Child Protective Services Failed Boy Whose Mother Claimed He Was Transgender Says UK Judge

October 22, 2016



Years of child welfare reports were ignored by social services out of fear of appearing “transphobic” towards a child whose mother claimed he was transgender, charged UK Family Court Judge Mr. Justice Hayden as he transferred custody of the seven-year-old boy to his father.

The boy’s mother, a former psychiatric nurse with a history of unspecified mental illness, decided that her child was transgender when he was four years of age. From the age of four she attempted to make the boy live “stealth” – a transgender term meaning to hide one’s biological sex completely. She enrolled the child into a new school as a female child (before later withdrawing him), reported neighborhood children as committing anti-transgender hate crimes, and even registered him with a new physician as a female patient.

From the age of four to six, a whopping: Two schools, his family physician, the local housing authority, the NPSCC, the local police, and several members of the community- including neighbors and concerned onlookers- all filed reports with the local child protection service (which cannot be named by court order) requesting investigation into the boy’s welfare, citing erratic behavior by his mother, his unkempt status, his increasing isolation including his total removal from the educational system, removal from medical services, refusal of letting the boy play with neighborhood children, and refusal of visitation with relatives including his father.

Not only were child welfare reports dismissed, but the social service agency began, solely on authority of his mother – officially referring to the male child – who had never been assessed or diagnosed or observed as having any gender issues- as female from the age of four onward.

Rather than publishing hand-picked excerpts of the Judge’s Order (You folks know GenderTrender is not a 101 site for these issues), I encourage you to read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Here it is:

Anti-gay, pro-“transgender children” lobby the non-profit MermaidsUK (which is dual funded by the NHS and pharmaceutical companies) issued a statement: “Mermaids have supported this family for over two years. This is a huge injustice and transphobic practice. Devastating for the child”. The anti-feminist and homophobic MermaidsUK (@Mermaids_Gender)  organization defines non-transgender people as those who are “happy with gender and fancies opposite sex”.

MermaidsUK representative Fisher Fox (@thefoxfisher), who considers herself a testosterone-injecting ex-lesbian and attempts to reject her sex and lesbianism by “identifying as” a heterosexual male (because she believes homosexuality is “a deviant sort of thing”) started a Change petition against the Judge’s order:

“So how is it possible to say that the mother was somehow imposing this on her child? Can we all in fact be doing this, we parents of transgender children, imposing this choice on our children?” asks MermaidsUK founder Sue Green, in the comments. She flew her gay son to Thailand at the age of 16 to have his penis surgically removed, before the practice was outlawed.

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  1. Lisa Brooks Says:

    This is clearly child abuse. I am thankful someone stepped in to finally help this boy. The mother and her supporters should be jailed.

  2. silverside Says:

    Sounds like classic Munchausen’s.

  3. Anemone Says:

    I’m struck by how hard it is for people to go against social norms, with all these agencies reporting and social services doing nothing. I guess this is the bystander effect, and that makes it so critical for those who can speak out to do so.

    • gullusragwantsapenis Says:

      I’m struck by self hating right wing lesbians who promote gender division!

      Is there any intelligence or significance here?


      I hope I’ve saved someone else’s time after wasting five important mins of mine!

  4. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on stop trans chauvinism.

  5. This reeks of a collective fear of being branded transphobic.

  6. Angelica Says:

    I think all parents of trans children should be assessed for MSBP and I also think transgender needs to remain a *professionally* diagnosed condition.

    …. however your gendertrender site is not doing your cause any favors, by attacking perfectly nice genuine mature trans people, just we don’t meet your standards of “passing”.

    It is precisely your kind of hate campaign that panics parents and their children into rash decisions. Shame on you “GallusMag”.. and I’mma share this to Facebook: 😛

    • GallusMag Says:

      I am responsible for all the things! I invented autogynephilia!

    • LC Says:

      Did the man seriously just blame GallusMag for a problem caused by him and his fellow activists, while quoting her post to make his point? Cause damn, that is some fine BS. If it could be bottled and sold, you’d make a fortune.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Translation: “Women can’t set boundaries or say what they think because it will hurt the children.”

      Now where have I heard that sort of thing before? Oh, right–from just about every man I’ve ever known.

    • kesher Says:

      Are you including yourself as a “nice”, “genuine” trans person, Angelica? That’s the most hilarious thing I’ve read all week!

    • ShipRat Says:

      “just [because] we don’t meet your standards of “passing”.”

      Ahhh…okayyy.. so THAT is the basis of GT’s critique of activist transwomens’ arrogant claims on women’s spaces and identity.

      Really? The critics’ only problem is that you guys aren’t pretty enough? I can’t decide whether you sincerely believe this, or whether you don’t but expect others to believe this claim.

      Either way, that’s the most absurd strawman I’ve seen in ages, or should I say strawtrans.

    • Livvie Says:

      Is this kooky Angelica Perduta who bears an uncanny resemblance to Donald Pleasance in a wig? You’re the best Donald Pleasance impersonator ever. You even sound like him! Job well done, Don, job well done!

      I loved you in Halloween, Mr. Pleasance. Dr. Loomis is like, one of my favorite characters ever! You’re also pretty great in Escape From New York. What was it like, working with John Carpenter when he was at his peak? Did you two smoke a lot of weed together?

      Because that would go a long way to explaining your current paranoia with those cameras all over your house, you nitwit. I’m so glad that your son doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, you ninny.

      Anyhow, I sure wish you were still alive. You were one of my favorite character actors EVER!

      • GallusMag Says:

        John Carpenter RULES!

      • Bob Doublin Says:

        Livvie, I think you’re on to something! Donald Pleasance had a daughter Angela,who is also an actor.
        He was so creepy most of the time,but I really loved him in The Great Escape. Interestingly,he was shot down over France and tortured while a prisoner,so he brought a lot personally to that movie.His bio is amazing.

      • Livvie Says:

        John Carpenter was great, wasn’t he? His remake of The Thing is brilliant. Escape from New York, when I was a kid, don’t even get me started!


      • GallusMag Says:

        @Livvie- ‘They Live’ will always be my favorite. 🙂

    • Nina Says:

      Angelica, didn’t I literally just read another thread where you talked about how you would never make fun of or try to hurt “cis” women, and how you supported our safety and would advocate for it, and then when someone said they didn’t believe your sincerity, you completely flipped out and went on the attack? Or was that a different MTF?

