Olympic Committee eliminates medical “gender change” requirement for male athletes who want to compete in women’s sports

January 26, 2016

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner

Results of last November’s “Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism” which decided changes to Olympic eligibility policies have been posted on the IOC website. And the winner is…. Men.

Aliana Hardie- submission wrestler/boxer

Aliana Hardie- submission wrestler/boxer

Under the previous guidelines, male athletes who wished to compete in women’s events were required to provide proof of legal gender change and evidence of surgical gonad removal followed by two years of estrogen treatments.The new guidelines do away with all of that. Under the new guidelines, any male can compete in women’s events with no legal gender change and no medical treatment whatsoever, on the basis of his declaration alone: he must declare that he believes himself to possess a “female” personality or mentality. The one caveat is that his testosterone levels must remain in the lower range of typical male levels (<10 nmol/L) for the duration of one year. Men with testosterone levels in the higher range may require medication to reduce those levels to the lower end of normal male averages. No transgender cross-sex hormonal treatment is required.

To put this ruling in context, here is a chart of normal male and female testosterone ranges from Web MD:

testosterone norms web md

Normal Male Range : 9 – 38 nmol/L

Normal Female Range : 0.5 – 2.4 nmol/L


From the IOC website, the new guidelines in full [PDF] :


1) Transgender guidelines

  1. Since the 2003 Stockholm Consensus on Sex Reassignment in Sports,

there has been a growing recognition of the importance of autonomy of

gender identity in society, as reflected in the laws of many jurisdictions


  1. There are also, however, jurisdictions where autonomy of gender identity is

not recognised in law at all.

  1. It is necessary to ensure insofar as possible that trans athletes are not

excluded from the opportunity to participate in sporting competition.

  1. The overriding sporting objective is and remains the guarantee of fair

competition. Restrictions on participation are appropriate to the extent that

they are necessary and proportionate to the achievement of that objective.

  1. To require surgical anatomical changes as a pre-condition to participation

is not necessary to preserve fair competition and may be inconsistent with

developing legislation and notions of human rights.

  1. Nothing in these guidelines is intended to undermine in any way the

requirement to comply with the World Anti-Doping Code and the WADA

International Standards.

  1. These guidelines are a living document and will be subject to review in light

of any scientific or medical developments.


In this spirit, the IOC Consensus Meeting agreed the following guidelines to be

taken into account by sports organisations when determining eligibility to compete

in male and female competition:


  1. Those who transition from female to male are eligible to compete in the

male category without restriction.

  1. Those who transition from male to female are eligible to compete in the

female category under the following conditions:

2.1. The athlete has declared that her gender identity is female. The

declaration cannot be changed, for sporting purposes, for a minimum

of four years.

2.2. The athlete must demonstrate that her total testosterone level in serum

has been below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 months prior to her first

competition (with the requirement for any longer period to be based on

a confidential case-by-case evaluation, considering whether or not 12

months is a sufficient length of time to minimize any advantage in

women’s competition).

2.3. The athlete’s total testosterone level in serum must remain below 10

nmol/L throughout the period of desired eligibility to compete in the

female category.

2.4. Compliance with these conditions may be monitored by testing. In the

event of non-compliance, the athlete’s eligibility for female competition

will be suspended for 12 months.

2) Hyperandrogenism in female athletes

In response to the interim award dated 24 July 2015 in Chand v AFI and IAAF

CAS 2014/A/3759, the IOC Consensus Meeting recommended:

  • Rules should be in place for the protection of women in sport and the

promotion of the principles of fair competition.

  • The IAAF, with support from other International Federations, National

Olympic Committees and other sports organisations, is encouraged to

revert to CAS with arguments and evidence to support the reinstatement of

its hyperandrogenism rules.

  • To avoid discrimination, if not eligible for female competition the athlete

should be eligible to compete in male competition.



Iranian National Women's Soccer Team- 8 out of 10 players male

Iranian National Women’s Soccer Team- 8 out of 10 players male

So… what does this mean?


For Male Athletes:

2.1 Males must state that they believe in a female mentality and must declare that they believe themselves to possess one. After making such a declaration males may not “detransition” or desist in their self-concept “for sporting purposes” for four years. Presumably that means they cannot revert to competing as males, but this is not clear (more below).

2.2 Males must have testosterone levels in the low normal range, or must medically lower their natural level to the low normal male range.

Males must maintain typical male hormones in the lower normal range for one year prior to competing in women’s events. After that they can compete in women’s events including contact sports (Boxing, etc.)

Matt "Kroc" Kroczaleski, now Janae Marie Kroc

Matt “Kroc” Kroczaleski, now Janae Marie Kroc

Males may be subjected to a confidential case-by-case evaluation requiring a longer period of maintaining low-normal male hormone levels if it is determined any advantage of their male physiology (larger heart pumping volume, greater lung capacity, larger and longer bones, more impact resistant cranial bone structure, increased type 2 skeletal muscle, smaller hips, concentrated upper body strength, lower fat reserves, etc, etc.) remains. No guidelines for performing this performance assessment is provided, and no limit of time for remediation is set.

Women's Longdrive Golf Champion- pigtailed 55 year old male Lana Lawless

Women’s Longdrive Golf Champion- pigtailed 55 year old male Lana Lawless

2.3 Males must maintain their testosterone levels in the low normal male range throughout active competition in the women’s division.

Gabrielle Ludwig- Women's Junior College

Gabrielle Ludwig- Women’s Junior College

2.4 Testing of male compliance to low range male levels may or may not be performed. If they are tested and a male competing in the female division is caught with testosterone in middle range or above, his eligibility to compete against women will be revoked for one year. It is unclear if he then becomes eligible via disqualification to return to men’s competition.

Canadian Women's Champion - Male cyclist Michelle Dumaresq

Canadian Women’s Champion – Male cyclist Michelle Dumaresq

Male cyclist Rachel V. McKinnon

Male cyclist Rachel V. McKinnon

Male cyclist Sylvia Castaneda

Male cyclist Sylvia Castaneda


Female Athletes:

  1. “Those who transition from female to male are eligible to compete in the male category without restriction.”

That’s it! That is the guideline. On the face of it, it appears that the men setting these policies, including those who “identify as” having a “female identity” (more on that later) fully recognize the physiologic disadvantage female athletes have competing in events designed to favor male anatomy and physiology. Female athleticism is so dismissive to the IOC and unworthy of consideration that IOC policy is: “Whatever”. Do whatever you want, ladies! Good luck with that! LOL.

Are female transgender athletes required to declare their “male identity”? Whatever. Are female athletes beholden to maintain that declaration for four years after making it, as males are? Whatever. The World Anti-Doping Code prohibits athletes in male sports from usage of synthetic androgens or androgen enhancers, http://list.wada-ama.org/list/s1-anabolic-agents/ and the IOC’s own new policy is prefaced by stating: “Nothing in these guidelines is intended to undermine in any way the requirement to comply with the World Anti-Doping Code and the WADA International Standards”. How does this relate to females using these agents in male competition? Are these substances still restricted by the anti-doping standards that the IOC says their new rules shouldn’t be interpreted to undermine? Or not? Can female athletes competing as male ignore the World Anti-doping code in terms of testosterone? What about Human Growth Hormone, which some FTM athletes are certainly using to build muscle? Is that restricted? Who knows. “Whatever, gals”.

Obviously the IOC committee recognizes that any amount of doping won’t make elite female athletes competitive against elite males. Yet they claim to believe that testosterone levels in the low male range eliminate male competitive advantage in males against females, in events specifically designed for male physiology. (more on that later). Are all restrictions on doping unrestricted for female bodies in male sports? Because the IOC recognizes that sex-based physiology cannot be chemically altered?

Chloe Jonnson

Chloe Jonnson- Male who sued to compete against women

Intersex Athletes:

Bullet point 1. “The IAAF, with support from other International Federations, National Olympic Committees and other sports organisations, is encouraged to revert to CAS with arguments and evidence to support the reinstatement of its hyperandrogenism rules.”

Last summer the Court of Arbitration in Sport ruled on the Dutee Chand lawsuit against the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) that chromosomally male intersex individuals with XY chromosomes who were assigned female at birth due to AIS (Androgen Insensitivity Condition), PAIS (Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome) or 5-ARD (five alpha reductase deficiency) could continue to compete in women’s sports even if they had naturally occurring testosterone levels nearing or entering the male range, since their bodies were – at least partially- unable to process testosterone. This ruling overturned the former prohibition on female assigned at birth intersex athletes with naturally occurring testosterone above the lower male range (10 nmol/L) due to the fact that inability to absorb testosterone had caused them to develop along female norms.

The Court of Arbitration in Sport (CAS) ruled that XY individuals assigned female at birth due to failure to process testosterone will be able to compete in women’s sports for the next two years regardless of circulating testosterone levels. As part of the ruling the court called for input and data for or against this policy, which they will revisit in two years. [Full decision PDF].

The new IOC guidelines state that they will abide this ruling but they encourage and support “arguments and evidence” to reverse this ruling and limit intersex participation in women’s sports based on testosterone levels, whether those hormones are absorbed or not. Unlike the unambiguously male individuals who seek to transgender, no “confidential case by case” assessment is suggested by the IOC for genuinely intersex persons.

ESPN’s reporter Chris “Christina” Kahrl, a transgender activist, falsely characterized the recommendations for intersex athletes in his ESPN article where he states: “The new guidelines also contain recommendations that the Olympics act on the results of Indian sprinter Dutee Chand’s victory in Court of Arbitration for Sport in July. That decision allowed for female athletes who happen to have naturally elevated levels of testosterone.”

Clearly the IOC recommends a reversal of that ruling. Naughty, naughty misreporting, Kahrl.


Bullet point 2. “To avoid discrimination, if not eligible for female competition the athlete should be eligible to compete in male competition.”

Again, this is not clear. What comprises ineligibility during the two years of no upper limit on testosterone? It never says. Presumably this refers to the period after they get the Dutee Chand ruling overturned. Otherwise, what are the parameters for eligibility/ineligibility? And if (whatever these unspoken parameters may be) are crossed, will there be a one-year penalty, as for male athletes? It appears not. Since this is under the new rules for intersex athletes it appears at first glance to allow XY individuals assigned female at birth due to largely female typical physiology to compete in unambiguously male events. Does this allow an exemption from the World Anti-Doping Code as the female-to-male ruling may or may not do? Can an intersex athlete assigned female at birth who has female range testosterone levels jack them up medically for competition? What about if competing against males? Or does that require an identity declaration, and if so, must it be maintained for four years? No idea.

What’s also missing from these guidelines is the same thing that’s always been missing: a ruling on female exclusion from male events, some of which favor female physiology, like the long-jump in skiing. Lindsey Van set the world’s record in 2010 for both females and males but women were not allowed to compete in the event. They still aren’t.

Must female athletes like her falsely proclaim a belief in “male personality” and assert that they possess one in order to compete? Can intersex athletes compete? What about women who want to compete in Bruce Jenner’s male-only decathalon event? Surely if Bruce is a woman that must be a coed event? But no.

