The Anti-Gay Agenda of Mermaids UK Transgender Children Charity and Political Lobby

June 8, 2016

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I got into a twitter discussion with the “transgender children” charity and political lobby Mermaids UK the other day after an individual presenting themselves as a representative posted a video where she stated that (although most children who are diagnosed with “Gender Dysphoria” turn out to be well-adjusted, non-transgender, adult Lesbians and Gays if allowed to mature without medical intervention) one should never mention it because homosexuality is “a deviant kind of thing”. You can view that video here and judge for yourself.

Mermaids UK responded to my request for clarification and to related questions by other tweeters with some very disturbing homophobia.

mermaids uk homophobia

The parents at Transgender Trend did a nice write-up on the incident. TG-logo7   

If you want insight into the views of the Mermaids CEO Susan Green- a mother who flew her gay son to the US at age 12 to medically retard his reproductive system, then to Thailand at the age of 16 to have him surgically castrated- you can read it here:

Mermaids CEO Reveals Her Views

It may be the only chance you’ll have, because the post appears to have been censored by Google and selectively removed from searches:


44 Responses to “The Anti-Gay Agenda of Mermaids UK Transgender Children Charity and Political Lobby”

  1. bishopioan Says:

    Wow. This is just sickening. I will say, however, that I have known several trans individuals and almost to a person, they were anti-gay. This is why I so strenuously oppose this trans nonsense. If people are lesbian, gay, or bisexual, there is no need to intervene to change their sex (as much as that can be accomplished with hormones and surgery), but instead let them grow up to be happy, well-adjusted LGB adults.

    This really burns me, especially the statement that homosexuality is “kind of a deviant thing”. This reveals the deeply anti-LGB nature of the trans movement. It is very clear that they want to grab these children young before they can actually find out that they are LGB and not trans after all.

  2. GallusMag Says:

    The Google issue seems to have “resolved itself”. Fancy that!

  3. Bob Doublin Says:

    I came out 42 years ago. After all the shit we’ve been through. To just give it all up….. I am grateful for the education on how this has all along harmed women-whether they are lesbian,straight,bi- from Gendertrender and elsewhere. Gay men have to wake up and realize who our REAL allies are,WOMEN. WE should have done that long ago.

  4. Oak and Ash Says:

    A two or three year old can tell you their gender because they know whether they like pink or blue and whether they want to wear a dress? Please. And I like the way she deflects potential criticism by saying “some” people see homosexuality as a deviant kind of thing.

    I was thinking about the anecdote she mentions near the end of the video about the little boy taken away from his mother. It strikes me that a lot of gay children may end up being torn apart between the crazy adults who try to force them to conform to the stereotypes of their birth sex and the crazy adults who think that if they don’t, they have to be transformed into a parody of the other sex. That seems to be the tragedy almost everyone covering the trans trend is ignoring.

    (By the way, when I googled “mermaids ceo transgender,” the Transgender Trend post was the first entry.)

  5. Keisha Says:

    Thanks Gallus, The younger people “transition”, the more easily they pass as adults. The trans cult, including bigoted and homophobic parents are trying to “trans” kids which is immoral and unethical. This is more anti lesbian, gay, bisexual conversion therapy.

  6. LC Says:

    Yikes. Don’t let your kids grow up to be gay or lesbian. If you want date men, you better put on a dress and call yourself a girl, son. On the other hand, I agree with the principle of it- get the T away from the LGB.

    • bishopioan Says:

      The sooner the better when it comes to getting the T away from the LGB. They are deeply homophobic and misogynistic and are contributing to the forced conversion of L and G children via “transitioning”.

  7. Caroline Charlese Says:

    And in the US, the NY Times writes that the documentary “Growing Up Coy“ presents an “achingly normal” [6 year old male] child [but one “who began identifying as a girl when she was 18 months old” and later “asked her parents when they would take her to the doctor to remove her penis“] who “could put a face – an adorable, impish face” to an issue that people “stigmatized and feared.”

