Why I Became An Evil TERF

August 10, 2016

I was once a sweet trans advocate. Now I am an evil TERF. This video explains why.

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  1. IronBatMaiden Says:

    I just watched this last night and she is another Amazon warrior besides Gallus Mag, Mancheeze, purplesage, Magdelen Berns, and PeachYogurt. All of whom I have come to love and admire!

    More of this truth needs to be spoken every single day.

    This might sound a bit random and off topic, but I almost wish we could all find an uninhabited island and form an Amazonian, all-female society there. Where we are left undisturbed by male violence and aggression.

    • Silverside Says:

      Me too. Increasingly hearing this from other women as well.

      • IronBatMaiden Says:

        It’s absolutely absurd that we have to keep fighting for the true, scientific meaning of the word female so we can keep predatory males out!

        I swear, neoliberals and conservatives alike are pulling us back into the dark ages! Pretty soon we will have to protest to have our own fucking spaces back!

        What will it take for libfems to wake up to the trans activist madness?

    • Mar Iguana Says:

      Unfortunately, the island would just make it possible for men to find Amazons all in one place so they could efficiently eliminate them.

      LMAO because: “I don’t care if your penis is covered in sparkles and squirts pink lemonade, it is not female.”

      • IronBatMaiden Says:

        Thats why we would train every woman who is able in combat. We would be highly trained and skilled so we can take on them. Have our own army.

        And Lmaooo at the sparkly penis comment!

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      I’m with you on wanting that island, but we’ll have to patrol the beaches to keep men off of it. The transwomen will all show up with pink snorkels.

      • IronBatMaiden Says:

        Maybe I’ve watched too many movies, but I was thinking something similar. There would be strong, athletic Amazon warriors guarding our shores. All women who are able on the island will be trained in combat. And if they make it to the village (which I imagine as being a treehouse village), we can all be ready and attack from above!

        And there would be two red tents. One for menstruating and one for birthing. Where women can all go if they are menstruating or giving birth.

      • GallusMag Says:

        And the menstrual tent will have ez boy chairs, ben and jerrys, cable tv and martinis?

      • IronBatMaiden Says:

        Yes. There would be a full bar. There would also be plenty of food. Chocolate, pizza, anything you want.

    • Juno Says:

      Been wishing for cronesatopia for years. Just hope the lesbians will give a pass to the old hets who are finished with men (indeed all sex). I don’t care about bumping uglies, he’ll, that shit causes more problems than its worth. I just want to create intentionally with other women so we have a place to go.

  2. Freyja Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful video. Thank you, thank you. I am going to post it to my Facebook page, in the faint hope that some of my highly evolved, supposedly feminist women friends, will finally see through the lies and bullying.

    • fmnst Says:

      Reyna, agreed! This is an EXCELLENT video (which I’m also posting to FB). She does a great job of focusing on how trans work to silence women. And emotionally black-mailing/ manipulating women with their threats of suicide. Or blaming us for men murdering them if we say anything they don’t like…such as about biological reality. She shows how little probably most trans sympathizers realize about many trans.

      My favorite part is the combination of her sweet voice, dainty manner, and lacy blouse, with her unmincing radical feminist words, her genteel takedown of (towering male) transactivists, and her adamant alliance with and protectiveness of lesbians. I love her! She is smart and TOTALLY gets feminism. That anyone could think she would physically hurt a fly is just too much. And yet her video has huge power to wake up possibly tens of thousands of people about transgender, building on the work of Gallus Mag and other wonderful gender critical feminists. Her video is an effective summary and communication tool for making a number of central gender critical ideas quickly and easily accessible to many. She has done great work. Much gratitude to her. Thank you to GM for posting this and for powerfully communicating this information for years. This is just one of the ways in which your years of dedication and smart, hard work is snowballing!

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    I usually don’t watch videos, but this one is worth it.

  4. donesoverydone Says:

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  5. Diana Carter Says:


  6. Gallus, this video and the video response to Serrano have to be the best videos you ever posted. I just love this middle aged woman because she is saying what millions of women who totally used to support transgender rights have finally come to realize. I would call her every woman because we know that millions of women are thinking exactly what she is thinking, but are too afraid to speak. She could be any middle aged woman, the woman next door, or your favorite aunt. She sounds so sweet and gentle, but she tells it like it is. She went to Trans Day of Remembrance, etc., and supported trans rights until she woke up.

    I’d love to see more videos like these.

  7. Lis Brook Says:

    That you for you clear intelligent explanation of this issue. I am so sick of the nonsense.

  8. Oak and Ash Says:

    Saying “pregnant people” is like saying “All lives matter.” That’s an absolutely brilliant analogy.

    “Don’t wag it around on Instagram.” ROFL!

