War on Lesbian Culture

December 1, 2016



I’ve worked the door at various lesbian events. That shit ‘aint pretty. LESBIAN ONLY. Sorry genderqueer non binary trans masc boo. NOT FOR YOU. Sorry autogynephile heterosexual male fantasists. NOT FOR YOU. You need to PUT A FOOT UP THE ASS of IDIOTS who don’t RESPECT lesbian spaces.



“Queers” are not lesbian.

“FTMs” are not lesbian.

“Transwomen” are men.





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  1. donesoverydone Says:

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  2. drycamp Says:

    I am not a lesbian but I feel very strongly that you are on the RIGHT TRACK! Stand your ground! “Lesbian” means “woman” (a real one, not all these fakes) who loves women. Period.

    If you are “gender queer” you are gender queer. Congratulations, make you live well! If you are a “transwoman” you are a man. Again, I support your right to do what you are doing, but you cannot become a woman by declaring that you are a woman, and you cannot become a woman by having surgery.

  3. Solidarity for my lesbian sisters. I wonder if there is a way non-lesbians could contribute by guarding spaces from intruders, rather than entering the spaces themselves? Perhaps not. But if this is a type of support that lesbian events would like (as I said, I genuinely don’t know, and if it’s not welcome, I — unlike men — will bug right off!), I know some other non-lesbian women who would gladly do that so that lesbians could meet in private.

  4. silverside Says:

    Preach it, sister!

  5. I’m Bi but I so agree. Don’t take any shit from anyone. Keep women’s spaces for WOMEN ONLY.

  6. Luca Says:

    Dude this smells like a rant, chill, screaming only makes you unbearable to others… I’m sure you can find better and more constructive words to defend your cause.

  7. Oak and Ash Says:

    I’ll join the women standing in solidarity with lesbians–who seem to be getting the worst of the new liberalism which defines bigotry as women setting boundaries and saying no to men.

  8. Hell, I’m a bloke and I agree with you. Every group of people should have the right to define themselves. If trans want a trans inclusive bar, open a trans bar and make it so good that other people come.

    This whole “I’m a lesbian trapped in a mans body” if just a tired old joke from 1979 that has been fed kryptonite by a load of pervy old blokes who can’t come to terms with their prostate problems.

  9. Keisha Says:

    It’s great to see lesbians still have support from straight allies. We already know hetero men and women and gay males are never harassed about their sexual preferences / sexual identity or their private events. <<< That should tell you everything right there. We as lesbians will have to create smaller private events to keep out anyone not born female. And to only collaberate with women who call themselves lesbian. And NOT collaberate with women who support women or lesbian transition, or refer to themselves as queer, non binary, pansexual, ftm butch, mtf lesbian, 'They/Hir' pronouns LGBTXYZ-WTF++ etc.

  10. Medi Says:

    YES, hetero women step up and defend lesbian only space, get together 100 of you to guard the doors of our events, police the streets, women born women only. YES, lesbians need massive support RIGHT NOW, we have been under constant attack from the trans mafia for decades now. KEEP you god damn men away from us, keep you sons out of our hair, step up and donate to Gallus hetero women. Stand in solidarity with lesbian nation, we’ve certainly done the lion’s share of work for women’s liberation and get crumbs of respect in return. SUPPORT old lesbians, donate money to poor lesbians you know, PAY BACK for the Michigan Womyn’s Music festival that was about 70% lesbian run for 40 years. This festival was the inspiration of lesbians.

  11. Medi Says:

    There is total war on lesbians now, total war! Lesbian families have been KILLED by male to trans. See the article about the interracial lesbian couple and their son who were KILLED by a male to trans with NO reports on this anywhere in the LGBT press. Even mainstream newspapers report the attacks male to trans commit on women. Start talking to all your misguided liberal het friends about the threat lesbians are facing. Get those women who seem all inthralled with the menz tranz –the fag hag syndrome I call it.

  12. Medi Says:

    So YES, we need help. This is a nightmare for us. We meet in private homes now, because the trans have invaded everything labeled LGBT in greater Los Angeles. We can’t even have a LESBIAN erotic poetry event without the men in dresses invading it and pissing all over it. Yes, we need you to guard the door, we need thousand of strong het women allies to stand strong. Support lesbians, stick your neck out, offer your homes and spaces to lesbian nation. Heck, you’ve got piles of money from being married to men — you expect us to do all the activism, pay back to every lesbian who stood the line so that you could get abortion rights, rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, all of this founded by lesbian feminists back in the 70s. HELP DO SOMETHING, say I SUPPORT LESBIAN ONLY SPACE, I DEFEND LESBIAN ONLY SPACE, I DEFEND AND SUPPORT BORN WOMYN’S SPACE, make it happen het women out there, just start doing this.

    • Mon Says:

      It’s true. Back in the sixties and seventies, before there were any domestic shelters, lesbian women would hide these terrified straight women and their kids from crazy, dangerous husbands and boyfriends. Very scary to know you were hiding someone in such extreme danger. Hats off to these brave young women of the past who are now older and practically forgotten.

    • How could go about doing this? I am het and would be happy to support lesbians in this way. Any suggestions will be considered.

