The miracle of twanzition—the before and after photos!

April 28, 2016

twanzphobic since forever


It’s a miracle!

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  1. dejavublonde Says:

    her full goatee really brings out her eyes (and bald spot)

    • anywoman2 Says:

      Why not show this turd-burgular’s photo when one of these autogynophiles whine about the born-man’s right to the woman’s restroom?

      LOL- and I consider any man a ‘turd burglar’/ ‘used tampon burglar’ that demands to enter the women’s restroom- even when given the opportunity to use a single stall. This is so unlike most actual women[that would take the stall to avoid other people and get a sink in the same room], these men just don’t get it.

  2. Jessica Says:

    Yep, and if you look at his facebook page and twitter he is demanding use of women’s restrooms because he identifies as a woman.

    If you read his FB feed so many morons are supporting him.

    I am glad that this is getting more press.

    • anon male Says:

      The fantasy portrait has already been made to depict Danielle’s true self.

      Transitioning might be a long and arduous process. But hey, we have cartoons and photoshop and “too small on purpose” 16×16 icons to misrepresent ourselves!

  3. I am a “woman” because I say so, says this obvious man. Looking at this picture, I have to ask how in the hell did that stupid postmodernist queer theory crap EVER take hold in the colleges and universities? “I think, therefore I am.” Descartes must be spinning in his grave at how his philosophical statement has been turned inside out.

    I looked at Muscato’s FB page, but I am not sure this guy is serious or is engaging in satire. I know the transactive bunch are so stupid they support him. They wouldn’t know the difference if he were engaging in satire.

    • sarineal Says:

      If it is satire, it’s a long running gag (on all of us). He made the “announcement” in 2014 and in 2016 is even more of a woman, or so he says.

      My understanding is that he claims also to be a ‘lesbian’ and has a great interest in forcing women to deal with his urine splattered all over the toilet seat after he has used their facilities. He takes this task on with gusto, especially having paved the way by way of claiming to being transgender which in those circles is not meant to be questioned. It then leaves the whole floor to him, which is just what manipulative narcissists want.

  4. silverside Says:

    I honestly think this is just becoming the warm-up act for “male-identified men” to piss, masturbate, or take their clothes off where ever they choose. Honestly, at this point, what’s the difference? The differences we were told even six months ago between “men” and “transwomen” are now supposedly out of date, passe. They just keep upping the crazy. We’re now to the point of why even bother to “identify” (however temporarily or without evidence) as a woman? That’s just discriminatory and burdensome! Many of us predicted it would get to this point, and of course, we were right.

    • charlston Says:

      Just saw this which fits in nicely to your post-

      Caitlyn Jenner toasts Donald Trump after using the ladies’ room in Trump Tower –
      and promises she didn’t flush any feminine products down the toilet

      ‘One little trans woman walking down the street had to go, I looked up and who did I see but the Trump Tower. Last week Donald Trump said I could use any bathroom I wanted in the Trump Tower. So of course I veered right in there – took care of myself.’

      Jenner went on to say that she ‘obeyed all the rules’ when she used the facilities at Trump Tower, and –

      ‘didn’t throw any feminine products down the toilet’.

      ‘It actually worked out quite well. It was very good,’ she said.

      What feminine products would they be? Is Cait having a laugh?

      • GallusMag Says:

        Maybe he shoves a tampon up his ass to feel more laydeelike.

      • LC Says:

        So just like a real woman, except better, since he doesn’t have those icky female biological functions.

      • Carrie-Anne Says:

        I’ve seen a video (from an otherwise intelligent period vlogger) about how MTTs can simulate a period. Some of them are that disturbed they mix fake blood and walk around with soiled sanitary napkins. Not only is that deeply delusional and ridiculous, but it also takes away sanitary napkins from women and girls in places who might really need them.

      • kesher Says:

        But did he flush a condom down the toilet?

  5. jule Says:

    Okay that was just bizarre. Not sure how well I followed it. Looked more like schizophrenia than trans-anything. But if he or any male comes into any women’s space presenting so obviously male while I’m in it he gets pepper sprayed.

  6. StraightFromTheHeart Says:

    A “girly” font is all that’s necessary!

  7. charlies59 Says:

    Um, I was confused earlier today when I posted a comment on another article. ….Still confused. :-((

    Is this person taking the mickey out of Females, Ladeewomen, Transthatpass, Transthatdon’tpass or raging transmisogynisticterfs that are blind as bats and can’t see what is so obvious in DavyDannies photos?

    Serious question because I got lost back at,
    ” Danielle Muscato – What is confusing about my website?
    ‘Trans women are DESTROYING womanhood!
    Just like “the gays” destroyed marriage—right, TERFs”?

    • charlies59 Says:

      Quote by Danielle Muscato- Obnoxious is calling someone names. Impersonating someone is harassment.
      April 26 at 2:01pm

      • bobab Says:

        DM takes great offence and lectures a christian on how not to be hated when he innocently says “God bless you guys” after both of them had just engaged in a friendly chat. I thought DM was unnecessarily shitty with a power trip on the young man when he said:
        “If you want us to be like, ‘that fucker’, you had to get in that one last dig…If you don’t want us to hate you when you leave don’t do that!”

  8. rheapdx1 Says:

    WTH????? While not blatantly calling this person names, etc…..because calling this situation what it is would be ‘mean’…it looks as though someone has gone off the rails of reality.

    This is as bad as one of the Springer idiots…but a tad more acceptable. If only due to….well, it does not need repeating. As for the snide remarks this one makes about those who see the demented mindset of this and other looney tunes…it is the actions of those who have no sense of rhyme, reason or RESPECT that fuels the questioning of the sanity of the special little snowflakes.

  9. I should probably know better by now than to ask this – but is he trolling trans ideology by any chance?

    • No-name Nonny Says:

      Now that you mention it, I’m not sure, but the transition (such as it is) was announced when Muscato was still spokesperson for a Prominent Athiest Organization. I’m not sure they’re allowed to troll in official media, so I took their announcement on their podcast of Muscato’s transition as a sign of Muscato’s sincerity.
      As an aside, that incident is what made me break with liberal views of trans identities. I don’t know whether to thank Muscato or kick Muscato in the balls that are probably still there for THAT experience.

      • petuniacat00 Says:

        No-name Nonny said

        As an aside, that incident is what made me break with liberal views of trans identities. I don’t know whether to thank Muscato or kick Muscato in the balls that are probably still there for THAT experience.

        A kick in the balls can be the SAME as a thank you — in Transland!🦄 It’s ✨💫magic💫✨!

