Trans National Women’s Cycling Team: Men Rolling Over A Woman Near You

December 1, 2016

Mason Johnson- a woman among women

Mason Johnson- a woman among women

Transgender athletics made the news this week when ‘Transman’ athlete Mason Johnson, born female, dominated the men’s rugby division mere months after undergoing a medical ‘gender transition’ to male..ish.

Aww. You caught me. I’m just kidding. Johnson instead reasonably announced she was delaying her ‘gender transition’ so she could remain competitive in rugby by remaining on the women’s team:

Because Johnson knew that no amount of medical intervention, no science, no testosterone injections or doping, or proclamations of her ‘male identity’ would allow her to compete as an elite female athlete on an elite male team in a sport specifically designed to measure the human capacity for violent battery and team assault committed by individuals intentionally bred for thousands of years to maximize those capacities: males, whose very physiology has been distilled for the sole purpose of violently controlling the freedoms of people like her: females.

Sensible woman.

Females may outperform males in long-jump skying and endurance swimming, and target shooting, but in bloodsports, not so much. Not yet. Like restrooms, male sports should be open to all who wish to use them. Women’s spaces, not so much.

Speaking of which:  a man named Jillian Bearden (Jonathan Bearden) won the top prize of the female division at cycling’s El Tour De Tucson on his first attempt, by demanding that everyone else pretend he is female because he started taking estrogen pills a year ago, on the premise that feminized males are an abject, tragic lot, so pathetic and worthy of pity that anyone with a heart should dash their own interests (and common sense) to accommodate them.

“Transgender Cyclist is Top Female Finisher at El Tour De Tucson” proclaimed the headline about the male athlete in an Arizona Daily Star article by reporter Ezra Amacher that failed to even mention the name of the actual female winner (Anna Sparks!).

“Transgender Cyclist’s Win in Tucson Was Fairer Than It Seems” mansplained the Star’s Tim Stellar. Stellar goes on to quote without investigation the authority of a transgender radiology tech who also competes as a male against women: Joanna (John) Harper.  Harper claims to have objectively studied 7 other male runners who desire to compete against women (one of whom famously exited the testing pool via a ghastly triple stabbing attack on running officials)  and posits himself as the sole author of “the proof” that male athletes begin to perform in female ranges after ingesting a 12 month prescription of magic estrogen pills:

But do they?

Male “women’s champion” Jillian (Jonathan) Bearden never raced the El Tour De Tucson before but he does have a racing history. He raced the Salada Classic both as a male athlete and again later in the female division.

“The Salida Classic hosts a time trial with some of the best views in the State, a criterium in the heart of downtown Salida, and a deceivingly tough road race in the hills outside of town,” reads the event flyer:

Bearden rode the Criterium in both 2011, as a 30 year old male competitor, and again as “Jillian”, a 36 year old male competitor in the women’s division:


30 year-old Jonathan Bearden: 51 minutes and 11 seconds.

36 year-old Jillian Bearden: 48 minutes and 47.9 seconds.


Bearden improved his performance after ‘gender transition’.

He isn’t alone.

Male cyclist Anna Catarina Lisk (Richard Lisk) joined Bearden by placing in the top 20 of female competitors at El Tour De Tucson. Like Bearden, he also has a racing history.


In 2007 Richard Lisk, then age 36, ran the El Tour at 5:42:57

In 2014 Richard Lisk , then age 43, ran the El Tour at 6:48:26

In 2015 as “Anna” Lisk he improved to 5:34:49.60

Last week, age 46, Lisk’s time was 5:30:33.48

This placed Richard/Anna 16th in women’s rankings and like Bearden, was an improvement in his performance after ‘gender transition’.


There were (at least) six males competing in the women’s division at El Tour De Tucson:


  • Jillian Bearden (Jonathan Bearden) age 36, transition one year.
  • Claire Louise Swinford age 46, (
  • Anna Catarina Lisk (Richard Lisk) age 46, transition one year.
  • Erin Marie Russ (Edward Alexander Russ)
  • A man calling himself “Summer Storm”
  • Ruth Jennifer Seaman (Dr. Jeffrey S. Seaman- psychiatrist)


These male athletes were members of Team SAGA (Southern Arizona Gender Alliance)

representing their newish men-only cycling organization: the Trans National Women’s Cycling Team:

The TNWCT is the first organized male-only team recognized by the IOC and the USAC as ‘female athletes’, according to their literature.

