Little Britain Does Sport Relief 2016 Preview

March 19, 2016

60 Responses to “Little Britain Does Sport Relief 2016 Preview”

  1. LadyN Says:


  2. Sketcher Says:

    A ha ha ha! Go lads! Have you seen that one where ‘Emily Howard, Rubbish Transvestite’ tries to get into he women’s changing rooms at her local swimming pool? ‘But I’m a lady! I do lady’s things!’

    • Jessica Says:


      Yes. And he is prevented from entering. Which is what would happen normally. Now , men have the legal right to enter (in some places), no questions asked.

      I really hate the libfem argument that there is no point in segregating women’s private spaces because “criminals will find a way in regardless”

      Total bullshit, as there are people stationed outside change rooms etc, as in the video you mentioned

      • Sketcher Says:

        Totally in denial of the fact that men commit sexual assault at a vastly skewed percentage to women. 98% sexual assaults were carried out by men as reported to SECASA (Sexual Assault support service, Victoria).

        Honestly,(this is the argument I use with men – it helps to keep things simple), if Jeremy Clarkson were to visit another South American country that had only 2 sorts of cars, say Holdens and Minis, and Minis were found to be responsible for 98% of road traffic accidents, wouldn’t you send them back to the manufacturers saying there’s an obvious design fault?

        Anyway, here’s that sketch, (thanks to the other Guest who linked it in for me)

    • mizknowitall Says:

      Omg! You’re so right! This has to be the best send up of “trans-(wo)men” ever! The “I’m a lady cause I say so” hypocrisy flayed to the bone, and it took less than 3 excruciating but oddly still funny minutes!

  3. Smits Says:

    Coming soon to an Olympics near you…

  4. Jessica Says:

    Just in time, a Guardian article on Bruce Jenner.

    I came across a great comment:


    in the UK, transwomen can get female hormones on the NHS, keeping their hormone profile in line with that of a pre-menopausal woman all their lives. Whereas born women are only allowed artifical hormones for a limited time period, and expected to go through menopause with all the difficulties that brings. It’s also far easier to get breast enhancement on the NHS if you’re born male and ‘transition’ than if you’re born female and flat-chested.
    So male priveledge all the way – even when it comes to appearing stereotypcally feminine

    Yep. Male privilege all the way.

    • againstvaw Says:

      At least 20% of the comments on the Guardian article have been deleted by a moderator. Clearly, even among Guardian readers there is a refusal to accept the trans agenda.

  5. Bob Doublin Says:

    LOL The teacher reminds me a lot of Roger deBris (Christopher Hewett) in the 1968 original of The Producers. Hilarious. Thanks GallusMag.

  6. stchauvinism Says:

    I liked the skit where Emily Howard was arrested for shop lifting, it was rather accurate about who many ( many meaning vast majority) of these men who identify as women are.

  7. MaryMacha Says:

    Well at least it was his hand and not his ass… oh, wait a minute… um, never mind.

  8. Janetwo Says:

    Those Little Britain skits are briliant. Thanks for posting this.

  9. lovetruthcourage Says:

    Funny and accurate. Not sure why more people can not see trannies as the disingenuous caricatures that they are.

  10. Jessica Says:

    Quick question for those of you who have been debating trans bullshit longer than I have.

    How often do you come across the ‘no true trans’ argument?

    Apparently, quoting MTT verbatim when they say ‘biological sex is a social construct’ or that ‘lesbians who won’t suck dick are transphobes’ is in fact *not* a true, nuanced view of trans persons, as it gives the wrong impression!

    I quote:

    Prejudiced people abuse definitions to attack their targets, and it’s become nearly universal for any discussion of “biological sex” to be prelude to a severe misrepresentation of non-conforming gender issues, intended only to “get” trans people.

    Yes. So when I post a link to that notorious autostraddle article where that idiot is saying that biologists are idiots for stating that bi sex is real, it’s just because I want to ‘get’ trans people by showing that…their ideology is beyond idiotic?

    This one is even better:

    These transphobes intentionally conflate things like gender identity and gender expression to support their irrational hatreds, and they save links where allies of trans people make errors or oversimplify to use as “proof”.

    Anti-trans people are basically Creationists, and they don’t have a single argument that isn’t sexist as hell at best. In this case, as in most, it boils down to false binaries and gender essentialism.

