Women Speak Out – Press Conference Thursday June 16

June 14, 2016

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62 Responses to “Women Speak Out – Press Conference Thursday June 16”

  1. Good for them. Sooner or later, somebody critical of the trans brigade who is not a religious rightist was going to have to go public and talk about what is really at stake.

  2. Survivorthriver Says:

    This is excellent, however the ballot measure initiative is being promoted by right wing religious groups, so glad to have public convo on June 16th and hope these 3 panelists can overwhelm the anti-homosexuals in religious right….this panel looks very promising….I’m going!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Interested in hearing your report!

    • John Stuart Mill Says:

      Not precisely true. I am female LGB, progressive WA voter, not right-wing Christian and have contributed $$$ to the campaign and gathered signatures.

    • Siobhan Says:

      This is a video of the panel. The disrespect shown by the trans brigade toward the panelists is very upsetting, especially toward the sexual abuse survivor. Maya Dillard Smith is amazing. It’s hard to watch because of the abuse of the crowd, but the panelists are remarkable and it is worth a watch.

  3. Bob Doublin Says:

    Brave,caring women.

  4. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on things I've read or intend to.

  5. hearthrising Says:

    I applaud these brave and generous women for speaking out. This issue needs to be framed outside of conservative-liberal tribal politics if women’s concerns are going to be addressed. Right now conservatives seem to own this issue, because the media ignores good journalism here at this site and at other places that is critical.

    I feel like this issue has gotten away from feminists–that conservatives are defining the opposition, just as lgbt groups are defining the trans narrative. I am very concerned about bathrooms and locker rooms, yet I am even more concerned about women in prisons and homeless shelters, an extremely vulnerable group, being sexually assaulted under the guise of trans tolerance. Homeless people are often suspicious of law enforcement, and many are not going to report a sexual assault. It seems like this has become all bathrooms, all the time. Not among feminists, certainly, but in how the issue is discussed in general news sites. And I do care about the safety of bathrooms. Maybe once the bathroom issue is taken seriously, other safety issues will be addressed?

    • Cadystanton Says:

      Hearthrising: Excellent, i agree totally. But since the bathroom issue has seemed to capture everyone’s attention, it is a good place to begin to be heard; to open up a dialog, to present the feminist ideas, positions. And since we radical feminists have been silenced, if our voices are now being heard, that is a start to cracking the trans ceiling. Courageous, hard working sites like gendertrender, 4thwavenow, etc., and these women, are providing the necessary tools to dismantle the insanity, the meaningless of “gender identity.”

  6. kamilla1960 Says:

    Let us hope their voices will not be ignored.

  7. ImNoCissie Says:

    Amazing, just amazing. Finally, some organized pushback against the well-funded campaign to push “gender identity” down our throats.

    I will donate on their website.

  8. transwidow Says:

    Do you have the link for that Finding Middle Ground site?

  9. charlson Says:

    I predict some very upset, people who will say they are being excluded from this panel and demand the right to speak….even though they didn’t think of it or have any hand in organising it. Hope it goes well.

  10. poots Says:

    So glad this is happening.

  11. poots Says:

    I really hope they film it and post it online. I am disabled and can’t go.

  12. snapthemagicdragon Says:

    I’m in the UK unfortunately but I’m so pleased left wing people are speaking out. How likely is it that they’ll try to get this shut down? Similar events have been cancelled in Britain due to death and terrorism threats from trans activists.

  13. snapthemagicdragon Says:

    LEFT WING WOMEN that should read!

  14. Laurel Ramseyer Says:

    The sponsor of this initiative, Family Policy Institute of Washington, is an anti-LGBT and anti-choice organization run by a sexist man. Their campaign has already made it less safe for gender non-conforming women like me to use public facilities. Threats of gun violence, spraying oven cleaner in the faces of anyone they don’t believe is a woman, etc. are routinely made by its supporters. As a woman who erroneously confronted in public bathrooms because I don’t meet societal standards of femininity, I am concerned for my safety and the safety of other GNC women if this thing gets on the ballot. If you support women, you will not support this dangerous piece of trash or the press event being used to put a false veneer of feminism on it.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Ha! Laurel Ramseyer is the author of “Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford Take Their Anti-Trans Hysteria to the UN” https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2011/09/23/who-started-the-campaign-of-disinformation-against-cathy-brennan-and-elizabeth-hungerford/ . She personally iced anti-lesbian stalker Steven “Autumn” Sandeen’s ballsack after his castration.

      • Laurel Ramseyer Says:

        History doesn’t negate the fact that the initiative the event is promoting will endanger gender non-conforming women, and further will legalize the right of businesses to openly discriminate against us.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You should have nothing to worry about. There’s nothing non-conforming about you. Interesting that your sole concern about lesbians and women is weaponizing us in service to your beloved men. Thanks for stopping by, Laurel.