    • Pat Jones Says:

      I’m trans and am happy to help protect your spaces. This “transwomen are women” thing has got to end. Why, some trans readers may ask? Because… biology, and science, and reality. Seriously. Just get a grip, be trans, and let people alone. Why force yourself into a party when you weren’t invited?

  13. Mark F. Says:

    No lesbian bars in San Francisco either. Not a one.

  14. Keisha Says:

    Yes, private lesbian space is mostly gone. Meetup.com posts events a few times a week for ‘ladies night’ for ‘millenial’ twenty year old lesbians at bars. But if your over 30+ its harder to meet other women your age. Other events at Meetups that were previously lesbian only now allow trans and draw smaller crowds for local lesbian events. I went to an annual ‘lesbians who tech’ event in San Francisco, despite not working in tech, specifically to meet other lesbians, and that also allow trans to attend. They blather on about tech, while never discussing private space or about losing our sisters to transition.

  15. Bev Jo Says:

    There is a new Lesbian bar now in the East Bay, across from SF, but yes, all the rest are gone.

    True Lesbian space was rare in the US except for our Lesbian Separatist gatherings, but women only was important and needed, which is why the trans cult, women with men, etc. destroyed most of it. We are back to meeting as we used to, but with less resources, in public het places, and in our homes. But many Lesbians are lucky to have homes at all.

    Yes, clearly a war on Lesbians with most everyone supporting the men and trans cult against us…

    Thank you for this perfect post, Gallus Mag! xoxoxo

  16. GallusMag Says:

    Anyone on twitter can support the new editor of @AfterEllen who is being harassed by men for supposedly expressing #DROPTHET sentiments. @memoreejoelle @AfterEllen.
    Need help now! Thanks!

    • GallusMag Says:

      My twitter is locked. An individual named @feyrah apparently tweeted at me a dozen or so times. Before I could respond (I had been offline) they called on their anti-lesbian followers to report me for “harassment”. The “Harassment” of not having their many many tweets responded to, apparently. What an incredible asshole. Since it’s the weekend, I doubt this will be resolved soon, as Twitter will need time to look at the false reports, which are ACTUAL harassment. FYI.

  17. Pat Jones Says:

    This seems so obvious. It has to be a minority of loudmouths that are spouting this nonsense of transwomen are women, no? I’m trans, and it’s as obvious as anything that I’m not female. I’ve no desire to enter your spaces, am quite happy being in gender neutral spaces, and offer my full support to your right to control your own spaces. Is this seriously an unusual stance to have as a trans person? And if so, when the heck did this happen?

    More power to you all. Just happy to be myself and happy to come on to these sorts of sites to learn from you how trans people can better co-exist with you.

    There is absolutely no need for us transpeople to enter your hard won female spaces. Womyn born womyn makes perfect sense to me. My only wish is that we could all be civil and supportive of one another. I’ve nothing but respect for the female community at large, and that completely includes lesbians and rad fems. You all are an inspiration of strength and tirelessness.

    Why the heck do we even have to be called transwomen? Transwomen aren’t women. I don’t even want to be a woman – just want to be my own quiet little unimportant self. Isn’t there some other word we could call ourselves? Shouldn’t we be working to create some kind of space for “others” rather than trying to jam ourselves into female spaces? It’s absurd!

    One transperson (hopefully of many) wishing you well.

  18. Medi Says:

    Hard to say Pat. Perhaps you are more honest than the rest of them. I’m not interested in trans, have no need to engage them, unless they are ATTACKING lesbian events and spaces. Male to trans seems like a perfectly good term. As a butch lesbian, I wear what I want, I don’t support femininity— it makes women into sex objects. Male to trans invaders have been after lesbian spaces for decades. Remember, Janice Raymond wrote the Transexual Empire in 1979– so even then lesbians had to name these male predictors and get the word out.

    Het women this is what you can do–
    1. Talk to your het friends about what is happening to lesbian spaces.
    2. Get up to speed and provide space for lesbians to meet.
    3. Loads of het women have huge houses (het privilege) and this space could serve lesbian needs for privacy and to keep our culture alive.
    4. Make sure hets learn about the male to trans murder of women, and the male perving on children–get the word out about the police reports etc.
    5. Stand up and publicaly support born womyn spaces and stand up to the trans crowd. Women need to SPEAK OUT.
    6. Get the book Female Erasure, and buy it, talk about it, and invite women who wrote essays in the book to your events.
    7. There are loads of activist women in that book who make great public speakers.
    8. Don’t be afraid to tell male to trans NO, if you need to post private security in UNIFORM at the door DO IT. Pay for it.
    9. Thank radical lesbian feminists and separatists for our political work. We built a movement that het women benefited from, now pay it back, give money to poor lesbians, make things accessible to women with severe handicaps— yes, lesbians suffer a lot of illness because of the constant attacks and harassment we’ve endured over the years.
    10. Host events at private spaces, pay for the spaces, provide the security and donate to lesbian only groups or born womyn only groups.
    11. Celebrate radical lesbian feminists, sing our praises, that alone would be huge. Ask us questions and give a damn and actually listen to us. Het women never or almost never really want to know me. I get tired of the social erasure I feel among het women everywhere.
    12. Give loads of money to GallusMag –write her big checks, come on het women step up here. Gallus gets pennies for this life saving blog, so use the het privilege and the money you get from your male owners for the good of Gallus. She would really appreciate gifts of $10,000 or more I’m sure.

