North Carolina pushes back against transgender mandate to eliminate sex-based protections for women and girls

March 24, 2016

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Governor Pat McCrory signed House Bill 2 into law late Wednesday after the state legislature convened in a special one-day session to prevent a local Charlotte ordinance from taking effect April 1.

The Charlotte ordinance provided anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people but included a “Gender Identity” provision that eliminated sex-based protections for women and girls- in fact, it eliminated the legal category of “sex” entirely. The ordinance allowed any man, including convicted sex-offenders, to access women’s facilities merely by declaring a “feeling” that they were reproductively female, although male-bodied.


House Bill 2 eliminates the ability of local municipalities to enact their own unique categories of legal protections within the state. The bill also creates the first statewide anti-discrimination policy for women and girls, based on legal sex (which is already a federally-protected right but one under attack from the Obama administration -which seeks to replace the legal category of sex with “Gender Identity”, a subjective and undefined quality lacking any characteristics and based on men’s “feelings”.


North Carolina becomes the first state to officially clarify that areas of public nudity (such as restrooms and locker rooms) in state-run facilities (such as public schools and municipal buildings), are sex-segregated areas. An exception is made for transgender individuals who change their legal sex marker on their birth certificates. Transgender lobbying groups had declined to propose any sort of compromise prior to the session, claiming that excluding convicted male sex-offenders from women’s spaces would restrict the men’s rights to express their feelings.


The measure passed the House overwhelmingly with bipartisan support while all the Democrats in the Senate took the unusual step of recusing themselves by walking out of the session and declining to register a vote either way. The remaining Republicans passed the measure by unanimous 32-0 vote. The legislature will not reconvene until April 30.


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267 Responses to “North Carolina pushes back against transgender mandate to eliminate sex-based protections for women and girls”

  1. Angelica Says:

    Once the medical experts agreed that I’m a woman I can and should use women’s spaces, but people who are men, and merely dress as women should not. Seems reasonable enough. :/

    • You are not and never will be a woman, regardless of what some yahoo with an M.D. opines.

    • kesher Says:

      Take your woman-hating ass back to the men’s where you belong, “Angelica”.

    • LOL, nope. Take a hike, delusional male autogynephile. Nice wig, and sorry about your dick.

    • anywoman2 Says:

      This is how well men like you blend in with women, and a …I have witnessed this first hand. Women in public don’t want to play along with your sexual 24/7 porn- fantasy. You think you blend in but……you don’t and we know it is sexual.

    • Janetwo Says:


      Take this to the bank: you may identify as who you want, a woman, a giraffe, a whoopy cushion. But 99.99% of the women will never, identify you as one of us. And you can get your doctor papers, you and your little friends can change the laws and force yourself into our spaces but there is nothing you can do that will make us think you are one of us.

      At best you will force women to comply to social rules like calling you Wanda instead of Steve. Men have been pretty successful at forcing women into compliance either overtly with violence, of covertly by enforcing unjust laws. But you will never receive sincere acceptance. Women have practiced for centuries the art of nodding our head, hiding our thoughts and our feelings and share only between ourselves the truth of our life. You will never be part of women’s intimate circles. You might find company in the circles of people who hate and fear women, but you will never be with women who care about and love other women. At best, you will be an unwelcomed guest in the house the owners are too polite to show you the door.
      Women will keep their guard up around you and not only the experience of being a woman is simply out of your reach, but so is sharing in the experience of other women. You will reveal yourself as a fake but for superficial observers, like a cheap knockoff designer handbag that does not stand scrutiny.

    • Zemskull Says:

      I wonder how many of these middle-age and Baby Boomer MTTs benefited from sex segregation and expectations at various points in their male lives. Sports in high school that were for boys only then, such as football and wrestling? Elite male college fraternities? Male-only job ratings in the military? Male-only adult societies, such as the Masons? Encouragement and connections from friends and family to pursue profitable “men’s” jobs in the 1990s and early 2000s, such as those in IT?

      • Branjor Says:

        I wonder how many of these middle-age and Baby Boomer MTTs benefited from sex segregation and expectations at various points in their male lives.

        All of them. Believe me, I know. I am a female baby boomer, born 1952.

  2. liberalsareinsane Says:

    An exception is made for trannies who had their birth cert changed?

    What the fuck difference does that make? These guys are still male and have no business in women’s spaces. These creeps should have zero concessions.

    • RR Says:

      GM lists the requirements for changing one’s birth certificate in North Carolina below– SRS.

      Of course they are not women and their sex has not been changed, but their dick is an innie now. I think it is a reasonable exception, most of the Pigs in Wigs fetishists, transrapists and transpedos that prey on women and children are obsessed with their dicks and most will never meet this requirement.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        You give these pricks an inch they’ll take a mile. They’ll come up with some other “reasonable exception”. They’re not women! They have not and cannot change their sex.

        It is not women’s obligation to placate some asshole who has had mutilating surgery. That’s HIS problem. HE doesn’t belong in any women’s spaces “innie” or no “innie”.

  3. Thank goodness they stood up for sex-segregated spaces!

  4. Jay Says:

    It baffles me that folks passing these bathroom ordinances havent thought through the constitutional equal protection problems it creates to weaken protections for women in service of trans identity which to date have not been given any protections under the 14th amendment. This is a court fight that has the potntial to seriously muddy the waters are around civil rights in the US in a counterproductive way, im aghast at all the damge legislators in states like washington are doing in their unthinking bandwagon jumping without actually thinking throuh the implications of the policies they enact. As a lefty, its pretty horrific to see people in NC do the right thing for the wrong reasons like this. Certainly not a political landscape i ever expected to be living in.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      One good thing about all this trans crap is that it becomes perfectly clear that “conservatives” and “liberals” are pretty much alike. They both reject actual biological and scientific fact (why is creationism a stupider concept than you are whatever sex you feel like?), and they both like ideology that makes them feel good about themselves. Conservatives feel good when they’re ranting about undocumented workers and liberals feel good when they rant about the poor, misunderstood transgender male who just wants to expose his penis in a girls locker room.

      • K.Jane Says:

        Very true! I’ve asked the same question about creationism vs transgenderism and all I’ve gotten is vague answers about “identity” and “brain too complex to understand.” I don’t believe in either one.

        I also sarcastically asked why I couldn’t be accepted as a black space alien even though I’m not black and not a space alien, and a few people have told me that the space alien thing was a valid identity but the black thing wasn’t unless I got a spray tan (is this the “true transexual” version of “transracial”?)

        Definitely a lot of feel good-ism on both sides, along with illogical fantasy thinking.

  5. Me Says:

    Well, I don’t have a “gender identity”. I have a sex and it’s not based on my “feelings”, but, rather, factual biological criteria that remains true and factual, regardless of my “feelings”

    And, public restroom accommodations have traditionally been based on this factual biological criteria, not “feelings”, which is how it should remain. Such facilities are a place to take care of one’s biological needs; they were never meant to serve as “validation stations” for the transgendered.

  6. Susan Nunes Says:

    The term “gender identity” should not be codified into any law because there is no such thing. It just gives men the dubious right to crossdress and push boundaries that are not acceptable. Men don’t belong in women-only spaces, whether or not they have had bottom surgery. They are still men, and men tend to have aggressive tendencies women and girls do not as a rule have. Bottom surgery and hormones don’t alter it.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      Here’s a link that breaks it down really well even though she, Rebecca Reilly-Cooper, uses some terminology that is part of the trans lingo without qualifying it.

      Q&A here:

      • MyHeadHurts Says:

        Thank you so much for these links. Becca Reilly-Cooper lays it out perfectly.

      • Sketcher Says:

        @MaryMacha – thank you for these links. Excellent videos and a clearly set-out, logical riposte to the trans* fallacy of ‘male/female’ brains and ‘I am because I say I am’ gender identity arguments.

  7. Elle Says:

    Pulling my hair out over the headlines surrounding this news:

    “North Carolina’s anti-trans law is downright dangerous” (The Guardian)

    “How North Carolina Just Passed a Blood-Curdling Anti-LGBT Law Right Before Our Eyes” (Huffington Post)

    “North Carolina’s New Anti-LGBTQ Law Is Vicious, Shameful, and Unconstitutional” (Slate)

    “North Carolina Passes Law Blocking Measures To Protect LGBT People” (NPR)

    I would like to see just ONE that reads “North Carolina Passes Law To Protect Women and Girls”!

    • ex home birthers Says:

      All the articles claim that there are no documented incidents of the law being misused by men. Maybe we should all email corrections and leave comments?

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        Lots of luck getting past the censors of sites like the Guardian.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        I heard a guy on the radio today offering the same old canard about how some places have had these laws in place for decades (which I doubt) and there’s never been a safety issue.

        But when we bring up specific incidents, I notice transactivists tend to claim that the man in question wasn’t a real transwoman and/or that since men perved on women in restrooms before these laws existed, it can’t be the fault of the laws.

        The laws me of a guy in my social circle when I was young who thought it was funny to sneak up on women he knew and grab them from behind. When he tried it on me, I gave him a verbal drubbing. I told him he was endangering his female friends, that we needed to be able to punch and run when a guy grabbed us–we lived in a large city with a fair bit of street crime–without stopping to worry whether we might hurt someone we knew.

        Similarly, if a guy comes into the restroom or locker room, I want to know he doesn’t belong there and I can report him without having to figure out whether that’s hate speech because he believes he has some mystical, feminine flower spirit inside his bearded, 250-pound exterior. The laws allowing transwomen in our spaces pose the same risk as the clueless guy I knew–they’ll cause some women to hesitate rather than act quickly enough to protect themselves from a predator.

      • Elle Driver Says:

        I’ve been doing this, but facts hold no currency with fanatics. It is frustrating, to say the least. It takes all of one minute googling to find assholes like “Paula” Witherspoon or “Patty” Hagan or Richard Rodriguez…

        You get the point.

        It has never been easier for journalists to research stories, information has never been more accessible than it is today, and yet we are spiraling further and further into newspeak and a 2+2=5 ethos.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      I agree. We all need to write these media outlets and object to the headlines. I am traveling, but will do this myself.

    • Magdalena Z. Says:

      Some good comments from the Guardian article before they are swept out by Big Brother moderator:

      Steve Lightfoot: “Yes I’m.sure the bathrooms in NC will soon be filled by dead and dying trannies…”

      SistaSouljah completely agree – these bigots are literally *killing* trans people by regulating what bathrooms they can use. That’s a *fact*, proven by *science*.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Oak and Ash: You remind me of the famous book, The Gift of Fear, in which the author argues that a woman is best equipped to keep safe if she acts on her suspicions of unsafe men early and decidedly, rather than giving the men “the benefit of the doubt.” This what I find concerning about allowing men in women’s locker rooms, bathrooms and shelters. Women are essentially being told to ignore their intellects and instincts.

      • againstvaw Says:

        Those comments are still up 7 hours later, which is a record for the Guardian. Maybe the trans moderator is taking Easter holidays.

      • againstvaw Says:

        Lightfoot’s comment has gone but it lasted a day which is a record.

        I’ve had several posts deleted because they don’t meet community standards. It seems you can’t say that many women have good reason to fear taking their clothes off in areas where strangers are displaying their penises.

        This is my last post – a reply to a man who explained that women’s changing rooms all had individual cubicles. They’re such experts.

        “I’ll try again – last reply deleted. “I find this utterly baffling. Women’s changing rooms … have cubicles with doors. ” No, there may be some cubicles but most women and girls will have to change in an open area. A large percentage of women have been attacked by men and they don’t want anyone displaying a penis to them while they are undressing. Try and imagine that women’s feelings matter as much as the feelings of a person with a penis.”

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      I made a graphic with the correct headline. It’s on my Twitter feed here Or you can just go to my Twitter @petuniacatland and click on photos. 😊

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Huffington Post is an echo chamber of delusional paranoia and victim envy, protected by a wall of censorship.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Speaking of rotten headlines…and the media not fact-checking, no more thsn a few min after the Mississippi bill eas signed, CNN had one of the Jenner camp followers on to spew the usual group of lies in a response to same.

      It was not only sickening to witness this, but scary to see that this person was NOT CHALLENGED by the interviewer about the indisputable evidence about the bathroom attacks. Or that many of the ‘science projects’ lack a level of any kind of respect for those they want to emulate or aspire to have a status as. This was a goddamned shame.

      Even those of us who cannot engage in cult participation due to medical issues [which is where yours truly is situated] know there is a reason for the boundaries. As well as remembering those biology classes…which stated the science as being fact about gender. Let alone that years back…any journalist worth their degree would challenge the lies of cult members on the spot about absurdist notions, instead of continuing the enabling. As well as call them out on why LGB persons and genetic females should be thrown under the high speed train to help the special little snowflakes.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        The big talking point of the trans is those bathroom attacks aren’t done by trans. Since according to their postmodernist drivel there is no such thing as biological sex, anybody can call himself or herself male or female, man or woman, and have unfettered access to opposite-sex spaces. Of course the overwhelming majority of trans are men. Thanks to there being no real definition of who constitutes being a “transgender,” they constantly change the definition. If a trans commits a crime such as rape or murder, or commits some kind of sexual perversion in public, well, the person wasn’t REALLY a trans. It is kind like the old saying of heads I win, tales you lose. They totally avoid responsibility for the actions of their group.

        It is all about destroying women as a protected class. It is all about destroying appropriate boundaries.

        The trans are sick people. The only thing worse are those who enable them under the guise of “diversity” and “tolerance.”

      • Jessica Says:

        @Susan Nunes

        Regarding trans bathroom usage, I usually come across two kinds of objections, quotes provided, since it’s too mind-bending to explain coherently:

        I really do not recall EVER reading about a man getting dressed up as a woman and sexually assaulting women. Nor for that matter do I recall any trans women doing that. Indeed the only sex in bathrooms I know about (apart from online porn) involves US Senators.

        Is shown evidence of trans women assaulting women in bathrooms.

        Responds with:

        And NOT a sexual assault; nor by a straight man pretending to be a woman. Next example??

        Is shown copious evidence of cis men pretending to be trans assaulting women bathrooms:

        If straight men want to assault women they will do that. Some of them will do it in a women’s restroom.

        So, the lesson here, from this man is that, violence against women in women’s bathrooms doesn’t count if:

        1) no sexual assault took place
        2) the attacker wasn’t trans
        3) the attacker was trans
        4) it’s impossible to prevent women from being assaulted in bathrooms so why keep men out


        Why does he get a choice that no one who knows biological reality is allowed?

        It’s infuriating that they compare trans bathroom usage to segregation. It’s about as bad as the anti-abortion nuts who compare the death of embryos to the holocaust

        Also, I have been conducting a little experiment by showing the Nebraska unisex bathroom article to SJWs and asking if the drag queens and MTT are being unfairly discriminated against. The answer is ‘yes’, since being provided with a unisex bathroom in lieu of a woman’s bathroom is a case of MISGENDERING and we all know that this is MURDER.

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      Found this today on my AppleTV. It’s a video from, hold onto your butts, Wall Street Journal video. 😠 That’s pretty good. 🤔They talk about Obama redefining Title IX. The guy calls the LGBT the “gay and lesbian” community.😵😵😵 Ah, makes me nostalgic for the old pre-trans days. There’s also has an editorial in the WSJ.

      • LC Says:

        So much to correct in that interview, but I liked his line about transgender individuals wanting to use the bathrooms of their choice- unlike non-transgender individuals. And that is part of what’s so infuriating about these laws, isn’t it? If a man says he wants to use the women’s restroom because women are sexy, no one would be in favor of that. He says it’s because HE’s a woman, suddenly it’s discrimination and equivalent to segregation. But what’s the non-emotive difference between those statements? How would anyone know what his real motivation is? Why does he get a choice that no one who knows biological reality is allowed?

  8. hearthrising Says:

    The US liberal media is going ballistic about this. Left politics have become so canned and unconsidered. A lot of dudgeon about how awful other things this legislature has done are (and they’ve done a lot of awful things) so of course this bill is wrong. No mention of is being made about the exception for changes on birth certificates. Does anyone know if North Carolina allows birth certificates to be changed for sex markers? If liberals continue a “take no prisoners” approach to this and refuse to compromise by agreeing on a concrete definition of gender, that exception could be legislated away as well.You can’t compromise with the liberals: they draw lines in the sand. Used to be, that was our criticism of conservatives. Since this bill also prohibits municipalities from creating protected classes this will also set back attempts to gain employment nondiscrimination for gays. Also for trans, which you would think would be a bigger priority for trans activists. This is what the lgbt political groups have done to the lgbt, and to other groups who are discriminated against in employment. The bill does reaffirm commitment to nondiscrimination in race, sex, religion, age, disability. A shame this is happening, setting back civil rights movements for gays and other groups. When this “nondiscrimination” ordinance has been used to harm another protected group (women), you can’t place fault for this happening any place but with lgbt lobbying groups.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “North Carolina Birth Certificate Laws
      North Carolina state registrar will issue a new birth certificate upon receipt of a written request by an individual “to change the sex on that individual’s birth record because of sex reassignment surgery, if the request is accompanied by a notarized statement from the physician who performed the sex reassignment surgery or from a physician licensed to practice medicine who has examined the individual and can certify that the person has undergone sex reassignment surgery.” G.S. § 130A-118. To apply for an amended birth certificate the applicant should submit a handwritten request detailing what changes are to be made to the birth certificate, the application for a birth certificate with section 2 completed (“Other = Gender Change”), a certified copy of the court ordered name change, a notarized original letter from the doctor stating that individual has completed surgical procedures, and payment of any applicable fees.”

      • hearthrising Says:

        Thank you Gallus. You are a wealth of information.

      • michelle Says:

        The key is in how a State defines ‘sex reassignment surgery,’ recalling the way idiots like Steve Sandeen were crowing about their ball removal being all it took to meet the definition in their State…hopefully North Carolina is a little more on their toes to keep the legal fictions to a minimum.

      • Autumn Sandeen Says:

        [Can you believe this violent, deranged sociopathic stalker STILL tries to comment on my blog?!?! FIVE FUCKING YEARSSSSSSSS OF STALKING AND HARASSMENT! Holy shit this guy is something else. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE ME ALONE STEPHEN????????!!!!!!!!!!??? LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!11-GM]

    • GallusMag Says:

      I don’t think they CAN offer a concrete definition of gender without making clear how the concept is based entirely in sexism and discrimination against women and girls.

      “You can’t compromise with the liberals: they draw lines in the sand.”

      It’s interesting that the transgender lobby continually opts not to offer the slightest compromise- for example inserting an “improper purpose” clause
      ( )
      or excluding convicted male sex offenders from accessing women’s facilities.
      They could also define the intended protected class “transgender” by assigning it objective, measurable criteria, such as a documented medical diagnosis, etc.
      There are any number of compromises they could offer in these cases but it’s pretty revealing that they don’t.

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        They are all about pushing the boundaries in order to satisfy their sexual kinks. That sort of thing doesn’t belong in the public sphere, including and especially sex-segregated facilities and sports.

        The term “gender” needs to be thrown into the garbage can since it is being deliberately conflated with the term “sex” in order to obliterate women’s rights.

      • gchild Says:

        This refusal to compromise is the most bothersome aspect of trans bathroom activisim.

        The total lack of concern for female/children’s saftey is puzzeling. If any male can use womens spaces under the guise of gender feels with no stipulations, then transwomen could be victimized as well. They could be harassed, raped and assaulted too. Do they not consider that?

        They are basically saying that if some males get off sexually on being with/among females in female only spaces, so what? Or, if some males rape, sexually assault, or harrass women and children in restrooms, so what? And if the law allows easier access and more exploitaion? Again, so fucking what?

        If man-identified-males can use females/children for their sexual gratification (all day, every day, everywhere) then it is bigotted not to allow women-identified-males the same privilege for their SEX ROLE gratification.

        They know damned well why females feel violated/afraid by laws that give males the legal right to watch them undress, shower or use the toilet. They just dont give a fuck.

    • Susan Nunes Says:

      The political left–so-called “left men”–have always had a problem with women’s rights. These are the guys who support human rights violations like pornography and prostitution under the guise of their dubious “right” to sexual access. Their support of “transgenderism” is along the same lines. These guys hate women as much or more than the typical right-winger.

      • OldPolarBear Says:

        There is a quote I read a long time ago; I thought it was Andrea Dworkin, but I can’t verify it or find it anywhere and she might have been quoting the original. It goes:

        “Conservative men think women’s bodies are private property. Liberal men think women’s bodies are public property.”

  9. Larichus Says:

    Now, if the Michigan legislature could give the state board of education some similar guidance:

    Michfest was bad enough, but now our daughters ???

    Concerned citizens should let their views be known at

    • Please comment! We need more feminists to chime in. It is very important to have the dissenting voice of non-conservatives on this issue.

