Are Transgender Athletes Playing Fair?

July 10, 2016

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  1. Lizzie Says:

    Without watching the video (audio’s not working on my computer):

    No. Next question.

  2. Of course they are. Silly question. I didn’t watch the vid either.

    Oh, /sarc

  3. Mary Sunshine Says:

    My standard reply to any facebook or tumblr post now regarding women’s athletics:

    “Why bother even having “women’s” athletics anymore, knowing that males can come in and take it over any time? All it does is pander to male fetishism: i.e. watching males play sports with each other while pretending that they’re all female.”

    • sellmaeth Says:

      Exactly. They have abolished women’s athletics. As well as women’s bathrooms and changing rooms. That’s the worst backlash since … I don’t know, I wasn’t even born before all those things existed.

  4. Ella Says:

    How is this even a question?! There’s a reason why we have male and female sports. There’s a reason why say in boxing we differentiate between weight classes. Fact is, it’s always transwomen rising to the top of female sports. I’ve never heard of a transman being able to do the same. We have to acknowledge biological realities, and the fact is biological sex makes a huge difference.

    Seriously not one of those transwomen actually passed. All of them had typical male builds and heights. I can almost guarantee that whatever perceived muscle loss is due to their “women are weak and demure” fetish.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I’d like to see a Transgender Olympics. Let’s see those female Transmen vs. male Transwomen stats.

      • ImNoCissie Says:

        YES this would be true “equality” which Mr. Maloney claimed to want in this interview. Have a third category for competition, let trans compete with each other.

    • sarineal Says:

      It shouldn’t be a question, there are too many physiological advantages for males, from having more haemoglobin to a larger heart and lungs, to a skeletal structure which is taller, stronger and better adapted for walking. I’d say odds on the muscle loss is non-existent. The only thing the adding of exogenous hormones would do for these men would be to make it harder to build muscle, which is not the same thing and would be more like the changes we normally see as people age. If they were trained at the start and kept it up, I think it would make little difference.

      Speaking as a “genetic” female that does a few marathons, not that my or any athletes opinions count the one thing that video does very well though is point out the passing trans male is a myth, and that generally most of the public recognise what equality is in sports and it is not this. We match in sex and weight classes in most sports for a reason so athletes compete on a par.

      • ohdear Says:

        you think that men are “better adapted for walking”? Forgive me if this, and the way you list it with all these other items, sounds like shorthand for “men are better adapted. Period.”

        I know you think you’re helping the female cause by making these arguments, but step back and think about it—is it okay to basically argue that women are biologically inferior to men in order to “protect” women’s sports? Not really. Not if you’re a feminist.

        It’s really cringe-inducing to read this biological inferiority crap over and over every time the issue of trans people in sport comes up. First it was men are “better adapted for sports,” then it becomes, “well, you know, better adapted for sports because better adapted for walking, existing, surviving, you know… actually, better adapted for life.”

        Need it be said?!: women aren’t inherently inferior, biologically or otherwise.

        There are reasons that women don’t currently tend to perform as well as men in (some) sports, just like there are reasons women haven’t been president of the USA and reasons that most women in the west hate their bodies and reasons why boys don’t cry.

        There are sports, you know, where women perform on par with male athletes or are rapidly closing the sex-gap (crossfit games, tennis, triathlon & other endurance sports, even hockey).

        There are sports where women out-do men consistently (but of course men tend to stop competing in these or maintain strict segregation, e.g. olympic ski jumping, gymnastics events like balance beam, parallel bars, etc.)

        None of any of this is god given or due to the inherent inferiority of anyone’s biology, male or female. Sexual dimorphism is not a hierarchy, it’s biological diversity and has no implications for anything other than reproduction, which, last time I checked, sport is not.

        And, no, we (women) don’t have to give up sex-segregated sports if we don’t want to, nor do I think we should allow MtF into women’s sports. But none of that has to be put down to inherently inferior biology. That line of thinking is just regressive and anti-feminist. Imho.

      • sarineal Says:

        I can’t leave a reply under oh dears comment but to cover the strange tangent and accusation that talking about the very real facts about male anatomy and the male skeletal structure means it is saying “men are better adapted full stop” which of course is not true. More than this, this is the wrong way to go because recognising that there is dimorphism between the sexes is important, how on earth can you argue that women are disadvantaged by having men in women’s sporting events unless you acknowledge those differences and recognise where one sex has an inherent physiological advantage over the other in this area? Pretending this does not exist, or being policed and told you cannot talk about this falls into the arguments of these people who say there is no difference or those difference can be reduced to hormone levels, therefore these men can be regarded as female for sporting purposes.

