“Hiding the Tears in My Eyes – BOYS DON’T CRY – A Legacy” by Jack Halberstam

December 10, 2016

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maxresdefaultBoys Don’t Cry, 1999

In 1999, just six years after the rape and murder of a young gender variant person, Brandon Teena, and two friends in a small town in Nebraska, Kim Peirce released her first film, a dramatic account of the incident. The film, Boys Don’t Cry, which took years to research, write, fund, cast and shoot, was released to superb reviews and went on to garner awards and praise for the lead actor, Hilary Swank, and the young director, Kim Peirce, not to mention the film’s production team led by Christine Vachon. The film was hard hitting, visually innovative and marked a massive breakthrough in the representation of gender variant bodies. While there were certainly debates about decisions that Peirce made within the film’s narrative arc (the omission of the murder of an African American friend, Philip DeVine, at the same time that Brandon was killed),

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60 Responses to ““Hiding the Tears in My Eyes – BOYS DON’T CRY – A Legacy” by Jack Halberstam”

  1. Liberals are the new fascists.

  2. Loup-loup garou Says:

    The students’ lack of historical awareness is appalling.

    But speaking of lack of historical awareness, I couldn’t help noticing that Halberstam transes both actual dead people and fictional characters. She writes:

    “There were very few films prior to Boys that focused upon transgender masculinity and when transgender male characters did appear in film, they were often depicted as women who passed as men for pragmatic reasons (for example The Ballad of Little Joe, 1993) or androgynous figures of whimsy (for example Orlando, 1992).

    The title character of The Ballad of Little Joe, Josephine Monaghan, was indeed a woman who passed as a man for pragmatic reasons. Here’s a blog post on her that cites a couple of sources at the end: http://buckarooleather.blogspot.com/2011/07/jo-monaghan-ballad-of-little-joe.html

    The film Orlando is based on Virginia Woolf’s novel of the same title, which uses fantasy and satire to critique social sex roles. The whole point is that the idea of anyone “born in the wrong body” is ridiculous. Orlando doesn’t object to having a male body when he has one, and when he wakes up as a woman, he (or she, now) doesn’t dislike that one either. It’s the sex role that’s the problem.

    • Julianna D Says:

      Thanks for sticking up for the film and book “Orlando.” I watched the film at an art theater when it came out, and they were selling the book at the theater, with a very lovely print.

      I didn’t like Halberstam’s characterization of the book and film.

  3. LC Says:

    Just unbelievable, that poor woman. 😦 I don’t know how it could be any clearer that transactivism is about hatred of women.

  4. CKDexterHaven Says:

    The transactivist demands for absolute purity of political thought and action are terrifying. I have a friend whose students sometimes claim that you shouldn’t state whether historical figures were men or women, because you don’t know how they internally identified, and she can’t just call that out for the fuckwittery that it is, as they could make her life a misery. One of her colleagues, a working class gay man, was accused of ‘cis white male privilege’ the other day, by a student who is white, male, wealthy and heterosexual (a MtT ‘lesbian’). As misgendering or using the wrong pronouns is now career suicide, he couldn’t point out the unfairness of the accusation. It’s all about obfuscation, where clarity would show who really has power.

    • ephemeroptera Says:

      Adjunctification *totally* feeds into this dominance of bullshit… If you’re an adjunct, students can fire you, and if you’re in a tenure-track position, your work must be more uncontroversial than ever.

  5. OldFagHag Says:

    I’m actually more afraid of SJW fascism than any of the Trump bums.

    My analysis, for what it is worth, this is more about envy and entitlement than it is righteously protesting transphobia.

    College campuses are more like cults than centers of inquiry and learning these days. More conformist thinking than ever.

    • Trish Says:

      I am also more afraid of SJWs than Trump supporters.

    • IronBatMaiden Says:

      Agreed. I’m more angry at neoliberal SJWs than I am at Trump supporters. At least the Trump supporters are honest about their sexism. The neoliberals like to gaslight women into thinking they’re on our side. It’s fucking maddening!

  6. rainsinger Says:

    I always thought Teena was a lesbian, who passed as a dude, and there were stories about her having been sexually abused as a child. But anyway, when I saw the film, I saw it as the murder/rape of a screwed up lesbian 😦

  7. Margie Says:

    What did Peirce think would happen? This is what happens to everyone who tries to help transgenders. Anyone who gets involved with their cause is asking for abuse.

