallusMag for sniffing it out! I am very curious to learn what happened that caused Fraas to reach peak trans. Please keep us updated as the details become available. I do hope this hits the mainstream news.

    I’m glad Fraas has come to see the light, but I do hope she’ll not only attempt to make it up to her victims, but also do what she can to reverse the policy changes she spearheaded at Smith. What a shame that so much damage was done and now an all-female college has officially changed their policy and will now admit males.

    I’ve been active in ant-scientology circles for several years, and I have seen it take years for cult victims who break free to come around and start thinking and behaving like the rest of society. I’m hoping Fraas will have a quick recovery so she can start undoing some of the damage she caused. Realistically, however, it will take time. I’m glad she’s taken the first step. Let’s try and exercise patience and understanding as she recovers.

    • kesher Says:

      Smith already did admit males; they just had to be somewhat transitioned and have a history of identifying/presenting as “women”. The new policy throws all of that out the window.

  4. It’s really hard to realize you were wrong and to change, especially when you’ve been very public about it. She’s taken a big step. I hope we hear more from her.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Hi GallusMag, I’m going to be taking a lot of your excellent advice. I actually really appreciate you putting this up. Please let me know if you would be interested in putting out the letter I write to the board or in asking me any questions about my past involvement. Hope this morning finds you well! xo

    • GallusMag Says:

      Hi Sarah- Thank you for reading and commenting. And thank you for publicly disowning your previous actions. That takes guts. I’m interested in anything you have to say, as I’m sure we all are. Thanks for your classy response.

    • GallusMag Says:

      If you want to do a guest post or publish a letter to the board I would be honored to host it on GenderTrender. x

      • Sarah Says:

        Thank you! I’ll be in touch. Is commenting here the best way to do that?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yes just drop a message that starts with “Not For Publication” or “Do Not Publish” or what have you. Let me know what you want to do. We can discuss it by email if you’d like at that point, after you decide what you want to do. Thank you!

    • Freyja Says:

      Oh, Sarah, this is wonderful. It takes courage to make a public change as you have done. I look forward to reading whatever you write about your change of mind.

      I used to be a total liberal on the trans issue . . . until I had to face it in real life and began to realize what it meant for women’s well-being. Then I was horrified. I reached “peak trans” at top speed after that.

      I hope you have sufficient protection against the trans activists who may try to make your life a misery. Take good care of yourself.

    • hurting Says:

      Sarah… i can’t imagine how difficult it must be trying to figure out who you are and what you want from life under such public scrutiny. smith was so hard for me because the intersections of feminism (a movement based on the gender binary) and gender nonconformity (originating from feminism and perpetuated by the trans rights movement) ultimately led to the difficult question of who belongs at a women’s college (or in women’s spaces in general). this question was and continues to be excruciatingly painful for the entire spectrum of people who claim woman as part of their identity (binary identified trans women, cis women, and a huge variety of non-binary people). in this world of “male” and “female” we are all socialized with a mixed bag of what’s considered “male” and “female” attributes and personality traits. it’s not hard to imagine how trans and non-binary people exist in this world and why they want acceptance into the only spaces that currently exist in our society. otherwise we’re just outlaws, living on the outskirts of humanity. furthermore, there’s the fact that people’s physical bodies lend to blurred experiences of gender. for example, surely no radfem or member of what you now consider the *quote-un-quote* “trans cult” can deny the existence of intersex people who identify as women, but physically experience womanhood differently that others (and please god, if you disagree with this particular claim, DO NOT try to pursue it as an argument. If only for the sake of any intersex person who may read this and take what you say to heart. I’m tired of people hurting. We’ve all experienced oppression to whatever extent, and it’s ridiculous to fight like this). or for a (perhaps?) less politically charged example, a woman who develops breast cancer and must have a mastectomy surely experiences womanhood in a physically different way. this is proof enough to me that we can have any type of anatomy and identify in any way we see fit based on our own life experiences. obviously gender as it stands is both very real and also quite imaginary… someday i hope it ceases to exist. it’s proven throughout history to do FAR more harm than good…. i’d want people to consider this when deciding the future direction of a such a binaristic political movement as feminism. i’d like to end by saying we all have the power to devastate one another, regardless of genitalia, or gender-identity, or socialization. ultimately, i wish you well sarah. i wish you clarity. i wish you the power of forgiveness; just as i wish the power of forgiveness for people on both sides of this debate. i also understand the blinding fury that can result from immense hurting. i hope people can try to understand that too and be forgiving. i also wish i could find a goddamn tumblr or wordpress where people so vehemently organize and attack against the true culprit behind our world’s problems… the capitalist machine which supports the abuse of our earth and all humans (especially those with minority identities)… and that such a movement was as popular at smith as trans and feminist politics. if so the world would be a much better place bc we’re all passionate, strong willed people no matter which side we’re on. even if we’ve been on both sides and neither side all at the same time.

      • GallusMag Says:

        hahahahahahahaha WHAT ON EARTH. You have less than zero interest or comprehension in any of the issues involved, but don’t let that stop you from puking a big BLAH BLAH BLAH meaningless FEE FEE all over the place. Dear god the narcissism. You have added less than zero to this discussion, “hurting”, and I just want you to know that. Your emotional problems have nothing to do with anything going on here, so why not go and make yourself a cup of tea, have a good cry (or whatever- I give less than a fuck) and stop splattering your unrelated personal angst all over the rest of us. What a jerk.

        “otherwise we’re just outlaws, living on the outskirts of humanity.”

        Oh Noez! Boo Hoo Hoooooooo. You DO know you’re commenting on a blog full of Lesbian and Gay outlaws who CHANGED THE WORLD from the margins, RIGHT?

        “the true culprit behind our world’s problems… the capitalist machine”

        Yahhhh. Rich men and poor men rape just the same. But that’s cool, huh? Good luck with your Smith College Communism, moron.

      • morag99 Says:

        My feminism will use paragraph breaks or it will be bullshit!

  6. Zemskull Says:

    I’ll give her a micro-credit for admitting that she’s reexamined her views. The stalking, however, requires direct apologies to each of the victims of it. I wouldn’t trust her in the slightest until that happens, at a bare minimum.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      I’m right behind ya on that, Zemskull. I’ll believe – kind of – this conversion when I see her do that. ‘Til then, much wariness.

  7. amazondream Says:

    She is young and I give her credit for owning up to her errors. I think a lot of young folks push boundaries in their first taste of freedom in college. It takes some courage to do this considering how daunting going against the trans borg. Even if it doesn’t amount to much this is another crack in the wall and I’ll celebrate that.

  8. Charlotte Says:

    Enlightenment is a journey we are all on.

    Which includes MANY trials and errors.

    This is true especially for women, whom are raised to not trust themselves and to be validated by making others happy. This conditioning means many women never get to find feminism, and when they do: many never advance beyond the liberal mainstream wing.

    I know defensiveness is something we learn as women being repeatedly fucked over while and so when we finally break free we can be rather unrelenting in needing proof people are safe to bring into the fold.

