UK Transwoman Athlete admits to Triple Stab Attack on Sports Officials who discovered he was Male

September 22, 2016


Former British Women’s Fell Running Champion Lauren Jeska confessed in court today to committing a vicious premeditated triple stabbing attack on British sports authorities last March at Alexander Stadium.

“Women athlete who tried to murder sports official was transgender and facing review into medals”, reports the UK Mirror Online:

“Sean Kyne, District Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said: “Lauren Jeska had a disagreement with British Athletics officials which escalated and rather than resolve the matter through the appropriate channels, she armed herself with a number of knives, drove from her home in Wales to Birmingham and launched a premeditated and savage attack on the victim which resulted in the victim and his colleagues sustaining a number of life threatening injuries.”


“Fell Runner Lauren Jeska tried to kill British athletics official because she feared the body would revoke her titles over transgender status” The Telegraph reports:

“Lauren Jeska, 42, admitted attempting to murder former professional rugby player Ralph Knibbs, 51, during a hearing at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday. 

It is understood a review was being planned into her status as a female athlete because she had been born a man. Her titles could have been in doubt if UK Athletics ruled that she had had an unfair advantage while competing against women, sources suggested.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and West Midlands Police confirmed Jeska was a transgender athlete after the hearing.

She also admitted two counts of having a knife in a public place and two of assault causing actual bodily harm.

On March 22, Jeska, from Machynlleth, Powys, drove from her home in Wales to the British Athletic headquarters in Perry Barr, Birmingham, armed with a number of knives.

A CPS spokesman said: “The defendant entered their offices and asked to speak to the victim.

“She was asked to wait in reception, however, Jeska walked into the open plan office and attacked the victim and stabbed him a number of times.”


From the Daily Mail:

“The former British champion fell-runner, from Machynlleth, Powys, Mid Wales, used two 12cm and 13cm kitchen knives in the attack with a third blade – a bread knife – stashed in her bag.  

She viciously stabbed Mr Knibbs in the head and neck, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

Mr Knibbs, now the head of human resources and welfare at British Athletics after a stellar rugby playing career, suffered life-threatening injuries. 

He famously turned down the chance to go on tour with England to South Africa in 1984 because he opposed apartheid.

Jeska, who the court heard is autistic, lashed out at two other top UK Athletics officials, accountant Tim Begley and Kevan Taylor, when they tried to stop her.

The Daily Mail goes on to report that:

“Jeska is listed as being a member of the Yorkshire-based Todmorden Harriers Running Club on the group’s website.  She was also a second-claim member for Aberystwyth AC.

According to the site, she was the women’s English Fell Running Champion for three consecutive years between 2010-2012 and won the British Championship in 2012.”


Both the BBC and The Guardian refused to report on Jeska’s transgender status and his motive for the attack, and misreported him as being a female defendant whose motive was unknown. 

Jeska will be sentenced on November 15.


Teska. Photo credit Steve Bateson

Jeska. Photo credit Steve Bateson


69 Responses to “UK Transwoman Athlete admits to Triple Stab Attack on Sports Officials who discovered he was Male”

  1. IronBatMaiden Says:

    Oh no! Trans women aren’t violent men at allll. Nope. They’re perfect little oppressed Angels who can do no wrong and would never ever hurt a fly. /sarcasm

    Now will they wake the hell up and realize they can’t allow these assholes in women’s sports? The whole point of women’s sports was to allow women to do the things they wanted to without the restrictions from men! These men are ruining women’s sports! Fuck them!

    • nilate Says:

      No no. You have it all wrong. The cis transphobic world drove her this! We all need to look at how our cis centered narrow-minded world compelled thus poor woman to act out! /sarcasm

      • IronBatMaiden Says:

        Yes and this has absolutely nothing to do with male-pattern violence! No, ma’am! Just like those refugees who raped the women in Cologne were the poor little victims in this case because they’re men of color and they must never be called out. Otherwise that’s racist! Only white cis men are the ebil ones!die white cis scum!1!1 /sarcasm


        Yes, if these disgusting fishy cis “women” are responsible for all trans suicide, might as well hold them responsible for all trans murder too right?

      • IronBatMaiden Says:

        Yes because women must be held responsible for all trans women’s actions! We’re supposed to watch out for everyone but ourselves, dontcha know? /sarcasm

  2. He’s OBVIOUSLY a man. Get real already !!

  3. deborahpeifer Says:

    “She was asked to wait in reception.”
    Anyone else think it was being asked to wait, which I am certain is almost as violent as misgendering, that caused an otherwise peaceful snowflake, who only brought knives along in case there was cake…. I can’t go on.

