Jenny Boylan: GLAAD knew Jenner supported Cruz prior to media award nomination

March 5, 2016


jenny boylan (Oprah Winfrey Network)

Jenny Boylan (on the Oprah Winfrey Network)

Jenny Boylan admitted in a blog post today that the GLAAD co-chair knew of Caitlyn Jenner’s support for a Ted Cruz presidency prior to Jenner’s nomination in January for a 2016 GLAAD Media Award.

“No, I wasn’t surprised by Caitlyn Jenner’s expression of support for Ted Cruz. I heard her say as much hour after hour this fall as I worked on her show,” Boylan stated.

Boylan is both the GLAAD co-chair and a paid performer on Jenner’s GLAAD-nominated show. Over 50% of this years award nominations recognized transgender subject matter, most with a focus on heterosexual white male autogynephiles.

glaad boylan

Formerly Gay Org GLAAD taken over by conservative heterosexual males in 2014

‘’This year’s nominees have raised the bar for creating thoughtful and diverse LGBT images and story lines, deepening audiences’ understanding of LGBT people and accelerating acceptance across the world,’ said a GLAAD representative in a January 27 statement.

jenner bornstein boylan ed young

Caitlyn Jenner, Kate Bornstein, and Jenny Boylan pray with notoriously anti-gay Houston pastor Ed Young, November 2015

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a militantly anti-gay evangelical Christian conservative lawmaker. Last April, hundreds of gay men stormed New York City’s ‘OUT Hotel’ after it was reported that the owners, gay businessmen Mati Weiderpass and Ian Reiser had hosted a “fireside chat” with Cruz at their home.

“The muted reaction to Jenner’s support for Cruz appeared to show the high level of esteem she enjoys in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, reported Reuters.

boylan jenner operation

Boylan decries the limitations of Jenner’s surgical transformation

54 Responses to “Jenny Boylan: GLAAD knew Jenner supported Cruz prior to media award nomination”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Cruz is also virulently anti abortion and wants to destroy PP

    How pro woman!

    • Oceans Says:

      PP has decided to go Team Trans anyway, so they seem committed to handing right-wingers plenty of ammunition. They’re starting to provide hormones at many locations.

      • Jessica Says:


        Oh right. Yeah. PP wants lesbians to stop being bigots and suck trans cock.

        I forgot.

  2. hearthrising Says:

    I’m surprised Cruz hasn’t already repudiated this endorsement. It seems toxic to his brand of toxicity.

    Also from the Reuters article: “The 66-year-old Olympic gold medalist turned television personality called Cruz a ‘great constitutionalist’ and said she would like to advise him on questions relating to her community.”

    Cruz is already losing the Republican nomination. He’s not going to be president, so why Jenner would throw in with him right now is not yet clear. Maybe Jenner also has political ambitions?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Maybe Jenny Pritzker could bankroll his campaign!

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        …a truly scary thought. Oh well, we know that SIL Kanye certainly can’t bankroll him.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:

        Gallus, he’s too busy funding his military museum on prime real estate in downtown Chicago. Forget the social issues of the day that could really use that money to lessen suffering! Money well spent, “JENNY”!

    • Political ambitions, indeed. Jenner as…the first “woman” president? I’d laugh if it weren’t so frighteningly possible.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        Jenner could get his start as “Secretary of Fashion” or “DrAg Czar”.

  3. juno Says:

    And this week’s tabloids announce that ‘Caitlyn’ is getting married and adopting the son he never spawned. Will the Enquirer’s endorsement of Trump interfere with Jenner’s love of Cruz… stay tuned…or not.

    I can’t believe that Jenner could snag a kid when gay couples who would be real parents sans nannys and au pairs are left without.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Money buys parenthood in the USA.

    • kesher Says:

      I’m sure he’ll be buying one one way or another, whether overseas or through surrogacy. It’s extremely unethical to allow a man that old to adopt. He’s unlikely to see a kid graduate from high school.

    • belinda Says:

      He had sons before he married Kris Jenner.