    “Growing Up Coy” Explores the Fallout After a Family Fought for Its Transgender Child

    From NY Times. June 6, 2016 [excerpts]:

    The story of Coy Mathis, a transgender girl who was born a boy, garnered international attention in 2013 when her parents, Jeremy and Kathryn Mathis, filed a complaint accusing the school district of violating the state’s anti-discrimination law.

    Deeply anxious, Coy refused to go outside, rarely smiled, had meltdowns when told to line up with the boys at school, and asked her parents when they would take her to the doctor to remove her penis. (No such operation was or is being planned.) “It was just what it was,” Mr. Mathis said in the film. “This wasn’t a phase.”

    After hearing from the principal, the Mathises contacted Michael D. Silverman, executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, who wrote to the school board, hoping for a resolution. The board’s response – they cited concerns for other students sharing the bathroom with Coy as she grew older – prompted the Mathises to withdraw their children from the school.

    After some soul-searching discussions, Mr. Silverman said, the family agreed that the best action was to take the case public. By showing how achingly normal Coy and her family were, they could put a face — an adorable, impish face — on an issue that many people at the time were not just unfamiliar with but also stigmatized and feared.

  8. rheapdx1 Says:

    This is really sickening.

    My question is that with all the evidence showing beyond any doubt, that what that organization is engaged in is unethical, dangerous and wrong…..WTH have they not been outlawed? Even if they are in the UK…..WHY? (not being naive here @GallusMag….just with the abuse of children they consider to be a ‘proper treatment’…it needs to be asked)

    • Rachel Says:

      Most people in the UK haven’t heard of this organisation.
      The trans lobby is picking up speed here, although we haven’t got to the bathroom madness yet. There might be time to at least get Social Services to investigate Green. However, the way UK law works, it’s hard to get an investigation going unless Green’s son/child instigates it.

  9. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

    Why are people surprised? After all, gay and lesbian eugenics through “transitioning” has been going on in Iran for years. They are just more up front and honest about it. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and medical doctors have been experimenting on gay men and lesbians for centuries. Alan Turing and thousands of gay men were drugged with hormones to chemically castrate them. Lesbians were institutionalized and subject to lobotomies or other hideous treatments. Indeed, I can’t think of anything that psychiatrists and medical doctors haven’t done to gay men and lesbians at one time or another.

    This is great article from 4th Wave Now. I posted the link before, but it’s worth reading again.

    “President Obama, how is this not anti-gay conversion therapy?”

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      @SkyLarkPhillips I agree with you 1000% on this.

      On other social media platforms, some posters have been estatic that this type of brainwashing is going on. As if a child actually knows what they want in this at 3 or 4 and their doctors and other professionals should enable it. After all…what can go wrong in the future? (as you, me, @GallusMag and others who figured this out…..PLENTY).

      As for the Santanya quote…yep, there are more than enough who have forgotten, for questionable, perverse and just plain sick reasons. And this month is about a 3rd done, with even more illogic to arrive.

  10. GallusMag Says:

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WJAR) — “Gender and sexuality are absolutely a part of medical care.”

    That is pediatrician Michelle Forcier’s specialty.

    “We work with a number of patients whose brain and heart gender identity doesn’t necessarily match up with some of the parts they got,”

  11. Loup-loup garou Says:

    The Ethicist at the NYT has taken on the question, “It it okay to take a gender non-cornforming child to North Carolina?”

    Here’s part of the parents’ letter:

    “Our 6-year-old child, J.G., is gender-nonconforming. We had been in denial about this fact until several months ago, when J.G. articulated to us how scary and demeaning this felt. We are now out in the open about our child’s gender nonconformity, and J.G. has blossomed from a moody, secretive child into a rambunctious and irrepressible little soul. We live in a liberal area in a liberal state, and J.G. has been accepted with love and generosity in our community. My husband’s large Southern family has also surprised us in recent months with their unconditional love and acceptance.