    I think a lot of us who had empathy for supposedly down-trodden men when young end up realizing in middle age that many of them are black holes of endless need who don’t appreciate anything we do because they feel entitled to all of it and more. No matter what women give to them, it’s never enough, and if we try to keep anything back for ourselves we’re considered evil TERFs, Feminazis, ugly bitches, bad mommies, etc. Transwomen’s sense of entitlement is proof enough of the male socialization they deny.

    Although Penny’s manner is so mild, I’m sure she’ll be attacked for her supposed “violence” towards transwomen–proving all her points for her.

    • southwest88 Says:

      “black holes of endless need” is perfect! Yes, these men will never stop demanding more and more of women, they are exhausting to deal with. I think many women, even women who say they are not feminists, eventually come to regret the time and energy they waste on these clowns.

      We can never completely escape the world these men have created – all a woman can do is try to figure out how she can get as much out of her male-dominated society as possible while giving the bare minimum of herself back.

      • Janetwo Says:

        Such a great video!
        On the subject of “holes of endless needs”:
        I become a widow early after a successful marriage with a good man. And even after this positive experience, like many women, I dont think I will ever consider this type of commitment to a man, ever again. Its been 3 years now and I have not changed my opinion. Men are generally not socialized to think of others. Its not a good place to start negotiating all the compromises you have to do when you are two people sharing everything. Replace a normal, balanced and decent dude with one of the tranzies a la Serano and you might as well sign your life to a sweatshop in Bangladesh.
        I honestly cant imagine what it would be to have any of these trannies even just as a friend. Thats the type of self- absorbed freak who phones at 3am because he cant sleep and threaten to jump from a bridge if you dont listen for the 100 times his bs. I might sound harsh, but I think nobody, family or friends should put up with any tranny emotional blackmail. Hang up the phone, call 911 and say the dude is a threat to himself. Let the pros deal with it. If its serious, he gets committed, if its not, he’ll eventually stop buggering you with his crap.

  9. Medi Says:

    Really excellently explained. Oh, we did have womyn’s land, it was called the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, and it lasted for 40 years—lesbian feminist separatists created it for all wimmin. Male to trans attacked it viciously since 1999, and major LGBT orgs advocated an economic boycott of Michigan. I love this woman because she spoke defending LESBIANS, she put it right out there. I only wish more hetero women had spoken up massively when these men were attacking Michigan. Now it’s too late.

    • Marina Says:

      Medi I agree… however as a straight married 40ish liberal woman in the US.. I honestly had never heard of Mich Fest or even had the erasure of lesbians on my radar at all until a relative caught trans fever and I started reading these blogs. At first I was trans supportive like a “good liberal”, it didn’t particularly alarm me that my underage relative was going from lesbian to “guy.” It was only when I came across a gender critical blog that I understood all these issues differently. I hope his and other thoughtful , rational blogs will continue and grow!!

      • Medi Says:

        Yeah, it is way too late, the damage has been massively done. Now every LGBT center out there insists that men can “identify as women” and come to women’s events, oh, now they ask you what pronoun you prefer. Het women wonder why I am so disgusted with them, so sick of their cluelessness, well this woman at least defends lesbians, and I want all het women to get out there and start supporting LESBIANS, yeah, they can’t even use the L word out there, so go do it het women. Lesbians sure as hell have fought for all women’s rights for centuries, it is time to pay back the debt you owe lesbians like Susan B. Anthony.

      • red Says:

        Ahhh excuse me Medi, but it’s not “het women” in your LGBT who want you to pick a pronoun and if you had been reading and taking part in blogs since about 2000, you would know it was primarily het women running the flag up the pole. Welcome aboard. I think the split is not het or lesbian, but second wave and neoliberal fascist, allowing that many het women in their 30s or so are second wave.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “if you had been reading and taking part in blogs since about 2000, you would know it was primarily het women running the flag up the pole.”


      • red Says:

        Only one of the 17+ blogs (some say 21) that A*ON took out in 2006 was a lesbian blog. We didn’t differentiate. We were just radical feminists. It was later that women like you came in. And thank goodness for you. But there was a radical feminist/lesbian/het activist history here before 2006.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Your ignorance of decades of Lesbian Feminism around this issue is embarrassing for you.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        @red–I’ve been paying attention to this issue for about a decade, and the anti-trans bloggers have definitely been a mix of lesbian and het women who never rode the third wave. Some younger lesbian women may reflexively support the trans movement (probably to avoid social ostracism), but there are a lot of het young people who’ve attached themselves to the LGBT movement by claiming to be non-binary, genderqueer, etc., and who make a great deal of noise about supporting trans rights, so there probably are het women in the movement supporting preferred pronouns and all the other nonsense.

        As Marina mentioned, many straight women travel in circles where they’re unlikely to have heard much about these issues until a few years ago. Most of us enjoyed the luxury of ignorance because the fetishistic autogynephiles pursue lesbians, so it’s really only when transwomen started invading magazine covers and our locker rooms that the average straight woman would have realized what was happening, and some of those women will support lesbians once they know what’s going on.