        The male pelvis is different to the female pelvis, which must allow a larger outlet to give birth. However, if it was any wider, women wouldn’t be able to walk, so that means ohdear that it is less well adapted for walking in comparison. Less well adapted for walking does not mean inferior, it just means that the female pelvis is adapted differently to allow the two functions it performs. The female skeletal structure and other anatomical features as you say do give some advantages in other areas, the greater flexibility gives some benefits in some sports. This doesn’t mean that male advantages in many other sports should be ignored nor the unfairness when women are forced to compete head to head with men in their own sporting codes. All of those ‘reasons’ you note are different in each case and you cannot rhetorically limit those differences to women’s reproduction alone. Acknowledging differences is important, we remove those, we remove the ability to recognise women as class with specific needs.

        From the rather transphobic (or should that be anti-feminist in your case?) Wikipedia on sexual dimorphism in pelves in humans:

        “Modern humans are to a large extent characterized by bipedal locomotion and large brains. Because the pelvis is vital to both locomotion and childbirth, natural selection has been confronted by two conflicting demands: a wide birth canal and locomotion efficiency, a conflict referred to as the “obstetrical dilemma”. The female pelvis, or gynecoid pelvis,[25] has evolved to its maximum width for childbirth — a wider pelvis would make women unable to walk. In contrast, human male pelvises are not constrained by the need to give birth and therefore are more optimized for bipedal locomotion. [26]”

      • Charlotte Says:

        Flo Jordan, the record breaking elite female marathon runner, had her record beat by the top 15 male high school runners in Texas this year alone. That tells us unequivocally that males have NO business in the Olympics or ANY female sports teams, at all, what so ever.

        The way the ligaments attach to the female girdle alone gives women a huge disadvantage in speed and endurance. And NO amount of HRT or surgery changes the acruel male pelvis.

        This trans shit is a fucking outrage!

  5. Carol M. Says:

    Real fair Brit tv interview… all men!!! Including the gender critical person. What ever happened to balanced journalism? Unless no real woman wanted to deal with the hate mail and threats…

  6. AWESOME CAT Says:

    Apart from the moderator, the only woman on the panel, Lola Adesioye, was given 29 seconds to speak. The British “neoconservative” pundit and openly gay man Douglas Murray made a fair effort, given the limitations of this stupidly “polite” context. I was encouraged when he floated the example of boxing (especially because the wig-pig on the left was a boxer), but then he was squelched by the boxing-wig-pig’s assertion that this would never happen. I wish Murray had known to illustrate his example with the officially sanctioned psychotic violence of “Fallon” Fox.

    Also, no more “born as a male.” Just “male.”

  7. ImNoCissie Says:

    No, they aren’t but I watched the video anyway. Ridiculous to have a panel based on writers and male trans giving their subjective opinions, preceded by man in the street interviews, and I do mean man. Did they really believe they would find a single female impersonator who would admit they weren’t realer than real and entitled to compete against women in sport?

    How about some actual medical, science-based information other than Mr. Maloney’s wail of “my muscle mass deteriorated” and blathering about Renee Richards.

    And the sociology prof looks at least 6’5″ seated, it’s rich to have him sitting around talking about “No Advantage” and women shouldn’t be a protected class. WHAT?

  8. branjor Says:

    Are transgender athletes playing fair? Have men ever played fair?

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      @branjor Heck no….

      And of all things, PBS, via ‘To The Contrary’ aired a segment this afternoon about just this issue……which can connect to the video above. Worse still….with one exception ( as in a feminist who agrees with most here that this is a rights grab)….these folks seem to have drunk the NPR Kool-aid. This was only driven home by the post-op MD who was on the panel, who was not challenged, when spouting that mantra about ‘transwomen being women’ and have no male privilege. Yep…no challenge….no one pointing out sinple biological fact. Nothing. (no comment from here about this person’s visage…outside of, think of what the DC NFL team’s offensive line was called. Now….add long hair and the ‘Duper’s Delight’ smirk and one gets the idea).

      It is a shame…on both sides of the pond…folks have bought into the lie. I know the advantages trans would have in women’s sports….you know this. @GallusMag, et al here know this. Why the hell sports officials, who claim to know about science, biology and physiology don’ t know this is beyond me. Makes one really question if authorities understand they are enablers in the erasure.