      • May Loo Says:

        I have been commenting to oppose Canadian Bill C-16 which essentially replaces sex-based protections (mostly applied to born women) for gender-based protections. Now you can’t misidentify a transperson without threat of a fine or jail term. For that, I have been banned from What has happened to our free speech rights in Canada (and the US)?

  10. Siobhan Says:

    Why must the rights of gays and lesbians continue to be tied to transgender bathroom legislation? I don’t want males in women’s bathrooms, I want to be assured that no one can use my sexual preference to discriminate against me in employment or housing. The former has NOTHING to do with the latter.

  11. Jummy Says:

    I just got an earful of the NPR take on this and the gist of it is that the state “reversed a bill which protected Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgendered people from discrimination”. And that this is part of a growing scourge of conservative state governments overturning reforms fought for in progressive urban centers.

    Of course they didn’t talk about the actual issue, silly!

  12. “Biological sex. – The physical condition of being male or female, which is stated on a person’s birth certificate.”


    Thanks for giving us the legal requirements for changing the birth certificate in the North Carolina. A couple of years ago in California, trans activists changed the law that made it possible to change one’s birth certificate without sex reassingment surgery. In California, it’s “clinically appropriate treatment” which could mean anything. No SRS is required. People need to keep an eye on this to make sure that trans activists don’t sneak through some legislation that changes the sex reassingment requirement.

    At least males have to undergo sex reassignment surgery, and go through the process of legally changing their birth certificate. It will weed out most of the predators and creeps like Stefonknee. Still, I wouldn’t want men like Douglas, “Donna”, Perry in the women’s restroom even if he underwent SRS. As crazy, sociopathic, and dangerous as some men are, they can always find a doctor somewhere who will do SRS. That is, if their credit card is good, or they have the cash. Perry got his SRS in Thailand.

    Question: In North Carolina, can people convicted of serious crimes (murder, rape, etc.) get their birth certificate changed?

    Technically, the term “biological sex” could be more precise. Males who undergo sex reassignment surgery are not biological females. Some of these males are biological fathers. Sex reassignment surgery does not change one’s sex. For all practical purposes, it’s nothing more than extensive plastic surgery on otherwise healthy genitalia. Males still retain their prostate gland after SRS. The genetics don’t change. Everyone knows that human beings can’t really change their sex. The human species is sexually dimorphic and all primates reproduce sexually. No primate can change its sex. The human species is male, female, and every now and then, rare disorders of sexual development. Disorders of sexual development are not the same as transgender, and the vast majority of transgender identified people have no disorder of sexual development.

    In my opinion, the only people who should legally be able to get their birth certificate changed are people with actual disorders of sexual development. When it’s clear that the individual is biological male or biological female without a disorder of sexual development, then it’s ludicrous to say that he or she can change his or her sex.

    • Jessica Says:

      They are now saying that sex can be changed from male to female by replacing the chromosomes and then the organs.

      This crap:

      I am sure that the top priority of scientists is to engineer this so that adult males can become female. (If it was possible. It is not)

      I have never met a group of people more ignorant of science than MTTs.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        CRISPR doesn’t change XY to XXL or vice versa.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        I would hope they cure a trainload of debilitating illnesses before perfecting vanity procedures for healthy normal people.

        I keep hearing “uterus transplants!” What’s a man supposed to do with a uterus? Hide Easter eggs in it?

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        This is NOT a proper understanding of CRISPR.

      • Jessica Says:

        Of course it is not a proper understanding of CRISPR.

        These are the same people who are arguing that transgendreism is a beneficial evolutionary ‘mutation’, because reasons.

        That we can’t keep men with dicks out of women’s bathrooms because intersex people exist.

        That believing any of the above is akin to ‘flat-eartherism’.

        I really like the one about how intersex is a beneficial evolutionary mutation, as infertility does not exactly result in a reproductive advantage eh?

      • Susan Nunes Says:

        I think they are well aware of science. I just don’t believe they care. It is all about the sexual kink with them. They will twist facts in order to pursue their kinks, trying to con the masses that their sexual compulsion to crossdress is really “biological.” I don’t believe the overwhelming majority of people buy what they are selling.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        CRISPR doesn’t change XY to XX or vice versa. (F’ing phone “corrected” me wrong, hate auto-mistake.)

      • petuniacat00 Says:

        lovetruthcourage, I thought your sentence “crispr doesn’t change XY to XXL” was a funny joke! Because so many trans women are like 6 foot four. 😂😂😂

      • LOL, I know right? The ave male-to-trans is huge! Could be a joke… or just my phone’s devious auto-correct. 😉

  13. kesher Says:

    On a more serious note, I really don’t understand the utility of including bathroom accommodations in LGBT non-discrimination measures. It just seems to me to be bad policy, and I’m not even thinking about conservative backlash. The criteria that would prevent discrimination against “trans” people would almost necessarily need to be different from the criteria that allows men with genderfeels access to women’s spaces.

    On a legal level, employment non-discrimination needs to be based on things that can be proven in court. An internal gender identity can’t be proven in court, but something like non-compliance to sex stereotypes probably can. Therefore, non-discrimination measures for “trans” people really ought to cite gender non-conformity, not gender “identity”, and that apparently is the tactic the Obama administration has been using to sue employers for anti-trans discrimination, that employees can’t be fired for not performing sex stereotypes.

    But these pro-trans bathroom bills are solely going for personal self-identification for the criteria of who gets to use which facility, which makes sense from the perspective of sex stereotypes not actually making a man or a woman. One thing I’ll concede to trans activists is that MTFs should not have to dress “like” women to be considered “women”. Dresses, heels, and makeup are not womanhood. (Although what this really means is that none of them are women.) So, if they’re demanding access to women’s spaces, they aren’t going to base that on conformity or non-conformity to sex stereotypes, but that puts the “bathroom” access issue at odds with the employment discrimination issue. The latter must necessarily protect employees who don’t perform sex stereotypes, the former is trying to ignore sex stereotypes completely.

    If liberal trans apologists had any sense, they’d keep these issues separate, but here we are.

  14. gothamette Says:

    Gallus – there are a bunch of articles on Washington Post website about the inevitable push back from Big Business. When the LGBTists lose, Big Business threatens economic sanctions. And carries it out, as happened in Indiana.

    • So much for the claim to be the most oppressed of them all, eh? If predatory multinational corporations are backing your power grab, you’re not fucking outsiders, trannies.

      It amazes me that the male left doesn’t see how they’ve lain the foundation for a massive, brutal backlash.

  15. jule Says:

    I don’t know if this was a waste of my time or who will see it, but I sent an email thanking the governor. The media wants only to LGBT crowd to be heard so I hopefully let the governor know that more women than just those of his state are counting on him to stand firm. All these articles on the injustice of keeping trans people out of women’s restrooms and no one ever asks the average woman on the street what she thinks. It’s like we don’t even exist to them.

    • K.Jane Says:

      I have also sent him an email thanking him. It’s a shame because that ordinance did have some good protections based on race and being a lesbian, for example, but of course trans drags everyone else down like a parasite.

  16. @gothamette,

    Women have enormous purchasing power, and in most households, women do most of the shopping. Who goes to the grocery store? It’s usually the mother. When I was growing up, I don’t recall my father every going grocery shopping. What would happen if about 30 to 40% of women decided not to shop at a particular store?

  17. mossy Says:

    There’s an article trashing the ‘bigoted’ law in the NY Times today:
    Comments are open for now- unlikely my 3 will be approved but we’ll see (I’m M from New York, NY) … would love more trans-critical commenters- go!

  18. Janetwo Says:

    What strikes me is how the medias deal with the transgender agenda compared to climate change. For climate change, which has a scientific conscensus of over 97%, they will dig every little scrap of disagreement and obscure factoids to pretend there is a debate. For transgenderism, they will dismiss any contrary opinions as bigoted and ignore the ongoing witch hunt on feminists, psychiatrists and psychologists who dont spew the party line. The venom of the headlines on NC are unreal.

  19. Seattle Rain Says:

    FYI: Facebook deleted the account of the Seattle bathroom transactivist Johanna Wolf/Jonathan Wolf/Johanna Von Luck, after learning that he was convicted of raping a deaf woman in Nebraska. It’s ironic that Mark Zuckerberg has the right to keep Wolf off his social network, but the women of Washington don’t have the right to keep Wolf out of their bathrooms and locker rooms. Thank you to Gender Trender and other websites that warned women about this predator. (He doesn’t appear to have registered as a sex offender in Washington yet.)

  20. Some websites are dragging up FTMs (biological females) in an attempt to discredit this legislation. Most FTMs never undergo “bottom surgery” and are fully female below the waistline. Bearded females aren’t the problem. Collen Francis and “her male genitalia” in the women’s locker room is the problem. Men like Stefonknee Wolscht and Paul Witherspoon are the problem. FTMs (biological females) have two options.

    *FTMs could ask for a single occupancy bathroom or changing area.
    *Trans identified people can undergo sex reassingment surgery and get their birth certificant changed.

    Notice how they define “multiple occupancy” and “single occupancy”. Single occupancy facilities are allowed, and people can request them.

    Definitions. – The following definitions apply in this section:
    (1) Biological sex. – The physical condition of being male or female, which is stated on a person’s birth certificate.
    (2) Multiple occupancy bathroom or changing facility. – A facility designed or designated to be used by more than one person at a time where students may be in various states of undress in the presence of other persons. A multiple occupancy bathroom or changing facility may include, but is not limited to, a school restroom, locker room, changing room, or shower room.
    (3) Single occupancy bathroom or changing facility. – A facility designed or designated to be used by only one person at a time where students may be in various states of undress. A single occupancy bathroom or changing facility may include, but is not limited to, a single stall restroom designated as unisex or for use based on biological sex.


    Accommodations Permitted. – Nothing in this section shall prohibit local boards of education from providing accommodations such as single occupancy bathroom or changing facilities or controlled use of faculty facilities upon a request due to special circumstances, but
    in no event shall that accommodation result in the local boards of education allowing a student to use a multiple occupancy bathroom or changing facility designated under subsection (b) of
    this section for a sex other than the student’s biological sex.

    (d) Exceptions. – This section does not apply to persons entering a multiple occupancy bathroom or changing facility designated for use by the opposite sex:
    (1) For custodial purposes.
    (2) For maintenance or inspection purposes.
    (3) To render medical assistance.
    (4) To accompany a student needing assistance when the assisting individual is
    an employee or authorized volunteer of the local board of education or the student’s parent or authorized caregiver.
    (5) To receive assistance in using the facility.
    (6) To accompany a person other than a student needing assistance.
    (7) That has been temporarily designated for use by that person’s biological

    Public agencies

    c) Accommodations Permitted. – Nothing in this section shall prohibit public agencies from providing accommodations such as single occupancy bathroom or changing facilities upon a person’s request due to special circumstances, but in no event shall that accommodation result in the public agency allowing a person to use a multiple occupancy bathroom

  21. helicopter propeller Says:

    Hi, Gallus, sorry for derailing and feel free to delete this post if you find it inappropriate, but here’s a discussion between tech people of why they think men who believe themselves to have a female psychological sex are overrepresented in tech. There are a few howlers therein that will greatly amuse the readership here, I’m sure.

  22. ephemeroptera Says:

    NC’s preemption of local ordinances hurts not only gays and lesbians who would benefit from anti-discrimination laws, but also struggling workers who would benefit from minimum wage increases or paid sick leave mandates (see end of this article):

    So, this law’s effects for women seems mixed; holding the line w bathrooms is offset by negative consequences for lesbians and women in exploitative jobs.

    This preemption maneuver appears to be one half of an anti-labor playbook by GOP govs (other half can be seen w Illinois’s Bruce Rauner, who wants to reduce labor protections in some localities, purportedly to jumpstart the economies there).

    From the GOP end, it’s the culture wars all over again, to exploit these issues and create a country for the wealthy.

    • Janetwo Says:

      Its the most awful side-effect of rolling transgender bs into everything. It puts people in a no-win situation where you have to reject everything in block. I noticed that many of the social justice sites I suscribe to stay current are now flooding me with tranny trash. I mean, sites normally devoted to labor, poverty and environnemental issues, even a facebook acquaintance I follow because he normally post on refugees. So far, I think only animal welfare has not been invaded by the propagenda. I would not be surprised the trannies try to have themselves listed on the endangered species list so even the Sierra Club and Audubon have to talk about their crap. They just cant take it when its not all about them.

      • kesher Says:

        I’ve seen some infiltration in vegan circles, and there has been some chatter about the “gender identities” of non-human animals. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

      • Jacqueline Says:

        Everyday Feminism posted an article last week chastising the animal rights movement for being trans-exclusionary. They claim that any time the animal rights movement refers to animals as female based on their reproductive organs, they are being – and I quote – “super trans-exclusionary” because they are using a “super essentialized” definition of female. They sure do love the word super. They further claim that by using this “archaic definition of gender” (ignoring the fact that an animal’s gender isn’t being discussed), the animal rights community and “mainstream vegan feminists” are erasing, ignoring and excluding “the lives of trans folks”. They decree from on high that it’s okay to support animal rights (phew!), but when you discuss animal welfare you must not “resort to inaccurate and harmful tropes about biology and reproductive organs”. So yeah, they’re already trying to impose trans ideology onto animal welfare groups and animal rights discourse.

      • Oak and Ash Says:


        I found the original article, and the section on trans-exclusion may be the most insane piece of transactivist schooling I’ve heard yet–in a super competitive field!

      • Dogtowner Says:

        I started to read an article about Black Lives Matter and ran into trans this and trans that. I don’t even know what a “trans male” is (a transman?), and the woman (?) who coined the term Black Lives Matter changed her (?) name when she (?) married the “trans male.” That was the end of that article for me.

      • May Loo Says:

        Which is why LGBs should be kicking out the Ts who want ALL the attention on them.

  23. Janetwo Says:

    This one is just unbeliavable: the mayor of San Francisco bans all business travel of city workers in North Carolina :

    I honestly believe the enablers of the Tranny Freakshow are overestimating their capacity to manufacture social conscent on that one. They lack the moral and rational legitimacy of all the others older social justice movements and their is no way they can sell their snakeoil to most concerned parents, liberal or conservative. I dont think they realize the extent of resentment and opposition building up because so many people self-censor on the internet due to the tranny cyberterrorism visited upon outspoken critics. Its one thing to act out your sexual perversions in the privacy of your home or a BDSM club, its another ballgame to want to make it part of the school curriculum.

    • sheela Says:

      That’s interesting, re the trans attack on the animal rights activists. Attacking the AR movement confirms suspicions that trans ideology is partly a front for vested interests. The animal rights movement has been successful in raising awareness of conditions re animal testing/experiments. For decades, AR activists have been so successful (as much of the mainstream agrees with their goals) that they’ve had to be shut down by the drugs and chemical co’s, rebranded domestic extremists, etc. But still they persist, so what better tack than to get at them for the (latter day) sin of misgendering animals!

      • kesher Says:

        Kind of related to this, trans issues are clearly being used by conservative Democrats to give themselves liberal cred even when all their other policies should be anathema to their die-hard constituents. I find it really hard to believe that a man as slick and superficial as Mark Leno really gives a rat’s ass about trans people, and trans people don’t actually hold much voting power. So what’s the reason for this aside from political posturing?

  24. dejavublonde Says:

    I just had an epiphony while reading another site about this- EVERY SINGLE TIME someone says ‘what if a man goes in the women’s room and lies about being trans’ there are 100 replies FROM WOMEN claiming that women are such pigs and no man would ever go in because women are such dirty pigs and men have nice clean bathrooms they can use (because, men are not pigs).

    I never made the connection before that all these women are calling all women dirty pigs. Now that I have noticed it’s really pissing me off. Why do so many women hate women so much?

    • kesher Says:

      Are you sure they’re actually women? Comments on those articles are always infested with MTFs.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        Yes, sadly I am am sure. I checked commenting history of a handful and many of the commentors are the usual crew that I can recognize by user name. Very disturbing to me.

    • juno Says:

      As someone who has had to clean the lavs, i can assure you the opposite is true. I’ve never seen shit smeared on a wall in a women’s loo, but it happens from time to time in the men’s.

      Just another reason to keep men out of women’s bathrooms.

      • silverside Says:

        I agree. I have two jobs. One is at a place where employees have access to a women’s room and a men’s room. The women’s room is spotless. The women actually wipe down the areas around the sinks with paper towel so the counters are dry when the women are finished washing their hands. The other job has a family-style bathroom for used by both men and women. It is usually filthy. Pee stains on the porcelain, toilet paper left on the floor. No paper towels because management took them out because they were just another mess.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Because they are not women, they are Trans and their cheerleaders. Otherwise, how would they even supposedly know what both restrooms look like? Been in a man’s restroom lately? Me neither. Only trans can use either one. Otherwise, they really don’t know either way and are entirely agenda based.

    • ShipRat Says:

      There are plenty of men online who pretend to be women. You can usually detect them by the party line misogyny.

      • Sketcher Says:

        Mmm. Agreed. You can usually detect the men’s bogs because of the smell. Anyone who says otherwise has not ventured beyond their mum’s basement into a mixed venue.

        I simply don’t believe that ‘women’ would say otherwise – they must be insensate and/or not living in the real world.

      • ShipRat Says:

        I didn’t put that very clearly, I meant “men who pretend online to be women” (I suppose you all got it but wth)

    • Zemskull Says:

      [TRIGGER WARNING on this comment-GM]

      Okay, so assuming it’s true that women’s bathrooms are dirty, why compound the problem? Letting men in women’s bathrooms will result in blood, semen and other products of rape on the floors and walls.

  25. @ ephemeroptera

    “NC’s preemption of local ordinances hurts not only gays and lesbians who would benefit from anti-discrimination laws, but also struggling workers who would benefit from minimum wage increases or paid sick leave mandates”.

    This upsets me too. Reading this made cringe, and it was a sneaky underhanded political maneuver. Politicians do this, but it’s wrong. What does minimum wage have to do with males in women’s restrooms? When I saw this, I thought WTF are they doing? I have always supported unions and worker rights. My father was a union man. As an Independent/Democrat/Green, I rarely side with Republicans. In fact, I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life. Having said this, the Republicans in North Carolina were right about the bathroom/privacy issues and dumping “gender identity”. Penis in the women’s restroom and women’s locker room is not a civil right, and “gender identity” just keeps getting crazier all the time. It is Gay Inc. (HRC, GLAAD, etc.) that insists that sexual orientation has to forever be tied to gender identity. It really takes gall to attack Michigan Women’s Music Festival, and then expect all lesbians to fall in line with the “gender identity”. Gay Inc. (HRC, GLADD, etc.) doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about lesbians, or women for that matter. If we look at everything that has happened over the last decade, trans run LGBT organizations have completely ignored the harm to girls and women from “gender identity”. They have all but told the female sex to ignore Stefonknee Wolscht and Paula Witherspoon in our restrooms. Make no mistake. Not only does Gay Inc. expect the entire female sex to accept any male’s claim to “gender identity”, it turns a blind eye to males claiming “gender identity” who terrorize women for the thought crime of saying that women don’t have a penis. Read TERF is a slur. As much as I detest conservatives, they aren’t making these kinds of threats directed towards women.

    To illustrate how misogynistic and stubborn Gay Inc. (HRC, etc.) really is, all we have to do is look at how they handled the “Drop the T Petition”. It wasn’t up 24 hours before the HRC quickly dismissed it. Gay men and lesbians are told to shut up if they question sacred “gender identity”. There isn’t anything in this petition that isn’t true.

    So, we have gay men and lesbians respectfully saying there is a problem, and being silenced.

    While I don’t agree with conservatives, they aren’t stupid. Every time a man like Stefonknee Wolscht or Paula Witherspoon surfaces and demands access to women’s restrooms or women’s locker rooms, people can bet that conservatives are going to file this away somewhere. What does the HRC think goes through the minds of conservative people when they look at Stefonknee Wolscht, or read about Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook? People know that “gender identity” is getting bat crap crazier all the time, but it’s the HRC that won’t budge. In the real world, no one believes that Bruce Jenner is a woman.

    At least the Republicans in North Carolina know that the female sex exists, and it’s not the same as “gender identity”. They define “biological sex” as what is on one’s birth certificate which isn’t always technically correct because trans identified people can get their birth certificate changed after SRS.

    SECTION 3.1. G.S. 143-422.2 reads as rewritten:
    Ҥ 143-422.2. Legislative declaration.

    (a) It is the public policy of this State to protect and safeguard the right and opportunity of all persons to seek, obtain and hold employment without discrimination or abridgement on account of race, religion, color, national origin, age, biological sex or handicap by employers which regularly employ 15 or more employees.

    This is what I would like to see happen:

    (1.) Keep sexual orientation as a protected class of people, but get rid of “gender identity”. Sexual orientation doesn’t infringe on the privacy rights of others, doesn’t all but erase the female sex as a distinct class of persons, and doesn’t force people to accept the ridiculous notion that humans can change their sex.

