Idaho Transwoman caught filming teen girls in Target dressing room

July 13, 2016


From East Idaho News:

“IDAHO FALLS — A transgender woman accused of videotaping an 18-year-old in a Target fitting room admitted to detectives that she had made videos in the past of women undressing, according to court documents obtained by

Shauna Smith, a transgender woman, is being charged as Sean Smith with one felony count of video voyeurism after the alleged incident Monday.

An affidavit of probable cause states the 18-year-old woman was trying on swimwear at the Target on 25th East when someone in an adjacent fitting room held an iPhone over the top of the barrier and began taking photos or video recording.

“The victim’s mother confronted the suspect, who immediately fled on foot. Both (the victim and victim’s mother) described the suspect as a white male who was wearing a dress and a blonde wig. A witness observed the suspect get into a vehicle and leave the area,” court documents state.

Bonneville County detectives learned the vehicle was registered to Smith. When an investigator arrived at Smith’s home, documents state “the defendant’s roommate told (the investigator) her roommate is a transgender male who identifies as a female, Shauna Smith.”

The detective showed the roommate surveillance still photos of the suspect from Target and the roommate identified the suspect’s clothing as that of Smith’s, according to documents.

Deputies interviewed Smith and “the defendant eventually admitted to me that she had made videos in the past of women undressing. The defendant told (the detective) that she makes these videos for the ‘same reason men go online to look at pornography,’” documents state.

According to the affidavit, Smith told the detective “she finds the video sexually gratifying” and when the deputy looked at the camera roll on Smith’s iPhone, he “observed a video of a young adult female undressing in a changing room at what appear to be Target. The defendant admitted to me that this video was recorded at Target.”

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130 Responses to “Idaho Transwoman caught filming teen girls in Target dressing room”

  1. IronBatMaiden Says:

    This is exactly what we warned against with these bathroom and change room laws! Remind me again why we’re the bigoted ones for not recognizing these creeps as women?

    • Did you read the part where she said she’s been doing it for a long time? Again, a specific Target policy doesn’t change anything. Without a policy, she still could go in the dressing room and restroom. Bad apples will be bad apples, regardless of rules.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Then why does the trans lobby push for rule changes?

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        HE is not a she. Female pronouns belong to women.

      • IronBatMaiden Says:

        That’s sound an awful lot like rape apology.

        He may have been doing this for a long time, but it was the laws that protect women that prevent this from becoming widespread! When you take this space away, you remove sex-based protections and you open the door for more of this bullshit, which also puts the blame on the victim when shit goes down.

        Let’s face it. You don’t want to own up to the underbelly of trans activism! They would rather put more burden on women and girls than to make men realize that if they’re beating guys up for wearing dresses, then they’re assholes! How is that progressive?

      • Trish Says:

        Gallus, I think the reason they push for rule changes is that so many MTT activists know very well that they don’t “pass” as female (which might have something to do with the fact that they dress not like ordinary women but like porn actresses).

        So their next plan is to force us to act like we don’t notice that they’re not women when they enter the women’s room, so they can maintain the fantasy that we don’t notice.

      • gchild Says:

        I am so sick of the “bad apples” argument. Just say female saftey is less important than trans fantasmagoria: the consumption of femaleness by males in order to maintain Woman Mask.

        Everybody knows its the female bodies inside the “womens” room that validate transwomenhood, not the goddamned sign. Hiding this narcissistic vampirism requires deliberate dishonesty, thought policing, controling language, as well as strict vigilance of all female spaces and gatherings.

        Its like grandma wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, every contradiction is met with an absurd obvious lie. Like the “bad apples” excuse. As if making a public policy opening up access to womens spaces will have little or no impact on a culture of rampant, clever, bottomless, determined, and obbssessive male sexual exploitation of females and children. Lol. How long before too many bad apples = stop oppressing people who need to perv in order to cum!? Open your minds, your mouths, your legs!

        Just say sexual exploitation of females, whether for sex or sex role gratification is not something you care to stop or prevent. Or that whatever happens to girls and women as a result isn’t your concern.

        Cause you don’t care about this woman or any other women or girls who will be “cannibalized” by trans or trans ideology.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        exactly right!

      • Janetwo Says:

        @gchild what an awesome reply! 🙂 It made my day. Thanks for posting

  2. charlston Says:

    I have nothing. Seems certain sites and blogs have nothing to say yet either.

    • southwest88 Says:

      Well, some twits on Jezebel used the Dani Mathis story to push the trans agenda into the comments, I pushed back with a link to this page and some wondering why Jezebel is not covering this story from Idaho. I am sure I will never “get out of the grays” for those comments but lots of people on Kinja platforms read the “grays” so maybe they will get curious. I did not think the Dani story had anything to do with transgender issues, and it doesn’t but I guess the trans boosters just could not resist the chance to the smug little twerps.

  3. He doesn’t even remotely look female. He is an obvious male creep, complete with a smirk. Well, Target, are you proud of yourselves?

    • GallusMag Says:

      He was wearing a dress and a blonde wig when he was out perving. And/or when not incarcerated.