  9. I watched most of the video until I couldn’t stand it any longer. Watching Frank Maloney is rather nauseating. He made a boat load of money in a very masculine occupation promoting boxing matches. Like most middle aged white male “tranisitioners”, he is heterosexual.. Maloney was married for 15 years to his second wife. He has two daughters from this marriage, and another daughter from his first marriage. He admits to trying to strangle his wife, but all is forgiven because we are told it was due to his frustration at not being fully accepted for the lady he really is. In other words, he strangled his wife because he has always been a “lady”, and he is misunderstood. Similar to Jenner, he became a “woman” when he was 60 years old after using his white male privilege to further his career and rake in the dough. Similar to Jenner, Maloney must have must have spent half his fortune on plastic surgery, particularly facial plastic surgery. No one 60 years old looks this way naturally. We are supposed to believe that a male who spent almost 60 years of his life as a man in a very masculine occupation who fathered at least three children always knew he was a “woman” inside. Maloney has no credibility. I trust boxing promoters who abuse their wives about as much as I trust used car salesmen.

    Transgender activists have all but destroyed women’s sports, and it makes me sick to my stomach. It sickens me to the point that I refuse to watch any “women’s sports”. I will not watch the Olympics. Under the new Olympic rules, males don’t have to undergo sex reassignment surgery. Yes, he can still have his penis and testicles and compete against Olympic women athletes. How this works out in locker rooms isn’t even discussed. Testosterone has to be below 10 nmol/L for a year. This is still within the low range for males. Normal range for females is around .5 to 2.5. Females naturally produce very small amounts of testosterone. So, he can have three times the testosterone that women naturally produce, still have his penis and testicles, and compete against females. Gendertrender was all over this when it broke, and has been covering this for years.

    Look at all the photos and read all the comments. This is purely politically driven, and it’s fundamentally unfair to female athletes.

    Knowing what we know about Olympic doping and cheating scandals that go back decades, some countries are going to exploit the hell out of these new rules. Don’t tell me this won’t be exploited. All we have to do is look at the history of sports. Scroll down and look at the Iranian “women’s” national soccer team. Eight of the “women” players on the Iranian “women’s” team are males. There is nothing in the new Olympic rules to prevent an entire “women’s” team from being male.

    At the college level, any 6’8″ 180 lb. washed up male player can try out for the women’s team. Ludwig played on a men’s team when he was younger.

    It took less than three minutes for Mr. Fallon Fox, ex-Navy man, to beat Tamika Brents into submission. It was rather sickening. Brents suffered a fractured orbital bone and 7 staples to the scalp.

    Other sports…

    Again, I will not be watching the Olympics.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Speaking of blood doping… needs to ask those activists the following:

      What is the difference between what the Russian athletes did to ‘game the system’ to their advantage [not all, but enough to cause concern and tip the scales] and those trans athletes, who ALREADY have an advantage via muscle fibers…skeletal structure, etc claiming to be female, which in the process….games the system in their favor, over genetic females?

      The answer: NONE

      And yet the PINHEADS FORMERLY OWNED BY GE did not….did not point that out, during an interview this evening that aired on the NBC station here. (this should be up at the KGW site)The interviewee …a medical professional, in addition to being a special snowflake…claimed (while flashing the Duper’s Delight sneer) that banning trans athletes due to physical advantage, is akin to banning left handers from playing against right handers in baseball. I shit you not….that was the statement.

      Really? There may be differences in the delivery that lefties and righties have….but there is no basic difference that would warrant segregating players on that basis. NONE.

      And again….no challenge on the issue. What a crock of shit the activists are….and shittier still…no one calls them on this.

  10. pollyhannah11 Says:

    I’m sorry, I just laugh. Listen to that man’s voice, Maloney, hilarious. A fucking JOKE at women’s expense. You people will be laughing stocks 30 years from now – after all the dust (and lawsuits) have settled.

  11. CKDexterHaven Says:

    I think it’s disturbing that the two MTT sportspeople who may make the British Olympic team will not be revealed as trans. Assuming they are passing, that means everyone will be scrutinising every new, female British competitor and questioning the fairness of her being there. They showed footage of a British woman winning an event the other day and I found myself looking her body over for signs of being trans (which made me feel as mean as it sounds). They might as well let half the competitors take shitloads of drugs but not tell us which ones for all the transparency there is. Even if these MTT athletes do badly it’s still two average men stealing the places, and possibly the funding, of two talented women.