    We planned and paid for our travel to North Carolina long before House Bill 2 was passed, but as the visit looms closer, my husband and I are feeling increasingly ambivalent. Not only are we worried that residents might single out our somewhat ambiguous-looking child, but we also wonder if we are obligated to explain the situation to J.G., who doesn’t know about the law or the extent of the animus toward L.G.B.T. people.”

    Translation: we tried to gender-police J.G., and that made J.G. miserable. Since we’d rather have a sex-role compliant child than a weird, deviant one, we decided J.G. is a member of the opposite sex. Now everyone’s happy — J.G. doesn’t have to hide J.G.’s true personality, AND we don’t have to feel like we’ve got a weird kid who plays with the wrong toys and wears the wrong clothes. Nope, we have a normal kid who just happened to be born in the wrong body.

    • GallusMag Says:

      We’ve been able to parley our kid’s gayishness into a substantial virtue-signaling cachet in the lefty liberal feedback loop we call our homeland, but we need guidance on how to spin this whole HB2 thing into a big payoff vis a vis our planned family vacation.

    • Elle Driver Says:

      He’s SIX. The child will be accompaning one of his parent to any public restroom, as it is with all small children. No one will be looking askance at a little boy in the ladies room, no matter how much mummy may want them to, and earn her progressive parent badge.

      There is no problem here, nada zip zilch. No problem beyond the parents’ deciding their child is fodder for some NYT concern trolling.

  12. ImNoCissie Says:

    The use of mermaid as a symbol really bothers me. Wouldn’t something like a butterfly be more appropriate, if you are trying to symbolize a transformation or a realization of your true form?

    A mermaid doesn’t transform into anything. She just is. And what she is, is a not-fully-human being that doesn’t have a bottom half. No sex organs. She can’t even walk, let alone function as an actual woman.

    She is an illusion. The mythology of a mermaid is that she is a fantasy/hallucination of men who’ve been at sea too long.

    I wouldn’t want my child to aspire to mermaidhood. I think it is telling that parents like Ms. Green and Jazz Jennings’ mother are so “enchanted” with the whole mermaid thing.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Also: “maid”. Now, they did try to integrate a new male mermaid into some of their recent graphics.

      But isn’t he a merservant instead of a maid? Because gender? Aren’t they failing to affirm the merservant’s gender identitay?

  13. charlston Says:


    Mermaids CEO Reveals Her Views

    Gallus- If this is too long or I have not copied the tweets below properly feel free to edit or bin it.

    I wondered, as Mermaids said they didn’t make that Cis definition, who they are quoting? I tweeted them and asked. The responses are below.

    The Tavistock clinic, in their written submission to the government trans inquiry, concede: “this intervention is ‘putatively’ completely reversible.”
    If in their words they are not able to give a full assurance they know what will happen in years to come, that is saying to me these kids are a human experiment.
    To say no one other than the children make that decision worries me. When did minors become their own diagnosticians and lead their own treatment/intervention plan? Basically leaving medical practitioners ability to diagnose/ask question as unwanted and secondary.
    I see litigation in years to come.

    les c ‏@kennerton1 1h1 hour ago
    @Mermaids_Gender @ghostinmarble Who labeled people Cis & made that definition U R happy with gender and fancy opposite sex.Non-Cis? Not me!
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    Mermaids ‏@Mermaids_Gender 1h1 hour ago
    @kennerton1 @ghostinmarble Totally hold hands up. Got definition wrong. Cis means happy with birth gender. Apologies, did not mean to offend
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    les c ‏@kennerton1 52m52 minutes ago
    @Mermaids_Gender @ghostinmarble Never offended. Just want to know who decides I am cis and my child is non-cis. She grew out of it btw
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    Mermaids ‏@Mermaids_Gender 38m38 minutes ago
    @kennerton1 @ghostinmarble Some do some don’t. Nobody else decides, they do. I really hoped my daughter would to spare her pain.
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    les c ‏@kennerton1 11m11 minutes ago
    @Mermaids_Gender @ghostinmarble ThanksA child cant make that decision.My job2support her till she could.Long term safety1st gender 2nd.
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    les c ‏@kennerton1 56s56 seconds ago
    @Mermaids_Gender @ghostinmarble Btw I copped abuse & threats but she is glad I didnt fold.Some really dont know what they want.No regrets.
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    Natalie Bee
    @kennerton1 @Mermaids_Gender And yet Mermaid blocked me for pushing her on an incorrect definition ??
    2:55 PM – 8 Jun 2016
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    Tweet text

