Gary Teetsel wants his Penis Rights

May 8, 2016

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  1. I would definitely not share a locker room with that dude.

  2. dejavublonde Says:

    good. the bathroom debate wasn’t a wake up call to the general public. let the locker rooms be the face of the ugly truth. it is tragic it’s come to this but I fear common sense isn’t going to prevail any time soon.

  3. petuniacat00 Says:

    That was a good story. Well covered. The gym owner managed to make the distinction that escapes Mr. Springsteen et al. That there’s a difference between transwomen who have “fully transitioned”, good use of words, and ones who haven’t. May I add, ffs.

    Interesting how stereotypically AGP the more sensible transwoman, Vail-Burros, was. The little quiet fake woman voice. And that bizarre early 70s hairdo. With the bangs but also like side bangs. Like the old Baby Secret doll. Why do they do this shit to themselves. If they are fetishists they shouldn’t do it in public. If they’re suffering emotionally, this is not going to help.

    New allies in the fight against ‘gender identity’ laws? Small business owners. 🏋🏽🍻🍽 May they all know, there is no science behind transgender.

    • red Says:

      I don’t want to share a locker room or sauna with one who has transitioned either I don’t think being a hostile-to-vicious women-hating MtT rests only in the gonads. We have to more than tolerate them, or they get psychotic. I also get nauseated watching them mince around pigeon toed and waving their hands around and practicing ways they think is behaving like a female. I think this owner is painting himself into a corner.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi Petuniacatoo: I can understand why the gym and/or media want to be tactful and thus use the “fully transitioned” description, but I question whether the general public understands exactly what that means. Too ambiguous, IMO. I can’t believe I’m quoting the misogynist Andrew Dice Clay here, but he left little room for doubt when he said, “It’s either hair pie or nuts on the chin.”

      I’d like to see the mass media employ terminology that is suitable for broadcast and keeps the FCC happy but is also clear. I’m unsure if the occasionally-used “bottom surgery” quite makes the cut, no pun intended. Perhaps “has not yet begun genital transition” or “has not altered the birth anatomy below the waist”?

      • petuniacat00 Says:

        To red and Zemskull, you guys are right. Smh.😞 No, I don’t think their women hating resides in the gonads either. And I think that gym owner has painted himself into a corner. Dang! I guess I got stuck on thinking about the awfulness of the ‘gender identity’ based laws. And the language stuff for genital surgery too. If they haven’t had the full transition, maybe we should just call them transvestites. I mean that’s what they are.

        A thought on the “realness” of the sex change procedures actually changing someone’s sex: the transmen almost never have genital surgery. There are of course lots of transwomen who are really only partly transitioned. And on top of that you can’t actually change your sex. Plus for purposes of women’s safety, socialization is much more important OBVIOUSLY because what women are being kept safe from is behavior. FFS. Anyway given all that how on earth did we get to a place where we’re required think that these people have actually changed sex? I mean my god. This isn’t even close.

        This “trans era” will ultimately be filed under When Subcultures Think They Deserve Civil Rights Protections. And that will be an interesting little issue for legal scholars to chew over.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi petuniacat00: Yes, I think the “transvestite” definition has a lot of potential. I believe that the growing support America has for MTTs using women’s bathrooms would stall–pun intended– if more were aware of the high percentage of MTTs that still own the original hardware. Describing those still packing meat as transvestites may help convey that message effectively, and also is likely to be acceptable to the FCC.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Yes, to “transvestites.” Most have no idea that these guys don’t go through with the operation. They have no idea that they are fully intact, functional males.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        If this was the old FCC, as well as the major ISPs or content provider hosts …there would be guidelines for content, let alone a ‘standards and practices’ department. At least in over the air media….many years ago…that did exist. Courtesy of same (using NBC as an example), over the decades, stations could voice objections to program content, as well as state through same they will not air some programs (see the issues connected with SNL and their Salt Lake City affiliate, as well as others run by Bonneville). If true adults were running the switches and boards, this system would still work. Sadly, new media is in the hands of the gamer, entitled, television and intellectually deprived (or is that ‘depraved’?) generation. So the odds of change are nil.

        Speaking of the media…and how much in the tank the cult has forced them to be on this and other ‘t’ issues…look up what was on NPR/OPB today. Enough to make one lose breakfast, as well as offering reasons for us who are ‘t’, but outside of the captivity of that zoo to keep even further distance.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi rheapdx1: I realize we’re living in a different era, but a lot of social movements start with just a few people. Think Rosa Parks. Change is made by a few conversations between a few people before a big movement begins. Using “transvestite” may help people understand that under most MTT’s skirt are heat-seeking moisture missile.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @zemskull…..I would agree with you on this, if it were not that like with many issues, the standards were lowered and language subverted in the name of being fair. To some that may seem a tad harsh, but that is part and parcel of how we got from intelligent debates…even on this issue to where the persons on Springer, et al are considered to be the new zenith.

        (Apology in advance if this sounds like a college-level, 301 lecture)

        Also …and this is not to start a verbal altercation…but a comparison between what Rosa Parks and others at that time went through and the debates then, to ‘t’ issues is not all that valid. As has been said by others…the ‘t’ community has not had to see the signs, in re: seperate water fountains, public transit areas, substandard schools, etc. Add to this that many of the same ‘t’ folks who invoke Ms. Parks are the same who are incredibly myopic about race, etc. Not you of course, but keep in mind there are many out there who invoke Parks, MLK, etc….and yet have no idea what they are talking about.

