#Redraw The Balance

March 28, 2016

54 Responses to “#Redraw The Balance”

  1. petuniacat00 Says:

    This made me tear up. LOVE IT! The little girls faces!

  2. petuniacat00 Says:

    Reblogged this on PetuniaCatLand and commented:
    Video. Something interesting about little girls today. And what’s in their heads. It has a happy ending. 😊

  3. GallusMag Says:

    Dear Lord.

    From “The Dangers in Gendering Children” by a “transman”, Leo Caldwell-

    “What I find most disturbing is how often I hear boys being excused of behaviors and girls being accused of behaviors. I realize this is where it starts. This is where the inequality and rape culture begin planting their seeds. The boys are hearing the message that your bad behavior is excused because you’re a boy. While the girls are hearing your bad behavior is not excused because you are a girl. This terrifies me. These subtle messages create a ripple of inequality.

    Beyond the social implication of applying gendered personality attributes, heavily gendering children limits their expression of self. Psychologist Sandra Lipsitz Bem points out, “The gender schema becomes a prescriptive standard or guide, and self-esteem becomes it hostage.” With my child, I attempt to allow them to decide their preferences and qualities but they are heavily influenced and policed by our culture. The cashier will offer the appropriate alternative when picking out a toy that isn’t deemed “appropriate” for their gender presentation. The simple task of picking a toy becomes gendered. Needless to say, it’s driving me insane. So, what do I do to combat this?

    My kid is a toddler so I’ve explained in the best way I can that some boys are girls and some girls are boys and some people are neither or both. It seems this concept was easy to grasp and it opens the possibilities for them. If you can be any gender then it seems possible to pick attributes from all genders for yourself. Kids love to ask if someone is a boy or girl when they first start understanding gender. All a part of the gender schema processing! When my child asks if someone is a boy or girl I say, “It’s a person.” If they persist, which they do, I say, “We haven’t asked if they think of themselves as a boy or girl so we don’t know.” These are small things but it really has opened up conversations and options for them.”


    • petuniacat00 Says:

      This piece you posted Gallus starts out great. Then he goes totally nuts. But that’s the trans line and he’s sticking to it.

      Whereas a representative of the Tavistock and Portman Clinics in London let the cat out of the bag and I made a graphic about that


      • WhoWhoWho Says:

        wow, that is crazy. Good catch, Petuniacatoo! It drives me crazy that liberals and trans activists don’t just ADMIT what we ALL know…but apparently sometimes they do slip…

    • It’s dangerous to gender children, yes. So why is this person gendering children?

      • morag99 Says:

        It’s like that joke from Annie Hall: “The food at that restaurant is terrible … and the portions are too small!”

    • morag99 Says:

      What unbearable stupidity. Or mendacity. I can never decide which it is.

      ‘The birth of a child is often swaddled in the anticipation of the gender declaration. “It’s a girl!” What tremendous pressure we put on an infant with those few words. Our culture eliminates half their possibilities before they can even walk.’

      So. She says that some amorphous entity called “our culture” is to blame for some vaguely problematic and uncomfortable thing which makes children unequal, but then locates the problematic thing (male supremacy and misogyny maybe?) in femaleness PER SE.

      So what’s Leo’s solution? Why, to eliminate girls, of course! Boys can then take over that role and infuse girlhood with something more human and substantial.

      For those kiddos who can’t decide on whether to be a boy or a girl, they can always choose to be both or neither. The most important thing, however, is to not acknowledge your sex! Once you do that, your goose is cooked. It’s all inevitable, apparently — unless you go around in disguise.

      Gender is a nasty business, so Leo Caldwell proposes more of the nasty stuff to choose from. Switcheroo or mix-n-match. Good plan, Stan!

      “Dear Lord” is right.

      • Elle Driver Says:

        “The birth of a child is often swaddled in the anticipation of the gender declaration. “It’s a girl!” What tremendous pressure we put on an infant with those few words. Our culture eliminates half their possibilities before they can even walk.”

        Ugh. It sounds like Leo here is trying to mangle Shirley Chisolm’s great quote*– without acknowledgement– into fitting her wackadoo justifications.

        *”The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, ‘It’s a girl.'” -SC

      • morag99 Says:

        “Ugh. It sounds like Leo here is trying to mangle Shirley Chisolm’s great quote*– without acknowledgement– into fitting her wackadoo justifications.”