    • GallusMag Says:

      He ran in with a knife in each hand and began a savage two-fisted dual stabbing attack to the victim’s face and head. And he brought an EXTRA knife in case- what? One of them broke? JESUS.

      • kfb3 Says:

        Well obviously this proves how much better he is at doing woman than we are. Don’t you know all proper laydees carry spare knives in their purses???

    • Medi Says:

      Male entitlement being made to wait…. when have you ever heard of a woman professional athlete ever doing creepy stuff like this?

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        I could only think of Tonya Harding, but that wasn’t creepy, it was more like a super ambitious athlete taking out a mafia hit.


      If a reception counter doesn’t center the needs of trans women, it’s not my reception counter!

  4. QS Says:

    The BBC disgusts me. As state broadcaster they are supposed to be politically neutral but trans is one of many areas where they show extreme left wing bias. I urge everyone in the UK to stop watching live TV and stop funding the BBC’s propaganda machine. The Guardian is drivel but at least you don’t need to pay them £150 a year to read their competitors.

    • atranswidow Says:

      Totally agree about the BBC…….

      The BBC has made no mention of the fact that Jeska was born
      male and that the motive for the attack was the victim’s investigation into the validity of Jeska’s medal wins against other female runners.
      They briefly mention autism as a factor.

      In fact I had to search out the BBC report on the stabbing tucked away under the Birmingham regional news. However, this morning, in my BBC news magazine feed I came across this little item; simply listed as ”Mum and Dad”.
      No such reluctance here to report and celebrate the fact that these parents are transgender. No, this is BBC Trans daily teaching moment.

  5. Miriam Ben-Shalom Says:

    Thank you for all the information you send me. I regularly repost because knowledge is power and will help to fight the trans-mafia.

    Miriam Ben-Shalom

    “If I speak, I am condemned; if I am silent, I am damned.” Jean Valjean

    “I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    “One had better die fighting against injustice than to die like a dog or a rat in a trap.” Ida B. Wells

  6. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on stop trans chauvinism and commented:
    Fucking hell…

  7. Bev Jo Says:

    This violent prick will be one more transvestite added to the statistics on violence among women.

    I keep reading that men who pose as women are as violent as other het men, but it seems from the media and threats we get that they are more violent. Does anyone know?

    • GallusMag Says:

      The Narcissistic Rage is terrifying.

    • kesher Says:

      The Dhejne study says they’re as violent as men, but that study controlled for mental illness. Without controlling for mental illness, M2Ts are 2.7 times more violent than men.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Investigating whether men who pretend to be women are more violent than other men would be almost impossible in a world where such men are called female in police reports–not to mention that attempting to get the data would be considered bigotry. I’d really like to see the results of such a study, if we could do it.

      Jeska is apparently autistic, according to the news report, and there’s growing statistical evidence that the rate of autistic spectrum disorders is higher for those who identify as trans. Moreover, although many people who advocate for those with autism don’t like to admit it, there’s a tendency toward aggression and violence among a subgroup of men on the spectrum, particularly when they’re thwarted. Perhaps the autism connection is responsible for the MTT’s who seem more–and often more irrationally–violent than other men. But a study of that is probably another non-starter.

      I can provide links on the trans/autism and autism/violence connections if anyone wants them.

      • Elastica Says:

        I would like the autism/violence links, thanks.

      • ClaraB Says:

        I have a feeling that most of the “autistic” trans are self-diagnosed with both autism and GID. Autism is also over diagnosed, with a lot of crazy parents pushing for the diagnosis for kids who are just a little shy or introverted. They brag about all the diagnoses their kids have, and often doctor shop if they can’t get the diagnosis they want. I have a 16yo with autism, and have spent a lot of time with these loony parents. There’s a lot of overlap with the behavior of the parents of “transkids”. I think that’s the biggest reason for comorbidity.

      • ClaraB Says:

        As an addendum, I think the blurring of gendered behavior in true autistics proves the socially constructed nature of gender. When my son was young, he was obsessed with Disney Princesses and wanted to be Snow White. He liked to put on my shoes and clothes. If he had parents who believe in gender–either liberal or conservative–he would have either been “transed” or had parents trying to overcompensate to make him “properly masculine”. Instead, we did nothing but let him be himself.

      • Linx Says:

        I do. Thank you.