The Fellas:

Jonathan Bearden before

Jonathan Bearden before

Jillian Bearden after

Jillian Bearden after

Clair Louis Swinford- NYTimes photo

Clair Louis Swinford- NYTimes photo

Anna Catarina (Richard) Lisk

Anna Catarina (Richard) Lisk

Erin Marie (Edward Alexander) Russ

Erin Marie (Edward Alexander) Russ

Psychiatrist Ruth Jennifer (Jeffrey S.) Seaman

Psychiatrist Ruth Jennifer (Jeffrey S.) Seaman


“We are a group of trans women cyclists of all ages, who have created a national all trans women’s USAC race team and club team. The sport of cycling has literally saved the lives of several of our members as we have struggled to achieve acceptance in our roles and in our communities. Rather than succumb to the struggles and challenges we face as transwomen, each cyclist has instead chosen a path of resilience, strength, tenacity, love, and civil stewardship. We ride for one another and for our nation as fully engaged examples of the power and beauty of being our authentic selves. The Trans National Women’s Cycling Team has created something that has never been done before—to bring all trans female cyclists together so we can share our stories and grow as a whole. Together with our members, we will continue to make ripples in the pond. This is our time, and it’s our turn to step forward and be free as our true authentic selves in the sport we love. We are giving back, leading, guiding, and pulling for all Americans. In each city we visit, our group TNWCT will not only race as a team and ride as a club, but also actively promote civility for all and encourage all to embrace their true selves in the pursuit of a deeply meaningful and fully committed life.”


37 Responses to “Trans National Women’s Cycling Team: Men Rolling Over A Woman Near You”

  1. donesoverydone Says:

    Reblogged this on stop trans chauvinism.

  2. donesoverydone Says:

    These assholes could actually do something cool which would be to expand co-ed sports. Trans people could lead that. But no, it’s all about men needing to prove their superiority to women. Jackasses, the lot of em.

  3. Great article although I can tell your not a fan of rugby. Did you watch any of the womens rugby in the Olympics?

      • Kalmia Says:

        I think Gallus’s interpretation of the history of rugby isn’t too unreasonable to be honest, it did evolve out of the school game at Rugby School, which back in the 19th century was one of the various posh training academies for young upper class boys to learn militarily useful teamwork and aggression (as the saying goes the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton, etc).

        On topic, I don’t understand how woman like Mason Johnson can delude themselves like this. She’s a man now apparently, but she’s going to keep competing in female sport because biology is a fact except when it isn’t? I’d be fascinated to know what her understanding of being a man means absent any connection to biology, particularly since she’s a rugby player. Is she going to start vomiting over fences and standing on chairs while downing pints in one and singing songs about shagging like a real manly rugby player does?

        Not that being a woman prevents her from doing that (some of the woman rugby players I’ve met have certainly done all of the above whilst still being women).

      • GallusMag Says:

        Eh. My intro to the piece wasn’t very well written I suppose. I was under time constraints and trying to get this piece up. There was some other stuff I intended to include also but didn’t get to it. It was pretty funny stuff, too. Oh well. No refunds.

    • sarineal Says:

      MANifesto is right, but there is a glimmer of hope there as outside the well-trained media pushing these falsehoods there doesn’t seem to be to be wide-spread acceptance of these obvious male cheats in cycling and elsewhere. More peak trans for everyone, as they cannot continue to hide that rather than being discriminated against these men by manipulating the rules rather have rolled out the red carpet for themselves, while women remain ever relegated no matter what identity they might claim.

      They could set up a mixed league especially for themselves, but no, taking something from women is so much better. I think I read in an other article about Mr Bearden that he took the whole of 2015 off competition which for any other athlete that would likely leave them very much behind if not out of competition altogether, but when you are a male going against women even that amount of time off doesn’t mean a thing.