        Getting back to the use of ‘transvestite’ as a term to cover the jerks in skirts who cannot control themselves…if it were connected with ‘fetishism’ and not disconnected in the public arena, then the point would be droven home. Along with the mention of those who have a visage like neon tetras.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Rosa Parks is not a good example of social change through “just a few people.” Parks trained at a center in Tennessee (if I remember that correctly) for social change and was part of a huge movement for African-American rights.

  4. IronBatMaiden Says:

    It’s such a shame that more of these men in skirts are taking every last womyn’s space possible.

    I’m going to boycott every company possible that caters to this males in the women’s bathroom and locker room bullshit.

    There needs to be a female-only gym that does not allow trans women in it! I am just so fucking done with all this male entitlement coming from these autogynephiles!

    First Michfest, then censoring lesbians, now this? Hell to the fucking no!! The funfems need to wake the hell up, realize that these men are encroaching on our spaces and rights as lesbians and women, but more subtly than the right wing’s straight forward misogyny and homophobia!

    • red Says:

      The fun fems (all of them are heterosexual goes without saying I guess) enjoy the AG’s fawning adoration, sucking up and the endless tiresome convos about hair, bras, shaving legs, and how much the AGs admire the FFs whatever, hours and hours teeheeing together. They can’t cocktease straight men like that although they do but not to that extent without paying, and fairly soon. Oh they’re gonna pay here too as you say, when they wake up, or, when they are abruptly woken up when they won’t cooperate with his lady penis, and then the violence will start.

  5. donesoverydone Says:

    Former marine, how typical. So many military guys become trans in middle age. By their own stats 1 in 3 transwomen are ex military, someone should do a study cause what the fuck.
    For what it’s worth, glad to see the other MTT say that it’s reasonable accommodations for penis bearers to have separate locker room facilities from women.

    • anomie Says:

      Also prisons, and the heavily male-dominated sectors of the IT industry, and idk, 4chan or whatever.

      I’ve thought for a long time that any super intensely male-dominated space is basically a transing machine. Men seem to be obsessed with hierarchy and dominance and, when there aren’t any women around, they enforce it on each other, creating this gang-like structure of alphas, betas, gammas and so on all the way down, with the lowest tiers then becoming essentially “non-men” as far as the upper tiers are concerned, and being treated as such (and being rewarded for submitting). If these omega males or w/e then transition, someone else takes their place as the “lowest tier” and they get to opt out of the whole system. (In theory.)

      I’m not sure why they conclude that women are treated any better, of course, apart from that within these spaces there are no women at all—or very few, and they’re held at a distance and kept from full participation, so the view of these proto-transwomen is the distorted vision of the male gaze. But that’s all just, well, theory tbh. I’ve never actually been in a male-dominated space to see firsthand.

      • born free & female Says:

        A lot of these omega “non-men” assume that females have a hierarchy too, and when they transition they belong at the top of it. Look how many MTFs want to lecture women about what being a woman is all about, or take over women’s and lesbian organizations, or whine that women aren’t doing enough to accommodate them.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        great theory

      • These are great points, and really helped me to put the dominance rituals of these clowns in perspective. Women do assign status to each other, but not in the way men do. The idea that a low-status woman is somehow not truly female is a ridiculous idea to us.

        Whether they’re MTFs or the lefty bros who white knight for them, liberal men seek to justify keeping class:female at the bottom. They just manipulate language in a different way from their fundie brethren to say we like it there. They want to silence discussion of male dominance of females entirely. To do this they steer debate to the “gender binary”, as if “masculine” and “feminine” are simply optional, equal sides of the same plane, rather than a brutally enforced hierarchy based on one’s biological sex. Their ludicrous claim that MTFs are socialized as women, despite all evidence to the contrary, only illustrates the fact that as men they expect us to eat whatever shit they dish out to us.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Regarding military veterans transitioning, I have a friend who is a retired marine and uses a major VA hospital. He uses the endocrinology clinic for a thyroid issue. As veterans tend to have a sense of camaraderie, they often speak to each other in the waiting areas. He said that on a recent visit, he was was the only patient out of approximately a dozen in the waiting room who wasn’t a gender transition patient. Your tax dollars at work.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        Seeing this is being done via federal funding, in effect…our government is enabling the same bad medical practices, which the activists want to see more commonplace.

        If one thinks the waiting rooms are filled now, just wait a few years. If only due to the further increase in medical and psychological problems that will have a catalyst, via current treatment. And….(not being mean here, but blunt about the landscape) this will mean that there is a potential fight in the making, over budgetary concerns/coverage. Between those vets who truly need their issues dealt with versus those who have elected to drink the cocktails, as well as have steak knives cut away at functional parts. Imagine where things will be then.

  6. rheapdx1 Says:

    Once again…the SJW brigade, along with the psychobabble seem to reign. Let alone that in viewing this….the creep meter went off again.

    That said, the owner of the business has gone above board to be fair. If one is too dense to get that, the lack of understanding is on the customer, not the one providing the services. Ooops I forgot, understanding logic and reason are not a part of the SJW manual. The 200 mile stare and parroting of illogic, yes.