    • Pat Jones Says:

      Thanks for the reply, Medi. Have to agree with pretty much everything you have to say there. I’m not feminine either and don’t care about clothes one bit. Jeans and a hoodie get me through pretty much everything. Walk my dog. Eat. Go to work. Clean house. Run errands. Spend time with my boyfriend and family. Babysit for friends. Who has time for screwing with makeup and clothes? Seems like an incredible waste and an unfair expectation that women are supposed to spend time and money on such things, and it’s unimaginable to me why transpeople would want to join in.

      Really sorry to hear about this trans invasion that’s going on. I’ll do my best to talk sense to my kind and hopefully things will reach some kind of reasonable conclusion.

      The Transsexual Empire is interesting as it’s written from the perspective that men are trying to be women. That just isn’t true for me, so I don’t feel it applies. Women get to choose whatever they want to be. My opinions and existence obviously don’t mean a thing.

  19. k.jane Says:

    Ugh, that article is sad. I doubt that the bars for gay men have 100% gay men all the time but the fact that the city of Portland has EIGHT bars that are called “gay bars” (meaning for gay men!) and yet not one lesbian bar is extremely telling of the war against lesbians and our culture. The comments accusing lesbians of bigotry on that article conveniently gloss over that point. The fact that if it’s called a lesbian bar means it’s “exclusive” (even if it allows non-lesbians to come) but if it’s a gay bar, it’s a-okay is indicative of the massive anti-lesbian war going on. There’s a HUGE difference between an oppressed, marginalized group wanting to have space for themselves and discrimination. I support lesbian separatism and black separatism and other efforts for marginalized groups to carve out their own spaces. I believe in freedom of association and I also believe that you are not obligated to associate with your oppressors to spare their feelings.

    It is also sad that so many young women are being brainwashed into not wanting to be lesbians. You’d expect that from religious fundamentalists, but now it’s coming from within the so-called community that claims to represent us. It is not “limiting” to be a lesbian. In fact, it is quite wonderful. What is limiting is the trans cult, as well as the religious fundies who absolutely hate the fact that women can and often do only love other women. Their idea that women must love and include men sexually and romantically is what is limiting. The trans cult and religious fundies ARE patriarchy, so of course they attack lesbians the most since we say no to men. I don’t think they’re brave enough to start harassing mainstream heterosexuals to the extent that they harass us.

    What the hell is up with “labeling” suddenly being bad when it comes to being a lesbian?! The trans cult has made up 50+ imaginary genders for Facebook and apparently, students in Portland schools get their pick of 9 imaginary genders. There’s all these imaginary genders based on how well you fit into 1950s style sexist stereotypes and they are supposed to be more “real” than biological sex. Yet, when it comes to being a lesbian, suddenly “labels are bad”. The hypocrisy is astounding.

    Sadly, I am surprised that the lesbian who organized the “softball league” got accused of wanting to “exterminate trans women”. They ALWAYS pull this shit any time lesbians want to have anything for ourselves. It’s because they (the MTTs) know that they are not really women and they are especially not lesbians and so their fragile ego requires them to bully real lesbians and other women into playing along with their fantasy. For all their claims that we are literally murdering them for not playing along, how many lesbians are alone and isolated because there is no community for us? The only way you can meet other lesbians is to hang out in mixed groups and you often have to deal with trans cult presence. How many lesbians die of poverty and get zero help because all LGBTWTF organizations care about is helping trans autogynophiles and maybe to a lesser extent gay men?

    Lesbians are an oppressed group and as Bev Jo pointed out, many of us don’t even have homes. Yet, it’s we who are most attacked by the trans cult and identity politics and us who are considered bigots to want to have one tiny space of our own? Liberals do not respect anyone’s boundaries, especially not boundaries set up by lesbians and non-lesbian women. In that manner, they are exactly like conservatives.

    As for me, I support lesbians for lesbians. Enough helping literally everyone who isn’t us including people who hate us. Mainstream trans activism is anti-lesbian, anti-gay, anti-bisexual, and anti-female. It is nothing but patriarchy disguised in pretentious academic wording to look progressive. If everyone stopped playing along and stopped pretending that these men are women and/or lesbians, this problem would solve itself.

  20. Maybe private clubs would be better with private invite only memberships. But I still think Lesbians should fight for their own PUBLIC and PRIVATE spaces.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Agree. Private member-only clubs and events. That’s what we had to do 30 years ago to keep the men out.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        The problem is that that takes an enormous amount of money. Once we could rent all kinds of public spaces for an event, or have events in large rented group houses, but now that is all gone. One decrepit space in Oakland rents for $400 for a few hours and has to be booked months in advance.

        In my community, it’s usually that we meet in public spaces and try to ignore the looks of horror and hatred from the het couples who also bash into us on the dancer floor and the men twirl their women.

        But we continue…..

  21. Medi Says:

    I personally think we should step up the private events in lesbian owned homes…. get private email addresses, go do it, in Los Angeles alone there must be thousands of lesbian homes, it would be huge. AND ALSO go for aggressive control of public space too. Lesbians just have to step it up across the board now and be proud of lesbian only space and events, heck, bring a bunch of lesbian security guards to protect the space!