    But at the same time, this need to punish people, or these hoops we set to make folks prove themselves, or a hyper sensitiveness which often develops that which seeks to find red flags that a person may harm us, can and has will alienated many women who are growing in their enlightenment.

    I know that’s seen as some Pollyanna apologetics horseshit, but seeing so many women tell me they feel put of the loop of feminism because liberals are a fucking joke and rad fems are too mean: implies we should be thinking about how we greet people who are furthering down the path of enlightenment.

    It’s why I’m throwing my hat in here, in case she finds it, to say:

    I am a fellow woman
    I am a feminist
    I have made many mistakes as I grew, and I continue to do so, we all do, and anyone who says otherwise is lying.
    No one has it figured all out, what makes someone a “good” person is their sincere attempt to use their resources, time and passion to alleviate unnecessary misery.
    You didn’t advocate for the trans brigade because you are a jerk, you did it because you assumed them a suffering group.
    Your mistake doesn’t make you bad, it makes you human…

    • I feel the notion that rad fems are “too mean” is just a sexist stereotype promulgated by men, and women buy into it, because they want to be in good with the men. I’ve never encountered a “too mean” rad fem. Far from it. I think rad fems are more compassionate and caring than lib fems. But I’m biased of course…I am a rad fem.

    • LC Says:

      I think the larger problem is women being too conciliatory and ignoring their instincts to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings. And honestly, from the blogs/sites I follow, rad fems have nothing to compare to the “meanness” of the lib fems toward former allies. Or toward current allies that don’t follow lock-step on every issue.

      I’d love to hear more from her, and believe she should be forgiven, even congratulated, if her words and actions prove her new-found beliefs are genuine- but not until they do. Women should stand up for themselves at least as much as they defend everyone else.

    • Jenna Says:

      I LOVE this comment! I was about to say something to the effect but I’m glad to see that you’ve done a far better job and all I have to do is second it!

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “I know that’s seen as some Pollyanna apologetics horseshit”

        Yep. Feminism isn’t hard enough on slithering handmaidens like this girl. All the “MEAN” men she so diligently defended, at women’s expense, obviously gave her big dose of their misogyny that she was perfectly fine giving out to other women/girls. lol.

        I do not trust this girl. Her trans obsession may be over but ones like her just lay in wait for the next whiny, pathetic manipulative male to caretake. She has no desire to “figure it all out” because she is so desperate for male approval. Perhaps her type should see women/girls as “a suffering group” for once?? Nah, there is no patriarchy cookies for that.

  9. Melinda Says:

    I am confused by all of the plot twists. I am not clear from the writing about the tumble exchange if Fraas really said these things or if some “trans-eclusionary” person said them on her behalf or if she is the “trans-exclusionary” person or what. It is confirmed that she has reversed he position, right?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Yes they are her statements. Yes she has strongly reversed her position. If you follow the links you can look for yourself. But you’re right, she has yet to make a detailed statement as far as I know.

  10. tnt666 Says:

    Indeed, it would be nice to see an interview in a mainstream or a big alternative outlet.

  11. M. Says:

    I hope she makes some serious amends and sits down to discuss her radical shift in opinion. I think it would do a lot of good to mitigate some of the harm she has caused.

  12. Interesting. I was wondering the other day how women who have been publicly noisy in support of transactivism would play a reversal of their views. My prediction was stealing the work of feminists like Gallus, and then failing to acknowledge their part in the relentless harassment these feminists have faced for the last decade. Maybe the Nuremberg defence? “It was just what we all believed at the time!”

  13. Rosemary Says:

    Wow. A true-believer who now self-identifies as a ”terf”. I hope she is legitimately trying to be an actual woman-centered activist, and this isn’t just some weird vacillation after getting in a tiff with some M2T(s). Either way, she has a lot to answer for, regarding her treatment of other women in service of men.

  14. belinda Says:

    Calliope is such a try-hard. I could probably feel more sympathy if he wasn’t such an entitled first-born son asshole.

  15. charlston Says:

    I am confused. What does it actually mean? Just thinking its been a couple of days and I haven’t read anything yet. Would someone point me in the right direction if I have missed a statement today? Thanks

  16. lovetruthcourage Says:

    Glad another woman has come around and seen the error of her ways.

  17. Kim Says:

    There is a lot going on here. We are expected to learn and grow and change in college. No one should be punished for making mistakes. This person [moderated. Don’t post gossip about her personal life. -GM] She presents herself as a perpetual victim –blaming others, Smith, lib fems,and patriarchy for all of her previous beliefs /actions. She has hurt a lot of people with lies and meanness. Although she is now vehemently anti trans and still bullying those with different opinions, I think it is important to not respond in kind and to have empathy as we are all works in progress.

  18. Cady Says:

    Thank you GallusMag for this important post. And appreciation to Sarah for admitting mistakes, for learning and changing and going public. It takes courage to go against the trans cult juggernaut. We welcome you, Sarah, to the struggle for women’s liberation from the insidious patriarchal tentacles of the woman hating, insane trans lies. As you discover ways in which to make amends to those women you have hurt, I hope you can find and support others at Smith who have been silenced by the women who, like your younger self, are so stridently betraying women in their quest to defend men. Smith women who question the trans narrative are being silenced; discussion and dialogue, exploration and intellectual searching, all supposedly part of a good education, have been shut down. Faculty, too, probably cannot question the insanity of “gender identity.” What kind of learning institution is Smith? With Sarah’s revelation of change, Smith looks very foolish to have made this monumentally stupid and ultimately misogynist decision which goes against everything they purport they are.

  19. Carrie-Anne Says:

    I’m really glad to see Ms. Fraas has disavowed her former stance. It takes a lot of courage to be open to new information and then admit we’ve been wrong, particularly if we’ve invested a lot of time and emotion into defending the former erroneous belief. I hope she also starts the process of making amends and apologizing for how she treated people in the other camp (now her camp) during her campaign.

    I also hope Smith, and the other women’s colleges cowed into this trend, take back their policy of accepting pretend women into their schools. At least historic women’s schools like Vassar which are now co-ed don’t pretend to still be women’s-only by including MTTs as women! I’ll admit, when I was a lot younger, I thought the idea of an all-women’s school was stupid and old-fashioned, but now that I’m an adult, I love the tradition of all-women’s colleges and even wish I’d had that kind of opportunity.

  20. ... Says:

    Can we get a source on Sarah Fraad stalking women, contacting employers, etc? Is this something she admits to on her blog?

  21. Kim Says:

    It is not “gossip” but a fact that Sarah Fraas immediately changed her position to terf when [moderated-GM]. This is verifiable and public info referenced by other smithies as well. I think this is an important point suggesting an explanation (albeit self serving) for her sudden political change so I don’t know why that would require censorship.