    Reply to @ghostinmarble @Mermaids_Gender

    les c ‏@kennerton1 1h1 hour ago
    @ghostinmarble @Mermaids_Gender Odd. Why would that be the case? We all have a voice.

  14. ImNoCissie Says:

    Here’s the most recent trans kid being paraded in the media by her parents, photos and real names and all.

    Now, I’m looking at the hair, the little barrettes. From the article, I believe there are no other female children. So, I am wondering, does this kid ask for all those little details? Hair barettes? Specific shoes, specific socks, specific colors? He is only five, just starting school. Where does he get the ideas for hairdos and accessories with no female children around? Day care?

    Maybe I’m an awful parent, but when my kids were five, six, seven, I just took them for haircuts, I never ASKED how they wanted their hair and they never told me. I just decided. I don’t believe they had preferences and they never let me know. I am pretty sure they didn’t care.

    I think back to my own childhood. I had super long hair at five years old. I didn’t ask my mother to grow it. She did because she thought it was attractive & appropriate I guess.

    I think I had no concept of any different way of wearing hair at that age. My hair was my hair. I didn’t like certain barettes because they pinched not because I had well established ideas about fashion. I didn’t like having my hair combed out at night because it hurt. But I didn’t have style preferences.

    When I was around 7, I asked to get my hair styled like some girls in a teen magazine. My mother told me I’d have to cut it and she didn’t want me to do that. I was easily talked out of it. When it came to clothing, I had some things I liked more than others. When I adamantly didn’t like certain things it was due to comfort, not style or gender stereotypes. Scratchy feeling things, tight things – those I didn’t like.

    I don’t understand these boys who aren’t even girls having such specific notions of what they want to wear and that they need to wear these things because it fits with their “girl” gender identity.

    • nonny Says:

      @ImNoCissie- that’s a really good point! The extent of my fashion choices at that age were like…..”I like red. I want to wear all my red clothes at the same time.” Maybe had a favorite shirt, but “favorite” in the same way as a favorite rock, tv show, or animal. No self-image bs. 5-6 year old kids just don’t DO “fashion” like that unless someone is really pushing it on them.

      As a kid I was a total “tomboy”- but those were my *activities*, and I wore clothes I could run around and play in (and mercifully had parents who didn’t shove gender bs doen my throat.) I didn’t start deliberately avoiding frilly feminine clothing until 7-8, when I saw that the girls my age at school who were the most dressed up were also the ones performing hyper-femininity (most likely all orchestrated by their parents/socialization/blah blah blah) but again, I barely made that connection til I was over 7.

      Tl;dr: claiming your 5 year old (or 18 month old, or whatever, jfc) just spontaneously wanted a tutu is BULLSHIT. Those parents are either lying deliberately or lying to themselves. Whether it’s delusions or Munchausen’s by Proxy it’s all SHADY AS FUCK!

      • Rachel Says:

        The first reader response to the article shows at least some hope – a dad who is accepting of his gender non-conforming daughter, who has not pushed her down the trans path.
        If my parents had listened when I “told them who I truly was” at four, I would have been having scale transplants and growth hormones to enable me to be my authentic dinosaur self. (A diplodocus, to be precise.) At roughly the same time, I answered to the name “Patrick”, which is nothing like my birth name. Patrick was sometimes me and sometimes my imaginary friend whom I studied dinosaurs with.
        I got the name Patrick from a character on the TV, and the dinosaur stuff was all from books.