    • Do you realize that one does not need hormones, surgery or even attire of the opposite sex to identify as trans ?…..that is the problem in a nutshell…..all one has to do is “identify” as the opposite sex….see David Muscato as an example…a trans activist who doesnt take hormones, hasnt had surgery, and doesnt don the attire of the opposite sex….he identifies as a woman….and there are many, many more just like him……×430.png

      • Uh, yeah, I’m aware. I’ve been doing this for awhile, thanks. I made that comment to highlight the absurdity of libfems that claim trans women are all trying really, really hard to pass and are really, really sad. That men like this don’t exist.

      • Trish Says:

        That’s exactly why I don’t buy the whole thing – they’ve gone from demanding that society recognizing they “deserve” surgery, to demanding their birth certificates be changed, to demanding society pay for their surgeries (weirdly the face change surgeries are way more common than the genital surgery. If I woke up with a dick one morning, that would be the priority for surgery in my life)

        Now the demand is to treat biological men (or women) as the opposite sex “on demand” (to borrow a term from cable tv contracts). Physical reality, criminal records of previous sex crimes, co-morbid mental health issues are not to be mentioned. All we’re allowed to say is that they are “stunning and brave”.

  4. Emily Says:

    Not the first time, not the last time this will happen. I have a question: when a transgender changes their name , dies it in anyway facilitate their getting away with criminal activity? I’ve noticed that a number of transgenders have two or more names they use. And since in many areas the laws surrounding name changes are simplified for the sake of transgenders, should we be concerned?

    • donesoverydone Says:

      I remember a woman writing that a restraining order couldn’t be served to a transwoman who’s common name didn’t match his name on legal documents.

    • Law enforcement/ probation officers strive to find out all AKA’s for suspects/ arrestees/ convicts. They document tattoos and scars and nicknames, and of course fingerprints and to a certain extent DNA. I think it’s a lot harder to hide your identity than people think.

      • kesher Says:

        It keeps the rest of us from finding out about their criminal pasts though. I’ve read articles about criminal MTFs, tried to find additional information about them online, but was stymied by the article only mentioning their MTF ladyname.

      • michelle Says:

        kesher, that is why some (including Gallus) put in tireless hours finding the background information using the crumbs that the trannies left in their own public internet wake. In some instances, the laydee-name is easily matched once you find the criminal offense report and in other cases, there are collective efforts to note the available pieces of information and update as more becomes known.

        Agencies are also getting better at matching files with the fingerprint classes. They will eventually merge the files when they discover the match, just as they do with a non-tranny that winds up with two different criminal history records because of arrests close together.

        Given the Target pervert’s claim that he does it for the same reason other males create and view pornography, I can only hope that prosecutors can find at least one video that involved a minor. That way, they can let the feds have him for production of kiddie porn…and there should be no search issues that lend to a suppression order given that he voluntarily turned over the phone.

      • kesher Says:

        Well, yes, and I greatly appreciate the work done by Gallus and others. But my point was more about how these men use their identities to hide their pasts from regular people. An MTF looking to work as a babysitter, as one example, may not get the same scrutiny as any other man since his lady name obscures any past bad acts.

        Ultimately violent offenders shouldn’t be permitted to change their sex designation or their names.

  5. carterabbie Says:

    He looks somewhat “ethnic.” Possibly biracial. I’m sure the Tumblrites will scream racism. Of course, they scream racism even when the perp is white. *shrug*

  6. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on stop trans chauvinism.

  7. O M F Gawdess. Thor himself. How many TW does it take before too many women are filmed and raped? Is the answer blowing in the wind? Or, are transgender’s gender identity ideology going to fall?

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      As long as the T is part of the LGB, trans ideology will not fall, nor will “good liberals” get a clue. They will say that this incident is isolated, or that he is not really trans— never mind him saying he is, his roommate corroborating it, or his past history.

      My question is, when will the major LGB orgs get a clue and drop the T? My best guess is only when it drives away donors en masse. Right now, pro-trans is a big donation getter. Soros and Pritzker and the other plutocrats are really insisting on it.

  8. petuniacat00 Says:

    Straight up transvestite. For him it’s all about the wank.

    If we weren’t living in Bizarro World transgender political poo-bahs would denounce this guy.

    And yeesh, if Target wants to coddle these people can they not at least make floor-to-ceiling change room stalls? My Walmart has those. It ain’t rocket science. 🚀📸👚

    • juno Says:

      I live in WA state. Fred Meyer chain in my area put heavy floor-to-ceiling partitions in their bathrooms and dressing rooms a couple of years ago. I wonder if this is why.

      • petuniacat00 Says:

        Wow. If so at least somebody is being realistic. Unlike creepy fanatical Target.😠

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Even with heavy floor-to-ceiling partitions in restrooms and dressing rooms, what is to prevent a man from sticking a recording device in there and coming back later to retrieve the images? Nothing. That is why they should not be allowed in women’s areas, period.

      • Trish Says:

        Perverts have been putting recording devices in public restrooms accessible to women for a long time – there was a big scandal about that in Portland OR when cameras were discovered in porta potties at outdoor festivals.

  9. alexb Says:

    “Same reason men go online to look at pornography”: he recognises this behavior as specifically male then?

    • Relieved Says:

      When will men realize that women going about their errands in the real world are not “walking pornography”? That quote is so depressing.