Renee Richards - after a late in life career in Women's Tennis stated: "I don’t think it’s a level playing field, even though the International Olympic Committee, in its utter wisdom, has declared that it is,"

Renee Richards – after a late in life career in Women’s Tennis stated: “I don’t think it’s a level playing field, even though the International Olympic Committee, in its utter wisdom, has declared that it is,”

Outsport.com cites Joanna (John) Harper, a Portland radiology tech with a Master’s Degree, as the driving force behind the new guidelines. Harper is a marathon runner who competes against women since he began to undergo transgender cross-sex hormone treatments a decade ago. He is a pro-transgender and anti-intersex activist who spoke out in 2014 against the then-current (10 nmol/L) testosterone allowance for assigned-female-at-birth intersex athletes ( the one since overturned by the Dutee Chand lawsuit) , because he felt it was too high, and unfair for female athletes:

“In order to fully understand this new ruling, it is necessary to look at some numbers. The normal T range for men is 10-35 nmol/L (nanomole per liter), with an average in the low twenties, and for women it is 0.35-2.0 nmol/L, with an average of about 1.5. The IAAF chose to set the maximum level for women at the nominal male minimum of 10 nmol/L.

This decision has serious implications for all female athletes. Higher T is an advantage and no typical female will get anywhere close to 10 nmol/L without doping. Thus, the agency has set a bar for the dopers, and they will aim for it.”

Now that the Court of Arbitration in Sport has ruled that intersex athletes like Dutee Chand may compete with their naturally occurring testosterone levels for the next two years while the CAS gathers more data, Harper appears to have changed his tune. Now he apparently advocates for males to maintain testosterone <10 (although he thought the time period of one year was too long), for women to maintain typical unaltered testosterone levels (subject to anti-doping regulation), and he calls for a return to the (recently overturned) <10 limit on intersex athletes.

Portland Radiology Tech Joanna (John) Harper [chicago tribune]

Portland Radiology Tech Joanna (John) Harper [chicago tribune]

Harper has explained his personal winning streak as a “women’s” runner thusly:

“It is true that I have done well in my age group since I turned 50. It is also true that I never would have won a single age group national championship as a male.

However, my high age group finishes are not the result of any advantage that I might have, but rather are caused by the paucity of fast older women in many races.”

He has described his own struggles against the temptation to “naturally dope” by skipping regular doses of his testosterone inhibitors:

“On the ride home it occurred to me that I had a tough choice in front of me soon. Since my body still produces testosterone, I take a drug called spironolactone so that my body will not absorb any testosterone. However, I knew that testosterone would greatly help my aching legs recover from the beating they had just taken. One of my proudest moments of the day came later when I took my “spiro”.”

Kristen Worley - needs his T [cbc.ca news]

Kristen Worley – needs his T [cbc.ca news]

Meanwhile, Chris “Kristen” Worley, a 49-year-old male cyclist who “identifies as” female, who complained when he failed to qualify for the 2008 Olympics due to failing to participate in any of the qualifying events, filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario last month charging that any IOC requirement for males who compete in women’s sports to reduce their testosterone to any lower levels at all is a human rights violation against men who identify as transgender.

212 Responses to “Olympic Committee eliminates medical “gender change” requirement for male athletes who want to compete in women’s sports”

  1. Elle Says:

    Picking jaw up off floor.

    Not even sure why I’m commenting, as there are just no words.

    We’re being erased.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      We just don’t matter, Elle.

      Gallus, this post is INCREDIBLE. It obviously took a ton of work. I just made a donation, and for everyone who reads this post, Gallus is doing an incredibly important service here. If you can afford to make a donation, I strongly encourage you to do so. She is documenting what is being done to us.

      • A Nonny Mouse Says:

        You’re right – this is important, brave journalism. I’ve been reading for ages, but this is my first comment and donation. Keep up the good work, I think the tide is turning.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thanks everyone! ❤

      • Bev Jo Says:

        Yes, thank you, Gallus Mag. I posted an earlier version but most didn’t believe it. This is so good. Men are winning, eliminating women. Maybe now more than a few of us will care?

    • Zemskull Says:

      Is the IOC going to mandate how long the male competitor must compete as female before an Olympic Trials? In other words, are we going to see hordes of longtime mediocre male competitors suddenly competing as women in Rio this summer?

      • Zemskull Says:

        Come to think of it, hordes of sudden males competing as females in the Rio is exactly what we want if the goal is to show how unfair this is. We at least want this biological girl or woman to have the well-earned satisfaction to win at a state, national and world level. We want Small Town, USA to raise thousands of dollars to send their first Olympic hopeful–a girl or woman who swims or plays volleyball, as examples–to the Olympic Trials. We want them to be glued to their televisions as she’s named to the team. We want her to return to her hometown where they have a parade for her and raise even more money to send her family to the Games with her. Then we want them to watch in horror as an MTT petitions and steals her spot. If this happens across America, or the world, it may unfortunately take that to inform the world of what a bad decision the IOC made.

  2. Oak and Ash Says:

    I wish I felt shocked. This is what I’ve been expecting. Sports will become Elizabethan theater–both male and female parts played by men. What’s next–bear baiting? No, wait–it’s the 21st century–on-line videos of bear baiting!

    • Zemskull Says:

      It’s no longer looking so bad by comparison when a subpar male American athlete knows that his chances for competing for the US are zilch, so he takes out Aberdijan citizenship and competes at the Games under their flag, despite not even knowing how to find Aberdijan on a map. It’s still disingenuous, but at least Azerbaijanis are not generally athletically inclined and thus displaced by this dishonest country-hopping. Women athletes are being hosed by gender-hopping.

  3. red Says:

    Awesome work Gallus.

  4. I doubt other countries will agree with this.

  5. Rosemary Says:

    Wow. This is exhibit A that: 1. M2T keep their male privilege, what with the IOC rewriting their policies to accommodate them, at the expense of female athletes, based on no actual science or evidence; and 2. No one believes that F2Ts are actually men. Lol, good luck ladies, indeed.

  6. There is nothing they won’t take from us. Soon my niece will have absolutely no female role models to look up to, because they’ll all just be males in drag.

    They have all the power, anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that. Yet still these males have the undying support and loyalty of libfems. Why?

    • Oops, just realized that my comment could be interpreted as ‘no female role models in ANY area’… By female role models I meant *specifically* in the sports world.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      Males are more important than females. Women could stop all this, but most prioritize males.

    • Sketcher Says:

      I am so angry now, I just wish they (MTT) would all fuck off. I have no time for them anymore, and the more I listen to their whining and pushing, the more I wish they would all fuck off. Preferably to a place with no women, so they could see what it would be like to take care of themselves and their own emotions, feelings and lives.

  7. Hedda Gabler Says:

    Utterly depressing. But thank you very much for your in depth, yet still very succinct analysis of what these regulation actually mean in practice.

  8. drycamp Says:

    One more reason not to take the Olympics seriously.

    I have a daughter who was a champion swimmer in college. I was glad that she wasn’t quite good enough to be considered for the Olympics. The Olympic machine is not interested in the well being of these young athletes. From what I can tell, doping is nearly universal. My daughter’s coach (himself an Olympic finalist) said, “going to the Olympics is a lot like being struck by lightning. It’s rare, it’s to some extent random, and very few people survive the experience.”

    This new policy is further proof of all this, if further proof were needed.

    All that admitted, this is a glaring example of institutional lunacy.

  9. Thanks Gallus for always breaking all this crap down. I fear for us women, every news brings more erasure of us.

  10. stchauvinism Says:

    John “Joanna” Harper takes spiro? Isn’t spiro only taken by men who identify as women prior to having an orichectomy, ie; voluntary castration? So much bullshit going on in this ruling

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi stchauvinism: I’m not sure why Harper is taking spiro. I know that it is commonly taken by women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) to reduce the facial hair that is common with that condition.

    • Zemskull Says:

      According to Harper’s blog, he’s a member of USA Track & Field. Also, USATF sanctions a number of the events in which he competes. Spironolactone is banned by that organization. I wonder if he has already attained a Therapeutic Use Exemption, or if he just assumes he can lawyer-up if a future urine test comes up dirty.

  11. pantypopo Says:

    Reblogged this on OUT of My Panties, Now!!! and commented:
    Say goodbye to the dreams of little girls all over the world

  12. Carrie-Anne Says:

    This is so ridiculous! Since they’ve forced themselves into women’s-only schools, women’s sports, women’s homeless shelters, and so many other places intended only for women, I wonder if they’ll eventually set their sights on being allowed to become nuns as well, and live in those communities long established as being for women only.

    • kesher Says:

      What makes you think they haven’t done that? The difference is that religious liberties keep MTTs from claiming a right to validation from the Church.

    • Tbh I wouldn’t mind if they all just fucked off and hid themselves away in a nunnery somewhere.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        All the progressive cool nuns are working day-to-day in the trenches w people like undocumented immigrants, so it’s funny to think that those trans* persons would be off somewhere cooped up with and annoying the hierarchy-worshipping GOP-affiliated nuns.

      • I only really think of the history lessons from school, or of the horrid stories I’ve heard from my Irish relatives whenever the topic of nuns pops up (so my version of nuns is either ‘middle ages’ nuns, or ‘abusive catholic school/workhouse/orphanage’ nuns. I forget that things are different now.)

        I apologize to any nuns who felt like I was wishing trans males upon you. No woman deserves that.

        *insert mandatory ‘habit’ joke here*

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        My apologies, I didn’t mean to sound accusatory!

        Not to derail and go off topic, but in case you’re interested, here’s a quick, thoughtful history of Catholics and U.S. politics in our time:


        In many ways, progressive nuns align with many radical feminist values and have similar histories of institution building (here’s a sister who recently made international news for her service to immigrants; other sisters and likely her too lobby for more humane changes to immigration policies):


        When I’ve seen progressive nuns or Catholics at large reference trans* stuff, however, they mostly have an affirming stance out of an automatic disposition towards tolerance.

        On the flip side, the conservative nuns are harshly condemnatory like towards gays and lesbians (and often say Catholic-ese meaning that sex-and-gender are irrevocably linked to birth sex).

      • Sketcher Says:

        I totally agree, but then they wouldn’t have any validation from anyone else and it wouldn’t feed their narcissism.

      • drycamp Says:

        Ironically, as has been pointed out, the “progressive” nuns are all working with the poor, displaced immigrants and so forth. I don’t see these trans creeps doing that, I mean, it has to be all about THEM not other people and anyway they don’t want to actually work for the most part so far as I can tell. The “traditional” orders would laugh themselves silly if some man wanted to be a nun, and that’s exactly how they would see it.

    • Freyja Says:

      Never fear, it’s already in the works!! This person claims to be intersexed. He “lived as a man” for the first 30 years of his life but is now taking hormones and “lives as a woman.” I’m not sure if the Carmelites have thrown open the doors for him/her since this article was written. The video has a bit of Monty Pythonish quality to it, but I admit I watched only a minute or so, that’s all I can take.