        Exactly! Chisolm correctly locates the-problem-with-being-a-girl with men and the male-dominated environment into which girls are born: in the ubiquitous abuse of girls, in the cruel limitations placed on girls’ humanity, and in the deliberate blighting of the female spirit, which begins from day one.

        Leo, on the other hand, stupidly locates the problem in girlhood itself. Which, essentially, says that one must rise above being a lowly female, in order to become fully human, because being born female is to be born — prior to the abuse — in a terrible condition. So, it’s best not to name this condition out loud; to call a girl a “girl” is the real insult.

        Yes, transgenderists mangle feminists’ work. When they touch gold, it turns to shit. They can take any elegant feminist thought or keen observation about the world and mangle it until it means exactly the opposite — AND have the public nod their heads in dumb agreement. What a lot destructive power for such “oppressed” people! Seems that this IS their raison d’être: to be covert destroyers of hard-won female accomplishment, autonomy and dignity.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      The piece was irritating in that it alternated between reasonable critique of gendered expectations for children and insane suggestions for addressing the problem. It’s a perfect example of the sort of muddled thinking that results when people can’t (or refuse to) distinguish between biological sex and social/cultural gender.

      And it strikes me as bizarre that so many people consider trans thinking liberal and cutting edge rather than reactionary. Womanhood is not a costume.

      • Sketcher Says:

        yes, agree with everything you say Oak and Ash. Crap thinking which does not excavate the crap trans* ideology underneath it all. It’s actually not that difficult to critically evaluate, as MaryMacha posted earlier.The trans ideology does not stand up to critical thinking.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        And while we’re on the topic of children and gender insanity, here’s a quote from a piece I just read at Slate.com about studies on gender beliefs in young children, “Most 3-to-5-year-olds thought that a boy who decided to dress up like a girl was now indeed a girl. It wasn’t until children internalized the simplistic logic that boys have penises and girls have vaginas that they also began to express the idea that changing your clothes doesn’t change your gender.”

        A professor of psychology at Rutgers (seriously!) seems to be endorsing the idea that we should defer to preschool notions of clothes and magical thinking rather than biology as indicators of male or female.

        Because of what I do for work, I’ve known about these sorts of studies for a while and, oddly enough, my own conclusion was rather different–that young children don’t yet understand reproductive biology and so tend to judge male and female by outward, culturally imposed artefacts. But I guess that logic is too simplistic for academia these days.

        Dear lord, indeed!

      • Newbie Says:

        Jenny, this is amazing. My logical male brain has always had the same problem as this philosopher in accepting that I must love gender. Gender has always made any good quality I had something that made me shunned in some way, often by both boys and girls.

        Smart? Not sexy. Outspoken? Bitchy. Athletic? Mannish.

        I just spent two hours watching the whole thing and the Q and A. Time well spent.

  4. Oak and Ash Says:

    Thank you for posting this, Gallus Mag. This is the gender education I wish all children would get.

  5. LC Says:

    This is so cool, thank you 🙂

  6. Jummy Says:

    What a difference it would make if we just took affirmative steps to smash misogyny. With regard to the emergence of transgenderist nonsense, I mean.

    It’s like how we speak pure nonsense about race because we collectively refuse to really confront the full ramifications of chattel slavery and apartheid in the US.

  7. Zemskull Says:

    We had a somewhat similar exercise in college. The instructor described a “typical college student” using male terms such as “he,” rather than inclusive terms such as “he or she.” No surprise that when we were assigned to draw the imaginary student, 100 percent of the class drew a male.

  8. OldPolarBear Says:

    Thanks GallusMag; this is so great! Watched it a few times. The expressions on their faces, the collective soft in-breath when the women walked in, all of it. I think I heard a little girl say of her surgeon at about 32 seconds, “she would wear a stethoscope,” but all the other drawings appeared to be male.

    Last night after watching this, I remembered a little “puzzler” story my class was told in, IIRC, third grade (a good 50 years ago):

    “A man and his son are out in the car when they have a terrible accident. The man is killed and his son is critically injured. The boy is rushed to the hospital and prepped and taken to the operating room. The surgeon is paged and quickly gets ready, then walks into the operating room and stops. ‘I can’t operate on this boy — he is my son!’ How is this possible?”

    The class was allowed to ponder and discuss this for a while and offer explanations. Nobody got it. It’s possible that a couple of them who had older brothers or sisters who had gone through the same exercise might have been asked not to spill the beans. Finally, the teacher did the reveal: the surgeon was his mother!

