*EXPLOSIVE FOOTAGE* of the ‘Women Speak Out’ Press Conference and Q&A

June 17, 2016

Incredible, must-see footage of this event:


Women attempt a civil dialogue with Transgender Activists over conflicting rights! 

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  1. Mary Sunshine Says:

    Thank you !!! watching ….

  2. The trans and their enablers are such liars and merely prove the speakers’ point about safety. Men don’t belong in women’s spaces, no matter what they call themselves. The enablers are even worse than the trans because they are so stupid they can’t even see the real issue.

  3. donesoverydone Says:

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  4. soporificat Says:

    This was really distressing to watch. Obviously, it goes without saying that the trans activists were disruptive and contemptuous to the women speakers. However, I was surprised at how “triggering” it was to me. The way that they “talk” is exactly the way that my abusive, sociopathic ex-husband talks to me. I started crying.

    I’m so proud of all the women speakers. They stood firm against this stream of filth. They are brave warriors. (At least so far, as I’m only some of the way through–I have to watch it in small chunks.)

  5. red Says:

    Thank you. So hard to have to hear those threatening violent outbursts. I noted security was active. Thanks to them too.

    Sure, I want such people in my daughters’ bathroom, battered women’s shelter, gym change area!

    I saw a great comment somewhere recently (possibly here?). Worth repeating. Don’t know author.

    “Their aim is to perform their fetish in front of unwilling women and girls. This cannot be done in a one stall facility therefore undesirable to them.”

  6. morag99 Says:

    Oh my god. You weren’t overstating, Gallus, when you said “explosive” and “incredible.”

    The last time watching a video of a woman-trying-to speak felt, to me, like a sickening, white knuckle ride, was when Maryam Namazie was defending herself against the violent Muslim Brothers who were openly harassing and intimidating her at a Goldsmiths lecture hall.

    Well, I’m going to have to watch this one in increments, too. Had to pause, already, at the about the 17-minute mark, and take a few gulps of breath — and some vicarious comfort — when Miriam and Kaeley shared a long embrace.

    Jesus, these women are tough and brave — but it costs a lot, doesn’t it?

    What comes to mind now is that oft-asked, reproachful question from trans-fundamentalists to their critics: “Do you even KNOW any transwomen??” I mean, this would be an illogical and silly question even if the female impersonator in question were as gentle as a lamb. But what is the point of a question like that, when to know them is to NOT to love them?

    Just look at how they behave, both online and off: like boorish sloganeers, shouting down women as if we have no right to speak, airing their disordered personalities in public, trying to pass off incivility as virtue, and sounding exactly like men on the edge of committing acts of physical violence.

  7. This is a such a powerful example of how male fascists and their allies try to silence women. They don’t want a civil dialogue.

  8. lr1290 Says:

    That was great, thanks for this. I loved the last speech and she was the only one allowed to talk without interruption. I’m sure it’s because she was so adorable and soft spoken, they would never have gotten away with it. The transactivists were truly behaving like animals. I’m in awe of the womens’ ability to stay calm, I probably wouldn’t have had that strength.

  9. Lis Brook Says:

    Too much progesterone and testosterone in that room. Can’t have a civil dialogue.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Too much testosterone anyway. (Progesterone is mainly a female hormone that maintains pregnancy and regulates a woman’s menstrual cycle.)

      • GallusMag Says:

        Some men who transgender take cycles of progesterone with their estrogen and it makes them insane. They take it because they believe it will enlarge their nipples, giving their moobs a more female appearance, although there is no evidence of that result.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Wow, GM! Those transgenders sound like they were insane even before introducing a progesterone / estrogen combo. How odd that they are willing to play with the fragile endocrine system in the hopes of achieving a result that has not been documented.

  10. pantypopo Says:

    Wow!!!! So much male anger in that room. And I’m only at minute 12. This is intense, and the first speaker on the podium is, so far, handling herself beautifully.

  11. rheapdx1 Says:

    Amazing the lack of maturity on the part of the ‘activists’. Let alone the screaming inaccuracies.

    One has to wonder if there was any speed or acid in the Kool-aid that those folks drank that day. As for the panel….they showed an infinite amount of class in this situation. That speaks volumes louder than the rantings of the socially deranged.

  12. Cassandra Says:

    This was so painful to try to watch. Trans activists are pure awful. Just males and their handmaidens shouting over women. It’s fantastic that this is out and up on youtube though. People need to see who these people really are.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      @Cassandra……agreed. From this…to watching that Dr. Phil repeat on Friday…to seeing the 2 minute soundbite on the news(which was more like 3 minutes too long) dealing with one of the parades here…I agree with you in full. This was too damn painfull…and from adults to boot.

      Perhaps at the end of this month….the public will understand these children without manners will throw anyone under the bus, if it means their rights will be paramount, as opposed to those of women and minorities. One can hope…because the reality….based on practically every LEGITIMATE indicator…says the protestors and their lemmings are not just wrong, but putting others in jeopardy, in the name of ‘fairness and diversity’.

      • red Says:

        Uhh….Dr. Phil repeat? 2 min soundbite?

      • Dogtowner Says:

        Dr Pill had on an obvious male wearing a ton of makeup (but not enough to hide the five o’clock shadow) who claims he is trans. I channel surf and confess I saw a bit of that episode — I feel so ashamed! As far as the news goes, I don’t know where rheapdx1 lives, but we are getting a constant dose of pride parades in Maine on TV. I would be happy to see coverage of them if they didn’t include the T.

  13. atranswidow Says:

    Wonderful, inspiring, brave women. The one’s in the audience who had no respect, who heckled and spoke over the speakers were clearly not women. I know just how being the brunt of trans narcissist rage is on a personal level. Seeing it enacted en masse
    was disturbing, but the composure and clarity of the conference speakers was amazing.

    In the words of Miriam Ben-Shalom, ”build a fucking bridge across that river of tears”.

  14. Bob Doublin Says:

    Miriam Ben-Shalom is one kickass woman. “I don’t do back doors.” And walked out the front entrance through the angry crowd. Yes.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Yes, this was my 1st time seeing Mariam in action and she was the best part!

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        I was struck by Ben-Shalom’s attitude. It was a striking mix of “take no BS” steel and genuine commitment to dialogue.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        For those of us who cannot watch this video due to the stress, we need a compilation of just Ben Shalom obviously!

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        @Dogtowner if someone edited out the audience heckling from Ben-Shalom’s talk, the video would skip every second and it’d look like Max Headroom!

  15. Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

    “That’s biological essentialism!”

    Damn right it is. Don’t say it like it’s a bad thing, especially since you’re not the one who belongs to the biological sex class…

  16. dejavublonde Says:

    I usually have the attention span of a fruit fly and I watched this several times yesterday, it was that good. Miriam, I salute you!

  17. Carrie-Anne Says:

    This was an excellent video! Thanks for posting it. I wish everyone could see this, so they could see how out of control, disrespectful, immature, and irrational the transactivists are. Mantrums and testeria are indeed very good words to describe their behavior.

  18. lovetruthcourage Says:

    Grace under fire! Great job, women. Those transgenders, and their handmaidens sure were overly aggressive. I wonder how many total were removed from the room? Some just didn’t want anyone else to speak. Period. Well, they did speak, and they made sense and sounded reasonable. Keep speaking out, and more will have courage to do the same.

  19. nonny Says:


  20. nonny Says:

    Ugh, repeatedly hearing an obviously male voice try to talk over everyone exhibiting obvious male behavior. Also, the speaker around 68:00 is breathtaking!!

  21. prozac Says:

    Miriam Ben-Shalom is my fucking HERO. All of the women who spoke at the podium were amazing but she don’t take no shit! Damn!

    “You know what you do with that river of tears? You build a fuckin bridge across it!”

    This was also a really lovely display of how unreasonable trans activists are. So many white male tantrums trying to drown out females.

  22. Miep Says:

    I have watched fifteen minutes of these women attempting to discuss safety for all and the need for appropriate boundaries to prevent specifically male violence, while being constantly screamed at incoherently by people in the audience. Is this routinely how gender forums go? Why bother even trying?

  23. Miep Says:

    I mean, if these hecklers are so convinced transwomen are women, then why try to shut down a forum on male violence?

    • Akira Says:

      I probably don’t have the answer to that, but I can give you two guesses:

      1. No transgenders as keynote speakers, which obviously (sarcasm) means everyone is a “TERF”.

      2. By insisting that actual women (and, by extension I would assume) and men would prefer privacy from trans people in the name of safety, they are “othering” the trans population.

      In the end, their Bill O’Reilly-style treatment of those women makes zero sense. It’s kind of like if a bunch of blacks put together a forum to discuss safety and white aggression and the Latino community decided to boycott because of no Latino representation.

  24. charlson Says:

    I am devastated that some people did not take the opportunity to be decent, open and try to find some common ground. By the 7.30 mark it was obvious the discussion was being hijacked by participants who wanted to shut down this opportunity to have peaceful dialogue.
    The title was – ‘Women Speak Out’ Press Conference and Q&A”
    Why didn’t that happen? Does freedom to speak only apply to some sections of the community?

    Who, in the audience could watch this and be pleased at how they come across in the cold light of day?

    The dismissive sexual assault remark in response to the speaker saying she was abused and laughed at in the shower at 10.54 –

    ‘I was sexually assaulted too, stop scapegoating trans women”.

    was sadly typical of attitudes to womens safety and left me so disturbed I had to take a break.
    At 37.42 as Miriam was starting to speak someone yelled – ”I was raped by another woman”. Miriams reply was so different-

    ” I am sorry, its not my responsibility but I have compassion.”

    49.44 Miriam- ”I don’t want to see swinging dicks’.
    A- ” Then shower at home”.

    Did that person (as an advocate of trans asking for the ability to be safe in a public setting) really say to shower at home if Miriam doesn’t like it? That is not 100 yrs ago mentality, its the, ”we don’t care about you as long as we get what we want”, spoilt , self serving cult mentality. Its the DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO REGARDLESS AS TO YOUR FEELINGS vomit that anyone receives when engaging with a trans partner who is angry or, in this case, a crowd with an agenda to get their own way.

    They don’t want an equal playing field. They have shown that vividly in this video,
    Is there nowhere we can go anymore to feel heard and taken seriously?
    I imagine there are many who are cringing right now and want nothing to do with this.
    I am non trans and I am so embarrassed for them.

    • Dogtowner Says:

      I see this as the American equivalent of the Taliban. Stripping women of all their hard-fought rights and all in the name of liberalism.

    • red Says:

      I wanted to ask the transwoman who was raped by a woman: Did she have a penis?

      They will say anything.

      And I’m sure after sessions where women have been abused and treated like dirt, as with straight men, there will be circle jerks and rape celebrations and free charity fucks from their cheerleading squad.

