July 22, 2016

I can think of at least a dozen ways to make this video even more hilarious.


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  1. Note that the YouTube video does not allow comments and doesn’t appear to allow up or down votes. Wonder why. Wouldn’t want that dude around me.

  2. What a lovely reminder that it’s up to us women to coddle the “transwomen”, lest they feel shunned or, of course, commit suicide.

    Seriously, this video plays on the trope that non-conforming men are unsafe in the men’s room, but cared for and welcome by females in our spaces. What if the “transwoman” had NOT been welcomed by the females into the ladies’ room?? Then what??

    I wonder who the target audience for this is meant to be? It feels like it’s a blatant message to women that it’s up to us to be accommodating to men who want in our spaces.

    • IronBatMaiden Says:

      I agree! I’m fucking sick of women being expected to take on the role of nurturer of everyone else but herself as a female! The emotional manipulation is sickening.

    • ghost Says:

      Exactly. And I’ve noticed I’ve never been treated like that by any woman. Real females aren’t treated like that by women. I’ve probably never acted femininely enough to be cared for like this trans dude. The reality is women really don’t care if you don’t carry some type of het privilege with you.

  3. So what are the dozen ways?

    • GallusMag Says:

      #1. RuPaul walks out of the men’s room, straightens his micro mini and wipes his chin, gives Herbert a big wink.

    • GallusMag Says:

      #2. A “cissy” comes flying out of the ladies room, ejected by two massive pigs in wigs who wave herbert inside…

    • GallusMag Says:

      #3. Voiceover: Restaurant owner: “You can’t pee in the ladies room sink again”
      Herbert: “Some women have penises- install urinals, buddy”.

      • pollyhannah11 Says:

        LOL, good ones.

      • OldPolarBear Says:

        The guy whose order the waiter (manager?) was delivering before he abruptly stopped to be bathroom police storms up and demands, “Who do I need to give a blow job to get a fucking soy latte in this place?” Herbert volunteers.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Owner: You don’t really want to go into that one (taps women’s room sign). We are having a Victoria’s Secret sale in this one! (taps men’s room sign)
        Herbert: I can’t go in there! My credit cards have been chopped! (sad face)

      • RR Says:

        Your sketch show would be my favorite show!

    • Raeelee Says:

      Restaurant owner: [tapping their shoulder] “hey, hey there, the ladies bathroom is out of order, so everyone has to use the men’s” [taps men’s room sign for visual confirmation]
      Trans: “I can’t go in there, it’s for men…”
      Restaurant owner: [shakes head] “I’m sorry”
      Trans: “but I’m a REAL women, I can’t go in there”
      [ owner opens door to men’s room to show they’ll be fine] [men in rest room roll their eyes because they don’t know why this person is making a scene]
      Man in restroom: “it’s just a bathroom”
      [Women #1 runs over]
      Women #1 “don’t you see you’re upsetting her”
      Owner: “please, I’m just trying to tell you it’s out of order, this isn’t personal”
      [Women #2 comes out of the women’s bathroom]
      Women #2 “come on honey, just pee on top of the shit that’s clogging the toilet… [women giggle as door shuts] “… that’s what we’ve all been doing anyway”
      [As door to bathroom closes…
      Owner: [thinking to himself] “why the hell didn’t I listen to my mother and go into accounting”

      • RR Says:

        I don’t know any women who would prefer to pee in a clogged shitty women’s toilet over the working men’s, much less suggest other women do the same,

        If the owner hung a unisex sign on the working toilet, men and women would happily use it all day, except for the tranny standing in his own piss puddle in the hallway because “I am not a unisex, I am a laydddeeeee”.

  4. Linx Says:

    What cracks me up is: He doesn’t pass! No pretext is made that this guy passes! Everybody knows he’s a guy! He knows he’s a guy! He points to his lady getup as if to say “Doesn’t the drag buy me a pass!” The maternal sisters who come to save him are such a stereotype. I’m a mama. I love baby animals. But I would kick his effing ass if he tried to come in my space. Why don’t people get that women can get REALLY pissed off.

  5. southwest88 Says:

    Well, fun to see how the poor hulking but frail M2T is the victim of men only. The women in the video are there to do the only M2T-approved behavior for us lowly real women which is to validate and uphold the male delusion. Wonder why (oh why?) they did not go with a real women as the villains?

  6. GallusMag Says:

    FRom Salon:

    “She’s 46 and has worked at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for the past 21 years. Before that, Kupec was an intelligence officer in the Navy. She’s also transgender.

    The state she lives in, North Carolina, passed a bill on March 23 that legalizes discrimination against LGBT people in the state by repealing local non-discrimination protections, a decision that particularly targets trans residents. The Tar Heel State is hereby forcing trans people to use the bathroom that corresponds with the sex they were assigned at birth. Thus, trans women would, by law, have to use the men’s facilities. Otherwise they could potentially face being arrested or even put in jail. (The logistics around enforcement are fuzzy, at best.)