    [I can’t locate any public statements from her containing this alleged personal information which allegedly caused her to flip. Can you show me? Thanks.-GM]

    • GallusMag Says:

      I’m satisfied that my reporting on this post has adequately covered Sarah’s previous actions and current ones. You can speculate on personal motives for women’s political actions all you want. You just can’t do it here. Thanks.

  22. GallusMag Says:

    Private to whom it may concern: Stop publishing things that you don’t want people to read. Dumb ass.

  23. prozac Says:

    She appears to have posted a reply to this post on her tumblr blog, fyi.

    Also, “There are few remaining trans elders beyond the age of 40, as it is.”
    Bahahahahahahaha! Good to know 40 is the age when people become elders, Calliope.

    • Mortadella Says:

      I know, right? I was thinking, elders, what the hell? The ageism is strong with these people.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Did she delete or change handles? It looks like her tumblr is gone.

    • Janetwo Says:

      Elders…really? That is a term that I have seen mostly used by First Nations and franckly, in my opinion, one of the very few contexts where it is culturally appropriate to do so. Another tentative of the transcult to appropriate something they have no connection to and no understanding?! The “Elders” of the tranny tribe seem rather short on traditions, experience and wisdom.

      • kesher Says:

        Well you got to love Miss Majors and his past incarceration in Attica. Assuming he didn’t just lie about participating in the riots, I wonder if he fought side by side with his bro, the man who murdered Kitty Genovese.

  24. Bev Jo Says:

    Beware of trusting and supporting Sarah Fraas. She came into our Radical Feminist Coffee House pretending to be a feminist, calling herself “Dworkin Andrea.” That was September. When her support of the trans cult surfaced, she was all over the place trying to excuse herself. If she seems trustworthy, don’t believe it.

    It’s true that we all learn and change. Many women who join our groups do. Sarah is different in her level of arrogance and ignoring what is hurting women, and then pretending dismay when anyone objects

    Don’t let her off the hook for being young. Many of our strongest Radical Feminist members are young.

    This is what I posted after one of her offensive posts that went against group rules about not calling men “she” and “her:”

    Bev Jo
    September 28, 2015

    Calling out new member ” Dworkin Andrea” (I wish women would not appropriate Andrea Dworkin(, for calling female imporsonator man “Mr. Jennifer Boylan” a “Lesbian Feminist,” and Bruce Jenner “she.”

    And then calling prick porngrapher Tobi Hill-Meyer who posts photos of his erect prick being wanked off “she” and “a nice person.”

    Did you really not bother to read our rules or are so in deep with the trans cult you can’t tell a woman from a man? Why is our time being wasted with this?

  25. She isn’t the only radfem (supporter?) who switched sides. Plenty of women did it. Hell even I did the same. Often it’s a slow process. I doubt that she changed “all of sudden”. I guess it took time.

  26. Aenea Krzysz Says:

    If only the writer had derived a bit more of the Smith cachet. . .

  27. KM Says:

    Ms. Fraas is still finding her identity and unfortunately she has publicly aired her journey and hurt people along the way. In reading her social media over the years (many different names and blogs), I gather that she has struggled with knowing who she is and “tried on” different identities. She has flipped-flopped on many issues including porn, exclusion/inclusion, women’s colleges, family and friend relationships, sexual orientation, and many other issues. It isn’t clear what is truth and what is made-up in her life based on the contradictions that appear in the history. I don’t think this is unusual for people who find their identity later in life. I think not giving this too much attention would benefit all involved.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Do you view all Feminist Politics as a matter of women’s “personal issues” or just in the case of this particular woman? Your assertion that the mainstream political battle surrounding women’s colleges is one of “women’s personal problems” that should be swept under the rug and not discussed publicly at all is duly noted. Utterly rejected, but noted.

      • KM Says:

        No, but I think the history on this particular case indicates this is much more of a personal struggle for an identity than it is about politics.
        Definitely think you are misquoting/misunderstanding me in terms of the sweeping under the rug comment.

    • kesher Says:

      Criticism might inspire people to keep these struggles private and not lash out at others.

    • Kim Says:

      I think this is a thoughtful post. The notion that some womyn have personal issues or mental health problems that inform their political choices and actions cannot be dismissed. This is a separate issue that does undermine or invalidate feminist politics Both terfs and trans activists have been defined by the other as cults. Regardless of the truth of those accusations, it makes sense that at times those with a shaky sense of identity and/or poor self esteem may choose to be associated with either group for reasons that have little to do with the actual ideologies. It is a scientific fact that brain neurons are not fully developed until age 25. Each group would like to claim that Sarah was thinking correctly when she embraced their beliefs but perhaps she was not thinking clearly or for herself at all. This seems to go along with Sarah’s pattern of denial of agency and personal choice surrounding many of her actions and former identities as evidenced in her blog postings. I agree that putting too much emphasis on the actions of a confused college student is overly dramatic. Smith College did not change their trans acceptance policy because of Sarah’s activism. They changed it because they concluded it was the right thing to do after listening to passionate opinions on both sides even if some of us vehemently disagree with the outcome.

      • nemesister Says:

        “Terf” is a slur. And no, letting in males was not the right decision. WTF..

      • KM Says:

        Letting males into Smith (and many other schools) under certain circumstances was not due to Ms. Fraas’ so-called activism. In fact, her approach and lack of willingness to discuss (as opposed to bullying tactics) and engage the community in safe dialogue probably delayed the decision. I can see valid points on both sides and prefer to have discussions and validation of women’s voices regardless if I agree with them or not. Name calling, shaming, and meanness are not helpful as Ms. Frass and several posters here have demonstrated.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Letting males into Smith under certain circumstances”

        What circumstances are they? The issue under discussion is allowing males into Smith on the basis of their self-declaration alone. Any male can declare he “feels female brained” and women are forced to pretend he is. I must say, you’ve done nothing but come here and attempt to obscure the issues. You’ve reduced women’s political actions and analysis down to identity politics, feelings, and individual psychology as a way to reframe their politics as beneath discussion. You’ve complained that I blogged at all, complained about the tone (but not content) of other commenters, and disparaged my moderating style. You’ve chided women to keep sweet, mind our manners, and hush ourselves.

        TROLL. That’s right, I’m calling it. You are a troll. You are a “new radfem” with a new blog called “All Human Rights Matter”? What does that mean. Is that an offshoot of the #AllLivesMatter movement of the great All Lives Justice Movement? Hahaha.

        Begone, Troll. Get the fuck off my blog. As a parting gift I’d like to suggest a name for your political movement. It’s all yours, free of charge. Here it is: ‘All People Are Neat!’

        Bye now! Y’all take care! *waves

      • kesher Says:

        “Letting males into Smith (and many other schools) under certain circumstances”

        That was the policy before Wong, Fraas, and Kilian got involved. Smith allowed in MTFs who could demonstrate some degree of transitioning, not just meaningless “identity”. Due to pressure from trans appeasers, Smith changed the criteria to be stated meaningless self-identity only.