        That said, I believe straight women haven’t done enough to support lesbian women. I stand with other women out of a sense of solidarity, but any woman who understands enlightened self-interest should realize that if lesbians aren’t allowed to say no to a man, then neither are we.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        Where I live (Portland) it’s mostly het women who’ve been making the most noise about being trans accepting, because it’s just one more way for them to virtue signal. It’s been lesbians who have been hit hardest by the trans debacle and who have been doing almost all of the heavy lifting. And of course, it’s been lesbians who have already have had their words appropriated and sanitized for mass consumption. (How many times has Gallus been ripped off now?) I’m not a lesbian, but I’m grateful to my sisters for opening my eyes and more than willing to lay the blame where it belongs. The heterosexual, libfem community played a huge role in creating and feeding the trans monster. Hets need to step up and slay it.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        While I agree that the het libfem community is certainly culpable, it is the major LGB orgs that added the T, and funded the T, and lent legal resources to the T. Without the backing of major LGB orgs and their allies, trans would never have blown up so big. Bottom line: we ALL have to work to counteract and contain the trans-borg. We need dissenting voices in many otherwise good orgs that got hijacked by this menace. I have written letters of protest to the leaders of some of these orgs, and they have not been responded to, but I do hope that I’ve planted a seed that will grow. I am in contact with my elected representatives as well. I am just one person, but together we are strong! Keep fighting the good fight, sisters.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “Where I live (Portland) itโ€™s mostly het women whoโ€™ve been making the most noise about being trans accepting, because itโ€™s just one more way for them to virtue signal.”

        @cerulean blue–Your comment gave me a possible explanation for a phenomenon I’ve noticed in my social circle and have mentioned here before. Among the people I know, the most avid supporters of transwomen are women who say they’re bi but are in long-term relationships with men. I’ve been puzzling over the reason for that, and I now think it’s probably a form of virtue signaling that’s meant to show they belong in the LGBT movement, even though they enjoy all the benefits of a heterosexual relationship.

        And this may also be true for many the straight young folk who call themselves nonbinary or genderqueer, some of whom seem to believe they’re actually more oppressed than lesbian women and gay men–or, even more improbably, being oppressed BY them.

        By the way, do the pro-trans het women in Portland fall into a particular age range?

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @red, @cerulean blue and @GallusMag What has happened is the long term result of media conditioning, which has in turn made any questioning of the trans agenda akin to ‘hate speech’. Which it is not….far from it.

        Years ago..there was a funny little rule in media, at least broadcast wise….called the ‘ fairness doctrine’ …which would have allowed, at least over regular air..time for rebuttals on different issues. But this was when those who ran media understood the need for all sides to be known. Now…this is no longer the case.

        By the way, there is a difference bet those who are t and that is just 1/1000000 of who one is and live as such and those where it is “all t all the time” types. It is the latter that have more or less, poisoned the waters for people to question who is really behind the calls for changing the laws, be they Title IX, bathroom usage, etc. Calling the creep contingent, the Duper’s Delight Devotees on their crap is not being a TERF.It’s calling the bullshit of others…..BULLSHIT.

      • cerulean blue Says:

        @Oak and Ash, I’ve seen the behavior in teenagers through baby boomers. I have not seen it in those older than the boomers, but to be honest, I don’t know anyone in that age range in Portland. I will say that in my son’s cohort where the trans behavior is strongest ( he is 17 and at a public school in Portland where there are mandatory assemblies praising the trans– I actually gave him permission to skip out!) there is a backlash growing. More and more kids are seeing how illogical it is, and are tired of having it forced down their throat. They recognize propaganda when they see it.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        @cerulean blue–Thanks for answering my question.

        It’s heartening to hear that some young people are beginning to see how ridiculous the trans trend is, but not entirely surprising. Fads tend to sweep through a cohort or two of adolescents and young adults, only to eventually be seen as absurd by those who come after. It may even turn out that the intensity of the trans fad among the young will be part of its undoing.

        I really feel sorry for those young people who’ve had their bodies damaged as a result of this trend. They deserved better guidance from the adults in their lives.

      • Marina Says:

        hi Gallus Mag. I came back to see more of the discussion. This comment is for you rather than publication. Was this intended as a reply to me? “Your ignorance of decades of Lesbian Feminism around this issue is embarrassing for you.”