        Seriously though, we need a brochure with pictures and descriptions of this asshat and Steffonee on it, then we show it to people and say “This is trans. It’s not anything OK or legitimate. It’s 100% NOT like gay.”

    • Jessica Says:

      He is serious according to all accounts. I have been following this since his reveal a year ago.

      He rabidly defends his right to women’s bathrooms on Twitter. Compares it to racial segregation.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Agree. This is no satire. The man has no history of exhibiting cleverness or intelligence. Plus I’ve seen at least three guys doing the same thing in the last week or so. The only difference between them and a thousand other male laydees is the absence of a juvenile female anime avatar.

      • Thanks for the responses. Well, I hope his views get lots and lots of mainstream coverage

  10. Imnocissie Says:

    The fact that he calls himself a firebrand atheist, is an atheism activist and then subscribes to the woo of transgenderism .. And wants to force it on others…Fiona in the comments on his facebook calls him on beautifully, though. Words mean things.

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      Good post. I don’t see how a person who values reason and evidence could honestly think of him as a woman.

      I file “transgender” doctrines next to Flat-Earth doctrines.

    • prozac Says:

      Did he respond to that??

    • Oceans Says:

      Yeah, isn’t it funny how people who would readily yell “Science” to those promoting creationism or denying climate change then turn around and demand that the world bend itself to whatever whim goes floating through their head on a given day despite all physical evidence to the contrary.

      It’s also reminiscent of not just religion, but the harsh fundamentalist extremism that requires punishment (instead of bland disregard) of those who disagree.

      • Branjor Says:

        I actually argued with a woman who said she read “juried, peer reviwed” scientific studies supporting trans the other day. She refused to give me even a single link.

  11. juno Says:

    I just don’t know what to say…so much wrong here. Do these fail guys think that women will f**** them if they pretend to be oppressed women too?

    So much smug in that face.

    • While lesbians will def. not touch these sick dudes – there might be some bi/het women who want to be good allies. Sad but true.

      • Not me…my only sexual interest is in actual women. I think it’s important to challenge prejudice in our relationships except when it comes to sex. I don’t think anyone has to justify preferring a certain sex, certain race/ethnicity, a certain body type, etc. To me, it falls under the category of not everyone wants to fuck me, too bad, so sad.

  12. Hedda Gabler Says:

    As first, instinctive, response, I find it quite hard to believe that this person truly believes what they are writing.

    My best guess would be that it’s an attempt to show the absurdity of it all by following the trans script perfectly while carefully avoiding any kind of actual “masquerade” beyond the purely semantic.

    I wouldn’t quite call it trolling, but I feel that it may be primarily intended as some form of sending up of trans ideology and possibly also its critics.

    But then again it may just be purely opportunistic bandwagon jumping or indeed a sincerely held belief.

    Maybe the point is really that it’s truly impossible to tell those three things apart reliably just by observation. Especially in the virtual world of the internet.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Anything for attention! ANYTHING!!! Look at me, dammit. LOOK. AT. ME!!!

      • Hedda Gabler Says:

        Haha. Very true. Modern trans seems to have less and less to do with a personal struggle to somehow fit into a gendered society in a somewhat unusual way and more and more with gaining a platform that enables one to force one’s own view of the world on others with utmost authority while simultaneously playing the victim.

  13. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    WOW! Stunning and Brave! Will she be starring on The Bachelorette TV show?

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      That actually sort of happened. “There’s Something About Miriam”, 2003.
      Some contestants ended up suing the show and got a settlement. There was a video of the guy backing out in the post-show/credits, talking about deception, but that video is unavailable now.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Deja Vu.

        “18:11, 15 JUN 2016 UPDATED 18:23, 15 JUN 2016
        The boxing promoter – formerly known as Frank – was set to appear on the Channel 4 show later this year



        Sunday MirrorKellie Maloney’s First Dates appearance has been pulled

        Kellie Maloney’s appearance on the celebrity edition of First Dates has been pulled – because the man she was paired with felt “uncomfortable with her being transgender .

        The boxing promoter – formerly known as Frank – was set to appear on the Channel 4 show later this year which shows a first date in front of the cameras over dinner.

        But the man paired with Kellie, 63, by producers had a change of heart after their “date” and demanded producers spike the footage.

        A source close to Kellie said: “The man seemed very taken aback during the date and it was clear he wasn’t very happy afterwards.”

        Channel4 insisted the un-named man was asked before the date whether he was “open to being paired with a transgender person”, to which he replied yes.

      • kesher Says:

        He can’t claim deception though.

        And I have to say that’s exceedingly cruel by the showrunners, pairing up a pig in a wig with a straight man. Were they trying to create drama at Maloney’s expense (which is actually hilarious and something that wifebeater deserves 100 percent)? Or are they so blinded by trans dogma that it didn’t occur to them how a man would feel being set up with a man in a dress? You can be certain that the hapless victim was picturing a pretty transitioner, one of the gay ones who goes all out with the porn aesthetic, when he said he was willing to date one.

      • donesoverydone Says:

        wow that’s really cruel and demeaning, to all involved. What a gross show

  14. liberalsareinsane Says:

    Ta Dah. The tranny smirk. Can you imagine being in the bathroom and seeing this disgusting, dick swinging hairy creep storming in. Where are the guys in white coats with the straight jackets when you need them?

  15. Janetwo Says:

    Both the post and the link provided by Petuniacat to the story of Max Robinson at the 4thwavenow were informative, and in the last case, very moving. Unless you read personal testimonies, its not possible to fathom the depth of psychological brutality trannies are able to.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      @Janetwo….I just read the page linked and got a few more pits to the stomach…for various reasons.

      One has to wonder when the advocates for this type of child abuse (and let’s call this what it is, be it MTF or FTM…if the person is underage, it is abuse) are going to be put under the jails, etc. After all, this is what the society does to others (when the justice system works) who abuse physically or mentally, those who are not mature enough to understand what is going on . (Before I get in trouble here…there are those who are or rather have the capacity to understand what they are doing, as well as the results of same…but those are the exceptions to the main current of how things work. At the very least, I will not lump the few, the careful researchers, [be they have the work done or not], the intellectually honest with the delusional quacks who got their medical training/mental health certifications from candy wrappers).

      • bobab Says:

        Yeah it’s child abuse, in the extreme category. After reading Janetwo’s 4thwavenow link it certainly leaves a shit feeling. I clicked on the hyperlink of the main advocate/perpetrator, a certain Dr Curtis Crane in San Francisco. The procedures on offer read like Frankenstein’s christmas list. Fair enough if it’s reconstruction after an accident or something but this is on physically healthy children;

        “He does advertise the fact that he has performed plenty of mastectomies on minors.”(anger ain’t the word!)
        “The office is very accustomed to treating patients less than 18 years old.  This requires the consent of both parents and two letters of recommendation from mental health care professionals.”