      • Janetwo Says:

        Eh? Radfem used to be mainstream feminism which is what won women rights over centuries of struggle. How dare you compare it to the transcult and consider there is any kind of equivalency ? The rebranding of feminism as radfem is just a marketing ploy only uninformed and idiots fall for. It is specifically designed to undermine the legitimacy of feminism. There is a considerable body of literature on how what started as a fringe academic fancy, POMO, slowly but surely eroded the vitality of many progressive movements like the labor rights, the civil rights and feminism etc… This has made the left irrelevent and impotent in adressing any serious social issues. The trans movement is just the most obvious sign of this ethical and political rot.

        We have college girls fighting over the rights of a bunch of desilusional men to access women spaces while not giving a flying fuck about emigrants women exposed to serious health hazards working at poverty wages in nail salons and on tomatoes farms. The fact that the ridicule of the situation does not strike you is beyond my comprehension. People risking their health by having to work 60-80 hours to afford some crappy appartment and ramen noodles for the kids is by no way on the same plane than some fucked up middle class teenage boy having a shit fit over makeup. FFS David Bowie had already broke that barrier for him in the 70s.

        People may look for identity and belonging. They wont find either by adding a new tattoo, surgery, adopting the latest internet fads or sticking on some empty label like binary pansexual transfairy. External signs are connected to deeper experiental truths that cant be bought or co-opted. Every appropriation cheapens the meaning invested in the external manifestations of the culture people seek to emulate. In the quest to be special unique snowflakes through the adoption of the latest fads and labels, they just hide a bottomless pit of lack of imagination and conformity to a culture which commodifies everything from Tibetan prayer beads to Asmat septum piercing. Identity seekers all look like some kind of wannabes Masai in search for a tribe but yet, not wiling to accept that cultural belonging come at the price of being born in that tribe and live its tradition, social code and ordeals. Acceptance from your tribesmen come from enduring the trials to become adult, from slowly gaining wisdom and experience. Identity is something you build by accepting yourself, knowing your own roots, culture, history, mingling with your immediate humane community and slowly sifting through all the bad and the good until you find some peace of mind about where you come from and where you go from there.

        When I see a man, any man, pontificating about being a woman, I literally wanna puke. Its like a visceral ”what the fuck dude! Its my tribe you are talking about. Every born women have the absolute and natural right to tell you that you are not one of us. Just buy some mocassins, a wampum belt and the headgear and walk into the next band council at the closest Rez and see what`s gonna happen… ” Even the most despicable colonialist knew that pretending to belong to another group was a level of gaslighting that could not be successfully sold. Its not just mere destruction of the other identity, its cannibalism.

        I get the average hetero middle class white dude has a tremendous amount of collective shame to deal with for centuries of being an utter asshole to women, people of color, gays etc….but jumping boat to not deal with it does not solve anything, it just makes you into a bigger asshole. You still retain all your priviledges while making place for cosmetic accomodations to satisfy the whimsies of your dick. That is your burden to come to term with it, as it is the burden of oppressed people to deal with an heritage of pain and humiliation and fight for something better. I get a woman wants to escape the shitty deal we had to reckon with. But the temporary reprieve is just not worth the betrayal of who you really are and living a lie nobody believe in, not even you deep down . If that helps, just think about what it is for so many women in almost every countries but Europe and North America. Your grannies have already fought through the worst men could through at us. Very few women in recorded history had it better than you do here and now. Make the best of it.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Excellent comment, but you used 2 acronyms and I did not understand either. What is POMO? FFS?

      • kesher Says:

        Pomo = post-modern
        FFS = for fuck’s sake

    • margotalways Says:

      Those “personal struggles” had costs for women.

  28. CDM Says:

    I usually love your blog Gallus Mag, but I think that this post is waay to harsh. I do not know this person and I do not condone stalking/harassment. However, I also went to women’s college and know how difficult it is to see things outside of the “bubble”. (I became a radfem after graduation.) You want to do the right thing. You want to help your gender non-conforming friends. I also pushed for a “trans-inclusive” policy at my women’s college when I was a student. I was a gender non-conforming lesbian and most of my close friends were transmen. I wanted to support their causes. My college’s policy changed a few years after I graduated. I never publicly apologized for my actions and am not openly a radfem with ANY of my women’s college friends. I avoid the topic entirely.

    If I were to say what Sarah Fraas said, I would be kicked out of every alumnae group that I am currently in. I would lose all of my college friends. I’m a lesbian, so I would be unable to date anyone in this city. (I am 25, so lesbian/bi women between the ages of 22-30 are in my “range”).

    I think that stalking and harassment are terrible and I do not condone Sarah Fraas’ past actions. However, by being a “public radfem” she has given up all of her women’s college friendships (especially lesbian/bi ones), all of her lesbian/bi dating opportunities (if she is lesbian/bi) and will probably be kicked out of any local alumnae groups that she is in.

    She is already paying dearly for being a “public radfem”. I am not condoning her past actions, but her social life is over. Why are you trying to make it harder for her Gallus?

    She is way braver than I am.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Are you suggesting I should not have covered this story?

      • CDM Says:

        No, not at all. Feel free to write about whatever you want to write about. I just was disappointed by the tone of this piece. Sarah Fraas should apologize to the people that she harassed.
        However, she is a brave person. Shouldn’t we be supporting women who leave liberal feminism? I mean, she attached her name to these tumblr posts. That is more than most radfems on tumblr do. That is more than I have ever done.

        I don’t know, most of the younger radfems I know used to be hardcore queer activists. Do we have to “atone” for all of our libfem wrongdoings before we can become proper radical feminists?

        Once again, it is your blog Gallus. I don’t know Sarah Fraas personally, but I know many young radfems like her. Most of us were queer activists before we became radfems.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Your response frames it as Queer Activism= Radfem [nothing]. I suppose the answer to your question would depend on whether you frame Radical Feminism as a political movement for women’s liberation, or a self-help philosophy, social group, or “identity”.

      • CDM Says:

        No, I am just saying that most lesbian/bi women around my age are exposed to “queer” ideas before they are exposed to radfem ones.

        Radical Feminism is a political movement, but the social aspects of political movements are important. You have to look at where people are coming from and what they need. I have a blog on tumblr and lots of other “millennial” radfems follow me. The majority of my followers were in a university/high school “queer” organization before they became radfems. Many of them participated in campaigns similar to the one that Sarah Fraas was in. I support my sisters when they decide to leave the radiqweer community. I know how hard it is for them and I understand why they might not want to be open about their radical feminist beliefs.

        Most of us “millennial radfems” have a history of queer activism. Do we all have to leave the club now? When do our pasts stop counting against us?

        I’m disappointed…

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yes- a history of queer activism and no radical feminist activism. Radical feminism as “a social club”. You make my point for me. Happy to disappoint you.

      • Nemesister Says:

        I am not yet convinced. Fraas has posed as a Radfem before. It’s going to take time, actions, and amends before I believe that this isn’t just a strategy to gather private information on women so she can do more harm. Of course I hope she’s sincere, but we’re not stupid.

