Cher goes “No Homo” for Trans

September 6, 2016

gekko cher terfIn honor of Cher’s incoherent streak of anti-feminist and anti-lesbian “TERF” tweets over the last 24 hours I am having this lovely needlepoint pattern stitched onto a pillow to rest on the divan in my sitting room:


cher needlepoint   

That is all. 🙂



52 Responses to “Cher goes “No Homo” for Trans”

  1. mel Says:

    Lesbos, dykes and terfs
    I sang it all the time I called them
    Lesbos, dykes and terfs
    And ev’ry night all the fags would come around
    And lay their money down . . .

  2. bishopioan Says:

    Sadly, this seems to be the progression for trans supporters. This, at bottom, shows the homohatred of many trans and their supporters. I’d like to think that Chaz is non-homohating, but the odds are against that, since most of the trans I have known are extremely homophobic.

    You know it was said that Cher had a lot of problems when Chaz (as Chastity) came out as a lesbian years ago. I wonder if this didn’t, on some level or other, influence her decision to become trans. Kids are not stupid and they do pick up on more than one thinks when it comes to parental approval or disapproval.

    To say the least, I am very disappointed in Cher.

  3. Mortadella Says:

    The people over there keep posting about this “terf thing.” And how Cher’s blathering is the best thing to happen in 2016. Yep. I always have trouble deciding on average who has the lowest I.Q., the average MRA or transactivists.

  4. IronBatMaiden Says:

    I wasn’t sure if that was the real Cher or it was Chad Michaels from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Either way, if pointing out biological reality makes me a TERF, so fucking be it. I’m not gonna bow down to the almighty trans feels and lie to them. Sadly, they’ve taken the arguments against homophobia and have used it for so-called “transphobia.”

  5. Mary Sunshine Says:

    I love your divan. ❤

  6. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on stop trans chauvinism.

  7. Ashland Avenue Says:

    Oh God tweets from Cher. They’ll give you the same level of useless-stupor-without-the-bliss as cheap weed; she’s right up there with Jaden Smith. Her unintelligibility is the stuff of web legend.

    I’m sorry her daughter is so very troubled (and I’m not referring to only the trans aspect). But blaming and shunning women for recognizing that there are marked differences between the life experiences of men and women is not the way to go.

    Next up: we all get to watch as Cher’s sycophantic gay male fans leap up to inform women how we’re evil for not wanting men in our support groups, our locker rooms, our hospital rooms, et cetera. Whatever. Cher can demand and demean all she wants, but it’s not going to work. Women-loving-women (straight, lesbian, and somewhere in the middle) know what’s up; we’re not in La-La Land.

  8. carterabbie Says:

    Wonderful “gay icon” who is such a lesbophobe she turned her daughter into George Costanza!

    • bishopioan Says:

      Thank you! It wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out that even if only subconsciously, Cher was behind Chastity’s decision to “transition”. Transsexualism is the perfect “cure” for homosexuality/lesbianism for parents who cannot accept that in their children.

      • I think most definitely that poor woman was traumatized on both sides when she came out. She hadn’t spoken to her dad for a year when he died just a few years after she came out. So yeah, her “becoming a man” should be a surprise to no one.

  9. Other than a few decent movies like Moonstruck and Mask, Cher has produced little, if anything, of substance or depth. She can’t sing, and her voice is dreadful, even painful to hear. There are exceptions, but most aging Hollywood celebrities aren’t known for their intellectual rigor, and ability to analyze a complex subject from different angles. I choose to live in the real world, not something that is as fake as a Hollywood set.

    If this weren’t such a serious subject impacting the lives of girls and women, I would simply ignore the disjointed ramblings of a seventy year old “actress” and “singer”. In the real world outside of the Hollywood spin machine, women are being terrorized and harmed.

    * Children are being sterilized with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones, and rational people are supposed to remain silent. No one knows the long term effects of these drugs on the developing bodies of children, but the “transitioning” of children continues. Indeed, it’s often lauded as something that is progressive. How long can this insanity continue? I hate to break it to Cher, but this is not sustainable in the long run. The drugging and sterilization of children could go the way of lobotomies. All it takes is several drugged damaged and infertile adults suing their doctors, and this trans house of cards will tumble.

    * Teenage girls are undergoing “top surgery”. In what kind of Orwellian world is elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples on fourteen and fifteen year old girls considered “progressive”. How can people in so-called civilized nations condemn female genital mutilation and breast ironing in poor developing nations when teenage girls are getting their healthy breasts removed.

    * Death threats against women have been going on for years, and women are told that we are the hateful ones, even threatening the lives of transwomen for having the audacity to say that women don’t have a penis. Women who have been on the receiving end of these threats describe it as form of modern day witch craze, or a new form of McCarthyism.