  10. Imelda_66 Says:

    Nope. Never happens. This must be some kind of mistake.

  11. Cee Says:

    Get ready for the trans lobby to angrily insist this man is not transsexual. However, he identifies as a woman. In addition to his own testimony, his roommate’s testimony, and the affidavit, we also have evidence that he reached out to a trans advocacy group in Idahoa. From Buzzfeed News:

    Sierra Gormsen, a trans woman who helped run the Eastern Idaho Transgender Support Group until it disbanded in 2014, told BuzzFeed News Smith contacted her in May requesting information about the organization.

    “They said that they dressed as a woman when they could. They had plans to change their name,” Gormsen said in an email. “I am uncertain if they were seeing a therapist, had been diagnosed with Gender Identity Dysphoria, was on hormones, or planned surgery of any type.”

    This appears to be a genuine transwoman with a history of being transsexual.

    • When people invoke the logical fallacy of saying transwomen aren’t violent, I am now challenging them to prove the gender identity of all known rapists and murderers. With no standard other than internal feelings, it is impossible to say that all
      transwoman are non-violent or that violent offenders aren’t transwomen.

    • When it comes to the men, these days almost all of the trans are sex fetishists. That is what trans IS for these guys. For the male trans mob, they want the public to make distinctions when in fact there are none. The entire trans movement, insofar as the men are concerned, is about normalizing aberrant sexual behavior.

      • Janetwo Says:

        That sounds about right. Otherwise we would talk about a transexual movement for people with body dysphoria and an intersex movement. Transgenders co-opted these tiny minority to disguise the flagrant sexual fetishism they are all about.

  12. An abusive male just like all the other abusive males. Actual women don’t record other women trying on clothes in dressing rooms! It makes me sick that the trans activists and the libfems are going to either defend this guy or claim he’s not one of them, instead of taking a good look at who is in their community and rethinking their beliefs.

  13. LQ Says:

    But wait. I thought in the history of the universe no transwoman has EVER perved out on a woman? They just want to PEEEEEE! This is SOOOOO confusing.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      RFLMAO! Can’t help but notice that radio silence coming from the libfem and pro-trans crowd. They are probably meeting right now and trying to decide how to spin this or cover it up.

  14. Linx Says:

    The judge called him Mr. and Sean Patrick Smith. I love Idaho!

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Good for that reality-based judge. Can’t wait for the HRC, AI, LL, PFLAG, SPLC, ACLU and all the rest to claim that the judge literally killed transpeople by correctly identifying this man according to his male biology. All of these orgs have really jumped the shark. Time to drop the T!

  15. rheapdx1 Says:

    @GallusMag There was radio silence in this market on this one. No mentions, no media coverage at all. None……not even anything on NPR.

    How many hours before the denial division comes out and says ‘this was a fake..this does not happen….this person was framed’? Or words to that effect. And right before the convention, where that oh so special snowflake will be on display with CITIZEN INANE , I mean Captain Hairdo, oooooops…..Trump.

    • Emily Says:

      I know I saw a survey in my FB feed that showed most people disagree with Obama’s bathroom mandate. But, it’s easier to disagree within a private survey than it is to disagree publicly, especially when disagreeing means attracting the eye of the trans beast to your doings.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Why would NPR report on this? They are pro-trans, and now they have egg on their collective faces. Why would they want to emphasize that?!

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      I’m just totally underwhelmed by shock that such a thing would occur.

      We should run a pool on whether:

      1. This incident will never be mentioned by any liberal media or blogs.

      2. People will claim it was faked, as rheapdx1 suggests.

      3. The trans lobby will insist he wasn’t actually trans.

      Maybe there’s one more possibility:

      4. It will be reported by liberals as an example of a woman perving on another woman and thus evidence there’s no reason not to allow transwomen to enter women’s private spaces, since women are already treating each other the way the way we Totally Excellent Real Females claim men will act.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @OakandAsh This is another one of those where with one exception, that being the NY Times link that @emily posted…way too many have dropped the ball.

        Granted the Times is in the tank….like many others are, but if this gets some traction, then great. After all, when we were kids….if they rang the bell….others would pick up and ring same.

        By the way….one has to wonder if anyone has asked those in the t community, who if not stealth are maintaining greater than the 200 mile limit from same, if they are not happy with the policies that took their lead from the fed. Only because, call it a hunch…there may be a silent group who want to disassociate from the creeps, due to guilt by grouping.

      • Emily Says:

        @rheapdx1, here is a link to video (you may have already seen it) that the ADF produced featuring women who have been sexually abused that oppose the bathroom mandate. To your point, there is a MTF in the video, as well, who states his opposition to mixed bathrooms.

      • Alice Says:

        There are already comments on Twitter objecting to “transgender” in the headline. “Why do you need to call her a transgender woman? A WOMAN took photos of another woman.” Let’s just have all men identify as women and then we’ll have no more male violence!

      • branjor Says:

        A WOMAN took photos of another woman.

        Right. And with that picture. LOL!

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @emily Thanks….saw that one previous on this site. Happy there is another person with a spine, who gets it. And was not bullied…..