    (2.) Clearly state that biological sex exists.

    (3.) State that all people have a fundamental human right of privacy.

    (4.) Since no primate can change its sex, it should be illegal for people to change the sex marker on their birth certificate. There could be an exception for individuals with rare disorders of sexual development. Disorders of sexual development are not the same as transgender.

    (5.) Sex reassignment surgery is rather ghastly, and it is basically nothing more than extensive plastic surgery on one’s genitals. If adults want to do it, it’s their business. However, sex reassignment surgery on minors (under age 18) should be outlawed.

    (6.) The “transitioning”of children needs to be outlawed too. Sterilizing children through GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones is a human rights abuse.

    (7.) Anti-bullying policies in schools need to be strengthened. No student should be bullied.

    Again, it’s Gay Inc. that is being stubborn. As much as they try, they can’t shove “gender identity” down our throats. Gay Inc. can’t say they couldn’t see this coming.

    • GallusMag Says:

      For the record: no North Carolina municipalities had unique minimum wages in place. It doesn’t change anything, but it does prohibit municipalities from adopting unique minimums in the state.

  26. Nila Says:

    What is shocking is that the guy who pushed for the Bathroom access in North Carolina is a convicted sex offender who was convicted of fondling a 15 yr old boy. Here’s the link to the story

    LGBT Chamber president steps down after criticism of his sex-offender status

  27. the aclu is suing the state with only trans men as plaintiffs….

  28. The ACLU, the same people who think it’s a good idea for convicted murderers like wife killer Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek to get taxpayer funded sex reassignment surgery filed a lawsuit. Some liberal websites quote from part of the lawsuit.

    “It took only one day for North Carolina’s legislature to pass the country’s most sweeping anti-LGBT bill (HB2), and only four days after that for Lambda Legal and the ACLU of North Carolina to file a lawsuit challenging it.

    The suit takes direct aim at the law’s ban on transgender people using bathrooms that match their gender identity by highlighting the experiences of two transgender men, Joaquín Carcaño and Payton Grey McGarry.

    “Forcing Mr. Carcaño to use the women’s restroom would also cause substantial harm to his mental health and well-being. It would also force him to disclose to others the fact that he is transgender, which itself could lead to violence and harassment.”

    FTM’s (biological females) can request a single stall restroom, or ask for some other accommodation. Most FTMs don’t undergo “bottom surgery”. They have beards, but female genitalia.

    Forcing female rape victims with PTSD to share locker rooms with fully intact biological males like Colleen Francis and “her male genitalia” would cause substantial harm to their mental health and well being. This is the actual Evergreen State College campus police report. See where it says, “her legs open and her male genitalia showing”.

    Where was the ACLU when Colleen Francis was trotting “her male genitalia” around the women’s locker room? F*** the ACLU? We are supposed to believe that this causes no psychological harm to girls and women.

    Isn’t it interesting that they are using biological females to shred the privacy rights of the female sex. Ok, if FTMs (biological females – and most never undergo “bottom surgery”) are so eager to share a restroom with a male, then let them. Keep males out of women’s locker rooms and restrooms.

    Maybe males don’t want to share a locker room with a female.

    • Newbie Says:

      Directly from the suit:

      26. The gender marker on a birth certificate is designated at the time of birth generally based upon the appearance of external genitalia. However, determinations of sex can involve multiple factors, such as chromosomes, hormone levels, internal and external reproductive organs, and gender identity.

      27. Gender identity is the primary determinant of sex.

      • ex home birthers Says:

        I wonder if the states attorneys are smart enough to tear into these points. These are terrible arguments. Personal opinions are never the primary determinant of what can be measured by objective fact. They won’t even need a particularly knowledgeable physician to make the plaintiffs look like fools.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I don’t know who will argue for the state since the attorney general has refused to perform his duties in representing the state bill. He’s running for governor.

      • [My computer died, so I had to create a new identity to post here with. I’m sorry] How could federal judges POSSIBLY swallow the horseshit of “gender identity” being the “primary determinant” of “sex?” Other animals have no gender identity – yet they still have sex. So how can human (animals) have a sex determined by “gender identity” – fact: Humans have evolved like all other animals on earth, from primordial earth soup billions of years ago. So in order to buy gender identity determines sex crap, you have to overthrow theory of evolution – GOOD LUCK WITH THAT YOU MORONS. There would have to be some point where a switch happened, and pre-humans, first humans (whatever the expression is these days), went from having the old-fashioned genetic determinant of sex, to some nefarious, oops I mean, ephemeral “gender identity” causing it – what possible pathway could there be, evolution wise, for “gender identity” to evolve? Other than culturally, language, socially – so actually they’re saying culture determines sex. So we’re back squarely into the land of politics and religion – can you compel belief in figments of imagination? Rather, in the US, can the state compel belief in figments of imagination? US Constitution says NO.

      • Elle Says:

        Today I gave my friend some mascara and lipstick samples, because she wears makeup and I do not. Guess I’ll have to start using the men’s facilities because I’m not doing woman right, and because “27. Gender identity is the primary determinant of sex.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        Better start “presenting as a woman”, pronto!

      • kesher Says:

        “what possible pathway could there be, evolution wise, for “gender identity” to evolve?”

        If there were any basis for “gender identity” in human evolution, it would exist solely to propagate the species. There would be no other evolutionary reason for “man brain” and “lady brain” other than mating and rearing young, and how non-coincidental that MTFs seem just as indifferent to child rearing as men are. If there is such a thing as “lady brain”, they aren’t any more likely to have it than regular men are.

    • GallusMag Says:

      This is interestin’. They’re claiming that using opposite-sex facilities is primarily a form of medical treatment for the “condition”:

      Medical treatment for gender dysphoria must be individualized for the medical needs of each patient.
      Treatment for gender dysphoria includes living one’s life consistent with one’s gender identity, including when accessing single-sex spaces like restrooms and
      locker rooms.
      Forcing a transgender person to use single-sex spaces that do not match the person’s gender identity is inconsistent with medical protocols and can cause anxiety and
      distress to the transgender person and result in harassment of and violence against them.
      [Bolding mine].
      Implies the qualifier of a medical diagnosis. Also invokes disability rights.

      • kesher Says:

        Well then they can ask for special accommodations on a case-by-case basis which can be perfectly consistent with the NC law. The main thrust of that law is that a business isn’t discriminating against trans people by asking them to use facilities for their biological sex. I didn’t see anything explicitly forbidding a business from allowing a trans person to use the opposite sex’s facilities. A business could make a point of clearing out the women’s restroom before the mentally ill man waltzes in there.

      • How far can they legally go in attempting to protect trans from anxiety and distress? One source of distress is other people acknowledging their biological sex, or not doing a good enough job of convincing them that they really believe in their sex-role pantomime. Laverne Cox said that misgendering is a violent act. Most people know that it’s not really a human right to force others to affirm a mental narrative that has nothing to do with physical reality.

        Guess who is expected to provide the bulk of this non-consensual emotional labor? MTFs know deep down they’re still men, so we never get to stop clapping so that Tinkerbell will live.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        @Jane Dark

        “Guess who is expected to provide the bulk of this non-consensual emotional labor? MTFs know deep down they’re still men, so we never get to stop clapping so that Tinkerbell will live.”

        This is spot on–and no different from the mandatory emotional labor women have always been expected to provide so the men around them can feel brave, brilliant, etc., even if they’re hopeless losers. (“Women have served all these centuries as looking glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size.”–Virginia Woolf in “Mrs. Dalloway”) The duties of the job have simply been expanded from telling them they’re wonderful men to include telling them they’re wonderful women.

        Not the revolution I was hoping for.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Disappointing to see the ACLU taking this case. They have done some good work in other areas in the past. To me, those angry at North Carolina are making much ado about nothing. The new law gives the transgenders an attainable loophole: surgery.

      Frankly, I have to wonder about transgenders who don’t get genital surgery, and I was shocked after learning here that 93 percent don’t. If the common narrative is that the transgender feels traumatized due to “being born in the wrong body,” one would think they’d get that addressed ASAP.

      • mizknowitall Says:

        This is the glaring secret behind why “the transgendered” always trot out a few pretty young transsexuals, but then go off like an atom bomb the moment you mention “surgery!” Because you’re right as rain! For those terribly few who actually have a sex dysphoria, surgery is a must, and it’s something that is done as quickly as possible! After which, they fade into the woodwork, because the issue that compelled them was settled. .

      • Zemskull Says:

        I suspect that’s the reason that so many MTTs seem so angry so much of the time. An MTT can take two hours every morning to make himself appear somewhat like a woman, but every time he pulls down his women’s panties to urinate, every time he tries to cross his legs, and every time he removes all of those women’s clothes and makeup at the end of the day, there’s a big, hard reminder that he’s a man.

  29. GallusMag Says:


    Mental health and medical professionals worldwide recognize and follow the evidence-based standards of care for the treatment of gender dysphoria developed by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (“WPATH”). After
    diagnosing Mr. Carcaño with gender dysphoria, his therapist developed a course of treatment consistent with those standards. The goal of such treatment is to alleviate distress by helping a person live congruently with the person’s gender identity, the primary determinant of sex. Consistent with that treatment and his identity, in January 2015, Mr. Carcaño explained to his family and friends that he was a man.
    [bolding mine]
    WPATH standards of care are not evidence based. That is why the American Psychiatric Association has rejected them and is in the process of forming their own standards of care.

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      According to a commentor on Fourth Wave Now the person who heads WPATH has an MFA. Master of Fine Arts. o-O

      WPATH produces something it calls a Standard of Care for transgender, but it’s just pretend. No research behind it, not a real Standard of Care like in real medicine.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “No research behind it, not a real Standard of Care like in real medicine.”

        Research is transphobic? (You know, like biology.)

    • Newbie Says:

      At least they finally came out and said it.
      “Sex doesn’t objectively exist – it is what I say it is.”

      Sadly, the Obama Administration has pushed this perspective without explicitly endorsing the “primary determinant” part (I don’t think?) by using Title IX to attack schools in favor of transgender bathroom activists.

  30. For example, the lawsuit alleges that the law denies McGarry “the benefits of, and subjects him to discrimination in educational programs and activities at Defendant’s constituent campus, UNC-Greensboro, ‘on the basis of sex’” — a violation of Title IX.

    Title IX states that: No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

    What transgender activists have done to Title IX is a disgrace to the entire females sex. Nothing in Title IX mentions “gender identity”.

    Historically, Title IX clearly meant sex as in biological sex not “gender identity”. In reality, “gender identity” codifies sex stereotypes into law. Either biological sex exists in humans or it does not. If sex exists, then how do we define it? According to “gender identity” theorists, it’s an internal feeling of either feeling feminine, or womanly, or masculine. When a male states he “feels like a woman”, what does it mean? When a female says she “feels and acts like a man”, what does this mean? When a male states, “he always felt as if he were a woman”, then he is going to have to define “woman”. The only thing a person claiming “gender identity” can do is resort to sex stereotypes. That is, I know I’m a man because men act and dress in certain ways, etc. It’s impossible to describe “gender identity” without resorting to sex stereotypes. The fact that some females or males are different doesn’t mean that they are really the opposite sex. It just means that they are different.

    In eastern Virginia, a federal judge ruled that a school district wasn’t violating Title IX by refusing to let a transgender teen, who was born a female but identifies as male, use the boys bathroom. In that lawsuit, the student was represented by the ACLU and had statements of support from the U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Education.

    There is a reason why all the plaintiffs are female. Trotting out a few FTMs is an attempt to dodge the real issue which is males in women’s restrooms. Even the ACLU must realize that there is bitter public outrage and resistance to the idea of biological males with fully intact male genitalia in women’s restrooms and restrooms. We can no longer deny the fact that “gender identity” laws have harmed girls and women, and we can no longer deny the fact that they jeopardize the physical safety and psychological well being of girls and women, especially females with PTSD caused by rape or sexual assault. The crime statistics speak for themselves. It’s a fact that cross dressing males and males identifying as transgender have been convicted of crimes inside women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters. If people allow females in men’s restrooms and locker rooms, then males will be allowed in women’s restrooms and locker rooms. As much as they try to shove this down our throats, there will be resistance because it’s so fundamentally wrong to girls and women.

    Allowing males into women’s locker rooms and restrooms jeopardizes the physical safety and psychological well being of female students. Moreover, forcing female students to share intimate spaces such as locker rooms, restrooms, etc. with male students could be construed as sexual harassment which is definitely forbidden under Title IX.

    Not only does “gender identity” codify sex stereotypes into law, despite what transgender activists say, there has never been a precise definition of “gender identity”. People can and do change their “gender identity”. How do we explain people who “detransition”, or people who revert back to identifying with the sex they were born into? There are numerous examples of people “detransitioning”. A quick google search turns up several examples of “detransitioners”. People can’t change their DNA, but people can change their “gender identity”.


    26. The gender marker on a birth certificate is designated at the time of birth generally based upon the appearance of external genitalia. However, determinations of sex can involve multiple factors, such as chromosomes, hormone levels, internal and external reproductive organs, and gender identity.

    27. Gender identity is the primary determinant of sex.

    (politically correct bullsh**, but they slip it in anyway)

    “Gender identity” is, and has always, been culturally driven. There is no consistent logical way of determining “gender identity” other than personal self identification. The human species is sexually dimorphic and all primates reproduce sexually. No primate can change its sex. Please don’t bring up rare disorders of sexual development because these genetic conditions are not the same as transgender. It’s my understanding that disorders of sexual development are covered under the ADA. No one in this lawsuit is claiming that they have a disorder of sexual development. These conditions are verifiable through genetic testing and other medical tests? How do we determine “gender identity” other than personal self identification?

    Some FTMs get pregnant, and we are supposed to believe that they are really men. Google “pregnant FTM”. Some transwomen (biological males) are fathers.

    The lawsuit states, “As is true for Mr. Carcano, Mr. McGarry’s sex assigned at birth was female, as is his birth certificate.”

    Born female and states female on the birth certificate. I’m assuming both FTMs (biological females) haven’t had “bottom surgery”. If they did, it would have said so in the lawsuit. Below the waistline, they have female genitalia. Males have a right to privacy just like females have a human right to privacy. Why should males have to see female bodied persons in the men’s locker room? The North Carolina law includes locker rooms.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Both FTMs have been on testosterone for less than two years. One has had a mastectomy. Neither has changed their legal names to the names used in the lawsuit.

      One reasonable compromise would be to make sex-segregated facilities for males unisex and leave the female ones alone. But that would require acknowledging the problem: epidemic male violence.

      “There is a reason why all the plaintiffs are female. Trotting out a few FTMs is an attempt to dodge the real issue which is males in women’s restrooms. Even the ACLU must realize that there is bitter public outrage and resistance to the idea of biological males with fully intact male genitalia in women’s restrooms and [locker rooms].”

      One of the problems with the transgender activist tactic of silencing the free speech of women under threat of (transgender) male violence is that by obscuring the depth of women’s resistance to the erosion of our rights to privacy and sex-based protections they are continually blindsided -and “shocked” oh mercy me- when this resistance erupts publicly. I don’t think they are accurately envisioning the level of resistance to transgenderism in general that will be triggered by forcing women to disrobe, shower, and toilet in the presence of random male strangers.

    • kesher Says:

      It’s striking that the Obama administration has also used Title IX to crack down on sexual harassment and abuse of girls and women in educational institutions, but it’s also abusing Title IX to give predators free access to girls and women in our spaces. Many liberals are apparently stupid enough to believe that MTFs are incapable of harassing or assaulting female people. What is it going to take to disabuse them of this notion?

      • againstvaw Says:

        This is a comment by Seattle Rain earlier on the thread. “Seattle Rain Says:

        March 26, 2016 at 5:20 pm

        FYI: Facebook deleted the account of the Seattle bathroom transactivist Johanna Wolf/Jonathan Wolf/Johanna Von Luck, after learning that he was convicted of raping a deaf woman in Nebraska. It’s ironic that Mark Zuckerberg has the right to keep Wolf off his social network, but the women of Washington don’t have the right to keep Wolf out of their bathrooms and locker rooms. Thank you to Gender Trender and other websites that warned women about this predator. (He doesn’t appear to have registered as a sex offender in Washington yet.)”

        I understand why mainstream media don’t publicise this but it’s strange that women and conservatives haven’t put him all over the social media.

      • Go West Says:

        I live in Seattle. This website is the only place I’ve read that’s posted a warning about this Johanna/Jonathan Wolf rapist. The same person posted this in the story about the locker room:

        “THANK YOU for the warning. My friends and I have met this Johanna Wolf/Jonathan Adrian Wolf person several times, and none of us knew he was a sex offender. He’s very busy in several Seattle groups. Polling social media and my friends, he’s been seen often in the Seattle sex positive community, the gay Pride events, Ignition Northwest (performance art done with fire), the Mercury and Liberty bars, Mensa of Western Washington, the live theater scene (including Seattle Children’s Theatre), and Burning Man groups. Wolf’s Facebook page suggests that he spends a lot of time at these groups with a couple named Andras Blake and Katie Pennella (maybe they’re unaware he’s a sex offender).

        If Wolf is breaking the law by not registering as a sex offender, hopefully above are some leads as to where he can be found.”

    • Sketcher Says:

      @ Skylark Phillips – The idiots at The Guardian are still denying MTT commit crimes against women in locker rooms and toilets:

      “While some proposals are rooted in privacy concerns, others are based on fears, not shown to have any basis in reality, that freer restroom access invites sexual predation on women and children. And even privacy concerns, transgender advocates note, are based on the misconception that trans women and men are not “real” women and men.”
      by Molly Redden.

      ‘Fears.. not shown to have any basis in reality’. This is just a blatant lie, Molly. Do some basic research.

      I’m sending off an email to the Editor with some evidence and asking The Guardian to print an apology.

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      Skylark Phillips, I love all your info packed comments on this post.

      About title IX: First and foremost trans women being covered under title nine is ridiculous. Transgender needs to be a protected category in itself. Or not. What’s with this piggybacking? Whether it’s in the gay rights organizations, or the equality law about women title IX.

      If trans women are going to be shoved in under title IX, which is absolutely wrong, then there needs to be a process whether it’s legislative or in court where a definition of what counts as a ‘nouveau women’ is laid out. No more of this every state has different standards with regards to how much of their male genitals they can retain and be a woman. :: rolls eyes:: And then whether it’s a court ruling or piece of legislation that needs to be tested in the courts. And the courts need to THROW IT OUT!

      Women’s equal rights are not protected under legislation for Black people. Disabled people’s rights are not protected under legislation for gay people. Enough of this lunacy. if transgender has sufficient solidity and realness to become a protected class then let them do it.

    • Newbie Says:

      I was shocked that it was presented as a statement of fact. I completely agree.

      Off topic but not really, I just saw this politifact article on how no one is ever attacked in bathrooms by people claiming to be transgender.

      They only cite Chris the women’s shelter rapist AND the say he “attacked several people.” Not raped. Not women.

      They also claim sweet Patrick? Hagan (I don’t remember his lady name either) who knocked a woman’s teeth out because he was a real laaaydee, was just a man, wasn’t even claiming trans.

      How do they ignore the list of offenders and actual current prisoners trying to get hormones?

      • GallusMag Says:

        A Chicago Tribune editorial complains that allowing males who are transgender to use male facilities may cause men to be traumatized by seeing blokes wearing dresses in the loo:

        “Under this law, Caitlyn Jenner is required to use the men’s room, among guys not used to seeing dresses and pumps in the stalls.”

        The horror!!!!11

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        I hope you pushed back in the comment section of that blatantly lying article.

      • What an idiot this guy is, Gallus:

        What problem does it solve? Any rapist who wants to wear a disguise to grab someone in a restroom is not going to be deterred by the new requirement, any more than he is deterred by the laws against rape.

        Men raped women before, they’ll still rape them, la di dah!

        Expectation of arrest does keep a lot of male pervs out, because up to now they had no alibi for being there. Now they do, regardless of appearance. Why wouldn’t there be an increase in assaults? If it’s his word against hers, he can just cry transphobia and SJWs will believe him.

        The problem the law solves is saving women from having to second-guess their instincts should they encounter males in a women’s private space. Contrary to liberal fantasies, very few MTFs actually pass. What if I scream in fear at encountering one of the many MTFs who don’t even try to pass, and it turns out he’s just some MTF who doesn’t like to shave? With gender identity laws, if I’m alone with any male in the restroom, regardless of whether he bothers to “present as feminine”, I’m not allowed to question his presence there unless he decides to attack me, in which case transactivists will invoke the No True Tranny clause. Do you feel lucky, cis bitch?

        Yes, chances are very high that you’ve urinated in a public restroom next to someone who’s undergone a sex reassignment — and you never knew it.