      • hearthrising Says:

        I agree that autism is over diagnosed. Sometimes it has to do with parents recognizing their child needs some kind of special attention in the educational setting and not being able to get it without a mental health diagnosis. A diagnosis of autism may warrant accommodation in the workplace as well, so there is that incentive. Finally there is the glamour that surrounds autism in the public imagination. It’s a lot like the glamour that surrounds transgenderism. Probably more people who have gender dysphoria and subsequently identify as trans are autistic, But the speshul snoeflakes and their snoeflake parents are going to be drawn to both diagnoses. It used to be that we thought long and hard before we gave a child an autism diagnosis since it has lifelong implications. My how things have changed.


        Luckily there was already at least one such study done before the trans activists took over. The stats show that MTFs are equally likely to commit violent crime as males as a whole, which is a rate several times higher than women. I feel bad for the women getting stuck in prison with these guys, they’re going to form a fairly significant bloc within women’s prisons soon if this trend continues.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Here are the links for those who asked:

        Studies on the the connection between transgenderism and autism:

        A study that looked at aggression in children on the autism spectrum as compared to those with intellectual disabilities:

        A study on neurological disorders in mass murderers that showed autism may be a factor:

        An article about one violent teenager with a lot of comments from people who are in the same situation:

        Observations about domestic violence and Asperger syndrome from those who have experienced it:

        About a decade ago, when I first started to think seriously about the whole transgender business, I went looking for research on the personality traits of those who transition and found a study showing that MTT’s had much more rigid ideas about the differences between men and women than non-trans controls. (I can no longer locate this research.) Cognitive rigidity is common in those on the autistic spectrum, and I suspect that sort of rigidity about the supposed dress, behavior, etc., of men and women is what leads a higher percentage of those on the spectrum to conclude they’re trans. And, of course, there are many who don’t meet the criteria for diagnosis but fit into what’s been called the “Broader Autism Phenotype,” and they can also be quite rigid in their thinking.

        If you look at the last two groups of links, you’ll find many anecdotes about people on the spectrum, esp. men, getting angry and aggressive when their rigid views of how the world should work are challenged and/or they can’t have what they want. It’s not likely to be any different if what they want is to use female facilities or compete in female athletic events.


    Why are trans “women” so obsessed with violence. Yikes. Not only do they commit violent crime at the same rate as other biological males, have you noticed how every single time we discuss gender they threaten to murder us or say we’re engaging in “literal violence”. Because they’re all big and tough when they’re telling us they want to murder us or force them to choke on their lady cocks but if we mention that there’s a biological difference between a penis and a vagina, they suddenly become so mentally delicate they need to kill themselves.

    Male socialization plus mental illness. It’s a hell of a drug.

  9. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Thank you so much for reporting this. I remember when the story about the attack broke and was briefly mentioned on the news. It was reported as an attack carried out by a woman and I remember thinking it was odd behaviour for a woman and maybe she had severe mental health issues or there was an affair going on or something.

    Today, when the trial was reported, it was reported as a woman commiting a crime with no known motive. I saw footage of Jeska and thought, “That’s a man”. At that time, a brief google produced no information on Jeska being trans and I wondered if I had unfairly labelled a masculine-looking woman as a man. The reporting of this has been sinister and Orwellian. A man’s crime has been passed off as a woman’s, and the trans-agenda motive, and trans use of violence when their delusion isn’t recognised, has been completely overlooked. Even someone taking more than just a passing interest in this story would miss seeing the truth.

    Peak Trans # 1527!

    • hearthrising Says:

      wow. So they said there was no known motive when they knew what the motive was, because revealing the motive would reveal the maleness and trans identity of the perp. Just wow.


      Yeah this is a concern I’ve had lately, and it affects not just these individual propaganda pices bit the aggregate. Now that gender statistics are increasingly being counted by “identity” and not reality, we are going to see sudden upticks in the *recorded* rate of violent and sexual crimes committed by women. And you know that this will be used against feminists as well as women as a whole. Now I can’t trust any statistics about gender that don’t tell me what they mean by gender, or that use a wrong or evasive definition.

  10. atranswidow Says:

    Now he has pleaded guilty……let’s lift the lid on this BBC. Let’s hear about the investigation into Jeska’s medal wins as a faux women athlete. Crickets! What about some justice for the victim? What about the women who trained and were denied the medals that were rightly theirs. Fell-running in the UK is damned hard and requires a lot of physical and mental endurance.

    BTW, Jeska is being held at Foston Hall which is a women’s closed category prison and Young Offender Institute. What protection do these women have against a violent male narcissist?

