‘True Trans’ UBC Pride Flag Arsonist Brooklyn M. Fink confesses

April 28, 2016

Confessed arsonist of Rainbow Pride Flag - Brooklyn Marie Fink [CBC]

Confessed arsonist of Rainbow Pride Flag – Brooklyn Marie Fink [CBC]

On Friday, February 5th the Pride Collective at the University of British Columbia raised the Rainbow Pride Flag on the campus flagpole in the opening ceremony marking the start of LGBT OutWeek 2016 festivities. On Monday they discovered that someone had lowered the flag to the base of the pole and incinerated it while still attached, leaving nothing but the scorched rope and brass grommets. This was investigated as a hate crime by university and local authorities. The Pride Collective cancelled the transgender pride march “Fuck the Cis-Stem” planned for that week out of concerns for the safety of participants along the route. Vancouver City Hall flew the Pride Flag in support of the Collective, which appeared to be under siege by anti-LGBT arsonists. (1)

“On @MayorGregor‘s request, the #Pride flag will fly today at #Vancouver City Hall in solidarity w/ #UBC. Hate has no place in our community.

  • @VanMayorsOffice” (2)

Turns out the perpetrator was witnessed and identified by a student who later came forth, having initially assumed they had simply witnessed a random campus weirdo doing something benign: “I just assumed they were doing some kind of ritual or it was the end of midterms and they were burning their material – I had no idea,” she said. “It was 2:30 p.m. in the middle of the day, they were just standing there and they were looking at me.” (3)

According to reports (4) , the arsonist is referred to by aliases Wayne Curtis Sartison, Wayne Curtis Fink, Wayne Fink, and (currently) Brooklyn Marie Fink in court proceedings and is 32 years old. He has been charged with criminal mischief (5) and held an impromptu press conference following his court appearance, where he requested that the charges be dropped on the basis that “This is a matter between a student and her school. This isn’t a matter of mischief, so it should just be summarily dismissed.” (6) Proceedings were delayed until May 17 so Fink can confer with counsel.

Social media post alleged to be made by Fink

Social media post alleged to be made by Fink

Fink explained to the press and via social media postings that he was already carrying a grudge because believed he was blacklisted as an artist in Vancouver for “speaking out against the rampant gay nepotism in that industry.” On the morning the Rainbow Pride Flag was raised, a professor referred to him with the gender neutral pronoun “they”, which sent him into an arsonist rage. He went on to explain that increased transgender visibility has made it impossible for him to ‘pass’ as reproductively female among the general public. He told the CBC (7) :

“Ten, 12 years ago I was just a tall woman and nobody thought anything of it, but because these gender nonconformers are being so loud and proud … now everybody looks and they can see oh, that tall woman with a deep voice, maybe she’s a dude.”

Confessed arsonist of Rainbow Pride Flag - Brooklyn Marie Fink [CBC]

Confessed arsonist of Rainbow Pride Flag – Brooklyn Marie Fink [CBC]

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(2) https://twitter.com/VanMayorsOffice/status/697459487557287936

(3) http://ubyssey.ca/news/rcmp-working-with-witnesses-to-identify-burner-of-pride-flag/

(4) https://www.reddit.com/r/UBC/comments/4fwivd/woman_charged_for_burning_down_ubc_pride_flag/

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65 Responses to “‘True Trans’ UBC Pride Flag Arsonist Brooklyn M. Fink confesses”

  1. Miep Says:

    “DIAF, ethnically diverse homosexual people!” Ftfy, Fink.

  2. dejavublonde Says:

    I know this isn’t likely the reply you were looking for but- I love this. I laughed SO HARD when I saw this.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I lol’ed when I saw that he got the “Fuck The Cis-Stem” march cancelled. Can’t make this shit up.

      • dejavublonde Says:

        I am actually, genuinely tearing up right now laughing all over again. I can’t even stop long enough to parse this shit out

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        And on another month…we will be inundated with even more of the excrement. After all it will be that time, where the media will feature this and other levels of this insanity. With few calling the ‘t’ maniacs (again, not all are maniacs, creepy and plain scary…but many are) what they are.

