Transgender Activist Dana Rivers Arrested for Brutal Murder of Lesbian Couple and Their Son

November 16, 2016

Booking Photo (Alameda County Sheriff's Department)

Booking Photo (Alameda County Sheriff’s Department)

Noted transgender activist Dana Rivers was arraigned Tuesday on charges of committing a brutal triple homicide in Oakland, California in the early hours of Friday, November 11. The victims have been identified as lesbian couple Patricia Wright and Charlotte Reed and their son Toto “Benny” Diambu-Wright.

Rivers allegedly stabbed and then shot the victims in their home, which he then set ablaze in an attempt to destroy evidence. Rivers was apprehended while attempting to flee the scene of the crime on Reed’s motorcycle. He was covered in their blood.

Police state Rivers made statements confessing to the crime. He was arraigned without bail on charges of triple homicide, arson of an inhabited dwelling, and possession of metal knuckles. He faces life without possibility of parole, and potential death sentence.

Rivers’ motive is unknown. The Mercury News reports: “Authorities have not released a motive but have indicated it might have been a dispute over some property”, while Fox Channel KTVU News reported: “Sources said the case is an isolated incident involving a domestic dispute.”

Dana Rivers (formerly David Warfield) rose to national prominence in 1999 when he was removed from his tenured teaching position as an IT instructor at Center High School in Sacramento following allegations that he inappropriately over-shared personal information with students following his on-the-job gender transition.

Rivers was subsequently featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, among other national media. He planned on writing a book and selling a movie version of his life story. With the help of an ACLU attorney Rivers negotiated a $150,000 buy-out of his tenured position and resigned. He discussed his decision in an interview with GenderPAC here:


“IYF: What are your chances of getting another

teaching job in the public school?

DR: Excellent. Not only am I an award-winning

teacher with years of experience, but California

is in the midst of a serious teacher shortage. To

be honest, I am not worried about getting another

job in a public high school.

IYF: What happens now? I know that you have some

speaking gigs. Do you see yourself continuing as

a gender activist?

DR: I have been thrust into this role and, to be

honest, I love it. It is part of who I am to be

up front, candid, and in the spotlight. I do not

believe that this means I am particularly vain or

ego-centric. Rather, I know I am capable of

speaking out, and it feels good to move the

mountain. As long as people want to hear me, I

am willing to spread the word.

     My transition thus far has been easy (yes,

even though I lost my job) compared to my sisters

and brothers who have faced ridicule and physical

harm for their gender difference. I am humbled by

the effort and energy of GenderPAC and the other

organizations who are trying to make a difference.

IYF: You just addressed NGLTF’s ‘Creating Change’

in Oakland and traveled to Washington to meet with

Rep. Barney Frank, among others. Tell us about your

new-found high-profile status as an activist.

DR: It’s been fun, a bit overwhelming, and very

rewarding to have so much attention paid to my

situation. I have been interviewed by newspapers

and radio programs and magazines from as far away

as Germany. ABC News has followed my case closely,

and flew my daughter and me out to New York to be

on Good Morning America. I had to secure the help

of an agent to handle the flood of requests for my

time. A book and movie are being considered.

     I actually had Diane Sawyer and a producer

from Oprah Winfrey on the phone at the same time

a few weeks ago. People magazine named me one of

the 25 most intriguing people of 1999, and Jane

magazine named me one of the Gutsiest Women of

the Year. It is amazing! I hope this exposure

gets our message into homes where normal people

can look at me, hear or read about me, and decide

for themselves if I would be a good teacher, or

neighbor, or spouse.”

Twitter Photo @latitude3739

Twitter Photo @latitude3739

Rivers was last seen in the media in a 2008 Bay City Reporter article featuring his work as a teacher in the Five Keys Charter School program in the San Francisco County Jail.

Patricia Wright, Benny Diambu-Wright, and Charlotte Reed.

Patricia Wright, Benny Diambu-Wright, and Charlotte Reed.

A vigil was held yesterday for Benny Diambu-Wright at Berkely High, where the nineteen-year-old graduated from high school last year before enrolling in nursing school. Over a hundred people burned candles and shared memories of the young man and his mothers. Patricia Wright, a special-ed teacher, had worked for the same district for a decade until her retirement last year.

At time of publication, GenderTrender is the only LGBT website to report.

Dana Rivers on a television appearance circa 1999

Dana Rivers: TV appearance circa 1999


246 Responses to “Transgender Activist Dana Rivers Arrested for Brutal Murder of Lesbian Couple and Their Son”

  1. IronBatMaiden Says:

    So much for laydee brains. This bullshit just keeps on going, doesn’t it?

  2. Bob Doublin Says:

    I am so sorry for the Lesbian couple and their son. And for the grief felt by their surviving relatives and friends. The last sentence really sums it up.

  3. Damn this is horrible. I’m shocked. Trans womens violence = MALE violence.

  4. Hedda Gabler Says:

    That is truly horrible. My heart goes out to the innocent victims of this barbaric crime and their families 😦

  5. Miriam Ben-Shalom Says:

    I posted on my page. I hope they hang this %$#@# by his gonads until he shrivels and passes on–or put him in the men’s prison where he belongs.. Funny how the trans community NEVER comments on crap like this. And did anyone notice that he killed LESBIANS and their son? One bright thing–at least this article got his gender and sex correct: HE.

    Miriam Ben-Shalom

    “If I speak, I am condemned; if I am silent, I am damned.” Jean Valjean

    “I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    “One had better die fighting against injustice than to die like a dog or a rat in a trap.” Ida B. Wells

    • dejavublonde Says:

      Unfortunately (if I am reading historical news correctly) his gonads ceased to exist a long time ago. I do however hope his surgically mutilated ass gets the death penalty. I think it might as he stole the motorbike in the commission of a crime resulting in deaths.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        From CNN

        “No executions have been carried out since California put a moratorium on the death penalty in 2006…”

        “California’s most recent execution was on January 17, 2006, according to the website for the state’s Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation…”

        “Since 1978, more than 900 people in the state have been sentenced to death row, where inmates spend 23 hours alone in their cells. Of those people only 13 have been executed; 94 have died of other causes.”

        Don’t get me wrong. I think he deserves the death penalty, but it seems unlikely that he will get it and that it will actually ever be carried out.

    • Jala Mckenzie-Burns Says:

      The grand woman in this article is a female criminal….and for you to say that she is a he is very ignorant. I’m sorry that you are not educated on gender transition and equality. Please don’t sound like your president elect. Also please do yourself a favor and do some research so that you can become educated.

      • michelle Says:

        ‘grand woman’ ‘female criminal’

        Sir, put down the crack pipe and quit idolizing triple murderers.

        In the meantime, Millie Jackson has a small musical piece for you…

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        So… people are “uneducated” and “ignorant” because you say so? Sorry, that isn’t how reality works. “Transwomen” are biological men. Full stop! Scientist here, BTW. What are your credentials?

      • Prozac Says:

        Disgusting comment. “Grand woman”? You must be a troll. Three people murdered in cold blood by this piece of shit and you think the problem is pronouns. I always wonder if when people say educate yourself if they think they sound like kind and concerned people instead of smarmy assholes. Please look up the definition of female, read up on the trove of gender information right here and then feel free to fuck right off. Also, Trump unsurprisingly supports the conservative, well-monied and incredibly regressive trans movement as far as i can tell. Naturally.

      • GallusMag Says:

        lol Yes Jala- I plan on educating myself and doing a bunch more research. Don’t you worry, I’ll continue to publish all the results of my findings here.

      • kesher Says:

        He is a man, as are you. No one is required to utter the lie that he and you are “women”, you disgusting male supremacist.

      • donesoverydone Says:

        Oh shut the fuck up.

      • Radgay Says:

        This is a male who took sterilization hormones and had cosmetic surgery to try and look like a women. He is not a female. Also a female trans-woman is an oxymoron.

      • Nina Says:

        It’s a typical tactic of trans activists to assert that anyone who disagrees with them is simply an uneducated rube. Funny thing, I used to believe “trans women are women” out of ignorance, and now I don’t. There’s no meaningful, non misogynistic sense in which a man can become a woman with modern technology. A eunuch is not a woman, nor is a man in makeup and a dress, and the concept of brain sex is as regressive and ugly as the concept of brain race. We aren’t uneducated, dude, we just disagree.

  6. Its pretty dishonest to bring up that she was trans at all, when you even acknowledge the suspected motivation was about a property dispute.

    Its kinda like you’re actively trying to smear trans people as a group based on the actions of one…

    Here’s how an unbias journalist who isn’t trying to push an agenda wrote this article:

    • GallusMag Says:

      Why is it “dishonest” to report things factually? Your comment makes no sense. Is it “dishonest” to report the victims as lesbians? Also, as clearly reported, suspected motive is under discrepancy and is not yet known.

      I cited THE EXACT ARTICLE you recommend as, in part, informing my report, you big freak.

    • cerulean blue Says:

      Actually, it’s quite honest to bring up that he is trans, because trans are skewing violence statistics. Women don’t commit double and triple homicides– men do, regardless of their “identity.”

      • GallusMag Says:

        Reporting the history or identity of anyone who murders lesbians infringes on the rights of the perpetrators, says creepy-ass freak.

        Perhaps this is why the ghastly slaughter of a lesbian family has not been reported by ANY other LGBT news sites or blogs.

      • Yet more proof that “LGBT” does not represent lesbian interests and in fact is outright lesbophobic. Not that we didn’t have enough proof already.

    • michelle Says:

      oh fuck off with your ‘dishonest’ crap- it is reporting about a VIOLENT MALE who committed violence against actual FEMALES.

      It is the tranny brigade that always insists that women have no reason to fear the males in dresses, never mind the studies that looked at cohort groups and showed that the MTT’s commit violence at the same rates as males who don’t play dress-up and have cosmetic surgery.

      Given the recent ballot outcomes in California, I can only hope the DA steps up to the plate to place the death penalty on the table so that the new laws related to speeding up the process can be utilized.

    • Lola M Says:

      it’s so funny that you bring dishonesty into this. Trans activists are slandering radical feminists as being violent and exterminatory, compare us to groups such as the KKK simply because we refuse to deny basic biological facts and play into your fantasies… This slandering is successful despite there being no evidence of any radfem ever committing violence against a trans person. Meanwhile evidence piles up of trans rapists and murderers and you all give the exact same answer male apologists give when they deny male violence is a problem.

      If the roles had been reversed and a radfem lesbian activist had killed three trans people you’d all be creaming your pants to call it a terf hate crime. But since it’s ”just” more male violence, let’s diminish the event and sweep it under the rug. Liberal feminists and trans activists will all ignore this very real triple homicide, but will still trip out about how Janice Raymond caused thousands of death because she gave her opinion in the 80’s.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Total 100% LGBT Media Blackout on this triple homicide of a lesbian family. CAN YOU IMAGINE the INCREDIBLE media response if a lesbian had stabbed, then shot, then burned, the male perpetrator of this nightmare crime? There would be HUNDREDS of reports. Instead, there is a total and complete LGBT media blackout. Trans is a license to murder lesbians. There can be no other interpretation.

      • southwest88 Says:

        Googled “Dana Rivers murder” and got all kinds of links to mainstream papers and even SFgate site but it does seem that the pro-trans sites are ignoring this story. Jezebel has nothing on it right now though if a lesbian or non-lesbian real woman had killed 3 trans, it would be the story of the day, updated hourly, over at that site.

      • Margie Says:

        “LGBT” was constructed for one purpose: to benefit Ts at the expense of LGBs, to transfer our money, labor, and power to them. It creates a colonial relationship. That means that LGBs are held to exacting scrutiny in their interactions with Ts. Refusing to use the pronoun “xir” or mentioning the transgender’s birth name is the equivalent of rape and any LGB transgressor will be condemned and ostracized. OTOH, trans activists can kill lesbians, threaten to burn down MichFest, vandalize the Gay Liberation statue outside of Stonewall, vandalize the property of HRC, and bully and harass gay youth out of their hangout space – and it isn’t even news.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Any ideas on why it has come to this? Why are LGBs allowing their orgs to be used this way by Ts, or how did Ts become powerful enough to abuse LGB orgs this way? How come Ls are inevitably ignored by LGBT orgs when Ts kill them or infringe on women’s rights? Why is this not an issue? Are LGBT activists just as sexist and misogynistic as the general public? It seems like these orgs exist for the benefit of men. Period. Why do women still donate money to these orgs? Is it just because they support marriage equality? What good is marriage equality when Ls can be killed by Ts with impunity? I am really trying to understand how this coup took place. Are the LGBs just trying to avoid bad publicity by not having a messy divorce with the Ts? I am not involved with any LGBT orgs, so perhaps I do not understand the dynamics at work. How come Ts have rights, but not women, and why do most “liberals” and “progressives” celebrate that? Is it just the same old misogyny in shiny new clothes? Most importantly, what can concerned women do to change this? I am in contact with my elected officials, and I speak out, and I give to radfem causes, but what else can I do? Any suggestions?

      • GallusMag Says:

        My suggestion remains the same as ever: lift the veil of gender by educating the populace about the nature and function of gender: A cultural hierarchy of traits and behaviors enforced under violence which benefit males and oppress females.
        Strike at the root. This can’t be fixed by using the master’s tools (politics).

      • FeistyAmazon Says:

        I agree with Margie about T glomming onto L/G for our resources and HARD WORK. Piggybacking ON US to get to where they have, and ALWAYS at Lesbian expense!!!

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      @cursedeblogger: So the facts of this case are transphobic, like biology and pretty much the rest of reality? As for the accusation of smearing trans people, we care about these incidents GM reports because when we object to any man who calls himself a woman being allowed to enter spaces where we’re vulnerable, we hear a lot of puppies-and-rainbows claptrap about all transwomen being delicate little flower spirits who wouldn’t hurt a fly. (While we mean radfems are apparently responsible for tens of thousands of deaths simply by thinking. If our thoughts were truly lethal, the world might be very different than it is.)

      I notice that your own blog post on the topic has not one hint of sympathy for the victims and those who loved them–it’s all about how Gallus Mag’s post affects transwomen. What a shock.

      (Not exactly relevant, but does anyone else think “Cursed E” probably calls himself Kirstie?)

    • kesher Says:

      He lived in San Jose. How would he be embroiled in a property dispute with women in Oakland?

      I also saw that hagiography of a man who murdered three innocent people. Interesting that you call that an “unbiased” report. That is the deference that you think is your due, right? Treat the lot f you like saints when you prove to be at least as violent and demented as other men.

      You’re a male supremacist in drag. Not all men! Not all M2Ts! Worship us as we rape and murder you!

      You deserve to be excluded by us. Leave women the fuck alone.

    • tnt666 Says:

      The sad fact is that actual females do not run around committing triple homicides over property disputes.
      Oh wait, not sad at all.
      The fact is that males do this type of shit. It is male pattern violence.
      But big media refuse to report on trans crimes, living in a condemnation-free bubble must be nice. Bet he’ll be placed in a women’s prison too…

    • gchild Says:

      @cursedblogger, how is saying this person is a transwoman dishonest? Its not a lie. It’s not a smear to point out a persons gender identity. How else can trans persons get “protected status” lest they be recognized? Validated?