        These people have no clue. We’re not talking about those old-school women of history that used to show up on the Phil Donahue show. It’s a whole new pornsick freak show now. At one point many radical feminists were willing to compromise and allow entry to men who’d gotten SRS. MTFs of course refused, since most of them keep their junk and some of them don’t even bother with hormones.

        As Stop Trans Chauvinism posted yesterday in a link to a good article about Ted Bundy’s victims:

        “The problem with this survival instinct, is that society does everything it can to strip it from girls and women.”

        Women and girls are already socialized to ignore their instincts, and blamed if they are victimized. Dumping the care and ego-feeding of MTFs on women just makes it 10 times worse.

        These are generally the same liberal men who want to outlaw guns. They want women as helpless and erased from public life as many fundies do; they’re just more passive-aggressive about it.

      • ps. As you stated elsewhere, of course, MTFs commit violent crimes at the same rate as other males, so I agree with you that SRS is insufficient to justify their presence in our private spaces.

        Since the Justice Department is so eager to hand out money to municipalities that agree to piss all over our rights, perhaps they could redirect that money to building separate accommodations.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “Yes, chances are very high that you’ve urinated in a public restroom next to someone who’s undergone a sex reassignment — and you never knew it.”

        These people are clueless! While I don’t believe that even males who’ve undergone SRS and changed the sex designation on their ID belong in women’s space, when it was just a few seriously dysphoric guys who wanted desperately to pass as women and used facilities without drawing attention to themselves, the harm to women was minimal. If we “never knew it,” it was exactly because we didn’t have a slew of prancing and preening autogynephiles demanding our admiration of their superior womanhood while they kept the original equipment.

        And the general logic involved here leaves a lot to be desired, which becomes obvious when you employ it in other contexts:

        “Yes, chances are very high that you’ve had a mouse or two in the walls — and you never knew it.” So what’s the problem if they’re running all over your house and getting into the food?

        “Yes, chances are very high that you’ve been near a man who has committed sexual assault — and you never knew it.” So why not invite such men to your parties?

        There are a great many categories of human and non-human pest that may be tolerable only under conditions of limited exposure.

      • Zemskull Says:

        I’m not sure if all women have an inborn “survival instinct,” so-called “women’s intuition,” or intelligence from years of observation, education and/or traumatic experiences as to which situations are are risky. Maybe it’s a combo platter in most women. Regardless, any of those characteristics will tell most women that it’s not a good idea to be vulnerable and alone in a semi-private setting, such as using a bathroom, seated with her pants and underwear around her ankles while a man enters the room.

        As with many situations, laws allowing men in women’s bathrooms essentially order women to ignore their instincts/intuition/intelligence. And, of course, when a woman does get raped in our society, there’s always the victim-blamers asking her why she ignored the warning signs…

    • kesher Says:

      “There is another interesting political side-note to this story. Only eleven House Democrats voted in favor of this draconian legislation. Six of them were black—old, black men. The politics of the single-minded got the better of them. Of course, they were doing the bidding of their evangelical preacher handlers, who see no commonalities between the gay and black civil rights struggles and resent it when parallels are drawn. But they were too stupid to read or to comprehend that this legislation just made it easier for employers to discriminate on the basis of race in North Carolina and get away with it.”

      More lies from the trans camp, even from an FTM trying to make herself sound “reasonable”. The North Carolina law explicitly reaffirmed it being illegal to discriminate on the basis of race in that state.

      • amazondream Says:

        Ohhh, treating elderly African-American statesmen with boot-licking terminology & contempt is a very, very stupid move. Ditto the move to piggy-back themselves to the civil rights movement.

        Their arrogance is blinding them to their stupidity and they’re going to rile some very formidible enemies they don’know they have.

      • LC Says:

        That is incredibly patronizing and rude. They’re really setting themselves up for a backlash.

  31. Most liberals seem to have no idea how pornsick and entitled transactivists and other sex-poz pomocreeps are:

    Transactivist Reina Gossett boo-hoos the “violent” NC bill:

    then retweeted this:

    and added:

    So much for it just being about having to pee; these assholes want to live in a toilet and make the rest of us live there too. Maybe women should just shit in the street so the hookers and perverts can have the john to themselves? Gossett’s idea of heaven is a hell for women and girls. Pigs.

  32. ImNoCissie Says:

    Off topic for NC but not for the bathroom issue: A 25 year old mtf was reportedly raped in the rest room of The Stonewall Inn in NY and the online press appears to be trying to use this incident to make some sort of point about “bathroom access”.

    Problem is, this bathroom is already unisex and is a single toilet with sink. And the story as reported is that the attacker entered the room with the victim’s permission.

    Not sure what it proves, other than that men will use the seclusion of rest rooms to commit violent crime and that unisex bathrooms provide more opportunity for this. Even the journalists trying to make a point with this story can’t seem to spin it their way.

    • silverside Says:

      I’m sorry this individual was sexually assaulted. And I hope the perpetrator is brought to justice. But notice the national LGBT press all covering a single rape. What’s up with that? I know women have been raped in gay bars. I can’t recall the national LGBT media ever paying attention. Here’s one case of a woman raped in a so-called “lesbian” bar (that had actually been taken over by “swinging” men looking for “lesbians” to have sex with them and their girlfriend.)The local media reported the rape. Only a blogger reported that it took place in a “lesbian” bar.

  33. @Jane Dark,

    Nothing surprises me anymore, and history teaches us that some males will push the envelope. There are some men who simply do not recognized any boundaries when it comes to women’s spaces. It’s a fact that males with obvious sexual fetishes who still have their male genitalia are already claiming “gender identity” status. Stefonknee Wolscht and Carlotta Sklodowska are just the ones that we know about. The idea that these men have some sort of sincere “gender identity” is bullsh**.

    No one cares how Stefonknee or Carlotta Sklodowska get their freak on, but a man’s sexual fetish is not a civil right. These males need to stay out of the women’s restroom and women’s locker room. Unfortunately, as it stands today, any male can claim “gender identity”. A 50 year old divorced father of 7 kids who says he is a 6 year old girl and met his special “daddy” in a fetish club is claiming transgender status. His ex-wife had to get a restraining order. Stefonknee made a youtube video about why males like him should be able to share a restroom with women and girls. Google “I Just Gotta Pee” and Stefonknee. Stefonkee was even lauded as a trans activist, and appeared in a video with a prominent Canadian politician.


    “This is why the ACLU is only using FtoM in their lawsuit.”

    Exactly, because biological males with fully intact male genitalia in women’s restrooms and women’s locker rooms is not something that most people will accept. They know there will be a strong backlash against this. So, a few FTMs pumped up on testosterone want to sneak into the men’s restroom. I say let them, but keep males out of women’s restrooms and women’s locker rooms. FTMs showering with males is another issue because most never undergo “bottom surgery”.

    Reading through some of the comments on websites about North Carolina, they continue to intentionally spread disinformation. I’ve read comments saying there has never been one example of a transgender person harassing a woman in a women’s restroom or locker room. This is not true.

    It’s a fact that males dressed in wigs, skirts, and makeup, or identifying as transgender have been convicted of committing crimes in women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters. There are numerous examples. It would be difficult to pick the worst criminal offense. Transwoman Patrick Hagan, 6′ 3″, 280, martial arts expert who punched out a woman’s 5 teeth for questioning his presence in the women’s restroom could be at the top of the list. His victim needed thousands of dollars of dental care. Hagan showed up in court wearing a pink sweater and dress, and in prison said it was nothing more than a little bar fight. In 2006, Patrick Hagan aka Patty Lou Hagan appeared in a documentary ‘Cruel and Unusual’ about transwomen in the US prison system.

    Although gendertrender isn’t credited, all the information in this youtube video has been covered before on this blog. Great youtube video! While watching this video that is based on facts readily available to anyone, keep in mind that this is just a small sample.

    This is an earlier gendretrender post. Every time they state, “No transwoman (biological male) has ever harmed a woman”, someone needs to bring them back to reality. I apologize to regular readers, but I wanted to touch on this again to inform people who are new to this blog.

    I’m not aware of one woman who has raped a transwoman (male), but it’s a fact that there are transgender registered sex offenders who have molested girls or raped women (Paul Witherspoon, Sandy Jo Battista, child rapist Ronny Darnell, cross dressing sex offender Thomas Lee Benson, etc). Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch not only raped two women, he sadistically tortured them with electrical wires before raping them. There isn’t anything that so-called “cis gendered” men haven’t done to women that transgender identified males and cross dressing males haven’t done to women. I’m talking about from cold blooded murder (wife killer Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek, Kenneth Hunt aka Ketheena Soneeya , etc) to helping to murder a 13 year old black girl and dumping her body in a box, and sitting the box on fire (Synthia China Blast). Currently, in Washington State transwoman Douglas “Donna” Perry is on trial for first degree murder of three women. For all we know, there could have been more women, but he is being charged with three murders. Dainty “Donna” served time on federal weapons charges because he was in possession of a pipe bomb, 49 firearms, and 20,000 rounds of ammunition. Do you really think they have special “lady brains”? They offend at the same rate as other males. There was even a 30 year study that states,

    “…regarding any crime, male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls (aHR 6.6; 95% CI 4.1–10.8) but not compared to males (aHR 0.8; 95% CI 0.5–1.2). This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality.

    Males identifying as transgender or “women” have raped women. In fact, there are numerous cases.

    A transexual and transvestite were found guilty of raping a woman and inflicting grievous bodily harm as well as burglary. This was in 2012, and the judge described the case as the worst he has ever seen.

    A crossdressing cabbie was convicted of raping a woman and recording the attack on his cell phone. He was wearing makeup, wig, and a dress when he attacked the woman. The woman was so drunk she passed out. He raped her in the back seat, and even took photos of it on his cell phone.

    I see this as statistics and probability. The more that biological males have access to women’s restrooms, locker rooms, showers, women’s homeless shelters, etc. sooner or later there will be another Hambrook of incident. It’s just a matter of time. We know three things.

    (1.) There are far more male registered sex offenders than female sex offenders. Look at the crime statistics.

    Center for Sex Offender Management
    A Project of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice 2007

    National criminal justice statistics reveal that of all adults and juveniles who come to the attention of the authorities for sex crimes, females account for less than 10% of these cases (FBI, 2006). Specifically, arrests of women represent only 1% of all adult arrests for forcible rape and 6% of all adult arrests for other sex offenses.

    Females don’t rape males, or other women, anywhere near the same rate as males rape women.

    (2.) Most violent crime is committed by males, and there are more males in prison.

    (3.) Paraphilias such as voyeurism are more common in males. I’m not saying they can’t occur in females. They are more common in males. If people aren’t sure what paraphilias are, below are a few examples.

    Tutu-Clad Assault Suspect Suffers “Transvestic Fetishism” (Google Gregory Phillip Schwartz)–288752051.html

    The defense said his transvestic fetish was caused by drug use, and this is why he got high, stole a pink Barbie outfit, and terrorized a woman in a Big Lots women’s restroom.

    Cross-dressing Russell Williams, a highly decorated Canadian Air Force colonel, was sentenced to life in prison in 2011 for 88 sex crimes including 2 counts of murder and 2 counts of sexual assault. After each of these crimes, he photographed himself in his victims’ underwear and bras.

    This is link from a conservative website that compiled a list of crimes. Most of the people on this blog are far from conservative. At any rate, all this information is out there for anyone to dig up.

    More links (from a woman who was married to a cross dresser):

    Or, just scroll through some of the gendertrender older posts because there is a lot of information they don’t want people to know.

    Allison’s Law is another source of information.

    Sorry for the long post.

    • May Loo Says:

      Of course, the translobby is quick to deny that these trans criminals exist. They want us to believe all trans people just want to live their lives in peace.

  34. “Bank of America, which has its headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., announced late Tuesday on Twitter that its leadership was joining over 80 chief executives, including Timothy D. Cook of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, in objecting to the new law. Earlier in the day, the chief executives published a letter, addressed to Mr. McCrory, on the Human Rights Campaign website, saying, “Such laws are bad for our employees and bad for business.”

    I just called Bank of America and told them that I will be looking for a new bank. It’s too bad that sexual orientation had to be lumped in with “gender identity” and was taken out of the list of protected groups of persons. Gay and lesbian isn’t the problem. Penis in the women’s restroom and locker room is the problem. Stop denying it. This issue isn’t going away. The political ad featuring Paula Witherspoon was a major reason why HERO in Houston failed. Apparently, they never learn.

    As to Bank of America,

    (1.) Does Bank of America want its good name associated with all the males listed in the March 30, 2016 at 10:16 pm post? Stefonknee Wolscht, Carlotta Sklodowska, Paula Witherspoon, Sandy Jo Battista, child rapist Ronny Darnell, cross dressing sex offender Thomas Lee Benson, Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch, Douglas “Donna” Perry, Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek, Kenneth Hunt aka Ketheena Soneey, etc?

    (2.) Does Bank of America believe that penis in the women’s restroom is a civil right? Under the North Carolina law, males can undergo sex reassignment surgery and get their birth certificate changed. This would allow them access to women’s facilities. No, this isn’t good enough for them. Or, they can request a single stall restroom. No, this isn’t good enough for them.

    (3.) Does Bank of America realize that under most “gender identity” laws, sex reassignment surgery is optional? What does Bank of America think of Colleen Francis and “her male genitalia” in the women’s locker room at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington?

    (4.) Does Bank of America realize that cross dressing males and males identifying as transgender offend at the same rate as other males, and have been convicted of all sorts of crimes inside women’s restrooms and women’s locker rooms?

    Major banks in the US screwed the American people in the 2008 financial crisis. Now, by supporting the Human Rights campaign, Bank of America is turning a blind eye to the violation of privacy rights of women.

    Maybe the Human Rights Campaign should have listened to the gay men and lesbians who signed the “Drop the T” petition. Again, it’s sad that sexual orientation was taken out, but it has been the policy of the HRC to attach “gender identity” to sexual orientation at all costs, and silence any and all gay men and lesbians who signed “Drop the T”.

    • silverside Says:

      Bank of America sucks. They weren’t interested in the slightest in helping me get a short sale so I could avoid a foreclosure. They constantly played games with me, changing the rules to qualify for a short sale at the last minute, coming up with last minute information requests, constantly changing my “personal” representative,” outright lying, forcing me to reapply again and again only to finally lose my home by foreclosure after two years of utter bullshit. Then they turned around and sold my home for less than the mortgage–exactly what they wouldn’t authorize me to do by falsely claiming the market value was higher than it really was. My credit is destroyed. Thousands of people have reported the same treatment. There is nothing ethical about BOA, not even by the low ethical standards of Corporate America. That they are on board with trans rights tells me everything I need to know.

  35. ImNoCissie Says:

    “biological males with fully intact male genitalia in women’s restrooms and women’s locker rooms is not something that most people will accept.”

    Yes, and also, as plaintiffs, their names are being made public. ACLU would surely lose the case if anyone googled any of the MTF names above and read the quotes and the criminal histories of these people.

  36. Jummy Says:

    Does anyone ’round here have a number or listing of how many cities the genderists have targeted with bathroom bills recently?

    The spin is developing now as if we were witnessing an unprovoked wave of discriminatory laws beginning at the state level. It’d be nice if one could compare the eight states which are having to respond to provocative city laws with the number of cities which are active or pending targets for trans activists.

  37. My feed is blowing up with trans bullshit in the aftermath of NC. And as usual, people like Stephonknee aren’t real “trans.” When I ask how you tell the difference and ask for an improper use clause…crickets. Because some trans somewhere who “can’t access” transition services NEEDS to use our spaces RIGHT NOW or else they’ll kill themselves. Of course, compromising with a gender neutral option (not taken from women) isn’t good enough. The fact that you can access private women’s spaces with SRS and a change in birth cert isnt good enough. The fact that Title IX already prohibits discrimination on the basis of conformity to sex stereotypes (especially for FTMs) isn’t good enough. And if a woman with PTSD suffers ill mental health or suicidality due to men’s presence in her restroom? Serves her right for being a terf. If a woman in prison for larceny or aggravated assault with a history of sexual abuse is traumatized by sharing her cell with a “transwoman?” Too bad, so sad, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, there’s no privacy or coddling or accommodation in prison, gutter trash. Don’t like your roommate? That’s life baby! But if a “transwoman” imprisoned for a far more barbarous crime (Blast, Kolisek, etc.) Can’t get lipstick, fake vulvas, FFS, SRS, and every last luxury he wants? Or his cellmate has the nerve to call him a he? Call Amnesty! Nuremburg! Crime against humanity!

    Speaking of suicide, grief/loss and mental health are two more additions to the long list of causes that trans activists have infiltrated and have no respect for. Women who struggle with eating disorders, suicidality, or self harm are accused of being spoiled, vain, hysterical and attention seeking, but replace “women” with “transwoman” and there’s an outpouring of sympathy that would never be shown a real woman. In the real world of mental health, people are encouraged to use coping skills, manage their triggers, and take responsibility for their choices and how they react to others. Victim mentality is discouraged. With trsnsgenderism, all those guidelines go out the window and trans feel perfectly comfortable using victimhood as a weapon and bargaining chip. In the real world of grief, people are taught that survivor’s guilt is common in the aftermath of a suicide and that you are not responsible for someone else’s choice to commit suicide. With transgenderism, a mother that said something vaguely critical of, say, gay marriage is 100% responsible for their transgender child killing themselves. In fact, the bitch may as well have shot him herself! Murderer!

    As far as trans infiltrating animal rights circles, I’ve noticed the same, and it’s not just the trans. It’s also the polyqueer agender pomosexuals that need their day in the sun. I guess now there isn’t just a transgender day of remembrance, but also a trans day of visibility…huh? I thought every day was Trans day of visibility. Where’s Lesbian Day of remembrance or visibility? Where is that history month? Oh, that’s right. We can’t have those because they’re “exclusionary.” The idea of doing for others, or uniting over a common cause, basically putting differences aside and basically not making everything all about you, is all but dead in liberal circles. The moment someone fails to put the spotlight on your special snowflake identity, you are justified in taking your ball and going home. That’s partly why conservatives paint us as childish, entitled magical thinkers…a lot of us act like that. On the flip side, that’s one of the few things I admire in conservative activism. They have plenty of their own identity and purity battles but they’re united enough, dedicated enough, and sacrifice enough to actually focus on the main issues and actually be productive. That’s how we know trans is a conservative men’s movement…they didn’t tear themselves apart worrying about gays or lesbians or being aware of the experiences of female minimum wage earners. It was all trans, all the time, scorched earth and it worked…except in NC, that is. Now they’re throwing a tantrum because someone said no.

    However, to be fair, I don’t just see this with trans circles. There seems to be an unspoken rule in liberal politics these days where you are no longer allowed to notice, or comment on, sociological trends or be vaguely critical of anything. We must forever be paralyzed by the need to wallow in each other’s super unique specialness and we must always validate people lest we “erase their existence.” (News flash: words and opinions, however “problematic,” can’t erase anything, much less a person’s life.) Just recently, I reposted an article about leaders of conservative Christian circles pushing for early marriage and childbearing. It talked about the rate of divorce and poverty among young spouses/parents, the exploitative nature of relationships between teen girls and men in their 20s, myths about marriage in the mid-20th century, etc. Of course, every time this topic comes up, there’s always at least one whiner that says that SHE got married at 17, had her first child at 19, got a degree, traveled the world, and she is still very happily married and having lots of sex. So how DARE I criticize early marriage! Then there is the middle-aged ass kisser that married in her late 20s, had kids at 30, and isn’t rich, so clearly, getting married at a later age doesn’t cure everything, but oh, all my friends were married at 16 and they’re still together 50 years later! Maybe they had the right idea! Because obviously, the article was all about you, the exception, and not the hundreds of thousands that constitute the rule? Who cares about a few thousand girls bring set up for a life of poverty and dependents? So what if old men are, tacitly and not so tacitly, encouraging the sexual exploitation of female children? I got my 1950s retro romance and damnit, YOU HURT MAH FEEFEES when you don’t talk glowingly about early marriage. I weep for the sorry state of feminism today.

    My point here is that, apparently, asking for any kind of prudence, modesty, restraint, or respect for boundaries, especially when it comes to women, children, sex, and/or trannies? Major sin and bigotry in liberal circles. Having reservations of any kind about your body or sexuality, or someone else’s, especially in public, automatically gets you added to the conservative shit list. Also, this overemphasis on identity, feelings, not judging and making every one feel good at the expense of acknowledging reality is epidemic in all corners of the left, not just trans activism. In fact, I would say those tendencies set the stage for the worst excesses in trans activism. Like any good predator, they wait until your defenses are down. The left allowed its BS alarm to go kaput and they moved in for the kill. But that’s just me.;)

    Sorry for the word vomit but man…

    • vulvapeople Says:

      “you are justified in taking your ball and going home”

      If only they would! Instead they boot the rest of us out the door and take over the facilities and institutions we created.