        CDM, if your friends are misogynists, if you’re fine on having a lover who hates women… it doesn’t sound like feminism plays any part in who you are.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “She is way braver than I am.”

      Most women are, from the sound of it.

      ” I would lose all of my college friends. I’m a lesbian, so I would be unable to date anyone in this city. ”

      HAHAHAHAHA You are deluded.

    • kesher Says:

      There are a lot of non-trans-appeasing lesbians, even young ones. A regular commenter in Reddit’s Gender Critical sub even lives in San Francisco.

      I’m sure it’s hard to meet likeminded women but they do exist.

    • michelle Says:

      This is such a load of crap.

      If your so-called friends cannot deal with you having an independent thought process, then they are not worth keeping in the social circle to begin with. Real friends are capable of allowing others to *gasp* hold different opinions.

      Not being able to date in a city? Again, horseshit. And besides, if they require you to think exactly as they do in order to deem themselves worthy of dating you, then are they worth dating? I dare say not…

      Hive mentalities do nobody any good and is precisely how we got to this fucked up point in time of males being able to declare and pronounce themselves as women and gain unfettered access to women’s safe spaces. It has become the new shakedown term to claim and all ill-consequence in their life was because of some trans-bullshit. Sadly, they had a parade of hand-maidens that paved the damned road…and it is time that the road be torn up.

    • Siobhan Says:

      It’s not just that Sarah led a group pushing for men to be called women and allowed into a female-only college. It is that she stalked and harassed women who disagreed with her, even contacting their employers in attempt to make them suffer. I agree that she is quite brave to publicly turn around in this issue, but I would like to see an acknowledgement of the wrongs she has done to actual women.

      I, too, am a graduate of a women’s college (Wellesley) but I am older than you, so I don’t worry as much about what people think. You would not be “kicked out,” but you are right, the young zealots would be nasty. However, you would also find the others who are quietly rejecting these male-worshipping trans theories.

    • RR Says:

      Did your activities as a “queer activist” include harassing other women for knowing what a female is and supporting the rights of women? If so, then yes, you absolutely should apologize. It won’t be brave, it will be decent and ethical.

      One doesn’t become a “public radfem” when one renames their tumblr terf420. There are many male transgenders who call themselves “radfems”, but it is not identity to try on, it is revolutionary way of viewing the world as a woman- not just socially, but economically, emotionally and spiritually if you are so inclined. A “public radfem” walks the walk for many miles as a woman-centered woman, you don’t need to have an online presence or a catchy tumblr to do so, you do need to live and act in the world as a woman who supports the reality and the needs of women through whatever avenues are open to you.

      It is not inappropriate to be wary of someone who has spent years promoting gender politics at the expense of women. I don’t know anything about her, maybe she will address the harm she has done personally, to the women she harassed and the rights of women whose spaces she worked so hard to destroy. That would be fantastic and much braver than changing a tumblr handle.

    • Janetwo Says:

      If friendships depend on lies, maybe they are not real friendships but merely acquaintances not worth crying over when lost. If you cant be honest with the people closest to you, then with whom? If people do not share, or at least accept your most important values, they are not dating material to begin with. Why waste precious time with strangers? Because as long as you do not have the courage of being honest with the people around you, that is what they are to you and what you are to them: strangers who just happen to evolve in the same social circle. Being true to yourself and to others is not where social life ends, its the beginning at a real shot at true intimacy and real friendship. More so, if the lesbians and feminists before you had not been willing to put on the line a lot more than their social life and dating opportunities you would not have the freedom to live your life in the open. What a poor heir to their struggle you are. In the mean time, you leave to others the responsibility to fight your battles and make the sacrifices. Your claim to be a radfem when it costs you nothing to do so has absolutely no value whatsoever. You might as well be a misogynist as your opinion does not matter if you have no willingness to act on it. Thats ethic for you if by any chance you had the most basic course on the topic. Values are factors which orient our life especially when the going gets rough, not pious words we utter when nothing is on the line. Without them, you are just a drifting opportunist who goes wherever the chinese buffet looks more apetizing.

      Not sure where you get your ideas that life is over because Sarah regained some sanity. To me, and to the vast majority of people on the planet, independently of political views, it is as non sensical to believe that men can be women than to believe elephants are flying. Its not rational, no matter what the flavor of day academic twat a la Julia Serano writes. The pomo schtick that pompous ass has built his whole self-absorbed, pedantic book, the whipping girl, has been the laughing stock of the scientific community since Alan Sokal practical joke in 1994. Its hateful he uses his credentials as scientists to peddle his horseshit and he should know better. But like many natural scientists before him, his scientific training did not translate in any sort of common sense or integrity when it comes to his personal life or political views. He does tremendous damages to women by pretending to have any kind of experience being one.

      I am not sure what kind of college you went, but franckly, the idea you would be ousted from your college circle for being a critical and independent thinker is scary. Ask for a refund as the whole point of higher education is not to perpetuate conformity but develop your capacity to think for yourself on sound basis. Sciences are not about teaching beliefs, but a disciplined method to question them. Thats science philosophy 101, and its as valid today than when Kepler rejected his own pet theory to come up with the laws of planetary motions.

      • LC Says:

        That was beautiful.

      • CDM Says:

        Hey! You all are welcome to think whatever you want about me. It is completely fine. I would however like to correct you on one point. Many women’s colleges (such as my alma mater) have diversity codes of various sorts. My alma mater has a gender identity and expression one. It had one when I was a first-year student too. When I was a first-year, the gender identity and expression code was something along the lines of “we do not permit harassment (slurs, touching) based on gender identity or expression”. This was a fair code. Now it has been modified and in the new code any sort of misgendering/disbelief in trans stuff is treated as a form of harassment on par with racism, sexual harassment (ironic at a women’s college!) ect. They also have an office that “monitors” these sorts of things and most offices (probably all now) on campus have to go through some sort of gender/trans sensitivity training at the beginning of the year. I personally voted against ALL mandatory workshops and have always supported free speech, ect.

        If I said, “transwomen are men” at any sort of alumnae event, I would be asked to leave and banned from future events because I “harassed” people.

        You cannot take a “hard-lined approach” when you are arguing with people who have been taught that misgendering someone/not following trans theory is the same as racial harassment. I have some success discussing the more egregious incidents that current undergrads have had with the radiqweer community (regarding gender/sexual orientation). I also have had some success discussing porn/pornified sex ed workshops with current undergrads. I am just really careful when I do it and never use any “radfem” language.

        I am writing about this because I think it is important that people outside of the women’s college world understand WHY it is so difficult for people to speak up. I did not go to Smith and my alma mater is considered to be more conservative than Smith. This whole debacle is more than “a few people will be mean to you”. Many of these colleges have adopted formal, campus-wide policies against different ideas regarding gender/gender identity.

        I am trying to paint a picture of the current situation at women’s colleges/in the lesbian community. I do not know Sarah personally, but I did follow her on tumblr.