      Men are the ones smearing transwomen’s image all day everyday without regard to the price transwomen pay for being biologically associated with (exactly the same as) them via maleness.

      How about an uncompromising, demanding, doxxing, no-platforming, de-platforming campaign to stop male pattern violence? Or at least reduce it?

      Really. Or is it just easier to blame females for saying words? Thinking thoughts? Existing in the first damn place?

    • Nina Says:

      What is dishonest is the attempts of MSM to recast typical male patterns of violence as “normal human” violence. Once again women get the blame for men’s bad behaviour. Repeat after me: men are not the default and violent male behaviour is not “human nature”. A violent eunuch in a dress does not a woman make.

  7. lovetruthcourage Says:

    I find it very telling that no LGBT or liberal org will touch this story. Thank you for being the lone voice of reason with enough guts to tell the truth about these things. This trans is male to the core. Approx 96+% of homicides worldwide are committed by males and nearly all homicides with multiple victims are committed by males. Putting on a frock does not change a person’s DNA or socialization. So here we have a man who feels entitled to take 3 lives over a suspected property dispute. No doubt, trans activists will try to put women at risk, by insisting this violent murderer be housed with nonviolent female offenders. He belongs in a male

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      (sorry internet issue)

      He belongs in a male prison. I would like to see every news org that gave a fawning report follow up with this info on the murders he is alleged to have committed. Of course, they won’t. They have an agenda and it has NOTHING to do with the truth or with justice. This is further evidence that LGBT groups do NOT care about the L! They are all abusive pro-T orgs and should not be supported by Ls or straight allies. Drop the T!

      @cursedeblogger, there is nothing “dishonest” about reporting the truth. And as far as trying to smear the entire T community with 1 murderer, he is far from the only murderer in your community. Violence and trans seem to go together, and it is a known fact that trans usually have comorbid psych issues. They are not well. Transwomen are entitled men with male anatomy and male socialization. They are NOT women! Crime reports should not be skewed due to them. This was a crime of male violence.

  8. michelle Says:

    that ‘cursedeblogger’ dude is spending his time on Twitter whining about his post being deleted and then trying to minimize the violence committed by the male.

    Never ceases to amaze me how blinded the tranny brigade is to the violent acts of the males in their midst…and then to claim that this was JUST “a property dispute.” Because, of course, property disputes justify the killing of two lesbians and their adopted son…

    • Lola M Says:

      Remember the Chapel Hill shootings, when a white man murdered 3 Muslim students? Apparently it all originated over a parking dispute. It was obviously a hate crime, and was considered as such by the same people who now pretend ”property dispute” makes this crime meaningless because they want to erase that their darling trans women aren’t always the victims, but actually frequently perpetrators.

      • Nina Says:

        “Lgbtq” (read trans) supporters will always always always prioritize the feels of men in dresses over the literal lives of lesbians and their families. It’s male privilege to the extreme, but they’ll deny it to their dying breath. “Property dispute” doesn’t begin to explain or justify what happened here, and it would hardly be brushed off like this if it were an actual woman who had committed these murders.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Even if there was some sort of property dispute, fights over resources aren’t unconnected to bigotry. Women accused of witchcraft have often held property or other resources that men want. The Tulsa massacre in 1921 was the result of white men resenting the prosperity of hardworking African-Americans who lived in a neighborhood called the “Black Wall Street.” And you don’t have to look very far to find white men whining that women or people of color are stealing “their” jobs.

      Seeing successful members of groups they believe inferior to themselves provokes murderous levels of rage in some men, so Rivers could easily be both a misogynistic killer and a man with a property grievance (whether justified or not).

  9. alexb Says:

    Heartbreaking. That poor family. I can’t believe LGBT media are so heartless as to ignore this.

  10. Murder is a crime. This is not acceptable; however we can not put every transgender person, male or female, in the same category as murderers, pediphiles or other criminals. I am a transgender woman who advocates for other transgender people. Most people would characterize me as a hard working, loving and caring woman. Furthermore, transgender people fill all types of niches in society. Transgender people are Pastors, doctors, attorneys, authors, sales people, etc. Additionally, although a transgender woman is accused of this crime, and it is inexcusable,there are many non transgender people that also commits, or have committed crimes. Finally, there is a lack of education regarding transgender individuals and i take it very serious when people make ignorant statements targetting me. As a child in the 1960’s and 1970′ s i struggled with an internal gender conflict. In 2002 i attempted suicide due to my thoughts of how others viewed me as wanting to live as my true self. In 2004 i decided to live my life to the truest form. Gender is not a choice. The choice is what you do with it. I did not flick a light switch and just wanted to be a female.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Like yourself, Dana Rivers/David Warfield had violent thoughts of self harm too before he committed triple homicide of a lesbian family. Andrea James on his old ‘TSRoadmap’ website was struck by Rivers’ “seemingly perverse” relationship with violence here, naming Rivers as the sort of ‘transwoman’ who should not own a gun:

      When men like you proclaim your extreme risk of self-violence, you expose your propensity of violence in general, usually inflicted on women, as Dana Rivers, who you champion, demonstrated in such a ghastly fashion.

    • dejavublonde Says:

      ‘however we can not’. actually, we can do whatever we want regardless of your ‘feelers’.

      I also did not just flick a light switch and want to be female either, however I WAS born female. The only way one can be a female. There is no choice in the matter- regardless of whatever story of woe you attach to your desire to be so.

    • charlston Says:

      Jala Alyshia Mckenzie-Burns Hello. Would you agree that a headline saying a woman committed a crime is singling out women?
      Did you know ‘corrective rape’ is a thing? You advocate for other transgender people but have no clue when it comes to everyone else.

      Did you know it is illegal to be a bisexual or lesbian woman in 1 in 4 countries around the world and the number is growing, research has revealed. Read the link dated, Saturday 14 May 2016, at the bottom.

      I hope that bothers you like it does me. If its not about you it doesn’t register? Note the word (growing).

      These headlines all mention people’s personal details. You are not special. Some of them don’t describe reality either –

      ‘Naked Gay Man Arrested at Jacob Riis Beach, New York City’s Queer Haven.”

      When did being trans give you a pass? In fact its the opposite from what I can see in just 2 minutes of googling. Trans crime is covered up. They demand rights and get them, as if they are the only ones doing it tough.

      Here are some more headlines.

      ‘Straight Man Arrested At Gay-Friendly Bar In Brooklyn After Threatening To “Come Back Orlando-Style”.

      ‘A Toronto man claiming to be transgender was arrested and sentenced to jail for sexually assaulting several women in a women’s shelter.’

      Man found guilty of murder over brutal attack on Texas lesbian couple

      ‘Conservative aide has been arrested on suspicion of rape’

      ‘Priest arrested for raping girl”.

      How about –

      Ex-teacher gets 7-15 years in locker room camera case.”


      ‘Mum and lesbian partner guilty of murder’

      ‘Gun nut arrested on his way to LA Pride parade is bisexual’.

      The ‘its not all trans’ thing is getting old.

      A report into criminalisation of same-sex relationships between women has warned ‘corrective rape’, forced marriages and other forms of violence are still commonly used against lesbian and bisexual women around the world.’

      more here-

    • Nina Says:

      It is such hypocritical BS to demand that crimes committed by transwomen be reported as crimes committed by “women”. If you don’t want this crime pinned on transwomen, why the hell do you think we women want it pinned on us? Where so you get off making such a transparent and self serving kind of demand? At least reporting it as a transwoman crime, it’s accurate and with no potential for confusion. You know very well that by leaving off the trans status, everyone will assume this crime was committed by a female person. It wasn’t. Trans women are male and this is a textbook example of male pattern violence. Not every woman in the world is your mommy and it’s not our job to take the heat for your bad behavior. Start taking responsibility for your own damn community instead of expecting those nasty fishy “cis” women to do it for you all the time.

  11. kesher Says:

    I hope that deluded F2T who was here the other day gets a gander at this. But M2Ts are harmless, perfect angels, right, “Sam”?

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      @kesher Sure they are non-violent. After all….the police reports are all part of a right wing conspiracy. Of course, that is bullshit….there are way more who are crooks, than anyone wants to admit.

      Which brings up something that is a tangent to this: while my cat and I have been looking for places to stay following a fire that ruined the building we were in, we were given a list of ‘inclussive’ shelters etc in the PDX area (my status is mtf, but like hell do I use that as an opening line/salvo). After having looked at who some of these agencies/shelters help…there is the temptation to tell these folks to go to hell. WHY???? If only due to the fact that the criminal class in the community (or those who have ‘railroad tracks’ on the arms) have more sway or are higher on the triage list.

      Hence….in addition to maintaining a certain amount of distance, if this means freezing for a while to not deal with these thugs, it is worth the cold. As far as criminals like Warfield/Rivers…this…along with other criminal actvity needs to be exposed in full. To hell with the PC bullshit.

      • GallusMag Says:

        @Rhea- Sorry to hear about the fire. Do take care. I hope you find a new place soon.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @GallusMag OT here, but we did get a place after all. This was and is thanks to some folks who….(at a legit NGO, sans a shitty agenda) gave a damn and looked beyond status to see my cat and I needed a home, not a shelter. We appreciate the kind words.

        What still gets to me, as well as others familiar with how the system has become so twisted, is that again….we could have been more acceptable into the system, if I was a crook. Felon, thug, etc. Scary social comment and sn even scarier reality.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I’m so glad! I was wondering, but when you started commenting again I assumed things had been sorted. 🙂

  12. I don’t know the true motives, but it’s no secret that many transwomen have an intense dislike of lesbians that is terrifying, Any woman who doesn’t fall in line, especially lesbians are “TERFs”. These deeply disturbing death threats have been going on for years.

    Additional hate crime charges should be seriously considered. Hate crimes legislation in California includes sexual orientation. If someone brutally murdered two transwomen, trans organizations would be all over it, screaming “hate crime”, “hate crime”. If brutally wiping out a lesbian family, and killing their son isn’t a hate crime, I don’t know what is. If we exclude race, the only time murdering a woman is considered a hate crime is if the “woman” has a penis, or was born with a penis. This is not acceptable. If transwomen are “women”, and trans organizations tell us everyone has a “gender identity”, then murdering any woman should be a hate crime. If we consider the fact that many transwomen think most lesbians are TERFs (*see Terf is a slur link), additional hate crime charges should be considered.

    The mainstream articles fall all over themselves to make sure they refer to this man as “she” or “her”. Stop insulting the female sex by referring to them as “she”. If convicted, keep him out of women’s prisons, and don’t force taxpayers to pay for his hormones. I’m so sick of this that I could scream, and it’s going to get crazier.

    Currently as of November 16, 2016 , there are two males who are charged, or on trial for triple murder, and both of these males are transgender. Out of the six victims of Douglas Perry and David Warfield, five are female, and one is the son of one of the murdered women.Let me repeat this so it sinks in. There are two males on trial for triple murder, and both of these males identify as transgender. Think about this carefully, and drop the political correct madness. Do women do this, and by women I mean female. This is male pattern violence, and people are being forced to play along with this ghastly and macabre social experiment. To hell with it because people aren’t buying it. Douglas, “Donna”, Perry is on trial in Washington State for first degree murder of three women, and David Warfield is charged with murdering two women and the son of one of the women. Sociopath dainty “Donna” Perry also served time on federal weapons charges because he was possession of 49 firearms and 20,000 rounds of ammunition. For some reason, they do love their weapons. David Warfield likes metal knuckles, and was charged with possession of metal knuckles along with the triple murder charges and arson. In the Affidavit submitted by detectives in the Perry triple murder case, a cell mate of Perry who was interviewed told a detective that the reason Douglas murdered these women was because they could breed and he couldn’t, and they were wasting it being ‘pond scum’. It’s in the Affidavit. If people take the time to research it, these males who identify as “women” often have a deep seated hatred of women. These are hate crimes against the female sex, and to add insult to injury, the media is terrified of “mis-gendering” (using the wrong pronouns) in addressing these killers. It make me sick to my stomach. The Affidavit in the triple murder trial of Douglas Perry is here:

    If David Warfield is found guilty of this brutal triple murder, people should raise holy hell if they try sending him to a women’s prison. Dumping these dangerous males in women’s prisons is not acceptable.

    There is also the issue of crime statistics. Will all these crimes committed by males who identify as “women” be classified as crimes committed by females? This is really going to skew crime statistics.

    “He was arraigned without bail on charges of triple homicide, arson of an inhabited dwelling, and possession of metal knuckles. He faces life without possibility of parole, and potential death sentence.”

    Are they housing this *(&^%*** monster in the women’s section of the jail?

  13. rheapdx1 Says:

    And this POS was considered a role model? Lauded snd praised for being such a ‘good person”?

    Does not surprise none of the in the tank media types will not report this. After all…it goes against the mantra of ‘thos does not happen’. Fake suicides due to the election…..yes. Crimes committed by these nut jobs….no. Goddamnit.

  14. tnt666 Says:

    We need a real time counter, you know, like the real time world population counters, but instead it would read:
    – number of females killed by males (given male pop %)
    – number of females killed by trans (given trans pop %)
    – number of females killed by females (given female pop %)
    The trans result would be such a higher percentage… this insanity is driving me nuts.

  15. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Having been in the Oakland area for 30 years, till 2013, this hits wayyyyy too close to home. I don’t recognize the Lesbian couple but it is very possible we were all at Lesbian events held in Oakland.

    This is very very frightening and I hope this dude ends up in Prison for life!!! And in a MEN’S Prison.

  16. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on Ban Rapists & Violent Predators from Changing Legal Gender & Name and commented:
    Jesus fucking chirst, and this asshole is being reported in the press as being a “woman.” NO, not a woman this is a sick and violent man

    • juno Says:

      There’s a current article on a case of MMJ vs feds which speaks of a ‘John Doe’, who needed MMJ after giving birth and muscles through ‘he’ and ‘his’ in relation to childbirth for a good paragraph or so.


  17. hearthrising Says:

    Maybe they’re not reporting on it now, but you can bet if this “role model” gets a death sentence or assigned to a men’s prison or put in solitary the LGBT media will be all over it.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      No death penalty in CA. But yes, they will say something if he is housed with men, as he should be, or put into a seg unit. And yes, they will turn him into a role model. L Cox will be all over it, and he will high pressure the Silvia Rivera Law Project to do the same, most likely.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “The charges call for life in prison without the possibility of parole and make her eligible for the death penalty if the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office decides to pursue capital punishment.”

        “Because she is accused of the special circumstance of committing multiple killings, she faces up to life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted — or the death penalty if prosecutors decide to seek the punishment.”

      • michelle Says:

        As GM duly notes, not only does Cali HAVE the penalty on the books, but the recent elections included a referendum measure that was approved to SPEED UP the pace of executions.

