May 5, 2016

Full article: Daniel Harris’s essay will be reposted on GenderTrender in full if it is censored.

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It has come to our attention that an article published in the Winter 2016 issue of The Antioch Review is stirring debate in our campus and alumni communities and within the broader transgender community. Daniel Harris’ views are his own, and based on the response of some readers, are deeply offensive to many transgender individuals and supporters. Antioch College does not condone or always agree with the ideas and viewpoints expressed in the Review. We do, however, have confidence in the Review’s editor and editorial process, and support a key Antiochian value—the free expression of ideas and opinions, even when they run counter to our own. As a college, we encourage our students, faculty, and the broader community to engage in critical thought and dialogue around important issues, including this one. We believe commitments to the ideals of free expression and support for LGBTQ human and civil rights are not…

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  1. GallusMag Says:

    The following petition has been started to censor Harris’s essay.
    The listed signatories are individuals in the academic and literary realms calling for censorship of the gale male author.


  2. Jessica Says:

    And of course, the TGs are out in force, declaring this to be transphobic.

    I have been thinking about this lately, and why they get so angry, so violently angry when challenged.

    First, ever notice that their is some overlap between otherkin and trans? Yep. I have noticed more than a few otherkin suddnely become trans or genderqueer. I think that these are mentally ill people in search of an identity, and when that special snowflake identity is challenged, they lose their shit.

    The other type, of course, is the AGP, who wants to practise the fetish unchallenged and in the open. Narcissistic rage is the natural course for these severely fucked up people.

    • Rachel Says:

      Thankfully I don’t come across many otherkin, but transloons share a similar juvenile view of the world, and tend to have some of the same juvenile preoccupations (anime characters, superheroes, fairies, cartoon “art”).

  3. Jessica Says:

    Forgot to subscribe

  4. GallusMag Says:


    Please close this tab or browser window once you’ve read/signed- folks are having trouble opening it “until the crowd clears” (Google’s words). Thank you! -Oliver

    1,900+ Writers, Editors, and Librarians Denounce Transphobia in the Antioch Review

    May 4, 2016

    The Winter 2016 issue of Antioch Review includes an article by Daniel Harris called “The Sacred Androgen: The Transgender Debate” (full text available here:

    In this article, Harris describes transgender people—which he refers to as “TGs,” or, elsewhere, as “the TG”—as swimming in “surgeon-infested seas” of “mass delusion,” while entangling a presumably cisgender “us” in “trivialities” such as preferred pronouns, and refers to transgender women as “hyper‑sexualized l’odalisque[s]” living in a “pre‑feminist dystopia.” Harris also writes that the 41% suicide attempt rate among transgender people “suggests that many TGs experience profound disillusion over the fact that their problems were not resolved during their transition,” when in fact recent studies have suggested that this rate is not due to being transgender but due to transphobia itself.

    As writers, editors, and librarians in the literary community we denounce the Antioch Review’s decisions not only to publish this piece, but subsequently to tout it on social media as “not-to-miss,” “sure to entertain, intrigue, and provoke,” and an opportunity “to take our debate to a new level on the topic of transgenders” [sic], and we ask for accountability from the editors for this decision. Antioch Review, founded in 1941, advertises its mission as being to “publish the best words in the best order,” and we call on the editors to respond to how this article fits into that mission.

    As writers and editors ourselves, we find a serious lack of judgment behind the writing, publishing, and publicizing of this piece, and we are shocked that the Antioch Review, a journal of such stature, would choose to publish it. As people who care about language, we are particularly troubled by the article’s righteous celebration of ignorance about how nouns and adjectives work, and the author’s desire to blame trans people and their allies for rejecting nouns that have no descriptive or identifying purchase (“transgenders”) in favor of adjectival uses that correctly describe people: trans men, trans women, trans people, gender non-conforming humans. It is deeply troubling that the Antioch Review promotes this sort of bigotry. We can find no redeeming aesthetic or political justification.

    Harris calls into question the very identity of transgender people, whom he calls “incomplete figures, arresting amalgamations of sexual traits,” and an “(often unsuccessful) illusion.” Framing the existence and realities of trans people in this way — as up for debate — is far from innocently provocative. It’s dangerous, specious, and complicit in the spectrum of violence that trans people face every day in this political climate. Among the many troubles with this piece, we consider this one of the most harmful.

    Antioch College as a whole issued a press release calling the article a “must-read.” The layers of not only complicity but endorsement that this dehumanizing article passed through is astounding. As members of the literary community, we refuse to be silent in the face of transphobia in our midst, which we understand to be related to the many individual and structural incidents of racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and other violences large and small experienced by members of our community.


