Gender Blah

February 14, 2016

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  1. Wow, she moves slowly like she’s in a deep depression, and she doesn’t seem at all sure that she wants to go through with it. She says she’s only been in gender therapy for three months but she is mourning the loss of her former self. I think she would benefit from getting a proper therapist who can treat her for depression and low self esteem, and get far away from the “gender therapist” who is making her so confused. It’s not too late to change the course.

    • ghost Says:

      She might be on prescription drugs, too.

    • ghost Says:

      Watch her latest video as well. She’s mentally disturbed and she’ll go on with the transition.

    • I completely agree with purplesagefem. The young woman needs help. She is clearly depressed and desperately confused.

      • gabriel Says:

        this is gabriel. take my video down. I don’t need approval from any of you. I am not mentally disturbed, I do suffer from bipolar disorder which I do get treatment for. I am a man and I know that. So any of you that don’t like it don’t watch my videos.

      • GallusMag Says:

        We can watch anything we want, dummy.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        Thank you, Gallus Mag.

        Gabriel, if you are such a man, why did you so recently style your eyebrows in the way men want women to? You are quite feminine according to male/patriarchal rules. You haven’t even bothered to stop looking like a het woman.

        And what does being a man mean? Are you excited at the thought of sexually harassing and assaulting girls and women, as most males do? Are you overwhelmed with a desire to sexually assault helpless animals, as so many males do?

      • fightingunreality Says:

        I wish wish wish the damned (so-called) gender therapists would pay more attention to the actual health of their patients. Synthetic testosterone is linked to serious physical problems for both men and Women, but it’s even worse for persons suffering from BPD. Researchers have found an apparent link between testosterone levels, bipolar episodes and suicidality:

        “Controlling for sex, we found that testosterone levels positively correlated with the number of manic episodes and the number of suicide attempts.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        Gabriel, what does your physician say about the impact of testosterone on bi-polar?

      • gabriel Says:

        My doctor fully accepts my transition actually, thank you guys for asking. All of my doctors do, my therapist, my general practitioner, my psychiatrist. T has not changed my bipolar disorder in any way.

      • katiesan Says:


        My daughter has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, so thank you for that information. She has been physically violent to every member of our family and I have told her she cannot take testosterone and continue to live in our home based on that, but this additional information is very important. She has said she’s suicidal and been hospitalized three times in slightly over a month and is still having fairly short emotional cycles. No way she needs to exacerbate those symptoms!

  2. Freyja Says:

    I hope Bobbie/Gabriel finds this page; I’m afraid to comment on Youtube now that it’s linked to other accounts of mine. One person gave her the advice to read this post, and it’s excellent advice:

    How I wish all the young women who speak of feeling so deeply different, and deeply unsettled within themselves, could be magically transported back to about 1985, when there was such a strong community that would have supported them all the way **as who they already are**. She would have come to know that exactly as she is, with exactly those feelings, she is a normal woman, and there are millions of women like her. She can express her “masculine” attributes — which are, in fact, womanly attributes as well — without undergoing hormonal mutilation and, god forbid, surgical mutilation.

  3. lovetruthcourage Says:

    She says she is excited that she is trans, yet her voice is dull and depressed. She doesn’t want to disappoint her supporters. She needs to stop worrying about their approval. She needs to put this whole thing on hold. I hope she can make peace with her womanhood, and defy gender stereotypes, instead of reinforcing them with transition. She needs to log-off Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube, etc and live in the real world. Dump that abusive “gender therapist” who obviously has an agenda!!! Feminists fought for her rights and she should enjoy them — as the woman that she is!

  4. Ebrate Says:

    Tragically this is what is trans-mania has led to – confused young people considering the medically impossible transition to another sex.

  5. Peachyoghurt Says:

    What a sad video and what a mess. She needs indeed help and not transition. What a fucked up world.

  6. gabriel Says:

    take my video down

  7. Wren Says:

    You people are dwarfed fish-eyed and narrow minded. This entire blog is narcissistic and sadistic. Leave HIM alone. Leave people who have to deal with their changes to their changes. Who are you to judge? Who are you to try to diagnose HIM with something you feel more comfortable with? You make me sick.

    • GallusMag Says:

      What’s your grudge with dwarves?

      • angie Says:

        Apparently you all commenting have an opinion. Well you better take a long hard look in the mirror! You talk about him being depressed. Well for you all to spend your time seeking out others and judging them seems to me you all are unstable and are need of help. Good thing it makes you feel better about yourself to gang up on a person just trying to live their life. You need to all grow up and quite being a bunch of hypocrites.

      • GallusMag Says:

        We’re discussing the media she posted. That’s how youtube works.

      • angie Says:

        No you are attacking someone for being who they want to be! I watch the news and read articles all the time but do t feel I need to make a page about the person. Why don’t you ignorant people dedicate your time on children being molested or killed. Rather then someone living their life not hurting anyone? So what he put his life on you tube. Come on! There are way more issues in the world then commenting on his life.You guys focusing on him or any Transgender person just shows you have way to much time on your hands. Enjoy your life on being useless

      • GallusMag Says:

        We can keep on viewing and discussing any public media that we want to, whenever we want to.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Do these assholes not realize how the fucking internet works?! FFS, this person POSTED A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE. That is hardly a private venue. When you post a video on YouTube, the purpose is for others to watch it. When others watch it, they will then discuss it, the same way we do with just about everything else we witness in life. Good MAUDE, I can’t believe they’re shocked at this.

        And besides dwarves, what’s wrong with fish?! They’re lovely creatures. Now, fish dwarves, though…those guys are assholes.

      • GallusMag Says:

        They hate cats!!!!11

    • GallusMag Says:

      “This entire blog is narcissistic ”

      I know. It’s all “me, me, me”. I’m hoping to become an internet sensation.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:


    • The Adversary Says:

      What’s your beef with fish?

    • LC Says:

      Are you judging us right now? It really sounds like you’re judging us. Who are YOU to judge? Who are you to mock my dwarf fish-eyes, which is a legitimate medical condition? Who are you to diagnose us as narrow-minded just so you’re more comfortable ignoring self-destructive behavior in people you’re “supporting”?

  8. gabriel Says:

    take this video down

    • GallusMag Says:

      Gabriel: Instead of complaining that people are watching the thing you wanted people to watch, maybe you could enlighten us instead. For example, I was struck by how you said in your videos that you loved your name (gender neutral Bobby Jo) and didn’t want to change it. You said you loved having long hair and cried when you cut it. You said you loved your voice and didn’t want testosterone to change it. May I ask why you are taking things you love about yourself, away from yourself? In what way is this not self-harming behavior?

    • Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

      You admitted to having been diagnosed as bipolar, but you’re “not mentally disturbed.” Right. How can you not see the contradiction there?

      Maybe you should concentrate on getting your bipolar under control instead of self-harming and throwing tantrums on the internet.

