An Open Letter to Julia Serano from One of the‭ ‬Detransitioned People You‭ ‬Claim to‭ ‬“Support‭”

August 8, 2016


Hey Julia,
My name is Crash and I‭’‬m a detransitioned woman.‭ ‬I blog about how and why I came to transition and then detransition at and at‭ ‬I‭’‬ve been talking to,‭ ‬hanging out and organizing with other detransitioned women for around three years now.‭ ‬In that time I have watched and helped our community emerge.‭ ‬I‭’‬m going to stick to talking mostly about detransitioned women and not touch on detransitioned men because I can‭’‬t speak to their experience.

Look,‭ ‬you say you want the trans community to support detransitioned people but you just wrote an article that distorts and misrepresent our reality.‭ ‬It doesn‭’‬t help me or other detransitioned people when you spread misinformation about us.‭ ‬You‭’‬re not the first trans activist to do so and I don‭’‬t expect you to be the last.‭ ‬I‭’‬ve been reading the articles trans activists write about detransition for years now…

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19 Responses to “An Open Letter to Julia Serano from One of the‭ ‬Detransitioned People You‭ ‬Claim to‭ ‬“Support‭””

  1. rheapdx1 Says:

    @crashchaoscats Bravo and what was stated put the rather ugly tone of Julia’s piece in it’s place. This was the same one I posted to @GallusMag a few days ago, if only due to after reading same, it read more like the symphony of erasure, as well as child abuse.

    The fact that those who detransitioned are dismissed as being heretics or traitors to an elective cause, is sickening. As has been said by others, that is a cult mindset…no ifs, ands or buts. While the experience of those (let’s say the MTF/MTT) who are not able to complete the elective transition for various reasons [like the medical ones mentioned on this site, in great detail] is not the same, the cold shoulder or patronizing from the absolutists is somewhat similar. And not likely to change anytime soon, due to a lack of logic, empathy or even common sense.

    More power to you for calling attention to this insanity. It needs to be said….outright, damn the PC torpedoes.

  2. IronBatMaiden Says:

    That is one of the most powerful things I’ve ever read. Especially near the end.

    I have a feeling that many detransitioned women will come forth and roar like lionesses, so the trans activists will finally listen and the medical industry will listen too.

    For give me if this is off topic, but I’m also seeing an increase in desire for female solidarity in general. Especially now that female spaces are being erased by trans activists. I wonder if this will wake up all the women who harmed themselves by transitioning and/or the libfem handmaidens.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      I’ve also noticed an increased desire for female solidarity among college-age women I teach.

      • IronBatMaiden Says:

        I think the much-needed 4th wave of feminism is upon us. I can feel it. I hope it brings back the strong female solidarity of the 2nd wave and learns what not to do from this 3rd wave.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        @IronBatMaiden It seems to me too that a new wave of feminism is impending.

        A year or two ago I had the honor of hearing one of the founding “Know Your IX” anti-campus sexual assault activists speak, and she had very, very savvy “big picture” systemic change recommendations.

        At the time, I thought to myself that her thinking and ideas sounded more 2nd than 3rd wave.

      • GallusMag Says:

        There is no third wave. The third wave is backlash. The second wave has yet to hit the shore. But it’s coming like a tsunami.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Backwash. 🙂

      • IronBatMaiden Says:

        Backwash indeed! It has left a horrible taste in my mouth. This is rather embarrassing to admit, but I was a female MRA for a bit because these third wavers drove me to it. But upon looking more into second wave feminism, I woke up to the MRA madness too. A bunch of gas-lighting misogynists! The lot of them!

  3. Miiram Says:

    Welcome home, Crash. We women are here for you; I personally send you light, strength and healing. Know that you are loved and cared about in so many.many ways.

  4. Rosemary Says:

    Excellent piece, Crash, and thank you GM for bringing this to your audience.

    It is so important for women who have experienced gender and sexual dysphoria to let their voices be heard, both to help other women who may be experiencing similar feelings, and to illustrate the different factors and motivations behind female vs. male transition. Just as male autogynephiles like to hide behind gender dysphoric children as a way of distancing their transgender identity from their sexual fetish, they also try to use FTMs for the same political purpose.

  5. Crashchaoscats is awesome!

  6. Janetwo Says:

    This is such an excellent post. It strikes me how hating our body is such a widespread experience for women’s, varying a lot in degree but not so much in quality.
    What is needed a lot more than transition clinics are ressources for biological women to deal with sexual traumas, if only because of the sheer number of women affected by it.

  7. GallusMag Says:

    The debate about transgender children and “detransitioning” is really about transphobia
    Updated by German Lopez on August 9, 2016, 9:00 a.m. ET

    • LC Says:

      That is an impressive bit of propaganda. Is there anything that isn’t transphobia anymore? We’re no longer allowed to be concerned about the possibility of sterilizing children, increased risks of cancer, permanent physical changes? Is it transphobic to read the actual words of detransitioned women and men? So hard to keep up these days, it gives me headache, though that may be a general reaction to too much bullshit.

    • prozac Says:

      Ya, they really brought in the experts on that one. You’ve gotta love the part where serano states that the 80% of children desisting statistic should not be taken at face value but provides no reason why it should not be taken at face value. Because it doesn’t fit his narrative and TRANSPHOBIA, I’m guessing. The expert on both medicine and children has spoken, then! With those credentials (being trans) he’s probably on the WPATH advisory board, after all. Who could be more knowledgeable and unbiased than a transwoman themselves? One who clearly would never advocate for harmful medical intervention on children to legitimize and advance their sissification fetish! Stellar reporting, vox!

  8. Kiyo Says:

    Hey Gallus, just leaving this here:

    NCAA suggests colleges should let men who identify as men use women’s locker rooms:

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