      • All it takes for this to continue down the path it is headed is for people to do nothing while the liberal media peddles the lie that this whole thing is fair and acceptable.

        It doesn’t matter how many people can see that the Emperor is naked, if no one speaks up nothing gets done 😦

  4. Prozac Says:

    Oh, but it’s “saving their lives” to ruin women’s sports, and any objection to anything they want is LITERALLY KILLING. Literally, because words mean whatever they deem them to mean. Those poor oppressed white males.

    • Mar Iguana Says:

      From “Alice Through the Looking Glass:”

      ‘I don’t know what you mean by “glory”,’ Alice said.

      Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. ‘Of course you don’t — till I tell you. I meant “there’s a nice knock-down argument for you!”‘

      ‘But “glory” doesn’t mean “a nice knock-down argument”,’ Alice objected.

      ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

      ‘The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

      ‘The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.’

  5. M. Says:

    I think people need to know the testosterone levels. They are under this impression that their levels are similar or less than a woman’s when it’s not anything NEAR our levels. The regulation is for the level to be on the low end of male which is many more times than female’s T levels. I need to find the article but women’s is like in some range of 1-3 (nanolitres?) and trans women need to be on the lower scale of men’s which is around 9 or 10! And, of course, they ensure their T levels remain at the high end of the acceptable levels! I don’t think people realize this–PLUS they think “oh, loss of muscle mass makes up for everything”–‘they’ don’t realize, hip to waist, bones in hand, height, shoulder span…so many natal physiological advantages. I can’t stand reading comments from people who think, once ‘some’ transitioning takes place, these guys are on equal footing…drives me crazy. 😦

    • borntoryde Says:

      Estrogen and testosterone are not the only hormones that are produced in differing amounts. Other hormones influence metabolism, competitiveness & team bonding, cardio-pulmonary efficiency… and those hormones are not adjusted in trans people.

      Indeed, these athletes are not ever on equal footing, as transition is never truly complete.

  6. Lisa Brooks Says:

    Pretty soon there will be no women’s sports teams. And that is just what men want. When are women going to wake up?

  7. CKDexterHaven Says:

    ‘This is our time…’ For god’s sake, it’s always been men’s time. These men just feel entitled to everything. They get to cheat out in the open and anyone pointing out that the Emperor is naked gets labelled a bigot. The fact that they’re now forming teams means women will be squeezed out pretty soon.

    Have you noticed how often loser-men become winner-women? Fading male celebrity? Become a woman and win Woman of the Year awards! Too shit and stupid to make it as journalist? Become a woman and get your own column! Get beaten by all the guys? Become a woman and beat all the girls! And you’re right, it’s all based on everyone being threatened into telling one massive, galling lie. They’ve got a boot pressed into everyone’s face and yet they’re claiming to be the world’s biggest victims.

    • k.jane Says:

      Brilliant! You are right about the loser men. Many MTTs I’ve had the misfortune of meeting (because if I want to attempt to socialize with other lesbians, I have to deal with them) would not have gotten so far in mainstream, male dominated organizations. It does seem like a way for loser men to get more power that they feel they are entitled to.

      It’s like that one episode of Futurama came true. There’s an episode where Bender can’t hack it in the robot men Olympic competition so he pretends to be a female robot (and gets a “robo-sex change”) so he can beat the female competition. Benders friends recognize that he’s just being his usual asshole self and Amy and Leela were made at how he makes women look. Now that is reality, except with people instead of robots, and pointing out the emperor is a man means you’re in the wrong.

  8. DaveSquirrel Says:

    Wow, thanks GM, for reporting the improved times “after transition”! That is, as always, ace reporting in this area. I certainly had no idea that these dudes had improvement after their laydeefeels.

    • endtheharms Says:

      I wonder if it’s because they’re more motivated to train as laydeez, ‘cos what they really want is now attainable: ATTENSHUN. (For beating all those inferior actual women to the podium, the fawning cameras, the interviewers sympathising with all their special suffering…)

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      I’ve read about a few studies showing women may have an advantage when it comes to endurance. If estrogen contributes to that, then a man who takes estrogen but keeps his testosterone at the highest end of the allowed range might end up with a female endurance advantage combined with a male musculo-skeletal advantage–which could explain the improved performance of these MTT’s.