      • anywoman2 Says:

        No rape victim ever screams they were raped to win an argument. Men like this go to rape survivor meetings and argue with victims that want to talk to each other about being a victims of male violence. I am convinced it is part of their fetish. Men rape other men. He is not the only man to go about spouting this-

        Rape victims are chosen by physical size, and ability to manipulate. There are a few ‘but I was raped by women’ men that are well over 6 feet tall claiming females a third their size overpowered them. It reminds me of the preppy killer, that was that huge. He violently murdered his girl friend, and claimed she was wild, aggressive, and she forceably was attempting to rape him, so he killed her[she was 5’2″ and about 100 lbs.] He escaped any prosecution for murder, and the only recourse the family & friends had- was introducing a law that prohibits introducing a victim’s past sex life in court as evidence. This law protects men more, but it was all they could do, this man was free after violently murdering a woman that had a crime scene in the park that indicated there was a struggle for went on for several yards. She had no chance to get away from him.

      • Medi Says:

        The male to trans who claimed he was raped by a woman? They just make shit up. Male to trans have murdered each other, however. Thanks for all the great comments, and I know this is driving a lot of you nuts, but WATCH the whole thing, and study the tactics, get the word out, get other women together to watch this.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        I would not doubt it if the male-to-trans was raped by a “woman” with a penis, otherwise known as a man. I do not believe for one second, that a male-to-trans was raped by an actual woman. Trans makes such a “word salad” out of language that it is hard to pin down their meaning.

      • red Says:

        And that stupid little girl I AM SORRY she IS stupid telling Kaeley re her question what do I do if the man showering beside me has an erection: “Why were you looking at him?” Their abusive women hating tactics remind me of the Trots in the ’60s, shut down every meeting with the same bullshit bullshit. They used to hassle us about when were we going to get a JOB meaning some factory as we het women stood there with three kids hanging onto our homemade skirts we trying to balance all that with the pickets signs and banners we had made and the Tupperware full of sandwiches. I have even more respect for the T than those useless twinkies who were so moronic.

        (I dont’ care).

      • red Says:

        Yes, well, I do care. Of course I care. These young women are being used by MtT as surely as the straight men in this news story are using young girls. Perhaps not the same way, but with that psychological abuse that can lead there.

        Apologies for using this space to blow off steam.

  25. Miep Says:

    Okay, many of you who commented here are encouraging me to watch the whole thing. Glad to see I’m not the only one finding it upsetting.

    • atranswidow Says:

      Please keep watching Miep. Sam, the last to speak, has to be heard and her quietly told story is very moving.

      • Miep Says:

        Well others here are digesting it a bit at a time too 🙂

        My hearing is still pretty good and my device speaker isn’t bad, but I find it really difficult to understand the speech broken by audience shrieking. Hopefully somebody with a talent for YouTube will do excerpts on the highlights.

      • Anemone Says:

        @ Miep, I gave up fairly early on because I couldn’t understand what people were saying. Auditory processing problems. I’d like highlights too. Or a transcript. (Not that I expect that.)

      • Miep Says:

        The first half an hour or so is really frustrating. After that it picks up. I kept thinking “why aren’t they kicking these people out?” but ultimately their going on record with their bad behavior has its own value.

        If you watch the whole thing straight through you get to see how the women in charge deal with the heckling, how their strategy changes. But if you have hearing problems complicating how difficult it already is, I can see it being easier to get it in written narrative form.

        It’s great of nonny to offer to transcribe the event, and red also has a point about video excerpts. What’s important here is to confront straight on the myth that transgender activists are, as a class, reasonable people being oppressed by unreasonable feminists. This video does as good a job debunking that as anything I have seen. There is much that can be done with such raw material.

  26. Miep Says:

    I keep thinking these children should all be sent to their rooms. It would be good to see a forum where only the grownups were allowed to talk, according to rules of order.

    I could present a decent case for defending the rights of the variously nonconforming, including post-op people, about a thousand times better than these little trolls are doing, in my sleep, with one hand tied behind my back. One really has to wonder who supposes they are benefitting from this sort of behavior. Well, aside from MRA’s, who generally believe all screaming at women is good screaming at women.

    Also I’d be interested in hearing a count on how many times any hecklers screamed “trans men are men.” Don’t have to ask, do I?

    • charlson Says:

      I started to count the interruptions Miep. I couldn’t hear what was said at times either, so gave up and just tried to concentrate as best I could.
      I think the title- ‘Women speak out’ should be altered to ‘Women trying to speak out .” 🙂

    • Dogtowner Says:

      We have a society of children who have never had limits set for them, thinking Brock Turner here. So many people still believe that constantly telling children how special they are and giving them what they want = parenting. Parenting consists of love + limits, including consequences for unacceptable, antisocial behavior. I’ve seen plenty of unpleasant children where I live, raised by hippy-dippy (and usually trust funder) parents.

      It may sound harsh but if I had a child who wanted to “transition,” I would invite her/him to explore the world, get a job, and support themselves, not in my house.

      • Miep Says:

        I can totally relate to your having trouble getting through the video, Dogtowner. Having done so yesterday, I find myself haunted by it. It’s a study in contrasts. It’s horrible and amazing and ridiculous and absolutely beautiful and brave.

        Also I want Miriam to hug me.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        I was thinking maybe I should jump to the 30-minute mark. I’d really like to hear each of these women speak, but not if what I end up wanting to do is put the hecklers in a reeducation camp.

      • red Says:

        I still haven’t watched it as a whole piece. I search here and there for each woman’s bit, and settle in then can’t take another go for a few hours. Or pints of Hagen Daz. Each time I watch I am more and more grinning about how the rab id T did our job for us. It’s brilliant. I recently re-watched Glengarry Glen Ross, and I think this press conference rivals it for ironic lesson.

        By the way, the polite invitation, the appeal to safety for all, the picking up on their abusive phrases and turning them positive which came primarily from that particular moderator are all tactics from communications strategy.

        And the woman using them to such advantage there? She’s a mother of NINE children. I have to believe that played some role in her capabilities too.

  27. MyHeadHurts Says:

    I’m 20 minutes into the video and I had to stop to say the people in the audience who will not STFU are HORRIBLE human beings. Yelling “trans women are women” over and over doesn’t make it a true statement. How is it not exactly the same thing as saying the earth is 6000 years old? They are embarrassing themselves with their cognitive dissonance. 100 trans women were not murdered last year but 1600 women were. SO much misogyny!

    • Tim Says:

      Aside from the heckling value, I think there might have been a tactic there in shouting that so many times. It may have been a way to try to derail one of the speakers off topic and drag them into a shouting-match debate of that question, rather than the stated topic of the event. “Transwomen are women!” “No they aren’t!” “Yes they are!” etc. The speakers were very disciplines in not falling for this. Miriam Ben-Shalom I thought handled this especially well, and I actually even want to go back and watch that moment again. She did a great job of diverting that back on topic.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I agree. The subtext of the transactivist’s constant demands for women to submit to pretending that “transwomen are women” is an enormous thirst to hear someone say that transwomen are men.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      To clarify: 1600+ women in the USA were murdered in single victim / single offender incidents (usually domestic homicides.) However, in 2014, the estimated number of murders in the nation was 14,249 and about 23% of victims were female. So, more than 3000 women were murdered in the USA in a single year.

  28. MaryMacha Says:

    Can’t wait to see the press reports. After all it was a press conference. Was there actually any press present or was it all just hecklers? They sure do make themselves look bad and us good. I wonder if any media is actually going to pick up on it.

    • Miep Says:

      Student Council maybe.

    • GallusMag Says:

      There were two local press reports I saw that mentioned it, I posted links in the other event thread. Otherwise a total media blackout. Which is amazeballs considering Maya Dillard Smith’s recent high profile and the explosive clickbait video of the event.

      • red Says:

        I think it’s because it’s a Christian sponsored event. Funny how Christians and Christianity can be slurred and mocked, with impunity, but T cannot even be questioned.

        There is no objective media, it’s all public relations flacks in those chairs.

  29. Miep Says:

    They should do this backwards, where the audience are on stage and the presenters are in the audience, so they could show them how you do this. Like that thing about people talking one at a time.

    And those girls in the front row on the right probably think talking sticks are really cool and Native and shit.

    • prozac Says:

      Keep watching to watch that front row girl go on a fanciful rant about how bathrooms will have police forcibly verifying genitalia and how traumatic that will be. Because, you know, that’s how it was before.

      • DJ Says:

        It gets even better when she goes full word salad and starts rambling about hypotheticals, “whether I have a vagina or not” and “and then there are going to be black and brown people with those cops over the stalls”…OH SHE’S SO RIDICULOUS. LOL. Another minfucked maenad.

      • Miep Says:

        I thought that where that was coming from was the idea that allowing law enforcement to police bathrooms would lead to discrimination against people who are not normally policed in such environments, i.e. it would enable police abuse of such persons. Harassing masculine-appearing women, or black people or people who appear Hispanic. This last becomes especially relevant down here near the border where I am.

        I saw much of the heckling and disruption as originating from what is being discussed online and this is part of all that. I do agree with a previous commenter, though, that if you are going to attend a public hearing or similar event, you should attempt to be sober. I’m all for not being sober all the time, but this was not the place for such activity. If they were sober, that’s even more alarming, but I kind of doubt it.

        They were acting like meth heads. There is a lot of meth around where I live. I run across tweakers from time to time. That’s how they act. Just like that.

      • Juno Says:

        meth would not surprise me. one of the first crossdressing transvestites I ever met started doing his AGM thing at parties when he was methed up and feeling sexay.I always felt sorry for his wife. I know that for awhile she stopped going anywhere because he became insistent on being his ‘female’ persona anytime he got drunk or high. I’ve been thinking about her since I started hearing about peak trans. I hope she is ok.

      • Mar Iguana Says:

        I love when front row handmaiden calls Ben-Shalom a TERF and Ben-Shalom says she’s not a TERF but a PERF. The poor little handmaiden looks like a gasping beached flounder with eyes bulging.

    • Teal Deer Says:

      I was afraid the poor little top-bun girl was going to throw out her neck or dislocate her jaw, as exaggerated as her reactions were.

  30. Miep Says:

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    The explosive bathroom safety video the media doesn’t want you to see!!!

  31. transwidow Says:

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    Men Bullying Women.

  32. AWESOME CAT Says:

    Someone in the audience very accurately commented, “Textbook male aggression.” Watching this, I was concerned that these guys would become physically violent to the women right then and there. It was really disturbing to witness the cultish, hateful, hyper-narcissistic group-think displayed by the transvestite mob at this event.

  33. SisterWomanFemaleXX Says:

    It’s pretty clear that those disrupting what was supposed to be a civil debate, are petulant children, lost hurt and angry children. I am not condoning their behavour, not in the least, but it has made me realize that some of the trans allies are not that bright, they are angry, they are angry at something, so they pick on women, blame women, shout women down because we have been socialized to be fair and compassionate, which the first speakers were, they acted like moms concerned for their kids, because they could see that the hecklers were kids with deep problems.

