Video from Radical Feminist panel at the NYC Left Forum: “Deconstructing Gender Identity Under Male Supremacy”

June 27, 2016

8 Responses to “Video from Radical Feminist panel at the NYC Left Forum: “Deconstructing Gender Identity Under Male Supremacy””

  1. donesoverydone Says:

    Post on STC blog edited to include all the speakers.

    Kara Dansky: Lawyer, Policy Analyst, Consultant
    Kathy Scarbrough: PhD Neuroscience
    Sam Berg, Journalist: Activist, Event Organizer
    Penny, White: Momma Bear, Homeless Advocate, Peer Counselor for Survivors of Sexual Trauma

  2. Bob Doublin Says:

    Great video. Thank you for sharing it, GallusMag.

  3. red Says:

    I had to be somewhere today but I just could not tear myself away. This is so fantastic. I’m lost for words. I’m so grateful to these women. Sisters we are going to overcome. This, and Gallus who will not give up or be stopped, other online rad fems and the other meetings and conferences we are experiencing and preparing for are just so wonderful. Thank you thank you. xxx

  4. Janetwo Says:

    Thank you for posting this Gallus. Its an excellent video! I really appreciated how so many perspectives were presented consisely. I also thought the reframing of the transgenderism critics into a left perspective was timely.

    The last speaker, Penny White, was really touching. Parents like her should not just be put into her position of holding back their concerns about transitioning for fear of alienating their children. Its their job to help their children navigate the tumultuous water of the teenage years and young adulthood by providing perspective and pointing the consequences of choices. Since when is it not a common truth that most parents, even when misguided, are the one most looking for their kids best interest? Since when online strangers with a political agenda have more of a voice than loving parents in shaping their children future?

  5. lr1290 Says:

    The Q&A video was also up separately if anyone is interested. Some really good points made.

  6. sarah Says:

    Well done, and brave to do this at Left Forum! Regarding the woman at the end in the Q&A speaking about how she thought this was all just very ~transphobic and out of touch~ I thought the speakers did a great job of showing they understood why the “non binary” crap appeals to her and her friends while also being firm that it makes no sense in terms of women’s liberation. This is a great blog post on that topic by Nedra from a few years ago:

  7. IronBatMaiden Says:

    I watched this entire video and it was absolutely fantastic! It gave us exactly what we needed as opposed to the loud ass conservatives or the no-platforming libfem handmaidens.

    It covered all the basics and should be watched in all universities!

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