    Yep. So any link where a trans person is saying something stupid:

    1) all MTT are harmless
    2) puberty blockers are harmless
    3) lesbians who won’t do PIV are murderers
    4) dicks are female sex organs

    Is not a true representation of trans, and should be disregarded AS HATE SPEECH.

    The icing on the cake, of course, is that the MTT who make these pronouncements tell you to SHUT UP AND LISTEN. LISTEN AND BELIEVE. IF YOU DON’T YOU ARE NOT A GOOD ALLY.

    So, you do as they say…you repeat the garbage and suddenly you are ‘using it to ‘get’ trans people and harm them’

    I can’t even!

    It’s a sneaky rhetorical trick. They say something absolutely indefensible. You call them on it. It makes them look realllly reallly bad. They notice this. They then retreat, and state that they are just using the old, regularly understood definitions of biosex and transness, and that you are an asshole for cruelly misrepresenting them. I have spent enough time around some of these folks – those who claim to be trans and those who are allies – to notice that they flip-flop depending on what blog they are on. I have argued with one idiot ally who, at alternate times has told me that a) bio sex is not a social construct and that I am an idiot to say it is 2) bio sex is a social construct, that prostates are female organs, and that prostate cancer is a *woman’s* health issue.
    3) she’s a nurse

    SJWs are so full of shit.

    • anomie Says:

      They also do that thing where they say “sex is socially constructed” but then proceed with their argument as though what they were actually saying was “sex doesn’t actually exist/is meaningless”.

      Like, social constructs are very real and meaningful. Money is a social construct, but no one says “since money is a social construct, it makes no difference whether I pay you $1 or $5 for this cheeseburger. They’re just pieces of paper with arbitrary symbols on them after all. This isn’t a $1 bill, it’s a $5 bill because I identify it as such, and if you disagree you’re oppressing me.” because they know they can’t obfuscate that particular social construct.

      It reminds me a great deal of how creationists will say “evolution is a theory” and then proceed as though “theory” means “untested random guess” even when they definitely know what the word actually means. It’s done specifically to mislead.

      There is a specific term for this kind of argument—not bait and switch, but similar. I’ve forgotten it unfortunately. Something where you have one position that is desirable but indefensible, and another one that is defensible but banal, and rotate back and forth between the two.

      (Another good example in transactivism is “cis means not-trans”, the banal/defensible position, vs. “cis means identifying with your gender assigned at birth”, the desirable/indefensible one)

  11. mint Says:

    This was great satire, Gallus. I have a few questions so I hope you don’t mind if I post them here.

    I’m an egalitarian and I’m sick of transsexuals saying that they speak for all woman when they were born male and decided to wear dresses and get their adam’s apple shaved.

    I don’t get why these people are allowed in sports when they have the edge while going through puberty as males. I don’t get why I’m suppose to treat these “strong women,” as women when they’ve not even gotten surgery to get rid of the male bits.

    I think I’m convinced that too much estrogen is a bad thing, all the drama is always mtf transsexuals, ftm trans people only pretend that they’re men giving birth despite having a fully functional set of female reproductive organs.

    Why do mtf trannies cause so much drama? Why do they feel they can speak for all women when they aren’t one? Why does that asshole runner in a dress get to pretend he’s a woman when he’s never had a period or a backache caused by a period?

    I guess I’m just concerned about all the assholes peeking over the toilet while I’m at the gym. Am I just suppose to suck it up that a guy is video taping me in the locker because he wears a wig?

    Send them to the gender neutral bathroom and get these fucking sex offenders out of ours. Is it too much to ask that I can change into my swimsuit without an asshole in a wig video taping it?

    • Oceans Says:

      The drama is due to the fact that the trans community is deeply dysfunctional. The men are largely fetish-driven narcissists who need endless amounts of validation that their fantasy is real despite the fact that they look nothing like women. It drives them nuts that actual women easily identify them as men and refuse to play the Emperor’s New Clothes game. Google “forced feminization” if you dare.

      The other major issue is that these guys (and the FtT too) often have co-occurring mental illnesses that are going largely untreated. Trans are 10 times more likely to have Autism Spectrum Disorder than the general population. Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and Cluster B personality traits (Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, etc) are very prevalent in the trans community as a whole. Symptoms of other mental illnesses are seen as a product of gender dysphoria and thus expected to be resolved through transition. It’s weird but many trans wear their diagnoses almost as a badge of honor. I’m all in favor of destigmatizing mental illness, but like other illnesses it can profoundly impair your ability to function.