    I thought Miriam pulled them into line with her no nonsense approach, she was not playing the mom, she was dishing out some dicipline to them in a way they have probably not encountered before, confronting them to come at her, as a big Jew dyke, yeah come at me, I’ve cried a river too. These kids have probably never been confronted like that before, never saw an older non conforming lesbian show them that, yes, she’s been “miss gendered” all her life too, build a bridge.

    If these kids can’t handle this debate, which was just as much about their needs and safety as it was about women and children, honestly, how are they going to cope living in actual society?

    You could see they had all calmed down as the last woman spoke, they were out of anger, heckling her was even too much for them, they had to look at themselves when they saw her.

    These kids are just the foot soldiers, the minions, there was not one of them that had considered the situation or thought 1515 through. They were not there to come to any agreements, compromises, understanding of other’s feeling or needs, they were there to vent anger. I would have asked them what they really were angry about, because it’s not safety in facilities for everyone, it’s not trans murders, it’s not being being mis gendered, it’s not “terfs.”

    We have to realize that many of these young people are broken, they don’t know where to find help, they are lashing out at anything that they perceive as a threat to their “safe space echo chamber” it’s their security blanket, their pacifier, and when they are invited into an adult debate and they are in a critical thinking environment, they throw a tantrum like a baby screaming for their pacifier.

    A Ted talks event would be good, it would reach a larger audience, maybe mainstream folks could finally see this for what it is.

    • GallusMag Says:

      That’s a good idea.

    • Miep Says:

      What I increasingly saw was teachers and unruly adolescents, but also that the young women want to be activists, they know that there was a time when women were activists and it meant something. They are looking for meaning. They want to be Activists 2.0. They just don’t know how to do it.

      They want to be contenders. They are facing a life in an increasingly broken world and they are trying to be part of tribes, for safety. They are being right little pains in the ass, but they are also dealing with all these other things, and what really got me about the video is how some of the grownups in the room recognized that, that these young women are scared, they are looking for validation but also a sense of control of their futures, and connection.

      I kept thinking “why on earth aren’t they throwing them out?” But ultimately, it makes a better story that they didn’t, and when things get really, really bad, our stories about ourselves are what get us through.

      • SisterWomanFemaleXX Says:

        Miep, yes it was the teacher student dynamic, I was getting that same feeling. Perhaps I am older, old enough to be their grandmother almost. And yes, they do want to be activists, as you say they have no direction.

        They are kids to me, and I can see a lot of myself as a young woman who was angry in them. I always look at their fb pages when I see them making silly trans remarks, yes it’s bull, but I also see them struggling with things like autism and self harm. They are generally very environmentally aware and are for animal rights, so I am not going to put them in the garbage, I know it’s sounds too kind, but the kids in that debate are not the real evil fuckers, the ones in power positions.

        I think Miriam in her wisdom saw this too, and she managed to gain some respect from them, at least they listened partially to her, her approach was tougher but more effective.

      • Miep Says:

        Oh, they were fascinated by Miriam, and she knew it. Likely never met anyone like her before, a brave lesbian who’s willing to just get in anybody’s face.

      • sirenpress Says:

        Such a good point, Miep. I felt the same, that those furious young women were also frightened and disenfranchised. They don’t have women’s liberation, they don’t have a female community. In the absence of female solidarity, they’ve hitched their legitimate anger onto this male bandwagon, which will only fuck them over. And they’re not stupid, on some level they know this, which (probably) only makes them angrier. Vicious circle.

        Just remembering my own male identification and disgust w femaleness as a teenager, the loop of rage and self hatred which was only healed from beginning to understand the source and connect with women.

      • SisterWomanFemaleXX Says:

        Reply to MIEP “Oh, they were fascinated by Miriam”…hahah I am married to a woman that looks very much like Miriam, she’s about the same age too.

        And boy, she puts me to shame with her personal sense of freedom and power, she has been mis-gendered about 100 times since we met ten years ago. It bothered me, but never her.

        She would similarly rip these brats a new A hole. That’s why older women are so valuable, they embody that struggle and come out the other end going “Yeah? Whattaya got for me punk?”

        This so much like my wife, she used to teach as well.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        In terms of Activists 2.0, there is a lot of meaningful activism or potential for a lot of meaningful activism on many US campuses, some of which is mentioned here in an article that’s been getting a lot of buzz:


        People interested in women’s issues and looking for a cause would be better off getting involved with a group like “Know Your IX” and fighting sexual assault and harassment than getting wrapped up with trans* stuff.

    • Margie Says:

      They aren’t children. They are adults. They are aggressive, relentless, often violent, and are skilled at harassment and intimidation. They are better analogized to trained mob agitators, as were used by totalitarian political movements in the 20th century. They don’t need a pacifier, but a prison sentence. IMHO.

      • red Says:

        The one who shouted out SHUT THIS DOWN as he exited the room was I believe, on the verge of violence in action which is why he jumped up and stomped out: to do something with his impetus. These goons would have broken things and women if there was not security, or a less contained venue.

      • red Says:

        They want to be Activists 2.0. They just don’t know how to do it.”

        That’s giving them a whack of credit where none is warranted or deserved. They are Manson girls.

      • Miep Says:

        Oh, red; it’s how I saw something in there. If you don’t agree, all right. But I don’t think I was entirely hallucinating.

      • MaryMacha Says:

        I too was reminded of far-left (and far-right) fringe groups where hate is the MO rather than any serious consideration of different positions. A lot of these groups are inherently anti democratic if not explicitly so. Trans ideology has a lot of this same style because their arguments don’t hold up to scrutiny. Anything that will fade in the sun abhors sunlight.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        @ Margie @ Miep I see value in both your points of view. I don’t think these youngsters need a prison sentence, I think they need to experience LIFE. They have never struggled for anything, not to pay the rent, not to fund their education, not for food, not to receive decent medical care. No one apparently ever taught them that other people don’t exist to serve their needs, including constantly assuring them of their wonderfulness. What are they going to do out in the world if they don’t have sizable trust funds? How many bosses and landlords are going to cater to them? I can tell them now, NONE.

        I can believe that young people need causes, but jumping on a bandwagon that is fascistic in its insistence on being the one true way, the only true way, does not impress me. Their mindless conformity is truly disturbing.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        Because they’ve been trained in highstakes testing and raised in a media environment that lets many rightwing talking points fly, many American students nowadays *love* authority and hierarchy.

        This type of heckling and “no platforming” student behavior is likely a result of an odd combination of that ingrained authoritarianism and leftie politics.

    • lr1290 Says:

      Plus there’s no way they would be allowed to behave that way at a TED event.

      • red Says:

        Because they DID behave that way is the GOLD!! Forget the TED talk. Their unedited insane behaviour jumped us ahead by miles. Even the damn media ignoring it, will be sitting there at their computers KNOWING now. They cannot unknow this. It’s a game changer wait and see.

      • GallusMag Says:

        ” It’s a game changer wait and see.”


    • MaryMacha Says:

      A TED Talk would probably just reinforce trans mythology and delusion. There would be no outbursts because it would be pro-trans and because they would keep their goons in line.

      • SisterWomanFemaleXX Says:

        Hey Mary macha, I hear what you are saying about the Trotskyists, I remember a group called the Spartacus league in the 70s, they were Trots and they did exactly the same thing in every meeting of any group. Everyone would groan when they came in, we knew nothing would get discussed, because they just shouted slogans and distrupted everything. It didn’t matter if the meeting was about a fundraiser for rape crisis, or who’s going to do cooking shift for a women’s refuge, very ordinary things they’d come in and just act like maniacs. I mean we were just talking about who was going to do the shopping and how many women we had to feed that night, and they would shout supermarkets are capitalist pig institutions, boycott their food…we just used to groan. Then they’d leave and go have a beer and congratulate each other on a successful operation to throw a spanner in whatever they thought the evils capitalist plot was involved in cooking some chickens !

      • red Says:

        Sisterwoman ❤

  34. wandathefish Says:

    Who is the third speaker? Is she Blair Tindall? Has she a feminist presence online?

  35. Miep Says:

    “So, there will be no Q and A, boys and girls, because you used up all the Q and A time heckling. Please make a note of this for the future.”

    These women have the patience of saints. Agreed second half better, in fact second half mostly riveting. Miriam is terrific and Sam and her girlfriend as well.

    • nonny Says:

      UM exCUSE ME, I do NOT identify as a boy *OR* a girl thankyouveryMUCH!!! Your misgendering is a TERRIFYING ACT of TRANSMISOGYNISTIC VIOLENCE!!!!!!!!!!!*

      *lol but seriously, “misgendering is a terrifying act of violence” is a word for word quote I saw on the tumblr of a bearded, non-transitioning “trans woman” a couple years ago. I still lol over it regularly.

      • Miep Says:

        I hope this video goes completely viral. It speaks for itself. I’d be delighted to see it go into tens of millions of views.

  36. GallusMag Says:

    To the person who wrote privately- yes I did get the information, thank you. I couldn’t be more pleased! ❤

  37. charlson Says:

    Someone commented on Reddit that it was ironic that they needed better security considering the purpose of the event because the women speaking were being harassed by the very people who claim to be the victims of harassment
    Just watched this on Magdalen Berns YT CHANNEL .
    ”Trans Activists Shut Down Speech, Disrupt Moment of Silence for LG Orlando Victims”
    238 comments already and close to 2000 views.

  38. nonny Says:

    Gallus- I think it’s best for the public to watch these women in action. However, I have some time off school right now, so if a transcript would be helpful I’d be happy to get to work on it (that kind of meticulous, tedious work is my jam). Hmu in this thread if that would be helpful, and in any case, thanks for your great work.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I’m not sure- it would be very hard to do with all the crosstalk. Readers? What do you think?

      • charlson Says:

        I would love to have a copy as it would fill in the blanks. It would be good to use for those times when one can use it as a reference when someone tells me I did not hear properly and am embellishing.
        Also some may appreciate the transcript due to the background noise. Of course leaving the hecklers comments in as well.
        At lest I could directly quote when passing it on and I think the people who gave up watching due to the emotional aspects would benefit from reading it.

      • Miep Says:

        I’m still more inclined towards edited video excerpts, although seeing the whole thing has a huge impact.

        A transcript would be difficult unless you could connect it up with the video. That would be really difficult with all of the crosstalk.

        I think the women who ran this thing made a point by letting it go the way they did, which is that this is no way to have a conversation. I’d save the transcription for later on if a conversation actually happens.

        It’s possible to do point transcription but at the same time, if any of the women who were running this thing actually managed to make contact, not sure it would be ideal to highlight the baddest moments of the commenters thusly. We live in an age when you cannot do anything in public without it being on record forever. We shouldn’t abuse that, I think. It’s complicated.

