Nebraska Transwomen and Drag Queens stage protest against Gender Neutral bar bathroom

April 12, 2016

Small business owner Jake Gardner- accused of discriminating against individuals with penises.

Small business owner Jake Gardner- accused of discriminating against individuals with penises.

Popular Omaha nightclub ‘The Hive’ was the target of a transwoman sidewalk picket over the weekend. At issue was the unisex restroom now under construction at the establishment, which the bar owners intend to accommodate patrons of either sex who no longer “identify with” the restrooms designed for their anatomy. Transwomen and Drag Queens claimed the unisex facility was instead intended to discriminate against individuals with penises.

Transgender Penis Rights Protester "Kahtya Tehnsion"

Transgender Penis Rights Protester “Kahtya Tehnsion”

Tommy Hendrix out of his transgender "Kahtya Tehnsion" persona

Tommy Hendrix out of his transgender “Kahtya Tehnsion” persona [instagram]

The conflict was sparked when bar co-owner Jake Gardner made a comment on his personal Facebook page to his friends, stating his opinion that males should voluntarily use either male or unisex facilities unless they were transgender individuals who had undergone surgical and legal transition.

Original post on personal account which sparked the firestorm- from Channel 7

Original post on personal account which sparked the firestorm- from Channel 7

The comment sparked an online firestorm among legally-male individuals with penises who feel they “identity as” individuals with ovaries and vaginas. The bar’s business page was targeted with negative reviews and has since been taken down. “I thought I was posting to my friends, and it just went viral,” he told the Omaha World-Herald.

From the same article:

“Gardner, 34, is a self-described libertarian with long hair and a beard. He is also a former Marine, a veteran of deployments to Iraq and Haiti. He says people should be left alone to live as they see fit but says he doesn’t sugarcoat his statements.

“The last thing I would want to do is hurt a member of (the transgender) community,” he said. “But people’s feelings are going to be hurt when you bring something up that is sensitive.”

An article he read Tuesday about transgender bathrooms made him think about an assault at his bar, which he said happened a year ago. That led him to post the article along with his comments.

He described the incident like this: A person in women’s clothes but with male genitalia urinated in the women’s bathroom standing up. A woman in the bathroom said something. The person assaulted the woman. Bar staff ejected the attacker. The victim did not want a police report made, he said.

Gardner said he does not believe the person in the bathroom incident is representative of trans people as a whole. But he felt something needed to be done, leading to the bathroom project.

“I’m asking transgender folk to use the unisex … bathroom,” he said. “I don’t think it’s a big ask.”

Tried to accommodate everyone.

Tried to accommodate everyone.

Transwomen of Omaha disagree. Requesting male patrons to stay out of women’s facilities stigmatizes penis owners, they claim. “”It’s just kind of fear mongering,” said former ‘Occupy Omaha’ organizer Joshua Koleszar, to KETV Channel 7 News. “It’s casting us as predators and it doesn’t help forward the conversation.”

Josh Koleszar of the Occupy Omaha movement... <!--YouTube Error: bad URL entered-->

Josh Koleszar of the Occupy Omaha movement… [youtube]

...Now fighting for men's rights to "Occupy" women's restrooms in his "Eris Koleszar" persona.

…Now fighting for men’s rights to “Occupy” women’s restrooms in his “Eris Koleszar” persona.

Like several of the heterosexual white male leaders of the former “Occupy” movement, Joshua has gone on to adopt an “oppressed identity” for himself, now calling himself Eris Koleszar and battling for the rights of penis owners not to be “stigmatized” by the “fear mongering” of women and girls who “oppress” him by casting penis owners as potential predators. In his spare time he lectures at lesbians on twitter, expounding on his philosophy of the radical praxis of “breaking down the barriers” of lesbian sexuality for heterosexual men.

Josh/Eris Koleszar fighting for heterosexual men's rights to "break down barriers" of Lesbian Sexuality and "Occupy" Lesbianism.

Josh/Eris Koleszar fighting for heterosexual men’s rights to “break down barriers” of Lesbian Sexuality and “Occupy” Lesbianism.

81 Responses to “Nebraska Transwomen and Drag Queens stage protest against Gender Neutral bar bathroom”

  1. Susan Nunes Says:

    Those protesters really give the game away, don’t they? It is all about the sexual fetish with them. To hell with women, to hell with public safety. We never, ever should accommodate the trans crowd.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Yeah, it’s funny how transactivists claim to be primarily concerned about their own safety, then picket a club whose owner creates a unisex restroom to answer that need while also allowing women to remain safe. Jake Gardner’s declaration that women’s safety was more important than men’s feelings seems to have been viewed as high treason by the narcissistic fetishists/MRA’s in drag.