      It’s an outrage that men are allowed to compete in women’s sports without any empirical evidence that estrogen neutralizes all male advantages. If estrogen added to endogenous androgens turns out to improve men’s athletic performance in some sports, shouldn’t it be considered a form of doping?

      • Transfatiqued Says:

        I interpreted the improved times as a result of additional training. I figure, even if you aren’t competitive as a man, you know you can beat any woman if you work at it.

        Women are better at endurance, but I’ve always thought that came into play when endurance required days, not hours.

      • endtheharms Says:

        Good point.

        I had wondered if the reports of better endurance were to do with extra fat reserves, but I know nothing about it. If endurance does relate to estrogen, then yes, examining the adding of estrogen to trans-identified mens’ exogenous androgens should surely be looked at as a form of doping.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        I looked into the research, and it turns out estrogen seems to improve endurance by increasing the availability of fatty acids that can be used for energy.

        I found no controlled studies showing how much muscle mass and strength transwomen lose after treatment, just a lot of speculation in the absence of evidence that men on estrogen for a year, or maybe two, no longer have any advantage over women. (Harper’s sample size is too small, but even he admits that transwomen don’t lose all their advantages.) There’s also some research on the way testosterone and estrogen may work together to build better quality muscle, so the improvements in race times GM found might not be a coincidence, but an actual result of FTM hormonal tinkering.

        “Women are better at endurance, but I’ve always thought that came into play when endurance required days, not hours.”

        That’s true, in that it takes at least a marathon’s worth of effort before women’s advantage in endurance has a chance of outstripping men’s advantage in muscular strength, but if men who take estrogen add some increased endurance/resilience while maintaining their size and strength, women will have little chance of being able to compete fairly against them in most sports.

      • GallusMag Says:

        Very interesting. Estrogen a form of doping for male athletes. Could explain the increase in sports performance for ‘transwomen’ after transition.

      • anon male Says:

        I think these increased performances after transition are a great catch and are important to point out as often as possible.

        OTOH, I’m not sure they show much scientifically. After all, a retort from the blinkered set could just be “of course she got better post transition, all her energy wasn’t going into not-committing suicide on a daily basis! It’s amazing she was able to even get out of bed to race when she was younger and not living as her true self!”

        You can’t science crazy.

        The fact remains that this biking stuff is still, competitively-speaking, not that far off from roller-derby (no offense to fans!), and attracts more quasi-athletes than professionals who are off plying their superior genetics in more lucrative fields. Hell, a few months ago when I told my running group (mostly women, 27-67, nearly half former division-1 athletes) about that “fell runner” trans who stabbed the official, *not one* had ever goddamn heard of “fell running” before.

        And it shouldn’t be surprising that amateur athletes (in an old-age division!) have massive swings in the quality of their performances. And race times are arbitrary given that it doesn’t matter what your time is so long as it’s better than that of the person behind you. Maybe one year trans-rider-X just randomly ended up with a faster pack midrace, while another year he was in a limbo between packs and only competing against himself?

        I’d imagine the psychological effects of being within shooting distance of a trophy or at least public notice (an opportunity not there for them when competing as males) is enough to alter training intensity and day-of-competition results than the addition of estrogen.

        I’ve come to believe that any substance can be performance enhancing (obviously placebo effect, for starters), but if marijuana can help the right person become a better athlete, just about anything can given the right individual factors. So I’d expect that there’d be some benefit to estrogen especially if an athlete was crazy enough to believe it was also helping their internal monologue.

        I remain skeptical though that it’d be able to overcome the benefits that come with size/less surface-area that women possess when it comes to extreme endurance events, though.

  9. There is also 60-year old Malcolm “Cate” McGregor here in Australia who is trying to get into the elite woman’s cricket competition, the Big Bash League. He was originally prevented from playing at the grade level, but his male mates stepped in to make sure he could play.