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      Nah, not just you. I’ve also been noticing that a lot of the language as well as the identity based way of thinking in trans got it start in the leftwing milieu. Including in feminism. ☹️

    • silverside Says:

      I agree with you 100%!

  38. ShipRat Says:

    “North Carolina May Lose U.S. Funding Over Gay Rights Law

    Billions of dollars for schools, highways and housing could be at risk as the Obama administration reviews the state’s new “bathroom law.”….”

  39. Using FTMs is a tactic used to divert attention away from the real problem which is male violence. The only person I feel sorry for in the ACLU lawsuit is the lesbian. I support gay and lesbian rights. Penis in the women’s restroom is not a civil right. It’s violating the privacy rights of girls and women.

    I would like to follow up on the two FTMs (biological females) in the ACLU lawsuit. One of the issues is butch lesbians. There are some butch lesbians who don’t look that much different than FTMs. The majority of FTMs never undergo “bottom surgery” because it’s expensive, and often requires multiple surgeries. Females who take testosterone don’t grow a penis. Testosterone only enlarges the clitoris an inch or two. Apparently, the talk around parts of the internet goes like this. Even though they don’t have a penis, FTMs will be embarrassed if they have to use the women’s restroom. Or, it might shock women to see FTMs (biological females) in the women’s restroom. When I was younger, there were times when people thought I was a boy. I used the women’s restroom because I am a female, men’s restrooms are messy, and I wouldn’t feel safe in a men’s restroom. If people looked at me funny, I would say, “I’m a girl, and I don’t have anything that you don’t have”. I got a few stares and dirty looks, but I wasn’t about to use the nasty smelly men’s restroom. Even though some FTMs get pregnant, and some have regular old penis in vagina sex with males, it would be embarrassing to them just to say, “Look, I’m a female, and I have female anatomy”. Because they are still female, FTMs can be raped and impregnated.

    While transwomen (biological males) have demanded access to women’s homeless shelters, some transmen feel unsafe in men’s shelters. What does this tell us about male violence, and how well transmen (biological females) can protect themselves from predatory males.

    “However, according to advocates, men’s shelters continue to be an unsafe place for both transgender men and women. So many transgender men (women legally, but identifying as male) still stay in women’s shelters for fear of violence and harassment if other residents found out their identities.

    “I spoke to a transgender man who wanted to go to a men’s shelter, as much as I protested,” said Jay Toole, Director of the Shelter Project at Queers for Economic Justice. “I told the shelter I was sending a transman in to just be aware for safety. A day later, he called and said he can’t stay there. It’s too unsafe. If the other residents ever perceived [him]as a transman, it would be unsafe.”

    I find it difficult to believe that any woman would feel less safe with a FTM who has female genitalia than a biological male dressed in a skirt who still has his penis. I don’t know of any cases where FTMs have raped women, but there are numerous cases of transwomen (biological males) who have raped and murdered women.

    Trans logic:

    * Even though the majority of FTMs never undergo “bottom surgery”, some FTMs get pregnant, and some FTMs have regular old penis in vagina sex with males, it’s embarrassing to ask them to use the women’s restroom. Their bodies are totally male even when they have their vaginas.

    * Women fear rape from a FTM (biological female with female genitalia) far, far more than they fear rape from a male with a penis. Momentary instances of embarrassment are not the same thing as fear.

    * It’s too painful for FTMs (biological females) to say, “I’m female, and I have female anatomy”.

    * Although butch lesbians use women’s restrooms, and the world hasn’t come to an end, ignore butch lesbians because we all know that they are all secretly transmen. Do butch lesbians occasionally attract attention in the women’s restroom? If so, butch lesbians need to be sent to the men’s restroom and men’s locker room. Every butch lesbian I’ve known can recall at least one time in which she felt as if she were being watched in the women’s restroom.

    * Ignore males in women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters even though it’s a fact that the vast majority of registered sex offenders are male. It’s a fact that the majority of transwomen (biological males) still have male genitalia. It’s a fact that cross dressing males and males identifying as transgender offend at the same rate as other males. It’s a fact that cross dressing males in skirts and makeup, and males identifying as transgender have been convicted of crimes inside women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters. It’s a fact that cross dressing males in skirts and makeup, and males identifying as transgender have been convicted of murdering and raping women.

    *FTMs and MTFs can use a single stall restroom, or some other accommodation, but this would interfere with their right to force their identity and delusions (some females have a penis and males have a vagina) on the majority of the population. Transgender identified persons can undergo sex reassignment surgery and get their birth certificate changed which would allow them to use the opposite sex facilities. Again, this would interfere with their right to force their delusions (some females have a penis and males have a vagina) on the majority of the population.

    As I stated in an earlier post, if FTMs on testosterone want to use the men’s restroom, I say let them. Keep males out of women’s restrooms and women’s locker rooms.

    Again, FTMs is a tactic used to divert attention away from the real problem.

  40. GallusMag Says:

    Men pissing on the seat in women’s restrooms:

    #HumanRights #IdentityRights #MensRights #PenisRights #RighttoPissontheSeat

    • Males pissing to mark their territory…how very ladylike. Trans love to whinge that we TERFs deny their humanity. Well, as of right now, I’m guilty as charged. Since behavior, and not biology, dictates identity nowadays, I hereby deny that you are human and declare you to be wild animals and give you the right to use the zoo. Oh, look…we have transgender and now transspecies. Trans Otherkin! Aren’t we a special snowflake. Would you like to be housed with the male-identified lions or the female-identified lions? Just a warning…the female-identified lions are the hunters and they’re way stronger and faster than you.;)

    • Sketcher Says:

      Ha ha ha! Yep.

      I like the pink lipstick co-ordinating with the pink flowers on his skirt. That signals female, right? Right? That and a pair of silicone tits.

      Shouldn’t the young laydees in question be playing the harp whilst running through buttercup meadows? Where is the tinkling laughter? Where is the deference, the averted glance?

  41. Jess Says:

    angelica is one f*cked up tranny;

    His strategy is to antagonize people, usually gays and lesbians, screenshot the inevitable backlash, then claim to be a victim of transphobia.

    Typical for this crowd.

    • The male left knows what women and girls are afraid of: violent men in our private spaces. They respond to our fear with mockery: snarky videos of MTFs in the men’s room, lies about MTF assaults against women, and evading the primary issue by using FTM plaintiffs. Do they think this shit is cute? Our concerns are a joke to them.

    • Jessica Says:

      I keep hearing about how trans women are at constant risk of “gruesome death” if they are forced to use restrooms that correspond with their plumbing..

      But is there any evidence of this? I can never seem to find the stats. Or news stories. Nothing. However, when I provide evidence of a woman being assaulted by a trans-imposter in a restroom, I am told that it does not count.

    • Newbie Says:

      This is perfect. Of course this dude is harassing and recording men in the bathroom. Reminds me of the giant tranny who beat up that poor guy in the train station for smirking at him. Sure, send him in the women’s. Get a grip. I wonder why the big gay media outlets aren’t showing this video and screaming that this sweet flower obviously belongs in the ladies bathroom?

  42. hearthrising Says:

    PayPal has decided to nix an operations center employing 400 workers over this bill.

  43. Attention: All women….everywhere…every country…

    Boycott PayPal…..Boycott PayPal…..

    *Dan Schulman, CEO PayPal, penis in the women’s restroom is not a civil right. It’s violating the privacy rights of females.

    *Dan Schulman, CEO PayPal, it’s a fact that cross dressing males dressed in skirts and wigs and males identifying as transgender have been convicted of crimes insides women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters.

    *Dan Schulman, CEO PayPal, it’s a fact that cross dressing males dressed in skirts and wigs and males identifying as transgender have raped and murdered women and molested children.

    *Dan Schulman, CEO PayPal, what would you say to the victims of Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook?

    *Dan Schulman, CEO PayPal, what would you say to the young women who had to watch Colleen Francis and “her male genitalia” in the women’s locker room at Evergreen State College?

    *Dan Schulman, CEO PayPal, would you want your wife, girl friend, mother, aunt, or sister to share a restroom with transgender registered sex offender Paul (Paula) Witherspoon?

    *Dan Schulman, CEO PayPal, would you want your wife, girl friend, mother, aunt, or sister to share a restroom or locker room with any of the males in the youtube video “Women: Decide for Yourselves”, or any of the cross dressing/transgender predatory males listed on this blog?

    *Dan Schulman, CEO PayPal, do you really think that men like Stefonknee Wolscht and Carlotta Sklodowska have a genuinely felt “gender identity”, or is it more likely that these are just men with rather kinky and unusual sexual fetishes who are hiding behind “gender identity” laws?

    *Dan Schulman, CEO PayPal, there are about 300 million people in the US. Half the population is female. What would happen if 50 to 100 million women in the US decided to boycott PayPal?

    • jule Says:

      my paypal account is now closed. People need to start supporting their local businesses more anyway. I would love to see Dannyboy’s reaction to these questions and the evidence presented. Him, all other CEO’s who signed that letter, the politicians and all transactivists – live on TV so they couldn’t back out of their comments.

    • Zemskull Says:

      I’m not buying the claim that PayPal pulled out of Carolina and is now going to Cuba based on this bathroom law. There was likely a financial incentive such as cheap labor to go to Cuba, but admitting that wasn’t going to make PayPal look the hero, especially considering that Cuba was, until recently, considered an enemy of the US for so many decades.

    • GallusMag Says:

      PayPal’s all male “Gender Equality” panel:

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        To paraphrase a line from a movie called ‘THE INFORMANT!!!’ (about the former ADM executive who embezzled several million bucks from the firm)…

        ‘These many guys in a group is not a diversity panel….this is a crime scene’.

        Scarier still…they are not the only ones who operate like this.

      • Right there on the tin: senior male leaders. No senior female leaders at PayPal I take it. Not even a token MTF.

  44. Jessica Says:

    So I have been doing some reading and I have learned from trans women, trans men and their activist buddies that women need to stop worrying about their personal safety in bathrooms and change rooms because:

    “Trans men are more rapey than cismen. Once a trans man gets a penis and is on testosterone he becomes very dangerous to women”

    “No man would lie about being trans to peep on women because it would be too embarrassing”

    “If he rapes you he will go to jail after the fact so why are you worried about getting raped?”

    “Why do you hate us. We will suffer a horrible death if not allowed to use women’s bathrooms”

    • Sketcher Says:

      O this just ‘annoys’ me (self-censoring here) so much. I’ve emailed twice for this piece of shite that she wrote:

      “While some proposals are rooted in privacy concerns, others are based on fears, not shown to have any basis in reality, that freer restroom access invites sexual predation on women and children.”

      In the Guardian’s article here:

      Telling her that there is indeed a basis in reality and giving her chapter and verse lists of assaults against women and children by trans* or cross-dressers or transvestites or whatever-the-else you’re supposed to call men in the women’s room.

      Nil response. This is irresponsible reporting as – it’s not true! It has no basis in fact. She lists her reporting specialty as ‘gender’ (?)

      You’re lying, Molly. Woman-up 🙂 and change that paragraph.

      • Jessica Says:


        Yep and in conversations with these folks, no matter how nice someone is, how they explain that it is precisely the ‘gender identity’ clause that has the potential to expose women to the most danger, they retort with YOU WANT US DEAD. WHY DO YOU HATE US. YOU WANT TO MURDER US

        The histrionics is +9000!

        The tiniest bit of concern for women is interpreted as violent anti-trans hate speech.

        Oh, I came across a great comment here:

        I’m a recent immigrant to Canada. I don’t mind this with washrooms ( toilets and the like). In fact, in my neighbourhood, this is already allowed. The concern here now is with change rooms and shower rooms. We already have proof that men will abuse it as is written ;”anyone who ‘identifies’ as female regardless of transition”. <–sorry, but this ridiculous. And when one of our universities, UfT, implemented a rule that made the one and only female facility ( all female because it had not so separate shower stalls) to allow for any man to simply declare womanhood, there were two violations within weeks (girls would be showering and caught me n filming them over the stall door with phones). Of course, the girls were traumatized. With the internet, that can never go away. But no one seems to care what happens to women. These girls have paid a fortune to go to university just like everyone else, and it isn't their responsibility to compromise their well-being, education and safety to placate someone's feelings. They ended up switching that back to Female only. Bear in mind, this residence already has 50% of their facilities "gender neutral" with separate shower stalls. So in that way the only reason they changed the sole Female room was to placate activists that accused them of "transphobia". They didn't actually *need* these facilities. But 2 girls had to pay the price for this.
        See, Canada does have a few laws that allow men to simply I.D as women in some places, and there is already a famous cross dresser who trans activists have allowed to become a spokesperson for them ( why, I have no idea). He ( I say 'he' not to be disrespectful, but because he is on Fetish websites listed as crossdresser, and "boy princess" fetishes. Everyone in the community knows about him). He is 6'4 and 270lbs, and sued a battered women's shelter for not allowing him to sleep there, in complete disregard to women escaping male violence looking for safety. I mean, this person doesn't even take hormones. He won because " discrimination", but it was all to validate himself, again, at the expense of women and children.
        So I'm sorry. But I've been dealing with sexual harassment, molestation and assault since I was 11 years old for simply being born female. It never stops. I know any loophole will be exploited by some men. I'm not suggesting for a second that trans people who are well into transition, who pass well, should use a facility that does not fit. That's dumb. I'm saying there needs to be a common sense approach that doesn't disregard women entirely and deems them an acceptable sacrifice. Maybe it' s my Asian mentality, but it's crazy that you would let any man "identify" in their head as a woman and have access to all women's safe spaces unobstructed. I'm saying it has to be re-worded, or carefully thought out. It can't be as broad as it is now. And dumb thing is, if we found a compromise, I'm not sure there would be nearly as much resistance.
        . But there is a portion of trans women who are not gender dysphoric. They have no i nterest in real transitioning, and they are some of the loudest voices in trans activism.

        I wonder about this incident at UFT. Looks like it is the university of Toronto.

      • Jessica Says:


        Thank you. That is going into my bookmarks.

        I love the first comment on the article “Who would have anticipated such a thing”

      • Elle Driver Says:

        I wonder if/how Molly would respond if you direct her to the story of the alleged sexual assault of a transwoman by a man in the “gender neutral” bathroom at the Stonewall Inn a few weeks back.

    • kesher Says:

      lol FTMs’ penises are completely non-functional. Know how to tell when an MTF is lying? His lips are moving.

      • Jessica Says:


        It was an FTM who was saying this. Sadly. So many FTM and ‘progressive’ feminists are more than willing to lie and throw other women under the bus.

        Oh, and it’s so much fun watching trans throw otherkin under the bus. One MTT said that he didn’t like otherkin because ‘you can be a cat if you want, but don’t you dare deny that I am not a real girl’


        They hate otherkin because otherkin invalidate their delusions. I think that the meme “I am a woman trapped in a man’s body” is primarily an attribution error. I don’t doubt that many MTT do feel genuine body dysphoria. But, this is not because they have lady brains trapped in men’s bodies. It’s because they were born with the wrong brain/body mapping, or somesuch, similar to the trans-abled. And we would not say that a trans-abled person’s ‘true self’ is to be missing a limb. That nature ‘screwed up’ by giving them all four limbs

      • kesher Says:

        That makes it kind of sad actually. I wonder if that FTM is completely delusional about the functionality of the arm sheath she wants attached to her pelvis.

  45. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Bruce Springsteen is making a stand against women and girls in N.C.

  46. Jessica Says:

    OMG. Every day I am amazed at the bullshit that MTTs and their allies come up with.

    Today it was a man, or maybe an MTT, I am not sure, stating that it was his right, as a free person, to use women’s bathrooms/changerooms etc, and that to prevent him from entering a woman’s bathroom, or to kick him out, is to ‘oppress him and enact the violence of the state upon his person’


    BTW I just have to vent I hope it’s ok.
    Talking to these people is like going down the rabbit hole…some alternate reality

  47. @”Bruce Springsteen is making a stand against women and girls in N.C.”

    What he is doing is crapping on the female sex, and his agents are too lazy to do their research.. Springsteen is 66 years old, hasn’t done anything significant since the 1980s, and maybe he is looking for some “progressive” cause to revive his career.

    “As you, my fans, know I’m scheduled to play in Greensboro, North Carolina this Sunday. As we also know, North Carolina has just passed HB2, which the media are referring to as the “bathroom” law. HB2 — known officially as the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act — dictates which bathrooms transgender people are permitted to use. Just as important, the law also attacks the rights of LGBT citizens to sue when their human rights are violated in the workplace. No other group of North Carolinians faces such a burden. To my mind, it’s an attempt by people who cannot stand the progress our country has made in recognizing the human rights of all of our citizens to overturn that progress. Right now, there are many groups, businesses, and individuals in North Carolina working to oppose and overcome these negative developments. Taking all of this into account, I feel that this is a time for me and the band to show solidarity for those freedom fighters. As a result, and with deepest apologies to our dedicated fans in Greensboro, we have canceled our show scheduled for Sunday, April 10th. Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry — which is happening as I write — is one of them. It is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards.”

    “dictates which bathrooms transgender people are permitted to use”

    True, and it’s based on common sense.

    The law says if you have a penis and testicles, use the men’s restroom, ask for a single stall facility, or some other accommodation. If you get sex reassignment surgery, you can get your birth certificate change which would allow you to use the restroom of the opposite sex. No, it’s not good enough for them.

    “Just as important, the law also attacks the rights of LGBT citizens to sue when their human rights are violated in the workplace.”

    What does Bruce mean when he says, “Just as important”? It sounds like he is saying penis in the women’s restroom is important.

    It’s sad that sexual orientation had to be tied to “gender identity”, but it has been the policy of HRC and every other trans run organization to tie sexual orientation to “gender identity” as if they are one and the same, and to completely ignore the human privacy rights of females.

    “To my mind, it’s an attempt by people who cannot stand the progress our country has made in recognizing the human rights of all of our citizens to overturn that progress.”

    In other words, about 2 to 4% of the population, or whatever the percentages are, get to crap on the human rights of 50% of the population. It’s called “progress”.

    According to Bruce Springsteen, males who still have their male genitalia and demand access to women’s restrooms and women’s locker rooms are important “freedom fighters”. Whether or not they are a registered sex offender like Paul (Paula) Witherspoon, or any of the males in the youtube video “Women: Decide for Yourselves” is irrelevant.

    The comments in the comment sections of mainstream new sources aren’t buying it.

    “So it is okay to draw a check from SONY corporation – who does business with Saudi Arabia (where homosexuals are publicly beheaded for their life choice) but you can’t do a concert for your fans because they live in a state that makes boys use the boys room. Some say noble. I say obnoxiously hypocritical, Empty, meaningless and hollow. Bruce is banned from my house. ”

    “Except, he CANT sing. His voice sounds like a hoarse toad this century. If you think he speaks for all generations, then you really gotta get a life. 310 million out of 320 million Americans have zero interest in Mr Springsteen”

    @PayPal, can we say hypocrite….actually, worse than hypocrites.

    Iran executes homosexuals and women are often treated worse than animals, but PayPal was fined 7.7 million dollars in 2015 for admitting to violating US economic sanctions placed against Cuba, Iran, and Sudan. Female genital mutilation has been going on in the Sudan for years, not to mention horrific human rights abuses. Remember Darfur and all the starving people. Some of the most horrific human rights abuses of this century happened in Darfur. We are talking about unimaginable suffering, and children dying in tent cities built in the scorching desert. According to PayPal logic, countries that execute homosexuals and treat women like dogs are fine to do business with, but laws that tell males with male genitalia to use the men’s restroom can’t be tolerated. According to PayPal logic, Sudan is a great country to do business with, never mind all the starving people and the savage slaughter of thousands of people, women, old people, and children. Forget the rape of women which is widespread in Darfur. We are talking about savage rape on a wide scale. According to Human Rights Watch, Sudanese army forces raped more than 200 women and girls in an organized attack on the north Darfur town of Tabit. Darfur has been called genocide by many people. Telling males with male genitalia to use the men’s restroom is far worse than doing business with countries that allow genocide. PayPal, damn hypocrites!

    We are supposed to believe that pulling out of North Carolina was because they love trans and gay so much, forget doing business with Iran which executes gay men and lesbians. They want cheap labor, and they don’t care who they do business with. PayPay, damn hypocrites. PayPal makes me sick to my stomach.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Critics of North Carolina, Mississippi Anti-Gay Laws Funded Their Authors

      BY DUNCAN OSBORNE | Some leading companies that are currently blasting state governments in Mississippi and North Carolina for enacting laws that promote discrimination against LGBT people made substantial campaign contributions to the two Republican governors and Republican state legislators who enacted those laws.

      The Wells Fargo North Carolina political action committee gave Governor Pat McCrory $5,100 on February 29 of this year, according to filings with the North Carolina State Board of Elections. That same day, the PAC also gave $3,100 to Tim Moore, the speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, and $4,100 to Phil Berger, the president of the State Senate. The PAC gave to other legislators, but Gay City News did not compare those names to the voting record on House Bill 2 (HB2).