      • Mary Sunshine Says:

        A transcript would be an invaluable resource for women who just *can’t* get through the video. We need to be able to read and know the eloquence of those brilliant young women.

        Nonny, thank you for your generous offer. Please do! Women need your nourishment.

      • againstvaw Says:

        I’d love to see a transcript. That early speaker, describing her childhood abuser who insisted on watching her shower after he abused her and whinging that she didn’t love him when she began refusing, was extraordinary but difficult to hear through all the men yelling,

      • Miep Says:

        Well, yeah. Good point. I was thinking about the hassle of trying to transcript the commenters. They were pretty train wreck.

      • red Says:

        She writes about it on The Federalist, where she is a staff writer.

      • red Says:

        Edited segments would be dynamic. A lot of the preamble is unnecessary. But please be sure to isolate the man who shouldted “BRING THIS DOWN” whooping after it.

        I’m still very curious about why they were silent during Sam’s talk. I doubt it was respect. I don’t see them agreeing with her. I wonder if it was that a woman trans is just so unimportant to them that it doesn’t matter what she says. “They” were all MtT (and supporters). Or had they left the auditorium by then?

      • Miep Says:

        I agree, the man yelling saying “shut it down” should be part of any solid edited version.

        I also agree that it’s well worth unpacking why Sam’s talk, her bravely explaining how she used to be one of them, up there with her also brave girlfriend, dressed down in t-shirts, not looking “pretty,” silenced the hecklers.

        And Miriam, standing brave through the whole thing. Hugging her sisters, getting out there in the aisles, making eye contact. Smacking down.

        You could see that the young women in the audience noticed her, she looked them right in the eye and they quieted down.

        They liked it. They liked being recognized by a brave old lesbian.

        They liked it.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        I think the worst hecklers were already escorted out by the time Sam spoke.

      • againstvaw Says:

        I’d like to have the heckles documented in the context of what the women were saying. Transladies’ suicide threats are always given great weight – transladies must be kept alive at all costs.

        People might start to consider that living in a world without creatures who yell insults to prevent a woman being heard about her childhood abuse could not actually be any worse than the world we have now.

      • red Says:

        Oh no. This is visual and audio. The whole story is RIGHT there, blaring and obfuscating. It really doesn’t matter that the women’s voices were mostly drowned out. The WHOLE trans lie was exposed right there and THEY did it themselves. It wasn’t their words but their actions. THEY did it. *We* didn’t have to do a thing.

      • Anemone Says:

        Yes, please. I can’t watch the video – it’s too tiring trying to figure out what people are saying – and I’d like to know what the speakers said. (I don’t need convincing about what trans can be like.)

      • red Says:

        Yes, I think so too LoveTruthCourage. In the one scan of the audience about that time, it was almost empty from mid-to top of the auditorium.

    • nonny Says:

      Wow! I didn’t expect such a response!

      It is true that there is a lot of cross-talk. Not only would this make transcribing difficult, it would also make it hard to isolate as many clear, media-ready soundbites. But my motivation is primarily that there are women who can hardly bear to sit through a video like this, or people who are more likely to read things at their leisure (if, say, you share a link to it as a rebuttal) than sit through an entire video.

      I’ll get to work this weekend and do my best. In the end, I do not want to invest in the “sunk cost fallacy.” So regardless of my labor, if the outcome is not helpful or useful- and especially if it obfuscates the spirit of the event- then at least I’ll know the event word for word, and we can toss it!

      • red Says:

        I’m not sure I’ve hit the right “reply” here, but want to clarify: by edited segments I mean video segments, not written. The full vulgar ugly threatening force of what trans did there cannot be captured in words.

      • shonagh Says:

        nonny – deaf and hard of hearing women would also very much appreciate a transcript.
        I’m somewhat hard of hearing myself, and though I am not yet so far gone that I couldn’t make out most of what was being said on the video, that time is coming for me.
        I know one deaf woman, a staunch feminist and lesbian, who often requests that subtitles/transcripts be added to feminist-relevant videos.
        Thank you in advance for your hard work! ❤

      • againstvaw Says:

        Thanks Nonny for giving your time to this.

      • Mar Iguana Says:

        nonny, how incredibly generous of you to offer to do such a difficult task. Thank you!

        This video is so important, historic even, it should be transcribed. It is a perfect example of how women deal with threat (tend/befriend) and how men deal with it (fight/flight).

        Women on that panel from very different backgrounds are reaching out to and with each other to deal with male violence, the single most important problem on the planet. And, how do the men-who-would-be-Woman deal with it?: Kill It. Typical.

      • nonny Says:

        No prob ❤ ❤ and btw: I'm including what I judge to be relevant gestures, such as, "so-and-so walks into crowd" as well as the shouted insults, plus faithful notes such as (interruption from crowd, unintelligible).

        The transcript will be posted with the video, and with a note urging people to view it and why. But I have noticed while transcribing that what emerges, to my surprise, is a certain sort of highlighting not only of the message but also of the climate. Every absurd interruption is noted as these women struggle to be heard, and as much as transcription clarifies the message of the women, it also only highlights, in my opinion, how fucking vapid, creepy, and childish the hecklers can be.

        Anyway, that's all the space I'll take up about it in this thread until it's finished. It's slow going and I want to do it right: give me until the 24th at the latest and I'll pop back in and give a url.

        PS: if anyone wants to lend a hand, I could really use a visual ID on every panelist with a correct spelling of their names.
        (Gallus, feel free to delete this part obvs if you like, but I have a throwaway address for such info at wsotranscript@mail.com)

      • Miep Says:

        Thank you for doing this, Nonny. It’s a true labor of love on your part.

    • red Says:

      Compilation of heckling highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Wc6-HikFz4

    • prozac Says:

      FWIW nonny, I’d love to see a transcript. I’ve watched the video but I can read and take in text much more efficiently, plus I’m sure there was things I missed due to all the racket.

      My most sincere appreciation for your effort 💕😸

  39. Margie Says:

    A few thoughts on the ballot initiative which prompted the press conference: The initiative, I-1515, would repeal a WA state “transgender” bathroom rule and replace it with one establishing sex-segregated bathrooms and private facilities and allowing alternate accommodations to be made for transgenders. If it gets on the ballot for this November, it will be the first time that a transgender-only issue has been put to a popular vote. Every other time trans issues have been voted on, they were deliberately and intentionally bundled with LGB rights. The trans activists have always used us as human shields for their agenda, forcing voters to shoot down our rights if they wanted to reject transgender provisions of a proposed law. But this time, their bathroom issue will be out there all by itself, nice and exposed for a swift kick from the voters. Of course, trans activists will demand that LGBs fund and staff the opposition campaign because, you know, “LGBT” requires us to hand over our money and do their work. So I-1515 also could be a great opportunity to expose the exploitative and hegemonic nature of “LGBT” and how it is used to expropriate the labor and capital of LGBs.

    Up until this week, my working assumption has been that it would not make it to the ballot this year. But information released by the campaign this week about their signature-gathering effort now makes me think that it has a decent chance of getting on. The folks running it are conservative and anti-gay, no getting around that. But they have taken great care to keep LGB issues out of this and, as we now see, have even reached out to LGBs by including lesbian heroine Miriam Ben-Shalom in their press event. This might be the first time in LGB history that we and our old enemies have been able to reach across the divide and find common ground on an issue. In many ways, this initiative is unprecedented extraordinary and it will be fascinating to see how it all plays out.

    • red Says:

      I think this reach out and cooperation is a result of Kaeley Triller, the first speaker. She’s the bridge here.

      • OldPolarBear Says:

        Something she related at 1:06-07 gave me one of the biggest WTF, jaw-dropping moments in this thing. She told how she was asking someone on the other side of this issue at what point she complain about a man in the locker room of the Y. If he were standing next to her in the shower with an erection? “No,” the person said, “because sometimes the warm water can do that.”

        GASP LOLWUT??!!? No. Just plain NO. I’m pushing 60 and I’ve had plenty of them, but NEVER from just standing there in a warm shower, or even washing myself, which is all you’re supposed to be doing in a public shower. And even if it were true, it wouldn’t be a good argument. No man is supposed to subject an unconsenting, female stranger to his boner; never mind making her have to wonder if it’s just a benign, warm-water boner or something else.

        I wonder if the pharma companies that market boner pills know about this. They’d try to suppress that knowledge for sure. That could be another way to market the video. Watch this for the cheap, simple Erectile Dysfunction remedy Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about!

      • A google search of some of her Federalist articles shows up some interesting pieces. Here is one of the recent ones: http://thefederalist.com/2016/04/27/i-didnt-believe-feminists-until-the-trans-lobby-attacked-me/

      • kesher Says:

        ‘If he were standing next to her in the shower with an erection? “No,” the person said, “because sometimes the warm water can do that.”’

        Male supremacy in action.

      • Miep Says:

        Wasn’t there a moment late-ish in the video where one of the moderaters said something about inclusivity or something about togetherness and one of the hecklers called that appropriation? It’s like Internet word salad.

      • againstvaw Says:

        Old Polar Bear. Thanks – you gave me the only laugh in this horrble translunacy.

      • Bob Doublin Says:

        OldPolarBear, I agree completely. I call bullshit on this whole idea that this is some innocent accident you have no control over and can’t help.50 years of experience in public showers in male lockerrooms tell me otherwise. (I’m 63) It’s obviously reasonable to think it’s deliberate. Honestly,we have to even say that?

      • red Says:

        Re internet word salad: or one of those spinning things throws out a different phrase each time it spins. No clue.

        I also reacted with disbelief with the shout out about “not yours”. Oh. YES. Boyo. They ARE ours; We are women, the ova bearers and every man and woman there who died and was injured was born of woman. They ARE ours. I grieve for every mother of those 50. Every one. Born of woman. They are ours.

  40. Dogtowner Says:

    I’m trying to watch this and am wondering why the speakers’ microphones weren’t turned up to overwhelm the shouters in the audience. Unfortunately I have stress-related illness and simply want to whap the loudmouths with my cane — can’t handle the stress of listening to people who know the square root of bugger-all.

    • Miep Says:

      Dogtowner: I felt that way too. Now I’m seeing the whole thing as brilliant performance art.

      You must, must see the last speaker. Even if you have to watch it backwards.

    • lr1290 Says:

      Also Miriam! Make sure you watch that part too, if not the whole thing. It was worst at first and slowly died down (although still bad with Miriam).

      • Medi Says:

        Miriam was worth the whole event in my opinion. This should be shared widely, because most people don’t know how much the trans mafia attacks and silences women. Really it is such classic male bullying and silencing, and when folks view this video it reveals all. A lot of bleeding heart women who are all about the “poor oppressed trans” really don’t get it. I find a lot of cross over with ditzy fag hags, and liberal women who just hate on lesbian feminists or on women who refuse to go along with male delusions of any kind.

