September 25, 2016







Slides are from : ‘A Developmental Perspective Of Transgender & Gender-Nonconforming Youth And A Collaborative Model Of Care’ presented by Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D. at the 2016 Nadherny/Calciano Memorial Youth Symposium: ‘Clinical Essentials for Increased Understanding of the Transgender Community’.

PDF here: http://news.casaofsantacruz.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Calciano-Developmental-Pespective.pdf  

Video here. Ehrensaft presentation begins at 1 hour:


  1. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on stop trans chauvinism.

  2. IronBatMaiden Says:

    I wasn’t sure if this was satire at first, but then I saw the link below and saw it was serious! This is yet more proof that the trans cult is real and we’re not crazy for demanding the abolition of such a horrible construct.

  3. sagenelunsjbar Says:

    So. It’s officially a religion now…

  4. Karen Says:

    Good God!
    So now the trannies are supposed to embrace their inner “angels” who whisper, “you are who you SAY you are?” (Do not question the dominant paradigm.)
    Did I get that right?

  5. Sarah Says:

    “Ghosts” – so dead people then.

    They can’t let go of their necrophilic imagery. They’re obsessed with killing and death.

  6. Emily Says:

    It’s always “literally” life or death for these people, isn’t it? It’s an argument springing from desperation: gender ideology=life and rejection of gender ideology= death. Simple choice.

  7. Bob Doublin Says:

    Shucks, I was hoping this was your advertising of your forthcoming edition of the GENDER ANGELS ORACLE CARDS DECK. Soon to be available as an app for ALL electronic devices for $3.99. I so wanted to download this on my Samsung Nook. I’d start my day drawing a card to contemplate all day. And discovering the best spreads for readings……what wisdom we might access…..boggles the mind.

    • donesoverydone Says:

      GENDER ANGELS ORACLE CARDS DECK, you could make bank with that

    • juno Says:

      I like that idea. One could draw cards every morning that would dictate their gender expression for the day. Cards like ‘demiboy’, ‘agender’, ‘non-binary’ and even the dreaded ‘cis’ would allow one to explore their gender in synchronicity with the cosmos.

  8. petuniacat00 Says:

    Therapy cult.

    The language and imagery in this disturbing thing is not normal psychotherapy type talk. More like something out of one of those Catholic comic books for proselytizing with. 😖

    This is just self-brainwashing crap. Psychotherapists are not supposed to just make stuff up. And certainly not teach their patients that they’re ‘at war’. Her name is Ehrensaft? Remember that. She’s going to be one of the ones investigated.

    • nonny Says:

      RIGHT?? First I thought this was a weird joke, then I assumed it was from some fucked up, quasi-Christian, new-agey wingnut website! Like, tbh I’m still processing the fact that this actually is being presented this way. How is this shit not laughed out of the building, like it would be with ANY OTHER TOPIC? Wtf kind of cult-starting-101 powerpoint am I looking at??? (OT: I’m fascinated by the bizarre history of Jack Chick comics, and they’re actually explicitly, rabidly anti-Catholic- but yes, these do look like completely insane Christian fundamentalist garbage!!)

      • LC Says:

        Also OT, but I find the Chick Tracts weirdly fascinating, and there’s a particular breed of fundamentalist that’s explicitly anti-Catholic(and a lot of other things), that of course Jack Chick belongs to. This stuff, though… it doesn’t even remind me of fundamentalism, because it’s so lazy(some of them work damn hard at their paranoia and anti-intellectualism- heck, even Chick Tracts are well-drawn and thoroughly, if not accurately researched). I thought of the new-agey crystalism and angel summoning sites, too, so much so I have to wonder if Ehrensaft is a fan of that nonsense.

        I have to wonder if there’s some sort of ceiling to trans propaganda- something the activists could say that’s so explicitly bad science and/or contrary to reality that the casual leftist recognizes it and abandons ship… there has to be, right?

    • OldPolarBear Says:

      “More like something out of one of those Catholic comic books for proselytizing with.”

      LOL! Or a Chick Tract. They could call them Trans Tracts.

    • Leo Says:

      In theory they’re not, but a lot of psychotherapy is made up to begin with, and it does veer towards weird mysticism (Jung) at times, so it’s perhaps not as surprising as it should be. Still completely nuts though.

      I hope that when it’s investigated, the whole of psychology gets looked at more critically and there are more safeguards, this transgender stuff just fits too neatly into the pattern of medical abuses within it.

      • Karen Special Says:

        Absolutely! I agree with the comment about this whole trans phenomena needing to be dissected in therapy literature. I’m a psychiatric social worker, and I have worked with body dysmorphia for 30 years. I fear my profession has been politically scared into silence, or has had itself silenced by the trans activists. It is truly unnerving to know that you will be not only”outshouted” by these folks, but are putting yourself in jeopardy simply by stating the obvious- Neither sex “IS” the other simply by dressing “the part” or having surgical procedures done. That kind of statement is met with narcissistic rage.

  9. LC Says:

    God, that’s disturbing. As you tagged, it’s unavoidable to make comparisons between this and Chick Tracts, and this and Scientology- “thetan levels, aliens residing within us”. All they need is some sort of science-y e-meter test to determine whether you have a higher concentration of gender ghosts vs gender angels, and decide the hormones and surgery right for you based on the results.

  10. donesoverydone Says:

    “Dr.Ehrensaft also serves on the Board of Gender Spectrum, a national organization offering educational, training and advocacy services to promote gender acceptance for youth of all diverse genders. Information can be obtained at http://www.genderspectrum.org.” from here: http://www.dianeehrensaft.com/

    Gender Spectrum, I know I’ve read about that org here or some other website.

