Georgia ACLU Director resigns over the organization’s failure to balance transgender rights with women’s rights

May 30, 2016

Maya Dillard Smith, the head of the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has stepped down, citing the legal non-profit’s deliberate disregard for the impact on the rights of women and girls caused by the “Gender Identity” platform of the transgender rights movement.

From the Atlanta Progressive News:


“In a statement she accused the ACLU of being “a special interest organization that promotes not all, but certain progressive rights.  In that way, it is a special interest organization not unlike the conservative right, which creates a hierarchy of rights based on who is funding the organization’s lobbying activities.”

Dillard Smith argues that transgender rights have “intersectionality with other competing rights, particularly the implications for women’s rights.”

“I have shared my personal experience of having taken my elementary school age daughters into a women’s restroom when shortly after three transgender young adults over six feet with deep voices entered,” she writes.

“My children were visibly frightened, concerned about their safety and left asking lots of questions for which I, like many parents, was ill-prepared to answer,” she said.

“Despite additional learning I still have to do, I believe there are solutions that can provide accommodations for transgender people and balance the need to ensure women and girls are safe from those who might have malicious intent,” she said.

“I understood it to be the ACLU’s goal to delicately balance competing rights to ensure that any infringements are narrowly tailored, that they do not create a hierarchy of rights, and that we are mindful of unintended consequences,” she said.

“Thus, I found myself principally and philosophically unaligned with the organization,” she wrote.”

Maya Dillard Smith has a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University and a Law degree from UC Hastings. She has worked for the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit and also for the California Supreme Court. She served two terms as the senate-appointed head of the rules committee of the California Commission on Judicial Performance and was founding chair and elected chair of the City of Oakland’s Violence Prevention and Public Safety (Measure Y) Oversight Committee for five years.

She is now founding a new organization called ‘Finding Middle Ground’ which launched their new website ‘Finding Middle Ground: A safe space to dialogue about complex contemporary civil rights issues’ here:

The site launched with the above video and a contact/comment form.

Cheryl Courtney-Evans, the founder of Georgia transgender group TILTT (Transgender Individuals Living Their Truth) was quoted by the Atlanta Progressive News stating: “She did the right thing leaving the organization. If she couldn’t defend our rights any better than that, she deserves to leave – she doesn’t need to be in that position.”

He goes on to say “I never went in a men’s room since I’ve been living my truth.  What am I doing in a men’s room looking as luscious as I am, putting myself in danger?” (It’s unclear if he used single-sex facilities designated for women during the period which he describes in interviews as detransitioning to attend college in ‘man mode’.)

In a reaction post on his website: []  he refers to the black female civil-rights attorney as “lazy”, “uneducated”, and “a bitch”. Courtney-Evans also claims that no man in history has ever harmed another human being while “dressed as women”, stating:

“Perhaps someone should hep this biotch to the fact that THERE HAVE BEEN NO DOCUMENTED INSTANCES OF TRANSGENDER MOLESTATION, ATTACK OR IMPROPER APPROACH IN ANY LADIES’ ROOM ANYWHERE (even though there have been NUMEROUS reports that have made the news regarding cis-identified men raping/attacking women/girls/boys in areas that they have been allowed in, and NONE OF THEM WERE DRESSED AS WOMEN when they did)!!!!  I invite ANYONE to post a documented contradiction to this!!!”


He also states that gender neutral or family facilities that are not designated for single-sex use “mark” their users “as the Star Of David marked Jewish people in Nazi Germany”:

“And while you’re thinking you’re doing a positive thing by advocating for “alternative facilities” for trans*folks, think again…you’re creating even more numerous opportunities for trans*aggressions and bashing because you’re marking those individuals who use them every bit as effectively as the Star Of David marked Jewish people in Nazi Germany (THINK about it) when possible perpetrators see them go in.”

GenderTrender requested that Courtney-Evans clarify his statements. He did not respond in time for publication.

178 Responses to “Georgia ACLU Director resigns over the organization’s failure to balance transgender rights with women’s rights”

  1. Anemone Says:

    Luscious? He thinks looking luscious is what puts him in danger? Did I read that wrong?

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Yep….I read the same thing and thought I was reading a transcript from a Springer episode. Nope, the snowflake said it.

      Then I looked around for some more confirmation and on cue, there was the stare. The look of Route 66, at the time of severe disrepair. Lucious?????In what bizarro, mirror opposite of reality is this applicable? REALLY?

      But before someone accuses me of piling on, the snowflake brought it up. Hence….fair game.

      Even worse here is that….again the melanin deprived section of ‘t’ social media, has attempted to scorch a WBW person of color for not being a lap dog for the same creeps who really do not want said same persons around in the first place. Oooops check that: they are wanted, if they are entertainers or sex workers, or just plain occupationally creepy. Damnitall.

    • Livvie Says:

      Right? That was the first thing I saw in that whole mess too!

      Luscious? Is that what women are? Chocolate chip cookies, maybe, a good Hollandaise sauce, fuck yeah but no.

      Women are not ‘luscious’. What an outrageous fucking idiot.

      • charlston Says:

        3. Having strong sensual or sexual appeal; attractive.

        Not surprised he uses that word. He thinks women go around displaying themselves that way.

        Just stay away from the urban dictionary. I wondered if the word had another meaning or was short for something else. Ugh!

      • Zemskull Says:

        HI Kesher: I think you’re right that there is good reason to fear the MTT. The ones I’ve been around personally have generally had chips on their wide shoulders, and short fuses. But, if nobody is willing to take them on…what then?

      • Trish Says:

        Does this “luscious” individual not understand that that if who uses the women’s facilities is based on whether the person claims to “identify” as female, there would be nothing stopping all those dangerous men from singing “I feel Pretty” and following the “luscious” individual into the women’s room, creating the exact same danger that this person claims to be so afraid of?

      • Trish Says:

        I guess if one can be a woman in his own mind, nothing is going to stop him from claiming to be luscious as well.

    • Zemskull Says:

      I assume that Courtney-Evans often calls himself “luscious” with social impunity, considering the apparent comfort level he had with telling a news reporter such. This appears to be another example of what I’ve mentioned before here on GT about MTTs getting away with behavior that neither men nor women would. A man or woman using vain and arrogant terminology to describe himself or herself would generally be quickly called on it.

      It seems there’s largely an “anything goes” behavioral standard that MTTs enjoy. Most men don’t want to confront a poorly-behaving MTT who somewhat looks like a woman, perhaps because that might too closely emulate being aggressive to a woman. Women are perhaps afraid to confront the same MTT because of the general fear of angering a man and/or the societal stigma of a woman embarrassing a man. Conservative lesbian Cynthia Yockey briefly touches on the expected female submissiveness to MTTs while debating an MTT on the Louder Crowder talk show.

      • kesher Says:

        I think in this area the stereotype of the crazy, violent crossdresser works in MTFs’ favor. No one wants to piss them off, because everyone’s afraid they are, indeed, violently insane. And I don’t think it’s wrong to fear them because wealthy white men do react with great anger and sometimes violence when challenged/dismissed/insulted by those they deem “lesser than”. As much as MTFs whine about being oppressed, they actually see all the rest of us as being beneath them.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        The phrase “tyranny of the weak” comes to mind here. The poor, helpless transwomen are more victimized than anyone else on the planet, so we’re all supposed to give them what they want–or they’ll be killed because homophobic men apparently take orders from radfems. Or they’ll kill themselves. It’s a weird combination of glitter and self-pity.

        At this point, I’m completely fed up with their “poor me” crap and feel no sympathy at all. Plenty of people have characteristics that leave them at the edges of society without threatening suicide or others every time they can’t get what they want.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Folks diagnosed with bulimia, schizophrenia, bipolar, have the exact same attempted suicide rates that the transgender lobby claims to have for political purposes. Those populations have never received increased funding or attention for it though.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Males are human. Females are subhuman and “other”. To the general public there is nothing more abject and tragic (and brave!) than a human being (male) traversing the subhuman (female) caste.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “Folks diagnosed with bulimia, schizophrenia, bipolar, have the exact same attempted suicide rates that the transgender lobby claims to have for political purposes.”

        Exactly, Gallus Mag! And, oddly enough, we call the conditions you listed mental illnesses and provide treatment–for those lucky enough to be able to get it–that attempts to reduce compulsive behavior and irrational thinking. Doctors don’t prescribe more effective purges to people who are bulimic or give stimulants to those in a manic phase.

        And although there are probably individuals with these and other disorders who occasionally threaten suicide to try to manipulate family and friends, they’re not doing it as a group on social media in support of laws that force everyone else to go along with their delusions.

        As private spaces for women are being outlawed, I keep asking, How the hell did this happen? And the only answer I can come up with is, Men get what they want. It feels as if the backlash Susan Faludi wrote about has been gaining momentum over three decades.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        After mentioning Susan Faludi, I went looking for what she might have written on the laws being passed and found she just published a book in April about reconnecting with her father, who had been violent and then pretty much disappeared from her life for 25 years. A decade or so ago, he sent her an e-mail mesage saying he’d had SRS in Thailand and was living in Hungary as a transwoman!

        From the review: “A professional photographer deft at manipulating images, Stefánie proved just as deft in revising her biography, challenging Faludi to ferret out truths from her many lies.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        Oh. My. Godddd.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Oak and Ash: I think you’re correct that there’s widespread pity for the MTTs, in addition to the fear of them that kesher and I reference. With this combo platter, I believe there are going to be a lot of unreported rapes by MTTs/crossdressers against women in women’s spaces. Few women are going to want to file a police reported against a member of a group that society widely fears, pities and/or defends. The few brave women who do make such reports are going to face derision and doxxing.

      • Janetwo Says:

        I think men and women generally dont confront MTTs publicly because most of them are narcissistic and nobody in their right mind wants to be at the receiving end of a rabid narcissistic mob. Just look at what they did to the career of Michael Bailey and Ken Zucker. They have no limit on what they are willing to do to destroy somebody life and career. They are relentless, vicious and dangerous and instead of reigning them in, the politicians are just enabling them. The only other group I can think of remotely able to spew openly as much hate speech than the trannies is the Westboro Church. The only difference is that the Westboro Church is not enabled by academia, huge donors and sympathetic mainstream media.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “There was, of course, the more recent change in name and identity — the emergence of “Stefi” — and Susan learns a great deal about that one as well. She finds out that her father’s interest in presenting himself as a female was an issue when he was growing up — and she learns, in great detail, about the surgery her father underwent, late in life, in Thailand to make the transformation. Susan is a sympathetic observer, and adept in her use of pronouns. “My father stood in the doorway,” she writes, “in her favorite crimson bathrobe.”

