Two Genders?

October 28, 2016

19 Responses to “Two Genders?”

  1. fmnst Says:

    She drives me nuts. She clearly doesn’t want to offend any transactivists and in the course of trying not to do so, is subsuming – is being pressured to subsume – logic, feminism, biological reality, and her own intuition and common sense.

    In a way, and in fairness to her, this is an excellent representation of what millions of women (and men) are going through, to try to be nice, fair, non-prejudiced, and open-minded, coupled with the real risk of the intense criticism, anger, hostility, name-calling, and threats of ostracism, public censure, violence, and threats to job, career, and livelihood that come with even a hint of not being effusively cheerleading, in lock-step with whatever the translobby espouses and demands. We are witnessing in this video an example of thought-stopping and mind control through coercion, in action: through peer pressure and wide scale bullying. We are watching the tortured thought process of someone in the midst of a highly orchestrated, coercive thought reform program. My apologies to Ariel for writing above that she drives me nuts. This is far, far bigger than about her. She is one of millions of unsuspecting, nice, good-willed, wholly unprepared “pawns” in the pro-trans thought reform program. And most of us don’t even see it.

    How many of us can say we havent really tried to listen with caring and compassion to MTTs, FTTs, “non-binaries,” or their allies, our classmates, co-workers, family members, neighbors, people we need and want to get along with in real life, offline, who have become caught up in the illogical and ever-shifting rhetorical whirlwind and social pressure that is transgender argument, and the transgender movement?

  2. Lisa Brooks Says:

    I found your video interesting. I think there are infinite genders also, because the term gender is created in order to categorize people. I think (with the extremely rare exception of intersex people) that there are only two biological sexes. It is here that I have a major disagreement. you say that at some point in history we had to create the word lesbian to describe an experience we were experiencing. yes, we did. we made up a new word. Why don’t trans people make up a new word for themselves and stop referring to feelings as facts. the facts are they are still the sex they were born with. Use gender however you want, but stop using the words female and woman to describe yourselves. This is not accurate. It’s a lie, and so many people know it’s a lie. if you used a new word for your gender, it not only would be more accurate, it would create more harmony. when a man pretending to be a woman wants to be called she, i find it silly. I don’t understand why a person can’t be who they are biologically and at the same time present as any gender they want. i won’t go along with a delusion, but I totally support your right to look and act like anything you want.And I applaud it. but male and female, you are stuck with.

  3. donesoverydone Says:

    Who pays Ariel to make these stupid woman hating, lesbian hating videos? Wonder how much she makes, it’s probably not much.

  4. donesoverydone Says:

    erhmahgad, that disclaimer in the video “If gender itself was socially constructed then transgender people MTF, FTM wouldn’t exist at all” yeah, then being a transwoman would be seen as just another way to live life as an adult male, man and no one would defend Julia Serano’s claim that he is a woman because he is obviously a middle aged man with odd tits who hates lesbians and favors clothes generally seen on much younger woman.

  5. Carrie-Anne Says:

    It’s really disappointing to see how quickly she backpedalled under pressure from all the butthurt special snowflakes in the comments section of the original video. What’s the point of having and expressing an opinion if you’re going to flip-flop and rush to apologize almost immediately?

    How many of these people calling themselves agender, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, demisexual, skoliosexual, lithromantic, greysexual, aromantic, androgyne, demiboy, etc., only started doing that within the last five years, after being introduced to it on Tumblr, Reddit, or YouTube? Whatever happened to just having a personality, and not needing a special snowflake label to mark the fact that we’re not collections of rigid sexist stereotypes?

    • southwest88 Says:

      I have the luxury of being out of college jobs a long time so no worries about voicing my views. There is nothing to be gained by trying to be “nice” to abusers, IMHO.

      The transgender nonsense has become a cult and I will not waste time arguing the number of “genders” that may exist just like I don’t get into “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin” type arguments with religious people.

      Trying to appease this movement run by narcissistic males is never going to work and the people trying to be nice will find that they will never be able to grovel enough to please their new masters.

      It is best to just reject the falsehood of transgender and refuse to bow to any demands from these (mostly) men. Trying to placate them will only lead to further demands and who has the time and energy for that?