    Anyway, one of the misogynist protesting bullies, Jeri Brand, identified herself by name in the comment thread. She only recently graduated high school and started college at Reed. I found an essay by her, which I have linked below. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the mind of these people. She talks about how she became “awakened” to her trans identity, how she identifies as a “drag queer,” how she would obsess over her gender “performance” and how Judith Butler and queer theory inform her life decisions. As I read this, I was struck by how much “queer theory” essentially operates not as a theory, but as a religion for these people. And I was saddened by how this intelligent young woman has been sucked into it.

    View story at Medium.com

    • GallusMag Says:


      “After my awakening, I bought five men’s shirts and cut my hair short, changed my pronouns and threw out my eyeliner. I stopped fucking straight boys and avoided cis-hets like the plague, trying to legitimize myself by cutting off contact with anyone who wasn’t as queer as me. I cultivated a new genderqueer identity in the hole where my cis self was missing, but it was still too delicate to stand up to the scrutiny of my family, my peers, or my teachers. Every morning when I woke up I examined my outfits carefully, analyzing my reflection in search of any detail that made me look too masculine or too feminine. Were my jeans too tight? Did I really need to wear earrings if my shirt was a girlish pastel blue? On good days my clothing matched me perfectly, lining my presentation up with my identity seamlessly, and I was immune to outside annoyances. On bad days cashiers labelled me “miss,” teachers refused to use neutral pronouns “for the sake of grammatical purity,” and my then-girlfriend’s friends called us disgusting. On bad days I couldn’t shake the shame that came with looking too feminine to communicate myself effectively. I needed my appearance to be a window into my newfound identity because I lacked the ability to explain it on my own.”

      • genderskeptics Says:

        That just sounds like fashion.

      • Bev Jo Says:

        “Jack” is so busy trying to fit in to some gender fantasy that it never occurs to her that she gets it all wrong.

        There is no trans, whether men saying they are women or women saying they are men or able-bodied men festishizing wheelchairs and leg braces who say they are trans-paraplegic Lesbians or adult babies (again autogynephilic men).

        Meanwhile, this confused women is busy erasing Lesbians and women as “trans.”

      • southwest88 Says:

        Those sound like some real First World Problems. A girl spending all day obsessing over how she looks sounds, well, like a conservative/MRA stereotype of a girl. And yet she claims to be so above all that stuff? I am confused.

      • Trish Says:

        Like the “identity” doesn’t stick if there are any reminders of femininity?

      • gchild Says:

        “Every morning when I woke up I examined my outfits carefully, analyzing my reflection in search of any detail that made me look too masculine or too feminine. ”

        I wonder if this desire to not be seen as male or female, as the opposite sex, as masculine, feminine, both and/or neither is really a desire to not exist at all. At least, to be seen as anything other than their own “loathed” selves.

        I wonder if the demand that everyone be complicit and “see them as they want to be seen” is a desperate cry for society to step in and save them from their own murderous (suicidal) selves.

        And I think most people would be on board and have been on board with acceptance, up to the point where they broke from reality completely.

        Now it just seems like obbssessive-compulsive thought policing. Especially of women.

    • Loup-loup garou Says:

      So…the practice of treating queer theory as a religion or life script has been adopted by a second generation. I knew people who thought like this back in the nineties — folks in their mid-twenties who actually looked to queer theory gurus like Judith Butler and Eve Sedgewick (who was married to a man) for hints on how to be gay. Maybe if we could convince the tumblr crowd that the only people who are into this stuff are old and uncool, things will improve.

      Sadly, I have the distinct impression most academics have ZERO idea how seriously their students take these ideas — in fact, it would not surprise me if Ms. Butler herself were in denial about this. To the average PhD candidate or professor, queer theory and gender theory are strategic ways to position yourself on the job market. Something to put on your CV to show you haven’t slept through the last 25-30 years. If you’re straight (or at any rate, married to a member of the opposite sex), a queer theory article or two helps you look open-minded and a little edgy, with no real risk to your career. I think many of these people would be horrified if they realized there were undergraduates actually trying to pattern their lives after this stuff. Sometimes I point out what’s happening, and the reaction is often one of disbelief.