        Yet you have to be over 18 to view the procedure;
        View top surgery before and after photos (double incision) »
        (IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be 18 years or older to view.)

        Jail the bastards!

      • Janetwo Says:

        Unbelievable, that clinic site talks about operating on A cup seize. I am just speechless. How can a talk therapy helping somebody accept her body and showing that her sex does not stop her to lead a fulfilling life is not a better alternative than butchery? Yep, its sometimes harder to succeed as a female, but that is that much more reason to be physically and mentally healthy.

        And I concur with you @rheapdx1, underaged people do not have the maturity to make this kind of decision. Heck, most people dont really get into their own until mid to late 20s. My late veteran husband used to say that if the army could not recruit under 25yo, they would get almost nobody because as your capacity to assess risks improve, you make much better long term decisions.

      • bobab Says:

        There’s something a little unsettling about this video of Dr Brownstein introducing us to Dr Crane. It could be when Crane @1:30mins mentions working in Belgrade Serbia and the camera then focus’ on a table with surgical gloves, a pair of scissors and a roll of tape, or it just could be Crane’s hairline, I’m not sure which 🙂

        Interesting comments ^^
        A teenager in the comments called Will J was a patient of Crane and has done a chronological “transition” video. Will J encourages a 14year old to go on hormones.
        Will J;

        The Dr’s fees;
        “The cost for the procedure is actually the biggest complication: The combined price tag for a hysterectomy, phalloplasty and chest surgery can be upwards of $100,000—compared to $30,000 to $40,000 for a vaginoplasty and breast augmentation for trans women.”

      • Janetwo Says:

        @rheapdx1 I just cant fathom anybody who swear the Hippocratic oath choosing to specialize in SRS, not after Hopkins abandonned it. Both surgeons in the Brownfield Clinic video looked very cold and mechanical. If there is a sale pitch which is the antithesis of Doctors Beyond Borders, this is it.

        I remember way back when I was an avid runner considering breast reduction. But after seeing both my sis and a close friend going through it for health reason, I decided that I could live with my breast as is. Even if teenagers are made aware of the long term consequences of hormone therapy and SRS, they do not have the experiential knowledge to process what it means. Most have an healthy body, they have no idea about living with chronic pain, about awful med side-effects, about making choices like sterilization from which there is no going back. Its criminal to allow and even encourage them to make these decisions, especially with the on-going Transcult brainwashing. Its almost like suggesting depressed people that suicide is a cure.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @Janetwo…more than agreed and one sad reason why some out there forego the oath, is this is now an industry. A rather sad and predatory one, which has gained it’s traction, thanks to the HRT and surgeries being sold as a cure-all, for those who have felt they cannot live ‘authentically’.

        But what still gets to me is that if Hopkins, Mayo and others (who, like the doctors I see, are infinitely more qualified to speak on what the treatments can do and do to a person than I am) have stated that for very very few, there is an actual benefit…why no one has asked for a moratorium on this industry, barring long term research. After all…these and others have listed, for example….40 plus different side effects when the HRT is used for its intended purpose (this number is more than what I listed/posted here a while ago…even scarier as such). Now ….think of what will happen when there is off-label usage.

        If one cannot medically get the above treatments, one can always use prosthetics to achieve a visage that matches the image in the mind’s eye. There is still a booming business in those, although to be honest….they are approximations, not the real thing. That may not sit well with the orthodoxy (after all, some are holding out hope that if MTF, there will be a surgery that will allow for full functionality. Unlikely, although it does create an opening that the genetic coding….darn SCIENCE….tries to close, due to how the person’s code reads), but at least one is spared the major downsides of bad advice, bad surgeries….and a body that may not be as advertised. Which are things to be considered when one reads why those brighter than us say ‘this is not the most viable concept due to__________’

  16. ImNoCissie Says:

    I think if it is “satire”, the point of it is to rub “gender fluidity” in the face of religious groups & people. He isn’t mocking transgenderism, he is giving the middle finger to religion, mocking their fears while standing in some sort of “solidarity” with trans people. Like, “even I, chubby white man with beard, will use your bathrooms and you are powerless”.

    That is, IF he isn’t serious.

    His boundary violating is just as rapey, either way.

    • Jessica Says:

      It isn’t satire. He is not poking fun at religion. He is banning fellow atheists for even questioning whether or not he is a woman.

      He is some sort of deranged narcissist.

    • ex home birthers Says:

      I’ve spent a lot of time reading atheist and skeptic bloggers. They don’t really do satire, its easily the most humorless group of bloggers I’ve ever seen. This guy could serve as an excellent inspiration for a satirical blog or twitter account though.

  17. IronBatMaiden Says:

    If this is satire, it’s hilarious. If not, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      I said similar last night here in the flat. This is not satire, just more of the severely deranged getting their 15 min of infamy. From this to PBS/NPR being in the tank, without questions…the severely insane have gotten a hold of the controls.

      • The atheists think they are superior, but in fact they are way dumber than the religious people they seek to ridicule.

        We live in very scary times as women. Our very existence is being questioned. Our safety is being threatened by bogus “Jim Crow” arguments being made on behalf of fetishists.

  18. Carrie-Anne Says:

    The really scary thing is that I know otherwise intelligent people who buy into nonsense like this! I can’t believe how many friends and acquaintances have swilled down the Trans, Inc. Kool-Aid and begun reciting all the cult-like phrases. As recently as five years old, Dave Muscato would’ve rightly been viewed as a MAN, but now he’s hailed as some brave woman just because he “feels” like a woman. It reminds me of the joke about a person who converts to another religion, only to later be visited by the priest/rabbi/etc. who performed the conversion and discovered to still be doing things from the previous religion.

    • IronBatMaiden Says:

      It is like they traded one religion for another. They converted to the trans cult.

      I apologize if this is off topic, but I almost wonder if abolishing gender and gender roles altogether is a huge threat to the trans community because they know they’re not truly men, women, or whatever the fuck else they identify as.

      It’s almost parallel to the modern conservatives being so threatened as legislation becomes more liberal. They feel their beliefs are threatened.

  19. CKDexterHaven Says:

    There’s just been an in-depth interview with Rachel Dolezal on the BBC News. She came across as totally delusional and nuts. However, what really struck me was the scepticism of the interviewer. The BBC would never put the same questions to a trans person. People can see the crazy when it’s race but when faced with a woman who is clearly a bloke they are just brainwashed.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      What does this tell you? The media bias slip is showing. To think, way back when….some of us comm majors wanted to work for the Beeb.