    • fightingunreality Says:

      Gender Spectrum just published a book, _The Transgender Teen_, which basically is a little over 300 pages on how parents should not question their children’s demands for hormones and surgery. As usual, it’s written by self-appointed experts, one –who happens to be the exec. director of Gender Spectrum — whose actual professional field is (tah dah) marketing.

      In their 2013 IRS 990, they list Shannon Prince Mintor (of NCLR), Diane Ehrensaft, and Norman Spack as directors. Mr. Baum, the first speaker there, pulled in $93,000 that year as a secretary.


  11. At 1:21:15 she introduces “gender prius” explaining that she herself, including with parents made up those terms. Gender Ambidextrous. Gender Top/Bottom The lotsa gender explanation – a rainbow used in her dialogs with three year olds on gender. How is that not similar to implanting false memory?

    Are the so-called Gender Tootise Roll Pops have a history of childhood abuse or sexual abuse or presence of clinical depression at the same time? These ones with “candy coated gender” – candy coated for whom? Pedophiles?

    The example of the father wearing a skirt to school with a boy who preferred to wear skirts is fantastic. Why can’t men and boys wear skirts? Why not?

    She mentions intrauterine influences on gender identity. Really?

    She does not say the word lesbian. She says gay or queer. That is not helpful for females. Its lebianphobic.

    She categorizes transgender as apples, oranges and fruit salad. More made up terms by adults.

    She does not include any discussion of those who de-transition after transgendering and later learning they were lesbian all along but didn’t get any information about that option.

    The gender binary is bunk but apparently the Gender Angels vs Gender Ghosts model is itself a binary and it’s ok? This immaginary angels versus ghosts sounds like fairy beliefs made up by a paid professional who’s rolled out all this gender batshittery already, now she has a theory of Good vs Evil gender attitudes? Thought police.

    Messages from the brain about what gender we are? Really?

    Preverbal knowing of our gender by age 3? Why don’t we have gender agnostic early childhood? Let kids be kids without labels.

    Lastly, Ms. Ehrensatt, I cannot remember my kids birthday so good luck with my remembering everybody’s preferred gender identity out of the list of fifty plus. Thanks, gender fascists for making a “flick of an eyebrow” or “roll of an eyeball” questioned as facial expressions that must not be made in front of the wrong persons.

    Aghast at all the ado about nothing. Gender identity is a ghost theory.

    Thanks for posting this video, sorry, this is just a jumble of responses after watching Ehresatt talk.

    • Nina Says:

      “Gender Top/Bottom”

      So they are now associating transgenderism directly with BDSM, but transgenderism NEVER has anything to do with fetishes. OK… that’s a bit of mixed messaging ain’t it?

      “I cannot remember my kids birthday so good luck with my remembering everybody’s preferred gender identity out of the list of fifty plus.”

      IKR? And the whole point of pronouns is that they are generic. If everyone is off inventing their own, there is no point to even having them. Just use the person’s name, then.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        Gender always was about who is on top. Men being on top of women is the gender hierarchy. This is the whole point of gender.

        So, no big surprise there.

  12. butchcurious Says:

    Did anyone hear the part where Ehrensaft compares gender nonconforming kids to fruit? Apples, oranges and fruit salad. Great, just what a confused kid needs, to be called “fruit salad” for being somewhere in the middle between the extremes of masculine and feminine. It’s difficult to fathom anyone taking this doctor seriously.

  13. Rachel Says:

    Morbid but curiously juvenile at the same time, like a teenager’s project on ethics.What is it with transloons and refusing to act one’s age?

  14. thisismeandonlymy Says:

    Reminds me of the old “walk-ins” that hung around the New Age scene. They were people who traded souls with aliens, and were now not human but alien but in a human body. Which is why they are more evolved than the average human, and humans that don’t intuit the higher beingness of the walk-ins are just asleep on the evolutionary soul wheel. They are here to teach us lessons.

    I swear a lot of this baloney is straight out of new age, that influenced anime, that influenced some of these dudes.

  15. AWESOME CAT Says:

    Yeah those “gender angels” are FALLEN angels.

  16. Oak and Ash Says:

    Gender angels vs. gender ghosts sounds like the older sort of video game–PAC-MAN or Space Invaders or something–in which you run around gathering up the items associated with your gender identity before the ghosts get you, and if you hit a blue or pink sparkly thing, an angel comes out and gives you a tube of lipstick or a baseball cap. Or maybe magically transforms you.

    I react to almost every GenderTrender post these days with “Can these people get any more stupid?” And the answer continues to be, “Yes, they can.”

    Gallus Mag: Thanks again for doing all this work.

  17. This is just insane. Gender has become like a religion.

    • Julie Smith Says:

      5 years ago, if someone had told us this kind of utterly irrational weirdo garbage would actually form the basis of policies and laws of our countries we would not have believed them. I wouldn’t have. Now, without any discussion, I have to share toilets with male coworkers and attend trans awareness training (which will explain the term ‘cissexism’ and the massive suicide rates amongst transfer people. Utter unscientific bilge). I will be on holiday that day. The Handmaid’s Tail looks almost benign when I think about where we might end up.

  18. thisismeandonlyme Says:

    I watched some of it. Some if it is not so bad, the man however is a major ahole.

    If anyone is uncomfortable with a male in her personal space, she is a bigot and go use the nurse’s bathroom.