      I have sympathy and respect for people who are truly intersexed. Not a fan of people who falsely lay claim to that identity. Don’t know about this person.


      • kesher Says:

        There are some intersex conditions that fit the definition of disorders of sexual development but absolutely do not leave the patient with ambiguous genitals or genitals of the opposite sex. So it’s possible this guy has something like a hypospadia, which technically makes him “intersex”, but where his genitalia and body are unmistakably male.

        That said, MTTs are really keen on lying about being intersex. Claiming such howlers as being born with a uterus and a penis.

      • nonny Says:

        Not gonna happen. Episcopalians, sure, but not Catholics.

        The closest a guy could get, and this would be pushing it, would be making it far into the discernment process. MAYBE the novitiate, and that would only be if some liberal idiots let it get that far. At that point, one of two things would happen:
        – A bishop would step in and put a stop to it
        – The community itself would reject him, possibly claiming it’s for different reasons in order to save face. The process of being accepted by a community can take years. Trans issue aside, anyone who is dealing with diagnosed mental/physical conditions, dependent on medication/special regimens from the start, or just doesn’t fit in won’t make it.

        Tolerating a man in a dress, in the patient and pastoral sense, is one thing. You’re a child of god, welcome, etc etc etc. But this is a theology that’s very of the body and the physical: “the word made flesh,” relics of saints, the eucharist, and so on. A transwoman won’t be allowed to join an order any more than a transman will be ordained priest.

        The “concession” that the church makes is making these guys “consecrated virgins.” That way, the narcissist transwoman is like “yes I’m special and recognized and have a vocation! I’m almost a nun!” And meanwhile the church is like “yeah, your vocation is celibacy because look at you, you’re a fucking disaster who isn’t fit to be having sex with anyone. Go pray about it.”

      • kesher Says:

        The Church historically has a huge problem with men who are castrated (you’re supposed to resist the sins of the flesh, not remove the parts that enable the sin), even Abelard who didn’t exactly have any choice in the matter. Seems likely they’d just see an MTT as a castrated man.

      • nonny Says:

        @kesher- precisely.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        I don’t think there’s any way in heck someone would get into an order of their aspirational sex, whether on hormones or not.

        However, I could maybe see someone stable w their trans* experience firmly in their past and w a genuine spiritual biography getting into some cool, offbeat order of their biological sex.

      • Aine Says:

        I really doubt that the Catholic church is going to accept the inclusion of biological men in their nunneries. Despite the hate directed at the church, it is remarkable lucid and logical in its thinking and doctrines, and it doesn’t often change course, even in spite of social pressures or cultural changes.

      • Janetwo Says:

        The Catholic Church has a strange history when it comes to castration. From the top of my head, I can think of the long tradition of castrating young boys to preserve their voice for opera singing. Also, the Catholic Church has operated psychiatric institutions for a long time and there is at least one case in the Netherlands of castrating young homosexual men. I would be far from surprised it happened somewhere else. All in all, having been raised a strict Catholic, I would say the Church has been more misogynistic than sensible and logical. But I concur it is unlikely they will allow the transgender nonsense to change sex segregation in religious orders. They would have a harder time to deny priesthood to a biological woman if one could change sex willy nilly. They allow married men but god forbids women priests.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Obviously, you aren’t Catholic if you think that the Catholic church allows married priests. They do NOT!

      • stchauvinism Says:

        http://ncronline.org/news/vatican/vatican-lifts-ban-married-priests-eastern-catholics-diaspora Vatican lifted ban on married priests in certain regions in 2014. I’m not a catholic, but I can google.

      • nonny Says:

        lovetruthcourage- they most certainly do. Not only in the Eastern/Orthodox rites, but also men who were married as Anglican priests then received into the Roman Catholic church. These are only a couple of examples off the top of my head. It is only “started off Roman & got into the priesthood from there” priests who have a vow of celibacy (which is different from the vow of chastity the others take). But ANYWAY. …..

  13. Starry Messenger Says:

    My heart sinks for my daughter and all the young female athletes who will have their love of their sport and their comradery with other girls and women tarnished by this spectacle. Instead of learning to value the strength and power of women, they will only learn how this patriarchal world will never let them shine, will never let them have space, will never value women.

  14. ex home birthers Says:

    Did no one think about what kind of spectacle this would create when applied irl? Sexual dimorphism is easy to notice in athletic competition. Everyone will notice that males are winning all the women’s events, setting records. People won’t be okay with it in practice. At all.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      I agree. The Olympics just slit it’s own throat!

    • michelle Says:

      If they DID slit their own throat, cities that can ill-afford to host but do so anyhow would breathe a huge sigh of relief. Every Olympics, several cities piss away billions of dollars on infrastructure that will be used for a few weeks and then never see use again except in news stories focusing on structures built and then forgotten…

    • May Loo Says:

      Exactly. It might not matter much at individual events but an international spectacle like the Olympics? It will become obvious to many people what a ridiculous idea this is. We need to treat transpeople for mental illness, not celebrating their condition.

  15. lovetruthcourage Says:

    As both a female athlete and honest competitor, and a scientist, I strenuously disagree with this. These guidelines are NOT science-based. They are random and made up by tranny males to accommodate other men who can not win against males. Why even have separate categories for male and female? This is just one more way of stripping women of deserved recognition. We are erased. Where is the push back? Also, what is a “female personality or mentality”? Are all women really the same personality-wise and in terms of world view? If they are referring to stereotypes, they should just use the word stereotypes.

    • Sketcher Says:

      Agreed. It’s bollocks.

    • tnt666 Says:

      Biologist and athlete (ex) here. I fully agree. We are in dire straights regarding biologists who will speak out about this shit. Sometimes I wonder how some humans said to “pass” absolutely do not (in my eyes) and think that it’s my years of anatomy and biology teaching which leaves me severely immune to would-be passers.
      We need to find a way to unite scientists, and specifically docs and biologists, and get a voice heard. That woman doc in Vancouver might be of assistance.

  16. I feel bad for the female athletes who will be hurt by this policy, but the corporate shit show known as the Olympic Movement is already on the way out. Ratings have declined and they’re having a hard time finding cities who want to host the increasingly unprofitable pageant. It’s simply become corporatized and scaled up to the point of meaninglessness. Turning women’s sports into a freak show will only hasten the decline. Nobody wants to see boys LARPing as Michelle Kwan or Mary Lou Retton, or bouncing around the beach in bikini tops and budgie smugglers.

    Tyrannies can’t force us to believe they’re women, with or without sponsorship from McDonald’s and Dow Chemical.

  17. overwhelmed Says:

    This is horrific! Thanks Gallus for the report.

    I’ve been seeing outrage–even at mumsnet, which isn’t exactly a hotbed of radical feminism.


    If there is a silver lining to this, it will be helping more people reach peak trans.

    • Anne B Says:

      Yes, I believe you’re right – it could finally put an end to women’s willingness to accommodated the demands of transladies.

  18. To: International Olympic Committee

    The female sex really exists.

    After puberty, males have a different skeletal structure, different sized pelvis, more muscle mass, stronger tendons, larger lung capacity, and these biomechanical differences don’t disappear. As to testosterone levels, the Olympics has a long history of people doping and cheating scandals.

    According to the Olympic Committee, he can still have his penis and testicles, and he is now a “female athlete”. No one really believes this nonsense.

    Judging by the number of negative comments at the Guardian, people aren’t buying this politically correct nightmare. People can see through this bullshit, and they know it’s a farce. Below are some great comments.

    JoePomegranate (Guardian comments)

    “None of this will affect lung capacity or the significant skeletal differences; larger stride length, narrower pelvic girdle etc. And all of this is assuming that all of these new athletes – in events already riddled with doping allegations – are never going to try and take advantage of their biology. I posted the differences in various event times below but in a way, these are almost irrelevant. Of course an athlete born biologically male and who is under hormone therapy will not be able to post a time difference of three minutes in the 10k but that athlete doesn’t have to; all they have to do is finish first for the entire competition to be undermined.”

    “To put this into some context.

    The first male to run a mile in under 4 minutes was Roger Bannister in 1954. Nearly 62 years ago.

    The first female to run a mile in under 4 minutes was… ….well, there aren’t any. It hasn’t been done. No woman has ever run a mile in under 4 minutes.

    Despite all the science, the modern methods of training, applying all we know about nutrition, the current women’s world record for the mile is 4:12.56 set by Svetlana Masterkova in 1996.

    Let’s put that into some context: how does that current record compare to the men’s?

    The closest time is the men’s world record set by Norman Taber – 4:12.6

    He set this record in the year 1915 so Masterkova’s time is on par with a guy who probably ran in a flat cap and hobnail boots.

    And it gets worse. Let’s compare Masterkova’s record with the current men’s world record:

    The current men’s world record is…*drumroll*… 3:43.13 set by Moroccan, Hicham El Guerrouj in 1999.

    That’s nearly 30 fucking seconds of a difference. THIRTY SECONDS.

    These aren’t small differences. These are yawning, unbridgeable chasms of physiology and biomechanics. It’s apparent in every single event and it scales by distance.

    1500m Men: 3:26.00
    1500m Women: 3:50.07
    24 seconds of a difference

    10000m Men: 26:17.53
    10000m Women:29:31.78
    Over three minutes of a difference

    Men’s Marathon: 2:02:57
    Women’s Marathon: 2:15:25
    Nearly 13 minutes – thirteen fucking minutes

    Even if it were possible to police the hormone level and rely on athletes to not attempt to flaunt the rules (and how likely is that?), these changes do not affect biomechanics, they do not affect lung capacity and they absolutely will not level the playing field. You’re basically looking at biologically born women never winning a medal in anything ever again.”


    Most of the negative comments are coming from men because men who love sports and honor fairness know it’s bullshit.

    (1.) All female athletes should boycott the Olympics. The female athletes who compete against males are just selling out their own sex, and in the long run making themselves obsolete.
    (2.) Women and men need to turn off their t.v.s and refuse to watch this travesty. I pledge to never watch the Olympics.
    (3.) Boycott all the corporations who advertise during the Olympics. I pledge to never buy anything that comes from corporations advertising during the Olympics.

    This is the death of women’s sports. They are intentionally selling human population. It is not acceptable.

  19. Biscuit Says:

    That picture of the Iranian “women’s” soccer team looks like some sort of joke. It’s pretty obvious that most of those people are dudes, even with the headscarves and baggy uniforms.

    Someone I know from high school transitioned late in life and now plays women’s rugby. He frequently wins MVP awards, for f*ck’s sake. I don’t see how that is fair.

    • Siobhan Says:

      I have to wonder whether these Iranian players really do consider themselves transgender, or were they forced to don female clothing and play the sport? I realize that many gay men in Iran choose “transgenderism” as an alternative to being executed for being gay, is that it? Or was this some ambitious coach’s way of winning games?