        Any wonder with this incident, as well as others….why quite a few university systems are seen as politically correct sewage grounds.

    • Miep Says:

      They’re gonna have to add a new initial for the closeted by choice.

    • GallusMag Says:

      And what’s with the name? “B.M.Fink”? Out of all the names in the world, that’s really what you’re going with??

  3. petuniacat00 Says:

    The police and University initially thought it was a hate crime. And they were right! I hope the judge doesn’t go thinking that just because someone is ‘trans’ that they can’t be bigoted against gay people. As this loony says, they are not the same.

    We’ve been amusing ourselves about this guy over on purplesagefem all day.😂


  4. dejavublonde Says:

    random, completely unrelated fact: 95% of arsonists are male. this laydee is so unique in so many ways!

  5. What an abusive asshole.

  6. Let’s get this straight. So, every LGBT organization (HRC, GLAAD, etc.) has put transgender front and center in everything they have done for the last decade, even at the expense of lesbians and the entire female sex. Any woman who doesn’t want to see Colleen Francis and “her male genitalia” is an awful bigot. The HRC pitches a fit and attacks Michigan Women’s Music Festival because it’s so transphobic, God forbid, terribly, terribly horrible for women to have one week a year on their own private property without asking transwomen first. Fallon Fox gives Tamika Brents seven staples to the scalp and fractures her orbital bone. The Iranian Women’s Soccer team has 8 players that are males, and Olympic “women” athletes can have a penis. The HRC ignores the lesbian phobic “Cotton Ceiling” because it’s so awful and mean that lesbians won’t date transwomen (forget the penis nasty old mean TERFs). Then, a poor, misunderstood transwoman burns the beloved Rainbow Flag. Gay men who died of AIDs loved that flag because it meant something to them, and lesbians over 40 fought for that flag too. They have no shame.

    I just love this sentence…

    “On Monday they discovered that someone had lowered the flag to the base of the pole and incinerated it while still attached, leaving nothing but the scorched rope and brass grommets.”

    It’s the “T” front and center all the time, no questions or dissent allowed, or it’s scorched earth. That is exactly what we are seeing everywhere.

    WTF? “I’ve put up with LGBT oppression and colonization for 12 years”.

    Homophobic moron has it backwards. Gay men and lesbians have put up with the “T” sucking the life out of LBGT organizations, leeching off our political success.

  7. At least they didn’t burn a “TERF”. Seriously, that is not funny, but I’m sure they have thought about it.

  8. Oh boy, another homophobic man in a dress.

  9. Miep Says:

    I really have to go along with y’all here that this is possibly the funniest transgender story ever. The guy who burned the flag isn’t funny, it’s the whole context that’s funny. I want to be the proverbial fly on the wall, listening to how people who think transgenderism is a social justice movement, try to explain this one. Check, and mate.

  10. SisterWomanFemaleXX Says:

    Every time I hear this “now everybody looks and they can see oh, that tall woman with a deep voice, maybe she’s a dude.”

    I think this –

  11. wildwomyn Says:

    “… now everybody looks and they can see oh, that tall woman with a deep voice, maybe she’s a dude.”

    Forgot the other indicators: huge hands and prominent adam’s apple.

  12. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on things I've read or intend to and commented:
    Man thinks it’s a good idea to change his last name to Fink and then go burn a gay flag in protest of everyone clocking him as a man from a hundred yards. More trans activist like these please.

  13. morag99 Says:

    “Ten, 12 years ago I was just a tall woman and nobody thought anything of it, but because these gender nonconformers are being so loud and proud … now everybody looks and they can see oh, that tall woman with a deep voice, maybe she’s a dude.”

    Oh, that statement is a beauty! Isn’t it beautifully honest? The gender non-conformers are ruining everything, damn them. Without those strict gender divisions and uniforms, how can this poor man, this lunatic arsonist, fool people into believing he’s just a tall girl?

    Cue Edith and Archie singing “Those Were the Days”:

    And you knew where you were then
    Girls were girls, and men were men
    Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again …

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      This guy almost makes Archie Bunker look wise and reasonable in comparison. At least Archie didn’t deny biology.

