Another Fake Transgender Bathroom Fauxlebrity

May 18, 2016

LOL this idiot.

From the video [bolding by me]: 

“A woman asked me to leave the bathroom at walmart. I saw it and it happened and I thought to myself “this is unbelievable”. Like, she said “You are not supposed to be here. You need to leave.” So at first I was like, does she think I like work in a different store, and I shouldn’t be in this bathroom? So I said “Yes I do”. And then she flipped me off and she’s like “you’re disgusting” and she storms out. So I realized like when I was washing my hands like “Holy shit. She just thought I was somebody that was transgender.”

From the Danbury NewsTimes [bolding by me]:

“Aimee Toms, a 22-year-old from Naugatuck who works at a retail store in the Bethel-Danbury retail area around Walmart…”

Here’s the GenderTrender take on this lying idiot. Aimee Toms “works” and I use that word lightly in another store adjacent to the one where the “alleged incident” occurred. She is constantly accessing the bathroom facility on her “breaks” and otherwise to meet with and socialize with her friends who also work in the same stripmall. This pattern of behavior is annoying and disruptive and has been duly noted by co-workers and regular shoppers over a period of time.  One of them finally spoke up and told her to get back in her lane. “You’re not supposed to be here. You need to leave.” Aimee likely responded with a defense of her work ethic, explaining that her occupation of an adjacent store’s restroom was an excellent use of her employer’s time. She was told she was not a positive role model: “You’re disgusting.” (No one actually flipped her the bird, judging by her “tell” – the sidewards glance of confabulation she exhibits when relaying that point in the first thirty seconds of the video.)

Our hapless protagonist thought to herself : ‘Am I going to get in trouble? Don’t I have the right to use this bathroom as a place to fuck off with my friends when I’m supposed to be working next door? Golly this must be how “the transgendereds” feel being asked to stop using a restroom! I’m going to post on my facebook about this injustice! And when I get some attention I’m going to increasingly spin the events that occurred, thus deflecting attention away from my own behavior! Because this is how I deal with life! Nevermind that every single person that works in that stripmall can surmise exactly what actually occurred and will be laughing at what a lying confabulating lazy-ass no work ethic loser I am! Now when I use that restroom as my personal hide-out they will all keep their mouths shut in fear of what false accusations I may make! Because transgender! All hail the power of transgender! The solution to all your pathetic personal failings! The ultimate get out of jail free deflector card! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!


You’re welcome.



125 Responses to “Another Fake Transgender Bathroom Fauxlebrity”

  1. ImNoCissie Says:

    Excellent takedown. I saw this earlier and I didn’t believe a single word of it.

    • GallusMag Says:

      So transparent! Didn’t stop the media from running with it though. Washington Times headline: Woman wrongly accused of being transgender is kicked out of Wal-Mart bathroom


    • Zemskull Says:

      I’m also having a hard time believing her. Her YouTube rant is generally detailed; e.g. talking about her alleged three hair donations to Pantene’s charity and the resulting “pixie cut” she thinks she rocks, yet we don’t get information about what Toms was doing in the Walmart bathroom in relation to her workplace. All we get is, “…who works at a retail store in the Bethel-Danbury retail area around Walmart…” Which store employs Toms, and how is this relevant to Walmart? For example, does she work in a small mall store that doesn’t have its own bathroom or uses its bathroom as a storage room, so employees either use the bathrooms at the food court, or the nearby Walmart? Was Toms previously caught by Walmart price-comparing for her own employer? Does Toms lack a car, so she went over to Walmart everyday to entertain herself for an hour before her bus came, without ever buying anything? Was she legally “trespassed” by Walmart for loitering, but the person allegedly confronting her that day didn’t want to bother summoning security and finding the paperwork on it, so she just flipped her off?

  2. If anyone was confused about the sex of this female human being, then we as a species are doomed to be eaten alive by the drooling zombie idiots that can’t see past short hair and a baseball cap. How could anyone think that is anything but a female face and female form?

    And how do we go from understanding that there are males out there that will enter a women’s restroom to rape a female to presenting an argument that women will not be any less safe if males are entering women’s restrooms at greater rates than before? It’s a shame that mathematics in general and statistics in particular are seemingly no longer taught in schools of developed nations.

    • carterabbie Says:

      Well, keep in mind that we live in an age where they say Serena Williams, with a Coke bottle figure “looks like a man.” It’s readily apparent that a lot of people have a VERY skewed perception as to what a man looks like these days.

  3. 1234lane Says:

    You’ve been covering this beat for a long time, did you ever imagine it would get this weird? Everyone is discussing transgender everything. I’ve only been following the trend since spring 2014, I wonder if people will start to get bored of it and find something new to be or become that makes them feel cutting edge.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Yes I did imagine it. I don’t think we’ve yet reached the peak weirdness that will occur as the trans subcultural politic meets the mainstream.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        Just wait, @GallusMag….it is going to get worse. Like this has been the lead or secondary story on PBS the past week. And Nightline has all but fallen and fawned over the PC line.

        ORWELL WAS RIGHT…as was Margaret Atwood.

      • If this gets worse I’m gonna have to move to another planet.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        @rheapdx1–It seems to be the main topic on NPR every time I turn on the radio. I really think liberals are so invested because it allows them to see privileged white men as victims and express their misogyny in a politically correct way (while conservatives with the same view simply vote for he-who-must-not-be-named).

        @purplesagefem–Don’t leave without me!

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        Gee….let me add to my previous comment. If one heard NPR’s ‘The Takeaway’….there was more of the insanity on aural display. It does not need to be repeated, the mantra has landed and bought hook, line, sinker and Kool-aid cups. (along with the usual religious hatred)

        Anyone know of a country one can defect to where this is less of an issue and the greater common good is more important?

    • Margie Says:

      I would just sit back and watch the trans-insanity and munch on popcorn, but it breaks my heart that LGB people have been drawn into this circus. It is our organizations and our money that’s being used to fight the trans activists’ wars in all of these states and in all of these arenas. We are drafted to fight for them AND we have to pay for their war to boot. It’s disgusting.

      • RC Says:

        Don’t worry – trans folks can already see that subconscious fear and hatred in many of the LGB people who no longer join us for liberation work, and you’re welcome for all the work that trans folks like me put into marriage equality for your hypocritical life.

      • GallusMag Says:

        There’s nothing subconscious about the rational fear and sense of self-preservation women have in the presence of men, who commit nearly all violent crimes against us. And trans never helped gay people- you’ve only held us back by attaching your parasitic sexist homophobic retrograde politics onto our movement. There’s one thing all trans people have in common: fealty to the male. All trans people are either male, or male-identified. It’s a men’s rights movement through and through.

  4. red Says:

    She’s also painting the other worker as transphobic, which is very dangerous. What kind of person would do that to get herself out of potential trouble with her boss.

  5. GallusMag Says:

    LMAO! My “fans”.

    [–]desertplaces 3 points an hour ago
    Oy. I really like GallusMag and I usually find her very funny (as well as sharp, smart, and courageous), but this is kind of a dud from her.
    [–]radicalcrayon 1 point 7 minutes ago*
    I would think Walmart is too big of a store for employees of another business to be using their bathrooms as a place to congregate. Much too far to walk when someone only has a 10-15 minute break.
    Gallus is usually pretty excellent though, so I wonder why she even bothered with this post.