    • Trish Says:

      And this isn’t the first time that trans activists have rejected facilities that would be dedicated to them in the same way that – until recently – women’s & men’s rooms have been dedicated to each sex.

      Who wouldn’t want to have access to a restroom that is cleaner and less crowded than so many public restrooms are?

      NY State created a law that public facilities provide larger women’s rooms relative to men’s because women end up spending 60% more time waiting to use facilities – women have to shift more clothing than just unzipping, women pee more frequently per day than men do, women often have children in tow and have to attend to the children’s needs too, and a good percent are dealing with menstrual hygeine.

      A trans restroom would mean a much quicker trip for those who “just want to pee”

      But for those who just want to have an excuse to invade spaces where females are partly undressed & vulnerable, those extra crowded facilities would be like a theme park.

      • Stephanie Moore Says:

        They don’t want their own bathroom “just to pee” in. They want forced acceptance and normalization of their chosen perversion, and they want it on a national scale, therefore, they want to go in the women’s room too. I think people need to prepare themselves now, because this is going nationwide with most chain stores. Pretty soon, it’s going to be federal law before Obama leaves. Already heard that Walmart is next in line to lay out the welcome mat for trans to use the women’s bathroom.

      • Trish Says:

        Stephanie Moore

        I know they don’t want a bathroom just to pee in – otherwise they wouldn’t be pushing to get into the most crowded public rest room option and they would not be rejecting bathrooms designated for a tiny percent of the population that would be their own space AND less crowded.

        This – and the case in Ohio of the boy who rejected having THREE staff restrooms dedicated to him – proves that it’s definitely *not* a place to pee that is their goal.

  2. Jessica Says:

    Well, I’m shocked.

  3. They keep saying “trans people just need to pee,” so what’s wrong with a safe, unisex washroom?

  4. Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

    If you “don’t want men” but “love penises,” you have bigger problems than thinking that you’re a lesbian, IMO, because obviously something has gone wrong with how you think about yourself generally. And I say this as someone who’d be okay with dating someone with both a dick and boobs, so long as they weren’t trying to convince me that they were “really” female, because I admit I’m bisexual. My response to “Eris”‘s alleged ex would be “Get over your biphobia, and then get therapy before you date again. It would save everyone a lot of trouble that way.”

    In the meantime, penises should stay out of places where penises don’t belong, such as in female restrooms and lesbians’ bedrooms.

  5. This dude Eris thinks a woman can love penises and identify as a lesbian? Fuck off ! Dykes don’t do dick.

  6. donesoverydone Says:

    If I wanted to attack gay and lesbian rights and women’s rights, I’d back the trans movement, it’s a movement dominated by iidiots willing to accept no compromise. So depressing.

  7. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on things I've read or intend to.

  8. rheapdx1 Says:

    Serious????? Did some folks inhale too much nail polish? Unbelievable…and yet corporate America is putting their chips in with these persons?

    All the more reason for those of us who actually are doing the right thing, to maintain several parsecs worth of distance from the Springer specials.

    • southwest88 Says:

      I love the picture of the guy in full fetish womanface and the look on the face of the guy walking by is hilarious. Man meets man and both are equally identifiable as men.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      Of course corporate America is backing these people. It’s a great distracting issue from the actual issues: our poisoned environment, widespread extinction, pocketing the national treasury, etc. “Don’t worry about these things, just worry about whether men can get into women’s bathrooms.”

      I’ve found the trans issue to be a great way to find out if someone is genuinely radical, which demands CRITICAL ANALYSIS (and no one with an ounce of critical analysis thinks people can change their sex), or simply a liberal who likes to dress up in left-wing clothing.

  9. Oak and Ash Says:

    Gallus Mag–I always enjoy the clear-headed honesty of your translations (or would that be trans-lations?) of activist Newspeak, but this one is absolutely brilliant. Thank you!

  10. amazondream Says:

    This tickles me to no end. They’re trying to bring the issue up in Lincoln too and stunts and language like this are gonna get them thrown out of town. Oh, this just made my evening.

  11. amazondream Says:

    I hope they bring that skinny little train wreck with them too. Although we do have the distinction of being home to Charlie Rogers, the woman who tried to stage her own hate crime so we may not need him. lol

  12. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Men are becoming completely inescapable. They’re taking over the few, tiny spaces we had for ourselves, whether they be physical, political or statistical, and now they want to take over lesbianism. Once these spaces are taken over they are gone forever and there is no respite from vigilance and oppression. I’m totally suspicious of men who go insane at the word ‘no’ from women.