      Last, much of the drama from MtT centers on their need for validation. That’s why they police language so relentlessly and get websites to openly censor comments. Personally, I think they need to hear everyone acknowledging them all of the time to shut out the little voice inside telling them this is all just BS.

      • mint Says:

        I looked up forced feminization and all I’m seeing is dudes in lingerie who got boob jobs. Not really my fetish, but if it’s someone’s else, more power to you.

        The mental illness aspect is scary. My grandma was schizophrenic and bipolar. Every spring she’d start talking to the voices in her head about everyone in the family being pushed into an oven. She lived through WWII though, and had some demons in her closet.

        Still, she was my grandma. A woman who was born female. It makes me sad to think that modern psychology is pushing for transitioning instead of getting help and proper medication.

        I’ve seen many news article showing sympathy for pedophiles because now that the LGBT have been given legitimacy, they’ve somehow attached themselves as an alright, born this way sexuality.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Oceans: I cannot think of any other mental illness in which the medical and insurance industries are expected to cater to the patients’ delusions. You wouldn’t see Blue Cross expected to fund weight loss surgery for a 90-pound anorexic.

      • anywoman2 Says:

        Funny how when these guys become violent with women, they get referred to as ‘man in a dress’ in the news: another trans[Man’s] activist attacked a car full of women for not giving him a ride when he demanded it:

  12. soporificat Says:

    What I don’t understand is how is Little Britain getting away with this? Why aren’t the trans and handmaidens baying for their heads on a stick? By trans logic, David Williams (playing the “lady”) is a mass murderer. So, how is he managing the magic trick of getting this skit on TV? I get that when they first did the Emily Howard skit it was before the trans stuff took over all media, but how are they able to keep doing it?

    I astonished by this, and wondering if I am missing something. I mean, I get that they are white men, but I thought that even white men weren’t allowed to do critique trans anymore.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Because lads are lads and “transwomen” are lads? “Transwomanism” is largely an attack by men upon women, especially uppity women who don’t know their place, like feminists and lesbians. Can you imagine the cries for blood if Sheila Jeffreys, Germaine Greer, Julie Bindel were attached to such a skit? Hahaha!

      • Rachel Says:

        There has been some whining in the UK, mostly online. There is a bunch of pissy transactivists who are boycotting anything David Walliams and Matt Lucas do, as if DW and ML care.
        There haven’t been any new Little Britain episodes for at least 5 years, and when it was current, the trans trend hadn’t really taken off.
        Gallus is right however; transloons rarely go after men of any variety.

      • Jessica Says:


        I was watching a youtube video, with SJW-critical tranny Theryn Mayer. I thought xie was an ok MTT until, at the end, xie stated that radfems were jealous of MTTS because MTTs were sexy and radfems were ugly.

        I am new to radfems, still learning, but even now it is extremely clear that radfems are gender nonconforming and that they don’t care if they appear sexually attractive to men.

        In my travels, I have noticed that radfems are misrepresented all of the time. I am glad that I took the time to read radfem blogs, instead of just assuming the worst based on stereotypes.

        On another blog, a dudebro fucking mansplained to me that bathrooms had to let MTTs in (like Stefonknee) because, oh noes, what if a GNC lesbian has her gender questioned! He, like many others, doesn’t seem to understand that maleness is the problem, and that GNC women prioritise personal safety over hurt feelings.

        And yeah. Dudebros mansplaining that we must accept MTTs in our female only spaces is just precious, isn’t it?

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        “I am new to radfems, still learning, but even now it is extremely clear that radfems are gender nonconforming”

        There is no one way radfems look, no radfem “uniform.” I consider myself radfem, but look like a somewhat conventionally attractive “ordinary” woman— long hair, tall, thin, sometimes wear light make up. It is just personal preference. GNC women are fine with me; it is all personal aesthetics and style.

      • Jessica Says:


        My bad, I phrased that wrong. Apologies. You are correct, there is no ‘radfem’ uniform.

        What I meant to say is that this MTT was making the same mistake that the conservatives make – that any woman who is a feminist must be ugly and have no friends because otherwise why would she be a feminist?