    • GallusMag Says:

      This post is for everyone who’s ever worked in a mall. Not for people like you. Hope that helps!

    • Desertplaces Says:

      I resemble that remark! You’re dead on, I’ve never worked in a mall or spent much time in one, so you’ve a much keener insight here than me. I do admire and value the work you do here, my apologies for a poorly thought-out comment.

  6. charlston Says:

    I have big boobs so how did she mistake me for a Trans? Huh? She doesn’t get out much does she? Duly noted she washes her hands though.

  7. Sarah Says:

    None of the story makes sense even if it were true. The woman in the bathroom would clearly be confusing her with a common or garden man rather than anything as exciting or liberal credential boosting as a trans. Baseball caps and t-shirts are male signifiers in trans world so a trans wearing them to express their very special inner masculine identity would be in the mens room doing it there.

    Also she mentions being sexually assaulted by a man in a bathroom which elicits almost no emotion, but is in a rage that a woman told her she didn’t belong in a bathroom and then walked out leaving her to it. One of those is a harmful act, but apparently is not deserving enough of a video rant.

    On the other hand your explanation of what really happened makes total sense. So my vote’s with you Gallus.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Right? “Does she think I like work in a different store, and I shouldn’t be in this bathroom?” Who would even fucking think that? She let the cat out of the bag the second she opened her mouth.

      Also if someone suddenly says out of the blue “You don’t belong in here you need to leave” and you have no idea why, the natural response is to ask for clarification and say “Why?” or “What do you mean?” not “Yeah I do”. Maybe maintenance just sprayed toxic pesticides in there and forgot to put up a warning sign. Maybe there is a dead body in a stall and they are waiting for police. You only say “Yeah I do” when you already know WHY they’re telling you to leave and don’t agree with it.

      • oopster74 Says:

        I get your point but, you’ve got to realise that if someone says that to you, firstly you’re going to be shocked that they have, then if you say anything, it’s going to be the first thing that comes into your mind. I had a similar situation a few years ago (not in a toilets though). I’d just come out of hospital after having a heart attack and was using my ex’s old powered wheelchair as I was supposed to take things easy for a good while afterwards (a four pint bottle of milk weighed a tonne weight to me the day I came out of hospital, which was a major shock to me). So, we we’re coming back from town, chatting and laughing and was on a single path near our building and behind a neighbour of ours. We knew there wasn’t space to pass but also knew we we’re going to the same place and wouldn’t have to wait too long when she suddenly turned round to me and said “I wouldn’t care, but you’re not even disabled!”, I was too shocked to say anything but “I’ve just had a bloody heart attack!”. She turned back round and just walked off. My point being, she didn’t know what had happened, jumped to conclusions and had a go at me. Now, I could have just been bringing my ex back from picking up his new chair while returning his old chair, but she didn’t care or think. I need to add that we already had a bad relationship with her and her other half after a previous encounter and they’re both miserable so and so’s anyway, but this is what happens when you jump to conclusions sometimes.

  8. I want to hear from the person who supposedly told her to get out. If she exists.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      I found myself wondering if the entire story was cut out of whole cloth, but her aggrieved tone suggests something happened. She certainly wasn’t mistaken for male, so I think GM’s take on it is probably close to the mark. One more pro-trans pseudo-victim.

      Why aren’t those running the story picking up on her obvious narcissism? Look at the way she tells the world how wonderful she is for donating her hair and gives a condescending lecture to all of us unenlightened older people.

  9. GallusMag Says:

    Come at me, yo! I’m here to defend my theory!

    Again: my theory is that this idiot, who works next door, WAS told to leave by someone who was sick of seeing her use the place as her personal playground to socialize while pulling shifts next door. The unfairness of this upset her, and made her think of her fellow aggrieved restroom exiles: The Trans! She threw up a facebook status that linked her experience to The Trans! which garnered so much attention that she created a video confabulating the event for the good of The Trans! and for the attention, the virtue signaling (including her dubious charity work of hair donation), also for the opportunity to perform her well-worn sassy but cute beatdown speech “no butter on your toast!” for a wider audience.

    This theory, or interpretation of actions and statements is based on extensive, keenly observed mall-based retail social patterns/norms, combined with an individual assessment of the subject as lacking the inspiration and/or motivation to deliberately invent this hoax from whole cloth.

    If you find my theory implausible, or find more plausible the idea that this woman could possibly be “misgendered” as a male by anyone, while speaking and interacting with them -even if she were wearing a fake mustache and beard, and a tuxedo with motorcycle boots, under low light, from a distance, sporting a codpiece, liberally sprayed with AXE products, and waving about a selective service voucher, I would like to hear your perspective.

    Because I’m fascinated with the investment in her published narrative.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      Even the STOCKBROKER who led a gang of people in attacking a straight couple in Brooklyn, New York, in the 1980s because he thought they were two gay men wouldn’t have thought this woman was a man.

      Thanks for the insight into retail social patterns. Now I know why Macy’s appeared empty one evening when I tried to shop there! I wondered where everyone was!

    • petuniacat00 Says:

      LOL! Lowlight, codpiece, AXE!😂😂😂

  10. Looks like she lives in her mother’s basement. Sad.

  11. New Reader Says:

    OT but related: There’s been another male invasion of a woman’s dressing room, this time at a Ross store. When a woman complained, she was told to wait outside her OWN dressing room until His Royal Penis finished changing! Unbelievable! So now penis gets TWO changing areas and women get NONE!

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      But . . . how can this be? They told us men would never pretend to be women just to get into women’s spaces.

      This must be what mass insanity feels like to those not caught up in it.

    • kesher Says:

      His Royal Penis. I love it. I hope you don’t mind if I steal it. I already have penis rights and penis uber alles. His Royal Penis will fit right in.

    • ozarkmtnlake Says:

      Imagine how that woman must feel.

      Disbelief, devalued and completely unsupported.

      At least her story made it to the media, though she probably had to call them herself.

      Could this be a sign of hope?
      That as this happens more and more often, as outraged women’s voices are raised, that people will come to value and protect women only spaces?

      I’ve long believed… that given enough rope, they’ll hang themselves.

  12. @The Fabulously Mean Mutineer Queen of Power Kitty Glendower

    “I want to hear from the person who supposedly told her to get out. If she exists.”

    I agree because in reality there is no way to prove the other woman even existed? Who is this other woman, and what does she look like? Notice that she doesn’t go into detail about what the supposed other woman looked like. Was she tall? Was she short? What kind of clothes was she wearing? If she felt so threatened by this other woman, why didn’t she tell management, or call 911.

    I’m calling this lying woman out.

    There is something about this that just doesn’t seem right. Look at her. Look at the makeup and what look like size D bra. Are we supposed to believe that this woman looks transgender, or was mistaken for a man. I’m not buying it.

    I think Gallus is right. The first words out of her mouth, “does she think I like work in a different store, and I shouldn’t be in this bathroom” sounds awful suspicious.

    Trans and their supporters lie all the time, and mainstream news sources are propaganda. Transgender sources and corporate controlled mainstream news have no credibility. Biological males claiming “gender identity”/transgender status, or wearing a dress offend at the same rate as other males. The female victims exist, but it’s politically incorrect to mention them. Trans activists lie all the time when they intentionally conflate intersex with transgender. They have been doing it for years. They lie when they say no transwoman (biological male) has ever harmed a woman even when there are court records to prove otherwise. As to corporate controlled mainstream media, there were no WMDs in Iraq prior to the Bush invasion, and Building 7 was not brought down by office fires.

