Fifty years on: The Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic and the funding of a category without parallel

August 30, 2016

Fascinating account of some of the history behind Charing Cross, the predominant Gender Identity Clinic in the UK, and an analysis of the factors leading to the surprise announcement this week that the West London Mental Health Trust which has governed the clinic for 60 years, was terminating its contract and cutting all ties to the service.

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15 Responses to “Fifty years on: The Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic and the funding of a category without parallel”

  1. IronBatMaiden Says:

    It seems as though the UK are waking up to this gender identity madness. Good. Let’s let them become the first place where gender abolition thrives. And maybe, just maybe, it’ll come here to the states. It’s days like this and the upcoming election where I wish I had the money to move to the UK.

  2. oopster74 Says:

    It isn’t closing though. There was a discussion regarding this last week that lead to one of the clinicians clarifying the position. Essentially, they felt that it was no longer best for the GIC to be run by the mental health trust, and that another provider / trust / or however these things work in the nhs this week should take over.

  3. Bob Doublin Says:

    John Money and his dealings with Intersex immediately reminded me of Marion Sims in Daly’s Gyn/ecology. And how Intersex people came to call his clinic. Horrifying.

  4. Arla Hile Says:

    Why are we not seeing reports in the US similar to this? Correlations with other psychiatric issues, follow-ups on those who transition and de-transition, etc.? Oh, wait, yeah, it’s because it’s become a political issue instead of a health-care issue. Am I getting this right?

  5. rheapdx1 Says:

    Holy massive medical and mental health malpractice @GallusMag!!!! If the Swedish study….and other data linked and posted here all but confirm that the various coctails and surgeries do not increase or improve the quality of life, how and why the hell this is stll being done unabated???

    ‘Unabated’ as in on the government dime or insurance coverage/subsidy. Again…if one wants to do this…..more power to them if they are happy after with the cosmetic alterations (assuming they did this out of their own pocket). But…as the studies become more commonplace, it will become apparent that, this was akin to co-enabling some severe forms of mental disruption in the name of PC. With many others in society on the financial hook, courtesy of class action suits.

  6. Medi Says:

    wow Oopster Sarah man must be a pain. Thanks for telling folks what these guys do. This latest article is finally medical sanity coming alive. I keep wondering when trans-mania will finally shut down. Indulging people in their delusions is terrible health policy. But sadly the LGB just didn’t step up early enough to kick the T out of our movement. Sheesh how long does it take to get women and children basic medical care under these programs?

  7. The Pink News article links to another article that states,

    “Transgender health services nearing crisis as clinics face 2800% surge in referrals”

    A 2,800 increase in referrals is a huge increase, but it doesn’t surprise me considering the level of trans saturation of all media.

    Why is there a 2800% surge in referrals? It’s purely culturally driven. Any rational person knows it’s societal factors at play. Parents see something on t.v. about Jazz Jennings or Chaz Bono, and if the kid is different in some way, they immediately drag their kid off to the nearest “gender therapist”. Teenage girls can’t go online without being bombarded with a million different FTM and transgender sites.

    If you add all the cultural factors (t.v., internet, etc.) and the fact that there is no precise definition of “gender identity” or “gender dysphoria”, it makes sense that there would be a 2,800% in referrals in some areas.

    I can understand why the West London Mental Health Trust dropped its contract. Maybe they can see the writing on the wall.

  8. Medi Says:

    Massive malpractice suits on the horizon, and male medical capitalism only responds to this stuff. I’d say the whole trans craze is driven by the perfect storm–social media, big profits and corrupt doctors, and the backlash against women in general (nothing new there), but eliminating butch girls and sissy boys— very much a part of the grand plan. Why the idiotic GB buys into this is beyond me, or the corrupt women who go along with the boys’ club.

  9. Medi Says:

    Look how long it took to derail lobotomy and medical experiments on women of color…. there are medical crazes going on tailor made for each generation of patriarchs. Derailing women’s solidarity and feminism was definitely always a male supremacist goal, think of reparative therapy being outlawed in California, because it was about erasing lesbians and gay men—they really only cared about the gay men…. so now if they can repair gay and lesbian children and make big bucks and get social power in the process we have the 2800% increase in referrals.

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