Trans Community Response to Trump Election: Child Suicides

November 10, 2016

NOTE: None of these reports originate from first person sources and zero reports of ‘transgender’ child suicides related to Donald Trump have been substantiated.

















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  1. IronBatMaiden Says:

    Forgive me if this is innacurate, but isn’t Trump pro-trans? I don’t like the guy at all. I think he’s disgusting as hell, but the people who say they’re gonna kill themselves are just….I have no words!

    • GallusMag Says:

      Yeah he seems pretty pro-trans. Conservative Republican Bruce Jenner did a whole video about peeing in the women’s restroom in Trump tower.

    • bnw86 Says:

      I don’t know of he’s pro-trans, but he definitely hasn’t made any attempt to go against any of the transgender bs. He’s mostly kept quiet about it so far.

  2. silverside Says:

    Although Pence is pretty anti-LGBT. Most of his animosity is directed at “gays” though.

    • GallusMag Says:

      And women, like Trump. He is awful.

    • Nina Says:

      Pence is in favor of gay conversion therapy, and Trump is pro-trans, so I don’t know why the trans community is so worried. Transition is very effective gay conversion therapy (see Iran), so there’s no reason to think Pence would be against it. Many homophobic right-wing parents in America are happier to have a straight trans child than a gay “cis” one.

  3. LC Says:

    These are verified? I work with kids around that age, and I just posted about how terrified I am for some of them, due to all the stress and anxiety they’re picking up from their parents and other adults. One 8th grader, she told me she was going to start a diary, similar to the one Anne Frank kept. Completely serious. I’m not afraid that she’s right, but that she believes it might be necessary at all. That’s frightening, assuming she really understood what she was saying, and the historical implications.

    And I’m not sure she does, all I can say is that she’s scared and stressed and angry. I can easily imagine that many other children feel the same way, considering the reactions we’ve heard from adults. If an already unhappy or socially awkward teen is picking up on adult anxiety? -It’s just as easy to imagine that suicide could be the result.

    But no one should be killing themselves over an election, especially kids. Sorry if this offends you, Monica, but this is all a sign of bad parenting and bad habits of excessive social media. Parents- really, all of society- need to be setting a better example of courage and resilience for children, and to not wallow in self-pity and despair. Transgenderism, as I’ve seen it expressed to children, is full of bad coping strategies for stress(threaten suicide if you don’t get your way immediately), paranoia(everyone hates/misunderstands you), unrealistic expectations(you can be beautiful/strong/indistinguishable from the opposite sex/all problems fixed), and narcissism(you know better than anyone who disagrees with trans ideology).

    If “normal” children are miserable, it’s no surprise that children in this cult are not faring well. And horribly, horribly sad.

    • GallusMag Says:

      “These are verified?”

      NO, NO, Zero verification. All the sources ‘heard it from the friend of a friend’. No evidence whatsoever of any child suicides related to the election. Nothing. At this point it appears to be a politically weaponized form of urban legend.

      • LC Says:

        I’m relieved to hear that, honestly, it’s awful to think this could be true.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I thought that was clear. I will amend my post. Thank you for feedback.

        ETA: I added this note at the top of my post-

        “NOTE: None of these reports originate from first person sources and zero reports of ‘transgender’ child suicides related to Donald Trump have been substantiated.”

      • LC Says:

        I appreciate that, though it didn’t really come across as verified when I first read it. I think I was just worried about the kids I know and seeing the post seemed to confirm my worst fears. Oh well, hopefully it keeps anyone else from panicking. 🙂

      • GallusMag Says:

        Better safe than sorry. They use these ghastly political tactics because they work.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        “At this point it appears to be a politically weaponized form of urban legend.”

        Brilliant description!

      • anon male Says:

        The “41% chance” figure blew my mind. Like, have you never heard of “significant digits?” Surely they matter even when pulling shit out of your ass?

  4. LC Says:

    Sorry if my last comment came across as harsh, I don’t want to be critical of parents who lost their children. I just mean this fear and anger about an election they have literally no control of is so unnecessary, and this has not been normal behavior for -any- child I can recall in previous years.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Not at all. The idea of children committing suicide because ‘Dan Quayle’ or ‘Donald Trump’ is so absurd it beggars belief. If it were to occur, absolutely the parenting and ideology should be examined closely and widely.

      Even spreading this awful meme should be widely examined and discussed.

      • These parental echo chambers filled with suicidal youth should be disbanded – something is wrong when mobs of kids transition and threaten suicide due to a gender ID that is basically baloney to start. Psychiatrists do NOT recommend support groups of suicidallly inclined individuals to meet with each other – too provocative. These parent groups are part of problem.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Agree. These groups are looking more and more like Branch Davidians. They valorize self-harm and suicide and operate like a cult.

  5. anomie Says:

    A lot of young people grew up in a world they were assured was post-sexist, post-racist, etc. They expected a future of progress towards better lives. Learning how the world actually works at a young and vulnerable age can be devastating on its own. Then combine that with the fact that for a lot of these “trans kids” the environment they’re in is ultra neoliberal, and all the adults surrounding them were also caught completely by shock. So their peers, parents, other adults etc have no guidance to offer, no idea how to fight, and can only express despair and horror themselves. It becomes an emotional echo chamber of anxiety and that’s always dangerous.

    Are these reports legitimate? No clue. Are they plausible? Definitely. The atmosphere in America right now is of intense paranoia and this speaks to that. I definitely hope there haven’t been any actual suicides, but if there have, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Whatever happened to this?! This is PRIDE.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Your echo chamber comments are really true. I’m amazed that some people are shocked that Trump won. What world are they living in?

      • anomie Says:

        One person I talked to lives in New York City and cast a third party vote in protest against Clinton. She was absolutely certain Clinton would win, that the “Obama coalition” would turn out and women would defy party loyalty to vote against Trump. I asked if she’d ever been to small-town America. Answer was no. She’s spent pretty much all her life in the five boroughs, except for a trip to Europe—and interacting mostly with other people of an lower-middle-class background.

        A lot of the white liberals who live in urban areas are very sheltered. Having grown up in “small town america” (gnc, to boot), with my mom very carefully delivering mail to armed militia compounds and 6 churches within a 5 minute drive, I found the election results pretty unsurprising. >.> But I went to elementary school in a city ~40 minutes away which has consistently been the most heavily liberal in the state, and even back then in ~2000, people who lived there simply didn’t really believe what things were actually like once you got out into the next county over. Sure, there was a KKK rally in a town about five miles from where I lived, but nobody really cares about those things, right? Racism is over guys, right? Right?

        So I also find the liberal attitude to Trump pretty unsurprising, lol.