    But the male, who is uncomfortable with his own body, soooo uncomfortable he needs to get drugged so he can avoid puberty and won’t get suicidal over his own dick, gets to be where ever he wants. Because, that is what men do. The needs of the dick wins, whether it is a positive action or a negative action, Dicks Win.

    This raging misogynist has no awareness of female oppression whatsoever. I would be appalled if this man was in our local high school.

  19. Double X Marks The Spot Says:

    “Gender Prius?” That must be a car that runs on gender fluid.

    • Nina Says:

      I would rather be a gender Jeep. This gender Jeep goes where it wants to go. Why should silly things like prepaved gender roads, or lack thereof, stop me?

  20. thisismeandonlyme Says:

    You know, it is amazing how much time is spent on discussing how to raise and or accept gender non conformity, but ultimately they then enforce it through extreme means.

    Like pink dresses? GIRL Now that you are a GIRL, don’t you want to LOOK like a “girl” with plastic balloons hanging off your chest? And we all know boys don’t have the pretty cloths, so if you want to dress in those pretty cloths you better conform.

    Don’t want to be a girl, SHORT HAIR! BOY CLOTHS! Cut off your breasts, they are just things hanging off your body.

    And loooook, how handsome and beautiful you are…

    The sexist dissonance is just stunning.

    • Trish Says:

      I saw a video where a girl referred to her breasts as “chest tumors”

      This ideology is disgusting.

    • Rachel Says:

      I heard some good news from a friend last night. There used to be a little tomboy girl who lived near me, who was always mistaken for a boy, had mainly boy friends and liked playing “boy games”. She is 26 now, and was exactly the sort of kid that the TransBorg want to get their hands on. Well, she is now living as an out-and-proud lesbian, with a long-term partner and a really interesting job. Tiny victory, and it’s nice to hear that someone is happy.

    • k.jane Says:


      I’m sorry for the caps, but that is very true. Just like the conservatives, the trans cult really enforces sex-role (gender-role) conformity. They just do it the opposite way. Conservatives who are into gender-roles think you should change your hobbies and behavior to match your sex, while trans cultists think you should change your body and become a life-long medical patient so that your body matches your hobbies and behavior.

      Trans cultists were the ones who told me, an obvious female, that I must be partially male for picking a career in the sciences. Because you know, women NEVER go into the sciences because only male brains can comprehend science and maths. Clearly, every woman scientist ever was actually a dude. (The trans cult also takes dead women who were gender-nonconforming or of historical note, re-labels them as men and even calls them “he”.) When I still bothered to go to local alphabet soup orgs, they did the same thing to other women. If you are in any way gender-nonconforming, you must be trans.

      They also promote the “lesbians are just men in women’s bodies” line and the “gays are just women in men’s bodies” line which is all very homophobic.

      @Rachel: Very happy that girl you know is a proud lesbian!

  21. anon male Says:

    I’ve seen these angel wars waged around me my whole damn life.
    As an indigo child, I’m just glad that science is — at long last — starting to document all the stuff that I’m able to perceive. MICHAEL, PUT DOWN THAT FLAMING SWORD AND LEAVE BEETLEJUICE THE FUCK ALONE. I DON’T CARE IF HE GAVE YOU A WET WILLY, JUST STOP. OK? DON’T MAKE ME TURN THIS CAR AROUND.

  22. Nina Says:

    Here are my gender angels:

    Your body, if healthy, is fine the way it is. If you feel uncomfortable in your body, this is a problem with your mindset, not your body itself. Your physical body is not the beginning and end of who you are as a person. It does not determine what colors you can like, how you’re allowed to wear your hair, or what clothes, hobbies, jobs, thought processes, or interests you are “allowed”. Anyone who tries to connect these concepts to your biological sex is trying to hurt you. Transcend it.

    You cannot change your biological sex, and this is okay, since biological sex does not determine who you are as a person. The intrinsic meaning of your biological sex begins and ends at the biological functions of reproduction. In terms of your social role and personality, it is meaningless. There is no direct connection between your reproductive organs and your mind. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are trying to hurt you. Transcend it.

    Any system of gender is an attempt to connect social role and personality to biological sex. Since there is no way to connect social role and personality to biological sex in a way that is both meaningful and just, any system of gender must necessarily be either meaningless or unjust, if not both. Transcend it.

    These are the angels that have won out in my own heart, through self-examination and self-reflection and reading both scientific and theoretical literature about gender and sex from both sides of the debate. I have opted not to thoughtlessly absorb “feedback from those around me”, since that is just peer-pressure cult talk.

    Pushing people onto surgical tables because they feel uncomfortable in their bodies, or because they like things atypical of their sex, is not good or healthy for them. We don’t tell Jewish girls to get nose jobs, we don’t amputate the limbs of people with BIID, and we don’t recommend lipo for people with anorexia. Studies have shown that gender transition does not actually alleviate gender dysphoria in the majority of cases, and this is because the problem was never with their bodies. Just like any other set of body issues, pathological or not, their mental goalposts will just keep shifting further and further away as they approach them. A lack of self-acceptance cannot be cured with surgery and hormones. This is why so many MTTs get upset now by the idea that they are not biologically identical to females, even though everyone realizes this is literally true. That is how far their goalposts have shifted.

    Even if it became possible to construct a fully-biological female XX-chromosomal body for them, they would then just be subject to the same body insecurities and pressures as biological women. It would never end until they learned to deal with the actual problem.

    The issue is not your body.
    The issue is not your body.
    The issue is not your body.