  13. lr1290 Says:

    I was looking for a way to contact this guy to send him a message of support and I found the bar’s facebook page, if anyone wants to do the same:

    • GallusMag Says:

      Looks like the page is back up, thanks. Those fake negative reviews posted over the weekend from the penis rights crew, ouch. Way to destroy a local business who tried to accommodate everyone. Disgusting.

  14. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Living in Nebraska now I thought I got away from the SF Bay Area insanity. You give them an inch they take a mile. A separate bathroom is NOT ENOUGH. They are bent on invading Lesbian and Female space..NO MATTER WHAT WE HAVE TO SAY!!!!

    • hearthrising Says:

      You’ll have to move further out in the sticks, where the shop owners won’t keep public restrooms.

  15. ImNoCissie Says:

    The “thrill” in this is coming from the boundary violation and the intimidation of women (and business owners and entire U.S. states). They want access, they want to intimidate, they want to show us we aren’t special like they are, they want to erase us.

    And woe to anyone who gets in their way, like this bar owner.

  16. bohemianwriter1 Says:

    Gallus Mag – obsessing about dicks. Wonder if she has one herself, or if “she” just suffers from penis envy while bitching about being victimized by anything and everything born with a penis.

    Hey Gallus! Do you look like a MAN when you dress? Are you an open FtM CROSSDRESSER when wearing pants and comfortable shoes and short haircut?

    Are you four shots away from being Chaz Bono?

  17. Bob Doublin Says:

    Notice the name Eris? That’s the Greek goddess of strife and discord and broken boundaries. Bet he picked it deliberately. Very popular among anarchists and chaos magicians.

    • prozac Says:

      Strife, discord and broken boundaries? How apt. I only noticed that the name Eris Koleszar sort of sounds like “ass cold sore”. probably also quite apt, and yes, I’m very lowbrow, thanks.

    • hearthrising Says:

      Yeah, I noticed that right away. The name Eris blatantly says this is not someone who is willing to compromise or empathize. With that name, I wondered if this was yet another male sexual predator giving Pagans a bad name, but it looks like this is a gamer giving other gamers a bad name. Trying to manipulate lesbians into having sex with males is predatory behavior.

      • petuniacat00 Says:

        I see the trans-Eris unlike his pre-Eris self, has the Scientology Glassy Stare. So clearly the truth transition thing is helping. :-/

        Also what is with the window frame behind him? This is horribly trivial I know, but where does he live? It’s a really old shabby window and the frame is some crappy half painted plank nailed directly onto the plaster. No pictures, no curtains, and the horrifying dental waiting room couch. 😮 Probably some Very Important Anarchist Squat.

  18. Jessica Says:

    I left a link to the original story on a popular feminist blog. No commentary, just a brief description.

    My comment was deleted. It just isn’t there. Poof.

    This also happened last week, when all I did was post some sciencey stuff regarding how trans women will sweep the Olympics due to the advantages of their male bodies. Facts. That’s all. All gone.

    • smara Says:

      which feminist blog? I keep trying to leave mild, vaguely anodyne comments on ‘celebitchy’s’ trans stories. No luck. Its painful when you come up against selective censorship. Makes you feel a bit invisible.

      Not to thread jack but did you hear about Germaine Greer? Today she doubled-down on her ‘trans women are not women’. It was beautiful.

      • Jessica Says:

        Sometimes I comment on Love Joy Feminism and The Friendly Atheist.

        The SJWs there love to signal their virtue by stressing how much they care about trans people.

        They won’t shut up about rape culture and misogyny, but then they say stuff like:

        “If one woman is raped per year in a restroom to protect trans woman, then that’s the price that has to be paid. Hard cases make for bad law”

        “Women need to just get over being seen naked by men in their change rooms”

        “Seen one penis you seen them all, why are women so touchy”

        “Women rape just as much as men”

        “Lesbians will perv on other women so why are you afraid of getting perved on by a trans woman”

        “Trans women face an inordinate amount of violence, women don’t”

        “If you keep trans women out of the restroom then lesbians will be punished too, homophobe!” (the implication being that if we keep trans women out, butch lesbians will be discriminated against)

        “Men will rape and perv on women regardless of what the law says. It is impossible to stop them. No law will keep them out of women’s bathrooms so you are silly for thinking that anti-trans-bathroom laws will keep out predators”

        “If you see someone’s penis in the lady’s restroom or change room it is YOU who is the pervert, no one ever looks at genitals. Why are you so obsessed with genitals?”