        If anyone would like to speak about this with me personally, my email is If any of you women’s college grads are having a hard time balancing your personal beliefs with the “culture” of your alma mater, I can give you some suggestions. Also, if anyone wants to know more about anything that was discussed in these exchanges, feel free to email me. Hate mail is okay too!

      • michelle Says:

        wait a damned minute…did CDM just try to explain things like the readers here don’t understand the lesbian community?

        -rereads wall of text

        yep…CDM did just that.

        Hey! Fuck off with your community explanations…many here were in the lesbian community LONG before you were born. We also know that not every twenty-something has been brainwashed into the genderist bullshit.

        There is a world beyond alumni groups. Find it. Others did and still do.

      • Janetwo Says:


        I find funny you talked like others here have zero clue about the way of the world in academia. Honestly, what strikes me the most is the apathy of the female students community. If people are incapable of critical thinking and are not willing to take risks and protest in their 20s for their convictions, it does not look well for their future as engaged citizens and society in general. The policy of appeasement you advocate had zero result historically.

        1968 Sorbone-France
        50-70s Berkeley (civil rights, Vietnam War, Free speech)
        1970 Kent State (Cambodia)
        1989 Tienanmen-China (reform of the communist regime)
        2012 Montreal -Canada (tuition fees)

        And I could list many others protests where not only students did change university policies, but their society as well. They were not well behaved, polite and wasted time asking for permission. For most people serious about activism, comes a time where you arrive at the point when you say to yourself and like-minded people: “Fuck this shit, this is not the world I want to live in and we`re done talking, to the barricades!”

        In any case, some small coteries in academia can try to advance transgender policies quietly and even make some headway. When it will reach the public consciousness sufficiently, the backlash will be public. Its completely non sensical to build a whole field of study and subsequent politics on what is obviously observable as false: men can be women and vice versa. And why any woman would specifically chose to go to a so called women college if there are men (with or without dresses) admitted? It goes against the whole purpose of the institution. They should just close shop and female students pick a good public college instead of wasting their money.

        Feminism succeeded because it was rooted in facts of the very real oppression of women because of their sex. Gays people were really persecuted for a sexual orientation which did not do any harm to others and which can be observed as a natural variation in many other species. Sex is real, its not a theory. A dude with a penis and an XY set does not respond to the definition of female, wife, woman, girl, mother, grand-mother, sister etc…When people read an Icelandic Saga, the Bible, Hawthorne or Plato, there is no ambiguity about what is a woman. Our status changed over history, but not our biological identity. And you cannot change that definition without losing our understanding of our own history and the protections we struggled so hard for because we, as a group, ”bear children”. Transgender is by no shape or form an extension of feminism, it cant be. Its antithetical to it. I feel I am just rehashing stuff that Gallus and others have explained like a gazillion times here and its getting really old to try to explain that there cant be any compromise, accomodation or debate with the opposite side on this issue. Somebody is wrong, dead wrong, and its not radfems. At the speed the trannies are imposing their agenda and silencing feminists, this is not a negociation, this is a war.

        ”Therefore, if the male sex is seen to be different from the female with regard to a particular craft or way of life, we’ll say that the relevant one must be assigned to it. But if it’s apparent that they differ only in this respect, that the females bear children while the males beget them, we’ll say that there has been no kind of proof that women are different from men with respect to what we’re talking about, and we’ll continue to believe that our guardians and their wives must have the same way of life. ” Plato

    • thisismeandonlyme Says:

      I guarantee you in the “straight” world, no one is thinking about this as deeply because they are not realizing the implications. There is almost no realization that transwomen argue that they are LITERALLY women, that pregnancies are not connected to women’s bodies, that their male body parts are female parts, and the definition of women has something to do with fashion and sexy poses. They don’t realize that Title IX has been hijacked, that boys are on girls sports teams, and there is a growing drug and surgery industry around this involving kids barely older than tots. They don’t realize that when their daughters call out a male because, he is a male, she can be pulled down to a Principals office for bullying.
      That is because there are frankly extremely few, very limited, if any, transgenders in our circles, and there is a near-universal media blackout on what transwomen are actually arguing. However, we straight women can recognize guys with weird (probably sexual) problems, because they travel in our circles and they target us also.

      I know for a fact that teen girls are facing very unthinking support of transgender demand, and do not consider what it means when men define women’s bodies for them, until someone points it out. I know for a fact the light bulbs go off very quickly when they are given some information that is not couched in right wingery, which is the unfortunate result when no one on the left will speak up expect these precious few radfems on these blogs. But when you talk to real women, out in the straight world, left right or in between, Religious or Not, none of them think transwomen are women. None. At best they are sad souls deserving of some sort of help, but women? No.

      Therefore, I guarantee you that even in your circles there are women thinking the same thing. Find talking points that are clear, speak them, and you will find that the majority of real women who are smart will agree with you. Moreover they will provide better companionship than those who are too afraid to acknowledge that they are being pushed around.

      Besides, who in the heck needs an alumni organization?

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        The public doesn’t know what transactivists believe, or they do know, and just don’t care that it hurts real women? Many leftist men welcome this backlash against women and are happy that a backlash “not couched in right-wingery” has been invented. People always find a way to elevate men’s concerns above women’s concerns. Head on over to yesterday’s Dear Abby column about a preteen girl’s declaration that she is, in fact, a transman. Read the comments. 99% are amazingly uncritical of the tranny fad and accept it all at face value. The 1% speaking reasonably? They must be transphobic bigots! The left has become as rabidly anti-science as the far right. This is very sad, but as a scientist myself, I am unsurprised.

      • thisismeandonlyme Says:

        to lovetruthcourage – Not sure if this will go “under” your post…but as to your comment, the public doesn’t know. Most people are only paying attention to this as an oddity and as transgenders are barely on our radars, how their issues affect the legal definition of women are just not registering. It is not really anti-women, it is so absurd it is not penetrating at best, and the media is scared at worst.

        Most men and that includes lefty men, have nothing to do with the “genderqueer” world and are simply not motivated to think much about this issue. The legal push to recognize transwomen as women is not coming out of the right wing, or the center, or even from the majority of left wing men and women, but specifically out of the queer communities with help of the ACLU and even the Obama administration. My comment about right wingery was that a non rightwing backlash against transgenderism has not presented itself in the public domain leaving the only criticism to come from rightwing land. That is pretty pathetic. It reminds me of the hush hush don’t-criticize fear before the Iraq War. (I am not conflating this with war, but making the media parallel). There is a real media fear of even the slightest criticizm of transgenderism, and the rah rah rah is almost like USA USA USA, complete with heroes and everyone is brave and beautiful. It shows that the lefty world is certainly not immune from its own myth making, with a woman’s biological makeup having no more significance than a penetrable border. Lefty women in media and politics right now are close to useless. The LGBT groups are trying to get right in front of Clinton to make sure she tows the line (the early endorsements are no accident).

