There is No Such Thing as a Lesbian With a Penis!

April 12, 2016

89 Responses to “There is No Such Thing as a Lesbian With a Penis!”

  1. Aeryn Saint Says:

    Well…aren’t you the strutting little egotist?
    So…are we to take it that you’re just transphobic or just a really good example of a TERF?
    As a QUEER transgender female…I don’t give a fuck about your opinions. :)

    • GallusMag Says:

      Got it sir. Your hobby is seeking out things you don’t give a fuck about and leaving abusive comments. Well done sir.

    • Oceans Says:

      What’s a queer transgender female. Don’t you mean “straight man”?

    • dejavublonde Says:

      and as a REAL woman I don’t give a fuck about your cock.

    • charlston Says:

      What does transphobic mean again? Word games.

      ”…I don’t give a fuck about your opinions. :)”

      Really, most women would!

      • Jessica M Says:

        A “transphobe” is a lesbian who doesn’t want to suck a cock AFAICT. And I say this as a woman who’s totally down with sucking a cock (just not the cocks of these delusional weirdos JFC).

    • Bea Says:

      There’s nothing female about you, homeboy. Nice try though.

    • Jessica M Says:

      It’s pretty sad when someone under the “LGBT umbrella” fails to understand what a lesbian is. Look. 99+% of people are born with either an entirely male body or an entirely female body. This is marked on one’s birth certificate using the word “sex”. Females who are interested only in other female bodies are called homo-sex-uals (meaning same sex), or “l e s b i a n s”. Females who are interested in both males and females are called bi-sex-uals or pan-sex-uals (meaning both or all sexes).

      This is not a complex concept.

    • Jessica M Says:

      Also literally nobody in the world looks at you and sees a female person LMAO. People only pretend otherwise out of politeness and a desire to include everyone. Nobody is actually fooled. I know because I used to be a pro-trans libfem. But at a certain point the amounts of misogynistic pomo nihilism required to accept you as a “woman” starts to wear on a person.

    • Believe me, we don’t give an airborne copulation about what passes for your opinion, either. And TERF= Totally Excellent REAL female, which YOU will never be.

  2. BetAle Says:

    Holy shit Aeryn, you’ve got the classic autogynephile smirk. You look like a turd. Lololol

    And you’re not a lesbian with a penis. No such person exists. You’re a pathetically sad heterosexual man trying to live out a fantasy.

    No lesbians want you dude. Deal with it.

  3. Sketcher Says:

    Great video GM, thanks for posting. What kind of mind-fuck is going on against women (especially young women) by men now?

    My balls will explode unless you give me sex. You make me feel like this -it’s your fault. You are prudish/unkind/selfish for not giving me the sex that I want. Guilt trip, guilt trip. Same old shit, different day.

    It IS bollocks. The woman is gorgeous, by the way. And yes, I’m a lesbian, a real one.

    • Jessica M Says:

      Same mindfuck as it’s always been, in a shiny new package. :)) There have always been shitty, rapey men who use social pressure to try to get in a woman’s pants. The only diff is that now some of these men are also wearing women’s pants.

  4. Shelley Says:

    People everywhere are waking up to your lies, abuse and manipulations Bro. Your allies turning against you too. You are a mentally ill man in a dress. Is this really the best you can do in life? Seriously? Is your life so pathetic that wearing a dress and abusing women helps you feel powerful? Why can’t you channel all that crazy into positive energy? Dickhead.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      What could very well be going on, is the result of a loweing of standards…loke facts being replaced by urban legends. As well as many wanting to belong or be a part of a social or other movements, without thinking. I did that too, when I was a dopey kid….but over time, I grew up (not perfect here, just human).

      Also, anyone questioning the validity of such BS being touted as ‘fact’ is bullied or worse. Which stinks. Speaking of stinks…..anyone who says seeing a movie scene of girls/women kissing, being the reason that they can call themselves ‘lesbians with extra equipment’ reeks of illogic. In the same ballpark as the ‘bee sting’ theory causing one to be trans. Which as we all know from biology class, cannot ever happen. Never, no way….no how.