      Also I’m pretty sure most people here wouldn’t keep bringing up the way MTFs looked if y’all would stop going on and on how y’all are “more of a woman” than actual women, or that women are too stupid to tell the two groups apart. Trans activists keep saying things like, “Well how will you even knoooow~? Are you going to do genital checks~~~~ SO GROOSSSS.” No, we don’t need to do genital checks! We can see the rest of you!

      Secondary sex characteristics exist, and not all of them can (or are) hideable with surgery, makeup, or long hair. You don’t get to say stupid things about “genital checks” and how nobody can tell and then cry foul when we point out that the majority of MTFs do not actually pass.

      • sellmaeth Says:

        Perhaps Angelica complains about the fact that we can spot impersonators, not because of their secondary sex characteristics, but because of their male entitlement.

        “You hate us just because we have so much male entitlement” would be, like, actually true to an extent.

      • Carla Says:

        Oh, maybe, sellmaeth! It’s true though, they don’t even pass online, it’s so bizarre. I managed to clock one on a totally different forum the other day, and they weren’t even talking about gender or transgenderism. It’s a very distinct way of talking, like they’ve combined shallow stereotypes about women and femininity with extreme levels of male aggression and entitlement.

    • Em Says:

      ” …perfectly nice genuine mature trans people … ”

      Just for the record, there is no such thing. Trans people are, by any proper definition, nutjobs.

  7. Bob Doublin Says:

    This is horrifying. This is child abuse. As a gay man,that mermaid group leaves me speechless. Disgusting.

  8. Intolerant of intolerance Says:

    I support any culture that does not promote hate.

    There is a lot of hate here. Particularly within the comments. It is not for strangers to say what is right for a situation or person they do not know.

    The child’s voice has not been heard. The mother has been gagged. Why is the child and mother silenced if the court decision was correct? I have seen no tangible evidence within the judgement.

    There are a lot of backwards people here, spewing vitriolic discriminatory bile about things they clearly don’t understand. Or have direct evidence to review.

    To be trans is to be normal if that is what that person wants. Normaility is a transient term. It’s on a spectrum like gender, sexuality, colour etc.

    What is not normal is sitting at your computer, getting angry about the natural evolution of our society.

    Why not go outside. Talk to people. Learn.

    I’m intolerant of intolerance and don’t suffer prejudice fools gladly.

    Good luck with moving around in your bigoted bubbles. The problem with bubbles is they pop.

    Try to delight in difference. I’m sure it will help you feel much less angry and you can then be better educated to deal with the world and its people around you. In all their glorious individuality.

    In this article and comments I have witnessed myopic and retrograde perspectives.

    It concerns me greatly.


    • Prozac Says:

      Sterilizing non gender confirming children is a human rights abuse, intolerant. There really is no other way to look at it.

    • thisismeandonlyme Says:

      If you support any culture that does not promote hate, then you would not support any media meme that normalizes body hatred.

      Women are taught to hate their bodies. Why not just evolve intense body hatred for the dudes so they can obsess over the size of their breasts and the amount of hair on their skin as much as women are taught to do? What a wonderful evolution for society. Good job. Well done.

      No one in here thinks a boy can’t wear a dress if he wants. We just know that dresses and nail polish isn’t some magic pixie dust that turns boys into girls, and the court document linked here reads like the mother is abusive and a whole battery of professionals reported her.

      And um, we aren’t supposed to “hear” the child’s voice. That of course would be appalling and abusive.

      Finally, gender is not a spectrum.

      • gullusragwantsapenis Says:

        Oh dear. Gender is a spectrum.

        But ill let you have last word because things like that matter.

        Check out GIRES they work closely with mermaids and the tavistock. They promote evidence to GP surgeries. Unlike this site that only promotes self loathing amongst gender confused TERFS.

        get real chaps!

    • Dootindootindoodoo Says:

      Lol, if you think (occasionally snarky) criticism of gendered identity politics is hate speech I believe it’s you who have a lot to learn and it concerns me greatly that you appear unable to differentiate between the two. Nobody is beyond criticism especially when their entire view of reality is based on falsehoods, delusions, narcissism and misogyny.

    • Hedda Gabler Says:

      @Intolerant of intolerance: Have you even read the judgement? If you have, you would have come across the following line:

      “This is not a case about gender dysphoria, rather it is about a mother who has developed a belief structure which she has imposed upon her child.”

      If there’s any kind of leitmotif going through the whole sordid tale, it is very much the attempt to actually hear the child’s voice and to separate that voice from its mother’s voice. And that voice, when it is not drowned out by its mother’s assertion that it is a girl, seems to be very much a rather typical boy’s voice.

      It becomes very clear from the judgement that it was very seriously considered that the child was suffering from gender-dysphoria and – for better or worse – it seemed that everybody concerned would have accepted the child as transgender, *if* there would’ve been sufficient evidence that the child indeed identified as a girl.

      However, in this case there seems simply no real evidence for the child truly having a gender identity that is at odds with its sex. There is plenty of supporting evidence that as soon as the child *was* actually given a choice its choices were entirely consistent with what passes for masculine gender stereotypes.

      Even if you are sympathetic towards trans issues and the concept of gender-identity, especially in the case of young children, it surely is absolutely beyond the pale to fall into a pattern of thinking that seems to pretty much mandate that every initial “trans suspicion” has to be relentlessly followed through no matter what the actual circumstances are and how the personality of the child/person in question develops.

      I really fail to see how this case can “concern you greatly”.

    • ShipRat Says:

      That’s rich, seeing as how trans ideology makes a religion out of hating one’s own body.

    • Artemisia Says:

      The child’s voice has not been heard. The mother has been gagged. Why is the child and mother silenced if the court decision was correct? I have seen no tangible evidence within the judgement.

