Magdalen Berns: Gay/Lesbian Conversion Therapy for Liberals

December 6, 2016



32 Responses to “Magdalen Berns: Gay/Lesbian Conversion Therapy for Liberals”

  1. IronBatMaiden Says:

    That Riley person is the very embodiment of woman-hating, lesbophobic, neoliberal SJWs. I was utterly disgusted, but not surprised. It’s getting so bad that even MrRepzion touched on it. If they continue on this path, I’m telling you, there will be a great awakening. More women will wake up and we will rise and revolt! Viva la Revolution de vulva!

  2. The “queer” community has become downright homophobic. Fantastic video, Magdalen! Thank you for speaking for lesbians.

  3. Arla Hile Says:

    That was breath-taking. One of the best I’ve seen from Magdalen!

  4. CCCope Says:

    What’s wrong with this dude’s eyes?

    I call him maggieman. Because he clearly wants to be a man. My friends and I have had a good giggle this evening at his expense. until we realised this man magdalaine is actually painfully prejudice and ill informed.

    But like most touchy teenagers, you can’t tell him he’s wrong. It upsets him and he thinks his (someone else’s theories in fact) are true. Evidence supports truth Maggie, not ideas. That’s something different love. Nevermind eh. Keep trying to promote hate on your retarded blog.

    I wonder if he knows the only people who agree with him are bigoted and biased. Not intelligent, like me for example.

    Does he think if he squints and tried to talk street, he might be cool? He looks like one of those distracting dogs head bobbing in the back of a car. He squeaks as much sense as a plastic toy too.

    How unfortunate for this guys mother. He must be an advanced disappointment to her. What a waste of a womb. Clearly this idiot can’t look after his self. He looks unhygienic. He sounds drugged. Which is why his thoughts on ANYTHING should be ignored.

    And what is with his balding? Maggie Man, if you want to pass yourself off as a lesbian you need to rid yourself of all the masculinity and angst. Alpha males are somewhat annoying. They think swearing makes their point for them. But it really doesn’t. It’s pity inducing really.

    Everything has to be in a neat little compartment so this geezer can understand it better. Let me put Maggie in a compartment of words.

    A Cruel and radical feminist bully (TERF), blinkered by his own gender confusion and gender defiance, as he puts it.

    Ahhh. You don’t need to be afraid Mags. Honestly. Difference is good. You don’t understand that because you look like a generic emo-ish teenager with a bad hair cut that certainly happened mid breakdown in the front of a bathroom mirror with kitchen scissors. But really, it’s okay.

    I imagine this guy is under the care of a section. It looks like a hospital ward where he’s filming. Bless.

    Why is this irritating dude “speaking” on behalf of women who fuck women though?

    I can understand why he speaks for trans people, being trans himself and all, but he’s a gender reassignment operation away from being a lesbian.

    I lost my concentration after the first few seconds because of the stupid squint he does. I can’t sit through any more of that diatribe again. There is no point. It’s eight mins of monotony I’ll never get back.

    I wanted to know what he looks like, so I can smoke him out and tell him directly, exactly what I think.

    I can see how aggressive he is. He likes to blame everyone else for his gender confusion. Textbook projection. May I recommend the Tavistock Clinic, if anybody knows him, please tell him help is available. He just needs to stop making shit videos and writing crap copy and paste articles and ask.

    Who I fuck, and what’s between my legs is information only the people who fuck me are privy to Maggie. It’s private and does not define me.

    But for the purpose of Maggie, who needs a little more help understanding things than most, I’m a lesbian lovey, and no man speaks for me. Ever. Especially a drippy moody man, with a sleep inducing droning voice and a understandable medicated twitch.

    Oooh you’re so cross aren’t you Maggie. If you tell me your area, I can pass on the number of a good gender specialist or psychiatrist.

    You need help don’t you love. Please pity this prat. Hopefully he will be sectioned again and we can all have some peace from this rubbish.

    • Trolls like to call her a man to insult her, which is so unoriginal. Calling lesbians men is the oldest insult in the book. It shows her critics have nothing intelligent to say. It shows their homophobia, and it shows that “misgendering” is only violence when directed at men. The “violence” of misgendering is acceptable when attacking a woman. Magdalen is an attractive woman who doesn’t resemble a man in the slightest. Resorting to calling her a man reveals that the speaker has no argument to make.