      Something says that the US media illness, along with the T-borg have gone global. Damn…

  20. Oak and Ash Says:

    So, let me get this straight–an atheist demands we unquestioningly accept his metaphysical assertion that he’s a woman?

    When I see how weird this is getting, I don’t whether to cheer or throw heavy objects. The more I hear from the trans crowd, the more they strike me, with a few exceptions, as ranging from troubled to completely out of their minds. I keep hoping that if enough people recognize the degree to which they’ve parted company with reality–not to mention sanity–there’ll be useful pushback.

    • Jessica Says:

      Oh, you have no idea. Atheists regularly argue that biological sex is a social construct and that gender feelz actually determine biological sex.

      Just head over to Love Joy Feminism or The Friendly Atheist at Patheos blogs sometime.

      Be prepared to headdesk a lot.

      Oh, don’t point out that male and female pelvises differ at Love Joy Feminism – a mod will delete your comments because that is hate speech!

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Wait…If “biological sex is a social construct and gender feelz actually determine biological sex,” then their feelings already made them the “right” sex, so how can they be trans?

      • Jessica Says:


        Logic is transphobic

        You bad bad person!

        Anyway, in the podcast link that I posted last night, I think it is clear that Muscato is an attention seeking autogynephile narcissist.

        He also shrugs off rape concerns that women might have. Such compassion.

      • GallusMag Says:

        ‘Stranger Danger’ is a crazy female myth, a hysteria that oppresses males by preventing them from using the bathroom that avails them of public cross-sex gender affirmation, according to Danielle.
        Good to know.

      • Jessica Says:

        Would someone with a WordPress account please post that podcast link on Twanzphobic in case he wants to do a follow-up on Muscato.

        WordPress won’t let me make an account to post unless I have a website. Or maybe I’m just slow.

        Thanks in advance if you can do it.

        I really hope this gets more coverage. This is the logical outcome of “gender identity”

      • Redberries Says:

        The thing about many militant atheists is that they love to make fun of and call idiots, creationists and global warming deniers for ignoring science. But when it comes to trans stuff suddenly its okay to ignore scientific facts like biology? I’m a nonbeliever and these types of atheists seem no better in my eyes than the creationists and GW deniers.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        So let me get this right: Daniel or wherever the name du jour is…has said that ‘Stranger Danger’ is a myth? REALLY???In what world does this knuckle-dragging set pf cells live in?

        Not only is this real…but this is WHY some parents, as well as other rational adults tell people to be careful, online and in the real world.

        What this ‘person’ said reminds me of when mentioning the fact that several malls in the US had established curfews to cut down on gang activity around same, the deniers of this were from guess where? This was done, even after paraphrasing/qouting the operators of such malls, from their press releases . Makes one wonder…although, with gangs and other similar items…the defense coming from the borg is more or less based on the hope of horizontal enrichment to validate same.

      • Jessica Says:

        SJW feminists will argue pro choice “a woman can die from pregnancy, her rights as an individual matter, regardless of how small the risk” or ‘guns must be controlled, because too many guns is a health risk to society at large”

        Yet, when it comes to trans rights, that sort of logic goes out the window. Women are on their own. Afraid of being victimized in a bathroom or change room? Too bad, rapists will rape regardless of precautions and the probability is low so stop being such a bigoted b*tch!!

      • Janetwo Says:

        Well known fact: babies are socially constructed. They should commission Julia Serano to write an updated textbook on human reproduction. Who would have believe post-modernism would change the 4 billions years course of biological evolution!? We are the very first tetramorphic species of mammals: ciswomen, cismen, transwomen, transmen (correct me if I forgot another gender, I cant keep track anymore). Would furries be considered GMOs or they appeared naturally?

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        And yet that “social construct” is responsible for the existence of every human on the planet, while “gender” has no coherent definition…beyond biological sex.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        (redberries, others) I see some atheists who appear rigidly skeptical, demanding solid evidence. No nonsense.

        There’s another group who will throw reason and evidence under the bus as soon as it inconveniences their feelings. Similar to claiming a religion but only following the parts they like, and pretending the rest isn’t there. They only embrace reason when it serves them personally.

      • Jessica Says:

        I am an atheist who believes in empirical evidence. I am also an anti-authoritarian liberal.

        These ‘atheists’ are simply believers who have found a new cult. Their ‘religion’ is in believing that the penis is female and that everything is a social construct (when it suits them). And then forcing this ‘religion’ on the rest of society, since their way is the right way.

  21. Jessica Says:

    Interview with Muscato about his transness of being.

    Have not listened to it yet:

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      Listening now. He said he doesn’t really identify as trans, just as a woman, because he just IS a woman, but he publicly calls himself trans because it makes it easier for others to understand or someshit. *insert eyeroll gif”

      Also interesting to me – he says he started impersonating a woman online at age 12 in AOL chat and that helped convince him he really is a woman. So woman by catfish…woman by cybersex?

      He just oozes entitlement. Narcissistic in the real, personality disordered sense.

    • Steersman Says:

      I tried to leave a comment there but – surprise, surprise – they, gutless wonders that they are, seemed not particularly willing to let it stay:

      “Danielle” is no more a woman than my grandmother is a bus. Can “she” produce ova? Has “she” ever done so? Is she ever likely to do so. Because that IS the definition for “woman”, you know.

      The most that might be said is that she is a transwoman – and note that that is a compound word to indicate that those designated as such are of a different class from “woman”.

      If y’all insist on calling “Danielle” a woman then you might just as well say that we’re all women – and then the term has absolutely diddly squat in the way of value in differentiating between people.

  22. Jessica Says:

    A man named Andy walks into a Target and is told that he can use the women’s restroom if he feels like it

    • Dorothy Says:

      I think all of us women should go and do the same as Andy, then walk into the men’s room and start commenting on their dicks. Maybe if men start complaining about this, then the laws will start keeping the trannies out our bathrooms.

  23. Rachel Says:

    Atheists aren’t meant to believe in souls, but they can believe in mystical “true inner genders”. Okay.

  24. GallusMag Says:

    Here’s another one. This pig “identifies as transfeminine” and uses female pronouns:

    • Rachel Says:

      My cat smells of fish and often sticks his nose up his ass. Is my cat a TERF?