      From Mr Justice Hayden’s second judgement, in which he sets out the reasons why it is in the public interest to publish his judgement in the care proceedings:

      s.15. … Mr Baker, who appears on behalf of the mother, candidly states [that] the mother is highly motivated to speak to the press about this case. I have received a communication from the BBC informing me of a planned interview with the mother which it is intended will be “silhouetted and anonymised.”

      s. 32. Mr Baker has informed me that the mother has entirely rejected the views of the experts, set out in my judgment, as well as my own reasoning and conclusions. … From any perspective, M has a different view concerning J’s gender identification and emotional needs to everybody else. This has been properly identified as a significant challenge in promoting the mother and son relationship in the future.

      s. 33. It follows, to my mind, that were M to talk about her son in the media, advancing what Mr Baker has referred to as her ‘alternative view of the case’, there is the real risk that, contrary to my findings and in a way which is inimical to J’s best interest, M will misrepresent his ‘gender identity’ to the world. That after all is what M’s ‘alternative view’ of the case is. The expression of that view, therefore, not only risks J’s privacy but his emotional wellbeing. As will be clear from my extensive judgment, given space and independence, J has moved from presenting as a girl to asserting his male identity. … There is, in my evaluation of the competing rights and interests here in play, a high and wholly unacceptable risk that the mother will either unknowingly or otherwise, broadcast some detail of her and J’s life together which will identify J to those who know him and who hear or read such information. Again, the highly unusual facts of this case render that, self evidently, far more likely than would be the case in many other circumstances. The potential consequences incorporate not only the violation of J’s privacy but the inestimable harm to him caused by hearing, or hearing of, his mother asserting, in the public domain, her wholly unjustified conviction that her son is gender dysphoric or identifies as a girl. Moreover, it is difficult to see how by advancing her views in the public domain M can fail to damage the fabric of her relationship with her son. That relationship as I have said in the substantive judgment is, above all else, J’s right.

      s. 34. … Mr Baker tells me that M is also interested in speaking publicly about the issues presented by those experiencing gender dysphoria. She has the inviolable right to do so. Her right to speak about her son however, has to be balanced against J’s own rights. This for me is not a delicate balance, the predominance of J’s right is both pressing and clear. I am accordingly prepared to grant the restrictive order sought by the parties, save the mother and Associated Newspapers Limited, preventing her from speaking about any aspect of ‘gender dysphoria or gender identification’ in so far as these relate to J. For the avoidance of doubt the restriction extends, as seen from the wider terms of the order, to prohibiting the mother from broadcasting or publishing any detail of J’s life which might identify him as the child subject to these proceedings.

    • ozarkmtnlake Says:

      Aww Angelica,

      What an adorable and unique name.
      Bless your glitter covered heart, you must shit rainbows son.

      As to your silly (giggles) verbal vomit . . .

      Who do you think you are coming here and spewing your nasty intolerance and hatred?

      You guys just love to ride the coat-tails of “trans” children as if it would dilute the fundamental sexual fetish aspect of your “trans-ness”.

      I too do not suffer fools . . . nor misogynistic, narcissistic men like you.

      • Pat Jones Says:

        Hi, Ozarkmtnlake. Could you expand on your thoughts? I’m curious about the comment, “…love to ride the coat-tails of “trans” children…”. Weren’t trans adults at one point trans children? Thanks.

      • LC Says:

        Not Ozarkmtnlake, but yes, Pat, trans adults were once -children-. The vast majority of adult men who claim now to be trans women, however, were never ‘trans children.’ They decided later in life to transition. Many now seek to pressure children into transitioning earlier than they did, either to give the movement greater legitimacy, or to compensate for their own regrets of not transitioning earlier. Children are “cute” and “innocent”, unlike 40, 50, 60- something year-old men who are sexually aroused by wearing skirts and fishnet stockings.

      • Sarah Says:

        Hi Pat, the phenomenon of taking GNC kids and “socially transitioning” them is very new. It used to be that only adults could transition, and only after extensive therapy to make sure that transition was the best solution for them. Most trans adults today were never trans kids: Caitlyn Jenner transitioned at 65, the Wachowskis at ~40 and 48, etc.

        The problem with “trans” children is that they’re often diagnosed based on sex role stereotypes, like playing with “feminine” toys and liking “feminine” clothing (or vice versa for FTM “trans” children). These children will often insist they are “really” the opposite sex, but this is because children don’t have a strong grasp on the difference between sex and sex role stereotypes, especially if their parents and peers are heavy into traditional sex roles. If a boy really wants to play with girl things, and their parents keep saying they can’t because those things are for girls, of course the boy will insist he’s really a girl!

        The problem with transitioning children this young is that, if left alone, most gender-non-conforming children grow up to be gay and lesbian adults, and/or simply people with autism. (People with autism often struggle with social cues, and picking up social cues is a big part of how gender roles are learned.) With no interventions, the desistance rate is something like 80%. If you socially transition them and give them hormone blockers, the desistance rate drops almost to zero, meaning 80% of these kids have been unnecessarily funneled into a life of artificial hormone use and cosmetic surgeries.

        In addition to that, the use of hormone blockers followed by cross-sex hormones leads to permanent sterilization. There are a lot of concerns that by encouraging transition of GNC children, we are effectively practicing eugenics on gay and autistic kids.

      • Anemone Says:

        Sarah, at the risk of being pedantic, I think autistic androgyny is more than just not being good at learning social roles. It’s likely our brains are actually androgynous at birth. Studies have shown that both autistic men and women have brains that are intermediate between the average male brain and the average female brain. Of course, some of that could be learned, too. But it doesn’t seem like it’s entirely learned, especially since we’re so bad at learning proper social roles, or any kind of social roles for that matter.

      • this Says:

        Oh dear.

      • Siobhan Says:

        Pat Jones, No. The vast majority of adult transitioners are middle-aged male autogynephiles, i.e. heterosexual males who fetishize the thought of themselves in a female body. Although they may recount stories of eroticizing mommy’s clothes as a youngster, most lived fairly ordinary men’s lives into middle age, including fathering children and marrying and divorcing heterosexual female wives.

        The idea of a fetishist male gaining access to spaces intended to shield females from male spying doesn’t go over well with the general population, however, so these adult male autogynephiles like to use gay or stereotype-nonconforming children as their public face, which gets more sympathy. If you falsely convince enough children and their well-meaning parents that disliking gender stereotypes means that they are transgender, then transgender seems innocent and toy-related and the autogynephiles succeed.

      • againstvaw Says:


        A study of 5,000 brains published last year showed that there was no such thing as a female or male brain. So it’s not possible for a trans person to have a brain similar to an average female brain. Individuals have individual brains.

      • Anemone Says:

        againstvaw, I know that there’s a huge overlap between male and female brains. I also know that trans women are often far too masculine – that was my peak trans moment.

        Here is a study that looks at average sex differences in the brain over many studies (a meta-analysis).

        I’ve also seen a study that showed that female autists tend to fall in between the male and female means for these areas, while male autists are sometimes in between and sometimes typically male. (I think that’s explained by female autists tending to be more severely autistic.) I think it was this one:

        Whether these differences explain anything is, of course, another matter.

    • Livvie Says:

      I’m sure we’re all very sorry that you’ve had to witness such perspectives here. Sadly, I must trust my eyes, which tell me that you are a man in a dress.