        Anyway yeah, still hope there have been no suicides, but suicide is a leading cause of death for teenage females and I’m pretty sure that is the demographic that makes up the majority of “trans kids” as well. And parents, yeah, listen to that song lol. If anything is going to encourage suicidality, it’s wallowing in despair.

      • Most voters didn’t vote for Trump, and most of us who didn’t are well aware of how bigoted those who did are. We LIVE in the small areas like southern Oregon, where political beliefs are much like Mississippi. We are NOT “sheltered” but know FIRSTHAND what these people are like. We live with them, we have gone to school with them, we work with them. These voters also were heavily influenced by the media, especially by Jeff Zucker’s CNN, which promoted this idiot nonstop during the primaries, to the exclusion of other candidates. It is called propaganda, and it is terrifying that one man from one network could completely influence an election where the candidate ran a half-assed candidacy much like Pat Paulsen’s in 1968. Completely unethical and arguably treasonous.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Some people were no doubt shocked because they live in towns like mine where more than three-quarters of the voters chose Clinton. But I come from a working class background and a conservative family, so I wasn’t shocked, only horrified.

        And what’s with all the suicidal self-pity from the trans crowd, anyway? I mean, a number of women I know said right after the announcement of the results that they were numb, saddened, shattered, heartbroken, and I’m sure some of us spent part of the first 24 or 48 hours drinking, eating too much chocolate, sobbing into our pillows, reading the Canadian immigration website, or binge watching Netflix with a cat curled up on our lap. And then, like normal people, we put down the cat or the wine glass, splashed cold water on our faces, and got back to our lives, maybe even trying to figure out how to fight back against what’s happened.

        Not one woman I know, no matter how distraught over the outcome of this election, has talked of taking her own life.

      • NYCAlison Says:

        Gallus, I am a Native New Yorker. Besides the 8 years I lived in a red state as an adult, I have lived in the 5 Boros my whole life. Believe it when you hear there is a deep, if not impenetrable ring of denial surrounding NYC and similar urban areas. I’ve shocked many a young transplant or native-born but post-Guiliani-era-raised New Yorker with my views. They march in mental lockstep, assuming all women and especially, all minorities (racial/ethnic AND sexual orientation) have boarded the Tranz Rightz Express ™. I have the distinct misfortune of working for a company where I am one of 4 women born before 1985 in the whole place, and this sort of age disparity is the rule, not the exception, for women in my STEM field. I wish you could’ve seen the performance the female, 20-something snowflake crowd put on the day after Trump won. Moping. Pouting. Loudly asking things like, “I can’t believe Trump won,” and “Who would even vote for this guy?” They also returned greetings and questions with rude grunts, slammed doors in people’s faces, and generally disavowed basic manners so we could all see how rilly rilly SAD and ANGRY they were.

        Clueless. Absolutely clueless, they are. 95% are loud and proud fun-fem types, mostly the sort of authoritarian, “do-gooder” White girls who grew up in suburbia or a sanitized, Boomberg-era NYC. Since the start of my employment there, these girls (“girls” being what they prefer — for some reason, they cannot bear to refer to themselves as WOMEN) have been loud and proud in expressing their SJW views. And, said views are constantly on display here, in many forms, including the one who said the morning after Election Day, she was going to don a full-on HRC costume and “really taunt the Bernie people and rub it in the day Hillary wins,” to the one who started an LGBT group that wound up having no members because it was clear from day 1 it would be “AGP trans rights dopes and their handmaidens,” to the creep who gleefully petitioned an entire department to adopt a social justice style guide for its website, despite the website not even discussing the topics such a style guide purports to cover (so it was really a call to police thoughts and language).

        Best of all? They all treat the “older” women, self included, like some cross between a leper and a brain-damaged toddler. Talking down to us in sarcastic tones. Hiding information and vital documents, then acting as if we can’t do our jobs when we make recommendations that seem sensible to someone who isn’t aware of the additional information, but bone-headed to those who know the extra data’s available. Trying to tell us what to do, some going so far as to adopt the air of a manager. And if you ask them why they’ve chosen to act in that way, they deny, deny, deny, while getting ruder. No, I am no fan of Trump. I would personally like a President Liz Warren, or better yet, a woman even farther Left. But the clueless, ceaseless entitlement I see from that young, SJW female crowd leads me to believe that they will never, ever recognize there’s a problem, let alone that they are it.

      • Dogtowner Says:

        @NYCAlison: Whew! I am not surprised by what you write. I live at the other end of the spectrum, rural Maine, and what do I see when I turn on the TV and they’re covering an anti-trump protest in the state capital? A bunch of young women who seem totally confused, totally without analysis, and a sign saying transphobia (apparently none of them are aware that trump thinks anything goes re men’s rights). I came to the conclusion that Sanders millennial supporters simply did not vote in Maine as Jill Stein only got 2% and the Green Party usually does much better, and the legalization of marijuana just barely passed. As my husband said, if I don’t get my candidate (Sanders) I’ll just take my marbles and go home. And we had two good candidates running for state senate and house, and neither won (instead we got two little Monsanto fascists). I am finding young people very depressing. Especially the heavily gendered voice on community radio discussing the resistance to the Dakota pipeline telling us that “if we identify as women, we need to wear skirts if we attend a ceremony” at the encampments. Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggg!!!!!!

  6. Angelica Says:

    Trump does not mince his words.
    I’m trans and I respect Trump.
    He respects us.

    What more could we ask for?

    • oopster74 Says:

      Erm no he doesn’t. He’d roll out what’s happening in North Carolina to the entire country given half a chance.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @oopster An article on Trump’s positions over at The Guardian, confirms that his support was politically expedient. But in practice….Hence HB-2 will go nationwide.

        Also ad an observation, seeing a great many in the trans community do harbor some of the very same xenophobic, racist and sexist views that Captain Hairdo has, the support he is getting from and by some is not surprsing. Of course, when the crap really hits the fan….then we will see who stays around.

      • oopster74 Says:

        Well those views are t shared by me, but that just goes to prove that we can be as stupid and ignorant as the rest of society, unfortunately that includes some of my family who would have voted for Trump given the chance.

    • Magdalena Z. Says:

      Of course you respect Trump, you’re both men.

      • kesher Says:

        Women-hating men at that. I bet Angelica really admires how Trump has used and abused his wives. That’s right up Angelica’s alley.

        That said, I’m not convinced by the trans crocodile tears given how many M2Ts hate women as much as Trump does. At least Mr. Perduta here is honest about how he feels.