      Gay City News also found donations to McCrory from what appear to be lower level Wells Fargo employees or company affiliates in 2012. McCrory was elected governor in 2012, and had run unsuccessfully for the post in 2008.

      On February 25, the Bank of America political action committee gave Berger and Moore $3,000 apiece. The PAC gave McCrory $5,100 on December 10 of last year. Charles Bowman, market president for North Carolina and Charlotte at Bank of America, gave $1,000 to McCrory’s campaign on March 14 of this year. Bowman identified himself only as a “banker” in an elections board filing.

      As with Wells Fargo, Bank of America made donations to other legislators, but Gay City News did not compare those to HB2 voting records.

      HB2 was passed by the North Carolina legislature on March 23 and signed by McCrory the next day, but news that legislators would convene a special session to enact the law broke in North Carolina papers as early as February 25 so the Wells Fargo and at least some of the Bank of America donations were made after the public was aware of the proposed law. Moore was organizing House Republicans for the special session that passed the legislation as early as February 23 and discussing it publicly by February 24.

      HB2 overturned local laws that banned discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and requires transgender people to use public toilets that are consistent with the gender designated on their birth certificates, which could often mean that they end up using bathrooms unsuited to their gender identity.

      Brian Moynihan, the chief executive at Bank of America, which is headquartered in Charlotte, and John Stumpf, the chief executive at Wells Fargo, which is headquartered in San Francisco, have joined more than 120 senior executives at other companies who signed a letter calling for the repeal of HB2. The letter is being circulated by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest LGBT rights group, and Equality North Carolina, a state LGBT rights group.

      While AT&T has opposed the Mississippi law and not commented on the North Carolina law, its PAC gave $2,000 to McCrory in 2012, and Cynthia Marshall, now the head of human resources at AT&T and the company’s chief diversity officer, gave McCrory $1,000 that year. Marshall was the president of AT&T North Carolina at that time.

      In Mississippi, the picture is similar. AT&T, GE, Nissan Group of North America, and Tyson Foods are among the companies that either opposed legislation, which is now law, that effectively legalizes discrimination against LGBT people there or have called for its repeal. The effort was organized by HRC.

      But Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, who signed the legislation into law, won his office with their support. According to campaign finance documents filed by Bryant’s campaign, AT&T’s Mississippi political action committee gave his campaign $15,000 on October 23 of last year, $5,000 on October 31 of 2014, and $5,000 in 2009. Gay City News did not review all years for the Bryant campaign so this may not represent all of AT&T’s contributions. Bryant was first elected governor in November 2011 and was reelected in 2015, and before that served as lieutenant governor for four years.

      A review of AT&T’s filings shows the company has donated extensively to candidates for state office and officeholders in Mississippi.

      Tyson Foods gave Bryant’s campaign $1,000 last year and in 2009. GE and the Nissan Group of North America both gave Bryant $1,000 this year, and GE also gave him $1,000 in 2014 and $1,000 in 2009.

      A cursory review of the campaign filings by candidates and PACs in both states shows that a number of companies that HRC partners with, honors at its fundraisers, or rewards with high marks in its Corporate Equality Index –– which ranks corporations by their pro-LGBT policies –– are supporting some of the most anti-LGBT officeholders and candidates in those states.

      The Coca Cola Company and some of its bottlers, Comcast, Eli Lilly & Company, Nationwide, and Monsanto have all donated to Bryant and McCrory since 2009, with some contributing as recently as 2015. Some of these companies have opposed onerous anti-LGBT laws and may have helped in winning vetoes or defeats for such legislation. If these companies stop contributing, or say they might do that, it could have an impact.

      “People who are donors, people who are substantial donors, have a foot in the door,” said Ken Sherrill, a professor emeritus of political science at Hunter College. “If several large donors say, ‘We’re upset with this’…it makes some people worry… The threat to cut out or cut back on contributions, if it’s a credible threat, makes some people worry.”

      Josh Clifton, who is senior manager for corporate communications at Nissan North America, in an email message, said, “Nissan works with government leaders and organizations to positively impact local communities and create economic opportunities. Our financial, political or charitable contributions to organizations or individuals are not indicative of our direct support of any specific policy or legislation.”

      The other companies did not respond to requests seeking comment.

    • Sketcher Says:

      @ Skylark Phillips – you may want to have a look at Megan Stack’s book ‘Every man in this village is a liar – an education in War’, pub. Bloomsbury Press (2010).

      Megan was an L.A. Times reporter who went to Afghanistan, Pakistan and then Israel, Palestine and Lebanon following 9/11 – the hypocrisy of some of the big major Western companies there which she describes is stunning. Very willing to shove human rights and especially women’s rights under the bus as long as it brings them in money, as we have seen with Saudi Arabia, that bastion of freedom, now heading the UN human rights council (!) Come on UN, show some backbone. Be interesting to see what happens when the oil dries up, or when we’ve developed sustainable alternative energy.

      The leak from the Panama off-shore tax company, Mossack Fonseca, re. very powerful men and women hiding their earnings in secretive bank accounts for purposes of either tax evasion or to hide criminal earnings is also an eye-opener. The same people are touting Austerity Measures while trousering the workers’ taxes. Prime Minister David Cameron, Putin, the Icelandic PM etc. and Chinese officials are all implicated. Kudos to the brave whistleblower.

      I’ve an interest in astrology so I’m putting in this link here to the Oxford Astrologer, who often comments on political trends: (feel free to delete GM, but it’s interesting).

    • SilverFlame Says:

      I’ve been a big “classic rock” fan for a long time and while I have discovered/fallen in love with a wide variety of songs and artists and albums of that era over the years, the one that I just never “got” was Bruce Springsteen. His music, his singing, it’s all boring as f*** to me and I never, ever understood the appeal. Good thing I didn’t waste my time (or money) on any of his sh** music (past or present) now that I know that – as a woman – he’d rather see me potentially harmed than hurt the feelings of some tranny who only listens to shitty contemporary club music (because it’s FIERCE!) and has probably never even heard of “The Boss”.

      Also, I wonder if Springsteen has ever/would ever give “equal rights access” to groupies regarding his d***. Because I guarantee that if he accidentally invited one of his “freedom fighters” backstage to his dressing room and found out that “she” was really a he, Bruce wouldn’t proceed with the act in the name of “equality” – he’d call security!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Every time I hear the name Bruce Springsteen I think of two words: Fire/Desire.
        Boring doesn’t begin to cover it. Fire / desire (repeat ad nauseum). ZZZZzzzzzzzz.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        I’ve thought Springsteen was absurdly overrated since I became aware of him. “The Boss”? Meh. Probably doing this to let people know he’s still alive. One platinum in fourteen years.

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        Doesn’t matter that Springsteen is shit; he appeals to the all mighty douchy white males who honestly believe he walks on water. Men always LOVE tacky crap & demand that others love it too.

  48. Sketcher Says:

    *amendment – ‘men and women hiding their earnings’ , looks like it’s only men at this moment in time, from what I can gather.

    No shit Sherlock. Hmm.

  49. PayPal’s international headquarters are located in Singapore, where sexual contact between males is punishable by up to two years in prison, and even littering can be punished by flogging. The company has a software development center in Chennai, India, where same-sex marriage is prohibited.

    PayPal does business in 25 countries where homosexual behavior is illegal, including 5 countries where the penalty is death, yet they object to the North Carolina Legislature overturning a misguided ordinance about letting men in to the women’s bathroom?” said Mr. Pittenger, a Republican, in a statement. “Perhaps PayPal would like to try and clarify this seemingly very hypocritical position.”

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Following to the persons at PayPal surrendering to the myths…it was announced thid evening (via the local Fox affiliate….which is telling on other levels), the NAACP has threatened ‘civil disobedience’ if there is no reversal.

      This lends credence to a very ugly undercurrent of stereotypes. Sad….disgusting….if only due to….again, some have drank the kool-aid and back miscreants in the name of fairness. Especially since many (not all) who backed the Charlotte ordinance see those of color as ….in some cases…as being needed to be patronized to. Barring a need for horizontal enrichment.

      As such…let me apologize. Not all of us of color are insane enough to support crooks. Or those who are selfish enough to put others in harm’s way, so that the creep contingent can claim an aspired to status.Again….please accept an apology from one of the few who understands boundaries………and the respect for others. As well does not throw their lot in with…….jerks.

  50. Gallus, I know that a lot has already been said about North Carolina, but there are some things that are still bothering me. It looks as if the Republicans in the dead of night slipped in something that could potentially harm workers. I don’t want the backlash against gender identity and the backlash against the erosion of women’s privacy rights to harm anyone, especially low income women and women of color. I support worker rights and gay and lesbian rights. I’m sure everyone on this blog agrees with me.

    Thankfully, Gov. Pat McCrory issued an executive order on April 12th that extends new protections for state workers based on sexual orientation and gender identity. So, McCrory back peddled a bit, but could do better. This is what the Charlotte Observer says HB2 does.

    McCrory doesn’t change anything in HB2 related to bathrooms.

    Right to sue in state court – For decades, workers in N.C. had been able to sue in state court in cases of alleged discrimination.

    HB2 took that away, and required those lawsuits to be filed in federal court only. Critics of HB2 said that while people were focused on bathrooms, the inability to sue in state court was a critical part of the legislation.

    McCrory said he would “seek legislation on the right to sue in state court for discrimination.”

    That will be up to the General Assembly.”

    (*people in North Carolina need to make sure that it is)

    “Propublica is usually a credible source.

    “The language does not repeal North Carolina’s job-bias law, which continues to ban discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, or disability. But it forces workers seeking redress for discrimination into the federal system, where access is more difficult, the rules are much more complicated, and businesses often have significant advantages. ”

    This is from an attorney website.

    “If the law stands, then workers in NC will have no recourse outside of federal law to enforce their rights. Federal laws such as the Equal Protection Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Equal Pay Act do provide recourse for discrimination in federal courts. Unfortunately, it is more expensive and demanding to sue in federal court.”

    Gallus, this is a good link that you posted earlier. Transgender has been front and center at HRC, GLAAD, etc. for years, and they have been ignoring the harm caused by “gender identity” laws to women for the last decade. How could they not see this coming?

    The Politics of the Single-minded: Lessons From North Carolina’s ‘Bathroom Bill’

    “Years ago, I left the board of Equality N.C. because the group decided to publicly oppose a national antidiscrimination law that would have covered gays and lesbians. The reason given was that the law didn’t cover transsexuals. I thought this was terribly bad politics. Transsexuals already had more employment discrimination protection than gays because of the way in which courts were interpreting “sex” in Title VII cases. Nobody seemed to care much about the legal reality. But more than this, anyone who understands civil rights politics knows that change is most often incremental. Legislative progress, whether it is at the local, state, or national level, rarely accomplishes all of our goals in one fell swoop. Instead, progress is achieved in baby steps, with each victory forming the basis of renewed activism and accomplishment. But instead of supporting protections for gays and lesbians while we could, some folks wanted to oppose a law that had the potential to relieve the suffering of countless gays and lesbians across the country and advance the movement in a way that only national employment antidiscrimination legislation can. I didn’t think it was fair to ask gays and lesbians to sacrifice ourselves in this way. It was a self-defeating single-mindedness that I could not abide.

    After years of negotiation over the Charlotte ordinance, I was horrified to see that same single-mindedness rear its head again. And this time we’re all paying the price. Advocates and groups, loosely denominated “gay,” opposed any antidiscrimination ordinance without the controversial bathroom edict. The governor in no uncertain terms warned the Charlotte city council that if it proceeded with a law containing the bathroom-specific language he would call a special legislative session for the purpose of repealing it. Of course, given his history of crafting some of the ugliest, most racist, most misogynist legislation in the country to date, there was every reason to believe he meant it. But the single-minded “gay” groups and their allies pushed it anyway.

    The HRC, GLAAD ,etc, needs to wake up to the fact that North Carolina isn’t Toronto or San Francisco. Heck, a lot of women in liberal leaning states don’t want to share a restroom with Stefonkee or Carlotta Sklodowska.

    This video was posted before on gendertrender, but people need to watch it again. “I Just Gotta Pee with Stefonknee and Strawbeary” . At the end of the video, Strawbeary (*his pink bear) says, “There are men’s washrooms and women’s washrooms, but why don’t they just call them bathrooms”. What does this mean? Does this mean there should be no women’s restrooms and men’s restrooms, and everyone should share the same restroom? Middle aged men sharing restrooms with little girls. Or, does it mean that there should be more single stall restrooms which, according to HB2, people can request. It’s very confusing, so Stefonkee just pees in a bucket outside the bathroom door. That is his solution. He also identifies as a 6 year old girl, is heavily into age play and other kink, and he has a special “daddy” he met in a fetish club.

    In the last two years, we have seen at least two men with obvious sexual fetishes that are claiming “gender identity”/transgender status. They are demanding access to women’s restrooms and women’s locker rooms. To think that these men have a sincere “gender identity” is laughable.

    Stefonknee Wolscht…

    The man who calls himself Carlotta Sklodowska (*male slut in training on a leash…he said it not me)

    • Jessica Says:

      @Skylark Philips

      There are people out there who are actively defending Carlotta Sklodowska. That “she” has the right to use women’s change rooms even *after* being presented with evidence that CS is a “male slut in training”. Any woman who complains about the presence of a tranny fetishist in the change room is a ” troublemaker” according to SJWs, and deserves to be kicked out. This is how far SJWs are willing to go now. They are defending admitted perverts.

      In other news I have seen people arguing for gender neutral *everything*. This includes domestic violence shelters. Yes, apparently women will be safer if they share dv shelters with men, who will keep them safe!!

      And all of this reminds me of Sarah Nyberg, of gamergate fame. Admitted paedophile. And the SJWs were sending him photos of their children and telling him that he could babysit.(Nyberg is an MTT)

      I always thought the righties were full of crap when they said that extreme lefties would try to normalize perversions. They were not wrong. Sjws try so hard to out-liberal other liberals that they go straight to crazy town.

      Over on feminist blog Love Joy Feminism, comments that state that men and women have different shaped pelvises are being DELETED because to state that biological sex differences are real is hate speech.

      Who would have thought that sexual dimorphism was controversial? Objecting to actual perverts in the woman’s change room, or paedos playing with your kids, also controversial in SJWland.

      I feel as if I have tumbled down the rabbit hole.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        You and me both, down in that rabbit hole! Thanks for your comment. This is exactly how I feel about it. I tried to make this very same point on another “feminist” blog but met with hate speech, name-calling, and mischaracterization. Thank you for saying it and know that many agree even if they don’t want to be bashed for saying it.

  51. You know what you’re protesting against is a good cause when pornographers boycott it. XHamster porn site is boycotting North Carolina. Oh, the injustice!. Men in North Carolina can’t wank off to “she-male” porn, or any other porn.

    Google XHamster and “shemale porn” and there are about 466,000 hits, even teen shemale porn. Google XHamster and “tranny porn”, and there are 509,000 hits. Transphogic bigots can’t see how empowering shemale porn is. It doesn’t degrade trans people at all. Some men who watch this kind of porn aren’t transgender.

    The left has no credibility on this issue. PayPal does business in countries where homosexuals are executed, nations with horrendous human rights violations, and XHamster offers its viewers “she-male porn”.

  52. May 2016, male sex offender changed his name to the female singer Avril Lavigne.

  53. Oak and Ash Says:

    ‘A North Carolina law limiting protections to LGBT people violates federal civil rights laws and can’t be enforced, the U.S. Justice Department said Wednesday, putting the state on notice that it is in danger of being sued and losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding.’

    ‘In a letter to Gov. Pat McCrory, the Justice Department said federal officials view the state law as violating federal Civil Rights Act protections barring workplace discrimination based on sex. Provisions of the state law directed at transgender state employees violate their anti-discrimination protections, the letter said.’

    Does anyone remember the government being so quick to threaten a state’s educational funding when the rights of actual women were at stake? I’m furious they’re using discrimination based on sex as a way to force women to share facilities with men against their will. What’s next? Threatening withdrawal of funds if a boy who calls himself a girl isn’t housed with girls on a field trip? Pulling financial aid from colleges who won’t assign a female roommate to a guy who calls himself a woman? Liberal men really do view women as public property. How dare we not let a man see us undressed or sleep in the same room if that’s what he wants?

    And I’m appalled at the way almost everyone’s focused on men’s “right” to be in women’s private space while ignoring the very real threat to employment and housing for gay people that the North Carolina law also presents–because such things are obviously less important to liberal politics these days than some guy’s fetish.

    I’m beyond fed up with our lived reality being treated as a costume or mere metaphysical assertion, as if we have no existence apart from men’s fantasy of who we should be.

  54. @Oak and Ash,

    Women who were stupid enough to vote for Obama have been tossed under the bus. This is nothing more than politically appointees rewriting Title VII and Title IX. Both Title VII and Title IX clearly says “sex” not “gender identity”.

    To: Obama administration

    Don’t think for a moment this is over. The women’s vote put Obama in the White House twice, and now you shit on the privacy rights of women. This is not acceptable.

    Using Title VII to crap all over the privacy rights of the female sex has to be the sickest thing that has ever come out of the Obama administration. I can’t believe that I was stupid enough to vote for Obama twice. The historical meaning of Title VII clearly says sex not “gender identity”. Nowhere in Title VII is “gender identity” mentioned. Apparently, the Obama administration doesn’t believe the female sex exist. Either the female sex exists or it does not. Women have a fundamental human right to privacy. How in the hell can Obama appointees prove that a male’s “gender identity” is more important than a female’s rights to privacy?

    (1.) It’s time for massive peaceful protests. There are about 300 million people in the US and half the population is female. That is 150 million versus approximately 2 to 4% of the population. Do the math. There are about 50 million students in US public schools. What would happen if half the female population in public schools walked out, or just sat down and wouldn’t budge? In the US, public school funding is based on attendance. The Democrats get a lot of money from teacher’s unions. What happens when public school funding dwindles?

    As to the workplace, imagine any company functioning if half the work force walked out.

    (2.) There is nothing to prevent ten to twenty million or so female students from filing lawsuits against school districts and the Department of Education for violating their human privacy rights. There is nothing to prevent fifty million or so women from filing lawsuits against companies that violate their privacy rights. If they can’t find a lawyer, do it pro se.

    (3.) The next time another man like Colleen Francis decides to expose “her male genitalia” in a women’s locker room in a publically funded college, someone needs to be sued big time. This could be construed as sexual harassment which violates both Title VII and Title IX. I can say with all certainty that another Colleen Francis incident will happen. If any male claiming “gender identity” can use women’s locker rooms, it’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of time.

    (4.) If God forbid, a Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook incident happens in a U.S. women’s homeless shelter, HUD needs to be sued for billions. Millions for the victim, and billions from fifty million women filing lawsuits against HUD.

    (5.) The Democrats can’t afford to lose even 20% to 30% of the women’s vote. There is nothing to prevent women from going independent, forming our own political party, or just refusing to vote for anyone pushing “gender identity” laws on us. Women have the voting power to form our own political party separate from corrupt Democrats and Republicans. This disgraceful shredding of the human rights of half the population is all the proof we need that Democrats are willing to toss half the population under the bus to accommodate about 2% of the population. This is not acceptable.

    (6.) It’s a fact that “gender identity” laws have already harmed women. This is just a small sample. Obama administration, what would you say to the female victims in this video, “Women: Decide for Yourselves”. This is all based on court records, and it’s only a partial list of crimes committed by cross dressing males and male identifying as transgender.

    youtube. com/watch?v=uzwMJAFW

  55. This isn’t about North Carolina, but it’s about a recent lawsuit.

    On May 5, 2016, a lawsuit was filed against the Department of Education, a school district in Illinois, and the State of Illinois. What the Obama administration has done to Title IX is a disgrace.

    This is Title IX which historically clearly meant sex as in biological sex.

    “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. ”

    See where it says “sex” not gender identity. The Obama administration is in violation of Title IX by declaring that the female sex no longer exists, and has conflated sex with “gender identity” to the extent that it defies logic and all common sense. How can sex under Title IX be both one’s biological sex and gender identity at the same time? So, sometimes sex under Title IX is gender identity, and sometimes it’s biological sex. Does anyone have a clear definition of “gender identity”. The answer is no, and gender identity can change. To state that there are no differences between the sexes in humans and all primates is utterly ridiculous. Humans are primates, and this is our heritage. The bodies of adolescent females are different than the bodies of males.
    The human species is sexually dimorphic and all primates reproduce sexually. I argue that conflating sex with gender identity to the extent that the Obama administration has done is a violation of Title IX itself. Perhaps erasing the female sex as a distinct class of persons is the ultimate form of sex discrimination.