        Regarding Dear Abby and other articles like this, the comment sections are consistently scrubbed of criticism, and transactivists flood them with positive responses. If you read local newspapers that are faced with an issue at say, a school, you will see a very different view that reflects people who can recognize obsessive stupidity.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Let’s take your statements 1 at a time:

        You: “to lovetruthcourage – Not sure if this will go “under” your post…but as to your comment, the public doesn’t know. Most people are only paying attention to this as an oddity and as transgenders are barely on our radars, how their issues affect the legal definition of women are just not registering.”

        Me: Not registering? There is a daily media barrage about transgenderism. There is even an official lefty position on the topic— that one must support this travesty or they are transphobic and a bigot. They don’t give a fig about the legal definition of women. The boys want to be thought of as girls, so that takes precedence over how changing the legal definition of women might harm women. Libfems and other lefties put men 1st. So, we disagree here.

        You: “It is not really anti-women, it is so absurd it is not penetrating at best, and the media is scared at worst.”

        Me: Yes, it is really anti-women. Yes, it is absurd. It *is* penetrating. The media is not scared when every single day there are new propaganda pieces praising trannies on mainstream aggregating websites like Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc..

        You: “Most men and that includes lefty men, have nothing to do with the “genderqueer” world and are simply not motivated to think much about this issue. The legal push to recognize transwomen as women is not coming out of the right wing, or the center, or even from the majority of left wing men and women, but specifically out of the queer communities with help of the ACLU and even the Obama administration.”

        Me: Yes, the queer community, ACLU, even the Obama administration are involved. However, the left are their unthinking handmaidens. The dominant liberal, leftist position is that one can support trans or be a transphobic bigot.

        You: “My comment about right wingery was that a non rightwing backlash against transgenderism has not presented itself in the public domain leaving the only criticism to come from rightwing land. That is pretty pathetic. It reminds me of the hush hush don’t-criticize fear before the Iraq War. (I am not conflating this with war, but making the media parallel). There is a real media fear of even the slightest criticizm of transgenderism, and the rah rah rah is almost like USA USA USA, complete with heroes and everyone is brave and beautiful. It shows that the lefty world is certainly not immune from its own myth making, with a woman’s biological makeup having no more significance than a penetrable border. Lefty women in media and politics right now are close to useless. The LGBT groups are trying to get right in front of Clinton to make sure she tows the line (the early endorsements are no accident).”

        Me: You proved my point. There is a left-wing position and it is pro-trans, lest one be a transphobic bigot. Of course there is no pushback! The trans rhetoric is now officially the rhetoric of people on the left. The LGB community got used by the T. No one on the left dares to go off the reservation on this one because they would be eaten alive as a transphobic bigot.

        You: “Regarding Dear Abby and other articles like this, the comment sections are consistently scrubbed of criticism, and transactivists flood them with positive responses. If you read local newspapers that are faced with an issue at say, a school, you will see a very different view that reflects people who can recognize obsessive stupidity.”

        Me: Yes, uexpress and other websites scrub trans-critical comments, but there are plenty of fawning comments there from mainstream leftists. Yes, trannies sometimes flood them, but many of the people responding to Dear Abby on uexpress are regulars and not trannies making a one-topic stop. You can see how old the commenters’ accounts are and how many prior comments they have. I am well aware of the school issues, as I live in IL, not far from where the recent ACLU case was. Yes, some people can recognize stupidity, but most of the IL parents opposing the pre-op male-to-trans being allowed to shower and dress with the girls, are, in fact, conservative. Most of the fawning comments are from leftist tools.

        Clarified? The left does know, and they are not on the side of real women. Let that sink in…

      • thisismeandonlyme Says:

        I want to add, lefty women in media and politics are now close to useless, with this issue only. They are working hard to keep the right to choose, and working on other very important issues. Again, this legal degradation of women is a result of this not being on the radar, not being taken seriously, and the Trojan Horse is banging its way in.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        You: “I want to add, lefty women in media and politics are now close to useless, with this issue only. They are working hard to keep the right to choose, and working on other very important issues. Again, this legal degradation of women is a result of this not being on the radar, not being taken seriously, and the Trojan Horse is banging its way in.”

        Me: Lefty women in media and politics are indeed being useless (or worse) on this issue while working hard on other very important issues. However, your assertion that this is because women are not on the radar is incorrect. People know (even on the left) that tranny politics hurt women and they DON’T CARE. Men do not lose their privilege when they declare themselves to literally be women, because we all know they are men. However, most leftists fall into 2 camps: 1. those who see it, and don’t like it, but won’t say anything, because they don’t want to be labeled “transphobic bigots” and 2. those who see it, and welcome it, because they think the rights of 0.1% of the population ought to trump the rights of real women who are 50+% of the population. Why? Again, it is because male-to-trans retain their male privilege. No need for Trojan Horses when it is all very welcome. Transgender supporters don’t challenge the patriarchy. They *are* the patriarchy.

      • thisismeandonlyme Says:

        Thank you lovetruthcourage. A good intelligent dialogue is valuable to me and your thoughtfulness is appreciated. I didn’t do a good job explaining all of my thoughts (I was parsing out the public at large from the media from the left from the Queer community and not really communicating my thoughts because there are way too many at once!)

        But your responses are very welcome and I am thinking them through. Public at large, not paying attention (most people don’t pay attention to the Kardashians either, this is considered a silly side show). Media – blackout fraidy cats, Queer community – I can’t speak for them but holy cow every bad stereotype about the homosexual community is magnified. (The Huffpo Transblogs are so dripping with sexism I am amazed they get published without a healthy dose of anger from the reading community, unless all those comments are scrubbed which I suspect is the case.) The lefty communities – WTF?

        I wrote: “They are working hard to keep the right to choose, and working on other very important issues.”

        I wrote that last week or so? Since then, of course I find that Planned Parenthood is being appropriated for no questions asked hormone treatment. Way to get hooks right into fights that we women have had to fight for, for our entire species.

        Right on PP’s own site, women with body image problems are encouraged to seek psychological help. Men with body image problems (and women who imagine themselves to be men) are deserving of drug treatment and refers to “transphobia”. The trans community are using females who need reproductive services as human shields and will blackmail us because – you want PP yes? Then you take us!

        I have contributed to PP for years. It is no secret PP works on a sliding scale and receives government funds. My contributions help pay for this?

        There was a saying someone told me years ago, never confuse venality with stupidity. I think the trans activist community is actually both. The women who applaud them and repeat their talking points might not be stupid, but at best they are very ignorant. These are the Evangelicals of the left. This is not my liberalism.

        So – you are right. There is a hatred of women and it is coming from men who appropriate and subvert necessary institutions for their own needs, and from professional liberals who should know better but don’t.

  29. CDM Says:

    Sorry, “too”.

  30. Bev Jo Says:

    Gallus Mag was not too harsh at all. Sarah isn’t brave. She’s playing a double game, and her goal seems to be the center of attention, which she’s succeeding in doing. Sarah of the many aliases is still trolling and still harming women. At what point is she held accountable? I say last September when she trolled all over our group and demanded endless attention (see above). Certainly by now.