  9. mon Says:

    When I was young I grew up a spirited girl with brothers. I greatly enjoyed my tomboy life building forts, climbing trees, looking through microscopes, exploring woods, and riding the bike all over, all day. I liked it. I thought I should have been a boy because I got the sense society thought this was “boy stuff.” If this trans thinking had been going on then, and my parents got roped into it, I’m sure I would have fallen victim.
    As a teen, I got a hold of an old book, that I found is still around in its 5th edition. “The Natural Superiority of Women.” I learned how because of our complete set of XX chromosomes we are protected from a host of diseases, live longer from embryo to old age, are emotionally stronger, it goes on and on. It was a turning point. And science has continued to reveal our genetic superiority and strengths.
    And here’s the thing. Just like the research shows, I am not “trans” I grew up to be a healthy, happy lesbian. I got a career using microscopes. I found a partner who is an engineer and we get to do all that stuff we want to do together. We explore woods, ride motor bikes, run electrical, and build forts. ( a tree house!) All without T, its life long side effects, depression, expense.
    I am hoping the young person in the video and so many like her in this day and age, wait, preserve their wonderful female bodies intact, and don’t make a decision they regret.

    • Mortadella Says:


    • KgSch Says:

      *High five*

      I was never as outdoorsy as you, but I also went into the sciences and am a lesbian. I did do some “boy stuff” when I was a kid, like play with Legos and Hotwheels. I also don’t do the whole feminine thing, don’t wear makeup and I am not going to wear shoes that cripple my feet. It is totally normal to want to go out and explore things. I think it’s the meaningless boredom that many women and girls accept because they’ve been taught that “girls shouldn’t do X” that’s not normal.

      Yet, despite all that I am a female since I have two X chromosomes . Gee, what ever happened to the idea that biology determines sex, not hobbies and career choice? Actually when I was a kid most of the parents, including mine considered Hotwheels and Legos to be unisex, and now it’s “my daughter is really my son because she likes that stuff.”

      As for my parents falling for this, I don’t think that my dad buys into the trans nonsense because he views Bruce Jenner as being on the same page as the woman who pretended to be black and I have whole-hardly agreed with him. My brother thinks that Jenner should be Trump’s VP candidate. Not so sure about my mom.

  10. justsaying Says:

    She’s on psychotropic drugs, it’s no mystery why she appears to speak so slowly and move so lethargically.

    What I find ironic is that the trans narrative is often “born in the wrong body, want to surgically make my body match my brain,” but then we find people on psychiatric drugs. So basically you ALSO find your brain deficient and wrong, and want to chemically alter your brain as well as your body—then where is the reality anymore?? Where is the thing you were holding constant, and trying to align everything else with to make things “right”? It doesn’t exist.

    You’re just altering and altering and self-monitoring as you try to see if you ever feel better. But you just feel confused and are on a roller-coaster ride of emotion that comes with each alteration and the constant self-monitoring (“bi polar” could be one pathologizing way to look at that).
    It’s really, really sad.

    After all this, what do you have? You look and sound slightly less like a woman. You move slowly and appear “calm” to an outside observer. So what? You’re still just a human being sitting in your messy living room chain-smoking. What has all of this gotten you? [Gallus, if you think that last part is too personal / mean, feel free to delete it.] This is just all so sad to me. We don’t need to alter human beings to make them lovable, or “okay” or “right.” Humans are who they are, and deserve respect for that—all this drugging and surgerizing is disrespectful to the humanity.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi justsaying, I’m not a fan of amateur internet psychiatry, but from watching this video, I suspect she’s using both short-term sedating medications as well as long-term anti-anxiety drugs.

      • justsaying Says:

        I’m not going to speculate on the specific drugs she is ingesting, but we know her diagnosis, so we can easily know the classes of drugs she is likely on. Of course in the land of polypharmacy (America) she could easily be on 6 or more psychiatric drugs at once.

      • Zemskull Says:

        That’s interesting to consider the possibility that some transgender patients are ingesting a multitude of psychotropic drugs in addition to the hormonal medications they take. It also wouldn’t be surprising if those who have had breast removal, cosmetic surgery and genital carving procedures receive high-dosage prescriptions for opiates.

        Much of America wants to get behind Bruce Jenner and his cohorts, but some of that support would likely diminish if it became common knowledge just how complex, risky and expensive medical transitioning is. This board provides a good service.

      • Franklin Says:

        This is just a guess but it looks like lithium to me. A lot of it. That is a classic drug for bipolar and I have seen it lead to this kind of slowed-down effect. Weight gain as well. But there are so many new drugs now, who knows.

  11. gaydude50 Says:

    Or she’s just another trans attention whore who puts her ‘authentic’ feelings out there in hopes of being validated by others who share her mental illness.

    Cry for help or cry for attention? In the end, with someone who is clearly mentally ill (and admits it above), I go with the latter.

    • justsaying Says:

      do you really want to use the term “whore” to insult a woman on a radical lesbian feminist website? wow. okay.

      we were all discussing this video & the tragedy we saw in what gender craze has done to this young woman, not insulting her. We care about her & the harm she is undergoing. I guess I’m not surprised you have no compassion for this confused, medically abused young woman, though, being a gay dude and all.

  12. You all need to mind your business and worry about your own miserable existence. How dare any of you criticize someone for their feeling. You all need to get a life losers.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “Douglas Nicholas”? Is that really the “male name” you’re going with? LOL

      • amazondream Says:

        Well ‘Douglas Nicolas’ you might want to pay attention to who actually has lived full lives around here and who wants to post absurdly self-centered videos. Every womon here has lived outside of the box of gender and we did it without having to pathologize ourselves for it. Get over yourself and get real already. Leave your skin-sack narcissism and go out and enjoy the day.

  13. Bev Jo Says:

    As much as I might feel sympathetic for such a woman, I just hope she does not come into my community when she decides to change her mind since we do not need one more female-hating narcissist.

    I really do not understand any of this. I grew up as a girl who never conformed to what girls and women were supposed to be, and I have been harassed my whole life for it. The trans cult could care less for Butches like me. But then I never wanted to be male. I loved other girls and saw clearly how boys in my neighborhood were attacking girls and animals, sexually harassing girls and women, and later found out in our wonderful Lesbian Feminist community how few girls and women escaped sexual assault by males. It’s a calculated plot of terrorism and control.

    Why on earth would any woman want to join a group with such a history of female-hating, life-hating? Learn the history of patriarchy and how it is destroying the earth. Even if you still hate all women, do you not care about the rest of the earth?

    Or perhaps the hope of male privilege is all that matters to such self-obsessed women.

  14. gabriel Says:

    You guys make me laugh. I will never take this video down because it was how I felt at the time. You can’t censor me. I am a transgender man and all you terfs can keep on hating on me, thinking I am a “woman” I know who I am, but do you guys really know who you are if you find pleasure on attacking innocent people on the internet?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Now it’s me trying to censor YOU? Uh, okay “bro”. Whatever you say…

      • morag99 Says:

        Amongst the Transgendered Peoples, giving someone a speaking platform while, at the same time, critiquing rather than applauding and cheering her every word, IS felt to be censorship. That might seem counterintuitive, but who are YOU to judge by your own cissy standards? Do try to keep up on your cultural sensitivity training, Gallus. 😉

    • Elle Driver Says:

      At one time you are demanding the writer of this article to remove your video; now you’re stating *you* will never take it down. ???