    Oliver Bendorf, MFA University of Wisconsin-Madison, author of The Spectral Wilderness
    Kaveh Akbar, founder and editor of Divedapper, Ph.D. candidate at Florida State University
    Wo Chan
    Paige Lewis, Ph.D. candidate at Florida State University
    Jonathan Senchyne, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Colin Gillis, Associate Lecturer, University of Wisconsin – Madison
    C. Russell Price, The Offing and Northwestern University (author of Tonight, We Fuck the Trailer Park Out of Each Other)
    Sarah Browning, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Split This Rock
    Everett Maroon, independent author
    Trish Salah, author of Wanting in Arabic and Lyric Sexology, Vol. 1, and Assistant Professor of Gender Studies, Queen’s University
    LaTanya McQueen, PhD candidate at the University of Missouri
    Jay H. Wu
    Temim Fruchter, independent author
    RJ Gibson, MFA Warren Wilson College, author of Scavenge and You Could Learn a Lot
    Adam Fitzgerald, contributing editor at Literary Hub
    A.A. Balaskovits, PhD, University of Missouri. Social Media Editor at Cartridge Lit. Author of Magic for Unlucky Girls.
    Marjorie Jolles, Director and Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies Program, Roosevelt University
    Samantha Abrams, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Nia Mendy, BFA graduate of Emerson College’s Writing, Literature, and Publishing program and VONA 2016 Fellow
    Katherine Charek Briggs, Assistant Director, LGBT Campus Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Rebecca Hazelwood, PhD student, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
    Allison Grimaldi-Donahue, Fiction Editor Queen Mob’s Teahouse
    Sarah D. Lawson, Beltway Poetry Slam, founder
    Karen Tucker, PhD student at Florida State University
    Ely Shipley, author of Boy with Flowers, On Beards, Playing Dead, and Assistant Professor of English at Baruch College, CUNY
    Luiza Flynn-Goodlett, author of Congress of Mud
    Nate Brown, American Short Fiction
    Thea Brown, University of Maryland
    Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes
    K. Tait Jarboe, author
    Christopher Soto, Editor at Lambda Literary Foundation
    Barry Grass, MFA, University of Alabama. Nonfiction Editor at Sundog Lit
    Sandra Beasley, author and University of Tampa MFA faculty
    Charles Jensen, poet
    Helen Vitoria, Founding Editor in Chief, THRUSH Poetry Journal
    Anthony Michael Morena, author of The Voyager Record: A Transmission
    Audrey Gradzewicz, MFA, Purdue University
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    Rae Gouirand, MFA University of Michigan, author of Open Winter
    Adam Gianforcaro, author of Morning Time in the Household, Looking Out
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    Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers, Poet and Writer
    Stephanie Edd, independent author
    Jaquira Diaz, writer
    Brook Shelley, author
    Halie Theoharides, Managing Editor of jubilat, MFA candidate in Poetry at UMASS Amherst
    Gabrielle Bellot, writer, PhD Candidate at Florida State University
    Karen Craigo, poet
    Jeeae P. Chang, MFA Pacific University
    Reem Abu-Baker, MFA candidate at the University of Alabama
    Ashley Booth, Poet & Director of Organic Search at Catalyst Digital
    Callum S. Angus, MFA candidate Umass Amherst
    Joseph Osmundson, Post-doctoral Fellow, New York University, Associate Editor at The Feminist Wire
    Megan Milks, author and Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Beloit College
    Chase Berggrun, poet, MFA New York University
    Bel Poblador, Managing Editor, TAYO Literary Magazine
    Nancy K. Pearson, Fine Arts Work Center Instructor
    Samantha Cohen, PhD student at University of Southern California
    Gabriele Hayden, PhD Yale University
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    Melanie Madden, MFA University of Arizona
    Melissa Reddish, Director of Honors, Assistant Professor of English, Wor-Wic Community College
    Tyler Mills, Assistant Professor of English, New Mexico Highlands University
    Laura Kochman, poet, MFA, University of Alabama
    Sheila Squillante, Associate Director, MFA Program, Chatham University. Assistant Professor of English. Editor-in-Chief, The Fourth River. Blog Editor, Barrelhouse. Parent trying to guide her children away from transphobia and hatred in general.
    Mary McMyne, Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing, Lake Superior State University
    Michelle Betters, Art Editor at Redivider & Adjunct Faculty at Emerson College.
    Reem Abu-Baker, MFA candidate at the University of Alabama
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    Kenzie Allen, PhD student at University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, Managing Editor, Anthropoid
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    Nic Alea, writer
    Melissa Faliveno, writer, editor, MFA Sarah Lawrence College
    Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, University of Washington, Seattle
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    Hiba Krisht, writer
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    Tyler Tsay, poet / editor in chief of The Blueshift Journal
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    Jason Teal and Nathan Floom, Heavy Feather Review, Founding Editors
    Bradley Babendir, MFA candidate in Fiction at Emerson College, contest editor for Redivider, host, Redivider Podcast
    James lee jobe
    Amanda Hope, poet & librarian
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    Leila Ortiz, Brooklyn
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    Ann Ward, editor, Cosmonauts Avenue, MFA Candidate, UMass Amherst
    Phoebe Rusch, MFA graduate, U of Michigan
    Tim Eubanks, 00’, Former Secretary of the Antioch College Alumni Board, Austin, TX
    Amy Jo Trier-Walker, poet
    Diane Sherlock, MFA, Antioch University, Los Angeles
    Marika Prokosh, Writer, University of Winnipeg Library
    Layla Al-Bedawi, writer
    August Smith, poet
    John Beer, Portland State University
    Marie-Elizabeth Mali, independent author
    Kate Geiselman, MA, Professor at Sinclair College, editor of Flights, Vice President of the Executive Board of the Antioch Writers’ Workshop
    Patrick Williams, poet, librarian, editor of Really System
    Aida Ebrahimi, University of Wisconsin – Madison
    Lewis Freedman, poet
    Lisa Hollenbach, PhD
    Karrie Higgins, MFA, Antioch University Los Angeles
    Caroline Klocksiem, writer
    Amy McDaniel, Publisher of 421 Atlanta and Editor of Real Pants
    Yibiao Wang, musician, Columbia University
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    Lupe Méndez, MFA, Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say, Co-Founder -Librotraficante Movement
    Dustin Pearson, Editor, Hayden’s Ferry Review
    Eric Blix, PhD Candidate, University of Utah
    Yvette Frock Gottshall
    Jordan Rice
    Sarah Broussard Weaver, writer and student, University of Portland
    Nicky Agate, MFA, PhD, parent trying to teach against hate
    Zoe B. Thompson, Visiting Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
    Abby Peck – BA, Kenyon College; MA, University of London, Birkbeck
    Marina Weiss
    Larina Warnock, Poet
    Rickey Laurentiis
    Rebecca Connors, Poet
    Allie Marini, Antioch University of Los Angeles Alumna, managing editor of Zoetic Press, co-editor of Lucky Bastard Press
    Fritz Ward, Poet, Swarthmore College
    Franklin K.R. Cline, cream city review
    Elizabeth K. Switaj, PhD, Queen’s University Belfast; Liberal Arts Instructor, College of the Marshall Islands
    Aaron Maurice Saari, M.Div.
    LaToya Jordan, MFA, Antioch University, LA
    Hannah Stephenson, writer and editor, Columbus, Ohio
    Miriam Bird Greenberg
    Natalie Solmer, poet, MFA Butler University
    Anna Cabe, MFA Indiana University, Web Editor of the Indiana Review
    Ross White, executive director, Bull City Press; lecturer, UNC-Chapel Hill; poetry editor, Four Way Review
    Colleen Rain, poet, MFA candidate Rainier Writer’s Workshop
    Mikey Berg, poet, Sarah Lawrence College
    Walker Caplan, Prose Editor, Winter Tangerine Review
    Cyndi Pauwels, BA, MA, Antioch University McGregor
    Elyce Strong Mann, MFA Candidate, Antioch LA
    Paul Cunningham, editor of Radioactive Moat Press
    Caroline Belle Stewart, MFA, UMass
    Paul Scot August, Poet, Milwaukee, WI
    Gabrielle Bates, MFA University of Washington, Coordinating Editor of the Seattle Review
    Lori Askeland, Chair, English Department, Wittenberg University.
    Jessica Jacobs, Poet & Visiting Writer, Hendrix College
    D. Michael Whelan, MFA, Antioch University, Los Angeles
    Jennette Caden, former board chair of Equality Ohio, Dayton, OH
    Rachel Statham, Poet & Editor-in-Chief of MISTRESS, Wilbraham, MA
    Katie Manning, Poet & Founding Editor-in-Chief of Whale Road Review
    Olive Melissa Minor, PhD, MPH, Northwestern University
    Tyler Gobble, MFA candidate in poetry at the Michener Center for Writers
    Teneice Durrant, Managing Editor, Argus House Press
    Sam Vuchenich
    Ted Dodson, Managing Director, BOMB
    Laurel Fantauzzo, Writer-In-Residence, Yale-NUS, Singapore
    Jack Bachmann, Student
    Kelly McQuain
    Rebecca Seiferle–Tucson Poet Laureate
    Brian Clements, PhD–Western Connecticut State University
    Reed Gaines, MFA, Brown University
    Jocelyn Sears, Poet
    Ted Rees, Poet and Critic
    Rebecca Aronson, writer
    Angie Chuang, Associate Professor, American University School of Communication
    Anna-Sophia Zingarelli-Sweet, Librarian.
    Seth Abramson, Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire; Series Editor, Best American Experimental Writing
    Nancy Hightower, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Hunter College
    Alex Samets, MFA, LMSW
    Meggie Royer, poet and Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Persephone’s Daughters
    Cathy Lopez, MFA, poet, Editor Devilfish Review
    Loren Kwan
    Gilah Pomeranz, Adjunct Instructor, Poetry, Antioch University Midwest,
    Elyce Strong Mann, MFA Candidate, Antioch LA
    Claire Montserrat Jackson, Author, poet, and editor
    Jack Kaulfus, MFA, Texas State University
    Brian Oliu, Instructor at the University of Alabama
    Douglas F. Warrick, author of Plow the Bones, creative writing instructor at Stivers School for the Arts, Dayton, OH
    Liz Purvis, poet
    Mary Carroll-Hackett, author, poet, and editor
    Kazumi Chin, Poet, Author of “Having a Coke with Godzilla”
    Michelle Lin, Poet, Author of “A House Made of Water”
    Azia DuPont, writer, Founder & Editor-in-chief of Dirty Chai Magazine
    Justine el-Khazen, VIDA Women In The Literary Arts
    Evan Lavender-Smith, Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University, Founding Editor, Noemi Press
    Nicole Steinberg, poet and Communications Director, Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
    Tom Stock-Hendel, MFA, Antioch University, Los Angeles
    Diane Seuss
    Carissa Halston, writer; Founding Editor, Aforementioned Productions; EIC apt
    Jared Schickling, Lockport, NY
    Sumita Chakraborty, PhD candidate, Emory University; assistant poetry editor, AGNI Magazine
    Eric Doise, Assistant Professor of English, Southwest Minnesota State University
    Devin Lentz, Transgender Initiative Chair of the LGBT Center of Raleigh
    Christine M. Harden, PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Population Health Sciences
    Charlie Bondhus, Poetry Editor, The Good Men Project; Assistant Professor of English, Raritan Valley Community College, New Jersey
    Erin Stalcup, MFA Warren Wilson College Program for Writers, Co-Founder and Editor of Waxwing, faculty Northern Arizona University
    Jess Auerbach, Stanford University, Anthropology.
    Tom Cho, PhD, author of “Look Who’s Morphing”
    Ron Hogan, publisher,
    Julia Marley, poet
    Marta Figlerowicz, assistant professor, Yale University
    Michael M. Weinstein, PhD candidate, Harvard University
    Briana Aizin
    Liz Bowen, PhD candidate, Columbia University
    Ian P. MacDonald, Ph.D., assistant professor of English, Wittenberg University
    Aaminah Shakur, poet & art writer
    Miguel M. Morales, President, LGBTQ Caucus, Association of Writers & Writing Programs
    Edgar Kunz, Wallace Stegner Fellow, Stanford University
    Joe Pan, poet, Publisher of Brooklyn Arts Press, editor at Hyperallergic
    Gwendolen Bailey, poet
    Taylor Pedersen, poet
    Brant M. Torres, Assistant Professor of English, University of San Francisco
    Rosebud Ben-Oni, poet
    Anandi A. Premlall, Author and Educator
    Carrie Guss, MFA University of Florida
    Matt Margo, poet, editor of Zoomoozophone Review
    Haley Rene Thompson, poet
    Stevie Edwards, poet, Editor-in-Chief for Muzzle Magazine, Acquisitions Editor for YesYes Books, Cornell MFA
    Rebecca Snow, novelist
    Hannah Gamble, MFA, University of Houston, author of Your Invitation to a Modest Breakfast
    Ben Pease, Ruth Stone Foundation
