Female Erasure

June 30, 2016

sarah pedo nyberg

11 Responses to “Female Erasure”

  1. Silo Says:

    SRH Butts, the admitted pedophile.

  2. atryingthing Says:

    This is terrifying.

  3. survivorthriver Says:

    I favor a third sex, like India. Transgender there can now marry. The entire 0.3% of trans can be together in the third sex, no problem. Add gender neutral single stall facilities and done. Equal rights but not Exceptional rights over women.

    I reject all gender identity ideologies that require me to ignore my own reality and biology and that of others for a male sex fetish and delusion. Our children are being transed at terrifying rates, before they can legally drink or vote they can be sterilized by adults. Vulnerable youth are not capable of signing any informed consent to lose their future reproductive rights, and as most trans have underlying mental issues with depression and history of child abuse. No wonder that transition does not cure their suicidality and there are now many de-transitioners coming out after years of transgender sickness and ill health, and no dimunition of their underlying psychological unhappinesses.

    There are no short cuts to maturing. You can’t spare a child the agony of learning on their own in the open court of real romantic life, and it will only be harder to find yourself – lost in chemical stew of Big Pharma benefitting delusions.

    The Dutch no longer recommend social transition before puberty ad neither should we. This cult cannot make my tongue lie. Penis is male. I’m female an adult woman, and do no appreciate genderbread gibberish from transactivist bullies about their queer definitions not enshrined in any basis in material fact.

    Just like srhbutts claims here, transgender ideology is not based in material fact.

  4. Bob Doublin Says:

    They will never give up because they are immune to reason and the facts. If they are quiet for a few days,it’s because they are thinking up their next distortion. Exactly like climate change deniers. The parallels between the two are deep and really scary.

    • rheapdx1 Says:


      Yeah…oddly enough, both camps have a SEVERE lack of reason guiding same. Or for that matter….misguiding.

      By the way…and this connected to the snowflake movement of erasure, the edict from the DOD today is just as worrisome. In that what Miriam and others have done to make the military a better and stronger force for all, especially women is about to to the way of the dodo. I shook my head over this, because if I had daughters and they wanted to serve, would I want them to join…but be fearful of the narcissistic creep in the next bunk, etc. Not all are like that…be enough to scare the shit out of rational beings.

  5. prozac Says:

    Even those who don’t take hormones or have bottom surgery or whose identification still reads “male”, are not “male” and as such are protected by internal subjective feeling – based legislation, because the sole objective for this formerly sex-based legislation is to oppress me/validate my feelings.

    There are lots of chat logs from Sarah’s dark past where he describes himself as male to female. And lots of chat logs that illustrate that the protection should be FROM him, not for him.

  6. Trish Says:

    Why is it that all the trans-identifyng persons – men transitioning to female, women transitioning to male – all want to use the women’s rest room? Women’s rooms are notoriously (and proven by studies done by the State of NY) the most crowded restrooms at public facilities?

    That just makes so much sense. Not.

  7. Oak and Ash Says:

    Every time I read crap like Nyberg’s, I find myself wondering when (transwo)men will demand not only the right to declare themselves women but also the right to decide some female people aren’t, because they’re lesbian or very athletic or too outspoken or just averse to eyeliner and high heels.

    Only a tiny percentage of women fully embrace the demands of femininity, but the ones who do tend to be be very visible–actresses, models, or young, rich women who spend their time clubbing. Those of us either too busy or too contemptuous to bother tend to become invisible to others, especially the men who prefer to look at–or become!–hyperfeminine dolls with all the life Botoxed out of their faces.

    That’s what female erasure leads to, doesn’t it? Replacing the messy reality of being female with a femininity more subject to the control of men.

    • againstvaw Says:

      Yes. I think that translunacy is a reinforcing the belief that women OUGHT to look fake or like anything other than real women. Young women are under pressure to get fake bits and aim at a figure that cannot be achieved by most real women. They’re told that wearing make-up is a matter of courtesy (job interview advice). It’s a ladyboy look and it’s noticeable how many men leer over ladyboys – many prefer the plastic simulacrum of femininity to real womanhood.

      Trans insist that “transgirls” should not go through puberty – they can’t become women but careful hormone management means that they can stay looking very young and desirable to those who like that sort of thing.

    • kesher Says:

      “the right to decide some female people aren’t, because they’re lesbian or very athletic or too outspoken or just averse to eyeliner and high heels”

      We’re already there. They already declare themselves more “woman” than real women. They already whine about ugly women and old women and women with facial hair being allowed into the women’s restroom while their presence is questioned. They don’t see anything other than the porn ideal as a “real woman”. Although, hilariously, the vast majority of them (Nyberg, for example) are hideous as “women”.

    • RR Says:

      By the number of pre-teens/teen girls getting on testosterone, they are already doing just that. If I was in middle-school or high-school, I would probably be an anything-but-a-woman enby genderfluid Ayden (Y because I am fancy!). I’m thankful that by the time I started seeing women within my friend group identifying as men, I was already an adult. I thought it was a rich girl thing because they were all Ivy League lesbians, I didn’t know what it would become in 15 years. Unfortunately most of those women got lost in it and gave away lesbian community to a bunch of straight fetish pigs.

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