This is called BUILDING UP

December 9, 2016




20 Responses to “This is called BUILDING UP”

  1. silverside Says:

    Nice folks. Sound like alt-right Trump followers. Maybe because they basically are?

    • GallusMag Says:

      That guy actually is. He is a heterosexual middle aged man who runs Facebook groups for teenaged girls who wish they were male. He has a small cottage industry selling them ‘packers’ (dildos). Completely bizarre.

    • Mar Iguana Says:

      “Alt right” is the term the neo-nazis coined for themselves to make themselves sound less like the very dangerous haters that they are and to normalize nazis. They can’t be allowed to try to re-brand themselves and need to be called what they actually are.

      “If it looks like a duck and talks like a duck and steps like a goose, it’s a Nazi.” Seth Meyers

      • Fruitopia Says:

        People really need to stop throwing around the word “Nazi”. It was only ever an insulting nickname for the National Socialist party of Germany pre- and during WWII. “Neo Nazis” simply do not exist; there are a small number of people who would agree with various parts of what the National Socialist Party of Germany stood for, and that’s it. It is hysterical, and insulting to those who suffered historically, for people to keep labelling everything and everyone they don’t agree with as “Nazi’s”. At least keep the insult purely to mean genuinely dangerous anti-phobe beliefs.

        Basically, what I’m saying is that the insult Nazi is seriously overused, which is taking it further and further away from it’s real meaning. It’s also being used literally as though there are real Nazi movements that exist, and there are just not. Even to those who have the most right-wing, racist beliefs, the Nazi party of the 1930’s in Germany has little relevance today.

      • GallusMag Says:

        There certainly are small groups of individuals best described as ‘Neo Nazis’ but in general the term is overused. And on that note, I’m not interested in hosting a further discussion on the use of the word ‘Nazi’ on this unrelated post. Back on topic please all. Thanks.

    • nonny Says:

      JFC, the language of cowed women and/or trans supporters who fear being blacklisted if they badmouth the wrong person:
      “we are not trying to bring him down in any way,” just, you know, we filed a teensy weensy police report and you shouldn’t give him your credit card, unless you want to, like maybe if credit card fraud is your kink, that’s cool.
      I mean, I know where that beaten-down attitude comes from and I have sympathy, but FUCK.

      • thisismeandonlyme Says:

        Honestly, No Kidding!

        People of that site….that is called fraud. Do not apologize for calling out fraudulent activity in your name. Good Grief.

      • k.jane Says:

        I feel like mainstream feminism and so-called “social justice warrior” politics are designed to brainwash women and girls into letting men (or at least men who are MTTs) walk all over them. For reasons I still don’t quite understand, a lot of these people pop up in the anime fandom, and I just go, “are you kidding me” whenever I see a profile of some woman on a forum or something preemptively apologizing for possibly offending trans people because she’s so bad for being “cis.”

  2. GallusMag Says:

    I’m starting a series of posts about creepy non-trans grifters who run cottage industries off of them. Enjoy!

  3. punkworked Says:

    This is exactly the sort of thing needs to get in the press. Might be idea to alert Child Protection Authorities – this is grooming

  4. IronBatMaiden Says:

    Every time a hear a libfem defend the trans lunacy, I wanna scream. How much more creepiness has to take place before they finally wake the hell up?

  5. punkworked Says:

    I think a lot of this is due to social media. The contact and representation is sanitised and sanctified. I am sure if transcultural teen girls met some real life MTF the cause would look a lot less appealing.

  6. Margie Says:

    So that artist is a female who says she is a man because she “feels” that way and then complains that her femininity isn’t being respected. This stuff just makes your head spin. I honestly think that this is about a neurotic self-obsession. They are looking for things to ruminate over. If the whole world agreed to comply with their etiquette rules for feminine “transmen,” they would immediately start to obsess about something else, maybe finer gradients of femininity among “transmen” or maybe “transmen” who are neither feminine nor masculine.

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