    War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery…

    Women have a penis…

    Stefonknee Wolscht is a “woman” because he says he is…

    Propaganda is all they have, and this video sure as hell looks, smells, and sounds like propaganda. She just doesn’t look credible to me, and I’m sure they will never find the other woman because she doesn’t exist.

    • brigiddd Says:

      >Stefonknee Wolscht is a “woman” because he says he is…

      *Ahem* can we not invalidate identities plz.

      Lil Stephie is an 8 year old *girl* because he says he is.

  13. drycamp Says:

    On the general topic of trans-craziness, you all might want to check this out:

    In NY City apparently you can be fined for not using the pronouns I select. And you have to ask everyone what pronouns they prefer. For myself, please refer to me as “Your Excellency.” Pronouns are never correct. References to me in the third person should be “Her Excellency.” For your convenience, you can pay the $125,000 fine directly to me if you slip up.

    • red Says:

      Other jurisdictions as well.

      And this: they are better $$ educated than many women, certainly than older, single with children, First Nations, Black, Latina women, who will end up being their subordinates who will have to call them her, she, or risk losing our jobs. I’d love to hear how some women who presently work with them manage this. I am not giving them she, or her, or woman.

      I see one prominent MtT spends all day on Twitter doing activism for T, and apparently his employer is good with this. His job is taxpayer funded. Now there’s a kind of job no woman will ever get: Spending all day twittering about women’s rights and getting a government cheque for it.

      He’s instrumental in getting the gov’t to pay for all the “real me” surgeries. How is this not a conflict of interest at the very least?

    • kesher Says:

      Did you see this?

      A white MTF special ed teacher decided he was being “subtly bullied” because his black female subordinates at work didn’t want to be his best friend. (Let’s not talk about the fact that white women and black women don’t necessarily bond in the super special privileged woman club.) So, of course, he killed himself, and much news ink was spilled reporting on what a tragedy his death was and how much his coworkers and bosses were to blame.

      • drycamp Says:

        First of all, all this happened in 2014, so why are we hearing about it now? Second, whatever is anyone, including the school district, supposed to do about something like this? His co-workers “ignored” him and “didn’t want to be friends.” OK. So what? We all have some kind of right to have the people around us befriend us? And we all have so little fiber that being shunned at work leads to suicide, for which we can blame the employer?

        Obviously this person was deeply disturbed. It is likely that no one is actually to blame for this; the world is full of disturbed people, which is sad, but sometimes nothing can be done about it. I notice that no one was disciplined for all this, which is encouraging. What’s the suggestion? If I don’t offer friendship to a strange, mentally ill person, I’m supposed to lose my job? Well, no, not unless my job consists solely of befriending this person and not doing something useful like, oh, teaching.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        Gosh, why would anyone want to keep their relationship with the boss strictly professional?

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        It’s interesting he said he “felt” he was being “subtly bullied” and ignored. The “felt” and the “subtly” imply he couldn’t point to any wrongdoing, and by “ignored” he can’t have meant that his aides didn’t follow his reasonable instructions in the classroom, because there would be channels for dealing with that. His friend claimed the principal never addressed the teacher’s complaints, which makes me suspect they were subjective. (Also, I found her insinuations sexist, racist and classist–she hit the trifecta of bigotry!)

        So, what we’re left with is that a white man killed himself because his black, female subordinates didn’t make him feel loved enough. All I can say is that too many of these men seem to be in the grip of a delusion that if only they were women all their problems would vanish. Have they actually ever met any women? They certainly aren’t paying attention to their lives.

        He clearly was troubled. I suspect most of the people who want to transition as adults have unaddressed mental health issues, which is why they have relatively high suicide rates even after transitioning when they discover that it isn’t a panacea.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        Is it just me…or did the KKK set up branch offices where those who are white, professional and ‘t’ work? This was and is incredibly sick….as though the wrong type of co-workers are to blame for someone, who was not stable (or did not have a therapist check under the hood to make sure the parts were working) to begin with, deciding to end it all.

        All…the sentiment expressed in the manure sent to MPS has extisted for years within the community. Now we are seeing what is near the summit of peak ‘t’. Damn….

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      Yes, this is the same NYC law that led to 18 young girls being forced to change & shower in the tiny “family changing room” while a male-presenting man occupied their space in the actual girls’ locker room:

      A person cannot be questioned at all as to their gender identity when they select a female space to invade. We all must go along with whatever their agenda is, and can only object AFTER we have suffered violence or intrusion.

      • petuniacat00 Says:

        “Male presenting man” is a great phrase! For the Alex Drummonds and Danielle Muscatos. o-O

        That Time article is superb. And throw up making. When I was reading it I realized oh, OK women and teenage girls will respond to this crap by: not going to the gym. Not going to the pool. Not being on the swim team. That’s going to be the effect, that’s the rollback of women’s rights.

        About the rules for how you have to interact with the trans, there was this shocking paragraph in Sarah Ditum’s recent New Statesman article

        >>… US attorney general Loretta Lynch ruling that schools must “treat a student’s gender identity as the student’s sex”. The Department of Justice guidance adds: “A school may not require transgender students to have a medical diagnosis, undergo any medical treatment, or produce a birth certificate or other identification document before treating them consistent with their gender identity.<<

        This kind of crap floors me. It's the full on self-declaration, gender identity craziness. And they are and forcing this on schools in the US. Why not just force all the schools to make the kids worship Baal? 🐂

  14. For the sake of argument, let’s pretend that this other woman existed. If this incident did happen exactly as she said it did, what we are experiencing is an understandable backlash by women who are blaming transgender activists and their allies for refusing to acknowledge the fact that “gender identity” laws have harmed women. Women in women’s homeless shelters have been sexually assaulted by a male claiming “gender identity”. Gee, why would women be angry at transgender people? These morons just can’t understand why women might be angry. No one believes that Stefonknee Wolscht has a sincere “gender identity”. The man calling himself Carlotta Sklodowska would frighten any woman who was unfortunate enough to run into him in a women’s locker room. Trans activists can’t shove this down our throats, so they are doing the only thing they can do. That is, throwing up smoke screens, pulling out everything that they can, and doing and saying anything to confuse people.

    If this did happen exactly as Aimee Toms said, then maybe we should ask ourselves who created this backlash? Trans activists and their allies created this God awful mess, and they step back and wonder why it happens. They created this cluster fu##. People are angry because they can see the insanity of it all. The insanity was caused by them not us.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Yeah but no it didn’t happen to Aimeeee. She’s a fucking liar. And I say this as someone who has been temporarily “misgendered” in single sex facilities countless times. A few times to a fairly unnerving degree. So no. Holy shit I was stopped from voting once -temporarily- because they said I could not possibly be the female person on my ID. (Now they remember me by name 😉 ) So, no. Aimee is a lying liar who spends her spare time making up lies when she isn’t lying. Butch dykes or gender non-performing women have been negotiating our space in single-sex facilities forever. We do so by expanding the perception of female beyond “gender” and we do it with a wink and a nod. A WINK AND A NOD. The claim that excluding males from female single sex spaces will harm us in any way is a lie. A LIE! So fuck Aimeeee the lying liar and fuck every person who tries to reel us into the male narrative – and by implication insults the perception and intelligence of all women who may be forced to give us a second glance -or three- due to jendur norms, before recognizing a sister.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        Stopped from voting? Holy shit. I was once asked to prove my identity as the circulation desk at the library once for basically the same reason — my first name is clearly a woman’s, and the clerk was convinced I was a man trying to get around the check-out limit by borrowing a female friend’s card.