      • morag99 Says:

        “My father stood in the doorway,” she writes, “in her favorite crimson bathrobe.”


        Like born-agains and dry-drunks, abusive and violent men who decide to become ladies in their middle or old age are donning a phoney cloak (or a crimson bathrobe?) of redemption. In this way, they can get at and manipulate the people they have traumatized and alienated, and by declaring a “fresh start,” have their way with them once more.

      • red Says:

        Susan knows a hook. I quite like this because she’s not daughter here, but writer. calculating the book sales as she chooses her words.

        ““My father stood in the doorway,” she writes, “in her favorite crimson bathrobe.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        She’s a fantastic, brilliant writer.

  2. Good for the former director for quitting that woman-hating organization. I wouldn’t give that outfit one penny for this, porn, and its disregard for teacher job protections. The ACLU is wrong on many issues, and they are wrong on trans.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      Ditto, ditto, ditto. I do not support ACLU due to their attitude toward communists and socialists during McCarthyism. That was the foundation for my nonsupport, but their history regarding the “rights” of every slimy group imaginable and their ignoring the rights of actual human beings, especially female human beings, built the edifice. Then some infant male squirt called me up from ACLU wanting money and lectured ME — 62 years old, long-time radical feminist — on women’s struggle for voting rights. That built the roof and the clock tower.

  3. Bob Doublin Says:

    I was wondering how long it would take for the misogynist slurs to start against her. And the hyper melodrama of that last quote.omg.
    I wish her good luck with her group Finding Middle Ground. But she really shouldn’t expect much input from very many least activists. Speaking of whom,the trans activists: are any of them any longer keeping up the pretense of wanting polite dialogue? Or have the just dropped that pretense and say what they actually wanted all along on the part of women,abject surrender?

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      @BobDoublin I was offended by that person’s last statement as well. There is no comparison that can be made…no effective one, barring some insane amount of brain delving radar to determine lavatory usage. Which would fit into the sickening fantasy narrative some snowflakes have….like changing the DNA, etc to make the brain and body match, to give birth, etc.

      By the way…someone needs to point out to this person that there are tons of evidence to back up what has been stated…time and time again ….about assaults that have been caused by these creeps. Also…let the person explain the obscene numbers in re: the numbers of those in the community who are either felons, have criminal records otherwise, or are in jail. Not just the numbers from Wikipedia, but other, more legitimate ones. If any other group in the US had per capita numbers of criminality as the snowflakes….there would be a jail building, Manhattan Project.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        When people claim that no trans has committed these crimes, it is important to remember that the FBI has only statistical 2 sex categories: male and female. The FBI does not, and has not yet, undertaken to classify crimes by transgender status. “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @lovetruthcourage Yep…I forgot. That is how the trolls get atound this. [SIC] ‘There is no evidence, we cannot commit these so-called acts. They are made up’. And on some social media sites, stating the facts the FBI does not have at hand, gets one a ton of grief….if not banned from the siter or called persona non grata otherwise.

        Still this is where places like here are INVALUABLE due to no sugarcoating the BS. No different than those sites which go against the POC grain, to report honestly about the overall stagnation of progress, even with the current POTUS (as well the crap that is seen as being “genuine’. If one wondets what is meant there…try dealing with social services in some localities…and one will find the sad triage involved).

        What is even more bothersome than bugs in summer, is what is going to be on display starting tomorrow. A month in the US of more ‘t’ disinformation from the community that would make Jim Jones or the folks who organized Nuremberg proud. Which actually is a more accurate and honest assesment of the reality out there, than what that snowflake said above in the post.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        However, there is the evidence of the California prison studies posted here on GT. The sex offender rates for transgender inmates were for the two prisons studied were 28% and 49%, if I remember correctly. Meanwhile, on Counterpunch, we have articles promoting the ending of sex offender registries. Who is writing those articles?

      • Trish Says:

        wow, love truth courage

        Thanks for a logical explanation for how they can make the claim that no trans persons commit crimes.

        And if their “identities” are so fluid that they won’t own it that members of their own group are as capable of committing crimes as any human being – and use the stats that would place the crime in the tally of crimes committed by the sex the person is renouncing – that is a sign of despicable human beings.

        Maybe one way we could get true and accurate numbers of transexual criminals would be to tally numbers of people in jails and prisons who demand hormones, surgery, preferred pronouns and opposite sex underwear.

  4. Carrie-Anne Says:

    Good on her for doing the right thing and resigning! I let my ACLU membership lapse a few years ago, though I’d been a very proud member since November ’97, a month before my 18th birthday. After learning about their enthusiastic pro-trans stance, I no longer feel bad about having let my membership lapse for this long.

    • Trish Says:

      My husband and I are letting our long-standing membership lapse because of this issue, too.

      To me, throwing in with the trans activists is the opposite of why I used to support the ACLU – they used to stick up for the right to express any ideas including unpopular ideas, but now they are going along with a gang who claims that not using their preferred pronouns is tantamount to violence, scrubbing public discourse of the word “woman” when referring to pregnancy (since any reminder that they can’t function like actual physical women hurts MTT’s feelz) and has succeeded in making it the norm in the US to change a transexual’s birth certificate to the opposite sex. Since we have legal procedures for name change that connect a person’s birth name with a name chosen as an adult (basically creating a paper trail connecting the two names) there’s no reason to create a false history by making it look on paper as if, say, Bruce Jenner, grew up a girl and not a boy. (Especially disturbing since a lot of trans activists seem to not want to assume the identity of the opposite sex so much as they want to adopt the identity “trans” not as a transition step but as a lifelong group membership)

  5. charlston Says:

    ”alternative facilities”….
    I will take it. Non-cis can have the bathrooms. Label one Cis and I will use it regardless of how offended and traumatised I am by that label.


    Does violence in the home count? Nah, its just those that have committed offenses in public loos or locker rooms aren’t really Trans anyway!

    ” What am I doing in a men’s room looking as luscious as I am, putting myself in danger?”

    Gallus, are you Lucious? When does that kick in for us plane ole females?

    ”… during the period which he describes in interviews as detransitioning to attend college in ‘man mode’…

    What in heavens name does that mean? So my ex, who likes women and has a functioning penis was right, they WANT IT ALL! .

    Trans can come and go as they please and when in man mode, are they female, so suddenly non threatening? Does one go, ” in man mode” when they need to have male privilege they say they don’t get being female, which is why they need to lump themselves in our causes…. to get womens rights for when they are not, um, in man mode…. bah!

    There is a lot to be said for the Minangkabau –

  6. Iulia Says:

    Things have gone more crazy than I could ever have imagined. To be honest, no sane person could take this seriously. The tipping point has to be inevitable at this point. No one respects their ridiculous degrees in ‘gender whatever’, and they eat their own, so by Darwinian principles this needs to end soon

    • lr1290 Says:

      I think (and hope) the bathroom issue will be a huge tipping point. I just read this and the comments are great for the most part:

      And AGAIN they make the comparison to racism. I am just beyond sick of them making that comparison.

      • gchild Says:


        I can’t understand how white people being forced to see black people in public places is the same as females/children being forced to see penises in women’s spaces.

        Is an exposed penis (of any color) the same as “exposed” black/brown skin?

        And its telling how trans inc blasts gender nuetral, unisex, family, and single stalls. Discussing more options (not that I think this should be done necessarily) is a reasonable way to come to a compromise. But they shut this down.

        I suspect the problem with providing more “options” for people is that females are people too and would also have options. What if they routinely and purposefully avoid womens only spaces for gender nuetral, family, or single use? It is one thing to demand access to spaces where females already go, it is another to demand females go where the hell you want them.

        Can black people who move into white suburban areas demand that the white people who promprly “flee” come back?

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “I suspect the problem with providing more “options” for people is that females are people too and would also have options. What if they routinely and purposefully avoid womens only spaces for gender nuetral, family, or single use?”

        @gchild–I agree with this, and, shockingly, so does Rush Limbaugh! He’s recently advocated that the problem be solved by moving toward unisex, single-stall restrooms but predicted it wouldn’t happen–and added that the rejection of that solution should tell everyone what’s really going on. I certainly never expected to find myself sharing any part of his opinions, and it’s very unsettling.

        But when people of widely different world views have roughly the same judgment on a particular issue, that’s often a sign it’s the right call. Agreement on this matter doesn’t make radfems conservative (as transactivists keep trying to claim) or conservatives feminist, it just means we’re not caught up in a mass delusion.

  7. red Says:

    No Really. This isn’t about sexual fetish. /s

    Every one of them has to have their A1 moment. Look at me Ima being luscious. C’mon bang me.

  8. […] In a reaction post on his website: [… […]

  9. Rosemary Says:

    Women have been working to “find middle ground” forever, and it has never worked. Reading Courtney-Evans’ blog on the subject is exhibit A why trying to reason with delusional narcissists is impossible. Good for Maya Dillard Smith for leaving a woman-hating environment.

  10. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on things I've read or intend to and commented:
    A video that questions overly broad gender identity laws and how they fail to take into consideration the rights of women and girls asks how can we question these laws without being labeled “homophobic”. Not transphobic, but homophobic.
    Once again, transgenderism is being named as homosexuality. I guess most of the opposition sees trans people and gay people as the same, prolly regard them both as freaks.
    Depressing, yet utterly predictable.

