What’s a man to do?

January 22, 2016

what's a man to do?



51 Responses to “What’s a man to do?”

  1. drycamp Says:

    Because I think someone who is born a man knows next to nothing about what being a woman is like (just as I admit that I know next to nothing about what being a man is like) does not mean that I am a “hateful bigot.” Or that I enjoy it when men commit suicide. Or that I support discrimination against men.

    How absurd this “argument” is. I feel the collective intelligence in this room sink even as I read this thing.

  2. southwest88 Says:

    My advice would be to drop it, shut the hell up and leave your girlfriend alone on this issue, people can disagree about even major stuff without either being a bad person. If he can’t do that, then he needs to end the relationship and free her to find a man who will respect her views. Of course, this whole question may be fiction, written to give the trans supporters a springboard to tear into non-compliant women.

  3. Em Says:

    First response to the unfortunate Cis-man with the TERF girlfriend: Wut?

    Second response: People like you should stay away from all forms of social media, and the internet in general.

    Third response: WT(everloving)F?

  4. kesher Says:

    Pretty funny because my boyfriend agrees with me on almost everything trans related (they’re not real women, they don’t know what it’s like to be women, transbians are straight men who need to leave lesbians alone, Stephonknee is a demented freak — I bring these things up piecemeal rather than out myself as a terf) but he still claims to support them.

    • Jessica Says:

      Thankfully, my bf agrees with me on everything and he does *not* support MTT in women’s private spaces.

      He knows what men are like and he knows that sexual predators will take advantage of loopholes

  5. mochi Says:

    There is no way in hell this can be real. What do you call a”cis”man who posts in … um… self.SRSquestions?
    A “trans”-plant?
    get it?
    Horrible. I know.

    • Rosemary Says:

      My first reaction was it was either fake, or the boyfriend is a closet autogynephile who was bringing up trans issues to test the waters. If that is the case: run sister, run!

      • stop the madness Says:

        “autogynephile who was bringing up trans issues to test the waters. If that is the case: run sister, run!”

        This is the only scenario in which I can see a so called “cis man” giving enough of a fuck about trans inc to ruin relationships over. Unfortunately it’s women who have been so socialized into defending every group but our own, to the point of sabotaging relationships for people they don’t even know (most of the women who ask questions like this don’t know any trans people, they’re just looking for “ally” points).

  6. charlies59 Says:

    That advice..I smell collusion.

  7. morag99 Says:

    “My rational girlfriend refuses to submit to orders from her superiors and pledge her allegiance to a steaming pile of lies. I tried to convince her that she simply doesn’t understand her own mind and experiences, but my gas-lighting efforts have, thus far, been unsuccessful. This upsets my tummy. Please advise.”

  8. red Says:

    That comment: that’s the way persons with unmedicated schizophrenia reason.

  9. stchauvinism Says:

    She needs to dump him

  10. ex home birther Says:

    By that standard almost every woman is a ‘terf’. Even women who support trans women are unlikely to agree that the experiences of each group are the same.

    • gchild Says:

      This guy’s tone is despondent. This happens whenever straight men realize their wives and girlfriends have minds of their own. For some, it is an unbearable turn off.

      “You mean there is something to being a woman that males cannot define and control? I often suspect you sneaky females are hiding something from us (another hole for our dicks perhaps?). How can you NOT agree with transwomen that women are neurologically predisposed fuckboxes what like pretty pink things and exist to be the objects of male desire, pleasure, and use?”

      Oh, he is utterly comfounded! If transwomen aren’t “women”, what then, are women? Human? The same as men? Oh God, is she equal to him?

      I’ll bet he typed this desperate plea for solidarity while nursing a very limp dick! Hahahahaha!

      Or, it is a total transplant.

  11. jummy Says:

    He needs only to tuck it back, and then he’ll have the experience of being a woman.

  12. Hedda Gabler Says:

    Dude clearly also knows “in his gut” that trans women are male and therefore dude values their feelings higher than his girlfriend’s lived reality.

    • Mortadella Says:

      Yeah, that’s it right there. His “gut” is male privilege. The fact they’re appropriating womanhood never crosses their mind. I hopes she leaves him. Yes, real women are the authority on being female.

      • Cassandra Says:

        Who are you to say what a woman is?!

        Just kidding, Mortadella. The “who are you?!” rhetoric from the left is just so unbelievable, especially when it’s coming from males. Can you imagine if one of us said that to your average dudebro? We’d get our asses kicked.

      • MaryMacha Says:

        What always kills me about the who-are-you question is that it never dawns on any of them them that the same can be said to them. Who are they to say what a woman is?!

  13. Jenny Says:

    Not sure if you will ever read this or not, but I want to say a big thank you GallusMag! When I first started to hear about this whole transgender thing, I had my doubts, and a way of thinking that I thought that only I thought that way. Reading your blog, I’ve found great comfort in the knowledge that I’m not alone. your perspectives on the subject match mine so well that I was glad to finally see a blog that has put my thoughts into words. So thank you thank you thank you GallusMag!