  5. Trish Says:

    Why is it that the whole of society is supposed to go along 100% with the trans program, with any questions treated as hate speech (with no concept that there is such a thing as an honest question), but the sexual preferences of the rest of us are treated like bigotry?

    Why on earth would a lesbian or a straight man be attracted to someone who is not a woman? Even if the surgery on external features were perfected so that one could not tell by looking that genitalia were surgically constructed, it’s not just genitals that make the attraction, There are pheromones & natural skin fragrances (like the ones that make someone smell better with a genotype different from one’s own), not to mention the life experiences (someone who has lived content with their born sex has an entirely different set of experiences compared to those who are so at odds with their born sex that they want not only to surgically change their own bodies but change all of society and every public restroom and language usage), there are the effects of a lifetime of hormones consistent with one’s born sex (as opposed to changing to opposite-sex hormones midstream)…

    and most important of all- the majority of MtT don’t have bottom surgery! According to this video on the website of the Advocate, only 38% of MtT have bottom surgery:

  6. Zemskull Says:

    Hi Gallus: This topic reminds me of a conversation I had years ago with a heterosexual male friend who enjoyed watching lesbian porn. One day I asked him, “Man, why are you and so many other guys into these videos? Lesbians are into sex with other women. In other words, not you!” He laughed and admitted that his male ego made him want to believe that if these women caught a glimpse of him, they’d “convert.” He also said he knew this would never happen, but it was fun to think about it, just as he knew he’d never be James Bond.

    Putting on my amateur psychologist hat here, I wonder if something of sorts is happening with penis-owning MTTs who expect lesbians to have sex with them. You’ve pointed out previously that MTTs are often narcissists. Could it be that each individual MTT quietly realizes penises ARE actually male anatomy, but he thinks he’s so awesome and/otherwise so female-looking that the lesbians should want to have sex with him anyway? In my observation, narcissists get furious when they’re told they ain’t all that….

    • Zemskull Says:

      PS: I realize that the penis-owning MTTs are claiming en masse that penises are female anatomy, but I suspect that this group effort comes more from the realization that there’s strength in numbers. Each of the activists is looking out for his individual goals–to have sex with a born-woman, and this “penises are female” group cause promotes that aim. Gallus, as you’ve rightly pointed out, MTTs don’t tend to couple with each other, and it’s probably because they don’t want to be with men.

    • Jessica Says:

      Yeah I have had that convo with men and they have told me that the fantasy is to be invited to a threesome with the lesbians.

      And some of the most virulently anti-gay people that I have seen have no problem with lesbian porn.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @jessica That almost sounds/reads like the mindset of one who is a part of the Springer crowd. And that has invaded places one would think would…..know better.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Yes, I have known of men who were anti-gay marriage, yet turned on by lesbians. It made no sense. If you’re so aroused by a group, why would you try to oppress them?

    • ChicagoRefugee Says:

      Not to contradict but to add another perspective, I’ve been told (by straight guys) that they like lesbian porn because they’d rather see vagina(s) than penis.

      Imagine that, heterosexuals actually wanting to see, getting excited by, the genitalia of the opposite sex. I wonder what genitalia homosexuals would prefer to see – either on the screen or in person?

      This whole “gender” business is rapidly approaching peak stupidity.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Yes, I’ve heard a similar explanations from hetero males regarding lesbian porn: “If I wanted to stare at a penis, I’d whip out my own.”

    • jr565 Says:

      i was thinking something similar. I saw a Youtube from a Trannie who said she only wants to date hetero men. She hadn’t yet gotten full bottom surgery (so still had a penis) but she could pass for a woman if she was totally dolled up and you didn’t look too closely.
      Anyway, the conclusion that I came to was that the reason she wants to date hetero guys is because of narcissism and becauseShe has a need to be seen as authentically female. So she needs to have a heterosexual male accept her as a woman. She’d get plenty of dates from bisexuals or pansexuals (if thats a thing) but she needs the heterosexual to validate her as that’s how she knows she is authentic. Of course when heterosexual men see she has a penis they usually run screaming. But that is the impetus for her not being happy with someone who likes to date trannies.