  10. How much are female athletes and sports teams belittled and degraded?

    How little are female athletes and sports teams rewarded, even when they outshine their male counterparts?

    How often are female athletic accomplishments attributed to the males in these women’s lives (husbands, fathers, coaches)?

    How long have women even been allowed to play competitive sports? We couldn’t even get these problems sorted before female sports were invaded by males on the basis of being ‘progressive’ and ‘inclusive’!

    We didn’t even really have it and the men have still managed to take it away. But they can’t let women have anything, can they? No, that would be exclusionary, and we can’t have that.

  11. Prozac Says:

    Also, is it just me (oh god i hope it’s just me and this is not really happening) or is there something really strange going on with the left hand in that picture of Jillian. At first i thought it was positioned to cover the dick, then i thought the exact opposite via the missing thumb. I could be completely off though.

  12. Transfatiqued Says:

    A colleague suggested that in the future, women would compete in the Special Olympics. Their disability would be that they were women who were born female.
    He is also chagrined at what is happening to women’s sports and athletic competitions.

  13. This just so shitty. There are the people invoking “science”, like it’s settled that men who want to compete as women have no advantage, despite a huge incentive to downplay their abilities, taking all integrity out of women’s competitions. Then there are the men who love to sneer about how we wanted everything equal, so too bad, we have to compete with men now. Finally, the ones who say that since there is a wide variety of abilities, why not just let everyone compete according to skill level or weight class, not sex. They figured out how to ruin women’s sports, that’s for sure.

  14. Anna Says:

    Men’s longjump performances are further than women’s at every level, from middle school track meets to the Olympics and the world records. You claim ‘women may beat men in longjump’, but that’s not accurate.

  15. Anna Says:

    Ah, my mistake, I see you were referring to long jump SKIING, which is a different story. It’s not certain yet if either sex has an advantage there.

  16. Rachel Says:

    Speaking from a UK-centric position here, so this might not apply elsewhere, but there seem to be a lot of MTT muscling their way into sports that attract a lot of lesbian female participants. Women’s pro cycling has out lesbian riders, and club-level cycling is pretty lesbian-friendly over here. The story is similar with golf (long history of lesbian pros), tennis (ditto) and roller derby, which has been completely taken over by the queer lobby. You don’t see MTTs demanding admittance to netball teams, or places in the Ladies’ figure skating championship.

  17. GallusMag Says:

    New article on Jonathan Beardon’s lady-feels and how stomping on female athletes saves men’s lives:


    “Bearden spent the first 34 years of her life as Jonathan, plagued by depression, suicidal tendencies and the dysphoria that comes when you’re a woman stuck in a man’s body.”

    “An estimated 41 percent of all transgendered people commit suicide, with many more undiagnosed trans people unaccounted for.”

    ” I would wear my sister’s clothes and wished to be on girls’ sports team and things like that. All throughout my life I had this dysphoria going on,” said Bearden.

    “All throughout high school I wore women’s clothes underneath my actual clothes just to feel comfortable in my own skin.”

    “Aside from the physical outlet, cycling allowed her to shave her legs and wear tight cycling clothing without anyone thinking twice about it.’

    “Pushing the pedal down to the floor, “Beautiful Things” by Andain playing on the stereo. 60 mph, 70 mph, 90 mph. One jerk on the steering wheel would send her car flying and all that pain and confusion would be gone.”

    “After 30+ years she was finally part of that long-desired girls’ team –Naked Women’s Racing out of Boulder, Colorado– wearing pink and surrounded by her peers.”


    “Interestingly, none of her competitors at El Tour de Tucson had minded that Bearden is trans. Or at least, they had kept their comments to themselves at the time.

    During the 4.5 hour race, they had had friendly conversations, and when it was time for the podium finishers to go on stage and collect their medal, the women hugged and celebrated each other’s achievements.

    But fueled by the negative press, the transgender athlete debate was reignited.

    While not upset by the outcome of the race, second-place finisher Anna Sparks declined to comment. Third-place finisher Suzanne Sonye meanwhile expressed mixed feelings.