  23. Trish Says:

    Yeah, an imaginary “gender” (that has nothing to do with the biological sex of every cell in your body) isn’t enough – you need an imaginary friend to tell you secrets about that imaginary “gender”.

  24. lovetruthcourage Says:

    Ummm… what?

  25. […] In February, Dr. Ehrensaft, along with other pediatric transition specialists, including  Joel Baum, MS (senior director of professional development and family services at Gender Spectrum), presented at a conference and continuing education event in Santa Cruz, California.  The all-day event, attended by over 400 people, was recorded and  video is available here (hat tip: GenderTrender, which covered part of Ehrensaft’s presentation here.) […]

  26. Bev Jo Says:

    The mindfuck is endless.

    Love the comments here…

  27. Melani_ Says:

    Well.. this is about as wacky as f—!! Would love to see this widely shared so rational people can get a whiff of the lunacy.

  28. @ Nina, love your posts, especially this,

    “Any system of gender is an attempt to connect social role and personality to biological sex. Since there is no way to connect social role and personality to biological sex in a way that is both meaningful and just, any system of gender must necessarily be either meaningless or unjust, if not both. Transcend it.”

    At first glance, I thought this was a joke, but it’s just another creepy way to indoctrinate children. See Dr. Ehrensafat’s magical “Gender Angel” with the pretty white wings and star above its head tenderly watching over the frightened little kids as they cross the rickety bridge. If the kids fall in the water, the special “Gender Angel” in the long white dress will immediately swoop down and save them. I don’t know whether to laugh or cringe. It’s creepy and amusing in a sick kind of way, and it’s coming from a psychologist. Soon there will be well over five hundred different words for gender or gender related whatever, and then they will add some more special words. Woe to the politically incorrect person who doesn’t learn them all. Gender angels, gender smoothies, gender Prius, gender ambidextrous, gender ghosts, apples, oranges, fruit salad, etc. is just the beginning. Maybe they have to have all these words because there is, and has never been, a precise definition of “gender identity”. They create these new words, and get rather creative in thinking up new terms for gender to replace the old words because they are dealing with something that cannot be easily defined, and is culturally based at its core.

    For perspective, people need to step back in time. Why do so-called professionals today believe that they are far superior and wiser than the physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists who performed lobotomies, shock treatments on children, and tortured patients in mental asylums in ghastly and gruesome ways?

    I watched most of the video, and looked at Ehrensafat’s slides. I do admit that it’s an impressive display of forced indoctrination, and the fact that the slides are directed towards children is disturbing. Cult like is an understatement. This is some of the creepiest stuff I’ve ever seen and heard, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I got chills running down my spine watching the video, and reading Ehrensaft slides. Ehrensaft is a clinical psychologist. Psychology and psychiatry are by their very nature subjective. History teaches us that psychologists and psychiatrists will conduct just about any kind of experiment, and do anything for money. The most recent example involved the CIA giving two ex-military psychologists $80 million dollars to come up with some rather creative ways of interrogating people. Some of the “enhanced interrogation” techniques involved old studies involving learned helplessness in dogs. It took years for the APA (American Psychological Association) to finally admit that waterboarding and torture were wrong. Lobotomies, shock treatment, and ghastly experiments on gay men and lesbians are just the tip of the iceberg. This is just a partial list of ghastly experiments conducted throughout history by people who considered themselves caring professionals.


    What we are seeing is an experiment on otherwise physically healthy children in which kids are being sterilized through GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones. They know children are being rendered infertile. Pumping kids full of cross gender hormones before their bodies have time to sexually mature renders them infertile. Their bodies are being stunted, their human right to experience their full sexuality is being altered and compromised, and no one knows the long term impact on bone and brain development. It’s no secret that virtually all children who are on GnRH agonists end up on cross gender hormones, and some doctors are skipping the GnRH agonist, and going to cross gender hormones at eleven or twelve.


    Children lack the capacity to give informed, and they lack maturity and judgment. The prefrontal cortex of the human brain isn’t fully developed until the early to mid-twenties. There is a scientific reason why we don’t let children take out bank loans, or buy alcohol. Every parent knows that teenagers think they know everything, but they often lack common sense and sound judgment.

    This is a typical “Informed Consent” form for testosterone that FTMs read and sign. It states,

    “You are being asked to initial the various statements on this form to indicate that the risks as well as the changes which may occur as a result of the use of testosterone have been explained to
    you and that you understand them. If you have any questions or concerns about the information below, we encourage you to take all the time you need to: ask questions, read, research , talk
    with clinic staff and think about these important aspects of your treatment.”


    If people scroll down, there is a line for the signature of the Patient, Parent/Guardian, and Medical Provider. Children don’t have the capacity to understand everything on this “Informed Consent” form. They assume that parents understand everything, and that the parents can explain the potential risks in a way that the child can understand. What happens if the parents don’t even take the time to try and explain all this to their children? We are supposed to believe that there are no ethical and moral issues involved in parents knowingly sterilizing their own children, and there are no risks involved in drugging children.

    Below are some of the potential risks listed in the “Informed Consent” form. Don’t insult our intelligence by telling us children are capable of fully understanding what is being done to them.

    ______ ______ ___/___/___ I understand that it is not known exactly what the effects of testosterone are on fertility. I have been informed that, if I stop taking testosterone, I may or may not be able to become pregnant in the future.