  7. ShipRat Says:

    A massive fuck you to the bepenised heterosexual male would-be violators, itching to guilt trip their way into the bodies of young lesbians who want nothing to do with them.

    Certain men have always used low-down deceit, guilt trips, sneakiness and manipulation to get into women’s pants – this is just the latest variation.

    But really – this one is beyond belief. What the fuck is going on? Why are the following facts even open to discussion? Is it only because too many young women have allowed themselves to be conned by a few male bullshitters?
    These are facts and long-established definitions of terms, on the order of “water is wet” and “the sun comes up on the morning and goes down at night”:

    (a) Lesbians are women. Ergo, a man can’t be a lesbian.
    (b) Lesbians are not sexually attracted to men. Ergo, a woman who enjoys sex with men isn’t a lesbian.
    (c) A man cannot biologically turn into a woman. See “a”.
    (d) A man normally has a penis. See “b”.

    But….. these disgusting male narcissists want everybody to agree that 2 + 2 = 5, and pretend along with them that the observable facts of biology don’t exist.

    How about the laws of nature? Are they next? Would like to see them test their denial method on the law of gravity a la Wile E. Coyote.

    So biological facts* are hate speech now and words aren’t allowed to have definitions?
    *(including the fact of sexual orientation, under the heading of biology where it belongs)

    Fuck that shit.

    • ShipRat Says:

      I realize my comment about “young women allowing themselves to be conned” is inappropriate. I apologize for expressing myself that way. I’m way behind the times, I’m an old lady and in my day any guy who tried to argue that penis was female would been rightly regarded as a lunatic. Lesbians (and everyone else) would have died laughing at him.

      Let me rephrase… What has been done to young lesbians who are potentially vulnerable to these new-model brainwashers? Why is their solidarity and self-esteem so much weaker than the way I remember it (at least as expressed by lesbians in my age cohort)? What’s the insidious poison? It’s heartbreaking to think of.

      • Sketcher Says:

        I agree with you ShipRat – we ran these guys out of our lesbian bars back in the day – what on earth has manipulated the young women? If you look at the vids of the ‘transwomen’ above, it’s perfectly clear they would never get laid by any woman if they identified as straight – put on a wig and say they are a laydee and ‘presto’!.

        It is the same old male manipulation but in a different form. In my day, they would have said, ‘I love you’ or ‘But it’s OK, I don’t fancy you, I just want to have sex with you’, (!) to try to get you into bed, now they just say they are women and you are hurting their feelings. Big joke. I couldn’t quite get to grips with it until I saw the Queer theory youtube blog with Sheila Jeffreys – basically everyone’s whatever they say they are (identify as), which leaves young women, esp. lesbians, very vulnerable to mind-fucks by men, who appeal to women’s sense of fairness and romance. They know exactly what they’re doing.

        GET REAL young women, a lot of the men just want to fuck a hole and that hole is you. They really don’t give a shit about you. It’s all about you servicing their sexual needs. That’s the plain and simple truth but x 20 with transgenders. If you don’t believe me, just ask the (good) men in your lives. Listen to their language-it’s not female language.

      • ShipRat Says:

        “mind-fucks by men, who appeal to women’s sense of fairness and romance”

        Exactly… the cynical exploitation of our better nature (plus our tendency to be nice to people) is one of the most despicable things about it.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Biological facts, science……those have no place in the minds of those who have created cults of personality and the minions in same.

      Orwell, Huxley, Jim Jones and others would be proud of how this manipulation has gone. And if one thinks this insanity is minor…..wait til said same population of science deniers ages. If only due to the fact that much of those chemical cocktails and procedures being used to cheat science (biology, gravity, etc) have a nasty habit of ruining the body and mind after years of use, misuse and abuse. No different than what happens when one is shooting up or snorting narcotics. Yep karma arrives in so many ways. And when this does happen….one can only guess who will cover the costs….social and otherwise….as well as those wondering how the world got to this point.