        So, one can only hope that the Alameda County DA has the cajones to seek the death penalty…I do not believe a rational jury would have a problem voting to impose it in this case. This is a case that merits the death penalty on so many different levels…murder of multiple persons, murder in the commission of another felony, sheer brutality.

        In an ideal world, they will leave him something in the cell to hang himself with. Even with 15-minute checks, that is MORE than enough time for him to save taxpayers the cost of the trial and chemicals afterwards.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        Yes, perhaps they can speed up the death penalty in CA, since NO ONE HAS ACTUALLY BEEN EXECUTED IN CA SINCE 2006!

        The last person executed in CA was Clarence Ray Allen on Jan 17, 2006. Since 1978, only 13 people have actually been executed in CA. They are:

        Robert Alton Harris
        David Edwin Mason
        William George Bonin
        Keith Daniel Williams
        Thomas M. Thompson
        Jaturun Siripongs
        Manuel Babbitt
        Darrell Keith Rich
        Robert Lee Massie
        Stephen Wayne Anderson
        Donald Beardslee
        Stanley Williams
        Clarence Ray Allen

        A moratorium on the death penalty in CA took place in 2006 and not one person has actually been executed since then. So, CA may have the death penalty, but they aren’t using it. If they aren’t using it, they effectively don’t have it, even if it is on the books.

        Several people are posting here implying that the CA death penalty is viable and active. I will believe it when I see it. If anyone can dispute that a single person has been executed since Clarence Ray Allen on Jan 17, 2006, I would love to hear it. Until then, it is what it is. I was just on the CA Dept of Corrections and Rehabilitation website and they don’t report a single execution since 2006. Anyone know any different?

      • There is no death penalty for murder, but because there are multiple victims this is “special circumstances” murder which does have the death penalty.

        This video explains.

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        No one has actually been put to death in CA since 2006— special circumstances or no. The law may be technically on the books, but if it isn’t used, then it isn’t used. Only 13 people have been put to death since 1978 despite hundreds being sentenced to “death row.” Most die of natural causes in prison. That is the reality. Not saying I agree with it, just saying what the truth is.

      • michelle Says:


        The election sends the message to prosecutors that Californians still WANT the death penalty and they want the process to speed up.

        As such, this is why I and others don’t put much stock in the claims of ‘well, nobody has been executed in a decade.’ Further, even if David Warfield rots in a single-cell environment on death row and is never actually walked into the execution chamber, it ensures that he won’t be in the general population with actual females…

        Further, even if not executed and only rots on death row, it leaves a Male-to-Trans as a shining example of why women want to exclude them from female safe-space. Ditto the other piece of shit up in Washington (Doug/Donna Perry)…who by the way is STILL awaiting trial ( )

      • lovetruthcourage Says:

        It isn’t a “claim” but a fact. The last I heard, David was indeed being housed with female inmates.

  18. Thanks you so much for picking up on this

  19. donesoverydone Says:

    Dana Rivers was a member of Camp Trans and was involved in protesting Michigan Women’s Music Festival for wanting a female only private gathering.

    “More than 60 gender activists from
    these groups [Camp Trans Planning
    Committee, Boston and Chicago chap
    ters of Lesbian Avengers] plus members
    of Transsexual Menace, supportive
    attendees and renowned activist Dana
    Rivers gathered across the road from
    the Festival this year to do outreach and
    education on what they viewed as a
    discriminatory policy being unfair”

    • Slade L. Says:

      I cant help but feel, if this was over property he killed the lesbian couple and son, he had a lot of rage about being ‘excluded’ (from Michfest ad the lesbian’s property) that enraged him to the point of murdering them b/c they were lesbians. Maybe they went to MF even? Lets wait for more details, but the ‘property’ as a possible trigger is very very telling.

    • Nina Says:

      This doesn’t surprise me at all. There were people in that camp who were coming into michfest to threaten women and infringe on women’s sexual boundaries (ejaculating on threatening notes, stalking, flashing the penis, making homemade spears to lurk outside with) and the fest skewed lesbian. So not a big leap from sex crimes and threat of physical harm towards lesbians to actually murdering lesbians. The hate towards “terfs” has been coming to a boil for awhile now, and places like tumblr are really helping to fuel trans radicalism. This is not going to be the last time we see MTF murdering lesbians, I’m afraid. Someone else mentioned that Dana lived quite a ways from the victims, so I bet Slade is on the money with the “exclusion” aspect. Women / lesbians demanding safe or private space and it being denied through mass murder is now “a property dispute”, smh. And raping a prostitute is petty theft, right?

  20. charlottemoon Says:

    This is so devastating and frightening. I live right in the Oakland area. SHAME on other websites and media for refusing to cover this story. Are they that afraid of these men? Are they afraid of their “transwomen are women too” narrative falling apart? Because “transwomen” are men who hate rejection/noncompliance from lesbians; who hate lesbians and women, period.

  21. Artemis Jade Says:

    Autostraddle finally posted a write-up. How pathetic is it that they put ‘former’ LGBT activist in the headline? It’s like, they’d love to be able to say this MTT is ‘not true trans’ but they can’t so they distance themselves by saying he’s a ‘former’ activist.

  22. CKDexterHaven Says:

    Will all the people who tripped over themselves to give this man media interviews and awards for being ‘so brave’ be reporting on this? Will they hell! The first we’ll see of this is when the crime is attributed to persecution and transphobia, probably with some thinly-veiled bigot slurs thrown at the victims, and then there’s a social media campaign to get him locked up with women.

    We’re told this never happens, but isn’t that because nobody is keeping official records about trans-perpetrated crime? Surely when someone commits a crime they are charged and convicted as either a man or a woman? This is why people get away with saying ‘No transwoman has ever been convicted of sexually assaulting a woman in a public bathroom.’ Records and statistics are obfuscating the truth.

  23. NYCAlison Says:

    The AGP trans have a large stable of predators and criminals in their group, some of whom are “activists” — and they need to own it. No matter how much they threaten women, threaten girls, or threaten suicide, the vast majority of Americans are not buying their gambit, and I suspect deep down, that’s a lot of what spurs the narcissistic rage. They can force people to go along with their “preferred pronouns” in public and semi-public spaces if they’re successful in tying this to undesirable consequences, they can beat the press over the head to acquiesce to the dishonest tactics they prefer when discussing sexed crime rates, but they will never, ever get into the human mind and force people to see them as women.

    They also have themselves to thank for Trump. The American media is wallowing in the largest, most denial-ridden pity party I’ve seen in decades. They can call Trump voters racist all they like — anyone notice it’s largely FEMALE voters getting slapped with the “r” word? — but the fact is, enough voters got tired of AGPs and their handmaidens to register a protest vote against the SJW agenda associated with Clinton and preached from the rafters by her supporters at every major-city daily news affiliate in the United States.

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      Polite trans posters are treated much more civilly on gender-critical blogs than gender-critical posters are on Autostraddle. The level of vitriol towards anyone pointing out the simple fact that Rivers was male (and heterosexual) is astonishing.

      I don’t want to descend to their level, but maybe the site should change its name to Autogynephilestraddle.

    • silverside Says:

      And it looks like Autostraddle has deleted every other comment. So much for a free expression of opinion.

  24. charlston Says:

    Does anyone else notice how these special crimes are becoming more prevalent? Is it the meds or something else?

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      What do you mean by “special crimes?” Men have always been violent and transwomen are men, full stop. In my city, the murder rate is half of what it was 20 yrs ago. Of course, we still have more murders than NYC and LA put together, but that is another topic.

      • charlston Says:

        Hello lovetruthcourage 🙂 Agreed. I was referring to pro trans media who treat trans as special, as opposed to other people who don’t get a pass. Sorry for not being more specific.

        Quote – What do you mean by “special crimes?

    • DuchessofNYC Says:

      I think there needs to be studies. Taking hormones can make you crazy. The health and psychological effects of these drugs have yet to be really studied.

  25. Zosha B Says:

    My heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of the victims.

  26. Margie Says:

    Horrifying. And also horrifying that not a single “LGBT” website bothered to cover this. An entire lesbian family is slaughtered and there isn’t one post about it (other than here) because that might get LGBs to start wondering about who these “T”s really are. For myself, I wonder how this psychopath managed to worm his way into the lives of these women. For our own safety, lesbians should have nothing to do with trans activists, whether MTT or FTT. Not socially. Not professionally, if possible. Not on any level.

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      I’m going to bring this up the next time a lesbian friend or acquaintance starts wringing her hands about whether or not she’s being “bigoted” because something about an MTT sets off her alarm bells.

    • kesher Says:

      Some of the reporting mentioned that Reed and Rivers were in a motorcycle club together. It makes me wonder if the club was otherwise women or lesbian only, and this family would still be alive if it weren’t for M2Ts forcing their way into women’s groups.

  27. Hedda Gabler Says:

    Cases like that make it exceedingly clear that there is a significant demographic of M2T who consciously or unconsciously chose the path to Transition (and often to Trans activism) in order to assert the kind of control over women they seem to desire above all and that they feel somehow unrightfully had eluded them while they were living as a man.

    People who, like in this case, often really lived what society would call a “man’s life”. Navy, guns, failed marriages, motorcycles and all. While obviously not all these people end up murdering women, they are undoubtedly a real risk to women.

    Unfortunately I feel that cases like this will continue to happen as long as trans activists and their allies conspire – deliberately or out of ignorance – to make transitioning accessible and attractive for this kind of person.

    • FeistyAmazon Says:

      Autogynophiles….the nightmare of the Lesbian communities, and beforehand, their wives and girlfriends. Not women AT ALL!!

      Most WERE those CEOS, Navy Seals, Football players, boxing promoters, high powered executives, men in positions of power that come into the fetish of being turned on by dressing, acting, trying to pass(which most dont) as a woman. Autogynophiles ARE dangerous to Lesbians because they want to PROVE their woMANhood on us!!!And we REFUSE to be fooled!!Whether they got a penis or not!!!

      For that, they HATE us!!!

    • hearthrising Says:

      Hedda Gabler, I like the way this is worded: “there is a significant demographic of M2T who consciously or unconsciously chose the path to Transition (and often to Trans activism) in order to assert the kind of control over women they seem to desire above all and that they feel somehow unrightfully had eluded them while they were living as a man.” An idea many have tried to express, summed up very clearly and pointedly.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:


    • Prozac Says:

      Uhhh… Holy shit is right. Did you read any of the free samples on those? Totally disgusting pedo/daddy/little girl (technically legal age but behaves like a two year old) in wet diaper fetish. Fucking gross. I hope to god this sicko never had been in a childcare situation or diapered any babies. It’s pretty clear every aspect of that is a massive fetish for him. He was a teacher who was apparently dismissed for discussing his transition with students. I wonder how explicit he was. And at the end of the day, they had to pay HIM, for discriminating against his penis and forced feminisation fetish that he just couldn’t keep to himself. Sick sick sick!

      • kesher Says:

        To be fair, firing a unionized teacher in California for almost any reason will earn the teacher a settlement. Even the teacher who was fired for feeding his students his own semen got $40k.

        And Rivers allegedly told his students about the anal rape he suffered as a child, claimed that made him a “woman”, and described SRS in graphic detail. But of course the male supremacists in the trans movement think he was entitled to keep his job.

  28. FeistyAmazon Says:

    Gotta keep exposing just how violent these males are and they have NO BUSINESS in Female spaces…

  29. CKDexterHaven Says:

    The media are reporting that the male victim was shot, whereas the female victims were shot and stabbed. This is typical of crimes where the perpetrator hates women and takes pleasure in murdering them; the male victim is killed in a quick, perfunctory manner, designed to get them out of the way, whereas the female victim is killed in a more torturous, personal manner.

  30. Mark F. Says:

    No be-u-te-ful laydee would ever do this! Transphobia!

    • Nina Says:

      ‘When Lehmann got to the office, she tried to close the door, “in the hopes that Kensie would calm down, but Kensie slammed into the door, shoved me and continued to be belligerent,” Lehmann wrote in the report. Lehman handcuffed and arrested the student, as Evans “continued to physically fight and curse loudly,” with the help of other school officials, including the assistant director, the report said… Evans said he is non-confrontational and said if he thought he couldn’t use the male student bathroom, he wouldn’t have.’

      I s2g, the best tool there is for bringing people to peak trans is just to show them the words and actions of the trans community. This reads like something out of the Onion, but it is so typical of their go-to strategy. Abuse women, then claim that it was the women victimizing them, and of course you must believe them because they are so “non-confrontational”. Newsflash, non-confrontational people don’t start physical fights with their high school administrations and get booked for assault and threatening a police officer.

      I used to think we should self-separate in some spaces based purely on physical sex, but I’m starting to think that the excess T warps the brains of FTMs. The same longitudinal study that showed MTFs retain the same levels of violence as non-trans males also shows that FTM rates of violent crime spike up to near male levels. A lot of FTMs and detransitioners will also talk about how being on artifical T affected them mentally. Lots of discussion about becoming more aggressive and emotionally deadened, which both sound like very obvious predictors for violent behavior.

      Women lobbied for sex-separated spaces bc we didn’t want to deal with that violence. Instead of “men and non-men”, why can’t it be “women and non-women”? Let the FTMs, MTFs, enbies and otherkin hang out in the male spaces, or let them make their own. It’s not a progressive value to expect women to be the universal mommies of society, even to the detriment of their own safety. If the statistics show that lions cannot become lambs, but lambs can become lions, then isn’t it obvious to put all the born lions and the made lions in one pen and leave the lamb-born-lambs to themselves? I don’t want to share a pool changing room with Dana Rivers, but I don’t want to share one with Kinsey Evans, either.

  31. The autostraddle article was just another poor tranwoman story, and aren’t the TERFs so nasty and mean. They had to pretend that they actually care about two murdered lesbian and their adopted son. It’s all strange to me because no one gave a rat’s patootie about lesbians before this brutal murder. Nothing that transgender activists have done in the last decade makes me believe that they care about women or lesbians. As these cases pile up, they continue to live in denial. They continue to live in denial at the expense of the female sex. This is part of a paragraph in the article that talks about Dana Rivers (David Warfield).

    “She (David Warfield) was in the Navy, was married three times….. Rivers, a beloved educator who’d won a teaching award from the school in 1993, resigned after the school board voted in favor of asking her to leave. She later accepted a $150,000 settlement from the district and, according to a 2004 profile, also a $10,000 grant from the Colin Higgins Foundation for “courage in the face of discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation.” Interviews describe her as unsure as to whether she was a lesbian or bisexual. She appeared on 20/20 and on NBC Learn and is widely cited in histories of the transgender movement for the spotlight thrust upon her case and the change it enabled.

    So, David who was married three time was a transgender activists, and isn’t sure if he is a lesbian or bisexual. David, male lesbian, was paid a $150,000 settlement from a school district, and received $10,000 grant from the Colin Higgins Foundation for “courage in the face of discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation.