    After asking repeatedly to get back into our group, she’s blocked me since yesterday. So much for changing.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      Her blog changed its title to LMFAO w no content when I checked it yesterday, and now it’s radtransfemale.

      I’m not female, but I do my honest best to hear women and support them as a class of people, and I find it just odd, that a self-proclaimed feminist activist would waste time on pranks when women need and deserve so much energy towards positive social change.

      Radfems make so much sense, and I wish I could tap into a new public men’s movement that allied with women.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I don’t see anything saying “RadTransFemale”?

        her blog still says “LMFAO bye”.

        Last I saw she had reblogged my comments from this thread:

        Then tweeted that she was taking a break from social networking for a while and took both accounts offline.

        She mentioned in comments here possibly issuing some kind of statement. I’m sure she will do so when and if she wants to. Until that time, I see no point in speculating.

  31. Margie Says:

    IMO, Gallus is 100% correct in approaching this with caution and skepticism. 180-degree changes in positions on social or moral issues are rare. To assess whether this is for real, we would want to know a lot more about what information or what event triggered the change.

    Since the word “queer” has been discussed above, I wanted to mention something I have observed over the years, which might be relevant here. There is a certain personality type which is prone to precisely this kind of dramatic, radical shift that we see with Sarah. This type of person thrives on being in opposition to whatever norms prevail in their group. They need to be a rebel – and a crusading rebel at that. Those who follow “queer” ideology or take a “queer” identity define themselves as being in opposition to conventional norms. It’s a perfect fit for someone who needs to feel like she is fighting against whatever is popular or mainstream or conventional. But in some cases, these crusaders make sudden, dramatic changes in their views so that they can crusade against something new.

    For example, a number of self-identified “queers” have gone on to declare themselves ex-gay, and have embraced right-wing Christianity and anti-gay activism. One of the most high-profile ex-lesbians” of the early 2000s was “queer.” She was an activist for NOW, and shifted from that to an evangelical Christian “ex-lesbian” employed by the Family Research Council and campaigning for Proposition 8. She boldly declared that she had completely changed her sexual orientation. Then, she disappeared for a few years and recently resurfaced to announce that she is now pro-gay marriage and that she had always been bisexual. All that within the span of about 15 years. Another ex-lesbian is a former “queer” professor who taught “queer theory.” She went from that to anti-gay activism and writing about how much she loves being a non-working wife. And a third prominent ex-gay, who was the subject of a recent film starring James Franco, was an activist in the 1990s and a follower of “queer theory.” He had a personal crisis and suddenly went from gay activist to Buddhist to Mormon to evangelical Christian, now married to a woman. All of these people needed to be crusaders. Whether it was for gay rights and feminism or against gay rights and feminism, the important thing is that they were the crusader. Is that what is going on here? I have no idea, but it’s one possibility.

    • nonny Says:

      I agree. I was once super into genderist bs, ID’d as gender-neutral, blah blah blah. Now I consider myself a detransitioned radical feminist. But even I am wary of people with a story similar to mine, tbqh!

      I always wonder about the personality traits that drew them to genderist ideology, and watch to see if they may persist. While never into the mindless bullying or popularity contests of the trans scene- hell, I wasn’t even really into a scene!- I know a lot of people were. Ex-genderists may now *very sincerely* hold radfem views and prove to be great trustworthy women in the long run. But if they haven’t yet gotten over their need to be activist rockstars, or they seek to simply adopt a different “extreme” ideology without thoughtfully processing it, or they simply aren’t dealing witn underlying issues and are just “switching sides,” I admit I keep my distance.

      To anyone rethinking their positions: you need to be sure you’re integrating a feminist approach into your life in a careful and authentic way- not a public, bombastic, me me me way. Not an “I ran out of narcissistic supply/drama/status in that scene- switching sides would really stir shit up!!” way. Plus, premature thoughtless public declarations of allegiance make it difficult to think clearly and assess one’s position.(Which is also why very public transitioning, “3/6/12 months on T” videos etc are such a bad idea!)

      I suspect that Fraas is dealing with a messy combination of all of the above. And to anyone who would defend her making a very public shift of allegiance as setting a good example and making amends, I would say: She didn’t. At all. She didn’t set any kind of example, she didn’t make amends, she downplayed her past actions. This has not been about overcoming a toxic ideology and adopting a different attitude and having some fucking humility- it’s been all about her, her, her. And when people called her out on it, she (so far) just took off.

      • kesher Says:

        When I started reading this blog I was uncomfortable with categories of humans being divided up as men and “other”, which I felt the trans movement was doing (as if these categories haven’t existed through most of Western civilization, how progressive!). I was also disgusted by Colleen Francis and his shenis (I specifically found this blog because of him).

        But I was still respecting pronouns and was still very concerned with the “true trans” who just really hate their dicks. It’s been a long road, but I’m way past that point now, but the point is it was a long process. A sudden change is pretty suspicious.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      I agree. And she’s back online again, on fb as Sar Barr. As we predicted.

  32. Bev Jo Says:

    And Sarah flips back and forth. Wanting back into our group, then blocking me, etc. I think she wants attention and doesn’t care who she hurts in the process. We tolerate a lot in our Radical Feminist groups, but not what she kept doing. If you come into a very oppressed, besieged, slandered community of Radical Feminists who you have betrayed in the past with your support of men against women, at least learn basic information and our history. It was so irritating to see new members still call men “she,” that I added safety rules. Sarah kept ignoring it and us. But calling pornographer Tobi Hill-Meyer a “nice person” after knowing what he has done was just amazing. Meanwhile, we get new women of all ages joining us who are so thoughful and kind and excited to be in our community,

    Sarah acts like we are idiots and if she keeps on we will forget what she’s done. No remorse at all. And no excuse for traitors.

    • KgSch Says:

      I totally agree with this and with your other comments. I really do not trust that she isn’t just trolling again from what you said. Also, it’s bad enough that she and the other women gave up going to a safer, women’s-only college for an entitled man who thinks that he should just be handed honorary degrees, but the online doxing, harassment, and trying to get women fired from their jobs for disagreeing with this nonsense is incredibly low and very anti-feminist.

  33. Misty Says:

    I came across this blog while trying to figure out what is going on in the world I thought I lived in. I am so frustrated that suddenly being a woman has become something trivial and subjective. To say that the pro-transmovement has been a Trojan horse may be an understatment. It has hit me like a nuclear bomb. I want to thank all off you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Thank you. I was starting to question if I was the only person in this country that felt this way outside of extreme religious groups. Personally I don’t care about anyone else’s sexual preferences. What is important to me is not having my identity stolen, or the few rights women do have encroached upon by men. I cannot believe that feminism has its self has been hijacked.

  34. cromeyellow Says:

    Women’s Liberation Radio News have posted an interview with her:

    It dates from May 2016.

    Longer version:

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