      You may want to impress upon the rest of us that you do, in fact, live in laydeeland, but I live in reality and unfortunately I am compelled to repeatedly tell you that you are a man in a dress.

      I don’t care if this makes you have a sad. Fuck off. You’re a dude and you’re mentally ill; incidentally the only kind mentally ill person I feel absolutely zero sympathy for.

      Go away.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      So, let me get this straight. You say, “It is not for strangers to say what is right for a situation or person they do not know.”

      Unless it’s you telling women what to do:
      “What is not normal is sitting at your computer, getting angry about the natural evolution of our society.

      “Why not go outside. Talk to people. Learn.”

  9. donesoverydone Says:

    MermaidsUK has released this statement on their Facebook page regarding this story

    • thisismeandonlyme Says:

      Regarding the Facebook post, under what circumstances would any outside party be called in to discuss a medical condition without a parent’s knowledge? That sounds like that would be part of an investigation, and if so, what the heck is that doing in Facebook?

      Maybe someone can clarify?

      • southwest88 Says:

        Clicked the link – it has been disabled or deleted. Guess Mermaids is rethinking their strategy….

      • thisismeandonlyme Says:

        Too bad the link was disabled but I am not surprised. The claims of discussing the child with the school without the mother’s knowledge doesn’t even seem legal.

    • Rachel Says:

      Anyone can claim to know an anonymous party.
      Even if the mother is who they claim she is, I really hope that she gets the help that SHE needs, and finds support and friendship outside the paranoid, co-dependent echo chamber that is the transgender chicken circuit.

      • donesoverydone Says:

        Mermaids says that mother didn’t follow CAMHS advice, which is no big as they don’t know zilch about gender issues. So does Mermaids believe that CAMHS made the wrong decision in telling the parents of a 14 year old girl that they must approve a name change or their child will die? ” “We were told by the psychiatrist that Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services said that if the name change does not happen then she would be a high suicide risk.”

        “Mermaids Only advice she didn’t follow was to involve CAMHS. Who often know zilch about gender issues. And her child was 5, and happy. Is subjecting her to continued analysis from people who know nothing about gender a good idea? Again, selective reporting to give a bad impression of mum.”

        from here:

      • donesoverydone Says:

        Wow, Mermaids is arrogant. In regards to the mother’s decision to ignore recommendations made by Tavistock. So a mother can socially transition her child in preschool at 4 yrs of age and register them as the opposite sex with a primary care physician all without any outside diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

        “The judge said the mum did not follow the Tavistock recommendations. This was because she decided that her 5 year old, who was happy, outgoing and confident, should not be subjected to appointments with a mental health professional who undoubtedly would know nothing about gender issues for no reason.”

    • donesoverydone Says:

      Mermaids claim they were the ones who provided the independent gender specialists, they don’t name them though. They do confirm that multiple reports were made to SS regarding child’s welfare

      From here:

      Mermaids- we have supported the Mum and child for 3 years. There is no way that the child was coerced and we had 2 independent psychological assessments done to support the Mum due to the multiple reports to SS that were made. A significant number were anonymous. Schools are often ill equipped and loathe to accept gender nonconformity in young children. This Mum has unfortunately dealt with a number of professionals that felt the same

  10. hearthrising Says:

    Nice to have you back Gallus!

  11. Rational intelligent people who have been following the “transitioning” of 4, 5, and 6 year old children know it’s insanity, and it gets crazier all the time. Thankfully, rational minds put an end to this emotional abuse of a boy. He will be one of the lucky kids who aren’t drugged and sterilized with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones, and he will be able to explore his full humanity.

    According to the mother, her 6 year old son had been “living stealth” for some time. The custody judgment states,

    “During the course of the private law proceedings, Her Honour Judge Penna authorised a wide ranging investigation. The Local Authority prepared a section 7 report and later conducted a section 37 investigation. J was made a party to the proceedings pursuant to rule 16.2 & 16.4 Family Proceedings Rules and thus represented by his Guardian. A very experienced clinical psychologist was instructed to undertake an assessment of the child and of his relationship with both parents. As I have read through the papers it is striking that as the litigation progressed J came to be referred to predominantly by the feminine pronoun ‘she’. I pause here to emphasise that J was, at this stage, between four and six years of age.

    39. At the hearing on the 25th November 2015, M told me that J ‘was living in stealth’ by which was meant, she explained, that he was living life entirely as a girl. He dressed, at all times, like a girl and, it transpired, had been registered at a new General Practitioner’s as a girl.”

    We are told over and over again that parents of 5 or 6 year old kids can’t be wrong when they say their child is transgender. When this particular little boy was given a choice, he started identifying as a boy, and started dressing differently. His interests varied. According to the family court judgment, he does this on his own even when his father isn’t around. What happened to him living “stealth” as a girl?

    “Ms Sambrooks has concluded that M has influenced J in believing he was a girl. Provided with space and choice she concludes J ‘very clearly identifies himself as a boy’. She reasons her conclusions thus:

    “[J] has been offered a choice since he has been with his father and would appear in the main to choose boyish things and very clearly identifies himself as a boy. He makes this clear whether or not his father is around and would not seem to be influenced by him. [J] chooses to present as a boy within school and in terms of his dress and would seem to be more comfortable with his male genitalia as time goes on. I remain of the view that it is very unusual for a parent to be able to influence a child to the extent [M] would appear to have been able to do but that would seem to be the case given [J]’s very rapid change of presentation once offered a choice. I cannot guess at [M]’s motivation or belief system in this respect but she is clearly a powerful figure. During the preparation of my report and the Court proceedings [M] clearly demonstrated her need to be in control and the extent to which she would thwart or misinterpret directions to serve her own ends. She also successfully manipulated people and systems and would therefore be a powerful influence on a child who is attached to her. Whatever her reasons then the conclusion that [M] manipulated or influenced [J]’s gender orientation, for whatever reason, seems inescapable.”

    Little boys sometimes play with certain toys, or dress in ways that are stereotypically ‘girlish’. It doesn’t mean that they are “girls”, or transgender. It doesn’t mean that they should live as “stealth” (entirely as the opposite sex) at 5 or 6 years of age. Playing with certain toys, or wearing clothing traditionally worn by girls doesn’t change the boy’s actual sex.