  11. Alex Says:

    Oh my god. I am from this part of the world. I read this news story at the time, thought that didn’t sound right, googled pictures because I had suspicions and could see straight away he was a man. I made a note to keep tabs on this story because I wanted my suspicions confirmed and emailed either this site or another for it to be kept an eye on. I found out that this gentleman was a physics graduate who as a mature student returned to university majoring in gender studies. I don’t want people to be villified for their dysphoria but why, why, why do we have to pander to these delusions. I have already pledged to stick my head above the parapet and no longer indulge transgender people in for example their chosen pronouns no matter the consequences to me. This is the new suffragette movement. I aim to be dignified but utterly steadfast in playing my part for the sake of the feminist movement. I am returning to university next year as a single 41 year old mother and will be joining the feminist society. I will be crucified but I don’t care. Come that time I will document my experiences (that feminist society has a pro-trans policy) and I am sure I will need emotional support for my sanity but hopefully my sisters will be there for me.

  12. hearthrising Says:

    Thank you for reporting Gallus. I guess the way to tell when a “woman” who commits violence is a trans woman is when the media coverage is subdued–just like it is when a man commits violence. Think about the circus that ensues when a woman kills her male lover and then look at this.

  13. Trish Says:

    How was it discovered tis person was male? Did someone look at his face?

    • Trish Says:

      It’s almost like evidence that medical science cannot turn a man into a woman.

      Did I say almost? I meant absolutely.

    • Artemis Jade Says:

      So from the second photo we see that he was competing in fell running races before his transition from Michael to Lauren. The wiki page for fell running lists victories by Lauren but none by Michael. Yet John “Joanna” Harper–the world’s go-to ‘expert’ on why and how males should be allowed to compete in women’s sports—says ‘her’ research shows that transition results in an athlete of comparable ability to their pre-transition state. Jeska is just the latest example that Harper’s theory is incorrect.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Harper admits he excluded (three, I think) from the (eight?) men he studied because they improved sports performance after transition. He attributed this to increased training. Quite likely that Jeska was one of those excluded.

  14. Rachel Says:

    Strange how the SJWs haven’t jumped on the fact that Jeska’s primary victim was black.

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      @Rachel What does that tell you…as in who is valued and who is not?

    • IronBatMaiden Says:

      This is yet another reason I hate the SJWs with a passion. First, they shame us for wanting female solidarity against any males by making us include trans women in our spaces. Then, they threw the female rape victims under the bus with the immigrant issue by remaining silent or telling the victims they’re “racist” for calling out the men who raped them. And then they were calling lesbians transphobes for not wanting to sleep with trans women! Now they won’t acknowledge when a white male to trans gers violent against a person of color!? Fucking seriously!? They just feed our enemies more cannon fodder against us and it pisses me the hell off!

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @IronBatMaiden Oh, but they do care about persons of color. But in SJW-land…the ones who matter are those who match the liberal image of what a person of color should look or act like. And if the person of color is trans, concern is extended if they are DQ’s, hookers or like a few of their faves …abusers of children for emotional or financial gain.

        The sad fact of the matter is that, this insanity is fed by those in media or professionals otherwise, not calling these people out on their shit. Folks at the BBC should have picked up on how much was reeking from this perp, but did not. One has to wonder why even they dropped the ball.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        I’m guessing the media outlets who didn’t report this guy’s motive probably felt it wouldn’t be politically correct to out him.

        But what if an unhinged black man became so distraught at the killing of people of color that he attacked a white man in authority? I can’t imagine that any media outlet would keep silent about the perpetrator’s ethnicity and simply report the story as one man attacking another with no known motive.

        And I also resent the media feeding the stereotype of the “crazy bitch” by suppressing the motive in this case. In fact, I’m really angry that men’s crimes may be attributed to women, especially given how often they claim credit for the results of our best ideas and hard work.

      • k.jane Says:

        @IronBatMaiden and rheapdx1

        There’s nothing SJWs hate more than a member of a minority group that disagrees with them, and they will throw anyone under the bus for trans.

  15. floydmerit Says:

    Not to be provacative, but this is what conservatives mean when they talk about the media having a liberal bias.

    Note that the Mirror, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail are all papers you may as well not bother referencing in an open forum because they’re dismissed a priori as Murdock-owned rightwing propaganda outlets. I’ve seen facts successfully removed from Wikipedia articles because they were sourced to these papers.

    And yet they have the full story while media ‘credible’ outlets bury the un-PC truth.