        So this demonstrates how women of integrity speak, and how the mob of trans aggressors handles it. Seeing is believing as they say…

  41. Siobhan Says:

    Sam: “I believe there is power in naming, and I’m not going to call a man a woman because a man tells me to.”

    Thank you Sam!

  42. pollyhannah11 Says:

    I am not delighted that only with the last young, nervous, traumatized woman, well, THAT’s the one they shut up for – but when it’s a woman who is obviously an experienced speaker, an expert in one way or another (lawyer, veteran, communications professional, and then the professional musician I believe) – well, just heckle the hell out of those women! I feel that not all women experience sexism in the same way – when you really start pushing against the stereotypes of submissive, passive, compliant, then the shit really hits the fan. Yes, that last woman had a powerful story to tell, based on her own experience. But for successful pushback against the trans narrative, it’s going to require women who are expert in law, expert in communications, public relations, etc. Yes, maybe on an emotional level, it was more “enjoyable” or “satisfying” to listen to the last speaker. However, bring on the facts and statistics and LAW! You get in front of the Supreme Court, that’s going to carry a lot of weight. Formulate the arguments to take before the Supreme Court, around right to privacy, around the state’s interest (or lack thereof) in compelling belief in trans fantasy, etc. If it’s a court battle, then use the tools appropriate to a courtroom. Personal testimony is only one piece of that. There is also legal precedence, novel (and faulty) interpretations of legal terminology, balancing competing rights, etc.

  43. It was a very polite and civil introduction. A polite woman walked to the podium and said, “I want to welcome every single person here. I would like to start with a moment of silence for all victims of violence”. A loud voice screams, “You don’t get to claim that….:. Then, the whole room erupts with angry shouting voices. The former director of ACLU Georgia, a liberal leaning black woman, tries to placate the angry crowd. “We are here for peace”. “Liar!”, someone screams. There were two lesbians sitting on the stage waiting to speak, and one has been openly lesbian for years. Scream, snicker, and ridicule the older lesbian, leaving them all to too tuckered out from screaming at women for an hour to all screech in unison at the younger lesbian who was the very last speaker.

    Since it was one of the first things someone in the crowd said, I’m wondering what “You don’t get to claim that…” means. Does it mean that the female sex has never experienced violence? Does it mean black women never experience violence, and lesbians never experience violence or oppression? Or, does it mean that all 49 victims of the horrendous Orlando shooting were transwomen? I hate to break it to the loud selfish twits, but women experience violence all the time, lesbians are marginalized, women of color suffer oppression, and the victims of the Orlando shooting were mostly gay men not transwomen. I was looking at some of the photos of the victims of the Orlando shooting. I don’t think any of them were transgender. I think the bouncer at the Pulse was a lesbian.

    I want to say kudos to whoever took the video. I want to thank all the courageous women on stage and the brave person making the video. Every encounter of angry trans shouting down women needs to be captured with video, photos, etc.. I watched all of it, but it was disturbing to me, especially all the loud, frightening male aggression in the beginning. I saw some brave women being shouted down by what was clearly a band of aggressors. It was painful to watch women trying to be civil, almost bending over backwards to be nice, and being disrespected. They started yelling and attacking the women during the very first words out of the women’s mouths. Right out of the gate, they commenced with their attack. Refusing to listen to a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, often mocking her, and yelling at her was truly sickening. Everyone on the left has been conditioned to never use the wrong pronouns least it upset a transwoman. We are told that transwomen are the most oppressed people in the whole world. Then, we see this video with our own eyes that shows a woman who is a victim of childhood sexual abuse being mocked and shouted down. If penis in the women’s locker room triggers a woman who was repeatedly sexually abused as a child, she is an ignorant bigot. Verbally harass her and scream at her. Never let her speak. Tell her that she is the one being abusive. This video proves without a doubt that they only care about themselves. Maya Dillard Smith, the former ACLU director of Georgia, repeatedly said that everyone should feel safe meaning both transgender and females. We saw how they treated her.

    They know they have to use these bullying and silencing tactics against women because that is the only way they can shove this down our throats. Men have been using these tactics for thousands of years.

    Maybe the real reason they quieted down at the end was because they discovered that someone was making a video of everything they said and did. I was wondering if the screaming goons knew that someone was recording them.

  44. charlson Says:

    Thankyou nonny for transcribing . I am soaking in the comments. There are many on here with thoughtful, educated conclusions regarding not only that video but the ripple effect.

    Its taken me a couple of days to digest what happened. I had a freeze response initially. It hit me just now why. I was watching a familiar scene but with security to keep the peace.

    The loud, aggressiveness was similar to what happened when my ex was in a full blown tantrum. He would/could talk for hours on his situation and how non trans people need to make way for him, drowning out anything I tried to say that disagreed with his narrative. He would follow me from room to room,slamming doors, always wanting the last word till I would just give up .

    These angry activists don’t want dialogue, they want to be right and have us agree. I don’t think they are capable of seeing the pain it causes nor do they care. That’s worth knowing.

    I wonder what their answer would have been if someone had quietly asked them for what purpose they were really there.

    People seem to think its OK to act like this as its for a cause.

    Some younger women I know say they believe the feminist ideology is outdated and seriously think they are doing right by advocating the trans culture.The call themselves passionate. I call them threatening and scary.
    I think they may be so enthusiastic that they lose sight of the bigger picture. Some don’t have any thoughts it seems, they just seem to repeat what they are told . Some feel the risks to girls/women are nothing compared to Trans rights.

    I wonder what they would think if the same behavior played out in their homes .

  45. ephemeroptera Says:

    I finally watched the whole thing and have 2 observations that don’t quite fit into previous discussion:

    1) The opening framing was masterful; to say that everyone deserves to be safe and that the speakers just want to state perspectives and open up dialogue is very reasonable, and would make anyone except the most close-minded people sympathetic.

    This opening framing seems not only honest, but a good strategy for future occasions.

    2) It’s striking how certain parts of trans* activism can become individuals’ superiority complexes.

    For one, that whole misgendering correction by an audience member had the tone of a pissing contest.

    For another, when Ben-Shalom said she was nonbinary or gnc or something (can’t find that part again; she was referencing her non-stereotypical accomplishments), an audience member corrected her down to cis, presumably bc they had already categorically dismissed her as less than an enlightened trans* being. It’s a very telling moment, bc it shows how for some trans* activists, the terms aren’t about their purported meaning, but rather their function as differentiators and how they can be used to put others in their place.

  46. Newbie Says:

    Hi Gallus,

    Currently breaking news in the Smith College Alumnae Facebook group (with over 6,000 members) is that Sam Moon posted her story and asked for discussion and the natives went wild. There were calls for the admin to ban her and Elizabeth Hungerford for “transphobia” but the admin didn’t appear. Now the admin is there and giving over the keys to the virtue signalers. Any Smithies reading your site might like to get involved to keep the group open for discussions.

    • red Says:

      Now there’s a thread that’s hard to take in one go. I despair. Smithies sound like Stepford candidates.

    • red Says:

      And, many thanks to JODI SHAW. Hope she’s reading here. Jodi is civily and factually riding shotgun for Sam on the Smith shame site.

    • prozac Says:

      OK, so is Sam the person who campaigned for Smith to accept transwomen who later rescinded that support? Featured in a post here, I think, a few months back? I found myself wondering that as soon as she mentioned she was a former trans activist who caused someone to lose their job. Well, if that is her, there is no question in my mind that she is legit, as some were wondering at the time.

  47. radfemunite Says:

    Radical Feminists Unite watched this video together yesterday as a part of our monthly meeting. We discussed the trans activists’ behaviour (very immature and cult-like) and the strategies used by the speakers. We are very proud of our sisters who dared to speak their truth even when faced with an angry mob. Every time women are brave and speak out, it inspires more women. We will probably use some of Miriam’s strategies someday in our own activism. Thank you so much!

  48. silverside Says:

    Re: Trotskyists, Spartacus League comments. I was immediately reminded of those groups too. Back in the 70s when I was a college student, I was active in campus divestment from South Africa issues. The Spartacus people, and one of the fringe Trotskyist groups (not SWP as I recall) were my introduction to demented Leftist disruption. They totally destroyed one of the first regional meetings to coordinate campus activities. Shouting, screaming, chanting, taking over meetings and throwing all but their people . Lot of naïve, earnest college students were really disillusioned. I was. Gosh, you could hardly invent better infiltrators and sabateurs than these transactivists. They put the Sparts to shame.

  49. GallusMag Says:

    Absolutely mystified by those who are abandoning these incredibly brave women because it’s “too hard” to bear witness to what these men and handmaidens put them through. If you haven’t viewed the video please don’t comment on it here. Thanks.

    For clarity:

    • Miep Says:

      Some of the resistance is because it’s hard to understand. I listened to it with my tablet and it was still difficult, though this thing has a good speaker.

      A friend told me she watched it with a headset and that helped.

      Otherwise: yes, you have a point. It’s easy to just want to watch the last half or so with Miriam and Sam, and those are likely to be popular excerpts. But then you miss, for example, the speaker who was mercilessly heckled while trying to speak publicly about her experience of child sexual abuse, which was incredibly ugly. She deserves witness.

      And if you watch the whole thing, you get a sense of the buildup and how the whole dynamic changes as it goes along, and the different strategies the presenters use to address the situation. You won’t get that with excerpts.

      I think it’s fractal, as in: effective in the whole, effective in parts. But you are right about bearing witness.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Maya deserves witness as well. I thought her interaction was brilliant as well as absolutely riveting – brought me to tears. And cheers. XOXOXOXOX

      • Miep Says:

        You could tell how good Maya was even if you watched it with the sound off.

      • Miep Says:

        When it’s hard to understand what people are saying, body language and voice tone starts dominating one’s perceptions more. And Maya was super focused and professional. That came across really well even with all the audience static.

      • red Says:

        I have watched it several times in categorized sessions looking for specifics each time I go at it, as I would for a book or movie review.

      • red Says:

        I got that with excerpts Miep. That’s how you dissect something for review. You look for aspects. I think I have a pretty good take on the vid approaching it methodically as I would for a uni paper.

        I”m reading Sam on the Smith Facebook page now.

      • Miep Says:

        I think it’s great that you are so invested in working with this footage, red.

      • Teal Deer Says:

        I found headphones and taking a few breaks to be instrumental in getting through the whole thing. It was well worth it, though. These amazing women are shining examples of strength and honesty.

        As an aside, don’t Miriam’s hugs look like a balm for the soul?

      • Miep Says:

        Totally, Teal Deer. One of my various huge first reactions to watching this was to love Miriam. Love her for for being so brave, and for giving such good hugs to the women who were hurting from the abuse given them in this presentation.

        I wanted her to be my auntie, my older sister. I still feel like that.

  50. red Says:

    Here’s Sam’s talk at the conference, which she has posted on the Smith site. They are already calling for “moderation”. Concerned it might all be removed.