  11. Caroline Charlese Says:

    In an opinion essay in today’s NY Times, “Clinging To Our Roots,” the author begins:

    “Not long ago I came across a commercial for the genealogical research website, in which a man recounts how he’d always believed his roots to be German. He had proudly celebrated this heritage — for example, by wearing Lederhosen and joining a German dance group — until a DNA test revealed the hidden reality of his origins: 52 percent of his ancestors were from Scotland and Ireland, he learned; there were no Germans in his family tree. “So I traded in my Lederhosen for a kilt,” the man says. And just like that, he replaces one set of roots with another, swinging like Tarzan from one vine to the next. The commercial is silly in its reduction of identity to a wardrobe choice…”

    Sad that so many would accept this last sentence assessment applicable to “ancestry” but not to trans-gender “identity,” the “reduction of identity to a wardrobe choice…”

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      …and how does that even happen? How can one mistakenly think they are German? As a 3rd generation American, I know exactly where my great-grandparents immigrated from, and my DNA test is pretty much what I expected. The guy must be some old blue-blood with no recent immigrants in his family, and no genuine, ancestral family traditions. Odd that they would somehow adopt German ways and dress somewhere along the line…

      • Anemone Says:

        It’s also possible that there was an undisclosed adoption somewhere in there, or someone lied about his identity, or someone lied about who a father was (adultery, rape). There are lots of possibilities. On 23andme someone found his father when he didn’t even know he was adopted.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Aha! The plot thickens.

      • LC Says:

        Eh… in my own family, there was a legend passed down from days of yore about us having Native American ancestors. Someone told my grandmother this, and she swore right up until her death that ‘such and such’ relative was from x tribe, and talked about her efforts to find the records, if only we knew their Native American name, etc etc. I grew up hearing this story and never had any reason to doubt it. …Until my mother had a DNA test done through and found out it was completely bogus.

        How it all started, I have no idea… but I don’t believe my grandmother invented this story for no reason(although she was inclined to be a bit gullible), and I know my mother and I weren’t lying for believing it. Just saying that it’s possible, and I actually find that commercial pretty funny for the comparison. I think it’s just an exaggeration for the sake of humor, though, sadly unlike the trans movement.

    • morag99 Says:

      Ha! When I saw that advertisement, and the glib switch of Lederhosen for a kilt, the first thing I thought of was The Trans. Because, you know, ethnicity is a costume, and so is sex.

      Me, I’ve known from my earliest days that I wasn’t a German woman. Because those puffy white blouses and black lace-up bustiers are, like, SO uncomfortable. Plus, I don’t have the strength — or inclination — to lift huge, heavy trays of foamy lager. It’s science! Educate yourself!

  12. lovetruthcourage Says:

    I also let my ACLU membership lapse and I told them exactly why.

  13. ImNoCissie Says:

    “..based on who is funding the organization’s lobbying activities.”

    Exactly. I’ve been wondering exactly who HAS been funding the ACLU’s extensive and very loud trans advocacy.

    The Koch brothers have donated large sums to them to have them work on various issues, so I figured there must be another large pro-trans donor who has them pushing the trans issues.

    Chase Strangio has been making daily posts wherever she can find a platform, attempting to refute anyone who dares to question the wisdom of allowing high school & elementary school boys & girls to shower & dress in the same locker rooms. She tweeted that Harvard law professor Jeannie Suk should “educate herself” and seems to be calling for censorship by constantly implying that Suk’s article and others should not even have been published.

    It is a shame that a qualified woman of color has now had to quit this organization because of a fringe issue that hurts women.

    I idolized the ACLU as a young woman. I was a member for years and years but I, too, have cancelled my membership.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Nearly 60% of funding of the transgender movement comes from 5 powerful billionaires. George Soros, Jon Stryker, Robert Pritzker, Drummond Pike, and one anonymous donor.

      • Janetwo Says:

        Thanks for this excellent information. People should be cautious when a social issue is mostly funded by large donors rather than coming from a real grassroot effort. Looks a lot like social engineering to me…Over the years, my charitable donations have shifted from big NGOs like the Redcross to local charities as I got increasingly concerned about their politics and how the money is spent. Locally, women shelters and soup kitchens can always make use of the money.

      • ImNoCissie Says:

        Yes, thank you so much for this! These absolutely are well-funded attacks to achieve a result that the majority of Americans don’t seem to want.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Gallus: Any ideas as to what the motives any of the four named superdonors–George Soros, Jon Stryker, Robert Pritzker and Drummond Pike–might be? To my knowledge, none of them are trans.

        I did find this quote from Stryker, who also donates money to save the great apes.

        “Great apes are under huge threat. They are becoming extinct in the wild, and they are being used in the biomedical and entertainment industry then just being thrown away. We don’t use the language of animal rights — it’s more of a compassion and conservation language. That’s one common ground — the compassion side. Another connection is justice. In our work for human rights, we are among those trying to expand traditional ideas of social justice to include sexuality and gender. In our great apes work, we often see a link between economic development for people and ape conservation — social justice for people can truly enable conservation.”

        It appears that he claims that his work in sexuality and gender intersects with that of his work with the great apes. Yet, I doubt that Stryker would support a hypothetical program in which young male chimpanzees displaying some traits more closely associated with that of female chimpanzees would be assumed to be “transgender,” then places those chimps on female hormones and uses surgeries to make their genitals resemble those of females.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Pritzker is trans. Presumably the anonymous billionaire is also a closeted CD as Pritzker was.
        As for Stryker, dunno. He’s a gay man. Janet Mock sits on his board.

      • Caroline Charlese Says:

        And the sad and perverse “irony”(?) is that one transgender advocacy foundation, the NoVo Foundation, extols it mission as protecting and empowering women and girls.

        From that December 8, 2015 news release;
        “Ending violence against girls and women everywhere has always been at the core of the NoVo Foundation’s mission, and our support for the Global Trans Initiative is an important opportunity to deepen our longstanding work,” said Pamela Shifman, executive director of the NoVo Foundation. “The epidemic of violence facing transgender women and girls across the globe is a crisis by any measure, and we are determined to partner with others to help address this urgent need.”

        “The Arcus Foundation and NoVo Foundation are founding partners of the initiative. Arcus will commit $15 million over the next five years toward a range of activities. NoVo will commit $1 million to the initiative, and other partners will contribute at least $4 million.”

      • Rachel Says:

        The apes should be very afraid. I have a horrible feeling that “trans animals” will become A Thing at some point. Plus, the apes should just be afraid anyway.

      • red Says:

        And who are they funding?

        Kim A. Case, PhD, an Associate Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies at the University of Houston–Clear Lake, conducts research on ally behavior, privilege awareness, and inclusive climates for LGBT individuals.

        (LOL…and snort)

        S. Colton Meier, PhD, Inter-professional LGBT Health Care Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center and transgender health care specialist, conducts research and works clinically with LGBT populations, including Veterans, youth, and families, and provides LGBT educational trainings to professionals in school, mental health, and healthcare settings.

        Meier is funded by private foundations which support women’s health research & LGBT orgs, psychologists’ associations, and is the lead author of the “sexual orientation change”with testosterone” in FtM studies. So, he’s paid to find exactly what they want. That’s called conflict of interest in any other research.

      • Tim Says:

        I was searching around for stuff about the Pritzkers, and Wikipedia says Robert died in 2011. One of his sons is Lt. Colonel (retired) “Jennifer” (nee James) Pritzker, an MTT who “came out” i 2013 ( ). Obama apparently was very chummy with the Pritzkers back in Chicago — Penny Sue Pritzker is his Secretary of Commerce. Maybe they are where he is getting a lot of his ideas about trans.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      “It is a shame that a qualified woman of color has now had to quit this organization because of a fringe issue that hurts women.”

      I’m convinced that it’s African-American women who are going to take this puppy down. Not sure why I think that, just a hunch.

      • Elle Driver Says:

        Perhaps because the vast majority of MtTs murdered in the US are young black men. These are their sons, nephews, grandsons, etc. who are being used as token talking points and for scare stats.

        Meanwhile the real issues that affect these men– poverty, incarceration, homophobia- are largely ignored by the lgbt orgs who instead focus on which bathroom some suburban high school kid is using.

  14. petuniacat00 Says:

    Thanks for this Gallus! And for the background info on Dillard Smith and Courtney-Evans. She’s unbelievably eminent experienced and capable, he’s out of his flaming mind. 👌🏼

    That Atlanta Progressive News article will make your brain melt. I’m so glad she left the ACLU. And that we have somebody with her standing and experience on our side!

    As for this Courtney-Evans cat’s ludicrous assertion that no transwomen or men dressed as women have ever done anything pervy or assaultive in bathrooms, I left a comment and a link to Allison’s Law, the page where she has the trans bathroom crimes.

    At a minimum the people at that newspaper will have to turn their brains into pretzels to convince themselves that this isn’t true or that I’m evil. Because of course if I’m evil then everything I say even if it’s documented by the mainstream media isn’t true!

    Who knew that political correctness was going to develop into this kind of crazy denial of reality. It started out as just scolding. 🙁

  15. Oak and Ash Says:

    I read the comments on the Atlanta Progressive news article and was heartened to find that the overwhelming majority of them supported Maya Dillard Smith and/or questioned trans dogma. More people on the left seem to be finding the courage to speak out once they realize they’re not the only ones appalled at the erosion of safety and privacy for women.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi Oak and Ash: I believe that the hardcore pro-trans crowd will never seek middle ground on the women’s spaces issue. I believe it is possible that a sizeable number of the non-trans American public that is currently leaning or beginning to leans on the slightly pro-trans side on women’s spaces will at least come around to Smith’s middle ground goals. Unfortunately, it will probably take some new, highly publicized violent bathroom attacks on women, and/or more websites such as this one to reveal violent MTTs for most of those on the slight pro-trans side to want to seek middle ground or even begin to see the radfem/conservative side of the specific issue of women’s spaces.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        From my talks with LIBERAL women regarding trans issues, I might as well have been banging my head on a wall. They have no interest in any actual information, including physical procedures such as taking cross-sex hormones and surgeries. They appear to have no support for women’s and girls’ rights, but they feel mighty good about themselves for saying that no man has ever put on a dress in order to access women’s spaces. They are as immune to information as any right-winger.

  16. CKDexterHaven Says:

    So are we meant to have the Luscious Loos and the Homely Bogs now? I’m just more confused.

  17. lovetruthcourage Says:

    Hi, Petunia Cat,

    Of course the person is made up (an actor, basically.)

    I live in a major world city (Chicago) and know many German immigrants. It goes without saying that those old stereotypical German clothes are not modern daily wear. Heck, they don’t even dress that way in Germany, outside of Oktoberfest and a few other assorted celebrations.