    • ShipRat Says:

      My old-lady question about what’s been done to young lesbians happens to have been addressed on another blog (I think it’s OK to post this link here):

      ….especially the comment by FeistyAmazon April 15, 2016 12:22 am

      It rips my heart.

  8. linda Says:

    Great video. I love her deadpan style.

  9. silverside Says:

    Because I look at things historically, here is how it has gone down.
    In the 1920s, at least among the “bohemian crowd,” it was okay if a woman had sex with women as long as she was also available to men. If she didn’t have sex with men, the language of psychoanalysis was brought down on her: she was “neurotic” and “immature.”
    In the 1960s, it was the same. Only now the lesbian would be condemned as “uptight” or “ball breaking.” Basically, the language of the hippie movement.
    Now, once again, history repeats itself. Only now the condemnatory language is borrowed from the trans movement. She’s transphobic and transmisogynist. The language changes, the male objectives and intentions are the same.

  10. Magdalena Z. Says:

    I love this Magdelen Berns, and not only because she has my name:)

  11. nonny Says:

    I SO WANT to find MORE VIDEOS from this woman!! Fantastic! Love the content and style 🙂 Thanks for bringing us the good stuff as usual Gallus!

  12. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    “Kat Blaque” (a man) threw a 27 min tantrum*** on youtube over this Arielle video, but for different reasons. It’s still up for the moment (he’s deleted/hidden several videos). Lots of phony looking outrage, odd hand-clapping, and complaints about things that didn’t happen.

    The whole mess is a perfect storm of delusion and denial, but isn’t Arielle’s video just a candid starter on how women who aren’t really lesbians feel about heterosexual males?

    ***”Dear Arielle Scarcella: Please Stop”. This one also has the comments disabled.

    • gchild Says:

      Okay, fine. Trans peoples genitals are nobody’s “fucking business”. At the bank, in the supermarket, at target, etc. Nobodies business. True.

      But this isn’t the issue. The issue is that you can’t demand people not ask or care what genitals you have if you are persuing a sexual or romantic relationship with them. Or if you are demanding access to people and places based on their genitals (womens spaces).

      It sounds like this:

      “Whether or not I have a penis is none of your fucking business. Now suck my dick because while I ONLY like vaginas, YOU CAN’T BE EXCLUSIONARY!”

      And this:

      “No, I do not want unisex or gender nuetral, I want a place where there are only people who were born with vaginas…and me because I prefer it”.

      And there can’t be any such thing as a lesbian transwomen seeking out “cis” lesbians for sex because someone else’s pussy is NONE OF THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS!

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      “Kat Blaque”?! WOW. I’ve heard some pretty trite tranny names before, but that one really takes the cake. I couldn’t make it more than a couple of minutes into the video – the whole thing was just too affected. And it’s astonishing to me that he would think that people would actually take a full half hour out of their lives to watch him bloviate on and on. Once again, tranny arrogance….

      • dejavublonde Says:

        The entitlement is strong in the trans. I have yet to see a video where they are concise and can get their two minutes worth of thought into under half an hour of video. SO MUCH DRAMATIZATION. SO MANY FEELZ

  13. IronBatMaiden Says:

    This woman does a nice debunk of all the bullshit the trans activists like to present. There’s a reason lesbians don’t want to date trans. They don’t. Want. Dick!! How hard is that for men to understand!? I’m a bisexual woman born woman, but I would never betray my lesbian sisters by telling them they’re bigoted for not wanting dick. I wouldn’t date a trans man or woman. I just want men born men and women born women.

  14. Oak and Ash Says:

    Although the guy claims he has no trouble getting women because he has confidence, I suspect coercion may be closer to the mark (in the same way a salesman might call himself confident when he doesn’t take no for an answer.)

    • Rachel Says:

      I bet he was into that Pickup Artist creepery before he decided he was a pretend lesbian.

    • IronBatMaiden Says:

      Ugh! That whole “don’t take no for an answer” is so rapey!! It’s shit like this that perpetuates rape culture. I hate to use third wave lingo, but they have a point there.

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      The only women he gets are blow-up dolls and prostitutes.