    • Charlotte Says:

      Sisters, Angelica here frequents youtube, regaling “terfs” with his miraculous story of being a former veteran who was exposed to chemicals that magically changed his testes to ovaries!

      Becoming such a beautiful and feminine woman, he caught the eye of a billionaire and has, since that time, perpetually gave birth and also adopted children that he endlessly breast feeds as his billionaire boyfriend supports him (the proof being that’s how he has the time to be on youtube all day, instead of working like us “ugly jealous bitches”.

      Anyone who questions this story is immediatly called an “idiot, brain dead, cunt _____ (fill in insult here) for not realizing he is our queen – a thousand times more woman than any woman who has ever lived!

      Btw: i see his videos he used to have up, looked like freaking tony danza in a little bo beep dress. He twirled himself around like a 4 year old girl excited to show off her new digs. TOTALLY insane autogynephilliac.

    • kamilla1960 Says:

      Now there’s a measured and reasonable response to your request.

    • No evidence, nothing. That’s so typical. But you should believe them anyway. Just like they say they are the opposite sex, that biological sex doesn’t exist, that agp doesn’t exist and so on. Everything they say and so should never be questioned because it hurts their feelings.

    • Nina Says:

      Sounds like it happened the same way the anti-trans violence at the recent UoT free speech rally happened. Or the anti-trans vandalism with strangely PC phrasing, discovered at St Anne’s the morning that a trans activist had to do her 12th grade exams (she was excused, of course). Or the thousands of trans women killed each year by feminists. It is so strange and unfortunate how there is never any proof. Maybe trans people need to start wearing live-streaming bodycams for their own safety?

  7. Smits Says:

    It is beyond vile to use the hypothetical deaths of children as a political weapon. Is Trump’s fascism not enough on its own to be condemned and mourned over? Not to mention the enormous danger of suicide contagion amongst kids who’ve been primed to believe that trans-identification means you probably will kill yourself someday. Making up some ‘tragic martyred trans youth’ is more than likely going to end up with real-life dead kids.

  8. oopster74 Says:

    I seriously hope these reports aren’t true, but, these are teens, and teens don’t always act logically. A friend of mine committed suicide when he was 16 over worries about his exam results, and he was probably the brightest kid in the school. Fwiw, Trump is a bandwagon jumper, and he’ll do anything to be popular, so that means he will be anti everything LGBT. The only reason he’d be “okay” about Jenner using the female toilets in Trump Tower is the media backlash he would face with them being reality tv stars. Hopefully, with his own party against him, he won’t get most of what he wants done, especially that stupid bloody idea of building that wall, but I won’t be holding my breath.

    • oopster74 Says:

      A few days old now, and you might have already seen it, but the plot appears to thicken. Just read this after seeing a tweeted link to it. From what I gather of the webpage listed, they might not all by children as in under 18’s (or whatever the legal age is where you are). These reports are from parents regarding their children, so they’re children could be any age, they could be adults. I’m still hoping that someone has made this up, but that means some sicko has done that, but asking for proof if the story is true, not exactly right.

  9. GallusMag Says: idiot Mathew Rodriguez changed the title off his post from ‘At Least Two Trans Youth Have Committed Suicide Since Election” to “Reporter Claims Knowledge of Trans Suicides Post Election.”

  10. There is a general, appalling tendency to blame bullying for youth suicide. It is totally unquestioned. A teen commits suicide, a parent blames kids at school, the online publications report the parents’ accusations, and people go nuts on social media calling the classmates of the dead teen horrible names, wishing them dead themselves. I hate this for two main reasons: 1) I am convinced it causes suicide. If a teen thinks that the ultimate revenge on his tormentors is being blamed for his suicide, maybe even prosecuted, I am certain that can make killing himself more attractive, especially since it is usually an impulsive decision, or so I’ve read. 2) It’s probably bullshit, anyway. Parents of kids who just killed themselves can’t be blamed for casting around for answers, but this is the most unfair way of dealing with the death of their children. Often times, it is impossible to know the thinking of a person who killed themselves. Why blame other young people? Even if the child was terribly bullied, the bullies are only responsible for the bullying, not for the child’s suicide. And why do people unskeptically believe that the bullying really took place? What about the other sides of the story? What about what went on in the teen’s own home, as long as we are looking to blame someone? In short, suicide is NOT an argument for ANYTHING. Not human rights, not anything. Like I always say (to myself) if someone kills himself because he feels I wronged him, maybe I’ll feel guilty, but I’ll be alive and he’ll be dead.

    • Ennis, that’s my thinking exactly and I admire your courage in saying it. Bottom line: Suicide should never be used as a threat, guilt trip, or political cudgel.

    • LC Says:

      I’ve been disturbed by the general attitude toward suicide expressed by many on the left, that some of them seem to glamorize it. Used to be common to say that people who commit suicide are selfish, cowardly, etc- and while it may not be the best thing to say to someone who just lost a friend or family member, it’s at least a way of stigmatizing suicide. Basically a way to ask, ‘would you want someone calling you a selfish coward when you’re gone’… if that makes anyone reconsider, then it’d be worthwhile.

      But I’ve heard many on the left say that that’s mean, that suicide is a reaction to a terrible situation(as if it’s an inevitable reaction?), which also implies that the suicidal person is not solely responsible for their actions. We have to make the world better so that no one is ever in that terrible situation. And the more I analyze it and see how that idea is used, the more disgusting it comes across. It’s a terrible thing to say to someone suicidal, that they rightly can’t help feeling that way, and it’s terrible to guilt all of society with suicide into fixing every single individual problem. In the case of transactivism, it could become a self-perpetuating and prophesy-fulfilling problem- and how do people not see that? How does it not disgust them? No one should use suicide as a political weapon.

      • turncoatArbitrator Says:

        “No one makes you feel sadness and despair.”

        With respect, that sounds like a ridiculous “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” argument. If people truly had ultimate control over their emotions, and could just choose to not be upset, there would be no reason for any kind of activism or social change. We could just all decide to be fine with it. No feelings of depression or trauma or rage or grief in response to circumstance; we can just live and let live and never complain.

        “[No one is] compelled, by anyone else’s actions, to feel any particular way.”

        Except abuse exists. And abuse is bad. Not just because of broken bones, but because of what it does to someones’ mind. You can’t just “get over” a traumatic experience. You can’t just choose to not be sick anymore.

        Circumstance is a great creator of emotion. Emotions are not borne entirely of internal experience; they are a reaction to actual, physical reality. It is entirely possible for the problem to be with the world rather than the individual.

        You are more likely to attempt suicide if you belong to certain demographics for instance (if you’re LGBT, elderly, have bipolar disorder, or have experienced trauma, and so on). People of those groups are not weaker of will than those outside of them just because they may be more inclined to feel that fighting isn’t worth it. We all have our breaking points.