        “Trans women are women because they put lots of effort into looking pretty. They wear dresses, heels and makeup”

        “There is no right to privacy in a public space”

        “If you disagree with me you are a TERF or a Bible Thumper”

        All of the above, said by feminists over the last few months. Mostly women, but a few men.

        There are a few active threads over at Love Joy Feminism and The Friendly Atheist right now. On occasion I argue with them but I have to take a break. I just can’t deal with the level of delusion. With the utter dismissal of how women feel about this. Women.Don’t.Fucking.Matter to these people.

      • Jessica Says:


        My last comment was meant in reply to smara.

        I left out the fact that they all have multiple trans friends.

        “All my trans friends”

        And half of them identify as “trans” too, imagine that.

        They all have these trans friends, and they have to hold their hands and console them as they cry because big meanies won’t let them use the woman’s restroom :(( They are so virtuous, being there for these trans friends.

      • Oceans Says:

        ““If one woman is raped per year in a restroom to protect trans woman, then that’s the price that has to be paid. Hard cases make for bad law”

        Lolololol. They have it exactly backwards. The saying is “EASY cases make for bad law.” The idea being that simple solutions often end up causing many more problems than they solve. Which is EXACTLY what the bathroom laws do. They sort of proved their own point. What idiots.

      • Jessica Says:

        @oceans I am currently reading the blog…they are talking about assaults on women. Apparently it is incredibly uncommon!

        There are a few such cases reported (e.g. one in the US and Canada combined in the past 5 years).

        It seems so rare to me that it’s like… I dunno, it feels like bringing it up is like bringing up people who got flesh-eating bacteria from blue jeans.

        You’re right. It’s completely irrelevant.

        Which does not stop cissexist bigots from pretending that
        it is?

        I guess it’s the framing of “this is a common thing that happens” is just making me go NOPE because… it’s not? I’m just kind of uncomfortable all over.


      • smara Says:

        (I hope this posts in the right location. I am trying to reply to @Jessica, not myself. )


        Thanks for answering me. Horrifying statements, truly.

        Half of their arguments can be flipped on them.

        I think my most disliked is the “doors won’t keep out rapists!!” or “its just a door! you’re not safe anywhere!!”

        You know what else has ‘just’ a door?

        Your house.

        You still keep that sh*t locked up tight. Cause if its open, you have no legal recourse against the burglars who *will* come for your iPod shuffle.

        Extrapolating on valuables. i.e. your wallet. “its just a piece of leather in your pocket, anyone can take it at any time!!!”

        Really, homeboy? You gonna walk around on the D train waving your paycheck?

        I think not.

        Their argument would have socially sanctioned boundaries obliterated. Boundaries can indeed be invisible ( a state line) . Psychological (the primacy of a lockerroom door). Emotional (accept when I feel it is right for me to say ‘no’). But we still enforce them vigorously.

        Here is good.
        There is bad.
        Do not go there.
        And you will not be there, bad.

        There is this and there is that.
        This is not that.
        That is not this.

        (sorry for yelling and cursing. this issue is emotive and triggering 🙂

      • Smara Says:

        @ Jessica

        Thanks for answering my question 🙂

  19. JoannaDW Says:

    Two thumbs way, way up for this man and the best of luck with his business. I might have to write a positive review now and give just a tiny measure of protection from this attack. It was bad enough that privileged heterosexual men targeted women and lesbians for abuse. But it takes brass balls to target one of your own (oops, is that transphobic?) As sorry as I am that he was thrown under the bus, I think it’s a tipping point when people with privilege are coming under fire. People tend to listen to privilege, for better or for worse. People might actually start to see that transgender activists have no boundaries. People might actually start to see that outside of their queer online and city enclaves, people aren’t buying their lies or putting up with them. What works on a college campus in New York doesn’t fly in the workplaces and homes of places like NC or Nebraska. Good for them.

  20. brandi1986 Says:

    “so my ex that doesn’t want men, but loves penises can’t identify as lesbian?”

    This comment make no logical sense. The very fact that your ex loves penis proves that she’s not lesbian. She enjoys having sex with males which of course means she can not be a lesbian.

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      Or more concisely,

      Yes. Yes it means your ex cannot identify as a lesbian. Nor can she be one. She is not a lesbian. No.


    • Sketcher Says:

      No, no, no.. brandii 🙂 Don’t be logical.

