Sergeant Jessica Hawkins, LGBT liaison for DC police, faces misconduct charges

December 9, 2016


Sergeant Jessica (Billy) Hawkins consumed alcohol on the job, provided under-age interns with alcohol, and showed them video of him having group sex with four other men, reports Fox News.

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30 Responses to “Sergeant Jessica Hawkins, LGBT liaison for DC police, faces misconduct charges”

  1. Bob Doublin Says:

    And they’re going to use this to dump on women in police work even though this is a dude.

  2. IronBatMaiden Says:

    Is it bad that I’m hoping Julia Serrano gets caught in a scandal next so he gets completely discredited? This may sound evil but I wanna see all the prominent trans activist douchebags go down in flames of scandal. 😈

  3. I’m so angry that these sickos are supposed to represent gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. I don’t want them representing me!

  4. dejavublonde Says:

    Such a woman! I know when I worked for the Army, with all men, I definitely taped myself having a gang bang with 4 men and showed it to my male co-workers. So feminine! A real woman would be terrified of ‘tempting rape’ discussing sex with her male coworkers in a testosterone charged field like that, forget video.

  5. CKDexterHaven Says:

    So when a female suspect needs to be searched or a rape victim needs to be interviewed, do they get a female officer officer or an autogynephile?

    • Nina Says:

      They get an AGP, and if an AGP comes into a different station, a female officer can be made to pat him down. Same goes for TSA agents and prison guards.

  6. GallusMag Says:

    Washington Blade, DC, USA

    December 9, 2016 at 9:22 pm EST | by Lou Chibbaro Jr.

    LGBT police liaison supervisor cited for misconduct

    D.C.’s Fox5 News reported Thursday night that an internal D.C. police investigation “sustained” an allegation that Sgt. Jessica Hawkins, supervisor of the department’s LGBT Liaison Unit, offered to show student interns working at the liaison unit “a homemade video of her having sex with four men while she was intoxicated.”

    Fox5, which said it obtained a copy of an investigative report about Hawkins prepared by the department’s Internal Affairs Division, disclosed in its news broadcast that Hawkins also allegedly arranged for two of the interns who were under the age of 21 to join her in consuming alcohol at a gay bar.

    Sgt. Jessica Hawkins is under investigation. (Washington Blade photo by Michael Key)

    “Two separate complainants wrote Sgt. Hawkins’ bad judgment allowed her to ‘take interns assigned to her unit out drinking with other MPD officers at Freddie’s, a well-known LGBT bar in Arlington,’” the Fox5 story quoted the investigative report as saying.

    “The summer interns were both under the age of 21,” the story says. “One of them even admitted to having a fake ID and showing it to Sgt. Hawkins, who laughed at it,” says the Fox5 story, which was written and delivered on the air by correspondent Marina Marraco.

    “We have no knowledge of the allegations and this is the first we have heard of them,” said Freddie’s general manager, Ross Colbourne, in an email to the Blade. “Freddie’s conducts a very strict ID check policy and does not serve alcohol to anyone under 21,” Colbourne said.

    Concerning the allegation about the sex video, Fox5’s Marraco stated in her broadcast, “Hawkins told investigators she pulled out her cell phone and told her interns, ‘If you want to watch it it’s right here’ and admitted to showing others a picture of a ____,” which the broadcast suggested was a sexually explicit scene of someone’s body.

    “Both allegations Hawkins admitted were true in an interview conducted with Internal Affairs,” the story says.

    “Hawkins in that very interview also admitted to buying alcohol while on duty and drinking the store bought vodka inside an MPD facility amongst others while they were on duty,” the Fox5 story reports.

    Hawkins, who’s transgender, made news in March 2015 when then D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier appointed her to head the LGBT Liaison Unit, making her the first transgender person to hold the position.

    Transgender activists have praised her for helping to improve D.C. police relations with the trans community at a time when, despite recognized improvements under Lanier, reports of alleged police mistreatment of transgender people continued to surface.