    Heather Salus, MFA, University of Illinois; teacher candidate, Northeastern Illinois University
    Mae Abel, Sex Worker
    Michelle Donahue MFA Iowa State University, PhD Student University of Utah
    Emily Coon, MFA student, University of Alabama
    Rebecca Rustin, maybe PhD student in translation studies, Concordia University
    RL Goldberg, PhD student, Princeton University
    Katharine Beutner, assistant professor of English, University of Hawai`i at Manoa
    Jen Wang, poet & teaching artist
    Trace Peterson, poet, Editor / Publisher of EOAGH, Co-editor of Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics (Nightboat Books), Author of Since I Moved In (Chax Press).
    Sam Cooney, publisher, The Lifted Brow
    Michael J. Abolafia, New York Review Books
    Beverly Burch
    Nathan Blansett, poet, Emory University
    Jennifer Cox, Master’s in Literature & Creative Writing Candidate. Harvard University
    Adèle Barclay, PhD Candidate in English, University of Victoria, Poet, Editor
    D. Allen, MFA candidate and poet, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
    Raphael Dagold, poet, Associate Instructor at the University of Utah
    Sadie Laett-Babcock, writer, student at Concordia University
    Maxine Vande Vaarst, Fiction Editor, Buffalo Almanack and doctoral student, University of North Carolina
    Matt Sailor, writer, fiction editor, The Mondegreen
    Stu Watson, Editor, Prelude
    Ryan Berg, author
    Robert James Russell, Co-founder/Managing Editor, Midwestern Gothic; Founding Editor, CHEAP POP
    Elisa Karbin, PhD candidate and poet, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Andrea Garcia-Vargas, writer
    Kolby Harvey, instructor and PhD candidate, University of Colorado
    Christina Im, poet & student
    Ben Rawluk, writer
    Emma Smith-Stevens, MFA University of Florida, writer
    Gwen Haworth, MFA, University of British Columbia, Filmmaker of “She’s a Boy I Knew”
    Brad Richard, Poet
    Jos Charles, author of Safe Space
    Lotus Norton-Wisla, Washington State University
    Hannah Kroonblawd, MFA Candidate, Oregon State University
    Bethy Squires, Vice contributor
    Hannah Howard, Independent Social Justice Advocate
    Gentris L. Jointe, MFA University of Florida, Poet
    Christina A. DiEdoardo, Esq., author of “Lanza’s Mob: The Mafia and San Francisco” and “Pizza, Mermaids and Girldick: Transition Odes and Other Musings”.
    Lauren A. Ross, visual artist
    Noemi Martinez, writer & poet
    Emerson Whitney, author of Ghost Box, MFA from CalArts, PhD candidate
    Z Hitzel, MA Northern Arizona University, MFA Oregon State University, writer
    Monique Briones, writer
    Anne Lesley Selcer, poet and art writer
    Naima Woods, MFA at New Mexico State University, Associate Editor, Puerto del Sol
    Miles Tokunow, maker & educator
    Madeleine Wattenberg, Poetry MFA Student, George Mason University
    Nathan Kemp, poet
    Ivy Alvarez, author and editor
    Emily Brown, MFA University of Iowa
    Sarah Rupp, writer & poet, Richmond
    James Ashby, MFA candidate, CU Boulder
    Maxe Crandall, poet, Stanford University
    M.L. Williams, poet, former editor of Quarterly West, Valdosta State University
    Rev. Jamie Eastling, minister, essayist, and educator
    Kenneth Yuen, MFA Cornell University
    Emma Addams, Writer and Educator
    Marian Ochoa, professor, artist, editor – problem press, Baltimore MD.
    Emily Sun, Postgrad. Murdoch University, Western Australia.
    Luke Hankins, Editor, Orison Books / Senior Editor, Asheville Poetry Review
    Sarah Sarai, NYC, poet, person, it’s a beautiful new world-er
    Jane Cope
    Julie M. Rodriguez, Editor at Curiosity Quills Press
    Kevin Sampsell, publisher, Future Tense Books, Portland, OR
    jacklyn janeksela, person
    Vic Sizemore, novelist and educator
    Tanya Grae, poet, PhD candidate at Florida State University
    Alex Alvina Chamberland, Writer & Performance Artist
    James Moran, poet, MFA North Carolina State University
    Keith Leonard, poet
    Mary Biddinger, Professor of English and Editor of the Akron Series in Poetry, University of Akron Press
    Ashley Nissler
    Hoa Nguyen, poet, editor, educator
    Noah Stetzer, poet
    Cleis Abeni, writer, editor
    Rita Gabis, writer
    Stella Beratlis, librarian, poet, and author of _Alkali Sink_.
    Sam Corfman, poet
    Gabrielle Rajerison, PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh
    Robin Ekiss
    Mika Yamamoto,M.A. Central Michigan University
    Kelly Thompson
    Amy King, Poet and VIDA: Women in Literary Arts
    Wesley Rothman
    Yanyi Luo
    Anthony Moll, MFA, PhD Student, Morgan State University
    Elizabeth Hart Bergstrom, MFA, Sarah Lawrence College
    Kerri Webster, Boise State University, Poet and former Antioch contributor
    Heather Salus, MFA from University of Illinois
    Gabe Winer, English/ESOL/Education Department Co-chair, Berkeley City College
    Sandra L. Faulkner, PhD, Director and Graduate Coordinator Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Bowling Green State University
    Joanna Imogen Davidson, Writer, Poet
    LeVan D. Hawkins, Writer, MFA, Antioch University – LA
    Wendy Chin-Tanner, author of Turn, Poetry Editor The Nervous Breakdown
    Catherine Kyle, Ph.D. Western Michigan University, author of Feral Domesticity, Flotsam, and Gamer: A Role-Playing Poem
    Jim Whiteside, poet, MFA, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Lauren Brazeal, MFA, author and poet
    Philip Schaefer, poet & bartender, Missoula, MT
    Gabriel Muñoz-Fitch
    Aren Aizura, Assistant Professor of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, University of Minnesota
    Marisa Lorbeer
    Samuel Bakkila, MA candidate / Instructor of Writing, Portland State University
    Mary Ann S. Saunders, Lecturer in literature and academic writing, University of British Columbia
    Nadir Souirgi
    Kristin Jacobson, Associate Professor of Literature, Stockton University
    an. cinquepalmi, poet
    Reginald Harris, poet and librarian
    Aimee Nezhukumatathil, poetry editor of ORION and Professor of English, State University of New York-Fredonia
    Krystin Gollihue, MFA University of Alabama, PhD candidate NC State University
    Sharon R Flanagan, MA, Antioch University, Santa Barbara
    Keffy R. M. Kehrli, writer, editor of GlitterShip
    Nicholas Birns academic writer and editor
    Nicole Stefanko, MFA San Francisco State University, Poet and Teacher
    John Landry, former poet laureate New Bedford, Massachusetts
    Casandra Lopez/ Co-founder and Managing Editor of As/Us
    Scott Fenton, Indiana University MFA
    Samantha Tetangco, MFA University of New Mexico
    Alex Bradley, PhD Candidate, Edith Cowan University, Australia
    Rita Chiricuzio, regular folk, smart enough to know better
    Sarah Maria Medina, Poetry Editor at Winter Tangerine
    Chelsea Kurnick, The Casserole Reading Series
    Zoë Etkin, MFA from CalArts, author of The Embodied Pregnancy Journal
    Tristan Silverman, poet
    Rosebud Ben-Oni, poet
    Abe Louise Young, MFA James Michener Center for Writers, Director of Revolution Writing Workshop
    Kate Garrett – writer and poet; founding / managing editor of Three Drops Press and Picaroon Poetry, senior poetry and flash fiction editor at Pankhearst
    Chase M. Ledin, MA student, King’s College London
    Linda Michel-Cassidy, MFA Bennington, Why There Are Words , Contributing Editor: Entropy
    Shannon Burns, poet, MFA UMass Amherst
    Carrie Moniz, MFA, co-founding editor of The California Journal of Poetics, pre-service teacher currently enrolled in a Master of Arts in Teaching program, human being
    Ivan Coyote, author
    Molly Farrell, Assistant Professor of English, Ohio State University
    Andrew Wessels, writer and instructor at Koç University
    Leigh Brady
    Jen Ralston, screenwriter
    Anne Champion, author and professor at Wheelock College
    Laura Orem, Poet, Founder and Director of Women’s Voices Mentorship Program for Writers
    Victoria Cho
    Marcella Vokey
    Jenny Drai, associate poetry editor at Drunken Boat
    Purdey Lord Kreiden Thomas Taren
    Michael Thomas Taren Lord Kreiden
    Rachel Reynolds, writer
    Gina Granter, Instructor in the Department of English, Dawson College
    Megan Brownley M.Ed.
    Brett Evans,editor, Prole poetry and prose, UK
    Tiffany Ferentini, Vice President of the AWP LGBTQ Caucus
    Alex McElroy, PhD candidate University of Houston
    Eduardo C. Corral
    Anna B. Sutton, poetry editor, Dialogist Journal
    Vanessa Angelica Villarreal, writer
    Matthew Donlevy, PhD Candidate in English, Writer, UMass Amherst
    Peter Fontaine, Ph.D. in English, Creative Writing – Fiction, Associate Editor of Southern Discourse in the Center
    Melissa Eleftherion (MLIS, MFA), poet, librarian, teacher, parent.
    Amy A. Dobrowolsky, MLIS University of Washington
    Katherine Cross, writer, cultural critic, Ph.D Student Sociologist CUNY Graduate Center
    Tara Marie, writes about comics a lot
    Omar Zahzah, writer and poet, PhD student UCLA
    Yasmin Belkhyr, Editor-in-Chief, Winter Tangerine
    Christina Stoddard, Associate Editor at Tupelo Quarterly & Managing Editor/Publicist of The Account: A Journal of Poetry, Prose, and Thought
    P.E. Garcia, Dead Letters Editor at the Offing and Editorial Assistant at the Rumpus
    Felicity Thompson
    Michael Nye, author
    Alana Kumbier, Critical Social Inquiry & Digital Pedagogy Librarian, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
    Rachel Patterson, Editor, Radar Poetry
    Dakota R. Garilli, MFA Chatham University, managing editor IDK Magazine; Pittsburgh, PA
    Quince Mountain, editor, Killing the Buddha
    Claire Comstock-Gay
    lMax Baumkel, PhD Student, English, Vanderbilt University
    Jacob Steinberg, author, translator, Associate Editorial Director at the Rosen Publishing Group
    Karen Marron, writer, editor, The Ilanot Review
    Rachana Hegde, poet, writer
    Lindsay Tigue, PhD student, University of Georgia
    John David Liberty Bell
    Alexandra Glowaski
    Cassandra Powers, MFA University of Texas, Austin
    Meghan Privitello, poet
    Oscar Mancinas, MFA candidate, Emerson College
    Jason Brown
    Jon Ferguson, MFA West Texas A&M University – Artist, Designer
    Maggie Colvett, MA, University of Georgia, poet
    Kendall Joy Gerdes, Assistant Professor of Technical Communication and Rhetoric, Texas Tech University
    Thel Seraphim, PhD, Northwestern University
    Darren C. Demaree, poet and editor of Ovenbird Poetry and Best of the Net Anthology
    Christine Hennessey, MFA UNCW
    Raina Fields, writer and public relations professional, MFA graduate – Virginia Tech
    Luis Neer, author of WAVES, editor-in-chief for Atrocity Exhibition, columnist for Moloko House
    Adam Chile
    Marie Walters, PhD student, Wright State University
    erica kaufman, Associate Director, Bard College Institute for Writing & Thinking and editor at Litmus Press
    Michael Luis Dauro, poet
    Ruthie Scarpino
    Joy Ladin, author of Impersonation, Gottesman Professor of English, Yeshiva University
    Megan Fernandes, Assistant Professor of English, Lafayette College
    Portia Carryer
    Nikki Wallschlaeger, Poet
    Gina Abelkop, poet, editor of Birds of Lace
    Erika Meitner, poet, MFA Program Director & Associate Professor of English, Virginia Tech
    Ben C. Schwartz, MFA, Simmons College
    Sandra Meek, Dana Professor of English, Rhetoric and Writing, Berry College
    Valerie Rose Carey, MFA, writer
    José Angel Araguz, poet
    Amanda Goldblatt, writer, teacher, Northeastern Illinois University
    Steph Burt
    Jeremy Stewart
    Kaitlin Springmier, librarian, University of Chicago
    Sarah Frances Moran, Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Yellow Chair Review
    Jessica Lee Richardson, writer
    Alli Simone DeFeo, Poet
    Samantha Buck, UMass Amherst
    Brian Simoneau, poet
    Brianna Lichtenauer, poet
    Mark Cugini, Editor, Big Lucks
    Anna Meister, MFA candidate NYU
    Benjamin Woodard, Editor-in-Chief of Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine
    Peter Mason, Co-founder/Editor, |tap| literary magazine
    Alyssa Kerec Harley, poet
    Robyn Ryle, writer
    Emily August, Assistant Professor of Literature, Stockton University
    Rachel Ronquillo Gray, poet
    Josh Olsen, teacher, writer, editor, librarian
    Ryan Burden, PhD candidate, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Managing Editor, Four Way Review
    Cindy Butor, Book Van Coordinator, Lexington Public Library
    Dennie Eagleson, Resident Scholar, Antioch College
    Eshani Agrawal, MFA candidate, University of Arizona
    Conor Bracken, poet
    Nikkita Cohoon, MFA, Bowling Green State University, book designer
    Stephanie Ford, poet
    Julia Cohen, Phd & poet
    Fox Frazier-Foley, poet, EIC of Agape Editions
    Prosper Hedges, writer, activist and editor of The Tinkypuss Zine
    Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Faculty Editor, Eleven Eleven
    Raquel Salas-Rivera, poet
    Reagan Jackson, columnist for the Seattle Globalist