    The DNA tests are accurate and “real.” They are not “crappy.” There seems to be some confusion about how they work. There are a few different types of DNA tests available. They are autosomal DNA tests (atDNA), mitochondrial DNA tests (mtDNA) and Y-chromosome DNA tests (Y-DNA.) The most common ones for ancestry, giving an overall picture of ancestry on both sides of the family are the atDNA tests. Yes, there are some ethnicities (especially more obscure ones and ones in poorer regions of the world) that do not yet have representative samples. However, European ethnicities are well studied. Some of us also have non-European roots. My non-European roots are also fairly well studied.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I deleted her comments because they were derailing and trolling and made no sense to me.

      • red Says:

        I use language. It’s funner and free. The Celts are indeed related to the Germanic peoples.

        And Barbara Kay (an Anglicized version of their Polish name) is from a figurehead Montreal Jewish family, plus, her son is the publisher of the Nat Post. This might be coming up good.

  18. ImNoCissie Says:

    The Chicago Tribune had an opinion piece asking why we dare not discuss or question what amounts to a major social & cultural change in regards to privacy & modesty:

    And, while there, I noticed another opinion piece from April that was anti-men in the women’s room:

    Neither of these writers are radical feminists nor do they appear to be religious conservatives. Perhaps this is a sign that the mainstream majority is not going to just settle for whatever Washington tries to impose upon all of us?

  19. Medi Says:

    There is no middle ground, women cannot ever negotiate with male terrorists determined to destroy women’s and girl’s basic rights to privacy. What will call a halt to the trans cult will be MASSIVE law suits from parents groups, after there are endless “incidences” of boys harassing girls in restrooms and locker rooms in junior high and high schools across the country. But men get away with massive killing, battering and raping of women already, so it they can’t lock the rapists up in record numbers, maybe massive attacks on girls might wake people up. ACLU is a worthless organization from a feminist standpoint anyway, as are all male leftist groups. Billionaire funding of trans movement speaks volumes.

    • sirenpress Says:

      This legis. is drafted to be gender neutral but would never be enforced on behalf of women who are gender variant or ‘self identifying’ as men. When the ladies is full, I use the mens (IDing as a man for the full 3 minutes that I’m in the loo). They really, really don’t like it. They complain. They yell, wrong loo! When you tell them you’re a man, they’re like wtf? But it’s hard to explain to the guys, this unassailable manly feeling you get when there’s a queue for the ladies. Try this in pairs (and a noseplug). Very informative.

      Of course the next step would be to report the abuse (eg men going wtf) to a tgenderist org. Then publicise their lack of support for gender variant women.

  20. Cyst Says:

    So…a black woman standing up for the rights of her fellow women (and very bravely so) gets called a “biotch” – and undoubtedly worse things – in print because she dared to say that the sort of person who scared her daughter sh!tless shouldn’t be allowed in the women’s bathroom.

    *sigh* Same old misogyny, fancy new label.

  21. Does anyone else think this hand-wringing over trans bashing in gender neutral restrooms is part of their forced feminization fetish? The word choice (luscious? REALLY?) and the tone in which the trans comments were written suggest that they relish being a damsel in distress being undressed by the eyes of lusty men. Either way, it misses the point of being female. Normal females don’t describe themselves as being luscious with a straight face.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      I never thought about it till now, but that sounds very plausible to me, at least for some!

  22. Caroline Charlese Says:

    Massachusetts Governor declares support for “gender identity” legislation.

    The Boston Globe reports:

    (by Joshua Miller, Globe Staff, May 31, 2016)

    “After months of taking heat for ambiguity on a deeply controversial issue, Governor Charlie Baker said Tuesday he would sign a transgender public accommodations bill should it reach his desk.

    His declaration marked the beginning of the end of a bitter, years-long legislative battle over the rights of transgender people in Massachusetts.

    “We’ve certainly listened to a variety of points of view from many sides and have said, from the beginning, that we don’t want people to be discriminated against,” Baker said in an interview with The Boston Globe. “If the House bill were to pass in its current form, yeah, I would sign it.”

    The bill approved by the Senate and the version that is set to be passed by the House on Wednesday would allow people to use the restrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity and would protect transgender people from discrimination in barber shops, malls, libraries, restaurants, and other public accommodations.”

    • GallusMag Says:

      This ought to be amusing:

      “The Attorney General’s Office shall issue regulations or guidance for referring to the appropriate law enforcement agency or other authority for legal action any person who asserts gender identity for an improper purpose, as defined in clause 59, Section 7 of chapter 4.”

      Clause 59:

      ”Gender identity” shall mean a person’s gender-related identity, appearance or behavior, whether or not that gender-related identity, appearance or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the person’s physiology or assigned sex at birth. Gender-related identity may be shown by providing evidence including, but not limited to, medical history, care or treatment of the gender-related identity, consistent and uniform assertion of the gender-related identity or any other evidence that the gender-related identity is sincerely held as part of a person’s core identity; provided, however, that gender-related identity shall not be asserted for any improper purpose.”

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Gov. Baker said he’d be willing to sign the House version of the bill, which has an improper purpose clause the Senate bill lacks. I heard Jennifer Levi ( being interviewed about the law on NPR yesterday, and when the difference between the House and Senate bills came up, she made it clear she had reservations about the improper purpose clause without saying what those were. Her answer’s to the interviewer’s questions, so I couldn’t tell whether she’s against such a clause or simply thinks the way it’s worded is problematic.

      I’ve also read some news reports saying the improper purpose clause is a “concession” to conservatives worried about women being preyed on in restrooms, as if the proper liberal attitude is that women ought to simply go along with voyeurism and nonconsensual participation in someone’s fetish. Or will entering any such space now be considered consent?

  23. @Gallus H4253

    (1.) I’m assuming no sex reassignment surgery is required because under most “gender identity” laws, he can still have his penis and testicles and claim “gender identity”. Most transwomen (biological males) still are fully intact males below the waistline.

    (2.) What constitutes “improper use”? Does he have to murder or rape a woman before it’s considered “improper use”?

    This is nothing more than a new form of oppressive legalized sexual harassment because no one can know for sure what goes on in the minds of males when they enter a women’s locker room. If a so-called “cis man” exposed his genitals to women it could be construed as sexual harassment. Even though it’s impossible to know for sure what a male is thinking the moment he enters a women’s locker room, the State of Massachusetts is grating access to women’s restrooms and women’s locker rooms to intact biological males. Because we have already seen examples of males claiming “gender identity” that have exposed themselves to women, it’s logical to assume it will happen again.

    Even though it could be considered sexual harassment if a “cis man” did it, I’m assuming that a biological male walking around a women’s locker room with an erect penis would not be considered an “improper use”? That is, if he claims “gender identity”. If women feel uncomfortable or threatened, she has to live with it. This is not acceptable.

    “I am a senior woman. Recently, a “man” claiming to be transgender, who had not yet begun physical treatments, was permitted by our local Y to use the women’s locker room. There are no secure change rooms. The person they allowed in was not courteous and stared at me while I struggled out of a wet bathing suit. He was naked, had an erection and playfully asked ‘do you come here often?’ I understand that gender is no longer judged solely by genitalia, but does a brief contact with the duty manager mean that men not yet committed to gender reassignment are free to disrobe anywhere they choose?”

    The elderly woman in this example should have sued because no one can prove that a male’s gender identity is more important than her right to privacy.

    The State of Massachusetts is declaring that it can read the minds of every biological male claiming “gender identity”. No male claiming “gender identity” would ever enter a women’s locker room simply out of curiosity, or as a sexual thrill of sorts. Or, to engage in activities that would satisfy a particular sexual paraphilia. “Cis” men lurking inside women’s locker rooms could be construed as sexual harassment, especially if they have made it known that women arouse them. The State of Massachusetts is saying that every male claiming “gender identity” who still has his male genitalia never has sexual thoughts of women. Nor, do they post things online about what they would like to do with women, and how women sexually excite them:

    The State of Massachusetts is telling the entire female sex that it is not possible for a biological male with intact male genitalia claiming “gender identity” to ever sexually harass a woman. Ever. People who take the time to research this know that many transwomen (biological males) are, indeed, heterosexual, or at least bisexual. Most still have their male genitalia. In reality, this is nothing more than a new age politically correct form of legalized and state sponsored sexual harassment.

    (3.) Thousands of years of history and crime statistics prove without a doubt that male violence is a legitimate concern for females.

    If a biological male does engage in “improper use”, the State of Massachusetts created the situation that made the “improper use” possible. By even using the term “improper use” in connection with “gender identity”, it is essentially admitting that an “improper use” is possible. Moreover, there are numerous examples of cross dressing males and male identifying as transgender who have committed crimes inside women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters. This and other blogs and sources of information have been chronicling these incidents for years. The State of Massachusetts must know that an “improper use” is possible.

    (4.) By admitting that an “improper use” is possible, and by creating the situation that made it possible, the State of Massachusetts must be held liable for any and all damages caused by “improper use”.

    (5.) As to the fundamental human right of privacy, the State of Massachusetts cannot prove that a male’s “gender identity” is more important than a woman’s right to privacy.

    (6.) The State of Massachusetts cannot prove that a male’s “gender identity” is more important than a woman’s PTSD. Disabled women with PTSD could ask for an ADA Request for Reasonable Accommodation stating that having to share a restroom, locker room, or sleeping quarters with a biological male would emotionally trigger them, thus exacerbating their PTSD. The State of Massachusetts would have to say publically that a male’s gender identity is more important than a woman’s PTSD. Women aren’t raped by a “gender identity”. I’m sure there a far more women with PTSD from rape and sexual assault than there are males claiming “gender identity”.

    It’s time for millions of women to start suing. If they can’t find a lawyer, is there anything to prevent millions of women filing pro se (without an attorney)? There are 6 million people in Massachusetts. There should be at least half a million to a million pro se lawsuits. Is there anything to prevent this from happening?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Is there anything that prevents millions of women from dedicating their lives to filing pro se lawsuits (without an attorney) to individually challenge a socially popular anti-woman political agenda in men’s courts? The answer is: life. Child care. Employment. Elder care. Is this a serious question? Women who can’t even get authorities to process rape kits that emergency rooms CHARGE THEM FOR after surviving the most brutal dehumanizing sexual assaults imaginable, that have a 1% conviction rate, should do WHAT? Is this a serious fucking question? On what planet is this a serious question.