    • drycamp Says:

      I am not a lesbian and I am not in Los Angeles, but I have a lesbian daughter living in Los Angeles, so I know that there is a thriving community there. Tens of thousands of lesbian homes in Los Angeles the city and closely surrounding suburbs, surely.

      Private homes would seem to be the first line of defense, since no one can doubt your right to exclude anyone you want to exclude from your own home, for any reason or for no reason.

      Then, private clubs, same deal. You’d run into some opposition (some of these alleged “lesbian” trans people can be pretty aggressive) but again the right to exclude people cannot be doubted. The thing is, you’d have to be very clear among yourselves just who is to be admitted and who isn’t, and be sure to enforce that.

      “Public” spaces I’m not so sure about. I just don’t know the law in this area, but surely someone here does. A bar holds itself out as a public space, which I THINK means, you cannot, for example, exclude black people. The trans community can be relied upon to bring this up instantly the minute someone is turned away. There may well be an answer, I just don’t know what it is.

      kjane says, “Liberals do not respect anyone’s boundaries, especially not boundaries set up by lesbians and non-lesbian women. In that manner, they are exactly like conservatives. ”

      Wow. That puts so much of this discussion in a nut!! So-called liberals are “inclusive” right up until the point that women, whether lesbian or not, need something. Then suddenly our rights are – of course! – subordinated to the desires of men. This comes clearly into focus when you admit that “trans-women” (or whatever I’m supposed to call them) are actually MEN.

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        Keep in mind as well, that even if the trans folks bring up the exclusion of blacks or other groups from a club or public space, it is a false flag argument. All one needs to see is how the community operates in full to understand, they are as bigoted, if not more so (in a patronizing vein) than those they accuse of bigotry.

        As for the issue of lesbian spaces being for lesbians only….right on. No problem there, it is a freedom to associate with who one wants to. That is not bigotry, that is just a fact. Those supposedly brilliant folks in the trans community should know this and not usurp the space or rights of others, especially when they have shown a lack of overall respect for others.

      • Medi Says:

        Drycamp– we’ve had private events at lesbian homes for years, this is just increasing. One woman wanted to have a lesbian party for her birthday and put it on meet-up–she said bluntly LESBIANS ONLY MY HOUSE MY RULES NO MALE TO TRANS she caught hell for this, but we had the party and it was great. Now we just bluntly state NO MALE TO TRANS and all the lesbians who had a fit about this, we just told them tough it’s a private home NO MEN ALLOWED. It works, just be blunt and direct. Oh and it was mostly working class lesbians who attended, working class lesbians tend to have the most of these sorts of events.

  22. hearthrising Says:

    The private club solution would create a class and race divide among lesbians. Middle class women would want to pay more for better amenities. This was already a problem back in the heyday with the upscale bars, cruises, etc., but I think private clubs as an only option would make this more pronounced. Also, how would women who are unsure or questioning decide if they belonged in the club, if it’s private? I think private clubs should be pursued, since a poor option is better than none, but women still need public space.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Well when I first came out the Lesbian bars operated as “private clubs”. You got a membership card and everything that you had to show. Two members had to sponsor you- but you could just get women going into or out of the bar to do it. Took five minutes and cost ten bucks- and you got two drink tickets! No card: no entry. I got my first card when I was 14 years old. Lied about my age. Patrons were racially diverse and largely working class.

    • drycamp Says:

      OK public space, but the question is, how can it be defended? Do you tolerate some intrusion from males who “identify” as lesbians? If not, how do you exclude them, legally, from a public facility?

      Are there really so many of these men that they are presenting a serious problem? Since I am not a part of the community I don’t know the answer to this question.

      • GallusMag Says:

        The only thing stopping this from happening is Lesbians. Not straight people, not Transbians.
        It isn’t men trying to get me banned from twitter for being a lesbian. It’s other lesbians who call themselves queers who want me cast out of society for being openly gay. It was lesbians who prevented Michfest from excluding males. Not straight people. The call is coming from inside the house.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Are their really so many of these men”?

        Yes. They’ve destroyed every lesbian event. About 80% of transgender people are heterosexual men who want to be “lesbians”. The vast majority.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      I agree. That is exactly what’s happened where I live, and ironically, it’s the women who came out more easily because of the warm and welcoming Lesbian community we created who then had privilege from being married with houses, careers and money to then segregate our community. Few of us who helped make our community could afford to be part of this and certainly don’t have houses to have events.

      I’ve actually heard these privileged Lesbians say the poor should have to leave this area rather than make it affordable, and that those of us without expensive clothes shouldn’t be in the community, or they just don’t invite to their parties those who don’t have property and careers (and often ex-husbands) to brag about.

      But Gallus Mag’s idea of making a private club out of a bar or other spaces could work in some places. Here, they desperately need customers to keep them going (our new small Lesbian bar and the one cafe), so nothing is likely to be even women only again except for one-time events.

  23. Bev Jo Says:

    And Gallus Mag is right that the trans cult could not have destroyed Lesbian and women’s community without Lesbian traitors and collaborators. Our chapter on why Lesbians betray Lesbians was written before the cult had gotten so much power but the reasons we gave still explains why men, and especially men who identify as Lesbians, are more valued than any Lesbian or woman.