      • Jessica M Says:


        (Fun fact: there are actually cats who hate men as a whole. This usually happens when the cat has a history of being abused by men and only men. I’d bet dollars to donuts these cats wouldn’t want anything to do with “Danielle” here. Proof that cats are transphobic!)

      • kesher Says:

        My cat hates men, and she’s never been abused by one. I adopted her at twelve weeks old, and she was fostered by a woman before then. Some animals instinctively distrust/dislike men. Damn terfy misandrists.

      • LC Says:

        Hmm… my cat is the same way. Penis exclusionary radical felines?

      • Charlotte Says:

        Repeated studies on a wide range of animals show that they are more fearful of males than females of not only their own species, but males on general. The animal kingdom is such a fucking terf, mother nature should die in a fire!

    • Jessica Says:

      Why is this ALWAYS the first thing trans women jump to when they want to insult actual women? Talk about Venus envy! They are OBSESSED with our pussies and how they’ll never have a real one.

  25. Oak and Ash Says:

    A horrifying idea has occurred to me. If anyone who identifies as a woman must legally be allowed into women’s private spaces, does that mean a male teacher/counselor who claims to be transgendered is automatically allowed to check on the girls’ restroom, supervise the girls’ showers, or chaperone girls on field trips and at summer camp?

    I’d like to believe that idea might wake up all the sleepwalkers and make them see where these laws could lead, but I worry that girls and parents who object will simply be branded bigots and accused of transphobic hate speech. And the effect of these rules will be that many girls are no longer allowed camp or field trips by their justifiably concerned parents, might be pulled from sports, and end up leading more confined lives than even our mother’s–or grandmother’s–generation did, since women’s restrooms, dorms, etc., will effectively no longer exist. The world could become a place where men control all public space again.

    There are days when I find myself believing that, while conservative men want to control us, liberal men hate us outright.

    • donesoverydone Says:

      I do know from personal experience that in the US, men who identify as women can be court appointed drug counsellors which means women are forced piss in front of them for UA tests. I know cause it happened to me. If Equality Act passes it would be against the law for a woman to request a female drug counselor for the UA test as it would be in violation of his gender identity.

    • Jessica Says:

      If ‘trans women are women’, then it has to be true across the board. For everything. Whenever I try to switch the conversation from bathrooms to change rooms etc, they often refuse to talk about it. But they should, because it is the logical extension of their belief. If gender identity trumps *everything*, and if it is objectively true that ‘trans women are women’, then it will be sex discrimination to keep them out of anything regarding women and girls

      If ‘trans women are women’ then it must be true in 100% of cases. Right across the board. No ‘trans women are women’ just for bathrooms.

      • Charlotte Says:

        Maybe we need to add a birthing, menstruating and ovulating competition to the Olympics so there will be a sport left these fuckers can’t compete in. The “terf” triathalon hahahhahahah

  26. Livvie Says:

    What a psychotic. This is pomo theory pushed to its ultimate, idiot ideological end stage.

    I am so, so sick of this bullshit and this world. I am tired of men pretending to be women. I am equally tired of men telling me they are women when they are clearly not women. There was an incident this weekend at our local Target–the same one where the older woman told the tranny to get out and stop jerking off–where a man, who pretty much looks like this only without the beard, went in and women left en masse and waited outside the door till he left. They were telling women not to go in. Apparently a few did, and came right back out. (My friend works at this Target, so I hear a lot of stories. I asked her if she would please come to this blog and post some of what’s gone on because some of the stuff is really horrifying. Her managers are not happy with this, incidentally, but that’s because her managers are working women who are tired of sensitivity training that they don’t need for .03% of the population.

    I guess one of the women who left had her toddler with her, diapers trailing. Because with these sickos, no, it’s actually not about pissing. Not at all. It’s about standing in the mirror and preening and saying that you’re a woman to all the women you are now holding hostage to your performative BS. Why do they stand there so long? Seriously? Why do they need to be in the bathroom for what seems like hours, fucking around with their hair and makeup and picking at and fucking with their goddamned underwear?

    My husband has said that he is now going to be using the restroom with me–that he’ll go into the stall with me–any time I feel frightened or afraid because some freak is preening at the counter and staring down every woman who walks through that door. No one can stop him any more. Because hey–he feels like a woman for the minute I need to run in and pee. That’s fucked up for other women but I am not going to do this any more. At least I know that my husband isn’t there to hurt anyone or make them feel uncomfortable and he sure as hell isn’t going to let someone hurt any women while he’s there.

    Sorry to my lesbian friends–about my husband, I mean, but I am scared of these people. I’m even more afraid of the predators licking their chops like cartoon wolves, sick people who are going to take this ball and run with it like the wind.

    I can’t deal with this any longer. I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown about this, some days. I try to keep a sense of humor, but how? I feel like they’re winning and getting whatever they want and meanwhile women are having fucking anxiety attacks over this. And they don’t care, because it’s their right, and blah blah blah.

    I’m just tired, sad, and scared. I feel like a failure as a woman. Not strong enough to deal. Sorry.

    • donesoverydone Says:

      Reality is you’ve never been safe in public bathrooms or anywhere for that matter. Men who take your pic or video without your permission own the image by copywriter law, ask all the women whose boyfriends and husbands uploaded sex tapes taken without permission and who can’t get them taken down, courts keep ruling in favor of creep shots and declaring that women and children have no right to privacy in a public space, most common reason for police being kicked off the force is “sexual misconduct”, rape, and a survey of police chiefs estimated that 20% of their force was engaging in it and the conviction rate of rapists is 3% and who have a better chance of being arrested for filing false rape charges than seeing your rapist brought to trial.
      What has worried me most about gender identity laws from the beginning is that they are tied to civil rights for gays and lesbians and backlash against the excesses of trans politics would result in civil rights for gays and lesbians being rescinded and this has already happened as in Houston and NC. Gender identity laws are being used by conservatives to sheep dog women into backing laws that deprive gays and lesbians of civil rights and also enforce gender conformity by requiring women to produce proof of sex if they are judged to be lacking in feminity performance.
      Maybe instead of having your man escort you into the ladies stall, have him escort you into the stall in the men’s. If someone asks, say, “well if I have to piss with men I’m going to do it on my terms”. Let men be made uncomfortable for once. This might actually work as a tactic, courts keep ruling in favor of sex segregated bathrooms and locker rooms when it’s females who id as men want to use make sex segregated facilities.
      I live in a town with lots of trans and it’s actually what I’ve started doing lately if I go to the women’s and there’s a dude, I go to the men’s and when I’m told I’m in the wrong bathroom, I tell them there’s the men in women’s restroom, so I figure if I have piss with men, might as well use the men’s. Only done it twice, so far so good. If I had a man in tow, be a lot easier.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      I’m of two minds about your husband going into the restroom with you. A guy I know has similarly said that if he sees a (transwo)man go into a restroom a woman of his acquaintance is using, he’ll follow him to make sure she’s all right, and I’ve wondered what effect that sort of behavior will have if it becomes common.