  15. Jummy Says:

    I ran across a Disqus user so ridiculous I can only link to his profile. Peak Trans till you puke on this:

  16. Shelley Says:

    Wow, such a dude ^ like, i stopped listening to this self important, know it all but know nothing jackass after two mins.

  17. GallusMag Says:

    OT: Can anyone identify these people?

  18. Bev Jo Says:

    What other oppressed people are so erased as Lesbians? Thank you for this video! Sharing….

    Mr. Jenner’s show continues on television where he and “the girls” (his group of men in drag) continue travelling across the US, speaking to crowds, like the christian college in Iowa where he trained as an athlete. His old coach cried at his “courage.” The audience cheered him and “the girls” for “coming out” and speaking to them. These are men in drag, some still with pricks!

    And I realized, for all the way that Lesbians are oppressed, erased in the media (no real Butches ever shown), the few films and television often show Lesbians killed, raped, or wanting to be fucked, when have we ever toured about the hell of our oppression and “coming out” and be cheered by hets? I’ve never experienced it, have you? Yet here is this group of men who fetishize women’s oppression, led by an rich right wing man, being treated as courageous heroes. I know Lesbians who are still terrified to come out to their families.

    I can’t imagine a version of this, even with Billie Jean King or other out famous women athletes speaking to colleges about how hard it was for them as Lesbians. (Jenner was not touring as an athlete, but to teach people about the trans cult.) And yet, if Lesbians were invited to do this and cheered as heroes, it might stop some of the ongoing oppression, which used to just be being given dirty looks, fired, evicted, threatened, beaten, raped, killed, but which now included being erased and asked if we are “transitioning.” Insult to injury…

  19. This is in front of the Winningstad Theatre in Portland Oregon. I wonder if this was some kind of rally or event in the theatre, related to upcoming Democratic primary in Oregon on May 17? One person had on a Clinton t-shirt. It’s near Portland State University, and the Queer Students of Color Conference was April 16-17 (this weekend), apparently a film and a poetry event – maybe at Winningstad Theatre?

    Winningstad Theatre
    Antoinette Hatfield Hall 1111 SW Broadway
    Portland, Oregon 97205

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      That explains the familiarity of the voice in the creep who was the spitter. This one shows up on some of the busses on the east side of town (the ones I am familiar with…ride and cringe on when I hear some of these folks speak. Worse than nails on a chalkboard).

      Is it any wonder why the respect level is lower than that for even some gangbangers in the US?

  20. againstvaw Says:

    Did he say “I’m a tranny. Go ahead punch a woman”?

  21. GallusMag Says:

    OT: A woman wrote in asking for suggestions of the best place to donate/archive her forty year archive of rare feminist and radical feminist books. Somewhere they will be preserved and not “disappeared” or “misplaced” by libfem/genderist librarians, etc. Need help with this one folks. Suggestions?

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Possible places coyld include the Library of Congress(it’s a thought…in that some currators there are just that…no more or less) any private university that will follow the conditions of a gift along these lines…or any foundation which was established by, let’s say the original founders of NOW (not a stereotype suggestion there…it is they may still exist and keep the intent going sans any PC agenda). That’ s just an opening sey of ideas….

    • nonny Says:

      Imo the safest bet in the current climate would be to give the physical books to a private citizen for safekeeping, one who is willing to scan and upload each of them to the Internet Archive. There could be a central page (as simple as a WordPress or whatever) explaining the project and offering regular updates (“this book has just been scanned and posted, this is what it’s about” etc) as well as a master list of titles with links to the IA scan. It would be a sort of “Criterion Collection” of publicly available feminist lit, updated and added to regularly as the scan jobs completed.
      After a time, the actual physical books themselves could be donated somewhere, but I’m thinking a person would be wise to hold onto them for another decade or so (while this bullshit dies down) and be careful who they chose. But at least they’d be available digitally in the meantime.
      (PS: I have a scanner and care about carefully archiving historical works. Just putting that out there.)

      • Artemisia Says:

        I feel I should point out that this would only be legal if permission were first obtained from the copyright owners (these would be the authors or their heirs, or else the publisher). The penalties for infringement can be rather steep.