    Kupec began transitioning three years ago, and views being transgender as a “very small part” of who she is. Those who meet her for the first time likely wouldn’t know that she was trans, unless she were to disclose that information. “Nobody mistakes me for anything other than being a woman,” she said.”

    • GallusMag Says:

      Began transitioning three years ago. Hmm . I guess when he says “I’ve lived as a woman for many years” he means in transyears.

      • Akira Says:

        Trans measure time similar to a cat. Transyears, catyears – they’re all very similar. No disrespect to cats, of course.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        @Akira not all women are cats!

      • RR Says:

        He is probably also counting the time he got a boner in fishnets as the beginning of his transition.

      • GallusMag Says:

        ‘I have lived as a woman on occasional speshul sekrit hotel room visits to Fantasia Fair for many years’

      • RR Says:

        LOL I remember a link posted in a thread a while back with a collection of several hundred truckers and grandpas dressed in ruffle knickers and bows in hotel rooms- it may have actually been called “Fantasia’s Closet”! I know there is no lack of that on the internet, but the sheer volume of pics was memorable.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Wait–if Kupec passes so perfectly, on what basis will he be challenged when he tries to use the women’s room? The guys who pass well and don’t cause problems have no doubt been using women’s restrooms for years without being thrown out, so how can they be “forced” to use the men’s room if no one can tell they’re men? (Unless they don’t pass as well as they claim and are mostly just dismayed at not being allowed to indulge their fetish–but how likely is that?)

      Also, the helpless demeanor and hurt puppy face of the guy in the video reminds me of every beta male I’ve ever known who wants a woman to do something for him.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I wonder how that “laydee” act goes over in the executive boardrooms at Pfizer.

      • red Says:

        Great I’d imagine. They’re the ones shilling the hormones and recruiting front line docs on studies of other “gender dysphoria” drugs. Those shills are expert at schmoozing their study subjects and income sources.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @OakandAsh You hit the nail on the head….and who these bills are really meant to protect. Not those who act like human beings, but the stereotypes and worse.

        Again….one can see via this who the t protections are REALLY meant for. If this person were to be of a different hue….and acted in a typical manner (loud, ‘look at me’ isms) not only would they have been scorned, but the cause would never be tsken up in the first place.

    • MaryMacha Says:

      “Nobody mistakes me for anything other than being a woman,” she said.”

      To her credit she realizes that those who think she is a woman are mistaken.

    • kesher Says:

      If he’s gotten his penis inverted, he can use the women’s in North Carolina. I wonder if he has gotten it or not. On the one hand, trans access laws are specifically designed to allow non-transitioned men into women’s facilities, but on the other hand the trans know how most Americans feel about that. If he’s gotten the nip and discloses it, he’s been outed as a liar (since NC is not “discriminating” against him). If he hasn’t gotten the nip, then everyone’s going to assume he wants to whip it out in front of girls and women. What’s a guy to do?

  7. hearthrising Says:

    If a woman is assaulted in the restroom, the perpetrator CAN be arrested. Because we know that sexual assault always ends that way, with arrest. And when there’s an arrest, so what that the woman was sexually assaulted? Who cares about her? The point is that the perpetrator is arrested (maybe) and convicted (maybe). Silly feminists…and we thought the idea was to STOP rape.

    And here’s an idea: couldn’t the men in the men’s room be arrested if they assault the trans woman? I mean, if arrest is the point, why doesn’t it work both ways? Because what happens to trans women matters and what happens to biological women doesn’t? This video shows clearly how trans activists do NOT see biological women as human.

    Another point: the men in the video who harassed the trans woman for using the men’s room won that round. They didn’t have to be made uncomfortable by the trans woman’s presence. Discomfort is never for people born with a penis.

    Also, I wonder about this. A lot of trans allies are anarchists who want to stop arrests from happening and free all prisoners. Isn’t that the point of the Sylvia Rivera project, to do away with prisons? Doesn’t work the trans activists do in other areas directly undermine the “they can be arrested” line?

    Notice trans activists are moving away from “this never happens” to “so what if it does happen.” Shows that the “never happens” line is wearing thin.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      “Discomfort is never for people born with a penis.”

      This past week one trans* bathroom plan put into action at a club made me (a gay man) uncomfortable!

      Both restrooms were made for everyone, and women had lines at all the stalls.

      Unlike other times I’ve seen this, though, the urinals in the vestigially men’s room weren’t roped off and men were using them.

      So, I ended up alleviating myself at a urinal while several twentysomething women were standing behind me in line for the stall, and feeling really, really weird, though I was able to justify it to myself at the time because they weren’t roped off and other men were doing it.

      (In retrospect, I should have waited for the stall.)

      Fortunately, another twentysomething woman came in and clued the other women to go to the vestigially women’s restroom, since there were more stalls there and so the lines moved faster.