    Police spokesperson Dustin Steinbeck told the Washington Blade in a statement on Friday that the department would not be making Sgt. Hawkins available for comment and would not comment on the Fox5 revelations beyond what it released in a statement to the TV news program on Thursday.

    “Following misconduct allegations, Sgt. Jessica Hawkins was the focus of a recent Internal Affairs investigation,” the statement says. “That investigation has concluded and the findings are currently with the MPD’s Disciplinary Review Division (DRD). The DRD will review and determine an appropriate penalty,” says the statement.

    “Throughout the investigation, Sgt. Hawkins remained in her current assignment and is still widely considered a valuable MPD team member in our Special Liaison Division,” the statement concludes.

    Fox5 News reported it learned from sources that the Internal Affairs Division recommended a penalty for Hawkins of a 25-day suspension without pay. Fox5 News correspondent Marraco speculated at the conclusion of her broadcast that the suspension has not taken effect yet because Hawkins may have filed an appeal.

    But one source familiar with the MPD told the Blade Hawkins told people she knows she would not appeal the penalty recommended by Internal Affairs.

    The Fox5 story on the reported findings of the Internal Affairs investigation into the allegations against Hawkins comes five weeks after Interim D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham confirmed to the Blade that a complaint had been filed against Hawkins, which he said the department was investigating.

    The Blade learned about the complaint through sources but could not confirm at the time what the complaint was about.

    “It’s a personnel matter so we don’t discuss that publicly because there are rules regarding personnel,” Newsham said in an Oct. 31 interview. “We’re in the process of investigating the complaint and we’ll see what happens when we get to the bottom of it.”

    The Fox5 News story also reports that unnamed sources claimed Hawkins’ reputation within the LGBT community came into question due to “allegations she gave preference to concerns from transgender citizens over others.”

    According to the Fox5 News story, “Officers claimed her role was undermined amongst her peers after her predecessor and now chairman of the D.C. police [union], Sgt. Matthew Mahl, incited tensions between her and the gay community after Mahl left the unit on bad terms.”

    When contacted by the Blade on Friday, Mahl disputed claims that he sought to stir up tension between Hawkins and the LGBT community.

    “I’ve had a very positive relationship with Sgt. Hawkins and the members of the GLLU since my departure and have still upheld my role in the gay community even as head of the police union,” he said in an email. “This is the first time I’m hearing of that claim of me undermining her role as the supervisor,” he said, adding “It’s disturbing to me.”

    Only two of a half dozen local LGBT activists respond as of late Friday when contacted by the Blade for comment on the Fox5 News revelations about Hawkins.

    David Mariner, executive director of the D.C. Center for the LGBT Community, said the revelations “definitely raise some concerns.” He added, “It would make it difficult for her to continue in her job.”

    Transgender activist Ruby Corado, who said she was speaking as an individual and not as head of the LGBT social services group she heads, Casa Ruby, disputed the accuracy of the Fox5 story.

    “Everything about this story is so wrong – especially the language used and the one-sided angle,” Corado said. “Whoever is behind this clearly shows their dislike over this woman’s leadership within the department — shame, shame, shame.”

    Corado didn’t say what it was about the story she believes was incorrect.

  7. GallusMag Says:

    Fox 5, DC, USA

    Interim DC police chief addresses misconduct allegations against transgender officer

    By: staff

    Posted:Dec 09 2016 09:23PM EST

    Updated:Dec 09 2016 09:29PM EST

    • rheapdx1 Says:

      Here is what I do not get: WHY THE HELL IS THIS CREEP NOT BEING FIRED????

      Unions aside…WHY? If this is another case of ‘being protected’ due to other factors, then this is a major black mark, not just against the DC Police department, but the community at large. Goes to show….once again, with exceptions, the criminal class is in charge. While that may sound mean, the evidence points to that being the case.