        You’re right, nothing can hurt people who are already dead. Do you know who is hurt by stigmatizing suicide?

        The suicidal but still living people who are listening, who may be thinking “Oh well I guess my suicidality is just further confirmation that I’m the vilest scum to have ever been shat out onto the planet’s surface, and I would be doing everyone a favour by jumping off a bridge.”

        Or the people who tried to kill themselves but lived instead. Shaming them for an experience which was probably very traumatizing doesn’t help.

        “There’s a lot worse that can happen in life than being bullied, but we can control our own emotions and our own responses.”

        I don’t really understand where you’re going with this. How exactly are you measuring what is worse and what is better? There are a lot of worse things than being molested, that doesn’t make it any less appalling to tell a victim of sexual assault to just “control [her] emotions”. To what end, exactly? Will that make the abuse stop?

        “But I’ve heard many on the left say that that’s mean, that suicide is a reaction to a terrible situation (as if it’s an inevitable reaction?), which also implies that the suicidal person is not solely responsible for their actions. We have to make the world better so that no one is ever in that terrible situation.”

        I’m afraid this paragraph confused me. You seem to be saying that suicide is _not_ a reaction to a terrible situation and that the suicidal individual is solely responsible for their decision to kill themselves. But then you say that a terrible situation plays some factor in this decision.

        You may be saying that even in situations which forces such a decision to be made you still have a choice, to which I agree. But once you concede that suicide is a response to shitty circumstance, then you concede that suicide is a reaction (and not necessarily an unreasonable one)! So I don’t get where you were going with this either.

        Yes, in the moment, suicidal people do make a choice. But, as you’ve implied, the question is not “whether they made a choice” (that’s self evident), it’s “why they made that choice”. Why would someone go against the biological imperative to stay alive? At what point did they just say “fuck it” and leave? And why did they not think they had better options?

        You seem to be emphasizing the aspect of choice in treating mental illness, and I get that. Some times people can choose to get help but don’t for their own reasons. Reasons we may never understand.

        But as you implied before, choices are influenced by circumstance. There are many reasons why someone might get fed up and check out early, yes even if they acknowledge that they are in control of that choice. They may be attempting suicide because it’s the one thing they feel they can control.

        I get that you’re using this argument to reach the conclusion that the transgenderists are doing something wrong. I agree with you there. I just dislike the reasoning you seem to be using.

        I believe the transgenderists are in the wrong because their reasoning is faulty. All they are proving is that their imaginary friends were very psychologically unwell, not _why_ their imaginary friends were very psychologically unwell.

        I believe the transgenderists are in the wrong because they are trying to weaponize, and glamorize suicide. Suicide is not sexy. It’s a symptom of the sickness of sorrow.

        And I believe the transgenderists are in the wrong because this is not how you show sympathy to the suicidal. If they actually cared about suicidal people, they would exercise responsible journalism!

      • LC Says:

        “You can’t just choose to not be sick anymore.”

        That’s not what I’m saying. We choose how to react to abuse and trauma, and what to do about it. It is healthy and socially beneficial to respond to legitimate injustice with anger. If your emotions are leading to a defeatist attitude, then that suggests professional help or a different strategy is needed- nothing more. Emotions themselves are not the problem.

        “Shaming them for an experience which was probably very traumatizing doesn’t help.”

        Yes, I agree that it’s a complicated issue, and I didn’t say that the “old approach” was the perfect one. I simply don’t care for the new approach that seems to encourage people to dwell on suicide and treat it as a potential solution to their problems. I know that’s not the intention, but it appears to me sometimes that that’s the result.

        “There are a lot of worse things than being molested, that doesn’t make it any less appalling to tell a victim of sexual assault to just “control [her] emotions””

        You are reading way more into this than what I said. Despair is not a helpful emotion- anger, in many cases, can be. Anger to a victim of sexual assault might well be a positive response, while love(for her abuser) most certainly is not. That’s what I’m getting at with the idea of controlling one’s emotions- to choose the response that will allow you to move on or to get help or confront the situation. We are the victims of other people, not our own emotions. And I’m not trying to imply that that’s an easy thing to do, either, I just think it’s a better approach than the idea that we’re helpless to control how we think and feel.

        “You seem to be saying that suicide is _not_ a reaction to a terrible situation and that the suicidal individual is solely responsible for their decision to kill themselves. But then you say that a terrible situation plays some factor in this decision.”

        Suicide is not a reaction to anything, as I would define reactions as responses to stimuli. Pulling your hand back from a stove is a reaction against being burned. Suicide is a choice, and like all choices, it is one that is contextual and influenced by circumstances… that doesn’t make it an inevitable reaction to those circumstances.

        “I get that you’re using this argument to reach the conclusion that the transgenderists are doing something wrong.”

        No, actually, I’m not. Since I’m not entirely sure you understand my argument- whether that’s my fault or not- I don’t think you can say this. It’s always wrong to glamorize suicide and to recklessly report on it the way they’ve done. How we talk about suicide, generally, is a separate issue and more a response I have to things I’ve heard liberal feminists say. I don’t think we really disagree, but we aren’t following the same assumptions.

    • kamilla1960 Says:

      There is no question in my mind that the rampant bullying at school and at the workplace does result in despair that can end in suicide. It doesn’t help to blame the person who succumbed to despair and exonerate those who drove him or her to it. I experienced this myself. Bullies bully because they enjoy destroying a person and getting away with it.

      • LC Says:

        It doesn’t help who? The person who committed suicide? Nothing can help them after they make that choice. But one of the most important/useful things I’ve learned in dealing with my own mental health issues is to own your own choices and emotions. No one makes you feel sadness and despair, and no one makes you kill yourself- even those who have poor emotional control are not compelled, by anyone else’s actions, to feel any particular way. And you also chose how to react to emotions.

        Yes, bullying is terrible and it should be stopped whenever witnessed. But what if it isn’t, or it can’t be? Are you willing to tell children(since they’re the most vulnerable to bullying) that their only possible response to continued bullying is to give up in despair? That’s not helpful. Children need to know how to deal with terrible things that happen to them, even in the event that no one that can fix the problem for them. There’s a lot worse that can happen in life than being bullied, but we can control our own emotions and our own responses.

      • Nina Says:

        Nobody is blaming suicide victims, that I’ve seen. What people are blaming is the decision of adult trans activists to weaponize the suicides of children as a political tool against women, and their choice to use rhetoric designed to push children to suicide unless they are “affirmed”. It feels very calculated and it does nothing to actually help children at risk of suicide.