      Maybe there are pools of floating,fully functional, living penises (Penii?) somewhere off in la-la land that don’t exist connected to a body. And his ex loves them which means that she is a lesbian ‘cough’. Because they are wrapped up in a pink bow, and can pluck harp strings or something (the bollocks hold the harp steady).

  21. lovetruthcourage Says:

    If I am ever in Omaha, I will hit this place up! Hooray for the owner!

    • FeistyAmazon Says:

      They are passing school bills to allow boys in girls’ restrooms and lockerrooms in the guise of being to go into the same sex space with which they gender identify. Right here in Nebraska. It is being hotly debated. And the law,to protect Lesbians and gays from work discrimination has been struck down.

      Far as I am concerned we ARE in the sticks, NOT in liberal Omaha or Lincoln!!! And with the already existing homophobia all around and conservative Christianity where family and church and lineage comes first and foremost, this just makes them hate Lesbians and Gays even more.

      We NEED to get the L out of the alphabet soup movement. and all the young ones thru PFLAG or on campus are all solidly queerified trans can do no wrong. Nor is there ANY Lesbian solidarity here whatsoever…and I been reaching out for 2 years….

  22. Oak and Ash Says:

    On the subject of restrooms, the Massachusetts state legislature is considering a bill giving people the right to access them according to gender idenitity. (A law passed in 2011 already outlaws discrimination in employment, housing, etc.) Gov. Charlie Baker has said he wants to read the text before deciding whether to back the law–although given the support by corporations, I hardly think he’ll oppose it–and today I heard a guy on NPR saying it would be an easy change–just replace “sex” with “gender identity.” (Easy for him, since he won’t be forced to shower with these guys!)

    Apart from a small percentage of people with intersex condtions, male and female can be legally determined in a straightforward way by biological markers for purposes of privacy rights. Similarly, Lesbian and gay rights are easy to define with reference to same-sex relationships/marriage. But how the hell are the courts going to come up with a legal definition of gender identity? The only thing comparable seems to be when laws allow exceptions for “sincerely held religious beliefs,” and those cases tend to be a mess. I wonder what will happen when someone tries to keep transwomen out of restrooms in a private business on religious grounds. Do we end up with court cases that are simply battles between metaphysical assertions–with women as cannon fodder?

    Will women increasingly be housed against their will with men in shelters, dormitories, hospital rooms, military barracks and prisons–and accused of “hate speech” if they protest? And what about situations where we now allow women to request someone of the same sex to perform medical procedures or searches? Jake Gardner is absolutely right that predators will use anything to gain access to victims, so I foresee plenty of them claiming female idenitity in order to violate women and children, especially if the gender queer idiots get their way in allowing people to use facilities according to whether they feel more masculine or feminine on a given day–God help us all!

    And another thing–why are corporations all gung ho about this in a way I don’t remember them being when same-sex marriage was under consideration? Is it simply misogyny and a belief that men should get what they want? A nostalgia for sex roles? Something to do with Bruce Jenner? I’m truly perplexed as to why so many are jumping on the bandwagon. There aren’t that many trans people, and I can’t think they have so much purchasing power that they’re a threat to profits.

    Sorry for the long rant.

    • Jessica Says:

      @Oak and Ash

      Excellent rant!

      I was just talking about this bs to a friend, and he made a couple of points that I had not thought of. You brought it up when you mentioned medical exams.

      Most women feel more comfortable going to a female gynecologist, no?
      Most men feel more comfortable going to a male proctologist. My friend said that no way in hell would he want a woman examining his butt – it would just be way too uncomfortable.

      So if your gyno is trans, are you a bigot for not wanting to be examined by this person? I can imagine the SJWs saying, yes, yes you are. Since “it’s bigotry to refuse to be administered to by a black doctor, and this is exactly the same”

      It’s utter bullshit, btw, how they compare race segregation to keeping men out of women’s safe spaces.

      Seriously. WTF (I find myself headdesking a lot lately)

    • Newbie Says:

      Oak and Ash, I’ve made that same argument re: religion. Protected classes are either measurable objectively or they are subjective. The only example of a subjective basis for protection from discrimination is religious belief. And even that must be verified objectively, ie show that it is sincerely held by proving membership and participation.

      Even a claim based on sexual orientation (in the places that have it) must show that the person was identified by others as same sex oriented and that is why they were discriminated against.

      A better case could be made for classifying it as a disability. Unfortunately for us, I think they could possibly win that one because women are not guaranteed private facilities that are sex segregated, they are just an exception to sex discrimination laws (as I understand it.)

