Reddit Admins Monitored My Private Messages and Banned Me for Private Laughter at Neckbeards in Fedoras

March 12, 2016


Reddit’s massive censorship and moderation issues reached my door when paid staff administrators informed me I was banned permanently for posting private information about another user. The only problem is that I never did any such thing. My sole history with the site was posting a few article links and making a few comments here and there, nothing notable. I assumed the accusation was yet another incidence of harassment by transgender males related to my gender-critical lesbian feminist politics. Reddit users will affirm that the male moderators of lesbian, feminist and transgender forums have a hair-trigger for banning any content relating to sexism or the oppression of female human beings based on our sex. Such content cock-blocks the redditor transgender fantasies of heterosexual male autogynephiles whose worldview depends on the total erasure of the existence of the female sex. (See numerous “I love my vagina!” titled links to dick-pics posted unmoderated in lesbian forums.)

reddit banned gallus mag

Having heard of the difficulties reddit has had with controlling site moderation I assumed in good faith that admins had banned me in error and I contacted them and invited them to read my post history and reinstate my account. What happened next entered the realm of the surreal. Reddit admin “Redtaboo” informed me that admins had been monitoring my private messages and that I was being banned on the basis that one of my private messages contained a link to a public post by an individual who was also, according to admin, a reddit member.

reddit ban private messages 1

What awful fuckery was this? According to reddit administrators, no woman may link in a private, unpublished message with another user any public post by any individual who also has (according to admin) a reddit account. According to reddit admins, any public post by any individuals known by admin to hold reddit accounts can never be mentioned in private messaging. Or something.


Whut? There are countless PUBLIC reddit POSTS discussing offsite PUBLIC POSTS made by individuals who also have reddit accounts. Yet lesbian feminists have our PRIVATE MESSAGES monitored by paid admins and we are banned for PRIVATELY discussing PUBLIC POSTS by individuals who may also have reddit accounts? None of this is mentioned in the TOS, of course. How curious, in that many persons publicly link to my posts, when I maintain(ed) a reddit account, and multiple public accounts impersonating me and attempting to publicly dox me on Reddit remain uncensored and unmoderated by site admin.


This whole absurdity made me very curious, since as I said I had only made a few posts and a handful of private messages on the reddit site. What reddit user’s public posts had I privately discussed in my private messaging that reddit admins were monitoring? Looking back at my history I noticed a few private messages had been deleted. Having sent less than a dozen private messages in my entire reddit history it wasn’t a difficult search. I had sent a PRIVATE message to another user where we laughed at the public neckbeard fedora photos of a man on twitter who stated that transgender people should be outed, doxed, publicly shamed and dis-employed via real life harassment if they support in any way the feminist critique of sex-roles. No reddit account or reddit post was mentioned. But “Redtaboo” seemed awfully concerned that the twitter doxxer linked privately in a private message was also a reddit user. (BTW the full content of my private message regarding this individual was “Neckbeard photos! Hahaha. Enjoy!”)

twitter doxxer Amy

twitter doxxer Amy

A few seconds on Google revealed that the twitter neckbeard doxxer was reddit user Amy_of_Dallas, who is, guess what! Completely “out” about himself on reddit including posting his LinkedIn photos where he lists both his laydee-name Amy Jess Book and his original name, Jason G. Pallack. So even if someone had made a reddit post about the twitter doxxer (which they didn’t) he’s completely out anyway. He’s completely proud of his campaign to dox and harass fellow transgender people and harass them at their jobs.

Neckbeard doxxer completely "out" on reddit

Neckbeard doxxer completely “out” on reddit

But no one did make a post about him, nor did I. I simply laughed PRIVATELY about a neckbeard fedora fool in a private message on Reddit, a website where men monitor the PRIVATE speech of women, lesbians and feminists for signs of PRIVATE LAUGHTER at ridiculous men, in order to slander, ban and censor us from public speech.