  12. CKDexterHaven Says:

    I should add that Kellie Maloney recently filmed an episode of Channel 4 reality show, Celebrity First Dates, which the channel has decided not to broadcast. Apparently, his date, an unnamed, male celebrity who was open to the idea of dating a transwoman, was made uncomfortable by the experience. I don’t know whether the channel dropped the episode because the male celebrity requested it or because they didn’t want to screen a reality show concerning transgenderism that actually touched upon reality. What’s the betting that the mystery, male celebrity assumed transwoman = hot, young, Playboy-esque fuck-buddy with no icky female functions or concerns about equality and couldn’t cope when confronted with a man in a dress?

  13. One of the first things that the mainstream media entertainer mentioned was the Olympics. Corporations make a boat load of money from the Olympics. Notice how the smiling talking head didn’t go into details about what the new Olympic rules were, and how they are fundamentally unfair to female athletes. Mainstream media is primarily for entertainment. This is why I call them entertainers. They don’t want to tell people that a biological male can still have his penis and testicles and have testosterone levels three times the average range for females and compete as a “woman”. It’s bullsh**, and this was a pathetic video lacking in any real substance. Indeed, I got the sense that the whole purpose of this video was to promote the trans narrative and dispense with anything of substance.

    Other than to push a specific trans narrative, why go immediately to a transgender event to interview people? What do they expect transwomen to say? One of the first places that this pathetic biased video takes its viewer is a transgender event called Sparkle. I think she said Sparkle. Did they ask any women? Hell no, they aren’t going to ask women how we feel about anything.

    I don’t care what males choose to wear, and I don’t even care if they identify as transgender. However, males are not female, and males shouldn’t be competing against females. For every male on a women’s team, this means that some young woman somewhere is going to train her heart out, and be told that her spot on the team was taken by a male. Why not interview the women that were told that their spot on the Olympic team was taken by a male? No, the first place they go is to Sparkle to ask some transwomen. We don’t care how these women feel. Let’s all go to Sparkle! By the way, even Stevie Wonder could tell that many of the transwomen that they interviewed were males.

    I will not be watching the Olympics. Not this year or ever. It’s a scandal plagued, hyper-commercialized farce. Every other year or so there is some cheating scandal. The incessant commercials are enough to make me want to switch the channel. It’s evolved into an insult to the intelligence of common every day people, and the new rules are an affront to fair and honest athletic competition.

    On a different note, the BBC said that Building 7 came down 20 minutes before it actually fell. The conspiracy crowd says it had foreknowledge. Google it. It’s all very strange. The video is still online with a BBC reporter saying that Building 7 just collapsed, and people can see the actual Building 7 still standing in the background. I’m not saying the conspiracy people are right, but it’s really strange. What mainstream news media such as the BBC say means diddly squat to me.

    • sarineal Says:

      It would take all the entertainment out of it if males compete with females. No use watching if the outcome is pre-set and you know the male will win hands down over the female competitors.

      They won’t interview any female athletes about this, partly because then the real disparity will be clear. There’s a reason for the silence there and it’s not just to obscure the obvious fact that it’s men taking over all sports and destroying the achievements of women. It’s because it already has happened that athletes that have complained or even indicated that they know the person on first place at the podium is a male have been penalised for it, including one in cycling that got a three month suspension and missed an important meet. They want to compete, they must keep silent about the unfairness of it all. If these changes stay in though, we may see less women really dedicating themselves and to the sacrifices needed to be at the top of sports. There would be no use in trying to get to the top when the top is stacked with men who will win.

      As for the media, they will push out the narrative they want, hence this video discussion that avoids the obvious issues that any member of the public can see. Lip service is paid to accuracy and balance but that doesn’t matter in the end, like with the reporting of the building where obviously the reporter passed on incorrect information and either didn’t know or care what they reported hadn’t happened. I’ve also seen a car accident victim in initial reporting change sex and fall into a completely different age demographic, never corrected, because it’s about pushing the news out above all. Facts and truth are a completely different thing altogether.

      • I think it would be pretty entertaining to watch a trans gymnast try to keep his bollocks in his leotard.

        Flippancy aside, I completely agree. They’ll wonder in 20 years’ time why there are so few female athletes willing to make the effort to break into world-class sports.

  14. Looks like the vid was taken down. Here is another link:


  15. js Says:

    What happened to the video?