      You are not being censored. You are not being told to shut up, unlike, say the many women who are being silenced and shamed by transactivists. You are, in fact, dealing with the repercussions of making your story public for all to consume. It’s a lesson many young people seem either unfamiliar with or disbelieving of: when you make yourself public, you open yourself to criticism. The Internet is forever, kiddo.

      Best of luck to you; bipolar can be HELL. But transitioning isn’t the answer, no more so than the Scientology cure-all of vitamins is the answer. Both are quackery disguised as cure for mental illness.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      Anyone promoting the trans cult which is doing horrific harm to girls and women, is not “innocent.”

      We’re not censoring you. We’re commenting on your public, self-indulgent and contradictory video. You are the one hating on women.

      We know who we are and we are defending all females by saying no to this travesty. Your projecting is pathetic.

      If you think you are a man, why not go out and ask women you meet if they agree. So many of these women who insist they are men live in a fantasy world of either thinking they can finally get access to the gay men they have been obsessing about (ala Pat Califia) or will have droves of the het women they obsess about, throwing themselves at them. I regularly see women deluding into thinking they are men at a genderqueer bar in SF, alone and lonely-looking.

      Reality is that gay men do not want to be with women who can never be men. Surely you’ve noticed the surgery can’t begin to approximate a male body?

      And het women who want full het privilege also do not want to be with a woman pretending to be a man who can never give them the status they are looking for.

      So what will you end up doing? You can yell you’re a man all you want, but clearly you are not and will never be. And anyone you ask can tell you that, unless they are the tiny minority deluded as you are. But again, gay men and het women will never accept you as a man.

      • KgSch Says:

        Good advice Bev! The fact is that most people who are not involved in the alphabet soup mindfuck will not pretend you’re the opposite sex. Even many liberals won’t. Yes, some will for the sake of ally points and appearing “open-minded” but there are a lot who won’t.

        And yes, het women want a relationship with an actual man and so do gay men.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      Hey Gabby, fyi “terf” is a slur. Stop using it. It’s offensive.

      This is the dictionary definition of censor (as a verb):

      to examine in order to suppress or delete anything considered objectionable ; also : to suppress or delete as objectionable

      Now, were you censored or were you given some free press?

    • michelle Says:

      Nobody is seeking to censor your tripe. However, when you make your shit public, you tacitly agree to allow others to offer up critiques. That is how public domain works. And that is how it continues to work when someone who is engaging in the critiquing is not profiting from your work.

      Your medical providers have done you a tremendous injustice by allowing you to engage in self-mutilation while also having at least one diagnosis of a very serious mental health condition. And based on the comments that you actually LIKED several of the features you possessed, it does not even seem that you meet the arbitrary criteria that exists for ‘gender dysphoria’ which means you are more likely wanting to be on testosterone because all the ‘cool kids’ on tumblr and youtube claim it is so wonderful.

      I’m just wondering whether you will come back to some manner of social media in ten or twenty years (if not sooner) when you realize that we were actually right in our critiques…

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Only you’re not “innocent”, “Gabriel”. It’s just that viewing yourself that way makes you feel better about yourself. All you have to do is go back and read posts at this very site to see the damage being done to women by trans bullshit. I doubt you will, though…too much risk of that causing cracks in your façade.

  15. A cat Says:

    Lol, I am bipolar. IT MEANS YOU ARE MENTAL.

    That doesn’t make you a bad or wrong person. I have multiple diagnoses and none of them make me evil. They make me difficult to deal with and prone to avoiding doorways and not sleeping for three nights because I Need To Explain Things, but not bad.

    I suspect a thing got in your brain telling you you were somehow fundamentally wrong and this is how you have begun to see yourself, as a person who needs changing. You don’t, you may or may not need meds because, illness, but you are good right as you are.

  16. Siobhan Says:

    I spent some time convinced that I had a “boy brain” in my late teens, because I didn’t relate to what was being presented to me as How Women Are, and I hated how much womanhood was sexualized. Fortunately for me, this was the late 1970 so no one was pushing T or transition on me.

    One thing that I have thought about recently is the fact that, in the midst of all this teenage angst, I became anorexic, which I now realize is a way of desexualizing your body (shrunken breasts, no fat on the hips, no period). I eventually recovered, and, over time, grew to accept and even like myself as a female.

    The teenage angst and self-doubt that today leads to “identifying” as transgender is just the same old angst and self-doubt that has plagued women in our misogynistic society for a long time. Dealing with an eating disorder messed up my head and my perceptions of reality. Fortunately for me, few people felt the need to affirm my delusions and the treatment for anorexia did not destroy my health or my fertility as do cross-sex hormones and mutilating surgeries. Although, I do have to say, there were people who did occasionally tell me that I looked “great” while I was painfully thin. I lived for that praise.

    I feel bad for this young person, because I remember being just as fearful and confused and conflicted when I was struggling with my eating disorder.

    I hope that “Gabriel” comes to her senses before her health is permanently destroyed. It only takes a short time for the T to destroy your uterus and cause multiple other health issues. I wish she could find a way to be a healthy, strong, female who is not constrained by sexist stereotypes. I wish there was more support and understanding for young females who are repulsed by how our society restricts “woman.” I hope she can find peace with the healthy body into which she was born.

  17. Tyrell Says:

    Y’all bitches must be old af cuz y’all sound so fucking ridiculous. He’s sure of his gender, just because you aren’t sure of his gender doesn’t mean he isn’t. Get a fucking grip. Better yet, get a fucking life. Y’all terfs are fucking ridiculous bitches.

    • SkepticalMom Says:

      She’s a female. I am sure of it. If she thinks she is a male, she is incorrect. If she thinks she can become a male, she is incorrect.

    • gaydude50 Says:

      I am 100% sure he’s a woman with XX chromosomes. What do I win?

    • soporificat Says:

      Tyrell, you are very lazy. You don’t bother to check your facts. You rely on stereotype threat and foolish cliches to do your arguing for you. I’m unimpressed.

      Here are some facts for you:
      1) The people who read and post here range in age from very young to very old. I know this for a fact.

      2) Being old doesn’t make you stupid, worthless, or out of touch with reality.

      3) While it is true that the people who post here are primarily women (adult human females), a surprising number are men (adult human males), some of whom leave very well thought through comments.

      4) Calling women “bitches” is misogynistic. For shame. This is basic.

      5) “get a fucking life” is a pitiful cliche of an insult, and it is not a substitute for effective argumentation.

      If you are just going to be insulting without any actual content, at least be entertaining with it. You fail on every dimension. It’s an “F” grad from me, I’m afraid.

  18. gabriel Says:

    Do you guys even care about the extremely high suicide rates among trans teens? Do you want to drive such young teens to suicide? Your hatred for the trans community is disgusting. Thank god I found your hatred filled community after I was sure of myself being the man I am. The hatred you are spewing at teens like myself, is down right cruel. You aren’t gonna change us, we don’t need you to save us.

    • GallusMag Says:

      You’re a few months shy of twenty years old, no? You post videos that you don’t want people to watch or discuss? Then you run around attacking people who do watch them?