      I’ve worked in private high schools with ambitious and sometimes unethical coaches, and I absolutely can see them recruiting a bunch of B-level males, paying them off with gifts to them and to their parents, and winning women’s championships.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Obviously, it is all about winning. Likely, NONE of these men are transgendered in any way. Shouldn’t matter if they are anyway. ONLY biological sex should matter, not subjective and unmeasurable gender feelings.

  20. Franklin Says:

    This is a disaster. It’s not only a blow (death blow?) to women’s sports, it means that the every-four-years wave of Olympics human interest propaganda will now be focused on convincing people that male trans athletes are role models and in some sense women, rather than manipulating the system to get an unfair advantage.

  21. Janetwo Says:

    I feel awful for all the women athletes who invested so much to get at that kind of level such as the Olympics. Its going to crush their dreams. This being said, the committee made a farce of the Olympics. They dont mean anything anymore. This decision disgraced the whole eveny and will make transpeak mainstream.

  22. I see a future where males, frustrated with getting nowhere competing against other males, will transition in order to win against women instead.

    I see a future where it is common for males to ‘transition’ for a few years, without ever bothering to compete against other males at all, in order to win events that they otherwise wouldn’t stand a chance in. After all; the earlier they ‘transition’ the more money they can make overall from sponsors, etc.

    I see a future where old male athletes – who should just retire – will ‘transition’ in order to relive their glory days.

    Oh no wait! That’s already happening!

    So I guess the correct prediction would be: I see a future where ‘women’s’ events will not have a single female competitor – unless this shit gets sorted soon.

  23. Questions?

    (1.) Now that biological males can still have their penis and testicles and compete in “women’s” events, does this mean he gets to shower and dress with females? If they are “women”, then is the International Olympic Committee going to say intact biological males can shower and change clothes with female athletes?

    (2.) Do the “women” athletes have to wear jock straps, or does he just let it all hang out? Running without a jock strap for long periods of time is something that adult males don’t want to do. In contact sports, do the “women” athletes have to wear protective cups?

    I know that they International Olympic Committee is really into human rights because they say, “To require surgical anatomical changes as a pre-condition to participation is not necessary to preserve fair competition and may be inconsistent with developing legislation and notions of human rights.” Maybe female athletes don’t want to bump up against male genitalia when they are competing because even in so-called non-contact sports there is a great deal of jostling and pushing for position.

  24. Nicky Says:

    Reblogged this on Nicky's World and commented:
    The one thing that also pisses me off as an Intersex person and an intersex activist is how the Trans are trying to use the existence of Intersex/DSD people like myself to justify their fragile ideology and existence at the expense of REAL Intersex/DSD people. It’s simply mind blowing how far the Trans community will go and who they will use to push their agenda at the expense of others. The real tragedy in all this is that intersex people will get shafted by the Trans community. It’s a huge disaster in the making for Intersex people.

  25. Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

    Keep in mind, the first Olympics in which (actual) women could compete in ski jumping was two years ago, as in 2014. Twenty-fucking-fourteen, because Gian Franco Kaster of the International Ski Federation believes (and actually said as much in public in 2005) that if women ski jumped at the Olympic level, their uteruses would shake loose or fall out or something. (That’s devastatingly ironic, coming from the sex that keeps its sex organs outside their bodies, but nevertheless.) He said, “Don’t forget, it’s like jumping down from, let’s say, about two meters on the ground about a thousand times a year, which seems not to be appropriate for ladies from a medical point of view.” Ah, the Italians, simply bastions of avant-garde feminist thought. Bastions, I tell you!

    The larger point, though, is that the IOC hates women.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Women were/are only permitted to compete in one ski jump event starting in 2014: the low jump. They are still not permitted to compete in the other two events including Lindsey Van’s event: the high jump. You can read more on this situation by following the link to the Women’s Ski Jump Association which is embedded in the post.

    • kesher Says:

      I know uterine prolapse is a risk for some women’s sports, but how is it the IOC’s job to protect women from ourselves? Paternalistic shits.

    • charlston Says:

      So on the one hand, officials ( Gian Franco Kaster of the International Ski Federation) can and do make decisions regarding female athletes bodies, based on medical opinion but cannot make a decision for MTT being male, based on medical opinion as that would be …wrong?

      Ok, alrighty then.

      …’Iranian National Women’s Soccer Team- 8 out of 10 players male’…

      Would make sense to say-
      Iranian National Trans Soccer Team- 8 players are trans with the usual 2 token females added for political correctness.

      Um…..Oh, nevermind.

  26. Siobhan Says:

    Whatever happened to “Chloe Johnson” and Crossfit? Did that case ever go to trial? I don’t see anything on it.

  27. Susan Nunes Says:

    I truly hope women athletes get past any fear about these weirdos and their enablers and REFUSE to participate in the Olympics until this is withdrawn. If they don’t, they are going to lose it ALL. I have been angry at the feds perverting Title IX to protect fetishists and the minority of mentally ill people, but this just takes the cake. Now men can follow the lead of “Dora” Ratjen and outright cheat in women’s sports and get away with it.

    • red Says:

      I don’t think they will. They are professionals (sic) who have trained hard for this their moment. They are sponsored. If they don’t go they not only give up their place but their sponsorship and their training spot, their coach who take on someone else, and fans who will consider them quitters. But most of all they are gladiators and they will not turn back. One who did long ago, never had a place after that. She effectively was forced to retirement. She was forced to continue her career in management. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diane_Jones-Konihowski

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        They won’t even HAVE the option to compete if they sit back and take that crap. That is what this trans garbage is all about–to force women out of the public sphere.

      • Janetwo Says:

        Opting out is the only rational option on the table in my opinion. Allowing trannies is rigging the game so a woman will invest years of her time, money, sacrifices without standing a chance of winning while validating the idea that men are women.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Even qualifying for the Olympics can lift a woman and her extended family out of extreme poverty in many countries. It would be absurd for her to “opt out” of that opportunity.

      • red Says:

        Excellent point Gallus. Again, these women don’t only go to be #1. Many athletes know they will be lucky to medal at bronze any Olympics, faux women on the team or not. They don’t stay home because they know they won’t get gold. They want to compete, with their peers. He’s just a mistake.

        Where this is going to be really bad is young would-be athletes, girls varsity, funding, sponsorship, parent involvement. One decade of that and there won’t be any female gladiators.

      • red Says:

        Plus, the coaches. Don’t be surprised to see coaches dropping a woman who will not medal to train the faux woman who might. For women Olympic status athletes, this is usually about everything fine we once associated with the Olympics. But it’s all about money for coaches and trainers.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        It doesn’t start with money for coaches and trainers, or they would just train whoever paid them the most. It is about wins. Wins solidify the reputation and that, in turn. brings in the money. So for coaches: 1. find potential winners 2. train them 3. win 4. get money

      • red Says:

        4. get money.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Opting out is a bad idea for the reasons already given, and for another one: we want the obvious physical differences between an MTT and a biological woman to be apparent to the viewer. We want the public to see a hulking 6’3 200-pound 25-year-old man competing next to a 4’10 95-pound 16-year-old girl in gymnastics. Only then will the general public realize this is a bad idea.

    • kesher Says:

      How was Ratjen not killed by the Nazis? So much for the trans being so oppressed compared to gays and lesbians. Really puts that revolting Nazi episode of Transparent into perspective.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        Ratjen got discovered after the real holder of the world record of the women’s high jump found out he was working as a waiter in a restaurant. He lost that record.

  28. charlston Says:

    I am interested to see how this works out. If women start falling back and stop coming first in their sport and Trans start winning, what does that say about male bodies, that are, at this moment, being sold to us as legally female? Will it show there is a difference in the male body’s structure and strength, (which is now being claimed as female) and women?
    I think someone is cutting off their nose to spite their face because the stats will not lie. What happens if womens sports is dominated with MTT winners. That would be too obvious.
    That info Gallus posted is also a problem which opens up the womens restroom can of worms as we are being told that MTT have low, low levels of Testosterone in their system and Estrogen puts them on an equal playing field with women.
    Hope that made sense.

  29. MaryMacha Says:

    Let’s not forget that this is the same organization that sued the Gay Olympics for using the word ‘olympic’ in their name. They are consistently homophobic. Their policies have always been hateful of women.

  30. Jenny Says:

    We need a petition, we need a rally, we need to FIGHT this. We need to make one of those Change.org petitions
    God this makes me so mad!!
    Can we make a third division for sports? Perhaps we can call it Biological XX Females. So there will be three divisions. Men, Women, and Biological XX Females

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      If there is a petition available, I would be happy to sign it.

    • background spinner Says:

      Don’t give them the word ‘woman’ – – they don’t deserve it. I’d word the divisions Women, Men and Trans.

      ‘Woman’ shouldn’t need a qualifier. ‘Man’ sure doesn’t!

      They’ve put us in language loops, where we have to use five words when one used to suffice, and then they change the meaning at random, so even our carefully chosen eggshell words are somehow wrong. Disgusting.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      You mean the 3 categories would be: men, women, and tranny freak show / intersex / whatever. Yes, we need to organize and protest this. I will sign that petition!

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      Why the concessions? They’re NOT women. If they want to compete at the olympic, or any other level, they have to do in the mens division because they’re men.

  31. RaFeCa Says:

    Reblogged this on RaFeCaMe and commented:
    Women are being completely erased.

  32. tricheuse Says:

    I would love to believe that this (and hopefully other things) is going to cause a big enough backlash or wake enough people up to put some brakes on The Nonsense, but I can just as easily see this devolving from Men and (Wo)Men down to Men and Lesser Men over time. And then the second category falling off in a generation or two and then the future zeitgeist being that, oh well, there are no women in sports (or this, or that) now, cause there really never were.
    Fingers crossed for something better!

  33. endthewoo Says:

    This is not just the Olympics, it will be taken up as an easy excuse by all the other organisations that already allow men to compete against women and girls – examples from above like the biking and basketball.

    It won’t need to be dragged-up full lifestyle transitioners either. Any male with low T can claim his “womanhood” and voila.

    Seeming double standards about the testosterone levels, men can compete with 9.9 nmol, an intersex person may or may not if they have the same amount and women can’t have that much because, that would be considered doping ?

    I wonder if the IOC or anyone else will consider removing weight categories in boxing, or age requirements for youth leagues … if you identify as a featherweight or a 15 year old that’s good enough ? (Yeah, rhetorical question)

  34. atranswidow Says:

    So, at least thanks to the IOC, as long as my testosterone level in serum has been below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 months then I can define myself as a woman! My chromosones and physical anatomy count for nothing.

    If they want to get rid of the gender binary and have gender neutral passports why not set up Non-Binary Olympics?

  35. shediogenes Says:

    But why would there be a paucity of fast older women? John Harper, what a tool.

  36. Artemis Jade Says:

    Obviously anticipating the public’s incredulity at the IOC’s unfairness to women, Michelle Dumaresq is giving tearjerker interviews casting himself as the poor pitiable victim of discrimination and ‘violence’. Dude, you are in the record books in Canada as the women’s bike champion. Shut the fuck up, count the blessings of your male privilege, and stop whining. What a disgrace that the handmaidens interview this creep and not the women who were robbed of their medals.