  16. Ginny Vogel Says:

    Videos like this BBC one are important to watch and to guide others to watch. Until you see and hear this stuff it is hard to believe. I’m old enough I can see and hear Rod Serling’s tight lipped intro: “Next stop, the Twilight Zone.” It is in these videos we see that weird world between science and the imagination (‘feelings’) and until people see this craziness animated by the very people who have crossed over you cannot believe it. I couldn’t til I started looking thru these archives.

  17. tnt666 Says:

    The video seems to have been removed.
    Regardless. Athletics was a huge part of my school years, and during my biology studies, my thesis was on the multiple impacts of damaged puberty encountered by elite female athletes.
    We not only need trans-olympics but trans-intersex-olympics. “Gender id” has no business in sports categories. Males with AIS who have been raised as women medal 5x more than females.
    Many women’s organisations that as these males have been “raised woman” they should have the right to compete as women, but this is false.
    The more we know in science, the more we have a responsability to ensure fairness and safety in athletics.

    In Paralympics, there is a handicapping scoring system, which looks in detail at each athlete and determines their advantage and ensures that all participants have a fair playing field.

    It would be very interesting to see the various combinations of intersex and hormones dosage and gonad removals and even breast removal (changing the body’s weight distribution) affects performance on an OBJECTIVE basis.

    This needs to happen now. Female’s athletics associations must get their heads out of their boyfriends’ asses and get moving on this.

  18. Carrie-Anne Says:

    I’m seeing a message saying this video has been removed by the user.

  19. J N Says:

    The video has been removed. I found what appears to be another copy here:

  20. Can you imagine being a young Olympic gymnast (whose body has almost literally been broken and bent out of shape in order to get to that level) competing against a male, knowing that all the pain, hard work, and dedication you put into getting to that level was all for nothing. Because now you are expected to go up against someone whose physical power you cannot hope to match.
    Imagine how you’d feel knowing that all he had to do was go on hormones for a bit in order to qualify as ‘female’ in the eyes of the Olympic committee.
    Now imagine how you’d feel finding out that he had previously tried to qualify as a male, but wasn’t good enough.

    So now you have girls who are at the top of their game competing against second rate males – and losing.

    How fucking heart broken would you be?

    • donesoverydone Says:

      Weight lifting is going to be a joke, that will become a men who identify as women dominated sport right quick I imagine.

    • ohdear Says:

      you’re assuming that the events of female gymnastic competition (not the same as men’s events) favors a larger, heavier, longer, “stronger” (bulkier?) body. Not true. This is proven by the fact that over time the average body size of world-class female gymnasts has gotten smaller (shorter), not bigger. Men not only don’t compete against women in gymnastics events, they don’t compete against other men in those events either…they simply abstain totally. Men do not train or compete in balance beam or uneven bars. Seems obvious why—women tend to do better than men in these events, which favor smaller, more controlled bodies with lower center of gravity and which don’t operate according to the doltish laws of “brute strength” so appealing to masculinity’s brain drain.

      • kesher Says:

        Early transitioning MTFs might have an advantage though since they can delay puberty indefinitely. And you know sports authorities would not challenge the trans cult on that front.

      • The events themselves have evolved over the years too, not just the athletes. The uneven bars used to be a lot closer together than what they are now (to the
        point where the girls would smack their hips against the bars as part
        of their routines). Who’s to say that they won’t slowly change the rules to eventually favor brute strength?
        Especially if the trans cult lobby about the events being unfair – which they may do after getting their foot through the door.

  21. gothamette Says:

    Video has been removed. Can someone explain it?

  22. shonagh Says:

    Ohhhh… so. I watched this on the telly and then I watched it again here. I have shouted “F*CK OFF, FRANK!” about ten times in total now.
    I have a lot to say, a lot more than I usually say here, anyway!

    Firstly – the presenter clearly is a smart woman. The looks she gives that sociologist! LOL.

    Secondly – the comments from the public are (all?) very sane. The “normal” people are not fooled by this crap.

    Thirdly – LOL again, at the disagreement between “Delia” and Frank – “Delia” brings up the lack of gay footballers/rugby players in the public eye and Frank gets all shirty about how being gay and being trans are totally different. Well, Frank, of course you’d say that – you’re as gay as a box of frogs, but you desperately want to be thought of as hetero… *I* remember you sexually harassing that poor boxer on Celebrity Big Brother! And you basically admitted at the time that yes, all those years, you *were* perving on the guys in the showers. Ugh. Being gay and being trans *are* very different things, but not so much for you!