    No one on this blog has ever made these kinds of violent and disturbing threats against transgender identified people. We tell the truth as plainly as we know how, and sometimes we poke fun at the absurdity of it all. No one that I know who identifies as a radical feminist, or even a feminist has ever made these kinds of threats to transgender identified people. This is the real world, and women are being terrorized. Cher doesn’t have the courage to read this, but she needs to read this anyway.

    Judging by the gruesome ways that some trans activists and their allies say “TERFs” need to be disposed of (bash their heads in with rock, shoot them in the head, kill them in saw like torture chambers, etc.) logic tells us that the truth lies in one of two scenarios: (a.) ‘TERFs” are truly the most evil women in the entire history of the world. (b.) Or, they have something to say that a misogynistic, patriarchal society doesn’t want women to say. Hint. It’s the latter. If men go out of their way to silence women, especially with threats of violence, perhaps these are the women other women should listen to.

    This is the beauty of the word “TERF”. A woman doesn’t have to identify as a feminist, much less a radical one to be called a “TERF”. Dragging out the “TERF” label is meant to silence women.

    Sarah Ditum nails it.

    “The definition of TERF is extraordinarily loose: what one is supposed to be excluding trans people from is never identified. To state that male and female bodies exist can be enough to win the TERF label; to state that the division of sex is the foundation of sexual oppression is more than sufficient. (If your observations of reality have led you to believe that sexual dimorphism in humans is both real and socially relevant, you may be confused to learn that acknowledging this is now deemed evidence of bigotry in some quarters.) It is also a highly toxic definition to apply to someone, both because of the intimation of violence, and because there is a hefty taboo within the left at large against “excluding” anyone.

    Vague in meaning, powerful in effect – two qualities which combine to mean that the word TERF is incredibly handy for anyone who wishes to stop women from discussing our oppression as women, by men. (Who wants to stop women discussing our oppression by men? Usually men, of course.) ”

    Cher needs to wake up because ordinary mothers with little, if any, connection to feminism refuse to be silenced.

    This woman went from being a sweet, kind woman, fully supporting trans activism to being an evil terf. I’m sure that there are millions of women just like her. They don’t identify as radical feminists. They know when they have been lied to, and they refuse to remain silent.

    * I want Cher to explain to me why girls and women need to see a middle aged male’s penis in the women’s locker room. Why should elderly women have to see a man’s erect penis while she is changing clothes? Under most “gender identity” laws, sex reassignment surgery is optional. If “gender identity” involves locker rooms, there will be more incidents like the following. I apologize to regular gendertrender readers for posting these links again, but someone needs to drag Cher out of her misguided politically correct bubble.

    * They won’t admit it, but it’s a fact, as in court records, that cross dressing males wearing dresses, makeup, etc. and males identifying as transgender have been convicted of all sorts of crimes inside women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters. These two videos are based on court records and information readily available to anyone. Keep in mind that this isn’t a complete list.

    I’m not aware of one radical feminist who has ever raped, tortured, or murdered a transwoman, but it’s a fact, as in court records and convictions, that transwomen (biological males – most still have their penis) have murdered, raped, and tortured women. They have also been convicted of molested children.

    (1.) “Women: Decide for Yourselves” 23 minutes Jane Williams
    March 12, 2016
    (2.) “Decide For Yourself Transgender Crimes (Jane Williams Mirror)” 26 minutes August 11, 2016

    * I want Cher to tell me what she would say to the homeless victims of Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook. Would Cher like to bunk down with a transwoman who still has his penis, knowing nothing of his background? Does Cher really think that homeless shelters have the staff and time to do a thorough background check on any and every male claiming transgender status?

    * I want Cher to tell me what she would say to the family of Ebony Nicole Williams. Does Cher think that former gang bangers who brutally murder little black girls deserve to be called women?

    * I want Cher to tell me what she would say to the families of Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch’s victims. Does Cher believe that males who torture women with electrical wires before sadistically raping them deserve to be called “women”? Should they be housed in a women’s prison?

    *Does Cher really think that Stefonknee Wolscht has some sort of authentic “gender identity”, or is it far more likely that he is just a divorced father of seven children with kinky sexual fetishes who is hiding behind “gender identity” laws. Is Wolscht really a six year old girl trapped in the body of a fifty year old man? Conservatives in red states see photos and videos of Stefonknee and they cringe.

    * Does Cher think that the male calling himself Carlotta Sklodowska has a “sincere self-reporting gender identity”?

    I’m disappointed in Cher, but I’m not surprised. Cher and Chaz aren’t known for their intelligence. Let them live in their p.c. bubble while we continue speaking truth to power.

    The reason they are screeching “TERF” is because they must know that more and more people are reaching peak trans every day.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      Great comment and questions. Cher, will you answer them?!