        As for the bathroom thing, I deal with it on a regular basis, even in a liberal area with a lot of gay people. My policy is to be non-confrontational about it; however, some women do not want to hear it — they’ll keep shouting “This is the women’s room, use the mens’!!!” even after I’ve politely explained that I am, in fact, a woman — I just have short hair. This happens despite the fact that I have an unambiguously female figure, and it happens even when I’m wearing a clothes that don’t hide that fact. Apparently, social stereotypes really do trump anatomy in a lot of people’s minds.

        Interestingly, my straight liberal friends have a great deal of difficulty believing that this happens to me. So do a surprising number of lesbians — usually the ones who don’t think of themselves as super-girly (and in fairness, they’re not), but whose self-presentation is still juuuuuust enough on the other side of the line that separates “acceptably feminine” from “unacceptably ‘masculine'” that they don’t get harassed in public. (They have a crew cut, but also pierced ears and plain stud earrings. They stick with t-shirts and jeans, but ones that are obviously from the women’s section. There’s also a middle-management version of this look; it involves slightly longer hair, a tailored blouse with a camp collar, and dangly geometric earrings.)

        They say, “Whaaaa???? You??? No way, I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really?? YOU????”

        Maybe I should invite them to tag along with me on a tour of the local public facilities some time. Wouldn’t that be fun!

        I don’t usually bring this up in conversation; however, sometimes someone will ask me why I’m reluctant to use the public restroom. Or why I don’t just use the men’s room (single occupancy) if there’s a line for the ladies’ — after all, a lot of women do that. If I think they might actually be interested in the answer, I explain that that would feel like a much safer option if my presentation were more conventionally feminine. I avoid the single-occupancy mens’ room because out of fear that someone who notices that I’m female might think I’m non-passing FTT, or simply making some sort of gender statemen (because all lesbians just want to be men, right?) and either launch into a stream of verbal abuse or possibly beat the shit out of me.

        It’s really a no-win situation.

      • kesher Says:

        If the trans liars were serious about protecting gender non-conforming men and women, they’d have a law passed making it an actionable offense to kick biological women out of the women’s facilities and biological men out of the men’s. The latter is particularly important because it often seems as though men are even more invested in cramming “not man enough” men into the non-men/women category. Women are generally concerned about safety. Men are concerned about policing and punishing other men. But of course they won’t do that, because they don’t give a crap. It’s a sad irony that butch lesbians get the most/only protection from trans bills since those bills are going by “gender identity” and not sex.

  15. @Gallus,

    I agree with you because this video looks fake as hell. No way does she look like a man. Everything about this video says something is off. It all looks so fake.

    ” She’s a fucking liar. And I say this as someone who has been temporarily “misgendered” in single sex facilities countless times.”

    I know what you are talking about. I was a tomboy before tomboys were pumped full of puberty suppressing drugs and testosterone. I was teased by both girls and boys in my high school. The boys frightened me more than the girls. Girls can be catty and snotty to other girls, but the real potential for violence is coming from males.

    “The claim that excluding males from female single sex spaces will harm us in any way is a lie.”

    Lesbians are women, and as women we can be raped and assaulted too. Lesbians are female, and we are subject to male violence. Hate crimes directed towards lesbians that result in serious injury and death haven’t come from females. I’m talking about serious hate crimes in which lesbians are brutally beaten and raped. Corrective rape of lesbians in which lesbians are repeatedly raped to cure them of their homosexuality is well documented. Even if what Aimee Toms says is true, does she really think a few words in a women’s restroom is as bad as epidemic male violence against women.

    Lesbian attacked on the street and badly beaten by three men.

    A lesbian was brutally gang raped by four men.

    A male Coast Guard officer shot two lesbians, killing one woman because she rejected his advances.

    BOURNE, Ma. – A Portsmouth-based Coast Guardsman was arrested in Massachusetts after he allegedly shot two Coast Guard petty officers who were a married lesbian couple — fatally killing one — and a police officer.

    Another example of a man attacking a lesbian.

    Two men attack a lesbian.

    None of the little nasty words from straight women (dyke, lezbo, etc.) scared me as much as the real possibility of male violence. Male violence is fucking real with serious consequences.

    This is from a butch lesbian. Butch lesbian weighs in on bathroom debate.

    If Aimee wants to read some real some real scary shit, she should read this.

    They sure as hell would bash a “TERFs” head in if given half a chance. I don’t want these men in the women’s restroom. It’s funny because they never gave a rat’s ass about butch lesbians before. Now, it’s like straight women in women’s restrooms are going to start killing dykes and girls in baseball caps. If Stefonknee can’t use the women’s restroom, straight women are going to start killing lesbians by the hundreds.

    I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been called dyke. The pepper spray I carry with me at night is to protect me from the real possibility of male violence.

  16. Mortadella Says:

    The freeze frame of the video is hilarious. It looks like she’s saying, “I once caught a fish THISSSS BIG!!!”

  17. charlston Says:

    ”You are not supposed to be here. You need to leave.”
    So I said “Yes I do”.

    And then she flipped me off and she’s like “you’re disgusting” and she storms out.

    So I slept on it and here is what is strange.
    If someone said to me-”You are not supposed to be here. You need to leave.” My response would not be ‘Yes I do’, but ‘Yes I am’ .

    My real response however, would be to look around for signs I was in the right place ‘Why, whats happened?’
    When she flipped me and said you are disgusting the last thing I would think would be trans related. I probably would want to get out as quickly as possible in case she came back. Stuff taking time for washing my hands and thinking about it. I have hand sanitiser so I would be out in a heartbeat.
    Its dodgy alright.

  18. Oak and Ash Says:

    everydayfeminism. com/2015/11/trans-women-reproductive-justice/

    This is off-topic, but I stumbled upon this piece from Everyday Feminism called “4 Ways to Center Trans Women in Reproductive Justice.” The author talks about being devestated at finding out estrogen would sterilize him, since he’d dreamed his whole life about becoming a “mother.”

    Then he heard about a trans woman who’d gone off estrogen to regain fertility. I had to read this line several times:
    “What this means is that trans women who stop taking HRT for a few months can reverse sterilization and become pregnant with viable sperm.”

    It sounded like lunacy–a transwoman can’t become pregnant no matter how viable the sperm, right?–until I realized that, by “pregnant with viable sperm,” he simply meant “producing sperm.”

    In other words, some transwomen are identifying as pregnant when their testes make sperm. Are they now going to expect sympathy for a “miscarriage” at every failure to inseminate?

  19. […] the bottom of such a national outrage that has been generated by this attention seeking liar.   Gender Trender has her theory and I suspect she is in the ballpark.   Why aren’t reporters trying to locate […]

  20. Black Metal Valkyrie Says:

    @oopster74 I would not say being accused of faking disability and the washroom shit are the same or even that similar. I am chronically ill and disabled and have been for almost half a decade.