    • IronBatMaiden Says:

      I realize third wave feminism caused real feminism many problems before the Dumblr SJWs were even born, but I still can’t help but feel they bastardized it even further!

      They’re too busy bitching about video games, characters in media, and their “identities” than they are about womyn’s and LGB rights!

      It’s almost like T opened the door for all this non-binary, agender, bigender, otherkin crap.

      I wonder if GallusMag can do some research and find any correlation between the trans activists and the door being opened for all the otherkin and other genders crap.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        I am sure GM could do this, but she does enough already. It is obvious that the door was opened this way.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Coincidentally, I did some research into the otherkin connection just a few days ago. It turns out that particular woo-woo has been around in one form or another since the early 1970’s, but limited to a rather small group of neo-pagan hippie types until the digital explosion of the last two decades. When I first noticed the phenomenon on-line in about ’04, there seemed to be a mix of creative people who saw their affinity to a mythical creature as a kind of metaphor for their personality or their alienation from others and the alarmingly weird who believed they actually were a dragon or vampire or werecricket trapped in human form. The increasing acceptance of trans may well have strengthened the delusions of that latter group.

        I still think a few transabled otherkin applying for disability benefits would increase pushback against the trans trend–although Gary’s definitely doing his bit.

      • IronBatMaiden Says:

        What say you, GallusMag? You up for it?

        Oak and Ash, wow! I didn’t know that! I’m learning so much on this site! I’m so glad I found it! 🙂

        P.S. I hope you don’t mind, I’ve pinned some articles on here to my Anti-Purity Culture and Pro-Feminism board on Pinterest. If you need me to remove them, please let me know.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Huh? Are you offering me a commission? What are the hours and pay. *and that was when Iron Bat Whateverthefuck was never seen on GenderTrender again.

      • K.Jane Says:

        It’s fine to criticize the portrayals of women in media, but I really don’t think it should be the biggest priority of feminists. It’s fine to have a hobby, and like to play some video games too, but that doesn’t mean I’m doing good feminist work. More like something to unwind from my job. Plus, in my opinion, most of them do a terrible job at media analysis anyway and think weaponized femininity is fantastic.

        @Oak and Ash

        I actually bumped into otherkin around the same time as you did. I have had access to the internet for most of my life because my mom really likes computers. (Even if it was dial-up most of the time. In 2006 we got DSL.) I bumped into the same pattern as you. I think there is a relation to another popular trend on tumblr where people will “self-diagnose” with mental illness, mostly to fish for pity points from other losers and to claim that anyone who questions their version of reality is “triggering” them. (“Triggers” are a PTSD thing anyway, not a mild OCD thing!) Also, you are classist and ableist for suggesting that they go seek a medical professional if they think they have a mental disorder.

  7. Steersman Says:

    Interesting if somewhat astounding that the annoucer says, at about 2:00, that another transwoman had “transitioned into a full-time female”. As opposed, maybe, to a part-time one?

    But – wow! – I hadn’t realized that gene replacement therapy had advanced to the stage of allowing transwomen to now produce ova. Because that is the defining attribute for the definition of female ….

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      One would be amazed at how many stll claim the operation makes one complete. Not being snarky here…..BUT NO, NO WAY NO HOW!

      The few of us outside the web of stupidity understand this all too well. And it can cause any rational person yo cringe when they hear a person who has had the op, still remains on the Ms Hyde formula claim they are no different than natal women. Unless we are talking about a true immaculate conception capability that the person now has….all that can happen is an approximation, with piping that internally is still OEM.

      • petuniacat00 Says:

        To rheapdx1, LOL! Ms. Hyde, OEM!!!😂😂😂😂 💻

        Other day read in The Transexual Empire that a big, let us say Crotch Surgeon, in the 70s told Janice Raymond that the bodily changes he makes in MtF are “incredibly superficial”. And the rest of it is “in their mind”.

      • I’m sure you’re aware, Petunia, that MtTs blame Raymond 100% for Johns Hopkins’ decision to put an end to the pointless operations, even though most of them never get their dicks butterflied and tacked up inside a surgical wound. MtTs made a bloody shirt out of a hospital ceasing surgery most of them don’t even want.

        Transmaniac Valerie Keefe made this unspeakably insulting comparison:

        Comparing the END of mutilating and sterilizing children and young people to the Tuskegee Experiment? How obscene.

        Liberals who take trans ravings seriously are insane. They’ve constructed a victim narrative out of nothing but lies. The cherry on top is Keefe has his dick and never wanted the operation either.

    • Maria Says:

      My understanding (from Tumblr) is that transgenders will live part-time or full-time as women, which I guess means they only dress as women in their own homes if they are living part-time, and progress to dressing up in public when they live full-time.

      • petuniacat00 Says:

        Virginia Prince, was a part-time transvestite in the 60s I think. He is described in Gender Hurts. And he considered himself to totally be a woman. And to totally only do it some of the time. Not in a structured way, just when he felt like. Switching around like a revolving door. That’s why I keep saying This Is a Subculture.

        Here’s one of my earlier cartoons on this

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @petunicat00…Thanks, I try.