    “Transwomen” are men, mostly het men, and everyone knows it, which is why they are so worshipped while we who say no to them are policed and bullied and driven from our communities. All it takes is one of these pricks to destroy a space, like the pervy, porny sado-masochist man who always goes and sings off key at one of the last “women only” monthly open mics here. I will not subject myself to have to hear him again in order to participate and read poetry. A man is running our Bay Area chapter of OLOC, so to find out or go to events means going through him. Even those who don’t object are surprised at how quickly he got into power. But that is what they have always done. And it doesn’t seem to matter how racist or female-hating they are, they are still supported.

    We need loyalty and solidarity. If all Lesbians said no to these men, we could have a lot of safe women only or even Lesbian spaces again. But they won’t. I have theories, but really do not know why. They are even afraid to say no to openly het men who visibly perv on us and instead praise them.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Lesbians and straight women both suffer the same female “socialization” (terrorism) under men and both will reflexively abide their lifetime of training under violence to placate and serve the male overlords. Oppression of women survives because women participate in it. Lesbians are no different. Lesbians are women.

    • drycamp Says:

      This is a really tough problem.

      Restaurants/bars are already a very risky business. I think I read that half of all restaurants fail during the first two years, most during the first year. The SF Bay Area has plenty of lesbians, but the ruling ideology would very much oppose the exclusion of transwomen (or whatever I’m supposed to call them) and that would argue that only a truly private club could have a hope of existing without being very quickly taken over by these men. And private clubs also must pay rent and so forth, so they would need relatively rich members who are very consistent about financial support, whereas most lesbians are not rich.

      I was listening yesterday to an NPR show on the recent tragic Oakland fire, and every single “woman” they interviewed, and it seemed that every single “woman” they even mentioned, was actually trans. (Surely there were women artists there too, but these iconic victims we’re all talking about seem to have all been men.) We heard over and over about their “courage” and so forth.

      Now trans people have the very same right to live safely and gather in bars and concerts as everyone else. I am certainly not suggesting that these horrible deaths are any less tragic because of that (or any other such factor)!! This is a huge disaster in this community. The question is, how can lesbians obtain those very same rights to assembly without being overwhelmed by these very aggressive, very insecure men.

  24. salves Says:

    I can’t believe such close-mindedness and intolerance is coming from women.

    You are just a bunch of transphobic people. Trans people being accepted for who they are and getting equal rights does not take away from your own rights.

    You are no better than those MRAs.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Gay people have the right to gay events. It isn’t bigotry for gay people to have gay events, sicko. Protesting lesbian rights to lesbian spaces makes you different than any other anti-gay bigot in what way? You’re a homophobe. That’s what you are.

      • salves Says:

        I don’t even know what to say to this…

        It is bigotry to deny people their right to self-agency. It is bigotry to try and exclude a certain group of people. Anyway you couldn’t even spot most of the transwomen in order to exclude them and would end up excluding women who are not transgender.

        Your rhetoric does have a lot in common with MRAs movements, I have even come across some of them on the comment section agreeing with it. That would be a huge red flag for me and I would question my stance on this!

        I absolutely get your logic for calling me a homophobe (being that I don’t agree with you). I don’t get why you are calling me a sicko though.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You go to lesbian blogs and argue that lesbian and gay events should be outlawed. It doesn’t get much sicker than that, sicko.

      • drycamp Says:


        No one proposes to deny anyone “their right to self-agency.” Whatever that is. Everyone can do whatever they like, be attracted to whomever they like, dress as they please.

        It is not “bigotry” to “exclude a certain group of people.” That is beyond ridiculous. Are you arguing that a men’s prayer group is engaging in bigotry by excluding women? That a children’s group like the Boy Scouts is “bigoted” because they won’t allow adults as scouts? That we cannot have a women’s group, lesbian or straight, without being “bigots” if we exclude men?

        Who are you anyway? It sounds to me like you are some variety of male (you have named and explained about three kinds) who is trying to break into lesbian gatherings. Guess what. You have “self-agency.” Go ahead and do whatever it is. These lesbians, who are women, don’t want you there. Go do it somewhere else.

    • NoForcedCrossdressingKink Says:

      nope. not against transgender doing hormones and getting surgery–these transgender folk have been in the gay male community forever–and they are attracted to MEN. what i am against are the crossdressing kink fetishists claiming to be lesbians and forcing themselves into women’s bathrooms and spaces. This is a sexual kink not a genuine transition–which will almost always include the surgery and hormomes just like it’s been done in the gay male community forever!

      • salves Says:

        So according to you, women are allowed to be attracted to men, to women, or I hope both (or is bisexuality also not a thing?).

        However, trans women, for you to acknowledge them as such, need to be attracted to men, otherwise they are fake?

        I agree, some MEN like dressing like women from time to time and are also heterosexual and are also perverts. They shouldn’t be allowed in women’s spaces. They are really easy to spot.

      • drycamp Says:

        Anyone can be attracted to anyone, it’s all OK with me, what do I care? It’s really very simple. I don’t want men in my private spaces. I don’t care what they call themselves or who they’re attracted to or how they dress.

    • michelle Says:

      Guess what asshole…it is the hulking men in dresses demanding access to women. The very few trans that just did what they felt they needed to in order to get on with their lives and who melded into society are NOT the ones making demands. My guess is they are also ignored by all of the bullshit ‘studies’ and ‘surveys’ bandied about by TransInc since they ALSO want nothing to do with the pigs in wigs…

      I guess the victims of David Warfield (err, Dana Rivers) were also transphobic, what with their being murdered by a tranny for the crime of being an actual lesbian couple with an adopted son.