    • KgSch Says:

      That man should not be allowed to adopt after the horrible way he treated his biological children.

    • Jenner has 10 children. 6 Biological children and 4 stepchildren. 4 boys, 6 girls.

      He pretty much abandoned his 4 oldest children in their formative years because of his “struggle with his identity crisis”.

      He apologized later of course, then I assume barked “DON’T GO THERE”.

  4. tnt666 Says:

    With the degree of homophobia evidenced by the trans* advocacy and players, I would suspect there are way more GOP voters in the trans* community than people dare to say…

  5. Trish Says:

    So – info about Jenner’s political leanings were kept secret til an award was in the bag? And was known by the givers of said award? And Boylan seems unhappy there isn’t an operation to change someone’s politics (I think there is, it involves a cage full of rats that can be fitted onto a human head…See: Orwell)

    Why does Jenner enjoy such high esteem in any community? I watched “I Am Cait” and I was appalled by the behavior I saw. I never was a fan of the Kardashians, but the episodes in which Kim, Khloe & Kris tried to explain the pain it caused Jenner’s teen children to be referred to as “distractions” in the VF article made me feel very sad for Jenner’s children & for these women. The dismissing with a wave of the hand, “Don’t go there” & “I want everybody to be happy” looked so incredibly self-centered and heartless I couldn’t believe Jenner would allow those scenes to air.

    Also, the behavior of these adults who claim to really, really be women (Jenner, and paid-to-appear-on-camera-as-friend Candys) wearing freaking tiaras and mooning people from the back of an RV – makes me think they know what it feels like to be an attention-seeking brat and nothing about what adult women actually are.

  6. belinda Says:

    Boylan struggles with Jenner’s version of womanhood? hahahahhaha ha.

  7. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Wow, it’s almost as if transgenderism is inherently homophobic and anti-women! At the rate we’re going all the GOP candidates will be trans by 2028, they’ll all be claiming to be anti-abortion feminists, and Ted Cruz will be living as a late-transitioning, lesbian, gender-fluid mer-girl called Mirabella-Delphinia-Candice.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      I wouldn’t put support of the trans* community or late-transitioning past Ted Cruz.

      He is, after all, Canadian.

      • morag99 Says:

        “He is, after all, Canadian.”

        Ha! I think it’s finally time for America to build that wall, à la South Park, at the border. The risk of letting in “radicalized” transgenderists is just too high.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        @morag99 Trump has his head so far up his *ss that he doesn’t even realize it’s the other border that needs the wall! Lol.

  8. juno Says:

    I took a double take when I saw Bornstein’s name. Worth googling to those who don’t know who he is. From scintologist to BDSM and now this. I guess any anti-gay, misogynist cult will do.
    Self loathing much?

  9. Elle Driver Says:

    I’ve been waiting for someone, ANYONE in the mainstream LGBT press to call ol’ Jenny to task for participation in the Jenner farce. Co-chair of the largest so-called “gay” PR group in the US, and he is gallavanting around with evangelical homophobes and reality show also-rans.

    Generally when this kind of behavior occurs in the corporate or political sphere, the sell-out party has the decency to put out an official mea culpa.

    Thanks Gallus. At least you know the score.

  10. stchauvinism Says:

    Reblogged this on things I've read or intend to.

  11. A cat Says:

    They are fetishists. Fetishists. I will say it to my dying breath, I know what they are (I am one myself). These people will lie to you in service of their cause. You should trust any one of them as far as you can throw them (GM, I know you know this, but for onlookers).

  12. Jessica Says:

    Lots of conservative MTTs here:

    The author of the article, a conservative MTT, quit being trans and was crucified by the SJWs.

    More than a few conservative trannies make an appearance in the comments.

    SJWs are so stupid.

    Any MTT who doesn’t play by their rules is “no true tranny”. They are so quick to throw people under the bus if they don’t toe the ideological line.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      This is a quote from the Federalist article:
      ‘In essence, the asinine question was raised: “How can one be both transgendered and conservative?” To those of us imbued with a healthy mistrust of collectivism, the answer to this is startlingly obvious.’