      So, everyone mostly sorted out in the end along lines of sex!

      I kept wondering, too, if there were any truly unconventional women who could do the stand-to-pee thing like I’ve read about on here.

  8. silverside Says:

    Anybody else find it fascinating that in Trump’s truly scary, basically fascist-leaning acceptance speech, he supported men’s access to women’s bathrooms? Some of our “progressive” friends may see this as some tiny exception to his overall reactionary political leanings. I don’t. The fact that a right-wing candidate like Trump can hand wave all the concerns away is to me very telling. Other than Ivanka’s introductory speech (which means nothing, as she is not running for president), there was no real mention of any women’s issues at this convention. Equal pay, affordable childcare, healthcare, etc. But the dudes can pee where they want, and f*** what you b****** think about it. That in a nutshell would tell me everything I needed to know about the issue if I came to it knowing nothing. Oh, and that he will protect American LGBT from “radical Muslim Terrorists,” but in terms of any other legal protections, well, you’re on your own, my friends.

  9. Ben X Says:

    Unbelievable. Where are the concerned, nurturing male friends who go into the bathroom and say “Don’t make fun of my friend’s skirt”? It’s just a given that men are entitled to have a bad attitude so let’s have an ad campaign that targets women exclusively.

    • dejavublonde Says:

      I really like and agree with this comment. Why can’t men change for men? why do women have to change for men? Also, I really enjoyed the acting of the men leering with malicious intent at the poor delicate flower.

  10. IronBatMaiden Says:

    It pisses me off so much that they make true females be nurturers to these men! Further, where does the idea come from that a man is gonna beat the shit out of trans. If it was so widespread, why aren’t we hearing about assaults in the bathrooms from other males?

    If female rape and assault victims can come forward about the men who commit these heinous crimes against them, why aren’t these guys coming forward about it?

    The libfem narrative when it comes to rape culture makes no sense. They know the stats when it comes to rapes and assaults. They know most rapists won’t spend a day in jail. They know male pattern violence is a problem. So why do we have to make a space for these trans men when men can just address male pattern violence instead of opening the door for creeps?

  11. OldPolarBear Says:

    I thought this spot started out somewhat plausibly, well, kinda sorta maybe … then at about :32 they push open the door to the men’s room and there are two, count ’em TWO James Dean Lookalike Contest rejects slouching against the wall waiting for a trans woman to come in. That was the LOL moment for me. I mean, I hate when teenage louts are always hanging around the bathrooms of upscale, hipster coffee shops.

    • Anemone Says:

      My reaction was “A queue, in the men’s room? How unrealistic.”

    • Linx Says:

      It would have been a fun effect if they’d had the James Deaners’ paring their nails with their switchblades while they slouched.

    • Cassandra Says:

      “…then at about :32 they push open the door to the men’s room and there are two, count ’em TWO James Dean Lookalike Contest rejects slouching against the wall waiting for a trans woman to come in.”

      Or “When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way…”
      Come on, somebody out there can come up with some funny lyrics to finish it.

  12. red Says:

    When you google stats for violence against females guess what comes up first? Transgender women stats (sic)

    2000 were murdered worldwide since 2008.

    This isite s buried in the stack of ltransgender homicide inks that come up under violence against women.

    • silverside Says:

      I have a blog where I try to track the murders of lesbians, and I constantly run into the same problem.

      • red Says:

        It’s going to get worse with statisticians being pushed to drop Sex. I’m hoping this will be one bastion that will stand. How in hell can they collect true and useful health and SOL information on Females with men like the above being coded as “women”. He must be making about $100,000 a year.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      A few months back, I tried to find out how many women were murdered a year–in response to trans claims that transwomen are murdered at a much higher rate–and kept getting hits for transwomen.

      More female erasure.

  13. LC Says:

    Transphobia is acceptable for men. I was imagining one of those male bathroom-lurkers saying, “Hey, come on in, buddy! It’s the penis room!” And then, you know, happily ever after music plays and the women wipe tears out of their eyes at the heart-warming scene of male brotherhood.

    But seriously, why so misandrist, tragic-trans bathroom video? NOT ALL MEN are violent transphobes!!

  14. Magdalena Z. Says:

    Exactly, most males would just side-eye the dude and get on with their business. If the trans wasn’t trying to hit on them they wouldn’t even engage him because for most people, even men, dude in a dress reads instability or possible danger, except that for men it would be more like annoyance.

    But of course it’s not on men’s shoulders that this falls but women’s, annoying and encumbering men for other people’s comfort is just not done.

  15. Akira Says:

    They should do a video where an FtT tries goes to use the men’s room, gets stopped, and a bunch of nurturing men comes to usher “him” into the bathroom. Oh, wait. That goes against gender stereotypes, doesn’t it?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Haha YES! They can welcome the transman into the shower room at the gym.