      And, of course, Fink’s totally delusional if he thinks people are suddenly clocking him after believing he was a woman for a decade. The visibility–and volume–of the transactivists has merely destroyed his illusion that he was passing.

      • kesher Says:

        I think there might be a point to the visibility in his complaint, namely that, ten years ago, most people dealing with him saw him as a weird man who is better off ignored. But, thanks to trans visibility, people who don’t like MTFs (and familiarity breeds contempt) likely blatantly treat him as a man and people who feel obligated to worship MTFs treat him as an extra super special man.

        Although I find it funny that Mr. Narcissist here has a problem with either of these outcomes because it’s my impression that MTFs love the attention, whether positive or negative. In fact, once the frenzy over trans issues dies down, I foresee a lot of quiet detransitions (as if most of these guys transitioned in any meaningful way), if not suicides.

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      morag99, LOL! 😂😂😂 I can hear the song in my head…
      Brooklyn Marie Fink: the firebreathing unicorn 🔥🦄

    • Oceans Says:

      Lololol. And of course he passed effortlessly until those horrible GNC people came along…..

  14. Hedda Gabler Says:

    Delusional person is delusional. It’s really quite tragicomic how triggering the whole trans circus can be for people who seem to really sincerely believe that their gender identity is very real and that they are truly perceived as that gender by society.

    In quite a significant way trans activism resembles the Ouroboros in its irresistible urge to consume it’s own tail.

  15. Janetwo Says:

    Just wondering, after the rash of anti- gay acts and appropriation by the trannies, how long it will take for gay organisations to get the message and drop the T. Its not like this is an isolated incident. Especially after the desacration of the monument, Gay Liberation, more people should have get the point: transgenderism is an especially nasty combo of homophobia and misogyny. With the boycott of Target picking up steam, now would be a very good time for gay organisations to wake up and disavow the loonies and not be victims of the unavoidable backlash. The religious right will try to roll back the progress made by the gay community in one very efficient sweep.

  16. Oak and Ash Says:

    False flag vandalism?

    I’m both laughing at the absurdity of this act and hoping that “Transwoman burns rainbow flag” may push some half-blind liberals to see what’s really going on.

  17. K Says:

    He’s so unapologetic about how much he hates us, it’s like an ice demon fart– horrible yet refreshing.

  18. IronBatMaiden Says:

    This guy is a fucking asshole! He goes postal because he was “mis-gendered?”

    The more time goes by, the more I’m seeing that transgenderism is truly a mental illness. I’m gonna get hate for it, but I don’t care.

    I’m going to call him “he” because that’s what he is! He’s just a dude in a dress who needs to acknowledge his biology just like the non-conforming gay men and lesbians.

  19. moira Says:

    This is odd. Read the comments here. It looks to me like “Morgane Oger” knew, back in February, exactly who was responsible:

  20. MaryMacha Says:

    The flag’s not inclusive enough? Maybe we could add add a fringe of toilet paper to represent the T. It would have to go all around the flag to symbolize their complete encroachment.

  21. prozac Says:

    I would think of one wanted to live stealth they wouldn’t attend various searchable events speaking about their experience as a transgender woman or, you know, commit hate crimes in broad daylight. Now everyone and their dog knows, lol! Perhaps he should move to Halifax next and try to resist committing arson. The best part, I think, is the SHOCK that burning the pride flag didn’t result in critical self reflection on the part of the pride society (or the entire world, I’m only guessing here). Maybe leave a post it next time. Does anyone remember Daphne Shaed “a woman with a penis”, just a two hour ferry ride away in Victoria, B.C.? He protested the rainbow crosswalks there. I just went to post a link but it appears his blog has been deleted recently. I wonder if there is a connection?

    • GallusMag Says:




      “Shaed shared some of her own words as well. “Ultimately, the crosswalk is painted across the backs of marginalized and still-suffering queers,” she said. “It disguises the lived experiences of those of us who attend and have attended this university.” Shaed wore large sunglasses and a bandana to hide her face while speaking — a sign of solidarity with those who have felt their identity erased by the University’s perceived inactions.”