Doxxer Amy of Reddit

Doxxer Amy of Reddit

73 Responses to “Reddit Admins Monitored My Private Messages and Banned Me for Private Laughter at Neckbeards in Fedoras”

  1. Rosemary Says:

    WOW. So a private message linking to someone’s public site gets you a permanent ban on reddit, but I guess only if you already have paranoid, stalker admins regularly monitoring you!

    Reddit has defended hosting white supremacists, child porn enthusiasts and voyeurs posting pictures of women without their consent, but apparently women making jokes in private about men is ban-worthy.

  2. lovetruthcourage Says:

    Reddit sucks. Let me count the ways…

  3. mint Says:

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. Reddit admins are best buddies with transsexuals. /r/ShitRedditSays is infested with trans mods. No matter how badly that sub breaks global rules, nothing ever happens to them. Look up Laurelai aka Wesley Bailey if you want to see how bad it is. He’s a trans sex offender and was a snitch for the FBI and a former SRS mod. If your feminism isn’t the same kind of feminism as his, then Reddit will think it’s the wrong kind. I didn’t think it would go so far as to having them monitor you.

    • KgSch Says:

      When I had a tumblr account Laurelai aka Wesley Bailey sent me death threats because I said it was gross how he referred to homosexuals as homophiles. (He was saying that homosexuality is a fetish and that brave trannys like him are why we have rights, oh the irony.)
      In typical narcissistic fashion, his friends told me that he would commit suicide because of me. Also, plenty of his Stepford wives/liberal feminists supporters sent me threats too.

      These women are traitors, period. Anyone who is going to defend an FBI snitch who prostituted his wife and send death threats to other women on his behalf is not a feminist, and not even close to being a decent human being. They do not have “Stockholm Syndrome” and should not be fawned over. Women do have the power to stop the trans trend by refusing to obey it.

      Thanks to Gallus Mag for not meekly obeying this psychotic cult and instead for standing up to them. I’m really sorry you got banned by insane reddit mods.

      • Sketcher Says:

        That’s horrible. Can’t quite get my head around it. Sorry that happened to you. I can understand being sucked into the trend for a bit,until you cop on, (happened to me), it’s so insidious and we’re trained to look after men; but to send death threats to other women? What’s wrong with them?

      • KgSch Says:


        Thank you. As for what’s wrong with them, my opinion is that they are a bunch of male worshiping wackjobs, and most of them are quite lesbian and gay-hating too. The whole thing was me saying that it was wrong to say that homosexuality was a fetish because it’s not, and then him and his handmaidens saying that questioning the precious tranny’s logic would make him suicide. Hence the death threats.

        The fact is, most of these so-called “feminists” would not accept the kind of behavior trannys get up to if they were still claiming to be men. They also would not accept this kind of behavior from women. I can understanding blindly believing that trans is some form of being gay, especially if you’re heterosexual, and going along with it for a while if you don’t bump into a site like gendertrender. I can also get buying the “it’s just equal rights” crap for a while.

        However, I cannot get sending death threats to someone over your ideology. I really think the women who do that have a similar mentality to women who marry an incarcerated serial killer, only it’s socially acceptable if it’s done in the name of “defending” the most oppressed type of “woman” out there: the dude who thinks he is a woman. Also, judging by some of the comments I got, I think a lot of the women who side with hetero male trannys are lesbian-haters who are so happy that it’s now progressive to tell a lesbian she’s a bigot for not wanting dick because it’s oppressive to the poor trans “women”.

      • Sketcher Says:


        I agree with what you say. I remember going to a feminist play with my secondary school called ‘Trafford Tanzi’, which was a sort of comedy about a young woman’s fight to get an education, job and self-worth but set in a wrestling ring 🙂 All of my female co-students were shouting for the boys/men. That’s how they got their power via boyfriends, instead of fighting for their own power themselves. Lesbians threaten that power base for them.

        Be interesting to see them now, in middle age. The Prince on the White Charger thingy ain’t quite so pretty or alluring after a hefty dose of reality.