        If so I find it really odd. I’m not in the least bit embarrassed if that was aimed at me. My point was if lesbians want “het” women to know about this issue they need to reach out to us. You can’t assume heterosexual people automatically know what’s happening in gay & lesbian circles. I’ve been very involved in refugee issues, school issues and others but if I never came across this particular issue and am now your ally… why insult me or push me away.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Hi Marina- No of course my comment was not directed at you. It was directed at Red, who has a long history of stirring up lesbian vs. hetero arguments on this blog (otherwise known as trolling) and whom has been repeatedly banned and then (stupidly) let back by me. Sorry for the confusion. The reason you thought it was odd is because it wasn’t directed at you. Thank you for asking for clarification.๐Ÿ™‚

      • Marina Says:

        @ GallusMag, ah, thanks! It can be a bit hard to keep track of what’s going on in these threads, I got confused. Thanks for the clarification. I can be a dolt sometimes!! I want you to also know I’ve been speaking up within my own circles (moms of tween girls) to introduce them to the complex issues here. It’s very disturbing seeing other liberal parents unquestionly swallow the belief that someone can change their sex. Do these same parents believe a hen can be a rooster, or a cow can be a bull? Even the most famous gay penguin couple of all time .. two male Penguins in a zoo who paired up and were given a chick to raise… they were performing “female ” penguin life but would anyone say they were now female?? Enough digression.. I look forward to your next blog updates.

      • Rachel Says:

        Re: virtue signalling and “allies”. There are several people in my social radius (not friends, mainly just people I end up hearing about on FB) who identify as non-binary. They are without exception, in het relationships. It’s as if they are desperate for an excuse to dive in to the alphabet soup. Also on the edges of my friendship group is a semi-famous transwoman, whom they all suck up to like anything.

    • rebel13 Says:

      It’s pretty ironic, too, when you think about it, that the women/lesbian-only spaces that detransitioned women seem to be saying they could have benefitted from, have been systematically and purposefully destroyed over the last 20 years by MtTs and their lesbian supporters. The transagenda truly is a multifaceted strategy to destroy women’s solidarity and unfortunately straight feminists mostly were unaware of what transactivists were doing to the lesbian community until it was too late.

      • gchild Says:

        This issue woke a lot of het women up because on some level, all het women know that lesbianism is an essential part of female culture and existence.

        We don’t want that fucked with. At all.

        The work that lesbian feminists have done and are doing is central to women’s liberation. Het women know this and more are learning it as trans activism stomps all over women’s rights. Which is why so many of us have jumped off the trans train.

        Its far gone, but not too late to repair some of what has been destroyed. Blogs like Gender Trender are helping many of us create spaces within our communities for women (both het and lesbian) to physcially come together and support one another, to fight female erasure with our bodies (so to speak). To research and investigate. To spread the word.

        Little by little, progress is being made.

      • Medi Says:

        Lesbians I know have been asking for help in battling male to trans for decades now. Think Jan Raymond and Mary Daly, and the attacks on Michigan by CampTrans started in 1999. Lesbians need all the support we can get now, we need HET WOMEN to step up and take on the trans publically. We need solidarity with het women who have always benefited from born womyn only space— HET WOMEN benefited for generations from Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, they benefit in all women’s spaces that lesbians aggressively create. I’m putting out the call, NOW IS THE TIME to make your views public, to contact congress people, talk to your friends and neighbors. HELP save LESBIAN communities worldwide.

  10. Marina Says:

    that was totally amazing. Yes and how do we get this voice heard in the mainstream?? Spoken as a mom of tween girls, one “gender non conforming” who is now on the alert to this phenomenon.

    • fmnst Says:

      Post the link to this blog post to your FB page, with your enthusiastic comment, and message to share it.

      That will both make the video visible, and connect it’s viewers to this blog๐Ÿ™‚

  11. MikefromOhio Says:

    Thank you for this video, which summarizes so well a lot of the plain truth so many in this overly polite society are afraid to say.

    And to Gallus Mag, whoever you are, I owe you a word of thanks as well. Your site has been a major influence on me and one of several tipping points in my decision a few months ago, after 31 years of calling myself a woman, to return to life as a man. Despite the estrogen, the name change, working jobs as “a woman,” the friends and family who begrudgingly went along with my pretense–and even the shocking acceleration of the media-medical-government-driven pro-trans crusade we see today–despite all of these things, I reached a crisis point a few months ago. Everything was going my way, but I had never felt more depressed. I really confronted the lie that I was living. I had torn my family apart, I would never have a normal relationship, I would never father my own children, and I would live out the rest of my life under the burden of my ridiculous disguise as a woman.

    So I took a leap. I stopped taking estrogen in January of this year, and a few weeks later stood up at a meeting of 20 department heads at my company, announcing in one breath that I was trans and in the next that I wanted to go back to living as a man. I not only kept my job, but coworkers were congratulating me on my courage, welcoming me, it seemed, back to sanity. My parents are overjoyed to have their son back, my siblings can again embrace me as a brother, and I feel so thankful that I didn’t waste any more time hiding from my true self. I am a flawed man, to be sure, but my chances of dealing with my real issues are a hell of a lot better without all of the needless complication of trying to be something I never can be. I see now how demeaning it is to women that some men (and I was one of them) think that by appropriating their clothes, their names and their spaces, they can become women themselves. So for this, and for many other insights you’ve driven home for me, I thank you.