    Despite what autostraddle says, lesbians don’t have a penis, or were born with a penis. Lesbians who have the audacity to rebel against this utterly lesbian phobic “lesbians have a penis”, colonizing horse sh** mind fuckery have been systematically silenced, bullied, and some have received death threats. It has been going on for years. David Warfield is a heterosexual biological male who is charged with murdering two lesbians and their adopted son. I don’t care if he calls himself transgender, but he is not a woman, and he is not a lesbian. I don’t care what he wears, but he is not a woman. Get than autostraddle, not a woman!

    In the title of the article, he is called a “LGBT Activist”. I don’t believe for a moment that LGBT organizations actually care about lesbians. They tolerate lesbians at best, and will ostracize, threaten, and intimidate any lesbian, or any woman they can’t control. According to the “Cotton Ceiling” theory proposed by a trans porn star, lesbians are bigots if they refuse to have sex with transwomen even if he still has his penis. Every useless trans run LGBT organization went out of its way to destroy Michigan Women’s Music Festival. Women having one week a year on their own private property to do as they please is something they can’t tolerate. They have colonized everything they come in contact with, and are trying to redefine homosexuality itself. Homosexuality is based on same sex sexual attraction not gender identity.

    At the bottom of this article, autostraddle makes it clear that they will use the tried and true thought police silencing tactics against women that trans organizations and their brainwashed handmaidens have been using for years. No dissent will be tolerated. Read the numerous graphic and disturbing TERF death threats here, “Terf is a Slur”

    Then, read what autostraddle says,

    “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists and other anti-trans activists have seized this opportunity to shout loudly at news outlets and on social media that Dana was “really a man” and should be labeled as such. Although there’s nothing but rage in our hearts towards Dana Rivers, it would be unfortunate if this case was used to marginalize and stigmatize other trans women (*poor male lesbians are victimized by mean TERFs), especially if said stigmatization comes from other LGBTQ women …(*all women must fall in line)

    If you honestly think that the best way to honor and respect the victims is to pour 100% of your energy into yelling about how the killer was “really a man,” then please take that energy to another website. “ (*the issue is male violence, and males who identify as transgender offend at the same rate as other males)

    In case people aren’t sure what “TERFs” are, this term is used as a weapon by transgender activists and their allies against any woman who refuses to be bullied into submission. A woman doesn’t have to identify as a radical feminists, or a feminist to be branded with this misogynistic term. It’s kind of like a politically correct modern day witch hunt mixed in with McCarthy type tactics. Read “How TERF Works” here,

    At autostraddle, no nasty mean TERF” comments are allowed. Using the misogynistic term TERF to silence women is acceptable, even encouraged. Several comments use the term “TERF”.

    Judging by some of the comments, transgender people and their allies are already pushing for special treatment if Rivers is convicted. One of the comments states,

    “This is an awful tragedy all around. My only hope is, if Rivers goes to prison, I hope they send her to a woman’s facility and not a men’s one(or the lgbtq one, where again it’s mostly cis gay men).”

    Another comment states,

    “I agree. It’s cruel and inhumane when trans prisoners are housed and treated improperly. As someone who has taken care of people in the hospital I recognize how important it is. Even if they’re convicted felons currently serving time, even if they’re a rapist or a murderer, they deserve to be housed properly and afforded appropriate medical care.”

    Hell no, people who commented on autostraddle. If convicted, send him to a men’s prison. These violent males don’t belong in women’s prisons, and he doesn’t deserve taxpayer funded female hormones, hair removal, cosmetics, pretty lace underwear, or any other special treatment. Didn’t another transwoman convicted killer, Robert, “Michelle”, Kosilek, get taxpayer funded hair removal to make him feel more “womanly”? He murdered his wife by nearly decapitating her with a piano wire and rope. The State of California sent Richard, “Sherri”, Masbruch to a women’s prison. He still had his penis when he sadistically tortured women with electrical wires before raping them, but he is a “woman” now. Where the hell does this insanity stop, and how violent do these males have to be before people say enough is enough. How many women do they have to kill before people say enough is enough? It’s a violation of the human rights of female prisoners to house these violent males with female inmates. People should raise hell if they send him to a women’s prison.

    Males who murder or rape women don’t deserve the honor of being called women. It’s an insult to the female sex to call these violent males “women”. They don’t deserve special treatment while in prison.

    As to the comments, several comments were censored, and the comments were eventually closed. At least one person was able to get his or her comment in without being silenced. This about sums it all up in one clear, concise sentence.

    “Moderators, please censor all free speech and critical thoughts with which we might disagree or misunderstand.”

    Gallus, I know that these videos that are based on court records and convictions have been posted before, but people need to know that Rivers is not an isolated incident.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      “..isn’t sure if he is a lesbian or bisexual…”

      This uncertainty might reflect how some autogynephiles like women, but also have sex with men because that makes them feel like a woman.

      • kesher Says:

        Recent research also shows many are attracted to other M2Ts, which would also explain why so many younger transitioners get perved on by pigs in wigs. I think it makes sense. If these men are attracted to themselves as “women”, why wouldn’t they be attracted to other men who don “women’s” clothes?

      • Margie Says:

        Kesher – If it isn’t too much trouble, could you give a link or point me in the direction of that research? That is really interesting and I don’t think I have ever heard that before. I would have guessed that an autogynephile would be turned off at the sight of other cross-dressing autogynephiles. Cross-dressing males do not look like woman and are often disturbing in their appearance, so if an autogynephile were to see another one like himself, it would remind him of how far short he falls from his fantasy goal of appearing as a woman. So I would have guessed that MTTs would be turned off by other MTTs, but if the research says otherwise, I would of course go with the research.

      • Hedda Gabler Says:

        @Margie: Your idea that other M2T may be put off by each other makes sense under the assumption of both self awareness and an inherent insecurity of how “womanly” one is that may be triggered by seeing an unsatisfactory mirror image of oneself in others.

        In practice though it turns out that in many cases there is a mutual feeding of fantasies going on, where people basically constantly re-assure each other how feminine they are and therefore end up amplifying each others ideas of themselves as women. As such the company of other M2T (intimate or not) seems desirable to many M2T.

        Both online and to a degree in the real world many M2T seem to form what I would call “networks of mutual validation” with each other. Which is obviously counterproductive, at least as long as you assume that these people really want to blend in with women.

        When some years ago I dared to carefully point this out to some of them, it didn’t go down to well.

      • Nina Says:

        Kesher, that does make a lot of sense from what I’ve seen on (ugh) Tumblr. Very fetishized views about what a woman/lesbian is, and sidelining of butch/GNC lesbians in their “lesbian positivity”. E.g., “lesbians are all so cute and pretty and smell good and flower crowns uwu” — in other words, they’re interested in femininity, not women. This is often from trans people in their 20s and up, not just kids/teens.

        I think this might be a weird outgrowth from female beauty culture in general. If you think about het culture, an “attractive” man is one with a good personality and a healthy body, whereas an “attractive” woman is a very narrow (usually surgically-induced) hyperreal version of the feminine figure, on top of which is a bunch of makeup and hair products and plucking and waxing and Botox and lingerie and Spanx etc etc etc. I suspect that a lot of men actually have “fetishes” which are not culturally recognized as such. Fetishes for unnaturally-hairless women, breast implants, smokey eyes, long fingernails, whatever. They have essentially ceased to find the female sex arousing, instead they find the artificial construct of femininity arousing. From a rational perspective, finding fishnet stockings arousing is just as bizarre as finding the tailpipe of a car arousing. The only difference is that the fishnet fetishes are socially-accepted and even socially-driven.

        Het men are trying to drag these mainstreamed het fetishes into lesbian circles and then getting angry when it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because most lesbians don’t have this warped fetishized sexuality that most straight men have. Lesbians aren’t attracted to femininity; they’re attracted to *women*, the female sex. For some reason they’ve decided that not having a femininity fetish constitutes a form of discrimination. They are truly off in their own little world, here.

      • Margie Says:

        Kesher – So sorry for the delay in thanking you for posting that link. That’s a really interesting read. Lots of information there to chew on. The tumblr itself is really interesting, and I had never heard of it before. Thank you so much for sharing.

        Hedda Gabler – You make some very good, insightful points which I had not considered. Maybe it is the case that two MTTs in a “relationship” could serve to bolster their fantasies rather than undermine them. Maybe it is easier to live in a dream world when you have someone else there telling you that the dream is reality. Anyway, thank you for sharing your insights.

        Happy holidays to the both of you and, of course, to you Gallus!

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      As with reporting in the Brock Turner case, Rivers is portrayed in the Autostraddle article as if his worthwhile life tripped over the less valuable existence of the victims and was tragically ruined.

      Perhaps the trans community will be more willing to report on this once they figure out a way to make it somehow the fault of the women who were murdered.

    • FeistyAmazon Says:

      thank you for your post Skylark Philips and for the two videos. this is just the evidence I.need to show that mtfs arent safe to be around in womens most vulnerable spaces. Your words are powerful. so are the two videos, but could not watch them.all…too nightmarish.

  32. nuclearnight Says:

    I’m devastated that this lesbian family was killed by a cold blooded male. There is no justice for this, there is nothing that will ever make this okay. This is a loss that will always remain painful to bear. Can we do anything to support their friends and relatives in this time?

    • GallusMag Says:

      We can support this deranged psycho being brought to justice. Beyond that I’m not sure.
      😦 Awful.

    • fmnst Says:

      There has been a media blackout of the case, ever since the first week or so. I urge womyn here to contact Bay Area and national news outlets and demand that they keep covering the case, and let them know you won’t stand for this man being portrayed as a woman. And that they need to cover the fact that there has been a media blackout about a white male transgender murdering an interracial lesbian family, and just why has that been the case?

      I hope local feminists will start showing up at his court dates, perhaps with purple berets on, sitting on the DA’s side of the court room. Any word on the last one, please?

      • michelle Says:

        No sure I would call it a media blackout as much as I would standard practice with MANY cases, even when the original incident had a profile component to it. I see this on a regular basis in my area, even in cases where a deputy was killed while pumping gas. The story fades while other atrocities take its place in the daily reporting cycles…

        The next setting, according to the jail website, shows to be for a plea hearing on January 20th. My guess is that this will be the first of many pre-trial settings. And, while not familiar with California jurisprudence, it would not surprise me to see this set as a Comp/San eval with at least a temporary placement in a mental health facility…I know if this was a case of that nature in the jurisdiction where I office (within Texas), it would almost be grounds for appeal on the basis of ineffective assistance of counsel NOT to seek a Comp/San eval. This is NOT to say I believe he is incompetent or was insane at the time of the offense. Rather, it is something the law provides for and courts often like to ensure that all of the nuances are covered because NO judge likes cases coming back on appeal.

        (Comp/San= competency/sanity).

  33. theres a tumblr post going around with a lot of additional information about Rivers.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:


      This misogynistic, lesbophobic murderer is currently being housed as a woman in Santa Rita Jail, where he constitutes a clear and present danger to all of the women he is housed with.”

      This is criminal. I hope those women sue. Their rights and safety are clearly in danger.

  34. Margie Says:

    Another day, another trans crime. This one is a rape of a 15 year old girl.

    • Nina Says:

      I like how the police are leaving it open as to the motive. He raped a 15-year-old in the morning, got attacked by the same 15-year-old in the afternoon, but it’s unsure if the rape was a factor or not. Like, they know it’s not a random crime so I’d love to hear their interpretation of how this crime could have gone down if Ralayzia Taylor didn’t choose to organize his life around gaining sexual access to minors. I’m sure they would have mentioned it if Taylor was like, the 15-year-old’s teacher or scout troop leader or something, so I can only assume they had “overlapping social circles”, aka this guy spends his free time actively trying to get close to kids.

      Even if Taylor was the 15-year-old’s drug dealer… as a former teen troublemaker, I know from experience that adults who deal to teens usually do it because they’re predators. As an adult, I now see why. For an actual money-making venture, dealing to kids is no good. They don’t have much disposable income and they can bring too much trouble to your doorstep in the form of parents/teachers (and therefore cops). But if your motivation is to get social status with teenagers and have access to them in a compromised state, booting and dealing drugs is pretty unbeatable.

      Two of my high school friends were raped by these kinds of dealers, and it’s a pretty fucked-up situation to “lose your virginity” to rape at 14, then be too scared to get an STD test or a pregnancy test because it’ll make you “look like a slut”. I’m not surprised the victim and his friends went after him with a hatchet. If we’d known where those assholes lived, we’d have been tempted to do it too; even at 14, you know there’s no legal justice for rapists in this world. I’ll start feeling bad about rape revenge crimes when the rest of the world starts feeling bad about rape kit backlogs, retraumatization of rape victims, a 6% conviction rate, and slap-on-the-wrist sentencing.

  35. CKDexterHaven Says:

    That link about the Montana rape case puts me in mind of child rapist Kristen Lukess, aka Mark Turton, who, a judge suggested, transitioned precisely so it would be easier to target single mothers with children. Fortunately he’s in a men’s prison.

    • Hedda Gabler Says:

      Further down in the post:

      “Now Dana Rivers (a/k/a David Warfield) is back in the news again this time for killing three people and the media is still twisting facts not realizing this is new day in American, along with new President.

      Many good people who don’t support gay-choice lifestyles are out of the closet at the voting booths and not supporting gay bias liberal media that has one-way view of the America it depends on in support of ad revenues and customer support.”

      The suspension may well have been for legit reasons, but Mr Hodges certainly is no friend of the Lesbian and Gay communities either.

  36. kimberlycrail Says:

    Statistically speaking, those people with XY chromosomes, formerly known as male, commit the vast majority of violent crime in the US, perhaps in the world. So, the XX chromosome people, formerly known as female, suffer.

    Whether the XY calls themselves a Him or a Her, the XY’s are a danger to XX people and other XY’s.

  37. […] Breaking News from GenderTrender […]

  38. Carrie-Anne Says:

    This is such a horrific, tragic story, and yet another example of male violence. I actually know some libfem handmaidens who shared this story, making sure to add text like “Trigger warning: Transphobia against people who aren’t the murderer.” I’m also disgusted at how some people have presented this murderer like a heroic martyr and brave hero, just because he’s MTT. These people put ideology over decency, women’s rights, and common sense.

  39. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you so much for continuing to be the champion of all girls and women and any other victims of these most dangerous of men.

    As het men, they have a high rate of violence, but as narcissistic sociopaths (who else has no remorse about appropriating the identity of an oppressed group and then demanding sexual access to them?) trannies will have an even higher rate of violence.

    But how clever that each rape and murder will now be documented as being committed by women.

    How can this mindfuck be dismantled while so many women prioritize these men?

    • Branjor Says:

      How can this mindfuck be dismantled while so many women prioritize these men?

      That is the question. But even worse, it has lately occurred to me: How can this mindfuck be dismantled while so many women prioritize ANY men?

  40. Betty Taylor Says:

    Hey, people of both genders kill…in my town a woman cut the fetus out of a pregnant woman. just shut up about painting transgenderism as nothing but violent f-ed people, you jack-assey bigot. It wasn’t to long ago that society was painting homosexual in this way as well…I don’t even know why we even have to be associated with LBGs…they don’t even like us. Our struggles are with gender constructs, not what gender we bump uglies with…and those who paint us as pedos, well, the hell with you too. Id KILL pedophiles. Oh…and this person who massacred this family should be EXECUTED…there..done with my rant. Now to eat some turkey…

    • Fuck off, you tiresome, bloviating male windbag.