      • Bev Jo Says:

        The truth isn’t “hatred.” Again, ask people you meet if you really are a man.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I respect her right to believe anything she wants about herself, or about anything else. I don’t see why I’m required to believe the same. Where’s the diversity in that? Many people don’t believe in Jesus. Disbelief is not a form of “hatred” against Christianity, or Christians. How could anyone go through life with such a paranoid view of disparate thinkers? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. If she intends to believe that everyone who observes her actual sex “hates” her, that sounds like a very bad plan for a happy life.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        I agree. Her raging at those of us who disagree is proof of how insecure she is in this “identity.” I wouldn’t care if she insisted she was another species, but anyone who is concerned for what is happening to girls and women knows that women insisting they are men hurts not just them. It’s not an innocent choice. Like other issues of female-hating, girls and women will die. She talks about suicide? I wonder how many kill themselves when their fantasy doesn’t work out?

    • MaryMacha Says:

      People, teens or otherwise, are NOT less likely to kill themselves after transitioning. Those high suicide rates used to be assigned (I know you like that word) to other groups of teenagers. In this generation, angst and depressed teens are the same ones who have chosen to dis-identify themselves from their birth sex, as have LGB teens. The base statistical proportions haven’t changed in relation to the general population. What has changed is the constant propagandizing of suicide as an option for feelings of dysphoria. Of course it’s not presented that way.

      If you are feeling suicidal you need REAL help from someone who can teach you how to pull yourself out of depression and how to build-up your self-esteem, not help from someone with a vested interest in getting you to transition. The euphoria of transition lasts a few years but it doesn’t get rid of the underlying problems that caused the dysphoria in the first place. Once the novelty wears off you will find yourself with all of the same basic problems and some major (and I mean fricken MAJOR) new ones. That’s why suicide rates are higher for trans people. Not being able to accept yourself on such a fundamental level as is the physical one is a psychological/spiritual/emotional problem that doesn’t go away with surgery and pharmaceuticals. There is nothing wrong with your body. There is nothing wrong with your mind and spirit that you can not heal.

      • KgSch Says:

        Lately a lot of the recommendations for therapy for depression and bipolar disorder is to talk it out, with drugs being the secondary treatment (or sometimes not at all). Plastic surgery and hormones is not the solution for mental health issues.

        Yes, once the euphoria wears off, you realize that you have the same old problems, not to mention a bunch of new ones because that’s what happens with unnecessary and dangerous drugs/surgery, and you haven’t achieved your goal because surgery and hormones can’t even start to approximate the male body.

        I do think this denial of reality is the cause of a lot of these suicides, not discrimination (or the suicide rates of racial minorities would be higher) or lack of “validation”. Plus, go on tumblr or reddit and you get a ton of adults telling teenagers that they should threaten to kill themselves if their parents don’t get them hormones and basically that if said teen does commit suicide, they are now a martyr for the cause. Those are manipulative abuser tactics.

        For example, there was this suicide cluster:

        All of these people were going to the same support group and being “validated” in some way that their trans identities were legit but they still offed themselves.

    • Sarah Says:

      You sound like teenagers from every youth cult that’s ever existed – the grown-ups just don’t understand you. I know you’re young but it would probably help you to grab some historical perspective preferably sooner rather than later, before the hormones do your poor body any more damage

    • Oceans Says:

      First, trans continue having very high rates of suicides even after transition. That’s likely because the underlying mental illnesses are not addressed or treated.

      Second, using suicidality as a threat to shut people up is Abuser Logic 101 and very manipulative. It’s also a classic symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder. Considering how prevalent Borderline Personality Disorder is in the trans community, I’m not surprised you whipped out the suicide card.

      Third, if a person commits suicide, it is entirely their choice. It’s not society’s fault, their family’s fault, their spouse/children/sibling’s fault. It is a choice the person makes. Trying to make other people feel responsible is just you being an asshole.

    • Janetwo Says:

      People on this blog care a lot more then the typical trans who will care about you only if you kill yourself or get murdered and will turn you into a martyr for the cause. Only people who really care will point to you how destructive is your behavior. Trans vampirize both feminist and gay communities because they dont give a shit about creating the support system to help their own. They dont care about the long term effects hormone therapy, surgery and hating your own body to the extent you do will do to your health in the long run. Men never cared about what corset, foot binding, high heels, crazy diet did and still do to women bodies. The slew of pervy autogynophiles and high end drag queens like Laverne Cox do not care about you. Most trans spend their time on social medias satisfying their not so subtile narcissism and get enraged at anybody not validating their delusions. They will prey on your insecurity to turn you into some kind of zombie keyboard warrior ready to harrass other women just like you. The only people on social medias who give a crap about you are the people honest enough to tell you what the fuck you are doing to yourself. If you prefer listening to a bunch of tards as messed up that you are atm instead of well adjusted, happy and healthy lesbians who survived the shitstorm they went through, good luck, you will need it. Your generation has spent way too much time taking its cues from the net instead of the real world were life is lived and bodies exist. Newsflash, bodies are not like videogame avatars you can switch at will. You dont get to choose, as anybody from a minority can confirm you. Fantasies dont become real because you want to, as anybody from my generation can attest when we realized Santa Claus does not exist.

      You are not a man, you never will be one and I guarantee you that you will never attract a purely het female like me and a purely gay man because contrarily to the ridiculous concept you suscribe to about gender, sexual orientation is real and found in many other species than humans. And its not you or any cabale of trans that will invalidate the sexual orientation of billions of gays and hets, especially gays who fought tooth and nail to have a right to be who they are. In the end, believe whatever you want about yourself, you cannot force anybody else to do the same. You will not invalidate reproductive biology which is far more older than a social fad which is bound to crash and burn anytime soon when the trans terrorism will have wear out its welcome. It is no way remotely comparable to homosexuality which has deep historical roots and is mentioned in antiquity surviving texts like the bible or greek literature and more than likely, has existed as long as humans have in others species. You really want to be stuck with a messed up body on the top of a shattered mind once you realize that sex is not gender? The only rational answer is to stop digging your hole by piling more problems to the ones you already have and focus on accepting your body and work for peace of mind. Mental wellness is not unattainable, contrarily to changing your whole DNA.

      • TG Says:

        If you blog, Janetwo, I hope you’ll repost this comment to where more people will see it. Your reasoning is superb; your wording, eloquent and succinct. It is an article in itself and a potentially important one.

  19. angie Says:

    Wow you all talk about gabe having issues! Have you looked in the mirror. You all seem to hate yourselves and that’s why you need to judge. America is great because you can post and say anything you want, but when you get ignorant people who think they know it all mouthing off about their beliefs, it really makes you wonder. Are they REALLY happy with themselves. Cause to have to get this involved with someone’s life, that is not hurting anyone, makes you think about their stability! GROW Up! Opinions are like assholes and everyone has one.

    • GallusMag Says:

      So, you’re against youtube then?

    • SkepticalMom Says:

      We are ignorant? I will tell you who is ignorant: women who think they can become men by either announcing they are men and insisting on being called “he” or “him,” or by taking testosterone and undergoing genital mutilation surgeries. It is impossible for females to become males. The sooner “Gabe” realizes this and finds some help in coming to terms with her female reality, the sooner she will be on the road to mental and physical wellbeing.