        (Anyway, in this case, there were clearly no suicide victims at all. Every outlet reporting on this news item has backpedaled, the list of names of the supposed victims were completely unverifiable as real people, some characters on the list were verified as trans characters from fiction books, and the official press release Zack Stafford claimed was coming is now 3+ weeks late.)

    • Fruitopia Says:

      IMO there is a reason behind the media hyperbole about kids being bullied to suicide, especially cyber bullying. I believe it’s to make the public worried about child suicide to the point where they will accept intrusive laws, such as those involve mass internet surveillance, because they think it will help to solve the cyber-bullying problem (which I think is over-exaggerated).

  11. ex home birther Says:

    Does anyone know the city of the support group being referenced? We can check the obituaries for the next week in the area. It can’t prove a negative, but it could verify the claims if they are true.

    • Tami Jo Dukie is in Las Vegas. She seems to have been the start of this claim. She has a MTT son.
      However online parent groups are often based simply online rather than in a geographical area so that makes it harder.

    • Jae Says:

      Zach Stafford is quoting Jeri Brown, regional director and coorindator of Trans-parenting, Gender Inc. as confirming at least two trans youth suicides. Debi Jackson (of the Facebook screenshot Gallus posted lower down) is also linked to the organisation. A lot of the reports seem to be based on information that’s originated with those two.

      Their organisation is based in Kansas City.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Yes. Debi Jackson/Jeri Brown of Gender, Inc./Trans-parenting appear to be the original source of the rumor.

        Guardian Reporter/ editor Zach Stafford has now deleted his twitter report which was cited by all the media articles. Screenshots:

        Topside Press publisher (FTT) Tom Leger has accused ‘Jeri Brown’ of being a sock-puppet of Debi Jackson, who transitioned her son at age 4. There is no evidence that ‘Jeri Brown’ actually exists. Leger confronted Debi Jackson on Facebook and accused her of making the whole thing up.


        ‘Jeri Brown’ response to Leger:

  12. Siobhan Says:

    Damn, it just feels like the trans brigade is upset because something happened and it is NOT ABOUT THEM.

    Truth is, the trans are one of the few groups that have NOT been targeted by Trump. Females, Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, Gay men and lesbians, immigrants, refugees, etc — we have reason to fear. True, they might get caught up in some of the ugliness aimed at other groups, but trans specifically? Trump really doesn’t care.

    No. Trans can shut up now. This is not about you.

    There are hate crimes going on right now, gleeful Trump supporters harrassing women, people of color, immigrants, etc., rejoicing in their fear and pain and causing anxiety. We as adults need to make sure that our children know that we will do everything to keep them safe, and also make sure that emotionally unstable young people are supported and given refuge from some of the ugliness.

    But excitedly making up stories that the trans are committing suicide over this is irritating.

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if some mentally unstable young people (and older people, too) did commit suicide upon hearing the election results. The thing is, it’s not just about Trump’s win that caused these youth to commit suicide (assuming the stories are accurate); there was a lot leading up to that point.

    It is irresponsible of the media to not fully investigate stories before they report on them. First, they need to verify the suicides. Then, they need to find out more about the “youth” who took their lives. Did they have previous suicide attempts? What was their psychiatric history? What else was going on in their lives? What was their family life like? Did they have histories of abuse, addiction, etc? And on and on and on.

    I’m not even sure what their being trans has to do with committing suicide, other than trans people almost always suffer from severe mental illness. As has been pointed out in this thread, Trump is not exactly anti-trans.

  14. Siobhan Says:

    Apparently there was a group at a Black Lives matter protest against Trump last night in Union Square, yelling “Trans lives matter.” #NotAboutYou

    • Relieved Says:

      Just FYI, one of the founders of BLM identifies as transgender so them yelling “Trans Lives Matter” is not out of character. They have always spotlighted trans alongside police brutality in their literature and demands, especially in the recent beef with Pride. Oddly, BLM usually considers anyone else using “lives matter” phrasing to be co-opting and insulting their movement, but transgender issues are apparently the exception to the rule as usual.

  15. Trump’s friend and million dollar donation supporter, Peter Thiel, was the first to call for a boycott of North Carolina when they refused to adopt the bathroom bill ( so these transcismen/boys should be the last to worry that Trump would be more of a threat to transcismen/boys invasion of spaces where women are vulnerable.

  16. Oak and Ash Says:

    Interesting how everything is all about them, even an election result that will harm multiple groups of people who lack power and privilege, and that their primary way of getting what they want is to threaten mass child suicide. Assuming a Trump presidency is a danger to all those he hates, why is it only trans children committing suicide, not Muslim children, Mexican immigrant children, African-American children, girls of every ethnic group?

    If trans children and adults are so much more vulnerable to suicide than everyone else, there must be some other mental health issue at work. One study has found that the vast majority of those diagnosed with what used to be called Gender Identity Disorder also have at least one personality disorder, which I suspect is at the heart of both transgenderism and suicidality.

  17. MaryMacha Says:

    I think the collective trauma response the “left” this country is experiencing right now is just another manifestation of the victim-mentality that is so prevalent among liberals. The bad-guy won and now they’re going to annihilate us or send us to work-camps. Really? It seems obvious that many people who got excited about Obama 8 years ago didn’t bother to vote this time around. But that doesn’t mean we’re suddenly vastly out-numbered, just out-maneuvered. It means Clinton wasn’t all-that for a lot of people who normally float the Democrats, that is the more left-leaning voters. If the nomination had gone to Sanders maybe we’d be partying right now instead of cowering. There are just too many people who don’t see a huge difference between the two options. The Trumps are going to keep happening until the left ventures beyond it’s two-party comfort-zone. We shouldn’t be scared of what happens now. We’re survivors over and over again, from generation to generation. We will weather this.

    • k.jane Says:

      True. I voted and I did vote for Clinton because I always vote. Yet, last I checked the popular vote was very close between Trump and Clinton so it’s not like everyone is into Trump. Hell, the main reason I voted for Clinton was because of the lesser of the two evils thing.

      Not to say I’m not upset that Trump won, but more people should’ve voted. The voter turn-out was crappy. My advise is that if you want to get more involved, learn more about your local politics. Money isn’t that likely to by a presidential race between celebrity politicians but it can buy local races.

      Speaking of victim mentality, one of the higher-ups at the university I go to/work at had to send out an email telling everyone to calm down. They also listed all the numbers you can call if you feel like your being discriminated against. (Somehow, I get the feeling that my being discriminated against by the trans cult due to being a lesbian won’t be taken seriously).