      On the one hand, I object to the normalization of men being in women’s space for any reason other than an obvious emergency. It could also end up creating a situation where women are blamed for anything that happens if they’re not accompanied by a man.

      On the other hand, if men routinely follow (transwo)men into ladies’ rooms, it may have a dampening effect on the AGP fetish. If there are clearly other men around, the ladies’ room might not provide the validation–or opportunity for predation–they’re looking for.

      • donesoverydone Says:

        Nah, just wind up with a bunch men in locker rooms and bathrooms on the pretense that they’re “nice guys” there to “protect their wimmins”. Right.
        There’s no need for men to come in women’s bathrooms and locker room, I send boys into bathrooms, locker rooms by themselves and I tell them any guy touches you or is weird, scream, punch them in the nuts and run- I’ll be standing right here. Women aren’t children, men can stay outside, come in if women yell for help.

      • Livvie Says:

        Oak and Ash, hey.

        First of all thank you for talking with me about this topic. I still don’t know how I feel about it %100 but I know at least I won’t be too terrified to move if he’s there, or if he is right outside the main door where he can hear me if something were to go wrong.

        I don’t know that having him there is a solution in any way at all. I do know that for those few moments, I won’t feel the intense fear that I do feel if there happens to be a man in there and I would be alone with said man otherwise. If there are a group of women in there, I don’t want to inflict my husband on them but if I am by myself? I really do not want to be alone with these men, for reasons which are genuine but I’d rather not get into. I’m honestly not trying to make matters worse for other women. I just don’t know what to do any more. I feel very broken down by all this. I don’t know why these men are rewarded for hurting us. I’m having a hard time lately. Maybe I need to get into therapy again. All of this is very frightening to me.

        I’d love to straight up say where I am so you could come by and check out the sheer number of AGP’s using it, but I’ll just say that I live in a community in north central Florida and it’s quite bad. Our Ulta is similarly afflicted to the point that women in the community have stopped using it all through word of mouth. Maybe I should start filming them? I went to film school. I can say I’m making a documentary. I just don’t know anymore.

        The other solution is that I not use that bathroom at all, and that’s of course an option, but where are our rights? I know I’m preaching to the choir. Like I said, I’m just tired.

        I should say, I know that my husband is not trying to make things worse for me or other women. His mom is a feminist, a psychiatrist and a PhD, and she raised him to be a feminist. He’s a good man. He genuinely does not know how to help me to feel safe in these situations that women are increasingly being presented with and I think it’s partially a frustration on his part–he does not go along with the tranny BS, his mom rages about it constantly. At least I have people around me who feel similarly. I’m not cut off from support.

        As an aside, one thing this preferential treatment given to AGP men shows me is the absolute lack of fucks that have been given traditionally to lesbian women. As a straight woman, I was isolated from this to a great degree all my life. I’m sorry you have been erased and your voices not heard. I’m not very strong, so as an ally I’m useless. But I understand now, and I’m sorry for any pain that’s been caused you.

        All of this is so that men with power can take what they want from women, period.

        Peace and safety to us all.


      • Oak and Ash Says:


        I’m sorry your part of the world is overrun with AGP’s–they’re not yet that thick on the ground here. There were two in a women’s restroom at one event I attended, but they were so busy ogling themselves, I doubt they even noticed me.

        Perhaps you could think about taking a self-defense course to gain confidence in your ability to fight back? Although I’m a smallish, middle-aged woman with health issues, I go through my days with the attitude that if a man tries to harm me or someone else, I will make him sorry he was born. (There have even been a few occasions when I’ve successfully defended myself or another person, in spite of my size.)

        “I don’t know why these men are rewarded for hurting us.” Men have pretty much always been rewarded for hurting us–or, at least, not punished for it, which can amount to the same thing. That’s why we should fight back in whatever ways we can. Maybe you could find a way by filming them, as you suggest.

  27. Every time I think I have hit peak trans, something like this happens. And all my SJW acquaintances say nothing. Gee, maybe that’s because it makes a mockery out of “the cause?”

    Whoever said that prominent atheist bloggers are *some* of the most humorless bloggers ever said it exactly right. They can also be also hair-trigger oversensitive and very, very pompous and pedantic. I remember being on Love, Joy, Feminism (a site I normally love) and there is this one gentleman who is obsessed with calling out mental health stigma. Every time someone uses the words “crazy,” “insane,” or references mental illness in a non-literal or non-glowing way, he proceeds to derail the entire conversation with blowhard lectures about mental health oppression. It got to the point where people with actual mental health issues, the people he is supposedly defending, told him to shut up, they can speak for themselves, and if *they* see a problem, *they* will address it without his help. So no, if you noticed those tendencies, it’s not just you. Anyway, the SJW crowd has clearly infiltrated the atheist community and brought their trans bullshit with them. They have also infiltrated the cosplay community, wherein people who take part in contests to win free breast binders for costuming are oppressing teenage transmen who need the binders lest they will kill themselves, and mommy and daddy can’t know. SMDH. There is no escape.

    The irony in all this (besides the obvious stupidity that everyone else has already commented on) is that atheist male bloggers are infamous for insulting the Catholic Church using gendered, homophobic slurs (closeted gay men, men in dresses, men in drag, fags, sissies, etc. are the mild ones, and there are many more, far more graphic ones). But they are the first to claim to be translaydees or to defend translaydees. They also claim to be opposed to homophobia, transphobia, etc. on all its forms, while using homophobic and transphobic slurs to attack their opponents. And don’t bother calling them out. You will be branded a right winger. I guess these men fancy themselves butch lesbians and refuse to perform femininity, because it’s oppressive to women and they’re women, so…nyah? Oh, I get it. They look down on femininity, in both women and gay men, so they’re improving womanhood by making it masculine and since men are masculine, men will do the job perfectly! Or…some such thing.

    • Jessica Says:


      I am really getting sick of LJF. There is yet another post up today about how men who choose to put on dresses and perv on women don’t actually *claim* to be trans ergo letting men into women’s safe spaces is nothing to be concerned about! And, furthermore, peeping on women is already illegal so if you are peeped on, you can just call the cops, problem solved!