        That said….(and @GallusMag I was going to add this here, but not sure the link would post)…last night, in another place…the deniers were out. In droves
        Worse, were saying that the number of criminals in their ranks….the number of pervs is very low. Let alone…people should [SIC] ‘wait before calling this person guilty’ and ‘the room was unisex’ , etc.

        People should wait?????WTF???? If….If this was an ethnic (read black or otherwise) person who did this and was not trans, these jerks would have been all over this, wanting to see the person under the jail. That is unless this was someone who many trans would consider to be ‘bedworthy’.

    • Charlotte Says:

      The media promotes what it wants on the lips of others and burries what it wants to keep quiet. You won’t hear this one on the news because it goes against the profit machine and political agenda.

  16. Rachel Says:

    Seanyboy has just given us a neat little reply to all those hand-wringing claims that no MTT has ever used their ladystatus to perv on actual women.
    Although, the way things in SJW Land are going, voyeurs are soon going to be getting their own advocacy groups, and journalists defending them as blameless prisoners of their perv identity, like they are trying to do with paedophiles.

  17. Bob Doublin Says:

    They will try to bury this. That is why sites like GenderTrender and many others are so important. Not to let it be stuffed down the memory hole.

  18. He looks just like the Incredible Hulk

    • LQ Says:

      Honestly, it was my gut reaction but I didn’t want to besmirch Lou Ferrigno! “Hey pretty lady, HAAA-AAAY! Why don’t you smile? You’re so pretty when you smile.” But let’s be real – this one CLEARLY puts the lotion in the fucking basket.

    • RR Says:

      This was my first thought- he is a dead ringer for a young Lou Ferrigno!

    • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

      That’s probably who I was thinking of. Reminded me of some familiar image I couldn’t place.

      When Sean Smith feels like a laydee, a startling metamorphosis occurs…Trans-Hulk! RAAAR!!!

  19. jennisuzan Says:

    But, but, but….”Autumn” Sandeen and “Cristan” Williams tell us this sort of thing NEVER happens. Could they have lied?

    • Trish Says:

      You know how it “never happens”? This individual is being charged as a man. Therefore, no transperson was accused – or can be convicted of – committing this crime against a girl in a women’s room.

      Then the trans activists can say, “MTTs in the women’s room – perfectly safe. It’s the menz that do bad things to females in women’s rooms!” And the arrests stats back up the claim.

  20. dejavublonde Says:

    Yup, and a non-trans (normal straight up male perv) was arrested for the exact same thing in a Target in New Hampshire the other day. you know what the only difference is between the two of them? I’m guessing about an inch, that’s it.

    • Siobhan Says:

      Note that they aren’t allowing comments, however.

      • Emily Says:

        The NYTimes site isn’t allowing comments, but their Facebook post is. There are just shy of 1000 comments right now.

    • lr1290 Says:

      And of course we’re not allowed to comment.

    • Bob Doublin Says:

      The Seattle Times used the NYT story. It’s on page A4. Fourth page of the front section. I noticed the author made a point of using she and mentioned Boise police booked HIM as a male. Oh the horror. I agree withe commenter that they will use this as a push to claim women are assaulting other women to skew the statistics further.

  21. Cyst Says:

    Is this person biracial or am I seeing things wrong? And if so, aren’t “trans women of color” supposed to be poor, oppressedest-of-the-oppressed angels who never do anything wrong?

  22. edcappa Says:

    I hope the sue Target big time.

  23. kesher Says:

    He’s doing that MTF ladypose in his mugshot, isn’t he?

  24. Trish Says:

    So they’re charging this person as a man.

    That’s great for the statistics – one man accused of a crime against females in a women’s room, zero transgender persons accused of a crime against females in a woman’s room, therefore, transgender persons in women’s room = No Problem.

    • kesher Says:

      Well, the alternative is that this is recorded as a “woman’s” crime, and I’m perfectly happy to hang this around a man’s neck, for statistical purposes.

      • Trish Says:

        I was thinking the alternative would be to count this as a crime by a transwoman for statistical accuracy.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Unfortunately, there is no “trans” category for crime stats, just “men” and “women”, and therefore, no data for statistical purposes. But, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Perhaps we should each lobby our elected representatives and ask them to start officially tracking “trans” crimes.

      • Trish Says:


        That’s exactly what I was thinking.

        Actually what we need to do is to lobby the justice dept – they do the crime statistics for the whole US. Maybe we could frame the request as being fair to transsexuals – count them as a category for both victims and perpetrators, and not doing so could be construed as “transphobia”.

        I bet we’d learn a lot.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Again, there is no “trans” category in official crime stats. There are only 2 categories: “men” and “women.” Maybe this is a good, strategic place to push for change. I know my congressman personally and will bring this up next time I see him.

      • GallusMag Says:

        If trans people really believed that crimes against women are committed less frequently by men who impersonate women one would think tracking these alleged statistics would be a high priority for them politically.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Good point, GM. But trans and trans supporters know, just as you and I do, that MtT offend against women at rates identical to other biological males. So no, trans will not push to record stats for crimes committed by people claiming trans status. Another issue, there are no objective measures for who is trans and who isn’t. It is all based on the say-so of the individual.