    I apologize for turning a compliment about a video into an all-about-me ramble, but I’ve been reading for a long time and waiting for a point to jump in. Peace to all of you, and keep telling the truth!


    • GallusMag Says:

      Wow! That must have been one hell of a department head meeting! LOL. Good for you! I’m glad you’re feeling better, and so pleased that this site helped you see that you had options. Thanks for sharing your experience.โค

      • fmnst Says:

        Great work, Mike and GM.

        GM, your hard work is snowballing!โค I'm proud of you and grateful for all you've accomplished.

    • GallusMag Says:

      BTW Mike if you ever want to share your experience with others who may be in the same boat, I am interested in posting it. Just drop the text as a comment and I will post it as a guest post.๐Ÿ™‚

      • MikefromOhio Says:

        Thank you so much for the words of support. I would be honored to put together a guest post and share more of my experience. Currently I’m working on an article at the urging of my therapist–the same one who tried, unsuccessfully, to talk me out of transitioning 30 years ago–which we hope to publish in an academic journal. But I would also like to share my story in a place where people might actually read it.๐Ÿ™‚ So, yes, thank you for the invitation. I have a lot to say about “gender transition”–why I think it’s such a false option, why it does tremendous damage, and why, back in 1984, it nevertheless came to consume an otherwise reasonable male engineering student. I will post more as soon as possible, and again, thank you for the opportunity.


      • GallusMag Says:

        Wonderful! I look forward to it.๐Ÿ™‚

    • Medi Says:

      I’m glad you woke up Mike, and good luck getting your true life back again. All men need to read what you wrote.

    • LC Says:

      It’s never too late to change your life, and live honestly. Wishing you all the best!

    • donesoverydone Says:

      Best wishes, hope things go well for you.

    • “think that by appropriating their clothes”

      Men can wear womens clothes too. They are just man made things. That’s not appropriation (if it’s not a cultural thing). But doing so and claiming you are a woman is harmful. Hobbies, feelings and clothes have no gender and no sex.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Actually, clothing choices are inherently cultural, and therefore, can be “appropriated.” Clothes have no biological sex, but some types of clothing articles definitely have a “gender.” For example, in the USA, dresses and skirts (with few exceptions) are considered to be “women’s clothes.” In other societies, men regularly wear articles of clothing that could be considered skirts or dresses (like galabayas) and they are not doing so as a calculation to be “gender nonconforming.” Other clothing articles are considered to be unisex in some cultures, such as the USA. These unisex articles of clothing in the USA include T-shirts, jeans, gym shoes, etc…

  12. a real woman. Says:

    True words. Its sick how these so called “women with penises” say they are victims of violence when lesbians are not interested in them. The SJW have really ruined feminism and made it look stupid and made it a movement about men. Again.

    • Trish Says:

      The same way they are redefining woman to include “has a penis” they are redefining “violence” to include “criticism on the internet”

  13. Medi Says:

    I’ve reposted on FB and put out the call for women to get the word out. I got a PM back from a woman who feared retaliation from her work. That’s the kind of fear silencing women going on out there. But this is very credible and powerful, and we can all work together to get this message out there. There are millions of women, and not very many male to trans, but this message is new to a lot of liberal women in particular, who seem cut off from lesbian concerns and culture. When same sex marriage went through the Supreme Court it never ceased to amaze me how ignorant most het women really are. Lesbians need to start standing up, and saying ENOUGH, and we need to ask het women to step it up and boldly support lesbians for once!

  14. female Says:

    I hope you don’t mind me posting something off-topic, but I had to share this:
    Apparently prostitution and “beauty practices” are okay when enforced against women, buy not okay when enforced against other animals. Hm…

    • Anne Bevan Says:

      It seems that only the orangutan was rescued. Women providing sexual services to the brothel’s clientele were left where they were. Animals matter more than women.

  15. punkworked Says:

    The common thread is the indifference or acquiescence of most liberals, until the infection of Trans strikes too close to home. I know of a case where the teenager, victim of bullying, early trauma, ADHD was advised on her second visit to the counsellor that she ‘made a great boy’ and her mum was wrong not to use her preferred name! Young people need to have the shit filter applied to this cult. But if the professionals are too afraid to and parents are undermined, while the media pays homage to celebrity cases, where are the counter messages?

    • Medi Says:

      Until it hits home! Until a lesbian friend has to deal with one of these arrogant male to trans in a women’s room–HIM taking up the entire sink with his make-up kit, it was total micro-aggression. Or until one of these guys takes over open mic at a lesbian poetry event and spews violent creepy porney stuff…. they now DO NOT advertise these events to LGBT but only to lesbians. It has to hit home when your own girlfriend trans, and the whole thing turns into fake heteronormative yuck, not to mention the horror of a male like fake in the house with you…. or until YOUR daughter gets harassed in the girl’s room by a 50 year old man in a dress…. peak trans moments…

  16. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Excellent!Really liked what she had to say and ESPECIALLY her support of us LESBIANS to refuse anyone with a penis and to stay away from us!!! She hit practically ALL of the relevant points!!!