    Kieran Lyons, MFA, University of Mississippi; PhD. student, LSU
    Suzy Exposito, writer at Rolling Stone
    Brett Shaw, MFA candidate, University of Alabama
    Trisha Remetir, PhD student at UNC Chapel Hill
    Sarah Marcus, Editor, Gazing Grain Press
    Michael Kalish, Professor of Psychology, Syracuse University
    Galen Beebe, MFAW Candidate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
    Meredith Blankinship, Associate Editor, Loose Change Magazine
    Zachary Doss, MFA, University of Alabama
    Lucas Church, MFA, NC State, editor of PINBALL
    Kathie Bergquist, faculty, Columbia College Chicago
    Anne C. Wheeler, MFA, PhD, Faculty, Springfield College
    Alison Stine
    Antonio Franco
    Suzanne Scanlon, writer, faculty Columbia College Chicago
    Azriel Johnson, author, founder/director of Writing Knights Press, decent human being
    Khaliah Williams, MFA Iowa Writers’ Workshop, writer, teacher, Brooklyn, NY
    Micah McCrary, Ohio University
    Michelle Samuels, MFA, Boston University
    Elizabeth Clark Wessel, Editor, Argos Books
    Alexandra May
    beyza ozer, editor at YesYes Books, Poetry Foundation, Columbia College Chicago
    Gale Marie Thompson, editor, Jellyfish Magazine, PhD candidate & Instructor at the University of Georgia
    Roy Pérez, Ph.D., assistant professor of English, Willamette University
    Joel Hans, managing editor, Fairy Tale Review, MFA candidate at the University of Arizona
    Elena Passarello, Assistant Professor, Oregon State University
    Elizabeth Young, MFA The New School for Public Engagement
    Dani Wijesinghe, Neuroscientist and Biochemist, University of Bristol, UK
    Lincoln Alpern, MA Goldsmiths College, University of London, activist, freelance writer and library worker
    Kat Dixon, poet
    Michele Howe, Freelance Editor
    Ben Kinney, MA candidate, Northern Michigan University
    Andrew Sargus Klein, poet
    Cassandra Clarke, Writer, Managing Editor at Spectator & Spooks
    Joanne Proulx, writer, Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet, And the Boys Will Play
    Billie R. Tadros, Ph.D. candidate (English/Creative Writing) and Assistant Director of the Writing Center, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
    Miranda Samuels
    Jamey McDermott, New South, MFA candidate at Georgia State University
    Marty Cain, MFA University of Mississippi, editor Yalobusha Review
    Henry Hoke
    Natasha Smith, MFA playwright at Ohio University
    Jack Marr, writer
    James Yates, writer, contributing editor
    Jesse Castaldi Keen, Ed.M, poet
    Melissa Goodrich, MFA University of Arizona, author of Daughters of Monsters
    Foster J. Pinkney, PhD Student in Religious Ethics – University of Chicago Divinity School
    Stephanie Berger, poet
    Max Cohen
    William James, poet
    Jess Pane, MFA New York University
    Tyler Beckett, fiction MFA candidate, Old Dominion University
    Nino Cipri, MFA candidate, University of Kansas
    Maeve O’Brien, PhD Candidate, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
    Andrew Rihn, writing tutor, Stark State College
    Salvatore Pane
    Alicia Salvadeo, poet
    Orlando Reade, graduate student, Princeton
    John Trefry
    Gina Myers, writer
    Jacqueline Kari, PhD student, University of Georgia
    Wendy Rawlings, Writer, author of The Agnostics and Come Back Irish
    Alex Jones, Writer
    Dilruba Ahmed, MFA, Warren Wilson College; author of DHAKA DUST
    Joshua R. Helms, MFA, University of Alabama, author of Machines Like Us
    Sue Landers, poet, Brooklyn, NY
    Shelly Eversley, Founder and Associate Professor, Baruch College–The City University of New York
    Jendi Reiter, editor of Winning Writers and author of Two Natures (Saddle Road Press, 2016)
    Nina McConigley, author and Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming
    Donora Hillard, Writer and Senior Lecturer at The University of Akron
    Amber Carpenter, MFA candidate at Columbia College Chicago
    Kristin Vamenta, reader, translator, advocate
    Lucas Mann, MFA University of Iowa, author of LORD FEAR
    Michael Berkowitz, poet
    Heather Patterson
    Carrie Vi Gordh MFA, Adjunct English Professor San Diego City College
    Carina del Valle Schorske, PhD student at Columbia University
    Rebecca Lauren, MFA, managing editor, Saturnalia Books
    Xandria Phillips, poetry MFA candidate @ VT
    Nora Hickey, Instructor, University of New Mexico
    Pia Simone Garber, MFA University of Alabama
    Ismoon Maria Hunter-Morton, MA/MLS, Public librarian and community archivist in Portland, Oregon, genderQueer (trans umbrella) femme identified
    Janine Joseph, poet and Assistant Professor of English at Weber State University
    Leila Walker, Council on Libraries and Information Resources Postdoctoral Fellow, St. Lawrence University
    Dr. Lillian-Yvonne Bertram
    Dustin M. Hoffman, fiction writer
    Mark Neely, Poet, Associate Professor of English, Ball State University
    Von Thompson-Wynn, MFA, Poet
    Janani Sreenivasan, writer, New York City
    Beverly Perez Rego, Editor, Atlantean Poets
    L V White, writer
    Randolph Pfaff, writer; Founding Editor, Aforementioned; Senior Editor, apt
    Johnny Damm, A Bad Penny Review, Opo Books & Objects
    Lee-Jean Chow, BA(Hons.) International Business with German Language, Freelance Writer, Contributor to CARRY Mag
    Anthony Barry, Owner, Super-Fly Comics & Games
    Marc McKee, poet, MFA, University of Houston, PhD, University of Missouri
    Patrick Gaughan, MFA, UMass-Amherst
    Timothy Yu, Associate Professor of English and Asian American Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Bridget Read, editor, Ecco/HarperCollins Publishers
    Geoffrey Babbitt, Assistant Professor of English and Writing & Rhetoric, Hobart & William Smith Colleges
    Kaya Oakes, faculty, College Writing Programs, UC Berkeley
    Maria Anderson, MFA University of Wyoming, editor at Essay Press
    Emma Anticlimax, zine writer and self publisher, University of North Carolina Greensboro
    Kipland Parker
    Sandra Allen, writer, Brooklyn
    Maryn McGaw, BSE, MFA filmmaker
    Abby Hagler
    Rebecca Kuder, writer, adjunct faculty (Antioch College); MFA, Antioch University Los Angeles
    Morgan Adams, poet and editor-in-chief of Osedax Press
    Cait Potter, Writer/Artist
    Michael Martone
    Rachel Valinsky, PhD student in Art History, The Graduate Center, CUNY; Wendy’s Subway co-founder
    Angel Lemke, Former Managing Editor, Quorum Columbus, Doctoral Candidate, Union Institute & University
    Sarah Gzemski, Managing Edtior, Noemi Press
    Danez Smith, Member of the Dark Noise Collective
    Fatimah Asghar
    Taylor Johnson
    Paul E Richardson, Retired
    Bryan Borland, Poet & Publisher of Sibling Rivalry Press
    Nini Berndt, fiction writer, University of Florida MFA
    Emily Drabinski, Librarian, Long Island University,
    Lara Lorenzo Brooklyn
    Christine Guarino, MFA Lesley University
    Brianne LaPelusa, MFA Candidate Columbia, College Chicago
    Lelania Ottoboni Watkins, Ph.D. Candidate, Georgia State University
    Megan Kaminski, Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
    Lu Olkowski, documentary maker
    Lauren Hilger, Poetry Editor, No Tokens Journal
    Josh Kalscheur, Halls Emerging Artist Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Ariel Resnikoff, poet
    tariq shah, writer/poet, brooklyn ny
    Jaime Shearn Coan, PhD Candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY
    Brandon Som, poet and educator
    Jessica Lawson, PhD University of Iowa, MFA student University of Colorado Boulder
    Sophia Greenway, writer/poet, Boston, MA
    Wendy C. Ortiz, author
    Sandy Lee, Antioch University Los Angeles
    Noah Falck, poet & education director at Just Buffalo Literary Center
    Matt Longabucco, Clinical Assistant Professor, Liberal Studies Program, New York University
    Rachel Busnardo, University of Colorado Boulder
    Meaghan J. Brown, CLIR Postdoc Fellow for Data Curation
    Nicole Walker, Northern Arizona University
    Bonnie Chau
    S. Kay, writer
    Kaleigh O’Keefe, poet, performer, educator. Flatline Poetry and Strength of Doves Productions.
    Kellie Wells, Associate Professor, University of Alabama
    Amanda Leigh Lichtenstein, poet & writer
    Jeff Haynes, poet, MFA Virginia Tech
    Kristen N. Arnett, Editor-in-Chief, SPECS Journal – Rollins College
    Bryce Bortree, writer, Seattle
    Kristen Miller, Sarabande Books
    Sarah Gorham, Sarabande Books
    Anne Cecelia Holmes, poet, Jellyfish Magazine co-editor
    Kate Peterson, MFA Eastern Washington University
    Elisabeth Workman, poet, writer, and creative writing instructor @ Minneapolis College of Art & Design
    Jera Brown, MFA candidate, Columbia College Chicago
    Rachael Dosen, poet and author
    Kristen Gleason
    Katie McClendon, MFA Purdue University; English Instructor, Loyola University Chicago, Indiana University Kokomo; author
    Addie Tsai
    Andi Cumbo-Floyd
    Sarah Barney, student at Stockbridge High School, co-assistant editor of The Panther Yearbook
    Matt Bell, writer, professor, Arizona State University.
    Emily Kiernan, Prose Editor at Noemi Press and Rivet: The Journal of Writing That Risks
    Cecilia Llompart, MFA University of Virginia, Founder New Wanderers Collective
    Jonathan Dubow
    Laura Tootill
    Andy Carter, Archivist
    Marissa Higgins, MFA at American University, Lifestyle writer at
    Alicia R. Ambler, Lecturer University of Iowa
    Brigitte Fielder, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies,
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Sarah Maria Medina, Poetry Editor at Winter Tangerine
    Liz Prato, Editor at Forest Avenue Press, Author at Press 53s,
    James Tortorelli, contributor at Sula Collective and La Liga Zine
    Hawthorn Mineart, Managing Editor, Indiana Transgender Network
    Gabriella Acheampong
    Daniel Fortier
    Diya Chaudhuri, Managing Editor, The Mondegreen
    Stephen Danos, writer, Editor-in-Chief, Pinwheel
    Tracy Dimond, writer, MFA
    Mx Padmavyuha Greenleaf
    Jasper Verlinden, PhD candidate at the Freie Universität Berlin
    Ignacio B. Peña – MSc creative writing student at the University of Edinburgh
    Michelle Meyers, MFA candidate at the University of Alabama
    Amy Rossi
    Andy Powell
    David LeGault, MFA at the University of Minnesota
    Alex Walton
    Michelle-Marie Gilkeson, Writer and Producer at IMRU Radio: an LGBTQI Radio News Magazine
    Jacob Powers, MFA Boise State University
    Kip Manley
    Chris Emslie, MFA candidate at the University of Alabama & Assistant Editor at ILK journal
    Sarah B. Boyle, poet
    Corinne A Schneider, poet & writer
    Bryanna Lee Tidmarsh, instructor of writing and English literature at Rutgers-Newark and Assistant in the Program in Creative Writing at Princeton University
    Benjamin Haber, CUNY Graduate Center
    Andy Foskey, Librarian, Cleveland State Community College
    Meg Day, Assistant Professor, Franklin & Marshall College
    Sarah Leavens, MFA, Visiting Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh
    Beatrice Couser
    David Ebenbach, Author and Editor
    Jessica C. Malordy, Fiction Editor at Sonora Review, Founding Editor at Misadventures, and MFA Candidate at the University of Arizona
    Joseph Bates, writer, Assistant Professor of English, Miami University
    Tina Madison White, author of “Between Shadow and Sun”.
    Ella Boureau, Awards Coordinator for Lambda Literary, contributing editor for In the Flesh
    Ellen Schendel, Professor of Writing, Grand Valley State University
    Dominika Ksel, artist & educator, Hunter College
    Maisha Z. Johnson, MFA Pacific University
    Rebecca Maslen Sapolsky, author and youth worker
    Mathias Svalina, writer
    Kristen Radtke, author & Managing editor at Sarabande Books
    Catherine Campbell, Author, Adjunct Professor, Lenoir-Rhyne University Center for Graduate Studies
    Jeff Owens
    Laura Tootill
    Jake Byrne, Editor-in-Chief, Soliloquies Magazine
    Marjorie Jensen, poet, essayist, fiction writer, editor of Arcana: the Tarot Poetry Anthology, MFA Mills College, BA Antioch College
    Patrick O’Neil, MFA, Antioch University, Los Angeles
    Cecilia Llompart, MFA University of Virginia, Founder New Wanderers Collective
    Julianna Baggott, novelist, essayist, poet, professor
    Floriane Moro, MA candidate, Freie Universität in Berlin
    Diamond Forde, MFA candidate at the University of Alabama
    Katie Jean Shinkle
    Gregory Howard FC2 author, Assistant Professor University of Maine
    Lydia Havens, founder of Sapphic Swan Zine
    Inara Verzemnieks, The University of Iowa
    Jasmine Sawers, MFA Indiana University, prose editor for Osedax Press
    Gabriel Kruis, Co-founder, Wendy’s Subway
    Katie Avagliano, MFA candidate in creative writing at American University
    Emily Jean Alexander, MFA candidate, Columbia College Chicago
    Quintan Ana Wikswo, author of THE HOPE OF FLOATING HAS CARRIED US THIS FAR
    Telaina Morse Eriksen, MFA, Antioch University-Los Angeles, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Michigan State University