    • Leo Says:

      ‘Trannsgenderism ‘is an odd word choice if you’re a genuine transperson and not just a troll, but that said…

      Go look at the violent crime stats. We’ll wait. Got them? As you can see, yes, women do kill, but it is mostly men, males who do so. ‘Transwomen’ commit crimes (meaning in general, not only violent crime) at the same rates as other males.

      Complaining about LGBs not liking transpeople on an article about a MtT murdering two lesbians and their son is pretty lacking in self awareness and sensitivity. Although I think the women here will agree they don’t want the ‘T’ included either.

      As for struggles with gender constructs, if you think it’s a construct, then you’re in agreement with radical feminists there. Our objection is to men acting as though conforming to the social construct of femininity makes them a woman, and who seem to think that it’s fine for actual females to be socialised into it. If you want to adopt some aspects of femininity while still identifying as a man, that’s Ok.

      RIP to this couple and their son, such a tragic case.

  41. * I went to the National Center for Lesbian Rights (*hint, it’s really a transgender group now). At any rate, I thought that the slaughter of a lesbian family might be worthy of their attention. No, nothing that I glanced through mentioned the brutal murder of a lesbian couple and their adopted son. There were, however, several articles about transgender rights.The NCLR will do nothing unless it runs it by transgender activists first. These are the people who control the NCLR.

    Transgender identified males have been threatening lesbians for years. Rivers was one of the trans identified males who protested Michigan Women’s Music Festival. I wonder if he brushed elbows with Aeryn Fulton, or Gamma Seymours.

    Transgender identified males have been threatening lesbians for years. Professor Sheila Jeffreys was pictured on a can of “Rid Fem” – kills Rad fems instantly. Ask Sheila Jeffreys, lesbian feminist attorney Cathy Brennan, former FTM Heath Atom Russell, and Gallus Mag. Cathy Brennan received death threats, and Gallsu Mag has received so many death threats she probably has lost count. Scroll down where it says, “First you thenyour children”. (threats to lesbian feminist Cathy Brennan)

    * I went to the National Women’s Law Center and couldn’t find anything on the murder of Patricia Wright, Charlotte Reed, and their son Toto “Benny” Diambu-Wright.

    * I went to the Human Rights Campaign (the same people who attacked Michigan Women’s Music festival run by a lesbian), and as expected there was nothing about the deaths of Patricia Wright, Charlotte Reed, and their son.

    * I went to GLAAD, and could find nothing on the murders of Patricia Wright, Charlotte Reed, and their son. GLAAD always announces and praises the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Unless it can be tied into transgender some way, the death of any woman means nothing to them.

    * I went to the National LGBTQ Task Force, and there was nothing about the murder of a lesbian couple and their adopted son.

    Why should lesbians and any woman support these organizations? All these organizations have sold out the female sex. They could care less about women.

    No woman has ever murdered a transwoman (biological male), but it’s a fact that transwomen have murdered lots of women.

    • lovetruthcourage Says:

      I won’t be surprised if Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is also silent on these hate-crime murders. They published a bizarre and personal rant against Brennan a year or 2 back, alongside glowing articles about MtT.

  42. I would like to follow up on the creepy “age play” books written by someone named Dana Rivers. Is the Dana Rivers who wrote these “age play” books the same Dana Rivers who is charged with murdering Patricia Wright and Charlotte Reed and their son Toto Diambu-Wright? It sure looks like it.

    Several comments on different blogs talk about his ex-wives and “age play” books.

    “This man married his third wife after meeting her as a student. She was 19, he was 37. He left his first wife with a newborn because he was too jealous of her giving birth. He writes “taboo erotic age play fiction,” aka child sex abuse fantasies. He talked extensively on his website from the early 2000s about how his favorite part of teaching was taking kids on faraway overnight field trips.”

    Just to add some detail to the exact nature of this trans hero.

    Look at the creepy book cover, and read the snippets. The author is Dana Rivers. Is this the Dana Rivers born David Warfield?

    CeCe’s Day at the Office (Taboo Age Play Menage Erotic Romance)

    “CeCe never knew hiring the quiet but gorgeous Jeff would result in her life completely changing. And yet that was exactly what happened. The “special little one” inside of her was pulled out, leaving her panties wet and her breath shattered and her pulse racing. Could she really handle the hard thrusting attentions of such a man?”

    The Professor’s Offer (Taboo Gay Age Play Menage Erotic Romance)

    “Alexis has been an upstanding student all throughout college yet he just can’t for the life of him gain the attentions of the illustrious Professor Hunter. And it is driving him crazy. But soon he is given the golden opportunity to become the Professor’s favorite pet. But can he handle the terms of the offer? Diapers. Spankings. And the firm, demanding hand of the educated and powerful man.
    Look inside to find out!”

    Amazon. com has lots of books on “age play” by Dana Rivers.

    This wretched man who is charged with murdering a lesbian couple and their adopted son used to be a teacher, and he likes to write erotic “age play” books for adult males who have a sexual fetish. I can’t believe that he was a teacher. It’s unbelievable. The more I read about trans activist Dana Rivers, the more I want to throw up.

    What is it with transgender identified males and “age play” (Stefonknee Wolscht) and “transgender diaper enthusiast” (Riley Kilo)?

  43. Bev Jo Says:

    It is so true that there is silence and censorship from “GBT”etc. while there would be a massive response if it had been a Lesbians murdering men who claim to be women.

    I did a share on fb and got a few responses, but have seen nothing on our local large Lesbian email list. Nothing about a memorial. Nothing at all, though this is our community and also where large marches have been organized quickly over other issues.

    I’m to where I even wonder if their friends have been threatened to keep quiet.

  44. WTF Is This Nonsense? Says:

    Found this story but didn’t see any recent articles it was relevant to:

    “A transgender paedophile – who attacked young boys and girls – has been caught trying to get obscene photos of one of her victims ‘blown-up’ bigger after being freed from jail…
    served eight years for a string of sexual offences on children….
    offences took place when she was a man called Ross Florida…

    …In the feature she talks about her journey from man to woman…Somerset Live were unaware of her previous convictions.”

  45. ozarkmtnlake Says:

    And yet another “Female” perverted pedophile.

    Epic shocker: Female pedophile caught
    This female sex predator is confronted by vigilantes for attempting to hookup a 14 year old girl

  46. GallusMag Says:

    “She had joined a women’s biker group in San Jose called the Deviants Motorcycle Club and reportedly told her relative she has found a community among other female riders.”

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      The headline “Three lives lost over property dispute” suggests they accidentally went missing, while we constantly hear that radfems are “literally” killing transwomen merely by misgendering and excluding them.

  47. GallusMag Says:

    Next court appearance Thursday December 8.

  48. fmnst Says:

    ty for reporting this horrific and devastating attack against a lesbian household, gm. here is a fundraiser for W
    rights remainimg son, and info about him. a 4.0 college student.

  49. The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has a hate crimes hotline. Please call it and say that the slaughter of a lesbian family should be investigated as a possible hate crime. This is the phone number (510) 208-4824. I called them and left a message, and I will call them every day until I get some answers. I will call them every day this month, and as long as it takes.

    If wiping out a lesbian family isn’t a hate crime, I don’t know what is. Transwomen are still biological males. and he is heterosexual. A heterosexual male is charged with murdering a lesbian couple and their adopted son, and he is housed in the women’s section of the Santa Rita jail. It’s so Orwellian and sickening that I can’t find the words to describe how it deeply saddens me. I’ve been numb with pain and confusion. We can’t say male violence coupled with a deep seated hatred of lesbians even though deep in our hearts we knew something was going to happen sooner or later. The slaughter of a lesbian family will be buried by every useless trans run LGBT organization. Or, they will use twist and turn this barbaric crime against lesbians as an excuse to bash “TERFs”. We kind of feel sad that he wiped out a lesbian family (trans run LGBT organizations ignored death threats against lesbians for years). All that matters is keeping the “TERFs” quiet. For God sakes, just keep the nasty “TERFs” quiet. Put a muzzle on the “TERFs” and bury the story.

    No trans controlled LGBT organization will touch this because the person charged with the grisly triple homicide of a lesbian couple and their son is a transwoman.

    Women who read this and other blogs know that transgender activists have been making death threats against lesbians for years. Rivers was protesting Michigan Women’s Music Festival, and to this very day just saying MichFest riles transwomen and sends them into a hate fueled tizzy fit. It doesn’t take much to send them into a hate fueled rage. Gallus has received so many death threats that she probably stopped counting a long time ago. I’ve been following this blog for years, and no one has every made death threats against transgender identified people. Ever. Gallus wouldn’t tolerate it.

    Only days after the horrific murder of a lesbian couple and their adopted son, numerous comments on mainstream new sources state that the harassment and threats of violence against lesbians have been going on for years. These comments from the East Bay Times, Sacramento Bee, and Bay Area Reporter point to a hate motivated crime.

    Thistle Petterson, folk singer at Thistle and Thorns

    “He just murdered a lesbian couple and their adopted black son. The media is not calling it a hate crime, though it seems to be because he was a protester of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, a large lesbian event that was recently boycotted by transactivists to the point that it could no longer keep its gates open every August when thousands of women would gather to share music and camping. The last MichFest was in 2015. Dudebro teacher guy was there protesting it in the early 2000’s at the height of this thing called “Camp Trans” which was an activist camp across the street from the festival that sprung up to let the festival know of its presence and displeasure at lesbians gathering together as lesbians.”

    Wendy Lev jaime ray

    “This is how your fellow ‘transwomen’ treat lesbians, this has become structural. Its violence against women and lesbians. ” (graphic embedded by poster)

    Another person commented in the East Bay Times,

    ”dana rivers” is a straight man. he had written on his twitter that he ”realized he was a woman thanks to porn.” so basically he just took a sexual fetish to the extreme. He was also protesting female-only festivals (that a lot of lesbians attend) so it absolutely could be a homophobic hate crime

    Lola M j heez

    This comment is from the Sacramento Bee.

    “Yes, it is relevant. Male-to-female transgender men harbor hatred for women, especially lesbians, and Rivers was involved in anti-lesbian activism. It’s disgusting to report this person as being a real woman, since his hatred and envy of women was probably a motive. Just like the serial killer who killed three women because he was transgender and was jealous of them being real women able to conceive and then blamed the murders on his ”male persona” to try and avoid responsibility. It’s disgusting and some people need to grow a spine and call a spade a spade instead of dancing around the issues.”

    Various feminist blogs and websites say a hate motivated crime.

    “Why isn’t this being reported as a hate crime? This person clearly hated women and specifically, lesbian women. Both female victims were stabbed, which indicates this was an emotional and personal attack.

    This story is incredibly sad. Goes to show that hormones and surgery don’t do much against biology and socialization. “

    Even feminists in Canada seem to know more than the mainstream media.


    “The story of the Trans activist made me so mad. Not just because of the crime (of course), but the fact that almost NO LGBT media (news and such) covered it. It is almost a total blackout. When a scant few did finally cover it ( probably due to Twitter Harassment) they made sure to say “Woman accused in triple homicide”. They only hinted that this person is Trans somewhere at the very end. It’s insulting and misleading. Women can be violent, but it is very very rare. When is the last time we saw a lone 61 year old woman, slaughter an entire family? Shoot them, stab them, and burn their house down? Then it gets covered on Autostraddle, which was once for lesbians and now is everything trans- and they pay far more attention to how the murderer is being treated than really looking at the greater issues. They worry how the killer will be treated in prison. Very little compassion for the victims. They censored something like 55/75 comments and closed the comment section because “Terfs will use this as a chance to make a point!.

    Meanwhile, apparently this is a Trans activist known for being a part of that “Camp Trans”, that set itself up outside of Michfest and instrumental in getting it closed down. If that isn’t someone who resents lesbians, idk what is. But of course, LGBT media won’t go near exploring that. No one will. They ignore what Trans activists are doing to lesbians online, on dating sites. The abuse, the constant harassment. But misgender them? Omfg, a TRUE sin that shall be extensively covered by everyone.”

  50. I’m not buying the it might have been a “property dispute” b.s., and autostraddle can’t see how idiotic it is.

    “It’s unclear what Dana Rivers’ motivation was. (*they admit they don’t know the motive) Michael Campbell, the father of one of Wright’s other sons, Khari, said Rivers was “an acquaintance” of the two women, who he described as “normal moms.” Khari told The East Bay Times, “I knew this woman (Rivers). I don’t know the whole confines of what was going on. I know she (Rivers) was in a motorcycle club. My mom had no part of it. My brother had no part of it. Wrong place, wrong time.”

    It sounds like none of the family really knew Rivers that well, so they didn’t really know what was going on in the mind of Dana Rivers. All three victims were murdered in their home, and it’s just “wrong place, wrong time”. I know Oakland can be a rough place, but I didn’t know that “wrong place, wrong time” included one’s own home. Nothing was stolen.

    Mainstream news sources say a possible “property dispute”, but no one will say what the property dispute involved, and what kind of property is so valuable that it’s worth taking the lives of a lesbian couple and their son. “Property dispute” could be anything. What kind of property are we talking about? No one will say.

    We know that transgender activists have been making death threats against lesbians for years, and these are rather ghastly. Rivers is heterosexual, married three times to women. It’s not uncommon for males to resent lesbians for rejecting them sexually. Make no mistake. Most MTFs aren’t gay. Transwomen (biological males) who are heterosexual have been harassing the hell out of lesbians because they feel sexually rejected. That is what the “Cotton Ceiling” was all about. Isn’t it possible that Rivers took all this built up anger and rage out on a lesbian couple and their adopted son? It makes more sense than a “property dispute”, but no one says what the property dispute involved. No one can give a clear motive. I’m not buying it.

    Dana Rivers was protesting outside of Michigan Women’s Music Festival. Did Rivers rub elbows with Jonathan Fulton? Who did Rivers see at Mich Fest, and what did he do there?

    Jonathan Reid “Aeryn” Fulton (aka Aerynxv aka aeryn rebeka fulton aka aeryn reid aka aeryn rebeka fulton-chesnavich)

    “DIAF. All radical feminists will pay a terrible price. 2013 is going to be apocalyptic. We are so done with words. “Making a list, checking it twice, bringing some comeuppance wont that be nice? Planting radfems deep in the ground”.

    I want you all to realize, I’m; the ultimate Libertarian.If you are cool with me, I’m cool with you. IF NOT, LEAVE ME and MINE alone, or I will harm you. Violence is always an option, and I have studied to dispense violence all my life.

    We trans womyn have to battle for our very right to exist and transition against hordes of Fascist JaniceRaymondiod lesbian bulldyke 2nd wave radfems. We do NOT appreciate self-loathing little boyz taking up for the trans-exterminationist diesel dyke crowd. If you come to terms with taking a man as your ex partner, you too can avoid chasing nasty cis-woman coochie and free yourself from cis-woman mind-fuckkery!