        As for what doc said to Janice Raymond, that is similar to articles about those who had the surgery….in ‘Look’, ‘Rolling Stone’ and if my memory is correct, the excerpts from Jan Morris’s book ‘Conundrum’, which I think was in the NY Times. This may well be the case, but there are those who still see the operation and the associate chemical cocktails as actually mitigating the mind. So once there is ‘the final cut’ the switchover to being female is done. No….no operation can remove social conditioning.

        Medications can help one…well…uh….uh be more ‘balanced’, but not undo the imprinting of years and decades. That takes the person working hard on their mental state, with the aid of therapists. Even there, one may have too many issues, which being ‘t’ is utilized as being a cloak. One only needs to read social media…or be waiting in the checkout aisle at a store to see that live and in color (and have seen this more times than I want to count).

    • Teal Deer Says:

      “Interesting if somewhat astounding that the annoucer says, at about 2:00, that another transwoman had “transitioned into a full-time female”. As opposed, maybe, to a part-time one?”

      Most likely. It’s pretty common for the midlife transitioners to spend a few years crossdressing in their free time before deciding to do it all the time. Victor from 9 to 5, Victoria from dusk to dawn.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Well, they don’t want to risk 21 cents of every dollar, do they? Or give up the rest of the advantages male privilege confers on them. In fact, I think one reason so many more are choosing transition now is that it has become acceptable to bully people with accusations of transphobic bigotry when their sense of entitlement is thwarted.

  8. I’m a member of a gym where children are welcome. They come for swimming lessons, to use the scaled down gym equipment, and/or just to hang out in the tv area while their mothers use the adult-sized equipment.

    The women’s changing room is like a school playground when it gets really busy, except the kids are running around with little to no clothes on half the time, as their mothers try to round em up and control them (or at least keep them out of the way of other members).

    How many women do you think would want their children running around a room where males are liable to be walking around with their cocks out??? Yet again these males are putting women between a rock and a hard place, and women will be forced to sacrifice either their (and their children’s) comfort/safety/right to privacy, or to forgo social rights/privileges, all so a male’s gender feels can be validated by the male-run system.

    • Brunhilda Says:

      Speaking a little girl who had to suffer through male children being allowed in the women’s room for that exact reason – their mother was the caretaker and took them to the women’s room and allowed them to misbehave – I was not pleased as a little girl to see what kind of shite males got away with then, and I am still not pleased now.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        So what is your workable suggestion to mothers of young boys? They are not yet old enough to go to their own locker rooms and we can not go into male locker rooms. I would NOT let a boy get away with more than a girl. But how would you resolve this dilemma? By prohibiting moms of young sons from exercising and participating in public life? Seriously?! You are an adult now. Get over it already.

      • Black Metal Valkyrie Says:

        Many women have trauma from boys in washrooms. They will crawl under the stalls, pee all over the toilet etc. Your trauma is valid, don’t listen to the person telling you to “grow up”.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Seriously?! Traumatized for life over some 3-yr-old boy in the women’s locker room? Wow. Amazing. Truly.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        What a thoroughly insensitive comment! That you would not let a boy get away with more than a girl is besides the point. At the point where you decide whether you punish them, they have already harmed girls. Also, not every mother of sons is as saintly and perfect as you.

        There should be separate locker rooms for mothers with boys. If as an adult woman, you don’t want to undress in front of adult men, why deny a girl right to be safe from males of her age?

        Mothers of boys are an interesting phenomenon. If you look at how mothers in law in India treat their daughters in law, you could think that having a son makes them lose empathy for other women … there’s a lot of second hand male privilege in having a son.

        Apparently not only in India and China and the usually suspect countries …

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        I found the original comment insensitive, quite frankly.

        I never claimed perfection or sainthood. Nothing like that was ever mentioned or implied anywhere. Not sure what you were reading… or did you just figure you could sneak that snark by?

        A separate locker room for mothers of young boys… wow, every conceivable type of person or family combo now needs separate locker rooms? This is really going to get expensive and impracticable.

        Safe from males her own age? Most young boys who go to the women’s locker room are under 5 or 6, and the vast majority are babies and toddlers. You seriously feel unsafe from male toddlers? From 3-yr-olds? Under direct adult supervision, no less?

        And that horrible comment about Indian women, our sisters! What do you really know about Indian family dynamics? Ever been there? Are you of Indian descent? Just passing along something you’ve heard or read and assuming it is a universal phenomena among all Indians? Funny thing is, I have been over there, and they also have stereotypes about Western women. Are those stereotypes universally true?

        “…having a son makes them lose empathy for other women.” Wow, that is quite an assumption, another stereotype! And you know this timeless, universal truth…how?

        “There’s a lot of second hand male privilege in having a son.” 2nd hand male privilege? No, only men have male privilege– by definition.

        Look, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but please think before expressing yourself.

      • London Girl Says:

        Even if you were to mandate separate changing rooms and toilets for mothers and sons what exactly are we supposed to do in the meantime? Stay at home? Take a male chaparone with us?

        I think you are projecting sexuality onto little boys here which says more about you than it does about them. And I have to say after 8 years of motherhood spending a lot of time in toilets and changing rooms with boys (my own and other peoples) I have never seen anything remotely resembling the behaviour you are describing.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “I think you are projecting sexuality onto little boys here which says more about you than it does about them.”