        Maybe we (“we” meaning anyone interested, really) can suggest that LGBT orgs push to record these stats. They will either have to get behind it, or explain why they don’t want to— and how will they do that? They can’t say the truth— “Because MtT offend at rates identical to other men.” But, it may be a really good tactic to pressure LGBT groups to demand these stats. Once we have the stats, the myth of these fetishists’ harmlessness will be easier to expose. Right now, there are no numbers, and hence, people say these things don’t happen. They equate absence of evidence with evidence of absence — a logical fallacy — instead of just admitting that stats aren’t kept.

  25. Trish Says:

    This character looks as much like a woman as a fish looks like a bicycle.

  26. GallusMag Says:

    Philadelphia Gay News, PA, USA

    Trans woman cited for harassment, disorderly conduct

    Tim Cwiek

    July 14, 2016

    Kate Lynn Blatt, a trans woman who allegedly caused a disturbance at a Walmart store in Saint Clair, Schuylkill County, has been cited for harassment and disorderly conduct.

    Blatt, 35, vowed to fight the charges in court, claiming they’re meritless. The citations carry fines totaling about $400. She received the citations in the mail on July 7, she said.

    The alleged violations occurred on May 28, while Blatt was shopping for clothes with her wife, Lindsey Nowak, at a Walmart on Terry Rich Boulevard.

    A store attendant allegedly refused to allow Blatt to try on clothes in a female fitting room. When Blatt handed the attendant items she didn’t want to purchase, a disturbance allegedly ensued.

    According to police, Blatt shoved the attendant, causing her to step backwards.

    “Defendant did subject the victim to physical contact by shoving the victim, causing her to step back so she would not fall,” a citation states.

    For that alleged offense, Blatt was cited for harassment.

    Police also claim Blatt used obscene language during the incident.

    “Defendant did cause public annoyance and alarm by using obscene language in a public place with the public present,” states another citation.

    For that alleged offense, Blatt was cited for disorderly conduct.

    Blatt denies she shoved the attendant or acted in a disorderly manner.

    “I was victimized at Walmart and I’m being re-victimized by the police,” Blatt told PGN.

    She said the responding officer, Bryce Lewis, repeatedly referred to her using male terms, though she corrected him several times.

    “Officer Lewis intentionally sexually harassed me, yet I’m being charged with harassment,” Blatt said. “That’s the unjust world that trans people are relegated to.”

    Blatt also said onlookers hurled obscenities and death threats at her, but to the best of her knowledge, they weren’t cited for any offense.

    Saint Clair Police Chief William M. Dempsey couldn’t be reached for comment.

    “This is an abuse of power,” Blatt concluded. “This is bullshit. The police are continuously victimizing people.”

    • Bob Doublin Says:

      “According to police, Blatt shoved the attendant, causing her to step backwards.

      “Defendant did subject the victim to physical contact by shoving the victim, causing her to step back so she would not fall,” a citation states.”

      How is this not assault? I’m not up on how every state defines it,but a lot of states define it as any unwanted physical contact. Not the slightest bit surprised he is claiming to be the aggrieved party. I am glad the clerk was not slugged. That was a distinct possibility when crossing thetrans-remember the woman with the $60,000 oral surgery bill?

    • luckynkl Says:

      I know that Walmart and the area well. When I visit there, I have to turn my watch back 200 years and can hear the banjos strumming in the background.

      This dude obviously didn’t get the memo to avoid this place. It has a reputation and most minorities steer clear of these coal-cracking hillbillies who still hold KKK rallies on the courthouse steps. Seriously, think of the film Deliverance. That about sums it up. Family trees go straight up and most folks are related. So that Walmart employee he shoved? There’s a good chance she has 200 relatives living in the area. The cops there are royal dicks but it wouldn’t surprise me if she was related to them or has known them since childhood.

      I’m sure Blatt’s stay there will be brief. I can’t imagine folks from this area putting up with him.

      • That’s some pretty sweet stereotyping you got going on there.

      • luckynkl Says:

        Dusquene – I may be poking fun at it, but Schuylkill County isn’t Philly, It’s an old coal mining region in Appalachia and very rural. Last I was there, maybe 2,000 ppl lived in St. Clair. My high school graduating class was larger than that. Diverse isn’t a word one would use to describe it. The majority actually are related to or have known each others’ families for generations. It certainly isn’t unique. There are many isolated towns across the U.S. which are like this. Oh, and I really did stumble on a KKK rally on the courthouse steps one day – compete with the appearance of the Grand Wizard from North Carolina.

        In any case, I had a conversation with someone who lives in that area last night. They’re very heavy drinkers in that area so as a bartender, she hears a lot of conversation. She did hear about the incident, but didn’t know much about it. She mentioned that Blatt still had his penis tho. For folks to know that, it means there’s more to the story than is being reported. I asked what the town thought about that? She said,”Oh, they’re all going to beat the living crap out of him if they find him in the women’s room again.” I figured that would be the prevailing attitude, but it’s always nice to have one’s assumptions verified.

        I rest my case.