    This year we are taking Michfest down. 2013 is the year of transequality. Suck it, Brennan! See you at the dyke march.”

    Lisa Vogel, the lesbian who organized Michigan Women’s Music Festival was interviewed in this 2014 article from the New Yorker.
    What Is a Woman? The dispute between radical feminism and transgenderism.

    By Michelle Goldberg

    “..A few years ago, though, Vogel says, some protesters committed acts of vandalism—stealing electrical cables, cutting water pipes, keying cars in the parking lot, and spray-painting a six-foot penis, and the words “Real Women Have Dicks,” on the side of the main kitchen tent..”

    This is the “walking stick” Camp Trans organizer Gemma Seymour-Amper carried while lurking around the Michfest (Michigan Women’s Music Festival) perimeter in protest of the private festival’s female-only entrance policy.

    “As a woman who does go to the Michigan festival every year, I must respond that what you have posted about radical feminists “rejoicing” at violence done to trans people is not only lies, but also inciting hate toward women. I have never heard a single Michigan festival participant utter a word of hate against trans individuals. I have heard disgusting woman-hate coming from males who say they are women though. I have personally been on the receiving end of threats of death for attending this festival. Now why would I want terrorists at any festival I would go to?

    If you have disagreement with the festival, disagree. Your violence must end. Only respectful conversation between different points view can make peace. ”

    Lesbians have been receiving death threats for years.

    The face of two lesbians are on this can of “Rid Fem” – kills rad fems instantly. See where it says “Trans Activists”. Sheila Jeffreys can verify this, and she has been harassed for years.

    Transgender activist threated to use a baseball bat to swing a “home run” hit to the head of lesbian feminist Cathy Brennan.

    Rape threats against “fucking transphobic dyke”

    The lesbian feminist writer Julie Bindel had to cancel her speech at a university because of rape and death threats.

    Death threats force feminist campaigner out of university debate
    High-profile feminist Julie Bindel has cancelled her scheduled appearance at the University of Manchester.

    And, this is just a small sample of the rape and death threats. I’m just scratching the surface. Oh, hell yes, additional hate crime charges should be considered. If people don’t get to the bottom of this as far as motive is concerned, a lot of people will say hate crime, and they did nothing.

    • FeistyAmazon Says:

      its not very different to death threats against women and Lesbians for being too uppity, too independent, not in their G-d given role, not natural or nice or obedient to men or their male dieties and religious leaders, or disrespecting them so hes gotta take back his revenge, hiss reputation, his “honor” by murdering women and Lesbians, “corrwctive rape” which is incredibly violent, leading to maiming or death.

      Males CANNOT take NO from Females, and ESPECIALLY if as Dykes we TRY to take ourselves out of the sexual equation altogether….henxe the Cotton Ceiling bullshit. This is the logical end of all tge tranny hate speech against us Lesbians and BullDykes, cuz nobody says NO to a male stronger than.a BullDykeAmazon. We STAND our GROUND, we say NO AND NO MORE TO MALE VIOLENCE AND LIES, AND YES INDEED DANA RIVERS IS A BIOLOGICAL MALE AND JUST PROVEN HIS MALESNESS WITH HEINOUS VIOLENCE AGAINST 3 INNOCENTS!!! 2 Lesbian women and one young man.

  51. Oak and Ash Says:

    After 55-year-old Jorven Seren kissed a little girl on the lips, police found child porn in his possession. He insisted he was a five-year-old girl, brought a doll to court, and, after it was taken away, spent the rest of the hearing with his thumb in his mouth.

    The one thing creepier than a man identifying as a woman is a male pedophile identifying as a little girl.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Here’s one for Laverne Cox to champion:

      This guy was a transient who killed a woman that had taken him in by tying her up between two trees and then slitting her wrists and throat. Her body was found by a hunter. His trial defense after initially claiming innocence, was claiming that she had asked him to do that to her.
      Of course the article makes no mention of that.

    • borntoryde Says:

      Disgusting that they kept gendering the perp as “she.” At what point do we stop reinforcing the delusions of a person who is clearly mentally ill?

      (The standard way of addressing delusional persons, according to my training from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is to “Don’t argue but don’t reinforce.” As in, “I can’t see that you’re actually a little girl. I imagine it could be pretty scary to feel that everyone around you is so much bigger and more powerful.”)

  52. […] um dos primeiros sites LGBT a falar deste crime foi a publicação conhecida como GenderTrender, que não disfruta do mesmo estatuto ou visualizações de sites como Autostraddle, Pink News ou as […]

  53. GallusMag Says:

    Plea hearing set back to 2/27/2017.

  54. angelaroselle Says:

    What is trans women’s obsession with lesbians? I don’t understand it. Whenever I read a story about them interacting with women, they are usually trying to win the romantic affections of a natal born lesbian woman. It is very odd to me.

    • Branjor Says:

      They’re men. No woman on earth is allowed to live a female centered love life, free of males. Males have decreed so. That is trans “women’s” obsession with lesbians.

  55. @angelaroselle,

    “What is trans women’s obsession with lesbians? I don’t understand it.”

    It’s not that difficult to understand. We live in a sexist culture that hates lesbians. How does society treat lesbians?

    Transwomen are, in fact, males. Middle aged heterosexual “transitioners” like Rivers aren’t that much different than other males. Most transwomen (biological males) are heterosexual, and raised and socialized as male. Heterosexual males have been perving on lesbians since forever. Many straight men have a creepy fascination with lesbians. Most so-called “lesbian porn” is for straight men to jerk off to. Or, they go cruising at clubs to pick up a woman for a threesome with him and his wife or girlfriend. Lesbians are familiar with all the ways society in general treats us, and how straight people try to incorporate us into their sexual fantasies.

    There is a sense of male sexual entitlement, and trans identified males are no different. What does a straight man do if he likes to cross dress in women’s clothes? I don’t think straight women want a man in a dress, or a man with boobs, long nails, etc.. So, these heterosexual dudes who think they are “women” turn to lesbians. Because they are still dudes, they feel a sense of sexual entitlement. Just because he wears a dress doesn’t mean he can’t harbor some serious lesbian hatred. Straight men have raped and killed lesbians. In fact, corrective rape of lesbians is well documented in South Africa. They rape lesbians as a way to cure them of their attraction to women.

    When people say transwomen, most people think gay. They think they are all gay, and they have all had the “surgery”. Hell, no. Most are heterosexual, and most still have their penis and testicles.

    A lot of lesbians and women say that there is a war on lesbians. There is, indeed, a war on lesbians. It’s coming primarily from trans/queer.

    Trans/queer get by with shit that even the most lesbian phobic straight men would never try. Trans basically get a free pass no matter how offensive Transwomen (biological males) continue to hate on lesbians with a vengeance because they are treated like special snowflakes, and have been pampered and coddled for years. History teaches us that if we pamper some men long enough they will, indeed, start to believe they are special.

    Below is a small sample.

    * For example, take the lesbian phobic “Cotton Ceiling”. The “Cotton Ceiling” is the most lesbian phobic bullshit ever inflicted upon lesbians. Lesbian hatred pure and simple. Imagine straight men holding a workshop because they feel oppressed because lesbians won’t suck their dick. Imagine straight men telling lesbians that their dicks really aren’t dicks, and lesbians could learn to love it if they tried.

    A trans porn star coined the term “Cotton Ceiling”, and they had to have a special workshop to because they felt excluded because lesbians don’t want sex with them. They knew damn well that the “Cotton Ceiling” was offensive to lesbians because lesbians and women told them it was offensive. This never stopped them. They do as they please.

    Subject: What’s the cotton ceiling?

    On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 1:27 PM, [redacted trans] wrote:
    Hi there,

    The cotton ceiling is a theory proposed by trans porn star and activist Drew DeVeaux to explain the experiences queer trans women have with simultaneous social inclusion and sexual exclusion within the broader queer women’s communities. Basically, it means that cis queer women will be friends with us and talk day and night about trans rights and ending transmisogyny, but will still not consider us viable sexual partners.

    The term cotton ceiling is a reference to the “glass ceiling” that second wave feminist identified in the workforce, wherein women could only advance so high in the workforce but could not break through into positions of power and authority. The cotton represents underwear, signifying sex. (*they shit on lesbians and second wave feminists)

    The theory of the cotton ceiling is useful in identifying the dynamic trans women are experiencing, and is meant to open up conversation around desirability’s intersections with transmisogyny and transphobia. (*transwomen are discriminated against because lesbians won’t suck their dick)

    I hope this description is helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.

    From: [redacted lesbian]
    Sent: March-12-12 1:34 PM
    To: [redacted trans]
    Subject: Re: What’s the cotton ceiling?
    Thanks. Do you really think lesbians are transphobic for not wanting to have sex with a trans woman who is male-bodied?

    On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 1:57 PM, [redacted trans] wrote:
    Trans women are not male-bodied. There is nothing male about our bodies.

    From: [redacted lesbian]
    Sent: March-12-12 1:59 PM
    To: [redacted trans]

    Subject: Re: What’s the cotton ceiling?
    Thanks. So, just to make sure I understand this, a trans woman with a penis, and who has no desire to have a sex change, is not male bodied – correct?

    On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 2:02 PM, [redacted trans] wrote:
    There is nothing inherently male about a woman’s body, unless she identified things about it as male herself. So, no, I do not consider trans women with penises to be male-bodied, unless that is how they identify.

    From: [redacted lesbian]
    Sent: March-12-12 2:04 PM
    To: [redacted trans]
    Subject: Re: What’s the cotton ceiling?
    This is seriously problematic for lesbians. What you are saying is lesbians – who desire sex with females – are somehow bigoted for that desire, no? That’s exactly what nontrans males say to us.
    Anyway, take care, [redacted lesbian]

    * Transwomen (biological males) just can’t stand lesbians having anything that doesn’t focus on them. Trans activists had to destroy Michigan Women’s Music Festival because it was founded by lesbian feminists, and a lesbian organized and ran the festival. They terrorized Michigan Women’s Music Festival for years, camping outside to harass women. They vandalized property, and according to some sources painted “Real women have cocks” on the side of the kitchen at Mich Fest. It was insane how Michigan Women’s Music Festival sent them into a tizzy. Gendertrender has a lot of posts on it. Just google it.

    Several sources say Dana Rivers was active in Camp Trans. Scroll up and click on the links in one of my earlier posts. A heterosexual male was involved in anti-lesbian activity, and he is charged with killing a lesbian couple and their adopted son. Normally, this would have hate crime written all over it. Because the male is transgender, and trans run every LGBT organization, no one will touch this case.

    * Lesbians have been receiving death threats from transwomen (males) for years. The links in my earlier posts are just skimming the surface. Gallus has received death threats. The faces of two lesbian feminists are on the can of “Rid Fem” kills rad fems instantly. Transgender activist threated to use a baseball bat to swing a “home run” hit to the head of lesbian feminist Cathy Brennan. Click on the link. Because everyone in power at all the useless lesbian hating LGBT organizations have ignored this for years, they just feel more emboldened. We do know that transwomen offend at the same rate as other males. They can deny it until hell freezes over, but it’s true. So, when they make death threats, we have to take it seriously. A lot of lesbians knew in their gut that sooner or later a transwoman was going to go off.

    Trans/queer straight up hate lesbians. Lesbians just want to be left alone, and to have our own space. When we bitch about not having our own space, we get TERF death threats (*see TERF is a slur).

    Asking why transwomen (males) hate lesbians is like asking why society hates lesbians. They just get a free pass on the shit they do, and when they slaughter a lesbian family, no useless trans run LGBT organization even covers the tragedy. Not one peep from any of them. Not one word from the trans run National Center for Lesbian Rights. Half their time is spent on trans issues, so why would the National Center for Lesbian rights care about the slaughter of a lesbian family. Their website and Facebook page is mostly transgender. They don’t do anything without asking permission from the people who run everything. That is, trans/queer. If someone was charged with stabbing and shooting three transwomen, every damn LGBT organization would be all over it.

    It sickens me to no end knowing that a violent male who is charged with slaughtering a lesbian family is housed with female inmates. That is like shitting on the female sex twice. They can kill lesbians and their kids, and in states like California they get taxpayer funded hormones, and are sent to women’s prisons. In California, men who torture women with electrical wires before raping them are sent to women’s prisons.

    Think of everything that our culture says and does to lesbians. Neoliberal post modern queer/trans is lesbian hatred on steroids.

  56. GallusMag Says:

    Alameda County Court reporter Malaika Fraley: Dana Rivers delayed plea again, due back in court Friday March 3rd.

    • kesher Says:

      Is he enjoying himself too much in women’s detention? The piece of shit confessed to the cops, they have him dead to rights. There’s no fathomable reason to delay.

  57. This slaughter of a lesbian family broke my heart. I actually had nightmares about it. Seriously, scary nightmares over this twisted and depraved act. I felt as if my heart was being ripped out.

    * About a month ago, I typed a twenty page letter addressed to my State Assembly person, State Senator, and Governor Brown asking that this be investigated as a possible hate crime. The death threats directed towards lesbians have been going on for years, and several sources say that Rivers was involved in anti-lesbian activities at Michigan Women’s Music Festival. Nothing throws trans activists into a tizzy as much as Mich Fest. I personally hand delivered my letters to my elected representatives at the State Capitol. As of this date, I haven’t received a response.

    * I called the Alameda County hate crimes number and left my number. I eventually received a call back from a very nice man, and I spoke to him for about half an hour. I told him about all the threats directed towards lesbians that have been going on for years. I told him that Dana Rivers was involved in anti-lesbian activity at Michigan Women’s Music Festival. I spoke for about half an hour telling him about all the death threats directed towards lesbians. I also told him that males who cross dress or identify as transgender offend at the same rate as other males, and if these crimes committed by transwomen are counted as crimes committed by males, it’s likely to skew crime statistics. He listened to me, but I got the sense that he was shining me on, and he had no intention of seeking hate crime charges. If someone murdered three transwomen, they would be screaming “hate crime”, and every trans controlled LGBTQ organization would be all over it.

    Still, I’m urging all people who are reading this to call the Alameda County District Attorney’s hate crimes hotline. Flood the hotline with calls.

    The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has a hate crimes hotline. Please call it and say that the November 2016 slaughter of a lesbian family should be investigated as a possible hate crime. This is the phone number (510) 208-4824.

    In California, trans run organizations (all LGBTQ are trans run) have a very strong hold on the Democratic Party, and Democrats control Sacramento. Democrats at the State Capitol are really drowning in the trans Kool Aid. It’s like if a transwoman killed the Governor himself, the first thing that they would do is make sure the poor dear gets taxpayer funded hormones, and is sent to a women’s prison. Seriously, that is what they would do. It’s crazy in California. It’s so bad in California that sometimes I think I’m living in an alternative universe. The slaughter of a lesbian family by a transwoman (death threats have been going on for years) is a huge embarrassment to trans groups and the Democratic Party, and this is why no one wants to touch this case. They all want to bury it, and pretend it never happened.