    • donesoverydone Says:

      That’s a whole lotta people with expensive letters after their names calling for censorship.

      • Tina Says:

        How do you get from kindergarten to MFA without reading Fahrenheit 451 somewhere along the way?

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        Gee…quite a few people out there need to get a real life. As well as keeping in mind that the first ammendment applies to ALL here in the US. Not for just a few MFA’s, etc.

        Also…..what was said in the piece that was ‘wrong’? Truth is neither left, right or PC. It just is and at times can be uncomfortable for us to read or hear. It is not a magic mirror, that can be tuned to reflect a perfect image to match the mind’s eye. So what was stated placed in a logical fashion, what the public has been fed and why what was spooned out, makes little sense when exposed. Especially when this is done to those lacking the mental capacity to understand what is going on…be they transitioning or being unconditionally supportive.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      All right, so the style of the essay is rather overwrought and there are a few borderline offensive classist/misogynistic comments in it, but he didn’t attack anyone, tell them they couldn’t change their bodies, or even bar them from the ladies room, so the attempt at censorship must be purely for his ideas.

      It’s funny how when women complain of being threatened with violence or death, people defend free speech and accuse them of overreacting, but when men are distraught that someone disagrees with their self-image, it’s an emergency that calls for immediate censorship.

    • floydmerit Says:

      How does this list match up when cross-referenced to the pro-ISIS, anti-Charlie Hebdo petition?