      • anomie Says:

        Cops literally murder unarmed black teenagers and are rewarded with paid vacation time, and you’re surprised one of them isn’t being fired for “merely” being sexually inappropriate and abusing authority? (Ok, rhetorical question, I know you’re not actually surprised lol)

        This kind of behaviour is pretty much epidemic within the police force: a majority of women who work within the force report incidents of sexual harassment or assault, about half of all police officers are estimated to be domestic abusers, and so on. Basically #ACAB

        If anything I’d be tempted to say the only reason you’re hearing about this case at all is because it involves a tranny and therefore is a Man Bites Dog story. If Jessica were still Billy and acting in the exact same manner it’s unlikely anyone would take the trouble to report on it because… wow, a dude being a creep. That only happens like, literally every single day.

        Give it a few years and I suspect people’s capacity to be shocked that trans women are still male will also dissipate.

  8. punkworked Says:

    The media is unduly favourable where Trans is concerned. In the Uk the Trans community and Press have an agreed policy written by the Trans community which effectively gags negative media. Pity the journalist who fails to comply.

    • Rachel Says:

      The first rule is about accurate and non-misleading information: how does that square with pretending that pre-trans selves do not exist?

      I have my own way of dealing with transgender issues on my women’s sports blog: I do not feature transwomen, mainly because they are not female and do not belong there.

  9. He is another middle aged heterosexual (or maybe part time bisexual – who the hell knows) man who ‘transitioned’ in mid-life. Hawkins was praised as being heroic for suddenly discovering that he really was a “woman” after being married 23 years to his high school sweetheart. He left his wife after discovering that he was a “woman”. Does all this sound familiar? After heaps of praise are lavished on them for being couragous and leaving their ex-wives to “transition”, heterosexual middle aged “transitioners” sure seem to have a penchant for getting into all kinds of trouble. Looking at different photos of him, he is a linebacker sized dude with a square jaw. Maybe he got facial feminization because older photos of him show more of a square jawed male face. The dude is huge. Huge male build, male looking hands, etc. that no amount of surgery can completely erase.

    As to Hawkins showing a video of him having sex with four men while he was drunk, it doesn’t mean he is gay. Men brag about their sexual conquest all the time. Maybe he was drunk and experimenting that night. Who the hell knows.


    “Such a woman! I know when I worked for the Army, with all men, I definitely taped myself having a gang bang with 4 men and showed it to my male co-workers. So feminine! A real woman would be terrified of ‘tempting rape’ discussing sex with her male coworkers in a testosterone charged field like that, forget video.”

    These dudes in dresses mix right in with testosterone fueled dude bro drinking behavior. A dude gets drunk with his drinking buddies and brags about his sexual conquests, and tries to show a video to other guys. Aren’t I the stud, or in this case, trans studette, or WTF you would call it. It’s typical male behavior with a kinky different twist. Nothing new here. Men do this shit all the time. Mddle aged transitioners don’t lose the male socialization.


    “So when a female suspect needs to be searched or a rape victim needs to be interviewed, do they get a female officer officer or an autogynephile?”

    This makes me sick to my stomach. Female rape victims have a human right to be interviewed and searched by a female officer not a middle aged male. Sometimes all women need is to talk to other women. It’s like the transwoman bush pilot who fought Vancourver Rape Relief for years.

    • Nina Says:

      That story with VRR is so disgusting. The trans activists painted it as a case of trans rights. In reality, he just got impatient and then went out of his way looking for trouble. He wasn’t even trying to access their services, just act as a counselor, and VRR was one of many rape shelters in the city accepting volunteer counselors. He had already been rejected from volunteering at one shelter which did accept MTF counselors. They had a policy of not accepting counselors who’d received their help too recently (being that they might not be in the best place psychologically to deal with other victims day-in and day-out). After that he ~specifically~ turned to target the single shelter in the city that didn’t accept male counselors, instead of picking another trans-inclusive one or waiting a few months until the first shelter would take him. Luckily VRR won in appeals, but imagine all the money that ass wasted in court costs when that could have gone to programs and services to women.