  37. ananda Says:

    It shocks me that not ONE media outlet has interviewed a woman Olympian, an Olympic coach, or a sports physiologist for their reaction to this ruling. If any reporters are reading this blog — get off your asses.

  38. […] main physical restriction the new guidelines place on males who transgender will be that their testosterone level must be below a certain level […]

  39. *No sex reassignment surgery
    *Testosterone levels have to be below a certain level for just one year
    *Doesn’t have to take cross gender female hormones. He can just take androgen blockers

    This is a purely politically driven decision because the science is fundamentally flawed. Forget all the doping scandals. Forget the twenty years of normal testosterone levels in which he is building up more muscle mass than a female, and he has grown a foot taller than women.

    – VO2 max is a measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen your heart and lungs can deliver to your working muscles. It is the best way to judge a person’s cardiovascular fitness. For males and females, VO2 max differs. Absolute VO2 max is, on average, 40 percent greater in a male than a female, according to the book “Exercise Physiology” by Brooks, Fahey and Baldwin. Even when measuring relative difference, when taking into account body weight, males have a 20-percent greater VO2 max.

    – Males have a different pelvic morphology leading to certain biomechanical advantages. These are based on bone structure and testosterone levels during growth and development and are unlikely to change in an adult with hormone treatment, especially if all males have to do is lower their testosterone levels for a year.

    -The average height of males is 69.7 inches (about 5’10” or 1.78 meters). The average height of female is 64.6 inches (5’5″ or 1.65 meters). That is about half a foot difference, and height does matter in basketball. The different shaped pelvis and shorter height is the reason that we don’t see women dunking basketballs, even at the elite level.

    -Males have a demonstrated average reaction time that is up to 1/10th of a second faster . This would be a huge advantage at an elite level.

    – The average mans hands are 13 percent longer and have a more dense bone structure (also wrist, shoulder, and ). It is the difference of being hit in the head with a bigger hammer. It will do more damage. How fast does bone density change in these circumstances? It is a debatable subject.

    – The muscular development of a male is on average 30/40 percent larger than the average woman’s , upper body strength especially. and is larger also as a percentage of total mass

    -With weight training a man can gain muscle much more quickly and easily.

    – People that have developed muscles can “regain” them much more quickly than someone who has never had a well developed muscularity.

    – Females have on average a higher percentage of internal body fat than a man of the same level of fitness. This is a genetic advantage for childbirth. It means a man and a woman in the same weight class on average would have a different lean mass composition.

    • May Loo Says:

      Hey Skylark nice to see you on this board. Those trans advocates over on The Federalist are just so frustrating. Makes me want to scream!

  40. Freyja Says:

    It took years to develop an HIV antibody test that can be performed on saliva and produce a result in minutes. But how there’s a home test called OraQuick. I hope we can create the same sort of test for X and Y chromosomes. After the trans insanity crests, maybe such an oral test can be used to screen out male athletes. Truly intersexed people can be treated with privacy and dignity to find out where they belong. Right now, of course, the tranny maniacs will try to forestall any such research. I wonder if it can be done and made available. Not part of the science establishment, so I don’t know.

    Gallus Mag, the amount of work you did on this topic is amazing. Your exposition is crystal clear, too.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Actually, I am a chemist and I recently read about a fingerprint sensor that can determine if a person is a male or female. Females have about twice the amino acids in their prints as males. So far this technology hasn’t been applied to anything, but this may be a practical application. The source is Chemical and Engineering News.

    • Trish Says:

      there is a readily available way to determine gender
      it’s in the person’s underpants

      • GallusMag Says:

        You’re conflating gender and sex. Also, male persons with disorders of sexual development/intersex (such as those assigned female at birth who have AIS) may superficially appear to have female reproductive systems.

    • CD Says:

      A karyotype can be used to test this (by directly visualizing a person’s chromosomes), although it involves sending samples to a lab, and can take about a week. It wouldn’t be able to distinguish between males and XY intersex individuals (e.g. people with androgen insensitivity), though.

      …although with the men pictured above, you really only have to look at them to tell what chromosomes they have.

  41. If we look at this from an historical perspective, doping and cheating scandals are part and parcel of the history of the Olympics, and it goes back decades. We all know that sooner or later someone will exploit these new rules to gain an advantage.

    Great thoughtful comments from the Guardian.

    “Someone needs to protest this. And not just women, men need to stand up for their daughters who have been told they can do any sport they wish and dream of being elite athletes.

    I’m asian ( so I can say this w/o SJW’s crawling on me), but China will seriously exploit the hell out of this.

    I’m just stunned. Equally stunned that this didn’t make any mainstream news where I’m from. It’s almost as if they think no one will notice…”


  42. Another truly excellent report and documentation Gallus.

    Top comment goes to Oak and Ash, with:
    “Sports will become Elizabethan theater–both male and female parts played by men.”

    That is exactly it. The Women’s team becomes the Men’s B-Team, and dudes don’t have to waste half the watching of the Olympics with Women’s sports – it will be wall-to-wall men’s events.

    Although I don’t personally like sport/Olympics, I feel sorry for the women and girls who do. To be competing on such an uneven playing field, to have to change with these creepy dudes, and not making the teams at all, due to ‘Elizabethan Theatre’.

    The Ludwig picture is doing the rounds. I wanted to re-caption it:

    When you can’t cut it in the men’s team, declare GID and join the women’s team. No one will notice a thing

  43. shediogenes Says:

    I’m hoping this will be short lived. I’m sure many parents are too. How many parents will commit the incredible resources and dedication needed to support a girl in athletics and foster the drive necessary to compete in the Olympics if this is what they can expect. My brother was being groomed for a while. They thought he might have what it would take to compete in the Olympics. Every extra household resource went to his gym for training 6 days a week, to his dietary needs, to travel expenses for regional and national and once, international competition. Equipment, medical bills, just the gasoline to drive into the gym 6 days a week. My mother took a second job. My father assisted at his gym every day of practice, both to help and to offset training costs. The time, money, and commitment asked of families and athletes, of communities that do fundraising drives to see one of their own represent our country, and this is what all that sacrifice will amount to?

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi shediogenes, you remind me of skater Michelle Kwan’s parents, who not only spent $80K annually on her career, but her father drove round-trip five hours a day to his job so the family could live near the ice rink. It’s one of the most expensive, demanding elite sports around.

      I don’t think it will be surprising if we will see a few men claiming to be female in that sport, actually. Skating is one of the few sports in which the women get more attention than the men. Right now, there’s big pressure for the men to do quad jumps–to rotate in the air four times before landing. They’re incredibly hard to learn, and men have blown out their hips doing so. Women are expected to “only” do triple rotational jumps. The women’s dress code now allows pants, and neither gender is immune to lots of sequins on their costumes, so I suspect it’s only a matter of time if this IOC decision stands.

  44. GallusMag Says:

    Here’s another man who, like Worley, competes in women’s sports and lobbies against medical restrictions on men like himself in women’s sports:

    “Society, and hence sports, functions on a binary notion of gender …that one is either female or male. Within those definitions are very strict ‘guidelines’ of what that means both physically and biologically. Until now, there has never been room for people that don’t fit those ‘guidelines’, as if someone has taken it upon themselves to decide what ‘normal and acceptable’ is. This continues to have huge implications on so many people around the world who become outcasts, through no fault of their own. Because a society has been developed to believe that being born different, is just wrong. …not acceptable.
    As long as that continues to happen, I hope I can continue to provide more insight and education into the realities of human diversity and the huge ‘grey’ area that exists between the ‘black and white’ definition of male and female. There is nobody that should be deciding on who and what is acceptable, when it is how they are born.”

    “Where international sport has failed, and continues to do so, is that it makes continued attempts at satisfying the status quo of binary sex, rather than making efforts to accommodate human diversity.

    Today there is a broad misconception that organisations seen as the leaders in international sport governance and policy development, are at the leading edge of sport and human physiological research and medical knowledge. This is not the case, and the IOC panders more to stereotypes and social ideologies than to well documented scientific research. Smaller local, regional, national and intercollegiate sporting bodies follow the IOC’s lead without question and adopt their gender policies, or similar rules and regulations, which continually perpetuate a false narrative of [what is seen as] acceptable human make up.

    The International Olympic Committee has lost its way and now has the audacity to want to convince the world that some women are ‘born wrong’. This in itself is enough to warrant that sport needs to adopt a fresh perspective. A progressive modern approach needs to be created to encourage globally inclusive and safe sports participation. HDiS hopes to assist in this process by providing a local source of reference, to avoid fragmented attempts at addressing diversity in sports with incomplete or inaccurate information.

    It is time for sport to evolve. It is time for sport, and society as a collective, to grow beyond rigid notions of femininity and binary sex. It is possible that the entire structure of the way we do sport will change.”
    “Our vision at Human Diversity in Sport (HDiS) is for the inclusion of all people no matter ones diversity or ability. We do not consider that socially created labels play a role in that vision or in sport. While labels can sometimes provide support and identity for minority groups in specific circumstances, in a larger domain they often isolate people from a majority and are harmful. Labels and targeted terminology achieve only to further ostracise individuals and can go as far as to pathologise otherwise healthy people, merely for not being ‘like everyone else’.

    We recognise one label, and it is called ‘people’.”


    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      That Wikipedia page is a pathetic joke. It’s so filled with biased sentences that it was probably written by Bagger himself.

      • Rachel Says:

        Bagger is/was a terrible golfer, apparently. The transjacktivists have picked the wrong cheerleader there.

      • GallusMag Says:

        He still managed to take a women’s slot on the Ladies European Tour.

      • michelle Says:

        surely you aren’t suggesting he was taking the notions of doucheBAGGERy to a whole new level…

      • Rachel Says:

        That makes it worse that talentless male also-ran Bagger is taking a place away from a more talented woman. According to my mother, an aficionada of golf, he hardly ever makes the cut, and she was under the impression he had lost his Tour spot.

    • southwest88 Says:

      Bagger was getting snarky in that exchange with me (Shrikefem) and others and was sarcastically thanking us for “showing” him what he would have to “explain better” to get people to buy into this crap. I posted the picture Gallus used above of the basketball team and his answer is quite a dodge! An “equally tall cis woman” is no different? THE difference and THE point is that there are so few “equally tall cis women” out there. And he left the issue of larger muscle mass and greater strength ignored, I see. Will have to go on Twitter later to see if he actually stuck his flounce or stayed around to try to keep gas-lighting the other women.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Bagger and Worley (who co-run “human diversity in sport”) advocate for the total elimination of sex segregated sporting events. The fact that doing so would eliminate opportunity and equality for women is meaningless to them as males.

      • Rachel Says:

        In which Worley completely ignores the loudly trumpeting, elephant-in-the-room ringtone on the Clue Phone: it is not necessary for any athlete to undergo any form of castration if they simply compete in their appropriate-sex division. The doublespeak and logical gymnastics needed to even articulate transactivist nonsense gets more astounding.