      • prozac Says:

        I note they never actually outline what it is they actually want. The bulk of the article was them whining about their voices not being heard. Irony. I noticed that not only is Daphne’s blog gone, but his Twitter, vine, and tumblr and I couldn’t get results in the wayback machine for the blog due to robots. That seems suspicious to me!

      • GallusMag Says:

        His blog can still be read in google cache. Looks like he deleted around two weeks ago.

      • jule Says:

        A woman’s center has a man in drag as a coordinator? I know this isn’t new, but it never ceases to surprise/disappoint me. My faith in females in power is decreasing all the time. If a woman’s center has a man in a dress in any position of authority, it has let women down by default. I hope the radfems organize against these idiots. On another note, I truly enjoyed the look on a local libfem’s face when she called me a terf and I said “thank you.” To me being called a terf simply means a person has recognized my common sense.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I like to say “My pronoun is terf”. lololol

      • Miep Says:

        I *like* that!

      • GallusMag Says:

        LOL. “I use sexed pronouns based on the observed sex of the individual being referred to” also works wonders. YMMV. 😉

      • Janetwo Says:

        For some reason, this level of appropriation reminds me of the late Jack Forbes book, Columbus and others cannibals. Forbes was a Native scholar and activist. The book was about how white patriarchal culture was consumming everything in its path. These trannies are all about destroying and than consumming by appropriation womanhood. Its not enough for this dude to settle with just posing as a woman, he has to rip off the clothings of women in a culture still deeply traditional and misogynistic without any clue about their lived reality. Its sick.

  22. Biscuit Says:

    Hold on – in that social media post, he actually complained about being colonized? In Canada? A white man, in Canada, complaining about being colonized?

    Oh, for fuck’s sake. What a raging asshole.

    • Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

      I’m pretty sure that to most of the modern left “colonized” has come to mean something like “other people criticising me/getting in the way of my perceived entitlements/disagreeing with me in public” and not, you know, actual colonization. I think it has become a left-wing value-signalling word with very little actual meaning, not unlike how on the right, “communist” or “socialist” means “anything we don’t happen to like,” regardless of whether it’s actually either of those.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      I reacted to that, too–and colonized, as well as oppressed, by the LGBT!

      (That reminds me of reading one young woman’s claim that if we don’t call ourselves cis-women, we’re appropriating the identity of transwomen, since woman is what they call themselves.

      I haven’t yet encountered a (transwo)man accusing us of appropriation or colonization, but it wouldn’t surprise me.)

      • MaryMacha Says:

        I think we should refer to them as transWOEmen from now on both for the self-pitying and for the woe they inflict.

      • prozac Says:

        > spits out iced tea< SERIOUSLY? can't say woman unless we are referring to their preferred bathroom?? This naive person probably shouldn't let the t knows she detects a difference between cis and trans, even if that difference only serves to admonish natal females for being as such. Maybe I'll see if we can get the gender markers for natal females changed to CF because the trans call themselves F, too. Ffs.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “I think we should refer to them as transWOEmen from now on both for the self-pitying and for the woe they inflict.”

        I like that, but also favor transwooman for incorporating the “woo” right into the word.

  23. Zemskull Says:

    “Ten, 12 years ago I was just a tall woman and nobody thought anything of it … now everybody looks and they can see oh, that tall woman with a deep voice, maybe she’s a dude.”

    This is a problem for a middle-age 6’4 born-woman friend of mine. She played NCAA women’s basketball and has given birth. Definitely a woman. She used to be just accepted and assumed as simply a tall woman. Now, thanks for transactivists, she’s viewed with suspicion. It’s especially challenging for her right now because she’s back on the dating scene, and the dates she meets thinks she might be conning them.

  24. I feel like anyone that claims enough “oppressed identities,” even if they’re made up, can get away with any level of inappropriate, harassing, or even violent behavior without being called out. It will be defended as “punching up.” Spend any length of time in SJW spaces and you will be criticized for tone policing if you insist that adults behave like adults and follow the rules of society. Since when does someone looking at you wrong, or saying something not 100% to your liking, constitute a defense of a property crime? They truly feel they are above the law.