        But yeah, I find it amusing that they think that women are oh so jealous of them because they are so sexy and get all of the male attention. Lulz. Must be the NPD talking.

      • LC Says:

        What lovetruthcourage said, I don’t think gender noncomformity has necessarily anything to do with being a radfem, but there’s a good question of why gender needs to be performed at all. I don’t really perform femininity that well, but I still get far more male attention than I’d like. It is partly that I have better things to do with my time, like watching paint dry, but truth is, most beauty practices for women are harmful. And I’d rather not harm myself trying to please men. We need products that drive them away. That, I’d buy.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        Translobbyists are the only reason why GNC lesbians have their gender questioned.
        All the GNC women I ever met are very obviously female, and the only reason why anyone would “question their gender” is because nowadays, some women who wear their hair short, grow their beards and wear trousers insist on being called by male pronouns.

    • Jessica Says:


      great nym btw!

      I also find it curious that David Walliams did a fantastic job of pretending to be an *aggressive* male. When he doesn’t get his way, he forces the athlete to kiss his hand. That is like, spot on for how the MTTs act.

      • atranswidow Says:

        @ soporificat,
        David Walliams follows in the long tradition of stage and TV screen camp and cross-dressing comedy that is uniquely Briitish. Also, with his work for Comic and Sport Relief, he has raised millions of pounds for charity so he’s a national icon. Any trannies criticising him would have a hard time. He swam the English Channel one year and the Thames the following year for Comic Relief. He had to give that up because he ended up damaging his back to the extent that he needed surgery. He is a judge on Britain’s Got Talent and has a love/hate ”bromance” with fellow judge, Simon Cowell.

        He’s very coy about his private life. He has written several children’s books, the first of which was ” The Boy in the Dress” which is probably based on aspects of himself. As far as i know he has never commented on trans issues. I’m a huge fan of his comedy.

    • Sketcher Says:

      @soporificat – yes, because they’re men (Whaye-aye the lads!) but also I think because there’s a big tradition of drag and cross-dressing comedy in Britain, so they can get away with it.

      Would be great to see French and Saunders, Catherine Tate or maybe Amy Schumer take this on, if they’re brave enough! Can you imagine an AbFab episode with Amy Schumer as a cross-dressing fetishist? God!! Actually- there was one with Patsy going to Morocco to go FtM, I remember she had an awful blonde ‘tache, but then her penis fell off from overuse.

  13. Margie Says:

    lol! Trans activists are being triggered all over the British Isles at this very moment!

    With Gallus’s permission, I wanted to pass on to you all a few very recent items of interest and follow up on an item from last week:

    – As you know, the effort to repeal the trans bathroom law in CA fizzled because of the incompetence of the right wing group running the effort in gathering signatures. However, there is a new effort going on right now in Washington state which looks more promising. Although the groups in WA are also right wing and are no friends of LGBs, they have a lot of experience in getting measures on the ballot. They did so successfully in 2009 and 2012. They already have formed a PAC and have set up petition centers. It would be awesome to see anti-gay trans activists battling it out with anti-gay right wingers in November. My hope is that this gets on the ballot, and that LGBs refuse to mobilize. A great opportunity for us to show resistance to and contempt for “LGBT”:

    – Transgenders now have their own trans-only community center in NYC. Of course, that does not mean that they will give back their stolen share of the city’s “LGBT” Community Center. They demand inclusion, after all. It’s just that they get to have inclusion in our spaces, while contributing nothing to those spaces, and then to exclude us from theirs. And to add insult to injury, their T-only center is being furnished by the “LGBT” center, which is providing chairs, tables and desks:

    – T activist is arrested for assaulting a police horse at a demonstration. He tried to frighten the horse, which would have endangered the police officer riding it as well as people in the crowd. Notice that he is identified as a “woman.” Only when one goes to his Instagram does one learn from his profile description that he is MtT

    – Last week, I left a comment here at GenderTrender about the relationship between NCLR attorney Shannon Minter (a “transman”) and the virulently anti-gay pastor Jim Garlow of Skyline Church in California. Gallus asked if I could post a link to Garlow’s posts about this. Unfortunately, Garlow made the disclosure in a video sermon, not in a written post. I listen to and watch a lot of anti-gay media, and that includes a lot of Garlow‘s stuff. (It’s my own monitoring effort, which has turned into a masochistic hobby.) So far, I have not been able to locate the sermon where Garlow talks about his email exchanges with Minter, in which she asks him to pray for her and in which he proposes meeting with her family. I have found a conference presentation where Garlow generically discusses his communication with her, but it is not as good as the sermon where he lays it out in detail. Here’s the link to the presentation with the generic description, in which he also references his efforts to befriend others. The Minter reference begins at 2:24:

    He doesn’t name names, but the attorney he describes can only be Minter.