    This is exactly what is happening. For whatever reason, parents are simply projecting their ideas of gender (sex stereotypes, etc.) onto their 4, 5, and 6 year old children. Parents come with preconceived ideas, and it’s impossible to separate the parents from cultural factors. At the same time this is going on, parents are being saturated with all things transgender psychobabble bollocks from the media, and how trendy and cool it is to have a trans child. If Mermaids and other trans sites have parents saying that they knew their child was transgender at age 3 or 4 (on the Mermaids website, parents do say their kids are trans at age 3), then by God, their kid must be trans at age 3 too. Even if the parents might be a little mentally unbalanced, if they say their 4 or 5 year old kid is trans, then they must be trans. When we are dealing with 3, 4, and 5 year old children, how can we completely separate parental and cultural influences from “gender” and “gender identity”? Do children this age even have a “gender identity”? Isn’t “gender” just another way of describing what used to be called sex stereotypes? How can we separate a parent’s particular mental issues from how they treat their young children? We can’t, but woe to transphobic bigots for saying otherwise. Kudos to the brave people and judge for having the courage to discard the p.c. madness, and return to common sense.

    A couple of comments brought up Munchausen by Proxy. I’m not saying any person in particular is guilty of Munchausen by Proxy. I’m saying that “gender identity” in 3, 4, and 5 year old kids is a perfect politically correct/cultural condition for loads of parents who seek attention. Think about it. There is no definitive medical tests for “gender identity” in 4 and 5 year old kids. Parents can claim their 4 year old kid is transgender, and there is no way to prove it one way or another. That is, from actual medical tests. Trans is trendy, and parents can bathe in their more special than thou political correctness. There is no shortage of trans anywhere in the media, not online, and not in mainstream media. Google “Munchausen by Proxy” and “Coy Mathis”. I think gendertrender might have done an article on Coy Mathis. The mother of Coy Mathis gave birth to her triplets in a kiddie pool in the living room. It wasn’t by accident. Apparently, she was really into natural childbirth, and wanted to impress all the mothers of triplets on a blog she used to use. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but some sources say that she became pregnant with triplets from taking some sort of medication she got from Mexico. Kathryn Mathis just glowed in front of the cameras when she was on Katie Couric. I believe GLAAD even lavished praise on her and her family. According to Coy’s mother and GLAAD, “Coy was labeled male at birth, but has always known that she is a girl, which she has expressed since she was 18 months old”.

    Yes, folks once “neuro-typical Coy” starting expressing himself as a girl at 18 months of age. This is how Coy’s mother describes herself.

    “I am a mom of 4 amazing, wonderful, awesome children (and one on the way!). Dakota is 5 1/2 years old and has Autism. Coy, Max, and Lily are 3 1/2 year old triplets. Coy is our special little neuro-typical child. Max is also on the Autism spectrum. Lily had a very bad brain injury as a 4 month old and is about like having a 1-2 month old baby, but is so much fun (and feisty!). I work full time at home as Lily’s nurse as well as being a professional photographer outside the home. ”

    All the kids were special needs except Coy who was ‘our special little neuro-typical child’ before he became special too, and became the darling of trans organizations, GLAAD ,etc. I don’t know if the mother of the boy “J” was exhibiting actual Munchausen by Proxy. I think there is an element of attention seeking and manipulation on the part of the strong willed, possibly emotional unstable mother coupled with a great deal of brainwashing by Mermaids, and thousands of other trans sites, etc.

    This is psychological and emotional abuse of children, and most of these children are on the path to sterilization with GnRH agonists and/or cross gender hormones. It’s an experiment on children, and there is no shortage of mentally unstable people who fall for this nonsense. “J” is one of the lucky ones.

    • Rachel Says:

      I’ve read quite a lot about people who fabricate stories about serious illness in themselves and their children on the internet. The attention and support they get is gratifying, and may fill a need in their life. Sometimes the fabricator recovers from an illness or situation, but prolongs it in order to keep receiving support and comfort. I can see this happening with J. He went through a “girlie phase” but it started to pass, so M tried to hang on to it in order to keep in with her new support network, which she may have lacked in real life. It’s very sad.

    • Anemone Says:

      I don’t think 3-year-olds understand the permanence of biological sex yet. I’m trying to find it in my notes and haven’t yet, but I remember something from one of Lawrence Kohlberg’s publications about a small boy thinking he could be a mommy someday – this being extremely normal for that age.

      By age 4-5, as they start to “get” categories, they start getting really stereotyped about boys vs girls, then grow out of it again as they get older. All perfectly normal.

      People aren’t required to study this stuff before becoming parents yet, are they? I think a child development class should be compulsory in high school.

      • MichfestMovesMe Says:

        I agree, Anemone. There is just so much wrong with all of this.
        My undergrad is in research psychology. (a BS not a BA for those whom these things matters- you know, real science) and child psychological development was required. I am generally of the Piaget school of thought. Even though his methods were criticized as having too small of sample sizes, his theories have not been disproved. Piaget outlines the stages of development for children, moving from learning bodily autonomy in toddler years, to a period of make-believe in the preschool years, the acquisition of rules in the grade school years, the concrete stage of cause and effect as pre-teens and the abstract thinking function from adolescences to adulthood. This stage requires puberty hormones. This is a simplified overview, but according to this model, it is impossible for a child to understand the long term impact of choice-making before young adulthood. There is a reason one is a minor until 18 in the USA. Research has shown teenagers take the riskiest chances.

        Further, children learn by cause and effect, reward and punishment. If a child is getting positive attention for behavior it will continue with that. This starts early. Pre-verbally. In the example above, Coy was probably encouraged and getting major strokes for being “mommies little helper” with all those special needs kids. Mimicking mommy doesn’t make him a girl.

        This whole transing of kids is a runaway train wreck, 90% gay eugenics, but there is TONS of money and media pouring into political advocacy, and it’s true that physicians and scientists are afraid of losing funding by being accused of the scarlet letters, TERF. What little serious methodological research being done ends up disproving advocacy claims. Also, any data collection is being muddled by the fact that many gay people now id as trans (or genderqueer), but have no desire or plans to take cross sex hormones, its just real cool to be trans.

        The lack of sound science drives me crazy, if you didn’t get that from this mini diatribe..

        Glad you’re back up and running GM!

      • GallusMag Says:

        Thank You! Will be a few weeks until back to normal service, but YAYY!

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Coy Mathis was apparently precocious in showing signs of being transgender:

      “At 5 months, she took a pink blanket meant for her sister Lily. Later, she showed little interest in toy cars and boy clothes with pictures of sports, monsters and dinosaurs on them.”

      What is wrong with these parents?