    Able-bodied people policing people’s use of assistive devices, parking passes etc. is ableist policing of our bodies and spilling their vile ignorance of what disability is onto us while we’re just trying to live our lives. No not everyone in a wheelchair is paralyzed, no not every walker user is old etc. Wish people understood that.

    Now my comment on the OP, I was skeptical of this story and liked this response but don’t understand why they keep saying she’s intersex and what they mean by it as the trans have stolen it from an actually oppressed and frequently disabled group.

  21. liberalsareinsane Says:

    People should stop raising such insufferable morons. There should be a parent tax: raise a moron you pay for it.

    I’m sure if aimsster were alive during the Salem witch trials she would have sent many women to their deaths at the stake. She’s perfect Manson girl material as well.

  22. @Kesher,

    “If the trans liars were serious about protecting gender non-conforming men and women, they’d have a law passed making it an actionable offense to kick biological women out of the women’s facilities and biological men out of the men’s.”

    Was there ever a time when they did something just for butch lesbians? Hell, no. There never was a time that I can recall, and it’s not going to happen any time soon.

    As it stands right now, and based on the history of every LGBT organization, lesbians are only useful to them if they can be used to further the transgender political agenda, or help gay men in some way. According to trans logic, access to restrooms and locker rooms should be based on special feelings in the brain instead of actual physical anatomy. They aren’t pushing these laws through to help lesbians.


    “It’s a sad irony that butch lesbians get the most/only protection from trans bills since those bills are going by “gender identity” and not sex.”

    Butch lesbians get diddle shit from these damn “gender identity” bills. They don’t give a rat’s ass about butch lesbians. They expect all of us to “transition” to transmen, and to use the men’s restroom. I’ve been called bull dagger and dyke too many times to count, and I don’t want to share a restroom or locker room with a male. Men’s restrooms are nasty and smelly. I wouldn’t be caught dead in one, not to mention the physical safety issue. I don’t want to see some strange man pull out his pecker and pee next to me. Men have been known to beat up lesbians, and the serious crimes involving death and violence against lesbians are coming from males.

    The butch lesbian dirt did a post on the bathroom issue. Scroll up for link.

    I’d like to say a few more words about this fake looking video. Not only does it look suspicious, it’s an insult to people who have suffered real harassment. This little twit knows nothing of actual discrimination.

    It’s a possibility that gay men and lesbians could experience more harassment from people angry over these transgender bathroom bills, especially in southern sates. I don’t want this to happen. People in conservative southern states are very angry. They see a butch lesbian or gay man, and they think transgender. As much as butch lesbians might get funny looking stares and comments while using a women’s restroom, I’ve never heard of a butch lesbian being seriously injured by a female. Women, even conservative women aren’t going to beat the shit out of a dyke. They might say a few nasty words, but I can’t see actual violence coming from women. Redneck conservative men, on the other hand, are very dangerous to gay men and lesbians. It might be in the best interest of gay men and lesbians to lay low for awhile, especially in southern states. People in these red states are pissed. I want gay men and lesbians to be safe, and I want trans to be safe too.

    @Loup-loup garou

    Butch lesbians belong in the women’s restroom because we are female. Lesbians menstruate and have female anatomy. We belong in the women’s restroom just like other females. As more and more butch lesbians “transition” into transmen, it’s going to make it harder for butch lesbians. It’s all about butch visibility. The fewer butch lesbians, the harder it is on all of us. A lot of straight women aren’t used to being around butch lesbians. Because they rarely, if ever, see a butch lesbian, they will think male or transman.

    I like the single stall gender neutral restrooms that are designed for one person. I use women’s restrooms with multiple stalls, but I usually scoot right in, and pick the last stall on the end. When I’m in a women’s restroom, I never make eye contact with any woman.

    • Margie Says:

      You wanna see how LGBs are being identified with transsexual/transgender bathroom usage? Take a look at the the photo on the cover of this week’s TIME Magazine. The rainbow flag, now rendered as multi-colored toilet paper rolls. It’s an accurate representation of what transgenders have done to our movement:

      • charlston Says:

        ”..multi-colored toilet paper rolls.” Well, its obvious the whole historical movement and any advances made, are now going down the toilet. Smh. Is there nothing they won’t appropriate?

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      SkyLarkPhillips — I agree. I am not sure from your reply if you realize that we are on the same page. In my earlier post, I am describing my experience as a woman (and as a lesbian, by the way) who is frequently mistaken for a man, and frequently asked to leave the women’s restroom — often in a threatening manner.

  23. charlston Says:

    My daughter is labeled gender non conforming and she gets grief over it. She went through 3 yrs of workplace bullying such as comments about her body/clothing, calling her at home to complain about incorrect work that she had not even been there to have done, asking her to change/minimize the amount of work hours for payroll as they would give her ilegal back to back shifts and accusing her of sleeping with security etc. Although she was smart and had the paper trail, the management did nothing.
    She didn’t try to kill herself, she took them to tribunal, and won.

    My point is that some people are not necessarily reacting to workplace stress. They may have other mental issues that are being lumped under the umbrella of ‘trans feelings/hate speech’ and we are being blamed, when in fact they probably needed help long before they interact with us.
    Why is nobody taking these trans emotional wrecks and sending them for help instead of blaming the community, most who have no clue as to what is going on anyway?
    There was a time when someone acted out, was suicidal or had poor coping skills that they were told to seek help and it was what it was, a non gender illness. Nowadays the onus is on joe public to treat their fragile mentality and woe betide anyone who does not go along with them.
    If a male with a functioning reproductive system says they can be pregnant or that unless he is called a she that suicide could result surely that’s a job for mental health workers not us.
    Last, what did these people do and how did they live their lives in the past ? Suddenly its a case of life or death when before people got on with it.

    My ex was in his late 50’s before he switched MTT . I asked him, ”didn’t you enjoy being a man? His answer, ‘of course , I had a great life with all the advantages.”
    So why now I asked.
    ”Because I have always felt this way and now the kids are adults and the law has changed I want to see what its like to be a woman.I want to have it all!
    True story.

    • Trish Says:

      The change from getting help for people who are clearly melting down came because of organized efforts to obtain civil rights for mental patients, discoveries of new medications in the mid 20th century and changes in medical privacy for all patients.

      Sadly our society swung from Willowbrook style warehoused/ignored mental patients to homeless mentally ill people wandering ignored among us.

      One huge contribution to closing mental health hospitals was the discovery in the 1950s of drugs that quieted the hallucinations and delusions of schizophrenia. People hoped patients could live normally outside institutions. This made happy people who championed the rights of individuals to choose their own circumstances and made happy people who wanted to cut government budgets by not having to house/feed/clothe – often for life – all those mental patients any more.

      The problem was that the drugs work so well that the patient eventually feels cured and decides he/she doesn’t need the meds any more. And the meds come with some pretty devastating side effects – involuntary tics of facial muscles, weight gain, lethargy – so even patients who persist taking the meds reliably may not be able to fully live independently.

      Another problem is that not all mental illnesses are as amenable to medication as schizophrenia.

      There were changes in medical care in general too – like doctors having to fully disclose everything to their patients, and bans on giving information to anyone other than the patient. It’s more difficult than ever to get info about an adult relative who clearly needs, but doesn’t want, help.

