Lauren Southern Becomes a Man

October 6, 2016

27 Responses to “Lauren Southern Becomes a Man”

  1. ptittle Says:

    Gender (masculine/feminine) is not synonymous with sex (male/female). Somebody got it wrong a decade or so ago and everyone else piled on. Let’s get it sorted out!

  2. Zacarthan Says:

    Isn’t it possible to say that “gender stereotyping” is one thing; but that it is something else altogether to say that gender and biological/genetic sex can be severed, ignored, arbitrarily deleted? For instance: it is a “gender stereotype” to say that only men can fly fighter jets. Men/males may be a majority in that occupation, but there are still women/females that are skilled fighter pilots.

    Degenderization would go further and say: Isn’t it wonderful that James, our new fighter pilot, is a “male” (man) with breasts and a vagina?
    Or Susie, our new fighter pilot, is a “female” (woman) who just happens to have a penis and testicles?

    That is a misuse of language, and it is not the truth of what is. A woman fighter pilot is a female fighter pilot; and her genitals and genetics are a foundational part of that.

    This issue is Orwellian. Even further back, it is Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll’s language play.

    Isn’t this true? Going into the realm of the other mammals, say Gorillas: the Silverback male isn’t going to become the alpha female of the group. Gender and sexuality are firmly attached in that species, and so with lions and giraffes and so on. We may be more “advanced” intellectually; but we inhabit the same reality.

    Thanks, Zacarthan

  3. Zacarthan Says:

    Oh my goodness. Just watched the vid. Are we kidding?
    That easily and arbitrarily, and fraudulently..
    Down the rabbit hole we go.

  4. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on stop trans chauvinism.

  5. Oak and Ash Says:

    Although I don’t agree with Southern’s comments about long hair or high heels giving away her sex, she does look unambiguously female, so this video shows how ridiculous it is to allow people to choose their sex marker based on gender identity.

    Her comments about recognizing reality are also dead on. I mean, an omnivore and a vegetarian could argue in reasonable terms whether it’s morally right to cook a chicken, but only if both agree they’re talking about a chicken. If the omnivore insists the chicken identifies as a cabbage and therefore the vegetarian has no principled basis for objecting to cabbage cacciatore, we’ve crossed the border to bizarro land, where no sane conversation is possible.

    • Cassandra Says:

      “I mean, an omnivore and a vegetarian could argue in reasonable terms whether it’s morally right to cook a chicken, but only if both agree they’re talking about a chicken.”

      This is great.

  6. As always, such a shame it is only right-wing nutjobs who are publicly questioning the party line these days.

  7. Trish Says:

    Last I heard, she was gender Attack Helicopter!
    (Still cracks me up)

  8. GallusMag Says:

    This is funny as shit. lolololol. Protest from yesterday over University of Toronto professor refusing to use made-up pronouns.
    Too bad she’s a right winger- Lauren is funny as shit!!!!

    • LQ Says:

      I had to fast forward through the babbling laydee. They start clapping inexplicably at his nonsense about the 4 minute mark. Shortly thereafter he makes the powerful statement “Words don’t just…become words. There’s meaning behind them…” Jesus tapdancing Christ, put the microphone down, you’re boring.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Trannies: You are appropriating our voices by filming our public protest!
        Right Wingnuts: Becky is a racist slur against caucasians!


    • pollyhannah11 Says:

      I blame Disney, hand sanitizer, video games, Colors by Benneton, Forever 21, and Foucault. What a shitstorm on college campuses. And George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condeleeza Rice. Invading Iraq. The Housing Bubble. Student Loan Bubble. All the bubbles, too many bubbles. Bubbles of privilege. It’s a transgender bubble like the housing bubble, and there will be a crash. I wonder if in Newton’s time, if the intellectual “ferment” (bubble?) tracked the economy, paralleled the economy, the way that transgender/postmodernism seem to dovetail perfectly with neoliberalism, global capitalism. Does intellectual activity always echo economic activity/thinking.

    • Hey, GallusMag. Gay man here, who’s VERY frustrated with the T taking over LGB.

      At what point should we just say “fuck it” and join with the moderate conservatives who don’t want to kill lesbians and gays? I’m starting to feel like people like Lauren Southern, while being fucking horrible in some ways, would still be easier to work with than the gender-ideology left.

      Yeah, it would be a pretty unhappy alliance in a lot of ways, but at least we can have coherent disagreements without being treated like we proposed murdering their children.

      I swear to God I am not a right wing troll.