    ______ ______ ___/___/___ I understand that there are brain structures which are affected by testosterone and estrogen, and that current medical science does not understand these adequately. I understand that taking a hormone may have long-term effects on the functioning of my brain which are impossible to predict. These effects may be beneficial, damaging, or both.

    ______ ______ ___/___/___ I understand that the endometrium (the lining of my uterus) is able to turn testosterone into estrogen and so increase my risk of cancer of the endometrium. I have been informed that not having my period for prolonged times may increase this risk. In order to reduce this risk, another hormone may be recommended to induce a menstrual period (shed the endometrium) several times a year.

    ______ ______ ___/___/___ I understand that fatty tissue in my breasts is able to turn testosterone into estrogen, which may increase my risk of breast cancer in the future.

    ______ ______ ___/___/___ I have been informed that if I take testosterone my good cholesterol (HDL) will probably go down and my bad cholesterol (LDL) will probably go up. This will likely increase my risk of a heart attack or stroke in the future. The rates of risks for FTMs on testosterone are similar to the risks that are found in non-transgender men.

    Below is a typical “Informed Consent” form for MTFs.


    Aren’t these “Informed Consent” forms just another way to cover the medical provider’s ass in case there are side effects, or someone regrets medically “transitioning”? Hell, yes this is an experiment on physically healthy children. Children lack the ability to give informed consent. See if the magical “Gender Angels” in their long white gowns swoop down to save them when hundreds of infertile and drug damaged adults start suing their parents, doctors, and psychologists.

  29. I’d like to comment on some of Dr. Ehrensafat’s slides, and some of the truly bazaar and idiotic things she says in the video. One slide says,

    “Reality: We Believe in Science”

    “So what does the emerging science say? It offers several important findings: that the gender identity of transgender children is as deeply felt as that of cisgender (non-transgender) children….and that the well-being of youth who physically transition in puberty is on par with cisgender counterparts ten years later”.

    No one really knows whether or not “the well-being of youth who physically transition in puberty is on par with cisgender counterparts ten years later”.

    “Apples, Oranges, Fruit Salad”,

    A clinical psychologist refers to children as “apples, oranges, and fruit salad”. This is from one of her cute yet creepy Powerpoint slides.

    Guidelines for Ensuring Health, Apples, Oranges, and Fruit Salad

    “….Always keep in mind that penis does not necessarily = male and vagina does not necessarily = female”

    She doesn’t just stop at saying females have a penis, she can clearly be heard in the video saying “I’ll add all other sexually defined organs”. If people listen carefully, she says, “I’ll add all other sexually defined organs”. This is such a remarkable statement coming from a psychologist who believes in special “Gender Angels”.

    A clinical psychologist is telling children that females have a male reproductive system and males have a female reproductive system. A uterus, fallopian tube, ovaries, etc. does not mean female according to this brilliant psychologists. If “all other sexually defined organs” are based on “gender identity”, how do humans and other primates actually reproduce? What about the nuclear and mitochondrial DNA?

    This is from one of Ehrensafat’s creepy “Gender Angel” slides.

    “Gender Affirmative Model Questions We Might Ask the Mother of the Four Year Old” (slide 29)

    -How long has your child been expressing cross-gender identifications or behaviors?

    (*the kid is only 4 years old, and Ehrensaft wants to know how long he or she has been expressing “cross-gender identifications or behaviors”)

    -Has it been consistent over a period of time?
    -If able to express a sense of their own gender, how does your child articulate it and with what feeling?
    -Does your child say, “I want to be a girl (boy) (other), or do they say “I am a girl (boy) other)?”
    -How insistent is your child in declarations and demonstrations of gender? How persistent?

    (*what is a “declaration and demonstration of gender” in a 4 year old kid)

    -Does your child show distress or stress about the body they have?
    -Is your child making serious statements rather than playful gestures when gravitating toward the toys/activities/dress codes/ etc. typically designated for the other gender within your culture?

    (*how in the hell can a 4 year old kid make a “serious statement”
    as opposed to a “playful gesture” regarding choice of toys)

    -Does your child express distress when someone “misgenders” them?
    -Does your child show delight when someone perceives them as the opposite gender?
    -How do you as parents or other people in your child’s life respond to your child’s gender messages?

    (*what is a “gender message” in a 4 year old child)

    Isn’t it far more likely that the mother saw some trans program, Chaz Bono, or Jazz on t.v., and decided that her four year old kid must be transgender. Or, she read something online at one of the zillion and one trans websites, blogs, twitter, youtube channels, etc., and decided that her 4 year old kid must be trans because the kid doesn’t play with the right toy. Her 4 year old girl played with a red toy truck, so run her immediately to the nearest “gender therapist”, and pick out the special gender name (gender smoothie, gender Prius, etc.)

    Notice in the video how everything led up to the final segment which focused on medically transitioning children.

    The final speaker clearly points out several times that the doctors “work closely with mental health providers”. Essentially, mental health providers apply a culturally defined word called “gender identity” to a child. Based on this culturally defined term, physicians prescribe drugs that they know can sterilize children, and they admit that no one knows the longer term impacts on bone or brain development.
    Question: Since everything hinges on what the mental health providers say, what happens if the psychologist is wrong? Psychology is not a precise science.

    Ehrensaft’s use of the term “Protogay Children” is rather strange and creepy. On slide 17 at the bottom of all the cute sounding, special words for gender, she lists “Protogay”.

    “Gender Fluid Children Gender Hybrids Gender Priuses: Half Girl-Half Boy Gender Tauruses: One on Top, Other on Bottom Gender by Season: School year girl, Summer boy Gender by Location: Home boy, At Grandma’s girl Gender Ambidextrous Children Gender Smoothies Gender Queer Youth Agender Youth…

    …and then comes the “Protogay” children.