  17. Oak and Ash Says:

    In case anyone here needs yet another reason to be an evil TERF:

    The “Feminist Health Center” in Concord, NH, has renamed itself the “Equality Health Center” in order to reach out to “male and LGBT patients.” They must be using LGBT as a synonym for trans, since I can’t imagine lesbians being “intimidated” (their word) by the original name.

    The women who think feminism is merely about “equality” are not thinking things through. If no person, whether male or female, is allowed access to abortion or birth control pills, that can be called equality–as in equal treatment under the law, right? And if, as according to trans doctrine, both men and women can get pregnant, then unfavorable treatment of pregnancy or other reproductive issues could no longer be considered discrimination on the basis of sex.

    This is where choosey-choice feminism gets us. Idiots!

    • akuba Says:

      More on the health news front for anyone interested (or that is in the position to exert some influence).
      St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison, WI is apparently revising their gender policy. I don’t have enough info on what it involves and if it’s something as simple as to be nice to gender nonconforming folks, or if it will entail evil doings such as forcing women to share hospital rooms or accept doctors that are male under the guise of gender identity crap.
      As it is a Catholic, not for profit hospital, I really can’t guess at this point. Any local folks might want to check into it.

      • I personally doubt that any Catholic facility will house women with intact biological males. It probably refers to education and training for employees in talking to, and providing treatment for, GNC people. I can check it out tho.

  18. freowif Says:

    Great video that represents what appears to be a trend of movement away from this trans insanity. Gives me a bit of hope!

  19. lovetruthcourage Says:

    I agree with this woman and it is sad that these obvious points even need to be made. What has happened to critical thinking, common sense, and words having actual meanings?

  20. Anonny Says:

    Women’s Liberation Front filed its lawsuit against the US Governement yesterday, fighting against including “transgender” under the category “sex” in federal law. Here’s the complaint:


  21. Cassandra Says:

    Thank you for posting this, Gallus, and to all the awesome commenters here for your usual wit and wisdom.
    Dare I say that it’s encouraging to see more gender critical voices making their way to the youtubes?

  22. Linx Says:

    Greatly appreciated what she said about the emotional blackmail of suicide threats. It’s immoral to blame or involve others in one’s suicide attempts or threats, and as the following two articles seem to indicate, the emotional problems aren’t really a matter of ‘fix society’ but rather deep seated personal and family problems. http://gaysaltlake.com/news/2015/10/15/logan-utah-trans-woman-steps-into-traffic-to-end-her-life/#m2wZQxleMwLjSGqj.99 and http://upr.org/post/tragedy-strikes-cache-valley-family-again

  23. Cyst Says:

    What I love most about this entire video (besides the lovely soothing voice) is the remarks on emotional blackmail. YES! This is so true! Threatening suicide because you’re not given money to transition is worse than despicable. In addition, the flimsy reasoning is downright ridiculous. By that token, when my girlfriend (at age eight) tried to cut the German quarter out of her body because she’d found out that Germany was responsible for the Holocaust, should she have been allowed to go ahead and do it? That’s how ridiculous the trans activists sound, especially when they talk about trans children and suicide statistics.

    • Trish Says:

      Worse than that, the adult trans activists use parental fears of their children committing suicide as a weapon against any who dare question the rush-to-trans.

  24. Larichus Says:

    Great video, but a sad commentary on the state of affairs that this is noteworthy …

  25. Carrie-Anne Says:

    This was a great video! She covers just about all the major talking points, and does it so eloquently. I really hope more women will become aware of these issues sooner rather than later, and realize what the transactivist movement is really all about. It sickens me every time someone on my friends list posts some rah-rah trans or “poor transwomen!” status, seemingly just to prove what good little handmaidens (I mean, allies) they are. Until I hit peak trans, I had no idea about things like men invading women’s locker rooms, the emotional blackmail, the erasing of lesbians, and the dismissal of biological sex.

  26. wrecktafire Says:

    What a breath of fresh air! I am a married man whose wife has adopted all the obligatory opinions about trans people. I haven’t. I thought we could agree to disagree–all I wanted was peace. But I had to endure about a year of her persistent efforts to make me feel horrible for using the “wrong” words. And God help me if I got frustrated and tossed out a “wrong” opinion–one day in frustration I said, “look, I refuse to believe that the person who won all those gold medals [Bruce Jenner] as a man is now a woman, or ever was a woman. He FATHERED a bunch of kids, by having sex with a WOMAN.
    Little did I realize that this made me a terrible person, one with no empathy–cruel and heartless. I have been paying the price for that ever since.