      When you file your pro se lawsuit, let us know. Why don’t you show is how it’s done? Lead us with your wisdom! Holy shit. I suppose you are being hyperbolic but I am losing all patience for absurdity. Please make a note of it. Thanks.

      My suggestion: the next time you suggest that millions of women do something incredibly time consuming and risky-

      1. Do it yourself first. Lead by example.
      2. Publicize your example to other women outlining your motives, objectives, and likelihood of positive outcome.
      3. Encourage opt-in by streamlining the process for other women to emulate.
      4. Organize grassroots momentum and participation.

      You won’t do any of that, of course, but I’m just putting it out there. Good luck! 😉

      Now. Why don’t women all fly to a female-only space utopia on gossamer streams of woo? After we develop robo-armor that allows us to walk home safely after midnight, sleep soundly next to an open window, and change a tire without fear from violent male monsters who want to torture-kill us because we have ovaries and a uterus and they’re pretty sure the other dudes will make sure they get away with it.

  24. Caroline Charlese Says:

    Massachusetts House approves transgender bill 116 yes to 36 no. “T” community joyful for “super-majority” (76%) House vote victory.

  25. @Gallus,

    First of all, I want to thank the brilliant attorney for her courage and integrity. She is such a strong, highly skilled black woman. I’m impressed with her integrity and commitment to fairness by rejecting politically partisan driven approaches to complex subjects.

    “Now. Why don’t women all fly to a female-only space utopia on gossamer streams of woo?”

    I simply want justice because women have been harmed by gender identity laws, and it’s clear that doing nothing has gotten us nowhere. I’m just extremely frustrated and outraged. They will continue to trample on us until we fight back. After the Colleen Francis incident, someone should have sued. After the horrific Hambrook incident in which homeless women were sexually assaulted, women definitely should have sued. Homeless women were sexually assaulted by a predator who used “gender identity” laws to gain access to women’s homeless shelters. It makes me sick to my stomach. Hambrook was convicted, but the women who were traumatized in a place where they should have been safe must live with the deep psychological scars for life. They were not compensated for the sexual assault and trauma. One homeless woman was deaf. In my opinion, someone should sue Obama’s HUD for allowing biological males in US women’s homeless shelters, jeopardizing the safety and psychological well-being of vulnerable and often traumatized homeless females. Under Obama’s HUD, transwomen (biological males) who still have their penis and testicles share sleeping quarters with homeless women. It’s the very definition of insanity, and no one in positions of power considers the risks to women. The violent male juvenile known as Jane Doe terrorized and harmed girls and female staff for years before the State of Massachusetts finally placed him in a male facility where he belongs. I guess we all should be glad that he didn’t seriously harm or kill a girl or female staff member.

    The ACLU isn’t helping women who are harmed by gender identity, so what other options are available? I read that some southern states are suing the Obama administration, but I don’t trust the motives of conservative leaning organizations.

    Ideally, in a just world, the ACLU would spend as much time helping women harmed by gender identity laws that it spent on transgender wife killer Robert Kosilek’s failed attempt at getting a taxpayer funded sex change.

    The ACLU and transgender organizations make sure that Kosilek received electrolysis and female hormones. The State of Massachusetts wouldn’t pay for the sex reassignment surgery, but the ACLU spent hours helping this convicted killer. The victims of Jane Doe, the violent adolescent male who was placed in female facilities get nothing. Girls and women with PTSD from horrific trauma at the hands of predatory males, and are emotionally triggered by the presence of a male bodied person in their private spaces are ignored. No one is representing these women. They get no legal help. Indeed, they are often ridiculed and bullied into submission. I don’t see anyone other than religious conservatives in some southern states speaking out for the needs of women who are essentially collateral damage when “gender identity” laws clash with privacy rights of women.

    It would be great if women could find an attorney to do some pro bono work, but I haven’t seen anyone stepping forward.

    When I suggested pro se lawsuits, I was tossing out suggestions. What I asked seemed like a legitimate question. If they can’t find legal representation which definitely is the best choice, is there anything to prevent millions of women from filing pro se lawsuits? Think about it. This would bog the courts down in lawsuits until hell freezes over. There are about 150 million females in the US, and even one to two million pro se lawsuits would keep them very busy for a long time. It would also send a clear message that says that women are not content to just sit back and watch our human rights being violated. Going the pro se (sometimes called pro per) route is extremely time consuming and risky, but it’s possible. I’m not saying that it would be easy. Finding an attorney is always best, but other than a few religious groups, I don’t see anyone looking out for the interests of women. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to tackle this issue from every possible angle. I admit that this was something of a wild suggestion, but I was grasping at straws.

    “My suggestion: the next time you suggest that millions of women do something incredibly time consuming and risky-
    1. Do it yourself first. Lead by example.
    2. Publicize your example to other women outlining your motives, objectives, and likelihood of positive outcome.
    3. Encourage opt-in by streamlining the process for other women to emulate.
    4. Organize grassroots momentum and participation.”

    I agree with 1. through 4. I’m not an attorney, and I don’t give legal advice. I graduated from the University of California at Davis. I had a work study job in the law library, and years ago I worked for legal aid. I worked under the direction of an attorney, but I did most of the work by helping women fill out pro per dissolutions forms and domestic violence restraining orders. Because these were low income women, they usually got their filing fees waived. I’ve prevailed in Small Court a couple of times, and I’ve done an ADA Request for a Reasonable Accommodation. I admit that my skills are very rusty, but I am tenacious and determined. I would never think of filing a pro se lawsuit against a school district or governmental agency without thoroughly researching it first. I’m fully aware that this would entail a great deal of work and intense research.


    (6.) The State of Massachusetts cannot prove that a male’s “gender identity” is more important than a woman’s PTSD. Disabled women with PTSD could ask for an ADA Request for Reasonable Accommodation stating that having to share a restroom, locker room, or sleeping quarters with a biological male would emotionally trigger them, thus exacerbating their PTSD.

    I was successful in doing this, but I can’t guarantee it will work for every woman. ADA has never been used this way, but it worked for me.

    Because I tend to think outside of the box, I wanted to tackle this from several angles. There is usually more than one legal remedy available to people. Women with histories of PTSD because of rape or sexual assault can be emotionally triggered by the presence of male bodied persons in their intimate private spaces. I got rather creative with ADA Reasonable Accommodations, and was successful twice. ADA Reasonable Accommodations can encompass many things, and the accommodation is what works best for both employer or agency and the disabled person. A disabled woman with PTSD was granted an ADA Reasonable Accommodation by stating that having to share a restroom, locker room, changing room, shower, or sleeping quarters with a biological male would exacerbate her panic disorder and PTSD. In one store as part of the accommodation, the store manager stated that she would have an employee check out the women’s restroom first to see if there were any males in the women’s restroom, and then let the disabled woman use the restroom. Another option was to use the staff restroom. ADA Request for Reasonable Accommodation won’t necessarily kick men out of the women’s restroom, but it can open up other options, and the accommodation can be whatever works best for the disabled person.

    I’m sure the number of women with PTSD far out numbers males claiming “gender identity”. Women could do ADA’s individually, or with the help of an attorney, file some sort of class action lawsuit.

    This is a simple ADA Request for Reasonable Accommodation that actually worked twice. I can’t guarantee that it will work for every woman. According to ADA, “An individual with a disability is a person who has: a physical and/or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; has a record of such impairment; or is regarded as having such impairment.”

    There is a lot of online information on ADA’s, and there are disability rights groups.

    I can put up the letter from the therapist later, and the letter that I received from the store. The name of the licensed clinical psychologist is X’d out. I have to scan these and put them in .pdf format to put them online.

    When a Hambrook incident happens in the US, I seriously suggest that the woman find an aggressive private attorney because of the possibility of big bucks. Don’t go the pro se route if there is a possibility of hella money down the road.

    Civil law is based on preponderance of evidence. Every woman who has been harmed by a male claiming “gender identity” or “gender identity” laws needs to carefully record and document everything.

    Again, I’m not an attorney, and I am fully aware of the time and research involved in a pro se lawsuit.

    Thank you for letting me post on your blog.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you for your clear and detailed rebuttal. I apologize for getting so pissed off. Thank you for your comments, and for all your valued contributions to the blog.

    • nonny Says:

      @Skylark – I want to say thanks for your follow-up as well. The initial suggestion made me feel even more frustrated and exasperated (in a non-productive, “are you kidding me” kind of way) but your expanding on it was thoughtful (and helpful, and hopeful) and I enjoy your contributions.

    • Branjor Says:

      I also want to thank Gallus and Skylark – Gallus for this wonderful blog and all the work and research she puts into it, and Skylark for her work and valuable contributions she shares with us on this blog. I agree with Skylark that doing nothing is getting us nowhere. Thank you both!

    • Anemone Says:

      Re: the Hambrook victims. IANAL, but my understanding of how it works in Canada is that suing for damages US-style is fairly rare. Normally people would go through the criminal compensation board, which would award damages and then go after the perp for the money. Much less confrontation and for much less money.

      • red Says:

        Plus. You have to have been diagnosed with PTSD, and having been or being treated for it. Every woman in a shelter qualifies, but since when did women get graced with this diagnosis which only came to be known after Iraq and Afghanistan? No this is not relevant or possible in Canada, or anywhere. Women do not officially suffer these traumas. We are whining drama queens.

    • Zemskull Says:

      Hi SkyLark Phillips: Regarding pro bono attorneys stepping forward to handle specific women’s cases, about the only group I can think might do so is Liberty Counsel, which highly supports sex-segregated spaces. The caveat here is that Liberty Counsel is a right-wing evangelical group, and aggressively opposed gay marriage. Still, I can’t think of any “liberal” group that will take on the MTTs.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Gloria Allred does pro bono for high profile individual women’s cases but I assume like most she has not caught up with the implications of “Gender Identity” enshrining sex-stereotypes into law and the roll-over of legal protections for women and lesbians that result. If I was a strategist I would advise engaging lawyers like Allred who wish to, and purport to, represent women’s rights -and make sure they are updated on the conflicting rights of “gender identity” vs. sex discrimination protections for women. They can’t represent us if they don’t understand the issues, and there are virtually NO male controlled/mainstream venues reporting on it. Except the far right anti-gay folks like the Liberty Counsel as you mention, who only adopt the issue because they think sex-stereotypes are good and they oppose gays and gender abolitionists. If you want wealthy female high-profile leftist representation: go after them. Don’t wait for them to come to us.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Gallus: I suppose Allred is worth a try, but I wouldn’t be optimistic there. She seems very absorbed in her case against Bill Cosby, which I predict is going to take years considering the number of victims and Cosby’s aggressive legal team.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You don’t think a strategy of raising awareness is worthwhile because Bill Cosby? I disagree.