        A friend of mine says she has to have sex with her husband at least three times a week just to keep him, otherwise he would go off with other women. She’s 56 and says it does nothing for her – she’s told him but still he wants it. He’s been unfaithful many times before, but she says if she left him, the whole family would blame her.

        The women who sent you those stupid death threats are going to get hit by reality, sooner or later. You’ve just been more intelligent and courageous – you saw it coming 🙂 x

  4. drycamp Says:

    I have dealt with Reddit in a totally different context – the computer game Minecraft and servers running that game – and I can testify that “moderation” at Reddit is random, malicious and totally borked.

    I know this probably doesn’t help, but feminists are not being singled out particularly, the whole site (Reddit) appears to be a giant ego-driven cluster***k, up for grabs by any random individual who gets any authorization at all from the site.

    I’m certainly not making excuses for them (!!) but consider the source.

  5. Oak and Ash Says:

    “Ma! She’s looking at me funny!”

    Sorry this happened to you, Gallus Mag. It’s astonishing how little it takes to upset the men in dresses–a reasonable person might almost begin to suspect their beliefs have no sound basis in reality.

    No different than NEO-NAZIS? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these guys?

    Thanks for all you do!

  6. Sketcher Says:

    Reading private messages must break some code of confidentiality/privacy surely. Can you sue them?

  7. Further proof of Reddit mods (well all mods really) connection to terrorism. Many were involved in the Trump riots. All moderators need to be pulled out of their mom’s basement by gunpoint and jailed.

  8. kesher Says:

    I know there’s an MTF Amy_something on Reddit who’s a loud and proud pedophile. I can’t remember if it’s this dude or not.

    • Amy_of_dallas whines incessantly about not having expericenced “girlhood” and is creepily obsessed with little girls.


      “I lost the best years of my life, and I’ll never get them back. Reincarnation is my only hope, and I have to admit that I’ve had some very dark thoughts in that direction.

      Still, though, I insist on describing myself as a girl, and I actively hate it when people call me a woman. To me, being called a “woman” feels exactly the same way as being called a “man”. It feels like I’m being misgendered. It’s “girl” or nothing.”

      • GROSS. Men do love their ultimatums and threats.

      • bobab Says:

        Amy_of_Dallas says he’s;
        “Yep, I’m a programmer. Currently in NLP, though I’m looking to get out of that.”
        find or scroll down to near bottom of page;

      • RR Says:

        He says he writes code for a defense contractor:

        And if you invite him to your house, he may pee all over the toilet seat:

        But he sits to pee in the ladies’ because he thinks women are watching each other to make sure their feet are pointing in the correct direction:

        Reddit is the collectively unwashed, reeking tranny gooch of the internet.

        It is always nice to be able to put a fedora to a tranny neckbead, LOL at those pics!

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “I lost the best years of my life, and I’ll never get them back.”

        Nothing that happens to an actual little girl–whether overwork, undereducation, sexual abuse, malnutrition (so her brothers can have more food), or even FGM–could ever cause similar regret to anyone born female. Girlhood is all just pink frills and canopy beds!

        It seems any woman who dares to mention our reality (see Bea’s comments below about bra fitting!) is banned for transphobia. In fact, I’m beginning to read both “transphobic” and “TERF” as shorthand for “You’re ruining my narcissistic fantasy with uncomfortable facts!”

        Maybe we ought to view being banned as a badge of honor, similar to the way the suffragettes saw time in jail. Both mean that a woman has fought back hard enough to be seen as a threat to the system. (Besides, a woman who’s never called a bitch just isn’t trying hard enough.)

      • kesher Says:

        I’m sure most women would notice if a bathroom occupant were standing up to pee. And I feel pretty strongly that if these men use the women’s facilities, they better sit the fuck down. Don’t want to sit down? Then go back to the urinal room where you belong.

      • juno Says:

        Being a little girl is probably why they also gravitate to looking like a cross between Strawberry Shortcake and Sailor Moon with the frills and bizarre hair coloring/wigs.