    • Janetwo Says:

      Quite an act of bravery to sign a petition amounting to nothing else than preaching for censorship. Nothing new from the transcult. In fact, this reminds me of the complicity of academia to censor Jewish writers during Nazi Germany and dissendents under Stalinist Russia. There is a very poignant essai by Borges on the social erasure of Jewish authors. Its hard not to see parallel with the erasure of feminist authors. The other day on the radio, some pompous intellectual was calling second wave ideas and specifically, Simone de Beauvoir quaint and outdated. Lets just silence anybody who makes the trannies uncomfortable.
      Independently of its artistic merits, Ellis poem has something important to say. I hope the Antioch wont back down. Thanks again Gallus for posting this.

    • Carrie-Anne Says:

      Whatever happened to writers, editors, and librarians standing at the forefront of the fight against censorship? These people make a mockery out of our profession in their quest to promote the Trans, Inc. propaganda and freeze out any voices daring to offer an opposing view. Maybe they’ve spent too much time in their ivory towers and thus have been left out of touch with the real world, the same way a lot of SJWs and their allies spend too much time on Tumblr and related social media.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Too much time in ivory towers is precisely correct. No one in touch with the real world, by which I mean Mother Nature, thinks that sex is a human construct. In my worldview, to even spend time thinking about one’s gender identity — rather than simply getting on with life — implies too much money, too much time to waste, and not enough genuine activity to engage in. People who are in touch with the wondrous Earth and all her glories can only shake their heads at human silliness and hubris.

    • meredith Says:

      What an amazing preponderance of poets! I bet they all write pomo deconstructionist gibberish.

      • donesoverydone Says:

        Roses are red
        Violets are blue
        Janice Raymond is responsible for deaths 50 million transwomen
        It’s true, it’s true

      • Em Says:

        I checked some of it out so you wouldn’t have to. Off to disinfect now.

    • morag99 Says:

      “Framing the existence and realities of trans people in this way — as up for debate — is far from innocently provocative.”

      Here we go again with the existential stuff. Yeah, we know: trans people EXIST!

      But, I cannot believe that a bunch of writers, editors and librarians — the very people who would normally defend debating and intellectual freedom, even profanity, and all those the stinky piles of crap so many men call “art” — wrote that sentence.

      What a bunch of virtue-signalling suck-ups.

      Since when are provocateurs required to be “innocent”? That doesn’t even make sense! Being provocative often involves saying what is hard to say (whether right or wrong) and making observations about the world and people that are unpopular, irreverent and possibly quite rude. You can’t be provocative and innocent at the same time (except, maybe, by accident).

      Also: “It is deeply troubling that the Antioch Review promotes this sort of bigotry. We can find no redeeming aesthetic or political justification.”

      See, that’s just not true. His writing style might not be to everyone’s taste, but it IS stylish, as well as political, thought-provoking, rebellious, and, at times, amusing. What they really mean is that they don’t agree with his point of view. Well, boo-hoo. Have they seen the lies and shit that’s been written about feminists?

      How can such well-educated people be so dumb?

      The big question, though, is: is there ANY way at ALL to write a piece that questions transgenderism that will not be considered bigoted and bring out the petitioners and censors? Is there any way to criticize trans ideologies and practices that would be considered “justified” or to have “redeeming” qualities?

      If not, then they all need to quit lying and pretending that criticism and dissent is allowed if it’s done in the “right” way. But If disagreement itself dehumanizes trans people, then it’s patently clear that their plan is to silence us, by force if necessary. So we need to force THEM to admit that our total agreement or total silence is the only position they will ever find — snort! — “redeeming.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        Someone on the Antioch Review facebook page said “Our existence is not something to be analyzed”.
        I lol’ed. Then I shuddered. The examined life ceases to exist or some such.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        ‘Someone on the Antioch Review facebook page said “Our existence is not something to be analyzed”.’

        That’s a telling comment, since it’s usually people with the most privilege who resist analysis of the system they’re part of. They know they have a lot to lose if it’s revealed that the game’s rigged in their favor.

        Clergy don’t want analytical scrutiny of their church’s actions, rich people don’t like honest economic analysis, male people, especially those in the military, reject rigorous analysis of sexual assault, people in law enforcement have balked at having to record the race of drivers in traffic stops for statistical analysis that might uncover implicit racism, and most literary people don’t like any analysis of reality that might show their writing–not to mention their beliefs–to be vacuous and pseudo-intellectual

      • red Says:

        Actually what they mean when they say “We can find no redeeming aesthetic or political justifications…” is that’s the cutting phrase in the last refusal letter they got from a very frank editor to whom they had submitted their poems.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        @morag99, the answer is that they are not well educated. They completely lack the training in critical thinking that they should have gotten in graduate school. Instead they were taught Pomo crap, that black is white if you think it is, that words have no real meaning, etc. It am not surprised that one of them would quote Alice Walker (as below) on demanding silence yet totally miss the meaning of her words. They do not, and cannot think for themselves, and rely only on slogans.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        cerulean blue: Great comment. But training in critical thinking must come about long before graduate school. By then one has been thoroughly immersed in playing the game and climbing the ladder of so-called success as we can see by all these folks who would probably not know they exist except for the letters after their names.

      • ShipRat Says:

        “Our existence is not something to be analyzed”

        Wtf is this supposed to mean in a serious political discussion. One’s self-image, preferences and belief system are not synonymous with one’s existence. JHC on a pogo stick.

        At least it’s internally consistent with the idea that if someone declines to affirm a trans person’s self-image, it’s a form of assault.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        ^^^this 100%

        No dissent is acceptable. EVER. Censorship NOW!

  5. silverside Says:

    Actually I saw it posted elsewhere today and read it. Thought it was very insightful and interesting.

  6. michelle Says:

    That list suggests a whole lot of pearl-clutching going on over the exposure of the reality that the emperor has no clothes…

    • Terri Darnell Says:

      If you were to remove the titles,there would be fifty people on this list.A group dependent on titles, sndremoved from reality.These So called educators who may have showed up for class,but lack critical thinking skills.Technical application is not education.

  7. jule Says:

    All these people who make their living off of freedom of expression is calling for censorship of the same. And they expect me to think of them as smart? I may disagree with alot of people on things such as transgender rights, religious beliefs, etc., but I always respect their right to state their views. Why? The next trend could call to silence me. They need to start considering that. The next social trend could look to silence them. We as a country cannot set such a precedent. It also means the last sentence implying transgender rights and freedom of speech not incompatible – there’s a whole lot of people who don’t think so. On both sides.

  8. red Says:

    Privilege and entitlement speak. The upper class, the 1% who bought those initials the rest of us could not afford. I wonder how many of these people supported Bruce’s boycott, Occupy.

  9. Bob Doublin Says:

    Thank you GallusMag for making sure things like this article are not disappeared down the memory hole. Your courage really is an inspiration.

  10. IronBatMaiden Says:

    It’s pretty obvious that trans activists see people like Gallus Mag as a threat. I can see why. When you criticize gender and gender roles, the verb existence of transgenderism is challenged.

    We need more of this and hopefully more lesbians, gay men, and non-conforming het women and men finally understand that it’s gender itself that’s the problem. They don’t need to mutilate themselves. They just need to embrace biology and give the finger to gender and gender roles.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      Thank you for this comment from one of those gender-nonconforming straight women. Biology will eventually embrace all of us! I look forward to being eaten by soil organisms, returning to the Earth from whence I came.

      • IronBatMaiden Says:

        Not sure if sarcastic or not, but if you’re serious, no problem.

        Women, whether they’re lesbian, bi, straight, or ace, should be free to give be finger to gender and gender roles and just be themselves! There’s a lot of power in a woman who does it. 🙂 I admire the many women who do it!

  11. Carol Says:

    Gay men need to speak up now. So so many young boys are being transitioned right now in the US. I don’t understand why gay men cannot see the seriousness of this trend. Their population is going to be so devastated by the pediatric transitioning of pre-gay boys. Yet they say nothing. I am glad this one man spoke up but so many more are needed.

    • Brycedavid Says:

      I’m a gay man and the article points out everything I believe in.
      The Drop the T campaign was started by a gay man, which I supported. Many gay men are against this new gay conversion therapy in making GNC kids into trans kids. But our voice is silenced by the majority. Try going to Joe My God and say anything against the trans cult. It’s a scary echo chamber there. We’re there but we need to be heard and be more vocal.

      • Carol Says:

        As a parent who initially went to pflag for support with my feminine son – the situation is critical. It seems to me this is going to take half of the gay male children. ( the kids with parents who would never support this expression to begin with in their kids are the 1/2 who will go through puberty) No one in any support group is going through puberty – they are literally 100% on blockers.

  12. Well la dee dah, the friggin’ literary community has spoken! Let the banners fly!

    Look at the simpering, infantile language they use:

    What self-respecting adult wants to be associated with such sniveling crybabies? The trans movement and their academic suckups are a joke. They live in a bubble as sealed off from reality as any DC political hack.

    What has academia brought the women’s movement? Postmodernism, queer theory, sex positivity, nothing but bullshit. The day the college debt bubble pops will be a great one.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      What was that we all learned years ago in communications and civics classes? Oh yeah..that censorship serves NO ONE. And in this case, censoring facts in the name of PC is dead wrong. Especially when those wanting to censor want no one to know that they are supporting ‘medical practices’ which are not only dangerous, but advance child abuse, elective mutilations and medications that will stunt growth pn many levels. (Those who are adults, who have read the data and engage in this on their own person…and know the risks aside, due to the fact they are well versed on what can happen…those are exceptions to the rule).