      • carterabbie Says:

        Not sure about Allred. Sounds like she’s firmly onboard the transBorg. She’s defended two trans, one over the Miss Universe Pageant and the other over a haircut.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I actually support both those cases. LOL.
        In the first she defended a man who was refused equal participation in a femininity contest solely because of his sex. Good.
        In the second she defended a woman who was refused equal hair cutting service solely because of her sex. Good.
        She may very well turn out to be a clueless idiot but I haven’t seen evidence of it yet.

      • red Says:

        OT: I don’t support what Allred did in that case. Still today placing in a beauty pageant is the equivalent of a career degree like journalism and business. For many women it’s the only way they can get the marketing experience, money for a degree and a move into broadcast news, communications and/or marketing. There’s a tv station in Canada which hires Miss World, Miss Canada, Miss Universe placers for the news desks. Female journalists don’t like this much, but it’s not too different from what they will end up doing: writing for free, or being one of the stable ponies for the men around the news desk. Talakova was backed by trans law to take the place of a woman who was using that contest for a step up hat she otherwise wouldn’t get, because of her family’s values, or her poverty. And Talakova is a man, and was not poor in spite of being First Nations. Yes it’s a femininity contest, one that many women still have to use to success, food on the table a home and all the other things a McJob doesn’t buy.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Hi Gallus: The defense of women’s spaces, and also pursuing charges or civil damages against Bill Cosby are worthwhile causes. I’m just unsure Allred will say she has time for the former, as she appears to already be very busy with the latter. It’s probably worth a shot, though.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I clearly suggested that it might be a good idea that prominent feminist attorneys such as Allred be reached out to and informed on the issue. No idea why you repeatedly state that’s a bad idea due to their current commitments. See: chewing gum and walking, etc. Hope it wouldn’t be too overwhelming for the laydees! But keep plugging that right wing anti-feminist group if you want that apparently has no current caseload according to you.

      • Zemskull Says:

        Gallus: I don’t know why you’re attacking Skylark Phillips and myself for trying to find legal ideas. Are others who suggest other possible resources that aren’t perfect to you going to be similarly ridiculed… assuming they post them at all now?

        It’s inaccurate to accuse me incessantly “plugging” Liberty Counsel with the single post I made about them that did acknowledge that their right-wing evangelical nature. They might have an interest in a possible class-action or individual’s lawsuit because the top of their own front page is dedicated to the issue.

        [link to right wing anti-gay, anti-women, christian conservative website removed-GM]

        Their “Click to Learn More” button leads to a page with views very similar to GT’s, along with links to 50 assault cases, several of which have been discussed here.

        [second link to right wing anti-gay, anti-women, christian conservative website removed-GM]

        If there’s a feminist legal group that is already showing that much interest in the issue, that would be great. I’m unaware of one, and it’s already been noted on GT several times that feminists are now frustratingly siding with the MTTs. Do you know of such a group?

      • GallusMag Says:

        You prove my point. I’ve repeatedly and clearly proposed an alternative strategy to colluding with the right wing anti-gay, anti-women, christian conservative group you are shilling for. I’m not going to repeat myself yet again. You ridiculed my suggestion with your claim that female attorneys are not competent to absorb new information while litigating an ongoing caseload. I disagree. I also disagree with your framing that our only two options are to work with right wing anti-gay, anti-women, christian conservative groups or to wait idly by for high profile feminist attorneys to educate themselves on the issue, on their own, in isolation. I disagree with you. Hope that is finally clear to you now.

      • carterabbie Says:

        I definitely think approaching Allred and other feminist attorneys as a better strategy than getting in bed with right-wing kooks. Sometimes the enemy of your enemy is not a friend. Would it have to be someone like that woman in Planet Fitness (she lost her case). It’s my understanding that a person has to actually have sustained some injury or loss before a suit could be filed. I suppose those girls who protested against that boy in their locker room could’ve been a good case, but I think one of those right-wing groups is handling their case, but I could be wrong.

        Alliances with the right can be easily dismissed because they are the right, but when people who are generally left leaning step out it’s bound to get more attention.

      • red Says:

        I posted something like this on another thread: it is suggesting what someone else can do, and that’s not always welcome, but I could not do what I suggest. Two or three women together research who’s who in your legal community, and lay out a ‘strategic’ plan for how to educate a lawyer. Most lawyers will give some free time, one-half hour maybe, and go in with a really tight presentation for her. I know you all here could do this. You will have to research the law in your jurisdiction first, so you don’t end up pushing a case like Planet Fitness or whoever they were, which had NO legal basis to stand on. I hope it didn’t cost her too much money to learn that. I think the one-half hour directed mini education blitz would be a good action. So I’m not fleshing it out but I am sure you all here can figure it out.

      • red Says:

        This was really garbled. What I meant to say is: Talackova and other MtT backed by trans law take the place of a woman who was using that contest for a step up that she otherwise wouldn’t get because of her family values and/or her poverty. Talackova was not poor. He is just another man taking one of the few place many underclass women use to get ahead.

        (Talakova was backed by trans law to take the place of a woman who was using that contest for a step up hat she otherwise wouldn’t get, because of her family’s values, or her poverty…. etc.)

        Take a look at the web/FB sites of these women pageant candidates. See the training and opportunities they are getting. It’s far from my (and our) feminist ideals, but I have stopped demanding other women be where I am in that.

      • From what I have seen from Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom, I doubt they would ever support women’s rights over men in dresses. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Bloom especially is a regular on the Dr. Drew program, which is a major propaganda forum for the trans agenda.

      • GallusMag Says:

        That outcome wouldn’t surprise me. Anyway I just pulled her name out as an example. This isn’t about her specifically, there are many other fish in the sea…

      • Zemskull Says:

        Gallus, I did not “ridicule” your Allred suggestion as you did with mine. I said that trying Allred was “worth a shot,” but she may reply that she is already busy with Cosby’s victims. Not only is she representing several victims, she is actively seeking more to represent. And, good for her. This rapist has skated for far too long.

        Nowhere did I suggest (or believe) that a woman attorney is incapable of multitasking, and it’s bizarre that you use such an insult. A male attorney handling and seeking as many Cosby litigants as Allred could also tell you that he’s too busy with this issue to handle a transgender-related case. Male attorneys have been known to turn potential clients away because they’re busy with current caseloads, especially when the potential client is seeking pro bono representation.

        Cosby is still a powerful man with a legal team, and lot of the public still sympathizes with him, as odd as that is. An opposing attorney–whether a man or woman–could be working this case double-time for years. There was an entire prosecution team that attempted to take OJ Simpson down for murder, and they did not handle any other cases at that time because they were already working late into the night. Most of the Cosby cases are long past the statute of limitations–a problem that didn’t exist in the Simpson case–so overcoming that will be a lot of work in itself.

        Please contact Allred. I hope it works out. If I do contact the group I suggested, I won’t post the results here, since it seems that even an affirmative reply from them would greatly anger you.

        Good luck with finding representation, and thank you again for the work that you’ve already done with this issue.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You seem incapable of generalizing. It is tedious. Let it go.

  26. New reader Says:

    Jerry Budros, the Oregon “shoe fetish” killer from the late 60s, attacked women while cross-dressing. In fact that’s how he got caught; a witness reported seeing a man dressed as a woman in the vicinity of one of his attacks and thought it was “suspicious.” Today that witness would be shamed as a “bigot” and a vicious serial killer would go free. Budros, who killed four women before he was caught, was definitely an autogynephile; police found containers full of stolen “panties”, slips, and bras in his garage – they also found a severed woman’s foot still wearing one of the high heels he loved so much.

  27. thisismeandonlyme Says:

    I think this needs to come through the media, that the redefinition of female is an affront to females, and that soon there will be boys on girls sports teams (which is inevitable). How that message happens I don’t know, but the right wing groups are bad news.

  28. This is the lawsuit that eleven states filed against the Obama administration. Most are southern states, but I noticed that Wisconsin and Maine were included.

  29. Bev Jo Says:

    It’s a shame that yet another woman lost a good job and perhaps ACLU could be changed to be for the oppressed instead of the privileged.

    We can only imagine how many girls and women have been sexually harassed and assaulted in women’s restrooms. How many would dare report it? I’m guessing the woman in the video that Gallus Mag posted a few years ago didn’t report it. That was horrific. Three men looking like drag queens, humiliating a lone woman in a women’s restroom (they were between her and the door), as one of the men lifted up his skirt to expose himself while they laughed at her. She probably didn’t even consider it an assault or sexual harassment since she was trying so hard to not hurt their feelings.

    It keeps coming back to: When will women defend and support women and girls instead of prioritizing these men? If enough stopped betraying females, it could make all the difference.

    While some of us have been regularly posting the ongoing harassment and loss of our last spaces, a friend ridicules it all by posting on fb the meme of Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music, spinning with open arms, “this is me when I think of how I don’t care who uses what restroom.” I wish for a moment those who think it’s such a joke could go through what so many girls or women have — not the actual assault, but the moment where they realize that no amount of genuflecting and assuring the men that they are “luscious” ladies will stop them from doing what so many men have done to women when they have the opportunity.

    • red Says:

      I posted elsewhere about my frightening and triggering YES FUCK I OWN THAT experience in a women’s washroom, with a young female relative and a 6 ft 2 + MtT. No I didn’t report it. No more than I have formally reported any other of the thousands of sexual abuses and threats and heart pounding instances from males in a lifetime. I like to be out and about. It’s my joy. I carry two types of wipes, one type for the toilet surfaces, and one for me. I carry an antibiotic spritzer for my hands. I wear a think menstrual pad always, for bladder leaks because I can’t find a safe place to use a women’s washroom. I dehydrate myself so maybe I can manage only having to pee once in several hours. I risk bladder infections, or stay home, isolated and lonely. I have a ‘map’ of washrooms that are reasonably clean, and one room and one person locked door. Forget campus. LOL. Forget free seminars and lectures, forget free concerts. Forget shopping in supermarkets where food is cheaper, I make myself known to the mom and pop stores, where food is marked up but I am helped and allowed to use “their” bathroom if I need it I have often driven to get there because I can’t use public transit or walk more than a 1/2 block. This is privilege actually, that will not be available to a lot of women. All the accommodations we make so T can piss all over us.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      Gallus, can we get a link to this story?