      Sex is still a protected class in Canada, in addition to gender. This means that while others may make woman-only (identity-based) organizations, we’re still within our legal rights to create female-only (reality-based) organizations. But I rather expect that to be one of the next of women’s rights to be on the chopping block here.

  10. amazondream Says:

    Providing alcohol & pornography to minors is predatory grooming–But of course women don’t do that, right?

  11. michelle Says:

    Whether the underage drinkers were simply under 21 or whether they were truly under 18 is not relevant to the fact that he deliberately sought to ply persons with alcohol who were legally not of age to be drinking. And the conduct he engaged in by showing the video meets the definition of sexual harassment in most State agencies…and I say most only because I am guessing there is one or two outliers that would not have pursued a charge on that basis.

    However, the even greater concern raised in the article is that he put other tranny needs above others that he should have been tending to.

    He fits enough of the bad tranny check-boxes that firing cannot happen soon enough but will not occur because the agency is scared of being perceived negatively. How many lives should one tranny be allowed to fuck up in the name of ‘community policing?’

    • GallusMag Says:

      “However, the even greater concern raised in the article is that he put other tranny needs above others that he should have been tending to.”

      Here’s the sort of issue that concern relates to, as a casual observer, I’ll offer some examples.

      The following is a comment about Hawkins left on Mara Keisling’s NCTE website from the individual who served as their IT administrator, Sophia Dalke:

      “I have a friend who is (to my knowledge) the only trans officer in the DC Metro PD, she heads the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit, and she was telling me recently about a trans victim who was being processed for an assault, and she (the officer) missed the call because she was in church off duty. She was beating herself up about how she missed that call and how she had asked everybody in the MPD to call her no matter what when trans victims were involved, and I was so worried for her in terms of the burden she was trying to bear. I’m tearing up a bit just thinking about it again, since here’s a woman who’s trying to hold herself personally responsible for the safety of every trans person in the DC limits… it’s insane. From the best heart you can imagine, but that’s not the kind of burden or responsibility one person should bear, and I’m afraid for her breaking under the pressure she’s putting on herself, but she won’t be dissuaded.”

      One transwoman “victim” of being arrested for committing assault in DC, similar to the case mentioned by Dalke was nutty fake autistic DC transwoman Jes Grobman,
      ( )
      who was arrested after being caught on tape assaulting a police officer:

      Sergeant Hawkins arrived on the scene later ( and the charges were mysteriously dropped.

      Sophia Dalke, the NCTE IT admin who left the above comment was himself arrested a year later in DC after a ten hour standoff where he barricaded himself atop a downtown office building shooting a gun at people in the neighboring office buildings, as well as shooting at police. Sergeant Hawkins was the first officer on the scene, and most of the charges were dropped. Dalke received a mere two years probation and zero jail sentence for his terrifying actions. He served no time. Not one day in jail.

      “The police press release, which makes no mention that Dalke is transgender, says “a barricade incident was declared” after Dalke “discharged a firearm.”

      Sergeant Hawkins was also a responding officer at the incident that resulted in the charge of assault against a black lesbian licensed security guard who allegedly placed her hand on a transwoman who was allegedly causing a disturbance- including throwing items- in a DC supermarket. In that case it was the security guard, not the allegedly violent transgender individual, who was charged by responding officers:

      One can see a possible pattern here, whereby charges against transgender suspects possibly appear to be minimized, dropped, or even reversed, regardless of severity and danger to the public.

      Perhaps this is why fellow officers made that complaint.

  12. Nina Says:

    …Why am I just not surprised by any of this anymore? I remember seeing the original human interest story on this one. Between this and Dana Rivers and that murderous runner, it makes me wonder what percentage of the trans “good examples” eventually end up showing their true colors. Even the “good ones” seem to have very aggressive and bullying attitudes so… I guess that’s why I can’t be too shocked.

    Of course the original human interest story was covered in multiple larger papers, including NPR, while this one is limited to a tiny local news outlet.

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