    Historically, transgender activists had nothing to do with Title IX. Second wave feminists pushed through Title IX because they wanted to make sure female students had the same opportunities as male students. Women did this for their daughters. Now, Title IX is being used to strip female students of their privacy rights. Using Title IX to strip away human privacy rights for female students has to be the sickest thing the Obama administration has done. They did it behind closed doors because it couldn’t withstand the light of day. I voted for Obama twice, and I feel betrayed.

    The lawsuit is correct in that the Obama administration decided to rewrite Title IX without following procedures. How can they rewrite Title IX in such a way that negatively impacts half the student population in the US without public input, or any kind of Congressional oversight? Well, they can’t.

    “352. The Supreme Court has additionally ruled that all legislative rules, which are those having the force and effect of law and are accorded weight in agency adjudicatory processes, must go through the notice-and-comment requirements. Perez v. Mortgage Bankers Ass’n, 135 S. Ct. 1199, 1204 (2015).
    353. “Notice-and-comment rulemaking” requires that the DOE (1) issue a general notice to the public of the proposed rule-making, typically by publishing notice in the Federal Register; (2) give interested parties an opportunity to submit written data, views, or arguments on the proposed rule, and consider and respond to
    significant comments received; and (3) include in the promulgation of the final rule a concise general statement of the rule’s basis and purpose.
    354. Notice-and-comment rulemaking also requires that the DOE consider all the relevant comments offered during the public comment period before finally deciding whether to adopt the proposed rule.
    355. Additionally, under Title IX, final rules, regulations, and orders of general applicability issued by the DOE must be approved by the president of the United States.
    356. The DOE promulgated and enforced its new rule redefining “sex” in Title IX to include gender identity without notice and comment as required by law.
    5 U.S.C. § 553. It promulgated this new legislative rule without signature by the president as required by Title IX. 20 U.S.C. § 1682.”

    As to psychological suffering, one female student in the lawsuit started wearing her gym clothes underneath her regular street clothes because she was so fearful and embarrassed to change her clothes with a male in the locker room. She would take off her regular clothes, work out in her gym clothes, and then put her street clothes back on over her sweaty gym clothes. If this isn’t creating a hostile environment for the female students, I don’t know what is. These girls have suffered psychological damage, and some girls were called “transphobic” for being embarrassed to share locker rooms with a male. Girls are being harassed for feeling embarrassed.

    This is also from the lawsuit. So-called “sexting” and pornography involving minors is illegal, but the Obama administration’s Department of Education places minor biological females in a position where there is a high likelihood that they will be exposed to naked males. I don’t think school districts want students sending nude photos to other students, but it’s okay, all in the name of gender identity”, to expose minors to the real thing. Students “sexting” each other on their cell phones is bad, but teenage girls seeing a real penis and testicles in the locker room is of no concern. There are numerous examples (see video “Women: Decide for Yourselves”) of males dressed as women who have secretly photographed females in women’s restrooms and locker rooms. If adult males have put on dresses and wigs to sneak into women’s restrooms to video women, it stands to reason that curious teenage boys would do the same.

    “While pornography involving only adults is legal and cannot be
    constitutionally banned, federal law makes it a crime to possess, distribute, or even view images of naked children.
    371. Nearly every state has a law criminalizing “sexting,” which is when someone (often a minor) sends a naked picture of herself via email, text messaging, or other electronic means.
    372. The state of Illinois has such a law. See 720 Ill. Comp. Stat. Ann. § 5/11-21 (crime for anyone to transmit nude photo to minor).”

    They bent over backwards to accommodate this male student, but nothing was good enough.

    Case: 1:16-cv-04945 Document #: 1 Filed: 05/04/16 Page 1 of 83 PageID #:1

    • GallusMag Says:

      ” I argue that conflating sex with gender identity to the extent that the Obama administration has done is a violation of Title IX itself. Perhaps erasing the female sex as a distinct class of persons is the ultimate form of sex discrimination.”

      THIS. They’ve replaced the protected class with the cluster of prohibited stereotypes applied to that class.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Not sure where to post or submit this, but here is yet another case of a self-described SJW male illegally recording several young women in the shower of a college campus-owned building and uploading those recordings onto the internet:

      Home > Elected Officials > State’s Attorney > State’s Attorney News

      Press Release

      Contact Information: Media Coordinator: 630-407-8160

      Friday, April 29, 2016
      Wheaton College Student Pleads Guilty To Illegal Video Recording

      DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin announced today that a Wheaton College student accused of secretly video recording female college students while they showered in a campus-owned apartment has entered a plea of guilty to five counts of Unauthorized Video Recording, a Class 3 Felony. Alexander Lim, 25 (d.o.b. 10/6/1990) of Wheaton appeared in court this morning in front of Judge John Kinsella, who accepted Lim’s plea.
      On February 22, 2015, a female student at the college was taking a shower when she noticed what appeared to be a watch facing directly towards her. She also noticed that the watch had a camera on its face and immediately contacted campus police, who in turn notified the Wheaton Police Department. An investigation into the matter revealed that the watch was a “spyview camera watch.” The investigation also revealed that the spyview camera watch was placed in the apartment washroom by Lim and that he had been secretly video recording several women as they showered since October, 2014. The investigation further revealed that Lim would then post online the videos he had secretly recorded of the women. Lim was taken into custody on February 23, 2015 without incident. On February 27, 2015, Lim posted the necessary 10% of his $75,000 bond and was released from custody.
      “This morning, Alexander Lim admitted that on multiple occasions he violated the privacy of several young women while they showered in their own home,” Berlin said. “Such an invasion of privacy is not a harmless college prank, as Mr. Lim is now well aware. I would like to thank the authorities at Wheaton College for bringing this matter to the attention of law enforcement and for their complete cooperation throughout the entire investigation. I would also like to thank the Wheaton Police Department for outstanding police work in identifying Mr. Lim as a suspect as well as Assistant State’s Attorney Vincenza LaMonica for her work in holding Mr. Lim responsible for his disturbing behavior.”
      Lim’s next court appearance is scheduled for June 30, 2016 for sentencing. Unauthorized Video Recording is a Class 3 Felony punishable by up to five years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

      Here is part of Mr Lim’s word salad on showing that he is a SJW:

      “My areas of interest include a holistic exploration of both micro and macro expressions of human flourishing, particularly in the context of international development and social justice work with nonprofits.”

      Interestingly, Mr Lim did not try this in his native Singapore where he would have been caned with a Rattan cane.

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      This is the bunny! The federal government has chucked transwomen, (what about transmen?) Under title IX apropos of nothing. There’s no rationale or theory explaining why or how legally transwomen now suddenly are women. That is an issue of fact, even if there was legislation the law can’t just decide that. Plus we now see they didn’t follow procedures for changing these kind of laws. EVERYONE needs to know this.

      Transgender never had any basis in science. And ‘gender identity’ has no basis in law. It’s actually quite disturbing, even putting transgender and it’s horrors to one side, that the government is behaving in this way. Pretending that a law has meaning that it does not have. Like the way the gun nuts use the The Second Amendment.

      I just hope that this lawsuit that Skylark Phillips is kindly telling us about isn’t being brought by one of those hard right creationist law groups. 😖

      • kesher Says:

        As much as I dislike the current reading of the Second Amendment, I don’t think the analogy really applies here. Replacing sex with “gender identity” without the input of Congress goes way beyond legally parsing what relationship an armed citizenry has with the ability to form state militias. It’s more like if the government decided “arms” actually means “bananas”.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Apart from lack of notice and comment, the most disturbing–but not surprising–parts of the filing described the attitude and actions of the boy who wants to use the girls’ locker room. He refused all attempts to accomodate him in ways that didn’t infringe upon the privacy of the girls because he said he didn’t want to change by himself, he did weird things in the locker room–lifting his shirt up and down while looking at himself in the mirror–and stared at girls in the restroom. Basically, he acted like a junior AGP.

      I think part of our problem in arguing for girls’ right to privacy is that so many people assume these boys must be gay and not interested in girls, so what’s everyone afraid of? This is a comment I’ve seen a few times on articles about trans school issues (which also makes the insulting assumptions that a man who likes men is really a woman and that women should be willing to undress in front of any man who doesn’t want to sleep with them). I’ve also seen commenters claiming that we’re trying to police young people’s sexuality. (I’m always tempted to reply that I only want to police the boys.)

  56. jule Says:

    I hope this isn’t too off topic. I may be overstepping and if I am I apologize. As I have said elsewhere, I have only fairly recently pulled my head out of the sand and I am not well versed in some things that have gone on before. It is obvious that the powers that be are determined to turn a blind eye to the problems of their little pet project called transgender doctrine. Aside from LGB association, I don’t get it. Be that as it may, no one can deny that this is, at least in part, because they are beating on every door they can get near. What have anti-trans done aside from isolated school protests? Where are our petitions? Are we all or at least most just sitting behind a keyboard shaking our heads in disgust? I applaud Gallus on her work here. I’ve seen some of the threats against her elsewhere and it would unnerve most. I know that some of us can’t for assorted reason. But all of us could sign a petition or send emails. Part of this is taking myself to task. I’m just as guilty. But after searching I saw so much in favor of transgender. I’m wondering where our voice is. We will continue to be ignored if we do not get louder. Worse, all the things that have been recorded on this site will continue and get more common.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Invariably it is people who have done zero work around this issue who leave these sorts of comments. I do, at a minimum, 40 hours of unpaid work weekly keeping the lights on here for folks to read and learn about the issues and connect with others. I sleep well at night knowing I am doing (beyond!) the maximum that I can do. My suggestion is to find a way that you can make a significant contribution and then do it. Writing letters, contacting representatives, etc. is a very valid way to contribute. I say go for it.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      I agree that the problem is that trans is organized and we are not. I do not think anyone is suggesting that GM do more. The rest of us should do more, and I do think contacting elected reps is helpful and so is putting opposing viewpoints out there. We do need our own orgs, and we need to encourage the LGB to drop the T. The T gets most of their support and funding from folks who are trying to show support for the LGB. Many who support the T do not understand the issues, they are just trying to “virtue signal” and feel good about themselves. Yes, we have our work cut out for us! I will try to attend more local rallies.

      • GallusMag Says:

        ” I do not think anyone is suggesting that GM do more.”

        Ha! Re-reading my comment I sound like kind of a dick. But I’m not left with the unsettled feeling of wanting change but not knowing where to -or how- to place that energy. I really do sleep well knowing I did as much as I could do for everyone by publicizing the truth about gender. What it is, how it works, what it does. I may bite my nails over whether I did a good enough job but at least I know I put in the hours. Thank christ for the visionary women, the radical feminists, that did the heavy lifting analyzing gender and illuminating how it is constructed, and why.

        I’ve been laughed at many times, especially by men, for saying this (because it’s not a tactic of domination, politics, or warfare) but I really do think the best thing women can do is share the feminist critique of gender. Widely and often. Simply that behaviors of “masculinity” are traits of domination and behaviors of “femininity” are traits of expressed subordination. That gender is a system of cultural norms that ritualize and perpetuate the constant unrelenting control and oppression of potential child bearing humans by those who cannot gestate offspring. It really is that simple, although it can take some examination for people to see it. Once seen it can never be unseen.

        Although I do think harm reduction measures are necessary and strongly support legal protections for women and girls where we can get them, ultimately I think a mass “seeing” or consciousness raising among women is what we need to create true revolutionary global change for women and girls.

        Talk to your friends, talk to your kids, talk to the people at the cocktail party, the book club, the supermarket, the bus stop, Tell your neighbors, your associates, your passers-by. Take advantage of the opportunity the transgender social movement is providing us to educate people on the nature of gender itself. Transgender is an opportunity for feminist activism, not “the problem”. Transgender is just the same old male violent domination of female. Cut at the root. Whatever politics or activism you do, at base should be spreading the female analysis of gender itself broadly and loudly. Nothing is more critical than doing that, in my opinion.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Also, women: stop showing your teeth to men. If a man shows his teeth to you feel free to reciprocate but never everrrrrr show your teeth first. #ProTip

  57. North Carolina sues Justice Department. I live in a liberal state, and I thought that I would never say this but, “Way to Go North Carolina!”.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      As much as the PC crowd wants to cry about ‘we are covered under Title IX’, the fact is it is meant to help remediate discriminatory patterns that kept natal females from making their way in the US. Be it in education, government contracts, etc. That is the fact.

      The biggest insult in the taped piece was the comparison bet HB2 and ‘Jim Crow’ laws. That was and is bullshit….especially coming from a community that 98% of the time sees persons of color as either entertainment or carnal companions. Never or hardly ever as equals. That is the fact as well.

      With the above said….it takes true stones for a state to call out others on their bullshit….and to do so in court, in spite of the bullying otherwise. Down the road, this will be seen as the right thing…and that natal females and children need protection from the Frankenperson brigades.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Someone asked me just today if the texts of Title VII and Title IX use the word gender rather than sex, after having heard on NPR that AG Loretta Lynch, while talking about NC, said federal laws are clear with regard to gender discrimination. I checked out the transcript of the piece, and it’s in there but only as an indirect quote, so I don’t know whether the source of the disinformation is NPR or the AG.

      I also read this morning that a high school girl in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was banned from her prom for wearing a suit. The school sent out a dress code saying that all girls must wear dresses to the prom (and boys, suits). Part of the school’s statement in response to the incident:
      “Bishop McDevitt will continue to practice acceptance and love for all of our students. They are tremendous young men and women,” the school said. “We simply ask that they follow the rules that we have put into place.”

      If boys but not girls are allowed to wear suits to a prom, isn’t that a violation under Title IX? Shouldn’t the the Justice Department threaten that school system’s funding if they don’t change the rules? If not, does this mean schools are allowed make different rules about what male and female students can wear but can’t keep boys out of the girls’ locker room? And who the hell is stupid enough to think that makes any sense?

      I’m beyond fed up with gender fascism.

      • kesher Says:

        It’s a Catholic school, so it may not receive federal funding, and, if it doesn’t, I’m pretty sure Title IX doesn’t apply.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        @kesher: Catholic–of course!–thanks for catching that. I should have payed more attention to the “Bishop” in the name.

        Some Catholic schools do, in fact, receive federal funding for certain programs, and they’ve usually argued that as long as they follow the rules with regard to those programs, they may follow their beliefs in other matters.

        On the other hand, a Massachusetts court recently ruled that a Catholic school who rescinded a gay man’s job offer was not exempt from the state’s nondiscrimination rules:

      • Branjor Says:

        This may be beside the point, but the school also has a uniform with girls wearing plaid skirts. But the young woman in question has been allowed by them to wear pants and a shirt to school all along. It’s very arbitrary and inconsistent of them to suddenly decide she must wear a dress to the prom only. I bet some old sexist, disgruntled that she was ever allowed to wear pants to school, decided she was not going to graduate without him seeing her in a dress at least once – either that or no prom!

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        @Branjor–I don’t think it’s beside the point. That’s partly why I didn’t immediately assume the school was Catholic–the girl’s mother said she’d always worn pants.

        A few people I’ve known who grew up in Pennsylvania have mentioned in the past that some public school systems in the state are so bad even non-Catholics will send their children to Catholic schools to get a decent education. It’s quite possible that the school enrolls enough non-Catholic students that it’s willing to grant exceptions with regard to the uniform in order to retain them–and their tuition!–but decided to draw the line at the prom.

        The whole thing still feels like a catch-22 for girls. I mean, they can be educated in a conservative environment where the rules force them to accept feminine stereotypes or in a liberal one where the rules force them to accept boys in the locker room–and where they’re probably not free of stereotypes.

        Oddly enough, this reminds me of the scene in “Pirates of the Caribbean” where the heroine is given the choice of putting on a pretty dress and dining with the captain or dining with the crew, naked. It’s actually a decent metaphor for the choice we seem to keep giving young women, in one form or another.

  58. To: Loretta Lynch who I used to respect

    Loretta Lynch’s Enlightened Defense of Transgender People

    Ms. Lynch is an educated black woman, and I respect her. Even talented educated women can be wrong. Unfortunately, partisan political appointees tend to live in a rarified protected bubble separate from the real world. Ms. Lynch, please enlighten me, and everyone who might be reading this blog post.

    These are my questions to Ms. Loretta Lynch:

    (1.) How do you think 17 year old girls feel when they have to see a 45 year old man’s penis and testicles in a women’s locker room? Doesn’t this cause girls psychological harm? This is a link to the actual Evergreen State College campus police report.

    This incident involves an elderly woman.

    “I am a senior woman. Recently, a “man” claiming to be transgender, who had not yet begun physical treatments, was permitted by our local Y to use the women’s locker room. There are no secure change rooms. The person they allowed in was not courteous and stared at me while I struggled out of a wet bathing suit. He was naked, had an erection and playfully asked ‘do you come here often?’ I understand that gender is no longer judged solely by genitalia, but does a brief contact with the duty manager mean that men not yet committed to gender reassignment are free to disrobe anywhere they choose?”

    (2.) This article states,

    “Ms. Lynch acknowledged that the support for bathroom bills and other discriminatory measures “reflect a recognizably human fear of the unknown.”

    Ms. Lynch, women have been raped in restrooms. Ms. Lynch, women have been secretly videotaped in women’s restrooms and locker rooms by voyeurs. Some of the male voyeurs were wearing skirts when they were taking photos of girls and women. Ms. Lynch, women have been sexually assaulted in women’s homeless shelters by a male claiming “gender identity”/trans status.

    So, thousands of years of history of male violence and crime statistics “reflect a recognizably human fear of the unknown.” Ms. Lynch doesn’t acknowledge epidemic male violence, or rape victims with PTSD.

    Ms. Lynch, were you aware that it’s a fact that cross dressing males dressed in women’s clothes (skirts, makeup, wigs, etc.) and males identifying as transgender have been convicted of crimes inside women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters. What would you say to their victims? This video is based on court records, and it’s a small sample.

    Watch the video, “Women: Decide for Yourselves”. Scroll up or go to the youtube site. This video lasts about twenty minutes. Pay special attention to transwoman Synthia China Blast who was convicted of helping to murder a 13 year old black girl, dumping her body in a box, and setting the box on fire.

    In October 2002, Blast was sent to Attica, “where I met my friend, lover and infamous husband . . . the NYC Zodiac Serial Killer,” he wrote. Seda, 37, is serving a 235-year prison term for a violent 1990-93 spree when he threatened to kill one person for each of the 12 Zodiac signs. He is believed to have been copying California’s unsolved Zodiac killings. Blast – born Luis Morales – says guards at Attica allowed him to get a Scorpion tattoo on his face, signifying the month of his marriage to Seda last June. “I can honestly say that my sweet serial killer is a lady’s man now,” Blast wrote. “Only if I was a real woman I could bring about little future serial killers to terrorize NYC like my husband did. How [New Yorkers] would of loathed the Zodiac Children.

    (3.) Do you really believe that men like Stefonknee Wolscht and Carlotta Sklodowska have sincere “gender identities”? Stefonknee Wolscht is a 50 year old divorced father of 7 children who says he is a 6 year old girl. He walks around with a pink stuffed bear, Strawbeary”, and has a special “daddy” he met in a fetish club.

    There is, and has never been, a precise definition of “gender identity” or transgender other than personal self-identification.

    (4.) Ms. Lynch, do you think this is hate speech? If someone was making these kinds of threats to transgender identified people, the Attorney General’s office probably would step in. This has been going on for years, and these threats are directed towards women and they are coming from transgender/queer identified people .

    (5.) Do you believe that the female sex exists, or do you believe that all humans are “gender identities”? How exactly does this work? We need to be enlightened. I’m not a lawyer, but Title VII and Title IX clearly say “sex” not gender identity. The historical meaning of “sex” under both Title VII and Title IX meant biological sex. How can “sex” under Title VII and Title IX mean both biological sex and “gender identity” at the same time, and what happens when these two definitions collide. For example, in the Colleen Francis incident, males exposing their genitalia to girls in a women’s locker room could be construed as sexual harassment which is a violation of Title IX. Females do feel threatened and embarrassed when males violate their intimate personal spaces. Males can claim “gender identity”, and suddenly exposing male genitalia to girls is not only not sexual harassment and harmful to girls, it’s actually a civil right. There is no way to prove that a male’s “gender identity” is more important than a woman’s right to privacy.

    (6.) Ms. Lynch, where on the evolutionary time line did Homo sapiens change from primates to “gender identities”? The human species is sexually dimorphic, and all primates reproduce sexually. No primate can change its sex. Rare disorders of sexual development are not the same as transgender. The vast majority of trans identified people have no intersex medical condition. Male, female, and rare disorders of sexual development can be diagnosed with genetic and medical tests, but “gender identity” is a culturally defined term.

