4 Reasons Why People Transition

November 7, 2016

16 Responses to “4 Reasons Why People Transition”

  1. IronBatMaiden Says:

    I just watched her video and she’s right. Those are common recurring themes I see with female to trans and male to trans. Especially with the two detransitioned Caris on YouTube. They’re both lesbians and they hated how men treated them.

  2. Peachyoghurt Says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on stop trans chauvinism.

  4. Mark F. Says:

    Great video. I agree completely. I think it’s a shame that having a sexual fetish is now a civil rights issue. Who cares if a guy wants to play “dress up?” But you are not a woman because you like to do that. Don’t insult our intelligence and stop trying to slip your “laydee penis” into uninformed lesbians.

  5. punkworked Says:

    There is a simplicity and directness on this. I wish the different motivations were better known. Girls again the reactive vulnerable and suffering.

  6. sellmaeth Says:

    Good video!

    But I think not all heterosexual girls who transition for the reasons mentioned here become tomboys. There seem to be a fairly high number of girls who want to be feminine gay men.

    I imagine the fact that feminine gay men can have sex with men they want to have sex with, but are not catcalled by random male strangers on the street has something to do with that.

    • gchild Says:

      Every time I hear girls transition to escape male sexual attention/violence I am stunned. Then I remember what it was when I first began to be targeted for sexualized attention, violence, and/or terror. But, having been mistaken for a boy, and punished for it, I cant believe this is working for them.

      Once, around 10 when I went to visit new family friends in a new neighborhood, everyone thought I was a boy because I had cornrows and was dressed in gender nuetral clothes (the style at the time). I was having the time of my life, I thought I’d found a great new group of people to hang out with…

      The other time, I was playing alone in a park. I’d go really early in the morning to swing and not be bothered/bullied.

      Both times, I experienced a freedom I couldn’t explain, a new accepted “me” (especially at the park). But, upon finding out I was a girl, both times, there was rage and resentment. I had to leave the park to avoid being beaten up.

      In both instances, it was as if they thought I’d deliberately cheated them. I did not understand, I thought they knew I was girl and that it didn’t matter. Now I know exactly why I’d been having such a good time…until I was “outted”.

      I made sure to conform to “girl” after that. I was too afraid not to, even by mistake.

      I can help but feel that Donald Trump won mostly because, like me back then, Hillary is a girl pretending to be human.

      • Rachel Says:

        I’m a GNC woman – in my last job, we had to wear a unisex uniform. More than once, customers and visitors addressed me as “young man” or similar, usually with an unpleasant smirk on their face, despite my tiny height, feminine physique, squeaky voice and unequivocally female name on my badge.
        Outside of the controlled environment of school (and university) or trans-focused groups, being a somewhat masculine-looking woman is no defence at all.

      • nonny Says:

        As a detransitioned female I can tell you that it was not a calculated strategy in the way you describe. It wasn’t so simple as “I’ll disguise myself and catch less shit from men!”

        It’s a much more complex and subconscious reaction to fear and trauma. It’s a disidentification with and disengagement from your very own body based on horror from within and terror from without. Many of us don’t recognize what our motivations were until detransitioning and processing the whole mess. I think I speak for many detransitioned females when I say this.

        Transition for many is a massive undertaking, a slow process of self-hate and self-harm, with months or years of dissassociation and smouldering self-loathing. The desire to avoid male violence isn’t as flip as “I know! I’ll become a boy and be left alone! Brilliant!”

      • GallusMag Says:

        Also huge pressure from the “queer” community. Many times women refused to use female pronouns for me, and told me my female name “didn’t fit” me. This is in the lesbian community.

      • k.jane Says:


        That’s terrible and I’m really sorry about that. It’s a shame that lesbians, aka people who really, really should not be enforcing patriarchal gender roles are doing just that.

        For all the queer/trans brigade goes on about respecting identities (especially ones not based in reality or logic), it sounds like they sure as hell don’t respect that you are a lesbian and therefore female and therefore “She” is the correct pronoun.

    • Mark F. Says:

      Most gay men are repulsed by the FtMs. Most of us gay guys actually like cocks. A lot. Kind of shocking, I know.

  7. Lisa Compton Says:

    I love all of PeachYoghurt’s videos. She is awesome! This one was so clear and concise. I guess the only thing I would add is that there are the poor girls who awaken to the fact that most men (and society in general) really have very little respect for women. Who wouldn’t want to be taken seriously as a person?

    I also am so glad that my daughter came of age at a time before this trans trend happened. She was/is very physically aggressive, assertive & liked her sports & short hair & blue jeans (she was called a lesbian in high school, though she is actually het – was that supposed to be some sort of slur?)

    I also have a good friend who is a gay man, who has always, since the time he was a very young child, liked beautiful sparky clothes & make up to play in. He thanks his lucky stars that he had great parents & and a wonderful grandmother who supporting him in his ‘fabulousness’. He grew up to be a well adjusted gay man. What would have happened to him in this day & age?

    Also wanted to note that I got my copies of “Female Erasure” YAY! I’m stoked!

  8. Medi Says:

    This was just an excellent talk! I love her sense of humor as well.

  9. Carrie-Anne Says:

    This was a great video, very to the point. All these trans-identified people insist it’s not about stereotypes or self-loathing at all, yet they consistently prove it is.

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