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        “the reaction is often one of disbelief”

        What specifically do they say in response?

      • Loup-loup garou Says:

        They stubbornly refuse to entertain the idea that professional scholars looking for article-generating ideas (including grad students, who are under significant pressure these days to publish early and often) are NOT the main audience for queer theory — undergraduates looking for answers to life’s bigger questions are.

        When I bring up the transing of children, the reaction is just silence, or “Really?????”

      • ephemeroptera Says:

        @loup-loup garou thanks, very interesting!

        Some international friends have commented in the past several years on the decline of a vital leftist worldview…

        It almost seems like trans stuff can fill that void for some undergraduates.

    • nonny Says:

      Reminds me of a joke I saw on tumblr:

      “I’m genderfluid!”
      “I, too, own many outfits.”

  8. Prozac Says:

    Horrifying. This would not have happened if Kim Pierce was male. This is a perfect little microcosm of larger society though; we see the young activists so full of brim and fire play their role perfectly, attacking allies and choosing divisive, fear based positions that allow true injustice to operate under a larger shadow.

    And what is their point anyways? That butches are cis and therfore privileged over trans, whose mere declaration (or not, can’t gatekeep) of transness conveys a consistent lifelong oppression so deep it cannot be understood, expressed or discussed? How ironic that this person likely faced more discrimination in one month as a GNC woman 15 years ago (which evidently hasn’t changed much) than they’ve ever personally experienced in their lives. Are they upset she didn’t invent a time machine, go back in time and reshoot the movie to their 2016 ideals? Yeesh.

  9. hearthrising Says:

    This idea that an actor should be X to play X sounds to me like a position that was ripped off of Native Americans and is bandied about without any analysis of the situation it’s applied to. Native Americans finally revolted because so many movies have been made romanticizing Indians for about 100 years and little money ever went back to real Indians, who remain the poorest people in the country. So lobbying began to get more Indian movie roles to go to Natives. This situation here does not seem comparable to me. There are plenty of trans women in entertainment and media, and the “highest paying woman director” is trans. An actor isn’t supposed to BE the person they are portraying. That’s why they call it acting. I’m so tired of trans activists ripping off other people’s political struggles and acting like the oppression of other marginalized groups automatically applies to them. Don’t get me started on their appropriation of Black people’s experience of racial segregation in the South.

    • Trish Says:

      What was it in the early film industry that prevented Native Americans from trying out for roles in movies? If the American film industry was somehow anti-non-white-men, why would they write stories that included such characters?

      Bearing in mind the fact that the American film industry was not always the billions-of-dollars worldwide money-making powerhouse that it is today, and some early film studios were literally family businesses, why should people who did not participate in the making of films expect to get money from the profits of those films?

      Did you know that one of the earliest film heartthrobs was Sessue Hayakawa, a Japanese American man? This, and the large numbers of women who worked in the American film industry – in both New York and California, there were a lot of women producing, writing and directing, not to mention acting demonstrates that the film industry did not spring forth out of nowhere as some sort of white-men-only enterprise.

      • NoLadyBrain Says:

        It certainly wasn’t as simple as, “Native Americans should have just auditioned for the parts.” Also, women did have an active role in the very early film industry, but that changed dramatically in the 1920s when the large studios rose to power. Perhaps you might like to read about whitewashing and the roles of women in early Hollywood? Here are some scholarly links:

        An Examination of Native Americans in Film
        and Rise of Native Filmmakers
        Julia Boyd
        Media Arts and Entertainment, Concentration: Cinema
        Elon University


        Women Filmmakers in Early Hollywood
        Karen Ward Mahar
        The Johns Hopkins University Press


        There are a lot of other articles out there about these topics if you’re interested, especially whitewashing, as it continues to this day.

      • Trish Says:

        Why would it not be as simple as Native Americans auditioning for parts – or even starting their own film productions? Especially in the pre-studio days.

        Yes, I am aware that there were many women writing, producing and directing in the early days of film.

  10. Medi Says:

    In her own lifetime, Brandon Teena said she was a lesbian, the trans cult just wants to erase all butch lesbians, just like they want to “baptize” dead lesbians into the true faith of Transism. Judith Halberstam once called feminism “boring” at a panel discussion, she is part of the problem and totally in bed with the trans cult, I’ve had it with these posturing academics.