      • nonny Says:

        It’s true- I also wouldn’t want to screw over authors by offering their work for free. I’m just spitballing in case we’re talking about a collection of short run/defunct publishers and self-published stuff, the sort of things where permission is do-able and the material really could be gone forever otherwise.

      • Artemisia Says:

        nonny – I see you are not at all naive about copyright. Quite a lot of people on the web don’t seem to understand it very well, which is why I thought I had better say something.

        I absolutely agree with you that it is wrong to screw over authors by putting their work on the web for free without their permission.

    • Bob Doublin Says:

      How about Max Dashu’s Suppressed Histories Archives? If she couldn’t accept them maybe she could suggest good alternatives?

    • Elle Driver Says:

      I have a friend who works regularly with university libraries re personal collections and acquisitions. I’ll run it by them and see if there are any suggestions.

    • radicaljane Says:

      Lesbian Herstory Archives in New York.

  22. This is a recent August 16, 2016 video from Magdalen Berns.

    • IronBatMaiden Says:

      I just watched this last night! Magdalene is awesome and I can’t wait to see more from her. She’s the kind of lesbian who doesn’t cow tow to the trans activists. Sadly, Arielle sold out. That “woman” she had on that video is an autogynephile heterosexual man who wants access to lesbians. And don’t even get me started on Kat Blaque! Ugh!! He’s a feminine gay man.

    • IronBatMaiden Says:


      I think she truly is a lesbian, but the problem is, like other young lesbians, she feels pressured to give in to the rest of the LGBTWTFBBQ community. I can’t tell you how many comments I saw complaining about “oh you didn’t cover this gender identity” or “this orientation.” Or “why do you stereotype all (gender) people like that” or “don’t stereotype (orientation)”! Basically, lesbians are being erased on girlfriends tv.

      Sadly, other people like Laci Green have given in to the trans brigade. She claims to hate gender roles, but she goes and tries to say “gender is on a spectrum.”

      There. Is. No. Fucking. Gender. It’s a social construct! How hard is that for people to understand?

  23. It seems so wrong, so absurd l, that a lesbian should even need to make such a video. Of course lesbians have no sexual interest in men.

    I’m a het woman so it doesn’t affect me directly but it still makes me angry. Saw a guy, Oopster67, on the comments section of YouTube I last ran across on listening2lesbians where he was hassling them to accept him. He’s still ranting. Guy won’t accept no.

    GallusMag, you’ve deleted my recent comments. I know I posted something in the,wrong place, though I corrected it as soon as it registered. Was that enough to get me banned? What did I do? If I screwed up I can only apologise.

    • GallusMag Says:

      You posted something derailing a thread I asked you to stop and you went on and on with it. So I deleted the derail. “Correcting it” when a blogger asks you to stop derailing isn’t to go on and on about why you’d prefer to discuss another topic than one the blogger has posted on. That’s just rude. Now you’ve forced me to take the time to go back searching for the issue so that I can respond yet again to your needs. Most people never get moderated. If you do, repeatedly, you will probably be banned -not because you are a bad person, but because I just don’t have the time and energy to deal with it. Not every blog is a good fit for every person.

      • bobab Says:

        Hello Gallus, after reading your response to “sophieijameson” I realise I may have also been banned possibly for posting what appeared as derailing, unrelated material on other threads, though that certainly was not my intention far from it. This is one of, if not the best site on the internet discussing this trans topic. Your integrity makes your words powerful and they can affect people deeply, mostly I would say in a good way. 🙂
        Have you written or will you be writing a book on this subject?
        “Not every blog is a good fit for every person.”
        FTR I’m a working class male builder and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the articles and comments and appreciate I’m maybe not up to speed. Anyway, I’m sending GT a small donation as a token of respect for your hard work and will desist in sending in any more comments, thank you.
        Strength and courage to you all. bobab

      • GallusMag Says:

        Hi bobab- I think you may have gone into spam for posting a bunch of comments in succession on old posts or something? Feel free to leave thoughtful and considered comments on recent posts. Thank you for reading and thank you for your patience and support.