      Oh, and my asshole brother is using the election results as an excuse to get drunk and beat up people he doesn’t like. Some assholes were calling his friend a faggot, which is not okay, but my brother decided to escalate it into a fist fight. He did the same shit earlier this year, but now it’s Trump’s fault even though Trump hasn’t even assumed office. My brother also hates the city I live in, but offered to come “beat up people for me” and expects me to view him as heroic. He is also hugely pro-trans cult and started screaming at me when I tried to explain why they were bad for lesbians and other females.

    • rheapdx1 Says:


      Gee, if this were the actuall fact, the actual case(s), would this have shown up via the defacto news organs of the trans cause. In particular….NPR/PBS?

      Something says….again a trick of manipulating the media [out of that bag of tricks employed by the nazis and others] is at play. Or even the specter of Tawanna Brawley.

      • Nina Says:

        I think it’s very useful to be able to see which “news” outlets have reported this as fact. They probably report a lot of other fake stories as fact, too, and should be purged from daily reading.

  18. ketzel Says:

    Have people forgotten that Rudy Giuliani is a cross-dresser, and Trump is fine with that?

  19. annemarietobias Says:

    As a transgender person I don’t know what the hubbub is all about. There is simply no telling.

    As someone who has been a staunch supporter of women’s reproductive rights for over 40 years I’m way more concerned about Trumps rhetoric on criminalizing a woman’s right to choose.

    With a Republican majority in the Senate and Congress, and the opportunity to stuff the Supreme Court with a Justice who will rubber stamp the most obscene abuses against women, LGBT communities and the middle class in general, for the next 20 years, we are poised to see laws being passed that codify the language of the religious right, language like “Justifiable RAPE, Legitimate RAPE, Gift of God RAPE…”

    This is the truly shocking and frightening issue involving the Trump election and it’s this issue and the threat to a livable world from environmental degradation I think are the most critical issues. The later effects everyone, the prior half the population. Anything about transgender people impacts what, 1 in 1000 people… bubblegum on the sidewalk has a bigger impact.

  20. brandi1986 Says:

    I don’t know of he’s pro-trans, but he definitely hasn’t made any attempt to go against any of the transgender bs. He’s mostly kept quiet about it so far.

    • brandi1986 Says:

      This comment was a reply to IronBatMaiden. For some reason my post ended up at the bottom. As for transgender suicide after trumps win, sounds like a load of melodramatic bs coming from the trans crowd. They have to make every single issue and make it all about them.

      According to transgender people they have a high suicide rate, so who’s to say that these suicide’s have anything to do with trump? For all we know the suicides could be totally unrelated to Trump.

      I doubt Trump is anti-trans. Just look at how many bad things he has said about women, yet not one bad remark towards transgender people. Trump seems like the very kind of hypersexual jerk who would trash females he isn’t attracted to, but praise some pretty boy transgender or transsexual, because they are more than likely to fit into his unrealistic idea of beauty.

      • IronBatMaiden Says:

        That’s what I thought he was like. He’s the typical pig. So was Bill Clinton though. Both of them are misogynists, even if Bill hides it better. I’ll probably get hate but I voted for Jill Stein. I loved Bernie, but he was cheated. And Hillary was absolutely awful! I hope the DNC can clean house. If they don’t and they try to force another corporatist, I’m gonna vote green again.

  21. Saw this on Facebook tonight. I invite you to notice the following:

    -Women being expected to give their limited income and necessary medications to serve male feelings
    -Women being expected to do the work of getting these drugs
    -Expecting women to commit fraud and risk jail time…for men
    -NO posts exhorting men to serve transmen in similar fashion
    -NO posts exhorting men or trans activists to help biological females pay for their health care or to break the law on our behalf.

    “Cis women and afabs who care about trans women, if you are still able to access this when the dust settles, please consider getting a Rx for estradiol-only birth control, not for yourselves (unless that’s what you use) but as a way to help the many trans women who are going to lose their hormones.
    Anyone who can get an Rx for it, please consider getting spironolactone for “acne” or for your “blood pressure.”
    PLEASE COPY/PASTE. We need to start thinking about these kinds of seemingly little things, especially given how many of us are dependent on the ACA Medicaid Expansion.”

    • LC Says:

      So… beyond even the illegality of getting medication for someone else… what happens if one of these men has a severe reaction to these medications? No insurance against getting sued for that, in addition to the guilt of feeling responsible for their health. I wouldn’t take that sort of risk for a close friend/family member, for both our protection, so I really hope no one takes them up on this.

    • sirenpress Says:

      Interesting. Deigning to address ‘cis women’ when they want something; acknowledging ‘trans men’ as afab/female, when it suits.

    • k.jane Says:

      To hell with that! That is beyond illegal, but I know some idiots will probably do it. I am not poor enough to be on Medicaid, but I do buy insurance through Obamacare since my employer cheaped out and doesn’t offer it anymore. I also rely on tax breaks to help pay for it.

      I do take spironolactone, but it’s for PCOS, aka a REAL health problem not wanting to be a facsimile of the opposite sex. Like I’m going to give any of my meds to these narcissistic freaks. Honestly, if I was going to get involved in the illegal medicine business it would probably have something to do with helping women, aka females who need abortions. Oh yes, I pointed out only females can become pregnant and may need abortions.

    • Nina Says:

      I love the assumption that women’s reproductive rights won’t be at any risk under Pence, plus Republican house and senate. If I were in the US (and didn’t already have one), I’d be making an appointment for an IUD right about now. A copper one lasts 10-15 years and is very effective, so it should see a woman through the Trump years, no matter what might happen with abortion and contraception laws.

  22. Rachel Says:

    That is the creepiest, craziest thing I’ve heard from the transloons. I hope it doesn’t catch on – it’ll be the women involved who are prosecuted for fraud and drug smuggling.

  23. sellmaeth Says:

    Why would trans children commit suicide over this?

    Sure, Trump will molest FtT individuals just as much as any other girls or women as long as he can identify them as female. But he has existed in this world as privileged white male before he won the elections.
    And after getting their uterus removed, FtT have less to fear than any other girl or woman.

    MtT have nothing at all to worry about. Donald will even give them access to women’s restrooms and changing rooms. Because they are male, and he knows that. Privileging males over women is his thing.

    If anyone has reason to fear the future, it’s girls and women.

  24. GallusMag Says:

    Greta Martela of TransLifeline repeated the claims in a piece calling for $100,000. in donations for his service.

    TransLifeline receives no support from established transgender support agencies or suicide prevention organizations because Martela refuses the standard training and background checks for volunteers, even though community members have offered to cover the costs.

    Martela has a history of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations and is rumored to spend his time traveling the country in his van.