      For a website that obsessively talks about rape culture they sure are quick to dismiss the ‘lived experience’ of rape victims in their quest to put MTTs first. “It wasn’t a trans woman who raped you so why are you so afraid of men having the legal right to enter women’s facilities you bigot’ etc. They did the same regarding the rape of women in Cologne – it was ok because it was about *theft* not rape so stop complaining, b*tches!

      And the blog is supposed to be a ‘safe space’ but it really isn’t because all they do is police one another in an attempt to appear to be the most morally righteous. And they always talk shit about the evil “TERFS’ and any MTT who is at all gender critical is also labelled an evildoer.

      I no longer comment there precisely because of how unsafe a space it is. Last week I witnessed them delete multiple factual comments regarding the scientific nature of biological sex. FACTS are hate speech on that site.

  28. GallusMag Says:

    Here’s another one:

    by: Casey Geraldo
    7:55 PM, May 2, 2016
    2 hours ago

    A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student says she’s been discriminated against by her school.

    The transgender student said it happened at the school’s fitness center, when she tried to use the women’s locker room.

    Justine Kramer identifies as a woman, but was born a man.

    Kramer still went by Justin when she filed a complaint against the Klotsche Center. Since then, Kramer has legally changed her name, and soon her drivers license will reflect her female gender identity.

    “A lot of people view me as a threat to their safety when I’m not,” explained Kramer.

    That’s how Kramer said she felt she was viewed in the sauna at the Klotsche Center in January.

    “She asked me ‘Are you supposed to be in here?’ I said yes. She said ‘Are you sure?’ I said yes, because I was well aware this was a women’s locker room,” explained Kramer.

    “At this point I don’t look very female,” said Kramer.

    She said she often hears comments about not looking female.

    But it’s something she’s working to change, as she works with a physician to get started on hormone therapy. In the meantime, she’s working to change the policies at her school.

    “Here they were kicking me out when our interpretation of the policy was this was okay, when according to the Klotsche Center, it wasn’t okay,” she said.

    Dean of students Timothy Gordon tells TODAY’S TMJ4 the facility’s locker rooms are older and not built to allow maximum privacy. He said he can’t talk about specific students, but tells us the university is evaluating a new policy.

    “The focus of that policy is to attempt to provide access to facilities to people based on their gender identity, but also balance the rights of all students who use those facilities,” explained Gordon.

    The proposed policy states people using facilities of a gender other than the one they were born would have to cover genitalia in the presence of others. It also allows the family locker room as a gender-neutral facility. It specifies consequences as serious as police action for any harrassment in locker rooms.

    Gordon said the university is taking suggestions from individuals on campus as this draft develops. The Student Association has proposed changes to the policy, including the removal of several sections they feel discriminate against other students. A faculty member has also filed a letter objecting to several portions of the drafted policy.

    Cary Gabriel Costello writes “I’m frankly shocked that [policies] are being proposed as “inclusive” procedures, and have been vetted by legal,” according to documents provided by Kramer.

    • donesoverydone Says:

      What an asshole and if women complain they will get cited for harassment.
      This bullshit is going too cause so much backlash against gay and lesbians, this is now what LGBT rights means to the general public, dicks in the women’s locker rooms. And women like Barbara support this mans predatory nonsense in the name of inclusivity, it’s so stupid.

    • Jessica Says:


      Libfems always say that every change room in existence already has 100% privacy and that all MTT “look like women”, because hormones are magic.

    • Elle Driver Says:

      “Since then, Kramer has legally changed her name, and soon her drivers license will reflect her female gender identity.”

      That’s a rather strange statement, considering the WI drivers license doesn’t have a designation for gender, it has one for sex.

      But yea, let the conflation continue…

    • Charlotte Says:

      This piece of shit lives in my city. This is right on the tails of how the other UW campus in Waukesha had a pervert male jerking off and videotaping women in the bathroom only a month ago. The school KNOWS men will abuse this, the whole student body does, but no one cares cause women are mere sex objects and have no right to safety. We are expected to just take it as the losers in sexual dimorphism we are. I gotta agree with the poster above, I’m calling my male room mate into the bathroom if i spot a guy inside because if i have to feel threatened, sure as hell he is going to be made to feel threatened too.

  29. cerulean blue Says:

    So, “Justine” is not taking hormones yet, and looks exactly like any other man, yet still feels that it’s perfectly okay to let it all hang out? Thank, you, “Justine.” You are doing the work for us. Please show your laydee dick to as many women as possible. Please talk anout it on as many news programs as possible. Also, please do not shave before doing so.

  30. jule Says:

    This kinda fits, I guess. If not, sorry but I just realized something while reading an article on the Target boycott. I’m probably late at this realization so again, sorry if this has been gone over but I noticed that all but one of the comments were from men. I went to other stories and without fail, the majority of comments were from men. These are men on both sides of the arguement with some defending wives, daughters and common sense, but most were, of course, all for these new male “rights.” There are some women commenting, usually, though not always in favor of the boycott. The main place I’ve seen the libfems come out has been on feminist blogs or entertainment. I know quite a bit is moderated but am I just not looking at the right articles or is this really a trend? I’ve spent most of my life with my head in the sand so sorry if I’m coming across naive.

    • Jessica Says:

      So the woman in the video is a “hater and a bigot” because she 1) is concerned about privacy in the girls change room at school 2) Is asking people who comment to be respectful and not behave like mentally ill psychopaths.3) MTTs find this to be intolerable

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      “Boy demands to use girls’ bathroom, complains girls menstruate.”

      Any bets on how soon transgender boys start demanding girls use the nurse’s bathroom while they’re menstruating? Or transwomen claim the presence of sanitary products and disposal bins in women’s bathrooms is “triggering”?

      I read comments on Warwick Watch and the warwickonline story that lauded how much more open and accepting the young are and saying that those who view the presence of males in female spaces with suspicion are disgustingly obsessed with genitalia. It’s telling how many people encourage young women in exactly the kind of trusting naivete that often ends with them being sexually assaulted–and then blamed for the assault on the grounds that they should have understood the risks and so must obviously have wanted the result.

      And those of us trying to use our experience and wisdom to protect these young women are considered intolerant and disgusting. No reason for us to be suspicious, not in the least.

      • kesher Says:

        ‘Or transwomen claim the presence of sanitary products and disposal bins in women’s bathrooms is “triggering”?’

        They’ve already done this.

      • Oak and Ash Says:


        I knew they’d complained that discussions about women’s reproductive issues on-line and in women’s groups were triggering, but hadn’t yet encountered the same complaints about the presence of sanitary products in women’s restrooms. If you have any links, or even just an idea where I can look, I’d really like to show those sorts of comments to some overly tolerant libfem acquaintances.