    Knowingly sterilizing children isn’t the only ethical issue involved in the “transitioning” children. I know that this link was posted before on gendertrender, but it’s a must read. There is also the issue of gay and lesbian eugenics. Psychologists and psychiatrists have a truly ghastly and horrid history regarding the treatment of gay men and lesbians.

    “Somebody explain to me, please: If most children–especially girls–resolve gender dysphoria and grow up to be non-heterosexual adults (and study after study corroborates this finding), how is childhood “gender reassignment” not proactive conversion therapy to prevent adult homosexuality? ”

    Given these findings, why do doctors, psychologists–and increasingly, compliant parents–assign gender non-conforming children as trans until proven otherwise?

    And can it even be “proven otherwise” if they spend their entire childhoods being told, and treated as if, they are actually the opposite sex?”


    It’s a historical fact that sex reassignment surgery has been used as a form of gay and lesbian eugenics. People who read this blog know about Iran where gay men and lesbians are coerced into sex reassignment surgery. Homosexuality is punishable by death, but the Iranian government will help pay for sex reassignment surgery.

    In addition to Iran, the Aversion Project was a medical torture program in South Africa led by Dr. Aubrey Levin during apartheid. Between 1971 and 1989, victims were submitted to chemical castration and electric shock treatment meant to cure them of their homosexuality. Electrodes were strapped to the upper arm with wires, then run through a dial calibrated from 1 to 10, varying the current. Homosexual soldiers were shown pictures of a naked man and were encouraged to fantasize, at which a point the person-in-charge would administer a shock if the soldiers showed any form of sexual response and voltage was increased throughout the treatment if the soldiers continued to exhibit sexual responses. Project staff would force a sex change operation on those for whom the procedure failed and fake victims’ birth certificates. As many as 900 homosexuals, mostly 16–24 year-old who had been drafted, were forced to undergo sex reassignment surgery, and given new birth certificates.

  30. NYCAlison Says:

    Fantastic. More insane nonsense from the trans cult. As we learn more about this delightful little movement in all its batsh1t glory, psychiatry looks worse and worse in context. Not that it’s ever been a woman-friendly branch of medicine — along with gynecology, I’ve long considered it to be among the least objective, least patient wellbeing-centered branches of medicine — but with the recent explosion of “trans children” cases, psychiatry’s lookin’ pretty damn toxic these days.

    The misogyny and woman-erasing’s not limited to trans, of course. Starting at the age of 9, I was a ward of the shrinks, first court-appointed and state-appointed, then school-appointed, then back to state, and finally — when I began to make decent money in the software field — private practice. All of it because I was a victim of severe child abuse from ages 5-17, yet one and only one theme dominates from decades of psychiatry: abject hatred of gender non-conforming female patients. And seeking help in NYC does not mean the help’s any more enlightened or pro-feminist. Why, my last four, yes FOUR, shrinks alone condemned me for:

    * working in STEM
    * speaking in direct, declarative sentences
    * having a low, “less feminine” voice
    * wearing “men’s clothes” like leather jackets and t-shirts
    * dating women
    * hanging out with other women who identify as lesbian, bi, or baby dyke, particularly at my favorite lesbian bar (which ran a ridiculously awesome new-wave night for over a half-dozen years…I got the feeling that was also problematic)
    * having the audacity to be upset by flagrant misogyny on the job, and
    * disagreeing with their authoruteh (!) that the best response to being treated like a dim-witted child (including by colleagues at least a decade my junior) is to meekly submit and take the abuse as it’s heaped on.

    Yeah, it’s really awesome to pay money to hear some a-hole give your abusers a pass while proclaiming your GNC ways to be the major/sole problem. My partner, also a victim of severe child abuse, and the female friends and other women I’ve known along the way who sought help for childhood/adolescent trauma have all had similar if not identical experiences to mine. Again, this was and is happening in NYC, and other allegedly “liberal” cities across both coasts. In such an environment, it’s hard to be optimistic about our rights, particularly if GNC, but even if not.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      I’m so sorry you’ve had those experiences–both in childhood and with idiotic shrinks. Too many therapists seem to assume their job is to talk or tranq women into a docile acceptance of the status quo. Because the problem isn’t abusers–it’s those pesky victims! What a coincidence that they’re more often female. But it does leave those who need help with nowhere to turn. (I’ve had similar experiences with medical issues.)

      There seems to be something wrong with most people who go into the field of psychiatry. All those I’ve known in real life have had something seriously off about them and were also flagrantly poor judges of character. I was at one social event where a psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst commented afterwards that they thought a certain older man they chatted with was a great guy–someone that a few of us knew to be an abusive jerk. They were the only therapists present and the only people who thought he was charming.

      An elderly woman I know who had issues with depression and anxiety (after too many decades with the abusive husband mentioned in the paragraph above!) was told by a psychiatrist that her main problem was rejection of the female role. Apparently the guy gave her some forced choice test on which she preferred yard work to housework and cooking. If a decades-married, stay-at-home mother who bore and raised a large family is considered too gender-nonconforming because she likes to garden, the rest of us don’t stand a chance.

      But these bizzaro folks are the ones who decide whether someone can transition! It doesn’t surprise me that the troubled sort of people who seem to make up much of the field would conclude that a man who learns to perform femininity better than most women want to is, therefore, a woman. Or that all they can offer to a woman who wants out of the cage of gender is a different cage, not to mention stupid ghost and angel metaphors.