  13. ImNoCissie Says:

    Jenner said he was a Republican from the outset, why the surprise now that he is supporting a Republican presidential candidate?

    He said many times that he didn’t think being trans conflicted with his political views or vice versa.

    He’s a privileged, rich, white Republican man. He’s been able to do whatever he wanted for his entire life, including impregnate women while being dishonest about his proclivities, and then neglect the resulting children.

    That isn’t going to stop now.

  14. Cruz prides himself on “family values”, and he is one of most anti-abortion homophobes out there.

    Cruz on Abortion and Birth Control

    •Allow vote to end Planned Parenthood’s funding. (Aug 2015)
    •Prosecute Planned Parenthood for criminal violations. (Aug 2015)
    •Ban taxpayer funding of abortion & partial birth abortion. (Mar 2015)
    •Companies can deny insuring birth control. (Apr 2012)
    •Protect innocent human life with partial-birth ban. (Jul 2011)
    •Opposes public abortion funding. (Oct 2012)
    •Opposes churches providing birth control. (Oct 2012)

    Cruz on Equal Pay

    •Don’t empower more lawsuits by demanding equal pay. (Oct 2015)

    Cruz on Same Sex Marriage

    •Supreme Court gay rights ruling undermines the Constitution. (Jul 2015)
    •Pray against a court decision legalizing same-sex marriage. (Apr 2015)
    •Liberals obsessed with mandatory gay marriage in 50 states. (Apr 2015)
    •Zealotry on same-sex marriage leaves out religious liberty. (Apr 2015)
    •Most states can ignore Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage. (Mar 2015)
    •Overturn Supreme Court with anti-gay marriage Amendment. (Oct 2014)
    •Opposes gay pride parades and opposes gay marriage. (Feb 2012)
    •One-man-one-woman marriage is building block of society. (Jul 2011)
    •Supports defining traditional marriage. (Oct 2012)

    Cruz on Violence Against Women Act

    •Voted NO on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. (Feb 2013)

    Why should anyone be surprised that James, “Jenny”, Boylan is coming to the aid of Jenner? They are both aging heterosexual autogynephiles. Rich white dudes have each other’s backs. Is this supposed to be something new. Jenner is the father of 6 kids by 3 different wives, and James is the father of 2 sons. Jenner definitely is heterosexual, and James, “Jenny” is still married to his wife. Jenner and Boylan still have their penis. Excuse me, I meant to say special “lady stick”. These middle aged “transitioners” make their money using their white male privilege, then they expect women to fawn all over them after they “transition”. In 2013 Boylan was chosen as the first openly transgender co-chair of GLAAD’s National Board of Directors. James, “Jenny”, regularly appears as a friend and consultant on Jenner’s documentary series ‘I Am Cait’.

    Liberal leaning and moderate women, and gay men and lesbians need to understand how these middle age heterosexual autogynephiles work. They work both sides of the fence, and they have no problem at all trampling on women. They use LGBT organizations as long as they focus on their needs. It’s no secret that Jenner has always been a Republican, even in the 1980s when Reagan wanted to cut AIDS funding. Jenner is worth about $100 million, and he likes his tax breaks. This is the way it works. When it’s in their interests, they cozy up to feminists by pretending that they are the most poor oppressed people in the whole world, far more oppressed than “cis- women”. Women buy this because we are conditioned to care about others, and we don’t want to be seen as bigoted. They manage to dominate every LGBT organization to make sure transgender is front and center. When it’s convenient, they will side with MRAs and conservatives. Transwomen (males) and MRAs (men’s rights advocates) will gleefully bash feminists.