        I read her as suggesting that male children are raised to act with an obnoxiousness and entitlement over females that can often be seen even in young boys. Nothing to do with sexuality per se. If you’ve never witnessed male aggression and entitlement performed by male children than your confusion is understandable. Or perhaps as you said, it says more about your own projections and says “more about you”.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Thank you. I agree, London Girl.

  9. SkepticalMom Says:

    “It’s not like we’re talking about someone on a treadmill next to each other. It’s about being undressed in a locker room next to each other. These are real concerns, where other women can feel very uncomfortable. It’s not about exercise equipment or which bathroom can be used either. It’s about being fully unclothed in a locker room, where the real challenge lies.”

    Thank you MAC owner Lyle Shuler — you are my hero. Someone is finally getting it! Now if the people who run public schools could figure this out so girls don’t have to shower and undress with boys.

    Of course, personally, I also do not want men in women’s bathrooms, but at least someone is FINALLY catching on to the issue concerning naked men wanting to use women’s showers, saunas and dressing rooms.

  10. GallusMag Says:

    I wonder whose idea it was to film him in front of a wall of koo-koo clocks. LOL

  11. red Says:

    Oh dear. Angelina has had a change of heart. First veiled threat to a less than welcoming woman.

    You Tube

    Angelina Vail Bouros 2 days ago
    If you WERE educated AT ALL then you wouldn’t be talking about things you know NOTHING about.

    • red Says:

      Angelina continues on YouTube silencing women’s experience of being assaulted by men, telling them they know nothing about transgenderism so should shut up. He apparently knows all about being female.

      Don’t for a moment fool yourself there’s a “nice” MtT.

  12. silverside Says:

    I work part-time at a major department store. Just TODAY, a sales associate was complaining to a manager that there was a guy in the women’s changing area with his girlfriend. This is the epidemic of crap that’s coming down now.

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      Exactly, silverside.

      What’s the changing area like? They’re so variable. At my Walmart there are walls on all sides down to the floor. And I just realized I’ve never looked up in there. The two walls of cubicles face each other on a little hallway. And there’s a short counter next to it that the clerks are at. So even if a man did walk into this hallway between them it would be weird and creepy, but he couldn’t see into the cubicles. Most stores don’t have things as nice as this.

      • kesher Says:

        Many stores have curtains that don’t close all that well, leaving a gap, which is no big deal if it’s exclusively women in there, but men will absolutely take advantage of it.

  13. Kitty Barber Says:

    “I want everything I am entitled to, and that includes hanging out naked with the other naked ladies. Bare. Naked. ‘Cause I’m a ladyee, too!”
    Jeez, this is getting old, already.

  14. GallusMag Says:

    OT: Holy shit let the male dude as prom-queen season end. Now they’re drudging the bottom of the barrel- male “runners up” to prom queen:

    “Last year, [he] went to junior prom as [his] best friend’s date — wearing a tuxedo.

    “I was stuck in a tux, and I hated it. Even when I went to try it on at the tux shop, I cried in the dressing room,” he said. “But the ladies were waiting for me outside, so I wiped my face and walked out and said, ‘I feel so handsome.’ I did do some contouring on my face and had some makeup on, and my friend and I did end up having a great time dancing and stuff.”

    Good for you hon.

    • kesher Says:

      If it weren’t for this trans crap, he’d be a cute gay boy. Sad.

    • michelle Says:

      “Yorke attended the prom solo. All of [his] friends’ prom groups were filled, [his] aunt Victoria Dominiak said.”

      Translated, they were content to stuff the ballot box for a lark but don’t want anything else to do with him. Would be nice if the media would go back to calling a spade a spade…

  15. Zacarthan Says:

    A friend of mine on the “right” just posted this; and I am sure he is just as opposed to this matter as friends on the left; and for many of the same reasons. Your point about a lot of transgenderism is that it reinforces the worst of male/female stereotyping: (HE is a policeman who risks his life to save others: SHE enjoys Tupperware parties. That is lame, but you know what I mean).But you cannot make up this stuff up: this thing is beyond irony. Come on!! –Bruce Jenner won the Decathlon–one of the most prodigious athletic accomplishments in the world. Caitlyn Jenner is going to pose naked. !!!!!!! There you have it. It is just like the athletic events where the men grapple and strike and exert; and the nudy girl models walk around with the signs of which round it is.
    I am sure GT can post the picture and article from CBS. (Tell me if you already were aware; but this is on the money, eh?

  16. Zacarthan Says:

    Gallus, how do I contact you other than commenting; say if I find an article of interest to GT, such as the news that Caitlyn Jenner intends to pose nude (whereas Bruce Jenner won the Decathlon). How’s that for gender stereotyping, by the way? Thank you..

  17. Carrie-Anne Says:

    Kingston isn’t too far from where I live. It wouldn’t shock me to see a story like this making the news even closer to home soon. A locker room is supposed to be a place to feel safe, not to be constantly on-edge worrying about potential men lurking about. Ever since seventh grade, when I started having to change for gym class, I’ve been very modest, by removing and putting on a shirt simultaneously, or wearing a long shirt to skirt to shield the bottom half from view. I also showered in my bathing suit, wore my bathing suit under my clothes on swim days, and maneuvered my street clothes on underneath the towel afterwards. Only a handful of girls I changed with in gym class over the years openly got undressed or even nude. We weren’t comfortable looking at one another or being seen in various states of undress, so the thought of boys being in that locker room with us would’ve horrified us.