    When the KiwiFarms website ran a thread this year where folks presented information about alleged TransLifeline financial discrepancies, Martela (real name Kjel Anderson) posted death threats against the website owner. Martela then tracked down the Florida address of the site owner’s mother and drove across country to her home. He sat outside in his van observing her home and waited for the website owner to show up for Sunday dinner. Then he approached the home and attempted to force a confrontation. He was locked out by the homeowner and fled before police were called.

    • Rachel Says:

      So it’s eight PEOPLE now, and without even a trans qualifier – what’s the usual suicide rate in America?

    • Margie Says:

      BTW, let’s take a moment to note that how the so-called “LGBT community” is OK with the existence of “Trans Lifeline” – a service exclusively for Ts. Not LGBs. If you are a suicidal cis LGB, well, tough luck. Where are all the proponents of “LGBT”? Where are all the angry LGBT cultists who denounce any assertion of LGB identity or LGB interests as “transphobic” and “separatist.” What would be the reaction if the Trevor hotline announced that, because of limited resources, it was focusing on LGB youth? The “LGBT” cult would besiege Trevor and destroy it.

      “LGBT” was constructed to serve the interests of trans activists and it is only invoked in the service of trans activists. It’s purpose is to take LGB resources and direct them to Ts, but never ever the other way around.

      • SkepticalMom Says:

        To make matters worse, the owner of Trans Lifeline, “Greta Martela/Greta Gustav/Kjel Anderson,” allegedly is a scammer who hires phone line workers who are untrained and without qualifications to help those who are suicidal — if the phones are answered at all. Some who have called report the suicide hotline phones not ever being picked up and answered. “Greta” apparently is a tireless fundraiser for his Trans Lifeline project, but it is alleged he uses the money mainly for himself.

      • kesher Says:

        It’s striking because I’m certain the vast majority of suicidal “trans” kids are gay and lesbian, and, when they’re harassed by their peers, it’s happening because they’re perceived as gay or lesbian, not as trans. The way trans is prioritized over the LG by kids on Tumblr, it wouldn’t surprise me if regular lesbian and gay kids are harassed more while “trans” kids get a pass because they’re seen as untouchable.

  25. Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

    I know of someone who did commit suicide because of Trump’s election, but it was over the probability of losing her health insurance, not because of being trans or being bullied. (This is her Tumblr page, and a friend of a friend who knows this person personally has already confirmed this on her other social media pages: ) For what it’s worth, any concern I’ve personally heard (from two American friends now) about suicide has been because they depend on the ACA to get them life-sustaining medications and medical care, and don’t want to go out in the horrible agonizing way promised by their respective chronic conditions.

    And the editor-in-chief of the Daily Stormer, which is basically Der Sturmer 2.0, has explicitly said that his flying monkeys should target Clinton supporters and drive them to suicide.

    So I can see that trans suicides might be plausible, since people are really freaking out, but it’s really irresponsible for these media outlets to be running with this stuff before they get any kind of confirmation, especially with the sort of “yes, this has actually happened” language they’re using.

    • gertrude Says:

      Committed suicide over an election and left 6 cats without arranging for their care beforehand??!! As a cat lover, this really ticks me off! If she had waited a day, she would have seen Trump already offering to compromise on some of the provisions for the seriously ill. And did she ever hear of GoFundMe?

      The utter willingness to give up life before all options have been explored is absolutely pathetic. This is why the Millennials are being called the “Snowflake Generation.” Life is so easy in America compared to the rest of the world, but god forbid some sort of challenge comes up. Let’s just kill ourselves. SMH.

      • turncoatArbitrator Says:

        Mental illness can make it hard to make arrangements yourself. It can also inhibit your ability to see other options, or, if you’re perhaps suffering from severe dissociation or delusions, to understand the options you do see.

        The USA has nowhere near the most completed suicides of any nation. I don’t think this is a US problem, or a flaw with the youth of today, as elderly people are far more likely to kill themselves than young people.

        And I’m not sure the age of this persun in any case.

      • WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

        Yeah, it would be at least January before anything changed wouldn’t it? And supposedly there’s a replacement, or something.

    • skeptic Says:

      Sorry. This sounds bogus to me. Is there some kind of obituary or follow up on other sites where people can post their condolences? As far as the media being irresponsible…the only irresponsible behavior is if something is posted WITHOUT confirmation. Until news can be confirmed, it isn’t news. It is rumor & conjecture. Also, one of the tenets of “urban legends” is the “friend of a friend of a friend…” that can never be confirmed.

      • Annoyed Bi Chick Says:

        Uh, one of the people reporting the death was a famous SF author, and, using the information I got from her page and someone she linked to, I was able to track down the person’s name and where they live (I started with only a first name). I’ve been able to confirm that the person they’re talking about did run the Tumblr I linked, and its associated website. I am not really willing to put her name out there, although I’d be happy to provide it to Gallus Mag. (Here’s another link with a little more information; using that, it’s pretty easy to find out who it was, if you know what you’re doing.) So yeah, not bogus.

        And it wasn’t “a friend of a friend of a friend,” it was two people with whom I’m in more or less direct contact online-wise (I’m only personal friends with one of these people, the other is the SF author) reporting the same thing independently of each other, about something one of their personal friends did.

        And gertrude, this person wasn’t a Millennial. She was in her early 40s. (So much for the “Snowflake Generation.”)

        I suspect she was not really well to begin with, and fear of losing her health insurance was the metaphorical straw that broke the camel’s back. All that having been said, I can see suicides by trans adults being possible or probable, if the right initial conditions existed. (Trump being elected wouldn’t be a necessary condition, but it might be a sufficient condition if the necessary conditions already existed, if you see my logic.)

  26. Margie Says:

    This kind of dishonest emotional manipulation is classic trans activism. It is rare when they don’t use suicide as a political weapon. Only recently, “Stefonkee” the 50-year old man who identifies as a 6-year old girl used suicide risk as a way to get sympathy in the face of a public backlash. Last year, trans activists harassed a children’s hospice in the UK because it was going to hold a fundraiser that involved drag. The trans activists went after the hospice but then they incurred a huge backlash themselves, at which point they immediately tried to use suicide as a shield. They claimed that there might have been a trans child in the hospice and that hypothetical trans child hypothetically might have taken offense at the drag fundraiser and then hypothetically committed suicide. So what choice did they have but to harass the children’s hospice? After all, lives were at stake! Basically, the suicide ploy can be used to justify trans bullying and criminality, no matter how depraved.

    My guess is that either 1) the story is completely fabricated or 2) there was 1 suicide (not 4 or 6 or 8), and it was a kid who suffered mental illness and had a history of attempts unrelated to the election.