  9. Zacarthan Says:

    Is it possible, in these very surreal days, that eventually the stereotypical right/left abyss may have outlived its usefulness? When things become insane or anti-rational, well, it changes the nature of discourse altogether.
    Can I use a personal example? My father, now in the eternal, was a tall, blonde, Canadian farm boy. He was full of rage and resentment in his teens due to alcoholism in the family. Black American preachers from New York (this was the 1940s!) stopped in his town, and he had what one could call a spiritual encounter involving Jesus of Nazareth.
    That encounter changed his life, relieved him of his rage. As a young man he went to Atlanta, Georgia and taught at a black preacher’s college. He lived in ghetto Atlanta in 1951-52. He rode the bus. This was about six years before Rosa Parks started the bus rebellion against segregation. My Dad–what did he know? He knew God was a non-racist from his own experience. He used to get up, white “religious” Canadian farm boy, and give his seat to black women (sorry for gender specificity there!), in the evil days of segregated busses. They apparently accepted his offer and appreciated it!
    That’s what I’m talking about.
    Not all “right” or “left” folks are nutjobs, necessarily!! 🙂 Or if they are, they are maybe cashew or pistachio nutjobs, and may have at least a little good taste!
    Bless everybody. Including people trans/gender confused or abused or propagandized. We need to be able to think clearly, do we not….
    Thank all, and sorry GM for running on…..
    (Naughty male and all!)

    • Rachel Says:

      I’m trying to work out a way of explaining the difference between the general Left Wing, and the weird privilege pissing contest that is identity politics, which I refer to as Leftism.
      I guess the first has its basis in fiscal matters, the latter in feelings.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      I misread your phrase “insane and anti-rational” as “insane and alt-rational.”

      That’s my new take on it, mainstream trans* activism is alt-rational.

    • I personally think the left-right split has been out of date for a while. I had a friend who used to say “Freedom and responsibility are like two wings of a bird. You need both to fly” She was talking about someone’s midlife crisis, but it made me think of left vs right wing politics. Traditional left and right are two ideologies that get into arm-wrestling matches. In real life, left and right tend to be looking at the same elephant from different perspectives, and both are usually a mix of right and wrong, or however you want to phrase it. We need the best of both sides, plus complex interactions, if we want to understand the world well.

      I really feel sorry for that doctor. And now what – does Southern get her ID switched back again? Or does she wait until the law forces it back for everyone?

  10. cocopop133 Says:

    I thought the vid itself might be enlightening and funny, but it was barely so. I did go the the Rebel Media channel where the video was originally posted. There, I found a particularly ugly video by a woman following a Slut Walk around, harassing the participants and claiming there is “no rape culture” except in 3rd world countries. Creepy kind of allies.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Allies? The video is from the racist, right wing, anti-feminist contingent. One would think that would be clear. Or are you suggesting that GenderTrender should stop posting materials for discussion if they originate from people you disagree with? I think I’ll continue to post things that I find interesting for discussion- but thanks for stopping by.

      • cocopop133 Says:

        Not familiar with Southern’s work and with no immediate comments from your site accompanying the video, I wasn’t clear of the intent of the post. Now I understand. Pardon my slow thinking. But you might note that my expression ‘creepy kind of allies’ indicative of my discomfort with the content.

        In solid alignment with you most of the time, GallusMag, I find it curious you would be so quick to assume I’m not an ally, and critical of the cross spectrum of Gendertrender posts. Continue on, indeed, but there’s little use in running over sister rad fems in the process.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You’ve been reading and commenting for years so should be aware that I OFTEN post things from various factions without adding my spin or interpretation. The “intent” is discussion. I’m not running over radfems. You, however, are leaving one nasty comment after another complaining about me and what I post. Please stop, or go away. Thanks. Running over radfems. Jesus. Do fuck off rude asshole.

      • cocopop133 Says:

        Clearly you have me confused with many of your attackers. It’s not easy what you do, and I’m glad you’re doing it. That said, you’re off the beam. Blessings.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I’m not confused but you appear to be, so I’m going to clear things up. DO NOT COMMENT HERE AGAIN. DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN VIA ANY MEANS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Thanks.

  11. Elle Says:

    OMFG. Well worth watching. This is what we are up against. Thank you to Lauren for making this video and to Gallus for posting it!

  12. Dorothy Says:

    Unfortunately, I know the reality of this video. My daughter recently applied for a name and “sex designation” change on her birth certificate and all of her legal documents in Quebec. She didn’t even need a doctor to do it, just someone 18 or over to attest to her living as a “man”. She told me, when she received the new birth certificate, that she had changed her name and pronouns! Pronouns! She has no clue of the reality she is stepping into and there is nothing I can do about it because she is an “adult” at 18. I am very much on the left, but unfortunately it’s only the conservatives with common sense these days on this issue, at least.

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