      • bishopioan Says:

        Basically, this TERF nonsense is because many women-born-women, both lesbian and straight, don’t want someone with a penis in their space, or telling them what to think or what to include or exclude in their conversations (many transwomen are upset at mentions of “menstruation” or pregnancy, or childbirth, because obviously they cannot experience those. And, their “reasoning” goes, if they cannot experience those things, then others should not mention them.

        As for the space issue, up until 2015, there was a large gathering of mostly lesbian women for a weeklong music festival called MichFest. You guessed it–the trans finally got it closed down because the women of MichFest wanted to keep it woman-only space. Nope, that was unacceptable to the trans who felt they should be able to go anyplace, even into women’s space, where their presence is not welcome.

        And the most ridiculous thing is transwomen who identify as lesbians being upset because most lesbians won’t sleep with a “woman” who still has her male genitalia. Just think about that: a “woman” who still has a penis. Wait a minute. What about being a woman do these people not “get”. Women do not have penises any more than men have vaginas. And what do they not “get” about lesbians? If they wanted to sleep with men, they would. The fact that they don’t should tell these transwomen something…that they are not really women!

        And anytime someone reasonably says that some women just do NOT want trans in their spaces, the trans scream TERF. I think we should just take the term as a badge of honor. As a lesbian friend of mine likes to say: TERF=Totally Excellent REAL Female”!

    • liberalsareinsane Says:

      I’d love to see her try and answer those questions. Cher’s blind, uniformed trans love would bite her in the ass. Wonder if Cher knows she is being a handmaiden?

  10. NYCAlison Says:

    Nothing new from the chattering celebrity class. When the cult doesn’t like what it reads, its members deflect, deny, and block, block, block. And sorry, but Cher’s adult kid looks terrible and has looked terrible since the transition started. Anyone remember the misogynistic comments Chaz made to the media when talking about transition, something about women being irrational or not being able to understand them?

    On a related note, I found this the other day: Welcome to the club, “woman”! Do you SERIOUSLY think that natal females are encouraged to freely discuss any part of our reproductive systems? HELL to the NO. Not on the internet — cause it’ll get shut down by the OH NOOOES, TRANSMISOGYNY” mansplaining (or by an especially useful handmaiden) — not in a group (same reasons), and more and more, not even when a woman is speaking in confidence with another thought-to-be-trustworthy female.

    Especially if she has particularly blasphemous opinions, which these days, can run the gamut from “yeah, natal women actually HAVE lost our reproductive rights at a faster rate since the start of this decade than at any time in the modern era” to “of course you know I’m no Xtian but the Pill isn’t always safe, as shown by the current generation of young women who are now dead, and I have a problem with how the funfems and the pharma multinationals say deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism are ‘no big deal’ and rags in website form like Jezebel back that up.”

    Juno, who wrote the trans vagina piece, should get a clue. Welcome to “womanhood!” Now, your body is considered disgusting and exists to support a fuckhole. You didn’t think you got to talk about it like males do, did you?!?!?

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      In reading both pieces, the best that can be said from here is:

      – Cher is fading into that portion of life where the need to be ‘relevant’ means making statements or taking stands which only make minimal sense. ‘Minimal’ to those who live or die on the vapor trails of the vain shallow and use her example on how to live their lives.

      – The piece on Yahoo Sports by that poor excuse of a human was one of the most incredibly crude, sexist and offensive piles of shit I have read in years. Puts the verbal garbage from the chatrooms to shame…and that says a lot. Nevermind the ignorance about the work the person had done. Biology and other facts took a vacation, replaced by a juvenile text right out of a ‘South Park’ episode.

      And yet pointing the above out will get one cursed or even banned, thanks to the tyranny of the deranged. Who frighteningly enough, have quite a few people eating the shit buffet they have laid out.

  11. Medi Says:

    “That’s all,” combines the best moments of Meryl Streep in the Devil Wore Prada AND the arts and crafts of Lesbian Terrorists and sewing circle legends! Oh and the riff on gypsies, tramps and thieves was just too much fun, DAMN women good work! I met Chastity years ago when she was promoting her book on her lesbian relationship. I’m not being insulting, but I swear she was one of the dumbest people I have ever met.

  12. dejavublonde Says:

    if I were a cynical person I would point out that her tweets about being in the studio recording new songs didn’t trend last week (or the week before). But, this is trending and grabbed the attention of a generation not normally amongst the top of her fan base.

  13. CKDexterHaven Says:

    I guess if you’re a lesbian child and your mother’s version of womanhood is pleasing men and undergoing risky, painful, major surgery in order to please men, then you would think you’d been ‘born wrong’ and seek to escape into manhood. The concept of plastic surgery was probably normalised for Chaz too. How much happier could she have been if her parents had accepted her sexuality and her looks?