      I have only best wishes for “Gabe,” but she needs to accept the reality of the situation: she is not a man, nor will she ever be a man. She can be whatever kind of woman that suits her — but she can never be a man.

      • Dakota Says:

        You “women” (as I would love to call you, had you been akin to women and not disgusting creatures) are really nothing more than a group of narcissists whose only real legacy after expressing these “opinions” of yours will be living alone in a house with a hundred cats, waiting for the sweet embrace of death to take you from your miserable existence.

        I can’t wait until the better part of social justice finds these sickening comments of yours and tears you into so many pieces, you can’t find your head from your ass.
        But, considering the shit spewing from your mouths, you already seem to be struggling with that problem.

        Kindly leave this young man alone.

      • soporificat Says:

        Lol! @ Dakota. Who is filled with hate? Us? You should read your own comment back to yourself, then compare it with any of the comments left by regular posters here.

        Let’s review:
        1) You say we are not actually human beings at all (“disgusting creatures”)
        2) You wish us to die lonely and miserable deaths
        3) Actually, no, you can’t wait that long, so you want the SJWs to find us and murder us

        Hahahaha! You are ridiculous. Genuinely, you make me laugh.

      • If ONLY I could live alone with a hundred cats, in a mansion, with plenty of space and food, a no-kill shelter where cats are treated humanely, and are adopted out into loving living situations. Oh, if ONLY. Sounds like the dream plot of a kid’s book, pure fantasy. Of course, the reality IS horrible…when women (and men) hoard animals. So much pain in people’s lives, so much emptiness! Some people hoard animals, and others fixate on biological sex, so much obsessive behavior, so little time on this earth……

      • GallusMag Says:

        It’s interesting how often individuals claiming a 50% suicide attempt rate mock others for perceived unhappiness.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        We’re not the narcissists here, Dakota, that would be you and your tranny friends, who demand ALL the attention ALL the time, and throw tantrums when you don’t get it…that’s when you’re not posting endless selfies on Instagram.

        Then you go and wish violence on women because they won’t cater to your pathetic delusions. You’re a misogynistic, porn-soaked POS, nothing more. I can’t wait until your fragile house-of-cards identity crashes around you when you realize that all the “social justice” laws in the world can’t make normal people participate in your laughable fallacy.

      • Rachel Says:

        What’s wrong with having cats? That’s not a very inclusive attitude, is it?
        BevJo was only stating facts. We can all be as masculine or feminine as we wish, that is a choice, but we do not get to choose our physical sex.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Cats, dwarves, fish, people over thirty, women. <<<The enemy tally.

      • Dakota Says:


        Considering I never mentioned the word “hate” in my comment, it seems to me as though you have a very guilty conscious.

        Yes, you ARE filled with hate.

        Just as I am filled with an intolerance for transphobic individuals like yourself.

        Let’s review your review.

        1) You say we are not actually human beings at all (“disgusting creatures”)

        You are invalidating this young man’s identity. Can’t I not invalidate your existence as well?

        2) You wish us to die lonely and miserable deaths

        I wish you were lonely. You are the ones that will want the sweet embrace of death to take you from your meaningless lives.

        3) Actually, no, you can’t wait that long, so you want the SJWs to find us and murder us

        Yes. Totally. Because sjw’s have been known to kill and murder people. And tearing people into pieces isn’t something you can do verbally.

        Are you done?
        Because there is no argument you can make that justifies making fun of this boy. You people supposedly fear for his mental health, but continue to invalidate his very valid identity.

        I suggest you educate yourself on why transphobia is harmful to trans individuals, because you do not seem to grasp the concept of what is appropriate.

      • GallusMag Says:

        So validated identity=existence. Dakota, can atheists disbelieve in Jesus without invalidating the existence of Christians?

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        girl / her

        You can’t make others participate with your delusional lunacy.

      • Dakota Says:

        @Ashland Avenue

        “tranny friends”

        Let me stop you right there and let you know that everything you say after this phrase just visually appears as bullshit.

        The only one seeking any sort of validation here is you.
        Do you know me personally?
        lol no. You don’t.
        If you did, you would know that I do not post endless selfies on Instagram.

        “Then you go and wish violence on women because they won’t cater to your pathetic delusions.”

        No… No I didn’t. lol

        “You’re a misogynistic, porn-soaked POS”

        Are you aware of what an asexual is?
        Porn-soaked. It’s actually horrifying that you would imply such a thing.

        “I can’t wait until your fragile house-of-cards identity crashes around you when you realize that all the “social justice” laws in the world can’t make normal people participate in your laughable fallacy.”

        You’re the biggest fucking joke, kid.

      • kesher Says:


        I hope you find peace in your life someday.

      • Dakota Says:

        My life is pretty peaceful tbh
        But thank you.

      • angie Says:

        That’s how ignorant you are I never said anything about women! I said you people! Wow just keep spreading the hate!

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        “Do you know me personally?”

        Do you know US personally? No? Then why are we expected to extend to you any sort of consideration, when you storm in here insulting everyone, and certainly not questioning yourself as to whether or not you “know” us personally? Is that what you think women should do, always be the nice ones? We don’t subscribe to that here, too bad for you.

        Yes, you absolutely DID wish violence on us for not agreeing with you. Saying “no I didn’t lol” doesn’t change that, you shithead.

        And news flash: just because you consider yourself “asexual” doesn’t preclude you from being a porn-soaked, misogynistic POS. Which you are. Very much so.

        Lastly, I’m sure as hell not “seeking validation” here. I’m a woman, I’m comfortable in my skin and I have a happy life, and I love other women. No amount of tranny (oh! Did I hurt your fee-fees by using that word? Tough shit, kid) bullshit can ever take that away. To me, with the way you speak to women, you’re nothing more than a worm-infested pile of dog shit on the sidewalk. And I’m done talking to you. Buh-bye, loser.

      • Janetwo Says:

        Lol….cliche much @Dakota … 0 point for originality right there. Look pissant, if you are going for insults, at least do it in style. Some of us could be into breeding pirhannas and therefore, fall into a 1000 gallons aquarium and our squelettons found by the naughty kids breaking and entering the wart covered designated town witch ginger cottage. Personally, I am partial to orchids and dogs, both not known to eat the body of their caretaker. The worst part of orchids hording is the relentless encroaching of the window ledges, the frantic craving for a greenhouse and the CITES paperwork to import awesomeness made flowers. I guess I could accidentaly confuse the bottle of gin with the bottle of malathion. Old age, you know, without reading glass, its easy to mistake insecticide with booze. Some of the lady butch dykes could be crushed under their Harley while playing grease monkey and discovered weeks later, their rotten hand still holding a can of wd40. No old, osteoporetic woman should attempt heavy bike mechanic unsupervised. What the heck, you got the whole of the popculture a google search away and the only thing you can come up with is one witless comment about old ladies with cats?