  25. NoForcedCrossdressingKink Says:

    I dunno… maybe I am old or something. Here’s the deal: The flamboyant transgenders that are attracted to men go to the gay men’s events and bars. Drag Queens have always been a part of gay male culture and men who transition into a female role have always been around and they are attracted to men sexually. Personally, I have no trouble with these transgender women in the same bathroom with me at all. Most of these T-girls do the surgery and hormones too.

    The heterosexual men who used to be called crossdressers and seek out kink lifestyles have no damn place in our bathrooms or in rape shelters for women, etc. They are not having surgery and not taking hormones and they sure as hell are not lesbians. If you are a heterosexual man and you ‘transition’ you are not a lesbian you are a crossdesser. Crossdressing is a sexual kink and forcing it on women and girls, forcing them to play along with this, is a form of sexual assault in my opinion. If you are a crossdressing heterosexual man in my bathroom that is sexual assault and peeping as far as I am concerned.

    • salves Says:

      Drag queens are not transwomen. They are homosexual males that dress as women part of the time. They usually don’t even want to resemble a woman too much – otherwise they are called “fishy” – not a compliment. I would have no problem with them using the woman’s bathroom when they are in drag.

      Crossdressers are not transwomen. They are (usually heterosexual) men that dress as women and get a sexual kick out of it. They have no business being in women’s spaces.

      Transwoman implies some sort of transition. Men don’t start hormonal therapy for kicks, they don’t chop off their penis for kicks. Actually, for someone born a male to start a hormonal therapy implies that they will have very little sexual drive and a lot of health problems…

      As a student I used to work at a shoe store. At some point the shoe store started selling women shoes in big sizes, in an effort to accommodate women with big feet. Many of the shoes were bought by women with big feet (obviously!), some of them were probably transgender. But a sizeable portion of them, specially the ones with big heels and sparkles were bought by … males. Drag queens that were usually in their “day” clothes and were more intimidated than anything. Sometimes a bit defensive (wonder why!). Not one of them gave me a creepy vibe.

      I have yet to meet the proverbial heterosexual male that dresses as a woman and is also a creep.t They probably buy their shoes online.

      • michelle Says:

        Except that the tranny brigade has placed BOTH of those groups (drag queens and transvestites) under their umbrella concept that they have foisted upon everyone for the past, what, 25 years…

        Bottom line is that actual females should not have to molly-coddle them or allow them in our spaces. Women should not have to argue for the right to space away from persons born male, no matter how much cosmetic surgery that male might have had to imitate the stereotypes they associate with females.

      • drycamp Says:

        “Bottom line is that actual females should not have to molly-coddle them or allow them in our spaces. Women should not have to argue for the right to space away from persons born male, no matter how much cosmetic surgery that male might have had to imitate the stereotypes they associate with females.”

        Thank you Michelle. I don’t want drag queens in my private spaces, and I don’t want transvestites there either. Nor transwomen or whatever the accepted term is this week. I don’t care what their motivations are, and I’m not interested in learning how to tell them apart. They are every one of them males, and I don’t want males in my private spaces. Especially do I not want them in my gym locker room.

        These men have repeatedly been offered gender-neutral spaces, and they almost always refuse that accommodation. They would accept that if all they were worried about was their personal safety. Oh no. They insist on being in with real women, for whatever kinky reason. It’s not OK with me. The way they dress and live is up to them but I don’t want them in there. They are not women and I refuse to pretend that they are.

  26. salves Says:


    Since my personal situation is so important to you, and apparently is necessary to validate my views, here goes.

    I am a woman (born with a vagina and ovaries, I even have boobs and a period!). Also I am not into penises (never even touched one!). So yes I am a lesbian.

    Now, I have PCOS which is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This disease causes hormonal imbalances that can result in a few different things. In my case nothing too bad (acne and too much body hair). I am medicated for it. And the medication is… surprise! Hormonal therapy! Of course in much lower doses than trans women. I guess I just see trans women as having the same problem but a million times worse. They were just very unlucky.

    In addition, I just think you are a very close-minded group and give lesbians a bad name (as man haters instead of women lovers). Anti-feminists just LOVE you because they can say look at how females really are… look at how intolerant they are.

    Come on this blog focuses primarily and exclusively on denigrating and invalidating one group of people. What good can come of that?

    And if I don’t agree with you on all points then I must be some kind of man? Or a sicko? Or an asshole? And who knows what you are going to call me now…

    • GallusMag Says:

      Troll. Lesbian concerned about “manhating” feminists. LOL.
      It’s a blog about gender. So yes, it does focus on genderists. Duh. And how gender denigrates and invalidates women and girls. Enjoy!