      • Janetwo Says:

        I dont condone bigotry but I lived in somewhat similar small communities doing their own policing. Personnally I always found reassuring that drug dealers selling to kids and pedophiles are ran out of town tarred and feathered. Adding peeping trannies to the list is a positive development as far as I am concerned.
        Most prejudices come from ignorance and fear. I have found its the opposite with trannies. The more you learn about them, the more you end up loathing and fearing them as a group. If they were just content to perv in the privacy of their home, it would not be an issue. Over time, they would be accepted. In one of the small conservative community I lived in, our local cross dresser never had a single issue with anybody even if he was out of the closet. His fetish was harmless. But trans are actively seeking to legalize their sexual predatory behaviors. Even the most progressive and tolerant individuals will reject them as the truth comes out.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Gallus, in the comments section at that you link posted, the first comment is from someone going by “Jenelle Bahan.” Here’s the comment: “Thinks mabe (sic) you need to find that sales lady outside wal mart an (sic) point out to her the error of her ways.”

      A fast Google search revealed “Jenelle” to be a man in his 60s. Surprise, surprise: a man advocating violence against a woman…in this case, to be performed by another man.

      Once again, look what happens when women say no. Men go berserk.

  27. donesoverydone Says:

    I wonder if this the same Kate Blatt

    “Allentown Trans Woman Sues Former Employer Over Discriminatory Behavior

    Kate Lynn Blatt
    Kate Lynn Blatt
    A transgender woman in Allentown has filed a federal lawsuit against her former employer, Tilden Township sporting goods store Cabela’s, saying that the company discriminated against her when she was transitioning, even going so far as to fire her because of her gender identity.

    Kate Lynn Blatt’s lawsuit claims that management wouldn’t let her wear a gender-appropriate uniform, they forced her to wear a name tag with her birth name on it, and refused to let her use the women’s restroom.

    “I mean it personally tore me down,” she says. “It never let up, they never stopped, and it prevented me from expressing who I was. … [My right to use the women’s restroom was] refused and thrown in my face, even after I had provided all the documentation and proved my case.”

    The tough part here is that, as you probably know, Pennsylvania doesn’t have a law that protects transgender individuals from worksplace discrimination. (Grrrr). There are, however, a number of federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission decisions that have ruled in favor of trans employees. The EEOC has already determined that Blatt has a case against Cabela’s, saying that the sporting goods chain “subjected her to visual and medical ‘testing’ to determine her gender.”

    We wish her the best.”

  28. GoingBackToCali Says:

    There’s an article over at LGBTnation and they’re all convinced that the lovely Ms. Smith is not “really” trans. See how that works – we’re all supposed to take them at their word when they say they are really women and have ALWAYS been women, unless they do something awful, well then they are just transvestites. Pathetic.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      @GoingBackToCali Yep….this is more of the Orwellian Newspeak mind game at play. And if one thinks that is bad, other social media sites are just as bad…..if not worse.

      The denial of criminal activity is sickening. Not one person, from what I have read in other parts of the web….as in more or less ‘targeted’ sites…is honest enough to admit that. And if there is crime, it is either an aberration, or is something done to support the need to be authentic. Otherwise…it is other groups who are the crooks.

      Speaking of those, @GallusMag in your feed via the bird sound…*S*…there are a few examples of the above insanity. The second of the two….I had to read several times….because what is being condoned should be OUTLAWED.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Yeah, I see how that works. How convenient!

  29. merlotandcheerios Says:

    The comments on the NYT facebook page are really interesting. A lot of people who are obviously pro trans bathroom access etc clearly have no idea that trans people don’t have to undergo years of surgery or even “present as a woman”. Many think there is a huge difference between transgender and transvestism. Half are claiming she isn’t really trans, others that she is and it’s transphobic to say that! It’s fascinating finding out just how much the general public knows about trans issues…

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      HE isn’t a she.

    • Alice Says:

      I found it interesting reading through the NYT Facebook comments too. Another frequent comment from “allies” is: “Why mention she’s trans? What does gender have to do with it?” Of course sex and male socialization has *everything* to do with it…

      • merlotandcheerios Says:

        Oh dear, I’m new here and I’m getting the pronouns wrong already!

        I noticed that too Alice. And some people saying that this is hard solid proof that nobody has anything to worry about as the person was caught and charged proving that the law is right there to protect you.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        “Why mention that she is trans?” Because trans allies say this never happens. They lie. That is why!

      • liberalsareinsane Says:

        “Oh dear, I’m new here and already getting the pronouns wrong”!

        Wow you need experience to know men aren’t women? Protip: Male pronouns are:him, his and he.
        Signed: Oh, dear.

  30. southwest88 Says:

    What those claiming “see, he did wrong and was caught so there is nothing to worry about, you silly women” are glossing over is that the man admitted doing this crime many times before – he was caught THIS TIME. They just don’t want to deal with the facts that men, and M2T are men, should never be allowed in women’s spaces because there are enough of them that are perverts – yes, NAMALT and all that, but ENOUGH men are like that which makes keeping a very few places in society sex separated is the best solution.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Laws will keep women safe from violent males in female facilities but won’t keep males safe in using male restrooms, according to trans.

    • Ashland Avenue Says:

      Southwest, I have to wonder too if he’s ever uploaded his recordings to sites that cater to men that get off on voyeurism. I’d be shocked if he hasn’t.

  31. Cee Says:

    OT/fyi: Women at University of Victoria demand their own space, ask for signatures.