        As far as sitting down to pee goes, here’s one of my own trans stories:

        I used to work for a non-profit. At one point they hired a tranny. To their credit, they were reluctant to do so because of past problems with other similar hires, but they felt they had to because the man in question had extensive experience with the subject at hand and they were worried that he might have a court case if they refused (this was in WA state). This dude in no way ‘passed’. He looked like a bulldog and spoke in that fake sing-song voice so many affect.

        I think I hit peak trans in the restroom. We had two restrooms with two stalls. Both were keyed and made to be very safe for the staff to begin with, as we were working with transient populations. One day, I go into the women’s can and see shoes pointing the wrong way in the next stall. I kinda called out ‘are you alright?’, thinking one of my female co-workers might have been ill. Instead he answers,” It’s just me. I Can use this bathroom legally you know.” The entire time I’m in there, I’m waiting to hear his stream while he standing there, I did my biz and GTFO and he stayed in there for awhile after, I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but now I am grossed out by it. There was no excuse for not using the men’s john. It was keyed too, and as safe as the women’s, especially since the other two males using it would not have made him feel unsafe, being a couple of emo guys who had been raised by a strident feminist. The fact he had to stress the legality of using that can seems even weirder now. Any woman would have said ‘Hiya’ or ‘I’m sick’ or ‘I’m OK’ and done their thing without invoking the legality of it.

      • That’s super creepy.

      • drycamp Says:

        @juno the guy was up to no good. Idk what, but that’s the only explanation I can think of.

  9. SkepticalMom Says:

    Thanks Amy_of_Dallas, ALL of us can now laugh PUBLICLY at your fedora and neckbeard! And they are majorly lulzy, I must say!

    I’m sorry you were banned, Gallus, but at least now we all get a good laugh at Jason’s (oops, I mean “Amy’s”) expense!

  10. I got a permanent reddit ban for linking a screen grab of a media feminist’s public facebook page. It’s probably just a coincidence I linked it in connection with the gendertrender post about the Association of Gender Specialists submission to the equality inquiry.

  11. It seems like IT and other computer related fields are filled to the brim with Tran trans just aching to slam the ban hammer on anyone who dares cross them. It’s pretty creepy they are monitoring private messages. Imagine the OUTTTTRAAAGE if the shoe (size 20 stiletto of course) was on the proverbial other foot.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Something like 80-90% of M2T work as IT professionals. I’m trying to remember who did a post (it was a M2T writer) analyzing the hundreds of names attached to Zinnia Jones petition to shun Andrea James and Calpernia from the transgender community over the RuPaul Tranny-Gate issue. They determined that between 80-90% of homophobic autogynephiles were IT professionals. Prior to the internet, sexologists recognized that most non-homosexual male transitioners had an affinity for math and technology.

      It’s important that women know these men are monitoring our private messages on websites and forums.

      • LC Says:

        Interesting link, I wonder why that is. Do they gravitate toward traditionally male professions?

      • Hedda Gabler Says:

        Interesting point, GallusMag!

        I wouldn’t quite put the number that high as far as the overall M2T population goes, but the prevalence of very visible and vocal M2T is undoubtedly much higher in the IT sector than pretty much everywhere else. The observation may be slightly skewed by the fact that IT people are not only more likely to be fervent keyboard warriors, but also probably more likely are on the autistic spectrum than the average population and as such more inclined to get as totally obsessed with their gender identity as the especially problematic fractions of the community tend to be.

        A quick, unscientific tally of the M2T I know of in my extended social network would put the IT professional quota at ~30%. However this 30% makes up 75% percent of the activists. Which means that you could well be in the right ballpark with your number as far as highly visible and obnoxious activism goes, but too high as far as the overall population of M2T is concerned.

        It might also have been a contributing factor that until some years ago the IT sector tended to be bit of a refuge for the weirdos and guys who were unable and unwilling to conform to ritualistic masculinity, yet were also socially somewhat inept.

        It’s become a bit more of a “Bro” infiltrated area recently, but I think that this may even make it into a bit more of a M2T breeding ground for a variety of reasons.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        That would fit with the correlation of autistic traits and gender dysphoria that some studies have found.