      • GallusMag Says:

        It was a video shot by drag queens in a women’s restroom freaking out some woman as she came out of the stall. One of the men lifted up his skirt and showed her his package. The woman was like what the fuck??? It was posted in the comments on one of the bathroom posts-

      • red Says:

        It was chilling because her reaction, a rabbit in the headlights, a beaten dog licking the man’s hand: That reaction we all employ to save ourselves when we have our exit blocked, whether in our bedroom, kitchen or a public washroom. Patti Hearst did it gold. The insane violent trans but all that woman saw was MALE. They deny of course, that what they do is violence, certainly not on the scale of a pronoun what’s our problem?

  30. Janetwo Says:

    Somewhat related in the category “we told you there was no compromise to be made with the trannies“:
    I honestly cant think anybody more moderate and diplomatic in her opinions than Alice Dreger. And yet she ends up in the dog house. At the end, she wrote: “I’m still on the left. I’m still pushing for trans rights. Try and stop me.“

    Maya Smith made a much healthier decision in the long run. Alice makes me think of somebody remarquably intelligent and educated but who lacks the street smarts of people who grew up in a ghetto or survived a very rough childhood. There was no way she could say anything remotely critical of the trans and not become a target. You cant compromise with an abuser.

    • red Says:

      Alice is an example of why I still ally with women who don’t have her education or advantages and aren’t quite the feminist I wish they were. The Alices piss me off.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      You don’t have to grow up in a ghetto or be abused; you simply have to deal with the real world some of the time. And it is amazing how many people have the financial resources never to engage with reality. Think of all the liberals sputtering continuously over Trump — it seems they did not realize they lived in a country with a bunch of crazy right-wingers, duh. So-called intelligence and so-called education are no substitute for actual experience and observation of what is going on.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I feel the same way about the “Anti-transgender bigot setting off a bottle bomb in a Target bathroom” meme:

        On what planet do these people live that they have never heard of methamphetamine? You know, that you shake up in a bottle after buying cold medicine at Target and if you do it wrong it explodes and burns the shit out of you??????? HOW FUCKING STUPID are these people.

      • anon male Says:

        Comment I saw about the Miami mass-shooting today, while it was *in* progress and no info was available:

        “Damn. WTF is wrong with people. If this is an argument over bathrooms, I’ll be really pissed.”

        All gay and lesbian people are now defined by trans mono-issues: all these assumptions, even by flip liberal-libertarian internet assholes, really show how narrow the lens has become and it’s not by accident.

        When otherwise good people like Hemant Mehta have been miseducated to the point where that’s their knee jerk reaction — to worry about trans ideology or donald trump or whatever — to a slightest rumor which takes precedence over women being in danger of being blown up, it’s… well, fuck.

    • kesher Says:

      I appreciate that she’s refusing to back down, but I question how long she’ll be able to keep that up. But I can’t help but assume that Dreger has her own issues with buying into male supremacy. How can you be abused by men in this way and still claim with a straight face that you think they’re “women”? She knows what autogynephilia is. She knows that these men are fetishists who are obsessed with tearing down women’s boundaries. Why defend them?

      • carterabbie Says:

        I fear for her ability to get another job. I know too many women who’ve been silenced because they work in social services or public service and know that if they say anything questioning the transBorg they will lose their job or be isolated.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        You are right. Her ability to get a job could be impacted, until more of us speak out. We need to reach critical mass. The T cleverly aligned itself with the LGB and most people who support the former, do it to show support for the latter. Now nearly every major group (SPLC, HRC, ACLU, NOW, AI, etc) is on board. Those of us opposing the T are often automatically assumed to be religious, far-righters, even when our critiques come from a very different perspective. Not that it matters, because we often can’t get comments published, much less actual critiques. (#1 offender: HufPo.) This is modern-day McCarthyism. All we can do is keep speaking out, and hope that our words give courage to the others who feel the same way, and feel they must stay silent.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        Dreger’s career niche is as a medical ethicist, not as a gender-critical feminist — or indeed, any kind of feminist. Her published work strongly suggests she believes in innate gender identity and gendered personality traits. Her stance towards very gender non-conforming individuals seems to be a mixture of pity and condescension, masquerading as enlightened compassion: “Don’t persecute the freaks, they can’t help it, and we shouldn’t feel threatened by these biological oddities, whoops, I mean, DIVERSITY, anyway…” Michael Bailey has expressed similar attitudes over the years. He and Blanchard are probably right about there being two types of MTT (autogynephiles vs. very “feminine” gay men) and Dreger’s done some good by advocating caution about transing children. But be advised that if you’re a very effeminate gay man, or a butch lesbian, neither Dreger nor Bailey really considers you normal. At best, you’re a harmless curiosity.

        Btw, that caveat goes triple for Kenneth Zucker. He’s toned down his (publicly expressed) views on gay people in the last few years, but he basically thinks it’s better to be straight and gender-conforming, because life’s just easier that way. Well, it is — but if you’re not, you’re not. In Zucker’s view, though, it’s fine for parents to try to modify their kids’ non-sex-stereotypical behavior and future sexual orientation to make them “normal” — never mind that this doesn’t work, and causes lasting harm.

    • thisismeandonlyme Says:

      Ms. Dreger simply doesn’t get she is dealing with men, wannabe men, and men who wannabe women. There is nothing “left” about this. This is sexual politics and “everyday feminism” (uh huh) can’t deal with women who mess with their submissive thought patterns. I am beginning to think these “everyday feminists” are actually afraid of men themselves and are relieved when the trinity of “men types” come to rescue them from responsibility for the world of females.

  31. Can’t you bend the law so that the trans criminals have to prove that their identity makes them actual women? I mean it’s obvious but since people are forced to believe they are women – a simply chromosomal test would show that an identity doesn’t change their male body.

    Sorry I always thought about this. I have no idea about US laws but could this be possible?

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      I do know that at least, the old form of the MMPI did allow for a ‘psychological’ baseline test of the identity. Like a polygraph….even if accurate….may not be admissible in court, but that is how I understand this part of the issue. That said….it was used to weed out pretenders from those who do have an actual identity to those they aspire to be.

      Connected to this, in a very scary way (and I came close to vomitting when I read the piece) @GallusMag…I sent a link to a mutual friend of ours in twitter, that being TLM, (privately, because well one knows how some bullies operate…hence the DM) about the latest brainwashing scheme by the snowflakes in Washington State. It has to do with early indoctrination ..elementary school type. The connection here being, the creep corner has spread its corrosive wings. And not just in the bathrooms ….

      • MaryMacha Says:

        Neither proving nor disproving your point here. The gender question on the MMPI reads something like this:

        I have always wanted to be a woman (or if you are a woman, I have never regretted being a woman).

        Why? Because there are some questions that can’t really be gender-neutral. So for the authors, in the 50s when this was written, and for the current crop of psych academics, a man wanting to be a woman and a woman having no qualms about being a woman are roughly equivalent. It just goes to show how deeply entrenched this BS actually is.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @MaryMacha understood….

        From this desk, it appeared that the old version and the professionals who used it were a little more honest. Not perfect, just more intellectually honest. These days…anything can be twisted to meet the t agenda. And that stinks.

  32. charlston Says:

    This situation is so upsetting and tearing women in pieces. I usually keep quiet, unless pushed. (I am not as educated as many are on here).
    I understand from a lived it point of view only. I usually just get on with it, passing info around and commenting as much as I can on news articles with facts.

    In Oz we don’t have the’ big push’ but its coming. I intend to do what I always do.
    If I am not sure of something I like a paper trail so for example if a doc wants to give me some medication I am not sure of I ask for confirmation in writing that its ok. A school expecting my children to do xyz I ask for written assurances, same with my local MP’s and so on.
    I have only had to use that confirmation once, many years ago, ( It was regarding women’s superannuation) and I got what I needed.Usually they adjust their decisions which is my intention all along.
    If they bring this in I will be expecting confirmation that safety will follow. If they refuse to give that to me in writing I will use their lack of affirmation in every comment section I can. The ‘if not, why not’ opens a door I have found.
    Our local MP’S have to deal with us as opposed to the higher ups and its the only way I will get my foot in the door. Voting time is the best time to use this approach but its worked for me and regardless of whether I get something in writing or they send a letter fobbing me off, I end up with something to take to others, newspapers, groups etc which is my end goal anyway.

  33. Imnocissie Says:

    A little off topic but I wanted to share. NYC started a 265,000 ad campaign to promote their new transgender bathroom law.

    Look past pink and blue, it’s the law.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Thanks for sharing. Yes, it is distressing. I wish I had an answer, but I think it will unfortunately take lawsuits and high profile attacks for those on board to start questioning this, and some never will.

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      Yes, interesting, isn’t it.

      This quote: “De Blasio, who also has championed transgender rights, was asked last week whether “anybody who identifies as female” would be welcome during women-only pool hours. He declined to answer directly, saying only that the city is reviewing that issue.”

      I can’t wait to see what he does.

      • kesher Says:

        Is there any question what he’ll do? The Time article about 18 girls getting chased out of a women’s locker room in New York by a middle-aged man makes it clear how DeBlasio will handle this issue. If “women’s” swim times remain in place, it will only be because those men who claim to be women want in on it, and DeBlasio will roll over for them.

      • ImNoCissie Says:

        Replying to Kesher “is there any doubt as to what Deblasio will do” when MtoT’s demand to swim during women only hours.

        In my opinion, Deblasio’s actions aren’t a foregone conclusion. The orthodox community is politically organized and has an assemblyman and council people who look out for their interests.

        Complaints from New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind are what averted the decision to at first remove the women-only swim times at the public pool.

        He’ll be stuck between a rock and a hard place if the trans lobby gets in on the act & rabbis say they aren’t women.

        It will be fun to watch DeBlasio squirm, if that happens.