      • Nina Says:

        And you know all the female viewers are looking at those comments about her appearance and laughing. Magdalen actually has really attractive female features. The problem is that MRA and trans trolls are so brainwashed they can’t recognize a “woman” unless she’s wearing fifty pounds of makeup, a long wig, and a trifling demeanor.

    • kesher Says:

      We know you guys have meltdowns when people acknowledge your sex, but men calling non-compliant women “men” is just a boring way of calling us ugly and unfuckable, as if a lesbian is worried about men not being interested. That’s a freaking blessing!

      So, in short, I give your effort a 3/10. Try harder, sir.

    • NoForcedCrossdressingKink Says:

      oh shut the hell up Riley. we all know it’s you. Magdalen looks far more feminine than you ever will–with all of the makeup and high heels you can never look as feminine as Magdalen.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        What I kept thinking about during the video is how much lower (and more natural, and more attractive) her voice is (saying this as a gay man, don’t mean to perv; a friend’s mother also has a great voice in that register, and it’s so much better than a lot of artificially heightened trans* voices).

    • gchild Says:

      Men always do the same shit when women won’t fuck them.

      “Your ugly! Your crazy! I’ll get you!”

      “And shut up making videos telling women they don’t have to fuck me. Its bigotry because my dick, my dick, my dick!!!”

      Lol. Great video. Magdalen B kills it everytime though.

  5. I wouldnt date a fascist, either. Does that make me phobic?

    • Oak and Ash Says:

      But would you date a transfascist? (I meant that to be funny, but, actually, I think there are such people–the ones who used to believe in democracy but voted for an autocrat in the last election. No one should date them.)

  6. Magdalena Z. Says:

    Does Riley really think he passes for female when he’s got that little neck erection bobbing about? Nope.

    I find it pretty ironic that it’s bad to reduce people to their genitals according to Riley, but it’s ok to try and reduce being a woman to a feeling, an essence, a clothing choice or a subjective identity that a man can have.

    Does Riley not realize that his entire argument can be summed up by saying “she just needs a good dicking”? Which is what males have always said about non-compliant women who say no to men.

  7. atryingthing Says:

    Fantastic video. Sent it to one of the few supportive straight female friends I have who I don’t feel afraid being an un-closeted radfem with.

  8. deborahpeifer Says:

    Here’s news, Riley, and your sad little fellow traveler, CCCope… Mansplaining while wearing a dress is still mansplaining. And the very last thing any lesbian needs is… wait for it… a man… in a dress or not. Thanks, Magdalen, for another great video.

  9. NoForcedCrossdressingKink Says:

    This covers everything you need to know about the heterosexual transwoman, er.. lesbian in a man’s body. The woman in the video that Magdalen is narrating says that all of her trans clients come to her with the most porniest tacky clothing in their closets reflecting extreme sexual stereotypes of women.

    The problem is that the vast majority of women don’t have acres of sex clothes, we may have some, we may have none–trans behavior in every case involves an extreme sexual stereotype and the proof is in the clothes and styles they select. They act like pervy men instead of real women, always. It’s a fetish for heterosexual men, this video proves it.

  10. Mark F. Says:

    How come these “trans lesbians” never have short hair and wear jeans? Yep, always the heterosexual porn look.

  11. hearthrising Says:

    Riley has been getting tons of male pushback from youtube videos for this. Straight male, gay male, transsexual male, liberal male, conservative male. Cotton ceiling outrage isn’t just for lesbians anymore. I would like to know if Everydayfeminism really endorsed the Riley video as implied, but I vowed never to click on that site again. It seems like with so much penis outrage Everydayfeminism will surely be giving Riley the sack soon.

  12. Bev Jo Says:

    Thank you, Magdalen! What a boring prick he is. How dare women say no to him? Even worse, how dare Lesbians say no?

    He can try to guilt trip and shame Lesbians endlessly as the het men posing as women do, but the fact is, we can tell the difference between male and female. Even if he wasn’t born with a prick, he oozes entitled maleness. It’s more than “genitals” — it’s heart, mind, spirit. That’s why Lesbians choose Lesbians and not men.