    Fourthly – there seemed to be basic agreement between Douglas Murray, Lola Adesioye, and the sociologist, that maybe (theoretically) we’d be as well having men and women competing against each other now, all in one big class, since allegedly there’s no difference between us. Yeah, fair enough – that *is* the logical conclusion. But does it seem reasonable? hell no.

    Fifth – Frank for sure has to know about Fallon Fox. I just don’t believe that he doesn’t know, as a man who has spent his whole professional life involved in combat sport. So he’s a big liar (shock, horror, I know) when he talks about there being no problem in the case of sports like boxing.

    Sixth – the idea that the mental strain of scrutiny and ridicule stops trans athletes from performing? Well, boo f*cking hoo. I watched Serena Williams win at Wimbledon the other day. Scrutiny and ridicule? She knows all about that shit. Yet she powers through and wins regardless, cos she’s amazing. It’s not scrutiny and ridicule the trans athletes are afraid of. It’s having their delusion questioned.

    Seventh – What the hell has a sociologist got to say about this anyway?? Where was the Sports Scientist? The Biologist? The Sports Statistician? The prof’s presence made it crystal clear to everyone, I think, that this is pure politics, and not at all about fairness in sports (or anywhere else).

    Okay I’m going to stop now – but really I think this stuff is great for bringing peak trans smack into the faces of a *lot* of people. While the piece made me shout at the television a lot, on the whole I think it’s a win for sanity.

    • SkepticalMom Says:

      Comment of the day right up there ^^^ by shonagh. Thank you for adding your two cents, I loved it and couldn’t agree more. My favorite part is #6, regarding Serena Williams: “Scrutiny and ridicule? She knows all about that shit. Yet she powers through and wins regardless, cos she’s amazing.” Yup. She’s a REAL woman.

      • LC Says:

        I never have been much of a sports person, and the first time I became aware of Serena Williams was from comments on this site about how much misogyny and abuse she gets for her appearance and tennis ability. And before I actually knew what she looked like, I assumed she was ‘somewhat butch’, figuring there must be something behind the insults, I guess- but from any conventional standards of female beauty, she’s freaking gorgeous. And an amazing tennis player, since I’ve seen her play a couple times now.

        Still just amazes me to realize sometimes how much men irrationally hate women who are good at anything. Even attractive women can’t win this game.

  23. MaryMacha Says:

    My favorite part occurs at 6:10 when the interviewer correctly refers to Delia Johnston as he.

  24. anon male Says:

    Chris Mosier has been getting a lot of magazine coverage lately, fwiw.

    While a lot of people have been pointing out how silly the IOC standards of transition are when directed at females, and rightly so…

    None of Mosier’s dick riders have bothered to point out that, unlike Jenner, Mosier’s wiki page has about zero actual times/performances and all the listed awards are “spirit” ribbons for being the Rudy of Diversity.

    One might also point out that triathlon, if you’re being cynical, was invented by white people so they’d win something, anything, after they started losing the “money” 5-10Ks — I guess they discovered they could be racist without having to squeeze their wet feet into shoes by dropping the swimming component and instead just hosting them intermittently in far flung locals, making it a neo-sport where they have even less teenage/college competition, never mind they’re relying on age groups, anyway.

    “Competing with the age 35-39 men’s group sprint, Mosier, 35, finished 144th among 434 competitors across all ages with an unofficial time of 1:06:29. He finished 26th among the 47 men in the age 35-39 group and second among the U.S. men in his group.”

    26 of 47! DOMINATION! That’s athletic prowess on the level of Laverne Cox’s acting chops. SLAYAGE! The 21 dudes who lost to Mosier probably went home, cried their cis male tears, and [too triggering to post].

    Never mind that endurance athletes like Ann Transon dusted men for decades (without steroids!) but Mosier is somehow awesome-sauce for beating not… “men” but… “countless cis-men” (actual quote by queer news). But lets ignore that most of those cissies weren’t pro-athletes and likely soon-to-be grand parents to boot.

    And in that race mentioned above, while Mosier was the second US man to cross the line, the first female who was non steroid abusing — presumably — crossed only a minute later, so it appears the US dudely-dudes team is goddamn awful all around. So they should probably stop spending money to fly across an ocean to ride bikes in Spain; fuck, Syrian refugees don’t even want to go there.