      Speaking of which, how would this video play out if the women were wearing towels and Herbert was trying to enter the shower room at a gym?

  16. Medi Says:

    I was thinking the theme to westside story, as the creepy men with switchblades eyed the man…. men get boundaries women do not… oh and these men don’t pass, sheesh. Trump supports men in women’s restrooms, that should tell you about the brotherhood police. I hope they make a film where the women kick the guy out, and the men welcome him into the men’s room— hey cool liberal men LOVE male to trans, cue in “we are the world” or “what the world needs now is love sweet love”– train the men to be oh so nice to every guy out there.

  17. I have to hand it to trans activists. They do know how to produce politically correct propaganda. In a way, it’s kind of hokey looking like some kind of paid infomercial. Does anyone know if the women in the video were paid actresses? This video definitely has a paid commercial feel to it, so I’m assuming the women were paid actresses. The short older man in the green shirt definitely is an actor because I’ve seen him before in different cheap movies and on t.v. Where have I seen this guy? Toss some old washed up actors and actresses a few bucks, and make a video. Pay someone to write a tear jerker of a script, and it’s good to go. If it wasn’t such a serious subject, it’s actually rather funny.

    Notice how they state that he began “transitioning three years ago”. He looks at least forty, spent time in the military, and he has been “transitioning” for three years. If I were a betting person, I would say that he still has his male genitalia. People who research this know that the majority of transwomen (biological males) still have their male genitalia. “Transitioning” can mean anything from facial feminization to hormones, or nothing at all other than declaring himself a “woman”. A couple of years ago in California, transgender activists pushed through legislation that got rid of the old sex reassignment surgery requirement for the purposes of changing the sex on one’s birth certificate. In California, it’s called “clinically appropriate treatment” which is not clearly defined, and can mean anything. The trend seems to go like this. If they have a boat load of money, they spend it on facial feminization, tracheal shave, etc, but they keep the male genitalia intact. No, they aren’t going to get rid of it. The men who can’t afford the facial feminization and all the other procedures, and couldn’t pass for women if they had to, get to claim “gender identity”, and get to keep their male genitalia intact. Ask yourselves this, if all transwomen (biological males) were eager to get sex reassignment surgery, then why did trans activists in California push through legislation that got rid of the sex reassignment requirement, and leave “appropriate clinical treatment” open for interpretation. They want to keep their penis and testicles, and still call themselves “women”.

    (1.) They don’t mention that claiming “gender identity” involves locker rooms where women undress, showers, women’s homeless shelters where women sleep in dorm like conditions, women’s prisons, juvenile facilities for females, etc. It’s always, “We just want to pee like everyone else”. It goes far beyond restrooms. It’s not, “I just have to use the restroom”. It’s, “I demand access to the women’s locker room, women’s homeless shelters, and any other women’s space that I want to enter”.

    If sex reassignment surgery is optional, it’s logical to assume that there will be more Colleen Francis and “her male genitalia” incidents in women’s locker rooms. These links were posted before on gendertrender, but new readers need to see them because I can say with all certainty that there will be more incidents in women’s locker rooms.

    The more that fully intact biological males have access to women’s locker rooms, it’s going to happen again.

    (2.) There is nothing in “gender identity” laws that say that males have to look like women, or to so-call “pass” as women. All they have to do is say is that they have to identify as women. Some males couldn’t pass as women if they had to, and some don’t even try. Even Stevie Wonder could tell that Stefonknee Wolscht, the 50 year old divorced father of 7 kids who likes to pretend that he is a 6 year old girl and has a special “daddy” he met in a fetish club, is a man.

    This is what they will never admit to people. In the real world outside of their politically correct public relations videos, men like Stefonknee and Carlotta Sklodowska will also be demanding full access to women’s restrooms and women’s locker rooms.
    I know that gendertrender posted this video before, “I Just Gotta Pee” with Stefonknee and Strawbeary” (his pink stuffed bear), but women need to understand that for every transwoman that so-calls “passes” somewhat, there is at least one or two men like Stefonknee out there.

    “I Just Gotta Pee” with Stefonknee and Strawbeary the pink bear.

    Spread this video far and wide.

    In real life, I wonder what these women would think of their daughter sharing a restroom with Stefonknee Wolscht. If a 50 year old father of 7 kids likes to pretend he is a 6 year old girl, looks like a linebacker for the SF 49ers, and carries around a pink bear, don’t tell me that these women would think nothing of their daughters following Stefonknee into the women’s restroom.
    Ladies, will this ever happen in real life? Envision the dark haired actress in the blue blouse, smiling tenderly at Stefonknee Wolscht, gazing into his eyes, gently taking his large hand, and openly welcoming him into the women’s restroom. Don’t forget Strawbeary, his pink bear. It’s so touching like it’s right out of an afterschool special. I watched this video again with the sound off just to get a different perspective, and it actually does look like paid actors in some kind of infomercial. The gestures look overly exaggerated, or they were too cheap to pay for some more realistic actors. For entertainment purposes, try watching this video with the sound off. It’s actually kind of funny.