      • Hedda Gabler Says:

        I think one contributing factor is that the modern trans narrative with its desire to subsume *all* forms of deviations from a rigidly binary sex/sex-role pair under a trans umbrella has more or less created some kind of implicit hierarchy under the umbrella with early transitioning TS at the top.

        Confronted with this kind of hierarchy and the reassurance that their child somehow fits under that extremely wide trans umbrella, it is easy to see how parents could be convinced that taking decisive action as early as possible is in the children’s best interest, because it is the one variable they feel they have control of.

        I feel the only way to stop this insanity is to re-establish the boundary between bona-fide transsexuality (assuming that people accept it as a valid diagnosis) and gender-nonconformity.

      • Nina Says:

        IMO some mix of Munchausen’s, disappointment about the gender of their baby, desire to be a cool forwards “trendy” mom/dad, and an unwillingness to accept even the slightest of gender role deviations in their child. There are, ironically, an awful lot of “progressives” these days who are very strongly attached to their sex role stereotypes.

  12. Intolerant of intolerance Says:

    There seem to be a lot of armchair experts here. Getting cross. Misdiagnosing strangers they have read about in a paper and now feel they are experts.

    Reading a judgement does not equate to being in court hearing evidence. I think the court transcript would be more significant and elucidatary.

    A judgement is not evidence. In particular this judgement, which seems to have avoided evidence and instead opted to place subjective advocacy on a pedestal.

    The child was assessed without being seen in person. No psychologist worth dealing with would complete an assessment in such an unorthodox manner. Plus Jean Sambrooks is an adult psychologist. Not a child expert. Plus she is retired I believe.

    Similarly, for the armchair psychologists and sensationalist, I must mention, there is no such thing as Münchausen by proxy. It is called false illness syndrome now. Similarly, Gender is not an illness so your (mis)diagnosis can’t equate in this situation.

    You are not experts, just because you have seen a judgement. You appear to be angry TERFS and aggressive feminists who are sensationalising this story for your own agenda, much like the judge.

    If regurgitating an article and embellishing it with passive aggression and false statements, is an intelligent and sensible way to debate this, then I’ll have to find another way to debate this.

    Being aggressive is also abuse. People in glass houses, etc etc

    Justice Hayden has ripped human rights away from most of the people presenting in his court. From cutting babies out of their mothers prematurely to switching life support off. He very clearly has a god complex and I feel his judgement was nothing other than a way to seek judicial notoriety, rather than protect this child, who should have been at the core of the case. And clearly was not.

    • GallusMag Says:

      So aggressive of women to discuss a news story on their own fucking blog! Are you for real?
      Please report the “false statements” in my post. I’ll be happy to correct them. You big fucking liar.

      • Rachel Says:

        Oh dear, has a man spoken? Do we have to be quiet now Gallus?

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Women are being aggressive! Using their intelligence! Questioning men’s opinions! Whatever shall we do?

        Funny, but “disagreement” isn’t listed as a synonym of “abuse” in my thesauraus.

    • nonny Says:

      “Being aggressive is abuse.” Oh really?? Ah, yes, that takes me back. Back to the days of refusing to allow my abusive ex-husband to harm me any more. Back to my divorce. Back to sanding my ground, saying NO, and calling him out. “You’re being so aggressive!!” he whined, when I demanded he stop threatening and insulting me. Lolol. Absurd.

      I bet if I’d shouted “GET YOUR DICK AWAY FROM ME” very *aggressively* to my rapist at age six, you’d call that “abuse” too.

    • Prozac Says:

      You speak just like your handle, contradicting yourself and hypocritical talking in circles. Why do you do desperately want to believe this child is trans? Why do you want to believe their true path is a lifetime of body hatred, medication and feelings of inadequacy?

      If you honestly believe a five year old can make an informed decision regarding future fertility, medical castration and the implications of being the opposite sex with no genital function of that sex (or quite possibly no sexual function other than aesthetic if they have been medically stunted at puberty) then i have to wonder what else you think a child is capable of consenting to. Children don’t (and SHOULDN’T) understand how a mature sexed body actually operates and feels and how that relates in adult life. The only thing that will sexually mature a reproductive system is hormones of the birth gender, not cross sex hormones which merely develop secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex. You need to take a hard look at the future you are actually promoting for these kids.

      They don’t even chemically castrate criminals, but it’s ok to do to kids?

      Who is ripping human rights away again? You’re damned right I’m intolerant of this bullshit, but it has nothing to do with hate or religion or bullying. *I* have no financial stake in this, nor am I trying to legitimize any predilections. If i haven’t made my concerns clear I’d say you are being wilfully ignorant at this point. One last thing; I don’t live in a fucking glass house and what i am saying is not abuse, regardless of how aggressive you interpret it to be.

    • Artemisia Says:

      The child was assessed without being seen in person. No psychologist worth dealing with would complete an assessment in such an unorthodox manner. Plus Jean Sambrooks is an adult psychologist. Not a child expert. Plus she is retired I believe.

      This is all nonsense.

      ‘Jean Sambrooks, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, ran a gender identity clinic … for over 25 years and was a member of the Gender Recognition Panel. She frequently appears as an expert witness in Children Act proceedings.’

      [From ‘Representing Transgendered Clients’, an article on Family Law Week]

      As for the unlikely claim that she assessed the child without seeing him in person, this is disproved by a passage in the judgement:

      ‘s. 38. On the 11th December 2015 I received an application from J’s solicitor to amend my Order. M regularly makes complaints against a variety of professionals. This time she had complained that Ms Sambrooks’ interviewing arrangements were ‘inappropriate’. The complaint was entirely vexatious. However, I made the pragmatic decision to vary the Order so that further interviews of J would take place in private at the offices of J’s solicitors. This arrangement was far from ideal but I considered Ms Sambrooks was entitled to professional protection from the type of allegation M had been making.’

      When she was initially involved with the case, Ms Sambrooks accepted at face value the claim made by M that J was spontaneously presenting as a girl. However, eventually she came to the conclusion ‘that M has influenced J in believing he was a girl’).* This is, perhaps, the more noteworthy that it is very clear, from the nature of her specialism, that she is not a gender sceptic.

      * Judgement, ss. 25, 52

    • kesher Says:

      Munchausen appears to be synonymous with “factitious disorder”, not “false illness syndrome,”, whatever that is (sounds more like hypochondria, not intentionally faking illness), but Munchausen is still in the ICD-10, so add that to the long litany of things you know fuck all about.