    • Rachel Says:

      The Mirror is nominally a Labour paper. The Telegraph is centre-right, but tends to employ good writers and has a good standard of reporting on most things, apart from party politics. The Mail is known for its poor, pointlessly provocative and lazy writing. It is slightly to the right of the Telegraph, and is no friend to feminists – proceed with caution. Out of the three, I would trust the Telegraph the most. The Mirror doesn’t do much in the way of in-depth articles, although it does cover sport well, so someone might have been interested in the Jeska story.

    • Nina Says:

      I don’t think that’s all too provocative here, and I 100% agree. “Liberals”, to me, are now as disgusting and backwards a group as “conservatives”. They are 2 sides of the same coin. I forget who said it first, but it’s true:

      Conservative men see women as baby receptacles.
      Liberal men see women as sperm receptacles.

      Radical or bust, baby.

      I checked out several of the different papers’ coverage choices, and the only one I found that was up-front about his status was I think the Sun, which AFAIK will just do anything for the most shocking headline. If they didn’t think “the tranny angle” would help them get clicks, they would not have bothered.

  16. Dogtowner Says:

    It sounds sick, but do we need to hope that more of these men will commit attacks upon other men? The powers-that-be might like to call them women in the media, but if men are the targets of male violence it might provoke some reaction.

    Maybe the fellows at the BBC, etc, are simply cowards and afraid of what might happen if they don’t goose-step to the trans agenda.

  17. NYCAlison Says:

    Speaking of MtT athletes, and their being granted rights over and above those of born women (athletes or no), I found an article in the woman-hating paper, NY Times, from earlier this year, detailing how female athletes are and have historically been treated at the Olympics and other types of International Games:

    I was horrified to discover that as recently as the past few years, female athletes who performed “too well” — and therefore violated patriarchal standards of performing femininity correctly — were subjected to humiliating exams, public shamings, and were forced to choose between undergoing hormonal treatments, gonadectomies, and clitoridectomies, or drop out of sport completely. It’s all there in the article. Yet this year or late last, the IOC ruled that twanz can keep the “stick and two bits” and compete as women, so long as their testosterone levels stay low for a year.

    Gallus, I don’t think I would even be looking up these articles if it weren’t for your extensive coverage of trans eradicating women’s accomplishments, and even our right to exist, in athletics. I hope this blog is available always to women and girls — females deserve to know the truth!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Thanks! I’ve covered the IOC testing extensively if you’d care to read it.

      • NYCAlison Says:

        Thanks for the recommendation. Just did today, and my verdict is: WOW, WOW, what great, great coverage! Super extensive, with info not seen anywhere else. Learned a lot, and loved it all around — well, as much as a woman can love the nitty gritty details of her rights and her sisters’ rights being destroyed. As I get to know this space better, I recon you’re the top expert on gender policy/lawmaking and women’s rights going today.

        The NY Times story linked upthread is all the more putrid in context of the IOC specifics. The writer just brushes off the new twanz-“friendly,” womens’ sports-destroying IOC rules like it’s no big thing, while women who “excel suspiciously” and are thought to “violate norms of femininity” (VOMIT) get a reprieve from referrals for mutilation only until the next Olympics. I’m betting on a backlash before then — big time.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “I recon you’re the top expert on gender policy/lawmaking and women’s rights going today.”

        Sweet Jesus I hope not.

  18. lovetruthcourage Says:

    Sadly, not surprised. All of us women need to keep the pressure on the BBC to report on this accurately. The media needs more pushback on the trans issue, generally speaking. Keep exposing these violent and entitled men, GM! Great work as always.

  19. […] claims to have objectively studied 7 other male runners who desire to compete against women (one of whom famously exited the testing pool via a ghastly triple stabbing attack on running officia…)  and posits himself as the sole author of “the proof” that male athletes begin to perform in […]

    • atranswidow Says:

      Police statement and also Jeska’s parents read their own statement.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Gosh his parents are in total denial. He swept the women’s division because he worked harder than the lazy women he competed against. His premeditated homicidality was caused by his winnings being voided. Anyone would, eh? Jesus.

  20. Medi Says:

    Calling this violent man a woman just is galling. NEVER call these men ‘”trans-women” NEVER use the word woman to describe them ever. I am so sick of these creeps and the mayhem they cause in the world.

  21. Medi Says:

    Just a general thing, they are men so I never add the word woman to the generic description of them. They are male to trans to me, the word woman is for biological women. Don’t really get why radical feminists call them trans-women anyway…

    • GallusMag Says:

      I’ll continue to decide the most effective way to communicate on my own blog, thanks. Glad you like the phrase “male to trans”. Glad I started it. As inaccurate as it may be. 😉

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