      • LC Says:

        I think it’s possible for a child to want to wear particular clothing from a young age. I do know one little girl who was constantly wearing a tutu and other overtly stereo-typically feminine dresses since she was three- but I add to that the observation that the girl had been dressed in the same manner since the day she was born. She was given dozens of frilly dresses and bows and ridiculous things like nail polish at FOUR.

        And also that yeah, she didn’t have a sense of “fashion.” She would sometimes wear hair bows that would fall out of her hair unnoticed, and would wear the same faded, ripped dress for days on end if she had been allowed. Every feminine article of clothing she owned had been chosen for her, and the few times I remember her being taken shopping, she showed no interest in anything, period. Unless she was specifically asked, ‘do you like this?’ In which case, she had no obvious preference for any kind of clothing.

        Hope this doesn’t come across, though, that her parents- who are good friends of mine- were deliberately trying to push gender on her. Most of the ultra-feminine stuff was bought by well-meaning friends and relatives, and the girl was encouraged to do other things and play outside as much as she wanted. I just think about this kid often when my friend argues about innate gender, pointing to how different her son and daughter are. Um, yeah, they are… but in no way were they treated the same as infants and toddlers.

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        Tiny tots of either sex
        Adore Tyrannosaurus Rex
        Indeed, all little ones adore
        Any savage carnivore
        Of which, O Rex, though rightly boastest
        Thou art not only first, but mostest.

        –Ogden Nash

        I worry about any four year old who doesn’t at least fantasize about being a dinosaur. You’ve just gotten pretty good at walking at that age, but there are still serious limitations on what you can do with your new-found mobility. Dinosaur privilege looks like the obvious answer. I think that’s also why a lot of small children want to be cats or dogs — when you’re barely out of toddlerhood, it can seem like the house pets have more autonomy than you do. They eat when they want, and when they want to go out, someone lets them. Or they just go through the cat door without having to ask. Of course that’s appealing. I’m pretty sure they know deep down they’re not really cats, dogs, or T. rex.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      And what was on Nightline this evening was more of the same. is getting really scary. And one will have to wonder what the end result of this crap will be, when these youths will be ruined adults, with the adults in their lives who were supposed to protect them either washing their hands, or enabling their future psychological problems.

    • Janetwo Says:

      What is disheartening with these parents is how stereotypically they describe their two children. The boy is defined as active while the transkid is described as pretty. Really, a five years old with a magnetic smile? The sexualisation of that kid by the parents combined to their lack of foresight in preparing their boy to negotiate the realities of reproductive biology is disturbing.
      What will be their solutions when clear signs of sexual dimorphisms show up at puberty? Hormones? Surgery? Will they shame the girls at school for their natural reaction of excluding males from their spaces and their conversations? Are there such things as tranny tampax to pretend you started your periods? I am pretty sure its a universal phenomenon that girls sexually maturing talk among themselves and with older women about the specific changes which are happening. At school, the girls all knew which girls had started ovulating. What kind of insane parents would allow a biological teenage male in drag having a sleepover with their tween daughters? I guess those of us who were raised in an environment where rational adults prepared us to negotiate all the biological changes of puberty were fortunate. Methink all these precious bundles of transfreakness will have a heck of a belated reality check when reproductive biology will shatter their delusions. That will be a lot worst of a shock than learning the Easter Bunny does not exist.

      • ImNoCissie Says:

        You know, it is psychologically abusive to all the children who go to school with the trans child. They’ll be told this boy is a girl for five or six years, then, puberty starts and what happens?

        As you said, the Easter Bunny/Santa Claus myth is exposed. Or, in some cases children age five and six already know the kid as a boy until one day he shows up as a girl and the questioning starts. I actually read one account where a girl came home and said to the parents “You know, I think you can just choose to be a girl or a boy”. And then the explanation must come.

        How do you explain reality in the face of that, without risking that your child will show up to school the next day spouting hatefacts and hatespeech a.k.a. the truth?

        It all strikes me as so ridiculous, since the definition of “gender” for these trans advocate families is “things you do”, “things you like” and “things you wear”. Which is COMPLETELY unrelated to biological, reproductive sex and the body you are born in.