    In the real world where most people exist, the man calling himself Carlotta Sklodowska scared the living bejeebers out of a woman in a women’s locker room at Planet Fitness. She lost her gym membership because she had the audacity to say that there was a man in the women’s locker room. In the infomercial world of produced video propaganda, all transwomen (biological males) “pass” as women, and are completely harmless.

    Gendertrender wrote an excellent article on Sklodowska.

    (3.) I wonder what the women in the videos would think if their daughters ended up sharing a restroom with trans identified sex offenders like Paula Witherspoon, or one of several cross dressing sex offenders like Thomas Lee Benson.

    (4.) Do the women in the videos know that it’s a fact, as in actual convictions, that transgender identified males and cross dressing males have been charged and convicted of all sorts of crimes inside women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters?

    I know that this video has been posted on gendertrender before, but we need to snap people back to reality every chance we get.

    Spread this video far and wide.

    “Women: Decide for Yourselves”

    This is reality, as in the reality of sexual assault and rape that women have experienced for centuries, not some kind of commercial with phony paid actors pushing a specific agenda.

    (5.) Transgender activists and their allies refuse to acknowledge the psychological harm to girls and women caused by gender identity laws. Two months ago, an eight year old girl was choked unconscious by a man who followed her into a women’s restroom. If this girl, or any girl who has experienced this level of trauma, is emotionally triggered by the presence of a Stefonknee Wolscht sized male in the women’s restroom, according to trans activists, she has to live with it. This is how selfish these people are. No one can prove that a male’s gender identity is more important than a little girl’s PTSD.

    (6.) Transgender activists and their allies refuse to acknowledge that girls and women have a fundamental human right to privacy. No one can prove that a male’s gender identity is more important than a woman’s right to privacy.

    (7.) This is so true,

    “And here’s an idea: couldn’t the men in the men’s room be arrested if they assault the trans woman? I mean, if arrest is the point, why doesn’t it work both ways? Because what happens to trans women matters and what happens to biological women doesn’t? This video shows clearly how trans activists do NOT see biological women as human.”

    Forget the rape statistics, and the fact that trans identified males offend at the same rate as other males, it’s illegal to assault someone. Women have to wait until a man does something in the women’s restroom or locker room, and hope he is caught. That is, if they are discovered doing something illegal. Women know men are rarely caught much less convicted Wearing a dress and wig, Jason Pomare took hours of videos inside women’s restrooms in the Los Angeles area before he was caught. There are numerous examples of cross dressing voyeurs secretly taking photos of women in women’s restrooms. In 2011, Joel Hardman, a postgraduate student at the University of Birmingham in England, disguised himself with a women’s rubber mask and wig in order to gain access to women’s restrooms, where he spied on women using the toilets. After being arrested, he explained that he got sexual gratification from listening to women using toilets. While in the bathrooms, he not only listened—he also made audio recordings of the women urinating. If it’s going to be, “You have to wait before he is caught doing something wrong”, then based on crime statistics and thousands of years of history, it’s women who have the most to lose.

    There is nothing to prevent any male from using the men’s restroom, especially if he still has his penis and testicles, and the majority of transwomen (biological males) are fully male below the waistline. If a transwoman (male) is harassed or assaulted by a man in the men’s restroom, it’s already a crime. Women are not responsible for male on male violence. We didn’t create it. Dumping the problem of male violence on women is not acceptable.

    No one wants transgender identified people harmed. This particular transwoman looks like he could take care of himself. Look at his size compared to the short older man. He is ex-military. Transwoman Patrick Hagan aka Patty Lou Hagan, all 6’3″ 280 lbs. of him punched out a woman’s five teeth for questioning his presence in the women’s restroom. He sure as hell could protect himself in a men’s restroom, and Stefonknee and Carlotta are built like linebackers. This is nothing more than making men more comfortable at the expense of women.

    Why not make men’s restrooms safer, and hold men accountable for their violence? Why not make more gender neutral restrooms accessible to transgender identified people? No, women have to accommodate men.

    Again, if I were a betting person, I would bet that this poor transwoman, former Navy man in the video still is fully male below the waistline. As to bathrooms, isn’t it kind of creepy for women to be sitting in a stall in a women’s restrooms, and there is a strange man who still has his penis and testicles sitting right next to her? He could be doing God knows what in the next stall, wanking off for all we know.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “it actually does look like paid actors in some kind of infomercial. ”

      A drug company commercial.