    Also, anyone who has ever said that “I like men better than women because men don’t do drama” (sexist much?) has never spent time in the company of a transactivist. When women get upset about, well, anything and call it out, it’s starting drama. When men do the same times ten, and make it public, it’s “standing your ground,” now matter how abusive or ridiculous the behavior. Men absolutely do drama, especially “translaydee” men, and very often put women to shame when they do.

  25. GallusMag Says:

    Daily Xtra, Canada

    Charge dropped against UBC Pride flag burner

    Why prosecutors are letting Brooklyn Marie Fink off without penalty

    Published on Fri, Jan 6, 2017 6:31 pm.

    Nathaniel Christopher

    [Photo: Brooklyn Marie Fink tells reporters outside the Richmond courthouse April 26, 2016, that she only meant to protest the Pride flag flying from the UBC flagpole.]

    The woman accused of burning a Pride flag at the University of British Columbia last year won’t be going to trial after all.

    Brooklyn Marie Fink was scheduled to stand trial for mischief in March 2017, but Crown prosecutors suddenly dropped the charge against her on Dec 6, 2016.

    Though Fink pleaded not guilty and asked the court to dismiss the charge against her, she admitted to burning the Pride flag when she appeared in court last May. But it was an act of political protest, she insists, not a crime. Fink says she burned the flag to object to a non-UBC flag hoisted on the UBC flagpole; that it was a Pride flag was particularly galling since, as a transsexual woman who wants nothing to do with transgender activism, she says LGBT politics are ruining her life.

    Crown prosecutors dropped the charge against Fink after deciding the likelihood of convicting her was low.

    Charges are only approved if prosecutors think there’s sufficient evidence for a conviction and if the prosecution is considered in the public interest, spokesperson Dan McLaughlin explained to Xtra in an email.

    If prosecutors decide at any time during a case that its likelihood of conviction has dropped, they can stop the proceedings. “That is what occurred here,” McLaughlin says.

    After Fink burned the flag, some UBC students said they felt unsafe. “This is a suspected hate crime of intentional destruction to a very publicly important symbol for the LGBTQ+ community,” the UBC Pride Collective said in a statement last February.

    Asked how the Crown responds to the students’ suggestion that it was a hate crime, McLaughlin declined to comment. The charge was initially approved and the case prosecuted, he notes, but since it’s no longer before the court it would be improper to comment further on the allegations, he says.

    Asked if the flag burning was a political statement or a crime, McLaughlin again declined to comment. Since the charge has been dropped, it would be inappropriate “to speculate as to the motivations for the incident or attempt to characterize the incident further,” he repeats.

    The UBC Pride Collective did not comment by posting time on the Crown’s decision to drop the charge.

    Fink declined to be interviewed for this story but in an email exchange with Xtra said she won her case when the Crown dropped the charge.

    Fink indicated in the email that she’s trying to resume her studies at UBC but says the university is still evaluating her application and demanding another psychological assessment (which she intends to challenge).

    Last May, Fink told Xtra she was still waiting to hear if the president of UBC would expel her completely or readmit her with or without conditions, after a non-academic misconduct hearing earlier that month. At the time, she was prohibited from entering the Point Grey campus.

    A UBC spokesperson declined to comment on Fink’s enrolment status now, or the outcome of her misconduct hearing, for privacy reasons.

    In a Jan 3 email to Xtra, Fink threatened to sue UBC and the Ubyssey newspaper for defamation, harassment and “the loss of ability to live life as a female.” She alleges they discriminated against her because of her political beliefs.

    “I am confident that I will win and collect damages,” Fink writes. “I identify as a heterosexual woman. Let that sink in. Now Google my name and read all the slander and libel about ‘confessed arsonist,’ ‘transtrender,’ and ‘describes herself as transsexual.’”

    “I’m not going to slink into the darkness,” she continues. “I’m not going to kill myself. I am going to end the evil political revolution of Herbert Marcuse and be a leader for my people; whether the postmodernists like it or not.”


  26. […] first time transgender activists have sought to remove gay pride flags from schools. Last year the University of British Columbia’s Gay Pride flag was burned on the flagpole by a trans student …. Hate crime charges against the arsonist were dismissed by law enforcement that seemed confused by […]

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