Response to “Fear of a Trans Planet”

July 29, 2016

13 Responses to “Response to “Fear of a Trans Planet””

  1. Larichus Says:

    It makes my heart ache.

    When you handle lesbians the same way that the current government of Iran does, that may your first hint that you’re doing it wrong.

    ( for those unfamiliar)

  2. lovetruthcourage Says:

    Tragic! My heart goes out to this blogger.

  3. WeWillWin Says:

    This post brought me to tears for young lesbians. How have we come to this? I remember when I was nineteen, in awe and admiration of the older lesbians who took me under their wing. I learned from them what I needed to know. The women’s movement was a big part of it. The trans trend is such a tragedy. Women being abused and preyed upon by doctors and politicians. I can’t stop crying about this.

  4. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you so much for this. So important. If only this kind of information was not so censored….

  5. thisismeandonlyme Says:

    It occurs to me there are parallels between breast binding and foot binding. Both are violent responses to adult femaleness.

    • Ramona Says:

      The difference is that foot binding was a cultural practice forced on an oppressed people & breast binding is a personal choice made by some people who may, in fact find the results to be liberating (for whatever reason– it’s again, it’s a personal choice). I certainly hope no parents are breast binding their female children by force, manipulation, or domination, & my heart goes out to anyone who feels forced or mislead into a transition that oppresses them.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Sir, you know less than nothing about women’s lives, female existence, womanhood, girlhood, foot binding, chest binding, breast ironing, female genital mutilation, anorexia, female objectification, the male gaze, rape culture, the war on women, women’s bodies, the daily lives of women, the women’s liberation movement, feminism, or ANYTHING else that concerns female human beings in the slightest. The only thing you “know” about women and girls is your utter distain and disregard for our humanity and your absolute sense of entitlement to objectify, dehumanize, fetishize, reduce, occupy, talk over, control, ignore, impose, your toxic and vile maleness all over us at every opportunity in every waking moment. You spew your uninvited and ill-considered stinking male vomit all over my blog and all over all the women speaking here the same way you do in real life to every woman unlucky enough to cross your path. You ought to be deeply remorseful and ashamed but that would require a level of empathy not seen in men driven solely by cruelty, necrotism, and sadism towards the givers of life: women. Stop leaving comments on my blog. Crawl back into your dank forced feminization hellhole. If you contact me again Sir, you will regret it. LIFETIME BAN.

      • Ashland Avenue Says:


      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Ramona, internalized oppression is no better than oppression coming from others.

  6. Linx Says:

    Was just reading that British schools will give extra breaks during physical ed. to transitioning students in chest binders due to breathing issues. I actually feel a tightness around my chest after reading that. I cannot believe young women are harming themselves in this way and with parental and school approval. I cannot believe huge amounts of testosterone are being consumed, or that breasts are being cut out. Such violence toward healthy bodies. Lots of young, college age women use the area in front of my home to recreate or just hang out, probably because it is a safe as well as beautiful area. They are so healthy and seem so comfortable in their physical selves. I wish every women could know that natural joy confidence. I hope the young women in this article finds peace.

  7. atranswidow Says:

    This is a heartbreaking account from this young woman. A double mastectomy at 17? The doctors performing this, the organisations promoting this and the uncritical adults (parents, teachers, and social services) going along with this are all guilty of causing bodily harm and failing to alleviate psychological suffering.

    @Linx, I read about the advice now being given in some UK schools to give extra breaks during school sports to girls wearing binders. I’m just dumbfounded. Binders are promoted and sold online, often without parental knowledge or consent. They are not a medically prescribed item like an asthma inhaler would be. Shouldn’t schools be expressing concern that the binder is being worn too tight, checking with the parents and advising that a doctor’s note should be given to request extra breaks or other medical opinions and advice?

    • Linx Says:

      Good point about a doctor’s note concerning binders and extra breaks. I don’t know British protocol but I would think a U.S. school would require such a note due to legal liability and to avoid the appearance of favoring someone transgender. I am just hoping that once school starts up again more parents will pay attention to the accelerating nonsense and start speaking up. I’ve tried starting conversations about all these issues but nobody wants to think about it all yet.

  8. OldPolarBear Says:

    Like others, I found this heartbreaking to read, and I commend this woman’s courage in sharing her story, as well as fighting this struggle. Once again, I am thankful that I entered adolescence in the late 60s and early 70s and not today, when my questioning status might have led me into analogous MTT horrors.

    Also, this really jumped out at me from the last paragraph of the Berlatsky piece:

    “The truth is exactly the opposite; cis people enforce cis identity with stigma and violence.”

    Classic erasure language there; he is saying it is “people” who commit violence against trans people, and not, you know, MEN.

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