      Luckily the transactivists’ giant egos won’t allow them to claim it as a disability, too ‘stigmatizing’, so that gives us hope. Plus I think the millennial election brigade has highlighted the intransigence of the tumblr SJW crowd. Not that either of the Dems would dare cross them. God I hate siding with Republicans on this issue. Good thing I have every other thing to disagree with them about.

    • sheela Says:

      ‘And another thing–why are corporations all gung ho about this in a way I don’t remember them being when same-sex marriage was under consideration? Is it simply misogyny and a belief that men should get what they want? A nostalgia for sex roles? Something to do with Bruce Jenner? I’m truly perplexed as to why so many are jumping on the bandwagon.’

      @Oak and Ash, it all fits in though. Corporate capitalism is the ultimate driver of male wealth. All those trans chaps in IT and finance and the judiciary ARE the establishment; they ARE corporate America. So, less jumping on the bandwagon as all part of the same one. And, corporations are good at playing equalities legislation to the benefit of white men and detriment of women and minorities. As with violent crime, encouraging male employees to become ladies by proxy helps finesse the stats, keeps it all in the male family, and allows them to hire and pay fewer actual females. Recently, a friend has got a job with a corporation that has an in-house transitioning support team; which is telling.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        Could not agree more.

        What is even more telling is the sad, ongoing litany of cases where the ‘positive’ (operative term there) corporate and societal support is for (mostly) the melanin deprived part of the society. The other folks, well they get kudos if they were to arrive at success via the ‘street cred’ route (will not mention names…no need to upchuck dinner or upset others with a mention of the usual gang of thugs).

        If the above sounds mean (and not all I know in the community are like this, but they and myself who would rather see the character, as opposed to being judged on how many boxes one can tick off on a form) all one needs to do is look not just at social media, but traditional as well. That level of bigotry is there
        …sans any real challenge or calling out of same.

      • Trish Says:

        Why would corporations be all gung-ho when they were in no rush to recognize same sex marriage?

        Could they really be all that afraid that a couple of creatures in costumes like Tommy Hendrix picketing their sidewalks?

        What’s next – will places that have restrooms be forced to provide litter boxes for otherkin who really really believe they have the souls of housecats?

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “As with violent crime, encouraging male employees to become ladies by proxy helps finesse the stats, keeps it all in the male family, and allows them to hire and pay fewer actual females.”

        @sheela, I’ve wondered about that motive. Especially if the crowd that wants people to be able to identify themselves as female without actually doing anything different gets their way, it would be easy for corporations to claim they’re hiring and promoting as many women as men. It’s funny, when I came of age there was a lot of talk about women having to be seen as honorary men to succeed. Now “honorary women” are going to rob us of career opportunities, not to mention privacy and safety.

        That so many other men are willing to stand up for (transwo)men’s right to invade our spaces is clear proof they’re still viewed as men. (But they’ve NEVER had male privilege, right?)

    • JoannaDW Says:

      I agree, especially with the comments regarding religion. What transactivists also don’t get is that even accommodations for religious belief have limits. I can wear a hijab in public, but if it covers my face, I am required to remove it so police, govt officials, and store managers can see my face for security or ID purposes. And most Imams and fatwahs would agree. Also, some private establishments (restaurants, nightclubs, etc.) have dress codes that patrons have to follow. If a club does a beach party one night a week and the dress code is swim trunks or bikinis? Guess what, I can’t walk in in jeans and a sweatshirt and cry discrimination when they ask me to leave.

      Furthermore, when it comes to employment, religion and disability are to be accommodated ONLY if it doesn’t interfere with job performance or pose an undue burden on the employer. I prefer to have Sundays and feast days off, but if I get a call from my boss that I need to cover an overnight at a medical home because of an emergency, I’m going. To refuse to go would interfere with my job performance as a float staff caregiver and would be an undue burden on my boss and coworkers. I have a disability also, and my accommodations are very simple and free. If I had accommodations that cost a lot of money (building new facilities is a lot for a small nonprofit with already provides reasonable building accommodations), or my physical limitations would make it hard to be to transfer or do restrains, I can’t work there. It’s not discrimination to say that you need to be able-bodied enough, and flexible enough with your religion, to do your job. If a business wants to take over a men’s room and make it unisex, or they have the resources to build a single stall unisex bathroom, that’s a reasonable accommodation. However, demanding access to women’s changing rooms in a lingerie store where most customers are women who don’t want to share changing rooms with men would be an undue interference with that store’s business interests.

      No matter how lax you want to get with discrimination suits, transactivists still lose under the law. Or at least they should.