    Jenner supporting Cruz while Boylan knew all along about Jenner’s conservative politics makes perfect sense. Anyone who can read knew Jenner was Republican. Why does Jenner support Cruz, and why does Boylan ignore it? First, it’s all about them and their needs. They are good old boys at heart, heterosexual and white to boot. Second, they want to make sure that if a Republican becomes president, they have their people in place. It’s similar to the way many savvy corporations pay off both political parties so that no matter what happens, they have their political insiders. Make no mistake. These are shrewd, and their politics is cut throat and predatory. I can say with all certainty that they wouldn’t give a rat’s patootie if Cruz’s anti-abortion, homophobic policies hurt women or gay men and lesbians.

    These aging heterosexual autogynpehiles need to realize one thing. All women – conservative, moderate, and liberal don’t want Stefonknee Wolscht, in our restrooms or locker rooms. I can’t see middle aged conservative women embracing Stefonknee, a divorced 50 year old father of 7 kids who says he is a 6 year old girl, and who met his special “daddy” at a kinky porn fetish club. I hate to break it to Jenner and Boylan, but the vast majority of women in conservative red states don’t think Jenner or Boylan are women. They can see right through the phony narcissism, and they are terrified.

  15. Margie Says:

    – Could someone help me understand that tweet above? Jenny Boylan is responding to Parker Mallow, and with one line in quotes “How great that trans people have taken over GLAAD”? Is it Jenny B making that statement or Jenny B quoting somebody else?

    – Interesting to see the pic of trans activists praying with an anti-gay preacher. There has been no coverage of it, but the virulently anti-gay pastor Jim Garlow of Skyline Church in CA, boasts about his budding friendship and back-channel communications with “transman” Shannon Minter, an attorney at the National Center for Lesbian Rights. Garlow was a high profile leader in the campaign to pass Proposition 8 and his sermons and speeches contain every filthy anti-gay lie that we have come to know. But he also tries to demonstrate his “love” for the “LGBT community” by pointing to his friendship with Minter. He doesn’t identify her by name, but he provides enough of a description that it could only be her. According to Garlow, Minter asked him to pray with her and they exchange emails.

  16. Oak and Ash Says:

    Bruce Jenner has said that although he doesn’t like Trump for his macho attitude, he thinks he would be “very good for women’s issues.”

    As the young say–I can’t even.

  17. IronBatMaiden Says:

    Caitlin is a piece of shit!! Why the rest of the LGBT community defends him (yes, I’m calling him a him) when he shits on them is beyond me! I got called “insensitive” on a liberal Pinterest board pointing this out for not wanting to honor is pronouns and for saying he has no idea what it means to be a woman. I’m glad I found this place.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      And if one goes to the Nightline website, they will see the piece from the other night, featuring the Algonquin Roundtable of newspeak creators….as in Jenner and crew talking about the ‘fear of violent acts if the wrong lavatory is used. The temptation to throw a ‘Cosell Brick’ at the monitor was getting to me, but that would make me as insane as those who ABC was gushing over.

    • Hecate Says:

      He’s a (confessed) cross dressing autogyn that gets off to wearing his own children’s clothing, not a “she” “her” “female” or “woman”. You are far from “insensitive”, you are accurate.

      I can only imagine how his daughters must have felt. Of course it is suppressed by the media machine. Money is more important than a father violating a daughter’s sacred space to get his yah-yah’s by playing teen girl. The fact that he laughs and calls it “cute” and “clever” is vomit inducing.

      • againstvaw Says:

        If Jenner cut up several items of his teen daughters’ clothing and sewed them together to make one item, he might possibly fit into it. Think the girls might have noticed that. Don’t know why he’s lying.

      • Morag99 Says:

        Plus, sewing is women’s work.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        Speaking of suppression of the facts by the media, the last 10 minutes of Meet The Press shows how the misinformation campaign has infected even this once well-respected program. As in, one panelist saying there is no evidence of violence or the creep contingent in the bathrooms.

        I cannot make up this crap even if I tried. The repeat of this is on 3am Monday morning, as a part. of the NBC overnight feed, for most of their affiliates. @gallus, et al….you and other folks have the data…in full. Let these fake journalists have it.

      • IronBatMaiden Says:

        *pukes in a bucket* Fuck no!! Oh Lord!! That’s vile!!

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