    • cerulean blue Says:

      Yes, salves is a troll. How do I know? Because I have PCOS, too, which is a metabolic disorder. It has nothing to do with gender or pervy fantasies. So no, males who like to jerk off while wearing womens’ panties do not have my disorder, “only a million times worse.” Seriously, salves, you can go to hadescribe with your other size 14-footed friends. You and the others who use a metabolic disorder to co-opt intersex narratives or to say that trans are just like actual, real women with PCOS are so transparent it’s ridiculous. But here are a few facts. As I said, PCOS is a metabolic condition. It is not a developmental disorder or chromosomal condition like intersex conditions, and it is not a mental condition like trans. Because it is a metabolic condition it can be controlled– with diet and meds used for diabetes (it is linked to type II diabetes, and diet seems to play a role in developing symptoms). In my case, once I was treated with metformin (a diabetes drug) and went to a low carb diet– in other words changed my metabolism– the PCOS symptoms went away. And I had a kid.

      Please do your research and troll harder next time. And like I said, go to hell.

  27. IronBatMaiden Says:

    This bisexual stands with her lesbian sisters! You have every right to your own space! And I’m sorry my fellow bisexuals have been some of the biggest handmaidens. I may be the Iron Bat Maiden, but I’m not a handmaiden for these morons!

  28. salves Says:

    I am not a troll. Stop attacking me when you run out of arguments.

    I am not concerned about “manhating” feminists. I am concerned about what harms me, as a lesbian. How? Let me spell it out for you.

    In real life, it has been inferred to me (by men and women) that I am a lesbian, not because I love women but because I hate men. Some go even so far as assume there was some kind of sexual abuse that “made me this way”. If this never happened to you, you are very lucky indeed (or living under a rock, or a closet lesbian, or not a lesbian).

    When lesbian women are clearly hostile towards men, simply because they are men, it does further that stereotype. So yes I do have a right to be concerned, since these behaviours do affect me as a woman and specially as a lesbian.

    I am glad you are not calling this website a lesbian blog anymore because it isn’t. It It is not even a blog about gender, since it does not give a fair portrayal of gender at all. This is a blog where you pile on and on about a group of people that is already marginalised.

    Now I am not defined by my vagina, thank you very much. I am not a woman solely because of my vagina. And my vagina (that I do have) is only one of the things that makes me a female. Are you really reducing women to their body parts?

    If you feel that a trans woman just existing invalidates and denigrates you as a woman, maybe you have a problem with your femininity and should work on that instead of spreading hate.

    And spreading hate is the only thing you are doing. You are not interested in having a conversation, you are not interested in hearing arguments or educating anyone. You are interested in being patted in the back by people who have the exact same extreme views you do. You certainly don’t want to hear opposing views, at which point you resort to name calling and invalidating the person as much as possible. According to you I can’t possibly be a woman, much less a lesbian. Well, I am. Both.

    • GallusMag Says:

      I don’t know who you are talking to, but until I read this comment I didn’t assume you were a male.

      • salves Says:

        And… there you go. You just proved my point. There is no reasoning with you.

        Bye bye now. Have a nice life in this very very sad corner of the internet.

      • GallusMag Says:

        You aren’t offering any reasoning or making any arguments. You are just spewing homophobia and misogyny.

        You argue that lesbian feminists critical of, or angry with, male oppression- harm you by creating the male trope of lesbians and feminists as “man-haters”, a trope you fear being applied to you.
        You argue as well that lesbians who discus histories of sexual trauma also create the male trope of lesbians being “damaged” women, a trope you fear being applied to you.
        Therefore lesbians should censor their expression in lesbian spaces, which you believe should be illegal.
        You argue that women noticing and analyzing the fact that human beings are placed into a social caste on the basis of our reproductive function, causes us to lose our humanity, by some sort of transubstantiation that causes our reproductive systems to become amputated free-floating organs (WTF??!!) LOL
        These are your actual fucking “arguments”. LOLOLOLOL
        I could go on, but why bother. You are toxic and absurd and your “arguments” and “reasoning” are nothing but bizzaro homophobia and misogyny undisguised.Then you complain and go crying when your absurdity and hatred of women and lesbians is mocked and criticized. Haha!!! Gosh you must be fun at dinner parties…NOT!!!

      • GallusMag Says:

        And yes, trolling lesbian blogs to tell butch dykes to “get in touch with our femininity” does make you look like the worst sort of sexist, homophobic, pig of a man. Do make a note of it, nutjob. Ta!

      • GallusMag Says:

        OH!! And let’s not forget your “reasonable argument” that women should be tasked with an “easily recognized pervert” clause, whereby males are screened from women’s and lesbian spaces by letting them know they’ve been detected as an “easily recognized pervert” whose admittance is therefore rejected. WHAT A GREAT AND REASONABLE ARGUMENT.
        Holy shit.
        How dare I not address such a well-thought-out plan???
        Add an “easily recognized pervert” clause to Gender Identity legislation! What transgender lobby would disagree with THAT?!
        If you are a woman, you are one of the dumbest women to ever comment on this blog.

    • kesher Says:

      I love that you accuse us of name calling and refusal to engage when your very first comment here did nothing except name call and flounce off because, as with most identity liberals, you think “bigot” is always the end of any conversation.

      • GallusMag Says:

        I suspect this is the same individual (@feyrah) that tried to bully me off twitter with fake reports when I failed to respond to her many tweets.

  29. @salves,

    “If you feel that a trans woman just existing invalidates and denigrates you as a woman, maybe you have a problem with your femininity and should work on that instead of spreading hate.”