    Since I go to a JCC gym, I think it’s safe to say (for now, anyway) there won’t be any men allowed into the locker room. There are many Orthodox girls and women (as well as women period) who’d immediately complain and run out of that locker room. They wouldn’t smile and praise these autogynephiles on their awesome “female penises.”

  18. Zacarthan Says:

    Here is the news bit about Jenner posing nude for Sports Illustrated. I was trying to make the point, which is huge!, about this situation, the way it reinforces the worst type of the old gender stereotyping? Except, of course, that stereotyping is worse than ever, with the sexualisation of women in media worse than it has ever been historically.
    The point being: Bruce Jenner WON the Decathlon. Caitlyn Jenner is POSING naked. The irony can’t be more pronounced.
    Article quote:

    Postmedia Network
    May 5, 2016
    , Last Updated: 1:24 PM ET

    Get ready to see Caitlyn Jenner like you’ve never seen her before.

    The former Olympian and star of I Am Cait is set to appear nude on the cover of Sports Illustrated to celebrate the 40th anniversary of her decathlon gold-medal win.

    Us Weekly reports Jenner, 66, will appear on the cover this summer in “nothing but an American flag and her Olympic medal.”

    According to Us that Jenner is thrilled to celebrate her win in Montreal.

    “She’s excited about that.”

    • Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

      Thus proving, once again, that what you have to do to be a sixty year-old woman and be [on the cover of Vanity Fair]/[asked to pose nude in Sports Illustrated]/[given fawning full-colour coverage in whatever major media outlet next] is “be born male.”

      In IT, we like to say, “The nice thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from,” but usually we’re being sarcastic. *headdesk* (Also *retch*, who wants to see Jenner’s Jenner hanging out?)

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      @Zacarthan yep saw the same article, ( the story of all things broke as part of the SNL news segment)..mentioned how this is more of the insanity on display.

      After this was confirmed….this just cemented in the mind here, that there are some who have gone out of their way to game the system. Be it lionizing crooks on the cover or pages of Time, Inc publications, to MSNBC hiring a known proponent of child abuse & exploitation of same, along with other crap. As well as the creeps who would make Norman Bates look normal, demanding to break privacy bonds, because their ‘identity entitles them to do so’. We may not have learned anything from the middle of the last century, but some have taken notes from the Nazis on how to get the society to see a point of view, based on warped science/ well as using the struggles of others to advance an entitled agenda, at the expense of the same people they wish to emulate. Damn….

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      He won’t be naked! The flag will be huge. Plus I don’t think they allow nudity on the cover of magazines.

      Having said that I hope he doesn’t get too excited.

      This video is titled Boner in a Skirt. And that’s what it shows. According to the comments underneath it’s a genuine candid video of some guy at an event in a hotel courtyard. He was escorted out by security.

      (Another commentor on Gender Trender posted this link a couple months ago. I forget who, thank you to them.)

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      “She’s excited about that.”

      Yeah, I bet Caitlyn is excited!

      One of the most thankless jobs in the world is probably the graphic artist who has to airbrush out Caitlyn’s erection.

      And I bet Caitlyn would make dumb excuses to the photographers too.

      “I love Old Glory that much! Tee-hee-hee-hee!”

    • michelle Says:

      “nothing but a flag” means they will drape it to cover up the fact that he is still packing tackle.

      Hell, they cannot even be original with the cover…some other outlet already did the flag thing with someone else a few years back.

  19. red Says:

    The very definition of a trans individual by activists is that all one has to do to be trans is “feel” like the opposite sex. This position leaves open the potential for any individual, regardless of their motives, to gain access to spaces that should remain segregated such as bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, womens shelters, in public facilities and schools. Women and children are the most vulnerable in these areas.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Logical, rational…..and has stated what the few of us who are not in the cult have been saying for so long. What is even more insulting to humsnd in general….and to women in particular….were Lynch’s extended comments which were on the NBC Overnight cast. Out of simple decency, I will not repeat them here…they were that reprehensible.

      What I will say is that, not only has this poor example of an AG gone out of her way to misinterpret Title IX, but in effect was defending the creep contingent. As well as equating the original intent of the civil rights movement, with that of many of those who are ‘system gaming’ is an insult. To those who are still denied access to parts of the society, because of inate melanin levels, as opposed to acribing to an elective status. Let alone an insult to those who are not thugs….because the litany of stupidity done in the name of being ‘t’ (or denial of treatment being an excuse) causes guilt by association, thanks to said same thug activity.

      If Lynch and her cronies want to protect this BS…..including the lavatory invaders (who forgot that this and locker rooms should have privacy, not a place for pseudo-carnal enjoyment), they should remember that the bill on this shit is coming due. They will be out of office, with some swing of the pendulum back to reality hopefully in the offing.

      Also let this POC apologize for that poor example of what [SIC] ‘our best and brightest’ are. If this is the case….we have more trouble like this on the horizon. Again sorry this stupidity puts far far too many in harm’s way. I had thought by now, some would actually know better.

  20. Medi Says:

    OMG the koo koo clocks!!! This just made my day!!! Could this possibly been an accident where this guy just happened to be? But beware irony, these men intend to destroy all of women’s privacy, and rule the roost. Believe it or not the North Carolina law states that men who have had their penis’ removed and have had id changed are allowed in the women’s room. News organizations know nothing about this.