    • Janetwo Says:

      So if they dont believe in binary, why dont they create a third word to call themselves instead of stealing woman. They could called themselves neuter which is a perfectly legitimate gender in German. They could have their very own sport category. Is it me but binary is a weird term applied to biology? Some of these dudes spent way too much time in front of their computers.

    • Elle Says:

      I would love to see this Times opinion piece appear in every paper in the U.S.

      Thank you for posting!

      • Sketcher Says:

        The Times women columnists have been great, considering Rupert Murdoch…

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        Yes, minus the female pronouns and the “strapping former man” horseshit. Call a spade a spade. They’re men.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Regarding female athletes saying MTTs competing as females is “unfair”, Ronda Rousey has made that point several times. Rousey won a bronze medal in Judo in the 2008 Olympics before becoming an MMA fighter.

  45. anywoman2 Says:

    Reblogged this on anywomans humanity and commented:
    Women forced out of sports for men that don’t want to compete with other men.

  46. Trish Says:

    shocked beyond belief, did anyone know they were considering this?

    This is proof that these people want the law to treat their imaginings that they know what it “feels” like to be a woman as identical to anactual female human being.

  47. Sketcher Says:

    I am pissed-off beyond belief. Well, there you go. Proof-positive that being female in a man’s eyes is being a weak/defective form of male. And that male to trans = better than female. More woman than woman. ..

    All the world is straight-male apart from when they have to hire a poverty-stricken womb to gestate the baby. Fuck me, I’m pissed off. I’m even more pissed off because I thought some men were with us, NOT. Most of the gay men I’ve met just care about trans-sexuals/genders/fuckwitteries because they’re not getting the sex they expected, having put their hand on a fanny instead of a cock in a nightclub. Really, don’t they get it??

    Our actual female identities are being erased. ANY argument with a tiny minority percentage of male in it (trans 0.08?) vs. 52% of the population being women = women being ignored, subsumed, sidelined, colonised e.g. these trans, and ‘racist’ issues which are in fact religious and cultural issues about violent misogyny- migrant men needing courses to discover how wrong it is to rape/assault a woman and women being sent a code of conduct to stand ‘an arm’s length’ away from migrant men, as if 30 men surrounding you in Taharrush is going to sort that out. And the ‘feminists’ saying that it hasn’t happened or being rape apologists because the men come from a different culture so therefore we’re being racist if we report it? What’s going on?

    It’s not racist to report it as a crime – it’s a criminal act. It’s a sexual crime and should be punished as such under the law which applies to all people. One law.

    I thought this was all sorted out in the 70s and 80s. What the hell has happened since then? Is it all going backwards or are these the signs of the final death-throes of a dying patriarchy. I hope the latter because it’s all getting so fucking ridiculous that no logical person will be able to hold these conflicting ideas in their heads at the same time.

    I was quite open to transexuals being called ‘she’, I used to be open but I really don’t give a shit now.

    Thanks to Kesher for putting me on to BevJo’s website. Thanks to Gallus Mag even though you fucking scare the shit out of me.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I just cover the trends, I don’t create them.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      “I’m even more pissed off because I thought some men were with us, NOT.”

      *snort* Men thoroughly enjoy their male privilege.

    • Jessica Says:

      Excellent comment.

      Some people are accusing radfems of making excuses for the migrant rapists and I have had to correct them.

      It is the idiot neolib/progressive fems who believe in the Oppression Olympics, with MTT and Muslim rapists being “the most oppressed of all” and thus incapable of wrongdoing.

      Neolib fems don’t actually give a shit about women’s rights. They are often white, privileged, and they merely want to signal how VIRTUOUS they are by accusing everyone else of bigotry. And they are the very people who will *not* be affected by raping Muslims and MTT. Which is why they spew so much bullshit.

  48. locita2013 Says:

    Men fulfilling their perverted fantasies becoming lesbians

  49. red Says:

    Re: “not a single sportswoman…”. Maybe you here are not sportswomen, but have you written to the sports editor and the most likely to care sports writers in your local media?

    Have you? I have. We have to step out. It’s not enough to stay here where it’s safe and comfortable.

  50. FedUpAnonbian Says:

    So is the 10.0 nmol upper limit the same for real women and MTT? Or will actual women still be busted for doping if they take male hormones and get their levels up to 9.9 nmol? Either way this is a horrific state of affairs for women in sports– on the one hand, if the rule applies equally to both women and MTT, then you’ve basically just required all the real women to start doping in order to stay competitive. If, on the other hand, the 10.0 nmol limit only applies to MTT, then this is the ultimate hypocrisy on the part of the IOC and just underlines the fact that there are real physical differences between women and MTT.

  51. May Loo Says:

    I first read about this on another website. This is such a disgusting decision on the IOC’s part. The transgenders especially transwomen constantly accuse us terfs of trying to erase them etc but isn’t this an example of them trying to eliminate the rights of born women? Seeing some of these ‘women’, it’s so obvious that they’re males. Why are sports organizations and born-women athletes not protesting this?

    • Janetwo Says:

      They dont stand up because any public woman standing up to the trannies is publicly ripped apart, her family harassed, her livelihood destroyed. The few women having the stomach to put themselves through the shitstorm will think twice if they have children, a spouse or older parents. Narcissism runs rampant in the tranny community, and this blog and other blogs have recorded in details what narcissist rage looks like. I cant blame any public women for staying silent if they dont feel more support from the grassroot. It takes the singular courage of people like Germaine Greer to voice a honest opinion.

      • Rachel Says:

        I write about women in a specific sport, which hasn’t been affected too much by transmadness as yet. I would love to speak out about this, or in the very least, actually admit on my blog that I do not write about MTTs, on principle.
        However, to do this, would mean bringing my work to the attention of an influential/mouthy transactivist who is part of my social network, although not actually a personal friend. The thought of my blog, the product of 14 years of work, being taken down or attacked by crazed transloons, is too much. My platform is small enough as it is, without it being taken away completely.
        I really hope this causes a wave of Peak Trans moments.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank you for your KICK ASS work writing about women in sport. And thank you for sharing your perspective here.

      • red Says:

        And thank you for “Transloons”. Snort.

      • Rachel Says:

        Thank you both for your kind words and encouragement.

  52. tnt666 Says:

    Excellent analysis. I’ve long felt that athletics was the make or break factor in trans lunacy.
    If this shit does not get people to peak trans*, really, I don’t know what can.
    We need to keep a running tab on the males competing against females.

  53. tnt666 Says:

    Reblogged this on tnt666 and commented:
    Males competing against females at the Olympics… not enough head shaking possible

  54. tnt666 Says:

    As for the coming Rio Olympics, world capital of trannies and drag, with all the Zika threat around, it’s being said that a great many women may refuse to go anyway, why not make it political and make the absence count! Boycott!

  55. Aine Says:

    “What Brents reportedly experienced at Fox’s hands was a concussion and a broken orbital bone that required staples. In other words, this woman was savaged by an opponent that was genetically advantaged with a thicker bone structure, longer reach, and denser musculature—or, put more simply, was a man. Fox was able to do this despite hormone treatments that made him more feminine in certain aspects.”

    http://bit.ly/1nGMEJr “Allowing Transgender Olympians Is Unfair to Women”

    This article asserts that the rule is not final, but that “IOC Director Dr. Richard Budgett has said he hopes this decision will cause other sports to follow suit.”

    That would mean that all teams in the United States, in public and private schools, would be forced to allow boys to compete against girls and men against women.

    This effectively kills the dreams of thousands of girl athletes. Is there a way to stop this?

    Dr. Budgett is in England and his email is: richard.budgett@uclh.nhs.uk

    Maybe if enough women contacted him, the committee would change course.

    If not, then women athletes simply must start to boycott the Olympics, and start their own Olympics dedicated to females only.

  56. Aine Says:

    In looking at the photo of the Iranian “Women’s” Soccer Team, where eight out of ten players are male, it occurred to me that perhaps the IOC has been bought out by a very wealthy Arab state that wants to compete on the mainstage in the Olympics, but cannot do so unless the rules are changed to allow biological men to compete as women.

    It could be, in fact, that much of the entire transgender rights movement is being funded by Arab states’ wealth — in the university, in governments, in NGOs, in nonprofits, etc. Because in most Islamic states, women are literally erased, they have no rights. No rights to privacy, to dignity, to autonomy, etc., which the whole transgender rights movement is also trying to achieve. (Here in Washington State, for example, women no longer have the right to use public shower rooms, locker rooms, or “safe houses” for abused women without the inclusion of biological men.)

    As of 2008, Iran carries out more sex change operations than any other nation in the world except for Thailand. The government provides up to half the cost for those needing financial assistance, and a sex change is recognized on the birth certificate. However, homosexuality is a crime punishable by imprisonment, corporal punishment, or by execution.

    By allowing transwomen to compete against real women, the IOC in effect is opening its doors widely to those Arab states that do not allow women to compete in Olympic competitions. In strict sharia-driven societies, Muslim women are often deprived of exercise, let alone being allowed to compete in professional sporting events.

  57. Julianna D Says:

    Hi Gallus, readers and commenters and lurkers,

    I don’t post here that much, and since I discovered this blog a few years ago, I found a lot of other blogs and sites and subreddits discussing trans ideology and feminism. But DAMN .. An issue comes up and Gallus is on it. Such concise commentary and research, and no mincing of words. No wonder so many from the left and the right read this blog and STEAL from her. (Yeah, you guys who do this.. you read this blog and don’t credit Gallus. Shame on you!)

    So, I sent in my measly donation. (Bad year for me.)

    Thank you, Gallus, for staying on top of these issues and laying it all out, eg this post. You really put it altogether in a way most don’t.

    Stay safe, Gallus — and everyone else, try to contribute when you can.

    Let us stay positive in this misogynyistic, homophobic world. (I know… that is hard….)


  58. A lot of men hate women’s sports. I saw a comment on Slate to a post about this saying that asking why we have women’s sports anyway is a “fair question”, since they don’t beat the men in their sports. I hear them complaining all the time about title IX on sports radio, and making fun of the Women’s World Cup, saying what’s the point if they aren’t as good as the men. Because of all of this, I am not optimistic at all that this will be resolved in a way that protects women’s sports. The IOC is known to be sexist, and this is a happy way for them to seem progressive and ruin something they don’t think is important, or that they plainly disdain. It won’t change unless there are boycotts, probably not unless the men boycott in solidarity and they won’t. I have seen trans activists on twitter saying that objection to forcing women to compete with men in sports is “internalized misogyny”, and I have seen men gleefully trying to make women say that women’s are terrible at sports when they object to this ruling. Women’s sports were finally becoming mainstream, and they found a way to ruin it and it sucks.

  59. Zemskull Says:

    Well, we can be sure that the guys men keep their ‘nads won’t want to be doing the rapid swingdown move on the balance beam. Ouch.