    But hey, when your identity comes with a built in cheering section [pink press/liberal press/3rd wave press, etc.] that doesn’t even REALLY care about sports… 26th place is awesome. Even if it means the disappearance of all those women who have ALWAYS ran/rode with men throughout history as uninteresting relics.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Mosier isn’t competitive with men and neither is Harvard swimmer or that Alums basketball player. The Harvard swimmer did place 5th in her first match on the men’s team a year ago:

      • anon male Says:

        I looked at the actual results page (afaict, it’s late, could be wrong)

        And it lists Bailar as 6th. So unless someone got disqualified, it was actually 6 out of… 7 competitors, with the last being as far behind as to reasonably claim having mono.

        Bailar is a great athlete, objectively. But so are the two other women at Harvard who can also swim the 100 in 1:03, without the benefit of hormone cocktails — and yet you can’t even google their team without the results being dominated by trans stuff.

        Imagine if Serena Williams could come in second from last and get that kind of fanfare? Trans is the new White Mediocrity.

      • anon male Says:

        I missed an X on one of the times; Harvard was being nice and decided to keep some of their best talent as “exhibition” as to not completely shut out the feckless rich kids who wound up being stuck at Bryant. Harvard thus only entered two students in that race. (I’m gathering that’s not something that’s done when you give a shit or aren’t trying to make a political statement?)

        So Bailar did technically get fifth; OTOH, if my great-great grandfather’s corpse entered the contest, he would have been able to claim he got 7th. And he’d be able to say he was the 3rd best Harvard man at the 100m. Go team! Do it for the 1%!

  25. prozac Says:

    Well, this video totally highlighted the thing that pisses me off the most when discussing male /female capacity in a sporting sense. The question is NOT “are you weaker now, as a “female” than you were as a man.?” That is not the question. The question is, is your strength remotely in line with other FEMALES in your age range? Not males, not previous iterations of who you were, other females. In the Fallon Fox thread awhile back there was aquote that talked about TWmuscle mass compared to other males. Who cares about what a male’s muscle mass compared to other males is? Arrrgh! Asking these hideous (i don’t mean to be horrible but they are so gross) men if they should be allowed to compete is like asking foxes if they should be allowed to guard the green house. WUFF.

  26. I was an athlete in high school and at the time, Title IX had made the men’s team the default – if your school didn’t have enough players for a girls team and a boys team, then everybody competed as guys. We were a small rural school and I competed as a guy. (And took a lot of harassment from my classmates for it, too.) and despite training my butt off, I regularly placed 6th as a guy, with times that would have been excellent on a girls team. These assholes need to stay on the boys team – I managed and my ovaries didn’t shrivel up from the skeptical looks the timers would give me when I handed over my blue card.

  27. Ooh! A Foxglove! Says:

    If this is the video i think it is, one of the guys tries to make a point that all athletes are physically exceptional. Genetically fortunate freaks.

    However, being born with mondo lungs, a little more androgen than usual, to a pair of really keen long distance high altitude runners (as an example) is a freakish set of events for an athlete.

    Being born male and being given a carefully controlled medicinal regime is a long way off fortunate random occurance.

    So, no this is not fair.

  28. bitternurse Says:

    hope you dont mind if i post this just wanted to get this video out there 🙂

    • donesoverydone Says:

      I agree, children shouldn’t be used to further any aim and yes, let’s hope that things work out for Jazz. That poor kid is being used. Who would want their kid to be followed around with a camera and have their life served up as entertainment? I don’t get those parents, at best they are just crazy.

      • branjor Says:

        Oh, things will work out for him just fine. It won’t all be easy, but being a male he’ll always have some female caretakers around him, unlike females who legitimately need care. And there’s also the sister who’s agreed to have sperm stuck up her “vag” and be pregnant in order to give Jazz offspring.

    • prozac Says:

      I agree about jazz. I watched a bunch of the second season the other night. How can you not worry about a child like that, especially when you see how sensationalized everything is for television.

      i DID find it interesting that they straight out said blockers+ xsex hormones = sterility, admitted they were experimenting on their child, and that jazz talked to that trans model who seemed horrified that he wanted srs. Very concerning and I’m sorry if this is completely OT and out of line Gallus.

      Please take care of yourself jenbob, i really enjoy your videos.