    • Margie Says:

      I disagree that corporations are gung-ho for transgender bathroom issue. They have been a very powerful voice against 1) state RFRA laws, which would gut discrimination protections for LGBs and 2) state laws that wipe out local ordinances protecting LGBs. Indiana and Georgia would be in the first group and North Carolina in the second. When states have taken an action that is limited to transgenders, there has been no big reaction by business. For example, NY has refused to pass a “trans rights” law and there has been no pushback. And the governor of MA is rejecting an effort to grant transgenders access to spaces reserved for the opposite sex. Trans activists protested the MA governor just yesterday about this. But there is no threat by businesses to leave MA or to punish the governor. Bottom line: the trans movement is weak and it only succeeds when it free-rides on LGBs. That is why they are so adamant that their issues always be bundled with ours and never be addressed separately on their own merits.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        That sounds more hopeful, but Skylark Phillips commented on the NC thread that Paypal objected to the new law despite doing business in 25 countries where homosexuality is illegal–including 5 where it’s punishable by death–so it’s hard to see their protest as staking out the moral high ground for LGB rights.

      • FeistyAmazon Says:

        We also worked 30 years longer on these issues AND we are at times SEPERATE issues. Us Lesbians have different issues from gay men and bisexuals…we are COMPLETELY homosexual so we deal with lesbophobia as well as sexism nor do we have het privilege on ANY level since we dont ever partner with men, and being Female..something that gay men never have to deal with while they too are sexist towards us at the same time.

        Basically gay men do not have to support Feminism on ANY level. Us Dykes NEED IT to survive and thrive to gain the highest salaries possible AS WOMEN, and that we do NOT depend on men for financial support.And we have been at the forefront of Feminism, treading where other more conventional women, tied to men fear to go…

  23. Trish Says:

    Tommy Hendrix doesn’t look like a woman in either of his outfits. And I don’t see this as a minor point.

    So many trans activists dress as some sort of caricature of women, not like actual women. How often do you see average women rockin false eyelashes in the middle of the afternoon – I mean the regular ones, not glitter-covered multicolored centipede looking things. I wear false eyelashes occasionally, maybe a couple of times a year, for fancy dress up evenings (I cut them down a bit so they are not unrealistically large).

    Or how about “Cait” and “Candys” wearing tiaras (again in the middle of the day, not for some special event)

    This kind of thing really makes it look to me like these are not people who really really believe they are women just like all the other regular women – these are people who are obsessed with dress up and costumes.

    And the only time they really want to be treated like regular ordinary women – and not Sparkly Super Special Snowflakes – is when they want to barge into ladies’ rooms, while still rockin cock & balls under their costumes.

    • FeistyAmazon Says:

      These last few posts nade me think when men ruled ALL professions including highly effeminate men dressed as women. Men.played ALL the parts in theatre, including the Female parts, bothnin Western society and Japanese Kabuki. Once you mentioned them as “honorary women” ( and so many gay men would tell me they were “honorary Dykes”), they could move REAL BIO Women out of the workforce, Olympics and other high level sports, the corporate board room, ect ect ect, while not accomodating us in facilities any longer and keeping the pharmaceuticals, psychiatrists, and surgeons raking in the dough with the constant sale of hormones and surgeries and other products.

    • Jessica M Says:

      Yep the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that drag/transgenderism is a kind of minstrel show. To certain men, our existence is a novelty and a joke. I would LOVE for a pro-trans person to explain to me how drag is logically any different from blackface but even asking the question is heresy. From where I stand the only major difference is that blackface performers don’t demand to be treated as actual PoC.

  24. Newbie Says:

    I really don’t understand the outing argument. No protected group is on the basis of not being able to be recognized as a member of that group in public. Do gays get a gender conforming VR hologram to walk around with?Do black people or women get masks and voice changers? How is this a supportable argument?

    The only arguable path here is disability, and even that can be overridden with undue hardship. The violence against women and children by men in ladies underwear stats need to be spread far and wide. That is an undue hardship, period. They have people on the back foot promising that they don’t think REAL trans women are a threat. But they are, Blanche.

    Does anyone have the links to those reports? I remember there being stats on the number of violent/sexual offenders who also were cross-dressers/claimed trans.

  25. Sketcher Says:

    Hi Newbie,

    This is a good link if you want a list:

    There is also Gallus Mag’s ‘Men love the women’s washroom’ article within this site, which explores the issue in some depth with links to news articles. There’s actually a lot here on paraphilias, transgender (MTT) and criminality so .. fill your boots! And good luck, I’ve been sending these links off to The Guardian for months now refuting articles stating as FACT there is NO EVIDENCE that allowing men or cross-dressers, or trans, or transvestites into women and girls’ spaces leads to sexual assault or attacks. Simply untrue.