    This was well before before second-wave feminism had gotten going, so I think it was intended more as a thought exercise. But who knows? Maybe that middle-aged, female teacher was aware of the subtly gender-role subversive possibilities of the story as well. I think the kids in this video might do better with it, but obviously there is still work to do.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I remember that “riddle”! Really shocking to look back on it now, how blatant the gender hierarchy expectation was. Seems like the same basic unconscious gender bias still remains though, as you said.

      • petuniacat00 Says:

        That brainteaser was in the Saturday Evening Post in 1972. I was 10. I was completely stumped. For a couple days. Despite the fact that my great-grandmother had been a doctor and I knew all about her and thought about her all the time. Facepalm.

        I never figured it out. But when I heard the answer, I was thrilled.

    • mon Says:

      That was on an episode of All in The Family that is in re-runs now. “Meat head” pitched the riddle to Archie. If anyone can find it, its interesting to watch.

    • mon Says:

      All in the Family Gender Riddle youtube Gloria poses the riddle.

  9. Elle Says:

    Beautiful video, thank you for posting.

  10. Rachel Says:

    Another “wow” for all those little girls’ faces lighting up.
    There’s something really lovely and wholesome and old-school-feminist about this, too – no theorising, just showing what women can do.

    • Sketcher Says:

      🙂 Yes. Practical, meaningful stuff. It’s a great video and well-done to the UK education board. Well done teachers and policy makers.

  11. Jessica Says:

    Definition of man by transactivists = dressing masculine and/or doing masculine things

    Does this mean that Coco Chanel and the thousands of women like her who started wearing pants back in the 1920s were all trans men? Was Amelia Earhart a trans man?

    Pants are acceptable for women today, but in the 1920s it was downright scandalous. “Real women” didn’t wear pants. So, all of these gender-nonconforming women, were they really trans men? By pomo sjw trans-activist standards they were!

    • Rachel Says:

      Transloons have been claiming that about Joan of Arc for a while now. Despite the fact that Joan referred to herself as “Jehanne la Pucelle”, or “Joan the Maid”. The loonier ones are trying to manufacture something about Elizabeth I of England too, latching on to her childlessness and “I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman” speech as “evidence” that she was in some way trans.

      • Jessica Says:


        They are gendering these people. I thought that was a sin in transland. WTF.

        BTW transloons is awesome. +1

    • Rachel Says:

      Also: Wallis Simpson. There have been unkind rumours going around for years that she was intersex, based on her lack of children and flat-chested physique. The most common of these seems to be that she was had CAIS. I use the word “unkind”, because there is no understanding behind them, just another opportunity to critique her looks and habits.
      Of course, these have been co-opted, and someone out there is probably claiming that Edward VIII had to abdicate because of transphobia, not constitutional law.
      @Jessica – yes, they screech on about deadnaming and doxxing and outing, but this doesn’t seem to apply if you’re dead and unable to respond.

      • ShipRat Says:

        I also have a flat chest and no kids. I just walk around as myself wearing women’s shirts and jeans and no makeup. I get mistaken for a man at times (until I start speaking). Whatever, I don’t much care.

        But being mistaken for a transwoman would make me feel psychically violated, it would deeply anger me.

    • againstvaw Says:

      We owe so much to those women in the 20s and onwards. They are the reason we in later decades were free to choose the wear the clothes we liked.

      Men did not fight for that freedom and now they are claiming that the fact that they wear dresses and make-up means they are women. I know male violence is terrifying but making us their scapegoats because they are afraid of other men is wrong.

  12. sophiaciomu Says:

    As a teacher I love this

  13. GallusMag Says:

    Related. New official UK Government-funded Department of Education video:

    • Sophiaciomu Says:

      This video is outrageous. Children are being manipulated by adults and adults’ interests in the name of ‘rights’ and the consequences could be catastrophic on young lives.
      Young kids are not able to consent to these dangerous medications, cognitively they are not able to evaluate this, as anyone with children will know! Our job is to safeguard and protect children from harm or interference. At a time when they are discovering who they are adults should leave them in peace. I was a tomboy and desperately wanted the freedom my cousins had – I even went by a boys name for a while when I was 9/10. Thank goodness my parents were not influenced by this garbage.

    • againstvaw Says:

      Accept difference. But it must be gender difference. Because you have a personal gender (stated as fact by one of the young loons on this video). You can’t have a personality any more?

      • Oak and Ash Says:


        “You can’t have a personality any more?”

        Apparently not.