    • Nina Says:

      Self-defense is not abusive. Stop forcing your way into women’s spaces and shutting them down when we refuse to let you in. Stop forcing yourselves on lesbians. Stop telling women the proper way to be a woman is to wear dresses and makeup and conform to every sex role stereotype we’ve been abused with since childhood.

      Then maybe we can talk.

  13. intolerant of intolerance Says:


    Yes you have a blog.

    So does my gran.

    What she rights goes unmonitored and unchecked by anyone of significance because it’s not relevant. Much like your little blog that you have managed to make for yourself. And your friends.

    The minute someone disagrees with you you have a foot stomp and call me a “fucking liar” sounds like textbook projection to me. I am qualified to make that assessment.

    When you have a blog you can write what you like. That’s the point.

    Copy and paste, wrapped in a blanket of balderdash is not an article. It is tripe.

    You are abusive, aggressive and get angry with people who don’t agree with you.

    Am I a big fat liar am I?

    How funny.

    The reality being I am not the liar in the equation. I could rise to your challenge and go through your ‘article’ and point out the remarkable embellishments, or I I may instead decide I have a plethora of more significant and satisfying things to do with today. Which is more likely (and fulfilling) than arguing with an aggressive armchair expert TERF. Who doesn’t realise that when they swear they show their intelligence (or lack of it) and inability to have an intelligent conversation.

    I can have a debate about something I feel strongly about without getting embroiled and lashing out when it doesn’t go my way.

    Maybe instead of getting so angry, try to relax. Clearly you are trying to emerge yourself in other people’s lives to no avail.

    Why don’t you go through your article and remove the strange embellishments. You see to be the one with all the time on your hands. Besides its your article (or so you say) the embellishments certainly are. It’s your blog.

    is it your ball too and are you taking it home?

    Ah ha.

    Haters will hate, If the mother is an abusive mother then your guilt is you are inciting hate crime.

    You will notice I get my point across without name calling or swearing. Maybe more people would listen to you if you employed these methods.

    The fact is you don’t know who you are talking to. You think that gives you a right to be vitriolic and vile. I feel sad for you and your little blog with zero followers.

    Anyway good luck , you need it!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Lord, you’re getting more and more insane. So you lied about there being factual errors in my piece. Hence you are a fucking liar. Your litany of misguided insults doesn’t distract from that fact.

      • Intolerant Says:

        It’s funny. I don’t agree with you therefore I am insane.

        That’s how dictatorships start. Exactly what you seem to protest against. Albeit in a smaller example.

        My apologies, did I not copy and paste the correct term for what you term MHBP the fact is that term is outdated. Like your research. And to a large extent your opinion.

        Gender is not an illness. Nor is sexuality. Nor is parenthood.

        Therefore this cannot be fictitious illness syndrome.

        The mental illness the mother supposedly had was not labelled because the mother did not have mental health problems.

        Anger can cause illness though.You should probably calm down. That is what the mother was isn’t it? Confrontational and bombastic. We could be talking about you @gallusmag you don’t take someone challenging your opinion very well anyway.

        This is someone’s life. A life under article 8 of the human rights act, that it entitled to be private.

        People keep referring to this as a story. If it is a story, that implies it is fictional.

        It is other people’s lives that you are judging with a judgment that is contested by many. Not just me.

        And clearly as with all news, this has snowballed. It cannot be compared to the fourteen year old in the media with gender complexity because they are entirely individual.

        Even in your article you are guilty of the same thing the media have been accused of for years. Embellishments to your own agenda.

        I might, rather than combing your embellished copy and paste “article” on you blog, spend my time engaging with people who are worth engaging with.

        People who aren’t abusive. People who have intelligent and original kindness to them.

        I don’t suffer fools gladly. Good luck “writing” your blog etc. I think you need it. It’s thin on intelligence. And intelligent debate.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Again, you’ve offered no coherent perspective or criticism, only repeated hamfisted attempts at personal insults, for reasons known only to you. Bye lying weirdo! Take care now.

        P.S. LMAO how you shortened your name to simply “intolerant”. lolol

      • Bev Jo Says:

        He seems to have delusions of grandeur, like a classic narcissist. Full of lies and projection, and outraged if women say no.

      • Nina Says:

        GID/GD is absolutely a mental disorder, it’s in the DSM. A parent who invents a false mental illness in their child to gain attention and sympathy is like, a textbook case of MSBP. Besides that, I don’t think anyone in the blog is suggesting that the mother be treated for MSBP based on Gallus’ opinion, just that it seems a likely possibility.

    • Prozac Says:

      You probably wrote that and thought “Zing! My superior intellect just crushed all argument!” I can’t speak for the others, but my cursed socialization actually feels sorry for anyone who thinks this reply is an adequate and intelligent response from a calm and rational person. You might try discussing the content of the article rather than trying to insult the author repeatedly.

      I think we know exactly what kind of person we are speaking to. A real lady who does lady things, right?

    • GallusMag Says:

      @Intolerant: You sound really disrespectful to your grandmother. I feel bad for her. Maybe you should work on that.

    • thisismeandonlyme Says:

      OK, FOUR kids, one is autistic, another on the “spectrum”, one is seriously disabled, and one trans, with one on the way, with a student husband.

      But the DREAM is to be successful at a baby photography business.

      Yeah there is something wrong with this picture.

    • thisismeandonlyme Says:

      The only “point” you got across is you are not even close to as smart as you think you are and have no interest in facts.

    • Carla Says:

      Your grandmother has been around for how many decades? She’s seen things first-hand that you’ve only ever read about in history books. But you think she has absolutely nothing relevant to say? And you think ~you~ do? It’s funny how ageism and misogyny go hand in hand like this. To a misogynist, an old woman is the most worthless creature society has to offer. Not of any inner value, and not fuckable either.

      “Haters will hate, If the mother is an abusive mother then your guilt is you are inciting hate crime.”

      This makes no sense, yet it seems to be the crux of your argument. Oops.

  14. Bev Jo Says:

    “Mermaids” is appropriate for this dangerous group actually, since it’s a category that is fantasy and does not exist, which is the same for “trans” anything. (“Transwomen,” “transmen,” trans-paraplegic,” “trans dragon,” “trans adult baby,” etc. It’s all made up and about fetish. Self-hatred in the case of F2Ts and hatred of females in the case of MTT.)

  15. Larichus Says:

    [comment or tip, your choice GM]

    Did any of the US readers see Frontline on PBS last night? New ep called “Growing Up Trans”. Such a horrible misservice to the viewers.

