WOW! First Ever Survey of Two Hundred Female Detransitioners

September 3, 2016



A historic first in the annals of gender: a preliminary survey of over two hundred female detransitioners has been completed. Read the results here:


10 Responses to “WOW! First Ever Survey of Two Hundred Female Detransitioners”

  1. punkworked Says:

    Very comprehensive study. Should be required reading for medical profession along with ‘Blood and Visions – wymen reconciling being female’ . Such a shame these counter messages are not receiving wider publicity. Transitioning is portrayed as brave, cool and relatively easy. The great lie fed to millennials. I hope this goes viral and is followed up by class actions against negligent service providers.

    • Nina Says:

      If we’re gonna get all alt-spelling here, shouldn’t it be womyn, not wymen? “Womyn” means that “men” is no longer a necessary component of the word. “Wymen” just makes it feel like a creepy derivative of “hymen”. Seems backwards.

  2. cerulean blue Says:

    I hope Cari realizes there is at least a master’s degree in all the data she has just released. It is a travesty that a lone individual has to take it upon herself to do what the research community is unwilling or afraid to do. I hope that some academic comes forward and offers her funding and a research position/fellowship in grad school if that is what she wants. Her brilliant voice needs to be heard.

  3. IronBatMaiden Says:

    Cari is an amazing woman! This kind of research is exactly what we need! If more come up like this, then the research institutions will have to listen! I can already see the trans activists shaking in their boots, knowing their agenda is at stake!

  4. charlston Says:

    Thankyou. This response caught my eye – ‘I didn’t know I didn’t have to be trans to be dysphoric’.
    I hope someone will take this survey and use it for good.

  5. Definitely would have to be included in any public comments re: guidelines issued through the executive branch; as well ANY legal cases going forward, involving transgender “rights” or claims of successful treatment outcomes; as well as the medical profession, any decisions THEY make, insurance companies etc. Must be data-driven!!!! Excellent work. I hope she gets credit, and NOT some academic sticking their finger into the wind, seeing things are changing, and glomming on to this for credit and/or funding or academic advancement. All the glory to the original author, please!

  6. hearthrising Says:

    Excellent material here. Congratulations Cari. Every psychotherapist should read this study and the comments by detransitioners.

  7. georgiaswann Says:

    I’m not a psychologist, lesbian or trans but what I see is a crazy medical establishment pushing women to transition to validate males transitioning to “women”. The backgrounds I’ve read regarding women how transition are so unlike those of gay men or autogynephiles who are transitioning. So many of these women have experienced trauma due to their sex as well as the sexism all women face. I’m heartbroken that girls are being so completely convinced to hate themselves that they are altering their healthy bodies to further the trans agenda.

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