    Never give up, and call the hate crimes hotline and/or District Attorney anyway.

    Dana Rivers who is charged with slaughtering lesbian couple and their adopted son, arson for trying to burn down the house, and possessing metal knuckles is in the Santa Rita Jail. The last time I checked, he is in the women’s section of the jail. Notice that on the Inmate Locater website, he is listed as “F” for female. No female is charged with these barbaric crimes. If crimes committed by transwomen (males) are counted as crimes committed by females, it’s likely to skew crime statistics. How utterly ghastly it is to house a male who is charged with slaughtering a lesbian family in with female inmates. I hope Rivers doesn’t decide to go off on a “TERF” because TERF death threats are rather ghastly.

    Gallus, thank you very much for doing such an excellent job of covering this terrifying criminal case.

  58. GallusMag Says:

  59. anywoman2 Says:

    Reblogged this on anywomans humanity and commented:
    These men hate women and have a jealous hater ted of lesbians.

  60. Gallus, this post isn’t about Rivers, but what the hell is going on with trans identified males (I refuse to call them “women” or “they”) in the bay area. This January 2017 bay area area murder case involves a trans/queer activist UC Berkeley student who was charged with the stabbing death of a woman and attempted murder of another woman.

    Trans/queer activist Pablo Gomez Jr. who demands to be referred to as “they” went ballistic in the courthouse.

    “The arraignment for a UC Berkeley student facing murder and other felony charges has been delayed again following an altercation early Wednesday in an Oakland courtroom.

    Pablo Gomez, 22, is charged with first-degree murder in the fatal Jan. 6 stabbing of 27-year-old Emilie Inman at her home on Ashby Avenue. He’s also charged with several other counts in connection with two other Jan. 6 incidents: assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder for an alleged knife attack on a second woman, and first-degree robbery in an alleged in-home theft from a third.”

    “Gomez, who is being held without bail at Alameda County’s Santa Rita Jail, was dragged from the courtroom as family and friends wept. One of the deputies had what appeared to be a deep scratch on one hand.”

    The Santa Rita jail is where the murdering s.o.b. “age play” freak Rivers is held. Two trans activists charged with murdering multiple women are in the same jail. This is un-freaking unbelievable!

    At least Gomez is not listed as female, but he demands to be referred to as “they” and is a trans/queer activist with some mental health issues. This violent trans/queer activist has a mental competency hearing in May.

    The brain dead thought police refer to Rivers as “she”, and Gomez demands that people use the pronoun “they” as in singular when addressing him. The world has gone mad.

    * November 2016 in Oakland, CA, transwoman Rivers charged with murdering a lesbian couple and their adopted son, arson for trying to burn down the house to destroy evidence, and possessing metal knuckles.

    * January 2017 in Berkeley, CA, trans/queer activist Pablo Gomez charged with murder of one woman and attempted murder of another woman.

    It’s just a matter of time before both of these bay area trans murderers charged with killing women will be demanding tax payer funded hormones, laser hair removal, special women’s undies, etc., and demanding that the guards call them by their fuc*** special pronouns.

    Rivers = “he” – this killer needs to be in the men’s section of the jail
    Gomez = “he”

    No special treatment for these killers, and make sure they are housed in men’s correctional facilities. The problem is that have been coddle for way too long.

  61. GallusMag Says:

    Plea hearing delayed again until April 20.

  62. michelle Says:

    Resets are not at all an uncommon occurrence, even when the defendant is in custody. This holds true no matter the nature of the offense.

    My guess is they are still dealing with psych exams to address issues related to the inevitable NGRI plea…it will fail, but the results of the testing will nevertheless still come in for mitigation purposes. Another consideration is whether the DA has determined whether to seek the death penalty…

    California law isn’t my area of expertise, but some defense practices are basically the same in all 50 States even if actual practice may have peculiarities unique to the jurisdiction.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Donna Perry trial starts in June. Maybe Dana Rivers will be tried around the same time. That would be quite something.

      • michelle Says:

        would be interesting but just think about how long Perry has been sitting in custody to get to this point…the left coast doesn’t believe in running an express lane to justice.

        I feel for the attorneys in the case who have to be absolutely beside themselves as they ponder the question of ‘how do I explain this fuckwittery to a jury with a straight face?’

  63. GallusMag Says:

    Plea hearing delayed again until May 18.

    • kesher Says:

      Is there going to be a point where the judge gets fed up? It’s been almost five months. I thought when a defendant couldn’t figure out a plea after some time, the court would ultimately just enter “not guilty” on his behalf.

      • anon male Says:

        Delay. Delay. Delay. Appeal that your right to a speedy trial has been violated…

      • michelle Says:

        There is a point in time, but these sorts of resets occur for a variety of reasons. And since the judge is not actually ON the bench when the reset occurs in most jurisdictions, they don’t get that pissed about it. By example, resets here in Texas are sometimes even done off-docket but even when on the docket date, they are outside the presence of the judge and by agreement of the State. The Judge signs a stack of them later in the morning. It is not uncommon to see 30-50 cases on a morning felony docket in some places…

        As to the Speedy Trial issues, a defendant has to object to the resets in order to invoke protections. And since this is a continued reset on a plea setting, chances are good their own attorney has played a role.

        Without seeing the pleadings, my guess is that the defense is either still working on comp/san evals or, alternately, waiting to see if the State is going to pursue the death penalty.

        I posted in the earlier stages of this thread that resets are a common occurrence. While wackyland runs a little different than Texas, it is not unheard of to see a murder case sit on the dockets for a few years before you actually get to a disposition event. There is one in Harris County (Houston) that I believe is pushing four years now on a death penalty case…

      • kesher Says:

        Thanks for the clarification. I was imagining an actual court hearing every time which would be an astounding waste of resources to keep rescheduling.

  64. GallusMag Says:

    PLEA HEARING delayed again until June 15.

  65. GallusMag Says:

    PLEA HEARING delayed until July 5th.

  66. What’s up with Rivers? I checked and it said pretrial on 8/24. What did he plead?

    • GallusMag Says:

      Total media blackout.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I suggest that women tweet at or email news outlets that cover Alameda county, requesting information and coverage.

      • GallusMag Says:


        Valerie S‏ @V_Solanas Jan 3
        @malaikafraley Update on mass murder: stab/shoot/burning of Oakland lesbian family by Dana Rivers? Motive? Plea? Status of case?
        1 reply 0 retweets 1 like

        Valerie S‏ @V_Solanas 27 Dec 2016
        @nkhensley Update on Dana Rivers mass stab/shoot/burn murder of east bay lesbian family? Motive? Plea? Status of Case?
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        Reply Retweet Like
        Valerie S‏ @V_Solanas 27 Dec 2016
        @LisaAminABC7 Update on stab/shoot/burn mass murder of lesbian family in east bay by Dana Rivers? Plea? Motive? Status of case?
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        Valerie S‏ @V_Solanas 27 Dec 2016
        @VABVOX Any update on stab/shoot/burn slaughter of lesbian family by Dana Rivers? Plea? Motive? Status of case?
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        Reply Retweet Like
        Valerie S‏ @V_Solanas 27 Dec 2016
        @kron4news Update on ghastly stabbing/shooting/burning of East Bay lesbian family by Dana Rivers? Motive? Plea? Status of case?
        0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes
        Reply Retweet Like
        Valerie S‏ @V_Solanas 27 Dec 2016
        @NateGartrell Update on stabbing/shooting/burning of east bay lesbian couple by Dana Rivers? Motive? Plea? Status of case?
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        Reply 1 Retweet Like
        Valerie S‏ @V_Solanas 27 Dec 2016
        @TerryMcSweeney Update on stab/shooting slaughter of lesbian family by Dana Rivers? Plea? Motive? Status of case?
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        Valerie S‏ @V_Solanas 27 Dec 2016
        @JayBarmann Update on slaughter of lesbian family in SF bay by Dana Rivers? Plea? Motive? Status of case?
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        Valerie S‏ @V_Solanas 27 Dec 2016
        @travismandrews Update on lesbian family slaughtered by Dana Rivers? Plea? Motive? Status of case?
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        Valerie S‏ @V_Solanas 27 Dec 2016
        @VeronicaRochaLA Update on slaughter of lesbian family by Dana Rivers? Plea? Motive? Status of case?
        0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes
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        Valerie S‏ @V_Solanas 27 Dec 2016
        @Lindelofnews Update of hate crime slaughter of lesbian family by Dana Rivers? Plea? Motive? Status of case?
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        Valerie S‏ @V_Solanas 27 Dec 2016
        @ModernScribe Update on the Dana Rivers murder of lesbian family case? Plea? Motive? Status of case?
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        Valerie S‏ @V_Solanas 27 Dec 2016
        @MelanieWoodrow Any update on the Dana Rivers murder case?
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      • Artemisia Says:

        Dana Rivers pleaded not guilty:

        A 62-year-old San Jose woman pleaded not guilty today to three counts of murder for the shooting and stabbing deaths of a teenage man and two women in East Oakland last November. …

      • GallusMag Says:

        WOW. Thank you. Very interesting that this was not available in google searches.

      • Artemisia Says:

        Responding to GallusMag at July 14, 2017 at 9:11 pm:

        Very interesting that this was not available in google searches.

        I am not a fan of James “We need to stop assuming that gender gaps imply sexism” Damore, sacked last year by Google for circulating an internal memo entitled Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber. However, Damore and another former Google employee have now begun a class action lawsuit against Google, and the complaint has some interesting passages.

        Notably they cite a post by a Google employee on what appears to have been an internal Google discussion forum and the reaction of Google HR:

        ‘125. Google HR brought up the following post that the employee made in response to a Google thread in which someone specifically requested conservative parenting advice:

        “If I had a child, I would teach him/her traditional gender roles and patriarchy from a very young age. That’s the hardest thing to fix later, and our degenerate society constantly pushes the wrong message.”

        126. Google HR stated, “We did not find that this post, on its face, violated any of Google’s policies, but your choice of words could suggest that you were advocating for a system in which men work outside the home and women do not, or that you were advocating for rigid adherence to gender identity at birth. We trust that neither is what you intended to say. We are providing you with this feedback so that you can better understand how some Googlers interpreted your statements, and so that you are better equipped to ensure that Google is a place in which all Googlers are able to reach their full potential.” In other words, Google scolded the Google Employee for, among other things, believing that gender identity is set at birth biologically—a position held by the vast majority of the world’s populace that Google professes to serve.’

        Just in case anyone misses the point: no, I am certainly not an advocate for ‘traditional gender roles and patriarchy’, either in relation to child-rearing or in any other context.

        I have quoted this passage because it apparently indicates what some of us have suspected for quite a while: that Google has a corporate position on “gender identity”. If they are suppressing dissenting views among their employees, how is this affecting their search results and other activities?

      • GallusMag Says:

        This guy is a google engineer-

        also this guy:

        Ton of ’em.

        I would love for someone to expose the way these guys manipulate their algorithms. Can’t wait! 🙂

    • red Says:


    • rheapdx1 Says:


      Now with the evidence that is piling up by the day, when is the rest of society going to wake up, read and listen? When will the fact that the majority of the brigade [as in MTT] are those will harass, falsify, act like felons…muderous, traitorous, pedophile-centered creep, as well as commit murder?

      Not all are like that, but that number is akin to the number of, let’s say…the % of blacks on the opening day rosters in MLB this year. Let that one sink in for a few.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Now with the evidence that is piling up by the day, when is the rest of society going to wake up, read and listen?”

        I dunno. Maybe when male “Transwomen” like yourself directly challenge the activists representing you.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        The scary thing is…..the challenges have been made, not just by yours truly…but by others who have been silenced. It stinks and does not help that people are that short-sighted.

        It is no different than how things in public are handled for other groups. If there is a comfort in this, it is there are a few who are waking up to the overall MRA taint of the current atmosphere. Now, should that ball start really rolling…great.

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      Brilliant piece! Thanks for the link.

  67. ngequality Says:

    Pretrial hearing today. No details. Next pretrial hearing: October 5, 2017

  68. GallusMag Says:

    Pretrial hearing 10/5 delayed. Rescheduled for December 11.

  69. The women who read this and other blogs know it was a hate motivated crime. This is what we do know:

    (1.) Dana Rivers, David Warfield, is a heterosexual male who “transitioned” in midlife. He was married a couple of times and fathered a child. He is not gay.

    (2.) He was part of the trans protests outside of Michigan Women’s Music Festival, an event run by a lesbian on land owned by a lesbian. This was ugly and intense, and to this very day it dredges up old bitter wounds.

    (3.) Transwomen have been making death threats against lesbians and “TERFs” for years. This and other blogs and websites have example after example of very disturbing death and rape threats. These death threats against lesbians and any woman they brand a “TERF” have been going on for years, and trans/queer run LGBTQIA groups have systematically ignored all these death threats.

    And, now they feel bold enough to wear “I punch TERFs” shirts at gay pride parades.

    (4.) The extent of bloody overkill definitely points to a hate crime. The victims were shot and repeatedly stabbed.

    What possible motive could cause a person to shoot and repeatedly stab two lesbians and the son of one of the murdered women? Why shoot a lesbian couple, and then stab them repeatedly? Why was Rivers in possession of metal knuckles? Obvious overkill of this grisly magnitude sure looks like a crime of intense rage.

    Notice in the mug shot that Rivers looks like he has a hospital gown on not a regular shirt. They probably took off his shirt for evidence because he was drenched in the blood of the victims he shot and repeatedly stabbed.

    Can ordinary citizens get ahold of the detectives report and the coroner’s report? The coroner’s report should reveal how many times the victims were stabbed, location of stab wounds, severity, etc.

    I ran across this online. I don’t know if they read the detective’s report, or talked to one of the detectives. “Cotton Ceiling” murders make sense because Rivers is heterosexual not a gay man. Transwomen feel sexually entitled to lesbians, and Rivers resented lesbians anyway. So, here is a heterosexual man who still desires women, but he knows lesbians don’t want him sexually. I imagine that would be frustrating as hell, and he knows at age 60 he isn’t getting any younger. From his days protesting outside Michigan Women’s Music Festival, he is deeply resentful of lesbians anyway. Lesbians reject transwomen, and he couldn’t deal with it. His years of rage boiled over.

    This guy is kinky anyway, and maybe he wanted some kind of kinky threesome or something. The lesbian couple wanted nothing to do with him. He writes creepy age play books for grown men who like to wear diapers and pedophiles.

    This son of a bitch unleashed his fury out on a lesbian couple, and their son stepped in to defend his mother.

    Leaping Lesbian blog,

    “Well you are aware that the detectives verified, that the murders were rooted, in a member of the couple, was repeatedly sexually harassed and propositioned. And Dana Rivers finally acted upon his wrath about being rejected. These were Cotton Ceiling murders. Rivers uttered the word property, cause she felt like he owned this woman. I had no idea they had blames the lesbians and.their sons for their deaths. Heather Hogan is transhole. I was surprised they have an exhibition in @autostraddle spanning 150 years, from 1850 – 2000, of lesbians.