  14. nonny Says:

    Pure speculation, but part of me wonders if a clever and mischievous “”terf”” wrote this just to see if any of these dudes would FINALLY attempt a straight answer. You know, other than “trans women are women because they say they’re women and feelings make you a woman full stop!!!!!!!!!!!” etc etc.

  15. Jane Says:

    O/T – I just read that the Olympic committee is poised to approve a proposal to allow pre-op male-to-female transgenders to compete as women in the Olympics!

    At what point do we start *organizing* and try to stop this madness?

    Petitions, protests, and constant pressure is what women need to do – because otherwise obsessive mentally ill men like Stefonknee with too much time on their hands will railroad our rights.

    I hope this site can start posting calls to action – otherwise women are going to have to be putting up with sick men taking over all our spaces. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Maybe if women push back the Olympic committee won’t approve this disastrous proposal.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Stop telling me what to post and how to run my blog. I’m not here to do your work for you. Do your own work.

      • Jessica Says:


        You are awesome, doing what you do.

        I read some Peak Trans stuff on reddit and tumblr this morning…

        You were mentioned. The good work you do bringing FACTUAL information to light was mentioned.

        And there was one recurring theme….

        Most of the libfems who discovered GT, and other similar blogs, were driven there by abusive, narcissistic MTT assholes and their supporters. Yep. That’s what happened to me. I innocently and naively expressed my support for transmen who could get pregnant, on a blog at which i had been a regular at for 4 years…

        I made the mistake of saying that people who could get pregnant were ‘female bodied’. A lesbian wife of an MTT saw my comment, accused me of being ‘transphobic as fuck’, and then told me that i deserved all of the abuse from her because I failed to educate myself about trans issue. I am someone who debates pro choice all of the time, and I didn’t know shit about trans issues other than I was pro-LGBT. Well, I wasn’t the *right* kind of LGBT according to her. I even told her that i was directed to use the term ‘female bodied’ by ANOTHER libfem, a so called trans ally. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I was still a transphobic piece of shit and deserved to die in a fire.

        Oh, the beauty of it all? Female bodied is not gender essentialist to transMEN…no. It primarily harms MTT because transphobes like myself believe that only biological females can get pregnant, and this hurts the FEELZ of MTT.


        Anyhoo, I am glad i found yall:)

      • Jane Says:

        WOW. Seriously? “Stop telling me what to post”? That was my FIRST post here (and possibly my second to last!) – and if you read it again carefully, I did not say that YOU ALONE needed to do everything. I said WE WOMEN need to start petitions and protest. At what point do WE start organizing?

        I also suggested that “this site” start posting more calls to action because this site gets a lot of traffic and is a natural place to post such calls to action. I’ve been lurking for a while but don’t comment much because what is the point unless some real pushback is done on all this pending pro-trans legislation?

        Why you would respond to that with such dripping vitriol is beyond me. The post was not directed solely at you but all women here. Complaining here but letting all the public airspace get sucked up by pro-trans activists will result in what we’ve already been getting – these men taking over women’s spaces.

        Next time, maybe be a little less defensive towards someone just trying to help your cause. Yeesh. Sorry I bothered! I can see why the men are winning! We eat our own!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Is that what you call “dripping vitriol”? LOLOLOLOL.
        I don’t understand your comment. You came to tell me that you strongly believe women should organize calls to action, but that you’re not going to do it. What’s the point? Feel free to post a link to your work here, if you ever do any. 🙂 I sincerely look forward to it.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Readers: If you spot a niche that is not being filled by the work of others, feel free by all means to fill that niche yourself. For example, if you want to curate a blog composed of centralizing feminist calls to specific actions and organized protests (Like this one: https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/hud-proposed-regulation-forces-homeless-women-and-girls-to-bunk-and-bathe-with-men-who-claim-to-feel-psychologically-female-january-19-deadline-for-public-comment/
        Or this one:
        http://www.transgendertrend.com/sample-letter-for-us-constituents/ )
        I think that would be an excellent idea. It would be a mistake to assume that other women have more skills or time to expend than yourself. They don’t! If you don’t do it, no one will. So have at it! Kick ass!

        P.S. ProTip: Don’t forget to ignore all the armchair quarterbackers and naysayers and complainers!

      • LC Says:

        I’m not so good at organizing people or events, but I’ve long wanted to write a book covering parts of the trans movement from a feminist perspective. Hard part is figuring out a narrow enough focus.

        Just along the lines of ‘other things people could do if they saw the need for it’. I don’t know how successful I’d be at it, but there needs to be more written on the topic.

      • Janetwo Says:

        Old fashioned, grassroot, one on one, knock at your door activism here. I am just amazed most every day that even old timers like me had no clue this was going on and how fast it is happening. Hoping to build a local army of old ladies and PTA moms to fend the tranny hordes. Living in some redneck backwaters were most of the community groups are run by cantakerous and outspoken grandmas has its advantages. Mess up with the church ladies and you wont know where the metaphorical flying cast iron pan will come from.