  14. brandi1986 Says:

    This is a comment on Jessica’s post above

    “I thought xie was an ok MTT until, at the end, xie stated that radfems were jealous of MTTS because MTTs were sexy and radfems were ugly”

    How delusional are these people? Anybody with eyes and a functioning brain can see that MOST MTT’s are either ugly and obviously male, only passable from a distance or are barely passable at all. Of the one that can pass how much plastic surgery, makeup, photoshop, etc., are involved?

    When MTT’s and their supporters say things like this it just proves what narcissistic jerks these people are.

    • Reader Says:

      It seems normal and entirely permissible for MTTs to equate femaleness to social desirability or being sexy/cute/etc, and to think that once they transition, they magically begin to demonstrate these qualities…

    • Zemskull Says:

      Regarding passing from a distance: in the Mrs. America beauty pageants, there is slang called “35-footer.” It describes a woman who is considered attractive from the judges’ table, but not up close.

      • nonny Says:

        Or the “Monet” MTT: From far off it looks like a pretty contrivance but up close it’s just a big mess

      • Sketcher Says:

        Ceci n’est pas une pipe! The famous painting by Magritte – this is not a pipe – cos it’s a painting of a pipe, it’s not the real thing. He said try to stuff it with tobacco. Hmm.

        You can make a facsimile or an image of what you want. It remains a painting or copy of the real thing, not the real thing itself. .Women are the real thing. We know it, they know it.

        . Innit.

    • juno Says:

      In the above mentioned music hall cross-dressing tradition, there is an variation on the theme where no women are fooled by the disguise of the ‘woman’, but men don’t seem to notice and one rather daft or dense bloke will ‘fall for’ the cross-dresser. Humor has roots in observed behaviours and I think this is a sly swipe at the fact males might rely more heavily on gendered clothing and behaviors for quick identification of sex and attractiveness. Of course trans are ‘sexier'(in their minds at least), they are displaying all the markers for ‘female’ and that means they are ‘women’, and ‘sexy’ ones at that.

  15. Jessica Says:

    Apologise for off topic but this just in..

    “Misogyny, transphobia, racism and biphobia are often present in LGBT+ societies. This is unfortunately more likely to occur when the society is dominated by white cis gay men.”

    The motion continues to call on LGBT societies at universities – many of whom have dedicated reps for lesbians, trans people, bi people and gay men – to abolish the role for gay men.

    It continues: “The reps system exists to ensure that societies committees can always have a reserved place for groups which disproportionately face oppression within the LGBT+ community.

    “Gay men do not face oppression as gay men within the LGBT+ community and do not need a reserved place on society committees.”

    It goes on to “encourage LGBT+ Societies that have a gay men’s rep to drop the position”.

    Next the lesbians will be kicked out and it will only be about the poor widdle T eh?

    Maybe they can invite Muslims , call it “MTT”, and whine about how all those mean lesbians and gay men are oppressing them.

    • Cruella Says:

      They aren’t ‘kicking’ anyone out. They’re just advising that LGBT+ societies no longer reserve a place for gay men on committees because they are likely to have enough of a presence on these committees already, without a reserved place. That place, once reserved for gay men, is then available for anyone, be they L, G, B or T.

      • Jessica Says:


        The trans lobby is behind it. And they don’t care about the L or the B either.

        Though I do find it amusing that they are going after gay men considering that gay men have been some of their staunchest defenders vs the evil TERFS.

        Just wait, the L and the B will be next. It’s all about the trannies. The world revolves around them.

      • kesher Says:

        They won’t go after the Ls, that would require transbians to lose their preferential placement.

        And they’re going after gay men because transbians are homophobic as fuck. And, as straight men, they know they don’t need gay support. Mainstream society might laugh at those dudes for being pathetic enough to “identify” as women, but transbians will still get everyone bending over backwards for them. Everyone knows they’re straight men.