      • kesher Says:

        That explains why no one gets institutional help for mentally ill adults. It doesn’t explain why mentally ill people who identify as trans are getting a pass on rational adult behavior. Any other employee whining about his coworkers not being his best friends would be told to take a hike. He certainly wouldn’t get a sobstory article written about him post-suicide.

        I usually feel sorry for people who can’t function normally in society, but the trans narcissism where they expect everyone else to coddle them, keep them from encountering anything unpleasant, worship them 24/7, hardens me against them. They need to figure their own shit out and leave the rest of us out of it.

      • charlston Says:

        The problem is that this coddling is selective. Some people who think they are lizards or a different race are ridiculed and called out. Trans are given kid glove treatment and we are forced to not only go along with it but we are told we have to believe it as well. The lizard guy is a good example. No one is forcing us to believe it and to move over to create safe spaces for its use. They just say he thinks he is a lizard. smh

  24. rhonda Says:

    I don’t know how to send you things, this, I can’t describe what this is. Insanity.

  25. Margie Says:

    So yesterday, I came across this unbelievable trans story. Even though it is from last month, I wanted to share it with Gallus and with everyone else here. I never thought it would be possible to top “Stefonknee” but I think this “transwoman” – who identifies as, and is transitioning into a dragon – actually does it:

    Article about the transdragon:


    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Once surgical procedures for transgender people became common, I knew the otherkin would want in. I read this and wondered what’s next–those who identify as elves having their ears reshaped? I made the mistake of googling and found it’s already being done. Trans vampires have been getting their teeth filed for years.

      So, even people with health insurance are skipping care they need because they can’t pay the deductibles or find a doctor who takes their plan. About one-third of Americans have untreated tooth decay, mostly because they can’t afford to go to a dentist. Yet doctors and dentists are doing mecially unneccesary, potentially harmful vanity procedures for narcissistic idiots and people with psychological issues.

      Some days I really hate this planet.

      • Margie Says:

        This wacko didn’t just have his ears reshaped. He had them removed. It’s unbelievable that any doctor would perform that procedure.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        Compared to transgender, people who are just transelves are kind of cute. I mean, it’s not worse than any other cosmetic surgery.

        Those otherkin people who get surgery to look like animals, though … Oo

        Elves don’t age. I wonder – can women get botox and cosmetic surgery on the NHS by claiming they are transelves?

    • JoannaDW Says:

      Did it ever occur to these people that if it was natural, it wouldn’t require extensive chemical and surgical alteration to achieve? I’m a natural blonde. Blonde hair grows out of your head (contrary to what Kelly Bundy seems to think 😉 without you having to do anything about it. If I was dyeing my hair through chemical treatments, people would agree that it was unnatural and not a case of my “transitioning” to my True Blonde Self.

      • ImNoCissie Says:

        Yes! Women with breast implants need to start a movement to abolish the phrase “fake boobs”. They aren’t fake! I identify as a DD cup and therefore I am a DD cup. Silicone breasts are breasts, full stop!

  26. Oak and Ash Says:

    Last weekend, NPR played the comments of some people who they’d asked for opinions about laws allowing people to access facilities according to their gender identity. One woman said she agreed with them, adding that people dressed like women should use the women’s room and people dressed like men should use the men’s room. Some of my hopelessly conservative female relatives have said that lesbians want to “be like men” and have expressed fear that lesbians would treat them the way men might in spaces like restrooms.

    I didn’t put all this together until I read what some of the commenters wrote above about their experiences in restrooms, but now I wonder if there isn’t an alternate scenario in which both Aimee Toms and the other woman in the restroom are idiots. In other words, the woman did, in fact, say pretty much what Toms reported because she assumed from the short hair and baseball cap (on account of being an idiot) that the young woman was a lesbian. If she believes, as the woman on NPR did, that people should use facilities according to their clothing preferences [trying really hard not to slide into a rant], that would explain “You don’t belong here,” and “You’re disgusting” sounds like standard bigotry [will not rant . . . will not rant]. (Also, most women I know would not say “You’re disgusting” to someone they considered a man for fear of how he’d react.)

    But I doubt Aimee Tom would have gotten quite so much attention for an equally “impassioned” defense of lesbians and critique of homophobia, so she hitched her pseudo-victimhood to the trans bandwagon. Gallus Mag, I do still think you’re right in concluding she’s lazy; her jumping to the assumption that she was mistaken for trans proves that.

  27. Trish Says:

    One word: Misdirection

    And a brilliant one at, that. Not only gets this ethically-chalenged person’s slacking off at work out of the conversation, but points the conversation towards a highly emotional, topical subject – and casts the storyteller as a victim.

  28. Trish Says:

    Couple of responses to what this girl says:
    1. The fact that guy following you into the bathroom was dressed as a guy, gave a clue sooner that he was up to no good. Maybe it would have been easier for him to get her more completely trapped.

    2. The Civil Rights Movement centered on lunch counters and public transit, not bathrooms.

    3. Nice virtue signaling on the hair length. I’ve also donated hair and plan to do so again later this year, but I will still have enough left for it to be past my shoulders. So a pixie cut is not a necessary result of hair donation.

    4. The numbers of women attacked by men in women’s clothes in restrooms far outnumbers the transsexuals attacked in restrooms by nontransexuals.

    5. If as this transgender activist reports, unisex bathrooms are safe for all users, including men transitioning to be women, why would a men’s room not be safe for transitioning individuals? Both forms of bathroom contain adult men.


    Couple more points about mens v. women’s bathrooms:

    The transitioning men who want to use women’s restrooms spent many years of their lives – including as Children – using the men’s room. When does the men’s room suddenly feel unsafe for them?

    And most important of all – why is it that in instances where a male transitioning to female is offered a Third-Option in bathrooms, they respond with anger and accusations of bigotry? The guy with the bar in Nebraska was not only creating a bathroom for the transgendered customers, but creating More Bathrooms, easing crowding for all customers. How is he the bad guy? And that cheerleader in Ohio who was given Three faculty bathrooms, but wanted to be in the girl’s locker room? Hey, kid, real divas get private dressing rooms.

    If it’s just about having a place to pee – as is so often claimed – why would a person choose the bathroom option that we know from experience – and was demonstrated by research by NY State – to reliably be the more crowded bathroom? Women pee more frequently than men do, have to shift more clothing, often have to deal with menstrual hygiene, often have kids with them – leading to longer waits, resulting in NY State requiring new public construction to provide extra stall for women’s rooms, dividing 60w/40m. If someone were to offer me a less-crowded option when I had to pee, I would rejoice, not call the person making the offer a bigot.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      “5. If as this transgender activist reports, unisex bathrooms are safe for all users, including men transitioning to be women, why would a men’s room not be safe for transitioning individuals? Both forms of bathroom contain adult men.”

      Maybe they expect women will protect them from the scary men?

      • kesher Says:

        I’ve gotten the impression from some MTFs online that they expect real women to protect them from the pigs in wigs in their own community or, at the very least, to serve as better bait. The pigs in wigs will prey on us and leave the younger, prettier transitioners alone.

    • Merfeminist Says:

      This is a big reason why there isn’t more pushback from mothers/families, in case it’s not obvious. Women with small children already have the choice of using family bathrooms/ changing rooms and obviously more are going to get built. Mothers are keeping our heads down because we know there’s a quiet solution to *that* problem being proferred – and unlike crazy people, we don’t get mad at being given private space.