    • Leo Says:

      While I don’t doubt tumblr culture might encourage people to misuse it (especially when young teens who’re too young to really tell adopt such terms), aromantic isn’t a gender identity and I don’t think it’s as new a term as all that either, it means we don’t experience romantic attraction – so no crushes, no limerance, no falling in romantic love. Which is kind of different enough from most people’s experiences that I find it useful to have a term to describe it – I just felt broken till I discovered there were other people like me out there, because everyone seemed to see this whole attraction (romantic and sexual) thing as so important, such a vital part of being human, a kind of love that really mattered and that maybe if you couldn’t feel it it cast doubt on whether you could even love anyone in a non-romantic way either or were just a distant cold unloving person (not true, btw), and I just wasn’t experiencing this ‘romantic attraction’ (or sexual) ever or understanding what they meant. So, that is why I need it, not to feel special (I really don’t) but at least to be reassured it’s not only me. The term is pretty clearly defined so I don’t think it’s the same as something ridiculously fuzzy and linked to social constructs like gender identity terms.

  6. “Who pays Ariel to make these stupid woman hating, lesbian hating videos? Wonder how much she makes, it’s probably not much.”

    Good question. Some women will sell out lesbians and their own sex for little to no monetary gain.

    “She is one of millions of unsuspecting, nice, good-willed, wholly unprepared “pawns” in the pro-trans thought reform program. And most of us don’t even see it. ”

    I don’t know if I would characterize her as completely, “good-willed, wholly unprepared pawn” as if she doesn’t have the sense to know that most of what she is saying is utter nonsense. This is just a confusing video to me. I can’t figure out what she is trying to say, but one thing is clear. She always returns to gender, “gender identity”, and transgender. Gender identity/queer theory is evolving into the biggest Orwellian bullshit ever inflicted upon the female sex. In a way, it kind of sounds like she knows it’s bullshit, but she still clings to it out of peer/social pressure, or some kind of strange politically correct obligation. This video makes no sense to me, but like everything else she has said and done, it doesn’t have to make sense. I sense no real personal reflection or critical thinking skills in anything she has said. She simply gives us that grin and perky smile, and continues with the same old p.c. propaganda shtick.

    Gallus, I thought the “Cotton Ceiling” was creepy until I glanced through some of the Girlfriends TV youtube videos. A lot of her videos are just extensions of the “Cotton Ceiling”.

    Girlfriends TV is lesbian phobia on steroids. It’s lesbian phobic at its very core. It’s female hating and lesbian hating. There is no other way to describe it. They have not only drank the trans/queer theory Kool Aid, they are drowning in it. Is it any wonder that so many young women want “top surgery” (elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areola and nipples). They are completely detached from their natural female bodies, and anything is better than being a lesbian. In fact, young women are being taught that female bodies are something that is surgically created. Apparently, Arielle thinks she is some kind of special non-binary, gender fluid, WTF lesbian sex expert. I think not.

    “Would You Date a Lesbian With a Penis? ”

    Note that the comments were disabled on this horrid video. That is always the way this bullshit is handled. They don’t want anyone’s rational comments to conflict with their propaganda, and they sure as hell don’t want to hear from women or lesbians.

    I’m glad that one woman had the courage to stand up to this lesbian hating mind fuck. I also would like to know how much money Arielle was paid to make these videos.

    “There Is No Such Thing as a Lesbian With a Penis! ”

    According to Girlfriends TV, mutilated male bodies are the same thing as female bodies. In fact, males can have “clitoral orgasms” if they say they can. No, you can’t make this shit up. An artificially created cavity in the human male body that is lined from the skin of the penis and scrotum has a “clitoral orgasm”. This artificially created cavity has to be dilated for the life of the male because most wounds tend to close. The head of the penis is whittled down so to speak, and we are supposed to believe that it is an actual clitoris and has a “clitoral orgasm”. Bullshit. I think not. He still has his prostate gland because that is not removed. He is not female. Does anyone really believe this bullshit? I’m not linking the video, but people can go to youtube and google it.