    First of all, I could care less how women choose to dress. This goes far beyond what women wear, or how lesbians dress. All lesbians (femme, butch, etc.) are being told that they are transphobic bigots for not having sex with transwomen, even if he still has a penis. Even FTMs have felt pressured to have sex with transwomen/queer identified males. I’m not making this up. The “Cotton Ceiling” was the most lesbian hating thing that I’ve ever seen in my life. A trans porn star came up with this term as a way to shame lesbians for not wanting penis. It’s homophobic and creepy as hell coming from straight men, but it’s somehow edgy and progressive when transwomen pull this shit. Lesbians are being told that they are bigots for wanting female bodied persons. Many young women are so afraid of being called lesbian that they call themselves pansexual, or non-binary, or whatever. Teenage girls are getting mastectomies, and disabled lesbians with autism are being “transitioned”. Less than a month ago, a heterosexual transwoman was charged with slaughtering a lesbian family. What was the reaction from trans run LGBT organizations? They pretended that they cared, but went out of their way to muzzle and silence the nasty “TERFs”. Make no mistake. There is a war against lesbians. This is happening now, and then some person comes on this blog and has the audacity to say that “maybe you have a problem with your femininity”.

    Women telling lesbians to work on their femininity so they won’t look like a bunch of ugly dykes isn’t homophobic. No, nothing lesbian hating about it. If women want to spend a boat load of money on clothes, I could care less, but telling lesbians that they need to look more feminine is lesbian hatred pure and simple.

    Damn it dykes, just get some big sparkly heels. There, the problem is solved. Or, take fashion lessons from Merci. Scroll down to the link from the dailymail. Now, this is fashion, and I mean high end fashion.

    See, the problem is this. Women just need to work on their femininity, especially lesbians. Lesbians need to work overtime on their femininity because of the homophobic stereotypes that lesbians are all hairy legged man haters. It’s not the least bit homophobic to say lesbians are all ugly man haters. Women, especially lesbians need to run to the most exclusive and expensive department store, drain the entire bank account to look as stylish and glamorous as Merci Chrisette. Merci Chrisette must have spent a boat load of money on that expensive looking outfit. When caught on video pulling the blade on two commuters, Merci even says, “get my good side”, and I’ve been photographed before.

    I wonder how salves would rate Merci’s outfit. It looks expensive to me.


    @salves, “You are just a bunch of transphobic people. Trans people being accepted for who they are and getting equal rights does not take away from your own rights. ”

    Yes, gender identity laws do harm women. Why should teenage girls have to see some middle aged male’s penis in the women’s locker room?


    Why should a senior lady have to see a male’s erection in the women’s locker room?


    Why should homeless women be forced to share sleeping quarters with males? Homeless women in two different women’s shelters were sexually assaulted by a sex offender calling himself Jessica.

    The female sex matters, and women on this blog say it every day. The women on this blog are some of the most courageous women I know, and speaking truth to power tends to rile people.

    @salves, “I agree, some MEN like dressing like women from time to time and are also heterosexual and are also perverts. They shouldn’t be allowed in women’s spaces. They are really easy to spot.”

    No, they shouldn’t be allowed in women’s spaces, but Stefonknee Wolscht, the 52 year old divorced father of 7 kids who pretends he is a 6 year old girl was allowed in women’s homeless shelters. Male slut in training on a leash (he said it not me), Carlotta Sklodowska was allowed in the women’s locker room at Planet Fitness, and a woman lost her gym membership because she complained.

    As to being easy to spot, whether or not they look stereotypically feminine doesn’t matter one way or another as far as most gender identity laws is concerned. All they have to do is identify as “women”. Whether they look like a linebacker like Stefonknee and Carlotta doesn’t matter. It’s all about the “gender identity”.

    As to whether or not they are a sexual predator, women aren’t allowed to question their “gender identity”. It’s a fact that cross dressing males and males identifying as transgender have been convicted of all sorts of crimes inside women’s restrooms, women’s locker rooms, and women’s homeless shelters. No, sexual predators who identify as “women” aren’t always easy to spot.

  30. Oak and Ash Says:

    The way the article and commenters here describe the situation for lesbians has been reminding me of something, and I’ve realized what it is. About a decade or so ago, some couples I know bought monstrosities in the suburbs. The first floor layout of these places includes a huge family room that opens into the kitchen and dining area, a dining room and living room for formal entertaining, and one smaller room with a door. This last was always shown as the man’s office or den. When I asked those who owned the houses where the woman’s space was, they’d look at me as if I’d grown horns and say she had the bedroom and a built-in desk in the kitchen.

    So in an enormous house, her only space was the bedroom she shared with her husband and the kitchen–places where she was expected to be constantly accessible to others and meet their needs. Unlike the man, she had no retreat that was hers alone, no place where she had the right to close the door and shut everyone else out.

    It’s as if transwomen and others expect lesbians to be like suburban wives and settle for the equivalent of a shared bedroom and a desk in the kitchen, so that not even being lesbian frees a woman from expectations that she keep herself available to meet men’s needs. This is appalling, and I’m always surprised that so many straight women don’t see the implications for the rest of us. I mean, if even lesbians aren’t allowed to refuse men, none of us have any meaningful right to say no.

  31. angelaroselle Says:

    This post is very well thought out and written. Though I am not a lesbian, I understand that lesbian deserve to have spaces designated for them to discuss anything that pertains to them and their advancement in society.

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