      • bobab Says:

        Regarding the “80-90% of M2T work as IT professionals” I couldn’t find it either but I do remember reading that figure somewhere, possibly snowflakeespecial?!?
        I found a site called TransH4CK that says;
        “This is a preview of the mental health data shared by trans & gender non-conforming people working in and with tech between December 2015 – February 2016….
        Trans*H4CK will release the full #TransH4CKSurvey report covering gender identity, ethnicity, education, region, employment, income and more in Spring 2016.”

        Twitter is;

        This is their survey; mentions the subject;
        “Although some tech companies have released data… only one company, Slack, has actually released data around LGBTQ people.”
        “They were totally uplifting my work and gave me a platform, and now I have an ongoing relationship with the White House. We’re working on some very, very, very big things for the trans community.”

      • Fruitopia Says:

        @Hedda Gabler and Oak and Ash – it is an untrue stereotype that autistic people have an affinity for IT. Most people with with what was formerly know as Aspergers (autism without learning disability) are unemployed, and unable to live on their own.

        I think that MtT trans are more likely to be involved in IT, firstly because if they are heavily involved in internet culture they would have been more likely to be exposed to trans propaganda and porn in the first place. Secondly, it makes sense that those rabid MtTs with the biggest internet presence should work in IT, giving s skewed impression.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        I have no idea why you think people with Asperger’s can’t live on their own. My younger brother was a research faculty member at perhaps the most prestigious Ivy League university in the USA, who later left to work for the government, and then in private industry. He is quite wealthy and successful. Yes, he has Asperger’s and is a computer scientist.

      • Fruitopia Says:

        @lovetruthcourage: why would I think that? Firstly, experience: I have (what used to be called) Aspergers, have been and am a member of several Aspergers groups, I’m on the panel of my county councils autism group (that decides policy on how to implement the government’s autism strategy), and am a member of a group who trains people about autism. I know dozens and dozens of aspies, and only know two people who live on their own without support workers. I also only know two people who are good at computers, and only one of those is at an academic level (and the other one is one of the two people who lives independently). At best, aspies are no more likely than non-autistics to be skilled at technology. I know far more aspies who are useless at technology; some are not even on the Internet. I know one young woman who can’t even use text messages. It’s because many people with autism struggle with change and technology has moved so fast, that once they get left behind, they struggle to catch up. Plus, many people with Aspergers have co-morbid learning difficulties such as dyslexia, ADHD, non-verbal learning disorder etc.

        Secondly, facts: as part of my role on the council’s autism panel, we discuss things such as housing for people on the spectrum, inpatient facilities, how to help autistic people find work etc. As such I am exposed to a lot of facts. One fact I remember about independent living is that aspies are half as likely as learning disabled people to have ever lived independently. Some facts I remember about employment are that: only 15% of Aspergers are in full time work; of those most are in menial, low paid jobs; they have a high rate of job turnover; they are sacked more than usual; and there is a high rate of undiagnosed Aspergers among the long-term unemployed. Therefore, your brother’s career (assuming he has actually been diagnosed and is not self-diagnosed) is by far the exception, and is certainly not *because* of his disability. The existence of your exceptional brother is no reason to dismiss the hardships that the vast majority of Aspergers face.

      • drycamp Says:

        @ Fruitopia I’m afraid you’re very much like a pediatrician who thinks all children are sick because all the children she sees are sick.

        I am guessing that most aspies are doing just fine – I can name a half dozen in my own family. The ones like my son (married, high in IT, two kids, quite wealthy) and his sister (same deal) don’t interface with county councils and Asperger’s groups, they’re too busy being successful. You see only the ones who are having trouble, which does NOT mean all or most people with Asperger’s are having trouble. Just that the ones who apply to the county councils are.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Thank you! I agree with your comment. I was curious where Fruitopia was getting her data and read that it came from personal experience, which is not the same thing as peer-reviewed research. Yes, my exceptional younger computer scientist brother was diagnosed with Asperger’s by a professional and isn’t self-diagnosed. (Which is not to say that professionals never get it wrong.) I agree that successful Aspies aren’t seen by councils or other groups offering services, because they don’t need them. Therefore, successful Aspies are under-counted.