    • Trish Says:

      I have heard this. too. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that the trans activists know, on some level, that the history of transgenderism goes back to the late 19th/early 20th century and has not been a feature of human history for very long, the same way that trans activists currently cheerlead ever younger children “bravely coming out” as it to distract from the fact that, unlike gays who came out in the 1980s-90s, who would find that some of the people receiving the news (often siblings or close friends) were not surprised, the template of the trans “coming out” story is someone in late middle age telling the wife & kids, after a career in some butch job such as the military, that they’ve really been a woman all along. And nobody says, “I knew it.”

  11. Medi Says:

    The attack on the film maker calling her a bitch, yelling at her, classic male attacks on women. Nothing new, they’d never do this to David French for his film erasing lesbian activists in ACT-UP– they’d never attack the gay film makers of MILK for totally erasing Sally Gearhardt and stealing HER speeches and putting them in the mouth of Harvey Milk, nope nobody calls out those gay men do they? I wonder why, because butch lesbian film makers are easy targets, they don’t have thousands of followers who will show up for them and protect them at events, nope lesbians don’t even get a team of 50 protectors at events.

  12. Bev Jo Says:

    What a clever MRA way to eliminate future Lesbian filmmakers from even trying if this is what is done to them. It is beyond disgusting. This was a rare film about what happens to Lesbians who dare to try to pass, which Lesbians have done since patriarchy began. It used to just be they could be raped, tortured and killed, but at least they were never erased as Lesbians.

    “Jack” is so busy trying to fit in to some gender fashion fantasy that it never occurs to her that she gets it all wrong. She tried to support Kim Peirce, but seems to not know she’s a Lesbian. She continues helping the cult by calling Teena and other Lesbians “trans” when they weren’t.

    There is no trans, whether it’s men saying they are women, or women saying they are men, or able-bodied men festishizing wheelchairs and leg braces who say they are trans-paraplegic Lesbians, or adult babies (again autogynephilic men).

    Meanwhile, this confused women is busy erasing Lesbians and women as “trans.”

    Thank you so much for this. It is horrific, but we have to know.

  13. Medi Says:

    Judith “Jack” Halberstam is just full of herself–I find these people jokes, posers, and basically anti-feminists. Totally in bed with lesbian erasure — it’s all a trendy game to academics who want to get ahead these days. IRL they are boring lesbians married to women who have children or who are ex het probably…. it’s all a big game to them. Students going to USC pay BIG BUCKS to take these crack pot genderist’s classes to begin with….

  14. Branjor Says:

    OT, but why on the Gender Critical blog aggregator is there a large picture of Bambi curled up by his dead mother as an illustration for this post, and with the illustration overlapping some of the GC blog post links on the right? Is it because Bambi is a boy? And he’s crying? It’s a cute picture. Sorry, I don’t mean to be ignorant or annoying, just wondering and truly puzzled!

  15. oopster74 Says:

    What I know of Brandon Teena, comes from the film “Boys don’t cry”. I don’t know the actual facts of the case any more than the people commenting here on it do, but at least I’m honest enough to admit that.

    • GallusMag Says:

      Who asked you, sir?? What possible reason does a middle aged british heterosexual male autogynephile who hasn’t followed the case closely (or at all) have to offer up his little bon mot????? You know nothing about Lesbian history or culture and you dropped by to insinuate that Lesbians don’t either???? You’re a freak, sir. Thanks for dropping by to dribble a little pee on my blog you fucking weirdo.

    • michelle Says:

      In other words, you don’t know shit but in your typical fashion of being a male who won’t respect boundaries, you STILL decide to return and shit over GM’s space. How many times has she told you that you were not welcome here? I’ve lost count…and yet you STILL keep showing up.

      You conveniently overlook that many of the actual females here ARE old enough to have remembered when things happened like the rape and subsequent murder of Teena.