        Gallus posted recently this blog reached 5 millions people. Assuming only 10% become outspoken in their community and convince 5 others that this issue can affect them and their daughters and grand-daughters, thats more than 2 millions people aware of what is going on. Mr Pansexual Transfairy who has never done anything else than stroking his dick trying lingerie and stalking feminists online has not a freaking clue how real life community groups operate and that Aunt Louise who volunteered for 20 years at the soup kitchen, the book club, the gardening club has a lot more street cred and pull than he can even begin to imagine.

        Its for everybody to figure what strategy works best for their situation. I just know what works in the kind of places I live. Social medias is not a biggie and politics is done the old fashion way. That is why most people here are befundled when I discuss with them what is going on with the transgender issue.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Jane- Here’s another one for your project. Or whosever.


        Page 56>

  16. charlston Says:

    Well after reading the comments I had a think. I can only speak for myself when I say I have become a tad wary of putting my head up lately. I have been doxed, had a FB page taken down and the usual word Nazis go after me with threats. I am followed from site to site depending on how much I try to stay polite.
    I have had to create separate names for my real life and internet life in an attempt to foil some very angry and enthusiastic pro trans followers who seem to enjoy crossing the line. Mostly it is men who dislike me, a few MRA’s who are women have taken pot shots as well.
    I am a complete unknown, I don’t have the ability to think as well as many on here. I am doing what I can which, compared to others, is not a lot. I can’t imagine what it must be like to read some of the hateful messages that are sent to this site.
    Somehow I seem to attract people who think its ok to search for my family members then threaten to contact them or harm them regardless of the fact its me they are angry with.
    I expect I am not alone and many decent people are increasingly having to duck and weave to stay ahead of these people.

    The last year has been particularly nasty for some women I know personally and it seems to be escalating with Hate Speech now becoming a thing that is being used against anyone who does not toe the line.

    This year I made my first donation to this site.I am embarrassed at the amount however I intend to do it as often as I can because I see the need for people in the front line to be supported.
    I just wanted to publicly say I do appreciate this site, it does make a difference to people. I learn something everytime I come here.

    • red Says:

      You do know there are addy/gravatars here you can hit on to connect? If you agree with someone’s post, try their highlighted addy. (Not me).

  17. Jessica Says:

    So I am listening to this podcast, with an apostate Iraqi man, whose brother was killed in Iraq…

    And he says that a transactivist told him that he was ‘privileged because he is cisgender’


    Peak trans keeps getting peakier. AGPs are totally the most oppressed people on earth y’all!

    • kesher Says:

      So he’s privileged for being “cis” but for not being a man. lol

      Fun fact, Apple autocorrect doesn’t like “cis”.

  18. Spinster Says:


  19. Jessica Says:

    Apparently, traumatized rape victims don’t matter cuz the menz have to be protected:


    An irritating MTT in comments. “Leslie Gray”

      • Jessica Says:

        That is some scary shit right there!

      • red Says:

        “50 genders ? Wtf ? God made 2 count them 2 male and female.! All I see is a bunch of people to dumb to look inside their own panties to figure out which they are. Come in a woman’s bathroom I or my kids and family are in with a male appendage and leave without it.! Period. There, no more confusion.”


      • Zady Says:

        Are those some locs and a bindi I spy there? Lol.

    • cerulean blue Says:

      I’d recognize that ugly mug anywhere. But why is “Colleen” Francis unwilling to give his real name in a comments section about men abusing women and girls in female only spaces? Hmmm… you’d think he’d want to share the experience he’s had sharing his “girl dick” with teenage girls.

  20. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    His gut feeling must be influenced by narcotics. Try logic next time.

  21. Rafa Says:

    Arguing in this kind of situation is near useless. The best way to convince someone to at least consider the other’s point of view is always to inform them of how this is. If you grow up identifying as a woman, you may have been born a man but you still experience both type of pressure at some point since you get the pressure from peers to act confirmly to your assigned gender and you get the pressure from your other gender since this is the one you identify with. I’m an FTM and even though people encouraged me to express my feelings, to wear dresses, wear makeup and shave, I’ve never done any of this cause I never identified as a woman. What I can tell you, though, is that, even though I was strongly discouraged to act as a boy in childhood, the man pressure still went deep down my throat: boys don’t cry, be competitive, be manual, athletic… In fact, the pressure from the women part didn’t really make it to my mind and just fell off with the rain. If it was this way for me, then there must be some trans women out there who felt exactly the same in the other direction.

    • GallusMag Says:

      You are talking about sexist stereotypes. Sexism. I don’t do any of the things you’ve listed that are “woman things”. Many women don’t. You’ve based your “identity” on sexism and sex stereotypes. That is fucked up.

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