    “Can a Transgender woman have a clitoral orgasm.”

    The male in this video identifies as a “lesbian”. He is just a male who was married and is heterosexual. In the video, he says that if it’s the first date, he doesn’t tell the woman. He is kind of iffy on this subject. Most transwomen (biological males) are heterosexual. Despite what GirlfriendsTV says, males don’t have a clitoris. Even if he gets his penis and scrotum removed, a male will never experience sexual pleasure the way a female does. How the hell does a male have a “clitoral orgasm”? What a bunch of horseshit.

    “Transgender Woman Shows Lesbian Her Vagina”

    Seriously, a transwoman in a red gown lays on a bed and opens his legs , and Arielle giggles and stares at it like it’s show and tell time. Between a man’s legs seems to be a rather comfortable and cozy place for Arielle. She is the official lesbian sex expert. Educate us ignorant lesbians Arielle.

    This is some serious shit because young lesbians are being taught that male bodied persons are exactly like females which we know is bullshit. They are called transphobic bigots for not getting with the program.

    Females who have sex with males are “gay” as in gay man.

    “Trans Guys Can Be Gay?”

    Homosexuality is based on same sex attraction. Redefining homosexuality is homophobic on its face.

    • Nina Says:

      ‘males can have “clitoral orgasms” if they say they can’

      lmao what? I shouldn’t be surprised by this after seeing MTFs who say they have menstrual cycles, get pap smears, and that a gyno can’t tell the difference*, but still… there’s twice as many nerve endings in the clit as there is in the entire penis. Some of the penile tissue is inverted to form the vaginal canal, so it’s not going into whatever bit they’re calling their “clit”, and I’m assuming scar tissue is going to play a role here too. How can they claim to be having clitoral orgams when they don’t have a clitoris and their clitoris-analogue doesn’t even come close to comparing with the real thing??

      * protip: if you don’t have a uterus or a cervix, which no MTF does, then none of these are true.

      • kesher Says:

        From what I’ve heard about the penis inversion, they’re lucky to retain any sensation at all and to not have recurring pain.

  7. Zacarthan Says:

    GM, I’m not sure how to post this one, which isn’t really a comment on this video. It’s about Professor Peterson at the Univ. of Toronto, scholar of totalitarianism, who refuses to be threatened into using the various gender-alternative pronouns. I’ll post it here–can you inform how I can send such items to you, for vetting etc.? Thanks, Zacarthan.
    WATCH: Fire me, fine me, jail me. I won’t back down to speech police, says U of T prof

     jordan peterson , politically incorrect , steve paikin , transgenderism , university of toronto

    TORONTO, October 28, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Jordan Peterson, the University of Toronto champion of free speech, told a TV panel of critics that he would never use politically-correct gender pronouns like zir and xe even under threat of fines, jail, and job loss.

    Three weeks ago Peterson raised an international storm by putting out three Youtube videos condemning the Canadian government, the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC), and his own university for what he sees as their effort to compel the use of transgender pronouns for students and staff who identify themselves as other than male or female.

    Peterson indicated the likeliest threat to be the OHRC, which already has regulations threatening both individuals and their employers with fines and gag orders if they don’t use the pronouns preferred by individuals claiming to be “other-gendered.”

    Ask by TVO host Steve Paikin if he is willing to suffer the inevitable consquences for his stand, Peterson was resolute.

    “I think that the OHRC is obligated by their own tangled web to bring me in front of it. If they fine me, I won’t pay it,” he told the panel. “If they put me in jail I’ll go on a hunger strike. I’m not doing this and that’s that. I’m not using the words that other people require me to use, especially if they’re made up by radical left-wing ideologues.”

    A moment later he said he was prepared to soften his position if the dozens of alternative pronouns now being proposed were boiled down to a handful and if he were never required to give up the distinction between singular and plural pronouns. Some transgenders, including one of the panellists, transitioning female-to-male writer Mary Rogan, prefer to be referred to as “they” because it is gender-neutral.

    Watch the clip of Peterson on TVO:

    Rogan dismissed as a “tempest in a teapot” what she described as Peterson’s belief that transgender pronouns were part of a “transsexual cabal” to overthrow Western civilization.