      Hell, you might even have learned something if you had taken the time to research the criminal prosecutions of Lotter and Nissen. Instead you just want to remind everybody here that you are a lazy, boundary-violating male…

  16. Keisha Says:

    As an adult femme attracted to butch women. With this online culture, including the greedy doctors. Its dissapointing to see so many butch women transitioning. So younger lesbians, especially butch women continue to have no visible role models. And who also refuse to call themselves woman or lesbian. They might never see an actual butch woman if this continues. And now to see trans, transing any women living or dead is awful. Its also ironic that brokeback mountain got more mainstream attention than any indie lesbian films from wolfe video.

    And what are todays lesbian celebs doing, they’re staying neutral to assimilate with hetero society. The way abused women would privately help each other, we know they have the money/resources to create private groups for lesbians would be helpful, while still getting paid and appearing ‘neutral’ to hetero society and ‘trans’ but they refuse to help their sisters.

  17. Bev Jo Says:

    I’m not seeing that many Butches “transitioning” since most I see are Fem and many are het fag hags. But it does not help that some “rad fems” are Butch-hating, including deliberately accusing us of continuing gender crap.

    We are the enemy of the trans cult because our existence proves it all to be a lie. Theoretically, they would support us, but the fact that they want to erase us says it all. If they care about women or Lesbians, they should support Butches who are under siege everywhere and not even allowed to be shown in the media except at grotesque caricatures. Meanwhile, the men posing as female are lauded all over the media.

    The Lesbian celebrities certainly could help, but of course won’t. Yet most would be happy to be photographed with a famous trannie.

    • Bev Jo Says:

      My concern about Carolyn Gage is that she supports men who say they are women and Lesbians. At the OLOC conference in Oakland in 2014, there was a workshop about how Lesbian Feminists owe MTTs “reparations” and she excitedly told me and a friend how wonderful it was and we should have gone. No, I did a workshop at the same time about the fact that the former stronghold of Old Lesbians Organizing for Change had recently allowed in men who said they were Lesbians, and could we return OLOC to being Lesbian only again. (Only Lesbians in their 60th year are allowed to join, but I’d rather real Lesbians of any age than men.)

      I do not believe “transphobia” killed Teena Brandon. She might have been self-hating as a Lesbian, but she was not a man. Considering men in the trans cult threaten to rape and kill Lesbians who say no to them, it’s more than ironical to call such a victim of male violence, raped and beaten to death, a “transman.” It’s erasing her.

  18. GallusMag Says:

    O/T: is anyone else having problems viewing (i.e.. unable to view) this video?

    I can watch any other video but this one. Keep getting the spinning signal after a minute or two. Anyone else?

  19. Jane Says:

    Yes, Judith Halberstam is totally steeped deep in the queer culture Kool-Aid, but don’t you guys see? That is precisely what makes this so delicous–even the “thought leaders” of this movement are finally saying “enough”! Even to Judith Halberstam these undergrad trans cult true believers look ridiculous.

  20. trish Says:

    “The film was hard hitting, visually innovative and marked a massive breakthrough in the representation of gender variant bodies. ”

    “Gender variant bodies”? Uh, no.

    Trans activists use the existence of people with genital deformities (deformities that are typically accompanied by deformities of other parts of the body and often mental disabilities) as a justification for claims of being born in the “wrong” body, or more recently, of a mythical “gender spectrum” that includes genders that change depending on time of day, who is nearby (like the Ursula LeGuin SF book, “The Left Hand of Darkness”) or can be both “nonbinary and female with a penis.

    But are there any trans activists who actually fall under the term “intersex” – i.e., have a deformity of the genitals or androgen insensitivity that causes external genitalia and secondary sex characteristics? Because I can’t help but think if there were any, they would make a gigantic big deal about it, and the lack of anyone making such a gigantic big deal suggests that they are all people born with healthy, normal male or female organs (but not both)

    • kesher Says:

      A lot of M2Ts lie about being intersex.

      • LC Says:

        Typically they lie by 1. giving an extremely vague claim to an intersex condition, 2. giving a specific, extraordinarily rare intersex condition(that a surprisingly large number of MtT’s somehow have), or 3. claiming some sort of nonsense like, ‘I had both sets of genitalia and my parents had to choose between them.’

        Those are all the ones I’ve seen, anyway.