    None of you ladies should accept the “TERF” label merely over the fact that you’re a feminist who actually values full, authentic womanhood. This does not make you a radical. Nor does it make you “trans exclusionary”. As far as I can tell, you just want to be left out of the incredibly tedious “I’m more empathetic than you” conversation. And you don’t want to be blackmailed over it.

    Even I, a thickheaded male, totally get it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. DC Brown Says:

    One of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Trish Says:

    I first encountered a MTT about 20 years ago. My feeling was, “oh, poor guy. What an awful predicament.” (PS, he cancelled “bottom surgery”)

    Only later, when I started thinking about the physical reality and researching the science I concluded that there’s no possible way a male body could be inhabited by a woman. (Also, consider how creepy the claims of MTTs that they “always” knew they were women on the inside, even when little boys. Really? A WOMAN inside a little boy? Ewwww)

    I firmly believe these laws letting anyone who “identifies” as female into women’s spaces have been forced upon us because the MTTs can’t stand the fact that we can spot them a mile away. They know they can’t make themselves look female enough to not be noticed in the women’s room, so the next best thing is to forbid the rest of the world from saying anything.

    Oh, and here’s a big clue on why MTTs don’t pass – how many of them drop the trans bomb in middle age, often after a macho career in the military or police, and a marriage and fathering a couple of kids – even though sex change has been a known option for nearly a century. Why marry and make a miserable wife? Why create kids whom you will later make miserable?

    Do any middle aged MTTs dress like your average middle aged woman – mom jeans, loose tee shirt, no makeup and short hair? No, they all dress like porn actresses. And if they really were women all their lives, how come there’s an industry to teach them how to dress, walk, talk & act like women – things actual women don’t pay for lessons to learn?

  29. Nancy Heredia Says:

    Wow, I can’t even describe the feeling of finally hearing what I’ve been thinking to myself for quite a while. Truth told in the best smartest way possible! I totally agree with everything said in the video. I am so weary of going along to get along with this trans nonsense!! It’s so absurd I want to laugh! And it’s so true isn’t it, that you can spot them a mile away! Try as they might, with the make-up, the short skirt, the hair done right and all the accessories yet they are still clearly, men dressing up as what they perceive a woman to be-isn’t that interesting? Well I have had quite enough of this nonsense!

  30. ephemeroptera Says:

    Sorry for the off-topic post, but the Olympics have helped me come to a major life decision:

    From now on, my preferred pronoun is “jeah “.

  31. lizor Says:

    “Pregnant People” is the “All Lives Matter” of reproductive rights.

    Yes! Brilliant. Thank you.

  32. gertrude Says:

    I just read an article that made my blood boil – a school district in Maryland that has plans to allow boys “identifying” as girls to bunk with girls on field trips, with no notification to parents or permission required. I came over here for some sanity! What a terrific video!

    I am so glad she brought up how dangerous gender self-identification is. As a concept, it is patently absurd, and yet it has so infested the Western mindset, males can now compete as women in the Olympics as long as they have taken hormones for a year. What a sham!

    I wish I had more ways to share this video. We need these voices – especially from women who are in a position to speak up. I cannot speak up publicly right now about this. I work at business that has jumped on the trans bandwagon and will be having a gay employee and trans activist do “drag” for Gay Pride.

    I used to think drag was funny. But in the past, it didn’t seem like gay men who did this took themselves that seriously, or really thought this was some sort of statement of being or claim to women’s spaces. I also didn’t connect it in my mind with a white man in black face…but really, isn’t this what this is equivalent to? A man doing an exaggerated expression of fake femininity based on 20th century fantasies of femalehood?

    What all this trans stuff boils down to is this – a gross stereotype.

    Girls are now having to share their private spaces with boys who are being called “girls” for the stupidest, most superficial reasons. Oh, he likes pink, likes dresses, wears nailpolish, and has a mermaid fetish. That’s a “girl” now. ICK!

    What kind of horrible message is this sending to real girls? That if you happen to be good at science or math, or prefer the color green, you really don’t belong in your body and should take hormones to destroy your natural body chemistry?

    Why is this seen as progressive? Wouldn’t it be far more progressive to teach the boys to allow a boy who wants to wear a dress into their space?

    So I see people who would otherwise be horrified at blackface cheer on ladyface. I see people who would rail against GMO in their food cheer on GMO (synthetic hormones) in otherwise healthy bodies. What the heck is wrong with people that they can’t see the obvious?

    What a sick, sick world we live in where such blatant sexism and biological mutilation is celebrated as enlightened and progressive. Sad.