  13. OldFagHag Says:

    So let’s step back in time 20 – 30 years…heterosexual girls hanging out with gay men, usually just as friends, but sometimes sleeping with some of the more bisexual men identifying as primarily gay were called fag hags. Now I know in today’s SJW environment this is not politically correct, but back then we owned it.

    Riley’s girlfriend is a fag hag, not a lesbian. Riley is a gender non-conforming mostly straight man. He likes pussy, she likes dick–it’s pretty simple. 30 years ago when it wasn’t acceptable for straight men not to gender conform publicly like it is today with all of the ‘trans’ lesbian in a man’s body. lol. Riley’s girlfriend would have had her heart broken chasing after gay men since they were the men most likely to be gender non-conforming. Riley’s girlfriend’s sexual preference is the gender non-conforming male and there is nothing wrong with that! She has more choices in men today than she would have had decades ago. Young women with her sexual preference for a gender non-conforming male no longer have to pester gay men, lol. I think this is a great advance in sexual liberation but the problem I am having is the intrusion into private women’s spaces by het / bi men like Riley.

    There is absolutely no reason for Riley to go into lesbian spaces or women’s bathrooms, for example. Riley is neither a woman or a lesbian. Fine if Riley and his girlfriend want to play act lesbian fantasy sex at home. Whatever they do in the bedroom is OK as long as everyone is consenting. But, strangers in bathrooms and lesbian spaces, and women’s shelters do not get to consent.

    It needs to be OK for straight men to gender non-conform in society and that seems to be the biggest issue driving all of this idiotic lesbian in a man’s body stuff because heterosexual and bisexual men are uncomfortable with gender non-conformity for a whole bunch of reasons too much to go into here…

  14. Maji Says:

    Hello Gallus Mag, I’m a regular here, but it’s my first comment to thank you for your amazing blog and all your efforts to dismantle gender identity politics and practice, and also ask a question: Is there any research demonstrating that the majority of so-called transwomen are interested in women for relationship rather than men? Especially is there any research which shows they usually are not interested in other transwomen (who are really men). I’m asking to know how many of them are autogynophiles. Thanks in advance. In sisterhood, Maji.

  15. Carrie-Anne Says:

    Riley (formerly known as Justin) is so ridiculous! In an earlier video, when he was still going by Justin, he admitted he’d never given any thought to gender identity till he got to college, and suddenly it was the hip thing to explore all 701 different Tumblr genders, take “gender studies” classes (which seem to have replaced women’s studies classes at many schools), and get involved in gender clubs. This really is classic social contagion, in spite of the transactivists’ shrill claims about it not being a trend or something they’re doing to be cool.

    People are allowed to have dating preferences and sexual orientations! If someone isn’t attracted to a member of the opposite sex, or the same sex, that person has every right to enforce those boundaries. It’s like not feeling comfortable dating someone significantly older, someone with multiple disabilities, or someone from a different religion. It’s not that you can’t be good friends, but that certain things play a big role when choosing a potential life partner to establish a home and possibly have kids with. Another person might not find those deal-breakers or important factors in a relationship, but someone who does have those boundaries needs to be respected. This really is 21st century “conversion therapy” for lesbians and gays.

  16. Elle Says:

    “Why have you used air quotes there?”

    I love Magdalen!

  17. cj555 Says:

    I just actually very recently came across Magdalen’s videos, & wow, am I glad I did. Very first video of hers I watched, she was basically responding to a video a trans youtuber made-an extremely popular trans youtuber at that (that got people to donate tens of thousands of dollars on a go fund me so they could have plastic surgery on their face, to give an idea of how popular this individual is). It makes me feel very grateful when I come across women (like her, & all you here as well!)that are willing to finally speak out about this type of stuff, & I admire her bravery. Because you know that she likely gets alot of hate or even threats. And when you look at the comments on her videos of people that don’t like what she has to say, it’s mainly all personal attacks & insults, because they really don’t have any sort of actual counter argument. Anyway, just wanted to say I was happy she’s mentioned here, & I can’t wait to watch more of her!

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