  29. prozac Says:

    Seriously that other trans laydee looks like Lurch from the Addams family. It’s too bad they didn’t think to bring a medical professional, some type of sport trainer, anybody with a physiological specialization. Or did i miss that? the part about women being fragile was another fuck you, ladies! Either you think you are delicate flowers and weak and useless or you reject that idea by agreeing to compete against males. And what about transmen, why is no one stopping them? That is a mystery that will never be solved by this panel.

  30. red Says:

    Could we get a Go Fund Him to send Anon to a certain far flung triatholon to do the play by play? I’m dying here at that comment.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      @red Yeah…..anon along with maybe Bob Ueker doing the play by play. That would be a hoot…on many levels.

      @bittermurse What is mentioned in the video settles the hash of many, who in other corners are going way the hell out of their way to promote transkids. For crying out loud…many are still growing and even if they have an IQ greater than Einstein, they are STILL not able to grasp the overall details of biology and gender. Let them be kids..just kids….and they will figure out where they fit in on their own. No need for this to be rushed by those, who are not mentoring the young, but grooming the next generation of toys for creeps.

      By the way….if the IOC had their way years back, the Canadian Women’s Olympic hockey team would have been forced to dump a stellar athlete like Manon Rheaume for a trans who could not wear her goalie mask. All in the name of PC….not fairness. Think about that level of insanity for a second.

  31. Sooz Says:

    I was a competitive swimmer and regularly won at the state level. My sister, two inches taller with really long arms, went to the Pan Am games. She could have been an Olympian had she wanted to train that hard. Some of the guys on our team were over a foot taller than those of us who were normal sized women (5’4″ to say 5’8″). He wasn’t the strongest or fastest guy by far (our coach trained several Olympians) but his height gave him two major advantages. First, he didn’t have to move his arms as fast because they were so long. Second, his racing dive put him almost half way the length of a short course pool which meant he was traveling through air instead of water, thus less drag. In training, none of the girls, including my sister could touch him. Make that three….he could really make each stroke count because he had such a long pull.

    I went to college with Olympic gold medalist Kay Hall. One reason she was so good was gorilla arms. I thought my sister had long arms, but Kay’s were down to her knees. I seriously doubt, though, that she would have a chance against a man 6’7″, also with extremely long arms, even though he was good to her great. Physiology matters.

    • Linx Says:

      I think this is the second known time this has happened in southern Idaho.

    • anon male Says:

      crickets from left-wing/centrist media on this; I guess they plan on waiting until they can Scotsman him as a him and then draft articles on how messed up it is that the story spread like wildfire on right-wing media.

      Also in the news:

      So the Trans Camp is called Gendered Intelligence? Seriously? And

      “Jen Kitney, 23, a learning technology apprentice from Essex, said she hadn’t been in a pool for seven years until her first GI summer camp in 2014.”

      wait, this camp is for 21 year olds as much as it is for kids? I know all transwomen are “girls” but this sounds like they’re baking fucked up age dynamics into their patriarchal pool parties.

      “What’s really nice is how gender disappears on camp and really doesn’t matter anymore.”

      Yeah, because normal girls wear dresses to summer camp every year… for pete’s sake, they don’t even encourage that at bible camp.

      • thisismeandonlyme Says:

        Parents have 11 year olds with 24 year-old very mixed up adults at a Summer Camp. What could possibly go wrong?

      • Cee Says:

        I think it might be hard for the media to discredit this person as a man posing as a transwoman. It’s simply impossible to know who is really transsexual in a public setting. In this case, the perp used a feminine name and wore feminine dress. In most cases, this “qualifies” a man as being a woman.

        It’s going to be hard for the trans lobby to wiggle out of this one, especially given that in addition to his name and clothing, he specifically told police he is transgender. In order to qualify in Washington state, for example, declaration is all that is needed. I think the same holds true in Target stores.

  32. Cee Says:

    The Daily Mail has an article out saying that Britain is set to enter two transgenders into the Olympic events . . . but they refuse to name them or their sport, and claim that even if one won a medal, he would shrink from claiming it due to humiliation and ridicule (men playing the victim card). The comments to this article are spot on and appear to reflect general outrage at the prospect.

    • juno Says:

      But their shame does not extend as far as to allow a female a place to compete. Crocodile tears, all of it.

  33. Trish Says:

    Why can’t they just start a Special Snowflake Olympics?

    Events could include:

    deflecting honest questions with accusations of bigotry

    throwing the tantrum discus

    slalom around incompatible claims of how a woman can live in the brain of a little boy

    skating away from biological facts

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