    • Lynx Says:

      Yes, I read about that school district, the Anne Arundel district, too, and had the same reaction. I watched the training video and nearly spit out my teeth when the dope in the suit said Let her (HIM!) sleep with the girls and do not tell other parents. On another topic, I also was checking around to see what credentials or licensure or certification or any damn thing all these gender therapists and specialists need to practice and was shocked to find that any old therapist can add this title to their shingle when they ‘feel’ like it. This particular so called gender therapist was honest about it in her blog. When she FELT she was a transgender expert she became one. She chose gender therapist over other titles because a quick search of the Internet showed her that’s what people felt like looking for, and hey, if you don’t need real credentials, it’s all fluid anyway. http://darahoffmanfox.com/ask-gender-therapist-become-gender-therapist/

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        Gee….if this is the case, then I should hang a shingle outside my door, saying yours truly is an osteopath for felines….seeing I love cats ๐Ÿ˜„

        Seriously….this is more of the horseshit that passes for ‘logic’ in a community that has raised reality disconnects to an art form. Worse still…these ‘experts’ are the same ones who are on during the ghetto version of the talkshow circuit [‘ghetto’ as in class, not otherwise] who enable the delusional. And those who refuse to read or research eat this up, like the crap is manna from above.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Excellent comment. “Drag” shows are nothing but minstrel shows, with the butt of the joke being women instead of blacks. It is time for the LGBT community to be done with this bigotry. How can they complain about anyone else when they are doing this?!

    • kesher Says:

      Isn’t it an all ages camp? Pedos’ delight, assuming any parents are stupid enough to send their children to it.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      @Lilly(@Bruce_Lilly2) someone there needs to charge the operators with child abuse, along with due to the nature of what bdsm REALLY is, child pornography. If that was attempted here….someone would have long alerted the press…at least the ones in the media with guts to call this shit what it is.

      This goes along with some links sent over recently about some other disturbing items that are being done or planned. In the US they are making the case….in graphic detail…for the far right to want to go after and…..does this sentence need to be completed?

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      “Next month there will be a camp for transgender kids in australia and one of the courses is Paganism 101 and BDSM 101. BDSM 101 for kids!”

      Didn’t transactivists once talk about the need to focus on transgender children in order to make it seem more like an identity people were born with and less of a fetish? Maybe they hope to do the same for BDSM. (Hurting women is a benign natural orientation, but biological sex is an evil social construct?)

    • Mortadella Says:

      Isn’t it grand?

    • dejavublonde Says:

      I had never been on that site but was linked to it yesterday and am GLUED to the entire site as a whole since then. It’s the most mainstream I have seen this go anywhere.

    • Janetwo Says:

      Thanks for posting this thread. Its very uplifting to read. I love how the posters keep the posts coming even after admin deleted quite a few. Methink the genie is out of the bottle and its not going back anytime soon.

  33. Charlotte Says:

    Okay, this comment is gonna be really weird but here it goes:

    So im watching her video, agreeing with her points, hearing the softness in her voice, the calm matter of fact sharing of her feelings, looking at her pixie cut, watching the hand gestures, and im thinking to myself:

    Omg this woman is so cute, her little voice is so sweet. How can men not walk around all the time just laughing and being happy cause so many women are so damn cute?!?!?

    I shared this thought with my male room mate, who insisted i must be a lesbian for making that statement, to which i laughed of course im not, if i was gay id be all: “i wanna fuck that woman!” Which i don’t, i just dont understand how men cant be all cringing from cute overload near women. How can they feel driven to such jerks when they are surrounded by so soft and cute people all the time?!

    He didnt get it. And i frankly dont get him…

    Does anyone feel this insane shit im saying or have i lost it?!

    • No, I get this. I love women so, so much… we are beautiful and strong and I feel such good energy being around women… more, please. Let’s start a HUGE gang.๐Ÿ˜€

    • Linx Says:

      It’s a biological fact: we are made to be pleasant to look at and to listen to. Little babies, by about seven months, prefer female voices and faces and turn away from men. I’m straight as straight can be and I’d love to hear and see more from this woman. I think Dr. Julia Long is the most adorable smart girl
      I’ve ever seen and I’ve always had a kind of girl crush on kd lang. We want to hear more from women. We want to see more women in power. That is why we show up here everyday. To check in with women. Thanks for your great statement. And thanks to Gallus Mag.

    • Medi Says:

      I’d never use a word “fuck” as a term for making love to women, that is totally a male word, it has nothing to do with how I feel about women as a lesbian. I am completely happy in lesbian worlds, it is a special thing. This woman doesn’t seem cute to me, but she does seem sincere and kind–in the video. I don’t understand why men are such idiots, and women are not, but then again, we see how crazy men really are….

  34. Linx Says:

    P.S. Just noticed I’ve been spelling my name as Lynx lately. I am Linx. I’ve just been stoned on allergy meds for awhile. Sorry for any confusion.

  35. GallusMag Says:

    Good primer on the legal issues surrounding the transgender movement challenges to the sex-based protections of Title IX and the Equal Protection Clause currently being litigated in the US in the Gavin Grimm and HB2 cases. Recommended.


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