  12. Reblogged this on WolfWomanoftheNorth and commented:
    “I simply laughed PRIVATELY about a neckbeard fedora fool in a private message on Reddit, a website where men monitor the PRIVATE speech of women, lesbians and feminists for signs of PRIVATE LAUGHTER at ridiculous men, in order to slander, ban and censor us from public speech.”

  13. endthewoo Says:

    Reddit mods are creepy women-hating hypocrites. Are these “rules” applied to anyone else, like the people who are harrasing and making threats against women ?

  14. Zemskull Says:

    Aren’t neckbeards with fedoras so…2007?

    • anywoman2 Says:

      trans activist is the new man’s activist.

      I am not surprised one bit that a fedora wearing MRA went trans. They spout the same male-first activism rant.

  15. Double X Marks The Spot Says:

    I’m disgusted that this happened to you, Gallus. I’ve been moderating at gendercritical for a couple of months now. I doubt anybody here would be surprised by the number of abusive posts and links to porn posted by throwaways that get deleted by the automod, that regular users don’t see. I also get the odd PM of same.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you Double X and thank you for all your hard work. ❤

    • Oceans Says:

      I participate in that sub under another screen name. Thanks to you and the other mods. It’s one of the few places online (other than here) where I can truly vent over trans issues.

      I’ve heard users have been automatically banned from other subs merely for posting in a GC sub. That’s crazy. For all their bravado, trans are terrified of women talking off-script.

  16. The Green Goddess Says:

    This is an appalling double standard from the Reddit’s admins.

  17. Zemskull Says:

    Reddit actually gave an award to its moderator Violentacrez/Michael Brutsch, known for posting inappropriate photos of underage girls.

  18. Bea Says:

    I call him Amy_of_Phallus. I think what he did (monitoring your private messages) is kind of illegal, isn’t it? I got banned recently in a thread of autogynephiles talking about bra sizes. They referred to the woman who does bra fittings as someone who gets paid to “fondle boobies.” I thought that was very insulting to the women who do that job, a sick porn fantasy. My response was that I’ve never had my breasts touched during a bra fitting. That was enough for them to say, “you’re in the wrong neighborhood, TERF.” Thank God these men don’t leave their (poor) mothers’ basements.

  19. Akuba Says:

    Re: silencing women – I am signing this petition. The woman has been banned from a Madison, WI radio station for actually being interested in women’s issues (and I guess she is gender critical). She asks to be reinstated.

    BTW, she is part of the Women’s Liberation Front

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thistle! Yes she did the interview with Sheila Jeffreys and Elizabeth Hungerford.. thanks for posting this

    • Sketcher Says:

      @Akuba – I’ve just signed it and am listening to the interview with Sheila Jeffreys. Spot on.

      • Thank you! If any of you live in or near Madison, please consider coming to the WORT board meeting where they will be discussing the ban on Wednesday, March 16th at 7 PM . 118 s. bedford street. Glad you liked the interview with Jeffreys, Hungerford and Abney!

      • Sketcher Says:

        @ Thistle – yes it was brilliant! Can you start your own radio station or podcasts? And tell WORT to shove it? I’m not in US but would be there at that board meeting in an instant. How did it go btw- just seen it was on 16th March.

        I heard the male announcer quickly say after the Sheila Jeffreys’ interview that the views were not those of the station etc. etc.ha ha!! Quivering knees and chins all round.

  20. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Facebook wants to verify my identity, probably for some politically incorrect comment I made, but “Glock Boy” is free to torture cats.

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Seems like a Scientology situation. People get high trust positions, then abuse that position to serve an agenda.