    • Elle Driver Says:

      Not a fan of Dawkins, but this quote is genius:

      “Suppose you are an intellectual impostor with nothing to say, but with strong ambitions to succeed in academic life, collect a coterie of reverent disciples and have students around the world anoint your pages with respectful yellow highlighter. What kind of literary style would you cultivate? Not a lucid one, surely, for clarity would expose your lack of content.”

      • morag99 Says:

        That’s a good one, Elle. Dawkins is right about that. And trans are impostors in more ways than one.

      • Sounds just like James Finney Boylan to me…

        “an intellectual impostor with nothing to say, but with strong ambitions to succeed in academic life.”

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “Sounds just like James Finney Boylan to me . . .”

        Funny you should mention him. I hit peak trans while reading an article about his transition years ago, in which he talked about womanhood in a way that made me realize his ideal was a storybook woman, free of all the pesky realities the rest of us have to deal with. I was not in the least surprised to find out he was professor of English.

  13. GallusMag Says:

    Second petition. By an Amy King, NY, NY.


    Amy King
    New York, NY
    Dear Antioch President & Community Governance Council members,

    We wonder if you’re aware of the essay, “The Sacred Androgen: The Transgender Debate” by Daniel Harris as published by Antioch Review in the Winter 2016 issue. What you may not be aware of is the close similarities it bears to much of the work of the International Eugenics movement and its parallel underpinnings to the propaganda of the Nazi Regime’s “Master Race.” Higher education has sought to identify, discredit and eliminate fascist influences that perpetuate such ideals that would declare one human life superior to another and that would debase people to the point of encouraging harm against them.

    Sadly, Harris’ essay was not an attempt to do the latter. It serves to further stigmatize trans people and encourage a view that perpetuates harmful ideas, via stereotype and blatant disdain. This is a population who remain underserved, underrepresented and are targeted daily with discrimination and hate crimes–a point Harris downplays in order to suggest that the suicide rate among trans people is due to having created “an internal embargo as psychologically devastating” when they transition; thus he reinforces his premise that trans people are untreated mentally ill people, weak in the face of the culture’s influence and thus deserving of disdain. No one needs to connect the dots for you when it comes to speech and violence.

    Today, the Antioch Review editors have chosen to hide behind the all-too common refrain of “free speech.” Hate speech is not protected speech. Even if you don’t think such statements as “switching one’s gender is a mass delusion” or suggesting that trans women only want to emulate “gold‑digging temptresses,” Harris’ characterization of the transition process for trans people is utterly abhorrent. Except his words are not relegated to the realm of sensationlist supermarket rags that lie about people for sales. His article has been sent into the world as having been vetted and approved as material worthy of higher education and critical thinking by the Antioch Review. The simplistic categorizations of various fields of study that Harris conflates in order to render his points is mind-numbingly rudimentary at best and, in most instances, completely wrong, doing injustice to a number of disciplines with his efforts. Please do read closely the hate with which Harris describes people and a process with which he is clearly unfamiliar.

    Not long ago in the 1950s, Harris would likely have written a similar article on homosexuality that would describe the LGBTQ population as mentally ill, delusional and worse. This is the kind of thinking Harris’ essay is on par with–thinking that is disproven and shunned today. Today, Gender Studies is a reputable, advanced field of study throughout academia. Harris’ outmoded, backwards hate speech has not only been supported by Antioch Review; Antioch Review consciously chose to give Harris’ hate a platform to sing out from, sharing it widely and using funding from Antioch College to do so–and its editors have thus defended Harris’ essay now as necessary to the world of higher education and critical thinking.

    So we ask you now: What will you, as Antioch College’s leaders, do to support the community that Harris has vilified? What will Antioch Review do to give voice and a platform to trans students on campus? How will Antioch College dissuade their student population from viewing trans students as “delusional” as condoned by Antioch Review and, as Harris suggests, misguided by their own internalized homophobia or abused by parents pushing their confused children to become trans for attention? Please read the piece closely and help us understand why such ideas warrant the support and funding of Antioch College–urgently.

    All eyes are on those who serve and guide a large student population in the field of higher education. We’re waiting.

    This petition will be delivered to:
    Dr. Thomas Manley
    Antioch College
    IdaLease Cummings

    • GallusMag Says:

      This Amy King person, a poet who teaches at a college, apparently believes “hate speech” is illegal under the US Constitutional First Amendment.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Not long ago she retweeted this:
        “No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow. #AliceWalker ”

        The literary world certainly has a gift for irony.

      • Imelda_66 Says:

        So what exactly is she waiting for? What is she demanding Antioch/Dr. Thomas Manley do? She put together this petition….what specifically is she petitioning for, other than to have Manley and whomever “read the piece closely and help us understand why such ideas warrant the support and funding of Antioch College-urgently”?

        For a poet she sure is a crappy writer.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      I mentally heard that “we’re waiting” parting shot in Wallace Shawn’s voice (a la Princess Bride).

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      Wow. Is Amy King lying or just stupid? The whole long essay is just talking about how transgender is destructive. You say transgender requires people to do harmful things to their bodies, there’s no evidence that any of this helps or that the things they believe to be true are true. Innate gender identity etc. And that the doctors are letting anybody transition without checking if they have some other psychological problem. And you get that’s “hate speech”.

      In other words you say the transgender process is fucked up. Entirely in ways that if true mean that it’s harmful to the people who are undergoing the treatments. WTF? That’s not hate speech. That’s not even hostility. That’s like trying to take away your drunk friend,s car keys so she doesn’t have a car around a tree.

      What so disturbing about the real petition and all the writers signing it asking for censorship as the commentor above says, and this loony piece of crap from Amy King is that people who do know better are embracing the trans weirdness. When they change their minds we should still tell them to fuck off.

    • ShipRat Says:

      Eugenics? That’s rich.

      Will even one of these hypocrites address the eugenics movement of sterilizing minor teens and children by transitioning them earlier and earlier?

      In the fullness of time, the bloodlines of non-gender-conforming males and females will die out, assisted by their smiling supportive medical enablers. And then we will all be conforming and happy.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “Eugenics? That’s rich.

        “Will even one of these hypocrites address the eugenics movement of sterilizing minor teens and children by transitioning them earlier and earlier?”

        Brilliant point, ShipRat.

        It’s more post-modern, pseudo-intellectual claptrap. So now those who don’t want to sterilize a particular group are practicing eugenics, just as those who don’t believe in essential differences between male and female brains are engaging in gender essentialism and those who don’t pretend male and female bodies are the same are committing the crime of hate speech.

        What with all the Newspeak, I have to keep checking my calendar to make sure it isn’t 1984.

  14. Kleo Says:

    Please express yourself on the facebook page.

    Time to talk back!

  15. Imelda_66 Says:

    Love this, from the first petition:

    >As people who care about language, we are particularly troubled by the article’s righteous celebration of ignorance about how nouns and adjectives work, and the author’s desire to blame trans people and their allies for rejecting nouns that have no descriptive or identifying purchase (“transgenders”) in favor of adjectival uses that correctly describe people: trans men, trans women, trans people, gender non-conforming humans. It is deeply troubling that the Antioch Review promotes this sort of bigotry.

    Those EBIL nouns!!!! Bigotry, I say, bigotry! Worse than Hitler!

    • ShipRat Says:

      “ignorance about how nouns* and adjectives* work” = Censorable Hate Speech

      * Doesn’t matter that they’re constantly shifting and unattached to biology and (often) sensory evidence. Ignorance of the cult is no excuse!

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      And yet..many of these said same folks have no problem with using the ‘n’ , ‘c’ or a term like ‘fag’ or calling natal females ‘fish’. Odd, ain’t it?

      Put another way…….HYPOCRISY MUCH????

  16. Lucien Says:

    Fucking brilliant essay.

  17. Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

    Oh, how much did I love that essay? Very much. It has all the right graduate school lingo, and the attitude of one of Wilde’s catty bachelors — a literary allusion with which I’m sure Harris would be proud to be associated. Really super. That’s the kind of writing I can really chew on. And I’ve got expensive letters after my name and write for a living, too.

  18. darce Says:

    It’s a totally mic-drop-worthy essay, and the HEARTENING thing in all of this is that the editorial board, whoever they are, read it and DID see fit to publish it. This backlash exists, but so did that decision to publish, and the decision to sit down and write this on the part of Mr. Harris. So I find a lot to be happy about in this story. The whining and mock-hysteria (I say mock because these liberals KNOW that men are not women, but can’t admit it to anyone, seeing as they live in a culture that breeds constant fear of being out of line) that the peanut gallery is coming up with doesn’t concern me. I think this essay may have reached a lot of people, who are just silently standing on the sildelines, too scared to say anything (yet), but it is percolating inside their minds.

  19. troeltsch Says:

    Sorry for derailing, Gallus, but sharing this one for the sweet lulz:
    Misogyny is worse when it happens to menz.