      • GallusMag Says:

        ETA- it’s usually okay to post off-topic links/comments towards the end of recent threads that have already established a conversation(s) on the posted subject. Occasionally I might not let them through for various reasons- material already covered extensively elsewhere on the blog for example.

        It does take a fair bit of consideration and nudging to nurture coherent advanced in-depth threads that are also entertaining and eminently readable, always with a bit of levity.

        Folks might be surprised at the amount of (hopefully) subtle and (hopefully) slight pruning involved because ideally that process is invisible.

        I hate moderating but I do like creating space where thoughtful informed important comment contributions can be seen and absorbed seamlessly by interested but busy readers.

        I do my best but I’m not perfect and of course have my own issues with time, etc. and have to make decisions on the fly several times a day, every day, regardless of my own “life stuff”.

        Thanks everyone for your patience and support.

    • Jessica M Says:

      “I’m a het woman so it doesn’t affect me directly”

      I consider myself mostly straight and yeah this is a real interesting. Because logically, if the trans people are WHO and WHAT they claim to be, this issue should be affecting EVERYONE who is not bisexual or pansexual. Where are the trans women trying to pressure straight men into sucking their dicks? Where are the trans men who insist their pussy is male and straight women or gay men who are leery of it are transphobes? Why is it only the lesbians who are being targeted?

  24. l Says:

    I am a gay male who experience gender dysphoric thoughts however I would NEVER act on them and turn myself into a freak like the guy claiming to be a lesbian in the video. I’m gonna suppress it, not pump myself with estrogen and start living in drag.

    As a gay male, there is nothing more laughable to me than a straight man on E who thinks he’s a lesbian. Even worse than gay men on E who think they’re straight women.

    • Amareldys Says:

      If you want to dress in drag, though, why not?

      My issue is not that these men are wearing women’s clothes, hey, if that is what they are into, great. My issue is with the concept that clothes make the woman.

      They don’t.

      Unlike my bi counterpart upthread I have met plenty of attractive gender bending people as well as conventional people. Lovely people who I would happily hang out with, perhaps date if I were single, etc.

      That doesn’t mean that they are the opposite of what they are. Particularly pre-op. If I am with a person with a penis, that’s the straight part of me. If I am with a person with a vulva that is the gay part of me. Your adherence to social norms is not what makes you male or female. Neither is your ability to attract people of one or the other sex.

      If you are super hot and attract gold star lesbians (I was very sad to watch this video and learn some gals get gold stars but others don’t, so sad not to get a gold star from this fellow) and straight men, it doesn’t mean you are a woman. It means you look like one. And maybe those people aren’t kinsey ones and sixes after all.

      But again, being a man who likes feminine things is not a bad thing… Why run from it?

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Particularly pre-op. If I am with a person with a penis, that’s the straight part of me.”

        For the record, so called “sex reassignment surgery” in males doesn’t actually create anything resembling a labia, vulva, vagina. I think this is important to be clear about, because drawing such a distinction feeds the fantasy of men who truly believe having such an operation will make them objects of attraction to lesbians. They rush into the op and are quite surprised that the only benefit to their social life is the elimination of visible erections and a smoother pelvis while wearing a bikini.

      • Amareldys Says:

        Ok I googled. It looked pretty convincing to me. But that isn’t really the point. The point is being able to trick someone does it mean you are what it is.

  25. It really is pathetic that lesbians need to explain that lesbians do not have penises and that they do not desire penises sexually. And to those MTFs who want to call their penises something dumb like “male vaginas” or some such tommyrot, no, they are NOT vaginas in any shape or form.

    I’ve been out for 44 years now and I have never seen such stupidity as the nonsense some trans spout and expect the rest of us to just swallow it hook, line, and sinker. Sure there were a few trans when I came out, but vanishingly few. Now they seem to be all over the place. What is going ON? I assume it is trans propaganda saying that if you don’t fit into gender stereotypes, you HAVE to be transgendered. At any rate, more and more I think the whole gender thing is some kind of mental illness.

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