    • Linx Says:

      Absolutely spread the word about GenderTrender far and wide! Whenever someone says ‘Oh how can you be so mean? Why won’t you open your arms to these sisters trapped in big strapping male bodies and show them love and acceptance? There is no peace for you as a trans phobic bigot.’ I say ‘Go to gendertrender and look thru the archives! Start with dear little Stefonknee. Another point you bring up is the hormones these guys take whilst still clinging to their junk. They take pretty big amounts of estrogen on a daily basis. As a woman of a certain age, I know we have to BEG sometimes to get enough to tone down hot flashes. I believe women have the right to determine how much they need and are intelligent enough to decide if they want the extra cancer risk. These guys just get it and several times the amount a post menopausal or post hysterectomy woman can get. Plus all estrogen poses environmental risks because it gets peed out into the water system. I would love to see this addressed by journalists along with the Lupron etc. side effects and risks. Took that just once for a serious medical issue and my brain and body felt like it was going thru a nuclear winter.

      • red Says:

        Physicians cannot hand out hormones to women anymore the way they used to since the Women’s Health Initiative study. It’s officially “black boxed” and most women have refused them anyway. Under any circumstances. Physicians lost a huge source of income. The industry tanked without this totally unnecessary source of income.

        Along came men.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Same with the testosterone mills…

      • Linx Says:

        Oh, I like that estrogen! I do believe it should be an informed choice though, never pushed. Now all this stuff is pushed on young people. I read all the studies I could find pertaining to the hormones I was interested in using but will a teenager? Also, concerning this ad: Herb is another ex serviceman. Does anyone know anything about the relationship with military service to trans? I know some say they did it to try and prove masculinity or to stop having ‘womanly’ feelings but I wondered if they could just be swinging from one extreme stereotype to the other for other reasons? Any study or article to refer to? Thanks.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @Linx Sadly, no one has the stones to really point out the poisoning of the environment, via urine, excrement laden with hormones. If they do….and say that the t issues may have been influenced by that, or eating foods that were grown/raised with growth hormones, they are dismissed.

        A long, long time ago…..we were warned this was going to happen. Rachel Carson did this in rather sharp detail in her book ‘Silent Spring’. During the late 70’s…this became an issue, when poultry farmers went wild with growth hormones in Puerto Rico [confirmed via NBC on many occasions, PBS as well…before they became to darn PC] and girls ingesting same went through early puberty (as well as males developing some female secondary characteristics). And these days, we have the issue of males who took ADD/psychoactive medications getting gynecomastia…with the waste from same causing even more problems.

        Oh yeah…my generation had the use of DES by doctors, when our moms gave birth. Which of course led to later onset items….and can be related to the later day appearance of t issues. But saying the above to the scientifically ignorant cultists will get someone hounded by the troll snowflakes. The same ones, who for some reason…by proxy uphold the disgusting work of Mengele, etc.

      • red Says:

        There is no safe estrogen. Implying there is if one somehow is “informed” is irresponsible. If you’re informed about it, you’d not be using it. Any amount, for any length of time, is dangerous.

      • red Says:

        Just in case there’s anyone reading who hears casual confirmation about estrogan and feels comforted:

        I can’t even imagine the reason a feminist would use HT or HRT. While reading here keep in mind, the women’s health initiative can’t use stronger language or they’d be sued by hormone pharma.

      • atranswidow Says:

        @Linx, re the link between military and trans this article is a good starting point
        It’s from 3 years ago , and so times re being out as trans in the military have changed, but I think the psychology remains the same. Sadly i have personal reasons for having this article at my fingertips.

      • Linx Says:

        Thanks for the replies! And Transwidow, thanks for the Huffpost link.

  18. Margie Says:

    Gee, how did trans activists get the money to put together a professional television ad and then air it during the RNC in Cleveland? Oh, silly me! Of course, they didn’t pay for it. LGB people paid for it. The “Movement Advancement Project” put that ad together and MAP is funded by LGB donors like Tim Gill and Jon Stryker. It’s not like that money could have been used to assist LGB youth or anything. “LGBT” means that LGBs always pay, while Ts always take.

  19. Livvie Says:

    I love the fact that comments are disabled for the video precisely because they know people will tear. it. to. shreds.

    Woe betide his poor, sad laydee feelz! Why, that man was going to cry all his mascara right off!

    A national tragedy. Heartbreaking.

    /laughs uncontrollably

    P.S. Is the Movement Advancement Project aware that their acronym MAP is the very same used by the so-called ‘virtuous’ pedophiles? Minor Attracted Person? Their grotesque rabbit hole never ends.

  20. Elle Says:

    “Why, that man was going to cry all his mascara right off!”

    Thanks, Livvie! This made my morning.

    • Livvie Says:

      Hey, I’m glad you got a laugh out of it. 🙂

      Most of the time all I can do is stare in abject, openmouthed horror at these freaks.

  21. Relieved Says:

    I’ve hit peak trans again for the 100th time thanks to this idiotic propaganda video (with no comments allowed, of course). I would love to see it switched and the men being the smiling accommodating ones for once. Now that would have been something new and groundbreaking! Instead we get this creepy, stereotypical b.s.