        People that age have always thought a lot about identity and where they belong–pretty vs. brainy, athlete vs. band member, religious vs. atheistic, college prep vs. vocational. Adolescents have identified with (not as!) political and artistic movements, characters in books and other media, even animals and their associated traits. J.K. Rowling captures some of this beautifully in the Hogwarts houses.

        The problem is that gender identity seems to have become confounded with just plain identity, as with the girl who claimed her gender was “silver.” It struck me, because silver and its associations had a certain talismanic resonance for me when I was in my teens, but I would never have called it a gender. Gender felt like a cage–the trapped feeling I got whenever someone suggested I should act feminine because I was becoming a woman, wear makeup to look more appealing, and play dumb so I didn’t threaten men. (I rebelled by doing none of these things.)

        I sympathize with these young people, some of whom obviously feel a similar sense of being trapped, but I obviously don’t understand the world they think they live in. It’s almost as if they believe they can choose an avatar and then become it, or they’ve taken the line “You can be anything you want” to a literal extreme.

        Those who simply believe they have a unique identity and annoy people by demanding special pronouns may well grow out of their narcissism, as many young adults have in the past. But I worry about the future of those who’ve had hormones and surgery and invested more energy in resembling a convincing member of the other sex than they have in developing a mature sense of self.

    • LC Says:

      How does no one ever notice that this explanation makes no sense? Does sex exist or doesn’t it? A baby is just a baby, not male or female, but then a few minutes later, they say sex is biology and gender is internal… ok, then why couldn’t they call that baby a boy or a girl based on biology?!

      Any sane person watching this(and I know, because I asked a sane person to watch it), would conclude that the problem with the gender boxes is our expectations for male or female. The implication in the video is that the only way you’re allowed to break out of the box is if you call yourself the opposite sex. I watched the whole thing thinking they would eventually explain the bizarre first minute animation… Nope, transition is the only solution.

      • Jessica Says:



        The implication in the video is that the only way you’re allowed to break out of the box is if you call yourself the opposite sex

        So so true. The trans narrative is itself deeply gender essentialist. Trans dogma only reinforces gender roles. If gender were abolished, or at least, if people became more accepting of a man’s right to wear a dress *as a man*, then it would actually be safer for trans women to walk around in a dress. But the MTTs don’t want that. They do not want to use gender neutral facilities. They oppose trans-only spaces. No, what they demand is the use of women’s facilities. Because this isn’t about safety, it’s about validating the delusion that they are women. And this is why they get so f*ing angry when one dares to even question whether or not a penis is a female organ. To question the right of those with penises to be in women’s change rooms.


        Hillsboro Trans Student Lila Perry Says “It’s Dehumanizing” to Use Gender Neutral Bathroom (VIDEO)

      • ShipRat Says:

        “The implication in the video is that the only way you’re allowed to break out of the box is if you call yourself the opposite sex”

        You’ve put your finger on the source of my fear and loathing of the transgender movement.

      • ImNoCissie Says:

        Absolutely. Illogical, but consistent with gender theory. “gender is a spectrum with loads of possibilities” and boxes that you can fit yourself into. NO, life is full of possibilities, period. Biology makes you female, male or in a small number of cases, intersex. And then…well, how about ending the video at :49 with “breaking out of the boxes”.

        And instead of saying “only you can define your gender identity” how about “only you can decide how to live and how to express yourself as a person in the world”.

        Turning all of life into a spectrum of gender expression is sick and regressive.

    • Zemskull Says:

      This British doublespeak reminds me of the 1980s when Ozzy Osbourne babbled about “swallowing colors.” The difference is that Ozzy himself admits he’s insane…

      • Sketcher Says:

        Maybe we could persuade the trans* to eat a live bat on the understanding that the bat had self-identified as a Cadbury’s chocolate orange.

        On another note – I was sooo proud of the Brits in the original film as shown, and now it’s all gone pear-shaped.

        So.. do they think that the women in the film who are surgeons, fire-fighters and fighter pilots are men now, as that’s a stereotyped male job? It makes no bloody sense.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “Maybe we could persuade the trans* to eat a live bat on the understanding that the bat had self-identified as a Cadbury’s chocolate orange.”

        @Sketcher–I’d pay to see that!

      • Sketcher Says:

        @ oak and ash – heh heh 🙂

  14. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Reblogged this on FeistyAmazon and commented:
    As a Tradeswoman, we come up against this all the time. This is a wonderful video!!!

  15. FeistyAmazon Says:

    As a Tradeswoman for 25 years we came up against these stereotypes all the time. Wonderful video!!!!

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