    Mainstream media just barefacedly lies and I can’t believe it’s because they don’t know, so I’m writing to the Press Complaints Commission.

  26. Trish Says:

    Here’s something that has suddenly occurred to me – and it surprises me that it only now occurs to me:

    The people complaining about bathrooms & locker rooms, who want to use women’s facilities based on their “feelz” even if they don’t have bottom surgery, have been using men’s facilities for their entire freaking lives. Why would men’s facilities suddenly become so anathema?

    If a MtT in a dress and without having had bottom surgery is attacked in a men’s rest room, the attack victim would stand a chance of self defense being successful in terms of having the muscle mass & bodily strength to repel an attack. If a MtT without bottom surgery attacks a woman in a woman’s rest room, the MtT would have a distinct advantage in terms of muscle mass & bodily strength.

    The idea that MtTs are in danger in men’s restrooms, when they spent their whole lives using those exact facilities, is preposterous.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Yes, it is preposterous! But that preposterous argument is just a cover for their true agenda of making the rest of society comply with their role-playing.

    • IronBatMaiden Says:

      That’s is very insightful! But of course, if you dare bring this up to the trans activists, they’re just gonna essentially say “shut the fuck up you privileged cis woman!! Transphobia1!1!1”

      I swear, Dumblr has completely bastardized the LGB movement even further than the trans activists have. Ugh!! It’s time to drop the T from LGB! No joke!

      • Trish Says:

        Although I’m not gay, my gay friends are on the side of “drop the T”.

        Gays created their own movement for acceptance from the ground up. The Ts just jumped on board and started steering it in an entirely different direction. I also don’t remember gays of that era being so hateful to nongays.

        When gays started coming out in the 80s & 90s, they were asking society to accept them for what they are (as opposed to categorizing them as mentally ill &/or perverts) What the trans activists are asking is for society to provide them the chemical and surgical means to live out their fantasies – OR to go along with their fantasies even if they don’t go through with chemical &/or surgical sex change.

        Here’s a perfect example of why gays should be suspicious of the “T” jumping onto their movement: There’s a video by this person “Milo” (I won’t post a link because you can find it thru criticisms of it too, and I’d rather the critics get the “views” than Milo get them – and Milo might pull the video at some point because of thumbs downs). Milo looks and sounds like a girl (though in other videos claims to feel like a male, but no beard, high pitch voice, low cut tank tops, bedroom with twinkly lights & stuffed animals). Milo is upset because “gay cis people” ma not want to date trans people. So basically, Milo is a girl who wishes she could get gay men to sleep with her. We had a name for females like that back in the, and it was not transman.

      • Jessica Says:

        I’ve been watching the Milo takedowns all week long. Yeah. Everyone is transphobic! Everyone is racist! Everyone is misogynist!

        She is so annoying. And yeah, she isn’t trans. She is a girl with short hair and glasses.

  27. I guess this is no surprise coming from someone that changed names to that of the Greek goddess of chaos, strife, and discord.

    • Ella Says:

      As much as I can’t stand Crowder, this video is ridiculously accurate.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        Sadly….this is now how the political game is played. And when we were younger…and the original version of this was on Saturday mornings, it got a lot of kids thinking we want to be involved in the process to make the world better for all. The social contract and all.

        Something says people will wake up at some point to realize all those ‘bill to protect’ are ways of gaming the system. In more wsys than one.

  28. Jessica M Says:

    Of course they do not care about the woman who was assaulted. Of course of course of course of course.

    Validating the feelings of males is always more important than the physical safety of females.

  29. Joanne Says:

    Glad to read of others with similiar views.I am completely opposed to unisex bathrooms and tired of reading how you are a bigot if you are opposed to it.As for bringing race into it…….grr! How can you compare the two? A woman of another race poses a woman no threat but a man can pose a woman a threat.

    They say that a man can follow a woman into a woman’s toilet,but the difference is,if this is viewed a man can be pulled up for it,but a man walking in after a woman to a unisex toilet will rear no suspicions.

    I actually worked beside a woman who told me she knew of a woman who was in the women’s toilets and a man walked in and she told him that he was in the women’s toilets and he turned around and punched her.Thankfully,the bouncers took him out and gave him a well deserved kicking.No way should women have to ensure this kind of crap.

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