  60. White male Says:

    Just found this article while Googling. I’m a white male coach who is horrified by this. Men and women who believe in sport must join together to stop this insanity. This madness will next creep into college scholarships. Women sports will be a thing of the past. The women’s US world cup victory was enjoyed by all, but will soon be a thing of the past.

    Of what possible benefit is this to women? Why have these ‘scientist’s’ not acknowledged that pumping a guy full of female hormones will not decrease his skeletal frame, size of lungs and capacity?

    At the highest level milliseconds are an advantage. Races, fights etc are won by the tiniest of advantages. A male skeletal frame is beyond a slight advantage vs a natural born woman.

    Utterly ridiculous. The PC fools at the IOC should be fired.

  61. Two Steps Says:

    Good. Women have been dominating in the female fields for far too long.

  62. Freyja Says:

    Wrote a note to a sports writer at our local paper, briefly summarized the issue, and provided a link to GenderTrender. Have not heard a peep. I’m hoping it’s being passed around the office and someone will dare to take it on. I won’t give up, either; there are several other media outlets I can contact.

    • Sketcher Says:

      Me too. It just keeps getting worse and worse, when will they stop pushing it? They aren’t women, for Christ’s sake!! It’s so obvious that it’s like saying black is white.

  63. Dogtowner Says:

    I’m guessing someone already commented above along these lines:

    With these guidelines I assume it will now be okay for women athletes to use steroids to improve their performance. As long as their testosterone levels are no higher than the men they are competing against, there will be no objections, correct?

    One never ceases to be amazed at the infinite stupidity of human beings.

    • GallusMag Says:

      The whole policy is unclear because it is prefaced with the statement that the new policy should not be interpreted to undermine accepted international anti-doping guidelines. Those guidelines prohibit the use of synthetic androgens and androgen enhancers (including testosterone obviously). Either anti-doping guidelines for women competing as “male identified” are lifted, or not. It is contradictory. Either anti-doping prohibitions against steroids and Human Growth Hormone (which are used by some F2Ts as part of their medicalized gender regime) are lifted or not. Otherwise the policy as it stands is that there is “no restriction” on female competitors competing in the male division except anti-doping restrictions which prohibit synthetic androgens, steroids, and HGH, etc. This disqualifies testosterone-using females.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Gallus: Interestingly enough, some female hormonal medications are also prohibited by IOC/WADA and in natural bodybuilding, because, among other reasons, they’re used to offset problems caused when the body rebels from testosterone overdose, e.g. someone mentioned here a week or so ago that FTTs sometimes find themselves suddenly getting larger breasts and hips while taking T.

        So, I don’t know if these MTT athletes, claiming female status, should be allowed to apply for exemptions with their higher testosterone levels; and following its own rules, if such requests should be granted by IOC/WADA. The very least IOC/WADA could do in this case is require the MTT athlete take enough of the product to cause the MTT athlete’s levels to be in line with born-female athletes’ maximum testosterone levels.

        We’ve already discussed that prior male-level testosterone has already placed the MTT athlete at at a possible advantage. In any sport in which an athlete seeks medical exemption, that exception,cannot be granted if the athlete attains an advantage from the treatment even if the treatment is proven necessary. For example, an athlete with who has documented Attention Deficit Disorder cannot take Ritalin because this medication works as “speed,” which has obvious advantages in athletic competition. Other treatments for ADD must be used, even if they proven to be be much less effective for the medical condition.

  64. lovetruthcourage Says:

    St C and Nonny, note that Eastern Orthodox are NOT Roman Catholic! Yes, the RC church is now trying to smooth over a 900 yr rift. They wouldn’t mind converting EO to RC to increase their numbers and funds. Yes, there may be a small number of exceptions, like religious conversion scenarios, as you cited. However, this is 1% of the priesthood. It is not the rule– not by a long shot.

    • Janetwo Says:

      Its not common to have married priests in the Catholic Church. But it is allowed while the interdiction on women becoming priest is still very much the rule. Apparently, it was easier to go around the celibacy requirement than recognize women as equal to men.
      I come from a deeply practicing Catholic background, one of the few of my generation raised reciting the Rosary (all 15 decades) regularly. Its naive to think the Catholic Church is not deeply misogynistic. Its lead by a bunch of mostly white old dudes who put the protection of their power and privileges way before the wellbeing of women and children, with a few notable exception like under John XXIII. The new pope on the block is a last ditch attempt to regain some influence after the massive fuckup of squishing liberation theology in South America. After that very bad move, the Church lost massive ground to the Pentacostals. I am oversimplifying a more complicated story here but that is the gist of it. Their purge of dissident theologians of the past 30 years, guys like Matthew Fox, did not help their case either.

      The Church had one last chance to get things right with Vatican II. They wasted it and now its slowly dying. Francis rejected again women priesthood last Fall. Its not like I am holding my breath on the Church changing significantly. The vision of the Church has always been and will always be that women are incubators for future little Catholics. Not so long ago, priests were ordering doctors to save the baby rather than the mother during difficult delivery because the child had to be baptized. It did not matter that the father could be left with 8 other kids to care for on his own. Orphenages were full of babies from single women and family too poor to care for another mouth because neither contraception or abortion was allowed. I would not count on the RCC to suddenly become an ally of feminists.

    • nonny Says:

      In mainstream media and everyday conversation, “Catholic” = Roman Catholic. Everybody gets that. But in conversations discussing the finer points and the inner workings re:marriage etc, the term “Catholic” does not automatically default in the same way. Everyone has been clear about that. It’s something to keep in mind before presuming to set people straight. This is getting tedious, and I’m done with it tbqh. Signed, a Catholic who seriously discerned religious life & attends Mass multiple times a week, tyvm.

  65. […] historic women’s schools, battered women’s shelters, women’s homeless shelters, women’s Olympic sports, and women’s prisons. Aren’t there enough co-ed and men’s-only spaces and places […]

  66. Raur Says:

    You do know that trans people might get into a sport years after having transitioned, and that the hormones that were once normal are long gone? Androcur kick the shit out of someones testosterone into oblivion… I have testosterone level that are bellow the women lower level! I start competing in cycling(which i had no backgroud of competing in or any other sports prior) 5years after i start hormone reassignement therapy. And you know what happen when i went to my first race? I got the shit kick out of me by powerfull women as if i was carrying a 50kg bike… Trans people can’t just walked in any women’s event and expect to win outright!!! Thats just ridiculous and stupid to think otherwise! It takes years to become good at something and i can tell you that average ”men” bones dont mean shit when you compete against 125pounds of muscles/vital organs/determination like Lex Albrecht! Being trans is not a bypass to glory in women sports. And what about the stigma of being trans? Nobody wants to be trans by choice!!!! Unemployement, higher chance to get killed or raped, higher chance to end up into prostitution industry because men think its our only place, lower overall income, higher chance of contracting ITS and HIV, constant judging by overall population if you dont have the chance to ”pass”, etc… This can truly be hell and i can’t think of someone making the choice to live that life just to have a chance at maybe winning against talented and dedicated women’s. That would be the stupidiest move ever seriously! Also! You can’t just compete by saying you are a women(if you come from being labeled as men). You need to first undergo therapy(months to years), then if you satisfy to criteria of psychotherapist you can move on and see an andocrinologist to get hormonal therapy, then you go on for years like that until testosterone is destroyed and any advantage from it long gone, then you start thinking about surgery(maybe, some choose not to because surgeon cant really garantee a decent result, or if you live in the state that cost 20 000$+ and dont forget that trans people have a really poor income) and that takes further psychotherapy to ensure that you know what you are doing… Its not like going to get a chip at the corner store… anyway, i am really proud to get my ass kicked year after year by fierce woman(born woman) and i have them as my models to become a better athlete!
    Good night!

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Trans people can’t just walked in any women’s event and expect to win outright!!!”

      That’s right sir, elite female athletes generally outperform men like you who have never trained or competed.

      “Nobody wants to be trans by choice!!!!”


      “Unemployement, higher chance to get killed or raped”


      “higher chance to end up into prostitution industry because men think its our only place,”


      “higher chance of contracting ITS and HIV, constant judging by overall population if you dont have the chance to ”pass”

      Like gay men. Should gay men compete in women’s sports too?

      “i can’t think of someone making the choice to live that life just to have a chance at maybe winning against talented and dedicated women’s.”

      Untrue. See: history of Olympic sports.

      “You can’t just compete by saying you are a women”


      ” You need to first undergo therapy”


      “then if you satisfy to criteria of psychotherapist you can move on and see an andocrinologist to get hormonal therapy, then you go on for years like that until testosterone is destroyed and any advantage from it long gone”


      “then you start thinking about surgery”


      Sir, you have listed falsehood after falsehood, lie after lie. There is absolutely no reason for you to be harassing women by injecting yourself as a male into women’s sporting events. That you do so is evidence of nothing but oppressive male entitlement and your desire to use and abuse women, which you both enjoy and feel entitled to do. You are a male chauvinist pig of the highest order. You are nothing but a liar, an abuser, and a cheater.



      Women’s First Place Winner: Male cyclist Raur Lanthier:


    • coelacanth Says:


      Now there’s a Freudian slip!

    • Amareldys Says:

      They have changed the rules so your hormone levels don’t have to be within the female range and can be in the male range. If your hormones were below the female norms then it was obviously not the case with you.

  67. Rachel Says:

    As part of the BBC’s Sport Relief fundraiser, there has just been a “Little Britain” sketch about a male footballer attempting to imitate a female footballer, in a bid to return to playing in the top league, complete with an unconvincing transwoman mentor (who has appeared in a comedy sketch show as a regular character previously.)
    This was played utterly for laughs, but it is exactly the same scenario as the Olympic situation above.
    The UK transloon faction is going to be chewing through their keyboards about this – David Walliams, the performer in question, is already on their hatelist. The trans thing has just really kicked off over here, and the probably outcry will hopefully push more fencesitters into Peak Trans.

  68. And now the province of Alberta here in Canada is losing their collective mind… My husband and I are glad that his daughters are not sports-oriented.

    • Artemis Jade Says:

      The comments are all negative. I particularly like these 2 points, made by several commenters:

      1. If men have no competitive advantage over women, then why are the world record times for men and women so different?

      2. If ‘we are all the same’, then why not have one big open competition? Why do the trans want to be in the women’s division?

      I’ve been telling everyone I know that the word ‘inclusive’ is deceptively benign-sounding, and everyone should be wary of this word in its current usage.

  69. Jessica Says:

    It bothers me that righties are the only ones who are reporting honestly on this stuff..

    • Artemis Jade Says:

      He makes a good point that 60 minutes ignored the ‘elephant in the room’ which is the reverse scenario—MTTs in women’s sports.

  70. […] rules.  Therefore, the IOC’s appears to contest the validity of the CAS award and seems determined to provide scientific grounds for upholding its ban on female athletes with elevated levels of […]

  71. […] to the Obama administration’s heavy-handed edicts to Target’s facility policy to the reorganization of sports into men’s and men’s. The advocacy of these and many other cultural changes, as well as the reduction of the analysis of […]

  72. I refuse to watch the Olympics on television and so should every self-respecting woman. At any rate, this farce of a competition is plastered all over newspapers, etc. It’s really sickening.