      • kesher Says:

        This article contains the gold standard of M2T intersex lies: http://www.houstonpress.com/news/what-the-anti-hero-backlash-has-done-to-transgender-houstonians-7888616

        Dude claims that a hysterectomy was performed on him when he was a days-old infant. As if medical personnel would look for a uterus in an otherwise healthy male baby. It really shows how little M2Ts know about female anatomy that they think a uterus is easy to find or that it would be remotely safe to perform such an operation on a newborn. And what a scumbag, appropriating the forced sex assignment perpetrated on true intersex children to suit his “narrative”.

      • GallusMag Says:

        “Celeste says she made the decision to transition in 2010, in a hospital bed after a failed suicide attempt, after 36 years of having to pretend to be someone she felt she wasn’t: a man. She wouldn’t find out until that night, from her father, that she was born intersex, and that doctors surgically removed the uterus and fallopian tubes from her when she was three days old. Those doctors, in the early ’70s, assured her parents that if they just took away all the dolls she wanted to play with and replaced them with fire trucks, she would grow up to be a completely normal man.

        And from what everyone else could tell, she was. Celeste spent six years in the Navy and did two CIA-classified deployments on nuclear submarines, wearing women’s undergarments beneath her sailor suit. She obtained an electrical engineering degree while with the Navy, traveled the world for 12 years afterward working for one oil and gas company and then moved on to another, making six figures. She was married and had a daughter with her first wife — but even in their family Christmas photos, Celeste was not smiling.

        So after the suicide attempt in 2010, the doctors told her the only treatment that made sense would be to make the gender transition. The first thing her therapist told her to do was go home and burn every male thing she owned.”


      • GallusMag Says:

        I wonder if Houston Press reporter Meagan Flynn completely fabricated “Celeste” ala the NYTimes Michael Finkle and the Washington Post’s Janet Cooke. Seems likely.

      • Oak and Ash Says:

        Perhaps Celeste has been reading about persistent Mullerian duct syndrome, a rare developmental glitch in which a man can, in fact, have a uterus:

        The symptoms are normally hernias and undescended testicles, but doctors don’t do anything about undescended testicles until a male baby is six months old, so the surgery on a newborn story just doesn’t make sense. Moreover, this is a specifically male intersex condition, and the article mentions that Celeste fathered a child, so the guy’s supposed medical history, even if true, isn’t relevant.

        Celeste’s doctor presented transition as the only option, and the FIRST thing the therapist said was to go home and burn every male thing he owned? This sounds like a medicalized version of the forced feminization narrative.

        And, seriously, male things?

      • rheapdx1 Says:

        @GallusMag…I smelled a major rat on this one as well.

        There seem to be many t folks and their enablers, who think the rest of the world is so ignorant about science and biology, that any type of shit will pass muster to achieve their shady ends. Have there been cases where emergency cardio, pulmonary, etc surgeries been performed on infants, let alone several day old newborns? Yes…with high levels of caution and only if and when the life of the infant is at stake. But something like this??? Hell no…this would be a career-ender, in addition to being extremely unethical.

        How in the hell this was not challenged is beyond me. Also what the therapist suggested, points to a level of malpractice. Something says in the name of the person’s vanity, the clothes burning was suggested.

        The bathroom issue may point to a person who, may not have made an attempt to make the visage match the mind. If this one looks like a member of the O-line for the late, lamented Frankfurt Galaxy (WLAF team), with a bad makeup job, then I could see why there was derision. Not being mean, but if that…along with gait, etc shows this to be anything less than who one aspires to…and with recent events being what they are…one can see why there is a legitimate fear.

  21. Marm Says:

    That’s a whole lot of drama in that there Celeste’s life. Nuclear subs ! Working for the CIA ! Six figure income ! Suicide attempt ! Docs prescribing SRS !

    Many intersex people are sterile, and their intersex conditions may result in things like streak gonads, and ambiguous genitalia. Where did that child with his wife come from ?

    Plus infantile hysterectomy ? I doubt it.

    This is shoddy fiction. Either that reporter bought a bunch of baloney or did loads of embroidering a tale when she should have been fact checking and doing some research.

  22. May Loo Says:

    I read an alternative life story of Teena Brandon. I will never refer to her as Brandon Teena because I believe that she was a lesbian who pursued a male identity to be able to able to date other girls in her homophobic hometown. I believe that she said what was necessary to get the SRS more than she was transgender. And what about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child, causing her to suffer untreated PTSD for years? That seems to get very little consideration.

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