      We need a radical feminist school of therapy to promote real healing for women who’ve been harmed.

  31. I noticed the Dignity Health Care logo because there is a Dignity Health Care clinic where I live, and I was a patient at one of their health care centers. A couple of years ago, the medical clinic that I was going to was taken over by Dignity Health Care. According to one of the first speakers, the Dominican Foundation which is part of Dignity Health was the “philanthropic arm of the symposium”. In case people aren’t familiar with Dignity Health Care, it’s historically a Catholic hospital originally founded by nuns. The Dominican Hospital is in the bay area. Dignity Health Care doesn’t perform abortions, and there is lawsuit involving Dignity Health Care’s refusal to perform a tubal ligation at its Redding, California hospital. I believe in a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion, and I believe women who have already had children should be given a tubal ligation if this is what they choose. I do draw the line at drugging and sterilizing healthy children because kids don’t have the same cognitive abilities as adults.

    Outside of the bay area, Dignity Health Care needs to know that not everyone is on board with the “transitioning” of children, and this is coming from people associated with Dignity Health Care as well as patients of Dignity Health Care. This isn’t about treating every person with respect and kindness which we can all agree is a basic human right. It’s about drugging physically healthy children, stunting their growth, altering their ability to experience their sexuality in its fullness, and knowingly rendering them infertile. Despite what they say, no one knows the long term impact on things like bone and brain development. Kids are being drugged not only with GnRH agonists, but cross gender hormones at younger and younger ages. The use of GnRH agonists for what essentially amounts to a psychological diagnosis in children is an off label use of this particular class of drugs. Scroll up to one of my earlier posts, and click on the link to a typical “Informed Consent” form for cross gender hormones. There is no way kids can fully understand everything on a typical “Informed Consent” form. People should ask themselves this. If everyone was so sure that these hormones were safe to take for decades, and if no one regrets medically “transitioning”, then why do doctors and clinics have patients sign these form? The doctors are covering their ass so to speak.

    The speakers are not being truthful when they say that no one ever regrets physically transitioning. Google “detransition”, or look through several older gendertrender posts.



    Ehrensaft states,that there is “no data” that it harms kids to switch back and forth between identities, as long as we “support” them in their “journey”.

    This young woman transitioned FTM at 16, was on testosterone and had a double mastectomy by 17.

    “When I was on testosterone and taking Adderal for ADD, I got heart palpitations, chest pain, and shortness of breath. I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to have to choose between a psych med that was making a huge difference in my ability to function in the workplace and hormone therapy, and I didn’t want to acknowledge that what I was doing was dangerous…

    Early in my transition, I went through menopause. This caused vaginal atrophy and drip incontinence that has persisted for years. I piss myself slowly all day now; it’s really not cute or fun. I refused to acknowledge it was connected to the HRT-caused vaginal atrophy that immediately preceded its onset until months after going off testosterone. Yeah, I signed a paper saying I knew that could happen. I also thought this treatment was my only hope for coping with the intense feelings of alienation/disgust with my femaleness. I was wrong. Transition didn’t help. It did harm, harm that I now have to learn how to live with on top of all the shit I thought transition would fix….

    My double mastectomy was severely traumatizing. I paid a guy, a guy who does this every day for cash, to drug me to sleep and cut away healthy tissue. I did this because I believed it would heal all of the emotional issues I was blaming on my female body. It didn’t work. Now I’m still all fucked up and I’m missing body parts, too….There is no surgery that will undo what’s been done… adding synthetic materials to resemble the tissue of mine that was incinerated years ago would not help me. It took 3 years of stuffing down every negative feeling about my mastectomy before I was ready to face that what happened did harm to me. I was off hormones for months before I admitted to myself that I deeply, deeply regretted this surgery…

    Pediatric medical transition is a relatively new phenomenon, and it takes a while to get to a place with your trauma where you’re comfortable going public. Give it a few years and there will be an awful lot more of us. I wish this wasn’t the case. I wish you were right, that this treatment wasn’t doing harm, that all of these children were going to grow up and be just fine. I wish that I was just fine. I’m not, this destroyed me in a lot of ways. I will never be the same.”


    Last summer there was a Pride event at a downtown park in the city where I live. While strolling through the event, I came across a Dignity Health Care booth. I thought this was strange because Dignity Health Care is traditionally a Catholic hospital, and this was a LGBT Pride event. I stopped by their booth to get a few free goodies. I remember talking to a couple of women at the Dignity Health Care booth. I told them that many people view the sterilization of children as a human rights abuse, and I went on to tell them about GnRH agonists and cross gender hormones. They just stared at me when I told them that children were being knowingly sterilized as if they couldn’t believe what they were hearing. I walked away, and visited other exhibits and booths. Eventually, I ended up back at the Dignity Health Care booth. One middle aged woman pulled me aside and whispered to me, “You are right…they don’t know at that age”. No, the medical “transitioning” of children doesn’t sit well with some people, especially people outside of the bay area. The fact that most people remain silent when exposed to this insanity doesn’t mean that they approve of what is happening.

    I want Dignity Health Care to explain to me why it doesn’t want to perform tubal ligations on married adult females who already have children because sterilization is contrary to their religious beliefs, but sees no problem in drugging and sterilizing healthy children. Sterilizing children is universally regarded as a human rights abuse. Some things can’t be easily undone, and this is happening to children at younger and younger ages.