    Chock full of cheerleading and MBP moms, but the Frontline producers were unable to find ONE child in all of the land that detransitioned or otherwise changed their mind? For a program that normally does such a good job of being balanced, it was very disappointing…

  16. Kristina Caffrey Says:

    Reminds me of the song “I’m a Boy” by the Who: “I’m a boy, I’m a boy but my mom won’t admit it. I’m a boy, I’m a boy, but if I say I am i get it.”

    • juno Says:

      LOL, I’ve thought of that one as well ( I know, gallows humor, glad others share it).

      And I wonder how that old Mad TV Miss Swann character would fare these days. She would never stop admitting “he look like a man”.

      • Kristina Caffrey Says:

        That old SNL sketch “It’s Pat” could never be written these days. Because Pat would never stand for androgyny, but would instead be pressured to offer an introduction complete with “preferred pronouns.”

  17. Oak and Ash Says:

    Here’s another transgender custody/legal mess:

    The headline on the first article saying that a judge ordered the child to dress “like a boy” is false–an interim order actually stated that the boy was not allowed to wear blatantly “female” clothes in public, but that was changed to say the child should be allowed to dress the way he chose.

    What strikes me again and again in these stories is that too many of the children seem caught in a world where most of the adults think that they should either conform to the gender roles–including clothing and toy choices–assigned to their birth sex or transition to conform to those assigned to the other sex. The parents and other adults don’t seem to ask enough questions to find out what’s really going on. I haven’t read of a single case like this yet where someone asked the child WHY they thought they were the opposite sex.

  18. GallusMag Says:

    Comments from Mumsnet thread:

    “I joined Mermaids almost seven years ago for the peer support they offered as my teenage child was gender variant and was pushing for social transition. At that time the organisation was not a charity. It was run by parents supporting each other through a difficult time. Susie Green was newly appointed as chair during the year after I joined. The whole organisation changed after that. I was always uncomfortable seeing parents of children under eight being supported to socially transition their children. I was still a member when the mother who is the subject of this court case joined Mermaids. She was encouraged by Susie Green and other people running Mermaids to thwart advice from Social Services. Green and those in awe of her helped and encouraged the mother to carry out the actions which have led to the current situation.

    Over two years ago a member of the Mermaids committee raised concerns about this mother with the Committee. They also raised concerns about an adult who was helping Green access funding for running Mermaids as they wanted to expand what they did, and they were looking to become a registered charity. The adult causing concerns was a transman who was having inappropriate online conversations with vulnerable young people being supported by Mermaids. That member of the Committee, plus another concerned committee member, were branded liars and were thrown out for challenging Green’s views. Several of the committee resigned due to this and other worries about how Mermaids was being run. I also left at that time.

    Several months after I left I was still in contact with some of the parent members and heard that the adult transman who had raised some concerns had continued to contact teens who were being supported by Green and friends and so his involvement with Mermaids had been terminated. I wondered, on hearing this, what had happened to the mother and child who had also been a subject of raised red flags whilst I was still a Mermaids member. Something certainly needs to be done about this now toxic organisation which is worryingly getting bigger and having more influence, especially in schools.

    Green had problems with the Tavistock when she took her child to them and they would not sanction hormone blockers. She took the child to the USA for treatment. She has since consistently encouraged parents to “stand up to” and not trust the Tavistock. She has made parents afraid of taking their children to this, the only gender clinic for under sixteens. I and other parents I met through Mermaids have only had positive experiences of the Tavistock. That clinic is bound by strict protocols which are there to protect the users of the service. Green has consistently bad mouthed the clinic for its conservative stance of not rushing transition for very young children. So then parents decide for themselves and there will be some parents, not all of them with MH issues, who get it wrong. Other people including neighbours of this child made reports to social services. Those people were branded transphobic and were scared into backing off and not pursuing their concerns further. This must be happening elsewhere and will only get worse.”


    “The militants in Mermaids used to laugh about being named a “cult”. They also complained that the Tavistock clinic did not signpost service users to Mermaids. It was very obvious why. I recall Green inviting psychologists from the Tavistock to a Mermaids meeting . At the meeting some parents of children who were already users of the Tavistock clinics more or less verbally abused the professionals for not progressing their child’s treatment as fast as they wanted them to. New parents to the situation who were there and seeing this this would have taken away the idea that they were going to have to fight for treatment and support and possibly take matters into their own hands; as M did with J in the court case we are now discussing.

    The parents who started Mermaids back in the 1970s as a peer support group must be appalled about the way the organisation has changed if they are aware of it. I know that the founder was very uncomfortable about the hostility of Green and several others towards the Tavistock professionals. She was worried about alienating the only clinic which was able to counsel young trans people. I am aware that at least one doctor who was treating teens a few years ago no longer does. So there is hope that some professionals are also rethinking their stance on helping those who present as trans at a young age to transition either socially or medically. This court case may further that reticence.”

  19. gullusragwantsapenis Says:

    What a violent boy gullusgag is. Correct. a crying shame he needs to dedicate so much time to this shit shower of a blag blog, rather than heading down to the gender clinic to grab himself a penis. Which is clearly what he wants for himself.

    There’s nothing more disturbing than a self loathing trans man, who can’t accept his reality and identity.

    Ever heard the phrase thou protests too much! Aha. Apply it. Every time you misgender someone, you deny yourself. Its more pitiful for you than anyone else. Bless you. Poor lad.

    Methinks Gullusmag fancies himself as Milo Yiannopolus?

    A self hating right wing gay man.Only Gullusrag is not popular. Or attractive. And his blog only has a couple of followers. I’m not sure if his followers have reached double figures yet. He’s only just in double figures himself.

    You (gullusrag) don’t have friends, given, the amount of your sad time you dedicate to this wet evidence free, entirely subjective and spiteful blog. I’m matching your media with like for like.

    Are your friends inside the bright screen where you look to for your daily dose of hate? Or are your cats and your spider plant your closest allies?

    You hate yourself. Nothing I could say can trump that. You will do more damage to yourself than anyone else ever could.

    Such a sad little affected dude. With a shoulder chip and a head full of hate and hurt. I pray to allah, god, Buddha whoever answers first, that you stop hurting soon. Bless. Accept yourself.

    I suppose its like telling an anorexic they are not fat. No I am a woman, I must be, I have a vagina and friends who are twatty angry TERFS (online). Pity smile for you. And your imaginary friends.

    Poor poor boy. Take care of yourself won’t you. Try to eat and drink before making a video to respond. You must look after yourself if you are to keep promoting hate. Otherwise you will become Dorian Grey. It will show (more) on your twitchy face.


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