    • Nina Says:

      The funny thing to me is that the MTF suicide threats — and the fact that they work — just confirm that society still sees MTFs as men and therefore as more valuable than women. A woman who threatened to kill herself unless political demands XYZ were met would be met with something like, ‘boohoo, I’ll have to make my own sandwiches from now on, don’t let the door hit ya on the way out’.

      Suicide threats only work when people value your existence…

      • Hedda Gabler Says:

        Good point. However, there is another angle to it. Society sees MTF as essentially begging for a loss of status, so the people higher in the pecking order are often more than willing to grant that wish, because it doesn’t really cost them anything. It is also inherently patriarchy-reinforcing.

  27. stopthemadness Says:

    How nauseating. These manipulative historonics the trans cult and their handmaidens are prone to played a part in getting Trump elected, there’s no doubt in my mind.

    • gchild Says:


      I agree 100%. They do not see that using “feels” to weild power over people is just as malignantly narcissistic as using “god”.

      Notice that the group they have told to STFU to most, “cis” white women, are the ones who put Trump in office (53%).

      Lol, they spoke loud and clear at the voting booth, didn’t they?

      The thing is, Trump is anti trans by default because their most powerful tool is something he doesnt have the capacity for: FEELINGS.

      They are only safe if they stay out of his way.

      • kesher Says:

        White women didn’t put Trump in office, white men did. Although there is a NY Times article where female Trump voters weigh in on why they voted for him, and Democratic obsession with the trans is one of the reasons mentioned.

  28. The tweet was taken down because it was bullshit:

  29. Everything, and I mean freaking everything under the sun and then some has to focus on transgender. As a woman who has been pro-choice all my life and has supported NARAL, this “Million Woman March” sounded great until I read the entire article. WTF are “feminist others”?

    “ALL women, femme, trans, gender non-conforming and feminist others are invited to march on Washington DC the day following the inauguration of the President elect. This march is a show of solidarity to demand our safety and health in a time when our country is marginalizing us and making sexual assault an electable and forgivable norm. We align with all POC and LGBTQ causes, and we will show our support in a non-violent protest.” The New York Facebook group adds, “This is an INCLUSIVE march, and EVERYONE who supports women’s rights are welcome.”

    What are “femme” women, and what are “gender non-conforming” women? Notice the “feminist others” tacked on at the end of the sentence. See, there are “femme” women, “trans” women, “gender non-conforming” women, and then we might let the “feminist others” in. That is, if they promise to obey and be nice. I suppose the “feminist others” are those pesky Mich Fester second wave women that all need to just shut up because they refuse to be controlled. The “inclusivity” (see “inclusivity” in all caps) will be forced down the throats of women who know that males don’t get pregnant, sterilizing children is a human rights abuse, and lesbians don’t have a penis. Do these people know that children are being sterilized and disabled women with Down Syndrome and autism are being “transitioned”? Don’t they know that teenage girls are taking testosterone and getting their healthy breasts lopped off. Can’t they see all the young lesbians being “transitioned” into straight men? Have they read the TERF death threats which sure don’t sound so “inclusive” to me. Do they even care?

    This is some serious shit because Republicans now have a majority in the House and Senate. Republicans have a lousy record when it comes to women’s reproductive rights. What the hell does abortion and access to reproductive health care for the female sex have to do with transgender run “LGBTQ causes”? Do the male lesbians get pregnant?

    Of all the people potentially harmed by Trump (immigrants, Muslims, Mexicans, women, etc.), trans is the most oppressed. Rich white heterosexual males like Jenner (Republican), billionaire Pritzker, Martine Rothblatt (the highest paid “woman” CEO has a penis), Frank Maloney (boxing promoter and wife beater before becoming a “woman”), etc. are just as oppressed as poor women of color, even more so. I don’t have a damn thing in common with trans run “LGBTQ causes”, and I can see why Trump won. I detest Trump, and did not vote for the arrogant ass, but God I can see why people would want to escape this neoliberal, politically correct Orwellian assault on sanity. I can’t believe they actually said “feminist others”. Such a serious issue because before Roe v. Wade poor women died in back alley abortion. Women who actually fought for reproductive health care are “feminist others”. I wish to hell that these colonized sons of bitches and their brain dead handmaidens would just let women exist. Kids are just pawns to these people.

  30. Marm Says:

    There is a list making the tumblr rounds with names of the alleged suicides. If you google the names no obituaries are found, no locations, no FB posts from actual friends – only endless reposts of the list in this echo chamber:

    Here’s some fallout from a tumblr who posted the list then deleted it:

    • donesoverydone Says:

      “The thread about trans people who killed themselves is full of fake people including a name that’s actually a fictional character from a book.” how pathetic. Manufacturing suicide contagion is just so irresponsible and morally wrong.

    • Margie Says:

      Wow. I just saw the list, which looks like it was dreamed up by a teenage troll. One of the deceased was the “son of 2 white supremacists.” Another lived in “a town full of white supremacists.” Not one but 2 are described as “communist revolutionary activists.” What are the odds that two transgender communist revolutionary activists would independently kill themselves more or less simultaneously because of an election? And why would communist revolutionary activists even care whether Trump or Clinton won? They would reject the entire election as a capitalist sham.

      Anyway, I ran a search for one of these characters, “Reyan Fletcher” a “communist revolutionary activst” who had 2 fathers. Shockingly, there wasn’t a single google result for this person. No news items. No obituaries. No images. No social media accounts of any kind. Nothing – other than multiple hits relating to the same “suicide list” with the exact same wording. I’m not searching all of them, so if anyone else wants to have a go, here is the list:

  31. “Read our great constitution.
    In it, it states:” -a buncha text copied from the Declaration of Independence. Enh, close enough I guess.

  32. GallusMag Says:

    Good report:

    “Stop Sharing News That Trans Teen Suicides Spiked Post-Election—It’s Not Just Wrong, But Dangerous to LGBT Youth
    This false epidemic going viral could drive real suicide attempts among struggling teens.
    Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Nov. 12, 2016 9:15 pm”

  33. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Maybe the slandering PC drama media drove someone to suicide. Trump let Jenner use the wrong toilet! Rattled some of his fanbase! It’s all about peeing in the wrong place.

  34. Zosha B Says:

    You were right on when you called these people ghouls.
    This constant suicide threat that the trans love to pull out is straight up manipulative.

  35. angelaroselle Says:

    Donald Trump is seemingly pro trans. He isn’t really a real Conservative anyways. Why use the report of the deaths of transgender teenagers to get their base rallied up against Donald Trump? I have never seen him or the GOP bash trans people.

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