    Peterson corrected her: “It’s not a transsexual cabal. It’s a cabal of radical left wingers.”

    Peterson’s overarching view expressed in his videos is that the political Left’s strategy in democratic societies is to ally themselves with those who are unsuccessful and to blame their situation on oppression by those who are more successful. Peterson calls this “the PC Game” and describes it as an attempt “to subject all values to the single value of equality of outcomes.”

    In the panel discussion he called the ideological Left “resentful and uninformed.” He said they didn’t love the poor so much as “they just hated the rich: the ‘resentful’ part is their willingness to pull down any structure that’s hierarchical because of resentment about not being on the top [themselves]. And ‘uniformed’ is about the attempt to force every political issue into the domain encompassed and viewed through this single lens.”

    While Peterson denied ever saying that transgendered people don’t exist, he did state what was heresy to some in the panel, that “gender identity and biological sex don’t vary independently.” Another panellist, Transgender Studies professor Nicholas Matte, flatly denied the existence of biological sex and said Peterson was guilty of “hate speech,” “abuse,” and “violence” against transgender students by refusing to use the pronouns they wanted.

    But Peterson rebutted claims he was a “transphobe” by insisting, “I can tell you I’ve received more letters from transsexual people supporting me than opposing me.”

    Ironically, his only ally on the panel was male-to-female transgender Theryn Meyer, a Vancouver university student and blogger who participated from a Vancouver TV studio. Meyer condemned the “political hegemony surrounding trans politics” and insisted that “there are two genders biologically,” though many people are not all one and none of the other. Though she would prefer to be referred to as female, she admitted, “ultimately its up to him what pronouns he uses.”

    Prompted by the moderator, Peterson then said he would refer to Meyer, who looks and sounds like a woman, as “she.”

    While Peterson’s willingness to go to jail was dismissed at one point as false bravado since the OHRC did not possess the power to jail people, Peterson replied, “What if I don’t pay the fine?” Nobody could answer him.

    He also noted that the University of Toronto had told him to stop talking about gender because it faced fines and orders from the Ontario Human Rights Code if he did not. “If the hate crime accusation stuck, I could be fired,” he said, regardless of his tenure.

    One of Peterson’s targets has been Bill C-16, still being debated in the House of Commons, which would add “trans people” to those protected against hate crime already in the Criminal Code.

    Panelist Kyle Kirkup, a human rights specialist at the University of Ottawa, tried to allay concerns over Bill C-16, arguing it only penalized those promoting genocide against transgenders, and of those committing other crimes against them, such as assault, because they are transgender.

    Peterson tried to make clear that transgenderism was not the issue for him. It was the idea of forcing him and all Canadians by law to use certain words against their will. Peterson sees words as essential tools to debate and discover truth without violence.

  8. Bev Jo Says:

    She “doesn’t want to erase anyone’s identity,” as long as they are men posing and women and Lesbians. She sure does want to erase our identity though, because who cares.

    Next she’s doing a video of Butches “dating” other “masculine” women. I bet a thousand dollars they will all be posturing Fems, since almost every image of “Butches” shown in any media, including photography exhibits and shows are 90% Fem, so Butches are multiply erased.

    Can we imagine any of this erase, insults, and appropriation being done to any other oppressed group without massive outrage?

    Lesbians and Butches especially are the bottom of the heap on so many levels, betrayed by the supporters of the trans cult and even most women who hate Lesbians.

    • k.jane Says:

      Exactly! I’m tired of these assholes and their handmaidens appropriating our identity. Therefore, I have zero sympathy for them. They are the ones who are living in a delusional fantasy world and appropriating the experiences of oppressed groups. It is (rightfully) not considered okay by most people, conservative or liberal, to be white and pretend to be black, but it’s a-okay for men to impersonate women, and lesbians and demand we have sex with them. Rape culture is only bad until a tranny is doing it, then suddenly it’s okay.

      Also, I so do not feel sorry for this woman making those videos. She is a coward and a traitor to her sex and to lesbians.

  9. TranspeopleArePeopleToo Says:

    Yep, two. And that’s okay.

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