        By the way, I can almost picture you clutching your lipstick, jaw dropped as you read all the meany comments here. I know right, we females should be intimidated and appaled as you dropped your indignation and your pearls of wisdom on us. SJ my tushy, like any of you internet keyboard warrior wankers ever stood on a real picket line or attended a real protest of your life. Now go do some reading about the proper way to wipe your bottom, your mom failed in that critical step of your potty training and you stink.

    • Dakota Says:


      A valid identity does equal a person’s existence.
      If you don’t know who you are, you’re lost and you don’t know where you belong. Hence, the lack of thinking you exist.

      • GallusMag Says:

        So people of faith and all the world’s religions don’t actually exist, according to you. WHO is denying people’s existence again? It’s you. That’s what you do. See also:

      • mel Says:

        Posting the young woman’s video in itself validates her existence. It brought her existence to the attention of many people who otherwise would have been unaware of it.

        In the video she questions her identity and expresses profound doubts about who she is and what she’s doing. She’s essentially telling everyone that she feels lost. She’s not alone. Many people who’ve sworn that they were born into the wrong sex end up changing their minds. They either call off the transition process or stop it at some point. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if this woman ends up changing her mind or starts identifying as something other than a man.

        If she does end up changing her mind and accepts that she’s a woman, will you defend her against the trans movement’s hate storm after she makes a video telling the world about her decision to detransition?

      • ex home birthers Says:

        People most certainly existed before there was any concept of gender to identify with. It’s silly to say otherwise.

      • Oceans Says:

        Dakota, there are about 7 billion people on this planet. They are not your staff. It is not their job to make you feel good about yourself. They are not required to validate jackshit about you or your precious “identity.”

        Putting your sense of self in the hands of every random person you encounter online or IRL is just stupid. You will never feel validated or happy.

        And if you have people in your life who play the required word games, don’t assume they really truly think your “identity” is what you say it is. Life is full of times when we have to show respect for people we really don’t respect. A lot of the socially correct ass kissers in fact laugh about all of this when they think no one’s listening.

        I mean, had women’s lib activists of the past waited for men to validate them….LOL

      • morag99 Says:

        Oceans: Perfect!

      • Here’s the bit you don’t seem to understand. Us older women? We were told where we “belong” and we said fuck that and went about doing things women weren’t “supposed” to do. And we took shit for it. You want invalidated? The asshole who tried to rape me told me that it was what I deserved for being good at math and science, that he wouldn’t “have” to do this if only I knew my place. So whatever place he (and you apparently) think I deserve for being a woman? Can go fuck itself. The thing is, though, that no matter how I present, from heels and a dress (not happening) to DMs, cargo pants, and a tee shirt from one of the groups I’ve been involved with in real life (pretty much my daily uniform – ask me about environmental protests, youth science and math programs, anti war work, anti hunger campaigns, or my undying admiration for Pete Seeger – I have shirts from all of the above.) no matter what, even if I wear modern day corsets to strap my chest flat (or the ace bandages I tried in the 80s), wear baggy pants that sit on my hips, shave my head with a number one guard- in short do everything in my power to look male, I will still be going around with a target on my back, because male violence is real.

        And trying to say that I am not like other women – so they deserve shit like all the stuff mentioned in this thread because obviously they *identify* with it is ridiculous. Nobody identifies with being treated like shit unless they’ve been groomed to believe that’s all they can expect. So instead of trying to get my status as a *real person* (because that’s what everyone is trying for) validated while affirming a system that marks me out for abuse is self defeating.

  20. Freyja Says:

    Gabriel, would you consider living on T for a full year before having surgery? You are very young, and a year is not a long time, although it may seem so. Please, give yourself time to live as Gabe. Only you know what you are truly experiencing, and you should give yourself enough time to inhabit your life as Gabe before you make physical changes. Please consider this suggestion.

    • Gabriel Says:

      I will be on T a year before my surgery

      • TG Says:

        Be aware that the testosterone will give you the body, *not* of a man, but of a prematurely post-menopausal woman — with the medical ailments of a post-menopausal woman.

        An XX body does not respond to testosterone the way an XY body does, and the medical problems it triggers in XX bodies can last a lifetime even if you stop taking the testosterone.

        If you do stop taking testosterone, the masculine secondary traits that have developed will not remain intact. And the feminine secondary traits you previously had will not return in the same way. You will be forever not what you sought to be and not what you were.

        If your doctors and therapist haven’t explained that to you in a way that lets you plan intelligently a life irreversibly affected by the decision to take testosterone, please ask them more questions.

      • SkepticalMom Says:

        Excellent points, TG.

        Gabriel, if you’re still reading here, I would like to add that you also talk to your doctors and give careful consideration to what your love-life will be like after you transition. I do not think surgeons or psychologists are doing a thorough job of pointing out potential problems to their trans patients.

        Would you like a life partner some day? Keep in mind that gay men are interested in biological males. Lesbians are attracted to women. Hetero men are attracted to women. Hetero women are attracted to biological males. By using surgeries and hormones to change your appearance to resemble a man, you are drastically limiting your pool of prospective partners. You may find that the only people who are romantically or sexually interested in you are “chasers,” perverts who will screw anything that doesn’t run away, or closeted/curious/denying gay men who might view you as a stepping stone to a true male sexual partner. You may find that post-transition dating brings on the stress, discomfort, shame and anxiety you are hoping to avoid by transitioning.

        Please reconsider transitioning, not just for this reason — as you can read in the various responses, there are many reasons not to transition, or at least slow it down and allow yourself to come to a more clear mental state first.

  21. Gabe (Bobby Jo), the women here are only saying that there are alternatives for young women other than taking testosterone. Why is it offensive to say that young women are strong and beautiful just the way they are without injecting drugs that could possibly endanger their health? Did you take the time to read the articulate posts from mon and KgSch? These were strong non-traditional females when they were your age.

    (1.) As to mood disorders, even transgender sources list mood swings and reports of destabilizing those with bipolar disorder.

    Mild Side Effects from FTM Testosterone HRT

    Sweating, increased red blood cell count, increased sex drive, male pattern baldness, edema, increased body odor, increased hair growth, thinning of the hairline, soreness or a knot at the injection site if administered by intramuscular injection, acne, and mood changes. This list is not exclusive. Speak with your healthcare provider if you experience any mild symptoms from testosterone hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

    Moderate Side Effects from FTM Testosterone HRT

    Mood swings, anxiety, agitation, menopausal symptoms (such as hot flashes), red flushing of the cheeks or skin, allergic reaction, cystic acne, nausea, increased LDL cholesterol levels, decreased HDL cholesterol levels, increased red blood cell count, increased hemacrit and hemoglobin levels, and elevated blood pressure. This list is not exclusive. Speak with your healthcare provider if you experience any mild symptoms from testosterone hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

    Severe Side Effects from FTM Testosterone HRT

    Suicidal tendencies, violence, panic attacks, rage, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes), severe allergic reaction (anaphalxis, difficulty breathing), nausea, vomiting, liver failure, cancer, kidney or urinary problems, infection of the injection site, stroke, or heart attack.

    Mental Health.