    • charlston Says:

      I wonder how they got on before the anonymous tip? If there was no problem I wonder who complained. Do they expect these women to overcome ‘discomfort’ of seeing scantily clad males in the same way our children have to overcome ‘discomfort’ of seeing ‘male genitalia’ in locker rooms/change rooms?
      Out of a whole week there is 3 mornings and part of a Sunday set aside for all female swimmers, not just Jewish ones.
      So, there is still 4 mornings, every afternoon/evening and 3/4 of the weekend left free. Seems that is not taking too much pool time from others especially as any woman can swim then…. unless the person complaining wants to swim with the women in particular.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        It isn’t just about discomfort at seeing scantily clad men. These women don’t want the men seeing them in inherently immodest dress (bathing suits.)

      • ImNoCissie Says:

        I don’t know for sure, but if I had to guess who complained, I’d say it was one of Brooklyn’s transplanted “new neighbors” aka gentrifiers. Although in this climate, it may well be transactivists.

        I tend to think it is locals because there have been other complaints to HRC about the Hasidim. Some hasidic store owners had signs posted asking for people to be modestly dressed before entering their stores. Signs didn’t say the dress code was only for women, but someone complained and HRC said the implication was that the signs were aimed only at women. HRC took the store owners to court, the case wound up settled with no fines issued; the store owners had to agree to take the signs down and not enforce any dress codes.

        There are some new Brooklynites who make complaints about anything locals do. They don’t like people barbecuing, playing music, letting their dogs run in the park, etc etc.

        So, hard to say. If it wasn’t trans activists who initiated the complaint, I’m sure they’ll be jumping on the bandwagon now that it has been made public. I recently read that Conservative & Reform rabbis have said that MTT are women. That doesn’t mean Orthodox and Ultra Orthodox will agree, though.

      • JoannaDW Says:

        I guess in America today, there is no such thing as private property, no such thing as boundaries, no such concept that there should be a line dividing what is mine and what is yours.

        Apparently, if I own a shop, I cannot stipulate any dress code at all, which means if a naked or nearly naked “laydee” wants to walk in, I have to allow it. If a church, mosque of synagogue has people showing up in bikinis, they have to allow it. Convenience stores that used to say, “No shirt, no shoes, no service?” They now have to allow it. Is that what we have come to? For real?

        Radical feminists have good reason to critcize Hasidic culture, and I’m not necessarily stating that I agree with their dress or modesty codes. However, private property and freedom of association are rights that we all enjoy, which means they must apply even to people that we might not like. A lesson that Trans, Inc. would do well to learn.

  34. I used to worship the ACLU, but the past few years, I feel like they are bending over backwards and sideways to accommodate everyone EXCEPT the people that they are supposed to be defending: law-abiding American citizens (and American prisoners who are denied rights or humane treatment *unjustly*). There are a few groups in particular that the ACLU has sold out to, and one of them is the trans brigade. Really? A group so devoted to free speech that they defend Klan members, pornographers, terrorist novel writers, etc. is willing to ally themselves with a group that thinks misgendering or asking questions is worthy of rape and death?In defiance of all reality? I wish I could say I was disappointed, but I’m not. You can’t count on the “left” for anything these days. You have more than enough money coming from the likes of Soros, Jenner, whomever. I’m not about to hand over my hard earned cash to parasites.

    • One never could rely on the “left” for anything regarding women’s rights, and it goes deep. In fact, second wave feminism is in large part a reaction to the sexism of the male left.

      The ACLU has always been wrongheaded regarding women. One need look no further than its stupid idea that porn is somehow free speech. Exploiting others for masturbation purposes is not free speech. Totally consistent if you support sexual liberation at the expense of women.

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      Maya Dillard Smith made a great point. Competing rights are supposed to be balanced but ACLU isn’t doing that. All the weight is on one side of the issue and it isn’t the side of women.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      “I feel like they are bending over backwards and sideways to accommodate everyone EXCEPT the people that they are supposed to be defending”

      Actually, they’re bending over forward.

  35. An ACLU Attorney’s Ugly Transformation Into An Anti-Transgender Pundit – Transgender Support Says:

    […] are clamoring to highlight the story of Maya Dillard Smith, the Interim Director of the ACLU’s […]

    • GallusMag Says:

      [Link removed]. lol the pathetic and inept anti-feminist activist Zack Ford at Think Progress has cited GenderTrender, a Lesbian Feminist website, as a male-supremacist politically conservative “source” in his attempt to also misportray Maya Dillard Smith’s call for balance in protecting competing rights.
      God he is dumb. Offensive and dumb. I’ve gotten no hits from his post though, so I suppose no one reads him.

  36. anon male Says:

    crackers talking about “dropping science” on people, especially when it’s not actually science? Must be tuesday.

    • cerulean blue Says:

      And the “journalists” at rawstory feel no compunction to correct the twisted pseudoscience spewing from cracker mama, because she did invoke some sciencey sounding words (sry, chromosome, xx, xy). No need for fact checkers, apparently. Or the unpaid ivy league interns decided to earn their pay.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Good grief. In the vein of the old “Where’s the beef?!”, I kept wondering “Where’s the science?!” This bullshit of conflating intersex conditions with transsexuality has got to stop. I’ve corrected people on that idea many times. There’s no more proof that chromosomal abnormalities cause transsexualism than there is that they cause people to be lesbian or gay. Right now, science has no idea why some folks are LGB. But at least we’re not out there spreading lies about it.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      As a real scientist, I LOL’d at this mom’s incorrect understanding of genetics. The state of science education in the USA is appalling, but I would expect even a freshman to know better than this. It is a popular trope of transgender activists to conflate transgenderism with intersex phenomena. The 2 are distinct issues. Clearly, most people claiming to be transgender do NOT have any abnormalities with their chromosomes; they are either XX or XY, and not some exotic chimera. Clearly, most intersex people do NOT claim to be transgender. Anon male, none of what I am posting is new to regular readers here, but you have much to learn. I wish you the best in getting that education. Be cool; stay in school.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Anon Male is both a regular reader and valued long-time contributor/commenter. His comment clearly scoffed at the cracker’s poor attempt at “science”. Not sure how you read it otherwise, but let this serve as a non-mocking correction of your misread. 🙂

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Thanks for the correction. Sorry, Anon Male. I am glad that you are able to see through the mom’s confused understanding of science and conflation of intersex and transgender. Did anyone in the media fact-check her?

      • anon male Says:

        I was pretty flip with the comment, which detracted from clarity for the sake of a side-point about liberals being fine with cultural appropriation for those “on the right side of history.”

        A bunch of honkies at Rawstory stealing 5%er lingo as “just a hip hop thing” they had full and unfettered access to given their status as “down” Cool Kids kinda tickled me because the original meaning of “dropping science” is actually: telling UFO conspiracy theories.

        Which are… exactly as evidence based as anything Mom of the Year spouted off.

    • RR Says:

      That video :/ I guess I now know what it looks like when you mix Munchausen’s with Ativan and Two Buck Chuck.

    • Artemis Jade Says:

      So much admiration for Maya Dillard Smith and her willingness to go into the lion’s den. Why was she given so little time? Right when she gets going, they run out of time. And they allowed Clay Aiken to take up some of her time, as if they hadn’t given him enough time already. Maybe this is a step forward for the View to even have on someone from the GC side. I don’t watch the View, but I watched clips where they were fawning over Hillside high school MTT Noah Perry in his bad wig, telling him he looked beautiful.

    • mel Says:

      Wow, she was good. They tell her to “hold that thought” and that the conversation would continue after the commercials, but the show ended and she didn’t get a chance to finish.

      Maya Dillard Smith @ 31:45

      “I’m a progressive. I’m a Democrat. And I’ve been demonized by the progressives for asking questions about women’s rights. And when did women’s rights no longer become a progressive value? When did it become that it was more a value to protect the rights of the LGBT community over everybody else?”

      I guess the answer to the last question is when “the LGBT community” became a concept, replacing and erasing the gay and lesbian civil rights movement. That movement never threatened women’s and girls’ rights to safety and privacy.

      Drop the T!

      • GallusMag Says:

        It was shocking how they cut it off. I thought my computer had malfunctioned. LOL. The only message that got across is that this fabulous woman had been falsely maligned as “transphobic” for asking questions. That ‘aint nothing. Good meme to get out there.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Funny how they all stepped in and told her to HOLD THAT THOUGHT. Forever.

      • RR Says:

        That was terrible, but it really showed poised she is and the master of the low-key burn. They didn’t want her view as a civil rights professional, they wanted her to implicate herself as a bigot and she is too media-savvy to let that happen. As soon as she started talking about the actual bill, Whoopie “it’s not rape-rape” Goldberg cut her off to tell her that they talk about all of those other boring things like housing and job discrimination everyday (doubtful) -she really wanted her to get into the part where she shows what a transphobic bigot she is.

        A guy who lost American Idol 15 year ago has to pop back in to let her know that the bathroom part is all anyone cares about and she reminds him that it is the only part he asked anyone about! A smarmy guy handmaidening for guys in skirts.

        I also did hear that they were going to walk back part of the bill that disallows wrongful termination lawsuits but the rest was staying as is. Obviously the thing being reported on is that there will apparently be some sort of “True Trans” card available. Who cares about the actual anti-discrimination parts when a dude need to pee!

      • kesher Says:

        There already is a “true trans” exception to HB2. MTFs can use women’s facilities if they’ve had their birth certificates changed, which, in North Carolina, means they no longer have penis and testes. And, in many states in this country, changing a birth certificate is as simple as taking HRT for two years or even just submitting a doctor’s note, but the trans cult won’t compromise and allow the state to segregate based on legal documents; they won’t bear any interference with their penis rights.

  37. Ginny Vogel Says:

    Hard for me to watch this because the silly women of the View are so superficial and on trend in their opinions. The show embarrasses me. Here they have an articulate leader appear and little Raven and little Clay, all styled up for the show, make anguished and horrified faces. Then Raven pipes in with an attack on Maya’s parenting skills. Babies, by seven months, can differentiate between male and female faces and voices. And guess which face they naturally tend to be guarded with and surprised by? It’s biology and it protects the child. Don’t tell a child a big ugly dude in makeup and heels is entitled to be in her bathroom. Tell her about the wolf in Grandma’s clothes and how Little Red Riding Hood was not fooled and yelled for her parents and then grew up to whomp his ass!

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