    Yep. The trial date hasn’t been set yet. I think they are going to try to get him, placed in a psych prison. But the murder was premeditated. Forced women into the garage and shot each of the several times. Son heard it and ran to the garage and was shot several times; made it out the front door and collapsed 10 feet away. Next Dana Rivers proceeded to stab the victims repeatedly. He killed them twice. Tried to burn them. Jumped on Ms Reed’s motor cycle to try to escape, but police were there. That mofo was drenched in blood. Looked like someone who fell to a pool full clothed, only it was blood. The only thing @autostraddle commenters were concerned about was whether they were giving her estrogen shots. This butcher. No prayers for the family. Nothing.”

    Again, I don’t know if they read the detective’s report or not, or actually talked to a detective. This is just something I found online.

    At any rate, I did all the following:

    (1.) I called the 800 hate crimes number above, but nothing was done. I talked to someone, but I got the sense that they weren’t going to do anything. Nothing.

    (2.) I asked the California Attorney General, Becerra, to investigate this gruesome triple homicide as a hate crime. I gave the California Attorney General a 20 to 30 page double sided typed booklet of information related to Rivers, Mich Fest, years of death threats directed towards lesbians, TERFs , etc. This was about four months ago, and as of this date I haven’t heard a word from them.

    (3.) In addition to contacting the California Attorney General, I asked my state assembly member and state senator to investigate this as a hate crime. Again, no response. Not long ago, I even went to my state assembly person’s office to speak to someone in person. All they did was take some notes.

    The State of California is burying a hate crime, and is making a mockery of its own hate crimes laws. What is the purpose of having hate crimes laws if it’s all based on politics. Politics should never play a role in hate crimes, and the only reason this is not being investigated as a hate crime is politics. Dana Rivers is transgender, and trans/queer control LGBTQIA organizations. In California, LGBTQIA have entrenched power in the Democratic Party, and Democrats control Sacramento. If they investigated this as a hate crime, they would have to admit that the death threats against lesbians and “TERFs” have been going on for years. This would be a huge embarrassment for LGBTQIA. And, they have been telling us that transwomen would never harm anyone for years. This is something that they would never admit.

    I was thinking of taking this all the way to the Attorney General of the United States, Sessions. What do people think of the idea of a group of women putting together as much as possible about this brutal triple homicide, and submit it to the US Attorney General. God, almighty, I do hate this man. I don’t want to do this. I want to know why the State of California is burying a hate crime. Why won’t the State of California enforce its own hate crimes laws? This cold blooded slaughter of a lesbian couple and their adopted son was a hate crime, and I’m not the only woman who knows it. Even some comments from women in mainstream news source say it was hate motivated. Scroll up for links.

    Update: Gallus, this is good. Sessions will send out a team of lawyers to investigate the murder of a transgender teenager. The man does have a heart after all. So, he surely could investigate the cold blooded slaughter of a lesbian family. Send all those federal lawyers to California. Charge Rivers with a hate crime. Hell, yes.

    “Attorney General Jeff Sessions is sending a Justice Department federal hate crimes lawyer to help prosecute the murder of a transgender teenager in Iowa, according to a report Sunday.”

    The US Attorney General surely could send a federal hate crimes lawyer to California. We have a sh** load of information for him about Rivers, “TERF” death threats, death threats against lesbians. A shit load of information. So, get on it Sessions. Get them Sessions. I don’t like Sessions and Trump, but maybe his team would get to the bottom of it, and charge Rivers with hate crimes because California isn’t going to do anything. Hell, I want to see this.

    I wonder if Sessions is serious, or if it’s a political stunt. I don’t like any of Trump’s nominees. Frankly, I don’t know what to think of Sessions sending a federal hate crimes lawyer to Iowa to investigate the murder of a trans person. At any rate, the State of California isn’t doing anything about an obvious hate crime. And, trans activists are just getting bolder with their “TERF” death threats, and lesbians have been under siege for years.

  70. I was just checking up the murdering bastard.

    Pretrial 1/08/2018

    I don’t live in the bay area, but it would be wonderful if some women could be there.

    I would love to see the detective’s report. I called the Alameda County District and they said contact the Oakland police department. It would be great to get a look at the detective’s report. I don’t live in the bay area.

    • michelle Says:

      I’m far from the Bay Area, but in many jurisdictions, complete offense reports are not public record until a judicial disposition has been had and is final (ie. no further appellate activity is permitted). And even then, sometimes only attorneys can get beyond the ‘front page’ release of information…

      I will also suggest that homicide incident reports are often very stomach-churning reads. In my career, I have seen far too many of them, complete with full color photographs (most currently come on disc, so it is easier to avoid them when possible).

  71. GallusMag Says:

    Preliminary hearing 1/22/2018 8:45am

  72. Medi Says:

    Darn, I really wish I could attend that hearing or at least attend the trial itself. That would be real solidarity to prostituted women, maybe we should suggest that all the SJW male to trans who yell and yell about sex workers rights and safety attend to stand with those murdered women against the man who did this crime. Now THAT would show good faith, if such a thing is possible with the cult.

  73. GallusMag Says:

    Apparently a preliminary hearing took place on January 22.
    Next scheduled preliminary hearing is on 3/6/2018.
    Total media blackout so far.

  74. […] a US male who had previously travelled cross-country to protest a lesbian gathering on private land went on to murder a lesbian couple and their son by beating, stabbing, shooting, and burning them. In 2017, a group of men attacked […]

  75. Medi Says:

    Rivers update–it would be nice to get organized in the Bay Area— maybe have 300-500 dykes show up at the courthouse when Dana Rivers is at the hearing— carrying pictures of the murdered lesbian family, their names, in support of their relatives, and get video and YouTube coverage because the GBT press is going to censor and erase this hearing. Black Lives Matter should be notified, although they seem pretty much in favor of trans. Don’t know what would be up with that, black women’s lives matter, black young men matter, lesbian family brutally murdered by a male who protested with Camp Trans at Michigan–getting out the story, maybe more lesbians would wake up with this…

  76. Bob Doublin Says:

    Check out @fedupfemme’s Tweet:

    I hope this comes through all right. Just came across this tweet share on Twitter. Disgusting comment on the murder case. And notice the racism talking about the dangerous Big Buck N*****.

    • GallusMag Says:

      • Bob Doublin Says:

        Thank you for the help GallusMag. I’m just getting used to the way Twitter is set up.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        I was curious about what kind of person could say such a thing, so I found the originating account. The mini-bio on the Twitter page of the person who posted the tweet says the person is half Bahamian with black Bahamian slave ancestry. Also “vegan sparkle” hearts Britain and “identify white.” This person has multiple tweets and retweets complaining of cruelty to animals, but not a twinge of sympathy for three human beings brutally murdered (and actually calls someone a “white hater” in a tweet on a political topic).The claim of DNA-verified African ancestry is probablyi there to justify the racist and anti-Muslim content in the Twitter feed.

        Besides being despicable, people like this are either utter idiots or assume everyone else is. If the couple and their son were really such a threat to Rivers, why would he go to their house? I hope Rivers never gets out of prison, and it infuriates me that his actions generate less outrage than women’s statements of biological fact, as if the murder of women is less of a crime than pointing out that the murderer is male.

  77. GallusMag Says:

    San Francisco Chronicle, CA, USA

    Transgender Activist Ordered To Stand Trial For Three Murders

    Bay City News Service

    Published 12:48 pm, Wednesday, March 7, 2018

    OAKLAND (BCN) — A transgender activist and former teacher was ordered today to stand trial on three counts of murder for the shooting and stabbing deaths of a teenage man and two women in East Oakland in November 2016.

    Dana Rivers, 63, of San Jose, is scheduled to return to Alameda County Superior Court on March 21 to have her trial date set.

    Rivers, a former Sacramento schoolteacher, gained national attention when she had a sex change operation and became a woman in the 1990s.

    In addition to the three murder charges, at the end of a preliminary hearing Alameda County Superior Court Judge Allan Hymer ordered Rivers to face a jury on the special circumstance allegation that she committed multiple murders and on charges of arson of an inhabited structure or property and possession of metal knuckles.

    She’s accused of killing 19-year-old Toto M. Diambu, who was also known as Benny Diambu Wright, 57-year-old Patricia Wright and 56-year-old Charlotte Reed.

    Oakland police who came to the gruesome scene said Rivers was covered with blood, was holding a gasoline canister and was about to flee when she was arrested by officers who responded to reports of gunfire at a house in the 9400 block of Dunbar Drive at about 12:30 a.m. on Nov. 11, 2016.

    Authorities described the area as a quiet residential neighborhood.

    Police said Rivers tried to set the house on fire but the blaze was confined to the garage area and was quickly controlled.

    Police said Diambu was found shot to death in front of the house and Wright and Reed were found dead inside. Wright and Reed had both been stabbed and shot, according to police.

    Officers found ammunition and knives in Rivers’ pockets when they searched her, Oakland police Officer Hector Jimenez wrote in a probable cause statement.

    As officers were detaining Rivers, she “began making spontaneous statements about her involvement in the murders,” Jimenez wrote.

    Wright and Reed were married, according to their Facebook pages.

    A motive for the three homicides wasn’t disclosed during Rivers’ preliminary hearing but prosecutors said it will be revealed at her trial, which may not take place for several years since she could face the death penalty and the attorneys in the case need time to prepare.

    Diambu graduated in spring 2016 from the Berkeley High School Academy of Medicine and Public Service.

    Wright worked for the Berkeley Unified School District from 2006 to 2015, beginning as a deaf interpreter and then becoming a special education teacher at King Middle School in Berkeley. After she retired, she became an elementary school teacher at Berkeley Arts Magnet School.

    Wright also worked part-time as a computer prep teacher at Esperanza Elementary School in Oakland, according to Oakland Unified School District spokesman John Sasaki.

    Rivers was born as David Warfield but in 1999 she told her employer, the Center Joint Unified School District in the Sacramento area, that she was transgender and planned to live as a woman.

    Rivers was asked to leave her job after a small group of parents complained about her and she later became a spokeswoman for transgender issues.

    • Rosemary Says:

      I am shocked this story isn’t getting more press. This article has the most in depth detail about the murder I’ve seen so far- graphic content warning, obviously

      “When (Officer) Ghazi and other police went inside the townhome to check for the two other people that Rivers had said were still inside, they found the bodies of Reed and Patricia Wright in an upstairs bedroom. They also found two guns in the home.

      Officer Sydney Kofford testified that she searched Rivers and found .38 caliber bullets, two knives, brass knuckles, a screwdriver with what she believed to be blood on the handle, keys, two cellphones, and cash. The bullets appeared to match one of the guns found inside the home. When she spoke with Rivers outside the home, Rivers indicated that the two people inside were dead.

      Kofford testified that when Rivers was taken to a hospital, where she got stitches for a cut on her finger, staff there had her shower before they would treat her because the smell of gasoline was so strong. The officer also said that Rivers told police that she had mental health issues.”

    • Artemisia Says:

      Another, more detailed report here, in the Bay Area Reporter:

  78. It looks like Rivers got himself a criminal defense private attorney.

    It says in the SF Gate article that the defense attorney is Timothy Rien. He is not with the Alameda County Public Defender. He is in private practice.

    Rivers doesn’t have any money that I am aware of, so who is paying for his attorney? Don’t tell me that a criminal defense attorney would take Rivers on pro bono. Who would spring for an attorney for Rivers? Wasn’t Rivers working as a security guard or something before he was arrested? I wonder if any trans organizations or LGBTQIA+ are paying for his attorney.

    Criminal defense attorneys are notorious for pulling all sorts of stunts to get their client off. Remember O.J. Simpon’s attorneys playing the race card. I wonder if this Riens guy is going to pull the poor trans card. Rivers couldn’t help it, and shame on all the transphobic people. It’s really the fault of the transphobes that he shot and repeatedly stabbed two women and their son. It’s the fault of the transphobes that Rivers came to the home of the three victims with a gun,knife, and metal knuckles on him. Now, leave poor Dana alone.

    Poor black folks and poor people in general can’t get a private criminal defense attorney, but this murdering bastard can. Something fishy is going on.

    The District Attorney needs to get his or her game face on because the evidence clearly shows that this was cold blooded murder. If the defense pulls the poor trans card, I might throw up.

    • michelle Says:

      Unclear whether he is retained or appointed…website suggests he does get some appointments in capital cases, and since the death penalty is in play here, a court is going to make sure it isn’t just some scrub fresh out of law school.

      I don’t see the tranny card carrying weight on the guilt/innocence phase of the hearing. California faded enough heat with the Twinkie defense all those years ago. I could see it potentially being enough to keep him out of the death chamber though, setting aside for the moment that juries in California tend not to be inclined to impose the death sentence, even in heinous cases. To say nothing of the fact that the State does not seem inclined to execute any of the current residents on death row…

      Outside of a not-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity verdict, I just don’t see how David avoids spending the rest of his life in a 6×10 box, err cell…pending placement into a box. What scares me is the prospect of an NGRI because those people eventually get to return to the community…and even under escort, this guy is a threat to the community.

  79. GallusMag Says:

    Someone sent me this screen cap from the Facebook page of the surviving parent of Benny, the young man who was murdered. It has some more information about the case and the criminal proceedings:

  80. Medi Says:

    A little off topic here, but GM — you’re just amazing in the coverage of the House of Lords event, it was so wonderful to hear all those powerful women speak, to hear the clapping, the loud support, the sisterhood. I’ve been sharing the audio widely, so many of my American lesbian friends are so out of it. Brit women, you give me hope, and I was getting so depressed and down about how much damage the trans cult has done to lesbian culture and spaces in the US, so much damage and seeing so many women go along with these guys, the tide must turn! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  81. Caroline Murray Says:

    David Warfield alias Dana Rivers, next court appearance is at 9 am, 25/04/2018. Hearing at Rene C. Davidson Alameda County Courthouse, Oakland.

  82. […] I want to support women who feel alone and isolated even among friends and in women’s community because they can’t bring themselves to go against their common sense and agree to obey the bizarre rules expected of all women (especially Lesbians), in order to be “respectful” of the female-hating trans cult that is now parasitizing Lesbian/women’s communities. The men who demand sexual and other access to us against our will talk about suicides among “transgender people” to shame and guilt trip us, as if it’s our responsibility. But what about the women who kill themselves because of trans bullying and assault? What about the women these men have murdered? Those stories are ignored or outright censored:… […]

  83. […] I want to support women who feel alone and isolated even among friends and in women’s community because they can’t bring themselves to go against their common sense and agree to obey the bizarre rules expected of all women (especially Lesbians), in order to be “respectful” of the female-hating trans cult that is now parasitizing Lesbian/women’s communities. The men who demand sexual and other access to us against our will talk about suicides among “transgender people” to shame and guilt trip us, as if it’s our responsibility. But what about the women who kill themselves because of trans bullying and assault? What about the women these men have murdered? Those stories are ignored or outright censored:… […]

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