      • Janetwo Says:

        My guess is tranzies want gaymen excluded because they fear the LGBT community is running out of patience with the T so they pre-emptively are kicking the opposition out. The trans cannot survive being excluded from the LGBT community, they would have zero legitimacy and the public support would be nil.

  16. Sketcher Says:

    Oh.. go on then. Emily Howard and Sting.

  17. Bev Jo Says:

    Fantastic. I’ll never get tired of the Emily Howard skits.

    If they did this in the US, that would be the end of the show, the network, etc. All sponsors gone, everyone threatened and who knows what else.

    Meanwhile, in the US, on the other end of the politics, where the trans cult is worshipped, out Lesbian actor Ellen Page is co-host of a new television series called Gaycation where she and a gay male friend, while looking like a “cute” het couple since they are usually holding hands, arms around each other, explore how “LGBTBBQ” people are treated in Brazil, Jamaica, etc.

    As expected, Lesbians and gay men are horribly oppressed, but then in the the latest episode, they go to San Francisco where the focus is on “Trans Black Lives Matter,” with Ellen Page literally wiping her eyes as the men tell how they are more oppressed and likely to be killed than anyone else.

    Of course Black Lives Matter, but this is men posing as women once again, using that movement for their own purposes. The interviewed trannie is said to have been at Stonewall, while we are taught the myth about how transvestite het men are somehow connected to the oppression of Lesbians and gay men.

    This is the Bay Area, where a Latina Butch was gang-raped and almost beaten to death by four men because she was a Butch. Yet they show only a few moments of very privileged Fems like a CEO, looking severe with her short bleached hair. There is probably more support for trans and gay men here than anywhere in the world, but nothing for Lesbians. This is where Lesbians have lost our last spaces and Lesbians are dying in poverty with no support, while so many Lesbians still are volunteering for the trans cult and gay men (who have an entire neighborhood with countless businesses, restaurants, bars, etc.) Lesbians have not even one bar left and have only public het and male places to meet where the men perv on us and the het women glare and look disgusted at us.

    This propaganda piece for the transcult in the guise of being about Lesbian and gay oppressions is horrific, but so typical in the US now. How dare we protest how we are oppressed by men posing as women with the media barrage here?

  18. Marm Says:

    Hey Gallus – I don’t know how to contact you otherwise.

    Captain Awkward has a letter from a self described “DMAB” who claims he has medically transitioned, but is not out at work or to family. Expect lots of flattery and tiptoeing in the comments. CA is typically sensible in her advice but ???

    • LC Says:

      Odd letter… what does medically transitioned mean if he was “presenting as male?” He takes hormone pills but still wants the social benefits of being male? Why does he even need advice when it’s his parents who might possibly have an issue with some distant relatives? Also: “I hope they die of AIDS”- transphobic? Really? Or was it homophobic? I troll conservative blogs on occasion, and the only context I’ve ever heard AIDS brought up is with homosexuals. Is homosexuality transphobic now or what?

      • Marm Says:

        There is also a commenter to this letter who claims they had medically transitioned before they came out at work ? I don’t know how this is possible if they transitioned while at the same job v.s. starting a new job in a new workplace post transition ? Like wouldn’t you need a bunch of time off for various surgeries ? Or is medically transitioned = taking hormones ? Or hormones plus breast implants but no SRS ?

        If you are agender then I am not clear on why a transition is necessary ? This stuff just gets more confusing. This person is 37 years old. If a relative is kind of a bigot, I don’t know that a complicated explanation is going to change or improve anything. Plus – who cares what this person’s gender identity is ? Besides this AMAB who is now agender ?

        The good old days:

      • sellmaeth Says:


        There are people who experience sex dysphoria without having genderfeelz; a condition much rarer than transgenderism. Though such a person would have no reason to identify as agender, except maybe to explain why they don’t want to change their hair length, etc, just their body.

      • Jessica Says:


        And then there are people who claim to have the genderfeelz but zero dysphoria or dysmorphia. They are ‘real women for sure’, yet they are apparently lacking the feelz that their body and mind don’t match. Which doesn’t make any sense at all, since how can you be trans without the mismatch? And since these ‘trans women’ often choose to go on living as men, and dressing as men, what, exactly, is trans about them?

        Oh, but they absolutely must have access to women’s safe spaces, otherwise they will kill themselves because to deny their gender identity is to murder them:(

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