  20. cadystanton Says:

    I hope that many of us write the Antioch Review in support. Here is what i wrote:
    “Thank you for this insightful, important article on the transgender cult. It is thought provoking, intellectual, far ranging and courageous. Courageous because the editors and author probably knew of the hysterical response that would follow, as it does to any person who questions or critiques the trans narrative. Of course the tg’s and their allies try to shut down free speech. I think this is in part because they know that the illusions they live under, and have tried to convince us of, are built on fluff and that any true analysis will destroy the whole rotten foundation. It is still shocking that so many so called writers and academics to censor the article. This exhibits the state of intellectual debate in our country; and the state of pathetic “liberalism.” I myself am a radical lesbian feminist, believing for decades that it is gender itself that is harmful to women and ultimately men; and that there is tremendous misunderstanding about the differences between gender and biological sex.
    I urge you please to keep the article on your sites, to stand for free speech and wide ranging intellectual discussion, so necessary, in this case particularly, where the transgenderists (an arm of the men’s rights movement, really) have succeeded so far in shutting down open debate and dialog and in making the media into their lacky propagandists, and where true investigative journalism into the great harm being done to children, pushing them into life long surgeries, drugs, sterility, physiological trama, etc., is non-existent. Please stand firm. We appreciate your bravery and defense of free speech in the face of the unbelievable fear and hatred the tg’s have of opposing opinions and beliefs.

  21. Oak and Ash Says:

    The winner of a transgender beauty pageant–for which part of the prize was surgery!–was stripped of his title after the organizer saw a recent image of him in boxer shorts.

    The organizer of the pageant defended the decision:
    ‘”Underwear is very important to transgender females – one of the first thing people do is change their underwear as it makes us feel like we are finally a woman.

    ‘”When I confronted her, she just said that I didn’t have a leg to stand on and it is difficult.

    ‘”It is basically one transgender person saying to another ‘You’re not transgender enough to be in our competition’. It sounds daft when you put it like that.”‘

    The guy who lost the title is not taking the decision lying down:
    ‘She plans to hike 30 miles in high heels to highlight the issues faced by those awaiting gender transition.

    ‘She said she had severed all ties with the pageant, which she claims forces transgender women into a female ‘stereotype’.’

    “It sounds daft when you put it like that.” I doubt any of us could say it better.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      The frightening part about that article….aside from the nazi-like attitude displayed by the organizers of the event…was that VF pic and news (had to check several sources…but verified) that the folks at ‘Sports Illustrated’ may have an au natural pictorial with that pseudoscience project. A sickening connection can be made between these two, in that the cult wants the world to see the community as being (sorry about this one all) white and marketable to the rest of the planet [as long as they are a part of orthodoxy mindset].

      The idiocy is running amuck….and when it did in the last century…needless to say what happened. Multiple times…yet no one learned anything from the results.

    • ShipRat Says:

      “She plans to hike 30 miles in high heels”

      The visual… esp. of the marathoner conceding de-feet at Mile 0.3… oh my sides

      • juno Says:

        LOL. I guess now men can share in the disfigurement and pain of bunions and other shoe-related injuries. I wonder if they can get plastic surgery on their feet to make them more ‘feminine’ again…

    • OldPolarBear Says:

      This reminded me of a scene from the documentary “Paris is Burning.” There is a drag-show competition and everything is going fine and then suddenly the MC gets on the mic and says wait a minute there is a problem. And then announces that so-and-so, who was the winner or maybe a finalist at that point, has been disqualified. It turns out that this contestant was wearing a top — shirt, blouse, jacket or whatever — that had buttons on the [wearer’s] right. Only men’s garments have buttons on the right; women’s garments must have buttons on the left. There is a huge blowup and argument that ensues; I don’t remember if there was any resolution before the next scene.

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      From the article, “Underwear is very important to transgender females” – more important than their physical health or having a decent life span! It’s aaaaaall about the underwear. 👙

      “one of the first thing people do is change their underwear as it makes us feel like we are finally a woman.” It’s one of the first things, but it makes them “finally feel like a woman”. So it’s the first and the last thing. A.k.a. the only thing. #Fetishism. 🙄

    • donesoverydone Says:

      Wow, only clinic that does cosmetic genital surgery on males in Canada is firebombed. Would not surprise me at all if the perp is a former patient. I tried to find evidence that feminists had shut down or protested gender clinics or sued gender clinics and I only found cases of angry former patients, trans people, who were angry about results or who felt that they had misdiagnosed and been rushed into irreversible surgeries.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        I will betba pair of season tickets for either the Canadians or Alouettes, that this was done by a former patient. Why??? There is a precedent, in that a doc in SF had his office firebombed. Ousterhout if my memory of the spelling is correct, his specialty being facial feminization surgery. The perp? Someone who did not like the result.

        And the litany of the profane continues….

  22. K Jane Says:

    What a mess here! I read the essay, and although I felt that he waxed on with metaphors a bit too much it was a good essay overall. It also goes to show, that the trans movement demands total blind obedience to their ever-changing ideology. Mr. Harris didn’t even raise the bathroom issue and said that he supports so-called sex-reassignment surgery even though it is plastic surgery mutilation and they still pile on him. Me personally? If you are a legal adult then knock yourself out with plastic surgery, though it is mutilation and anti-feminist and you are not really changing your sex. I do not believe in creationism or the Easter bunny and I do not believe that plastic surgery can make you the opposite sex.

    I am also disgusted by the number of PhDs calling for censorship, but in no way surprised anymore. I am trying to get a PhD too, but I promise to never be such a thought-policing asshole. Maybe it’s good I’m trying to be a chemist and not so post-modernist sociologist. Not to say that social sciences are completely without merit, but this kind of magical thinking is ridiculous.

    As for college, it really is a depression era economy. If there is not as much work, people will enroll in school. If they or their family have money, they will pay for it that way, if not then they will get student loans.

  23. lovetruthcourage Says:

    Wow, I just read the actual essay and I am blown away— this guy must really love hate mail!

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      ‘Hate Mail’= proof positive that the person or group that has written or posted a series of logical counterpoints to arguments that can never be properly substantiated via a preponderance of evidence, has done something right.

      Just something to consider when the snails, trolls and other lower life forms post, but cannot state honestly where their information comes from to back the T publicity machine.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Yep, can’t take flack unless one is directly over their intended target!

  24. Margie Says:

    My thoughts on this:

    1. Good for Mr. Harris! It took courage. We should support him when they come after him – as they inevitably will.

    2. The over-the-top rage and hysteria in response to a writing by a single individual reminds me a lot of what happened to Ron Gold. Gold is a veteran gay rights activist. He was part of the gay liberation movement in the early 1970s. He now lives in (I believe) Sri Lanka but he offered to do occasional pieces for Bilerico. In 2010, he did a piece which – like Harris’ – affirmed his support for trans rights and fair treatment for trans people, but which questioned the belief that surgical alteration of the body was necessary for transgenders to be themselves. Bilerico was mobbed by trans activists comparing the piece to the Holocaust, rape and assorted other atrocities. Fortunately, the Antioch Review seems to have better management than Bilerico.

    3. The petition should be appropriated by us and kept as a handy-dandy list of enemies of women and LGBs.

    4. The petition reminds me a lot of the 2007 “United ENDA” declaration that trans activists and transjacked groups created to demand that ENDA be defeated if it did not include “gender identity.” The list of signatories was bloated with filler – tiny groups with a few members, trans-only groups, and multiple chapters of the same group being counted as if they were separate groups. It was substantially a sham but it created the illusion of a groundswell. I haven’t gone through this petition line by line, but a quick glance reveals that there are lots of names of individuals who are not academics or leaders. They are identified as “poet” or have no descriptor or affiliation.

    • cerulean blue Says:

      Yes. It’s mostly poets, and current and former graduate students. Yawn. I have never such a collection of useless initials in a single location. The fact that they have to tack them prominently after their name is telling, as it suggests the degree it not doing much for them. Note that the few actual professors in the list aren’t listing their PhDs. They have no need to do so, what with working in the field and all. I have a PhD in my field and I have found that there is no need to make a stink about it. Those who need to know professionally know. It’s not part of my signature because it’s seen as pretentious to do that, frankly, unless you are in medicine.

      Gee whiz, look at all these former English majors showing us they managed to get a master’s degree! Are you suitably impressed?

      Oh, and look, I’m also a poet, of rhyming, transphobic haiku. You can be a misunderstood poetic genius, too. It’s easy! And posting here counts as being published, right?

      by Trans mogrification
      A male creation

  25. The Harris article is GREAT. The only things I would change in it is calling these trans celebrities by the correct pronouns of “he” and “him” and I would not go out of my way to say these people have the “right” to go through surgical mutilations because of the human rights issues involved. I also would not differentiate between them and women by calling the latter “genetic” women. A woman is not a social or cultural construct but a biological reality, the name for an adult female human being. Men in dresses are not female, and therefore are not women. They aren’t “transwomen” but men in dresses impersonating women. There is no such thing as a “genetic” woman, a “cis” woman,” or a “natal” woman. Just a woman, an adult female human being. To use the qualifiers merely gives the trans credibility which they do not have and do not deserve.

    • Baby Head Says:

      Actually, we should stop calling them “trans-women” and refer to them feminine males. That is exactly what they are. Being a woman is biological.

  26. Elle Says:

    “A woman is not a social or cultural construct but a biological reality, the name for an adult female human being. Men in dresses are not female, and therefore are not women.”

    THIS! Thank you for putting it so succinctly, Susan. The truth is simple.

    Of course, the trans cult would argue the biological reality of their laydee-brains, but I’ve grown tired of getting sucked into endless debates–the energy expended arguing with them just provides them with another form of narcissistic supply.

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