  15. Caroline Charlese Says:

    One can now look to academic “queer criticism” for that connection between mermaids and gender identity, whether valid or not. Who would have thought?? From the journal, Communications Studies, (2014),“Performing Transgender Identity in The Little Mermaid: From Andersen to Disney” by Leland G. Spencera:

    “This essay considers narratives that are not typically read as stories about performative identities. Adapting queer criticism, I suggest that inherent in “The Little Mermaid,” both Hans Christian Andersen’s short story and the Disney film, is a story about a performance of transgender identity. Exploring parallels between transgender identity development and the mermaid narratives, I argue that the possibility of a transgender reading resides in the mermaid stories, which can be understood as coming out narratives of sorts. In both transgender identity development and the mermaid stories, themes of mind-body dissonance, familial tension, and self-censorship are evident. Further, I suggest that transgender criticism is one of many potential offspring of queer criticism for critics interested in messages related to sexuality and gender identity in texts.”

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      Ah, very interesting. I did see the Disney version of the little mermaid but I couldn’t remember the story line. I did a quick search. So, she goes from neutered to fully human. But the “transing” process for children is the opposite. The child starts off complete and becomes neutered.

      But, no matter, because it is what they “reallly, really want” or so we are told.

    • No-name Nonny Says:

      And yet no one says The Lost Boys (1987) is a transition-to-detransition story, despite the fact that it’s the story of an adolescent (nearly-grown child) making choices to:
      (1) fit in with glamorous new friends while not understanding all the consequences
      (2) hide those changes from that adolescent’s mother until it is almost too late to revert, and
      (3) draw back from full transition and find strength to confront transition’s biggest cheerleaders with the help of.the adolescent’s brother–the only member of the adolescent’s support structure who isn’t either transitioned or clueless–and the brother’s support system

      Bonus: the “grassroots” push for transition is AstroTurf, and the person who stops the real threat–thereby completing the main character’s detransition–is both the main character’s grandfather and strongly implied to be partly transitioned and unable to detransition, possibly for personal reasons.

      My point isn’t that trans people are vampires or any other sort of monsters, but rather that any narrative where a human becomes superhuman or monstrous (or where a monster becomes human, or an angel falls and becomes human, etc.) can be read by readers/viewers as a transition story. Basically, I’m saying that the connection of The Little Mermaid specifically to trans identities is tenuous and based in reader response criticism rather than analysis of the story and films through a structural or historical framework. Reader response sometimes tells you more about the critic than the work,

      (For example, my Lost Boys outline tells you I am skeptical that all transgender narratives are sincere and harmless, but I do have sympathy for “social contaigon” transitioners. I also think family can be an important part of a social support system for detransitioners, if the family members are helping the person in transition achieve a goal that is both set by the person in transition and healthy in the long term… And that’s just what I see when I meta my own writing)

  16. […] Anti-gay, pro-“transgender children” lobby the non-profit MermaidsUK (which is dual funded by the NHS and pharmaceutical companies) issued a statement: “Mermaids have supported this family for over two years. This is a huge injustice and transphobic practice. Devastating for the child”. The anti-feminist and homophobic MermaidsUK (@Mermaids_Gender)  organization defines non-transgender people as those who are “happy with gender and fancies opposite sex”. […]

  17. […] Finally, Fox Fisher used to ‘identify’ as a lesbian? If men can be women, what’s a lesbian by the way, are you aware of the disgusting pressure lesbians are under to accept ‘lady dick’? Have you heard of the cotton ceiling where lesbians are expected to accept transwomen with a penis as sexual partners? Have you heard about the transgender pressure group Mermaids saying be being gay is a  ‘deviant kind of thing’? […]

    • GallusMag Says:

      Holy shit this James O’Brien guy is insane. Men like this guy have no concept of what life is like for women and they get damn angry if we speak up about it. Disgusting person.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Also, Fox Fisher is not a “twenty-something”. She didn’t discover her transgenderism until her thirties. She is nearly 40 now.

        Fox Fisher at age 30 on left:

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