      • Marm Says:

        Citation needed for the “spraying oven cleaner in the faces of anyone they don’t believe is a woman”, please.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Love the specificity of that. I have a special holster where I keep my oven cleaner. And an ankle holster for the Windex. 😉

      • GallusMag Says:

        I love it. This woman Laurel shit-smeared the names of two lesbian feminist attorneys, misrepresented their actions and views, started a male hate campaign targeting them, all because they PREDICTED THIS EXACT OUTCOME she is now unhappy with, and because they clearly and pro-actively suggested a SPECIFIC STRATEGY to AVOID the EXACT OUTCOME that Laurel is now unhappy with. Can’t make this shit up.

        Now, go comfort the ballsack of a violent anti-lesbian stalker.

    • Janetwo Says:

      As the offspring of a long line of feminists, as a woman in STEM with a long career in a non gender conforming profession, my only word to you is go take a flying fuck. You aint no friend of women. No woman preaching for increasing risks of sexual predation on women is pro-women. I dont care whoever, left, right, christians or aliens display the most common sense in this matter, I am 100% behind them. And franckly, your actions against Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungeford are vile and tell me all I ever need to know on you and your ideas. The internet mob rages unleashed by you and your tranny friends each time women speak out is the reason so many women are afraid to speak publicly and post anonymously. You are truly disgusting.
      Thanks to you and the other useful idiots of your ilk, we are in this mess. Not my problem if you are too simple minded to understand that with the prevalence of rape and sexual harassment, opening the door to sexual predators, when crime is a matter of opportunity, is just plain stupid. Women will protect themselves with any options they are left with. Its basic animal survival instinct and its a natural right to use any mean necessary to insure one safety. What do you think women with previous experiences of victimization would do if all sex segregated spaces are accessible to males? Wait to be gropped again by dudes in drag? Wait for their daughters to be cornered in a locker room by the first creep claiming womanhood?Personally, I advocate bear spray. One never know where predatory wildlife will wander after all. And with service dogs being considered for sufferers of PTSD, it becomes more and more of an option for women.
      I salute and admire all the women who are brave enough to speak truth on these matters, especially the rape victims.

    • Cee Says:

      All the Just Want Privacy campaign asks is that private businesses be allowed to set their own policies regarding bathroom, locker rooms, and shower access. There will be plenty of places for gender nonconforming people because there will be plenty of businesses that will set up their facilities to mixed sex use. However, if a lesbian-owned spa like the one on Capital Hill wants to keep the spa facilities for women only, they’ll be able to make that choice and keep the spa for women only. This initiative allows people to make their own choices in the matter, instead of having a one-size fits all agenda enforced upon the entire state.

      If you live in Washington State, there’s still time to get involved and collect signatures. There are three weeks to go. It’s a steep hill to collect more than 300K signatures, and the campaign also needs financial donations.

      Many women and men from all sides of the political spectrum support this initiative; it’s not a “right wing” operation as is being claimed, but is largely organized and run by Washington women from across the political spectrum of the state.

  15. Laurel Ramseyer Says:

    The comment below was made on FPIW’s blog post from December 29, 2015. FPIW has since deleted it and other comments advocating violence, for obvious reasons. It doesn’t look like I can post screen shots here, but I am happy to email a screen shot of this to you and the many other threats of violence promised against anyone who looks too masculine in the commenter’s judgment. Whether you believe I am GNC or not, I don’t care, but if you care about the safety of GNC women, you will take this seriously. Here is the comment from last December:

    On 5 Jan 2016 d’Andelet wrote:
    “Ladies: If pepper spray is illegal where you live, a can of Easy-off cleaner will also get the job done.”

    In response on 8 Jan 2016, someone named Lea wrote:
    “Wasp spray (while larger than easy off) can spray up to 20 feet away. Also VERY effective I understand. Have not used it myself but have read about ti several times.”

    • GallusMag Says:

      You have a screencap from December of last year discussing mace alternatives for women to use as self-defense from male predators. Huh. What have you to say about the THOUSANDS of posts from “transwomen” EXPLICITLY calling for the MURDER of lesbians and feminists in that same time period??????


      Lemme guess. CRICKETS, huh?

      You care less than nothing about women. Gosh, you make me sick. You are disgusting.

      Nonetheless, I’ve given you FAR more consideration than you’ve ever given other women. This is just for you. Look familiar?

      • gchild Says:

        “You care less than nothing about women.”

        It may not be possible for this individual to care about women. Extreme identity politics often attract those who already suffer from malignant narcissism.

        That females will be further terrorized by these bathroom laws is inconsequential to those who are extreme (trans)genderists. That females will be safer is inconsequential to those who scorn the religous, ideological, philosphical, lifestyle choices, or beliefs of the people speaking out against the bathroom laws (conservatives).

        Aside from those types (which are in the minority), can we not work together to keep females safer? Find a middle ground?

  16. Mary Sunshine Says:

    Reblogged this on Female Biology Matters and commented:
    Female Biology asserts herself in North America.

  17. Janetwo Says:

    The video of the press conference is now available at Just want privacy facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/JustWantPrivacy/ . Its very hard to watch the speakers being bullied by the transmob. I have never seen anything like this. The speakers were awesome. Miriam Ben Shalom rocks!