    There are often many positive emotional changes from commencing masculinising hormone treatment. However, in some people, testosterone can cause increased irritability, frustration, and anger. There are reports of testosterone destabilizing those with bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and schizophrenia. Changing to a daily dose of transdermal testosterone can be helpful if mood swings are linked to the highs and lows of an injection cycle.

    Mental Health Issues

    Estrogens can potentially worsen depression
    Testosterone may destabilize bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, impulse control disorders

    Shame on all these mean old transgender and LGBT health educators for acting like insensitive brutish “TERFs” for saying mean “terfy” things like “there are reports of testosterone destabilizing those with bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and schizophrenia”. Common sense tells us that perhaps some females with bipolar disorder should think twice before taking testosterone with bipolar medications or other psych meds.

    (2.) Some people with bipolar disorder take several medications. As people age, they usually end up taking medication for chronic health problems such as hypertension, etc. Aging people with a chronic mental health diagnosis can end up taking three or four different drugs for chronic medical problems as well as their psych meds. Research shows that people with chronic mental illness have shorter life spans as it is. Higher rates of morbidity and mortality are related to chronic untreated mental illness. Google it. Now, add years of testosterone to the mix. People with chronic serious mental illness don’t just die from suicide. The psych meds themselves can cause a whole host of health problems.

    ”Although suicide and injury account for 40% of the excess mortality in schizophrenia, 60% can be attributed to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and infection. Patients with SMI have 2 to 3 times the risk of diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and obesity. Furthermore, those with SMI consume more than one-third of tobacco products, and 50% to 80% of people with SMI smoke tobacco, an important reversible risk factor for cardiovascular disease. “

    (3.) I’m curious as to how and why you were prescribed testosterone? Did your gender therapist write a letter for the testosterone, or were you prescribed testosterone on an “Informed Consent” basis? If your gender therapist wrote a letter saying you were ready for testosterone, perhaps she or he should watch your video. In the video, you repeatedly say you aren’t sure whether or not transitioning is for you, and you say, “I’m so afraid I might be making a mistake”. Even your slow speech and demeanor is all the proof that people need to see that you seem so unsure of who you are and what you want. People who research this subject know that most testosterone for females is prescribed on an “Informed Consent” basis. That is, a patient sees the doctor who hands her an “Informed Consent” form that she is supposed to read and sign at the bottom. The “Informed Consent” form lists all the possible side effects of testosterone. Below is an example of a typical “Informed Consent” form. These are my questions. Gabe, you might be a high functioning bipolar person, but can you honestly say all mentally ill women are fully capable of understanding everything in an “Informed Consent” form? How can mentally ill people give informed consent?

    Among all the possible side effects on this “Informed Consent” form, it states,

    “I understand that there are brain structures which are affected by testosterone and estrogen, and that current medical science does not understand these adequately. I understand that taking a hormone may have long-term effects on the functioning of my brain which are impossible to predict. These effects maybe beneficial, damaging, or both.” (*they are asking mentally ill people if they understand that no one knows the long term effects of testosterone on brain structures)

    I agree to tell my medical provider about any non-clinic hormones, dietary supplements, herbs, recreational drugs or medications I might be taking. (*I’m sure all mentally ill people make sure to promptly inform their physical about everything they take)

    Gabe, ask yourself this. If people were so sure about the long term effects of years of testosterone and no one ever regrets transitioning, then why do they ask females to sign these “Informed Consent” forms? When people get prescriptions for antibiotics or allergy medicine, they don’t have to sign an “Informed Consent” form. Doctors want to cover their ass in case of side effects years down the road, or someone regrets transitioning. In a real sense, FTMs are lab rats of sorts. There is no other way to describe it.

    (4.) Why would women on this and other blogs question why so many young women are “transitioning”, and whether or not it’s wise to transition any and every woman. Transgender activists have proven time and time again that they see no problem in transitioning just about anyone. Whether it’s a seriously depressed women like Nathan-Verhelst who asked to be euthanized after “top surgery”, or young women with Down Syndrome, the general attitude is transition them all. Developmentally disabled – no problem! Mentally ill – no problem! Seriously depressed – No problem! Even a developmentally disabled woman with Down Syndrome who had leukemia when she younger was prescribed testosterone. They even were, and probably still are, determined to get top surgery for this developmentally disabled girl who could have died in the ICU. Who cares if she survives the surgery. It’s all about gender identity. This young woman ended up in the ICU with a pulmonary embolism that could have killed her. Blood clots are possible side effects of testosterone. There are lawsuits involving males who were prescribed testosterone. How this relates to FTMs is largely unknown.

    Gabe, I wish you well. You can be beautiful and strong without the “T”.

    • Freyja Says:

      So beautifully said, @Skylar Phillips. Surely, Gabriel/Bobby will read these resources carefully. It is horrifying to think of the permanent damage that testosterone can cause.

      Gabe, please be sure to watch the video I’m linking to here. It’s honest and by someone very like you. Permanent hormonal imbalance causing chronic yeast infection and monthly urinary tract infections. Endometriosis. Post-menopausal levels of estrogen (premature aging). Please watch this. There’s no bullshit in it:

  22. WeWillWin Says:

    Gabe, I’m concerned about you. This past summer, after 4 years on T, my very close Ftm friend almost died from a pulmonary embolism. She still has blood clots in her legs and they are quite painful. Her bones have become weak and she’s had numerous fractures. She’s 40 years old.

    At 19 years old it’s easy to take our health for granted but powerful hormones and drugs deplete our life force like a gasoline fire.

    Have you seen this article by a prominent bone specialist about how hormone therapy can weaken and damage bones?

    I wish you well and hope you seek information from a wide variety of sources before making decisions that can have lifelong health consequences.

  23. A cat Says:

    I find it weird that GallusMag gets accused of narcissism and sadism. She is telling you, Gabriel, to watch out for yourself because she is worried. We all are here because this is not how we want to see young women behaving and feeling and want you to be OK.

    I am bipolar (and an actual sadist, although this has nothing to do with it) and *I’m* scared for you. You do not sound well. Being unwell makes one prone to bad decisions and I think this may be where you are. That is OK, not evil or wrong, any more than breaking your leg would make you a bad person, untrustworthy or anything else. But on T with bipolar? My God, no.

    I know we are old and crap and everything. But we have lived through this shit and this is how we know.

  24. Freyja Says:

    Gabriel, this is one of the best videos I’ve seen, by someone who is deeply thoughtful and honest. I linked brotherwarrior’s previous video about health effects; this is his followup about going on T, going off T, and thoughts about being genderqueer. It is really amazing. Brotherwarrior is amazing. I wish you all the best and I hope this video is helpful — I bet all the videos by brotherwarrior are . . .

  25. A cat Says:

    Dakota, you are a fucking tit and your arguments make no sense.

    If you think GM is invalidating Gabriel in some way, how can your argument be “it’s not fair, I should get to do it toooo”? Either invalidation is wrong or it is not. If you really believe GM did it and you are opposed to invalidation, how does it make sense to whine you should get your shot at it?

    About being an “asexual” no one cares, sweetheart. We do not have to take your speshulgenderfeelz to heart any more than people have to about mine.

    Honestly this shit gets tedious.