    • ShipRat Says:

      Wow really? Can you cite a source? I would love to bring it up on the NYT comment boards

      • GallusMag Says:

        The “source” to the contents of the North Carolina HB2 law? Are you kidding? What on earth. Google it. HB2 exempts transgender individuals who have had the sex on their birth certificate amended. For those born in NC that requires medical proof of irreversible body modification. For NC residents or visitors born elsewhere whatever criteria required by their state of origin applies.

  21. Oak and Ash Says:

    The Massachusetts legislature is debating a bill that would allow anyone to use the facilities for the sex with which they identify. One version proposes penalties of up to a year in prison for business owners who refuse to allow someone to use opposite sex facilities.

    In response to concerns about protecting the privacy of women and children, Deborah Shields, executive director of MassEquality, ‘called the argument “ludicrous” and said opponents “need to get their minds out of the gutter.”’ Shields used to be Executive Director of the Maine Sexual Assault Coalition–love the irony there. Although perhaps there’s a reason she no longer holds that position.

    So sexual assault and voyeurism by men isn’t a problem; the problem is some people daring to talk about it. It will all go away if only we make it unspeakable–you know, the way domestic violence and sexual abuse of children used to be back in the good old days.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Looks like Shields was director of the sexual assault coalition for less than six months.

    • kesher Says:

      “One version proposes penalties of up to a year in prison for business owners who refuse to allow someone to use opposite sex facilities.”

      Holy shit. Orwellian. Does refusing service to any protected class result in prison time?

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        @kesher–I find myself wondering the same thing. Liberals seem much more distressed on behalf of men not being allowed in women’s private space than they are about discrimination in employment and housing for gay and lesbian people or about the mistreatment of black people by the police, which makes me think they don’t see transwomen as an oppressed class at all, but a privileged class that deserves to get what they want by virtue of being–most of them–white, straight, and male.

        Orwellian is right. “Male is female. Female is male. We’ve always been at war with Eastasia . . . “

      • Dogtowner Says:

        @Oak and Ash: I was (emphasis on was) having a discussion with someone I met online who then told me her husband (with whom she does not live) is “pangender” (and simply the greatest thing since sliced bread). She hopes to see sexual orientation disappear in another generation. I find this attitude alarming and creepy, and all I could think of was the comment here of trans = misogyny + homophobia. Trans supporters seem filled with antipathy toward women and actual homosexuals.

    • Can’t wait for the lawsuits filed against the state and businesses for failing to exercise the obvious compelling public interest in keeping men out of women’s restrooms and locker rooms. It WILL happen if this insanity is not stopped.

  22. ImNoCissie Says:

    Just received an alert for this NY Times article:

    Obama Administration to Issue Decree on Transgender Access to School Restrooms

    The article goes on to describe what’s in the new “decree”. This is part of it:

    “As soon as a child’s parent or legal guardian asserts a gender identity for the student that “differs from previous representations or records,” the letter says, the child is to be treated accordingly — without any requirement for a medical diagnosis or birth certificate to be produced. It says that schools may — but are not required to — provide other restroom and locker room options to students who seek “additional privacy” for whatever reason.

    Attached to the letter, the Obama administration will include a 25-page document describing “emerging practices” that are already in place in many schools around the country. Those included installing privacy curtains or allowing students to change in bathroom stalls.”

    So, no third bathroom option but the girls can hover behind a privacy curtain, only IF the school sees fit to provide that.

    • Serious overreach and completely illegal. Title IX is being twisted by this incompetent Lynch in the same manner that Arne Duncan violated separation of powers with regard to education policy. Lynch should be fired.

    • australopithecene Says:

      It’s so ridiculous. If you are providing privacy accommodations, you’re admitting there’s a problem here, that trans “girls” aren’t girls – that they shouldn’t be there.

      • kesher Says:

        The privacy curtains are for the real girls though. The Obama administration prioritizes penis rights and refuses to allow schools to ask MTF students to change out of view of female students.

    • Honest question: Does Obama want to hand the election to Trump? Clinton has expressed support for the trans cult, so she can’t very well complain about Obama going balls-out for them in the waning months of his presidency.

      • kesher Says:

        Obama thinks most people don’t care, and on that point he’s probably right. Those Democratic constituents who would have a serious problem with this (I’m thinking socially conservative black and Latino voters) cannot vote for Trump. The trans brigade has non-white and female Democratic voters over a barrel this election, and everyone knows it.

        Also, Trump is pro-trans himself. Why wouldn’t he be? He hates real women, and trans is a war on women.

      • Em Says:

        Gallus will let us know whether she wants to keep US electoral politics off this blog, but let me just say that this particular act of idiocy struck me pretty much the same way.

  23. backatit Says:

    And now for our regular nonsense, there should probably be a post about this.

    “Hari Nef discusses questions of representation and identity that women–particularly trans women–face, and calls for greater tolerance and acceptance of the varying ways they chose to express their femininity.”

    These sickos seriously think that women are just femininity.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Good news! We don’t have to liberate women, just “free the femme” and “chill out.” Eyeliner will solve everything.

      This person thinks his problem isn’t patriarchy but the “esthetics of upwardly mobile feminist respectability”–as if it’s feminist theory rather than actual men who are responsible for killing transwomen. And he never said just what sorts of things he wasn’t able to do without changing his body.