    “I have raced for 30 years, and have raced against many trans athletes during that time. The topic is heating up now, but Bearden is nothing new,” Sonye said.

    “[At El Tour] I got third, Jillian won. I would never want to take that away from her. But her story at El Tour de Tucson does take something away from the other women in the peloton. Other issues are being looked over, like me being a woman in my 50s and still racing and placing.”

    When asked about fair play, Sonye said that on personal level, she doesn’t mind competition against trans athletes.

    “I’ll take her on any day, but that’s just me. I’ll take on men, too,” she said. ““I feel bad about saying it but no, I do not think it’s fair play and I question her integrity knowing that she’s going into these event knowing that she is going to be stronger.”

    “I’m sure [Bearden] had a rough go at it. It’s very difficult to be transgender. But [when it comes to racing] it’s problematic to me that she [transitioned] only a couple years ago, and has lived 30 years as a man. Regardless of testosterone levels, she’s got muscle memory and a lung capacity that I could never build up. She was a Cat 1 as a male. I could never match a pro man. How fair is that to her female competitors?”
    ““Taking HRT, I started to feel its effect within a month. It was so weird, especially when it comes to my mental game,” Bearden recalled. “I was mentally in a tough place trying to push through my workouts.” <<<LaydeeBrain

    Interestingly, instead of comparing Jonathan/Jillian Beardon's race times, the men like Beardon who race in women's events propose that 'Lactate Threshold' measurements, rather than performance, be used to 'prove' a decrease in performance despite their improved race times after taking estrogen:

    "When it comes to power, pre-transition, Bearden’s 8-minute test from Carmichael Training Systems in 2011 show an average Power of 338 watts, and a lactate threshold watts of 304 watts.

    In 2016, post-transition, the same test resulted in an 8-minute average power of 300 watts and a lactate Threshold watts of 270 watts.
    This is an 11% reduction in power.

    “If you look at biological men and women cyclists, the difference between elite athletes is 11 percent. And so I fall in line. I’m compliant and exactly where it should be,” said Bearden."

    Yet Lactate Threshold is the same in male and female athletes, according to this:

    "The lactate threshold — the percentage of VO2max at which lactic acid begins to accumulate in the blood — has not been extensively studied in female runners. Nonetheless, the available data indicate that elite women can run marathons at about 75-85% of VO2max, essentially the same as for elite men (Davies & Thompson, European Journal of Applied Physiology 41: 233-45, 1979; Iwaoka et al., International Journal of Sports Medicine 9: 306-9, 1988)."
    Like the other articles, the "reporter" Anne-Marije Rook, does not compare Mr. Beardon's race times pre and post wardrobe change.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Re: my commentary ” a man named Jillian Bearden (Jonathan Bearden) won the top prize of the female division at cycling’s El Tour De Tucson on his first attempt, by demanding that everyone else pretend he is female because he started taking estrogen pills a year ago, on the premise that feminized males are an abject, tragic lot, so pathetic and worthy of pity that anyone with a heart should dash their own interests (and common sense) to accommodate them.”

      Comments on the article:

      • kesher Says:

        All M2T accommodations come down to “allies” thinking M2Ts are too pathetic to be held to the same standards as anyone else.

      • Branjor Says:

        No pain can ever compare to their pain. They always play the same old song, just different variations. It’s a tired old con game which goes back many years. I remember hearing versions of it when I was growing up in the 1950s and 60s, and I am sure it was going on way before then too.

  18. SkepticalMom Says:

    Another weekend has passed, another male has claimed a victory in a woman’s race, this time the Jacksonville, Florida marathon.

    The male runner is Aron Mikhael Taylor, who apparently has something of a shady past, according to this forum thread:

    Aron Taylor is now claiming to be “Erin,” a hermaphrodite (his word) and transgender. This is his lulzy, over-the-top website:

    Good lord, who will be on the women’s winners’ podium next weekend? I don’t know his name, but it is sure to be a man!

  19. […] amateur to professional levels the transgender athletes are beginning to rise to the top, from US High school state competitions where sporting prowess is rewarded with college […]

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