    • bishopioan Says:

      Thank you for saying this! I suspect that the root of the whole trans thing with Chastity/Chaz is that she picked up on the message that if she didn’t fit in with Mommy’s fantasies of what a real woman was and didn’t want to exist just to please and titillate men (Chastity/CHaz has always struck me as a butch lesbian), then becoming a “man” was the next best thing.

      And even now, she really just looks like a super-butch lesbian who happens to have bit of facial hair.

      I think that she would have been happier and better adjusted if Cher had just got over the fact that deep down, her daughter was a butch lesbian, and not all women have to look like Hollywood mannikins or exist to please men.

  14. thisismeandonlyme Says:

    Maybe she is “two-spirited” herself after all she is an Irish-Armenian who sang “Half-Breed” half-naked complete with Vegas showgirl-like “Indian” costuming complete with a headdress AND a totem pole, and a horse, you know, like all the Indian girls do, Squaws in the heart.

  15. Chaz Bono gave me my first peak trans moment. She was being interviewed on Talk of the Nation on NPR years ago, and she said that since taking testosterone she had become “sharper” and non longer could tolerate listening to her aunts chit-chat. I couldn’t believe my ears- it was so sexist, and nobody called her out on it.

  16. Nina Says:

    Eh. She’s not for my generation (born ’89) so I find it pretty hard to care. Maybe older people find her relevant, but I can almost guarantee nobody younger than me does. Who is Cher, and when was the last time she released anything?

  17. Mark F. Says:

    Chaz has been blathering recently about how hard it is for her to find a girlfriend. Hmmm, maybe being an entitled jerk has something to do with it, not to mention the amputated breasts and the fact she loathes her own vagina. God help us if she has gotten a fake willy with a pump now. And most lesbians don’t go for full beards.

    • kesher Says:

      She’s also hideous as a “man”. Who wouldn’t be attracted to that dinner plate face and Amish beard (h/t to Gallus). I think there are quite a few borderline bisexual “straight” women who would be interested in a really hot F2T, but Chaz ain’t that.

      It’s similar to how the only M2Ts who manage to find partners who aren’t also trans or who aren’t bullied into dating them are unusually attractive as “women”, especially meeting a porn ideal of “womanhood”.

      If you’re undercutting your romantic prospects by making yourself an other, you better have a lot to offer. And most trans people don’t seem to have much to offer. It often seems like the trans thing is supposed to compensate for lack of attractiveness, personality, and success. Good luck with that!

      • ByJove Says:

        That photo is from a few years ago. From the promo shots on her website she seems to be trying hard at being a studly dude now, losing weight and attempting to appear otherwise two-dimensionally attractive in dapper suits. …Because that’s all there is to successfully being a man. Here’s hoping she can snag a superficial woman who can overlook her misogynistic self-hatred and lack of personality!

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @kesher You are right, there is more often than not….those who do not offer anything, outside of the typical tropes. Which comes down to gaming, clubbing, shopping, limited reading materials (science fiction or the other fiction of the SRS magically fixing their ‘problems’) and the usual ‘woe is me’ or the universe revolving around their need to be ‘complete’. And it seems from seeing this over the years, there are those who will want to date someone who is obsessed with the above, like those who take in stray animals.

        There is a difference bet stray animals and snowflakes. A stray cat or dog loves unconditionally, without asking that love be based on elective constructs. A snowflake demands indulgence in their situation, to the exclusion of other items, which are the basis of a well rounded relationship.

        Not all have this happen, but one has to wonder why someone would want to lower their sights towards those who, in their desire to live opposite of birth…only displays a myopic or stereotypical view of their aspired-to gender. There are those who think way the hell above that low bar…but are far and few between. Like fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs, who remember the last time they won the Stanley Cup.

  18. Elle Says:

    I’ll leave this here, as it involves the entertainment industry. The minor point of Alexis Arquette going back to living as a man before his death has been pretty effectively squelched everywhere else:

  19. liberalsareinsane Says:

    Has Chastity ever held a job? Send in your resume. Go for an interview. Get hired. Show up on time every day and do a job? She has had “entertainment” jobs that were given to her because, at that moment, she was in the media but nothing, ah, real and grown up. Is she trust fund? How does this woman support herself?

    I’m sure Cher’s hyper femininity and lunacy had negative effects on Chastity but Chastity also comes off as a spoiled brat who never could be arsed enough to get off her fat ass and do something. She tried singing but can’t fuckin sing. There is a particularly hilarious video of her and Sonny “singing” that is just painful.

    This woman has had several incarnations. She thought she was straight and was a pretty straight girl. Then she was bi. Then she thought she was a lesbian. Now she thinks she is a man. The next identity fad that comes along will see Chastity Bozo firmly on board. I’m sure that when the lawsuit fallout from the trans bs starts Chastity will be at the front of the line with her hand out.

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