    Someone in the audience asked about “preverbal children”. Seriously, kids who are too young to even speak complete sentences. What are gender messages in “preverbal children”? The kid picked the pink blanket instead of the blue blanket. This is utter insanity, and it gets crazier all the time. Pretty soon they will slap a label of “gender dysphoria” on a newborn. The newborn baby is a Gender Prius (one of Ehrensafat’s special terms for ‘gender hybrids’), Gender Smoothie, or some other special new “gender” term that a quack psychologist thought up out of boredom. It’s just a matter of time.

  32. silverside Says:

    I really do feel psychiatrists are stupid pill pushers. My son has had a chronic daily headache, fatigue and other issues for 6 years. Initial tests were negative or inconclusive, so he got slapped with a “depression” diagnosis. For two years we wasted our time, as the shrinks cycled him on and off anti-depressants which did not help his headache or fatigue, and often gave him terrible side effects. I insisted that I still thought there was something wrong that hadn’t been detected. They ignored me and patronized me. FINALLY, we found a diagnostician who figured out that he has a dysfunction with the autonomic nervous system. And STILL the shrinks want to push more pills, as they are too lazy to research dysautonomia.

  33. FeistyAmazon Says:

    This REALLY PROVES That the whole TransGender thing is nothing but one big cult!!!Using extremely cultish language to instill its message, talk about BINARY. Gender Angels and Gender Ghosts? What utter nonsense!

  34. This is an excellent article on who funds trans activism. Rich old white men fund trans activism. And, there is hella $$$ in transing kids. In the U.S., Big Pharma has more lobbyists than oil companies. If you scroll down, you can read about Olson and Ehrensaft.

    Inauthentic Selves: The modern LGBTQ+ Movement Is Run By Philanthropic Astroturf And Based On Junk Science

    “Let’s look at three doctors in particular. Their names are Dr. Diane Ehrensaft, Stephen Rosenthal, and Johanna Olson. Why?

    All three of those names have had a financial relationship with AbbVie, maker of Androgel and Lupron, amongst other hormone replacement therapies and GnRH agonists. All three have gone on to promote the off-label use of AbbVie products to treat transgenderism. Both Joanna Olson and Diane Ehrensaft attended an AbbVie advisory board on gender care, Olson in 2015 and Ehrensaft in 2014. Olson discloses this as a conflict of interest in the paper Care of a Transgender Adolescent Commentary, which was published July 2015 — she attended this advisory board after submission and was compensated for attending. Olson then continued promoting off-label use of AbbVie drugs. Diane Ehrensaft does not declare this as a conflict of interest on any research papers, but it appears in her Curriculum Vitae (scroll to page 16), which she submitted to court while an expert witness, and is hosted on her website. Her CV reports, that in 2014, she was a board member of the ‘AbbVie Trans Advisory Board’, while promoting their drugs for off-label use in transgenderism, both in academia and through popular science books she wrote, such as The Gender Creative Child. Was she compensated for being on this advisory board, like Olson? Stephen Rosenthal frequently discloses that he is a consultant for AbbVie as a conflict of interest in both interviews and research, and then continues to promote the dangerous off-label use of their medication in adolescents.

    Why is this concerning? The Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services advises that among the methods of spotting unlawful, off-label promotion, is paying physicians to serve as advisory board members.

    In fact, let me quote directly from their consumer factsheet on the matter.

    “Knowing some of the forms that off-label promotion can take will make it easier to recognize this unlawful practice.
    These forms include the following:
    • Paying incentives to sales representatives based on sales for off-label use; [8]
    • Paying kickbacks to physicians to prescribe drugs for off-label use; [9]
    • Disseminating misleading posters promoting off-label use; [10]
    • Paying physicians:
    To pretend to be the authors of articles about off-label uses when the articles were actually written by manufacturers’ agents;
    To serve as members of “advisory boards” promoting off-label use;
    To travel to resort locations to listen to promotions about off-label use; or
    To give promotional lectures in favor of off-label use to fellow practitioners; [11]
    • Providing advice to prescribers on how to code their claims and document their medical records to
    support payment for off-label uses not covered by Medicaid;[12]
    • Publicizing studies showing efficacy of off-label uses while suppressing studies showing no efficacy; [13] and
    • Making false representations directly to Medicaid to influence decisions about payment for drugs used off-label.[14]”

    Stephen Rosenthal is a consultant for AbbVie while giving lectures and media interviews essentially promoting the use of AbbVie products in ‘transgender children’. I would say that none of this passes the smell test at all. If there isn’t an inappropriate relationship between these scientists and AbbVie, they need to come clean on what exactly is going on between them and the company. Ehrensaft has not disclosed this as potential conflict of interest at all in either research or in media interviews. Given that she is promoting the use of AbbVie drugs in popular media through her own books that is extremely concerning. These scientists go out and promote the use of these drugs for transgenderism in popular media, arguing that it should be a civil right. They and others disseminate misleading information about transgenderism to the media. Rosenthal and Olson, along with Garofalo and Spack are leading a long-term observational study of transgender children going on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. How can they be neutral on this when both have a financial relationship with AbbVie? How can we be sure that this study — or any other studies by theses scientists or even with collaborators is not biased because of this relationship? What about the long-term studies they are involved with? Is the result of those studies already pre-determined, because of the financial fortunes to be made?

    View story at Medium.com

  35. […] extraordinary theories on “Gender Angels” and “Gender Ghosts” by clicking HERE. Diane Ehrensaft’s work is distinguished by a profound metaphysical belief that sex […]

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