  51. GallusMag Says:

    Men and their handmaidens attack women less (Miriam, Sam) who give them no quarter. When Sam said she refused to use female pronouns for men even under threat of male violence there was really nothing left for the men to screech except “Whaaaahhhh!”
    This is something I’ve noticed for years and many folks who have attempted to “ally” with the trans have remarked upon. The slightest misstep from adherents of the “Men can be women, but…” school are attacked more mercilessly by conformity-enforcers than those who entirely reject the dogma.
    The same principle is at work in any fundamentalist subculture.

    • Miep Says:

      Damned straight, Gallus. This particular party started with genital surgery used to “fix” gay men. Jeffreys writes about this history at the beginning of “Gender Hurts.”

      It’s always been homophobic, misogynist and abusive. Everything else is myth. The less of their stuff, the better.

      • GallusMag Says:

        My point had to do with comments women made here about tactics.

        Using fake pronouns lets you into male spaces to speak but also results in increased attack and abuse.

      • Miep Says:

        All righty.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “All righty” ? What does that mean.

      • atranswidow Says:

        Miep, Gallus, red, it’s been interesting and uplifting to me reading your conversations following this video.

        This conference was barely one and a half hours long. Imagine if
        you couldn’t turn off the video when you had had enough; the man who had screamed ”I am a woman” and thumped the table for extra effect was still there with you expecting that you prepare dinner as usual and just carry on with family life as normal.

        What has shocked me most is that there were so many handmaidens in the conference room shouting on behalf of men against other women. But, I have been more than delighted to see strong women coming together, with so many powerful stories of their own to tell.

        I wasn’t so sure when I read earlier commenters saying that these handmaidens are like children. Certainly, they lack the insight that only age and experience brings. In the Smith facebook link that red links to someone says………”As a very privileged person (White, cis, middle class, etc) I see it as my responsibility to support and uplift and amplify the voices of people who are silenced, to listen well with radical openness and compassion. I don’t see how that could hurt or threaten cis women…”

        Well, Katherin, I appreciate your idealism; but, as someone who has very little voice in this debate, who gave 30 years of my life to one of these men, I ask you to sit down and rethink. I have been diagnosed with PTSD following 2 years of hell and mental torture. Listen to the women at this conference. Put yourself in their shoes.
        Imagine a life without ”privilege”. Remember your mother and grandmother and the sacrifices they made so that you could enjoy all that Smith has to offer.

        As Miep says ”it’s always been homophobic, misogynist and abusive”.

      • red Says:

        It was TinFoilHattie, I think, who said, more or less:

        “Why are woman always expected to put everyone else’s oppression first, why are we always expected to step over the mutilated woman in the middle of the room to save someone else?

        (Correct me if I’m wrong Mar Iguana).

      • Mar Iguana Says:

        Nope, red, I didn’t say it. I wish I had.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Speaking of which, @Mar Iguana- Thank you for citing my blog on Feminist Current here:


        Just an FYI, the quote you liked from Miriam actually comes from my work here:


        She forgot to cite me as the author. I’m glad you liked it!

      • Mar Iguana Says:

        Oops. Sorry, GallusMag. I corrected my error on Feminist Current.

      • GallusMag Says:

        !!! Wow Thanks! Nonny put a note on the transcript so hopefully that will help prevent more confusion. 🙂

    • Resistance Says:

      This is exactly right. As you say calling them she etc., will get a woman in the door. I think thats because they see this as a sign that the woman is an easy candidate for manipulation. When the last speaker refused to pretend these men were anything but men, they still tried to play the outraged victim. Though they soon realised their protests were futile. She was not going to play along with their delusions. They knew she wasn’t going to be easily manipulated, it is because they are heavily reliant on women’s desire to not upset them. They can not carry on with this crap if women just say; no you are men, we are not buying your bs. If a woman shows signs that she buys into trans ideology by calling them she etc, they push further. It is just typical male behaviour, of seeing how much they can get away with.

      They did still try to heckle Miriam and come up with MRA arguments e.g. women can rape too etc. Though she quickly dismissed them. They had no arguments against the last speaker, as she was talking from the perspective of an ‘ex trans’; one of their own. What she was saying they could not refute, as she was speaking from an insiders perspective of what it is like being in the trans cult, and the motivations for joining it. Trans activists have no rebuttal for that, so they are reduced to silence. As we know, this is the reason why they try to silence all trans regretters. It was also clear to all from what she was saying who the real victims are.

      Despite all the other MRA crap ‘women can rape too’ etc, even MTT can not claim to have had pressure on them from a misogynistic society to ‘trans’ to a FTT. That will always flummox them. There is no way they can counter that and they know it, so they shut up. I think, like other MRA’s, some of them do really believe they are making legit arguments when they say ludicrous things, they convince themselves of this. They also surround themselves with others who will feed this delusional thinking. Once that self delusion is clearly shattered, they are at a loss as to what to do.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        No, they did not respect Sam as an ex-trans and “one of theirs.” Most of the worst hecklers were escorted out, or left on their own, by the time Sam took the stage. (The middle and upper part of the auditorium was nearly empty at this point.) Also, trans do not see ex-trans as “one of their own.” Trans sees ex-trans as Benedict Arnold-style traitors. The most common argument is that ex-trans were “never really trans in the 1st place.” They LOVE the “no true Scotsman” fallacy.

      • nonny Says:

        While the trans activist crowd may have been somewhat flummoxed by the last speaker knowing their own jargon intimately, I have to step in and say that trans activists HATE detransitioned women and they do not see us as one of their own or give us ANY respect or slack whatsoever. They fuckin HAAAAATE us so bad it’s scary. (I remember Stephen Ira emailing me on tumblr that she had to unfollow me if I was going to talk about detransition, even briefly or critically, bc it made her have panic attacks.)

        The reason why the crowd stfu for the last speaker wasn’t bc they were listening, or startled by one of their own switching sides, etc. They shut up bc
        A. Most of the hecklers had left/been kicked out and
        B. The speaker was visibly shaken and upset, and that’s how trans activists like their women!! The second she was out of line (using the “wrong pronoun” etc) or pushed back against the crowd they pounced back on her.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Holy shit aint that the truth.

      • Resistance Says:

        I meant trans could not contradict Sam with any semblance of legitimacy, because she has inside knowledge and makes that clear. This is what I meant by ‘one of their own’ i.e. someone with insider knowledge. I wasn’t implying it had anything to do with trans feeling sympathy or having respect for regretters. MtT often say ‘have you actually met any transwomen?’ They are implying with that question that someone is just ignorant and blindly prejudice. They can not use that tactic on someone who was part of the trans cult. They did try to correct her about pro nouns and one questioned her knowledge about a particular MtT, but she soon dismissed that. What can they say to someone who clearly demonstrates they know what they are talking about, except scream or go silent?

        I would say some accuse you of ‘triggering’ them because they know what you are saying is the truth. Many people with other delusions say similar things when confronted with the truth that they are delusional or wrong in their faulty thinking. This is why trans want to silence regretters, because they can not counter their insider account of events, and it challenges their delusional thinking. These men like to try and play the victim, it is hard for them to do that when the one who they are calling the ‘bigot’ etc is showing clear signs of being the real victim.

        In my experience, when i’ve challenged these men online, there are two types.
        1. The sort that don’t even try to make any arguments and just repeat ‘transwomen are women’. Or call you bigot, terf etc. (Like the men who were thrown out at the beginning).

        2. Those that think they are making legitimate arguments, they quote studies etc and try to argue that they are victims who are just misunderstood by bigots, who are not informed. These are the ones who think saying ‘women rape too’ etc are legit arguments. These men will either also descend into narcissistic rage eventually, when their faulty arguments are proved false. Or they just leave and target someone else, usually someone who is mostly on board with trans ideology, but has made some minor infraction. They do this as their self delusions have been challanged, they need to focus on someone else who they can easily police in order to feel more in control again. Like MRA’s some just want to terrorise women, others actually convince themselves they are right and have legit arguments. In a way some may be ‘triggered’, if by that they mean they are having trouble reconciling the trans ideology, and their faulty arguments, with the reality presented to them by others, like trans regretters, feminists etc.

        It is different for women and I would say when women who trans (or even women who just support trans) are presented with the truth about trans ideology, it makes them feel unsure if they are right (at least on some level). It’s the same for anyone who is confronted about their faulty reasoning for doing something. At first the person will often react with anger, then they will feel uncertain. At this point they have to decide whether to continue to try to convince themselves they were right originally. If they choose to reassure themselves they were right, they will have to avoid anyone who challenges that. And surround themselves with others who will reassure them they were right originally. Anyone who does challenge that will become their enemy, because they raise doubts & issues in the persons own mind that they do not want to examine.

  52. red Says:

    I have a suggestion: Those who have FB accounts, make the settings public and run this short clip every hour, with the same heading Berns is using.

    No conversation. Just the clip repeated every hour.

    Ditto if you use Twitter. People can miss it if you only put it in once.

  53. Akira Says:

    I’m only thirteen minutes into this, and I am sickened. Every time this woman says something, such as she was abused or was diagnosed with PTSD, some transactivist will proclaim, “Transwomen have PTSD, too!” or an equivalent. Yes, transpeople can have PTSD. So do women and men across all cultures and racial boundaries. Just because another person is capable of getting PTSD, that does NOT mean that it’s not a serious issue for the person being brave enough to share her experience.

    This is the biggest problem with trans: they’re always there saying, “But what about me?” News flash, it’s not always about you. We were supposed to learn this when were growing up! You don’t always get your way and the world doesn’t revolve around you. Moreover, if you want people to listen to your point of view, you must be respectful about it.

    I’m not a woman. I’m a man. But I thought this lesson was supposed to be pretty universal, at least in this country. Sure, there are plenty of bigots who won’t listen to another side because they devalue women or blacks or whoever, but we’re supposed to look down on those people. Transactivists represent one of the most selfish, cultish segments of our society (and we’re supposed to consider them brave for it), and their behavior at this event alone should be reason to no-platform them.

    On that note, isn’t the idea that your body HAS to match your personality a form of biological essentialism? I’m 4’10”, my hair is too thin, and people think I have an annoying voice. My body sucks, and it certainly doesn’t match the vision I have of myself if I could choose my own body, but it’s mine, and it doesn’t dictate how I should think or behave.