    • GallusMag Says:

      The second they upload it to YouTube I will post it. Not sure what is causing the delay…

    • Medi Says:

      I watched the whole thing, and the trans mob was the worst I’d ever seen for a women’s event. Meriam Ben-Shalom was amazing, really great, very powerful. She actually silenced the room with her power. But panelists had a hell of a time talking at all because they were constantly being shouted at by the mob. Some really obnoxious men were in the audience.

      My only critique is they caved saying transwomen– going along with the delusion that these men could ever be women. But they did a great job, and they come out looking fair and rational and well organized. The mob sounded like a bunch of male anti-feminist creeps, so what else is new?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Oh my god the last speaker, Sam. Tears, just tears. Beautiful, incredible amazon lesbian. XOX

      • red Says:

        The full vid is on Reddit Gender Critical. I haven’t found it anywhere else. Was the woman with long black hair the Christian writer for The Federalist, who was in a vid I posted here about a month ago? Miriam was so kind to her. Tears, indeed.

      • red Says:

        Yes amazing courage. She knocked it out of the park. What’s that saying, speak your truth even if your voice is shaking. Sam you’re a rock star. I hope we can hear and read more of your story. I send huge and crushing hugs. XXX

  18. GallusMag Says:

    The Todd Herman Show
    Panel of diverse women talk Transgender bathrooms
    Originally aired: Thursday, June 16, 2016


  19. anywoman2 Says:

    Reblogged this on anywomans humanity and commented:
    At last!

  20. GallusMag Says:

    Each of these women were sooooooo amazing. WOW.
    It seems like the male crybaby narcissistic rage of the “transwomen” burned itself out by the end. Maybe the first hour of all mixed events should be set aside for the male toddlers to have their rage fits until they tire themselves out and women can speak. *snicker

    • morag99 Says:

      “Maybe the first hour of all mixed events should be set aside for the male toddlers to have their rage fits until they tire themselves out and women can speak. *snicker”

      Snort! Here are some ideas for the next press conference: monkey bars, gym mats, Disney movies, and perhaps a Tickle Trunk full of fancy-lady costumes …

      That should keep ’em busy. Heh!

  21. […]  https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2016/06/14/women-speak-out-press-conference-thursday-june-16/ […]

  22. Count the Cost Says:

    How hypocritical can you get, GallusMag? For years, you have repeatedly and aggressively jumped down the throats of anyone who suggested aligning with or promoting the work of any conservative group or individual supporting your side of the transgender cause. You’ve already been warned by other people about what Family Policy Institute of Washington and its leaders are about. You’ve been told whom some of their better-known affiliates are and their record on gay marriage and women’s reproductive rights. Yet, all it took was for FPIW to host one program yesterday featuring a few speakers you like to make you suddenly promote their work, without even an apology to those you’d insulted in the past for suggesting the same thing? Really?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thanks for sharing your creepy fantasy about what it is that you think that I do. I LOL’ed.

    • charlson Says:

      Count the Cost You have seen the videos, heard the stories, and possibly felt the emotional effects of the abuse in that room, ( that took me back to a time in my life I would rather forget) and yet you decided your best response after seeing this was to have a pop at Gallus?

  23. Mar Iguana Says:

    Wow. Miriam Ben-Shalom is a force of nature. At first I was irritated that the trans toddlers were allowed to stay and disrupt, but it’s actually better they weren’t kicked out so they could show themselves for the tyrannical bullies that they are.

  24. I woke up this morning to this video. It angered me terribly how the males treated these women. I’m so fucking angry right now.

  25. survivorthriver Says:

    Amazing. Each panelist represents a distinct voice hush by gender identity ideologists. Unsuccessful, yesterday in Tacoma, WA, lesbians, survivors, civil rights and other leaders stood up to #transcult. Jeers in the audience obviously male voices saying, “transwomen are women”.

    The bravery of these women is great. They spoke out for all women and children AND transgender. They tried to point out #maleviolence the common enemy.

    I shared this video today with 3 lesbians, one of whose daughters had an oophorectomy to trans prior to stopping her transition and is now off testosterone, too.

    I’m so impressed with MIriam. I’d love to see her in more public venues. All of the speakers, really. Coming from a place of compassion and inviting trans activists to hear what women and girls need and now equally can demand. Our privacy and boundaries respected.

    It was hard to watch for the first thirty minutes. Not hard to see trans activists goat to Shut Women Up. Didn’t work yesterday, and the panelists united humanity shined through.

  26. survivorthriver Says:

    PS: I LOVED when Miriam read the GenderTrender post on what rights women are losing to exceptional rights over them claimed by transgender. It’s impressive to listen to, and the loss of women’s human rights by erasing sex is stunning and hope it wakes more people out of their speech protocoled slumber. Oh, the de-transitioner – bless your heart thank you for standing up for yourself and breaking free of the harms of transcult.

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