      • kesher Says:

        I know I’ve seen links to discussions on Reddit (MTFs talking amongst themselves) in the gender critical subs: The examples I’m thinking of happened a while ago, I’m not sure I could easily find them again, but the gender critical subs are very informative.

      • Oak and Ash Says:


        Many thanks! I’ll have a look around.

      • Charlotte Says:

        It’s only a matter of time before one these freaks bashes the head of some woman because he took her request for a feminine product or use of the dispenser as sublime mockery and he uses it as an excuse to begin assaulting women for their mere biological function.

    • Magdalena Z. Says:

      Why doesn’t anyone care if girls say they are uncomfortable with a male in their bathroom? They are being called bigots for knowing a male is a male. It seems that this person has been “female” for exactly six months.
      When I was in high school there was a particular guy that always tried to put his hands on me, he was in my sister’s group of friends and he was huge, everyone was scared of him, even his friends, they never did or say anything to help me. I chose to walk home from school every time my sister gave this perv a ride. I can only imagine if he decided he was trans and was able to use the bathroom with me, jesus christ.

    • Imnocissie Says:

      So sad for these girls.

      • Jessica Says:

        I always love it when so called feminists say that if the girls are uncomfortable with a be-penised twanzgirl in their change room, that they should just ‘gtfo’ and stop being such awful bigots!

  31. Muscato recently appeared on the Bi Any Means podcast, which apparently serves the Queer Atheism Plus community. No way am I listening to this guy, but I found this summary:

    I listened to Bi Any Means the interview with Danielle Muscato. During the interview he reveals he is unable to take transition hormones for ‘health reasons’. Which is what I suspected, with his weight and associated issues as contraindications on the hormone drugs. But his problems are the world’s problems, because it’s not fair. Loved the way he chuckled through the discussion on rape and bathrooms. Considerate asshole.

    His transitioning issues with bathrooms start at 32 minutes in. Yes, I listened to it all. Patreon link will follow for a holiday in Phuket to assuage my catatonic state. … ium=widget

    Am I the only one who suspects the primary “health reason” is his desire to keep his cock from shriveling into nothingness?

    • kesher Says:

      I can’t remember if transwidow’s blog has been posted here (a different one from our resident atranswidow), but she’s talked about the health ramifications of HRT for men and how even things like genital pain and erectile dysfunction were insufficient to dissuade her husband from transitioning:

      So, lots of health reasons not to transition, but, if they don’t transition, then they’re not even trans, let alone “women”.

  32. GallusMag Says:

    And another:

    Transgender student Stefani Muollo-Gray: I was told to use the boys’ toilets

    Stefani Muollo-Gray, 16, is Marlborough Girls’ College’s first transgender student.

    A transgender girls’ college student was called to several meetings with teachers because she used the girls’ toilets.

    Stefani Muollo-Gray says she has as much right as any other student to use the girls’ bathrooms at Marlborough Girls’ College.

    The 16-year-old has started an online petition, addressed to Education Minister Hekia Parata and the college, asking to be allowed to use the girls’ toilets. The petition, created on Tuesday, has gained more than 3000 signatures.

    Year 12 student Stefani Muollo-Gray, left, has the support of other students, including Michaela Waite-Harvey, to use the girls’ toilets at Marlborough Girls’ College.

    The school says it wants to ensure other students feel comfortable and safe.

    “I just want to use the girls’ bathrooms because I identify as a girl,” Stefani said.

    What’s it like to be transgender in NZ?
    Share your stories, photos and videos.
    Stefani became the first transgender student to attend Marlborough Girls’ College when she started in February.

    Marlborough Girls’ College deputy principal Jo Chamberlain said the school’s priority was to make Stefani’s transition as smooth as possible.

    Stefani said she had been using the girls’ bathrooms without any complaints until a teacher saw her leaving the bathroom and raised the issue with other staff.

    A meeting was called two weeks ago, where Stefani was asked what toilets she was using.

    “Naturally, I told her I was using the girls’ bathroom because I am a girl, and the majority of the school’s bathrooms are for girls,” she said in her petition.

    She said she stormed out of the meeting when a teacher told her to use the boys’ toilets because she was a boy.

    A further meeting was called to discuss bathroom options, this time with the principal and other staff members.

    Staff told Stefani she agreed to use the boys’ bathrooms when she enrolled, she said in her petition.

    “I had no recollection of that agreement ever being made. I told them that I very much wanted to be able to use the girls’ bathroom, and that I have as much right as any other girl.”

    Several further meetings were held with “very little progress”, she said.

    Chamberlain said the school had a duty to ensure other students felt comfortable and safe using the girls’ bathrooms.

    Several bathrooms had been turned into unisex bathrooms by sticking a male figure, next to the female figure, on the door, Chamberlain said.

    Those bathrooms were chosen because they had doors that reached the floor, she said.

    Talks with Stefani were ongoing, and there would be further meetings, Chamberlain said.

    “We are still considering all the options.”

    Stefani’s friend, Michaela Waite-Harvey, said it was great the college had accepted a transgender student, and that the petition was attracting support nationally and around the world.

    “We’re such a small community, and usually small communities lag behind the bigger cities. But here Blenheim is blazing a trail. We’ve had people in Wellington saying they want it at their school.”

    Stefani planned to present the petition to the college in the next week or two.

    – The Marlborough Express

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      I want to sign a petition to keep this pervy man in NZ out of the girl’s restroom, locker room, etc.

  33. International Women’s Day was on March 8 of this year. Women everywhere were asked to boycott that day which I did. In honor of International Women’s Day, Muscato tweeted this. Link from Purple Sage. Stop Trans Chauvinism also covered it.

    I checked it out, and yes he tweeted it. He tweeted “Smash the Patriarchy”, and then a few tweets later he says, “Some women have penises. If you’re bothered by this, you can suck my dick. #InternationalWomensDay”

    The tweet is on the very bottom of the page. Yes, he said it, and yes it was directed towards women.

    March is women’s history month.

    For some reason, Muscato likes to wear Black Lives Matter tee shirts.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Another asshole…another dumb-ass white guy (I would usually try not to there in full…but this just tares it), like quite a few of the cult.

      This brings up the following: how in God’s gray earth can anyone take seriuosly, the actions of the cult, when in their ranks….they celebrate child pornographers, traffickers, rapists, murderers and other creeps? All…again as much as this would make me a heretic among some…the litany is one of the reasons WHY the peak has been reached, some elected officials have woken up, etc. Something also says that those who are t and have been cowered into silence, may start to awaken to this bullshit as well.

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