  54. silverside Says:

    Re: the comment from the Smith Facebook page. Incredibly ignorant. A few years back, the Smith alumnae magazine ran a piece of domestic violence, and how Smith graduates (and other graduates from Seven Sister colleges) felt deep shame and humiliation because they “found themselves” in relationships with batterers. They had never been told that these things ever happened to women of their “social class” or educational level, so they felt incredibly isolated and humiliated. Being “cis” or “white” has no privileges in these circumstances because your batterer has even more privileges. As a “professional” white male who is no doubt well networked in the male hierarchy, his word is gold when it comes to labeling his victim as “crazy” or “bipolar” or a “pathological liar.” I went to a Seven Sister college, and even though I regarded myself as a feminist back then, I still thought of domestic violence as an internship opportunity to help “less fortunate” women in the community. I never would have dreamed that a nice middle class girl could get thrown into a wall by a man who never faced a single consequence for his actions. Your “privileges” didn’t mean shit in those circumstances. At one time I lived in a small town where we had one domestic violence murder that year. The woman was a community college professor in psychology and on the board of at least a half dozen non-profits. None of that saved her from being ambushed by her husband in the garage and being stabbed some 70 times. And still the local DV shelter assumed that the most pressing need their clients faced was getting a GED or other social services. What they need is law enforcement to take women’s issues seriously, but don’t hold your breath.

  55. Resistance Says:

    These men have no insight into how they appear to others. If they were on TV and they acted like this most women would turn against them in an instant. The trans cult is so obviously a mens rights movement, i’m glad the last speaker said it, this can not be said often enough publicly. These men do not have any legitimate arguments, so they just keep switching between playing the victim and aggressive shouting of ludicrous nonsense. That’s all they can really do. The only other tactic they use is quoting pseudo scientific, misogynistic nonsense, which is easily countered. This is of course why they want to silence us.

    As for the young women who support these men. It seems to me they are just using the issue of trans to express their anger about how they are treated as women. It is easier for them to vent this through a socially acceptable issue i.e. “trans”, than it is for them to speak out for themselves as females. Women have always done this, they will support any cause that includes men, but not a cause solely for women i.e. real feminism. As it is more socially acceptable if men are involved. They have not got the courage or self worth, to name what it is that is really driving them, so they latch onto ‘trans’. Also most social science text books today have chapters on ‘gender & sexuality’, not ‘sex & gender’; which used to explain about sex roles. Many young women today therefore, have no real awareness about feminism at all, except libfem bs, because they have been indoctrinated into queer theory in universities. And all their ‘rights’ group are built around it.

    Seeing other women courageously speaking openly about the issues facing females, helps all women, including young women who have been suckered into trans ideology. As it enables them to find self worth & gives them courage to speak out for themselves, as they see other women doing it. Also the way these men behaved here shows everyone that they can not be reasoned with. I think for these reasons this discussion and others like them are invaluable in the long run. As they can only turn more people against the trans ideology and help other women to find the courage to speak out. Thank you to the brave women speaking in this video and to Gallus for posting it.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      excellent comment

      • Cassandra Says:

        Agreed. Excellent comment. It’s heartbreaking to see young women supporting this and encouraging to see women speaking out. I wonder how long the liberal media chokehold on anything that defies the party line will hold?

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        This is my #1 question as well. The embargo on debate is still going strong.

  56. akuba Says:

    This is a totally ridiculous audience. Watching this made me very angry – not at the women who were speaking, but the unruliness of the whole thing. It did make me a total Miriam Ben-Shalom fan-girl, though. She sure knows how to handle a crowd & maintain order, but even at the end of her portion, it looks as though she kind of throws up her hands in exasperation. And poor Maya Dillard Smith, she seemed really frustrated. Maybe she was actually expecting rational discourse.

    In the beginning, I mostly noticed female sounding voices doing all the shouting (oh the handmaidens!), but later on, it was replaced by that hollow ‘fake’ F2T complain-y voice over and over and over again. Bleh. It ticks me off that folks won’t see the larger implications of these laws that overwrite sex protections. Let’s pretend the world is flat too. Ugh. Reading the youtube comments was heartening and fun though. I learned the word “transtapo”. Very apt.

    Maybe this is a good test run for other speaking engagements on the subject. Though they did eventually remove really disruptive people, I would suggest running any talks like this sort of like my local town board meeting, where there is a designated time for comments, and the commenter must be recognized by the panel/board before talking – and any one speaking out of turn is promptly ejected. Gotta be harda** about these things sometimes if you want to get anything done. I think we try to be too nice.

  57. Em Says:

    “It ticks me off that folks won’t see the larger implications of these laws that overwrite sex protections.”

    It’s not just the blindness to implications that ticks me off, though that is certainly bad enough. OK, maybe that is the worst aspect of these tantrums.

    But it’s also that these people apparently see no reason for the protections ever to have been put in place to begin with. There’s no consideration given to background, nary a nod to women’s needs and our carefully considered conclusions about how to meet them, no attempt to understand why these protections are in place to begin with. The world began anew when I came on the scene. There’s nothing but me, me, me, and what I happen to want right now.

    I guess I’m getting old. I have absolutely no patience for infantile behavior.

  58. nonny Says:

    Just checking in. Soooo close to being done with the transcription and I’ve got a good looking plain website set up for it, etc. I want to go through it one last time and make sure everything is as accurate and complete as possible. Right now I need a rest, I’m currently cycling off anti-depressants and it’s making me need a lot of naps! If the transcript isn’t up late tonight, it’ll be up tomorrow when you wake up 🙂 It’s been a pleasure, as I really do not mind hanging on Miriam’s every word, lol.

  59. Cashbar Says:

    This is mostly off topic but I think I’m addressing the right crowd here.

    Please stop bringing up Alice Dreger on Datalounge. Mentioning her gets threads completely deleted because she has complained in the past about being quoted over there. I’ve seen longer and more comprehensive quotes about her elsewhere including here on GT, but she was angry about Datalounge infringing her copyright. I’ve been banned just for mentioning her and MANY threads have been deleted because of her name appearing tangentially in the thread.

    You may think you’re doing the right thing but I would bet Dreger herself is still upset and complains if she’s mentioned or quoted over there.

    Okay, thank you, sorry for being off topic.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Huh? You’re going around to gay blogs that mention Alice Dreger in your spare time doing what? Telling people not to quote her or discuss her on Datalounge because their comment/thread might be deleted? What a strange hobby. Folks can quote and discuss Alice Dreger anywhere they like. What does it mean when you say that peeps discussing/quoting Dreger “May think you’re doing the right thing”? What does that even mean. People can quote and discuss anyone they’d like, anywhere they want. May I ask what the point of your Alice Dreger datalounge project is all about? Why wouldn’t people quote and discuss Dreger the same as anyone else?
      You were “banned for even mentioning her” and now you go around searching her name on gay blogs telling people not to discuss or mention her in the gay community? Very curious indeed.

  60. Margie Says:

    Update on Initiative 1515: Their signatures are flooding in. They are up to about 180,000. They are going for 310-315,000, so they have a ways to go, but the vast majority of signatures come in during the last 2 weeks, the period which we are just hitting now. They also have a decent amount of money in the bank and are making use of paid petitioners to supplement their volunteer effort. The use of paid petitioners is a very good sign that they are committed to getting this done and don’t want to leave anything to chance. Although I am just going by public information, it looks to me like they are in good shape to get on the ballot.

    If they succeed, I-1515 will become the mother of all battles for trans activists, the first time that any electorate will vote on a trans issue by itself, without it being “bundled” with gay and lesbian rights. It will be all these thugs talk about from July through November. We can expect them to demand that LGBs fund, manage and staff the opposition campaign. Hopefully, LGBs and radical feminists can send a message loud and clear that we are not here to fight their wars.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Sounds like they’re not going to make it by a long shot.

      • Margie Says:

        I really think it’s just the opposite, Gallus. To have 180,000 in hand several weeks out is good. I’ve tracked these sorts of signature gathering efforts on LGB-related issues for a number of years and it really is true that the vast majority of signatures pour in during the last 2 weeks. Prior to that, the petitions (which have to be hard copy paper) are out in the field circulating. I-1515 reported that last week, they got 35000 signatures on a single day. That shows you how rapidly the tally can increase in the last days. And I-1515 has a real budget with paid petition circulators. They actually have raised about 4X the money that Referendum 74 raised at this point in 2012. (That was the effort to reverse marriage equality and it was run by a lot of the same people who are running I-1515.) This cash to pay for circulators is a key asset since those circulators get paid not by the hour but per signature, so they are really motivated to generate huge numbers in a short time.

        We’ll know by July 8, but I’m cautiously optimistic.

      • red Says:

        And the more they bash Kaeley Triller Haver on Twitter the more signatures the petition will get. She now has a dedicated stalker who tweets only personal doxxing attacks on her.

        On a related front: does anyone have any stats on trans/t-kids suicides? I see a lot of threats of, but no actual names or #s apart from the one teen. Is there a parent breathing who isn’t familiar with this tactic “If you don’t give me (x) I’ll (hold my breath, refuse to eat, kill myself)?

  61. red Says:

    This is a huge news story and the media is deliberately ignoring it. The first time trans will be an isolated vote? Where else have you seen that mentioned? Historic, yet even media (questionable but anyway…) talk shows hosts are slamming on Kaeley Triller’s Twitter. And speaking of Twitter, why isn’t this issue rotating through ‘our’ sites? Are none of ‘our’ Twitter sites tweeting to media and other women?

  62. nonny Says:

    It’s about time- here ya go.

    • cerulean blue Says:

      Nonny, thank you for the hours of time it took to meticulously transcribe this! I’ve watched the video three times, but I have trouble understanding audio when faces are not seen, and it’s even worse when people are shouting over each other. Reading these words has made me even angrier, and that’s a good thing.

    • gchild Says:

      Thanks nonny. I dont know how you got through it…

      For those who couldn’t bear to watch the video, the transcript is just as apalling to me. It shows a clearer picture of the many ways these women were verbally brutalized, humiliated, and disrespected. But the transcript highlights what trans activists and allies were there to do. Not just “shut it down”, but also to create and instill terror, fear, and anxiety.

      And it worked. I am more afraid for women and girls than I was before watching/reading this video/transcript.

      The repeated statement that “bigots don’t deserve civility” is meant as a threat. Even if it is manipulative and disengenuos, the message is clear: females better STFU or be treated in an “uncivil” manner.

    • LC Says:

      This is amazing! I have the same trouble with audio as cerulean, and this helps so much to make sense of the video. Thank you, nonny.

    • red Says:

      Thanks Nonny. I’ve sent your link to two rad fems who are hard of hearing and two family members who were born deaf (and are disbelievers in our having reason to feel threatened). You could do this for your living with this level of accuracy. And there *is* a need.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Thank you, Nonny. The transcript makes it so much easier to figure out what’s being said.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Kudos nonny!!!!

      This was a difficult read, due to the harassing comments made by the snowflake peanut gallery. Which does not take away the main points of the panel….AND…..


    • nonny Says:

      I’m glad it’s helpful. I feel I owe my life to women like the brave speakers at the conference (and Max Robinson, and Gallus, and more, not to make this into a gross love fest, lol) so any way that my ability to nerd out on tedious minutiae can help, I’m glad to apply it. Accessibility, yo.

    • freowif Says:

      Thank you so much for transcribing, Nonny.