  32. Kristie Says:

    You do realize this was a unisex changing area and that a guy in men’s clothes could do exactly the same thing. It was actually investigated at the target in question and it was a UNISEX changing area. Target’s fault for not having better partitions. This guy is not TRANS. Anyone can say anything and male sex offenders are using it to their advantage while making trans people look bad

    • GallusMag Says:

      From the NYTimes:

      Re: “Anyone can say anything”. Legal ‘Gender Identity’ is solely a matter of self-declaration. There is no objective basis for transgender status other than self-declaration. What proof do you suggest makes a trans person “really trans”?

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        The fact is the trans community is doing the work of making the poor image, a front and center issue on it’s own. This is not from out of the blue, this is the fact of the case.

        Be that done online or via media otherwise…this is done daily. There are legitimate postings…on this site alone….and links to many more, that will verify this fact. Heck, now that anyone can download ANY book from the NYC Public Library for FREE (one can assume magazines and journals in this as well)..the evidence is more than present of this.

        If one wants to come back and say the poor press and visages are lies, well….that is, or would be an outright denial. After all, the method of denial is another twist of the language/distortion of the image, being fed to not just those are ‘playing’ at gender (and doing a bad jon of it) but also to younger folks, who are not being educated on science, biology….hell practically anything, sans an agenda.

        That poor image, by the way…is why some of us keep a wide berth, from those who are too damn cult infected for their own good. Lest there is even more tarring with the same brush…..which is not needed. After all…no reasonable person would want to be connected to the Idaho snake. Unless this and other crimes are part of how some gain ‘gender-cred’ (@GallusMag….that one is “Pat Pending”….but you and others here can use it *S*).

    • kesher Says:

      “Anyone can say anything and male sex offenders are using it to their advantage while making trans people look bad”

      It’s impossible to make MTFs look worse than they already do. They push for these laws. They shit on women’s rights. They silence any woman who raises the alarm about sex offenders taking advantage of these laws.

      In the end, though, it’s irrelevant since MTFs are just as predatory and violent as men, since they are men. Sean is just as much a “real woman” as any other man in a dress.

    • Siobhan Says:

      It was not a unisex changing area. It was a women’s changing area; that has been confirmed by Target. There is an attendant who gives you a little card with a number on it as you enter and who also will say something if you try to enter the wrong area.

      This happened to me at Target – I wasn’t thinking and I tried to follow my teenage son into the men’s dressing area since he never picks out clothes that fit and the attendant called me back. I had to wait in the entrance area so he could come out and show me the clothes. I guess now that they have a new policy I can claim some sort of speshul identity to be allowed in but I believe in respecting sex-segregation in areas that are divided due to the likelihood of nudity.

      I would think that, given the new policy, the attendant wouldn’t say anything even to an obvious dude in a wig and dress entering the women’s area because that is signaling that he “identifies” as trans.

      This guy is indeed a transwoman. He calls himself a transwoman, he dresses as a transwoman, and some local transgender organizer indicated that they had contact.

      But even if he were a non-trans “male sex offender using it to their advantage,” isn’t that the problem? That any creepy male, no matter how obviously male, and whether trans or not trans, can claim “trans identity” and be granted full access to spaces where females are vulnerable?

    • Margie Says:

      “Anyone can say anything . . .”
      Um, yeah. That’s sort of the whole point. Anyone can say anything. And we can’t protect women with a system that looks at what people say about themselves, as opposed to their observable, measurable characteristics.

    • ImNoCissie Says:

      Yeah, great argument in favor of segregated spaces for women, limited only to biological women. I wouldn’t use a unisex fitting room if I was paid to do so.

      and ‘anyone can say anything’, right, that’s exactly the problem. We are expected to consider anyone who says they’re a woman, as a woman. We refuse.

    • jennisuzan Says:

      You do realize you are missing an important point. This person was a trans “woman.” The has been repeatedly confirmed. We have been told, repeatedly, that this sort of thing NEVER happens. That trans “women” never do such things. Is anyone seriously trying to argue that he would not do the same in a women’s changing area, or, perhaps, a bathroom?

  33. merlotandcheerios Says:

    Kristie, as far as I’m aware it’s been reported that the person’s flatmate and also a local transgender resource have confirmed this person is a transwoman. And someone commenting on the NYT facebook page said that she lives in the same town (or spends time there) and has seen this person, who always presents as female when she’s seen him. But irrespective of that, yes you’re right, any non trans regular man could have carried out the same crime. Target’s policies make this kind of scenario more likely and make women and girls less safe.

    • michelle Says:

      The thing the tranny brigade misses when they want to say this guy was “just a cross-dresser” and that “he isn’t trans” blah blah blah is that their own umbrella concept says they have to claim him…after all the guy that wanks to his sister’s underwear is just as trans as the one that has all of the surgeries who is just as trans as the one who only does drag on occasion for a kick or extra income.

      And the legislators who are passing these ‘gender identity’ bills are completely unaware of just how many of the freaks like Sean Patrick Smith actually are out there and will be abusing the ‘privilege’ conferred by the bills. If there is a silver lining to cases like this, it is that maybe some of them will finally wake the hell up and realize that women’s safety actually DOES matter…

      • Medi Says:

        Since when has women’s safety ever mattered to these guys? I’m sure not holding my breath on that one.