      I noticed how slyly he mentioned that Johns Hopkins stopped doing SRS after Janice Raymond’s book came out, in a clear attempt to insinuate what he couldn’t prove because it doesn’t happen to be true.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Johns Hopkins did a study of the results of SRS in 1979 and found those who’d had surgery were not mentally healthier or better adjusted than those who hadn’t, even those who said they passed reliably. The researchers concluded that people seeking transition had other psychological problems (no kidding!) responsible for their distress and decided that performing surgery on otherwise healthy bodies was therefore unethical.

        Janice Raymond’s book just happened to be published the same year. Apparently a number of people had an acute attack of sanity at about the same time. We could use another one.

    • Imnocissie Says:

      Yes, without femme they have nothing. And with it or withou it , trans has nothing to do with feminism. Stick to your own movement.

      • Yes! Without reducing womanhood to male-defined “femininity” (however comical their performance of it), MtTs have ZERO claim to it. They don’t care about and can never experience our biology or socialization, so they have to make womanhood and feminism about something other than being female. The bullshit charge of “femmephobia” is just another form of entryism and appropriation. It’s not that wearing dresses is bad; it’s that “femme” is not at all inherent to being female, and you can’t allow MtTs an inch to say otherwise.

        They whine about being “assigned male” but insist that womanhood is defined by whatever qualities men assign to it! The balls. What about women coercively defined as feminine?

        Now the DOJ complaint gives them legal justification for all this. We can at least refuse to entertain bullshit conversations about the importance of “femme”.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        @janethe1st “women coercively defined as feminine”

        Thanks for that phrase. I’m going to use it.

    • Elle Says:

      From the video: “It’s time to revise what a feminist looks like, especially if hair, makeup, and nails allow her to get jobs, make friends, or ride the subway home safely at night.”

      Yeah, because nothing makes me feel safer on public transportation than getting all dolled up.

      I choose not to revise.

      • New Reader Says:

        Well, of course they need their “femme.” They can’t get hard without it. You don’t see them in tailored women’s pantsuits or slacks! It’s all about the ridiculously inappropriate clothes, the make-up, the come-fuck-me shoes, and the panties. ESPECIALLY the panties!

    • Janetwo Says:

      Personally, I find it offensive that these guys appropriate a word, femme, from my mother, my grand-mother, my great grand-mother and my language. Femme does not translate to desillusional male impersonator. So, here some clarifications for the French impaired men in frock:

      From the Larousse dictionnary:

      Être humain du sexe féminin;
      Adulte de sexe féminin, par opposition à fille, jeune fille.
      (Human being of the female sex; Adult of the female sex, by opposition to girl or teenage girl).

      The definition of femme by the French Academy is even more descriptive and specific and translates by:
      human being defined by her sexual characteristics allowing her to conceive and deliver children.

      On the other end, the French definition of transgender clearly specifies that transgenders do not in fact belong to the other sex but suffer from a sexual disorder.

      In French, there is no confusion between sex and gender. Gender is a grammatical category, some words are masculine, some are feminine. In way, the tranny dudebros can be as feminine as a chair, a table or a cherry pie if they want to, still does not make them femme. You can change your pronouns, but so far, French does not allow you to change your definition. And God Bless the French Academy!

  24. Imnocissie Says:

    Interestingly, he says near the end that he Had certain life goals and wanted to do those things as a man but was told “no”. I assume he meant the modeling and acting that he does now.

    That’s an indictment of conventional gender roles, not a reason to capitulate and reinforce them, certainly not a valid critique of feminist thought that railed against the strict enforcement of those roles.

    • New Reader Says:

      Why don’t we just lock them up in a big room equipped with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, trays of make-up, rows of stiletto heals, tons of wigs, and, especially, racks and racks of lacy satin “panties”? They would probably be happier and so would we.

  25. Janune Says:

    Thank you to the gym owner who stood up and protected women. Until transition surgery then accommodations are appropriate and kind.

  26. Oak and Ash Says:

    The article is filled with typical MTT self-pity, but the comments tilt toward critical rather than sympathetic, and there’s a lot of pushback against those who support the transwoman’s point of view. One very persistent commenter (“Katie Talbert”), who says she’s a mother and grandmother, tolerates no crap whatsoever.

    Another woman responds to being called a TERF by saying that she is–a Totally Excellent Real Female!

    We still have a fight ahead of us, but, judging from the change I see in comments on trans articles, it looks like more people are waking up to what’s going on and becoming less afraid of being called bigots for not playing along with trans delusions.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Just read the article….and could not get beyond the miles of illogic on the part of the author.

      Even those who have had the op or anything else done or is on the HRT, should know by now the simple facts of biology. Makes one want to shake the head and wonder…what the hell are these folks smoking….and why can’t it be banned. Damn damn damn…

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        I know the article makes no sense at all and contains toxic amounts of entitlement and self-pity, but I linked to it for the flicker of hope I got from so many of the comments.

        The complaints of transwomen have always puzzled me. How can they not realize they won’t be fertile on opposite sex hormones? And so much of what they complain of as transmisogyny just looks like the ordinary misogyny we have to put up with all the time. Their cluelessness is staggering.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @rheapdx1- Step up your game or your comments will not be published. This is not a 101 space. Sorry.

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