    • lr1290 Says:

      Thank you so much! I have a much easier time remembering and learning from text (as I’m sure many others do), so I’ll definitely go over this again even though I watched the video with few problems understanding.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Incredible work. Whew!
      Can you insert a note to indicate the section of Miriam’s speech which was quoting my work here: https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2013/07/11/transgender-rights-the-elimination-of-the-human-rights-of-women/

      I would really appreciate the attribution, thanks! ❤

  63. Elle Says:

    Nonny, this is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for your hard work. This transcript will make this event accessible to so many more people! Well done!

  64. Oak and Ash Says:


    Apparently the Pentagon’s planning to end the ban on transgender troops. Each service would have up to a year to make arrangements, including housing.

    If men are able declare themselves transgender and be housed with women, that’s just what female servicewomen need on top of the sexual assault problem they already have.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      @OakandAsh That change in policy can only end in a disaster. While it is true that not all who are trans are unstable and can serve with honor, they are in the minority. As such, this sets up the DOD for a series of lawsuits, that will keep the JAG officers busy for life.

      All one has to do to see where this is headed is to look up what happened during the 80’s. Standards were lowered for recruits to apply [such as literacy or for that matter…low level criminal records], along with communities adversely affected by economic disparities, targeted for recruiting. Every few nights on the national or local news, there were reports about the problems caused by this policy change [increased drug use, gang activity, sexual assaults]. Even the folks at PBS (back when their news division actually reported facts, without being deep in the left wing tank) went INTO DETAIL on this. Eventually…changes were made…albeit slowly by the DOD.

      This type of stupidity is about to show up again. Makes one wonder why…especially with the mounting reported evidence…why our government has taken this tact. Unless this is more revenge of the melanin-deprived, intellectually dishonest guys who want to erase the gains of women, as well as other groups.

      • Mar Iguana Says:

        There is only one group’s gains our corporate-owned government wants to erase and that is women’s, because the keystone of patriarchy’s economic system, capitalism, is the unpaid reproductive and domestic labor of women.

  65. charlston Says:

    nonny thankyou so much. Just a quick remark after reading your transcript. I didn’t realise how bad it was. Especially the beginning. When I watched the video I missed so much but reading the words, reading what was being hurled at the stage, so much more anger than I realised. I am more upset now than when I initially saw the video.
    In the heat of the moment these people must not realise how hypocritically they come across as they are just loud voices all mixed together. When you actually read what is said and separate the voices it becomes apparent just how insensitive they were.
    Thankyou again

  66. fmnst Says:

    GM, thank you for posting this. You do an incredible service with this blog, and keep hitting it out of the park with your posts. I share them all the time.

    This “dialogue” is dreadful to watch. It’s dreadful that transactivists, or any activists, behave this way.

    We can’t have dialogue where people are allowed to shout over the speaker.

    For future events of women speaking out on this issue anywhere, it should state on the flier/announcement that people who shout out or talk over the speaker will be asked to leave by security. If that means there are no transactivists left in the room, so be it.

    I cannot believe the conference staff and speakers continued without ejecting all the interrupters, so that those who wanted to listen could do so. If people want to practice civil disobedience or protect, let them do so outside, instead of in the building. It’s not worth hoping to have them hear anything, because those shouting down speakers are in a mob who are not there to listen and learn and participate in constructive dialogue.

    If we disagree with a speaker, the best way to handle it isn’t censorship. (Talking over and shouting down a speaker is censorship, and should be called out as such, and not tolerated.)

    As Gloria Allred’s daughter, attorney Lis Bloom, has said, “The best defense against speech is speech.”

    That means, let one person talk (or write), and THEN respond orally or in writing: not talk over the speaker, (or censor the writer), and interrupt their train of thought and ability to think and speak clearly.

    • charlston Says:

      I noticed the hecklers were just assuming what was being said, jumping in halfway through a sentence, thinking they knew where it was going before it was said. It seemed to me it was because that’s all they know and had practiced replies to certain sentences/issues beforehand.
      Anyone notice there were certain comments made where the audience responses were not even addressing the speaker’s topic ?
      Other times it was obvious they have not done their research so they resorted to yelling, as they couldn’t come back with facts.
      I was taught to try to know the answers before getting the questions. So whoever is coaching them has no researched information either.

  67. charlston Says:

    Hello Gallas. I had typed into google – when men need safe spaces’ to see what I would get.
    I got some hits and this one was my first click.

    “Everyone But Cis Men”: Creating Better Safe Spaces for LGBT People.


    I don’t want to post it, just thought have you read it?
    Kind regards L

  68. I have downloaded this presentation to flash drive for future reference. What is great about the presentation is that the viewpoint critical of the trans cult features a cross section of women. You have a former leader of the ACLU, a right-leaning writer and rape victim, a lesbian icon, a woman with a family member who is trans, and a detransitioner. This is powerful because it shows that there are certain issues in the world that are not politically partisan. The assault on women’s rights by the trans mob should be opposed by anybody who values humanity.

  69. DaveSquirrel Says:

    Thank you Gallus for posting the video, and to Nonny (et al?) for the transcript. As one with hearing difficulties, the transcript was very helpful, particularly in the early chaotic parts.

    It is interesting to see many of the same points we have been making over the years, taken on-board by women of such varying backgrounds.

    I am glad the hecklers stayed quiet for Sam’s segment, perhaps her words will reach those remaining female handmaidens (I seriously don’t give a shit whether males get it, males are the problem here, as always).

    Oh and big LOLs at the male helium voice heckler that he thinks makes him sound Genuine Laydee. Helium voice is always a nice touch in combination with a six foot male body in a frock.

    Ultimately, the “let’s reach compromise” strategy for women’s rights fails (a huge part of why we are in this current mess, males using female empathy against them), and menz are renown for the ‘give them an inch, they take a mile’ tactic.

    Look back at Herstory. The feminist movements that succeeded (at least in part) were not the polite negotiating ones (first and second waves) – they were loud and demanding of males.

    As I have always said, it won’t be the feminists that bring down the transmania, but RW dudes (who don’t care for other males preying upon ‘their property’, aka wives and daughters). But at least with this video, it may also wake up more women not to bother with dialogue and negotiation with the transmaniacs.

    • nonny Says:

      I too noticed the strained “how can I be a shouting aggro asshole but still try to make my voice sound higher” attempts, lol.

  70. Emily Says:

    Watching the Women Speak Out press conference was very powerful for me. I had only occasionally checked out the radfem blogs, like this one, that were trans-critical. I had been following the ballot initiative efforts in WA and couldn’t wait to see the press conference. I watched the entire video, replaying certain parts over and over until I could everything that was said. I hung on Miriam’s words and cried during Sam’s testimony. I am a Catholic and a conservative (please don’t block me!) and my perspective on the trans issue is primarily formed by that. So, it was beautiful to find common ground with these women.
    I admire each of the Women who spoke out at this conference and showed courage that none of the protesters did. They all sounded like toddlers or bratty teenagers. Immature and cruel.
    I agree with the many commenters above that hoped this would be seen by many or picked up by the media, but come on. After seeing the backlash that NC got from Hollywood and the media generally, do you think anyone has the guts to bring this to the light? Not happening. But we can all share it, I certainly have and will continue to. Any of us who feel strongly about this issue should do our best to expose this disfigured cult.
    Nonny, thank you so much for transcribing this. Now it’s easier to understand. Reading the transcript was like watching a horror movie in slo-mo. Except for the beautiful parts, that is.
    I’m involved in this issue because my kids’school was ravaged by trans activists last year. I helped organize a speaking engagement at the school to counter the pro-trans “parent night” the school sponsored. Our speaker was a lawyer and policy expert from a conservative Christian family council, but we asked her to focus on the legal issues. Her presentation was professional and very respectful of all.
    Every single LGBT organization in our metro joined together to invite all of their supporters to a protest of our event. They set up a FB event page where they said (surprise!) nasty things and made nasty plans to pay at the door in pennies. Which they did. Some pennies were even frozen in blocks of ice ( just like our hearts, they said).
    We hired two security guards and the police actually called me to offer the services of a police sergeant free of charge. He brought Three squad cars along, which circled the block should they be needed.
    About 150-200 protesters showed up. With professionally printed signs, t-shirts, did I mention the pennies? Also the media. All of our local TV, radio and newspapers.
    We were clear at the door that people would be removed for filming or interruptions and somehow we only had to remove one person. They staged a silent protest, thank God. They all filed out just before it ended and filled the exit area holding signs to intimidate the attendees. I think the trans activists at our event were behaving themselves because of the media presence. They knew in WA that it would be shut out by the media, so they let it fly. At our event, the cameras were rolling so they played nice.
    We had it filmed by a professional and I am so glad we did. It’s been very popular on public access channels locally and has been on TV every week for 7 months here.
    I would love to organize an event like the Women Speak Out conference. I think public events are our best weapon. And it doesn’t matter who hosts or where the speakers are coming from – we just need to get the trans-critical dialogue in front of people’s faces.
    I am going to thank you again, Gallus, for what you are doing. You are a soldier for truth.

  71. Caroline Charlese Says:

    The complete video was posted by the below author in the named publication with the below quoted female supportive introduction. Interesting to see the political ripples beyond the trans-advocates.

    Trans Tyranny In Tacoma
    By Rod Dreher • June 17, 2016
    The American Conservative

    “Take a look at this clip, or as much of it as you can stand. You can’t see the audience (the camera was stationary, focused on the speakers), but boy, can you hear them. The reader who sent it says:

    I hope you will take a look at this video when you get a chance. It records incredible footage of a panel discussion recorded yesterday in Tacoma, WA, where a fight is brewing over Initial 1515, the Just Want Privacy Campaign, which seeks to overturn the HRC law that says biological men can undress and shower next to females in all public and private places based solely upon gender identity in Washington State.

    The women panelists are hectored, screamed at continuously, and basically harassed by the trans activists in the audience. I have never seen anything this uncivil and shocking at a public event — including college campus “trigger” events with Milo.

    It’s hard to watch the first half hour or so, but women endure. They are so brave! This is a disheartening video, but also ultimately inspiring because of the bravery and endurance of the women on stage.”

  72. donesoverydone Says:

    Here’s a radio interview Sarah Barr Fraas, the young woman who spoke at the end about what is happening to young women, lesbians, in the queer community.

    “Here is the extended interview Thistle Pettersen did with Sarah Barr Fraas on May 20th, 2016, about her experiences at Smith College as an organizer with Q & A and also about trans politics in general.”


  73. IronBatMaiden Says:

    I was utterly disgusted at the obvious male entitlement at play here. That trans male didn’t give a shit about women and girls’ safety! All he cares about is his validation. If he’s so afraid men are gonna beat the shit out of him, why doesn’t he lobby against male violence instead of demanding in on our spaces?

    And even if we offer a third toilet for these people, they’re still not happy because of their demand to be validated as women! These men are nothing but entitled losers!

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