  29. petuniacat00 Says:

    Hey Gallus, this is OT, it’s a link to a story on the arson at the transgender surgery clinic in Canada. If you write about that you’re going to want to picture of this guy in the link. 😳 Cheers.

  30. Hi gallus, apparently the found the man who burnt down the Centre Métropolitian de Chirgurie. It was an angry mtf. What a surprise…

  31. Now, in most cases like this, someone who makes this kind of accusation has proof to back themselves up. So…do you have any? Do you have any solid, physical, proof to help support your statement? Do you have pictures of the girl socializing in the bathroom during work? Do you have video of one of her coworkers calling her out in the bathroom? Do you have anything at all that proves your theory? Because that’s all that this is at the moment, a simple theory. If not, you’re simply just another child yelling on the internet. 🙂

  32. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you so much, Gallus Mag. These fakes are popping up all over online, and the idiots in the trans cult dutifully repost the lies.

  33. Cat Says:

    I don’t understand where you’re getting all this stuff about this young woman being a disruptive nuisance at someone else’s workplace? Having heard the myriad reports on the radio, read the blogs and seen this video here, I don’t see any proof or reference to this and it seems like you pulled it out of your ass in some “I am more allied/fighting for this than thou” fervor.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Wow you are dumb.

    • charlston Says:

      Hi Cat. Any chance I could have links to ‘the myriad reports on the radio, read the blogs..” .
      I would love to see what these many blogs and radio station(s) are reporting too. It will be helpful. I imagine other people who may have seen what happened are coming forward, as she did not say she was alone. I know she would have done the right thing and gone straight to a staff member to report what happened before posting on FB, YT and other places.
      I would like to hear what they say, this is being so widely reported there must be someone who was there and has commented by now. Thanks in advance.

      Oh can anyone tell me why she felt she had to make an excuse for her short hair, which she said may have made her look trans? Hmmm…

      • red Says:

        I also doubt she’d have several feet of her donated hair hanging around to display. She bought a “fall”. When you donate hair, it’s cut in a specific salon, must be a certain length and packaged on the spot. You don’t get it back to wave around online, and they don’t want what you cut yourself. So the whole thing was a set up.

      • charlston Says:

        Hi red. I think I will be hearing crickets. Cat seems to have left the building. 🙂

  34. Jeff Says:

    Dear gender trender,

    Maybe this woman is a bad person, maybe she isn’t. But you completly missed the point of the story.

    Real women are getting attacked and harassed because of all the hate stirred up around the issue.

    What about that?

    • GallusMag Says:

      No, sir, they are not. But thanks for your newfound interest and “sudden concern” about the lives of lesbians and real women- in as much as they can be co-opted and weaponized in service to men.

      • drycamp Says:

        Thank you GallusMag.

        We are all noticing that the safety of women (which is now increasingly endangered since everyone can access our previously protected spaces) was not an issue until a few men (aka “transgenders”) got involved.

        Everyone knows that whereas women should just put up with being raped and threatened (I have even read transgenders (aka men) asserting that we should accept a few rapes as the price of “justice” (that’s justice for them of course)) the instant some MAN is inconvenienced the world has to stop on its axis until this situation is corrected, whatever the cost.

    • Mortadella Says:

      The “woman” you’re talking about is a man, dummy. The only hate and disregard around here is for biological women. GFY.

  35. drycamp Says:

    Run your eyes across this:

    I’m not suggesting that you sign this necessarily. I’m just saying that there are real wrongs in this world, to which the Obama administration could be addressing itself, instead of mandating that teenage boys be allowed in girls’ locker rooms at public high schools, on penalty of the schools losing funding if they refuse.

  36. @Jeff

    “Real women are getting attacked and harassed because of all the hate stirred up around the issue.”

    Who created this mess in the first place? Trans created this craziness by insisting that males have access women’s restrooms and women’s locker rooms. As much as they keep trying to shove this down people’s throats, it’s not working.

    Real women have been attacked in women’s restrooms for years. Women have been raped in women’s restrooms. Recently, a small girl was followed into a women’s restroom by a man who almost choked her to death. Some of the violence has been committed by cross dressing males and males identifying as transgender. Transwomen (males) have attacked women in women’s restrooms, and women’s homeless shelters. I’m talking about actual violence, not a few spoken bad words or insults. Patrick Hagan (Patty Lou) Hagan, all 6’2″ 180 lbs. of him punched out a woman’s 5 teeth for questioning his presence in the women’s restroom. Numerous cross dressers have secretly video taped and taken photos of women using the women’s restroom and women’s locker room. Scroll up and watch the video, “Women: Decide for Yourselves”

  37. sellmaeth Says:

    I would buy the story that this woman was mistaken for male. Happens to women with short hair all the time. Peope rely on gender markers way too much. (For some reason, this happens to women with big breasts, too.)

    But she sure as hell was not mistaken for trans.

    And the part of the story where she answers and the other woman still thinks she’s in the wrong … I didn’t watch the video, but most women have recognizably female voices.

    The people I know who were mistaken for male managed to solve the problem just by saying something.

  38. ephemeroptera Says:

    Between her and the trans* man who didn’t understand cruising, there’s more than enough material for a “Noises Off”-type farce set around store restrooms.

    Just think of all the comic setups: misperception and reporting of cruising, lies around bathroom socialization, then on top of all that reactions of customers to what they see.

    You could even have a pomo funfem who’s an adjunct and works in the cosmetics department to make ends meet when she’s not escorting, who’s part of a “Who’s on First?”-type bit about the female penis.

  39. charlston Says:

    [thank you. that was interesting. -GM]

    • cerulean blue Says:

      I was thinking the same thing when I read that story this morning. The fact that “Michael” helpfully posted before and after selfies of herself sitting in her car had something to do with it. And then there was the hospital ER/triage picture. The posed picture of her in hospital gown, with crusty bits of blood on display makes my blood boil. I can imagine “Michael’s” activist friends wasting the triage nurse’s time as they pushed about in search of the ultimate photo that would highlight those few crusty bits of dried blood. To hell with those other ER patients who are needing to be seen on one of the busiest night of the week for the ER– we have propaganda to create!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yeah, the fact that she is a completely gender conforming female who was attacked by a man out of the blue for her sekrit internal male identity seemed incredibly unlikely. How would he even know she was trans??? A million red flags to this tale.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        I was going to say the same thing, in that there is something too ‘stage makeup class’ about the pic. Almost a little too staged, to fit the hate attack mantra.

        Makes one wonder too why the SPD is really not investigating this further. Barring they are in the tank as well.

      • kesher Says:

        Gay bashings occasionally happen in Seattle, but this may be the first instance I’ve heard of where a woman was attacked. Two other high-profile incidents in recent memory were a gay man attacked in the parking lot of a gay club and a drag queen attacked on the street. Some lesbian friends of mine have endured verbal harassment but, so far, fortunately, nothing physical.

        It’s also kind of suspicious to me that she didn’t call the police or ask someone else to call the police right away. There’s a police station on Capitol Hill and many cruisers around at all times. Maybe they could have caught the guy had she contacted the police immediately. Unless, of course, this is all made up.