    Gallus, do you think Katie Ledecky is a biological male, or what is going on with Katie? Because of the new Olympic rules, every “women’s” medal will be suspect from this day forward. They might not say it out loud, but people are going to be thinking, “Is that person really a female”? Since “women” Olympic athletes can have a penis, testicles, XY chromosomes, and testosterone levels three times the normal rage for females, people are going to be thinking dude not woman, especially if they blow the competition away.

    If Ledecky isn’t a biological male, there is something about her facial features and skeletal structure that just screams steroids or something going on. I’ve been looking at a lot of photographs, and something just doesn’t seem right. Ledecky dominates, and online posts I’ve been reading say that winning by that large of a distance means either doping or something. This is the Olympics, so cheating scandals are to be expected. In fact, what would the Olympics be without doping and cheating scandals.

    This is what datalounge says,

    Katie Ledecky- USA gold in the 800 free – steriods

    “Oh, that girl is juiced. Blows away the world record at 15. Back and shoulders of a linebacker. She has a deeper voice than James Earl Jones. Apologies to China. If she’s clean I’m Julie Andrews.”


    A receding hairline is one sign of steroid use. Ledecky’s receding hairline looks like some 45 year old man. Watch the video at datalounge and look at the photo. Since Ledecky is American, I would like to say, “Go USA”, but my heart just isn’t in it anymore. With “women” Olympic athletes having penises and testicles and all, and the doping scandals, it’s one big commercialized farce.

    As to doping and cheating in general at the Olympics,

    At least 119 Russian athletes have been banned from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, as of the most recent update. That tally includes the country’s entire weightlifting team, all but one member of the track and field team, and some athletes in other sports as well. Members of the boxing team still await their fates, which will be delivered on a case-by-case basis.

    Rio Olympics 2016: Tempers flare at the Aquatics Centre as convicted drugs cheat Yulia Efimova returns to the pool


    • GallusMag Says:

      No Katie Ledecky is not male. She is an elite female athlete who has trained since she was a small child. Is she doping? Is she intersex? Who knows.
      If the IOC was genuinely interested (as they claim) in statistical data around intersex and male “transwomen” in female sports they would be doing chromosome and hormone tracking for statistical purposes leading up to the re-visit of the Dutee Chand verdict in 2017. We already know from previous years when chromo testing was done routinely that intersex athletes are over-represented in female sports (1:400 vs. 1:10,000 in general population, if my memory serves) so it seems such research would be a no-brainer. Even intersex athletes with CAIS (whose bodies cannot utilize ANY testosterone) are over-represented in female sports. It would be interesting to see those numbers. It seems absurd that the IOC is not collecting that data in anticipation of revisiting the Dutee Chand verdict in 2017.

  73. I would like to follow up on the locker room, shower, and sleeping arrangement question. If “women” Olympic athletes can be biological males with intact male genitalia, how do they handle locker rooms, showers, sleeping quarters, etc.? The host country is supposed to provide all the facilities, and athletes have to change, shower, and sleep somewhere. I’m sure host countries don’t let males and females use the same shower, or sleep in the same room. Where do they put “women” athletes that are really biological males with fully intact male genitalia?

    The IOC says surgery, “may be inconsistent with developing legislation and notions of human rights”, but what about the human rights of female athletes to not be forced to share a locker room, shower, or sleeping quarters with a biological male who still has his male genitalia.

  74. Thanks for the information and quick response.

    “If the IOC was genuinely interested (as they claim) in statistical data around intersex and male “transwomen” in female sports they would be doing chromosome and hormone tracking for statistical purposes leading up to the re-visit of the Dutee Chand verdict in 2017.”

    Yes, they should do this, but I doubt that they will.

    “We already know from previous years when chromo testing was done routinely that intersex athletes are over-represented in female sports (1:400 vs. 1:10,000 in general population, if my memory serves) so it seems such research would be a no-brainer. Even intersex athletes with CAIS (whose bodies cannot utilize ANY testosterone) are over-represented in female sports. It would be interesting to see those numbers.”

    This is from an article about Caster. Caster is intersex genetic male with internal testes, no ovaries or uterus. Caster’s body naturally produces higher levels of testosterone than the average female. I don’t know exactly what intersex medical condition Caster has, but androgen insensitivity isn’t an all or nothing thing. Just look at Caster. There is a great deal of muscle development. When Caster tested high for testosterone, he took medication to lower the testosterone levels. I say he because Caster looks like a muscular man, and is genetic male. Most people who look at Caster see a male not female. Even the liberal news sources have a problem with Caster. There is no way in hell he is completely androgen insensitive unlike some intersex genetic males. So, higher levels of testosterone than the average female produces and genetic male. Since sprinter Dutee Chand won a Court of Arbitration for Sport case last year, it meant the IAAF lost any power to regulate testosterone in “hyperandrogenic women.” Instead of “hyperandrogenic women”, why don’t they just say disorder of sexual development genetic male. I don’t have anything against intersex people, but Caster looks like a dude. Caster shouldn’t be competing against females. Because of the Dutee Chand decision, intersex genetic males don’t even have to take anything to lower their testosterone levels.

    Slate is a left leaning source, and it has this to say about Caster.

    “Genetic tests did screen out a group of women who held an edge in competition. Data drawn from 20 years of mandatory testing between 1976 and 1996 found that women with Y chromosomes were hugely overrepresented at the Olympics. According to Eric Vilain, a medical geneticist who consults for the International Olympic Committee and supports testosterone testing, these women turn up at a rate of 1 in 400 competitors, as compared with 1 in 20,000 in the general population.”


    Notice how they say, “women with Y chromosomes”. This is just another way of saying intersex not that I have anything against intersex people. Did all these “women with Y chromosomes” really have an actual disorder of sexual development? I don’t know, but the data says they had a Y chromosome. Based on data drawn from 20 years of mandatory testing, “women with Y chromosomes” were hugely overrepresented at the Olympics…..1 in 400 competitors, as compared with 1 in 20,000 in the general population.”

    “Perhaps the IOC and IAAF should use this time to gather the best data they can on the prevalence and significance of intersex conditions in women’s sports. For example, they might let the eligibility rules remain on ice for a dozen or so years, while at the same time doing blanket tests for genetics and testosterone. After the 2028 Olympics, they could analyze this massive data set and figure out just how many athletes with each intersex condition are actively competing and the extent to which they’re overrepresented among medalists.”


    They should also do this for biological males with no disorder of sexual development who are claiming “gender identity”.

    I’m not completely opposed to intersex people competing as females, but it should be on an individual basis where everything is carefully taken into consideration. Or, have a separate category for intersex. Caster shouldn’t be competing against females. His testosterone levels are naturally too high, and just look at his muscular build.

    Female athletes are getting the short end of the stick, and this has to change. I say go back to the genetic testing. Anyone with a Y chromosome can’t compete against women because this works for probably 99% of people. If they have an actual intersex condition that is verifiable through medical tests, handle it on a case by case basis with strict monitoring of testosterone. As to “gender identity”, the new Olympic rules are not acceptable and are bullshit.

    The Olympics is turning into one ridiculous spectacle. Screw the Olympics. Who wants to go to Rio and get bit by a nasty Zeka mosquito anyway.

    • GallusMag Says:

      ” I don’t have anything against intersex people, but Caster looks like a dude.”

      Lots of women “look like a dude”. Lots of men “look like a lady”. You’re mixing your gender with your sex in your analysis. At any rate, the issue of allowing intersex women like Caster and Dutee – who were assigned female at birth and raised as female unaware that they had a Y chromosome and internal male testes (due to the fact that their bodies were partially or completely unable to utilize testosterone and never fully masculinized) is in my opinion a completely different issue than unambiguously male athletes who elect to participate in female sport -with or without deliberate body mods- as an expression of the sort of sexist gender feels you mirrored in the sentence quoted above.

      My opinion: Male sports, like nearly all male sex-segregated public areas (restrooms, locker rooms, etc) should be open to all. Males who claim gender feelings (gender identity) should not be permitted to take female slots in sports competition on that basis, or on the basis of bady mods or “looking like a lady”. Post-operative transwomen like Canadian cyclist Kristin Worley, who is suing for the “right” to restore his testosterone levels to his previous natural male pre-op levels and compete against women- should be openly mocked for hubris.

      Intersex athletes assigned female at birth should be able to compete in female sports for the near short term (no idea why that guy in Slate thinks this should take a dozen years) while official, confidential, data is collected for analysis. Unfortunately the IOC opted NOT to collect this data. While it may seem simple to you to exclude all assigned female at birth intersex athletes from competition, the fact is that very many of these individuals are completely unaware of their intersex condition and although over-represented, very few have dominated in their event(s). This is a different circumstance than a man like Kristin Worley who parlayed his middling male career into dominating women’s cycling for years in Canada until he ceased competing. Or an aging man like the absurdly monikered golfer “Lana Lawless” who dominates the women’s long-driving event competing in pigtails and miniskirts against athletes the age of his granddaughters.

      • anon male Says:

        I agree with your point on data collection wholeheartedly.

        I think that intersexed “domination” of women’s sports has to be measured by more than world records and olympic medals: for example, Dutee Chand is the third Indian woman EVER to have qualified for her event. So out of 625 million Indian women, the only, solitary ONE who can compete with, say, Jamaica (a mere 1.2 million women, not counting expats), just happens to be not-female? So Chand might not be dominating her event but, statistically, one could argue she’s absolutely curb stomping women similarly situated in society.

        We’re reaching a point, if we haven’t already, where it’ll be cheaper for cultures like India to pre-screen for intersexed “female” athletes with an advantage than it will be to treat girls like human beings; hell, it’ll be cheaper than “doping.”

        And even in America, at some point, parents, when posed with the choice of paying for an expensive athletic camp for their daughter will start to wonder if they should find out if their kid is “basic” (and thus has an athletic glass ceiling) before shelling out the cash.

      • donesoverydone Says:

        If trans community had any ethics, they would be expanding co-ed sports instead of displacing women atheletes from teams. Professional or Olympic co-ed sports would be rather cool, I think. But trans community doesn’t have any ethics, so here we are.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @anon male-
        A “Y” chromosome does appear to confer an advantage in women’s sports regardless of testosterone absorption insufficiency syndrome. Exceptions are sports based on light weight, balance, “femininity performance”, and endurance.
        I’m not opposed to banning chromosomally male but assigned female at birth intersex athletes from women’s sports. I’d like to see the data on the full range of intersex conditions. That the IOC both intends to revisit the Dutee Chand ruling in 2017 yet declined implementing a protocol to collect that relevant data among competitors in the interim reeks of hypocrisy, politics, and a total disregard of a fair outcome for women athletes.

  75. […] rules. Therefore, the IOC’s appears to contest the validity of the CAS award and seems determined to provide scientific grounds for upholding its ban on female athletes with elevated levels of […]

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