  26. No name Says:

    I love how femminst (lesbians) will focus all of their engergy/hate on transgender people and say they’re “mutlating there bodies” but dont mention the countless amounts of surgies bio women get everyday to fix breast (weather to saggy or to small) vagina (get it tighter or remove beef curtains to make them more appealing) and every other inch on themselfs (cause they feel depressed or ugly). Hell, even pircing clits or nipples is a type of body modification(also that butch tatoo counts too) , but still not hearing any bitching. Also, you cant say hormones are the devil when half or more of you are pumped up with enough silicone or botox that you’re basicly plastic. And the best part? Non of you bio women have to go through therapy or any mental test before you can get all of these unnecessary procedures done, as long as you have the cash. Like seriously, why dont you guys actually help young bio girls enjoy their bodies and not feel the need to be alter/shame of them instead of hating on people who want nothing to do with your gender? If they dont want to be part of your gender, why should you care? There are plenty of women out there who enjoy being women, go bug and shop with them instead of being selish and saying “noooooooo, we need every women on our side, down with meeeeeeeen” also, whats up with only gay women caring so much about transgender people? Like out of all of my friends; straight, bisexual and gay (men and women) only one friend and not surprising a “bull dyke” was the only one who has issues with transgenders.(and same thing with blogs,” the dirt on dirt” being a cringe worthy example) Like, are you that scared more ‘lesbians’ are gonna turn and join the trans side? Are you scared of losing numbers or potential dates with them? Cause honestly, you shouldnt care so much about other peoples genitals unless you’re dating them cause we all human. ALSO, by spreading hate like that, you’re giving the LGBT a bad name so why dont you knock it off?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Feminists extensively critique misogynistic body-hatred in all its forms. Only a downright idiot would claim otherwise. That would be you.

      Regarding your query about why it is specifically Lesbians speaking out most on this issue, the answer is that it is our community/demographic that is most effected. 80% of female transgenders (F2T) are lesbian. 80% of male transgenders (M2T) are sexual autogynephiles who believe they are “male lesbians” and demand that female homosexuals play along with them. 80% of children labeled transgender develop (when sexual maturity is not hormonally stopped) into well adjusted lesbian and gay adults. So the Lesbian population is more impacted by this trend than any other demographic. It’s amazing that someone who claims familiarity with the topic of transgenderism would not be aware of this, but perhaps your understanding of gender is as shallow as your knowledge of feminism.

      Hope that helps.

    • thisismeandonlyme Says:

      Breast augmentation is not a surgery any feminist condones, (reduction can be an actual need), I have never heard of anyone getting surgery on their vaginas for cosmetic purposes, not more than half of us have ever had Botox, nor “every inch of themselves” subjected to some procedure. Your hysterical impressions of females are taken straight out of TV commercials and internet advertising sites and click-based media and Entertainment press. Your impression of females is a collection of negative stereotypes which shows you actually don’t know any real women, or those you do know aren’t saying what they think to you.

      Does a female have to “transition” out of their bodies to escape the stereotypes that exist in their very limited heads, like a lifelong out of body experience? Just don’t be a stereotype. Get out of the house more often. Don’t want to shop with women? Don’t. PROBLEM SOLVED! No cutting or drugs needed. See how easy that was?

      Now will I deny there are cosmetic surgeons? Of course not, but are those procedures covered by Medicaid, Insurance or Medicare? Not unless there are actual medical reasons, and trying to escape stereotypes of women who shop is not one of them, feeling bad about one’s self is not one of them. The exception of course, is trans. Then all bets are off, move over, the crazy people are here, we don’t know what else to do with these nuts, so cut ’em and drug ’em and kick their cans down the road. Most of us would find that demeaning, but most of us don’t relate to a desire to be cut and drugged that is so overwhelming it is hysterically (by threats of self harm) demanded like some gender stereotype addict.

      The reason this has not been heard of in the straight world is trans needs barely registered until it became apparent that they needed to redefine biology and Title IX to accommodate their personal body hysteria and comorbid degradation of female bodies. We are late to the party realizing that laws are being used to force us to play along with delusions and pay for needless extreme cutting and drugs, that trans needs have zero to do with homosexual rights, and that this is an extremely reactionary movement that is as scientific as old misogynistic religions.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      100% all natural, heterosexual woman here (no Botox or silicone or cosmetic surgeries and frankly don’t need them.) I do not share in your delusion and your post is sadly full of projection. Biological sex isn’t a choice. Please adjust your meds.

    • First of all, please stop referring to female anatomy by misogynist terms. The labia minora are beautiful and elegant and diverse. They come in many colors, sizes, and shapes. If you want us to reduce body shame for females, how about not contributing to it?

      Secondly, this is the most privileged description of womanhood I’ve seen in a looming time. You are excluding all women who live in poverty, especially women of color by referencing completely in achievable beauty standards. I don’t know a single woman who has had *any* of the procedures you mention (aside from tats, which the vast majority of women with tats whom I know are straight, not butch lesbians). I haven’t had any (including tats). The only cosmetic procedure I’ve had done is ear piercing which is traditional in my (non-white) mother’s culture.

      I absolutely call labiaplasty a western form of female genital mutilation and believe its practitioners should face the same penalties as are enacted in people of color who perform the same mutilations. Only they won’t, because these are white men who profit off women hating our female bodies. Just as most gender therapists out and doctors appear to be wealthy and white and profiting off the misery of women.

  27. prozac Says:

    Perhaps I missed it, but Gabriel, could you please explain to me why you want to transition? I know you said you knew since you were twelve. I was twelve when I got my period, when I realised I couldn’t run in p.e. without holding my chest (which is when I rooted through my mum’s bra drawer, and thankfully found some from before she has kids. B34 but they fit me, who never gave a toss about what my body looked like before I had to) and I had only brothers, no sisters and my mother wasn’t particularly open with me. All the effects of female puberty mortified me to the extent that I hid all the wrappers from my pads and tampons (not the item itself, flushed the tampons, swaddled the pads in tp, although my father mortifyingly still told me to put them in the kitchen garbage which was emptied more often) in my bedroom so that my older brother couldn’t tease me and tell me I had PMS just to be a jerk. He was also the reason I started shaving my armpits in grade six. after my family doctor asked me if I’d started my periods, I wanted to die and never went back to him. Did I think it would have been easier to be male?? Hell yes. But now? I’m happy in my body and I view those years as a part of growing up.

    Accepting and owning your body gives you resilience. I fear you are trading one neuroses for another and I say this with no contempt or malice for you. I’m glad you were able to post a video where you were honest with yourself. I can’t speak for everyone here but I think the critiques you see are genuine concern for your person. Look at someone like buck Angel and their emergency “his-terectomy”. Can you, or anyone else tell me of an ftm living in their sixties or older currently? I’ll bet we can agree big Pharma is real, but I’d wager we disagree how hormonal drugs fall into their agenda nicely. You seem like a good person with low self esteem and I think that is a real shame. Bobby Jo deserves love as much as any man.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      Prozac, that is so well said. It’s so important for women lured by the trans cult to remember they are betraying other girls and women. Each of our decisions towards ourselves and other females, and each decision moving away into betrayal has a powerful effect.

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