    The next time someone says to me sexual assault in the bathroom is going to happen anyway and if it does happen the police will be called and the person arrested, the obvious answer is, “Good, then transwomen should be fine in the Men’s room.”

    This really gets to the bottom of the issue quickly. As others here have pointed out, it’s the most in your face example of how the world degrades women and our lived experiences I’ve ever seen. Men being assaulted is a worldwide public crisis that requires women immediately coddling and deferring to mentally ill men, women being assaulted is presented as an annoyance that could be remedied if women just accommodated men more.

    Instead of dealing with men’s propensity for sex crime we will just make women pretend perverts who get off on colonizing women’s spaces don’t exist. I mean you gotta hand it to them for the sheer audacity of it.

    I have a journalism degree, but don’t work in media because, well, it’s a shitty, absurd field these days. I never imagined that one day I would wake up and have the government, universities, politicians, individual states, musicians, actors, sports teams, corporations and other journalists in my own career field collectively tell me that because I was attacked in a bathroom by a stranger and worry about these bathroom laws I’m a horrible person who needs to be corrected and shamed. It’s absurd.

    The only positive is that once half the world devotes itself to mocking your worst life trauma to make themselves look progressive, you really quit caring what the world thinks. If anything it has made me stronger and made me aware that almost no women ever get respect or justice in this area.

    This pathetic video doesn’t make me care about transwomen, it makes me think instead about the woman at Planet Fitness, the little girls at the swimming pools in NY and WA, the waxer who had a male expose himself to her without notice, the girl who was filmed at Target, the elderly woman who was mocked for pointing out a male in the locker room, the women trapped at the women’s shelter with a male rapist and countless others – how easy it is for people and the vile editors and producers in the media to shame them instead of the filthy boundary pushing males! It’s a disgrace!

    It’s great that GM has complied all these stories and in doing so gives these women a respectful hearing and platform instead of the ridicule the MSM doles out gleefully to women who dare complain about being harassed, filmed or violated by transwomen. This crappy video is just more crapping on sexual assault victims, honestly. We are not only not allowed to be afraid, we are to smile and accommodate OR ELSE.

    Besides, how would we women know how to do things correctly if elitist ex-military men in drag weren’t around to make videos like this to remind us of how we are to behave? Barf.

  22. Bev Jo Says:

    What is very upsetting is that women I know are posting this as if it’s real, getting more support for the trannies. It’s horrific that it’s influencing so many women to think they are noble to help these men invade our spaces.

  23. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on stop trans chauvinism.

  24. Scared Says:

    I joined a feminist group a few years ago because it was supposedly a supportive place and, for a lot of the time, it was.
    I left when I realised that the entire dialogue had started to be dictated by a man with a full beard, men’s clothes and a dick. He made claims such as “cis women aren’t oppressed and really need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up” and “cis white women are the real enemy and have never suffered.”
    He had a bunch of women constantly falling over themselves and apologising when he’d tell them how offensive everything they did was. It was embarrassing.
    At the time I still accepted “cis” as a term that described me. “well I’m happy with my vagina and definitely don’t want a dick so I guess I’m cis”
    I was scared to read radical feminist theory because it had been made clear that “radfems” were evil “SWERFS” and “TERFS” and I was pathetically scared of thought crime. Ha!
    I have been reading your blog and blogs like it and growing in my Feminism and I feel so much fucking better being intellectually honest with myself about reality. I simply cannot reconcile my beliefs – that gender is a bullshit social construct wherein women are the sex class and inferior to men- with the idea that gender is some fuzzy indistinct and indescribable feeling and a man can decide he is a woman after 30-40 years of male socialisation.
    The scary thing is that I have trans friends who would flip their shit if they found out I was saying this and I would actually be afraid to be “outed” online because of the violent rhetoric.
    I have suffered a life of abuse at the hands of men and I am sick of pretending that calling a person with a penis a man is “violent”. Get fucked.
    Thank you for your blog. I wish I had more people to talk to about this. I feel quite alone in my corner of the world, having finally stopped swallowing anti-intellectual garbage. Radical Feminism MAKES SENSE. For the same reasoning faculties that led me to discard religion and influenced my politics can FINALLY be free to face the truth about what is going on with this.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting. You are not alone! 🙂

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      “I wish I had more people to talk to about this.”

      @Scared: You do have people to talk to–all of us who comment here.

      I live in a very liberal area where most people have been swilling the trans Koolaid, while my conservative relatives are anti-feminist, so there are very few people in my off-line world with whom I can have a real discussion about these issues. Gallus Mag has created a place where those of us who see through the nonsense can talk to each other and know we’re not the only ones who think this way.

      Also, since many people read blogs without commenting, we’re just the tip of the iceberg. There are probably a lot of people out there keeping silent out of fear.