  21. Keep MMA Clean Says:

    I hope it’s okay to post this here. Another male-to-female transgender is fighting as a woman in Mixed Martial Arts without disclosure. [redacted-GM]

    • GallusMag Says:

      You’ll have to give me more than that. On what do you base your claim? Can you give me any evidence or leads? If you can, I’d be very interested in the story. Thanks for thinking of me. 😉

  22. brandi1986 Says:

    Ha, this guy thinks he’s cute. Just proves what delusional narcissistic idiots these men are. Any female that is as unattractive as this guy, would be told she is ugly, yet people must kiss the rear end of transgendered males because they are such special snowflakes who no one should ever offend. Barf!

    This is not the first time I’ve seen ugly trannys being told how beautiful, pretty or cute they are. What kind of society do we live in where above average women are told they are ugly because they don’t fit into some guys nasty porn fantasy, yet ugly men are praised for being cute or pretty? A sick one that’s what kind.

    • Jessica Says:


      On an episode of Fashion Police, Kelly Osborne was very very hesitant to say that she did not like Laverne Cox’ dress because she might appear transphobic if not offering unqualified praise.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi brandi1986: Good point. As a corollary to that, I am fascinated with the way the cosmetic surgeries these MTTs undergo–breast augmentations, rhinoplasty, etc.– are warmly heralded as “being authentic,” yet born-women who undergo the same surgeries are ridiculed as fake, insecure and/or self-absorbed.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Multiple psychology studies have shown that when a man’s name is attached to something–whether it’s an essay, sculpture, or photograph–people rate it more highly than when a woman’s name is attached to the same exact thing. Basically, we have a societal assumption that whatever men do is superior.

        So no surprise that some people now think men are better at being women. The conclusion that women’s cosmetic surgery is narcissistic while men’s is self-actualizing falls in line with that belief system. Just another service offered by the patriarchy.

  23. Janetwo Says:

    As unfortunate as they experience to be banned was, at least its confirmation that Reddit is unsafe and does not respect its members privacy and the moderators have no ethical boundaries. With the tranzies goons stalking and harassing women online, its an important information to know.
    Reddit is probably a site that parents should keep their kids and teenagers away with parental control softwares considering so many trannies target young influencable minds. I wonder what are the other hotspots on the internet where trans can access kids and teenagers. I was moderator on a busy forum for depressed people and it was a really tough gig to keep it safe from predators even with 3-4 moderators for the forum and 2-3 chatroom monitors at all time. Chatrooms, even well moderated, are often places where online predators will try to hook vulnerable people. Then they will attempt to move the action to skype or tinychat. And IRCs are a real nightmare.

  24. Georges Borewell Says:

    You could always move to Voat.

  25. SkepticalMom Says:

    Ha ha ha, look at this, a new title for obnoxious trans dudes, “Rat Kings:”

    (Today is April Fools Day so the link takes you to a false confession that the site owner has decided he is a transwoman and is closing Kiwi Farms. Click on the man/woman/trans symbol to get to the linked page.)

    Fair warning – Kiwi Farms is not known for being a “nice” place, they are equally nasty and unmerciful to anyone and everyone. They don’t have a clear understanding of radfems and they do make fun of us, but on the other hand, Kiwi Farms has created a new lolcow label category called “Rat King,” especially for the infamous online trans laydees who know and back one another and spend most of their time intimidating people online.

    From the thread announcing the new Rat King tag:
    “Online trannies who are self-declared advocates all know each other. They’re like the folklore concept of a Rat King, tied together at the ass by their own tails and shit. They back each other up, have their own circles of followers who buy into their shit, support each other on Patreon to inflate their numbers, and throw in with each other’s Internet fights to intimidate people who disagree with them. They are the new modern SJW version of mobsters and they use their oppression points to make money and gain influence.

    They are evil in a way that is so stereotypical of a villain…”

    Anyway, I love the title “Rat King” and I thought some here might get a chuckle out of it. Obviously, “Amy” and her friends qualify for the Rat King title.

  26. Dickfucker Says:

    Dude it’s just faggot admin drama on a shit site. Just make a new account and hope behind 7 proxies and you’re good to go.

    Fuck Reddit for enabling the mentally ill to have positions of power.

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