    • nonny Says:

      Thank you- initially I felt like I was a jerk for the twinge of doubt I felt at the frowny face with carefully preserved dried blood- like, it didn’t get smeared or smudged or reflexively wiped away or ANYTHING? Also, the total after school special vibe of the assailant’s words. Like, seriously?? I realize I’ve become the big mean terfy terf in the comments section I always feared, but real talk: homegirl maybe got into a tiff w/somebody or fell off a curb then made it out to be something more.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Well her GoFundMe raised over 30 grand and the FBI is investigating. Should be interesting.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Isn’t it amazing that “Michael” and friends were able to share the blood spattered daisy she wore in her hair? You might think it would have fallen out in the struggle and gotten crushed under foot, or that in the rush to get to the ER they would have forgotten it, but, no, there it is, fresh– as a daisy– spattered with just the right amount of food coloring, er, blood, for us all to see. No blood in her hair, though. Daisies must absorb blood preferentially.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        That daisy pic is something else. Did it supposedly fall into blood, or did it get spattered in their hair? If the latter, I wonder, wouldn’t bloodstains remain on bleached blonde hair, even after any blood was washed off?

        Also, did anyone notice how their neckwounds on the GoFundMe page seem different across pics? Huge parallel scratches on the right side of their neck seem to have appeared two days after the assault and the closeup pic of the neck at the hospital.

        And, I can’t figure out how the assailant’s words would make sense.


        Words supposedly were, “Show your tits, you tranny cunt.”

        If he was crazy, they’re not crazy enough.

        If he went after someone for trans*ness, they seem like they should be more trans* and less woman-focused (ie no mention of women’s body parts).

        If he went after a woman to show her she’s not really a man, why bring in the trans*?

      • RR Says:

        You’re right- the neck scratches are not there in the ER and the ones in the other two pics are not even the same shape or direction. A cut near the eye will look like it is bleeding quite a lot because it is going to drip down your face and that can be a little shocking, but you can see that she really took care to preserve it all and let it dry onto her face and she smeared that daisy in it- that small amount of blood will drip not splash. These weird exploitative photos are clearly trying to maximize the injuries.

      • Bob Doublin Says:

        I just KNEW I would see all the putting it all into perspective I would need to understand what was going on right here on GenderTrender. I live on the Hill also and saw that story in the Seattle Times. Interesting now,come to think of it that there hadn’t been much followup on the police investigation. Thanks everyone for all the insight.

      • GallusMag Says:

        It will be interesting to see if the transgender community and/or the police/FBI follow up on this or release their findings.

        Yes it’s telling that the trans community has been silent instead of demanding investigation updates. They did the same “drop the subject” thing when the 15 year old F2T falsified a beating and gang sexual assault in the boys high school restroom at Hercules High, (the same high school where male student Jewlyes Guiterrez was caught on video punching a female student in the face whom he claimed had previously dis-respected his ident-ti-tay. He was made a Pride Marshall at the San Francisco Pride Parade to honor his bravery in committing this act of assault and battery on a disobedient black woman.)
        In that case the hoaxer confessed, which was also not reported on in the transgender/LGBT community.

        When Colle Carpenter (allegedly) fabricated a hate crime where a man carved the word “IT” into her torso in a college mensroom, her (alleged) fabrication was never officially exposed. Instead, campus police issued a statement brazenly claiming that no other trans person was in danger on campus. When trans activists complained, Carpenter issued a statement that she supported their findings completely and asked for the investigation to cease. The whole thing was covered up and no one in law enforcement or the transgender community ever mentioned it again. Apparently Colle de-transitioned soon after.

        Maybe the fact that this (apparent) hoaxer Michael Volz -aka Social Worker Molly Volz- (apparently) grifted thirty grand over the incident via GoFundMe will complicate matters and force a follow up. One can hope. If trans community insiders actually believed a hate crime occurred one would expect quite a response. Yet we see none.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Still no updates from the Michael Volz “investigation”.

  40. drea Says:

    so, your “takedown” is believing one persons version of the story over another? is that investigating? how does one witness’ statements somehow out-weigh the alleged victims? that’s unbelievably trite. drawing conclusions based on one side of the story makes you just as much of an “idiot” as you claim the alleged victim is. do some actual journalistic research before proclaiming this woman is a liar. truly a pathetic attempt to stir bigotry and spread hear say. you don’t even state this witness’ name. schoolyard gossip isn’t investigatory journalism, you absolute tool.

  41. RC Says:

    This transgender teen was physically and sexually assaulted in a restroom at his high school:

  42. charlston Says:

    I have been reading about a court case involving 2 lesbian women who were deliberately run over by someone who apparently, was drunk and angry because he’d just been found guilty of abducting a fifteen-year-old boy. I have looked at 7 sites so far that reported it but the odd thing is the comments sections have been quiet or non existent. Why is it that some stories get attention and some don’t? This is only a week old and its outrageous that no one seems to be advocating for these women.

    ‘Kristian Churchill, 38, known as ‘Queen of Karaoke’ Krystle Caress, used his car as a ‘deadly weapon’ by driving into the pair on April 17.
    Churchill was angry after being reported for inappropriate relationships with boys under 16, Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard.
    He told one of his passengers: ‘Now watch this’ as he accelerated towards Nikita Price, 22, and her lesbian partner Luci Gregory, 20.
    MORE: Police ‘justified’ in running over dog on purpose
    Both women were left trapped under the wheels of his Renault Megane’.

    and –
    ”Churchill, from Merthyr Tydfil, smiled in the dock as photographs of the women’s horrific injuries were shown to the court.
    He was jailed for nine years and four months after admitting two charges of grievous bodily harm, dangerous driving and drink driving.
    Churchill, who performed at Studio Bar in Merthyr Tydfil, was jailed for a further year after being found guilty of a abducting a 15-year-old boy’.


  43. charlston Says:

    Oh just ran across someone a thread commenting about this story below. They work for Target and wondered when this would be implemented in their male bathrooms.
    Men don’t seem to be happy about it. One comment I have seen,
    ‘ I have never heard of a transman being assaulted in a woman’s or gender neutral bathroom’. Implying there was no need for a FTM to use the mens room at all.

    This is also being under-reported and discussed. Strange.

    Student activists demand sanitary bins be installed in male toilets for transgender men who menstruate
    Controversial policy proposed by equality campaigners slammed as ‘madness’

    ”Student activists are calling on universities to install sanitary towel bins in men’s toilets so that biologically female transgender students who use them do not face discrimination.
    The Mail on Sunday has found that equality rights campaigners at three leading universities have called for the changes – resulting in family groups branding the move ‘madness’.
    They include Southampton Student Union, which has drawn up a ‘Trans Inclusion Policy’, in which ‘trans’ is defined as a ‘wide umbrella term, covering those who transcend traditional boundaries of gender and sex, those who are gender variant, and those whose gender identity does not match their assigned gender.

    Students at Cardiff University and Birmingham University are also pressing for the change.
    Although there are no official figures, the National Union of Students has estimated that there are up to 28,000 trans students in UK universities, out of about 2.3 million.
    Chris Hall, of Universities UK’s Equality Challenge Unit, said: ‘Trans staff and students should be consulted to understand their requirements. It’s important institutions are supportive.’
    But Norman Wells, of the Family Education Trust, said: ‘This underlines the madness of the gender ideologues.
    ‘The simple fact is that women menstruate and men don’t, no matter what the men and women concerned may feel about themselves.’

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