      • Scared Says:

        Thank you.
        Reading back my comment I feel I should clarify that I don’t believe clothes have sexes and that there is such thing as “men’s clothes”. I think the reason I put that in was to emphasise how men’s “inner feelings” of being a woman trumped all. But I am absolutely on board with radical feminist analysis of gender and have no notions that clothes are sex specific.
        Just wanted to clarify.
        Thanks for the replies 🙂

  25. Carrie-Anne Says:

    That video is so disturbing. The sad thing is, I can think of a number of handmaidens I know who’d line up to go into the women’s room with an MTT just like the women in the video.

    • Linx Says:

      I have close family members who would be the handmaids. I’m heartsick and damned mad about it. The “love and embrace all” shit I hear makes me think the pedophiles will get their warm embraces and plates of fresh cookies soon. I try to get people to look at stuff, read stuff. So many intelligent women are writing stuff. So much stuff is archived here. But it’s what the media presents, suffering females in male bodies, that they believe. These women don’t understand they are erasing themselves.

  26. h r Says:

    I’m impressed with the ad’s not so subtle reference comparing transphobia with racism. An African American woman walks by and something catches her eye…it’s some white dude who isn’t passing and being prevented from using the women’s bathroom! Hold on!!! I’m a woman of color and I CAN RELATE!! This ad is insulting on so many levels…it trots out every gender, racial and agist trope in the book.

  27. Update on the video “Women: Decide for Yourselves”

    Gallus, there is another video that was released August 11, 2016
    that is kind of like a sequel to “Women: Decide for Yourselves”. It is titled “Decide for Yourself Transgender Crime (Jane Williams Mirror)”.

    Warning, this is very disturbing. Hell, yes men who “identify as women” offend at the same rate as other males.

    Trans activists and brain dead left leaning, more politically correct than thou websites might pitch a fit, but this is based on court records and arrests. It’s frightening to know that these males can demand access to women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters. When they are convicted of murdering or raping a woman, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project wants them housed in a women’s prison.

    Three must see videos that transgender activists don’t want people to see, but women need to see anyway:

    (1.) “Women: Decide for Yourselves” 23 minutes Jane Williams
    March 12, 2016
    (2.) “Decide For Yourself Transgender Crime (Jane Williams Mirror)” 26 minutes August 11, 2016
    (3.) “I Just Gotta Pee Starring Stefonknee and Strawbeary” December 18, 2015

    Background on Stefonknee, just google “Stefonknee and Gendertrender”

  28. Lynx Says:

    Just watched this DOJ cop training video on how to treat transgender people. At first I thought how insulting to the individual intelligence of any cop plus how could you keep a straight face if you pulled over the pathetic big fugly at the first of the video but then, when the REAL woman, holding the baby, calls in a man in her restroom, I got FUCKing mad because this is OUR future! The ugly bastard gets to go anywhere, and do anything he wants! If he’s in a dress, and has a stripper name, she’s a ma’am!

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      @Lynx I could only stomach the first few seconds of this video, without upchucking dinner.

      That said….did anyone notice that it seemed the Springer contingent had a hand in this, if the intro group pic by the police car is any indication. Any wonder then WHY some cops will look at this as a joke, even though the ‘sensitivity training’ is mandatory. Also….and this may upset some…(or may cause some who will defend the creep brigade)…we are dealing with a generation of cops and law enforcement RAISED by media. Hence, they are going to be more apt to be sensitive to those who are more ‘acceptable’ to the mainstream, while treating others (who more than likely look like …well …the urban Springer bunch with even worse attitudes) like they should either be in jail, or get some leniency if….. The ‘if’ here being left to the imagination. Not being mean, but being honest (having cops in the family tree can also help one understand the mindset).

    • againstvaw Says:

      This is a DOJ video and it says that everyone has a Gender Identity. That’s it – the US Federal Government says you have a Gender ID so you have to have one. All the women who’ve stated that they have a biological sex and no Gender Identity have been steamrollered, issued with a Gender Identity to make people with penises in satin knickers feel more comfortable.

      You really have government by edict in the US.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @againstvaw Yeah this is what we have now, thanks to the poor leadership that has been shown by POTUS, at the behest of the snowflake gang.

        By the way…one can see through the video and social media otherwise…that this is no longer about live and let live and respecting others in same, but about redefinition. As well as the offensive line of let’s say…the University of Arkansas in dresses [one will get the reference, if they know the team name] claiming the label of ‘women’, ‘lesbianism’ etc. Gee…I guess this means too, those of us who are not acting like cultists or pimps by proxy are doing their thing ‘wrong’. Oh woe is us….😊

  29. Linx Says:

    Now here’s a gutless wonder who will get on his knees for trans issues forevermore! Chef Howie is so sorry he listened to TERF sirens. He is sorry he raised concerns about children. According to the writer of this article, concern for children is a worn out trope! He will give money to support trans causes from now on. Please, please, trans people, eat in his restaurants! Pee wherever you want. Just spend money!

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