    (7.) In 2009, there was a brutal gang rape at a Richmond, California high school. It happened after a homecoming dance. This young woman was so severely injured that she had to be airlifted to a hospital. She was found unconscious under a picnic table. Ms. Lynch, please explain to me why a male’s “gender identity” is more important than this woman’s PTSD? So, if a woman who has experienced this much trauma is emotionally triggered by the presence of a 6 foot tall male in the women’s locker room, she has to live with it. Is the Attorney General of the US saying that his “gender identity” is more important than her PTSD? How can the Attorney General prove that a male’s “gender identity” is more important than a woman’s PTSD?

    Ms. Lynch, it’s not complicated. No one wants trans people harmed. Despite what you say, this is not Jim Crow. Trans people don’t have to use separate drinking fountains, or have to sit at the back of the bus. I know North Carolina is backwards in many ways, but I haven’t noticed signs at drinking fountains saying “trans drink here”, or trans/non-trans seating sections at lunch counters. Trans folks have a right to education, health care, and housing. Where in the hell did an educated black woman get the idea that penis in the women’s locker room is a civil right on par with the Civil Rights Movement? It’s violating the human privacy rights of women. I’m not black, but I would like some input from black people.

    There are a lot of things wrong with HB2 that I oppose. I support gay and lesbian rights and worker rights. This is a privacy issue that covers restrooms and locker rooms. Under HB2, trans people can use a single stall restroom, or ask for another accommodation. Trans people who undergo sex reassignment surgery can get their birth certificate changed which would grant them access to facilities of the opposite sex. HB2 defines biological sex as what is on the birth certificate. This is reasonable. No, they want to still have their dick and balls and be able to use women’s locker rooms and women’s restrooms whenever they please.

    Again, I would like input from black people, especially black women. Did Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King fight for the right of penis in the women’s locker room?

    • May Loo Says:

      I hate it when transpeople try to compare their ‘oppression’ with the civil rights movement. It is like the pro-lifers comparing abortion rights to the Holocaust.

  59. Loretta Lynch admits there’s no proof of gendered brains, and then concludes we should govern as if there is. Ridiculous. Trangenderism is nothing but a subculture and mental health community masquerading as a civil rights movement. That said, since when is a civil rights movement entitled to invent its own reality?

    Lynch: “This is a time to summon our national virtues of inclusivity, diversity, compassion and open-mindedness. What we must not do – what we must never do – is turn on our neighbors, our family members, our fellow Americans, for something they cannot control, and deny what makes them human.”

    Lynch’s arguments are purely emotional. Nowhere does she make a non-feelings based case for why we should believe men are women. As Skylark said above, she used Title IX to violate itself. She’s a disgrace.

    • She should be fired for her blatant misinterpretation of Title IX. How hard is the word “sex” to understand?

      The “Jim Crow” analogy is disgusting. There is something called a compelling public interest in having sex-segregated spaces. It has to do with the simple fact that men as a group tend to be violent. They are bigger and stronger than women and girls on the average and women and girls are vulnerable to sexual assault. If that fact isn’t obvious, then I don’t know what is.

      • GallusMag Says:

        The DOJ suit argues that laydee brains exist biologically and thus “brain gender” is the true legal determinant of reproductive classification in primates.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        As a real scientist, I am just livid. Laydee brain doesn’t exist. Chromosomes and sex characteristics do. We really need public schools to bring back mandatory science education and critical thinking skills. This is a travesty of the highest order. It is NOT science.

      • 31. An individual’s “sex” consists of multiple factors, which may not always be in alignment. Among those factors are hormones, external genitalia, internal reproductive organs, chromosomes, and gender identity, which is an individual’s internal sense of being male or female.

        32. For individuals who have aspects of their sex that are not in alignment, the person’s gender identity is the primary factor in terms of establishing that person’s sex. External genitalia are, therefore, but one component of sex and not always determinative of a person’s sex.

        33. Although there is not yet one definitive explanation for what determines gender identity, biological factors, most notably sexual differentiation in the brain, have a role in gender identity development.

        34. Transgender individuals are individuals who have a gender identity that does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. A transgender man’s sex is male and a transgender woman’s sex is female.

        I stand corrected and should have read the whole complaint before venting. They still don’t support any of these unscientific assertions, of course. Maybe that’s not required at this point. I’m still disgusted that Lynch has the nerve to compare sex-segregated bathrooms to Jim Crow, while being indifferent to the safety of black girls and women.

        I hope there will be an endless string of lawsuits tearing into this pseudoscientific bullshit should they prevail.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        It’s interesting that in number 31, of the five characteristics they list as determining sex, four are observable, three are removable from the body or may be manipulated at this time (hormones, internal and external organs) and one is entirely subjective, and impossible to define in a non-circular fashion. So guess which one Lynch and the Trans borg are going with? Not the sciencey ones, oh, no. And by all means not the one we are unable at this time to change–genetics. At this point, speaking as someone with a background in this field, we do have a very good idea of the genes that are needed for someone to be genetically encoded as a male, even if they have a birth or developmental defect that might sort them as intersex based on outward characteristics. Genetics shows that the binary very much exists and that we apart from developmental disorders we all fall into it. It’s well established that there are two human sees and that humans are unable to change sex, with or without the help of technology. And title IX is about SEX. But Trans, Inc., has proven that they won’t let facts stand in the way. Genderfeelz, the one criteria that cannot be measured, that these idiots cannot even agree on, must override all, and be their key determinant in determing sex. We can only hope it is their Achilles heel. And that the other side bring some people to the table who know the difference between sex and gender and aren’t afraid to say that three letter word.

        I honestly think our only other hope right now is for a conservative supreme court justice to be appointed, and to hope that these cases get kicked up to the Supreme court. And I say this as someone who has never voted anything except a straight democratic ticket. Until now. Obama’s judicial appointments are the source of much of the nonsensensical decisions being made. I feel like I’ve been hoodwinked, and I’m angry, because almost every time I’ve voted and donated it’s been to protect abortion rights. Yet this has been the result, and abortion is still under attack (conveniently? Because it brings out the base and donations?)

  60. What is being carried out against the female sex (50% of the population) is a disgrace. The Obama administration has rewritten the meaning of “sex” under Title IX, erased the female sex as a distinct class of persons, and has told the female sex that it must accept a certain amount of collateral damage all in the name of pandering to about 1% of the population. It is not sustainable because we are in the majority, and it is not acceptable.

    I’m willing to participate in wide spread peaceful civil disobedience in whatever form it takes. Women could shut the schools down through peaceful protests, and there is nothing they could do about it. As more and more parents take their kids out of public school, the money that the Democrats get from the teacher’s unions is going to dwindle. Fifty to a hundred female students could post a sign on the women’s locker room door clearly stating, “This is a penis free locker room”. They could sit on the floor blocking entry to males, and the police would have to come cart them away. I would willingly do this, and to participate in any peaceful protest.

    I voted for Obama twice, but he has tossed the female sex under the bus. I do not accept this.


    Is there an attorney in the house? In the US, is there anything to prevent about 5 million female students from suing Obama’s Department of Education and Department of Justice? If they couldn’t find an attorney, is there anything to prevent 5 million or so female students (or their parents on behalf of the minor) from filing individual pro se (without an attorney) lawsuits? I’m talking about 5 million individual pro se lawsuits? Is it possible?

    I will never give up without a fight.

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      Communities where there is a plurality who are against this measure need to go on strike and/or start pressuring school boards to refuse federal funds.

      For myself, I am envisioning a protest where buckets of bloody pads & tampons are dumped on the floor of every bathroom in the country, with a note explaining why. But that’s probably just a fantasy.

    • This isn’t anything new with Obama. He pulled this illegal garbage with Arne Duncan with those federal mandates on schools. Completely violated the separation of powers and should have been impeached for it. I refused to back him in 2012.

  61. @cerulean blue

    “And I say this as someone who has never voted anything except a straight democratic ticket. Until now”

    The same with me. I used to vote straight Democratic, and I’ve done it for twenty years. After giving my heart and soul to the Democrats, they tell the female sex to suck it bitches. This is basically what they are saying. Why the hell should women stay with the Democrats? Women have the voting power to form our own political party free from the corrupt Democrats and Republicans. The whole US is being screwed by both Democrats and Republicans anyway. Democrats and Republicans are equally corrupt. We all know it. Anyone with half a brain knows it’s true. The Democrats can’t afford to lose even 20 to 30% of the women’s vote. I hate Republicans, but I’m done with the Democrats. I want our own political party. I refuse to be shit on by Democrats or Republicans.

    • sirenpress Says:

      ‘I want our own political party’
      The 8 month old, pro-Nordic Model UK Women’s Equality Party garnered in some areas up to 5% of votes for London Mayor in the recent election. So anything’s possible…

  62. 32. For individuals who have aspects of their sex that are not in alignment, the person’s gender identity is the primary factor in terms of establishing that person’s sex. External genitalia are, therefore, but one component of sex and not always determinative of a person’s sex.

    A culturally defined term “gender identity” is not the primary factor in terms of establishing the sex of a human or non-human primate. No primate can change its sex. This is our evolutionary history, and humans evolved from early primates. Where on the evolutionary timeline did humans stop being primates and started being “gender identities”? Rare disorders of sexual development are not the same thing as transgender. These rare conditions can be diagnosed through genetic testing. There are no genetic tests for “gender identity”. Every intersex organization makes the distinction between intersex conditions and transgender.

    “32. For individuals who have aspects of their sex that are not in alignment”

    WTF are they talking about? “Aspects of their sex that are not in alignment” is intentionally misleading. Are they referring to disorders of sexual development or “gender identity”. These are two entirely different things. Disorders of sexual development are clearly quantifiable through genetic testing and other medical tests. As I understand it, DSD can be covered under the ADA because they are actual medical conditions. The vast majority of transgender identified people have no disorder of sexual development.

    “For individuals who have aspects of their sex that are not in alignment, the person’s gender identity is the primary factor in terms of establishing that person’s sex.”

    “For individuals who have aspects of their sex that are not in alignment, the person’s gender identity is the primary factor in terms of establishing that person’s sex.”

    So, he was born male, has normal appearing male genitalia, gets erections, ejaculates, and has XY chromosomes. He has no rare disorder of sexual development. Everyone knows he is a male. His parents know he is male, and his doctors know he is male. None of this matters because he has a subjective internal feeling that can’t be scientifically quantified. This is utterly bulls***.

    The insane logics continues to fall apart. Notice how they say, “gender identity is the primary factor” which is not true. At any rate, see the words “primary factor” which implies in a sneaky way that there are multiple ways to determine sex. What happens when one definition of sex which is clearly science based clashes with another definition of sex which is culturally based? I gave the example of Colleen Francis and “her male genitalia” in the women’s locker room. The female students no doubt experienced this as a form of hostile environment which could be construed as a sexual harassment. Women experience the presence of a biological male in the women’s locker room as sexual harassment, as in sex not “gender identity”. Ask the girls in the locker room at Evergreen State College if they saw a dick or a “gender identity”. Colleen Francis, a middle aged retired military man, wasn’t arrested because he claimed “gender identity”. These are two conflicting definitions of “sex” with profound consequences, especially for girls. Some could argue that we are creating a legalized form of sexual harassment whereby “gender identity” clashes with another definition of sex, and “gender identity” always wins. Moreover, how in the hell can the Obama administration, or anyone for that matter, know what a male is really thinking the moment when he walks into a women’s locker room?

    Title IX is from the 1970s. So, is the Obama administration saying that all the women who have filed complaints based on sex were wrong, and that they were really basing their complaints on “gender identity”.

  63. The Charlotte Observer has officially jumped the shark. It is now openly supporting the rape and harassment of women and girls in women-only spaces, saying they have “nothing to be afraid of” when men show their junk:

    Whoever wrote that editorial should be fired and jailed for advocating for rape and sexual harassment of women and girls.

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      I cannot believe this! “Yes, the thought of male genitalia in girls’ locker rooms – and vice versa – might be distressing to some.”

      But we’ll get over it because Jim Crow! ABSURD

    • I believe the 1st Amendment is important and I support the news organization’s right to publish any opinion, no matter how daft. That said, my main problem is that the article states that there have been no incidents with newly accommodated transgenders/transsexuals in KY. Of course, these accommodations have only been in place for a very short period of time, so I do not know how meaningful such a declaration is. Additionally, the article states that no bathroom incidents have taken place in NC. They should have written “none that they know of.” Not every incident makes the press or is even taken to the police. Decades ago, as a young person putting myself through college, I worked at an academic library in an upper middle class suburban Chicago area. We had numerous incidents during my tenure there. This being a very large school, they had their own campus police department that quietly handled these things without alerting local police. The school did not want the bad publicity or to risk lowered enrollment. This is not uncommon in higher education. I did work for another college later and they did the same.

      • It reads like a sexual predator wrote it. It might be the most outrageous editorial ever written.

      • silverside Says:

        I had the same experiences in higher education. While working for just a few years at a Midwestern community college, there were at least two reports of a man in the women’s bathroom with a camera. Security was supposedly unable to apprehend the man. Who knows how many incidences there were concerning the same man that either didn’t get reported or didn’t get into the email alerts. None of these incidents were reported in the local media. In addition, when I was in grad school, a guy was able to get past our basically non-existent security at the dorm and enter a women’s bathroom while a woman was showering. He allegedly had a piece of rope in his hands. He was apprehended after the woman screamed before he could rape her. Seems the guy had a record of doing similar things at other campuses. Not sure what happened after that as I went over to the director of housing and insisted they move me. As far as I remember, that incident didn’t get into the media either. As I understand it, the proposed laws would basically give the guy with the rope a free pass until he actually wrapped it around some woman’s neck. After all, carrying rope is not against the law. And being a man in a woman’s bathroom isn’t against the law either, since there is no way to prevent him from entering due to criteria as vague as “identification.” Which of course every perp and defense attorney will claim for every incident from here on out. With open carry laws, soon it will be legal for men with guns to hang out in the women’s room. But you know, “women” have second amendment rights too….blah, blah.

    • The comments were just too good. Now have now removed all comments and are not allowing anymore.

    • Just to note, the Observer disabled and deleted the comments late last night or early today, which almost all were critical. There were numerous critical comments following the piece and few of support. This is the way transenablers operate. They spew something that is clearly wrong, and then can’t take any criticism for clearly wrong beliefs. They want to silence all opposition to this.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      @tony_sam2 Agreed…..whoever wrote that editorial should be in jail. For tje following reason: there is a difference between advocating for a cause, citing logic and precedence….and enabling/encouraging an act of violence in the name of being ‘fair’.

      As for the claim made in same, being no record of violent acts in the bathrooms….are these folks high? Did anyone at UNC-Charlotte or Chapel Hill journalism schools not get the memo about proper research? There are REAMS OF DATA (this site and others that do the research each day of the week…and twice on Sunday) stating the fact that not only does this happen…but that this is a more than a legitimate reason for concern. How they missed all this is beyond me. Way beyond the pale…

      And to think, the Observer was one of those myriad papers I used to read at the ‘out of state’ newspaper section, at Penn Station all those years back. What did I know…..I thought they were a good paper. Not one that would carry water for the creep contingent.

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      Yeah there wasn’t a single positive comment on that observer editorial when I checked it yesterday. What cowards!

      They want to force this view on the public when the majority is clearly against it.

  64. Martin Luther king and Rosa Parks fought for the right of Colleen Francis to parade “her male genitalia” around the women’s locker room, and anyone who says otherwise is as bad as Bull Connor. Actually, far worse than Bull Connor.

    @Susan Nunes

    They disabled the comments on the article because they know they are going to be hearing from people who aren’t buying their politically correct bulls**. They know that some people will tear their article apart.

    The Charlotte Observer is too cheap to pay someone to do five minutes of research.

    “There have been no incidents involving locker rooms and bathrooms because of transgender policies. It is, eventually, a non-issue.”

    Bullshit, Charlotte Observer.

    This happened at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, and this is the campus police report.

    Yes, this campus police report says, “her legs open with her male genitalia showing “. A 17 year old girl told her mother that she saw a male in the women’s locker room who was displaying his male genitalia. At the time of the incident, a high school swim team was using the pool at Evergreen State College.

    This is an incident that happened in Canada.

    “I am a senior woman. Recently, a “man” claiming to be transgender, who had not yet begun physical treatments, was permitted by our local Y to use the women’s locker room. There are no secure change rooms. The person they allowed in was not courteous and stared at me while I struggled out of a wet bathing suit. He was naked, had an erection and playfully asked ‘do you come here often?’ I understand that gender is no longer judged solely by genitalia, but does a brief contact with the duty manager mean that men not yet committed to gender reassignment are free to disrobe anywhere they choose?”

    Yes, the thought of male genitalia in girls’ locker rooms – and vice versa – might be distressing to some. But the battle for equality has always been in part about overcoming discomfort – with blacks sharing facilities, with gays sharing marriage – then realizing that it was not nearly so awful as some people imagined.

    Read this again.

    Yes, the thought of male genitalia in girls’ locker rooms – and vice versa – might be distressing to some…

    And, again so it sinks in…

    Yes, the thought of male genitalia in girls’ locker rooms – and vice versa – might be distressing to some…

    The little girl who was almost choked to death by a man who followed her into the women’s restroom is just as evil as Bull Connor if she feels uncomfortable with a male in the girl’s bathroom.

    Yes, the thought of male genitalia in girls’ locker rooms – and vice versa – might be distressing to some…

    The Charlotte Observer should say this to Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook’s victims.

    Girls, if you feel uncomfortable seeing penis and testicles in the women’s locker room, you are just as evil as Bull Connor, and the Jim Crow redneck racists who used to beat black people with clubs.

    The Charlotte Observer can’t prove that a male’s gender identity is more important than a female’s right to privacy. The Charlotte Observer can’t prove that a male’s gender identity is more important than a female’s PTSD.

    Yes, the thought of male genitalia in girls’ locker rooms – and vice versa – might be distressing to some…

    My best friend was almost raped in a women’s restroom. She was homeless, and fell asleep in a women’s restroom at a park area.

    Women in homeless shelters have been sexually assaulted because of “gender identity” laws. Scroll up to view the video “Women: Decide for Yourselves” again.

    * Males claiming “gender identity” have exposed themselves to girls (Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington.

    *It’s a fact that cross dressing males dressed in women’s clothes (skirts, makeup, etc.) and males identifying as transgender have been convicted of crimes inside women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters.

    Contact the Charlotte Observer here.

  65. Someone wrote a piece critical of the Observer editorial, obviously a “conservative,” who objected to the Jim Crow crapola spewed by the trans. This guy actually was involved in the civil rights movement:

    Lots of comments still up, with the usual suspects still whining about civil rights while not giving a damn about women’s rights.

  66. red Says:

    Forget the written and links. Find the rowdiest loudest Howard Stern like rock DJ, or maybe Howard himself, and woman who use language rilly rilly well should call him, open line, and read a few of the worst example, just read the headline as we would write it, and ask if you can send him links. Use open line shock jock radio. Describe the story in way that will pull in listeners after your call. Advertisers will love it. They won’t cut you off I’ll bet.

  67. @red,

    Great idea!

    This doesn’t have anything to do with North Carolina, but it’s another example of males who terrorize women, and then start calling themselves “women” while they are in prison for stalking and terrorizing women.

    Man goes to prison for stalking, breaking and entering, and stealing underwear. Gets out and rapes and murders woman he was terrorizing. Declares himself a woman in prison.

  68. rheapdx1 Says:

    @GallusMag …As if the t snowflakes could not have screwed with sports and athletics any more, the news out of Charlotte, NC is sad.

    NBC News has reported that the NBA will move the 2017 All-Star game from the home of the Hornets, to an undisclosed city. This was in response to the passage of HB-2. Yep…moved.

    Now correct me if I am wrong: the snowflakes, who are one of the most racist subgroups in the US [as mentioned here by posters, AS WELL AS the years of research on who comprise the community] got an organization whose on the court, public employees are more than 90% black [pro and developmental league] to do their bidding? The same snowflakes who only see blacks within same as entertainment or as fuck buddies, got the NBA to move a game? The same group that will only go to a game, if only to take selfies abput ‘passing at a game’?The same league which has made being a thug… well as treating women worse than stray dogs agrees with the neon tetras? Neon tetras who treat female partners like shit, then say ‘have mercy….I am really a female like you’…but 99% of the cases are cartoon figures?

    We are in some rather sad territory now….The IOC..this news….goddamnit, who the hell is going to tell the cult to shut the fuck up?

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      NBA, that org with Donald Sterling? NBA, that org with ZERO women players?

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @lovetruthcourage Exactly……the same one.

        The NBA owns the WNBA in the same way the NFL owns the CFL [51% by equity] just as a point of reference…and due to this, they have been stressing fairness and progressive attitudes. All the while….providing a platform in the NBA for some of the worst behavior on the planet (even though they have tried to clean that up). Which makes the move yesterday all the more insane.

        Something says that league management did not get the memo. Being fair is one thing….going to the foul line for the same people who are OPENLY dismissive of persons of color…barring what was mentioned before is sickening.

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