      • michelle Says:

        medi, the obvious hope is that NOW they will realize that their wife or daughter(s) are subject to being victimized by the males engaging in actions like Sean (or worse).

  34. Margie Says:

    Resistance update:

    It’s just a matter of time before one of these states gets to vote specifically on the transgender bathroom issue. By itself. Not mixed up with LGB rights or other issues:

    1. Massachusetts:
    “BOSTON (AP) — An organization that opposes the state’s new transgender anti-discrimination law says it will attempt to repeal that measure on the 2018 state ballot. . . . By law, the group has less than three months to collect signatures from at least 32,375 registered voters to place a question seeking repeal of the law before Massachusetts voters on the 2018 ballot.”

    2. Washington – Although I-1515 failed to get enough signatures, the organizers seem to realize that they got started way too late, leaving themselves only about 6 weeks to collect signatures. They have not committed explicitly to a re-do for 2017, but they have made some noises that suggest that they will. If they try again for 2017, they can file an initiative as early as January and if they do that, they will have much more time to get the required number of signatures for the November 2017 ballot.

    3. California – The opposition group in CA collected 620,000 signatures to put a trans bathroom law on the ballot, but a huge number were disqualified and so, officially, they fell about 17,000 short. They are suing over that and the litigation is proceeding. If they win, this could be on the ballot in 2017.

    • Emily Says:

      @Margie – Thank you for updating us on the status of bathroom bills across the nation. I know that in my state there will be another attempt at passing a safe bathrooms bill in the fall. We don’t have the option of running a ballot initiative statewide where I live. I was watching a video clip of Michael Moore stating that he thinks satire is the best way to bring Trump down; I think that my be a tactic to use against the trans movement as well. In addition to PUBLIC debate. The Women Speak Out conference was gold. Let the world see this trans ideology for what it is.

  35. GallusMag Says:

    Man masturbated on women’s clothes in Kohl’s fitting room, cops say

    Print Email By Tony Rhodin | For
    Email the author | Follow on Twitter
    on July 22, 2016 at 10:08 AM, updated July 22, 2016 at 11:56 AM
    A man who was trying on women’s clothing at the Kohl’s in Lower Nazareth Township was cited after authorities discovered he was masturbating on some of the items and stealing others, Colonial Regional police report.

    William R. Johnson, 54, of the 1000 block of Interchange Road in Polk Township in Monroe County, admitted he stole $99.78 in clothing on June 2 and $78.49 in clothing on June 13, both times soiling other items he left in the charging room, police said.

    Police were called back to the store at 11:06 a.m. Tuesday after the man changed into women’s clothes and then back into his own, the news release says. A check of the changing room found the same situation with the clothes he tried on, police said. He admitted to that action as well, police said.

    He will receive a mailed summons from District Judge John Capobianco on two counts of retail theft and single counts of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct, police said.

    A person who answered the phone said Johnson wasn’t there and likely wouldn’t want to comment.

    • cerulean blue Says:

      How dare they misgender her! It’s SHE! And it was lady-jizz that SHE ever so gracefully spewed over those articles of clothing as SHE clandestinely jacked it in the ladies dressing room. Like all ladies do from time to time. Stores should just chalk up removing white, biohazardous filth from clothing as a cost of doing business. Right?

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        The article doesn’t mention which changing room he took the women’s clothes into, so it was probably the men’s, which means he was just a fetishistic transvestite.

        A true transwoman would have pranced half-naked around the women’s changing room or filmed the other women in a state of undress.

    • LC Says:

      I saw that story, and it made me physically nauseous. Had a conversation with another woman about it, who asked, “Why couldn’t he just take the clothes home and do that?” …Because part of his sexual fetish to do this in the first place is that women are going to come along and “discover” this. And thinking about that makes me never want to try on clothing in any store again. Maybe I could learn to make my own, ffs.

      • Trish Says:

        You can buy the clothes, take them home to try on and return the ones that don’t fit.

        Also, if you have purchased enough clothes from one store, you pretty much know how their sizes run and most of the time you will be able to determine if they fit just by the size tag.

      • kesher Says:

        Even if an article of clothing technically fits, it still might not look good, which is why I try on clothes even at stores where I’m familiar with the sizes.

        In any event, I won’t be pushed out of the public sphere by these perverts and their enablers. And I’m at a point in my life where I feel reasonably confident to take them on. I’ll keep using women’s facilities, and I’ll raise holy hell if a male pervert tries to get his freak on. Many girls and women don’t realize the threat, they think these men are pathetic eunuchs, incapable of causing harm. They need the rest of us there to name the problem and take action.

      • LC Says:

        Good points, Trish and kesher. Thank you 🙂

      • Trish Says:

        I was making a suggestion to those who want an option outside of using a changing room with MTTs.

  36. […] Corner.  And loitering with intent and pissing against the walls are this fucker, this fucker, this fucker, this fucker, this fucker, this fucker and all the other convicted and non-convicted rapists and […]

  37. michelle Says:

    Yet ANOTHER Target incident…so far as I can tell, dude is not claiming identity, but it drives home why it remains critical to exclude ALL males from spaces set aside for females.

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